What a nice day

People playing with parachutes

Blue, blue

Coconut Shake


Platoon station

The same beach

On board the ship, I don’t know where to go.

Beautiful Arc

Clouds, Clouds

The seaside of Pattaya

Is it true that the ship that stands up sails fastest?

A good group of monks, holding a pillow to dry ha ah, also surrounded it in the core

Is that a saliva

Looking at a house-like boat from afar,

Painting all over the sky

Big freehand brushwork.

What bright eyes, looking at people’s eyes also shine.

Beauty. Beauty.

Return late

From afar, the boat like a house is in the dim light of night.


Sitting in the upper cabin and looking at the beautiful feet of the lower cabin.

The stall is closed.

Pattaya Lido Transvestite Performance Site


After the performance

After the performance