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Month: November 2018

Free Travel in Thailand (6): Shirley Lake, a fairyland on earth

On the evening of July 11, I headed south at Bangkok’s South China Peng Railway Station. The night was boundless. My train ran 600 kilometers in the wind of Shan Ye and arrived at Sulatani Prefecture at dawn.

Speaking of Thai tourism, if you think that the beautiful scenery is limited to the sea and islands, then you are wrong.

Please look at the map of Thailand: about 600 kilometers away from Bangkok, there is a Sulatani government in the southern peninsula. The famous Sumi Island is in its east, while the west is a dense primeval forest, in which a large area of water is hidden. It is Choew Lan Lake, the English name of which is Choew Lan Lake. It was my first travel destination after the train went south from Bangkok. In other words, I did not go east to Sumi Island like most tourists, but traveled west.

Fortunately, because of this unique choice, God has presented the pure, beautiful and quiet scenery of the world to a sincere traveler.

The beauty of Xiulan Lake is like the West Lake in its mist. On the lush green islands in the lake, like Qiandao Lake; On its green hills and karst landform, it is very similar to Guilin’s landscape. It has both the beauty of the three, the background of high mountains and forests, and it is so quiet. Generally speaking, the scenery in this area gives people the feeling of – lively atmosphere!

Standing by the lake, the first feeling is that I came all the way to it (her) by plane, train and bus, just like going to a previous life agreement! After trekking around and meeting it (her), all the hard work was worth it!

Let’s draw a diagram to show the geographical topography around the lake.

There are distant mountains, clear water, dams, dense forests, exotic flowers, grasslands, Buddha statues, mist, drizzle, fresh air, what’s more, real snakes and fake snakes.

Let’s look at the beautiful posture of Xiulan Lake:

And look at the shade grass:

And look at the trees here:

Seeing the rich green, blooming flowers and unrestrained growing roots in the above picture is enough to give an impression: Choew Lan Lake is a paradise for life. There has always been plenty of sunshine and rain here, and the humid air seems to be able to hold out the water with a casual grab! After coming here freely, it was still sunny in the morning, with thunderstorms falling at 1: 00 p.m., heavy rain falling at 4: 00 p.m. and dripping at night. Xiulan Lake is bounded by the Andaman Sea in the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the east. Its geographical location surrounded by the sea on both sides makes it unique.

Finally, let’s tell the story of the real snake and the fake snake here:

When I was walking on the green lawn, I alerted the snake first, A snake with a long body, Fortunately, it did not attack me, but slipped through the place not far in front of me and slipped into the flowers in a twinkling. I was also surprised. I realized that the area around Shirley Lake was a paradise for plants and, I’m afraid, snakes. Next, when walking around this area, freedom always carefully watched her feet.

There is a mound on the lake, on which a huge Buddha sculpture is erected. The sculpture is golden and stands on the lake against the blue sky and white clouds. Behind Buddha stood statues of seven snakes, some scary. Why is this so? Only later did I realize that this is not seven snakes, but a seven-headed cobra (a seven_headed naga)! This seven-headed cobra is the protector of the Buddha. Buddhist legend: When Buddha Chinnasri entered under the Bodhi tree, it suddenly began to rain cats and dogs. The seven-headed cobra admired the Buddha, so it bowed up to shield the Buddha from the wind and rain. Later, this cobra turned into a young man and became a disciple of the Buddha.

Predict how things will happen, and listen to the next decomposition.

Hello! I am in Sulatani, southern Thailand.

Surathani, English, is located in the southern peninsula of Thailand and is the hub to Sumi Island, Jiami Island or Phuket Island.

Freedom My trip to Thailand was nearly halfway through and I got a lot of results. Beautiful scenery, beautiful food and more beautiful people! Thailand, I met you late!

On summer nights, my train is bound for Sulatani.

At 7: 30 p.m. On July 11, the second phase of my Thailand tour started. Starting point: Bangkok’s South China Peng Railway Station, and ending point: Sulatani Prefecture 600 kilometers away from Thailand’s Southern Peninsula.

Who would have thought that later stories proved that this was a journey that touched the soul and tested the will.

At first glance, there were groups of foreigners in the waiting hall of Peng Railway Station in South China. It has almost become the world of foreigners! Of course, I am also a “foreigner”. A large portrait of King Bhumibol hangs at the entrance. His Majesty the King has a grand appearance, which is my impression. What is even greater is that his Thailand has chosen democracy over dictatorship.

There is still no staff to check in, and it is time to walk to the train. The train body is still purple. It was still an open train window. When the train started, Xia Feng slowly blew into the window. The sweltering heat disappeared and it was so comfortable! It is more comfortable than the air-conditioned carriages in our country. The difference is that people’s car seats are tilted and can be half lying down, with two seats side by side. Behind the front seat, a small flat plate can be stretched and laid flat. It is very humanized. Just rushing at this point is enough to make our railway look dwarfed!

At midnight, the train was far away from the crowd area. The Yuan Ye outside the window was dark. In addition to the sonorous sound of the railway tracks, the wind outside the window gradually grew louder. The wind grew tighter and tighter, and later it overwhelmed the rumble of the train and woke people from their sleep. When the wind is strong, the car body not only bumps but also shakes. At one time, it felt that the train was like a boat on the sea surface, which could be blown down and overturned at any time. People began to become uneasy, a little uneasy up and down. The wind, how can it be so strong?

Thailand’s southern peninsula faces the sea on both sides, with the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Andaman Sea to the southwest. Is the wildness of the sea breeze what I, a guest from inland, could expect?

At six, dawn broke. Surprise came: the train was traveling in a palm forest corridor! The attic-style farmhouse wooden house is faint and full of green. The rich subtropical amorous feelings make people drunk. The warm climate here is a paradise for life.

Jiami, Forgotten Paradise on Andaman Coast

After returning from Jiami, the blue sky and sea there have been engraved in my heart. There are many forgotten beaches around Jiami. The peace has been missed for a long time.

Jiami, a paradise-like tropical peninsula in southern Thailand, is about 80 kilometers from Phuket Island, a famous resort. If Phuket is like a flashy lady in gold and silver, Jiami is like a pure village girl who does not apply any powder. There are almost no tourist teams and noisy tourists here. The streets and beaches are very quiet and beautiful, and the eyes are full of original tropical island customs. For those who like quiet, this “non-mainstream” tourist destination is definitely one of Thailand’s most ideal vacation choices. Jiami Land is located at the mouth of Jiami River in the northern Malay Peninsula, facing the Andaman Sea in the west, facing Phuket Island from afar, and close to Panya Bay. Around it, there are more than 30 outlying islands, just like emeralds scattered on the blue sea. Compared with Phuket Island, Jiami’s beautiful highlights lie in the contrast of mountains and rivers, the dependence of mountains and seas, and the contrast of mountains and water, making Jiami’s island landscape more vivid and amorous feelings. Jiami is the most beautiful province along the Andaman Sea, with beautiful scenery everywhere, infinite scenery and infinite comfort. There are mainly three streets in Jiami City, which are built according to Jiami River. Walking on the streets, the two horn-shaped peaks in the east are very eye-catching. The small town is connected by mountains and seas, quiet and elegant, just like a secluded place in a distant world. Jiami has a small population, simple folk customs, rich products and low prices. Hotels of the same grade are at least one third cheaper than Phuket Island. Food and beverage is of good quality and low price. Whether it is a street restaurant or a street stall, I can taste a variety of special delicacies. The endless temptation on the tip of my tongue makes me unable to refuse my love here. The last stop of the first trip to Thailand was Jiami. Before that, I didn’t know much about it. I just wanted to change to an AirAsia plane here to return to China. It was also because of this short encounter that I deeply liked it here. Therefore, I revisited my old place on my third trip to Thailand and came to Jiami again. I stayed at Ao Nang Beach for one night. The surrounding scenery was the same as a few years ago. Everything was so familiar and I felt very comfortable. The next day, I stayed in Nakamanda Spa & Resort, a member hotel of the world’s top luxury hotel group (SLH), villa suites, private beaches, considerate services, top food, and enjoyed a luxurious and quiet time in Jiami. Although it was still rainy season, my mood was not affected at all. In order to meet a beloved hotel, it is an unforgettable thought to go to Jiami again.

I stayed in Jiami for 4 days. The route for these 3 days is: Day 1: Beach Tour. Onan Beach, Nam Mao Beach and Railay Beach Beach. The next day: a trip to the tropical rain forest. Takamoto National Park (waterfalls, caves, stalactites). Day 3: Drifting Journey. Continue to sweep the beach. Those who have physical strength can climb rocks.

Transportation Airport Transportation: Jiami Airport-Jiami Town/Aonan Beach 1. Airport Bus from Airport to Aonan Beach, 150B one person airport to Jiami town, 90-plant airport to TALADKAO (bus stop) 80B/person airport to Lanta Island dock 90B/person airport to Phi Phi Island dock 90B/person airport to Riley dock 150B/person airport to AO TON SAI dock 150B/person 2. Taxis are about 1000B, depending on one’s bargaining ability. TuTu cars are about 40 Thai baht/person and two cars are about 20 Thai baht/person-PP Island peak season 11-9: 00 in April the following year. 10:30; 14:30 Big PP Island 1.5 hours 300 Thai baht off season May-October around 9: 00; 14:30 Grand PP Island 1.5 hours 300 Thai Baht Jiami-Lanta Island Ferry 2 hours, 2 shifts per day. There are many long-tailed boats ferrying to Railay on the beach in southern Australia. Price lists are all over the beach! Krabi-Phi Ph 10: 00-11: 30 15: 00-16: 30 a day on the Jiamibao long tail boat for 6 hours is 2400B, which can accommodate 6 people.

The main tourists can choose to live in AO NANG BEACH, RAILAY BAY and Jiami Town. There are many hotels in AO NANG area. The beaches here are relatively wide and the sea waves are relatively large, which is not suitable for swimming. Accommodation in Jiami Town is cheaper, and it is more convenient to go to the nearby tropical rain forest. If you don’t care about money, the first choice is RAILAY BAY’s residence, which is almost isolated from the world, like a paradise, mostly with its own private beach. I live in RAILAY BAY BEACH and can see a beautiful sunset. The waves here are relatively large and there are many shells on the beach. It is best to wear shoes to the beach. Distribution Map of Jiami Hotel:

The trip will fly from Bangkok to Jiami and then from Phuket Island to Chiang Mai. It will not go back and will be the whole Asian Airlines. Travel experience: 1. Bangkok is especially convenient to fly Jiami. AirAsia has more than 10 flights a day, which is the cheapest by comparison. 2. Guangzhou has just opened direct flights to Jiami. TX people in the south can go from Guangzhou, and the one-way price can be won within 500 yuan during the promotion. (Special Envy) 3. AirAsia’s service is still good, but the air conditioner on the Thai plane is extremely large. It is recommended to bring a coat or blanket on the plane, otherwise it will be a little cold. 4. Because it is a cheap airline, the water and food on the plane are charged. It takes 70 minutes from Bangkok to Jiami. If you have enough food and drink before boarding the plane, you won’t have to spend more on the plane.

Day 1: Beach Tour Jiami mainly has four beaches: Klong Muang Beach, Ao Nang Beach, Railway Beach, Long BeachRailway. Long Beach has good scenery, but inconvenient transportation and high consumption. It is quieter, with fewer people going and better water quality. Ao Nang Beach is very convenient to eat, live and travel, with high cost performance and more tourists. Most of the tourists who come to Jiami live here. It takes about half an hour to get to Nam Mao Beach and Railay Beach Sea by boat from Ao Nang Beach. These two beaches are famous for sunrise and sunset respectively. Railay Bay is a small peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides with few tourists, with many cliffs. To the east is Railay Wharf, and there is a long tail boat to Jiami Town. To the west is a beach with excellent vision. There are many hotels and restaurants. Tourists are flocking and there are long-tailed boats destined for Ao Nang, the beach in southern Australia. To the south is Phranang Beach. There is a huge reef on the beach. Tourists have a different taste in sunbathing here. It is also an excellent place to watch the sunset. KOH LANTA Lanta Island is the most prosperous in the northern section and quieter in the south, but the more beautiful the beach is. Of course, there are some inconveniences. KHLONG DAO is the most crowded beach, while the main tourist center is in HAT PHRA AE (Long Beach). Don’t miss the sunset in Phranang beach. It’s so beautiful. Phra Nang Beach can climb, swim and boulder. Its unique geographical environment has made it a paradise for climbers.

It is cloudy today and there are not many people on the beach.

Jiami is really a magical place. It will clear up in the afternoon. The sea is blue! ! Jiami has more than 30 outlying islands and is the most beautiful province on the Andaman Sea. White and soft spun yarn, warm and clear sea water, palm trees swaying in the wind, waterfalls flowing endlessly, wild animals shuttling everywhere, poetic and picturesque, beautiful. Jiami has many beautiful islands and national parks, the most famous of which is PP Island, which is the place where the famous movie “Beach” was filmed. Kofanbencha National Park and Danbugoyun National Park are also famous for their rich vegetation and animal populations. Quiet Riley, Rock Climbing Resort and Reproductive Worship If you want to live in seclusion, it is absolutely right to come to Railay Peninsula in Jiami. White and soft fine sand, warm and clear sea water, palm trees swaying in the wind, waterfalls flowing endlessly, wild animals shuttling everywhere, Riley Peninsula is full of poetic and beautiful scenery. It takes only 20 minutes to get to this secluded paradise from Onan Beach by long tail boat. In Riley Peninsula, in addition to enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunset, the unique karst landform here allows tourists who like rock climbing to show their skills. The peaks are steep and the rocks are steep. The peninsula is concentrated on the most challenging rock walls for all Thai sports to climb, attracting countless rock climbers from Europe and the United States to challenge every day. This group of adventurous and positive young people also make the quiet Riley Peninsula permeated with infinite vitality full of youth hormones.

It is worth mentioning that there is a small natural cave under the mountains at the starting point of the quiet and private beach in Riley Peninsula, called “Saint Cave”, which is a reproductive worship resort for Jiami civilization far and near. Looking at the cave from the outside and far away, its shape is very similar to that of women * *, which makes people marvel at the magic power of nature. Entering the cave, the scene was even more shocking. Wooden simulated men of different sizes and colors were piled up all over the floor. These “giant pillars” are props placed here by residents from far and near to beg for childbirth or prosperity of their families. The image of the wooden penis is lifelike and shocking, but I have to admire the straightforward and frank of the Thais. This is definitely a “shocking” wonder in the eyes of other Eastern countries.

On the second day of the four-island tour of Jiami, I took part in the four-island tour of Jiami and chartered my own boat. A half-day tour of the four islands is quite cheap, about 500B. The tour time of 4 islands is very short, basically half a day is over. Many people will take part in the one-day tour of the four islands with the group. If conditions permit, they can pack a long tail boat by themselves. It is 2400B to swim 6 hours a day on the Jiamibao long tail boat, which can accommodate 6 people. Long tail boat group price: off-season price as low as 300B, peak season price 600-650B. It includes lunch box, English tour guide service, snorkeling supplies, drinking water, island fees and travel accident insurance. The price of a one-day tour of Jiami Four Island speedboats is higher. The price range in light and busy seasons is around 700B-1200B. Of course, the more expensive ones are richer for lunch. The four islands of Jiami refer to Tub Island (Ta Island and Mao Island), Chicken Island Chicken Island and Poda Island Jiami Tub Island (Chi Island). The color of the sea water here has three levels, from deep to light and from light to deep. Jiami Tub Island (Chi Island) consists of two islands: Ta Island and Mao Island. When the tide ebbs in the middle of each month, a beach road will be exposed between the two islands to reach the opposite Mao Island. This is the Thai Wonder on the Andaman Sea, which was rated by Thailand’s National Tourism Administration. . very exciting! However, I would like to remind my friends that those who do not know water or are not good at water should be cautious, because when they walk to the middle, because the waves in both bays are surging towards the middle, the impact force is still a little big, and when they walk, they feel a little unstable! Usually stay here for one hour a day. The scenery is excellent. Chicken Island, Jiamiji Island: The one-day tour of Jiami4 Island will be arranged to snorkel here for half an hour. Generally, it will not go ashore, but will go directly down from the ship to snorkel. The sea around the island is warm and clear, with many fish and trenches, which is very suitable for snorkeling. Chicken Island, Jiamiji Island, is the largest island in the sea area near Onan. Nature’s uncanny workmanship has turned the island into the shape of a chicken. Poda Island, Jiamiboda Island: Chinese transliteration is Poda Island, free translation is Platypus Island. The island has beautiful white sand beaches, deep blue sea water and shallow coral reefs. The shape of the island is like an axe or chicken head. You can go ashore here. Generally, a one-day tour to the four islands of Jiami will be arranged on it for lunch. There are also some vendors selling snacks on the island. There are toilets on the island. At the end of the beach, monkeys from the island occasionally patronize, and the local people often feed them food. Poda Island, Jiamiboda Island, usually stays for one hour. Finally, there is Jami Phra Nang Beach, where there is a princess cave, in which many wooden * * are enshrined. This is the place where the local people ask for children. There are also many climbers here, which is very spectacular… stay here for half an hour. I prefer long-tailed boats like this:

Half a day is enough to finish wrapping long-tailed boats on Onan Beach. I have a better time chartering my own boat. I can stay on any island I want to stay on for a while. However, it does not include the island-going fee (200B/person for the four islands of Jiami), snorkeling equipment, etc.

In Jiami, I live in a luxury hotel. It is a garden hotel that creates a local flavor in downtown, or a luxury club full of modern fashion, or even a delicate and luxurious SPA store, which is comfortable and elegant. Here, stunned all afternoon

Compared with other islands in Thailand, Jiami enjoys the quiet romance here.

Here, I saw the most beautiful sunset in the Andaman Sea.

Jiami Rock Climbing: This is a famous rock climbing holy place in Asia. Jiami has 54 rock climbing areas and their routes. The rock climbing areas are mainly in Railay Peninsula and Tonsai Peninsula. Accommodation on Tonsai Peninsula is much cheaper than that in Railay, and the night is very lively. Railay is quiet, suitable for vacation, and the accommodation environment and conditions will be better. If you bring your own equipment and rock climbing here is free, buy another rock climbing route book at a price of about 200 RMB. It not only tells you the difficulty of the route, but also how to find it. Moreover, it introduces when the line will open and when to replace the vertex. It uses the smiling face icon to suggest which route you should climb, and uses the crying face icon to warn you which route is not safe and it is best not to climb. Even it reminds you where there are more mosquitoes and make preparations in advance. If you don’t have any equipment, you can go to the outdoor shop or rock climbing school on the island to invite a rock climbing guide. The guide will take you to different rock climbing areas according to your requirements, and the price of hiring a guide varies. Attending rock climbing courses at Railay Beach is generally 1,000 Thai plants per day.

There are not many tourists in Jiami Town, Jiami Town, and it has the flavor of local life in Thailand.

Dream Island Tour, Exploring Pearl on the Sea There are many beautiful islands and national parks in the Andaman Sea opposite the south of Jiami. Tourists can reach these tropical islands with various forms and customs by speedboat or long tail boat from Onan Beach. One of the most famous is Phi Phi Island, known as “Shangri-La of Thailand”. This island group located in southern Thailand is a green pearl on the Andaman Sea in the Pacific Ocean and was once the shooting place of the famous Hollywood movie Beach. On Phi Phi Island, which is like a “paradise on earth”, he was immediately loved by the sunshine as soon as possible, accompanied by warm sunlight and gentle sea breeze. Although it is far away from the city, it is a corner of its own and attracts countless tourists from all over the world every day. It is a “paradise for backpackers”. The island is full of tourists, with different skin colors and languages, gathering here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the charming sunshine island and competing to experience this pure land given by nature.

Finally, the consumption of Jiami is lower than that of other southern islands, where the food is delicious and cheap. I’ve seen people fly to Thailand for food.

Finally, I’d like to share with you the maps of Jiami and so on, which can be downloaded if necessary.

Map_big_sabai_resort. Jpg (146.91 KB)

Jiami, the idle days in the Andaman Sea

At first, Jiami was just my transition from horse to Thailand. But when the two cars took us to the seaside, I decided to stay here for a few more days and immediately fell in love with this peaceful peach garden in the Andaman Sea.

Arrival and Departure:

Aircraft: There are direct flights to Jiami from Bangkok, Thailand, PB Air, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is only a 30-minute drive from Jiami’s airport to the seaside resort. From the airport, there is an airport shuttle bus with 150 Thai plants/person, which passes through Jiami Town and Onan Beach successively. The terminal is Nopalatala Beach. Before getting on the bus, the driver will write down your hotel and then take all the passengers to the gate of their hotel. About 300 Thai strains were taken from the airport to Jiami Town and about 400 Thai strains were taken to Onan Beach.

Long-distance passenger transport: Jiami Long-distance Bus Station is located 4 kilometers north of Jiami Town and can be reached by bus as long as 20 Thai plants. There are shuttle buses to Bangkok, Heai and Phuket.

Jiami-Bangkok: There are about 7 long-distance buses from Jiami to Bangkok South Railway Station every day. The specific route is: Jiami-Panya-Trang-Khumphon-Prachuap Khiri Khan-Phetchaburi-Bangkok. The road distance is 946 kilometers, the whole journey takes 12 hours, and the fare starts at 400 Thai plants.

Jiami-Heai: Every hour, the whole journey takes 4-5 hours, with about 180 Thai strains of air-conditioned cars and about 100 Thai strains of ordinary cars. Jiami-Phuket: Every hour, the whole journey takes 3-4 hours. Air-conditioned cars are about 120 Thai plants and ordinary cars are about 70 Thai plants.

Cruise ships: The main means of transportation between islands is long tail ships. There are two cruise ship docks, old and new, in Jiami Town. The new dock is located in the south of Jiami Town and its scale looks larger than Jiami Airport. There are cruise ships to Landa Island, Phi Phi Island and other outer islands. The old dock is located in the center of the town and is mainly sent to Lerre Beach. The long tail boat is cheap, only 70 Thai baht. The package speedboat goes to sea about 1200 Thai baht/day.

Transportation in the island: Jiami’s internal transportation is very convenient. There are many TuTu and pickup truck buses. You can find buses to various places at any time. The price is reasonable. It is about 40 Thai baht from Onan Beach to Jiami Town and about 20 Thai baht from other nearby beaches.

AirAsia Kuala Lumpur to Jiami, the air ticket price is equivalent to RMB 200 yuan, which is really cheap. When I left, I went from Jiami to Bangkok, which was also AirAsia. There were more than 10 AirAsia flights a day, flying for 70 minutes.

I feel that the air conditioner on the AirAsia plane is extremely cold, and it is still very cold to put on my coat.

Best Travel Time: The weather in Jiami is very similar to that in Phuket. November to April of the following year is the best travel season. In November, not only is Jiami a lively scene, but also the sky presents mild sunshine, blue sea water and gentle waves. You can dive comfortably and have intimate contact with fish. In mid-April, there will be a very grand Water Splashing Festival. Every year from April to September is the rainy season of Jiami, but compared with Phuket, even in the rainy season, it may not rain every day. Sometimes there will be no rain for more than ten days, and more than ten days are sunny days.

Currency Exchange: It is very convenient to exchange Jiami for Thai baht in US dollars. The exchange rate is slightly lower than Phuket Island, but the difference is not big. There are exchange points in Jiami Town and Onan Beach.

Snorkeling to feed fish: The water quality of Jiami is very suitable for snorkeling, especially near the coastal islands. You can even find a secluded bay with bread to feed the fish. The water is clear and moving, the blue is thorough, and groups of yellow and green tropical fish swim nearby. Sprinkle a slice of bread and they swarm in. Occasionally, there will be fish pecking people as bread, making people scream repeatedly.

Recommended place: Landa Island.

Rock climbing: Jiami is loved by modern “Spider-Man”-there are said to be 460 rock climbing routes here. Limestone Cliff is the most ideal place for rock climbing. Since 2003, the local rock climbing festival has attracted many enthusiasts and experts. Attending rock climbing courses here is generally 1,000 Thai plants/day, and many professional companies provide rock climbing facilities and training.

Recommended place: Lerie Beach.

Nightlife: Enjoy the sunshine and beach during the day, and naturally cannot miss the nightlife here at night. At night, order a delicious drink, sit among a lot of foreign friends, talk about every day, blow the sea breeze, not to mention how pleasant it is. Open-air bars with band performances will be sung and danced together when they rise.

Jiami Land is located to the south of the narrowest Clarity Gorge in the Malay Peninsula, to the west of the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean, and to the east of the Gulf of Thailand in the Pacific Ocean. It is a good place to have fun. There is a saying that “playing whoring, gambling and drinking Phuket Island, diving springboard Sumi Island, heaven on earth is Jiami”. Jiami is a typical karst terrain. Most of the mountains and islands are limestone structures, which are better than Guilin. There are many beautiful islands and beaches. It is the most beautiful diving resort and rock climbing paradise.

We stopped in Jiami Town to exchange money and learn about tourism information. At a travel * * point equivalent to an individual center, we booked two rooms at the VIEW RESORT hotel on RAILAY beach, each 1400B, which we had long liked. Considering it is a beach room in the invincible sea, the price is still acceptable. In the next few days, we will enjoy our own minutes on the beach.

If Jiami is heaven, then the center of heaven is AO NANG beach, which is said to be the longest beach in Thailand. It is more than 10 kilometers long. The sea water here is clear and clean, the sand here is fine and white, the plants here are luxuriant and verdant, and the people here are simple and honest. If the center of heaven is AO NANG Beach, then the pearl in the center is RAILAY BEACH where our hotel is located. It is part of AO NANG BEACH and is a small peninsula protruding from the sea at the tip of the coast. The root of the peninsula is blocked by steep cliffs. Passengers must pass through ships to enter and leave. On the peninsula, there are several independent and closed beaches divided by cliffs. In the shade of the beaches, there are hotels, large and small, with no cars, no noise, only sunshine, beaches and bikinis. No time, no work, no worries, only their own world. The driver took us to the dock and got on the long tail boat. A boatman took us to heaven. Why care when and where we arrived?

RAILAY BEACH is also an ideal destination for honeymoon vacations. If you love someone, go to RAILAY with him or her, where your love will multiply. There are resort bungalow hotels that can only be imagined in dreams, and you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery without leaving your home. Our VIEW RESORT hotel is located at the foot of the East Coast Cliff of RAILAY BEACH, Compared with the high-grade west coast, it is slightly civilian, hidden in a mangrove forest, the beach is slightly muddy, and the beach is not suitable for swimming. However, we can enjoy several times the price after walking for a little five minutes. Besides, RAYABADEE PREMIER RESORT (about 80000B per night, RMB nearly 20,000), which was named the best hotel in 1999, is next door to us. Although we have no money to live in, we have the same beach as the rich. After enjoying the sunshine lunch sprinkled through leaves and branches in the restaurant in the mangrove forest, we made a rare decision to take a nap in heaven, believing that our dreams would be more colorful.

In the afternoon, we hugged each other on the picturesque west coast to enjoy sunset and dusk through RAYABADEE’s special movable dock dragged by huge tractors. On the beach, the old man who has experienced many vicissitudes plays trombone, the childish children play flying saucers, and the afterglow of sunset sprinkles on the long-tailed boatman as well as on both of us. It turns out that romance is as simple as that with the beloved. There is no ceremony and no promise. Just snuggle up together, watch the sun and go down the mountain inch by inch.

When it was completely dark, under the tall tropical plants in front of the hotel, the small dining tables set up were already lit with candles. Couples were eating, sitting idly and whispering. The sea breeze was blowing slightly, the waves were gently beating against the rocks and cliffs, and some washed up on the beach again and again. I think, why does time refuse to stay at this moment?

Although Jiami is a small town, European and American tourists are common in the streets and Chinese are rarely seen. The degree of internationalization is relatively high. Small business vendors can speak English and communication is no problem. There are two relatively large vegetable markets in Jiami Town, which are only 300 to 400 meters apart. One is slightly smaller and opens at noon. The other is large and people come in an endless stream early in the morning. In addition to selling all kinds of fruits, vegetables and seafood, Jiami’s vegetable market also sells all kinds of processed snacks. Any of various tropical fruits. I was dazzled by the vegetables and lingered on. During the two days of entering and leaving Jiami, I took the vegetable market as a necessary part and bought a lot of fruits and snacks.

The accommodation in Jiami is Lanta Palace Resort, which is also booked on Agodo website. It costs 345 yuan/night and includes breakfast. The beach of this hotel is very thick, and the sanitation around the hotel is not very good. 345 live in an apartment on the back street with relatively small rooms. I don’t like it very much, but there is a big swimming pool.

After two days, I went to Raily Beach. The scenery there is good, but the transportation is inconvenient and the consumption is relatively high. If I am not sensitive to the price, it is a peaceful paradise.

Jiami is a paradise for snorkeling. Snorkeling map:

Because there is no underwater camera, I used some photos of my friend.

Pattaya Photo Record-October 2012

What a nice day

People playing with parachutes

Blue, blue

Coconut Shake


Platoon station

The same beach

On board the ship, I don’t know where to go.

Beautiful Arc

Clouds, Clouds

The seaside of Pattaya

Is it true that the ship that stands up sails fastest?

A good group of monks, holding a pillow to dry ha ah, also surrounded it in the core

Is that a saliva

Looking at a house-like boat from afar,

Painting all over the sky

Big freehand brushwork.

What bright eyes, looking at people’s eyes also shine.

Beauty. Beauty.

Return late

From afar, the boat like a house is in the dim light of night.


Sitting in the upper cabin and looking at the beautiful feet of the lower cabin.

The stall is closed.

Pattaya Lido Transvestite Performance Site


After the performance

After the performance

~ ~ ~ ~ Romantic travel to Chiang Mai and Paibai County in Thailand ~ ~ ~ ~ O (camera photos are directly output without software modification and PS)

“You have seen many beautiful scenes, you have seen many beautiful women, and you have lost every short time on the map.” In the past year, I took you with me and you took me with me, starting our global plan. The previous trip to the Northeast-revisiting Sabah, because I was lazy, I didn’t write down important memories. Lord Xia KK kept on saying, OK, start the battle mode! There is no plan or arrangement for this trip. I will follow my inclinations and be content with the situation. By chance, there was a discount for visa application, so I decided to go to Thailand for a refreshing tour. The 5-day vacation was not much, but Chiang Mai was enough. Guangzhou CAN-Chiang Mai CNX’s plane was resolutely abandoned by us because there was only a red-eye flight at 23:55 p.m. (in fact, the key point was the low price/performance ratio). Therefore, we chose Hong Kong HKG-Chiang Mai CNX at 10:35 a.m. and could recover one hour after arriving in Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai’s time was one hour slower than Guangzhou’s). The return trip was directly Chiang Mai CNX-Guangzhou CAN. The total price of the air ticket was about 1300 per person, which was expensive. In order to travel as poorly as possible, I felt that I stayed in Shenzhen for one night the night before. The Harmony train from Guangzhou East to Shenzhen, with a price of 79.5, runs every 20 minutes. You can choose. After searching on the Internet, the Luohu Pass opened at 6: 30 a.m. And we set off for Hong Kong in a magnificent way in the morning. There were few people in the morning, and it only took 30 minutes to cross the border. It was a scene that had never appeared before. It was dark and cool. We should pay attention here, because we pass the customs by Passport. Before we pass the Hong Kong customs, we should remember to collect and fill in the Entry and Exit Application Form, or we will have to queue up again. After crossing the border, board the East Rail Line directly and take a stop to Sheung Shui to get off. The one-way ticket costs 22.5 Hong Kong dollars, and if there is Octopus, it costs 21.6 Hong Kong dollars. After leaving the subway station, go left and see a station 100 meters away. Take A43 Airport Express and you can reach the airport in 45 minutes. Here, everyone should pay attention to the fact that Hong Kong Airport has LCCT1 & LCCT2. It is necessary to see which stop your air ticket is getting off. Although LCCT1 & 2 are interlinked, it will take a lot of time to walk past.

Three hours later, I finally arrived in Chiang Mai. I heard that each person needs to carry 20,000 Thai baht in cash or equivalent foreign currency to go to Thailand now. The exchange rate was about 5.03 in advance at the Bank of China, but the two only brought about $9,000 Thai baht and no one checked it. I heard that the spot check was mainly for landing visa. As we had completed the visa early in the morning, we swaggered through. There are a lot of visas on Taobao. If you search for the one with high credit, just choose him. Generally, you can do it. When we arrived in Chiang Mai, our trip was to PAI Pai District first and then back to Chiang Mai, so we booked the mini bus from Chiang Mai to Pai Pai District online early. There were mainly three choices: 1. Kan Air: a small plane with 12 seats, which could arrive in less than 30 minutes, but there were not many flights, so we must book early, and the price was high, requiring more than 400 yuan one way, so the cost performance was ~ ~ ~ resolutely abandoned ~ ~ ~

2. Mini Busaya Service: This is the first choice for most Chinese. It only costs $150 Thai baht per person. If you need to pick up and drop off from the airport, you will charge an extra $50 Thai baht per person. You can place an order directly from the website. From Chiang Mai to Pai from 7: 30am to 17: 30pm, there is a bus at every half hour, from Pai to Chiang Mai from 7: 00am to 17: 30pm, the specific timetable can be found on the website of ayaservice.

As is known to all, The mini bus takes three hours to get to Pai, There is no legendary danger in the mountain road along the way. But 762 curves are really extraordinary, I ask myself that I am a man who can ride the wind and break the waves. Even the previous Tongmai natural barrier didn’t scare me so much, However, so many detours are really too much for us. Although we have already found the top-class seats, Xia Tong’s shoes are still defeated. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ayaservice’s mini bus is still good. It can take 12 tourists, and the luggage is put in the car. There is no need to be afraid to put it on the roof. It is said that if the car starts from Chiang Mai Bus Station, it is put on the roof. After taking a 15-minute break, I can finally bask in the sun ~ ~ ~ ~

3. In addition to Ayaservice’s Mini Bus, you can also choose Chiang Mai Long-distance Bus Station, which is also Mini Bus4. In addition to the above, of course, there are the craziest motorcycles, which many young Chinese and foreigners like. After the break, it was another dirty road. Finally, I passed a police checkpoint. Soon I saw World War II Bridge, Strawberry Garden, MariMari… Our mini bus was parked in the center of Paibai County. The location was very easy to find. I quickly booked the return ticket and ran to the hotel. However, when I first came to report for duty, although I was holding a map, I just didn’t know where the hotel was. I was blamed for not doing my homework well in advance. Fortunately, my fellow travelers told us that because Pai was not large, most hotels had pick-up and drop-off services, so I quickly bought a phone card on July 11 to let the hotel come and pick us up. We chose True Move for only $49 Thai baht. I also want to tell you something here. Before, I read other people’s strategy and said that Chiang Mai Airport had Truemove’s calling card. I walked around but couldn’t find it, It turned out that this special offer was gone early in the morning, A bolt from the blue, come on, I didn’t intend to buy a phone card, so I didn’t have much research. In fact, Thailand’s tourism has been developed very mature, so most hotels and restaurants are equipped with WiFi. Poor friends just use WiFi like us. Download an Internet phone (Yixin) in advance and can also call home.

In Pai, we booked a quarterly resort hotel. I used to look for hotels on Agoda, read comments, look at pictures, and then order on Taobao. The price is really cheaper than that from Agoda, Booking.com, etc. It also includes breakfast. Of course, you can compare goods with three first. The Quarter Hotel’s rooms are all independent villas, 24-hour swimming pools and free bicycle use. I booked a luxurious room at a price of 310, which is quite cost-effective. After studying the map, I found that the hotel was located very early. Ayaservice just walked straight out. The hotel is next door to the largest hospital in the county. The following is a map of Pai: Pai at night, petty bourgeoisie, tranquility and a little romance. We went out on our bicycles to find food. We saw the recommended Na’s kitchen on the * * App and looked for it with joy. Although Pai is not big, there are many streets and paths, just like Beijing’s hutongs, extending in all directions. Soon I probably found out the structure of Pai. It’s a pity that Na’s Kitchen took a rest that day and found No.9 restrarant. The taste is quite suitable for Chinese, but it is a little salty. After filling my stomach, I was full of thoughts about killing chickens with horses. I recommended a “traditional Thai Massage” after reading the strategy before, but I couldn’t find it even though I could find it. I had to go back to the hotel to rest despondently.

After a great satisfying beauty sleep, the skin is good! Enjoy our hearty breakfast. Although the hotel does not offer many choices, it is delicious and I especially like it. After breakfast, we will set out to explore! Of course, we need to prepare our photographing artifact. This time we have prepared a timing photographer in addition to a tripod. It is really recommended that couples who go out to play prepare a set, because it is really convenient, and of course it is due to our boyfriend photographer. We decided to rent a motorcycle in Ayaservice so that we could travel around Pai. Before you start, get excited first. Look at the anthomaniac and the one who pretends to be B ~ ~ ~

小插一下广告, ayaservice出租摩托车的价格$100泰铢到$400泰铢都有, 看你选择什么车型, ayathai的公众微信上面有详细的车型介绍。我们选择的是$140 (24小时)的雅马哈,自动档,115cc排气量,需要抵押个人护照,建议大家加买$40泰铢的车体损失险和$40泰铢的盗窃损失险,车子划花了, 被偷了,都不需要赔偿。免费使用摩托车头盔(在泰国骑摩托车是一定要带的, 要不的话就会被罚钱), 只需要押金$100泰铢/人。出租费不包括求, 所以需要自行到汽油站加油, 通常车子自带一点油,能挺到汽油站的,我们一整天只加了$50泰铢汽油。租车是一天24小时计算的,逾期每小时费用$20泰铢,超级划算。

Pai does not have what scenic spots, because her scenery is full of streets, so you have to discover it yourself! Pai is a colorful country. You can’t imagine that you can be surrounded by so many colors and have all kinds of lovely, funny and energetic patterns. It really makes people love to spare no effort!

Okay, above, our dazzling little sheep, pink super cute, super pull boom! ! !

Under the sun, under the high temperature of more than 30 degrees, our enthusiasm will not be diminished, and it is good to be free. Our first stop was Yunlai View Point, which is easy to find from the hotel. Yunlai can overlook the whole Pai with a very wide view. On the way, we will also pass through Chinese Village Mountain Village. However, the weather was not beautiful at that time and we could not capture our favorite blue and white.

Yunlai came down and wanted to go straight to the small yellow house, but the pink and pink houses, pink pavilions, pink jeeps and pink bicycles I found on the way made me fall in love with the pink control madly. Can I take them all away? !

After a lot of hard work, Finally came to MariMari (not because the journey was difficult, but also because I was crazy to miss every place, and Xia Tong’s shoes often took me away), This is actually a hotel, and the rooms inside are all independent cabins or cars. The most romantic thing is to count their big trees. There is no charge for taking photos inside, nor can MariMari’s residents take photos. Everyone is free to go in and out. Of course, a little consumption is also the best. Here, quiet, free, comfortable, without any annoyance ~ ~ ~

The little yellow house is next to Coffee in love. The house is brightly colored and can be easily found. It is famous for a movie “LOVE IN PAI”. I think every tourist to Pai should be because of that warm little yellow house.


In fact, there are still a lot of scenery along the way, such as Pam Bok Waterfall Panbu Falls (I heard that foreigners are diving wildly), To Muang Paeng Hotspring Dream Hot Spring, Tree House, etc., but it was still tough after a whole day, so we stopped at the World War II Bridge to return. We didn’t return along the road because we wanted to go around another path through Elephant Camp to explore the wind and see if we would go tomorrow. Indeed, there were several Karen Elephant Camp, Noi’s Elephant Camp, Thom’s Elephant Camp, The first two are cheaper, $400 Thai baht per person will be traded, Usually there is a shuttle service, The whole journey took more than an hour, Jungle + Xiahe, but because I saw the recommendation of Thom’s on the Internet before, I stubbornly searched for it. The result was $1500 Thai baht/person. We didn’t expect it to be as expensive as the previous elephant camp. Thom’s staff explained to us that they were all qualified and certified. They had land and water routes throughout the process. Their elephants were professionally trained to ensure the personal safety of tourists. Of course, it is up to everyone to consider which one to choose.

回程的路,树荫比较多,很舒服,还会经过Mae Yen Temple,在山上,听说这里的日落是Pai最美的地方。幸亏抄小路回老城, 竟然让我碰到了昨晚一直寻找的Pai Traditional Thai Massage & Thai Massage School, 虽然环境不是很豪华,但旨在手法正、力度足,完完全全爱上了泰式按摩,一个小时才$180泰铢/人,但晚上9:00就关门, 大家可是要尽早去囖。 当天真的超级好心情, 竟然让我偶遇到Na’s kitchen,这里的菜式真不是一般的赞,而且价格便宜喔!这里的水果shake有很多种,我们试了西瓜和芒果味,都超级棒,还有这里的招牌菜烤鸡,酸酸甜甜的,很开胃。

The night is a famous Saturday night market, which is not large in scale, but aims at peace and leisure. We swept through a lot of handmade bags and also met a small stall that can print our own photos as postcards. There are 3 pieces of $100 Thai baht, and of course there are other styles. We can search slowly.

Because we booked the mini bus at 2: 30 p.m. On the third day to return to Chiang Mai, we slept in and slowly enjoyed all kinds of services provided by the hotel, packed our luggage and left without giving up. When I left, I never forgot to patronize my beloved 7-11 again, with all kinds of dairy products, all kinds of cool drinks and all kinds of Thai laver. Oh, my God, how can I not miss you?

After another 3 hours of dianzang road, I finally returned to Chiang Mai at 6: 00 p.m. Ayaservice was sent to Tapeimen, long-distance bus station and railway station free of charge. The 99 Gallery Hotel in the old city has been booked in advance. The luxury room is 290 yuan, which also includes breakfast every day. Because there are many divergent roads in the old city, it took a long time to find it on the first day. It is suggested that if the children’s shoes staying in this hotel are Chukchuk, the 99Gallery is not luxurious, petty, and the room is relatively small, but it is exquisite. It happened that we returned to Chiang Mai on Sunday and met the Sunday night market schemingly. I felt sorry for us for dragging our luggage for such a long way after we arrived at Tapeimen. What was important was that there were so many ornaments and delicious food, but I was dragged by the hateful luggage. I arrived at the hotel as soon as possible so that I could enjoy shopping. It must also be mentioned here that the Thai Prime Minister stepped down two weeks before the trip to Chiang Mai, and then a curfew will be imposed. We were both worried before we went to Chiang Mai, but when we went to Chiang Mai, we felt good. The armed police on the streets were nice and gave me directions. As for the night, it was not as lively as before, so we were relieved. After a short rest at the hotel, we went to the Sunday night market without stopping. I don’t think I need to explain, everyone should know how famous the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai is. A boss I met in Pai the night before told us that there were no Chinese in Pai on Sunday. Why? All of them went back to Chiang Mai to visit the Sunday night market. Sure enough, Chiang Mai’s Sunday night market was packed with people and was full of the whole old city. All kinds of small stalls were full of food, drink and use, which made people love to spare no effort. Basically that night we ate snacks, unknown balls, pig’s foot rice, fish maw soup and so on, as well as mango juice, orange juice, eight-flavor juice, coconut juice and so on. I vowed to taste all the fruit juice with this taste. Oh, my God, how can I save the fat in my stomach? !

In addition to eating, of course, there are also our hand-written tasks. All kinds of Bangkok bags are my first choice. Although the price is more expensive than Pai’s, they are better than Pai’s in color, style and rhythm. It must be mentioned that Herb Basics, a very famous local essential oil skin care brand, does not accept UnionPay, but children’s shoes that plan to buy crazily should pay attention. Eat, buy, of course, there is the most important thing, is what? Lila Massage, Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage Hall! ! ! There are many branches and great fame. I have met two in the old city. I decided to book a one-hour traditional massage. Compared with Pai, of course Lila has a better environment, and there are many new Massage & Spa. The price is still relatively popular. The traditional massage is $200 Thai baht/hour, which is only open from 10:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. every day. The business is extremely hot. It is recommended that you must book it in advance.

In fact, neither of us had any plans for the fourth day’s trip, but we met a couple from Guangzhou at breakfast. Their trip was just the opposite of ours. They had already played all over Chiang Mai and were planning to go to Pai. They just introduced us to some good places. It was really nice to go out and meet noble people. After discussing with Lord Xia, our itinerary for the day was decided immediately. First, we went to Chiang Mai University to feel purple romance. Then we went to Sutie Mountain to visit Sutie Temple and Puping Palace. Of course, all this also requires our important car, Little Sheep. The hotel directly provides the service of renting motorcycles, which is $250 Thai baht/24 hours. We need to mortgage our passport and also need to refuel ourselves. This time we added $100 Thai baht of petrol, which is enough for one day.

First of all, let’s take a photo of Xia Tong’s shoes. In fact, before coming to Chiang Mai, Xia Tong’s shoes had no experience in riding motorcycles. Although I tried it, I was too nervous and liked the rhythm of rushing to the guardrail, so I gave up early. Fortunately, Xia Tong’s shoes still had a little talent and got started soon. A few days later, I also claimed to be the God of Sutie Mountain Cars. ?

Today’s first stop is Chiang Mai University, After leaving the old city, I have been walking in the direction of Sutie Mountain and will soon find it. As rumored, Chiang Mai is now open to the outside world from 9: 00 to 20: 00. Only sightseeing bus arranged by the school is allowed. All tourists are not allowed to drive around by themselves or even walk, so buy sightseeing bus for $50 Thai baht per person. Fortunately, the cars are all slow-moving, so that we can enjoy the quiet campus carefully. Basically, every teaching building has purple tone, and those young students, which reminds us how carefree and free college time was. Ah, time and tide wait for no man! Finally, sightseeing bus will stay in “Jingxin Lake” for 15 minutes, feeling similar to Lover Lake, where the water quality is clear and the lake light is the same color.

Leaving Chiang Mai University, we continued to head for Sutie Mountain. Chiang Mai University went out to turn left and drove along the main road. Soon it found the gate of Sutie Mountain. The road up the mountain was actually similar to Baiyun Mountain, except that there were more detours and there was no turning mirror at the corner. Everyone must pay attention when driving. The mountain is covered with trees. Although the sun is fierce, I feel a little cool and refreshing.

I just love your tail ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our chariot! On the way, I passed a viewing platform and took some small photos. I could also overlook Chiang Mai. This view is simply first-class. The most important thing is that I saw the ice cream truck. How can my eyes leave you?

After passing the viewing platform, we soon arrived at Sutie Temple. We couldn’t wait X to enter the fruit pile, one after another, coconut green, cool and quenching thirst. After drinking coconut water, the focus was on some tender coconut meat, just like rice rolls, slippery and sweet, which really made people unable to stop!

When entering Suthep Temple, one must abide by the dress code, that is, pants or skirts must be longer than knees. There is a small shop outside the temple that rents long skirts. As for me, I slipped into Suthep Temple directly around my scarf. The temple was very quiet. Sometimes I heard the devout prayers of the people. The buildings in the temple were very brilliant. Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about it and could only continue to keep company with the scenery.

On the way back to the city, I actually found TESCO, a large supermarket on the map. We drove the car towards another purpose. TESCO in Chiang Mai is not generally large. It has everything for daily necessities, snacks and fruits, and the price is cheap. However, we have spent all our money on the cutting edge.

In fact, it is not recommended that you buy fruits here. Because fruit shops can be found on the streets of Thailand at any time, mangosteen, watermelon, durian and pineapple ~ ~ ~ at night we have been looking for the legendary orthodox northern Thai snack Huen Phen, which is in the old city, but we can’t find it when we ride around. It started raining around 8: 00 p.m. and we can only find a similar Thai shop to eat and wear. The rain soon stopped, driving our motorcycle and wandering around the old city, I found Huen Phen and we’s restaurant at once. Well, you want me to come back to realize my dream next time! During the stroll, we found a road outside the old city with many food stalls and many tourists. Of course, we did not suffer and enjoyed our last night in Chiang Mai.

We booked a grey machine for Chiang Mai to return to Guangzhou in the afternoon, so we still had time to go out for a stroll after breakfast in the morning. We went to look for the most delicious mango Mango Tango in legend. After looking for Niman Road for a long time, we found that we had moved, but it was not far away. There was an indication in front of the old site where the new store was. Mango Tango didn’t open until 11: 00 a.m. and we naturally became the number one guest of the day. The clerk introduced Mango Tango and Mango Sticky Rice, which are the favorite of most tourists, with a total of $280 Thai baht. Glutinous rice is sticky, a little sweet, not too greasy, or the delicious mango flavor, which makes * * forget to return!

Free country, free and unrestrained! In this period when there is no fetter of what, why not follow one’s inclinations? Xia Tong’s shoes, my travel notes are finished! When are you taking me to the next stop in what?

15-day Family Tour to Three Places in Thailand 20140125

I really don’t want to do nothing. I am also idle when I am idle. I’d better write down the travel notes of Thailand. It is also a reward and thanks to the small partners who helped on the website at the beginning. A total of two weeks in Thailand, 1.25-2.8. Unhurriedly, I went to three places, Bangkok-Jiami-Chiang Mai. The happiest thing is to see Thailand’s extremely beautiful seascape. It really does not need any modification. It is a picture when it is included in the camera. No wonder so many people go to take wedding photos. I am also prepared to go. Although the strong sun makes people hard to open their eyes, when I see those beautiful pictures in the future, everything is worth it. The most comfortable thing is to enjoy the professional Thai Massage at an ultra-low price, regardless of whether we are tired or not, go when we have nothing to do. The most worrying thing is to find a way to satisfy the picky stomach. Although I tasted some Thai food, I couldn’t help it. Who told me that Chinese food was too powerful? After a week, I began to miss it.

Let’s take a few pictures first, non-professional photography, without any PS:

美吧,接下来,就按我的老模式,分以下几个方面来啰嗦几句,希望对接下来去玩的伙伴们有点帮助。一.关于天气 只能说,尽管是天气凉爽的一月底了,出门前还是乖乖地做好防晒工作吧,除非你就是铁了心想把自己晒黑的主儿。第一天在曼谷的周末市场闲逛,掉以轻心了,出门忘了喷,虽然一半的时间还在棚下呢,结果晚上回去后,胸前就出现了明显的V字红印,脖子也是重灾区,事后开始脱皮,即便接下来的每次外出,都一层一层的喷防晒,但为时已晚了。其实晒黑点无所谓,就怕晒坏了,和那些在沙滩上狂晒的不同,我们的辨认度非常高,如果当时在沙滩上看到一位年纪在六十上下,头戴遮阳镜,大沿的遮阳帽,外加一把防晒雨伞的人,那就是我妈妈了,绝对好认。

2. As for the schedule, it varies according to the duration of the holiday and personal preferences. My schedule is specially arranged during the Chinese New Year. I can go back to spend the New Year with my family or travel with my family. My family flies to Bangkok from Hong Kong and my husband and I fly to Bangkok from England for two weeks from 1.25 to 2.8. 1.25 Saturday, Landing at Bangkok’s new airport at night, Hotel check-in, Later, I will join my family. Sunday, January 26, Visit Bangkok’s largest Chadoucha Weekend Market on Monday, 1.27, Flying in the morning, Familiar with the environment, Visit the night market on Tuesday, January 28, Wandering, seaside, Small street, and went to the small town of Jiami, Buy New Year snacks and fruits on Wednesday, 1.29, Wandering, seaside, Hotel, Swimming and Playing Mahjong Thursday, 1.30, Arrange a sea trip, Look at the beautiful island, Snorkeling, with wedding photos taken by the sea, Friday, 1.31, Wandering, focusing on the sunset scenery by the sea on Saturday, 2.1, Wandering, seaside, Street, or hotel, 2.2 Sunday, Fly to Chiang Mai in the morning, Visit the ancient city in the afternoon, Visit Chiang Mai’s largest weekend night market at night on Monday, 2.3, Visit the ancient city, participate in shooting events, visit the night market on Tuesday, 2.4, in the afternoon, the jungle elephant tour, visit the night market on Wednesday, 2.5, fly back to Bangkok in the afternoon, visit the shopping center near the hotel on Thursday, 2.6, visit the Grand Palace, watch the Mekong River on Friday, 2.7, continue shopping, and go to the airport at night to consider one: Chiang Mai in the north and the islands in the south are the only choices for Bangkok to travel. I don’t like temples, so I went to Chiang Mai just to take a turn, ride elephants and massage. I don’t need to stay too long. The seaside is the highlight, staying for the longest time. I specially avoided Phuket Island and other places with a large number of tourists and chose Jiami with fewer tourists to seek peace. It also coincides with the traditional Chinese New Year and is not suitable for traveling. As a matter of fact, the fond memories of Jiami are still in sight. At that time, it was entirely possible to arrange another 2 days to reduce the time later in Bangkok. Consideration 2: The itinerary covers just two weekends. Because the weekend market in Bangkok and the weekend night market in Chiang Mai have strict time requirements, if you want to catch up with these two markets, you have to consider the itinerary sequence. According to the length of stay, I ordered Jiami before Chiang Mai. Consideration 3: Bangkok, as the capital, is also a transit point for flights and must be chosen. However, the stay time does not need to be too long. If you don’t want to visit here, you are not a shopaholic or a person who doesn’t love the Grand Palace, you can directly transfer to another place at Bangkok Airport. Three. Regarding expenses, of course, the premise depends on how corrupt you want to be. Hotels and air tickets are the biggest expenses. Due to the origin and the total number of people traveling, there will be some differences in the expenses for dining and playing. It is said that it can save half, or at least one third, in the off season. On average, the overall expenditure is over 10,000 per capita. The premise is that we didn’t rob the so-called red-eye flight of AirAsia. We booked the flight normally according to the best time of the schedule. There were 2 international flights and 4 domestic flights in Thailand, because there was no direct flight from Jiami to Chiang Mai and we had to transit in Bangkok. Hotels are all booked on Accor, adhering to the principle of as little corruption as possible in comfort. Fortunately, they have found a good OFFER. All four-star and five-star hotels have promotional activities, which are very cost-effective. Stay at the hotel, The first condition is that the geographical location should be convenient: Bangkok Hotels: Hotel De Bangkok) 280 yuan/room/night with breakfast Jiami Hotel: Centara Anda Dhevi Resort and Spa) 882 yuan/room/night excluding early Chiang Mai Hotel: Wangburapa Grand Hotel) 277 yuan/room/evening with breakfast Bangkok Hotel: The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam costs 453 yuan/room/night, excluding the hotel that stayed in Bangkok on the first night. It is 5 minutes’ journey near the north of RATCHAPROROP Station on the Airport Express. The transportation is convenient. It takes 30 minutes to go to the new airport by direct express, 20 minutes to go to the old airport by 300 baht TAXI. It takes 20 minutes to change to the light rail after taking one stop on the express at the weekend market, and 15 minutes to walk south along the main road is the famous shopping center. The hotel is designed as a three-star economy hotel. It looks comfortable, serves well, and breakfast is exquisite and delicious. The only thing that interferes with me is the sound of cars at night. Usually I sleep on the pillow. I didn’t feel it the first night because of jet lag, but I was woken up at 3 o’clock in the morning the next night, and then I couldn’t sleep. I heard that my father didn’t sleep well either. Therefore, friends who feel light should pay attention.

Needless to say, the facilities and services of the five-star hotel before leaving Bangkok echo the north and south of the previous hotel, that is, five minutes south of RATCHAPROROP Station on the Airport Express. After returning to Bangkok again, we are already quite familiar with this area and can even walk back to the hotel from Monument Station after dinner. The neon lights of CENTRAL WORLD and BIG C can be seen upstairs. Walk for 5 minutes. There will be night markets and snacks downstairs. What will have what. It is the first choice for those who want to go shopping before leaving Thailand.


清迈的酒店是具有清迈特色的古木风格设计,当然,习惯了四星酒店的时尚范,一时间还真不太适应这种民族风的,想想总要体验些不同,就宽慰自己安心接受吧。其实酒店还好,设备基本齐全(没有热水壶,楼下有供热水的地方),相当安静,早餐也不错,看到好多云南来的自驾车队。最主要的是,酒店的地理位置非常棒,在古城的右下方,出门就是河边,去夜市也只是分分钟的事。其它消费开支: 四岛游,2500铢,旅游点比较价格后选择的,出海包的长尾船,早10点至晚4点,包水果(菠萝)和瓶装水,不含午餐和进岛费,早饭吃好,其实不需要午餐,带点零食上船。名字没特别去记,没搜错的话,就是这四个,【莫岛Moh island】【波达岛poda island】【管子岛Tube island】【鸡岛Chicken island】。先去的那个有攀岩的岛,沙滩也不错,人蛮多。风景最美的那个应该就是波达岛poda island了,听说中心有一块圈起来的地方,进里面的话,要额外收费,本身海边沙滩是免费的。在岛上可以遥望到第三个岛,但真正去时,那水面下一片片的礁石啊,没鞋子的,就别下船折磨自己的脚了。最后一个是鸡岛,是浮潜的地方。 因为是单独包船,停留时间比较自由,我在岛上拍了N—多张的照片,相信大家这时候都一定是狂拍族的。

Shooting, 1700 baht and 50 rounds of ammunition, pikes and spears of their own choice, several groups of Chinese are playing.

骑大象,半天游,850铢/人,2人一头大象。很愉快的一天,就是那凳子太不舒服,而且这一路晃得,好担心我妈曾经受伤的腰啊。 按摩了多次,记不住总价,单个价目还是很熟地,曼谷一家高档按摩院,泰式按摩700铢90分钟。 也有路边小店,泰式按摩和按脚是200铢60分钟。推油400铢60分钟。清迈和曼谷的价格基本一致,清迈的按脚是150铢,附带后背的是200铢,甲米的按摩价格稍贵,肩背的是350铢,其它各涨50铢。伙伴们,比比国内的价格,再比比英国的价格,真的是赚大了,没事就去按摩吧。四.关于饮食:饮食上的消费上下浮动比较大,街边小吃50铢以内的炒面炒饭也有,(肠胃不强大的,慎选,因为老公试了一次,当晚就拉肚子,我们其它人倒没事,哈哈,抵抗力强吧),圆桌席2000铢左右的也有,个人自助餐390铢不含税的也有。老妈吃不惯泰国菜,实话说,我在饮食上也比较挑剔,出门在外,吃的好比什么都强。记下了3个自认为比较好吃的饭店:1.曼谷的,在胜利纪念碑站附近,很好找,口味接近香港广东菜系,好吃,服务也好,5-6人的圆桌价位在2000铢,回程曼谷时专门又去吃了一次。Pong Lee Restaurant,

10/1-4 Ratchawithi Road,Phaya Thai Subdistrict, Ratchathewi District | Next to Victory Monument BTS Station, Bangkok, Thailand

2. Jiami, In addition to the 390 baht buffet dinner (excluding tax, service charge and drinks) at the hotel, I ate twice at a seafood stall by the sea, which was also about 1500-2000 baht. My name was not intentionally photographed. At the edge of Onan Beach, at the corner of the street, there was a ticket office nearby. It was obvious that some seats near the sea of the hotel were extended to the beach and could watch the scenery while eating. 3. Chiang Mai, when he deeply misses Chinese food, even the refreshing tofu soup is extremely delicious. Unexpectedly, he found a restaurant with Yunnan cuisine. The environment is simple and clean, and the taste of the food is comfortable. We asked for two portions of pork tofu soup, and found many Chinese. Perhaps everyone is here to satisfy their appetites. The price of meals for 5-6 people is 1,000 baht. It is located in an alley south of the hotel, less than 10 minutes’ walk. 5. About the phone card bought at Bangkok’s new airport after the communication and traffic landed, the 14-day package and unlimited Internet traffic, like 549 baht. Shopping malls and roadside shops have only 7-day packages, with more than 300 baht. It depends on the number of tourists to decide which is more cost-effective. Chartered buses, taxis, light rail, double cars and chug cars are all over the street. I think it is almost acceptable to bargain. Because we have a large number of people, take my behavior as an example: 1. Bangkok Suwannabe New Airport to RATCHAPROROP Station by Airport Express, 40 baht per person, about half an hour. 2. TAXI near RATCHAPROROP Station to Bangkok Langman Old Airport, normal TAXI, including tip 350 baht/vehicle, 20-30 minutes. (You can only take a taxi for the second half of the trip to the old airport) 3. Jiami Airport to the hotel, designated bus stop at the airport, commercial bus, 1050 baht, 25 minutes. (Previous strategies said that the airport could take taxis on its own. I didn’t see the free TAXI at that time. I also went out for a certain distance and asked the nearby cold drink shop. They all said that only at the airport bus stop could I buy tickets. TAXI seemed to need 600 baht, which may be the new policy of Jiami Airport.) 4. From the hotel to Jiami Airport, I contacted the commercial bus in advance, 600 baht. 5. Chiang Mai Airport to the hotel, large TAXI (7 seats), 250 baht, within 15 minutes (at that time, there was a TAXI management booth directly opposite Exit 1. At that time, a man was sitting there asking for a random price, and the price rose by 100 baht in an instant. In fact, the airport was not large, and there were several exits on the other side. All the staff were responsible for filling out the form and finding the driver. They also went to the same TAXI parking place to pick up the car). 6. Chiang Mai Hotel to Airport, two cars, 200 baht, within 15 minutes. 7. Bangkok Langman Old Airport to Hotel, Commercial vehicles, 600 baht, (I contacted in front of the delivery door on the second floor, just after delivering the guests) 8. Hotel to Bangkok Langman Old Airport, Commercial bus, 600 baht (I contacted at the gate of the hotel, just after delivering the guests) However, Thai drivers have real, There are also greedy ones, For example, we went to Bangkok’s Langman Old Airport. After stopping two cars, it took 400 baht for one opening and 300 baht for the other. In order to show respect and encouragement to the second driver’s truth, we gave him a tip of 50 baht, hoping that he could balance his mind and stick to this truth. Of course, for the first driver, I pointed out that he wanted too much and was not honest. 350 baht was sold and no tip was given. More unscrupulous trades, The day I finally arranged to see the Grand Palace, TAXI near the hotel, The driver was a skinny little boy, Guitar, lied about the road closure near the Grand Palace, We can only go to the dock first and then go by boat. Because we just got back from Chiang Mai, I also heard that the situation in Bangkok became tense a few days ago. So I didn’t ask much, He pulled us to the dock for about 15 minutes at a price of 100 baht. The direction is also towards the Grand Palace, But then we saw the situation at the dock, To say no decisively about asking 2,000 baht, I took TUTU nearby and went straight to the Grand Palace. During this period, many cars pulled the guests to the dock. This time we did not lose what, but it also proved that there were some traps in Thai tourism. People’s hearts were unpredictable. For those who asked exorbitant prices, just ignore them directly. It is no harm to ask more when going out. Just a little don’t understand, he was not bashful to leave his phone number, said a friend to contact him. By the way, during the trip to the Grand Palace that day, the details of some temples were quite beautiful, but seeing the majestic momentum of the Forbidden City, other palaces really could not compare with it. It is also because it is hot and crowded. Also, the ticket office posted a price of 500 baht directly, which also included tickets to another museum. It was different from the travel notes of my friends before. It was a price increase. 6. As for the places where service tips are not mandatory, depending on one’s mood, the minimum is 20 baht, and the maximum is 50 baht and 100 baht. Like a two-car ride to Jiami, Round trip, He agreed to wait for us in town for an hour. However, we still exceeded the time limit. Later, when we found a market on our way back, we stopped again in order to find my sister’s beloved durian. However, the master of the family always greeted him with a smiling face. Therefore, we gave him a lot of tips, thanked others for their due diligence, respected others’ labor, respected others’ promises, and had little money. The most important thing was to feel at ease. When going to massage, I usually give a tip of 50 baht for 400 baht of oil and 20 baht for 200 baht of Thai style, because I really feel that people are manual labor and very hard. The last massage in Chiang Mai was given 50 baht, because I felt that the service was really good after massaging there for three days in a row. In fact, to put it bluntly, the rich will give more, while the poor will give a heart, and they will always live up to the work of others. Of course, the exchange rate difference is also the main reason. Where can I find 10 yuan or a tip of 1 pound? Britain has the lowest tip of 10%, and two people have to tip 4 or 5 pounds for a meal. Therefore, my husband often reminds me not to be too stingy at the beginning. I always ask him, I only spent 200 baht of massage in total. How much tip do you expect me to give? He was speechless. The mention of the exchange rate reminds me of that funny thing. Because my sister and I are chancellors of the exchequer, He was fully responsible for paying the bill, so he left several thousand baht for his parents. Thinking that my husband and I would always be together and had no chance to spend money alone, he gave him 50 baht for spare. Later, my husband told me with great grievance that he planned to go back and tell his mother that his wife was really generous and only left him 1 pound of pocket money when traveling in Thailand. Ha ha, shame, later changed to give 1000 baht more, but it will often be requisitioned by me. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to pick up 20 baht on the road one day.


Thailand Holiday (1)

Phuket Kata


When you don’t know where to go for your vacation, go to Thailand.

When this sentence came out of my mind, I suddenly felt as if I were advertising Thailand or using any slogan. In fact, when I think back to this just-concluded Thai holiday, I feel that everything is light, as if I were just returning from one familiar place to another, unlike a trip away. Probably because it combines many Southeast Asian characteristics that have been passed through, and it is also a Chinese tourist. If it is not for good greening, many temples, short houses, numerous flowers and trees, and a large number of Europeans and Americans, it feels like it is somewhere in China.

When planning the holiday for half a month after the Spring Festival, we repeatedly considered whether to go to Sri Lanka or Myanmar, and finally decided on Thailand. Most of the ten ASEAN countries have been there, and some of them have been there again, but they have been dragging their feet and have not considered going to Thailand. As the preferred destination for Chinese to leave the country, we have thus dragged it to this time. This is because February in Sri Lanka is the rainy season. I covet a little comfort and worry that the simple Myanmar will not be able to supply guest rooms during the peak tourist season. Finally, I really don’t know where to go and chose Thailand, which is also in the warm region.

Not to see the magnificent scenery of what, not to see many foreign customs, but to bask in the sun and breathe air different from Beijing’s smog.

Phuket Kata

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Tess

Chiang Mai, Buddhist Kingdom Pai District

February 8 Phuket: Patong’s Nightlife

From my hometown Yulin to Guangzhou by bus, from Guangzhou to Bangkok to Phuket, and then to Patong, it took 26 hours to finally reach the beach in Thailand. Despite the ordeal on the road, both AirAsia and Thailand have arranged “support” in advance. Before you could think about what to do next, someone came up to take you to the next step. Everything was natural and appropriate.

There is another advertisement. It is really the attentive and thoughtful service in Southeast Asia that makes people sigh with emotion and can be enjoyed by civilians.

Thailand is the usual first stop for Chinese to travel abroad, and we only thought of coming to Thailand after almost traveling all over Southeast Asia. Perhaps it is because it is so famous and popular that we have all kinds of prejudices. This time I am new here, I feel that Thailand is indeed very suitable as the first stop for outbound travel. However, when we arrive at this time, we have a familiar and familiar feeling, because it combines all kinds of things that we have been to Vietnam, Laos, Malay, Philippines and Indonesia before. Therefore, when we come here, we have no surprises and no impulse to play, but as if we had gone to the ordinary life and daily life in a foreign country several times later.

Arrived at noon, before it was time to check in, I went to have lunch first. The lunch restaurant is on the main street, and its storefront is not large. Compared with the restaurants with Western style in the surrounding area, it is just like a restaurant opened by a mother. It is very homely. However, we only took a seat for a while. Outside, there is a long line waiting for seats, basically Chinese-speaking compatriots. How does the food taste in Phuket, which is full of delicious food, and a restaurant that can make people wait so patiently? In fact, I don’t think there seems to be much difference and the price is not much difference. Perhaps, there are recommendations on LP, perhaps it is also the mentality of gathering people, the more.

After the meal, I bought two pairs of slippers at the roadside hypermarket and immediately changed the shoes and socks I wore from the cold area, which immediately made me feel much more comfortable. I went to 711 and bought 100-degree sunscreen and drinking water. The daily necessities are complete. Allah’s hair grew, so he asked all the way. He had his hair cut in a luxurious hairdressing room in Phuket Island’s most famous shopping mall at a cost of 500B, close to RMB 100 yuan. It seems that here, the price of the shopping mall will not be too high than that of the small shops and stalls outside. Small stalls and shops often offer a price of two or three times, and then you have to cut the price, and finally you can cut the price lower than the price after the store clearly discount. Another example is eating. At home, we usually dare not walk into a five-star hotel to eat casually. The added value is too high, while abroad, you can usually go in gracefully because the price is not too outrageous.

The hotel was run by a Belgian and there was a coffee shop on the first floor. When we arrived, he was busy with the two men for the breakfast and lunch of the guests and had little time to talk to us. The room is upstairs with large bay windows, quiet and comfortable. Bathing and shampooing, lying on the big bed, took a heavy nap in the bright sunshine. Wake up at five or six and go to the beach. Patong Beach is indeed very popular, and countless reclining chairs used for rent during the day have been folded one after another. Tourists play on the beach, swimming, flying umbrellas, motorboats, taking photos, digging sand and piling sand… I decided to play flying umbrellas tomorrow.

Patong’s nightlife is indeed exciting. In the evening, half curious and half confused, I entered a Ladyshow place. Lady is a sexy baby on the flyer page held by the soliciting people outside. However, when they enter there, there are almost no good-looking ones showing on the stage and accompanying off the stage. Especially on the stage, an individual is obese with uneven posture. Although he is bare in the lower body, exposed in breast enlargement and tries his best to make various provocations, he has no aesthetic feeling at all. The audience in circles did not see any confusion, but heckled like teasing. Perhaps, such a show is not allowed to stir up desire. Everything is just a joke with tourists. Everyone is performing together in the clear emperor’s new clothes. Pretend to be sexy on stage and energetic off stage.

In the show, a bartender who frequently flirted with my next table was very sexy. Although she is of average stature, Wearing the bartender’s T-shirt and tooling, However, half selling wine and half selling laughter, the woman was in high spirits, all kinds of Jiaochen and all kinds of intimate and intimate tricks. She picked the European and American man at my next table almost in the warm spring. She not only ordered many times of wine, but also put aside one of the accompanying women who had accompanied him. Finally, the Jiaochen bartender woman took over the magpie nest and sat beside him and kissed me.

This is the first time I have entered such an occasion. I want to see a certain side of Thailand. See people enjoy entertaining sex pretending or tipsy. Perhaps, this is the sleepless side here. Perhaps, these people, these men, will gallop on the beach during the day and go to different trades after returning home. Here, they are just deserting and just a little adjustment of life. Thinking of “The Road to Revolution” starring Leonardo and Kate, although she lived a comfortable middle-class life, Kate was almost suffocated by the same atmosphere. She planned to sell her house and travel with her family, but because Leonardo was promoted, she had to give up her plan to change her life. Finally, Kate was so depressed that she chose to commit suicide. Travel is not necessarily to see the magnificent scenery, not always to rush about on the road, but perhaps just to change the environment, to live an ordinary life elsewhere, just to temporarily forget the original identity, to live another identity. This is a kind of schizophrenia beneficial to health and a kind of compensatory behavior.

Patong City.

Patong’s Nightlife

February 9 Phuket: Experience Patong in a Different Way

This day is still in Patong, the sun is very hot, feel from 9: 00 a.m., 10: 00 p.m. to 4: 00 p.m. are not suitable for activities outside. Therefore, we just got up in the morning and ran along the long coastline.

Although the scenery of Patong Beach is ordinary, the people are spectacular. On the beach stretching for several kilometers, when running in the morning, I saw my little friends in Thailand filling up the reclining chairs and parasols. When I came out at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I saw that the chairs were really full of seats, and countless red-hot bodies were lying or lying on them, almost all European and American. Most of them are the elderly. Most of these old people, whose bodies are out of shape and whose cortex is loose, are still grasping the tail of time to make them black. Some elderly men even found young Southeast Asian “wives” here to accompany them all the way.

It is said that Chinese people only play and take photos when traveling, but this time in Patong, they met countless compatriots, but it was rare to hang and hold cameras to take pictures everywhere. Although it is still rare for them to lie leisurely on the beach chair to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze, or to play with the sea, they often stroll on the beach, pile sand with children, or shop in shopping malls … … Everyone may be slowly learning to experience traveling with their senses. Sometimes I think that my idea is biased. There are many ways to travel, and different people have different personalities and different ways to enjoy traveling. I should not blindly think that the ways of many Europeans and Americans are “senior” and “high”. Perhaps, the Japanese like to visit in groups and the Chinese like to take photos, all of which are one way. Moreover, every nation and everyone has a process of growth.

In the evening at the beach, as I wished yesterday, I experienced flying umbrellas at sea. I have interviewed a group of paragliders before and wrote a text of empathy. They said that flying umbrellas has two kinds of irresistible experiences. One is the stimulation of adventure sports, and people have a kind of insane experience in that state. One is to look at the planet at your feet from a high altitude. The other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky. Are very lonely and quiet. Today, with the help of yacht towing and coaches, I flew once. I was worried that I would fear heights, so I floated on a few ropes in the high air. However, from the moment I flew out, the little worry in my heart disappeared. Looking down from the sky at the noisy world just now, it has become so quiet, just like in the movie, the soul rises up, leaves the body, and looks at the original world from another world. It seems to be separated from the original world by a layer of sound insulation glass, with only slow images. It turns out that the kind of loneliness and tranquility they like to experience is like this.

We are always obsessed with some things and worry about them. Even if we understand them, it is difficult to fly out and float to reflect on these people and things. We worry because we still live in it. Travel, however, may be a short jump from the original life, and after returning, it will continue to struggle. Therefore, there is no need to be ashamed of why we still cannot let go, because we live in it. Therefore, forgive your entanglements and self-trouble.

In the evening, before night fell, Patong’s “Big Vulgar Night” is ready to be staged, The bar block leading to the beach, The music is loud, the shops and streets are full of people, the hot pole dance in every shop is in urgent need of performance, and the night has just begun… However, we have had enough. We hid in a foreign wine restaurant on the seaside, ordered white wine, salad, baked shrimp, seafood and pasta, listened to the soothing jazz against the sunset glow falling far away from the skyline, and passed a Patong night unlike Patong.

Sea towing umbrella

tutu bus.


February 10 Phuket: Kata’s Beach

From the noisy Patong to the supposedly quiet Kata. However, Kata is not very quiet either, just without Patong’s colorful lights, the beach is like Patong lined with reclining chairs.

In the face of such a lively beach, I usually can’t find a place to play and feel, but I always like the private bay like Mandarin Oriental in Sanya or the coral reef cliff bay on Lanmeng Island. My favorite seems to be the sea that can’t play but can only sit quietly. Because I don’t know how to play and don’t want to join in the fun, I am interested in Xuansi.

Allah’s requirements can be easily met, as long as he can swim. He ran into the same popular Kata beach for a swim, while I hid under a big tree separated from the beach by rows of reclining chairs to enjoy the cool air, flipped over a book, and kept picking up my cold and endless runny nose. There were also two fat European and American uncles and aunts under the tree, none of whom went to the beach chairs. One dozed off against the root of the big tree and the other lay on the towel to dry his back.

When Ala came back from swimming, we had iced coffee and juice in a restaurant near the beach. Iced coffee in Southeast Asia has always been the favorite. In such hot weather, it is better to have a simple environment like Laos and Vietnam. Drinking iced coffee is the most beautiful enjoyment in the afternoon and deserted streets. The music of this restaurant is rock and roll, and the layout is also Western-style. Patong and Kata have been assimilated by the leisure travel culture of Western young people, forming a Southeast Asian style that conforms to the entertainment and leisure of modern European and American young people. There is a surfing driving range in the middle of the restaurant, where a group of Europeans and Americans are having a great time studying, which also increases the interest of those who drink coffee and beer nearby.

Kata is obviously much more comfortable than Patong. The streets are clean, the houses are fresh, and the restaurants are more stylish but not expensive. Here, in addition to the lively beaches, many places are small towns that can make people spend their holidays quietly.

February 11 Phuket: Kata Visits House

Brian, the real estate agent who had an appointment yesterday, came to pick us up at 10 a.m.

Brian drove us around five houses near Rawai Beach. The first is a Balinese-style villa, which Brian recommended most. He has been saying that it is his favorite house. The car drove there and saw the European owner watering the plants outside the yard. It seems that the owner said that he would not be able to see the house until tomorrow, but Brian rashly took us there. A sincere smile worked and the owner changed his mind and invited us in. At the end of the day, the owner said that if you want to buy it, you will be given all those what and what, except the gold-plated Buddha brought from Laos, because it is his favorite wherever he moves. Europeans and Americans seem to have a free and easy way to the house. They have a house in their favorite place, which is elaborately decorated as a place for fixed vacation and relaxation. After moving with work or interest for a few years, although I only lived for a few years, I also built the house very livable and personalized. When I left, I sold it and gave many items that left behind my life memory to the next owner, as if it were a kind of inheritance. Moreover, in Southeast Asia, the houses where Europeans and Americans lived generally pay more attention to gardening than the houses of their neighbors and locals. Similarly, the plants are luxuriant, but the gardens of Europeans and Americans have different levels, with scattered heights, corresponding flowers and trees, and the atmosphere of pools, leisure tables and chairs, etc. The plants are well maintained due to timely watering and loosening of soil, and the garden basically does not have the spoiling details of “private construction and disorderly hanging”. We came suddenly, but everything in the house was in perfect order, with traces of life but not chaos. Later, because we needed to improve and consult many details, Brian took us to one of his Chinese friends. In the same Chinese mansion near the sea, we saw a variety of casually placed indoor scenes… This is also the characteristic of many luxury houses in China. The model room is very luxurious but has no flavor of life. Once there is flavor of life, we will go to sloppiness.

Next, I saw three more villas, all of which are modern Western-style villas. Not only China, but also Phuket Island likes Westernized things. Almost all the newly-built houses and apartments are of modern Western style. They think it is more fashionable and perhaps easier to sell. Indeed, in one of the Western-style villa properties, Brian just sold a 400-square-meter house to a Chinese last week. After seeing these three Western-style properties, we are all a little tired. I said Brian, can we go back to Kata? Brian, unwilling to give up, took a book for me to see and let me talk about what kind of house we really like. Simply, Brian dialed the telephone of his Chinese friend and asked me to describe it directly in Chinese with his friend. I gave a detailed description of the house I wanted. The friend soon understood, he said, such a house “met”. So, the phone was transferred to Brian. Then Brian let us get on the bus and said he would take us to see an old house.

It is indeed a good house! In the garden of more than 1,000 square meters, there is a large colonial-style house with a small two-room house beside the gate. There is a wooded swimming pool on the inside of the park. There are some old furniture of Southeast Asian style in the house, and the decoration shows the retro and elegant style of the colonial era… The owner is German and has been returning to China for many years. The house has not been taken care of, just someone has a look. If you buy it, you need to reorganize it. But the foundation of the house is still close to intact…

Brian said, in fact, there are not many Chinese who buy houses in Thailand, mainly Europeans and Americans. Chinese people buy houses to consider investment and long-term self-occupation. Thai houses are only consumer goods, and in fact there is no return from what. What about self-occupation? For Chinese who do not regularly go to a place for vacation every year, it doesn’t matter if they don’t work here, or if they have money, or if they see something they like very much, it is also very difficult to buy a house in Thailand, although Thailand’s cost performance, policy and political environment are already the best in Southeast Asia for Chinese. The Chinese prefer to spend more money on domestic real estate, or buy real estate in developed countries in Europe and the United States for immigration and old-age care.

I like that old house very much and still remember it for a moment. However, for us ordinary people, the house is a big deal and must be carefully considered. Moreover, Phuket Island is not an ideal place for vacation or long-term residence.

February 12 Phuket: Thailand’s Chinatown

Rent a motorcycle to go for a drive.

Phuket Island’s roads go up and down, the roads are not wide, and the cars are very fast. However, people seem to be very friendly, racing is courteous, and they almost never honk their horns.

We were going to Phuket Town and asked for directions at the roadside near Zhalong Bay. Although the girl at the barbecue stall was not very well versed in English, she pointed out the way patiently. Seeing that our car had not started to strike a fire several times, we turned it out of the booth and helped us with a long barb. Finally, the problem that it was difficult to strike a fire on motorcycles all the way just now was solved.

All the way to Phuket Town at a tight and slow pace. In the streets and lanes before entering the town, I suddenly saw many pictures of Baba Niang at the entrance of a lane and turned in decisively. A very exquisite old Portuguese house appeared in the luxuriant garden deep in the alley. It was so beautiful! The name of the house is “Meilian”, which has a history of more than 100 years and is owned by a Chinese family surnamed Chen. At this time, around eleven o’clock in the morning, there was no one else in the quiet. There were some props like sedan chairs in front of the house, and a large lawn behind the garden was beginning to decorate the table for the open-air wedding. I thought this was just the venue for taking wedding photos and holding the wedding. The photos of Baba Niang were taken by the local Chinese. After a while, a girl came up to talk to us and showed us a report in a Thai fashion magazine. She could not understand Thai, but from the picture, she could see some internal scenes of this Portuguese house-it turned out to be an old house that could be visited. After buying tickets, the girl opened the door for me and asked me to take some photos on the sedan chair.

A very beautiful mansion. Similar to the taste of Malacca’s famous Baba house. However, this house is the same as the old house I visited yesterday. There is a pool in the house. There are rockeries, green plants, potted plants and swimming fish in the pool, which add a lot of natural spirit and aura to the whole house. In addition, there are many items collected by the host family in the house, ranging from precious jewelry and antique furniture to small ceramic ornaments, family photos, academic certificates, etc. This is what our Suzhou gardens lack. Although the master’s family no longer lives here, Although museums have been set up for people to visit, However, many things in the original owner’s life are still kept as they were, not just empty pictures. You can feel the living habits of those people, their gratitude and grudges, and their hopes or disappointments from these living things… In this way, it is the museum of a house, not the museum of architectural structure.

Phuket Town is actually Phuket’s Chinatown, with a strong flavor of Nanyang Chinese. It is said that 60% of the people here are Chinese. Entering here is very much like entering Malacca. The people in the shops on both sides are also the feeling of Southeast Asian Chinese. Of course, many of them can no longer speak Chinese. It is strange that in Phuket, an island so westernized, There is still such an isolated island-like Chinatown, which feels like many Chinatowns in Southeast Asia. There are various Chinese shops, Chinese guild halls and Chinese eating and living habits… There always seem to be some isolated islands, Chinatowns and Indian streets in every corner of the world. They continue their own way of life and do not blend with the local area.

January 2014 Bangkok, Thailand, Sumi Island, Tao Island 11 Tour

After so many days of laziness, I finally wrote the strategy. The words are not so beautiful and the pictures are not so beautiful, but I still want to dedicate them to all my friends who love to play.

Preparation in advance:

1. Air tickets: You can pay close attention to the changes of air tickets at any time. You will not hesitate to rob them when you encounter special fares. I booked a round-trip air ticket to Thailand in January in September, totaling 687 yuan. At present, I have bought air tickets for AirAsia, which is called Taxi in the air. It is really cheap. From Bangkok to Sumi Island, I also bought a round-trip air ticket for AirAsia, totaling 544 yuan.

2. Visa: Although Thailand implements landing visa for China, it is said that it is very troublesome. For people like me who are not good at English, it is better to find a travel agency to sign it in advance. Thailand’s visa is valid for three months and the visa fee is 256 yuan.

3. Accommodation: For those relatives who are not very good at English and geography, it is suggested that they book accommodation after checking the strategy online in advance. Even if they do not book, it is better to have a psychological chart first (after you have decided on the hotel, compare the prices in agoda, booking, Ctrip and Taobao and choose the best one to book)

4. Food: There are two ways to eat when going out to play-a reference strategy (personal tastes are different, so choose carefully); B see what want to eat, all kinds of roadside stalls, snacks and so on (a little less at a time, delicious and then continue to order, not delicious to withdraw)

5. Shopping: I have to admit that many things abroad are indeed cheaper than those at home. You can also investigate before you go. Thailand recommends buying: Bangkok Bag Naraya, Counter Pain’s Sore Ointment (Mom likes it very much and says the effect is very good), Qingcao Ointment and Tiger Brand Tiger Balm…

6. Calling Card: If it is mainly used for surfing the Internet, It is recommended that you use Thailand’s Happy Card, 7 days of unlimited traffic, Including 100 Thai baht telephone charges, if you buy each one in 60 yuan in Thailand, you can buy it in advance on Taobao, 45 yuan/one, you must insert it again in Thailand, you can recharge it at 7-11 in 7 days, and then choose your own package (we have set up a 75B package, just use the phone * * * 104* 322 #, if you have other needs, you can also ask the local people to set up another package)

7. Currency exchange: It is not recommended to exchange it at home. Most of the time the exchange rate is not cost-effective, Thailand’s ATM machines can basically use UnionPay cards to withdraw cash, The handling fee is 50 baht each time. You can get up to 10,000 baht at a time, It is suggested to take more points at a time, so as to save handling fees. Sometimes, in addition to Thailand’s ATM machines, the issuing bank also has to charge handling fees. Therefore, it is recommended that relatives who often go abroad do Zhang Huaxia Bank Savings Card (the first transaction does not charge handling fees every day). According to the introduction of the strategy, the most cost-effective exchange rate is purple ATM machines. This trip is in purple withdrawal drops.

Now let’s give you a detailed description of my itinerary:

D1: Kunming-Bangkok:

At 13:20, take the AirAsia plane from Kunming Changshui Airport, Arrive at Bangkok Langman Airport at 14:50, On the plane, you can fill in the entry and exit cards first, Passport and entry and exit card are required when entering the customs. After leaving the customs, everyone can see rows of ATM machines. Plug in the phone card you bought in advance, Try making phone calls and surfing the Internet, If there is a problem, You can go to the airport supermarket to sell HAPPY cards. Ask the service personnel to help you debug (my card was unable to surf the Internet at that time, so I bought two bottles of water in the supermarket and asked the staff to help me get it done) and finish the phone. After withdrawing money, you can queue up to take TAXI. As you will fly to Sumi Island early the next morning, the hotel will be booked at U Apartment (158 yuan/night) near the airport. It will take about 150B and 15 minutes to take a taxi from the airport. It is better to locate it by mobile phone. It is a little hard to find. The apartment is relatively clean and the room layout is very distinctive. There are 7-11 and Tesco Lotus around.

This time I lived in a special bicycle room, After packing at the hotel, Went to the nearby Tesco, Fruit is really cheap, It’s really delicious. After buying more than N fruits crazily and breakfast the next morning, you can go to Tesco’s third floor for dinner (25 yuan per capita). This is similar to the snack street in Kunming. First, you can recharge at the top-up office, see what you want to eat by swiping your card, and then return the card after eating. The two of us ordered Dongyingong Mixed Rice and Pad Thai. The taste is very good. I like it very much. The following picture is above:

D2: Bangkok-Sumi Island

Early in the morning, I asked the service staff of the apartment to help me call a taxi to Langman Airport (with a tip of 20B). I bought a connecting ticket to Bangkok to Solatani at 7: 00 a.m. and then transferred to Sumi Island by ship. (AirAsia stops at Lipa Noi Pier on Sumi Island, which is a remote small dock, so on the bus from Surat Thani to the dock, AirAsia personnel will sell tickets to Sumi Island Hotel, 200B/person, which is recommended for everyone to buy.)

After experiencing the plane, After cars and ships, At 12:30 we finally arrived at Sumi Island. Get on the AirAsia bus, You can get to the hotel, For the first two nights on Sumi Island, we stayed at Cactus Bungallow (151 yuan/night) on Pope Beach. The hotel has a very distinctive layout. It belongs to a single-family villa near the sea. The murals in the room are also very wild. It is equipped with electric fans. It is Pope Beach when you go out. It has a seascape restaurant and a bar. The beach bar also has a billiards table. Interested relatives can blow the sea breeze, play billiards and have a cocktail at night. It is really excellent. After the hotel comes out, there will be supermarkets, pharmacies and travel * * (tickets can be purchased), which is very convenient. The only disadvantage is that it does not provide hot water, only cold water bath, and it is close to the seaside. There are indeed many mosquitoes (in short, my legs have been horrible after playing all the way down the seaside for 11 days)……

After changing clothes, the hotel went to the seaside, walked along the beach, stepped on the sea water, and then went to the small town. The dinner was settled in caf é 69. The main curry dinner was very good (80 yuan per capita). On the way back to the hotel, I passed a French dessert shop and bought two croissants to make breakfast for the next day (the taste was also very good)

D3: Sumi Island:

Today’s visit is suitable for all relatives who can’t rent a car, ride a motorcycle and get carsick to Sumi Island-a one-day tour of 4*4 off-road vehicles around the island jungle. This was previously ordered on Universal Taobao (330 yuan per capita) (including lunch, hotel pick-up, 6-7 scenic spots, English explanation). It was a very full and lively day, I visited the grandfather and grandmother stone. The tallest old tree on Sumi Island, Elephant riding in the jungle (Elephant riding is the only time in Thailand that people have been forced to tip. The two men gave a total of 200B, I took a photo with the elephant for me), Look at the baby elephant, Monkeys, crocodiles, The buffet lunch at noon is also good (especially the noodles are delicious and the fruits are sweet). After lunch, I went swimming under the highest waterfall on Sumi Island. Playing with water (all beautiful women and handsome men must wear their swimming trunks and swimsuits in advance. There is no dressing room there. Don’t take your swimsuits with you like me. As a result, you can only watch others play happily). After that, I also went to Kulamu Temple to visit the body of mummies and monks. After visiting the mysterious Buddha Garden with Thai characteristics, I finally went to the top of Sumi Island to view the scenery. Of course, the most important thing for this one-day tour is to take an off-road vehicle, especially the roof. The scenery is very beautiful and exciting. You only need to have a head as hard as I am and not afraid of all kinds of branches, and it is OK (the road up and down the top of the mountain is strongly recommended)

At the end of the rich one-day tour, About 4 o’clock, We asked the driver to take us directly to Barracuda Restaurant on Meinan Beach. First, I ordered a meal for the evening, and then I went to Meinan Beach. The two of us were playing with sand at the seaside. We originally planned to pile up a lot of things. The result was beautiful imagination and cruel reality. It seems that we are the clumsy ones who are best at drawing hearts. When we were tired from playing at the seaside, we went to the small shops around and sent postcards.

I went to the restaurant to have a big meal on time at 6 o’clock-Barracudarestaurant, which tastes great and the boss is nice. Each dish is good-looking and delicious, especially fish. Personally, I think it is very suitable for couples to go (PS: Their home is off on Monday and it is better to make an appointment in advance, otherwise it is very likely that we will not be able to eat at 15: 30. Only 18: 30-20: 00 have seats, which is breathtaking) (120B per capita)

After dinner, I went back to the hotel, had a cup of coffee in the seaside restaurant, and listened to the sound of the sea. I was also very happy.

D4: Sumi Island-Tao Island:

At 8: 00, take a boat from Sumei Giant Buddha Wharf and pass through Paan Island. Arrive at Tao Island at about 10: 30 (find an agent to buy a ticket of 600B/person, If it is not clear, then you must take seasickness medicine in advance. We encountered a very big wave, Ninety-five percent of the crew vomited, It feels like a pirate ship for two and a half hours in a row. I don’t think I will take a pirate ship again in my life.) When I get to the dock, the hotel will send a car to pick me up. This time the hotel is booked at Charm Churee Village (610 yuan/night) (with private beach, Five-star diving center, can free snorkeling, very quiet, disadvantage is a little far from town) hotel service attitude is very good, free to help us upgrade to the characteristic sea view room, the room is quite characteristic, very original ecology ~ ~ bed, toilet is built by rocks, toilet is also covered by big stones as screens, the most important thing is to go out and dive

At noon, I had lunch at Charm Churee Beach. I like Dongyingong Seafood Salad best. I took a nap after dinner to relieve the discomfort of seasickness in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to the small town. After eating all kinds of BBQ and snacks, I ate dinner in the small town. By the way, I could also buy the ticket back to Sumi Island and bought more than N fruit juice and fruit snacks on 7-11.


Early in the morning, I got up in the sound of the waves, had breakfast, and was ready to go diving. The initial plan was to go to Nanyuan Island. Unfortunately, the weather was not very good, plus the shadow of seasickness yesterday, so I decided to snorkel in Charm Churee, leaving a pity to make up for it next time. When snorkeling, the big waves have a great influence on people like me who can only swim like dogs. I can’t swim far. Finally, I gave up completely. I can see many fish wherever the waves go. I can touch them with my hand. Moreover, these fish are also floated by the waves, and my heart is immediately balanced.

After playing at the water’s edge for a day, I will have a warm and romantic candlelight seafood dinner at Chaba’s Starlight Restaurant, which enjoys a panoramic view of the sea at night (although it is for the two of us, it is also very romantic). Ladies and gentlemen, don’t miss it ($150 per capita)

D6: Tao Island-Sumi Island:

In the morning, I took a boat back to Sumi (600B/person). With previous experience, I took seasickness medicine in advance, As a result, the sky was clear, The ship did not shake at all, Suffering from those of us who took the medicine, the whole people were dizzy (when buying the medicine, I told us to take two pills at a time, I insisted on taking only one pill, only saying that the drug effect was too good), and arrived at Meinan Beach in Sumei at about 10: 30 (I personally suggest that if you go to Tao Island, you’d better take the boat to and from Meinan Beach, which is larger and will be relatively comfortable)

After disembarking, the hotel headed straight to Samui Cliff View Resort & Spa (413 yuan/night) on Lamai Beach. The hotel is located on the hillside, overlooking the sea, and has endless swimming pools and cliff landscape. It is very quiet and has less food around. After arriving at the hotel, the seasickness medicine still has the same effect. After taking a good nap, the food time began.

Take a bus to the Spirit House Restaurant on Chawen Beach. It is decorated with a very distinctive Thai restaurant. It has the style of a temple. The taste of key dishes is also very good and the atmosphere is also very romantic. It is strongly recommended that seafood Noodle balls (personal favorite) and Tomyum also have a very positive taste (160 yuan per capita)

D7: Sumi Island:

Today is the last day to stay in Sumi Island: after tasting a delicious breakfast in the early morning, I came to the endless swimming pool on the edge of the cliff to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the distance. It is also good to stay. Have a bottle of beer, sit and read, and bask in the morning sun. Walk around the edge of the cliff and listen to the sound of the sea beating against the rocks. Meimei soaked in a flower bath, Jacuzzi lie down; Finally, I went to Chawen Beach to see all kinds of handsome men and beautiful women until dark. In the evening, I went to the night market to have a seafood dinner ~ ~ a perfect day, which made people feel a little reluctant to give up. Note: From Cliff View to Chawen Beach, it is usually 100B/person. If it is a bitter fleabane car and there are more people, you can bargain to 50B/person.

D8: Sumi Island-Bangkok:

Today, I will leave Sumi Island. I got up early in the morning and walked around the seaside. I am very reluctant to give up.。

I checked out of the hotel at 12 o’clock, took a bitter fleabane car (150B/person) with the logo of AirAsia, and took a boat to LipaNoi Pier. After arriving at Lipa, I found a small shop around and had a Pad Thai. I set out at 15:00 and left Sumi for Bangkok, the next stop. After all the ordeal, I finally arrived at Bangkok’s Langman Airport at 22:25 (if you think this kind of locomotive-boat combined transportation is too ordeal, you can also choose to fly directly from Bangkok to Sumi Island, but the price is higher)

When I arrived in Bangkok, I took a taxi (250B) to Twin Towers Hotel (442 yuan/night) in Siam. My friends and I strongly suspected that the hotel was opened by Chinese. The hall has been playing the song Gong Xifa Cai all the time, and the layout also feels like the Spring Festival. The hotel has a good geographical location, but there is no free wireless network. Due to the need to check in online, it only took 60B and spent half an hour online, which is really not cost-effective…

D9: Bangkok:

One-day tour to Bangkok: I took a taxi to Bangkok’s famous Grand Palace early in the morning (it is recommended that everyone go there early in the morning, there are not many people and it is not very hot). The visit to the Grand Palace requires a lot of clothes (trousers should be worn in trousers as far as possible, and the clothes should not show their shoulders. If the clothes are not up to standard, there are free clothes provided at the entrance, just pay a deposit of 200B, and you don’t have to spend money at the door to buy them). The ticket price of the Grand Palace (500B/person). Visits to the Grand Palace include the Jade Buddha Temple, The Imperial Palace, the Princess Memorial Hall… Because there are many Chinese tour guides, So we all listen all the way, After listening to the explanation of the whole Grand Palace (you can also rent a Chinese pronunciation tour for 200B), We walked around the Grand Palace for 3 hours. After coming out, we ate two bowls of powder in a small shop at the door. The balls were delicious, crisp, chewy and cheap… After we were full, we took a doodle car (25B/person) to go to the Sleeping Buddha Temple. The Grand Palace was not far from the Sleeping Buddha Temple, and it took us 15-20 minutes to walk. Everyone could walk past it. Tickets to the Sleeping Buddha Temple (100B)

In the evening, I also went to MBK. You can focus on the 6th floor. I mainly sell Thai handicrafts and snacks (I chose two bracelets 200B). After walking for a whole day, I finally had a sole SPA to relax and eat Thai hot pot (MK hot pot feels like shabu shabu shabu, the soup head is clear soup, and I don’t love it very much) (65 yuan per capita)

D10: Bangkok

The last day of each trip is reserved for shopping: once again proving that women are really terrible creatures, I visited two shopping malls in one day: Central World Plaza and BIG C (both too big to finish). BIG C, who went first, bought a pile of ointment, instant noodles and various seasoning bags (Mom was shocked to see this pile of things). If friends who like Thai food can also buy it and go home to cook hot pot or something, it is fast, convenient and delicious. Central world is opposite BIG C, The largest shopping center in Southeast Asia, Let’s first deposit the things we bought at BIG C at the front desk (free of charge). I started the second round of shopping and recommended NARAYA, a Bangkok brand bag. This should be regarded as his flagship store. The price is around 200-400B (40-80 yuan). Kunming sells 200-400 yuan (really black). After shopping, I can also go to Kum Poon on the 7th floor to taste delicious Thai northern cuisine ~ very good, sour and spicy, and the cost performance is also very high (80 yuan per capita). I came back to take a doodle car, smiled all the way, and found my own bright spot…

In fact, Bangkok is not as messy as reported, It is still a sea of people, Of course, we also met the rally speech of the yellow shirts, but as long as we walk away quickly and don’t join in the fun, it will be OK. Also, oh, try not to wear yellow and red clothes in Bangkok, and everyone else need not be too nervous and worried. However, due to the parade, Bangkok’s shopping malls are basically closed at 8 o’clock, so we have to hurry up whether shopping or eating.

When I returned to the hotel, I started the most important thing, collecting luggage. AirAsia’s official website ordered a 20kg check-in (95 yuan). I have to say that it is really a technical job to receive this lot of things into the box.

By the way, let’s introduce Bangkok’s tax rebate for shopping. Most shops in Bangkok receive tax rebates for shopping, Generally, a single store spends at least 2000B, When buying things, you can say hello in advance to see if there is a VAT refund. Some shopping malls can return now, most of them still have to go to the airport to return. After buying good things, they can find merchants, fill in the tax refund application form, and keep the original shopping documents. It is suggested that everyone fill in the same passport when returning tax, because when handling tax refund, each passport will charge a handling fee of 100B

D11: Bangkok-Kunming:

Departing from the hotel at 6: 30 in the morning, Take a taxi to Langman Airport (240B), No traffic jams in the morning, We’ll be at the airport in about 20 minutes, After entering the airport, There is a big VAT REFUND tax refund counter on the left hand side. First, let the customs personnel cover a stamp on the tax refund form, then go to CHECK_IN, check in luggage, and go through security check. After passing through security check, you can see the tax refund counter. After handling these, it is still early, and you went around the duty-free shop at the airport. The plane left Thailand at 9 o’clock.

Arrive in Kunming at 12:30, ending this journey.

Details of my travel expenses:

Tickets: 112.8 yuan (500B of Grand Palace and 100B of Sleeping Buddha Temple)

Accommodation: 10 nights, totaling 1693.02 yuan

AirAsia air tickets, etc.: 1278.50 yuan (Kunming to Bangkok, Bangkok to Sumi)

Shipping fee: 235.60 yuan (Sumi Island to Tao Island)

Taxi fare: 365.37 yuan (Taxi fare in Thailand must be negotiated. According to the starting point of less than 50%, those who can meter must meter, especially in Bangkok. This time, some money was wasted because of this problem. Some drivers will cheat you into saying that you are going to rest in the place where you want to go, do not open the door, and take you to other places. This will ignore him and change the car.)

Eat: 900.69 yuan (this time because there are only two people, it costs a little money to eat it. What wants to eat it, and he often orders too much to eat it all, alas)

One-day Tour of SUVs on Sumi Island: 330 yuan

Calling card and Internet access, etc.: 69.44 yuan

Visa fee: 256 yuan

Snacks, drinks, etc.: 264.84 yuan

Tip: 51.54 yuan (Thailand usually gives tips, 20B at a time, ps: don’t give coins, generally you think the service is good, help you call a car, carry luggage, these can be given)

Others: 51.08 yuan

Total: 5608.88 yuan

In line with the principle of helping everyone when going out, if there is what to consult, you can add me Q: 675485323 to indicate the travel.

By Cherry

26 February 2014

The Gem on the Crown of the Ancient City of “Thailand”-Palmahatai Temple

Yacha Mengkong Temple is outside the island of Dacheng, and several other scenic spots are on the island. Only when I entered the city did I find that the big city was quite big. Fortunately, I didn’t hear anyone fool me to take the bus.

Wat Mahathat is our second scenic spot, in the center of the ancient city.

Wat Pha Mahathat was built in the period of BoromRachathiratI 1370-1388 and completed in 1345 in the period of King Ramesuan. It belongs to the royal ancestral temple. There were 209 towers and 10 monasteries in the temple, but most of them have only foundations left. Its main tower was once about 40 meters high and was one of the earliest Khmer pagodas built in the big city, but now only the base at the bottom is left, and traces of stucco decoration at that time can be vaguely seen from the pagodas surrounding it. The central pagoda was built of red clay and whitewashed with plaster. The lotus bud-shaped top pagoda is called Sukhothai, which is different from the pagodas in other countries.

Wat Mahathat is the best model of Sukhothai architecture. Its typical lotus-shaped pagoda has a square structure on the three-story tower foundation and a conical spire on the top. Therefore, it is called the gem on the crown of the ancient city.

The most classic of the temple is that a Buddha’s head is wrapped in tree roots, which has also become a symbol of a big city.

Due to the war, only broken walls is left here, a desolate place. From this ruin, we can still see the glory and luxury of the past.

Ticket: 50B.

Legend has it that after the Burmese army entered the city and destroyed the temple, it wanted to take away the Buddha’s head. It did not want the Buddha’s head to slip down and was instantly wrapped by banyan trees. The Burmese army did its best and eventually left in panic. Banyan tree and Buddha head are integrated and cannot be separated.

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