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Month: October 2018

“Thailand” takes the train to see the world cultural heritage-big city

In order to go to the big city, I got up early and set the alarm clock for fear of oversleeping. Strangely enough, when I arrive in Bangkok, I can sleep especially, probably because the environment is too good.

When Thailand’s plan was first made, there was no big city. Ten days before departure, I suddenly wondered if Thailand’s Grand Palace was a World Heritage Site. On the Internet, there are three World Heritage sites in Thailand and none in downtown Bangkok. However, there is one place more than 80 kilometers away from Bangkok, Ayutaya, commonly known as a big city. After reading some travel notes about the big city, I decided to make a special trip.

At first, a friend suggested finding a travel agency in Bangkok to sign up for a one-day tour of a big city, which could save a lot of things. I found a travel agency upon the recommendation of my friend, The quotation is 4200B per person. The schedule is roughly to drive to the big city after receiving it at the hotel at 10 o’clock in the morning. After arriving at the big city, you will have lunch first, and then take a boat around the big city. You can visit the water market of the big city and some free scenic spots near the river on the boat. After that, you can visit two scenic spots, one of which is the one with a tree wrapped in Buddha’s head. The tour ends at 3: 30 p.m. And returns to Bangkok. It ends after returning to the hotel. In the end, we didn’t accept the itinerary and quotation. First of all, the price was too high. It is estimated that this Chinese travel agency knew that we were in China and were not familiar with the market price in Bangkok. It was difficult to compare goods with goods. It also included that there were not enough sources of information. Therefore, it was a bit of a lion’s mouth. Secondly, there are too few scenic spots listed. My plan was made according to a netizen’s travel note. In that travel note, there were seven scenic spots listed, and each scenic spot had an English name corresponding to it. Unlike most travel notes, which were translated into Chinese, there was no way to find anyone to consult after arriving in Thailand. In this way, we decided to go by train ourselves.

Since there is no train timetable, we can only estimate and count to rush to the railway station. We imagine that Thailand’s railway station is similar to China’s, with a large number of people and limited transportation capacity. It is inevitable to queue up to buy tickets. Get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, eat breakfast at 7: 30 and go out at 8 o’clock. After stopping a tu-tu car, the driver said he wanted 300B, and after bargaining, he made a deal with 250B, because he gave 200B when he went to Chinatown the night before. Hualanpeng Railway Station was further away from Chinatown, and 50B more was reasonable (later found that it was a loss). After seven turns and eight turns, I arrived at the railway station in about half an hour and immediately went to the ticket office to buy tickets. The place where taxis get off at the railway station. As soon as she entered the railway station hall, a beautiful girl came up and asked where to go. I also didn’t know how to pronounce Dacheng in English. When she was about to hand her the note with Dacheng Thai, she smiled and told me to buy tickets at Window 14 and then said “Dacheng” in particularly clear Chinese. I was particularly surprised at that time. How did she know that I was going to the big city? She answered me with a smile. Only those tourists who came here to take the train would go to the big city like me. Apart from the camera in their hands, they only had very simple small bags. Tourists who want to take long-distance buses must be carrying large bags or pulling suitcases. A small matter once again showed me the maturity of Thailand’s tourism industry and their dedication.

When the conductor asked me to pay her 30B, I couldn’t believe it. Two tickets to the Holy Land were only 30B, which was cheaper than a bowl of soup powder. The train was at 9: 24. There was no need to queue up to buy tickets. There was still half an hour left before we started wandering around the railway station.

One of the funny things in the railway station is that when going to the toilet, the gatekeeper said that he had to pay the fee, which seemed to be 2B. I don’t know the Thai baht. My husband usually manages the money in my family. When the change was returned to my husband, the husband asked me strangely, “Give you 5B, how did it become 7B?” I really don’t know. I feel very sorry for the charge.

Perhaps because of the morning, the waiting hall was empty and there were few people on both sides of the seats. The morning is just a smooth day, and you can take photos of the main entrance of the railway station. Bangkok Railway Station around the railway station is quite international. There is no ticket checking procedure. Passengers go directly to the platform to wait for the bus. The train to Dacheng is on Platform 8. The train has not yet arrived and there are few passengers waiting on the platform. Our train has pulled in and is ready to get on.

Thailand’s train tickets have no seats (except sleeper cars), and I have been worried about whether there will be no seats. Imagine that such a train is not only crowded, but may also be troubled by the unpleasant smell. It is estimated that it will compete with Indian caravans.

I wanted to take up a seat (I couldn’t help it, the Chinese people’s bad habits were scared of being squeezed). I saw the first carriage open and went up. At that time, I was still thinking, these Thais are really not too troublesome. There is no one here, why are they still going in? As soon as I stepped into the carriage, someone shouted at me, “No, No. No”. Stop to have a look. The carriage was very short. All the people inside were dressed in yellow… Suddenly, they reacted. This was specially prepared for monks and got on the wrong carriage. Jump out of the car and run back. This time I dare not go blind. I dare not lift my feet until I ask. Fortunately, as soon as I entered the carriage, I had a free seat and sat down immediately. This was a little relieved. Because the seat is at the door, very close to the toilet, afraid of smell, want to change seats. After the train started, my husband walked through several carriages. Everyone in the carriages had seats and were not crowded at all, but no two adjacent seats were empty. They were used to sitting alone. Although the train compartment is very old, the toilet really does not smell bad, so we have no plans to change seats. Loose and fast enough, much more comfortable than domestic trains. What makes people feel good most is that the inside of the car is very quiet, there is neither radio nor loud chat, let alone loud voice * * machine. The train slowly left the station, quite on time. Praise one! Just after leaving the station, the scenery along the train track became like this. This scene is especially like the train from Beijing North Station to Badaling, the slum between Beijing North Station and Tsinghua campus. Of course, the house here is only low, but it is very clean. The rubbish in Beijing is everywhere and plastic bags float everywhere like colorful flags (have they been treated now?) . The train arrived at its first stop after only a few minutes. It was really a slow train. I walked for a few minutes and stopped for half an hour. It feels like China’s civil aviation, and once the cabin door is closed, it will be on time. The same is true here. The bus starts on time and stops only ten minutes after leaving the railway station. Fortunately, this is a tuyere, with a little cool wind, otherwise, it will not be hot in the carriage. This is also a station, do you believe it? Under the cement bridge, there is a small farmer’s market with no platform and no stop sign, but it is indeed a station. This is a big stop and there is still room for waiting. There are too many wires in Thailand. The train slowly entered Dacheng Station. Looking at the platform, it was a big station. It is written with the stop sign of the big city, AYUTTHAYA. There are many people getting off in big cities, most of whom are tourists, mainly Westerners.

As soon as I got off the train, I went to the information desk and asked for a map of the big city. I continued to praise Thailand. Thailand’s travel materials and maps are free and better than China’s.

After getting the map, I marked the listed scenic spots on the map, because I needed to compare English with Thai, and then went to the map to find the serial number, which was very slow. A handsome man took the initiative to strike up a conversation. He said that he was a tourist police officer in a big city and was willing to help me. Then he marked the map against the scenic spots listed by me. He asked me how I wanted to travel and suggested that we rent a TU-TU car. Finally, we agreed on the price and 1000B to accompany us to all the scenic spots.

In this way, we started our tour of the big city. Fortunately, I rented a car. The big city is a real big city. It is completely different from the ruins of the ancient city I imagined. These ruins are spread all over a large area of the city. It is impossible to walk, not to mention it is difficult and time-consuming to walk in such hot temperatures.

Happy Enjoyment in Meat-Wedding

My cousin immigrated to Canada, my nephew married a Thai beauty, and returned to Bangkok in December to hold a wedding. My wife and I were invited to attend. After application and preparation, on December 7, 2013, with uneasy feelings and no fear of demonstrations in Thailand, he stepped out of the country for the first time to attend weddings, play in the country of angels and linger on the beach waves.

The itinerary is as follows:

D1: Arrive in Bangkok by Asian Flight

D2: Attend weddings all day

D3: Bangkok amusement. Visit the water market and Zheng Wang Temple during the day and the Chao Phraya River at night.

D4: Bangkok flies to Phuket and takes a boat to PP Island to visit the market.

D5: In the morning, the long tail boat swims on the small PP island, snorkels, in the afternoon, walks on the beach, swims and goes to the market, and horses kill chickens.

D6: Take a boat back to Phuket Island, go to Jiangxi Leng (large shopping shop) in the afternoon and watch the transvestite performance in the evening.

D7: Walking on Phuket Patong Beach, Swimming, Shopping in Jiangxi Cold Shopping, Magic at Night (World Class Entertainment Night City)

D8: Phuket arrived in Bangkok and strolled through the streets of Bangkok.

D9: Return to Wuhan by Asian Flight

On the second day of arriving in Bangkok, according to the plan, I attended the wedding all day and felt the grand and ostentatious Chinese wedding and the sacredness and warmth of Thai wedding.

In order to fully reflect the characteristics and habits of the bride and groom’s original nationality, the wedding ceremony was held in Chinese and Thai styles respectively.

In the morning, the wedding ceremony of Chinese and Thai style will be held, and in the afternoon, the large-scale Chinese cocktail party will be held.

Wedding Hotel-Bangkok Four Seasons Hotel

There are many similarities between Thai weddings and Chinese weddings, such as elaborate arrangement of the wedding scene, attendance of relatives and friends to observe and bless, etc. However, more emphasis is placed on the elder’s blessing to the new couple and the etiquette of attending relatives and guests. For example, the venerable elders acted as witnesses, and the elders of both sides of the new couple came to power one by one to send their best wishes to the new couple. Relatives and guests are all dressed in formal attire, men’s suits and women’s dresses, and the guests who attended in the morning all changed into different formal attire in the afternoon, which shows that the guests are very particular about etiquette.

The bride began to dress up carefully at 2: 00 a.m., changing into traditional Tess clothes, combing traditional hairstyles and wearing the most exquisite jewelry.

Dressed in traditional Thai costumes, the happy groom and bride.

The first is to receive relatives.

When the good time comes, The groom and the family shouted trumpets, The best man was led to the front of the wedding hall by the witness holding the gift plate in his hand. He saw the bride’s family and bridesmaids waiting in groups of two people holding the door line in front of the hall. In order to enter the hall, the groom must quickly answer all kinds of questions they raised according to local customs and respectfully hand the red envelope with Thai baht to the bride’s family and bridesmaids.

Entering the wedding hall, the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony will be held first.

The parents of both sides sent flowers, rings and gifts, and then the new couple offered tea to the elders, who blessed them.

At this moment, something embarrassing nearly happened. As our gift money had already been given to our cousin first, seeing the elders coming to power one by one to bless us, I was worried that I had no red envelopes on me, so I called us. Fortunately, my sister-in-law took our red envelopes with me, which relieved the embarrassment. Ha ha.

Different from the domestic, the newcomer will give gifts back to each blessing elder.

Grandma, who was in her 80s, asked slowly in Chinese:





Laughter, the only words I understood during the whole wedding.

In-laws give red envelopes-passbooks, the amount is not small.

After a short rest, the traditional Thai wedding ceremony will be held.

The newcomer worshipped the Buddha, kowtowed and worshipped the Buddha, and then both sat on the low couch.

First of all, the bride’s elders wear wreaths for the groom and the bride, and then the elders wear “double happiness rings” on the heads of the groom and the bride respectively. “Shuangxi Ring” is two yarn loops made of Thai yarn, the size of a bowl mouth, and another holy yarn connects the two yarn loops. The couple wear it at the same time, implying that they will always be of one mind.

Then, the bride’s elders lit three times with jelly on the forehead of the groom and the bride respectively, implying good luck.

Then, the new couple folded their hands, and their parents and elders came forward one by one to take out the holy water collected from the local temple from the holy water bowl and slowly sprinkled it on the new couple’s wrists to bless the new couple with water, implying a firm grasp of happiness.

Finally, the elderly took off the auspicious yarn. According to Thai tradition, those who are first removed from the gauze ring will take over the power in the family.

Lunch buffet.

In the afternoon, a large-scale Chinese cocktail party was held with grand ostentation and

The welcome door, wedding table, flowers and dining table are all decorated with flowers, and ice sculpture is beside the door.

Different from China, ceremonies are held on stage and meals are held off stage.

Both parents, brothers and sisters took turns to take the stage to congratulate each other, while the newcomers danced and thanked each other.

Pity me for not knowing English and Thai. Everyone is happy. I am also happy. Everyone applauds. I applaud too. Ha ha.

Food and beverage are different from those in China. Each dish served is assigned to the dish by a special person. The dish will be taken as needed. After eating, the dish will be taken away.

Shark’s fin and suckling pig took turns to play.

At 21:29 local time and 22:29 domestic time, we are still eating the wedding banquet.

The bridal chamber arranged by the hotel

In December 2013, I stepped out of the country for the first time and attended the Thai wedding for the first time. I felt exotic customs, eating meat, meat and Thailand were happy.

Thank you for your hospitality! Thank you for the omnipotent network!

Complete article

Thailand’s Sumi Island-Looking for a Pure Nature Isolated from the World

1. Overview

2. Attractions

3. Schedule

4. Public transport

5. Hotel Introduction

6. Food Culture

7. Shopping Guide

8. Recreational activities

9. Cost budget

10. Other

1. Overview

Sumi Island is located in the western part of the Gulf of Thailand in southern Thailand and is Thailand’s third largest island. It is about 80 kilometers away from the nearest mainland Surat, surrounded by 80 large and small islands, but most of them are uninhabited. It covers an area of 247 square kilometers.

As a world-class seaside resort, there are many water sports, including diving, diving, canoeing, rowing and sailing.

In addition, there are coconut gardens, small fishing villages and monkeys that pick coconuts.

3. Attractions

3.1 CHAWENO Beach

Chaveon Beach on the east coast of Sumi Island is a 7-kilometer-long crescent beach. It is also the longest, busiest and most famous beach on Sumi Island. It is also a tourist distribution center and nightlife center.

The white sand and the green sea on the beach set each other off and the scenery is charming. Water recreation facilities include sailing boats, water motorcycles and diving equipment.

This beach is occupied by hotels and resorts. There are restaurants, diving schools, bars, shopping centers, etc.

At Christy’s Babaret, there is a free transvestite show at 11 o’clock every night, which is the most famous transvestite show on Sumi Island. In Taeng Corner Bar, there are two free transvestite watches at 10:30 and 11:30 every night. This is the earliest and oldest transvestite performance bar on Sumi Island. Of course, the performance standard here cannot be compared with that in Pattaya and other places.


Lamai Beach on the east coast of Sumi Island is only two kilometers long, but it is also one of the favorite beaches for tourists. The sea water here is pure and transparent, close to Yelin and banana garden. The surrounding environment is quiet and has a primitive taste.

Because the sea water here is clear, it is very suitable for swimming and sea sports.

The most famous landscape is the grandfather-grandmother stone, also known as Hin Ta and Hin Yai, which are all formed of natural rocks. The shape is similar to the reproductive organs of men and women, so it is called grandfather-grandmother stone. Grandfather’s plaster stands high on the rock, while Grandmother’s stone is as far away as 100 meters away, hidden in the choppy sea, which can only be clearly seen when the tide ebbs. Due to the numerous boulders scattered around, this is also a frequent place for sunbathing tourists.

There is a museum, a bazaar, some fitness centers and a diving shop.

In the evening, bars, restaurants and entertainment places will emit tempting lights to attract tourists.

3.3 Bobu Beach

Bobu Beach is located on the north coast of Sumi Island. The beach is only 2 kilometers long, but the water is clear and the sand is white and the scenery is beautiful. This is the oldest settlement on the island and used to be a small fishing village. In addition, it is also the best place to enjoy the sunset. Find a seaside restaurant to enjoy the sunset while tasting delicious food.

Walking west from Pobu Beach is Mae Nam, a village rarely visited by tourists. At the end of the village is a series of boulders made up of small bays, which is an ideal snorkeling place with few tourists.

Giant Buddha Beach

3.4 Giant Buddha Beach

Giant Buddha Beach is located on the northern coast of Sumi Island. The sea water is mild and sunny, suitable for swimming and playing.

The Giant Buddha Beach is named after a 12-meter-high Buddha statue on a nearby island, which is a maritime landmark on Sumi Island and is also part of Paya Temple.

Paya Temple

3.5 Paya Temple

Paya Temple is located on an island beside the beach of Giant Buddha and is a landmark on Sumi Island. There is a 12-meter-high golden Buddha statue in the temple, which is magnificent. You can see this tall Buddha statue first when you approach Sumi Island from any angle. Through donations, a road has been reclaimed from the sea, which is directly connected to the Giant Buddha Beach and can be driven to Paya Temple.

In addition to the Golden Buddha, there are also sculpture groups with the theme of statues and fairy tales in the temple. Around the temple is a market selling some shellfish handicrafts.

Natong Town

3.6 Natong Town

Natong Town is one of the best places to watch the sunset on Sumi Island. It is also the only lively town on Sumi Island. Almost all government agencies are concentrated here, such as government offices, immigration offices, police stations, banks, * *, etc. It is also the island’s commercial center and busiest dock, where you can take a boat to the surrounding islands and the nearest land-Sulat.

Highway 4169

3.7 Highway 4169

There are elephant, monkey, snake, cockfighting and Thai folk dance performances. Three games a day at 10: 00, 12: 00 and 16: 00.

3.4 Tao Dao

Because it looks like a turtle, it is also called Ghost Island. The area is about 21 square kilometers. The island perches on a coral reef. Most of the island is mountainous and only 30% of the land is flat. It has the best waters in Thailand.

Due to its high visibility, lush and beautiful corals, rich marine life and excellent diving environment, it is a famous diving and snorkeling resort in Thailand. There are more than 40 diving companies to choose from on Sumi Island and Tao Island, with prices ranging from 800 Thai baht/time to 5,500 Thai baht/10 times. A four-day professional diving license requires about 8,000 Thai baht.

Nanyuan Island

3.5 Hoh Nang Yuan)

Nanyuan Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, near Sumi Island, to the northwest of Turtle Island. It takes about 10-15 minutes to pass by boat from the west coast of Turtle Island.

Nanyuan Island consists of three small islands, which are characterized by a distinctive “herringbone” beach that connects the three small islands. Different from the bustling Sairee Beach to the west of Turtle Island, there is peace like Xanadu. The only resort on the island, all rooms have balconies and invincible sea views.

Nanyuan Island is a private island of Thais. The conditions for entering the island are harsh. If you do not intend to stay on the island, each person has to pay a fee of 100 Thai baht. No one is allowed to bring plastic products or cans on the island to prevent pollution. What’s more, if the conditions on the island do not permit, they have the right to refuse you to go to the island, even if you have already arrived at the door. However, it is such an island that everyone who comes here is reluctant to part with it and is willing to plunge into this simple and simple paradise.

The reefs around the South Garden are composed of tufted corals, hard corals, antler-shaped coral fields and soft corals with different shapes and colors on the rocks. The South Garden has a cave under the sea floor to the north. It takes two minutes to reach the famous diving place by boat from GreenRock, WitheRock, BigRock and NangYuangCave and thisChumponPinnacle. The sea water in Nanyuan Island is clear and light. Colorful tropical fish, colorful corals and sea sunflowers are clearly visible in the green pine sea water. The fish here will not make a detour because of your arrival.

People who have been there say that the nights on Nanyuan Island only belong to those who like quiet romance. Under the starry night, sitting in front of the dining table on the water trestle, lit a small oil lamp and ate a sumptuous and delicious seafood dinner while drinking beer. Not far away, the stars of lights meandered up the path, which was an unspeakable enjoyment. Coral, sea urchin and sea cucumber can be seen everywhere in Nanyuan. Many corals are alive. From time to time, various small fish rob them and some unknown small animals appear beside them from time to time.

We went to Nanyuan with a long tail boat, 200BH for an adult and free for children. 100BH on the island, half price for children.

Antong National Park

3.6 Anton National Park

Take a canoe to Anton National Park and then snorkel in the water, but most of the corals here are dead.

If you climb the mountain to the foot of the mountain on the other side, you can find that there is a colony of sea urchins. Many sea urchins can be easily seen in the shallow sea water, as well as a fish with a long and pointed mouth and devil fish.

3.7 Down Island

Crocodile Island

3.8 Crocodile Island

Located near the airport in the northeast of Sumi Island, the farm can watch the traditional Thai crocodile training performance. There are two performances a day, at 14: 00 and 16: 30 respectively.

Hinda Falls

3.8 Hinda Falls

Sinra Falls is located at the end of Highway 4172 on the west coast. Naban Falls is divided into two parts, both located a few kilometers north of Highway 4169 in the south-central part. These are the two most famous and spectacular waterfalls on Sumi Island. If you want to see what makes it different, you’d better choose the rainy season.

3. Schedule

Day 1: Aircraft

Day 2: Chaveon Beach (Night: Chaveon Beach)

Water sports, transvestite shows, dinners

Day 3: Lamay Beach (Night: Lamay Beach)

Sunbathing, grandfather and grandmother stone, SPA

Day 4: Tao Island, Nan Yuan Island (Su: Nan Yuan Island)


Day 5: Crocodile Island, Hinda Falls, Highway 4169, Paya Temple, Natong (Su: near the airport)

Humanistic landscape

Day 6: Return

4. Public transport

According to the ticket, you can get breakfast, free tea on board, and bread. After arriving in Nanyuan, you can feed small fish.

If it is the same as our trip, Thai Airlines will take over from Manan Airlines. When changing boarding passes at the Capital Airport, I must tell the staff that I want to do combined luggage transportation. Otherwise, as we are nervous about changing planes, we will have to run at the Thai airport. Although Sumi Airport is small, international luggage and domestic luggage are not taken in one place. Turn left for international luggage.

5. Hotel Introduction

5.1 Chavon Beach

5.1. 1 Baan Chaweng Beach Resort & Spa) 3

Address: 90/1 Moo 2, Tambon Bophut, Chaven Beach

Reservation website:

5.1. 2 A ‘L Resort 200 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach, Bophut District, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand

The price of sea view room is lower than that of garden view room.

Reservation website:

5.1. 3 The Kala Hotel) 4.5 795.00 good

Address: 210/8 Moo 4, South Chaven Beach

All rooms are sea view rooms.

Bedclothes: natural mattress, green cotton, handmade curtains;

Bath Products: Coconut Oil Products;

Breakfast time: 6.30 am-10: 30 pm (a la cart)

Dinner: Private Dinner on Rock;

SPA: Agarin SPA;

Hotel Website:

Deluxe Room

5.2 Lamay Beach

5.2. 1 Montra Hotel) 3

Address: 142/13 Moo 4 Maret, Lamay Beach

Number of rooms: 9

Room Type Introduction:

Standard Suite: 24 square meters, courtyard view, 779.00 (agoda, 4.1, without Tax)

Hotel Website:

5.2. 2 Samui Cliff View Resort & Spa good

Address: 211 Moo 4, T. Maret, Lamay Beach

5.3 That

5.3. 1 Viva Vacation Resort 3

Address: 19/4 Moo 3 Lipa Noi, Natun, Sumi Island

Reservation website:

5.4 Nanyuan Island

Dave Resort on Southern Rim Island

5.4 Near the airport

5.4. 1 Charlies Hut Home Stay)

Address: 9/26 Banbangrak, Moo4, T. Bophut Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320

Destination Beach Resort

9/34 Moo 5 Bophut,




The hotel was booked at SWADEE and Aisarooms. Aisarooms responded very slowly, but it was finally booked. Agoda’s information feedback was quick, but unfortunately there was no room. SWADEE maps and hotel pictures are the most practical.

Chavin Beach: A ‘L RESORT

The location is excellent. Going out is a medium-sized supermarket. It is very close to Shuangsheng ice cream, boots and other places. In short, it is convenient to live and shop. The cheapest room we live in. The room is very small. The swimming pool is not big either. The garden is also simple. Rice congee and pickles for breakfast are good. It is a good price/performance ratio. The beach in front of the hotel is good, with fine sand and clear water.

Charm Churee Villa: Because he has a private bay, Jansom Bay, where he can snorkel.

But it is far from Jansom Bay. Actually, sensi went snorkeling near jansom bay. On the first day we took the wrong road. Around a big circle. When I came back, I found that I could walk directly from the path beside rooms 310 and 324 and 325. It is about 5 or 6 minutes to walk through the forest path, which is very convenient.

There are fish schools on the bank of Jansom Bay, which are a little frightening. Swim a little further, coral is very beautiful. 100BH per person, children don’t need money.

Tao Dao: SENSI Paradise

SENSI Paradise surprises us. One by one, high-rise buildings are distributed on the hillside, with pavilions everywhere and soft couches to rest on. The children of the same trade said that this place is like a maze. I can’t find anyone I want to go to. All five of our families live in the cheapest rooms. Recommended 310 and 324.324 balcony landscape is very good, 310 room is large, the location is private. The hotel service is very good and the staff are kind and polite. SENSI’s feeling is different from that of many star hotels I have stayed in before. It is very relaxed and comfortable. Gardens are not deliberately carved, but they can be savored everywhere. There will be a handling fee of 2.5% if the credit card is used to settle the bill.

Cheap: Charlie’s Hut Home Stay

Charlie’s Hut Home Stay. We came back from Tao Island on the afternoon of the 6th day, so we found a cheap hotel on SWADEE. No mainland Chinese have ever lived here. The shopkeeper is a retired old couple from Bangkok with good temperament. The hotel covers a large area and is a large manor with prosperous flowers and plants. The old couple are hospitable and English is very good. My husband had a great time chatting with them. We have five families, but we have been given a row of seven rooms to live in. One room at 800BH per night. Free delivery the next morning. The room was clean and delicate, and I can see that it was decorated with my mind. In short, it is very kind and comfortable. It is located in a remote place. It takes about 10-15 minutes to drive to Chawen Beach.

NangYuan Dive Resort is the only hotel on Nanyuan Island. Its furniture and decoration are mainly made of wood or bamboo. It takes the natural wind route. Its facilities are not luxurious but very comfortable, and it is integrated with the surrounding scenery. The cost of one night is about 270 yuan RMB. It is recommended to stay in Junior Executive Room K9 on the mid-level mountain. The balcony has an invincible sea view. The balcony is facing the herringbone beach. The scenery is beautiful and the price is about RMB 860 yuan.


6. Food Culture

There are various buffets on the island, both Chinese and Western. There are also rich varieties of tropical fruits.

Su Mei ate once in will wait, and mango shake was the best. For the other two nights, I walked along the beach to my left hand and ate at a restaurant called Happy Hour. It’s cheaper than will wait and tastes good. Eating is a Thai soft couch. Children play with sand when they eat well. Adults lie down and chat. It is really comfortable.

Tao Island, two nights at Yang Restaurant. On the phone, they can take care of the pick-up. Because we have a large number of people, it is free. Yang Restaurant’s environment is normal, on the side of the road, but it tastes good and the price is cheap.

Don’t miss Su Mei’s Shuangsheng ice cream, especially their new green mango, which has green rice inside and tastes refreshing. It’s delicious.

7. Shopping Guide

The path leading to Grandpa and Grandma Stone from Lamay Beach is a shopping street, where coconut products are worth buying.

Centra world

Cosmetics are cheaper than those in China.

After each shopping, you have to ask for the shopping receipt, and then fill in the tax refund form at the store service desk. If you shop in a store for 2,000 Thai baht in a single day, you can apply for a tax refund of 7%. This Thailand can apply for a 7% tax refund at the airport if it is over 5,000 Thai baht. It must go to the customs to stamp the luggage before changing the boarding pass for inspection, and then go to VAT Refund for refund. There is a handling fee of 100 Thai baht. Therefore, it is better to fill in the same passport number for all tax refund forms.

Su Mei strongly recommends, hot club. It’s on the street of Chavin. Come out of A ‘L and go to the right. It takes about 6 or 7 minutes across the road. Two floors, the T-shirt upstairs is worth buying. Children’s 99BH and adults’ 140-160BH. Cotton is very soft and the pattern is generous and appropriate. There are also salons and beach skirts. The price is not bad than that bought on the beach, but the color is much better and the quality is good. Salon tied it with a thin hemp rope, which is also a good gift.

8. Recreational activities

8.1 Thai Massage

Thai massage, oil-free about 250B, oil is about 350B.

9. Cost budget

The currency used in Thailand is the Thai baht. The exchange ratio of US dollars is × ×: × ×. There are several ATM machines with UnionPay logo on the streets of Sumeichawen that can directly take Thai baht at a handling fee of RBM10 yuan each time. The exchange rate is better than what we exchanged in Beijing. And he won’t leave work. Debit cards with UnionPay are strongly recommended.

Lamay Beach is cheaper than Chaveon Beach,

9. Other

Mobile is recommended for mobile phones.

Happy Meat-eating-Bangkok

My cousin immigrated to Canada, my nephew married a Thai beauty, and returned to Bangkok in December to hold a wedding. My wife and I were invited to attend. After application and preparation, on December 7, 2013, with uneasy feelings and no fear of demonstrations in Thailand, he stepped out of the country for the first time to attend weddings, play in the country of angels, and stay on the beach waves.

The itinerary is as follows:

D1: Arrive in Bangkok by Asian Flight

D2: Attend weddings all day

D3: Bangkok amusement. Visit the water market and Zheng Wang Temple during the day and the Chao Phraya River at night.

D4: Bangkok flies to Phuket and takes a boat to PP Island to visit the market.

D5: In the morning, the long tail boat swims on the small PP island, snorkels, in the afternoon, walks on the beach, swims and goes to the market, and horses kill chickens.

D6: Take a boat back to Phuket Island, go to Jiangxi Leng (large shopping shop) in the afternoon and watch the transvestite performance in the evening.

D7: Walking on Phuket Patong Beach, Swimming, Shopping in Jiangxi Cold Shopping, Magic at Night (World Class Entertainment Night City)

D8: Phuket arrived in Bangkok and strolled through the streets of Bangkok.

D9: Return to Wuhan by Asian Flight

On December 7, Wuhan Tianhe Airport, the wind was biting. Take two suitcases, a backpack and two bags of gifts and set off for Bangkok. It was nice to have a direct flight.

Climbing the gangway and entering the cabin, a “Savadhika” (hello) began his journey.

The plane arrived in Bangkok half an hour earlier. The take-off, landing and flight were the smoothest times I took the plane.

On the second day after the wedding, we rented a commercial car and began to play in the country of angels. Take a long tail boat and stroll around the water market.

Coconut 50 Thai baht (RMB 10 yuan) and Emperor Jiao 50 Thai baht in a string, the play time is about one hour.

On the way from the water market to the Grand Palace, demonstrators blocked the road and had to take the Chao Phraya River waterway to visit Zheng Wang Temple for about an hour. Abandoning scenic spots such as the Grand Palace.

In the evening, Chao Phraya River night cruise ship, on-board buffet.

Personally, compared with the Wuhan Yangtze River night cruise ship, it is not necessary to swim the Chao Phraya River at night unless you feel the atmosphere of hundreds of people catering and carnival together and just look at the scenery on both sides of the river. Wuhan has more high-rise buildings, more dazzling neon lights and brighter lights on the four banks of the two rivers.

Impression of Bangkok City

Since we are carrying out our own activities under the guidance of the local people, the route we usually take is not a tourist spot. What we see is different from the tourist experience. We feel Bangkok has messy planning, narrow streets and older roadside facilities. The traffic is chaotic, and the driver seems to have no speed limit. Our commercial vehicles often go up to 140 yards, and the distance between them is quite close. There are cars on three or four roads. Drivers * * machine, write, change lanes at will. Taxis refuse to take a taxi and do not play their watches everywhere.

In Bangkok, the 9th was the time for the demonstrators to march and attack. In the morning, they saw the procession blocking the roads, dancing flags, blowing whistles and shouting slogans. Pedestrians in the street were calm and peaceful. They did their own thing and did not panic at all. In case of blocked roads, vehicles made a detour. Police riot vehicles, barricades and police holding shields can be seen in some locations.

The next article: Happy Life in Meat-Island

Thai Likes-Bangkok

I. Overview

1. Thailand’s full name is the Kingdom of Thailand (Thai:), which is located in the central part of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its west borders Myanmar and the Andaman Sea in the north, Laos in the northeast, Cambodia in the southeast, and Malaysia in the narrow peninsula in the south. Thailand is a country of Buddhism. Most Thais believe in Theravada Buddhism. Buddhists make up more than 90% of the country’s population.

2. Customs and Habits:

* Thais respect the king and members of the royal family very much. Thailand has regulations on punishment for crimes of disrespect to the royal family, which even foreigners cannot violate. Don’t talk or talk about the royal family casually. When members of the royal family attend, it is best to pay attention to the actions of others and follow suit.

* Thais regard the head as a sacred place, so don’t touch other people’s heads casually. If you accidentally touch another person’s head, you should apologize immediately and sincerely. It is especially taboo for outsiders to touch the heads of children (especially young monks). Children’s heads are only allowed to be touched by kings, monks and their parents.

* Thais think their left hand and feet are not clean. The left hand can only be used to take some unclean things. Taking important things with the left hand will attract aversion. In more formal occasions, both hands are required. The feet are humble and cannot kick the door or point things with their feet. Never flush the sole of your foot at Buddha. When you are seated, don’t tilt your feet and point your soles at others. The requirements for women are stricter, and their legs must be closed, otherwise they will be regarded as uncivilized and uneducated.

* Don’t make too intimate moves in public, such as hugging and kissing. Naked sunbathing is only allowed on some beaches.

* Do not wear sunglasses when talking with others, gesture moderately, and do not point your fingers at each other. When passing in front of others (whether they are sitting or standing), they must bow and apologize for not being able to work. This is especially true when women pass in front of others.

* Thais hold the Water Lantern Festival on December 15 every year in the Thai calendar. When watching the water lantern, they must pay attention. No matter how delicate and beautiful the water lantern is, they must never pick it up.

* Take off your shoes when entering the temple. Friends should wear neat and dignified clothes. It is best not to use dome shorts. Women should avoid touching monks. If they offer their belongings, they can ask men to do it on their behalf or put it directly on the table.

* Thailand forbids gambling, and even hotel rooms cannot play cards or mahjong.

* Thais are very clean, spitting and throwing things everywhere are considered to be very uneducated. Thais also attach great importance to the tidiness of toilets, so they should pay attention to keeping them clean whether going out or in hotels.

3. Important Festivals:

Songkran Festival (and Water Splashing Festival from April 12 to 15), Loy Krathong (the full moon in November) and National Day (the birthday of the King of Thailand on December 5)

II. Situation

1. King of Thailand: From the moment he first entered the school gate, Thais have firmly planted reverence for the king and the concept that the king is almost always correct and kind. Many Thais regard the king as their spiritual harbor and as an able man who is far better at governing the country than politicians.

The current King Bhumibol Adulyadej is King Rama IX of the Chariku Dynasty. During King Bhumibol’s 60-year rule over Thailand, there were 19 coups in Thailand (13 of which were successful), and 20 prime ministers successively formed 48 cabinets. King Bhumibol witnessed these political changes with a calm mind and has always stood firm. He has repeatedly stepped forward in critical moments to avert danger and helped the Thai people avoid disaster after disaster. He is Thailand’s longest-ruling monarch. For 60 years, King Bhumibol has traveled all over Thailand. He used royal funds to build water conservancy and power stations. He also planted his own experimental fields in the royal garden and set up a breeding and research center for improved varieties of rice, dairy farms and freshwater fish. What is most praised by the international community is his opium poppy substitution cultivation project in the mountainous areas of northern Thailand. In the past, opium was abundant there. Not only was it poor and backward, but many people were addicted to drugs. After visiting mountain tribes in 1969, the king set up a fund to help mountain people promote the cultivation of more than 300 cash crops such as Camellia oleifera, Hawaiian nuts, tea and coffee, benefiting more than 100,000 people. Mipeng himself is knowledgeable, versatile and generous, which has established his position in the minds of Thais. He likes to play piano and saxophone, and has performed with world famous jazz masters Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton and others. “He is the coolest king in the world,” Hampton wrote in an article published in the 1987 Thai magazine hello. In 1964, the Austrian Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts awarded King Bhumibol an honorary doctorate in music. King Bhumibol is also a good speedboat and windsurfer. He has represented Thailand in international speedboat competitions and won medals. He also sailed across the Gulf of Thailand. He is proficient in 7 foreign languages and has reached professional standards in painting and photography. By the end of last century, King Bhumibol had received 136 honorary degrees from universities around the world, making him the person with the largest number of honorary degrees in the world. In today’s world where the monarchy is declining day by day, there are not many monarchs like King Bhumibol who are popular with the public, have outstanding talents and have the influence of dominating the word.

Because the king’s 12.5 birthday has just passed, foreign photos can be seen everywhere in the streets. When the king was young, he was very much like Andy Lau. Is there any wood?

2. Before leaving, the situation in Thailand began to be turbulent. At first, I was really worried about traveling to Thailand alone. However, according to my observation, during my stay in Bangkok, I did not see any demonstrations or demonstrators at all. Everything is peaceful, just like what.

Fuse: Amnesty for Thaksin Annoys Opposition

The focus of this political turmoil is still former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who has been in exile for seven years. In September 2006, then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra stepped down due to a military coup. Although he has been in exile, Thaksin has always been the focus of Thailand’s political arena. Pro-Thaksin and anti-Thaksin factions, the so-called “red” and “yellow” factions, have emerged in Thai politics. These two forces fought with each other and took turns to take power, forming almost all of Thai politics.

The trigger of this anti-government wave is an “amnesty bill” that will help Thaksin return home. The bill supported by the Thai Party was eventually rejected by the parliament, which strengthened the opposition’s view that the Yingluck government was Thaksin’s “puppet” and found an opportunity to launch anti-government demonstrations. Suthep, the main leader of the rally and a former Democratic Party member, said Thaksin was the source of corruption and social division in Thailand. Only by completely eradicating the “Thaksin regime” can true democracy be realized.

3. Precautions for Tourism

III. Thailand Visa

Thailand is a country that allows landing visa, but China’s border inspection will not release it unless there is a visa from a third country. So let’s be honest with the visa. At present, many travel websites can apply for visas, such as As long as you have 2 2-inch white background photos and passport notebooks, you will be OK. Generally, you can receive a good visa within a week.

4. Weather

It is located in the tropics. Most areas have a tropical monsoon climate. It is hot all the year round and the temperature difference is not large all the year round. It can be said that “the four seasons are like summer”. November to January of the following year is the best season for Thailand to travel, followed by April to October.

5. Time Difference

Thailand belongs to the 7th East Zone, one hour later than Beijing time in China. 8 o’clock in Thailand is equivalent to 9 o’clock in Beijing. Moreover, all departure times on the air ticket are the local time of the place of departure, and all arrival times are the local time of the place of arrival.

6. Currency, Exchange Rate and Tips

1. Currency: The Thai currency unit is “baht”, English Baht, pronounced “ba”.

2. The exchange rate is currently about 5.27 Thai baht in 1 yuan (the exchange rate is changing at any time). Therefore, it is quite cost-effective to go shopping and traveling in Thailand now. Especially when I swiped the UnionPay card, I went back to check the bill and the exchange rate was almost 5.2, for fear that I would be overjoyed. I changed the exchange rate three times. For the first time in China, I had to make an appointment with the People’s Bank of China in advance. The exchange rate was 5.19. At that time, I felt very cheating. The second time I arrived at the Thai airport, I found that Thailand was a lot of cheating. The exchange rate at the airport was the lowest, only 4.58, so I could exchange some in advance at home and at least leave some money for taxi to the hotel. For the third time, on the streets of Bangkok, the bank changed, 4.93, which was relatively better. Looking at other people’s strategies, they all recommended Super Rich near Big C. It is said that the exchange rate is the highest, but I didn’t see it at all. On the last day of the hotel, because there was not enough cash and the hotel could not brush UnionPay, I went directly to the ATM to withdraw cash. After checking back home, the exchange rate is almost 5.2. The Bank of Thailand will charge a handling fee of 50 Thai baht (each transaction) and 23.52 RMB for 6,000 Thai baht. This is actually much more cost-effective than Thailand’s direct exchange of foreign exchange.

3. Tip:

In addition to the 10% service charge that most hotels and restaurants will add to their bills, there are other places where tips may be required. Of course, these are not necessary, but rather a kind of etiquette. In addition, when tipping, don’t give coins, because coins are for beggars, so tip at least 20 baht.

* Ancient massage: You can give it flexibly depending on the service quality or professional level of the masseur, about 50 ~ 100 yuan Thai baht.

* Elephant riding in the jungle: pay the elephant trainer about Thai baht 50 yuan each time.

* Photographing with transvestites: about 50 ~ 100 yuan Thai baht per person each time.

* Luggage tip: One room is about to be given to luggage clerk Taizhu 20 yuan at a time.

* Bedside tip: One room (2 people) gives about Thai baht 20 yuan every day.

* Hotel staff are good and can give tips at their discretion, usually about 20 Thai baht or about US $1 at a time. The proportion of tips in restaurants is 10%.

7. Mobile Phone Card

Super recommendation Happy Tourist card, Taobao has. It is installed on the plane. Once you get off the plane, turn on the machine and receive a short message to confirm it, you can start using it immediately. (Remember, if you are using an Apple phone, remember to bring a small needle or something like that and open the SIM card slot, which will break me.)

8. Power Socket

Thailand’s power jacks are all two holes, 220V and 50H. The plugs of the three-hole socket are different and need converters. The two-hole socket is the same, so there is no need for a converter. Converters are sold in 7-11 on the streets of Thailand, but it is cheaper to buy them in China.

IX. UnionPay Card

In Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Island and Pattaya, Thailand, there are more than 2,000 Taiwanese POS machines that can use UnionPay credit cards to swipe their cards. More than 8,000 ATM machines such as Kasikorn Bank, TMB Military Bank of Thailand and SCB Bank of Thailand (Purple) can use UnionPay cards to directly withdraw Thai baht. It is suggested to withdraw cash from the ATM of Thailand’s Thai China Farmers Bank. The bank’s service is very good. The ATM has an all-Chinese artificial interface and its logo color is green.


1. Credit cards (credit cards) need to pay interest or have higher handling fees to withdraw cash. It is recommended to use debit cards (savings cards) as much as possible for ATM withdrawal.

2. Credit cards are limited by credit lines, which may result in high fees exceeding the credit lines. Savings cards are recommended for large consumption.

3. In addition to withdrawing cash, UnionPay cards can also be used by credit card in most major shopping malls and stores in Thailand.

4. Please enter the password when swiping the card, regardless of debit card or credit card. If the card does not have a password, please press to confirm directly.

5. Some stores or ATM may not have posted the “UnionPay” logo at present. It is recommended that you take the initiative to ask the store cashier or bank service personnel.

6. UnionPay Thailand 24-hour Service Hotline: 0018-001-2066-5999

10. Tax Refund

Tax refund procedures for shopping: Tourists who buy goods in Thailand can request a refund of 7% * * when returning home. After purchasing the goods marked “VAT REFUND FOR TOURISTS”, And on the same day in a store (can be in different counters, the tickets are issued by this store) to spend over 2000B, You can fill in a “VAT REFUND APPLICATION FOR TOURIST FORM” with your passport on the day of shopping. Then print a “ORIGINAL TAX INVOICES Original Tax Certificate” (the service center or the special tax refund counter asks for the P.P.10 form and receipt, and requires the clerk to fill in two tax refund forms, and affix the ticket on the form and stamp it). When the total value of goods applying for tax refund accumulated under the same passport exceeds 5,000 Thai baht, the tax refund can be made at the airport on the day of departure. Taxes not exceeding 3000 will be paid in THB cash, and taxes exceeding 3000B will be paid through bank bills of exchange or in-card transfers. All these will be subject to a handling fee of 100B per transaction and the transfer fee of bills of exchange. Note: The same passport personal data should be used to fill in the application form to centralize the quota. Only the goods paid at the checkout counter are the store counters, while those paid directly at the counters are private counters, and the consumption amount will not be recorded in the accumulated amount.

Seal of tax refund form: After arriving at the airport, go to VAT REFUND (INSPECTION) OFFICE first and show your passport and tax refund form. The purchased goods listed on the tax refund form are checked by the officials (generally no inspection is required). The officials will stamp the tax refund form. Go to the departure hall to find VAT Refund counter, show your passport and tax refund form, and you will be refunded 7% * * of the accumulated consumption amount on each tax refund form.


Last month, I received two important phone calls, one from my hometown unit, and two months later I officially retired to learn about the basic situation of some families. The other was from the staff who traveled to Duoduo, saying that my travel notes were selected for the ultimate award of “Let’s go abroad to Thailand Station”. The former is what I expected, while the latter is really an accident! Because there are too many bosses in the forum. Later, I carefully analyzed the three Duoduo birds who went to Thailand, and I couldn’t help admiring the cleverness of the decision makers. The three people represented three classes respectively, and I represented the basic civilians who were purely illiterate abroad. At that time, I was excited and accepted the gift. After thinking about it, I felt a little regretful: I didn’t know anything about English, Thailand’s political situation was unstable, and I was still free to travel alone. I couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat on my back! Fortunately, the family was very supportive. They said that it was really not possible. They just stayed in a place in Thailand to play and did not wander around.

When the second spring of my life comes, give me a big gift. When I live up to my great trust, I will go forward bravely… Fortunately, I still have nearly a month to read more strategies online.

The first step is to book a plane ticket immediately! Because December is the peak tourist season in Thailand, one price per day. Chunqiu AirAsia is the first choice for our working class. Therefore, I booked a large round-trip transportation from Shanghai to Bangkok in the spring and autumn, and a small round-trip transportation from AirAsia Bangkok to Jiami. Major traffic is less than 2K and minor traffic is nearly 600. There is an episode here. The website of AirAsia was unable to book tickets after a night of ordeal. It was useless to change many browsers. The next day, I called AirAsia and replied that I had tried Firefox. It was strange and it was really successful! When the air ticket was booked, it was really that there was no turning back. I carefully handed in my itinerary to the organizers of the event.

The second step is to apply for a visa (because Weibo was also included in the top 20 of many Thailand tours three years ago, the time was short, I didn’t have a passport, so I gave up the final competition and applied for a passport afterwards). I called the Thai Consulate in Shanghai. The formalities were a little annoying and the cost was 230 yuan. Adopting the opinions of netizens, Taobao found a reputable and many of our partners: the price was 244 yuan, and it was promised to be completed in a week, and Shunfeng postage. The material is very simple: one passport and two recent 2-inch photos. Out of prudence, I sent the materials to Xuhui Store and signed the contract.

I sent it on Friday, and the next Friday I received a call from customer service, saying that I had signed it and received the visa. It was another great excitement.

The third step is to book a hotel. I want to stay in Thailand for six nights, of which two nights are arranged by the Thai Travel Bureau and four nights must be booked by myself. At present, Youduo has no overseas post station, Therefore, I fixed my eyes on several major websites in China and felt that the prices were very high. As a big man, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t go for leisure and vacation, nor did I go for shopping and corruption. I was satisfied to be able to appreciate the strange scenery and humanities. I located my accommodation in the youth tour near Kaoshan Road, because the scenic spot I was going to was not far from it. Accidentally, I broke into Yagoda Agoda. After repeated comparisons, I booked a Swalin residence. The netizen’s evaluation was very good. First, it was 10 minutes away from Kaoshan Road and 20 minutes away from the Grand Palace, and it was quiet in the middle of the noise. Second, there is a little sister who works in China and can provide many conveniences. Third, the price is very cheap, more than 70 yuan a night, including breakfast! I chose four people, and when I booked it, I wondered why I didn’t fill in the gender information. Afterwards, it proved that I caught up with a world trend, a mixed residence of avant-garde fashion! I booked the first two nights of my arrival in Bangkok and the night before my departure here, and the result was very satisfactory! Jiami booked a youth tour for one night, which was very close to the official holiday hotel and cost more than 70 yuan.

The fourth step is to change the Thai baht. It is said on the Internet that you will go to the Bank of China to change this thing. A friend of her child has just returned from Thailand. She said ICBC can also do it and it is more cost-effective. One afternoon, I went to the nearby ICBC and changed to Thai baht without an appointment, because my figure was not large, I changed 6,000 Thai baht, and then I changed some at the ATM in Thailand.

Step 5: Fill in the draft entry and exit registration form. I downloaded a sample form of Thailand’s entry and exit registration form on the Internet, filled in the relevant items, and was prepared for danger. This preparation made it easy for me to go through customs. I didn’t ask anyone who didn’t know English (these three forms were given to you by the airport when I left the country. When I entered Thailand’s border inspection, I took the above two forms, stamped you with the exit registration card, and then booked them on your passport).

Now it is time that everything is ready and only the east wind is needed. In order to be familiar with some simple languages, I have installed two more softwares on my mobile phone. It is said that Wu Nong’s soft language, and Thai women’s pronunciation is even softer Mann, with endless lasting appeal, which has long drawn people to the country that makes people yearn for… Sometimes some English words that they cannot understand can also be translated properly.

Hua 50 yuan bought a Thai mobile phone card online, but my mobile phone is telecom, so I borrowed a mobile phone. During the seven days in Thailand, it was more than enough to make phone calls online.

The preparations are gradually ready and the heart is gradually steadfast. Unexpectedly, another yellow shirt army came out. CCTV’s rendering really made people nervous again! A few days before departure, smog was rampant in Shencheng and flights were delayed in large numbers. It was really a good thing! However, my heart has already calmed down at this time. A big man has nothing to fear. He just hopes that the weather will improve as soon as possible and take off normally.

Everything is developing in a good direction. At that time, the spring and autumn will be full of tourists flying to Bangkok.

When Bangkok was close to thousands of lights, I had a simple fast food at the airport and was ready to take a taxi to my destination. I was new here. It was safer and the cost could not be saved. The guide sign of Suwannabe Airport is Thai, English and Chinese, so without much effort, I came to TAXI and took out the order for Swalin residential buildings. According to the above address, the airport staff helped you contact your taxi driver. All the way was an elevated road, during which the driver asked me twice for money to pay tolls, once 25 baht and once 50 baht. From east to west, the car passed through almost the whole of Bangkok and came to the Swalin residential building in the small alley. The watch showed 470. I gave the driver 500. Instead of looking for it, he held out five fingers (tips). After giving 50, he repeatedly said OK. This taxi ride is the most expensive one in the whole trip, but in terms of conversion, it is only 120NMB, which is not expensive compared with Shanghai. There is a saying on the Internet that about 400 people can get to the city. I feel that the driver did not detour. When I asked others the next day, the price was about the same.

Swalin dwellings

When I entered Swalin’s residential buildings, I saw my name on the whiteboard at a glance. In a foreign country, a warm current surged in my heart…

Swarin’s residential buildings are basically inhabited by foreigners, and there are very few Chinese. That night, my upper berth was a black man, and the upper and lower berths next door were an American couple. For the first time in such an environment, Inevitably feel embarrassed, But fortunately, I fell asleep early, Foreigners have all gone to Kaoshan Road for trouble. I got up early the next morning, but they were asleep. In addition, there was a soft barrier in front of the bed. Besides, foreigners could show good basic qualities on these occasions (drunken is another matter) and hid in the small shop to form a unified system, regardless of spring, summer, winter and autumn, IKEA bedding and quiet environment. They slept soundly for three nights.

Although the words are not clear, foreigners are generally very friendly and always take the initiative to greet you. The eyes are the windows of the heart and each other can reflect people’s sincerity.

This residential building is opened by Bangkok people. The front desk is a Chinese girl named Xiaomin, a former backpacker. When she came, she never left! With her, my trip to Bangkok saved me a lot of heart and money.

The next day, Xiao Min gave me a Chinese map, marking the locations of Kaoshan Road and the Grand Palace. With this map, I am not worried about what either. My sense of direction is still good! On this day, I walked for 10 kilometers and made a big crossing from ancient times to present…

Under the contact of Xiao Min, the trip on the third day was even more exciting. It took only 190B to appreciate the unique culture of Danonsado Aquatic Market, and it was a comfortable Toyota car pick-up (Bangkok’s mini buses are basically this kind of car). You know, Bangkok is nearly 100 kilometers away from there!

Bangkok Langman Airport

In the afternoon, the mini bus to Bangkok’s Langman Airport is also Xiaomin’s contact, 150B. By Jiami, it was completely dark. There are two bus routes at the airport, one to Jiami Town and the other to Onan Beach. The fare is 150B. As long as you say “Onan” here, they will understand. I only say “Onan” and “BB” here, and they parked their cars at the door of BB (actually the basement of Onan Bay Resort) (Onan Beach is a few kilometers away, and they deliver the guests one by one, which is commendable).

Holiday Inn Onan Beach

The next day I stayed at Holiday Inn Onan Beach and felt like I had gone from hell to heaven.

During the three days and nights in Jiamionan, I took three morning lights and two sunsets, perhaps the hanging eyes of God. The sunset on the last night was unforgettable all my life.

When returning to Bangkok from Jiami, the sun had not set. After leaving the airport, I have completely lost my reserve when I first arrived in Bangkok. I can have a leisurely experience of Bangkok’s public transportation. First, take A1 Airport Express to the light rail station in the downtown area, and then take N3 to Kaoshan Road. In the meantime, when asking for directions, just say “Kaoshan”. Everyone knows. Thais are very friendly. They will write you a small note for fear that you don’t understand. Everyone knows Arabic numerals. It took twice as long to get to Swaling, but the Thai baht only cost 36.5 B, saving money to eat a delicious fast food on the roadside.

On the last day, we have to say goodbye to Bangkok. It’s not far from the Monument to Democracy. I’d like to see it. Listen to Xiaomin’s introduction, don’t be nervous, you go and have a look, maybe there are still people in charge of food! As a result, this is really the case. The sit-in demonstrators are still there. The logistical support is very strong. There are food, drink, tents and mosquito nets, but there is no tension. This is really a cultural landscape that cannot be seen anywhere.

Swalin dwellings

Goodbye, Swalin residential buildings, from the beginning to the end, it is you who have brought me to a satisfactory end in Thailand!

In a short period of one week, I stayed in the basement youth tour and enjoyed luxury hotels. I experienced the unique culture, appreciated the scenery of Jiami, and overfulfilled my itinerary (visited the demonstration site)!

From uneasy to full load, the first post station is the key! An illiterate trip to Thailand ended in the sunset at Bangkok’s Suwannabe Airport…

Mid-2013 Tour-2 Bangkok

When I took Thai Airways,

So I went to Bangkok.

Taiwan to Bangkok No.3 Primary School,

I had a lethargy in the past,

I was too busy the day before and almost slept.

When I woke up, I watched the movie of the teenager Pi.

Since it is Thai Airways, the film may not have Chinese subtitles,

Therefore, it is very difficult to watch.

More than 10 Greater Beijing Lands in Bangkok,

Bangkok for my part,

It’s a sad place,

Because of many times,

Beginning to enter.

The same is true of the second time,

I was just wandering.

From the photos that left the image earlier,

The second time, the second time, the more time,

Because it is true, it is very careful.

Well-known clothing brands actually exist,

No, I’m not bashful to go shopping, hehe.

Soon, everyone went on again,

The journey of the exhibition watch,

Directly to Falkford.

Playing with Thailand-Experience of Thailand 2013

Day1 Kao Shan Stay

Although the imperial city is located in the north, snow is indeed very rare. In the early morning of departure, the sky was auspicious and heavy snow fell from the sky, opening the chapter of the journey to release the soul. Shivering, I can’t wait to imagine sweating in the south.

Thailand is a tourist resort with extremely high cost performance, a long culture, a vast territory, and the Chinese people’s favorite cheap souvenirs. The Chinese people’s “Taobao” feelings can be greatly satisfied here. Therefore, in airports, it is common for tour groups to pile up suitcases on hills. In my humble opinion, this way of traveling to places where the living standard is lower than that of our country to experience the life of the rich is better than to tighten your belt and eat a bowl of noodles in Europe! It will be the development direction of overseas travel in the future. Nationals of third world countries, do you want to stand out? Do you want spring? Go to Thailand!

Of course, although the destinations are the same, the tourism style varies from person to person. The mainstream of Chinese tourism is: “Distance produces beauty and makes care feel deeper”; Also: “Gratitude brings gifts from foreign countries to friends”. For example, my companion went abroad for the first time, so he had to wait in long lines at the Thai airport to buy phone cards to report his family’s safety. However, I am more casual. I am the kind of traveler who evaporates after going out and then suddenly flashes back to the imperial city. I think this way of entering the country is necessary in order to purify my mind and appreciate my life.

Take a cheap subway and then take a taxi to get to the “Kaoshan Road” that the Chinese are crazy about. This is a street with a strong commercial atmosphere, just like Beijing’s campaign, which is a gluttonous meal for “poor” shopaholics and is limited to them. Under the night, the wolf smoke was everywhere, the lights were everywhere, and the stalls all over the ground made us backpackers who were new here disappear like ants before the rain. My companions admired the name of “Kaoshan Road” and decided to stay here. Can ask all the peddlers on the road, the result is always shaking their heads. In London, Beijing and here, the sequelae of immigration in big cities are quite common. Immigrants live in their own small circle, immersed in their immediate goals and ignoring everything around them. Crowded through the crowd, passed the disco, and finally found a small hotel sign in despair. Ha-you can stay! I bought two bags of fruit cones, watermelons and mangoes downstairs and hurried upstairs to take a shower.

After returning from the shower, the Agency opened by the Indian and Pakistani people at the end of the road booked a bus and boat ticket to Tao tomorrow. There are many Indian and Pakistani businessmen here, and there are also many Indian restaurants. I found a regular and clean one and ordered a spiced rice with a real crayfish on it and coconut sand ice, which is quite tropical.

Day2 Holy Wood and the Grand Palace

Wake up early, finish the breakfast delivered by the store in a hurry, leave the backpack in Agency, and prepare to take a bus to Tao at night. And his companions set out along the map to the Grand Palace. Thailand is a country full of gods and Buddhas, with a shrine at a few steps and a temple at a stop. The open space around the road is decorated with white elephants and goddesses, and wreaths and tributes are presented around it. Tributes are so strange that there are Coca-Cola. Of course, sincerity is the spirit, and articles are only forms.

There is no denying that people have thousands of faces. In Thailand, where tourism culture is mature, the majority of people are outstanding, but tourism sequelae are also very common. Shops are tied up, buying and selling are forced, and black cars are common in tourist areas. As an independent backpacker, your tough appearance and firm will can help you go through five hurdles and cut six generals! International backpackers are trained as follows: seeing “warm-hearted people” pretends to be deaf and dumb; Hands should be held tightly to prevent things from being stuffed. He was grabbed and did not need to be shy. He broke through the blockade with the strength of squeezing the car. Of course, there are exceptions. This time I was tired of feeding pigeons according to his wishes, but I didn’t give any money! This is more dangerous. Once it happens, it must be full of momentum and have the determination to kill the fish and catch the net. Remember, we must objectively evaluate the strength of both sides before making moves. No matter time or space, strikingly similar techniques are constantly performed in tourist sites: Paris, Egypt, Kenya before, Thailand after and other hardest hit areas in the Third World to be visited. Fortunately, the compatriots have already developed a pair of steel bars and iron bones when traveling in China, which is dwarfed. Proud, Chinese!

Bangkok City Pillar Shrine

Because there are very few signs to visit, the Shengmu Temple was originally a white temple for me, with few people and strong incense. It was a “living” temple. During the trip, I cherished the places where the local people gathered. Being personally present, listening to strange languages and watching their every move, even if there is no positive contact, one can easily feel the unique vitality of this nation.

This white marble-topped temple honors Bangkok’s sacred wood and has protected the city and its people for more than 300 years. In 1782 AD, King Rama I made this place a holy place and built this shrine in “Krung Rattanakosin-intra-ayothaya” (later called Bangkok) as the new capital. Sacred wood is 79 inches high and gilded all over, standing in the main hall in the middle of the temple. The temple also honors five patrons of Bangkok, covering the fields of national security, joy, wealth, death and nature. Therefore, both the people and the army will come here to worship.

The exquisite and quiet temple, with complicated carvings and tight patterns, repeats back and forth, like chanting sutras over and over again, takes you away from everything and meditates. Every time you enter a palace, you need slippers. Barefoot on the floor, the body in a relaxed state completely integrated into nature, into air, only consciousness exists in the air. Gold wires extend from the top of the golden sacred wood, connecting with the great gods of other halls, implying that all things are related. There are doors around the main hall, which makes the hall transparent and bright, with gusty overflow. Citizens decorate temples with various flowers, jasmine strings and yellow wreaths are the most common, and slightly high-profile lotus pods and sesame oil candles are arranged neatly. The temple’s sales office sells tribute packages of 300 to 500 Thai baht. In addition to the above items, the gold tray also includes gold foil and ribbons to decorate the Buddha. At present, gold foil is added as a selling point in cosmetics, which seems luxurious. However, people have treated Buddha like this for a long time.

Each temple has a dance band performing for the gods for believers to sing praises to the gods. Although the performers here are all aunts and uncles, they are quite authentic. Even if no one asked, they performed there and praised the Buddhists themselves. We tourists are not stiff either. We listen and watch blatantly. Some of us still click and click. People are calm when they arrive. After resting there for half an hour and adding tips to the donation box nearby, we can’t push our luck too far, can we?

Grand Place

The Grand Palace is a must for tourists. The “warm-hearted people” outside the wall use various lies to guide tourists, who are often fooled. Thanks to my companion Zhu Zhu, I was able to control it and return to the right path.

The Imperial Palace was built in 1782 and was still the king. For various reasons, he decided to give up the old capital and build a new capital Bangkok on the other side of the Chao Phraya River. He also built the Grand Imperial Palace, which integrates the Imperial Palace, government agencies and royal temples and covers an area of 218,000 square meters. The scenic spot was crowded with people. Even so, it cannot hide the imposing manner of the royal family. The gold was so powerful that everyone could not open their eyes in the strong sunshine. I remember the scene of master and pupil arriving in Buddhism in the old version of Journey to the West. It was golden in all directions and always thought it was a trick played by the photographer. It was only when you were personally present that you suddenly realized. The glazed tiles in the Forbidden City have been burned yellow, which is simply turned into gold by stone. What’s more, it is open as a scenic spot and educates friends all over the world with facts every day. The highest level of showing off one’s wealth is this! In addition to gold plating, the carved beams and painted buildings in the palace are decorated with stained glass mosaic inlay and porcelain relief. They are decorated with jewels and are very beautiful.

The first thing that came into view was the Jade Buddha Temple area, with a total of 12 buildings surrounded by white walls and red roofs, including the famous Jade Buddha Temple, Golden Top and Angkor Wat Mini Edition. In winter, the Jade Buddha is not tall in the huge palace, wrapped in fine clothes and wearing a golden crown. There were many people who came to admire the name, and the marble floor was full. As a royal temple, members of the royal family will come here to pay their respects on major festivals. The Jade Buddha itself has three statues. Clothes are different in spring and autumn, winter and summer. Every season, the emperor will personally change the jade Buddha, as if to put on different clothes for him. I was lucky enough to see several other statues in the Jade Buddha Museum, and I had to count the most “emerald” in summer, because my body was almost bare and only decorated with some jewelry. Legends and stories and Buddha’s deeds are painted on the inner wall of the white wall cloister around the temple. The characters in the painting are lifelike, and the key plots are also outlined in gold paint, which shines brightly even in the shadows.

After visiting the Jade Buddha Temple, you will enter the royal and government office areas. The main body of the building is white marble, decorated with golden spire. Although many areas are not open, the building itself is still amazing. For example, the king’s pavilion, whose foundation is as high as one floor, must be cool to sit on. Most of the open buildings display some historic weapons, documents and so on in the form of museums.

Like China’s tourism strategy, tickets to the Grand Palace are also in the form of package tickets, including the Grand Palace, the Coin Medal Museum, the Textile Museum and a museum far away. In fact, they are all very interesting. For example, the Textile Museum set up by the Queen today aims to carry forward the essence of Thai traditional fabrics. It shows more than 10 sets of visiting garments by the King and Queen, all of which are traditional styles and traditional Thai fabrics. The display also includes handbags, bags and other accessories, as well as special souvenirs for sale. The exhibition hall itself is on the second floor of the auditorium. It needs to go up the spiral ladder in the hall. It is a classic hall with red carpet and white railings.

The medals in the coin museum are huge and covered with pearls and precious stones. Thailand’s precious stones are well-known in the world and are very expensive. There is also a Chinese explanation touch screen in the exhibition hall, which is very convenient. It should be noted that the Grand Palace area was closed earlier and closed at about 4:30. After closing the door, the huge square immediately became cold and cheerless. After a day of “cooking”, the tourists felt like ripe steamed buns, came to a large cup of lime water on the street, lay on the lawn opposite the square, listened to the Walkman, and looked at the clouds walking in the air. It was a great joy. On the lawn, teenagers are playing football, young girls are carrying schoolbags, old people slip away dogs, and children are flying kites and riding bicycles. As evening approached, the little squirrels in the trees jumped up and down and boldly took the bread from the tourists.

After accumulating energy, I went back to Kaoshan Road, had a simple meal and had a massage. Thai massage shops took advantage of the night to move their territory to the streets, and tourists were thickly dotted with reclining chairs. Half-hour foot massage makes me step on the ground as easily as stepping on cotton.

At 9: 30 p.m., I got on the bus to Tao. Take out my three treasures of sleep: blindfold, earplug and pillow, take a sleeping pill, take the bumpy journey as a cradle, and fall asleep.

Day3 “Tao” and “Deep Blue”

In a daze, the car changed ships and was yelled at by the boatman in a daze. He jabbered and dragged my big backpack on the dock bench to take a nap. This night I was very sleepy, but Zhu Zhu stayed up almost all night and vomited by boat. I didn’t even know. The dock at 7 o’clock was not prosperous. Zhu Zhu grabbed me and took a private car to the destination Big Blue. There is no Taxi here. They are all small private pickup trucks, and they will not charge exorbitant prices. Sitting in an open carriage, blowing the sea breeze and passing through countless slopes (because I was still asleep), we were thrown on a path in Sairee village. Walking inside, I saw the cool Logo of “Deep Blue” and was relieved.

“Tao” is a paradise island, which means “Turtle Island” in English. “Tao” is 35 years old, slightly older than me, with abundant seabed resources and diving schools all over the island. Its neighbor “Paan” ranks among the Top10 beach parties in the world for hosting the world-famous “Full Moon Party” and is a paradise for party animals. Another neighbor, “Su Mei”, has become a must for Thailand to visit with beautiful beaches, waterfalls and temples and has its own airport. In contrast, Tao is much more restrained. “Tao” (including “Nanyuan”) is only 19.2 square kilometers, 3.4 kilometers wide and 7.6 kilometers long, with 11 bays and 10 capes. Since the coast is mostly cliffs, there are corals stretching for 8 kilometers in the sea. In the 1840s, Tao was once chosen as a place for exile of political prisoners because of its isolation and sharks near the coast. Until the 1970s, an explorer who visited by fishing boat discovered the rich resources of the “Tao” seabed, and then gradually developed into a diving holy place, ranking second in the world in terms of cost-effective diving. Sairee Beach, where we live, is a famous western beach with fine sand, gentle coast, complete materials and convenient life. As there are many Britons here, the natural bar culture and coffee culture are also scattered all over the small villages. The beaches at night are brightly lit and have different customs.

Back to the moment when I first arrived at “Deep Blue”, I waited for the reception room to open in the “Deep Blue” beach bar. Lying on the wooden floor, leaning against the Thai-style triangular cushion, facing the calm sea like a mirror in the morning, watching one or two long-tailed boats scattered among them, it was very pleasant. Under the coconut tree, the “deep blue” sign with yellow background and blue logo is full of rock and roll style. It was this cool dolphin logo that attracted me to this school. Next to the tree with similar acacia but huge pink flowers, from time to time fell to hit my head, is also “Tao” to give me the first gift! Our “Deep Blue” No.1 has complete facilities and convenient location, within 100 meters of the center of the town. The diving suit rental office, office, bulletin board and bar are all in this old camp. The school has a 50% discount on students’ accommodation. A standard room only costs 70 yuan RMB, which is an impossible task in China. I took a bath, checked the strategy at home, went to the village, and waited in fear and trembling for the afternoon diving class.

I didn’t expect the sun to be so bitter in the evening at the seaside. It took me a lot of time to walk along the coast to “Deep Blue” 2 and I got lost. For the next two days, I have been lost. I think the bar style on the beach is too unified. After the class meeting, I met many young beauties and handsome men, all of whom were Europeans, including a German five-member team. It’s a pity that I insisted on taking the PADI test and finally started the class independently, which was out of my chance with them. The coaches are all British and speak faster, but after watching videos to learn, they are relatively relaxed. Only mosquitoes were rampant in the attic and gave me more than ten large bags before I took precautions. A commemorative lesson, after which I smeared a lot of mosquitoes every day without biting.

I didn’t expect foreigners to go to class so late that they didn’t finish class until 7: 30, starving me to death. In the dark, he hurried back to his residence to find Zhu Zhu Zhu for dinner. Next, do your homework and review your lessons. As the course involved examinations, the next few days were like training concentration camps, and I immediately returned to my busy student days.

Day4, my coach, Tim

Ken (Instructor) officially handed me over to Tim (Instructor) in the morning. Padi is more difficult, so teachers should be more patient and experienced. Tim is a typical English style. British character: stiff and introverted, meticulous, patient and polite, just like the scenery in England; Of course, the bar is a different scenery. In fact, the behavior patterns of Westerners and Easterners are surprisingly complementary: they are usually restrained and crazy and unruly in bars; We usually speak loudly, and when we arrive at the bar, we will immediately petrify. No wonder bar culture prevails in the West, but it is not real in China. Returning to Tim, he has a pair of big eyes, a thin and three-dimensional face, short light gold hair, and a slender figure. What do you think reminds me of TinTin?

After watching the video in the morning, Tim hinted that I would just look at it. All the diving coaches here disdain the theoretical examination, which is the same as our view on examination-oriented education. Real knowledge comes from practice, and technology comes from practice! After that, I will explain my homework and prepare for tomorrow’s exam. Fortunately, the Chinese have developed the ability of examination-oriented education since childhood, and even if the language is poor, they are not afraid.

The course was very tight, with only one hour’s lunch break. As a result, I was still half an hour late. Tim’s on fire. I am also very depressed, who expected Thailand’s pace to be so slow, it is normal to cook for 20 minutes! Respect for other people’s time is the basic etiquette. I was wrong and never spoke. The evil consequence of arriving late was that there was no diving suit, and we waited for a period of time before going into the water to practice. Although the atmosphere was tense, Tim explained and supervised with due diligence. Padi’s difficulty lies in that if he cannot learn one movement, he cannot continue to do the next movement, so Tim is very tight in time. And I also understand that I will repeat every movement with my heart and boldly, making full use of the animator’s observation and imitation ability. Fortunately, my reflex nerve is not bad, and my movements pass one by one. Tim relaxed, smiled and sometimes joked. Although our verbal communication is not completely effective, the atmosphere has reached a lot of tacit understanding.

I finished work on time in the afternoon, and I was hungry for pearls to eat a big meal. After the tide ebbed, large areas of the beach were exposed and covered with earthworm lines. Tourists took advantage of the sun’s lack of work and took out sunscreen and sun baths. Most of the tourists here are Westerners and like to sun themselves in wheat, chocolate and bronze. We met a very strong Western woman, lean and carbon black, with the same color as the local people, which seems to have taken a lot of effort. The air here is pure and the skin is quite shiny. If you are lucky, you can sun out gold! I have always felt that the Chinese people’s dislike of black is related to the sunshine there. Coupled with air pollution, the skin is tanned black and has no luster. In order not to waste resources, I also did as the Romans did in the next few days, wearing hot pants and bikini, trying to get a healthy color. It’s a pity that the course is too tight to spare time for special sun bath, and the skin color is not uniform.

In the evening, I asked for a “special offer today” in the restaurant, bought some necessities at 711, and then hurried back to my room to review. Island restaurants are not as rich as Bangkok’s, basic Thai fried rice, noodles, Western sandwiches and hamburgers. Although coffee is common, hamburgers are made now and are very delicious. The price is OK. During the meal, I met two Canadian tourists from the north. They said that the price there was extremely cheap, half of that here! Different geographical locations cannot be compared. There are many waterfalls, temples and simple folk customs in the north, and the international diving island here are two concepts. The vacation time is limited, so we have to “take advantage” next time.

Day5 Deep Submergence in Open Waters

Get up early in the morning and prepare the morning test content at the “Deep Blue” beach bar. There were not many people. A young man sat down opposite the square table, smoking a cigarette. When I saw my back, I stopped the cigarette automatically. You know! Fortunately, you are not Chinese, otherwise you will definitely be smoked away by second-hand smoke. Later, I learned that this guy is a German student, working as an exchange student in Tsinghua (not far from my home), majoring in automobile manufacturing, and his Chinese is not bad. At the beginning, I met a Spaniard who bought tickets at the Grand Palace and chatted with me in fluent Beijing accent. In the past two years, the world has become more and more China, with both advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, Chinese is no longer our “secret weapon” and we should stop talking when we go out to play.

The morning exam was not difficult. Tim invigilated the exam and almost passed. Fortunately, it is a multiple choice question. If you ask and answer questions, it is estimated that my English grammar will deduct many points! Looking forward to my first voyage in the afternoon.

Take the equipment bag and board the diving boat in the long tail boat. The first floor of the diving boat is equipped with air tanks on both sides, and the middle basket contains respirators and lead blocks. However, each person’s equipment bag has a sign letter and is piled together. The second floor is a rest area, providing drinks, fruits and biscuits. Generally speaking, more than 30 people on a ship will hold meetings and rest in groups on the second floor, waiting for the ship to reach the diving area. After that, everyone will go downstairs and change into diving suits, carry gas tanks on their backs, check the equipment, and then go into the water. Believe me, the process was more chaotic than catching a train at the railway station. Fortunately, Tim is my one-on-one coach and takes good care of me, making me take my time.

First dive, Japanese Garden, depth 10.7 meters, 36 minutes. As it was the first dive, all the students carefully dived along the cable in the bow, during which Tim checked my ear pressure from time to time to pay attention to my physical adaptation. The water surface is calm and sunny, so the visibility under the water is very high and there is no turbulence. At first, I felt the flow of wave light and shadow under the water, just like at the bottom of the swimming pool, shuttling between your fingers for a while and jumping away mischievously for a while. The light and shadow gradually disappeared, the world was quiet, only clear breathing sounds were heard in my ears, and only a string of bubbles were rising around me. Summon up courage and walk side by side with Tim in the water. The world in the water is completely different from the land. There is no reference. Just like in the universe, the upper, lower, left, right, front and back are all the same empty and boundless, so illusory. The truth is that the body is wrapped and supported by soft water, and the spine can straighten or swing from side to side as easily as a fish. Abandon abstract language, like fish, spread out your palm and gesticulate communication. I remember that the little mermaid in fairy tales cannot speak, which is one of the characteristics of this world. Having lived on land for more than 30 years, I have explored this unknown world and understood more and more that the difference between “Sea people” and “Land people” in “Sea Pianist” is not the difference in regions, but the difference in thinking and behavior patterns caused by living in different worlds. Side by side with Tim, I continued to dive, and the world at the bottom of the sea showed up in front of my eyes. High and low coral and mollusk float lazily in the water, clumps are dense. The fish played among them, light and elegant. There are pairing in groups and fighting alone. Different from the books, the mollusks of all colors are not large in size, and only when they are close can they see the details and bright colors. We swam leisurely over them. The big fish watched curiously in the distance, but the small fish would still be scared into coral or sea urchin to seek shelter. After understanding, Tim stopped in an empty sand and reviewed all the movements in the swimming pool with me, which was the first lesson in the teaching. Then we returned to the ship, enjoying the sunshine and preparing for the second dive.

On board, everyone took off the upper half of the short-sleeved conjoined diving suit to dry their skin and retain their physical strength. This appearance is actually quite handsome and professional. Watermelon is everyone’s favorite and the best food to supplement water for diving. It is robbed every time it comes up. The concentration of seawater here is very high and the water is very bitter. Soaking in water, coupled with the use of respirators, will cause a large loss of water in our bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement water and nutrition in time to prevent dehydration. Drinking water is the simplest method, but it will increase our buoyancy and is not conducive to diving. By contrast, watermelons are the best!

The second dive, Twin Peaks, depth 11.6 meters, 35 minutes. The landform here is a strait composed of two hills, and the species in the area are more luxuriant and abundant. The more stones there are, the more undulating the surface is, the more creatures there will be, resulting in more marine animals and the stronger the atmosphere of life. Under Tim’s guidance and sign language, I saw all kinds of strange fish. The most common fairy fish float in groups of delicate and weak fish, while the clown fish is relatively inconspicuous and almost missed by me. My favorite is the rainbow fish (parrotfish), which is covered with color, like a rainbow. Some tend to be blue-green, others are red-purple. It is 50 centimeters in size in the water and is often ambiguous in front of your eyes in pairs. Tim has an old wound on his leg, which always attracts small cleaning fish to flock to “clean”. Personally, I suggested that he rest for a period of time before going into the water, otherwise the wound would not heal. But he had to earn money to eat. Well, the diving coach also had a helpless side. The essentials of this diving are basically mastered, but my problem with buoyancy control is still not small. Buoyancy is very important in diving. Buoyancy control will be used when you want to break through narrow passages, when you look closely at tiny creatures and remain motionless, and when you want to change the depth. Because I couldn’t master it, I had to touch the ground with my hand to support it, and finally I was stung by a small creature in the sand. In fact, I am not good enough to disturb or even kill others. Deep guilt.

On the return trip, spread out dripping long hair and let it fly in the wind. With black tea in his hand, he sat on a diving boat swaying with the waves and watched the wonderful sea. The four o’clock sun sprinkled on the sea and plated her with a golden veil. If it weren’t for what I saw with my own eyes, who would have imagined that there was a wonderful and colorful world in how?

The first time I went out to sea, I became a soft-footed shrimp. Zhu Zhu dragged me to a small restaurant by the side of the road for dinner. The table was covered with straw curtains and tablecloths, with ribbons on the edges. Small candles flickered in the glass statue, and the atmosphere was good. Each person ordered a cup of freshly squeezed watermelon juice, pure pulp. Zhu Zhu ordered noodles, and I ordered the special price of the day-a salad similar to tortillas and vegetables. Su is a little bit vegetarian, but it is very safe, you know, tomorrow is my exam day.

Day6 My First Buddy

Buddy’s partner, scuba diving requires two people to travel in deep diving. Two people in the water should always keep a distance within one arm so as to help their companions at any time. The yellow respirator on the diving equipment is specially prepared for your “partner”. Therefore, to some extent, “partners” are peers that divers can rely on, trust and entrust to life safety in water. Because of this, the risk of diving is also greatly reduced. In the depths of the ocean, you meet new partners, carry out team cooperation, and explore and discover a new world together. What an exciting experience! Today, Dutch people in their 50s joined us and became my companions. The Dutch already have a diving license, but they have not dived for many years.

Today is still calm. I just got up too early and my head was groggy. Tim saw that I was limping and asked me about it. The sun rises from the horizon, the chaotic air on the sea surface disperses, and the gentle sea water reflects a little golden light.

First dive, White Rock White Rock, depth 17.1 meters, 37 minutes. Baishi is a large spire on the west side of Tao, with an average depth of 16 meters and a maximum depth of 28 meters. It is suitable for divers at all stages. This is the gathering place of giant trigger fish, a kind of aggressive carnivorous fish. Under water, Tim will use the gesture of shooting to signal the fish. They always act alone, with white MengMeng’s eyes embedded in their dark blue and light green mottled skin, stupefied and full of ancient biological style. The rock cross section here is very rich, covered with soft corals, mixed with spherical and porous corals, and colorful Christmas tree soft insects, so all kinds of clown fish (sea anemone fish), spiny black sea urchin and honeycomb groups like to gather here. There is no doubt that it provides rich biological and geomorphological resources for underwater photography lovers. Tim was the leader, followed by the Dutch and I, practicing basic movements on a piece of sand. The Dutch have long blond hair floating in the water, just like jellyfish. It’s really casual. I’m not afraid to paste it into my eyes. It looks good. There is still a problem with my own buoyancy control, so I am very nervous when passing through the sea urchin area, for fear of being stuck. It was planted on this black and hard sea urchin in the Red Sea.

The second dive, Twin Peaks, depth 16.2 meters, 38 minutes. Returning to the area on the west side of Nanyuan Island, there are three underwater spire areas full of sea cucumbers, worms and sponges. Different from what you see in the supermarket, the sea cucumber on the bottom of the sea is huge, half a meter long after being enlarged in the water, and its black body is wearing white skin peeling, which is a little disgusting. The dying ones turn dark gray. On the way to Twin Peaks, we passed through the artificial “buoyancy world”. There are empty sand and huge sculptures such as iron squid, which are good places for students to take exams in class. Tim tested my ability to distinguish roads with compasses here and conducted buoyancy tests again. I gradually mastered the essentials. Although I still couldn’t hold it under the water, I passed the exam at least. The four-day course was successfully completed.

At noon, he returned under the scorching sun. Standing on the second floor bridge, looking at the direction of progress. The sea was stormy and the boat jolted. Still dragging black tea in his hand, he experienced the world in the hearts of explorers during the great voyage. The sea level is arched and empty. In contrast, human beings are getting smaller and smaller, and the troubles in life are even more trivial. I have been trapped by teaching all the time. Now I am suddenly enlightened. I can’t help laughing and passing away when I re-appreciate the students’ mentality and the teachers’ stand. The ocean can broaden my mind and let me melt into it and become a fish. A few days later, Tim and I got to know each other, and we really didn’t give up at the end of the course. However, my physical strength is limited and I cannot be invited to continue to attend his intermediate class. I sincerely hope that his leg injury will heal earlier.

In order to celebrate graduation, Zhu Zhu and I chose a Thai restaurant with good atmosphere for dinner in the evening. The restaurant has a pure wooden floor with Thai tables and Western tables and chairs. Indoor lighting is mainly candlelight, flickering. The gurgling water passed through the door and passed through it. There was a small stone bridge on it. Tropical green flowers are arranged around to create a natural atmosphere. I sat on the floor beside the collapse of the water’s table, leaning against the Thai triangular pillow, exchanging my daily income with each other. My hamburger is burnt outside and tender inside, and there are French fries. It is full of weight and a real energy meal. The fresh and delicious roasted fish with chopped peppers ordered by Zhu Zhu provoked Xiao Mao to come and beg for food. The wild cats and dogs here are clean and docile. Cats in tropical areas all have slim bones, large ears for heat dissipation, and delicate little faces with glass-like eyes dripping brightly, which is quite in line with the criteria for Chinese men to choose beautiful women. Dogs are also easy-going, or too easy-going, lying on the beach from morning till night and sleeping in various postures. Some are too lazy to eat meat and have been sleeping. It seems that it is also quite in line with China’s theory that “life lies in stillness” and has a Taoist style. In a word, the overall style of the island is laziness and recuperation.

After dinner, I tried Thai massage for the second time. An aromatherapy massage shop with small bridges and flowing water. The store has air conditioning and WiFi, modern facilities and simple and comfortable decoration. After entering the store, they have to change into his pure cotton and thin cloth massage clothes. Personally, I think the difference between Thai massage and Chinese massage is that Thai massage allows the massager to press his different muscles and acupuncture points in different postures, while Chinese massage is moderate to lie prone or sit. As the muscle tendons are stretched to different degrees in different postures, the auxiliary massage effect can be achieved better. At the end of an hour, I really relaxed a lot, but at last I turned my spine and the sound of Ka Ba Ka Ba was a little scary. This night’s sleep was especially sweet.

Day 7 Sabbath

God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. After intense training, today I can finally relax my tired body and mind. Zhu Zhu had been exploring the island alone a few days ago and had to admit that she was a hiker with great potential. Under her guidance, we took a walk along the resort path by the sea to enjoy the scenery of the island.

The path winds up with green trees and flowers on both sides. The resort passed by has different styles, including village-style square cabins, hotel-style buildings, Indian-style courtyards and local hostels. During this period, there were many diving schools, poking signs of sailing destinations on the roadside. We walked slowly and were often overtaken by some joggers. They wore running shoelaces and headphones, and looked even more energetic against the background of triangle plum. Who said that island vacation is beach swimming, seaside running and seabed diving are all good choices? Smart people will say: Where is running not running? However, the scenery is different, and the mood of running out is definitely different.

There is a small town in the port. Things are cheaper than ours. I picked out some postcards casually. There is a huge turtle statue in the sea, which is charmingly naive and is regarded as a sign of “Tao”. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any live turtles this time. There is a Chinese diving school near the port, where Zhu Zhu signed up to experience diving tomorrow. And I will continue my licensed dive in Deep Blue tomorrow. Over the past few days, I have forgotten all the days and have a tendency to rot here. On the way back, I passed the police station and the primary school and ate the high-quality mangosteen sold in the small shop-full of juice and delicious.

There is a free diving school on the resort road-free diving. The receptionist is a middle-aged French woman and is friendly and enthusiastic. As an extreme sport, free diving has developed for many years. Even the videos of international flights publicize the performances of their ancestors and the spirit of the sport. The ancestor was also very young, about 50 years old, Nordic. This person can make his pulse drop from 90 beats per minute to 20 beats, resulting in a sharp drop in oxygen consumption. The development and application of the theory of “breathing in vivo” is also one of the topics of free diving. But the most important thing is the mental control of the body-reducing the body’s energy consumption through relaxation, such as meditation. Returning to the Chinese attitude towards extreme sports, most people think that it is the behavior of opportunists who are looking for death. In fact, every extreme sports has strong spiritual support. Through that form of sports, these athletes will be closer to the essence of life, recognize themselves more clearly and love life more. I remember an article by a polar expedition member in National Geographic. He said: I like this sport not because it brings me closer to death, but because I will love my life more after facing death. Let’s look at the many diaosi otaku after the 90s. Is it a phenomenon that they are over-protected under the great material abundance? Therefore, although I will not try extreme sports at present, I am happy to understand how they make lovers’ hearts strong and their horizons broad. French women are just such a traveler who loves life. She and I lamented the cultural differences in different places and praised the wonder of the island-people from all over the world live here at the same time, adapt to and understand each other, and appreciate the customs in every corner of the world through each other, just like the big ship of “Sea Pianist”. Amazing! You will unconsciously be infected by her heartfelt praise.

In the evening, we rented a canoe for two and swung our paddles in the large sunset glow, shuttling between coral reefs not far from the coast. In the clear sea water, groups of unknown small fish shuttled between giant cauliflower-like green corals, tearing the moss on them. The underwater landform is deep and shallow, giving us a sense of weightlessness. In the distance, familiar diving boats returned to Hong Kong, and the sound of lonely motors reverberated in the bay. Suddenly, a group of small flying fish jumped out of the water and bounced forward on the water like dragonflies. The black silhouette was very light. Looking back at the dusk, there were another group of ripples on the disturbed water. It seems that flying fish like to travel in the evening and in groups.

The wind is gradually rising, and our boat is swaying in the waves, so we have to stop it. After all, we are not professional rowers, so it is good not to have an accident. The party on the beach has already begun. The bars covered the ebbing beach with small tables and straw mats, lit torches and candles, and turned the flash balls of disco in the 1980s. What’s more, they dug small holes in the beach and put candles in them to avoid the sea breeze. The fire dancers in front of the “Deep Blue” bar tricked the two fireballs into different patterns, drawing applause. The flickering candlelight and colorful angel lights weave a bright late-night beach. Coupled with the reflection of the water surface and the huge stars in the air, it is really like a well-cut black diamond that reflects all kinds of beauties of nature and makes me lost in the brilliance.

Day8 Fun Diving Group

The weather has changed, the weather has changed. From today on, the sea is no longer calm, and the next few days will be very stormy. Zhu Zhu left early in the morning for her experience diving. Under the arrangement of Kevin (dive master), I joined David (dive master) ‘s 5-member diving team and went diving at noon. If I sketch, I will definitely draw David with circles. Yes, he is a big fat man. Although he did not reach the sumo level, the tattoos all over his body revealed his tough strength in his bones, “I have muscles all over my body.” The team members have a Dutch mother and son. The son is only 13 years old but has a battle-hardened posture. His diving suit and electronic pressure gauge are more advanced than David’s. My Buddy is a German boy, in his twenties, with excellent skills. As a rookie who has just obtained a diving license, some Yali Alexander!

First dive, No Name Unknown Island, depth 18 meters, 31 minutes. This is my pain and the motivation to move forward. Before diving, the wind and waves were very strong and the water surface was turbid. Without Tim’s protection, all the programs became flustered and disorderly. To make matters worse, due to extremely low visibility, we had to swim from the stern to the bow against the wind and descend along the cable. It took me a lot of physical strength and oxygen to swim on this water surface, and my heart beat to 130. . . . . Oxygen consumption can be imagined. However, the diving goggles in advance were not fully wiped and the eyes were full of fog. At last David couldn’t wait and pulled me to the bow. Otherwise, I should have been washed away by the waves. Dive master and Instructor have different roles. They are basically navigators. Everything else depends on themselves and your Buddy. However, I did not have any tacit understanding with the German young man, and the difference in physical fitness alone was quite obvious. Under the water, he is like a fish, running around, often out of my sight, it is difficult to keep up. And David always uses gestures to complain that we want to be “right” together. I am very tangled. Of course, the fog in the water mirror also made me very nervous because I couldn’t see anything clearly. Unknown Island is a small island next to Gemini. Due to the small number of people going there, it is quite rich in resources. But the water mirror is white, and I only feel that everyone is very excited. It’s hard. . . . . . The only experience was the rapid breathing sound and the sharp beating of my heart in the respirator, nothing else.

Physical exhaustion and mental tension make my physical strength consume extremely fast, my body temperature is already losing, and there is little oxygen left. In the end, the whole group had to dive because of me, while most of the other groups stayed underwater for 40 minutes. I was very depressed. On board, the crew comforted me, gave me encouragement and advice. It is strongly recommended that I use breathing tubes to save oxygen. Dutch children also taught me how to use it and encouraged me to say “very simple”. Although this team has just been established, the spirit of teamwork has already been reflected. I decided not to drag my feet next time.

Second dive, White Rock White Rock, depth 17.1 meters, 37 minutes. The waves on the sea are getting bigger. We cancelled our plan to explore the sunken ships of World War II underwater and went to Baishi instead. This reassured me a little, because I had to go back and forth 100 meters underwater to get to the sunken ship. I was not sure whether my physical strength could keep up. Determined to go home and exercise hard.

In order to reduce the water surface time, David suggested that we enter the water from the side of the ship, which can be half a position shorter. He also repeatedly instructed the German boys to “advance and retreat together” and help me. Although I was not trained to lean into the water afterwards, I jumped down as soon as my teeth bit my heart. The waves came head-on. As the big waves rose and fell, I felt the surging sea in Gorky’s Haiyan and the deterrence of nature. Despite the fierce wind and waves, Buddy of Germany has been wandering around me, guiding me to use respirator, just like a deputy coach. After fighting with the sea, everyone gathered on the cable in front of the ship and waited patiently for my heart to return to normal before starting to dive. This time it was very smooth. The symmetrical and slow breathing made me enjoy everything in the water at ease. Visibility is very low, impurities in the water are swirled by turbulence, and we rely on David and Dutch children’s yellow flippers to point the way. David swam in the front, with Dutch mother and son in the middle, and German boys and I in the back. Buddy asked me from time to time if I was OK. Everyone was close to avoid getting lost.

The world at the bottom of the sea is always calm and colorful. This time with Buddy’s company, I am happy to explore. Buddy points out to me from time to time what he thinks is worth sharing, and I gladly accept the guidance of this talent with more than 20 diving experiences. Although this dive is not very deep, it is different from training dive in that there are no tasks and no restrictions. You and your companions are free to explore the places you are interested in. The line of sight no longer follows any instructions, looking around idle, the fish schools in the water are of different sizes, scattered in different heights and directions in turn, and we are also like a group of 5-person fish, shuttling back and forth among the ups and downs of rocks. Sometimes I have to cross a canyon with a width of one person, which makes me almost rub against coral again. I can only say sorry to disturb. Looking up, the bright water surface looks like a distant wellhead, illuminating the world below the sea surface in a circle, sprinkling a little flowing light column, mapped on the ring-shaped fish school more than ten meters away overhead, shining with sparkling dim light. Only then did I feel that I had dived very deep. This kind of feeling is very wonderful and soft, just like the baby is surrounded by water in the mother’s belly, and it is like floating in a dream without direction.

Everyone checked each other’s oxygen consumption. This time mine was the same as that of other experts. David applauded with satisfaction. A line of people sometimes form a line and sometimes gather in a circle to plan the next swimming direction and cooperate with each other. By chance, I found that the Dutch mother’s gas cylinder was not fixed, separated from her chest band and swaying in the water. I immediately motioned to my Buddy. He also found that a super handsome dive caught up with his mother and helped her fix it. I also swam to my mother in time and motioned her to stop waiting. In the end, she understood, folded her hands with us and gave us a Thai thank-you. Well, helping others is the foundation of happiness, and my vanity suddenly swelled! At last, the Dutch child’s respirator leaked a little. David decided to dive, successfully ending my last deep dive on this trip. After landing, Buddy praised my care and David looked at me with special respect. Although women are not as physically strong as men in diving, the degree of care they think can help solve many underwater conditions. Nature is fair, only depending on how you use your abilities.

On the return trip, I dried myself on the deck on the second floor, chatted with my teammates and shared their exploration. Buddy said that he had had many problems, but it did not affect his love of the sea. He had been diving at sea for 20 days in a fishing boat. Once he got stuck in the cave and his breathing tube ruptured. Looking at the only glimmer of light in the deep sea cave, he instinctively dived extremely and tried to escape from the cave. He was finally pulled by the leader and saved by his emergency respirator. It was a spiritual battle, and the courage to face fear and loneliness cultivated in extreme environment was also the reason why these explorers became outstanding in life. Even a 13-year-old Dutch child has experienced the baptism of life. During a dive, the respirator was kicked off by another child (his Buddy) and stuck on the cylinder, causing difficulty breathing. In insistence, another team of divers helped him get his respirator back. That lesson taught him persistence and not to mess up in the face of danger. Every dive is a valuable life lesson, which enables us to recognize ourselves more clearly, understand life, explore potential, enhance willpower and have more positive energy. This is also its charm.

Day9 Snorkeling China Tour

The continuous windy weather caused the waves to wreak havoc. Two of the five bays snorkeling in one day were in the windward part of the island, and the big waves were monstrous, which was cancelled. Most of the Chinese tourists on board took advantage of the Spring Festival to travel, taking families as units. I sat on the second floor, and the turbulence of the sea made everyone afraid to walk on the board. The hull swung from left to right, and even the mineral water bottles rolled around on the ground. Sitting on the floor on the side of the boat, watching the waves splashing and Westerners rowing canoes in the distance of the ink sea, not only admiring their physical strength and willpower. One of the mothers on the same boat got seasick and vomited a boat, directly from the second floor into the water. Always complaining.

“Tao” Island has many jagged bays, providing rich growth environment and bunkers for marine organisms, and is the favorite habitat for fish schools. The first two bays were affected by sea breeze and visibility at the bottom was not high. But we still saw some fish schools. Compared with deep diving, snorkeling is easier, and fish are quite used to coexisting with people. If you don’t move, they will curiously post to “visit” these outsiders. If some food falls from the ship, they will swarm in. The speed and quantity have really changed my definition of their “gentleness” and are a bit partial to the end of piranha. Of course, artificial feeding will destroy their nature and encourage their aggressiveness, so it is not advocated. Coral is not as vigorous as deep sea, but it still has some colors. It is said that the resources in the Philippines are very good, so we must spend more money to visit there next time. I taught a Chinese girl snorkeling. She was very excited to share her findings with me underwater. Travel is like this. Strong strangers generously share the joy of discovery with him. I’m glad she can feel it!

As the wind and waves grew stronger, our ship passed through the famous Shark Bay and Mango Bay and stopped at Kon Nang Yuan Nanyuan Island. As the sub-island of “Tao”, it is far away from the noise and lies quietly in the northwest, with green trees and white beaches. It is said that it has the laudatory name of one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is formed by connecting three small islands and is suitable for snorkeling. The nearby Japanese Garden Japanese Garden is a famous deep diving holy place. Facing the raging sea breeze and the midday sun, I went to the island in a bath towel. The sea climate is unpredictable. Before going to the island, there were heavy rains that wet my bath towel, but now the sun is scorching. They climbed the wooden ladder on the island helplessly, just to get a panoramic view of Nanyuan at the highest point. The last section was rather rugged, leaving only boulders in power. The men carried forward their gentlemanly demeanor and dragged the women to the highest point. Looking at the whole picture, the sea water ranges from transparent light blue to blue, dark, with distinct levels, which is very spectacular. After that, I left my clothes on the beach and went snorkeling. The big fish in the water clicked and bit the moss with vigor, and the mini sardines with sharp beaks passed through. It was very unhappy. The wind is still a little strong, standing in the sea is cold and lying on the beach is hot. Several times in the water, finally exhausted himself.

The return trip was full of parting. Everyone left emails to each other and parted ways. The German boy once said that he never deliberately missed it. If he loved diving and nature, he would eventually meet at another time in another corner of the world. He had this experience of meeting again a few years later, and I am also convinced that fate is like this, especially on the first day of the new year in China.

In the evening, I stayed in a hotel with wooden floors. The room was comfortable and I slept quite soundly. I was ready to return to Bangkok the next day.

Day 10 is on the way

In the morning, they were left at the dock, bustling with backpackers everywhere. I changed it to 100 US dollars, and the changer looked left and right. It is estimated that there are not many such large bills. During the long waiting period, I met today’s traveling companion Dorothy. Dorothy, with the same name as the heroine of the Wizard of Oz, wears two golden pigtails and comes from Sweden. With a headset, the leather bag was full and could not be zipped. It looks like a magician’s hat, full of strange things: diary, business Japanese (used books Taobao on Tao), a thick mother tongue book, snorkeling breathing tube, stationery bag.

Dorothy is a freshman and takes a year off from school to wander around the world. In addition to the money from their own work, their parents also sponsored some of it. I have been separated from my boyfriend for 2 weeks to “Tao” to enjoy beach life. At present, I will go to Bangkok with him. Zhu Zhu also went to Bangkok first, similar to the situation. Dorothy said their next stop should be Tokyo, where they are expected to learn Japanese for a month. She thinks that play cannot be foolish, especially with parents’ money, at least to show their “sense of responsibility” and get something. Therefore, I really started the Japanese test questions on the long-distance bus, in her “ultra-cheap” second-hand Japanese book. I quite admire the child’s self-study ability. Many Western children will travel around the world during their college years, experience life, find their own direction in life, and guide themselves in later studies. However, our education system and family protectionism have virtually deprived young people of the opportunity to stand on their own feet, resulting in many times when everyone is immersed in moving forward but does not know where the target is.

Along the hard journey, we talked about the world, looked at Thailand, experienced life and experienced the feeling on the road. When I was a child, I was in poor health. The father of the driver of the big car often tied me to the co-pilot seat and drove with him. Therefore, from an early age, I like to watch the flowing scenery outside the window and the various things in the world. This is still the case.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, I finally arrived in Bangkok. I’ll take Dorothy away first and then take a taxi by myself. However, it was very difficult to taxi. I dragged my mountaineering bag and wandered around for a long time before I found a reliable and good driver and arrived at the International Youth Hostel near Victoria Monument. Many people in the hotel are quite good. Star treatment is the most luxurious youth tour I have ever encountered. Leather pillows, wooden bedside tables and garment hangings, bed curtains and independent desk lamps. There is air conditioning and ceiling fan in the room. The bathroom is also made of dark solid wood, decorated with bright orchids, hand sanitizer and so on, as well as hand wiping paper and hand warmers. The stairwell has sofa and iron decoration, and is equipped with a hair dryer under the dim spotlight. After meeting Zhu Zhu, I went to 711 not far away to buy a bottle of large mineral spring and washed and slept.

Day11 Encountered an Old Know in a Foreign Country, Bangkok Exploring the Secret

Get up early in the morning and enjoy the free morning of the youth tour: milk cereal and fruit. The first floor of the hotel is an open function hall with TV sofa and a half-floor study in the lobby. In the study, there are travel strategies from all over the world and route leaflets from local travel agencies. Sitting on the floor, reading on a triangular pillow, is leisurely and carefree. There are many DVD’s in the comfortable lobby, as well as small solid wood seats and leather sofas. Luxury Thai puppets are hung on the walls, and the sequins on them sparkle like precious stones.

First of all, go to the underground post office of the shopping mall and send the postcard written on “Tao”. Finally, I got what I wanted: the days in Tao were too sufficient and too hasty to even find a post office. Fortunately, that mood was recorded in time and sent back to Beijing all the way with the salty taste of the sea and the laziness of Thailand. After that, I took the subway to look for the “four-sided Buddha” who was widely spread in “Thailand Raiders”. After physical communication with hands and feet, I came to a clean Buddha according to the instructions of the ticket inspector and prepared flowers and incense. Only then did I find that it was a local Buddha. No wonder I didn’t see tourists. I almost lost it. At the next intersection, the incense was heavy, the crowd was crowded, and the Chinese shouting was incessant. It seemed that it was here. The “Four Sides Buddha” is not big and restrained. There are many Chinese tourists and there is a tendency to burn incense during the New Year. Fireworks have made me cry. Hold on. Bye-bye. Hope for good luck. Meanwhile, Zhu Zhu welcomed Jason.

Jason is a ground crew member who temporarily supports Thai Spring Festival tourists. Helpless in the reverse work and rest time, he just got up and took us to the large SHOPINGMALL diagonally opposite the “four-sided Buddha” to purchase. The reason why shopping is used instead of shopping here is that Chinese people will buy a lot of things for their relatives and friends when going abroad. Who calls domestic inflation so serious? As soon as he arrived at the store, Jason turned out 3 lists and became a dedicated buyer, choosing baskets of goods in the shortest possible time. Zhu Zhu and I spent a long time but only bought a few. Thai salespeople treat each other equally and are very enthusiastic. Their self-taught Chinese is also quite standard. Their professional words “wrinkles, lifting and moisturizing” are used. . . . “The same is true of younger siblings when they go to South Korea. The day when they want to unify the world with Chinese is not far away. With such strong purchasing power, why have they been obsessed with English since childhood?

Farewell to the supermarkets and buy them, go to the “Sleeping Buddha Temple” alone to visit and enjoy Meinan’s elegant demeanour by the way. Although the Sleeping Buddha Temple is not large in scale, it is still a model of Chinese style. The sculptures in the garden have wide robes and large sleeves, with different postures, hidden under the shade of trees or among flowers, and are lifelike. There is also the animal sign of the animal head, which is pasted with gold foil by believers. It is very rich. Even pagodas are made of colored porcelain tiles. Of course, the most shocking thing is the reclining Buddha curled up in the temple. Entering the main hall, I peeked at every part of the golden reclining Buddha through the thick beams and columns. His huge size is in sharp contrast to the narrowness of the room, which makes one cannot help looking up at him ideologically. The soft light of 24-karat gold enveloped the hall in peace. On one side of the temple was a long row of alms bowls. Put the coins in your hand into each alms bowl one by one, and let your body and mind merge into one through repeated actions for a meditation. Walking barefoot on the hard marble, listening to the crisp impact of coins, I experienced the state of “emptiness”. As Thailand welcomed its last sunset, monks watching the evening class chatted and chatted, and vendors bought and sold handmade paintings and fabrics, the surroundings gradually slowed down.

Most ancient civilizations originated from rivers, and Bangkok was no exception. Many famous temples and municipal organizations are located on both sides of the Chao Phraya River, with more than 10 docks and four ferry lines along the river. On the return trip, I caught up with the rush hour after work, crowded into a boat with Bangkok workers, and “stuck my chest to my back” in a foreign country. Despite the crowding, the smell of life is still everywhere. The two girls in the middle of the boat have just returned from the flower wholesale market downstream, holding several ties of roses and lotus flowers, preparing to do business on the roadside at night. Valentine’s Day is coming! Some villagers are carrying special products and preparing to go home to cook. The students chirped incessantly and shared the joy of the class. Asking the students the way on board, he responsibly handed me over to a workmate who was in the same direction as me. The workmates are very honest, black and thin, and there is a female colleague who does not understand English. At least I am an honest man. Just follow me. I don’t want to deal with slick taxi drivers. Therefore, under the leadership of others, I experienced the great public in Bangkok: full air conditioning and low price, and the Beijing public transportation team urgently needed to come here to study. It really saves a lot of money to go back and forth by local people: 30 Thai ferries and 70 Thai tickets. Back in Victoria Square, I had a sumptuous Japanese meal in a shopping mall like Xidan, which was also a cheap local price. As there are not many tourists in this area, the foreman still regards me as a Japanese. He came up with a Japanese speech without taking any drugs, but it made me very embarrassed.

Returning to the Youth Travel Service, I booked a reliable airport pick-up at the front desk and consulted about the traffic conditions. Thailand is a slow-paced country, but on the road to “international”, it still sometimes bursts and has to get up early and leave. It seems that one of the major features of “internationalization” is to speed up the pace of life. Considering Beijing’s 30 years, this is indeed the case. From politeness to sesame trifles, one should lambaste and beat them. I don’t know how much one’s temper has soared.

Day 12 Home

Dark and Zhu Zhu came to the airport, haggle over every ounce and try to spend all the rest of the Thai plants. Since there are no English signs for the goods in the local shops, many interesting things have been missed. At the airport, I bought several cooling oil products with the heads of overseas Chinese on them and went home to honor the old people. Hong Kong changed planes and bought big-name skin care products that were usually reluctant to buy. As soon as this came out, people’s consumption level was “internationalized”.

Because Bangkok is very hot, I came out wearing a long short-sleeved skirt, which is a bit shocking when I arrived in Beijing. Hastily grabbed a plane blanket to keep out the cold, ran to the luggage claim area, and vacated the down jacket. Fortunately, there is no cold. What a miracle! The mix-and-match style of down jacket and summer dress plus the 55-litre mountaineering bag behind it made my head-turning rate a lifetime high. Zhu Zhu clicked one in time as a memorial to the end of our trip to Thailand.

Some people say that traveling is to relax one’s body and mind, while others say that traveling is to broaden one’s horizon. I even agree with a famous person that traveling is to know oneself and change oneself. This trip to Thailand enabled me to discover the world of the ocean and enjoy an experience that I had never had a concept in my life and could not imagine. Naturally, it also caused me to think further about a series of phenomena such as life, species, space, etc. To conclude, quote the classic slogan of National Geographic Channel: Everything comes from curiosity.

Pattaya Island, Thailand

Pattaya, located 154 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, Thailand, has an urban area of more than 20 square kilometers. It is famous for its sunshine, sand beaches and seafood. It is known as “Oriental Hawaii”. It is a world-famous emerging seaside resort and is of course full of Thailand’s unique culture and nightlife. The 40-kilometer-long Pattaya Beach is sunny, blue in sky and green in water, with charming scenery and pleasant climate. About 10 kilometers from the coast, there is a beautiful coral island. The crescent-like beach embraces the blue and thorough sea water. The sand grains are white and soft, and the water quality of the sea area is clean. Occasionally, the same pure white shells and corals are picked up. Passing through the offshore platform halfway, the offshore parachute project can be carried out. As the beach is gentle, both the upper and lower speedboats have to trudge through the water.

The Thailand of Poor Diaosi, Cambodia’s Poverty in an Ostentatious Show @ Prelude

I don’t know since when, there have been more strategies on the Internet about Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and Bai [PAI]. There are a lot of praise, seducing my heart, and not calm ~ ~ ~

Before, I only wandered around within the scope of China. I didn’t think of stepping out of the country. I also thought: Egypt or Greece is the first choice for going out of the circle! However, in recent years, these two places are in uproar! Not that I am afraid of SI, but that my relatives will bear the unnecessary worries. Then change, change ~ ~ ~

How about a little closer? Southeast Asia? Vietnam, Philippines and other snacks will definitely not consider it for five years! Thailand? Well, coconut silk ~ Cambodia? Mm-hmm! Angkor’s name is well known! I told my thoughts to a chatting friend who often weaves English scarf and a brother-in-law who is keen on traveling (hey, of course, I have selfishness: because I think my English is extremely bad, I am worried that I will be scalded out and quack!), reached a preliminary consensus! This brother-in-law belongs to the typical “action school”, After finalizing the travel time, Immediately began to plan for booking tickets, And actively spread “fool posts” on the Internet, Try to get a few more people into the team, Gaga ~ ~ ~ It is said that it is recognized that the best number of boarders is 2 men and 2 women ~ all kinds of benefits ~ ~ ~ Iraq has also formed a temporary group. All the people who enter the group are interested in the itinerary (initial itinerary-Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bai-“i.e. PAI”, Bangkok, Pattaya, Sumi, Siem Reap Angkor,,,,). They discuss together and talk nonsense ~ Finally, a Dongguan brother-in-law paper and a young man who aspires to “cross the five Southeast Asian countries” have set up a ticket! Ticket issue! Go to Cheng first! No one wants to run! ! ! Kunming “Chiang Mai, China Eastern Airlines, RMB including tax is less than 1200 (special thanks: thanks to the outstanding and great help of the Dongguan brother-in-law RP! My round-trip air ticket and Thai-Cambodian visa are all entrusted to her, and there is no difference!); Sure! Can there be an arrow back when opening a bow? However, planning is not as good as change ~ ~ ~ is it a good excuse? Because the travel time is still early after the Lantern Festival in Year of the Snake. The “action school” brother-in-law gave birth to another demon moth: determined to go to the Persian Zoroastrianism altar to seek sutras during the Spring Festival! My bitter mouth and Buddha’s heart urged me: save some money, save some money! -Hey hey! Wooden! Huh? What about the “Five Kingdoms Crossing” prawns? After waiting for a long time, ehao came: 1. Prawn hand was injured accidentally, and all plans were reimbursed! 2. The “activists” holiday cannot be determined for the time being! ? Pull boom! ! ! What should I do? ? ? I have a butcher, can I eat pigs with hair? NO! ! ! Even if I am alone, I still decide not to hesitate! Who is afraid of who! Communicate with Dongguan’s brother-in-law: I won’t change my schedule anyway. What about you? I got a positive answer: no change! The Lantern Festival is a reunion night for thousands of families and embarks on a journey. The night train goes to Kunming first! The so-called “inland open city” where I am located has no flight to Chiang Mai, the first stop of the flight plan. Yunnan has been dry and rainy in recent years. Of course, the spring city cannot be left alone. The sunshine is still pouring out like pours ~ ~ ~ and Dongguan’s brother-in-law have successfully met! The plane in the evening is not urgent. Green Lake, Red-billed Gull! Birds are flying all over the sky! Like a horror disaster movie! -My brother-in-law’s heart is hungry ~ ~ ~ Based on the memory of the past, I propose to eat rice noodles at the “New World” next to Yuantong Temple, the representative of the “New Bridge Rice Noodles”. Personally, I think it is better than the time-honored brands “Qiaoxiang Garden” and “Jianxin Garden”! Arrive at Changshui International Airport-ho! The building is magnificent enough! But according to the bricklayer, there is a problem with the site selection and it is easy to fog? (For details, please refer to the website “Changshui Airport Smashed Due to Foggy Flight Delay”) 18:00. GO! Kiss ROSE ~ Chiang Mai in northern Thailand!

Visit Thailand Again-Last Day in Bangkok

I left the forest park, and when I returned to Gantanarat, it was already over 1: 00 noon, because there were too few cars going down the mountain in the forest park, so I went back to the hotel to get my luggage back, but unfortunately, I left an umbrella there, and the following journey was rained all the way

Arriving at the station, I just saw a bus to Uwen was about to leave, so I jumped on it. After all, Uwen, which is adjacent to Laos, is the cultural center of Thailand’s Ethan region. It just took this opportunity to see the nearly two-hour journey

Impression of Uwen:

The busiest time in Uwen every year is the “Candle Festival” at the end of July, when the streets are packed with tourists. There are also several universities here, among which the representative is “Uwen University”:

In the evening, I am going to take the 21: 30 bus to Bangkok-I originally wanted to go to Laos from here, but after thinking about it, the cost is about the same, because I still need to go to landing visa, Laos… Of course, there are many buses to Bangkok here, and the tickets are about 500B-600B. At that time, the ticket 600B was a high-grade car with a TV on each seat. Unfortunately, there were too many passengers on that bus…….

After a bumpy night, after four colors of chrysanthemum, Surin and Wu Lilan, I basically returned to the same road. The next day and tomorrow, I arrived at Bangkok North Station, so I hurried to Gaoshan Road to find a hotel. However, the former permanent one had not checked out yet, so I had to carry my luggage and go out for a walk. Unconsciously, I came to the Chao Phraya River again.

There was a long line of passengers in front of the Grand Palace:

However, the old wooden ferry cruise ships in the past are no longer visible and have been replaced by new cruise ships. The grand scene of thousands of boats competing for whistles in the Chao Phraya River in the past is gone forever… Chao Phraya River has become a scenic spot. To travel to the Chao Phraya River, you can add a tour group to the river and organize tourists to board a boat for sightseeing. Crossing the Chao Phraya River, I came to a temple with extremely strong incense. The temple is not far from Zheng Wang Temple. The towering pagoda in the temple is conspicuous.

Ringing the bell here means good luck:

After visiting the temple, it was nearly noon, so I immediately returned to Gaoshan Road. Someone must have checked out of the hotel there. In the afternoon, I am going to Siam Square, which is one of Bangkok’s most prosperous and modern commercial districts. The light rail elevated roads meet here. The characteristic shops in the commercial center are connected one by one, and the tourists visiting the shops are crowded.

I had a cup of fruitshake here, 80B, which is very expensive and more expensive than Patong Beach! It rained heavily and was very cold. In the rain (the umbrella was lost), I went to Chulalongkorn University, which is not far from here. This is Thailand’s first institution of higher learning, equivalent to the “Tsinghua of Peking University” in China.

Scenery of Chulalongkorn University Campus:

When I returned to Gaoshan Road that night, the lights were already on, and the night scene of Bangkok’s “Firetrees and Silver Flowers Never Sleep” was especially charming:

At night on the noisy mountain road, walk around with the surging passenger flow. There are insect feasts, transvestite performances, endless delicacies and various wonderful performances in the night market here… It is really not to be missed!

Insects-insects are actually very expensive, the cheapest is silkworm chrysalis, other insects start at least 5B each, mantis scorpion each is about 30B, so casually, all have to be 40-50B, all cooked in advance, drain all the juice in the insect body, plus seasonings, so there is no poison, no strange smell, only the taste of seasoning sweet sauce chili sauce……

The night is already very deep, but the brightly lit and noisy night market is still continuing tirelessly… This is the last night of this trip in Thailand, and I will leave for Angkor the next morning…….