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A Practical Handbook for Thailand Travel (II) Ayutaya

Ayutthaya Ayutthaya We went to Ayutaya on February 9. Ayutthaya, also known as a big city, is located 76 kilometers north of Bangkok. Its ruins are listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This is a imperial city built of red bricks and stone carvings. It was captured by Burmese 600 years ago, leaving only the ruins of today. Leave Bangkok, a bustling metropolis, and go to Ayutaya to experience the bitterness of a declining dynasty. The weather on this day is still very hot (at least 34 degrees) and sunny. [History] AYUTHAYA’s most famous WAT PHRA RAM (Pulan Temple). And WAT PHRA SAMPHET (Wapaishi Sanbi Temple) in the ancient palace site of Ayutaya. The palace site WAT PHRA SI SANPHET was founded during the KING U-THONG period and lived for 98 years. Later, the palace moved and it became a royal temple. It is the largest ancient temple in the city of Ayutaya. There are only three pagodas built in the 15th century in the temple that bury the remains of the three emperors. Their carvings, lines and architectural skills are the most artistic representative works of the ancient capital of the big city. The ruins of Buddhist temples are praised by UNESCO as “Angkor Wat II”. There is also a 16-meter-high Buddha statue in the temple, which was built in 1500. The appearance of the Buddha statue is pasted with 17 0 kilograms of gold foil. The Burmese stole all the gold foil after the invasion. Even so, the status of the Buddha statue is still highly worshipped by the Thai people. In 1956, the Buddha statue was restored and a main hall was built outside the Buddha statue, called VIHARN PHRA MONGKOL BOPHIT. This is the ancient capital of Thailand 600 years ago. Thailand has experienced four major dynasties in its history: Sukhothai Dynasty, Ayutaya Dynasty, Zheng Dynasty and the current Bangkok Dynasty, namely Jieji Dynasty. Among them, the Dacheng Dynasty is the longest one. It has experienced 33 kings in 417 years, but in 1767, at the peak of the Dacheng Dynasty, it perished due to the Burmese invasion. Now we can only imagine the prosperity of that year from the ruins of these historic sites. In 1350, Emperor Yu Tong of Thailand first established his capital in Ayutaya. After that, the country prospered, and poets, scholars, sculptors and even business travelers from all over the country gathered here one after another, making Ayutaya the political, economic, cultural and religious center at that time. By the early 17th century, Ayutaya was already one of the richest cities in Asia. With a population of nearly 1 million, it exports rice, animal skins and ivory, which is larger than the contemporary city of London. Europeans mentioned Ayutaya in their early literature, saying with awe that there are a large number of valuable courtyards and 2,000 gold-plated steeple temples. For centuries, Burmese troops have been attacking the gate of Ayutaya. After numerous attacks, Ayutaya was finally captured in 1767. Burmese burned, killed, looted and expelled the population. In just one year, Burmese turned this prosperous city with a population of one million into a sad city with only a few thousand people. When I came to WAT MAHATHAT, the most famous one was the head of the Buddha, which was tightly held by the roots of the tree. Just like growing out of a tree, it is already so integrated with the tree. Tourists were told that they could not take photos beyond Buddha, but could only crouch down to take photos. On the wooden fence are colorful fragrant flowers decorated beautifully by believers in Buddhism. Although the awestruck Buddha head is not as tall as other Buddha statues and can only be looked up to, and there is no gold foil in the temple, I feel an unprecedented sense of deterrence when standing in front of him. My slightly open eyes look around every creature appearing in front of him and feel boundless magic power. This is a temple built during Rama I and was once the place where monks compiled Buddhist scriptures. It is the highest temple of the Mahani Kaitian sect of Buddhism. The Buddha’s head in the tree was actually knocked off and tumbled under the Bodhi tree after the temple was destroyed by the Burmese army. 600 years later, this spectacle was achieved. [Transportation] Starting from Peng Railway Station in South China, There are many trains to Ayutaya every day, which is also very convenient. It is suggested that friends who want to visit Ayutaya can choose trains and enjoy the suburban scenery of Bangkok along the way (to be honest, it is much behind our suburbs and villages in China, but flowers are everywhere, and they have to sigh the love of the Thai people for many flowers and plants). The journey: The bus recommended by me is the 8:20 a.m. Express (EXP), which takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to pass through Don Mueng Dongmuen Airport. Return trip: Personally, I recommend the 4:11 p.m. bus, which takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. There are also trains at other times of the day, basically once an hour, mostly slow trains. On the way to the railway station, you can buy tickets, 20B station tickets and 40B seats. The train is not large. There are many people on the train in peak season, mostly tourists. If you buy a station ticket, you can also find an empty seat to sit down, but when the person in this seat comes, the ticket inspector will remind you that it is time to give up your seat:). There were very few people on the return bus, so there was a seat when you bought a bus stop ticket. It is suggested to buy a station ticket and move to the last carriage (restaurant) to buy a drink, so there will be a seat, which is still very wide. Here is an excerpt from the train timable. As a one-day tour to the big city, the recommended time is just enough. For more detailed train schedules, please consult the Bangkok Tourism Bureau or the information center at the railway station. Departure: Platform 8107911 Type RAPRAPRAPEXP Bangkok 05: 2006: 0006: 4007: 0008:20 Donmuang (Airport) 6: 086: 587: 448: 268: 429:41 Return: TypeRAPRAPEXPRAPAP Ayutthaya 14: 0515: 4816: 1117: 1617:46 Donmuang (Airport) 14: 4516: 3316: 5417: 5818: 34 Bangkok 15: 4017: 3517: 5519: 0019: 25 In addition, Bangkok-Dacheng also has BUS, or you can take a taxi to it. However, comprehensive comparison shows that the train is still convenient and affordable. [Car Rental] Rental of Motorcycles is strongly recommended! Rent a car after crossing the river! Seeing many self-help tourists renting bicycles, think about that hot and poisonous day. It was really hard for you to ride bicycles under the scorching sun and high temperature. Moreover, some historic sites are scattered and it will be very hard to ride down in one day. Renting a motorcycle (provided you can ride it) is a good choice. Attention, you can see many car rental shops as soon as the railway station comes down, so don’t rent them here. Because the front is crossing the river. Please rent a car after the transition. Otherwise, it is said that there will be a charge for the transition with the car. Transition 1 person 2 ~ 3b. After the transition, walk straight into the town and ask the local people about the car rental point. Walk for more than 10 minutes to find a road, which is full of westernized cafes, hotels and car rental shops. Most of the motorcycles here are manual, 150B a day (remember to cut the price), and they have to show their passports and sign an agreement with the shopkeeper. The procedures are very formal. Before you hit the road, you must ask the shopkeeper how to use the motorcycle. The starting, gear shifting, handbrake and foot brake of these cars are different from those in China. Remember to take the safety helmet and remember that Thailand is driving on the left. Safety comes first. The boss will give you a photocopied map with the names of each historic site marked on it. However, it is very vague, so I suggest that I make a clear one myself. [Play] 1 You can consider staying in a big city for one night. The historic sites at night are lit and are said to be very beautiful. It is said that it is best to see the historic sites from 3 to 5 pm. First, the weather is not too hot. Second, the historic sites reflecting the sunset are very beautiful. However, we must have a good grasp of the time, because the historic sites selling tickets are usually not allowed to enter from 5: 30 to 6: 00. However, you can still visit historic sites that do not charge tickets. Compared with Bangkok, the English level of the people in big cities is generally very low, and it is difficult to eat and ask directions. We can only rely on gesticulations. If you do not use motorcycles, you can get off the ferry and take the moto taxi (20b) to the monument, or take the TUKTUK bus (40b/person). In fact, the historic area is not, it will arrive soon. You can also choose to charter a car and let TUKTUK show you all the scenic spots. Tickets 30B for scenic spots that charge tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the scenic spot. The instructions of the scenic spot are all available in English. Look and know what is worth seeing in the scenic spot. Remember to wear sunscreen. There are many historic sites in the seven big cities, but they are the same. It is suggested that 3 or 4 of the best should be enough according to the time, and it is similar to ride around other points that do not charge tickets. Returning to Bangkok from the big city, Chinatown is opposite the railway station as soon as it comes out. It is very lively when you have time to go and have a look. However, it should be noted that no shops opened during the Spring Festival, and everyone went on vacation.

Comparison of train fares between China and Thailand

From Bangkok to Sulatani Prefecture, the distance is 648.48 kilometers. It takes 12 hours

The train fare is 390 baht, about RMB 76 yuan.

From Beijing to Zhengzhou, the 678-kilometer train K817 takes about 9 hours.

The train fare is 93 yuan

The Chinese train runs relatively smoothly, is closed and runs relatively fast.

The Thai train is a double-row seat with a partition in that middle to ensure that people do not connect directly with each other’s body

Touch. The seat can be tilted, which is more comfortable. The front seat has a folded flat on the back.

Board, can be tiled. Another point is that there are almost no station tickets on Thai trains.

The most important thing is that Thailand’s trains can be equipped with 369 and so on, but they carry passengers of all levels together. Unlike our bullet trains and high-speed trains here, they only pull the rich, not the lower classes. But also called itself “Harmony”.

Free Travel in Thailand (7): Night Stay by Shirley Lake

In my opinion, the difference between travelers and tourists lies not only in backpacks and luggage case, inns and hotels, but also in the leisurely pace in front of the scenery and the depth of integration into the scenery.

On the bank of Xiulan Lake in Sulatani Prefecture, my pace slowed down in the face of the bright scenery.

After three o’clock in the afternoon, light rain kept falling. Rainy days, guest days. Since God’s will is so, then conform to God’s will, stay overnight and enjoy the dusk and morning light on Lake Shirley.

Rain will delay one’s journey, but there is no need to worry or worry about it. There is an open restaurant in the service area of the scenic spot. Only a few female stall owners make some food. A large piece of roasted chicken leg is golden and crisp, and the fragrance is tangy. It is called delicious, 50 baht. I asked for one and enjoyed it slowly in the face of the rain.

The scenery of Xiulan Lake in the rain is especially touching.

The whole world is covered in rain and fog. Raindrops beat the road surface and washed away the branches and leaves. Cicadas stopped chirping and let the rain wash their wings. The bird, stopped flying, combed its wings and waited for the weather to clear up. On the lake, there was no sign of cruise ships, and the outline of the distant mountains blurred. “480 temples in the Southern Dynasty, how many towers in the misty rain” suddenly realized that I was in a wonderful ink painting, the name of which was also very simple, it was called “Xiulan Lake Rain Scene”

After the rain, Xiulan Lake is even more enchanting and moving. The mountains behind it are shrouded in blue and white mist. The mist is like a white gauze skirt, tied halfway up the mountain. The gauze skirt is slowly fluctuating and drifting. If the fairy dances curled up, it is matched with mountain flowers and green shade, and I feel at ease like crazy and drunk!

At dusk, the mist slowly drifted down, or “flowed” down, and slowly dispersed on the lake. The whole Shirley Lake is hazy, mysterious and quiet.

When you envy travelers for their free and carefree scenery, have you ever thought about a big trouble I am facing at this time: where do you live at night?

Thailand claims to be a big tourist country, but its investment in accommodation is obviously less than that of China! In our place, there are a lot of hotels and inns in any scenic spot, but Thailand is scarce. So I wonder: Are we Chinese too shrewd and too eager for money, or are Thais too stupid and lazy to make money?

Another reason for this trouble is that it is sparsely populated, Almost the primitive environment in Shan Ye, the dock over there was asked, there was no hotel for accommodation, and there was no service area here. The rain kept falling. A few staff members left work and looked around. A feeling of “withered vines, old trees, faint crows, sunset, heartbroken people at the end of the world” passed through their hearts instantly.

At this time, we need a little strength, optimism and magnanimity.

It is not difficult for me to do this: I once rode in heavy rain in Shandong and set up tents on Hainan beaches, Tough! A traveller has to be tough in mind!

Besides, God has pitied and cherished me enough. There are half-open restaurants and several simple large dining tables that can be used as beds. What’s more, I found a mat on a food cabinet, which is enough! The sky should be used as a kang by the ground, and the wind, food and sleep on the streets are the true qualities of travelers.

Another problem is mosquito prevention: I thought I would be harassed and bitten by mosquitoes at night and couldn’t sleep, so I smeared balm on my body so hard that my arms and legs were a little burning, but in fact, there were not many mosquitoes in the wild here! And the feeling of mosquito bites is very small! But here occasionally one or two small ants bite people almost to cry once they get into trouser legs!

Insects chirp, birds chirp, and occasionally one or two crows chirp in the night sky, which is even quieter. Lying on my “dining table bed”, I took a note on my iPad and fell asleep. The tiredness during the day and the excitement of watching the scenery made me sleep soundly this night. . . . . .

The next morning, the bird woke me up as a wanderer. The sun was shining. Through the forest, the air was very fresh. I packed my bags and went to my next travel destination. I remember that I left Shirley Lake, my Shirley Lake, step by step and three times.

Goodbye, Shirley Lake. One day, I will come back to you!

Free Travel Thailand (1): Thai Train Takes Me to Dacheng

In the early morning of the 10th, the plane landed at Langman International Airport, slowing down the time by one hour and officially entering the Thai mode.

At first glance, tourists entering the airport can be divided into two categories: Chinese tourists carrying luggage case to call friends and follow the tour guide’s buttocks, and European and American tourists carrying heavy backpacks in small groups.

Just like when I crossed the customs in Vietnam, I saw Chinese tourists spontaneously squeezing money into their passports in order to please Thai staff to pass the customs smoothly. Angry. To be honest, I am not angry with Thais, but with some Chinese! Fellow countrymen, why are your bones so soft!

The exit from Langman Airport is Langman Railway Station, from which you have to take a train to Dacheng. At first glance, I was taken aback at the sight of this railway station. Cultural shock came on my face.

Where does this look like a railway station? There are only canopies on both sides of the railway tracks, which are not closed. They can enter and leave at will. There are no ticket inspectors, and there is no magnificent waiting hall. When the train arrives, just buy your own tickets. How can the railway station be so simple? This is the airport and railway station where tourists from all over the world come and go. According to some people’s plausible words, this is the “image” of a country. It took a long time for people to react: If the waiting hall is not built, taxpayers’ hard-earned money will naturally be saved and spent in useful places. People’s freedom to travel will be guaranteed. You may worry that some people will not get on the bus without tickets. However, the probability of such a thing happening is extremely low. There is only one reason: a Buddhist nation does not grow grass in its heart and cannot learn to cheat.

The color of Thailand’s railway station is purple, and the train is also purple, which is very distinctive. Why do you want to paint it purple? I have always wanted to know, but I didn’t get the answer because of the language barrier.


On the simple train, I met a kind old Thai man, who earnestly taught me the Thai greeting in how. Thailand’s trains are not closed and the wind is blowing straight inside. On the steps of getting off the bus at the junction of the two carriages, I found a Chinese sister sitting there, which startled me: the train was speeding, and this sister was extremely bold! She was wearing sunglasses, and the wind had messed up her hair, showing a bold and unrestrained wild beauty.

Many people describe the big city beautifully in their travel notes, but it has given me many disappointments and melancholy.

First of all, I came mainly to the floating market here, and three British girls followed me to look for it. However, on a hot day, I looked around and even asked the local people. As a result, there was no such place!

In desperation, go to the ruins of the pagoda in Dacheng, which is a long way from the railway station. First, take a ferry to cross a river in the city. The river is turbid and piles of water hyacinths are floating on the river.

It took a long time to get to the ruins park. The park is not closed, but tickets are charged at 300 baht.

Like the holy land of Meishan in central Vietnam, the heyday of religious incense in the past was destroyed by war and politics. Broken walls shows that “wind and rain always blow away the wind”. I did see an old tree accompanying it beside a dilapidated pagoda. The pagoda is already dim, but the old trees are flourishing. Seeing this, my heart moved and I stared at the scene for a long time, seemingly realizing something.


Conservative and Open: Thailand, are you a country in how?

These days, I have been understanding Thailand and paying close attention to Thailand. For this reason, I did some consulting and reading.

First thing: Know the national anthem and flag of this country.

Thailand’s national flag is red, white and blue. They represent the nation, Buddhism and the royal family respectively.

I found Thailand’s national anthem on the Internet and listened to this solemn national anthem. The lyrics are as follows:

The people of Thailand are all linked by flesh and blood. The inch of land in Thailand is protected by the whole people. It has always been the same. They are of the same mind. They are lazy and peaceful. They are loved by the Chinese. If there is war, we will be fearless. Independence and sovereignty, to defend to the death, to fight for our country, to shed all blood, to do whatever it takes, to dedicate pride and victory to our motherland,

The second thing: I found several videos of former Thai female Prime Minister Yingluck, saw the videos of her inauguration, her visit to Beijing for talks with Premier Wen Jiabao, her English speech at the banquet welcoming US President Obama, and even saw the videos of her dancing lightly.

Http:// From=y1.2-1-91.4. 5-1.1-1-2-4-0

Solemn, elegant and charming, there are so few such goddess figures, one is Teresa Teng and the other is Prime Minister Yingluck.

The third thing: start learning a little Thai.

Fourth, I borrowed a “Explorer Travel Series” from the library and read it. The authors are Tim Locke and Martin Cratback, two senior travelers. Publishing House: Zhonghua Book Company.

The fifth thing is to start logging on English websites related to Thailand’s tourism. First, check Wikipedia’s detailed introduction of Thailand. Then I logged into Thailand’s blog network to learn more about the water market. There is also the Jiami Island Resort Network:

The sixth thing is to understand the living conditions of sex sellers and transsexuals in Pattaya, Thailand.

Video link:

维基百科文字:Prostitution in Thailandand sex tourism also form ade factopart of the economy. Cultural milieu combined with poverty and the lure of money have caused prostitution and sex tourism in particular to flourish in Thailand. One estimate published in 2003 placed the trade at US$4.3 billion per year or about 3% of the Thai economy.[116]According to research byChulalongkorn Universityon the Thai illegal economy, prostitution in Thailand in the period between 1993 and 1995, made up around 2.7% of the GDP.[117]It is believed that at least 10% of tourist dollars are spent on the sex trade.[118]

Thailand’s spring sales industry also forms a part of the economic income. The cultural background mixed with the temptation of poverty and money led to the prosperity of this industry. A 2013 survey report estimated annual income at 4.3 billion US dollars, accounting for 3% of economic income. Chulalongkorn University released a survey report. From 1993 to 1995, the income from selling spring accounted for 2.7% of GDP. It is believed that about 10% of the expenses of foreign tourists are spent on seeking flowers and willows in Thailand.

Still a little don’t understand: Why is there so much selling spring in such a Buddha country? On the Pattaya Oriental Princess cruise ship, why are transsexuals so casually accepting the intimacy of some vulgar Chinese tourists? There are also online posts telling tourists to Thailand that thieves and swindlers are always found in public places in Bangkok, Thailand, especially on public transport.

There is also a famous Tiger Temple: At the time of writing this article, the Tiger Temple had just been exposed to kill tigers and buy tiger bones and skins. Let’s look at the comments on Weibo on the Internet:


Baby Lu Feifei: These people will freeze the tiger cubs. I think there is an explanation-they can no longer afford these tigers but they are not willing to tell the public the real situation. I believe they must have had a good original intention when saving the first tiger cub, but things went bad when they developed, because human greed and shameless can easily surpass everything!

Jimiyangguang2: It turns out that you made dirty money in the name of Buddha, which is disgusting. Are you not afraid of Buddha’s punishment?

Kookie, Fat Egg: The first time I went to Thailand, I met a swindler. I saw that we came from other places to have a meal and took advantage of it. I vowed never to go to Thailand again. I have no good impression on what, Thailand!

4 走在套路的世界:他们信佛只是想洗净自己的罪恶,我奶奶说佛只是心里的一种信念,引导你心境宽容美好。有些人天天吃斋念佛还不如干点好事儿

A shark-: I have seen more of this introduction on TV before. Monks really get along very well with tigers. I felt kind at that time. But in the end, why does it always begin with good and end with evil?

Li Er is very fat: when I was in Thailand, I talked to a restaurant owner who was Dutch. I was particularly impressed by a remark he made. This country can be extremely tolerant or completely opposite. Ah

7 Zhe Zhemei Drags Sleepy: Thailand really doesn’t know what’s going on. The whole people believe in Buddhism, but look at Pattaya, transvestites, etc.

8 lapland explains seclusion: Thailand is really a wonderful country. All the people believe in Buddhism, but… don’t say everyone knows!

9 PollySail: So it doesn’t matter whether you have faith or not. It’s human nature that drives good and evil!

The Devil King Bo Xun said to Buddha: At the end of the Dharma robbery, my son and grandson became monks, wearing your cassock, destroying your Dharma, and practicing the Dharma in the name of monks.

11 karrysomething:说好的善良国度呢

12 傻瓜lalal:伪善比真坏还要可怕


GUANMANO: I used to like this country very much and think goodness is very important. Now I really think of heaven and hell.

14 稀土部队b:去泰国旅游,导游嘉文说泰国人信佛,不会做坏事,做坏事的都是别的国家来的。我想爆粗,纯属放屁。

Buddha, does it play the role of how in the life and mind of the Thai people? An incidental question arises: Do you want to take a walk in Pattaya, a place called amorous feelings and romance but actually full of lights?

The seventh thing: Learn about Thailand’s airlines, landed on the official website of Thai Lion Airlines, and learned about the flights from Bangkok to various parts of Thailand.

The eighth thing: Browse the microblog of Bangkok University and the microblog of “Thailand Zero Distance” on Sina Weibo to learn about life in Thailand.

Understand, produce yearning; Not knowing, causing accidents or surprises.

[Thailand] Thailand’s “Eiffel Tower”-Zheng Wang Temple

It was just 2: 30 p.m. When the hotel was fully settled, much earlier than expected. I took a quick shower and went out. According to the prior plan, our arrangements in Bangkok are mainly the Grand Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple, the Sleeping Buddha Temple and the Zheng Wang Temple. In the evening, we will take a cruise to the Chao Phraya River and take a day to the big city more than 80 kilometers away from Bangkok. Time is limited in the afternoon, so we must hurry to the Zheng Wang Temple on the other side of the Chao Phraya River and then go to the legendary Kaoshan Road in the evening.

Taking the map provided by the hotel and asking about the southeast and northwest directions, we couldn’t wait to walk towards Zheng Wang Temple. According to the Thai travel brochure published in China, the opening time of Zheng Wang Temple is from 9: 00 a.m. to 4: 00 p.m., If we can’t make it to the opening time, we may not be able to go to Zheng Wang Temple, because although we have three days in Bangkok, one of them will go to the site of the World Cultural Heritage City. If Bangkok’s Grand Palace scenic spot needs to be visited seriously, it will take at least half a day, and we also want to go to Thailand’s National Museum, so the time is not rich at all.

After turning right from the hotel gate and walking about 100 meters, you can see the canal. The canals in Bangkok criss-cross, adding color to Bangkok. Crossing the small bridge on the canal, the scenery on both sides of the canal is already very Thai.






After getting off the boat, I passed through the narrow alley. Suddenly, my eyes brightened. A tower appeared in the middle of the street. The buildings around the intersection were very beautiful. There are several taxis at this intersection. After asking several, they are not willing to play their watches. They cost 300 Thai baht to go to Zheng Wang Temple. Looking at the map in his hand, he really didn’t want to spend 300 Thai baht and crustily skin of head to ask the man in uniform next to him. He asked me the taxi driver’s asking price before telling me the way. From the “enthusiastic” guide just now to the taxi driver and security guard in front of me, why do Thais feel so unkind? After knowing that we were Chinese, the security guard was very friendly and wished us a happy Spring Festival. Then he agreed that we would pass through the temple that was being repaired and was not open to the outside world, so that we could get closer. I really should thank him very much. By the way, we took some photos of the temple outside.

There are also such beautiful buildings in this alley.

The road pointed by the security guard is very close, and the canal bridge is at the end of the alley. This canal is also one of Bangkok’s tourist attractions. Many tourists visit the canal by boat. We mainly don’t have enough time and want to swim the Chao Phraya River, so we don’t want to take two boats.

The houses on both sides of the streets of the small town are very low but clean.








Standing on the platform overlooking the Chao Phraya River.


The magnificent grand palace and the Jade Buddha Temple. This is an organization, not a temple, but the architectural style is very similar to a temple. A square outside Zheng Wang Temple has a strong religious color. Many believers will rest and learn Buddhism here after worshipping Zheng Wang Temple. This is the ferry terminal located on the side of the Grand Palace. There are restaurants and shops on the water surface, but the Chao Phraya River is especially dirty and there is a lot of garbage floating on the water surface.

Perhaps it was because of the sudden arrival from cold Beijing to hot Bangkok that there were two minor problems in the afternoon trip. The first problem is the heart. When I arrived at Zheng Wang Temple, I would climb the tower. As soon as I climbed the first platform, my heart beat very fast and I felt very uncomfortable. At that time, it was estimated that there might be two reasons. One might be hypoglycemia. After we arrived at the hotel from the airport, we came out without lunch in order to catch up with the time. Originally, we thought that we could definitely buy food in tourist attractions. In fact, this is not the case in Bangkok. Food cannot be bought in tourist attractions, which is very different from the excessive commerce in tourist attractions in China. I immediately went out to find food and walked a long way before I bought Coke on the side of the road. After drinking a bottle of Coke, I insisted on climbing to the tower. It would be a pity if I didn’t go up. The second reason may be that I am too tired and suffer from severe insomnia for a long time before I leave due to various reasons. Another problem is caused by shoes, because the shoes don’t fit and the toes are blistered. This is the first day. If the feet are broken, you can’t play at the back. Go to find Band-Aids immediately. Fortunately, when she asked the shoe seller where she could buy Band-Aids, she immediately took me to a small shop, gave me two Band-Aids and paid the fee at the same time. When I wanted to give her money, she resolutely refused. Thais are still really kind. Coming out of Zheng Wang Temple, I originally planned to go straight to the place where the yellow shirts demonstrated to see the excitement. In order to change my shoes, I had to go back to the hotel first. The excitement of the yellow shirts was not seen.

Wen Gu 2012

Thailand’s Tourism Highlight-Watching Transvestites

Thailand’s tour to see transvestites is the highlight of Thailand’s trip. “Transvestite” is famous in the world and is Thailand’s characteristic tourism.

One is that not seeing the transvestite performance is tantamount to not being in Thailand. Going to Thailand to see a transvestite show is a bit romantic and exciting.

The scale is appropriate.

Transvestite, male or female? They are an alternative beauty, a deformed beauty. These beautiful flowers

Butterflies are born to be women or to earn more money. After watching the transvestite performance, “she” Xu

Many people are indeed more women than women.

Thailand’s “transvestites” are the most concentrated and of the highest standard in Pattaya and Bati, the coastal cities of “Oriental Hawaii”

Yacheng is well built, with tropical features, coconut trees everywhere, light sea breeze and beautiful scenery.

For a “transvestite” performance, the ticket price is 400-500 Thai baht, equivalent to about 150-200 RMB. Big

Some of them were bought by the tour team.

Thai transvestites generally come from poor families and have few rich children. Thailand has a special training of transvestites.

School. From an early age, we began to cultivate women’s clothing, dress, women’s behavior and women’s hobbies. The important thing is to eat women.

Hormones. Inhibit the development of male organs and promote the excessive development of women. More than ten years of medication. Male physiology

Features atrophy, penis shortening, skin becoming fine and moist. In order to maintain a woman’s skin and posture, it is necessary to make her

All the functions of the system are disrupted, so injections, medicine and sex hormones are injected to produce feminine mentality and women’s special features.

Signs, breast bulge, skin tender,–. In this way, the body and mind are severely destroyed, and the life span of transvestites is average.

None of them are long, about 40 years old. Their youth is only about 25 years old.

This is not a transvestite, it is a flower messenger who receives the group!

The following is a video of the transvestite performance,

Charming Transvestite Show (Thai Style)-Beautiful Thai Transvestite! Thai transvestite that even women are jealous! !

Free Travel to Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Thailand (2)

In Chiang Mai, we visited not only temples but also Chiang Mai natural history. The museum is located on Inthawarorot Rd.

This is the entrance to the museum

There are two greenhouses in the museum park, and the one on the left is dedicated to several Buddha statues.

The entrance to the museum is a hall

Entering the hall is a two-story exhibition hall, which displays the historical materials of Chiang Mai, the ancient and modern life of Chiang Mai people, Chiang Mai Buddhist culture, agriculture and mountain ethnic materials, etc.

This white elephant is carrying a jade Buddha. I don’t know which period of history it is.

There are many sculptures in the window of the exhibition hall, which reproduce the life scene at that time.

There are also two city sculptures in Chiang Mai that are worth mentioning. One is the famous statue of the Three Kings, which is also the landmark sculpture of the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

The sculpture of the Three Kings stands in front of the Cultural and Art Center. It was built to commemorate the three kings who worked together to build the ancient city of Chiang Mai and made great contributions to Chiang Mai: Emperor Lankanheng, King Meng Lai and King Nan Meng. The three kings have a high position in the hearts of the people of northern Thailand. Under their sculptures, there is an altar filled with yellow flowers and tributes. People come here to worship every day.

There is also a famous police sculpture, which stands in the square in front of Chiang Mai Police Station. The sculpture shows the scene of the police rescuing the people.

Several night markets in Chiang Mai are also must-see places for tourists. We went to the “Valolo Night Market” outside Tape on the evening of the 9th. This night market mainly sells all kinds of snacks, There are all kinds of fried rice with fried powder, All kinds of cooked meat and cooked vegetables, All kinds of fried and roasted seafood, all kinds of freshly squeezed fruit juice, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, the air is filled with smoke and the taste of cooking dishes. A narrow street is full of these snack stalls, and the two passages in the middle are also crowded with people. Almost every stall has diners in front of it. They are either queuing up or sitting in front of a simple dining table. We also walked all the way and ate all the way. We walked down the two passages and our stomachs were already full.

The Chiang Mai Night Market outside Chiang Mai, which was visited on the evening of the 10th, was dominated by various handicrafts and clothing.

This is a beautiful lantern

All kinds of soap flowers

An artist carving soap flowers

The scale of Chiang Mai Gate Night Market is obviously several times larger than that of Walloluo Night Market. A stage was also set up in the open space of the market, on which actors performed Thai folk dances.

There are also many massage shops and fish therapy rooms in the night market, which is where tourists are enjoying fish therapy.

We strolled from 8 o’clock until 11 o’clock at night before returning to our residence.

Chiang Mai is an ancient city. The ancient city still retains some incomplete city walls, but it has been integrated with modern roads.

The gate of Chiang Mai’s ancient city is well preserved. This is the most famous Tapeimen, which is the east gate of the ancient city. From Tapeimen to the ancient city, it is Paxing Temple.

Chiang Mai is also a very artistic city. Her streets, shops and unnoticed corners are often decorated with surprising decorations.

The wooden chair on the sidewalk in the street, look at its backrest.

Potted Trees on the Sidewalk and Little Babies Under the Trees

Shop specializing in shoes

Painting Shop

The coffee shop with only two tables, even the outside floor is beautifully decorated.

In front of the wreath shop

It really took a while to take a picture of this lovely puppy.

This was taken under the steps of a temple.

A corner of the yard, what a lovely clay figurine

A small Buddhist shrine that is inconspicuous.

The yard of any family

Is this the salesroom of AirAsia? How did you get these two?

We only stayed in Chiang Mai for two nights and will take the 8 pm bus back to Bangkok on the 11th. We got up late in the morning and cooked the shrimps we bought from the market in an electric cup in the house.

I also made cabbage, mushroom and meatball soup and ate pancakes bought the first day.

I checked out at 11 o’clock, left my luggage in the hotel and continued to visit the temple. He didn’t return to the hotel until nearly 6 o’clock.

The bus back to Bangkok went to Acabas Station in the northeast of the ancient city. Ru asked several taxis and TUTU buses, but they didn’t want to go, so we took two buses. The two cars are modified from pickup trucks. There are two rows of benches in the rear compartment. Each row of benches can sit for four or five people and stop at will. The average fare is 20 baht, and the longer fare is 30 to 80 baht. This kind of car is the main means of transportation in Chiang Mai.

Not far from the hotel, we saw a car parked on the side of the road. Ru showed the driver our bus ticket and asked how much it was to go to Aka bus station. The driver gesticulated that each person was 20 baht and the four of us were 80 baht. After driving for half an hour, we arrived at the bus station, but it took us a while to park and stopped two or three times to find the right place. In order to thank the driver for his hard work and kindness, we gave him 100 baht.

It was more than an hour before the bus arrived to get off the bus and say hello, so I sat on the chair under the pillar to rest.

At nearly 8 o’clock, our car pulled into the station, which was much more spacious than the car when it arrived. The chair was very high and could be laid down 150 degrees.

Each car is equipped with 2 drivers and a waiter, who is responsible for packing and distributing food. Each of us handed out a towel coverlet sealed in a plastic bag and a food box with a bottle of water, a box of fruit juice, a snack, a bag of coffee, a partner and a wet paper towel.

At 8:05, the car started and was not full. Many people had two seats for one person. The car was driving very steadily, not as fast as it was when it came, all of which gave people a sense of security, so it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

We arrived at Bangkok Bus Terminal at 5 o’clock in the morning on January 12. It turns out that the bus terminal is near the weekend market. We took bus no. 77 to sima city in the center of the city at a fare of 17 baht. The car stopped beside the light rail to the airport.

There was a McDonald’s in the hotel across the road, so when the door was opened, the four of us dragged our luggage in and found a window seat. The temperature here is cool and there is no one to disturb. We went out for breakfast, shopping, lunch and shopping until 4 pm. Look, it’s almost time. Get up and go to the airport. First asked the taxi, the driver offered 500 baht, so he took the light rail, 40 baht per person, and drove all the way into the airport.

The plane took off at 6: 50 p.m. And landed at Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou at 10: 40 three hours later. This is the end of the 26-day free trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Yongji Tae

Today, I had breakfast by the swimming pool and saw the beautiful scenery in the sky. I was free. When I looked at the breakfast buffet, there were only 60 harbors. Thailand’s collection, his, clear place, and I set the eternal Thailand!

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