PP Island: We only stayed for one night this time, so we felt too late. People who like Phi Phi Island should stay at least 2 nights. I have plenty of time to stay for 4 nights. I get up in the morning and eat breakfast in the sea breeze. I walk all the beaches of Phi Phi, big and small. I go to sea by boat to play snorkeling on the surrounding islands. I climb to Sunset Viewpoint in the evening and watch the sunset with my lover. I have a seafood candlelight dinner in the romantic seascape restaurant. I go back to my room and sit on the terrace to rest and count the stars… What a pleasant thing. [Traffic] Sea: Phi Phi Island is actually a small island between Phuket Island and Panya Bay. It takes 1.5-2 hours to take a boat from both places. Starting from Phuket Island has been introduced in the last article. If you start from Panya Bay, many people say that during the peak season, if your island tour focuses on Phi Phi Island, you can take the route of “Bangkok – Panya Bay – Phi Phi Island” and save a lot of money. Ships returning to Phuket Island from PP all require PM1.30 to reach the dock, etc. However, there are several ships with different sailing times, so you can ask your own ship number on the dock. Island: Phi Phi Island is divided into large and small Phi Phi, and generally lives in large Phi Phi Island. The small town on the island is not large, so you can walk around the whole town. If you want to go to the beach far away on the island, you must take a boat. “Accommodation” is still the previous sentence. Accommodation in peak season must be booked, especially in Phi Phi Island. Recommend a reservation website: http://www.phi-phi-hotel.com/ The response speed is very fast and the service is good. Phi-Phi Banyan Villa Resort: Through the above website, the peak season is converted to RMB 520 yuan for one night. The hotel is three minutes’ walk from the dock. The room is very comfortable and quiet, but only Garden view. The garden is full of flowers, the swimming pool is also very large and comfortable, and there are not many choices for breakfast. However, the restaurant is on the beach and the sea breeze is very comfortable. During the peak season, most hotels are at 7,800 RMB per night, so I personally think this hotel is still relatively cost-effective. Hotels on Phi Phi Island are generally am11.00 check out, pm2.00 check in. [Play] 1 Phi Phi is surrounded by many beaches, small islands: Monkey Beach, Maya Bay, long beach, Mosquito Island, Egg Island, Bamboo Island, etc. You can find a travel agency to arrange the island jump tour. It is also possible to rent a long-tailed boat for 3 hours (mask) in 1000b-1200b (it is said that it can be cut to 6 hours 1800b-2000b in off season). Egg Island-the best snorkeling ground. The island is very small and takes only 40 minutes to swim around. There are three good beaches on the island, which are Y-shaped. The best snorkeling ground is behind a big rock. The sea water is black. In fact, there are coral reefs below. There are many lovely small fish, Nemo and sea urchin. The water is deeper. The beach is white and the sea is clear. There are little monkeys on the island, but when there are many people, the monkeys hide. Maya Bay-200b to go ashore. The beach looks beautiful from a distance. The sand is white and the water is green. Bamboo Island-a good place for diving, the seabed is very beautiful, there are many corals here, and the color is mainly green. If you take part in the island jump tour, PACKAGE is diverse and cost-effective. You can take part according to your own interests and physical ability, but you should avoid repetition and combination of work and rest. Some people strongly recommend MAYA BAY CAMPING TOUR, starting from PP at 4: 00PM, returning to PP at 10: 00AM the next day, sleeping bags at MAYA beach, including dinner and breakfast, and time to swim and snorkel at MAYA and LASAMA beaches. There are a large number of soft and hard corals and fish. 1600B/person is limited to 25 people per night. If you sign up, you can stay in a hotel one night less and take part in a half-day tour. There are three dives in half a day and four dives in a day, divided into snorkeling and diving. DIVING’s point and SNORKELING’s point are together, of course it feels different. You can go to a far place, 3000B/2 DIVES, but diving consumes a lot of physical strength, and there is not necessarily a Chinese coach. Canoe: It can be cut to 300b/hour in peak season. It is also a good choice for two or three people to row to the nearby harbor or beach to snorkel. Remember to bring your life jacket. The sunset viewpoint of Phi Phi island is very famous. It will reach the top of the mountain before pm6.15 in February, and the sun will fall behind the opposite mountain island at about 6.30. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the dock to the foot of the mountain and at least 30 minutes to climb to ViewPoint. The mountain road is steep, it is hard to get up, and friends who are not very physically strong should go up early. After climbing 2/3, there will be a direction prompt sunset viewpoint 1, 2, 3, of which 1 is the highest point and of course the longest distance. The top of the mountain is full of flowers, and you can see the coastline of Phi Phi Island. The sunset scenery is also very beautiful and romantic. It is recommended to bring a bottle of water. The drinks on the top of the mountain are very expensive. [Eating] 1. There are many snack stalls along the street. Thai Pancake has far more fruit varieties than Phuket Patong, and the price is more suitable, only 15-20B. 2. There is a Jasmine Restaurant on the island. The things are good and the price is reasonable. It is recommended. It seems that the store only works at night. Business is very good. It is better to make a reservation first. 3. The seawalls of 3. PP Island are full of seafood restaurants. Compared with Phuket, they prefer barbecue. The price is not much different from Phuket’s big gear. Moreover, many of them provide free vegetable salad and Pha Thai, so they do not need to buy staple food alone. Sitting on the edge of the seawall, eating delicious seafood, blowing soft sea breeze, listening to gusty waves and watching the sea view under the moonlight. If you want to save money, you can also eat a barbecue shop. A barbecue fish has about 80 plants, plus two cans of Coke. More than 200 plants are enough for two people to eat. There is a Taipo pushing a cart of homemade snacks to sell near PP Port. They are cheap and delicious. One of them is hollowed out coconut shells and filled with frozen fish glue in ice powder. It is cold, smooth and sweet. Fried all kinds of fish balls, a large box of 20B. Pan cake 30B. Sleeve-fish is also very good and tender. 5 GAY BAY Street roast chicken wings 10B/string. Roasted corn 5 ~ 10B pineapple boat paella (100B), the most delicious American fried rice (60B) is the most affordable, and pineapple and mango are the best sand ice. [Other]: 1 The tap water on Phi Phi Island is salty, so don’t boil it with tap water to make tea-_-! ! Be careful not to drink when taking a bath. For matters needing attention in water sports, please read the relevant introduction of Phuket Island in the previous article. If diving meets sharks, don’t panic, sharks there will not attack people. If you get seasick, you must take carsickness medicine before sailing at sea. The sea to Phi Phi Island is stormy. Both restaurants and vendors on the coastal roads on the island are very expensive. They should go to the small streets perpendicular to it to eat or buy things. The price is cheap and they can bargain.