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Month: March 2020

Phi Phi Island’s Diving Tour

Phi Phi Island is located in the southeast of Phuket, 40 kilometers apart. The speedboat takes one and a half hours to sail. When you arrive at Phuket Island, you should swim Phi Phi Island. Apart from the scenery of the island, it is a world-famous diving resort. This time I went to Phi Phi Island from Phuket for three days. One of the major tasks was to take the junior diving license.

As soon as I arrived at Phi Phi Island, I went to the small street to find a center with professional Chinese coaches that had good online contact. The small street was mostly a hotel, followed by various PADI diving centers. I found this one with Chinese coaches. A blackboard at the door said in Chinese: “Go diving, please come at 8 o’clock in the evening”! There are quite a few people who learn diving!

There are at least a dozen PADI-certified water training centers on PP Island. PADI is the Professional Association of Diver Instructor. Founded in 1966 by Ralf Ericssion and John Cronin. Based on the principle of teaching, they designed a complete set of teaching system, which quickly made diving activities flourish greatly. It is a profit-making commercial organization and is managed by CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatiques) International Underwater Sports Federation.

The younger generation was very busy. During the three days in Phi Phi Island, they spent two and a half days and three nights in a row in diving courses, including the E-Learning online training system, learning the diving theory knowledge officially formulated by PADI from the online. On the first day, they saw that the diving center was full of young men and women who were concentrating on the computer and thought they were playing games. In addition to learning online, there is also a 360-page “Open Water Divers Manual”, which is divided into three units.

360-page Handbook for Divers in Open Waters

It is divided into three units. The online tutorial is subtitled in Chinese, and the diving manual is a traditional Chinese version, which is relatively convenient. After passing the theoretical examination well and practicing in the calm waters, PADI finally completed the PADI Open Water Junior Scuba Water Man Course, which includes 5 indoor courses, 5 swimming pool internship courses and 4 ocean internship courses. After passing the examination, the certificate will have to be reviewed by PADI headquarters and will not be available until two months later.

Diving, really sinking is not easy, began to ask the coach to help dive.

In the sea, the coach is completely one-on-one teaching and guidance. Never be careless. Life is at stake! Our Chinese diving coach is a lady with a beautiful name: Yunshan, Malaysian, and the blonde male coach is Joe, Australian. They are all serious, responsible and patient.

Two coaches, Yunshan and Joe

Learning equipment is also very tense and tiring. On the third day of the morning, I went out to sea to dive deeply. I took special care to eat less breakfast. However, the sea was very stormy and seasick, which made the bathroom of the diving boat collapse and muddle.

Jump down from the ship and enter another space.

Diving into the sea water of more than ten meters, the scenery in front of us is different and colorful. The quiet space world at the bottom of the sea is breathless. It’s amazing!

Big turtles are seen at a depth of 15 meters.

The monster hiding in the coral reef, known as parrot fish/parrot fish (PARROT FISH), is one of the brightly colored fishes with bright blue, green, red and black body colors. The mouth of the parrot fish merges with its body and is shaped like the mouth of a parrot.

Lionfish, Lions are distributed in coral reef waters of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. They are carnivorous and can be fed with animal bait and artificial feed. They are suitable for aquariums with water temperature of 26 degrees, sea water specific gravity of 1.022 and water volume of more than 300 litres. Their maximum body length can reach 31 centimeters and their heads are wide and flat. The kiss is wide and blunt. Eyes small, upper lateral. At the end of the mouth, the maxilla slightly protrudes. The branchial foramen is medium large. The body is scaleless, and the skin is soft, smooth or has granular small spines. The dorsal fin is elongated, continuous or with a notch, and the fin spine is thin and weak, similar to the fin strip. Prolongation of anal fin; The caudal fin is flat or round, often connected with the dorsal fin and anal fin. The pectoral fin base is broad and extends forward to the throat. The ventral fin is in the chest position and heals into a sucker.

Clownfish, Clown in Red Coral

The tuition fee for the whole junior diver is 13,800 Thai baht, about 2,900 RMB. The experience scuba diving course for only the first unit is 3,800 Thai baht, about 850RMB, and there is also a certificate. Only the second and third units are required for the next grade. Compared with the current tuition fees for driving tests in China, it is still possible.

It is worth mentioning that OPEN WATER DIVER (junior diver in open waters, OW’s water depth limit is 18 meters) can be used as credits in American universities, so young people from all over the world gather in this diving resort, which also makes it prosperous.

Thailand Self-help Tour (Preparation Before Travel)

This trip to Thailand also played many games from the beginning when I thought about traveling with a group to the later choice of a full self-help tour. I finally decided to take a full self-help tour. I downloaded a lot of achievements and travel notes from the Internet and learned a lot of experiences and clues from it. (I would like to thank those who have worked so hard to write travel notes and strategies!) The following is a brief introduction to my trip:

In the above picture, the blue line is a train and the red line is an AirAsia plane.

D0: July 31 K599 10:20-10:50 the next day

D1: August 1 Guangzhou-Zhuhai (stay in Zhuhai to enjoy the night view of Zhuhai)

D2: August 2 Zhuhai-Macau-Evening AirAsia Flight to Chiang Mai (Macau One-Day Tour, Big Three Bus, New Venetian Hotel, Mazu Temple, Maritime Museum, Macau Museum, etc.)

D3: On August 3, watch tigers, monkeys, crocodiles, butterflies, orchids, Chiang Mai Temple, etc.

D4: On August 4, riding elephants + drifting + jungle through a one-day tour, with thousands of people in hot pot at night.

D5: Jungle Flying Lock on August 5, Sunday Night Market

D6: On the morning of August 6, I watched monks beg for alms by the river. In the morning, I learned to cook Thai food. In the afternoon, I rode to Chiang Mai University, Sutie Mountain and Shuanglong Temple.

D7: August 7 Hot Spring, White Temple, Golden Triangle, Visit Long Neck Clan Chiang Rai One-day Tour

D8: August 8 Paxing Temple, Chaidilong Temple, Chiang Mai-PAI County-China Village (unable to make the trip) Kill Chickens at night and live in Pai County

D9: August 9 Pai County Tour PAI-Chiang Mai Train to Bangkok

D10: August 10 Bangkok-Creative Shopping Mall, King Power Shopping Mall

D11: August 11, Bangkok-Chongqing, a tree in Nanshan looks at the night view of Chongqing,

D12: August 12 Jie Fangbei, Cross Gold Street, Red Cave, Chaotianmen, Foreigner Street

D13: August 13 Chongqing K820-Xingtai

D14: Return home from the end of the trip on August 14,

The whole journey includes four people, including travelling expenses, food, housing, play and purchase, with an average of less than 5,000 yuan.

E Travel Network Forum Address: http://www.elvxing.net/forum.php

(2) Seize opportunities during promotion. For example, Air Aisago often has hotels in 0 yuan, and other websites also have activities of 2 nights minus how many US dollars. For those who stay in express hotels with RMB in 100 yuan, the price after promotion is very low!

(The above is online information, and I have made a reservation with reference to these)

The hotel I booked this time was booking, only for two nights. After arriving in Chiang Mai, we found two different hotels. Accommodation prices in Chiang Mai range from 30 baht to 1500 baht and even higher. 200 baht can find a very good standard room.

6. Preparation of Accompanying Items

1. Passport & Visa

2. Thai baht (it can be exchanged in advance at the Bank of China in China, from Zhuhai to Macao, or at the Thai ATM with UnionPay card)

3. Bring UnionPay card, preferably from Huaxia Bank or Agricultural Development Bank. You can withdraw money from Thailand without handling fee.

4. Aircraft travel itinerary, hotel confirmation form, ID card, train ticket, etc.

5. Electronic equipment: Digital camera (I only brought one SLR, and it is recommended to bring at least two of them, one of which is a card player, for a rainy day without leaving any regrets. ), mobile phones, notebook computers, related chargers, paper and pen, small locks, power outlets at both ends

6. Medicine: cooling oil, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, mosquito repellent, band-aid, etc. 7. Clothing: sandals, swimsuits, swimming trunks, sun hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, paper towels, wet wipes, there are many temples in Thailand. It is also necessary to visit temples. Men should prepare trousers and sleeved jackets, and women should wear long skirts or trousers. In short, it is OK not to leak too much. If you want to experience Thailand’s trains, you must bring more clothes. The air conditioning on Thailand’s trains is extremely cold, much colder than that on the legendary Asian Airlines.

8. Others: bath towel, shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics (facial cleanser, sunscreen, etc.).

Expense budget: (four people in one line)

I. Transportation:

Budget: Xingtai to Guangzhou train ticket + Guangzhou to Zhuhai train ticket + Macao to Chiang Mai plane + Chiang Mai to Bangkok train ticket + Bangkok to Chongqing air ticket + other transportation expenses (including light rail taxi, doodle car, double car, etc.) = 1800 yuan (per capita) actually = 1845 yuan (per capita) Note: A line of four people, one of whom is a child ticket, so the expenses can be shared equally.

2. Accommodation: There are three nights on the train, 11 nights * 60=660 yuan (per capita) actually = 915 yuan (per capita) Note: In order to save money, we have been living in a big three-person plus bed or a larger standard room for several days.

3. Entertainment: The budget per capita for various tickets, such as one-day tour, 1000 yuan, jungle three, sliding rope, one-day tour in Chiang Rai, learning to cook, watching tiger and Hubei fish performances, etc. Actual expenses per capita in 850 yuan.

4. Catering: The budget per capita is 1000 yuan. Actually, when I come back, I calculate that the per capita is less than 800 yuan.

Five, other expenses: 500 yuan, the actual amount of funds that cannot be touched is more than 400 yuan (that is, more than 100 yuan per capita).

6. Shopping: The total budget is 5,000 yuan, but the actual cost is less than 3,000 yuan.

The specific amount of money was not clearly recorded, but the total amount of money spent was counted. In the end, the four people in the line did not spend 20,000 yuan for 15 days.

Preparation before departure:

I. Passport processing: Be sure to handle it in advance. It will be used when handling visas and booking hotels.

Second, visa processing: I am from a travel agency on Taobao * *, and now Youduo also has this business.

Three, air ticket reservation:

AirAsia has four major promotions every year, and the price is very powerful compared with the traditional domestic airlines. They are February, May, August and November (December) respectively. AirAsia’s promotion is to release tickets six months in advance. For those who take good leave and arrange time, the price is still awesome. If they are lucky, they can also buy zero yuan air tickets.

The flight we bought this time is:

Macau-Chiang Mai FD3463 20:45-22:30 (Bangkok Time)

Bangkok-Chongqing FD3820 06:20 (Bangkok time)-10:20

The air tickets booked online can be printed out and used directly without changing boarding passes at the airport.

Asian Airlines Website: http://www.airasia.com/cn/zh/home.html

Since 2001, AirAsia has rapidly broken the conventions of the aviation industry around the world and grown into the world’s best airline. With innovative solutions, efficient business processes and enthusiastic business methods, AirAsia has been forging ahead in the field of low-cost aviation. Today, its route network has covered more than 20 countries and regions and has carried more than 100 million passengers. Together with partner companies such as AirAsia X, Thailand AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, Philippines AirAsia and Japan AirAsia, efforts have been made to push the consistent concept of “everyone can fly now” of low-cost airlines to a completely new level. All AirAsia China destinations include Chengdu, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Macao, Hong Kong, etc.

At present, AirAsia’s flights include: Beijing-Kuala Lumpur

Guangzhou-Kuala Lumpur Guangzhou-Bangkok

Chengdu-Kuala Lumpur

Hangzhou-Kuala Lumpur

Guilin-Kuala Lumpur

Shenzhen-Kuala Lumpur Shenzhen-Bangkok Shenzhen-Sabah


Macau-Kuala Lumpur Macau-Bangkok Macau-Chiang Mai

Hong Kong-Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong-Macao Hong Kong-Phuket Hong Kong-Sabah Hong Kong-Penang

Four, train ticket reservation:

Thai Trains: http://www.thairailticket.com/esrt/Default.aspx? Language=1

(Thai train reservation, can be booked 60 days in advance) I booked more than 40 days in advance. I couldn’t book the first-class sleeper on the Thai train, but only the second-class sleeper. Train tickets booked online only need to be printed out and can be used directly, unlike train tickets that need to be collected in China.

Http://bbs.**.com/viewthread.php? Tid=473071 & highlight=% E5% 8F% B6% E6% B3% A2

(Ye Bo teaches you to buy tickets online) (Thank Ye Bo for providing)

5. Hotel Reservation:

1. Traditional Hotel Website

(1), Booking: http://www.booking.com/

Features: There is no need to pay the room fee in advance, and there is no charge for cancellation before the specified time.

(2), Agoda: http://www.agoda.com/

Features: Full deduction is required. Some reservations can be cancelled before the specified time and your full house price will be returned.

(3) Hostelworld: http://www.hostelworld.com/

Features: 10% deposit, $2 handling fee, this is mainly a dormitory;

(4), Sawadee: http://www.sawadee.com/

Features: Thailand’s local website;

(5) AirAisago: https://www.airasiago.com/travel/arc.cfm? Nav=zhCHINA

Features: AirAsia Holidays, AirAsia’s hotel websites, often cooperate with AirAsia to do air tickets and hotel activities; Full payment, no refund, no * *;

(6), Hotelclub: http://www.hotelclub.com/

Features: Group purchase of HC coupons, 19 pounds to 80 US dollars and other activities.

2. How to make good use of the hotel reservation website and how to choose the hotel you like: (1) Choose a main website to use, have a favorite interface or feel good to operate, for example, everyone may prefer agoda. Use this website to filter the hotel list. (2) Expect a psychological price of your own, or which area you want to live in, so as to narrow the range of choices. (3), according to the price order, and then look at the pictures and residents evaluation. Or from high to low according to the ranking of evaluation, and then at the appropriate price, look at the specific evaluation and pictures of the residents. (4) After selecting 1-2 favorite hotels, compare the prices of this hotel horizontally among the hotel websites, operate and pay on the cheapest website, and recommend the price comparison website: http://www.hotelscombined.cn/(E Travel) (5). Of course, different websites may also have different hotel resources. Some hotels on booking may not have agoda, and if you have energy, you can also look at them one by one.

3. How can poor tourists find cheap hotels (wool hotels)

(1) Pay attention to forums such as E Travel Network.

This forum announced the information of cheap hotels, wool hotels and 0 yuan hotels in the first place.

Maya Bay Sea Cry

Maya Bay is more than 40 kilometers away from Phuket Island. On Little Phi Phi Island, 3 kilometers away from Big Phi Phi Island, it is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has snow-white beaches. It is famous for the movie “Beach” starring Leonardo. The beach is not large, with hundreds of meters of cliffs around it. The sea is blue and the shore is dotted with wild trees. It is a typical tropical island in the Indian Ocean.

You can take a high-speed speedboat from Phuket Island to visit Maya Bay, but you don’t have to live in Phi Phi Island. The voyage takes about one hour. The speedboat has two engines and three pairs. It is said that there are still five rounds.

A speedboat on an island

A three-engine speedboat

On the ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi Island, I saw a flying high-speed boat.

January 31, 2011

At 3: 00 p.m., a speedboat was arranged, and a group of five people went to the Mayan Bay at 1200 baht. They chose to go in the afternoon to avoid congestion. It is said that the cruise ships on the Bay were packed with people in the morning and could not even dock. January is the peak of tourism on Phuket Island. Several famous beaches were noisy and crowded. The excitement was comparable to that of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai. After landing at Phuket Airport from Bangkok, they could not get to Hong Kong. They waited on the plane for 45 minutes. When leaving Phuket, they queued for an hour at the airport for exit inspection. A large number of Europeans took direct flights back to Copenhagen.

It is true that there are a little fewer people in Mayan Bay in the afternoon, but the sun has passed overhead and the shooting of the Bay has turned against the light. The rush hour was full of speedboats, and the latecomers could not reach the shore yet!

The clear sea water of Maya Bay

Maya Bay has a U-shaped pocket with a small mouth and can only be entered by bypassing the cliff.

At ordinary times, the cliff is also very stormy.

Forgetting feelings in the beautiful Mayan Bay, unconsciously dripping a few cool raindrops, the western sky was overcast, the fat speedboat captain softly reminded: back? Back? Looking west out of the bay, dark clouds are rolling.

Leave Maya Bay and look back at the beautiful beach.

Hurriedly boarded the boat and returned home. When crossing the headland, the wind and rain suddenly came, The waves are surging, Looking at the depths of the ocean, dark clouds are connected with the sea. The sound of the speedboat’s motors roared with the sound of the wind. Turning over the cliffs of Little Phi Phi Island, Hearing a loud beep, The windshield in the front half of the speedboat was covered with what’s things. Looking back at the dark sea that had blown tens of meters away, the fat captain stopped the ship quickly and seemed to want to retrieve it. However, a gust of wind and waves disappeared. The speedboat shook badly. The captain righted the crooked warning light in the middle of the speedboat and rolled down the broken tarpaulin. He also righted the steering wheel from time to time. I am worried that he will not drive back to find it!

The speedboat, which lacked the wind and rain canopy, continued to return, slowing down its speed obviously, but the fierce wind splashed in like water arrows on its face and its eyes could not be opened. On the right is Xiao Phi Phi’s frightening cliff, and on the left is the darkness connected by the water and the sky. It makes me fall into an ice cave. My hair is creepy and I am extremely frightened. I am afraid of being buried in the belly of the fish, especially the three-year-old little grandson wrapped in a big towel on the boat. Although I was nervous, I didn’t forget to take a picture of this scene, but the waves crashed into the speedboat with loud bangs, and the top jolted violently. I grabbed the hurdle with both hands to avoid the top of the speedboat, and I couldn’t even open the waterproof bag to take the camera.

The speedboat turned into Phi Phi Island Bay. The wind and rain gradually stopped and the sky was bright. It hurried ashore. It was not forgotten to take a souvenir for the speedboat and the fat driver, which was also the record of the 20-minute sea panic. Now the memory is still afraid.

The fat captain is inspecting the damage of the speedboat. It can be seen in the picture that the windshield at the front of the speedboat has been removed.

Nowadays, tourism has become a fashion, and tourism accidents are increasing. Ships that spend the night at Ha Long Bay will be wiped out, ships on Mekong River will sink, mountain climbing will fall to death, and road accidents will occur from time to time. In the face of accidents, in a word, we must pay attention to safety! In addition, it is impossible to prevent, don’t forget to buy insurance, and finally pray: God bless!

Six months ago, the sea was in panic, and what could not be swung away was the towering shadow of this cliff!

# A City-Micro Raiders Contest # Reluctant to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in a plateau basin with an altitude of 300 meters, surrounded by mountains, with cool climate, charming scenery, numerous historic sites, prosperous commerce and developed tourism. It is a famous summer resort in Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai is known all over the world as “Beauty and Rose”. It is the political, economic, cultural and educational center in northern Thailand, the second largest city in Thailand, the largest city in northern Thailand and the capital of Chiang Mai. Since 1296, it has been the capital of Lana Dynasty (or “Nanzhang”). The old city is in Hexi and the new city is in Hedong. There are two bridges connecting them. Chiang Mai is famous for its handicrafts, including jewelry, silverware, pottery, wood carving, silk, etc. Industries include teak preliminary processing and sawing. Chiang Mai has developed transportation and is the terminal of the northern railway, 752 kilometers away from Bangkok, with an airport. There are about 200 temples in the city, including Qingmen Temple built in the 13th century. The Shuanglong Temple on Sutie Mountain on the outskirts of the city was built in the 16th century and is a holy place for Buddhists everywhere to worship.

1. How to get there: It is strongly recommended to take a direct flight from Macau to Chiang Mai by AirAsia for self-help tours. Other domestic routes to Chiang Mai need to transfer via Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. The Macao-Chiang Mai route was only opened on May 22, 2012. Beijing time took off at 20:45 and Thailand time arrived at 22:30 (Thailand time has an hour difference from Beijing time). If you buy it in advance, you can sometimes buy quite cheap air tickets, and you can also visit Macao by the way without applying for a Hong Kong and Macao pass. Why not?

2, Chiang Mai’s traffic

There are 8 modes of transportation to travel in Chiang Mai: (This is a photo of me and an enthusiastic doodle driver)

(1) Rent a bicycle at 50 baht a day. (Two items must be checked: whether the tire is full of gas and whether the brake is smart)

(2) Rental motorcycles, bargaining to 150 baht a day, even 100 plants a day.

(3) Rental a car for self-driving, with a counter-offer of 1,000 baht a day (with an international driver’s license or a new Matai driver’s license).

(4) Taxi package, about 400 baht a day.

(5) Take two cars and make a counter-offer to 20 baht once (no matter far or near).

(6) Take a beep car, make a watch or make a counter-offer, and cut the average bag to 200 baht a day.

(7) Taxis and watches (Chiang Mai taxis are still quite cheap but relatively few).

(8) Participating in local tour, such as riding elephants, rafting and other travel agencies can offer discounts.

In Chiang Mai, whether it is a doodle car, a taxi or a two-car car, they are very friendly and will never be forced to kill. However, taxis usually do not change, doodle cars usually have to tip, and tips cannot be given to coins.

3, Chiang Mai food:

It is not too much to say that Chiang Mai is “a place where taste buds bloom with passion”. Moreover, Thais have special hobbies and like to make food colorful. It seems that only in this way can food be more delicious. In the night market, there are stalls selling banana bags and lotus leaf bags anywhere. In a banana bag or lotus leaf bag, the prepared purple rice or glutinous rice is sweetly mixed with various auxiliary materials, fresh and sweet. There is also Ruaam mit sold in plastic bags, which is cold and sweet and relieves summer heat. Of course, there are also all kinds of delicious snacks. Even the same river flour can be used in countless ways, which makes people feel that the stomach is not enough. As for all kinds of fresh, delicious and cheap tropical fruits that can be seen everywhere, I don’t need to introduce them, just eat them.

Thousand-person hot pot (this is the one where we eat)

There are many similar hotpot restaurants in the north and northwest of Chiang Mai. According to the person’s charge, the price ranges from 120 baht to 250 baht. Food is eaten casually and drinks are drunk casually. All kinds of fish and shrimps can be roasted and rinsed. All kinds of fruits, ice cream and desserts are eaten together by more than 1,000 people. The scene is spectacular. Some hotpot restaurants have local performances and various funny programs. The one we eat is relatively cheap. There is only a big TV, which is playing Thai TV series. It is a bit like an open-air cinema. The clerks are very enthusiastic, but only one of them can speak a little English, and the others all communicate in sign language. Here, it fully proves the strong practicability of “sign language + smile”.

There are many bars with emotional appeal along the moat and Ping River in Chiang Mai. It is quite pleasant to sit by the river and drink wine and tea. What is even more petty is to go to the maeping hotel in Chiang Mai for afternoon tea, which is said to be Teresa Teng’s favorite place.

4, Chiang Mai residence:

We have lived in three stores in Chiang Mai, each with its own characteristics. Generally speaking, they are clean enough and the price is medium in the local area. For the first two days, we stayed at Mandala House (Mandela Hotel). We booked it online at http://www.booking.com/. Three people with one bed, 1100 Thai baht for one night, including breakfast. The breakfast was very delicious. The waiter in the store could speak Chinese. The two houses in the back were both found while wandering in Chiang Mai City. One was the one in the photo, which was 1200 baht per night and could accommodate four people, like a suite with one room, two halls, one kitchen and one bathroom. The other one is cheaper, 350 baht standard room, and the location is also very good. In Chiang Mai, we even saw hotels similar to youth tours with 30 ~ 50 baht per person, which were also built with great emotional appeal. I heard that some were fully booked a month ago.

5, Chiang Mai’s play:

Temple View:

There are more than 300 temples inside and outside Chiang Mai City. No matter how big or small, these temples have the power to calm people down. In the evening, I came to Chidilong Temple (also known as the Great Pagoda Temple and the Great Buddha Pagoda Temple), just as the monks were doing their late homework. Older monks read sutras, and their voices filled the air in the golden Buddhist temple, like sounds of nature chanting. The younger novice monks flashed their big eyes and looked around. From time to time, some people join in and take a scripture, so that they can chant sutras and worship Buddha together. Even if you don’t know Thai, it doesn’t matter. If you close your eyes and listen, or sit up and meditate, you can enter the realm of soul peace. In Chedilong Temple, there is also the activity of “chatting with monks”. Within a fixed period of time, tourists can talk with monks, learn about the history of the temple and learn some Buddhist allusions.

Wat Chedi Luang

Chidilong Temple was founded in 1411 and is the most famous of the six temples in Chiang Mai. It is the most prestigious temple in Chiang Mai together with Pashin Temple. The tall Lana-style pagoda in the temple was built in 1441 and destroyed by an earthquake in the 16th century, but it is still the most magnificent building in the city. There are six elephant head statues on the south side of the tower, five of which are fakes that were later repaired with cement, and only the one made of bricks on the far right is the real one. Unfortunately, years of wind and sun have damaged the nose and ears. Walking around the square pagoda, there are two halls behind the square pagoda. In the glass cabinet in the middle of each hall sat a wax figure of an eminent monk in a gaze, with bright eyes and lifelike appearance. Great Pagoda: There is a grand square pagoda in the temple, which was built in the early 15th century and has been added several times since then, reaching 85.4 meters high. It is said that it can look thousands of miles away. In 1545, a major earthquake and wind disaster occurred in Chiang Mai. The spire of the pagoda collapsed overnight, revealing the golden Buddha statue inside the pagoda.

Wat Phra Singh (this photo was taken when we were visiting the weekend night market)

also translated Praxin Temple, alias Shuanglong Temple or Shariko Buddhist Temple, is the largest Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai and the most noble temple in Chiang Mai together with Chedilong Temple. Founded in 1345 by King Meng Lai, it was used to worship the ashes of his father. After many expansions, the existing scale was formed. Around the temple, there are pines and cypresses, towering ancient trees, and two huge dragons inlaid with stained glass sheets and fan-shaped colored glazed small ceramic tiles, each with seven dragon heads of different sizes, perched on both sides of the stone steps, with the dragon heads high and tilted, imposing. The dragon body, which is about 150 meters long, rises and falls along with the stone steps and extends to the gate of the Buddhist temple. The stone steps are stacked one after another, totaling 309 steps, which is very spectacular. In the middle of the temple is a 20-meter-high Shwedagon Pagoda, built in the 16th century. It is said that the pagoda contains the relics of Buddha Sakyamuni. At the top of the tower is a crystal lotus presented by the King of Thailand. There are four Buddha halls in the temple, east, west, north and south. They are connected by long corridors and form a square. Each hall is equipped with a golden Buddha. The main hall, Laigan Hall, houses three Buddha statues that are regarded as the most spiritual in northern Thailand. Little Tie: Every year from April 13 to 15, Pasin Temple is one of the main places for people to celebrate the Water Splashing Festival. Bronze Buddha Statues: The early Lanna-style bronze Buddha statues enshrined in the temple were invited from the neighboring city of Chiang Rai in 1400. The murals with Buddhist stories painted on the surrounding walls are lifelike, as well as exquisite wood carvings. They are considered as representative works of traditional art in northern Thailand and excellent Buddhist works of art.

Chiang Mai’s large and small temples have their own characteristics, so they are not listed here. Whether you are interested in Buddhism or not, it is worth savoring carefully.

Elephant Riding:

We reported a “jungle trio” at a travel agency in Chiang Mai, including elephant riding, rafting and mountain hiking. There are many travel agencies in Chiang Mai, and the tour items are generally the same. The quotations vary from high to low. It is necessary to compare them. Sign up on the first day, and there will be a car to pick up your hotel the next day, like a group of individual tourists. The several projects we have participated in are a combination of 12 or 3 people each time. Among these more than a dozen people, there are often Chinese people, and every time we meet Chinese people, we have a very happy conversation and are deeply impressed.

In Thailand, riding elephants is a must. The chair on the elephant’s back is fixed. We sit on it directly. There is no safety belt on the chair. The elephant walks on the mountain road and fools. At first, we were worried that if the elephant lies down, our chair would become a slide. Soon, the super-cool feeling of passing through the leaves overcame that little fear. The elephant we were riding was the one above. The owner of the elephant (elephant slave) was very thin, his clothes were tattered, he had no shoes on, and his feet were cracked. However, his mental state was very good and he was very happy all the way. What he was holding was a wooden stick with an iron hook. When the elephant was disobedient, he beat it and pricked it. It felt very cruel. However, if you think about it carefully, the elephant’s skin was so thick that the elephant could not feel it without a hook. The elephants we ride like to eat and often stop to eat grass. What’s elephants will get a small stick. Later, it was found that there was still a small elephant in the team. Maybe we were riding a mother elephant.

The elephant rode around the hillside for an hour. After that, the staff developed the photos of each tourist they “secretly took”. The elephant rolled up a photo with its nose and handed it to me. After taking a look, it was the above one. I don’t know how the elephant distinguished this group of tourists. Anyway, we didn’t see anyone making gestures.

Slide rope (Jungle Flight):

This photo was also “secretly taken” by the staff of “Jungle Sliding Rope”.

Starting from Chiang Mai City, it takes one hour to drive to Baan Nam Khong, a mysterious village hidden in Doi Lungka, Thailand’s fifth highest mountain at an altitude of 1200 meters. This will be the starting and ending point of Jungle Flight. According to their own website, the altitude of 1,000 meters makes Jungle Flight the company with the highest geographical location in Thailand’s sliding rope project. The unique alpine and jungle climate keeps it at 18 ~ 28 degrees all the year round. November to February is the most pleasant season every year. The just-concluded rainy season irrigates a large area of green vegetation, showing the unique rich flavor of tropical rain forest everywhere. BNK is the most beautiful in March and April. All flower species bloom in turn. Tall and straight trees are also covered with green crowns to welcome the upcoming rainy season. Rain began to increase gradually in May, the climate was cool and the sky was as blue as wash. In the intermittent sunshine and rain, huge white clouds were suspended in the mountains, making it impossible to move one’s eyes away….

The whole Jungle Flight is divided into two routes A and B according to the length of the route. More than 1/2 of the population in our family is physically weak, so we chose the shorter route A, which includes: flying over 24 platforms (50 kilometers per hour), 1 high-altitude suspension bridge, 1 air spiral ladder, 2 longest flight tracks (including extraordinary tracks 50 meters and 300 meters long from the ground), 3 high-altitude downturns (up to 40 meters above the ground), 35 meters climbing tree nets, etc. The skating coach is a handsome man, very professional, and will observe your ability and courage. When you descend at high altitude, they will adjust the length and speed of the descent according to your courage. My son was timid and reluctant when he first started playing. After experiencing the feeling of flying on the sliding rope, his interest became higher and higher. If he had known this earlier, it would have been better to quote a longer route B.

Tip: Jungle Flight cannot carry a backpack or a large camera. If you want to take a picture, you need to bring a small card player. Bag, large camera and what can be put in the locker they provide. There are also free bottled water and buffet lunch, which are very considerate.

Learn to cook:

This is where I learned to cook Thai food in Asia science in Chiang Mai. Learning to cook Thai food in Chiang Mai is also a good experience. Many people take part in the study every day. You can find photos of students who come here every day to learn cooking on the website www.asiasecenic.com. I went there on August 6, and I can find more other photos of me on this website. What I attended was a half-day experience. I could learn to cook four categories and five dishes. After finishing, I could taste them on the spot or take my family to eat together. The tuition fee was 700B, but I saved the lunch money for a family of four. Ha ha.

6. Shopping in Chiang Mai

It is strongly recommended that this is the real fair in Chiang Mai. People in dozens of miles around are selling their own belongings and handicrafts at a price that may be only 1/3 of that of Night Bazaar. Even Chiang Mai locals were dispatched, with half of the tourists and half of the locals patronizing. The goods sold are really dazzling, with few similarities. From the beginning of Tapeimen to several blocks in the ancient city, there are a sea of people and the scale is very large. On that day, we went from 4: 00 p.m. to 11: 00 p.m. when the market opened, and we still had some fun. When we went to Chiang Mai this weekend night market, we must not miss it.

Seven, Chiang Mai’s characteristic customs:

Massage: (Foot massage can be seen everywhere on the fork roads of Chiang Mai’s streets) Is there any place in what more comfortable than doing massage here? All kinds of massage methods can be selected at will, from foot massage to traditional Thai massage, as well as hot sand massage, essential oil massage, hot oil physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, etc. Anyway, there are all kinds of massage and Spa technologies in the world. If you are tired from shopping, find a Spa and have a massage to ensure that the fatigue of the day will subside. In Chiang Mai, there are also many kinds of massage shops, some in high-end five-star hotels, some in affordable roadside shops, and the massage technicians are good. There is also the famous Chiang Mai Women’s Prison, where female prisoners massage tourists, which is not encountered in other places. In Chiang Mai, this can be experienced every day. The price is not expensive either. The traditional Thai massage is only 150B per hour.

Early morning alms:

Sunday Walking Street (This is a stall selling craft wax)–In a materialistic and disturbing world, is what more peaceful than a devout heart? In Chiang Mai, every morning, people spontaneously come to the streets of the ancient city to give alms to monks who come to alms. Thailand has a very high proportion of people who believe in Buddhism, so people almost always greet each other in a folded way. Thailand believes in Mahayana Buddhism, and monks do not eat after noon, so they need to go out of the temple every morning to receive alms. Most of the local people cook their own meals at home and prepare the necessary items for alms to wait for the monks to arrive at their doorsteps. Many tourists also joined the charity team and could buy wrapped food and water from peddlers at the edge of the ancient city to show their hearts to the monks. Monks will line up and walk slowly. Sometimes the innocent and lovely little novice monks will walk in front. They carried their bowls to the front of the believers kneeling on the ground, took food, money and other items, then read a scripture for the believers, and then moved on. The process of giving alms in the morning is very short, but it will make people feel very peaceful. In the past few days in Chiang Mai, I got up three times in the morning and went to the river to watch alms, experiencing and feeling the peace. It is true to say that Chiang Mai is a rose in northern Thailand. This time I went to Thailand without going to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, the traditional route, Batia, the transvestite, or the islands in southern Thailand with super beautiful environment. I just stayed in Chiang Mai for several days. Even so, I felt that I did not stay enough. I will definitely go to Chiang Mai again.

Record 7 days of drifting in Thailand. . .

Speaking of this trip, it is purely impulsive. Just read a few travel posts about Thailand and got a passport and booked a plane ticket. I happen to have a vacation in July,

Just relax, open your eyes and exercise your self-care ability.

On July 14, the passport was completed, and China Eastern Airlines booked a ticket from Shanghai to Bangkok on the 21st one day apart, returning 2000 + (tax included).

There are several problems that have been bothering me on this trip:

1. Is ONE DAY WORLD’s English reliable on the road alone?

2. Whether Thailand’s political situation is stable and whether it is safe.

3. I made various unsafe assumptions in a foreign land when I left the country for the first time.

After reading the strategy articles in the next few days, I felt that there should be no problem. Resolutely completed the visa and hit the road.

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