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Month: December 2019

Thailand, I tell you that poor travel is also “Thai” beautiful.

The first time to write a blog, think I am also too lazy, have been travel diary habit, but travel is too lazy to write, blame me blame me.

This trip to Thailand is a determined poor tour, because Thailand is a part of the whole trip and has been out for more than 40 days, so every part can save money. The residence is basically a home stay and a youth tour, etc. The rest should eat, drink and drink, and the part of our poor tour expenses should be pasted first.

OK: (air ticket) Kuala Lumpur-Chiang Mai RMB 517 Bangkok-Phuket Island-Bangkok RMB 762 Bangkok-Chongqing RMB 636

(bus) Chiang Mai-Bangkok £ ¤ 166 Chiang Mai-Pai District round trip £ ¤ 65 (rental) £ ¤ 150

Night: RMB 400/8 nights

D1 Chiang Mai

After sleeping in a chair at Kuala Lumpur’s airport all night, I would sleep well on my suitcase-finally at 4 o’clock in the morning, I took my luggage to chick in. After everything was OK, I came to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is a place that has always been in my mind. I really want to see the place where Teresa Teng is willing to sleep. I started to think about graduation. As a result, I reached my sophomore year ahead of schedule. When I arrived in Chiang Mai, I still felt very magical. There will be free cards issued at the airport, but we have another 7-day card, ¥ 399B..

The legendary TUTU is very cute, and the driver is not as fond of killing people as the legendary one. Maybe I have met a good driver.

I was wandering around the ancient city of Chiang Mai. It was drizzling behind me. I felt quite emotional when walking. I met the traffic police training in Chiang Mai and so on. I don’t know if there was any handsome boy like Nikon inside.

When I arrived in Chiang Mai, of course, I had to eat hot pot for 1,000 people, 199B. The people here were really deeply influenced by Teresa Teng. The lady who sang in the singing sang a song by Teresa Teng. I wonder if I have been applauding the lady who sang. She smiled kindly at me and then sang three Chinese songs in succession ~ ~ ~

After the meal, the fighting capacity was completely zero, and I returned to the bird contentedly in the light rain. I lived for 10 people at 40 RMB a night. Because the youth tour is used to living, it will not feel inconvenient.

After chatting with foreign friends of the Youth Travel Service, I felt that my best friend and I were treated as children, which was really helpless. I was going to visit the night market, but I was really a little tired, so I decided to rest early and go to Pai District tomorrow.

D2 Pai District

I got up early and took a carsickness medicine. I bumped all the way to Pai District. My carsickness friends must take medicine.

The bnb in Pai District county, the front is the restaurant and the back is the accommodation, the standard room is $400B one night, very cheap, mainly is very close to the station, the environment can also be oh ~~~

Ordering food at the boss’s shop. I really can’t understand the menu. What should I do? As expected, what I ordered was very bad-this is Wang Xingren.

After eating, I went out for a stroll. Pai District Town is not big. Compared with the vast area of China, it is quite easy to walk here. Then I went to find the accommodation after that. My travel habit will not kill all the trips, because I think there are some places, accommodation or food that I cannot feel on the strategy. Only by looking for them on the spot can I feel free.

In fact, Pai District’s attraction to women will be much greater than that to boys, because there are shops with petty bourgeoisie and beautiful photos can be taken everywhere ~ ~ ~

Saw pink car, as pink control I am girl heart flood flood ah flood ~~~

Then wandered across the river, this is the place where I lived the next night ~ ~ ~ 300B for one night. I took a fancy to the pink one. I told the boss that I liked the pink one. The boss said that there was no room.-Anyway, I didn’t live tonight, so I asked him tomorrow. He explained that he was naive and had ~ ~ ~ ha ha, decided to go back.

This town is really free and likes it very much.

D3 Pai District

The night before, I mortgaged my passport in a motorcycle rental store, rented a motorcycle of 140B, and then added 50B of petrol. I haven’t cycled for a long time. I was a little nervous. I originally planned to get up early, but I was not honest and stayed in bed.

It was already 10 o ‘clock when we set off, it seemed that everyone was still more lazy in bed than we were, and there were not many people on the way, so I rode my bike with my intuition happily, and lala sat behind my car. If I really did not know the route, she would help me navigate my mobile phone.

In fact, living here is really quite emotional, is a little far from the town.

The view is great and the air is great.

Then to the strawberry garden of love, like the fairy tale world, the strawberry juice inside is very good to drink. Is not expensive.

I was so excited to see him because he is my life, but in April I met Johnny Depp and got his autograph and took a photo with him. Scatter flowers scatter flowers

The scenery along the way was just right, and I was not afraid of getting lost. In fact, I was driving the wrong way-driving to somebody else’s field. But at least he made a detour and returned to town.

Thank the boss for leaving us the small pink house specially. In fact, it is a matter of emotional appeal. The environment inside is the same. There are a lot of mosquitoes, but who cares? Ha ha.

As night fell, the restaurant on the other side of the river also lit up. In the evening, I watched an outdoor movie in the hotel. Besides the fact that there were a little more mosquitoes, I really felt comfortable.

D4 Chiang Mai

Early in the morning, in the river swing, quickly forget the troubles. Then he checked out and went to ride an elephant with his luggage.

Elephant’s fur is really good hard – later when riding on its neck is simply abused, remind everyone to wear trousers to go, and the sun is big, you really can second black and helpless, be afraid of black must do well prevent bask in measure.

After the elephant ride back, after the last meal in Pai District, to say goodbye to PAI, and, 711 strawberry smoothie, cost 18B, really good drink ~~~

When I returned to Chiang Mai, I found that the driver’s car actually passed by the ancient city. As a result, we got off directly at the ancient city and booked a room near Tapemen. We found it ourselves when we arrived in Chiang Mai on the first day. Many stores BOOKING and agoda did not have reservations. When we found it, we found that many good stores were also very cheap. So he went straight to the past.

Because I was too tired on my first night in Chiang Mai, I didn’t go to the night market, so I washed my clothes and planned to go for a stroll at night. I took the map and ran to the Valuoluo market. On the way, I saw many people saying that the delicious banana grandmother. Maybe I don’t like to eat strange things. I think fried bananas are quite ordinary.

Flower Market in Night Market

Savadhika, wearing slippers is really a mistake. In fact, the road is quite long. I want to be more casual.

I bought a bunch of lamps and some souvenirs. I was so stupid that I came back to find that something was omnipotent.

Tapie returns to quiet at night, and the light makes you want to sit there and think about something you don’t know what to think about.

D5 Chiang Mai

I this person every day to sleep less than three pole insolation, eyes are quite early, get up directly in place rented a bike to go to Chiang mai university walk, $50 b, thought that qinghai lake every day more than 100 km ride down, what is this little journey, results ah, super big sun ah, no hat, no glasses, prevent bask in not in place, Chiang mai university – ride to want to die of heart have.

Then I went to the legendary mangotango. Actually, I was not good at mango. I went in and ordered a cup of strawberry. There are so many people, and there are so many Chinese, I think if you don’t really love mango there is no need to wait in line.

In the afternoon, I was going to do the women’s prison, but the quota was already full, so everyone wanted to go there early.

Then we chose a LILA full-body massage of 200B, which was really cool.

The exciting thing is that today is Saturday, there is the Saturday night market ~~~ the night market has been put out from the gate of Chiang mai, super busy, eat a lot of food, there is no place to put the bicycle. smoking lollipop ice, cost 10B.

The sky at night is so beautiful that many locals are appreciating it. It seems that it is really a good day.

This meatball seems to be quite seductive, and the food is quite delicious. It’s been a hard day, so I fell asleep. I’m going to Bangkok tomorrow.

D6 Chiang Mai-Bangkok

Looking forward to looking forward to, finally to the exciting Sunday, sleep to wake up naturally, then go to return the car to check out, luggage deposited in the living place, then go to the city for a walk.

Look at what my best friend is taking here ~ ~ ~ ~–

I have a habit of sending myself a postcard in a strange place, so I chose one of so many dazzling cards and sent it to myself. Shopkeepers have been consulted about the shooting in the store. Some stores are not allowed to take photos. Please don’t take photos indiscriminately to cause unhappiness.

As a senior sea thief fan, see the sea thief drink how can not to a bottle!!!!!

It’s not dark yet, and the weekend night market in Chiang mai is already opening up. Thai Fried river noodles look very enjoyable.

The moat outside the tapay gate is also beautiful.

I’m afraid to eat such colorful food anyway

The night market was really lively. PS: When visiting the night market, the market didn’t know if the national anthem was suddenly played. Everyone suddenly stopped. I didn’t understand it. I stayed on the road with everyone and broke out in a cold sweat when I saw everyone stop like a flash.

In fact, we are still not satisfied with it. We want to buy and eat a lot.

Because I had to catch the NCA bus back to Bangkok at night, I had to finish my trip to the night market at 9 o’clock. It was really special to drag my luggage back and forth in the night market.

The price of the two cars in what increased on that day, and then we made a counter-offer of 80B and got on a tutu to the station.

I took the bus to leave Chiang Mai at 11 o’clock, which was really a little reluctant. I’ll be back.

The service of NCA bus is really good. The first-class seat bought by a treasure was 166RMB. After getting on the bus, all kinds of food and drink were given. The attitude of the service personnel was also very good. The chair was also a massage chair. The bus was still very cold at night. Although blankets were given, everyone still had to wear more clothes on the night train.

D7 Bangkok

I woke up many times during the night. It was getting light, and then I couldn’t sleep. Finally arrived at Bangkok station just after 8 o ‘clock. After dinner, we took a taxi to zhudu subway station. I wonder if the driver took us to the last station in order to earn more money — we lived in a place where we didn’t have much to eat, but the environment was really good, and we actually came for the free ice cream in the evaluation.

In fact, there are only 4 people living in the 6 rooms at night, which can surf the Internet for free. In the evening, I listened to a foreign friend playing the guitar beside me in the hall. Suddenly, I remembered that my guitar had been lying in the dormitory for 3 years.

Then I went to the sukhumvit shopping circle for a stroll. To tell you the truth, I was not interested in shopping trip. In a word, I didn’t choose the right place to stay.


He spent a day in a daze at the hotel and then set off from the airport to Phuket.

The place where I stayed was booked by the machine and wine during the promotion of AirAsia, and then it was very cost-effective to go back and forth to the hotel for 3 nights 734RMB, but it was not very close to the beach, but the environment was OK. A treasure booked a pick-up at 120 RMB. It was indeed beneficial to spend money. When I left the door, I saw the person with my own name tag.

The other side of the airport was really desolate. It felt dark all the way. Indeed, Patong Beach was still lively. It was completely impossible to see what it looked like at 12 o’clock at night.

D9 Phuket

To phuket not diving is worthy of who, of course have to dive ~~~ is some treasure you are too versatile, booked the emperor island one day tour ¥249.

If you don’t have an underwater camera, buy a waterproof case for your phone

The water is as blue as jelly

D10 Phuket

I got up early to swim in the hotel swimming pool, and then went to padang beach after breakfast. I had planned to rent a motorcycle, but I said I should have a driver’s license, or I would get a fine.

The beach here is really not comparable with the emperor island, and the water quality is obviously different. I rented a 100B beach chair and just watched those people running around the beach, and then looked through the previous photos, which are getting darker and darker.

The highlight of the evening came. I went to see Simon’s transvestite show ~ ~ ~ The transvestite show was also ordered by a treasure-how can I not love you ~ ~ ~ ¥ 102RMB, someone picked it up, and then the VIP seat was the real VIP second row? No photos were taken in the venue. Unfortunately, the performance took care of many tourists in Asia, such as performances in South Korea and Japan, not to mention in China. It was really beautiful. I was saddened to know that the average life span of each transvestite was only over 40 years old.

After the performance of the transvestite show, they waited backstage for a photo with a tip of about 150B, and then their whole minds were filled with the tone of simon.

The first few transvestites are still quite beautiful ~ ~ ~ ~ ashamed. Cover your face-. Finally, I’m going back to Bangkok after my trip to Phuket.

D11 Bangkok

This time back to Bangkok to live in Kaoshan Road, I really think that Kaoshan Road, a backpacker’s place, is suitable for our survival. There is a bus from the airport to Kaoshan Road. After asking people out of the airport, we can walk there. It can save a lot of money. I don’t know where to get off when I get on the bus. Most of the people on the bus are local elderly people who can’t speak English clearly. After dancing for a while, they are finally OK.

I am looking for a place to live, ¥ 350B. I am sweating profusely when dragging my suitcase. I must not live on the side of the road. I live a street away from the side of the road and it is very noisy. Because foreigners from all over the world play very HIGH in bars at night.

I also met daley, the British diving prodigy on what show, but now he’s out of the closet, teary eyes, good guys are with good guys.

In the afternoon, I went to the Grand Palace for a walk. La La was really a little tired, because the plane we flew back from Phuket the night before didn’t arrive until about 12 o’clock and we would sleep at the airport. So she didn’t come with me, and I just jumped off my feet.

My sense of direction and intuition is really good. I have nothing to say, so I arrived smoothly all the way. Tickets are 500B..

And then–and the very unpleasant thing was that the pants I was wearing were still short, I always thought I couldn’t wear skirts and knee-length trousers, As a result, I stopped me when I was wearing 7-cent pants. I was helpless. Then I didn’t want to buy pants. I lingered for a long time and saw a girl like a Chinese. Then I went to ask. Indeed, I borrowed her scarf. I couldn’t see her calf around my waist. Then I went to check in in fear and trembling and passed the test smoothly. Oh yeah.

If one does not have a guide, it is better to ask a Chinese group to listen to them than to walk alone.

After the visit, I saw the cult organization * * what on my way back. At that time, I was really scared by myself and walked away quickly.

Khao shan road at night really super lively, in fact are more diaosi, ha ha. You want to eat a good meal, and then you have to eat Tom Tom. And then I was walking down the street looking for food, so I went to this house, and it turned out that I was really used to Thai food, and it was great. Then think Tom yum kung fu soup how so deja vu, the original is once tasted this flavor of cup noodles again ~~~

There were also performances during the meal. In fact, I really do not understand.

Kao shan is crowded with people at night, with all kinds of food, games and massage

After a drink on the roadside, we finished our operation and returned to the hotel. The bar was really noisy ~ ~ ~ For people like us who are 20 years old physically and 50 years old psychologically, nightlife is not suitable for us, ha, ha, ha ~ ~

D12 Bangkok

Get up to go to the famous Chadian weekend market. This time the transportation in Bangkok really didn’t cost much, Take the basic free bus and bus, Therefore, I have to say that Thais are really warm and friendly. For example, the last time I wanted to take BTS at NCA bus station, the 7-11 clerk saw that we couldn’t get a taxi and went directly to help me talk to the driver. This time I went to Zhadu Zha, I didn’t have enough change on the bus. The old man next to me really gave it directly to me, tears ~ ~ ~ ~ Kakunka ~ ~

Finally, I arrived at the weekend market. I was really full of expectation. Bangkok’s taxis have many colors and I like them very much.

In fact, I didn’t take photos of what in the market. I really planned to sweep the goods wholeheartedly. The market is extremely large. You can go to the information desk to get a map while taking it. The map is also extremely large. Many places we walked through repeatedly several times. Later, we walked in the S-shape.

There are a lot of food and drink, when we were in Chiang mai, we took a fancy to a triangle of reliable sleepable cushion, we really like it, but it is made of cotton, forced by the volume is too big to take back, so we can only go to the market to see if there are semi-finished products, the result is really. Then I bought two to carry home, which is the thing below. The cotton inside is bought and filled by myself.

After that, I brought some gifts to my family and friends. I was so tired that I left contentedly.

In the evening, I went to the kingship duty-free shop. I was really basically Chinese, ONO ~, and was going to buy a cigarette for my father. The cigarette package here was really insane. I was scared and afraid to buy it. Today is the last day in Thailand. Tomorrow we will return to Chongqing. We are not from Chongqing. Seeing the cheapest air ticket back to Chongqing, we went there. Anyway, we haven’t been there and had a hot pot by the way. Save save ~ ~ ~


Take bus no. 59 to the airport of low-cost airline, as long as 23B, with the last money left, went to the airport duty-free shop to buy a Bangkok bag, ha ha, I knew everyone would buy -. The Chinese are fighting for it. Spend all your money and come back home clean.

Postscript: I didn’t go to the water market or the riverside night market, which is actually quite a pity. However, in a country like Thailand, it is impossible to go only once in a lifetime, leaving my regret for the next time. This time it took almost 3,500 people. Anyway, I felt that I was not enjoying happiness. I wanted to go out for a walk, relax and feel free.

PS: If you need an electronic version of Thailand’s LP Lonely Planet, I will send it to you if I am online.

The travel notes are over, thank you ~ ~ ~

8 degrees north latitude, recalling the blue Andaman Sea-Phuket trip

The meaning of traveling is not to tell others “I have been here”, but to change. Travel will change one’s temperament and make one’s eyes more long-term. During the journey, you will see different people have different habits, so that you can realize that not everyone is living in your way. In this way, one’s mind will become broader and we will face our life with a better attitude. -Yu Guangzhong: I think travel notes are not all written for others, but mainly for my own memories. When you are in your prime, open your blog and recall the past. The wonderful moments will reappear like movies! A wonderful trip is enough to remind you of your whole life, and travel notes are the assets of memory.

Life is always full of all kinds of possibilities. When you are extremely frustrated, God seems to have pity on you and suddenly smashed a love to you!

This free Phuket trip came suddenly! Anyway, when happiness comes, enjoy it, at least God has not abandoned you!

There has never been a trip like this before. We will leave tomorrow and our luggage has not been packed today. I will leave in the afternoon and still go to work in the morning. What, which should be prepared, was all prepared. What, such as strategy, was all thrown aside, and the SLR was not taken with him. He was accompanied by a small and micro single (when he arrived in Phuket, he found that this small and micro single was still a personal image, and the scenery in what could not be taken, only some flowers and plants could be taken, which was miserable! This preparatory work is done, er! Sister, this time she has a complete naked tour! Phuket, I’m coming! All right, let’s go like this! Change the feeling of traveling! Therefore, the photos of this trip are basically taken by mobile phones.

【路线】   这次的主要游玩路线是:常州—杭州—普吉—杭州—常州


Taobao spent over 1,000 + the remaining 8,800 Thai baht after returning from Thailand last time = 3,000 RMB (this is a free trip, including landing visa and round-trip air tickets, and the above expenses are personal consumption + shopping.)

Our hotel is quite close to there, three minutes walk!

【行程】   D1:杭州—-普吉岛(航班:MU2021HGHHKT23350330+1) D2:斯米兰岛(这一天为自由活动安排)

D3: Hailong Temple + Four-sided Buddha, Phuket Island Panya Bay +007 Island + Cuhou Island Sofa Tour Thai Massage for 1 Hour

D4: Phuket Island Blue Diamond Island + PP Island + Small PP Island Snorkeling + Paradise Bay + Lover Beach + Bird’s Nest Cave (Water Sports)

D5: Phuket Island is free to move all day on the 5th (5 nights trip, flight back in the early morning of the 6th)

Let’s start our trip, la la la la ~ ~

D1: Hangzhou-Phuket Island (Flight: MU2021HGHHKT23350330 +1)

Red-eye flights can’t afford to hurt, can’t afford to hurt! At 1: 00 p.m., the super bus came to pick us up to the airport at the appointed gathering time and place. For such a big car, a special trip to Hangzhou Airport will send us two. The mood of traveling suddenly HIGH up, chatting with the bus driver all the way, unconsciously arrived at the airport.

Connect with the team leader, cross the border all the way, wait, fortunately, the plane did not


D2: Smilan Island (this day is arranged for free activities)

This day is a day when the team arranges free activities on Phuket Island all day long. I want to say that maybe we are crazy, crazy by the heart of free travel, I asked pa pa, “will you go to Milan on the first day? If you don’t go on the first day, maybe you won’t have time to go later.” It hit it off and “went”. So Taobao immediately decided to go to Milan for a one-day tour, snorkeling on 4 islands and 480RMB. Milan is one of the world’s top ten potential points. It is a pity not to go to this life! I want to say we are crazy on this day.

1) After a night of traveling on the road, he arrived at Phuket Airport at 3: 30 a.m. Thai time (Thailand time is one hour later than Beijing time).

2) Handle landing visa at 4: 30 and exchange Thai baht at the airport. I wanted to buy a phone card when I left the airport. All the shops at the airport were closed. When I saw a Thai against the pillar, I asked him in English if there was a 7-11 convenience store nearby. I didn’t expect him to answer me, “No” (in Chinese), poof ~ ~ ~, he is our tour guide in Thailand these days: Aping. I didn’t think this was the way we met for the first time. I am a god. 3) Arrive at the hotel by tour bus at 5: 30, divide the rooms and drop the luggage. 4) At 6 o’clock, the group members bought the calling card on 7-11. 5) At 6: 20, I went home, and finally I was able to use WIFI. I was very anxious. Immediately open the mailbox to look at the order and get in touch with the one-day tour of Taobao Dingsi Milan. Xiao Hei was already waiting for us at the door. It was full of a minibus. We got in and a bus of foreigners. The car was sleeping in the dark again, as if it had been driving for a long time (in fact, it was nearly 2 hours’ drive), and finally reached the dock.


The more speedboats sail to the Caspian Sea, the bluer the sea is. It is really beautiful!


Let’s introduce the island of Smilan.

SimilanIsland is one of the ten famous diving holy places in the world. It is only opened from November to May of the following year. The primitive ecological environment, clear seawater, white and soft sand beaches and colorful seabed landscape are the most attractive places in this Xanadu.

The nine remote islands, located 95 kilometers northwest of Phuket, were designated as national parks in 1982. The AndamanSea, located 90 kilometers northwest of Phuket Island, is an area composed of nine islands with an area of about 80,000 Thai mu. The Smilan Islands are some of the most beautiful and undamaged islands in the world. They are rich in marine life and spectacular coral reefs, which provide a world-class underwater paradise for deep-sea divers. These islands have not been developed. The islands present the original and simple beauty of nature, which makes people relaxed and happy. Under the island are giant sea fans, endless coral reefs and strange phosphorus rocks.

Because in order to protect the coral on the seabed, it is not allowed to anchor at will so as not to harm coral and other creatures. This is evident from the careful protection. The undersea landscape of Smilan is composed of huge granite and rich corals of various kinds. It has continuous undersea hills and is also the best place in the world to watch whale sharks. Whale sharks can be seen almost everywhere from October to May. There are also the famous leopard shark LeopardShark and the ray-like and shark-like guitar shark GuitarShark, which are surprising and unforgettable.


Luckily for us, the day we went was the first day of the development of Smilan Island. There were two companies operating the line during the sea ban period. LoveAndaman and SeaStar were LoveAndaman and SeaStar. Seastar and LoveAndaman are both sea-going companies that are very focused on quality, and the favorable comments on both hardware and services are “leverage”. According to gossip, LoveAndaman’s boss was originally a shareholder of Seastar, and officially split up in 2011 due to differences in business philosophy. Therefore, LoveAndaman fully inherited and carried forward the tradition of excellent service, eating, drinking and drinking all the way, elegant lunch environment, and providing high-quality snorkeling equipment and frog shoes. In addition, more attention should be paid to details, such as: more advanced management concepts: protecting the environment and turtles. Tour guides are more fluent in English. The speed of speedboats is faster, etc. In a word, I personally think LoveAndaman’s price is very real, the service is not discounted, and the cost performance is very high ~ ~

LoveAndaman Company • 06: 00-07: 30 (depending on the location of the hotel, the three beaches are usually 6: 15-6: 30) Depart from the hotel and take a bus to the dock. • Arrive at LoveAndaman’s dock office at 08:30, check your name, collect snorkeling gear and enjoy a simple breakfast. At 08:45, take a speedboat from the dock to the Smilan Islands. Arrived at Smilan Island 9 at 10: 10 and began snorkeling. Arrive at 11: 30 to enjoy lunch on Island 8 of Smilan (you can climb the “sail stone” view). At 13:00, take a speedboat to snorkel near Smilan Island 4. At 14: 00, take a speedboat to snorkel near Smilan Island 7 (have the chance to see turtles). • Leave the Smilan Islands at 15:00 and return to the dock. • Arrive at the dock at 16:30 and return to the hotel by bus. • Arrive at the hotel at 19:00. SeaStar • 06:00-07:30 (depending on the location of the hotel, the three beaches are usually 6:15-6:30) Depart from the hotel and take a bus to the dock. • Arrive at SeaStar’s dock office at 08:30, check your name, collect snorkeling gear and enjoy a simple breakfast and refreshment. At 08:45, take a speedboat from the dock to the Smilan Islands. Arrive at the vicinity of islands 5 and 6 in the Smilan Islands at 10: 10, snorkeling. Arrive at Smilan Island 4 at 11: 30 to relax and move freely on the white beach. • Enjoy a delicious lunch at 12: 00 on the island of Smilan 4. • 13:00 speedboat starts for snorkeling on Island 9 for 45 minutes. • Go to Island 8 at 14: 00 (you can climb the “sail stone” to view it). • Leave Island 8 at 15:00 and return to the dock. • Arrive at the dock at 16:30 and return to the hotel by bus. • Arrive at the hotel at 19:00.

Those who want to go can make a reference to see which one you like and which company you choose. The route is different. We are on the island, Smilan is here, the sea here is really not ordinary beauty, Sanya what is weak! On the speedboat, I met a honeymoon couple in Chongqing, a MM who could talk very much.

We set it at the agent near Jiangxi Leng. It is quite cheap, cheaper than Taobao’s lowest price. 5 yuan money, VIP seat!

The first dive point was about ten meters down the beach to the sea, blocking an area with ropes. When the landlubber went snorkeling, I said there was a lot of pressure. When a wave hit, I fell down and did not dare to wear a respirator to go into the sea. The students went into the sea at once, and everyone could not see them. I stood on the shoal in a dull way and could not overcome my fear. After a while, my classmates came back and taught me to put on a respirator. I tried to breathe, tried to go to sea, and got used to the rhythm of breathing in the shallows. I tried to catch the rope in the sea, walked deep into the sea, and kept breathing with my mouth. Ha ha, am I too strong to be able to do so, and I hardly choked on the water. If you accidentally choke on the water, your head will rise above the sea level in the first place, pour out the sea water in the respirator, and continue to adjust your breathing.


Milan’s lunch is a buffet by the sea. When I was tired of playing, I went to the island to find food. I ate 6 chicken wings at once. Snorkeling really requires physical strength. There are still 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so I must not be hungry.

If I learned to try boldly at the first dive point, then I learned to dare to float freely in the sea at the second shallow point. The second dive point is a hundred meters away from the shore, which is deeper than the first one. There is no rope enclosed area. No one is pulling it. I dare to go into the water alone. I admire my boldness. After going into the water, I float on the sea surface without moving. The waves can push you further and further. When I look up at the sea surface, I find it is far away from the speedboat. Suddenly, I was very scared and wanted to swim to the vicinity of the speedboat and the crowd, but occasionally the landlubber could not move forward at all in the sea and it was difficult to turn around. When I was dying in a hurry, I suddenly saw Pa Pa swimming towards me. It was a life-saving god! Pa Pa took me around the place where there were many fish again. God, I am extremely grateful! (I am really bold. If I want everyone to wear masks, if I suddenly cramp or have an emergency in what on the sea, no one will hear me calling for help. Of course, this is also my personal thinking afterwards. With the bold attempt of the second dive point, the third dive point is even more skilled. Alone, I went to sea again, twice, and learned to turn, go forward, adjust the position and direction, occasionally! I tie a free fish! The fourth diving point seems to be driving the foot in the middle of the sea. This point has the most fish. I took my mobile phone and wanted to take some fish, but I was not skilled. There was pressure in the sea, and the touch screen could not be pressed and could not be seen clearly. Just, next time, you must bring an underwater camera. Snorkeling is really cool, and deep diving is definitely more cool. If you want to go to Tao Island or Sumi Island to take an OW test, there will be a drop of wood!


(I didn’t go out for a stroll on the first night. When I arrived at the hotel, I collapsed at once. I ate a cup of instant noodles at night and fell asleep. I was sleepy and didn’t sleep for two days and one night). PS: Students who go to Milan strongly recommend that you all prepare a pair of diving socks. When diving, you wear them in your flippers and feel comfortable. The most important thing is that when climbing mountains on the island of Smilan, that is the real weapon. Milan are not allowed to wear shoes on the island. Of course, there are still some Chinese who will take them. In fact, this is really not good. Milan is so beautiful, how can you bear to destroy it? Bring a pair of diving socks will not bring things from outside to Smilan, but will also ensure that our actions will not be affected. Why not?

D3: Hailong Temple + Four-sided Buddha, Phuket Island Panya Bay +007 Island + Cuhou Island Sofa Tour Thai Massage for 1 Hour

Only this morning can we have a good breakfast. I like to travel at a slow pace. I can sleep lazily until I wake up naturally, open the window and breathe fresh air, listen to the sound of flowers blooming, taste exquisite breakfast beautifully, walk away from the hotel dog Xiao Mao, and take some photos of flowers and plants. This is the rhythm of my travel.

Breakfast is full and self-service, and there are also people who fry eggs and barbecue for you. It is very pleasant to enjoy breakfast in such an environment. Many hotels and restaurants in Thailand are semi-open and full of southern customs.

Next to the hotel restaurant is the swimming pool. The surrounding rooms surround the swimming pool. The color is my favorite bright red.

This hotel has a 3-star standard, but in my opinion, it is much better than the so-called 3-star standard in China. It is super cool to sleep alone in a big bed!

Today’s day is full of itinerary, listen to me carefully! Don’t bother with my daily book!

This hotel is: PHUVAREE RESORT. It is quite valuable. The online reservation price is in the early 200 s. It is located in Patong and is only 3 minutes away from SIMON Transvestite Show. (Accommodation is introduced here.)

The first stop: “Safari Tour” (stay for about 45 minutes): First, go to the jungle to explore, ride elephants, and easily stroll in the woods and swamps; Watch the local “rubber tapping people” on-site drills and visit the actual scene of how rubber farmers cut rubber. Continue to experience the pleasure of swimming in the fields by ox cart. After that, I visited Monkey School, which was hilarious, amazing and wonderful. This is the description of the tour group, please allow me to steal a lazy one).

I would like to say that riding an elephant does not have the so-called walking in woods and swamps. After walking on the flat ground for about 5 minutes, I will come down before I can feel it. I did not communicate with the elephant and did not feed it bananas. To tell the truth, when I rode it, I still felt a little sorry. This animal is really poor.

Watching elephants throw hula hoops and dance, I am very skilled in taking photos with tourists and collecting money with elephant noses! I can’t say how I feel, anyway, I can’t get up HIGH. These little things that have been stripped of ivory repeat the same thing every day, completely losing the original nature of animals!

The next step is to take the ox cart back, which is similar to the tricycle here. It took the ox to run and walked for 3 minutes (this link is really chicken ribs. After a few minutes of driving, tourists have to sit down. To be honest, it’s not fun!

These are also found in Chiang Mai, but the elephant tour in Chiang Mai is really a river pond and jungle. It takes nearly 2 hours to feed the elephants on the way. You can watch various performances of the elephants at the elephant training camp, and then you can turn back by ox cart. This side is a compressed version, 5 minutes! The team, understand, if we have to decide our own day’s itinerary, we can only finish it in at least 3 days, but it is not so superficial.

Monkeys are also familiar with picking coconuts and so on. After that, they take photos with monkeys. Well, I can’t avoid customs ~ ~ Look at this product, it is also very cooperative. I don’t know if it is thinking about what at the moment ~ ~ ~

Cutting rubber is to draw a knife on a tree next to the monkey, and then white juice falls off. OK, less than 1 minute, the demonstration is over, and the end is gone!

The second stop: visit the “Hailong Temple + Four-Sided Buddha” (stay for about 0.5 hours) where Phuket’s incense is at its peak, and worship the four-sided Buddha who responds to requests. The incense here is at its peak all the year round. When the royal family comes to Phuket every year, they will also come here to worship.

The four-sided Buddha is the most prosperous and effective incense in Thailand. I explained how to worship the four-sided Buddha in my last travel note. Interested basin friends can go and have a look.

One sand, one world, one flower, one heaven.   

Hold infinity in both hands, and the moment is eternity.   

One sand, one world, one flower, one heaven,

One tree, one Bodhi, one leaf, one Tathagata.   

Innocent prophecy, understanding a thousand years.

Buddha Sakyamuni became a Buddha when he became a Buddha, that is, under the Bodhi tree. Therefore, Bodhi Son has also become a Buddhist object, especially the Buddhist Dharma object-Buddha beads are mostly made of Bodhi Son. Bodhi, a transliteration of Sanskrit bodhi, means consciousness, wisdom, knowledge and road. Broadly speaking, it means wisdom to cut off worldly troubles and achieve nirvana. According to Buddhist scriptures, if you chant Buddha with Bodhi, you can get boundless merits.

We are devout under the Bodhi tree at this moment, and this moment is eternal!

第三站:【攀牙湾】(停留约60分钟),是普吉风景最美的地方之一,被称为泰国”小桂林”。乘车约1小时抵达码头,乘特色长尾船往攀牙湾红树林国家保护区(乘船游观约40分钟)。其中前往最出名【007岛】(停留约20分钟)-金手指、【割喉岛】拍片地;可自费参加泛舟,游览经千万年海水冲击形成的各种岩洞及钟乳石洞。(此为旅行团的描述) 我们出发啦,坐着这样的长尾船哦!

The scenery along the way was beautiful, worthy of being said to be Guilin on the sea ~ ~

Under such beautiful scenery, I don’t consciously think!

The weather at sea is really changeable, as if we were running into the rain. It is getting darker and darker, and the rain is getting heavier and heavier!


The first time I took such a boat, it was also an experience in such windy and rainy weather! Bad weather also has entertainment!

After all the wind and rain, we finally arrived at our destination ~ in order to see the “Chinese cabbage” ~ ~ but the weather has also improved ~ occasionally!

The quiet Panya Bay is full of many large and small islands with jagged rocks, which can be called a “wonder of the sea world”. The islands are famous for their natural wonders, especially the 007 movie “Golden Gun Gun”, which was filmed here. Therefore, everyone no longer pays attention to the island’s real name TapuIsland, but calls it 007 Island or James Bond Island.


The fourth stop: Lunch: Banyi Island Seafood Chinese Food It’s really not easy to set up such a dining place in such an environment!

After getting off the boat, tourists stepped onto this platform and went in for dinner!

After the meal, I went back to my home. This road was very hurried to say ~ time was too tight to commit 2 crimes here ~



晚上回到酒店,我们几个人包了辆车到江西冷逛了一圈,我买了些纪念品,并且预订了第四天的人妖秀表演,90RMB,VIP座,超便宜吧。 晚上逛街的照片木有拍,关顾着买东西咧

D4: Phuket Island Blue Diamond Island + PP Island + Small PP Island Snorkeling + Paradise Bay + Lover Beach + Bird’s Nest Cave (Water Sports)

First stop: “PP Island”. The island has been planned as a national park by the Thai government, and its environment has been paid attention to. It is a place loved by the sun as soon as possible. Its soft and white sand beaches, quiet and blue sea water, uncanny natural caves and unpolluted natural features have become one of the hottest resorts at one stroke. After that, I took the “speedboat small PP island”, There are transparent sea water in sapphire blue and emerald green. You can stroll on the white lover’s beach, sit on the beach of Emerald Island to feed fish, and go snorkeling and dance with colorful and kind tropical fish. All these will bring you a unique island feeling and enjoy the most famous scenic spots “Paradise Bay”, “Bird’s Nest Cave” and “Lover’s Beach”. (Still the introduction of the tour group)

It is still the same way as going to Milan. It takes more than an hour to reach the dock by bus, and then it takes about 40 minutes to change speedboats. The police uncle at the dock is required with guns, and he likes taking photos very much. He will take the initiative to ask you to take photos with him!

Several of us chose to sit in front of the speedboat. The sea view was invincible all the way. The wind and waves were extremely exciting. I really couldn’t imagine how the little black on the boat could sit on the top of the boat without falling into the sea.

The invincible selfie of the students!


These two guys are quite funny ~ ~ like the big brothers in Hong Kong movies ~

The most beautiful women by the sea ~ ~

Another big brother, absolutely domineering ~ ~

This is our Thai tour guide: Aping!

The following activities are taking photos ~ ~ All kinds of photos ~ ~

Xiao Hei and I also have a picture ~ ~ Xiao Hei’s expression is a bit funny ~

The second stop: Lunch Dining Point, which is PP Island

Arriving at PP Island, I basically didn’t stop. I went to eat. I went ashore barefoot and went to a restaurant on the roadside to grab a few mouthfuls of rice at random. Many foreigners are leisurely wandering in the streets. If they travel freely, it is really nice to live here! (The team all rushed by and asked me to name the what of PP Island. I really couldn’t say it!)


Let’s take another close-up of Xiao Hei ~ Gaga

第三站:PP岛浮潜 现在下海去浮潜,简直是熟门熟路~~虽然水下什么都没有,都是死珊瑚~~玩水也很HIGH!

Maybe we should form a heart shape in the water ~ ~


The beauty of Blue Diamond Island makes people intoxicated! I would like to be drunk for a long time!

如果说攀牙湾的美是清秀,蓝钻岛的美是大气,是奔放!来吧,我们一起来嗨吧!  水上活动香蕉船短短1分钟都不到,不痛不痒,很是不过瘾!这里的海水太静了,没浪不那么刺激,罢了罢了!

在蓝钻岛,我的眼睛周围以及面颊一阵阵的火辣辣的刺痛,估计是晒伤了,太阳光好刺眼,此刻的我实在没有心情再出去暴晒了。此间就是不断的拿冰水敷面以及吃东西,灭了一杯MANGOSHAKE,一盒榴莲,一对鸡翅,一份烤虾,外面太阳那么晒,我实在没有勇气下海,那么就在这里吃吧,基本把每种都吃遍了!  然后就是胡乱拍点小清新~~

Stop 5: Dinner: Lanhuayuan Thai Flavor Dinner

This restaurant is super beautiful and has amorous feelings!

Next to the restaurant is a super beautiful lake. Why is the water so quiet? It feels a little out of touch with the world. I am afraid I will wake up the fairies here when eating here!

The sixth stop: Simon Transvestite Show!

We set it at the agent near Jiangxi Leng. It is quite cheap, cheaper than Taobao’s lowest price. 5 yuan money, VIP seat!

Our hotel is quite close to there, three minutes walk!

The whole performance was quite amazing. I couldn’t find an adjective to describe it. It was a visual feast and a long aftertaste. Using the cultures of many countries, the stage effect is quite shocking! When performing Teresa Teng’s songs, the applause in the venue continued. You can imagine how many Chinese tourists there were! However, no photos can be taken in the venue, probably because their programs will not be recorded and circulated, which will not affect their attendance rate.

The transvestite has a good figure, but I don’t have much interest. I have seen and visited it.

D5: Day 5 Phuket Island is free to move all day long.

We had a good time on this free day! We chose to ride Phuket on a motorcycle!

Our route rode from Patong to Kata, and Karen ran directly to the fairy peninsula!

This is my little car!



Miss APPLE’s First Tae Show


Long before Lost in Thailand, Thailand is my highly recommended choice for Southeast Asia. I like Ty very much. Not only because of the rich tradition in northern Thailand, Not only because of the small train passing through the cliff in the jungle, It is not only because those who do not eat enough Thai food and drink enough Mango-SHAKE, Not only is it because of the beautiful islands that have set foot on or have not yet set foot on, Thailand is a smile gushing out of my heart, a belief inherited from past dynasties, and a natural outpouring of friendship and kindness. Every trip to Thailand can bring incomparable warmth and peace to my heart.

From the summer of 2004, when I first walked backpack to Thailand, my memory has been deep and tired.

Character 1: Baby Miss Apple, 3 years old and 9.5 months old, is traveling freely in Thailand for the first time. Objective: Three cups of mango shake every day, watching small fish, playing on the beach and swimming;

Character 2: Baby Ma Ma, unknown age, n th free trip to Thailand. Objective: Mango rice, pork rice, various tropical fruits and shake, beach stunned, snorkeling, swimming.

Looking at the similar purposes of the two characters, nearly ten years later, I joined hands with my Miss APPLE to choose Thailand as her first destination to go abroad in her life. So he said he would go and booked an AirAsia ticket from Shenzhen to Bangkok and Bangkok to Phuket on the 9-day trip from August 25 to September 2, 2013.

Some people say that take such a small P child and don’t go to Thailand. Thailand’s eroticism is not suitable for children either. Look at what you said, I think Thailand is definitely the first choice for self-help travel to take the little P child abroad. Don’t think that little P-child has no memory. What she wants to remember is definitely firmer than mine. This is not true. It’s almost February. She still remembers those small fish for a moment. She will remind me every few days: Ma Ma, the small fish photo I took in the fish pond outside Ampava’s room hasn’t been developed yet. (Sorry, I deleted it at the beginning, but now I regret it and don’t know how to explain it)

Speaking of Thailand’s eroticism, at night in Padong, Miss APPLE saw the pole dance performance in the window show of those bars and said to me: Ma Ma, do they dance pretty well? There is no eroticism in the child’s eyes. The lively night in Patong filled Miss APPLE with novelty.

When traveling to Thailand with the little P-child, adults will take advantage of the good popularity of the little P-child. The friendly and slightly shy Thai people are especially friendly to the children and definitely receive better care than in Chinese society.

Nowadays, it is popular to learn Chinese in Thailand. Salespeople in major business premises can speak some Chinese, so if your English is not so good, you can go.

Are you tired of taking your little P child out? Personally, I feel that this tiredness is completely within the range of tolerance, so those who used to be hikers and are now upgraded, take your little P-child and continue to donkey.

Let’s start with this 100B commemorative film and recall it with APPLE Zhitai.

The itinerary was specially arranged very simply, after all, Miss Apple is less than four years old. Although Miss APPLE is still very delicate to me, she looks like a little traveler. It is not ambiguous to catch a train and a plane. Even in a deep sleep, she still calls one by one and picks up the camera to take pictures one by one, causing a lot of eyes. I often can’t tell which one was taken by me and which one was Miss APPLE’s masterpiece. Walking on the road is also a kind of growth.

The original plan was to take Miss APPLE to Thailand for a 5-star journey. Because Thailand’s hotels are famous for their super cost performance, but they failed to break away from the frugal nature of backpackers and could not bear the temptation of big promotion. In the end, half of the hotels chose Accor’s IBIS. The half-price big promotion price is really too attractive and the cost performance is really super high. I am very satisfied with all the hotel choices for the 8 nights. I won the 8 nights with less than 2,000 Chinese dollars. Look at the pictures and know the truth.

Riverside IBIS

First stop Bangkok Target: Eat and drink, stroll around casually in Buy Buy, Taxi on the water, Moon bar on the top floor of Banyantree, the oldest restaurant.

Bangkok’s Riverside IBIS, don’t blame me for not choosing a Thai-style hotel. Who made this River Side IBIS so attractive and greatly promoted the 1800-odd river view rooms. The rooms are very clean and spacious, the bedding is very comfortable, and what is valuable is the swimming pool that Miss Apple loves very much.

After a leisurely breakfast by the river in IBIS, you take a picture of me, I take a picture of you, and then say to the swimming pool that I am here.

Has it overturned your impression of IBIS?

Miss APPLE will also enjoy sunbathing.

If you don’t satisfy your taste buds in Bangkok, the city of angels, it is definitely your mistake. If you don’t have the addiction of shopping in Bangkok, then you will regret it. Bangkok is very rich in goods. If you are here for the first time, then leave the big purchases to the last stop, because the things you will buy must exceed your imagination and your trip burden is too heavy with them. Bangkok has a lot of shopping mall, And many of them are very easy to reach, Usually connected to the Tiantie station, Regarding shopping, Just search the Internet for more detailed strategies, I only suggest buying some local handicrafts, Local brands and duty-free L ‘Or é al (it’s really cheap, if you have a 10% discount, it’s really very economical, how to get a 10% discount, see the introduction article for details) Most people buy NARAYA bags with very good reputation on the first floor of Central World Plaza, but it’s really all a Chinese army that doesn’t need money for shopping. If you want to avoid this congestion, you are advised to go to NARAYA stores near Emporium. (See the strategy for the specific location)

The best first meal: Apart from the hotel breakfast, this is our first meal. Miss APPLE, who ate it, praised it as delicious. After one meal was not addicted enough, she ordered another one until she was satisfied.

This restaurant was visited by accident, but it was also very delicious by accident. If you happen to go to Siam Discovery, and if you just want to eat some what, then don’t miss its pork rice set meal, which is really delicious and cheap.

There is a bridge on the wall of his house. Go in if you see it. You won’t be disappointed.

I look like a blind aunt laughing at APPLE playing cute there.

Just look down on it and make sure you say it is delicious. Three cups of drinks, one and a half sets of meals, because I asked for another golden crispy cake, totaling more than 30 RMB.


Shoppingmall can sometimes become a playground for children, because there are many lovely animal furnishings, and taking photos with various animal shapes is the pleasure of little P children, because lovely animals are in the hearts of lovely children.

After playing Shoppingmall, we took a taxi to the Jade Buddha Temple, but I suggest you go earlier because I missed the famous Massage in the Jade Buddha Temple. Originally Thailand was full of it, but this is the most academic school. Unfortunately, it didn’t catch up. If you are interested in this, you can visit the Jade Buddha Temple early and Massage inside. The price is slightly higher than that outside.

Don’t miss getting to Dawn Temple on the other side of the river before 5: 30 to take a look at it. Dawn Temple is one of my favorite monasteries in Bangkok. From a distance, it is simple and unsophisticated, from a close look, and the night is even brighter. It stands quietly on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. It has a faint feeling of looking at the world. It is not as magnificent and dazzling as the Grand Palace, nor as legendary as the Jade Buddha Temple. However, it commemorates the 41st generation of Thai kings and hero Zheng Zhao. If you still have time to go to Bangkok, you must climb to the top of its tower before 5: 30.

When you come out of Dawn Temple, you can take a bus to find a restaurant on Kaoshan Road to have a good time. At the same time, Kaoshan Road is also a good place to buy many small souvenirs and Thai clothes. This is where you can find everything you want to know about travel. Including a one-day tour and a two-day tour, Most importantly, it is almost the most cost-effective place in Bangkok. So backpackers all over the world will not miss this place. If you are a backpacker and if you have a tight budget, then I suggest that you must come here to see what you need. If you are luxurious or have a comfortable budget, you can find a good place to stay outside Kaoshan Road, but you can still come to Kaoshan Road to feel the youth and vitality here and the backpack atmosphere here.

The bad thing about Kaoshan Road for me is that it is located in the old city and has no air rail or subway. There is a little way to the dock, which is a little inconvenient for Bangkok, a big city. Of course, if you like, the flexible doodle car can take you to the place you want to go, but the doodle car usually has to kill you. How deep the knife is depends on your path.

This my favorite mango rice is essential, as long as the restaurant has it, I will order it. However, the price has risen from 20B that year to 80B today.

With all kinds of people coming and going, we started the dinner on the roadside of Kaoshan. This was our casual choice after missing the traditional Thai restaurant that has a saying. Although it was a simple roadside restaurant, it gave enough seafood in Dongyin soup.

Bangkok’s Regret: I didn’t have enough time to go to MOON Bar on the top floor of the planned BANYANTREE, and I couldn’t catch up with the traditional Thai restaurant with a long history. I used to serve the royal family and left Bangkok with regret, because there must be another time.

The second stop Phuket Island Target: Swimming Pool, Beach, Sea Water, Still Eating and Drinking, Emperor Island Snorkeling.

The reason for choosing Phuket Island is that Miss APPLE likes the seaside. The other reason is that after I came here in 2004, I have never been here again after the tsunami. I have always been thinking about the changes it has experienced after the great tribulations. I have always been worried about the family of Phuket Island Chinese teachers who took me to Patong that year. Choosing a place is more or less because there are thoughts and cares in my heart.

I know that the sea water of Phuket Island is not very beautiful among all the islands. Even in Thailand, it is definitely not in the top few places, but it can rank first in the number of tourists visiting Thailand Island every year. So whether you agree or not, Phuket Island definitely has its charm. If I have time, I think I will go again, even if it’s just for personal reasons, even if it’s just for chatting with those friendly people.

MINI bus from Phuket Airport sent us directly to IBIS in Patong. Yes, it was IBIS, or because of its ultra-high cost performance, it was also close to the beach, and it was a little distance to Jiangxi Cold, but if you didn’t take your children for a walk, it was OK.

Compared with IBIS in River Side, the room is slightly smaller, but it is better than having a small balcony. You can have afternoon tea on the balcony facing the swimming pool without any problem.

We had fruit afternoon tea on the balcony of IBIS. I was very satisfied with the house price of less than 200 yuan in such a place.

Patong Beach

In the evening, when walking on Patong Beach, IBIS came to the beach quite close and did not need to go out for 5 minutes.

Dear friends, don’t be disappointed, the sunset in Patong is very beautiful.

If you have nothing to do every day, step on the sand and see the infinite beauty of the sunset.

Night View of Patong

The night in Patong is wonderful. It is suitable for all people, men, women and children. You will not be disappointed if you get what you need.

It’s just that if you like quiet, you can live a little far from the main street in front of Jiangxi Leng.

Miss APPLE, the little P child, liked it very much and refused to leave after watching people do magic tricks.

On the second day of Phuket Island, I will move from Padang to Kata Beach. The only annoying thing about Phuket is that the public system is underdeveloped. Or subjectively unwilling to develop, The easiest way for you to move from one beach to another is TAXI. But this is a uniform price, The beach and the beach are usually 400-500B, This is a relatively high price, On this day we walked around Patong. If you want to step on the sand in Patong before you leave, So we met a very good taxi driver at the beach and directly offered 300B to transfer us from IBIS in Patong to the hotel in Kata. I agreed without hesitation. I got on the bus and saw a very good new car. The little taxi driver was very nice. He was playing with Miss APPLE when I went down halfway to pick up my luggage and hurried to book a trip to Emperor Island tomorrow morning.

Sawadika, play for a while. We’re going to Kata.

Novetel in Patong, the price of Yagao Promotion Time is more than 300. Personally, I think the cost performance is also good. This hotel often has activities and can get 500 with double early price.

Kata has two bays, big and small. I chose a relatively new small hotel at the end of Big KATA. It is also very convenient to go to the beach. It will take 2 minutes.

This hotel has to say that the cost performance can no longer be higher, even higher than IBIS, with more than 200 early, the room is very comfortable, there is a large balcony, the swimming pool at night is beautiful, you feel traveling in space, the refrigerator in the room also has free drinks. Can you still ask what? It is strongly recommended that students with low budget can move in.


The swimming pool at night is so beautiful that Miss APPLE has always said that she has never seen such a beautiful star swimming pool.

The next day, the driver picked us up to the dock on Emperor Island. Thailand’s tourism service was very reliable. At most, the time was not on time, but don’t pay too much attention to everything when looking at the smiling face.

The sea water on Emperor Island is really beautiful. If you don’t go to PP and other small islands, Emperor Island is absolutely OK. The only uncomfortable Emperor Island has few accommodation choices and low cost performance, or it is really enjoyable to choose ROYAL RACHA, which is expensive to die. After struggling for half a day, I resolutely chose a one-day tour, because the hotel in Kata, where we live, has a high cost performance and I really don’t want to give up. However, if other students are possible, RACHA Island is still worth living on. After all, the sea water is not of the same level as Phuket Island. However, it is strongly recommended to bring beach socks, especially for children, where the beaches are ground from coral, so they often step on coral to cut their feet.

Emperor Island:

The sea water is clear and transparent, with patches of turquoise dotted between large sapphires. It is a beautiful island in the sea area near Phuket Island. There is not much development on the island. There are a few restaurants and small shops. The roads are basically dirt roads. There are pimps modified from tractors, but most of them are used for hotel and team transportation services.

Most of the ships arrive at about 10: 00 a.m. and leave at about 3: 00 p.m. This period of time is a peak of crowds, but it is definitely within an acceptable range. Avoiding this period of time, I think it will definitely be an excellent choice for people who like quiet and meditation. The beach here is still not so suitable for swimming, but for proper surfing, so if you want to swim, you must make sure it is the lunch arrangement in the hotel with boundless swimming pool when booking a one-day tour of Emperor Island, then you can swim in the swimming pool of other people’s hotel and then play surfing Xiu Xiu on the beach. Of course, when you arrange snorkeling programs on the cruise ship, you can also have a carefree ride. By the way, I’m 1000B, Children under the age of four are free of charge, Booking at the agency at the gate of Patong IBIS Hotel, There is no counter-offer, Because I think the price is very reasonable, It’s just lunch at Cliff Restaurant, It’s actually at Father Resturant, I don’t care about this either, I guess I didn’t mean to be fooled, However, if relatives go, they can confirm the location of lunch with the agent a little, There are usually three arrangements: Cliff Restaurant, Boundless Swimming Pool Restaurant, Father Resturant, has slightly different prices according to different restaurants. However, now Taobao has a lot of searches. If time is tight and English is not good enough, then you can book it on Taobao. Even if you don’t book it, you don’t have to worry. Any agent in Patong can go. The price is not necessarily much higher than that on Taobao. Just book it one day in advance.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful Emperor Island. There is a ship stop on the east and west of Emperor Island. It will decide which direction to stop according to the season and the wind and waves. We stopped at the beach in the opposite direction of RACHA RESORT. Before landing, everyone snorkeled here. Personally, snorkeling felt normal. Perhaps because I snorkeled too many places, I didn’t feel much shocked. I just took a swim as a leisure and began to play with small fish with bread after swimming for a while.

Go to the boarding dock on Emperor Island and watch it rain.

Arriving at Emperor Island, I experienced rain on the way, but when I arrived, the sun was shining, so this person was fighting for character.

After snorkeling, other tourists who go ashore and don’t want to go ashore to soak in the beach gather to go to FATHER Restaurant. This is an ordinary restaurant. Most of the business is estimated to come from such a one-day tour team, like a few dishes, a soup and a table for 4 people. It is no problem for you to eat enough, the taste is passable, and the price of zero is estimated to be very affordable. But don’t ask for emotional appeal and luxury. There is a simple place to flush water, which is convenient for students who have soaked in seawater to refresh themselves simply and quickly.

After lunch, I was arranged to go to the sea area in front of THE RACHA RESORT. The sand is really very fine, young, tender and white. Some students can’t describe it too much as flour. However, there will be coral residue and coral pieces near the sea and shallow sea, so it is more reliable to put on diving shoes or socks.

We can have more than 2 hours on this beach, rent beach chairs and surfboards, 200B. So Miss APPLE started her incomparable concave modeling moment. I have to admire the expressive force of this new generation of girls. It was not I who taught her to pose, but Miss APPLE who taught me the old man who was already OUT. I feel ashamed and inferior!

To be continued…

Phuket Wedding Dress Free Travel Strategy

Phuket Wedding Dress Free Travel Strategy

November 25-December 1, 2012 is our Phuket wedding dress trip.

Preparation before departure

Preparation 1: Air tickets and hotels

Every year from November to March is the peak season in Phuket. All air tickets and hotels have increased in price. Most people who want to travel will choose to book hotels and air tickets 2-4 months in advance, so they have enough time to choose airlines and stay in hotels. We traveled freely. It took less than a month from the decision to go to Phuket to the trip, so we chose to book air tickets and hotels at the travel agency.

Preparation 2: Daily necessities, sunscreen and simple medical drugs

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided in hotels in Thailand, but it is quite convenient to buy them there, with low price and excellent quality. It is also necessary to carry simple medical drugs, such as: Band-Aid, antidiarrheal (there are more seafood over there, it is recommended to prepare), cold medicine, heatstroke prevention medicine and other commonly used drugs.

Preparation 3: Clothes, Camera, Swimming Supplies

The temperature is over 30 degrees, and summer clothes are the main ones. It is recommended to carry a smock with ultra-thin long sleeves for sun protection. Even 50 + + sunscreen over there cannot completely prevent the sun.

Break: Phuket Travel Tips 1—–

Cash and bank cards:

1. Domestic Bank of China can exchange Thai baht.

2. The Chinese Customs stipulates that each person can carry up to 20,000 yuan or the equivalent foreign currency equivalent of 5,000 US dollars.

3. When shopping in Phuket Island, large shops can use UnionPay, MasterCard and VISA cards. It is recommended that you deposit your money into the cards. Different banks and cards have different situations. Please consult the issuing bank on how to use bank cards in Phuket Island.

4. Reference Exchange Rate (subject to the bank’s real-time quotation)

US $1 equals about 6.78 RMB and US $1 equals about 32.15 Thai baht.

1 RMB equals about US $0.15 and 100 Thai baht equals about US $3.11.

(Strictly speaking, it is the most cost-effective way to exchange RMB for US dollars and then US dollars for Thai baht. It seems a bit awkward, hehe)

Cameras, DV and the like can be carried according to personal preferences, but the value of single items exceeding 5000RMB must be declared to the customs in advance. Of course, the sea view over there is quite beautiful. If you don’t leave some souvenirs, you will regret it.

Calling Card:

1 Phuket island dial domestic landline: 0086 + (the first digit is 0 omitted) area code + telephone number

Phuket Island Dial Domestic Mobile Phone: 0086 + Mobile Phone Number

Domestic dial Phuket landline: 0066 +76 + telephone number

Domestic dial Phuket Island mobile phone: 0066 + (the first digit is 0, omitted and not dialed) mobile phone number

2. You can buy a prepaid card at the 7-Eleven convenience store. It is best to ask the clerk to help you charge it.

Exchange: Thai baht can be exchanged at airports, banks, hotels and foreign currency exchange offices in tourist spots on Phuket Island. Transportation: Phuket Island drives on the left, which is opposite to that in China. Please look right before looking left when crossing the road and obey the traffic rules.

Reading the Story of the Great City: Only One Corner of Prosperity

Big cities are places where people need to calm down and drink slowly. It is not suitable for them to take a cursory look for a day.

Borrow him for two days, entrust the morning and evening, and repay you for a hundred years.

Since guest house rented a bicycle, he began to read the book Big City carefully.

The streets were empty at noon.

Although I was holding the map, I had no idea where to go.

In the big city, it is really easy to meet the ruins at the corner.

Less than 5 minutes after departure, mottled pagodas, palace pillars and upright pagodas rushed into view, with only low walls (or none at all), as if they did not hide their heartache at all.

The glory of the Dacheng Dynasty, which began in the 13th century for more than 400 years, the majesty of 34 monarchs and the distractions of businessmen from all over the world, were all torched by the Burmese army after it was looted. The 2,000 gold-plated minarets and temples have since lost their prosperity, leaving only broken walls.

I didn’t see him building a tall building, I didn’t see him feasting guests, I saw his building collapse.

This kind of scene is to make dozens of copies of the dilapidated Yuanmingyuan.

How many courtyards are deep and only a few people look around.

The bright color in the hand, the prosperity in the corner.

Years have never climbed up your face, but I can’t find what you looked like at that time.

The big city Authaya means “indestructible city”, but in front of time, there is what that can last forever?

看吧看吧,真的人很少吧。唯一的麻烦就是不好找人拍照。在大城两天,没遇到一个华人,全程英语地干活。导致后来热得汗流浃背之时,自言自语:so hot today! must get sth to drink!转念一想,呀,开始英语思维了哇,向来以为切换思维语言是掌握外语的最高境界啊,没想到偶尔摸到边儿啦。


This photo was taken by the following Korean boy:

Starting from this young man, Doudou was asked the most along the way: from Janpan?

No, no, from China!

The South Korean boy immediately said: hello ~

我也会拽两句韩语:a nyeon ha se yo!

At this point, Doudou thinks I can’t continue your Chinese and my Korean. Smecta, you know, thanks to “Blue Life and Death Love” and “If Love Has Providence” which I have seen more than twice, all I have left is: Mi a Nai (I’m sorry) and SA Rang Hai (I love you), which is really inappropriate to say.

Fortunately, South Korean students stopped exchanging languages and asked directly in English if they could take a photo. Sure, Smecta!

Only the posture of this photo was taken… it is very likely that the Korean people will say that the Chinese girl took the photo arm in arm (it seems that Koreans prefer to say a lot of things are their own). The actual situation is that people raise their arms very gentlemanly, and we can’t wriggle, can we?

Chiang Mai Oriental Mandarin Hotel and its luxurious reproduction of a Lana Dynasty, but the big city is full of broken walls and different heads. Perhaps today, he has become more accustomed to collecting a sigh.

Years are mottled on the wall, and you are always silent.

A fire can make a city disappear, a rain can make a seed germinate and grow green year after year, but it cannot hide the damage to muscles and bones.

The logo of almost all big city postcards (Wat Maha That)

That night, I was displaced from place to place and met you. One night it was a hundred years…….

In the past, I always felt that the power of the tree was strong, but the tree seemed to be infected with Buddha’s nature and just held it gently in my arms. There is only protection, no restraint.

It seems that there is nothing important in the big city, so I just idle and wait for the sunset.

When hungry, he ran to the opposite night market to look for food. When he was finished, he continued to wander in the monuments and temples. Anyway, he did not charge tickets.

This is a living ancient city:

Teenagers play football here, no one patrols, of course, no one destroys it.

It is also good to have a pious heart.

After visiting the two nearest temples on the first day, I was wounded and went back to rest.

It seemed that what thought a lot that night, and it seemed that he didn’t even think about it.

I feel that I am in love with this thick and vicissitudes of the ancient city.

So let me come to you, close as I want be, close enough for me, to feel your heart beating fast……

I know that the smile of the classical Buddha is blooming not far away, and I am only grateful to be able to “sleep together” with him so close.

The next day, I spread out the map and looked at it carefully. Doudou was dumbfounded. This is an ancient city in how. There are 58 historic sites marked out alone, while I only visited the nearest two in the last few hours yesterday afternoon.

In the afternoon, I will leave for Bangkok……..

Well, I still don’t want to take a cursory look at it in a hurry. I’ll bring you back two days after my National Day trip to Sri Lanka and my connecting flight in Bangkok.

No one collects tickets, but someone keeps lotus flowers.

Strong is humiliating, strong is easy to destroy, empire or mainstay, it is better to have a tree full of flowers.

The plumeria here is also one point less, the sunshine is fresh when the sea is blue and the sky is blue, and one point more is sparse.

Diaolan Yuche is not here. Who has been saddened here?

Fortunately, there are also many pagodas that have retained * *;

Because of its massiness, Doudou has to wear more and more bright clothes.

Of course, there are also some people who follow the thick color route that matches the atmosphere.

However, when we meet, we should smile, shouldn’t we?

The only tour group in Dacheng comes from Japan. They like to ride elephants around the ruins.

I hope that in October at the end of the rainy season, I will stroll here again and let the rain wash away the dust from history and my heart.

I am a tree in autumn, quietly guarding a small territory. I have never envied the prosperity, because the most beautiful thing is not in the distance.

The big city is surrounded 360 degrees by a moat. Even after stripping away the dazzling many historic sites, the quietness in this corner is also pleasing.

As if you’re never hurt

As if you’re never down.

This big tree is quite like Juli Baker’s favorite buttonwood tree in “Bang Ran Xin”.

Big city, October, goodbye.

Luxury Golf-Impression of Thailand 3

Golf is really a luxurious sport for me, Because of his work relationship, I learned one or two golf postures on the high platform. I watched the coach swing the ball gracefully and gently, and then rose to the sky. A beautiful fox line fell down. I learned it like a model. Ha ha, the basic posture is the posture of digging the ground. I wish I could suck up a few pits on the ground. This luxurious activity is not the sport I played, but can only enjoy the view from afar.

This time in Thailand, we visited a total of three golf courses. The blue sky and green space made courses with different difficulties according to the situation, which opened my eyes. Every golf course, you will see a large piece of empty green space head on. The green lawn is gorgeous and makes you unable to bear to step down.

According to the introduction, a golf course requires 24-hour professional maintenance. The maintenance and management of lawns need to be very proficient. These employees have received professional training, how to trim, how to maintain in rainy days, how to maintain in the sun, different seasons and different climates have different maintenance methods, because the magnificence of this lawn is not any shoes you wear can enter, you need sneakers to enter the lawn.

Thailand also has many golf courses. Because of their real price, considerate service quality and natural and beautiful scenery, it attracts golfers from different countries. Perhaps you will meet some famous golfers here. The most luxurious golf players in Thailand are the Koreans and Japanese brought by Southeast Asia, who are enjoying a comfortable life here.

The court is easy and difficult, You can choose the venue according to your level. The average course is 7100 yards long, 18 holes long and 72 par. Some of these courses are made of high-quality sand to form bunkers, while others are covered with grass to form a small hillside with the original terrain. Various trees are planted along the road, with clear lakes and circuitous routes to let the ball play hide-and-seek with you. You will constantly challenge your technology for the changeable geography. It is said that it takes five hours to play a good game. In case of rainy days, as long as you start, no matter how much you play, the game will be cancelled.

After watching Khao Kheow Country Club and Thailand Golf Club these days, golf lovers can fly to Thailand to enjoy the natural and unrestrained swing on the blue sky, white clouds and green lawn, and enjoy the freedom to breathe with nature. This should be a paradise for golf lovers in Thailand.

Hiking through the Three Jungle Items

After lunch, we took a bus to this small village. The tour guide said that the people in this village were very poor. I think the purpose of his bringing us here should be to let us shop, but he didn’t force us to do so. After a short rest here, he started our last activity today, hiking through the jungle.

A small village in the jungle

The tour guide said that the small village was very poor.

The tour guide said that the small village was very poor.

The children of the village

The children of the village

These scarves are handmade

Very warm, very friendly

The children in the village are selling us their own bracelets worn with grass seeds.

The children in the village are selling us their own bracelets worn with grass seeds.

All the men in the village have gone out to work.

All the men in the village have gone out to work.

Began to hike through the jungle.

An off-road vehicle overtook us.


Walking along this forest path

There is a waterfall ahead.

Crossing a stream

A foreigner who swims

South Korean tourists


Tourists from many countries splashing in the water

Tourists from many countries splashing in the water

Tourists from many countries splashing in the water

Watching waterfalls in the jungle

A pavilion on the roadside

Accompanied by streams of water

A jungle, stream

You Yi Cun

Jungle house

Paddy field

Jackfruit on the tree

Rice Field and Puppies Accompanying Us

These clothed trees are protected

Villagers’ Bed

Bananas on the Tree

Cats and Dogs 1

Cat and Dog 2

Cats and Dogs 3

Cats and Dogs 5

Selling local souvenirs

Special souvenirs

Special souvenirs

Special souvenirs

A parrot can’t speak Chinese

A parrot can’t speak Chinese

I don’t know it’s a what tree

Deep in the jungle

Many trees in scarves

Keep going

Continue crossing


A dead tree

On camera

I got in the car that came to pick us up.

Mahawan Temple in Chiang Mai

On the first day, we booked the itinerary for the next day at Uncle Billy’s Travel Agency. We were scheduled to pick us up at the hotel from 8: 30 to 9: 00. We looked at the time after the hotel had used up the free breakfast provided by the hotel and walked out along the alley early.

According to the map brought by Uncle Billy’s travel agency, there is a large temple not far ahead of us, called Maha Bay Temple.

After walking for less than 5 minutes, I saw a temple, which can be guessed intuitively as Mahawan Temple.

The sculpture on the grass in the temple is very interesting.

The architecture of the temple combines Lana style and Burmese style.

The monastery and Buddhist temple on the east side are of Lana style, while the pagoda, sutra depository and rare square monastery on the west side are completely Burmese style.

The Lana-style monastery was built in 1865 and renovated in 1957 with bright modern murals.

The finely decorated teak-roofed ho trai is now a squatter.

The monastery on the west side is decorated with very lively reliefs and honors a huge Burmese-style Buddha. Built for a teak merchant in the 19th century.

As we went too early, the main hall of the temple had not opened yet.

We could only turn around in the temple and could not enter the main hall.

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

The Burmese pagoda is decorated with exquisite stucco reliefs and is surrounded by Chinthe (the mythical lion patron saint).

Mahawan Temple

Such Buddha statues are also common in Thailand.

Mahawan Temple

This should be the place where the temple receives guests.

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

We went early and there were few tourists.

Five-headed gram

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

We went too early. The main hall hasn’t opened yet.

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

Mahawan Temple

Cats in Maha Bay Temple

The cat in the temple

The cat in the temple

On the way back to the hotel from Maha Bay Temple, I saw many squirrels running on the electric wire.

Raiders from Bangkok, Thailand to Hua Xin by Train

Raiders from Bangkok, Thailand to Hua Xin by Train

29 February 2012

I found that there are very few strategies to go to Hua Xin by train on the Internet, so I want to take advantage of my trip to Thailand in the middle of this month to write a simple strategy for your reference. I will not repeat all kinds of precautions for going to Thailand here. Websites and forums are full of such strategies. I will only talk about them through my personal experience.

The destination of my trip is Tao Island (Guidao) to study diving license. The itinerary is planned to go south all the way. There are three main stops: Bangkok, Hua Xin and Tao Island.

The reason for choosing to take the train: the price is low and the quality is good-you will know the specific price in what after I see it. There is a large space for taking the train, which is not like a bus. You can only sit and can’t walk. Experience the local customs and human feelings-many local people take trains, and VIP buses are usually tourists, so taking trains can get close to the local people.

Starting point: Bangkok South China Peng Railway Station (I marked it with red arrows on the English map: Bangkok Railway Station, Hua Lamphong)

End point: Hua Hin Railway Station

Time and Fare:

There will be a departure from Bangkok within 2 hours. Each train has different models. See the following figure for the specific time and fare. On the left is the stop time from Bangkok from north to south, and on the right is the stop time from south to north. On the left side of the lower part are descriptions of different types of trains, and on the right are fares corresponding to different grades of seats.

Accommodation: Because I originally planned to try out the Thai train, I booked my accommodation at the Atone-in-Hualumpong Hotel next to the railway station. The hotel is 10 minutes’ walk from the railway station. I booked it on AGODA. The cost performance is very good. The wife of shop-owner is very polite. The hotel is also very comfortable and quiet. Recommended! The only disadvantage is that hotels are difficult to find, and ordinary taxi drivers will go around two or three circles to ask local talents to find them.

Transportation to the railway station: 1. Rail Transit: The most economical and convenient way is to take Bangkok’s rail transit. As shown in the picture, Silom Line is the Longline to Hua Lamphong South China Peng Station. You can see the golden Bangkok Central Railway Station 5 meters from the station entrance. 2. Take a taxi: Show the driver a map at the railway station. There will be no more stupid drivers who don’t know him.

Personal experience:

1. Ticket purchase: Originally, I was going to take the 8 o’clock train to Hua Xin the next morning. Wait until 4: Arriving at the railway station at 30 o’clock, he said that the reservation time for that day had passed, Tickets for the next day are no longer available, Let me come and buy it the next morning… Afraid of not being able to buy a train ticket the next day, I got up early in the morning and arrived at the railway station at 7: 10. Told that the 8 o’clock train was full, Can only sit at 9: The 20 ‘s, All right, one more hour, let me have breakfast and go back to the hotel to tidy up, At 9:20, there was only a third-class bus (that is, the old-fashioned green car in China), but the fare was 44 baht, which surprised me, equivalent to less than RMB 10 yuan. It made me sigh with emotion for a long time ~ there was a picture to prove it: (there was no passport and handling fee for buying tickets, there was no platform ticket checking, only ticket checking on the bus and on the way, so please keep the ticket)

2. By train: Because I was sitting in the last carriage of the train, Therefore, I also paid attention to the following, Half of the last section is for passengers, A quarter of them are for monks, Another quarter is for train attendants, The car will be marked with signs in English and Thai. There are many local people taking this kind of train. There is no air conditioner in the carriage. There is a shaking head electric fan above every two seats. The windows are fully open and there are shaded windows. Personally, I think it is still a very happy experience for backpackers who are not particularly afraid of heat to take this train and become one with the local people. Of course, there are also many foreigners taking this economical train.

3. Regarding the delay: The less than 10 yuan’s ticket price made me wander on the bus for 4.5 hours, one hour later than the scheduled time. Fortunately, I still had relatively plenty of time, so it also made the ticket in 8 yuan more valuable. Therefore, in Thailand, whether taking the bus or the train, I tried to leave some ample time.

Finally, if there are any improper or wrong points in the expression process, I hope you will correct me. Thank you!

[Xiaobian Recommended] Chiang Mai’s Free Travel Strategy-Sutie Mountain I Have to Go to

After cycling through Chiang Mai University, we got to the main road to Sutie Mountain. After cycling for a while, we found it was an uphill road. I was afraid LP and the children could not ride it, so I discussed with them whether to store the bicycle at the foot of the mountain and rent a Dudu car to the mountain. Just then came a doodle car, The driver is very enthusiastic (it should be for money), After bargaining, the deal was made at 300B, Pull us up and down the mountain, And we can play on the mountain as long as we want, We locked the car to the side of the road, I got on the doodle car. The altitude of this Sutie Mountain is not high, but the mountain road is really steep. Almost all the way is uphill. This is enough to prove how wise it was for me to choose to take the doodle car (because we still have to save our physical strength to complete the trip in the next few days). I took the doodle car to spin up quickly and walked for more than ten minutes.

I was sitting on the doodle bus to the top of Sutie Mountain.

I was sitting outside the car taken by the Doodle car to the top of Sutie Mountain. The driver of the Doodle car should have run much more on this road and drove very fast on the rugged mountain road.

The doodle car we took

Suthep Mountain is located about 6 kilometers south of Chiang Mai City in northern Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s famous tourist attractions and a famous Buddhist holy place in Thailand. “Sutie” means “Xianyou” in Thai, and it is called “Yuxianshan” or “Huixianshan” in local Chinese. Sutie Mountain is 1676 meters high. It is covered with white clouds. The climate is cool and pleasant. The trees on the mountain are verdant and flowers are blooming. Among them are the famous five-color roses in Chiang Mai City, which are magnificent, fragrant and dazzling. There is a famous Huijiao Waterfall among the strange rocks at the foot of Sutie Mountain. Huijiao means “Yuquan” in Thai. The waterfall splashes and is as clear as jade. Two kilometers north of Huijiao Waterfall, there is also Huacan Waterfall hanging among rocks.

There are many leisurely dogs.

There is an ancient temple halfway up Sutie Mountain, called Shuanglong Temple. The temple was built on a high platform and covers a vast area. It was supervised by King Guna of the Lana Dynasty in 1383. It was named after two magnificent colorful multi-headed dragons sculpted on the temple gate. On each of the two big faucets, there are six small faucets with their heads held high to the sky. The dragon body is tens of meters long and forms the railings on both sides of the stone grade of the temple. They are peculiar in shape and exquisitely carved. There are many Buddha statues in the temple, one of which is a Buddha statue who takes pictures of Buddha poems and sits in Zen. This Buddha statue is an important ancient Buddha statue in Thailand. There are only three similar ancient Buddha statues in the country, which were invited from Ceylon more than 700 years ago. There are many bronze bells hanging on both sides of the temple. Visitors take their sticks and strike the bells to pray for God’s blessing.

Shuanglong Temple may be named after these two dragons.

Long Dragon in Shuanglong Temple

I want to shoot them while walking, but they think I want to shoot the scene and get out of my way as soon as possible. They also say sorry, sorry to me.

Entering Shuanglong Temple is the only temple in Chiang Mai that charges fees. There is a ticket office nearby, but there is no ticket checking. However, when we get to such a place, we still buy tickets as required, and we can also keep the tickets back as a souvenir.

Entering the temple requires bare feet and shoes.

This temple is quite famous in Chiang Mai.

The temple is very clean, bare feet go in and turn around, feet are not dirty at all.

Every year, May 19 is Thailand’s “Ten Thousand Buddhas Festival”. Many good men and women from northern Thailand come here on foot to worship Buddha. Visitors can reach the top of Sutie Mountain by climbing more than 200 stone steps along the dragon body. There is a huge stupa on the top of the mountain. The tower body is covered with gold foil and towers into the sky. It is dazzling and magnificent in the sun. The remains of Sakyamuni are enshrined in the stupa. Around the stupa are historical paintings and statues of Buddhist holy monks from all dynasties in Thailand.

The weather is not very good, and the buildings are still shining with golden light.

The sculptures in the temples are also very exquisite.

The temple was very quiet and there were no loud noises from tourists.

In the main hall of the temple

This temple is also very distinctive

Most of the Buddha statues here are also gilded.

The golden buildings in the temple

The distinctive furnishings in the temple

These little dolls are cute, aren’t they

A cute little doll

There are elephant sculptures in various shapes.

It is similar to the bell tower in the temple in China. I don’t see where the drum is.

Standing on this Sutie Mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City

A clean and refreshing temple

Standing on this Sutie Mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City, it is a pity that the weather is not very good.

It is said that when the weather is fine, it is quite beautiful to stand here and watch the sunset.

Standing on this Sutie Mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City

The temple has a strange shape. It should be a lion.

The buildings in the temple are also very beautiful.

The dragons in Thai temples are not the same as those in China.

I don’t know if this is a chime, hehe

The eldest brother’s clock

Buildings in temples

There are many Buddha statues in the temple, which look almost the same as those in domestic temples.

You can’t take photos here standing, you can only take photos sitting or kneeling.

Sleeping Buddha in Temple

Legend has it that the site of the stupa where the Buddha’s bones were hidden was chosen by the elephant carrying the Buddha’s bones. The elephant stopped here, shouted three times, made a detour for three weeks, and knelt down on four feet. Pai Zhaoju, who was ready to transport Buddha’s bones, believed that this was the will of Buddha and immediately started construction here and built the stupa. The elephant also died on the spot when the Buddha’s bones were placed, so a white elephant statue more than 1 meter high was set up on the mountain to commemorate the elephant carrying the Buddha’s bones.

Buildings in temples

Buildings in temples

Buildings in temples

It should be used when holding what activities or for blessing. Each of them has money, and I don’t understand what is used for what.

A distinctive Buddha statue

I don’t know that there is a difference between what and Chinese Buddha. It should be about the same.

The bell tower in the temple

I made two turns in the temple. This is standing here again overlooking Chiang Mai City.

Standing on the top of the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City, although the weather is not very good, I still took many pictures here.

The monks in the temple, I am afraid they will not be happy, so there is no close shot of these monks in the temple.

The environment in the temple is also very quiet and secluded.

A distinctive sculpture

I saw a kitten on the ground in the temple, and I saw several kittens in the temple. This is only the best one.

Thai-featured multi-headed dragon

The toilet in Shuanglong Temple needs to enter barefoot or change slippers placed at the door.

A distinctive sculpture

This monk should be an eminent monk. He is not on the top of the temple, but on the right side of the ladder that goes up to the temple.

The puppies here are also docile.

Foreigners who ride bicycles up the mountain, I also planned to ride bicycles up the mountain at first, because I gave up because I was afraid that they could not ride with my family. The mountain road in Sutie Mountain has many bends and steep slopes. I admire this young man very much.