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Month: February 2019

Re-visit to “Canjun” (3)-Today’s Messile

Messile Today

In 1980, after Duan Xiwen’s death, Chief of Staff Thunderstorm Tian became the commander of the Fifth Army and concurrently served as the commander of the “People’s Self-Defense Forces in Northern Thailand”. Thunderstorm Field, formerly known as Zhang Bingshou, was born in 1918 in Quxi, Yunnan (now Jianshui Qujiang) and graduated from Nanjing Central Military Police School in 1937. After eight years of Anti-Japanese War, he successively served as Kunming Military Police Captain, Army Chief of Staff, Army Commander and Commander in Chief.

In 1981, in cooperation with the Thai government, the Thai Communist guerrilla forces occupying the Kokao mountain area were encircled and suppressed, which also became the last battle in the history of the “remnant army”. It was also during Thunderstorm’s more than ten years in office that the “disabled army” completed the transition from soldiers to civilians and from armed drug trafficking to diversified businesses.

Since 1992, Mesler has gradually opened up to the outside world. Accurately speaking, it is to enliven the tourism economy and make money by using the reputation of the “Golden Triangle”. There are many stalls on both sides of the street, mainly selling some tea and dried fruits that are used as real estate. The rest of the goods are mostly mainland goods. There are medicines, snacks, department stores, etc. The folkway here is simple and honest. When you see tourists, whether you buy it or not, you will first offer a cup of “Kung Fu Tea”. And can taste all kinds of food at will. Most of the vendors are descendants of the “national army” and claim to be from Yunnan, but most of them do not know which county their ancestral home is.

Chinese Style Architecture-Memorial Hall for the Loyalty of the Disabled Army

Give up * * and change to tea trees.

Start a business

Vigorously set up tourism industry

This is the old house of Mesla, which was converted into the house of the former soldiers.

This is the reformed Rongjun New Village

This is the activity room of the Veterans’ Home.

Mesla Central.

The former battlefield is now changing. No matter they have done what in the past, fought as soldiers, fought against Japan and killed the enemy, fought outside the civil war, counterattacked the mainland, fought for supremacy with dragons and snakes, trafficked * *… but their last spiritual home, the final destination of their souls is only one: that is, the land of China!

In writing this article, I would like to thank a Taiwanese friend in particular for driving a motorcycle and taking me all the way to Mesla on the dangerous Panshan Highway. Mesler is more than 90 kilometers away from Chiang Rai, and public transportation is inconvenient. I was able to arrive smoothly, thanks to him! Interestingly, he is from Taiwan and I am from the mainland. We represent both sides in this struggle. What we are visiting together is a group of military people who have been beaten away by the mainland and led by Taiwan. However, it is precisely a Taiwanese who helped me realize this wish smoothly! This relationship is too subtle, then use the common conscience of all Chinese and Chinese to explain what happened! What is more interesting is that with the communication, I found that he was from green camp, that is, the Taiwan independence faction, and was anti-Kuomintang. However, he had to go through hardships to visit places where Kuomintang soldiers had fought. When he went to Meisle and entered Duan Xiwen Cemetery, he did not worship the mausoleum (I not only worshipped the mausoleum but also donated money. Later he asked me if I had donated money? When I said I donated, there was obviously a trace of approval in his eyes)? When I arrived at the loyal mourning hall, I did not enter the room? All of them just looked at it from a distance. Why? It has always been inconvenient to ask him, and it has always been a mystery!

The smoke finally cleared away, the smoke faded away, the war turned into peace, and hatred was being forgotten. The Kuomintang and the Communist Party have once again joined hands to accomplish the great cause of the reunification of the motherland, although the road is quite long…….

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Another Visit to “Canjun” (2)-Father of Mesler

Father of Mesler

The two armies left Myanmar and entered northern Thailand. Duan Xiwen led the 5th army into Mi Thoreau on the northern Thai border and arrived in a small village inhabited by more than 20 Lisu families. They saw that the place was steep, remote and isolated, and close to the Thai-Myanmar and Thai-Lao borders. They could attack in advance and defend in retreat. Duan Xiwen decided to set up a military headquarters here and renamed it Mesler, which has been carried on to this day.

Marching into Mesla (Photo taken at the Memorial Hall of the Righteous People in the North of Mesla)

(The picture was taken at the Memorial Hall of the Righteous People in the North of Meslutai)

Duan Xiwen (1900-1980), a native of Yiliang, Yunnan, graduated from Yunnan Jiangwu Hall and was an alumnus of Marshal Zhu De and Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh.

He took over the full control of the Golden Triangle from Li Guohui, who founded the Golden Triangle in l950, and became the “Xigong Era” of the Golden Triangle. He said, “Without Xigong, there would be no Messile (Golden Triangle)”.

In the 1970s, feeling that there was no hope of counterattacking the mainland, he announced that he would “give up counterattacking the mainland and not make enemies with the mainland”. He surrendered to Thailand, severed ties with Taiwan and became a minister to the Thai king. It was also reorganized into the “People’s Self-Defense Forces in Northern Thailand.”

The Thai Emperor received the photo (the photo was taken at the Yimin Loyalty Memorial Hall in the northern part of Mesla)

The mourning hall of the dead in various periods of fighting.

He made great contributions to the battle in Mount Padang. Thai King Rama IX met him at the Imperial Palace. The “royal gift” was a Thai national. All his troops and their families joined Thai nationality on the spot and enjoyed the same treatment as the Thai army and their families (this is not the case, and quite a few of them did not get Thai nationality). In 1980, Duan Xiwen died of illness in Thailand at the age of 80. The King of Thailand personally sent a message of condolence. The body was covered with the Thai flag. Prime Minister Chachai attended the funeral. A luxurious mausoleum was built on the high ground one kilometer from Mesla.

The mausoleum faces the north and is deeply attached to the motherland.

Chinese Secondary School Founded by Duan Xiwen

When you are in Mesla, you have a feeling of being in China. What you hear is Chinese Putonghua. You see that the shops are written in Chinese, the street signs are written in Chinese, and the restaurant menu is written in Chinese. In short, it is no different from a small Chinese town. Since the Chinese army has actually controlled northern Thailand for more than 20 years, The control area is as large as 150,000 square kilometers. As a result, there are many places where Chinese is spoken and used. In the three provinces of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Mifengsong, you can meet people who speak fluent or stiff Chinese. They greet you warmly and talk to you about the dribs and drabs of China and the Chinese soldiers at that time here. This shows the great influence of this “disabled army” in Thailand.

After the Kuomintang withdrew from Myanmar, Duan Xiwen brought the Fifth Army to Mesler, set up education, set up Chinese schools, set up planting and planting tea trees, and announced that he would not be an enemy to the mainland. This initially brought the Fifth Army to a stable stage and laid the foundation for long-term development. People in Mesler call him “the father of Mesler”.

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Thailand Phuket Island PP Island Tourism Information 1

In April 2010, the family is planned to visit Saipan Island and Hong Kong. Immediately begin to make preparations. Since I had to handle the passport myself, and my son and wife had to go to work and go to school, it was not easy to ask for leave, so I first handled the passport and Hong Kong Pass in May. On July 5, my wife and son had a holiday, so they all went to get their passports and helped me get them back by the way. Passports take 12 working days and Hong Kong passes take 15 working days, so their passports cannot be obtained until July 26.

In July, I began to look for tour groups to Saipan Island, but Guangzhou did not have them, only in Beijing. So I changed my schedule and wanted to go to Bali. After reading the travel notes for several days, some travel notes and replies mentioned that Phuket Island and PP Island are more beautiful and cheaper. So they began to pay attention to Phuket Island and PP Island. At the same time, I began to prepare for the beach tour.

The preparation work includes understanding the destination situation, various expenses, local tourist attractions, air tickets and hotel orders, and preparing related tourist items. According to other people’s travel notes:

    Phuket Island is located in the Indian Ocean in southern Thailand and is the largest island in Thailand. PP Island is located to the east of Phuket Island. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach PP Island by boat from Phuket. There are two ships coming and going every day. PP Island is very small, but it is surrounded by beaches. It is very beautiful and suitable for snorkeling. Beach, coral and tropical fish are very attractive. The most beautiful photos of Phuket come from PP Island. Less than PP Island in Phuket is a trip for nothing. Phuket Island’s peak tourist season is from November to April every year. This is the dry season. There is no storm, the water is clear and the sky is blue. The island is full of European and American tourists. Hotels are 100% to 200% more expensive than in the off season. The other time is the off season, which is the rainy season in Thailand. Thunderstorms often occur. The sky is thick with clouds, so the sky is not blue. It rains almost every day, resulting in turbid sea water. However, some tourists said that the rainy season there only rains for a short time every day, which does not affect the play. Phuket Island has many UnionPay ATMs, which can use UnionPay cards to directly withdraw Thai baht. The exchange rate is calculated according to the exchange rate announced in China. Don’t bring RMB for exchange in the past, because the exchange rate is not ideal. If the Thai baht cannot be exchanged in China, you can bring a small amount of US dollars to exchange it in the past. The largest beach on Phuket Island is Patong Patong or Paton. It is very lively, with bars, magic shows, transvestite shows, Carrefour supermarkets, super-many travel agencies and super-many hotels. But the beach is less clean because of the large number of people. Kata Kata Beach is located in the south of Patong. It is relatively clean and has strong waves. It is suitable for surfing. Hotel conditions are relatively good and cheaper. Shopping is convenient, but much worse than Patong. Phuket Airport is located on the sea to the northwest of Phuket Island, about one hour away from Patong. Generally, carpooling is optional, with 150 Thai baht per person and 550 Thai baht per taxi. Phuket Island can rent motorcycles or cars to play. There are police on the island who check their driver’s licenses. If they do not have a driver’s license, they will be fined 250 baht? But after one penalty, they will not be punished again for several days. Some people say it is OK to use a Chinese driver’s license, while others say no. Motorcycles are about 250 Thai baht per day and cars are 600 Thai baht per day, excluding gasoline. Motorcycles need about 60 baht of petrol every day. The traffic on the island is on the left. PP Island is very beautiful and is the essence of island tourism. It is recommended to live on the island for 1 to 2 days. The first choice is snorkeling, followed by watching the sunset at ViewPoint and staring blankly at the beach. PP Island Wharf is called Tongsai Bay Tongsai, and it takes half an hour to climb the mountain to View Point. PP Island hotels and restaurants are more expensive than Phuket, and the conditions are also worse. Snorkeling on PP Island is usually on a long tail boat, which can take 4 to 6 people. The chartered boat has a 4-hour tour of about 1300 Thai baht and a 6-hour tour of about 1800 Thai baht. Usually, I set out in the afternoon to visit 2 to 4 small islands and beaches, including Maya Beach, Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, etc. I can stop swimming or snorkeling at any time at sea. Return to the sea to watch the sunset. Boatmen can provide snorkeling tools. Snorkeling beaches may have many shells, starfish, sea urchin and coral. You must wear sandals or flippers when entering the sea. It is necessary to bring seasickness medicine to prevent seasickness from affecting the whole day’s play and mood. During the rainy season from May to October every year, you should be careful when swimming at the seaside of Caron, and always pay attention to whether the red warning flag is inserted, because there will be heavy wind and waves during this period of time. Avoid activities near the beach when the red flag is plugged in. Racha Island, or Emperor Island, is 15 minutes by boat from Phuket. Late development, less * *, quiet and high accommodation costs. There are coral reefs, suitable for snorkeling and surfing. Kata Beach is 17 kilometers away from the city and has two beautiful bays, which are W-shaped. The wind here is calm and the sea water is clear and bottomed out. It is suitable for swimming and fishing. This beautiful beach is divided into a big kata and a small kata by a small hill. There are beautiful coral reefs near the south of the bay. In addition, this bay has less wind and waves and cleaner sea water, which is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. ViewPoint is located on a hillside to a high place. When the weather is clear, you can stand in the pavilion of ViewPoint and look down. You can have a panoramic view of the three bays of Kata, Caron and Little Kata. It is also one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. Arrive at Phuket Airport: Free map is available near the Tourist Association counter at the exit, English version; At the exit is the ATM of SCB Bank of Thailand. From the lobby of Phuket Airport, you can take 11 Minibus to 150 B/person to Patong Patong Beach, 180 B/person to Karon Caron Beach and Kata Kata Beach on the left hand side, and take Taxi-Meter (550-700 B/car, including 50TIPS) on the right hand side. There is a bus to Buji Town, 25BATH, there is no need to take a taxi.

Itinerary reservation

When preparing for the trip in early July, I searched for travel notes and saw Ctrip’s free trip to Phuket Island, which lasted for 5 days and was not expensive. Later, I also saw the trip to PP Island of Phuket Island, which lasted for 5 days. I stayed on PP Island for one day and flew directly from Hong Kong to Phuket Island, saving time. The hotel was available and quite good. The total cost of 2 large and 1 small was about 8,900, less than 3,000 per person, including air tickets, hotels, airport shuttle and round-trip tickets to PP Island. Later, I told my father that he also wanted to go, so I placed a new order and scheduled a trip from Guangzhou to Phuket via Bangkok on August 11, with 3 big, 1 small and 2 rooms, with a total cost of about 13,000 and 3,300 each. As Ctrip needed 2 days to process the order and waited 2 days after placing the order, Ctrip called back and said there was no air ticket. It was very disappointed! ! Then I booked the trip on August 14, pushing the time back for 3 days, but worried that Ctrip would spend another 2 days telling me that there was no air ticket, so I went to other websites to try my luck. As a result, the round-trip air ticket from Guangzhou to Phuket was found at 2450 yuan per person on the flying website. Calculating hotel expenses is similar to Ctrip’s, and each has its own advantages:

    Ctrip is a one-stop service for air tickets, hotels, airport transportation and ferry tickets. However, the itinerary cannot be changed, only for 5 days, and PP Island can only live for one day. You can deduct the fee by credit card. Air tickets to fly to the website are booked separately from hotels, and there are no hotels on PP Island. Only online bank transfer or bank transfer is allowed. The itinerary is free, as long as there are tickets, the itinerary for as many days can be decided at will. And the reply was very quick. Within half an hour after placing the order, someone contacted me to determine whether there was a position for the flight. I began to think of a trip to August 11 and back on August 16. But the waiter replied that there was no seat left. Finally, I found a round-trip air ticket for August 16 and 20. As the tickets were all connecting flights in Bangkok, I was worried that I would not be able to catch the second flight due to the delay due to weather or airline reasons and would be left behind in Bangkok. Therefore, I hope to book two flights with less tight connection time. Later, it was learned that the connecting flights were all from Thai Airways, and the luggage did not need to be carried by themselves, but could be passed directly. Moreover, if the flight was delayed due to weather and other reasons, the airline would arrange it. Both companies have a confirmation link, that is, someone will contact for confirmation after placing the order, and then start to deduct the fee. Cancel at any time before confirmation.

Considering that I didn’t want Ctrip to delay me for another 2 days and then tell me that I didn’t have any air tickets, I decided to book air tickets on the flying website together. As the hotel had more choices, I decided to book air tickets first and the hotel would look at them again. Ctrip’s trip was cancelled. Finally, I booked a 6-day trip, starting from Guangzhou on August 16, stopping in Bangkok to transfer to Phuket, and returning from Phuket to Guangzhou via Bangkok on August 21. It is planned to live in Phuket Patong on the 16th, PP Island on the 17th for 2 nights, Phuket Kata Beach on the 19th for 2 nights and return on the 21st. The cost is 2450 yuan per person, with a total of 9,800 for 4 people. There is no discount for children and e-tickets. Since credit card deduction is not supported and online banks do not have so much money, they can only transfer money through ICBC and handle fees in 50 yuan. Since the passports of his wife and son have not yet been issued, the supplementary information will need to be obtained on July 26.

At 6: 30 p.m. On July 30, I finally got back four passports from the office at the visa * * point, all of which have already completed the Thai tourist visa.

Initial itinerary:

August 16: 15:45 Thai flight, leaving Qingyuan at 12 o’clock, take the bus to board the airport. Arrive at the airport around 13 o’clock. Arrive at Bangkok at 17:45, transfer, take off at 19:20 and arrive at Phuket at 20:40. Take a taxi to Patong and check into the hotel. Hotel undecided.

August 17: Get up in the morning to eat breakfast in hotels or restaurants outside, take a walk by the sea, book tickets to and from PP Island at the travel agency, and buy some daily necessities, including drinking water, etc. Check out near noon and have lunch outside the restaurant at noon. Take a boat to PP Island in the afternoon. Stay at PP Island at night. Go to ViewPoint in the evening to watch the sunset or go swimming on the beach. Dinner at the hotel or restaurant, eat seafood BBQ. Hotel undecided.

August 18: Breakfast is eaten in the hotel or outside the hotel. Swimming. Go to the travel agent to set up a long tail boat and start the wonderful trip of the day. Lunch is eaten in a restaurant or on a boat. It is estimated that it will take 4 to 6 hours and about 2,000 Thai baht. Watching the sunset on the boat in the evening. Eat dinner in the restaurant in the evening, seafood BBQ.

August 19: Breakfast is eaten in the hotel or outside the hotel. Swimming, taking photos. In the afternoon, I took a boat back to Phuket. The hotel was booked at Kata Beach. Outside the restaurant for dinner. Hotel undecided.

August 20: Breakfast is eaten in the hotel or outside. Beach swimming, surfing, snorkeling. Shopping, shopping. Lunch, dinner. You can also rent a car or motorcycle to play on Phuket Island.

August 21: After breakfast, you can go to the seaside for a while, check out before 10 o’clock, take a taxi to the airport at 10 o’clock, the 13:05 plane arrives in Bangkok at 14:30, the 16:05 plane takes off from Bangkok and arrives in Guangzhou at 19:55. Take the airport bus back to Qingyuan at about 21:30 and get home safely at 22 o’clock.

Thailand Visa

According to the Internet, from March 10 to March 11, Thailand’s tourist visa is free of charge. You can go to the Thai Consulate by yourself. You can go through the formalities in the morning and not in the afternoon. You can only get a license. Hand in the information as soon as possible in the morning and get the visa in the afternoon. However, more information needs to be provided. Travel companies * * take a long time, usually 3 working days, and need to charge * * fees, usually 50 to 100 yuan. From Taobao, I found a * * point called “Journey to Yangcheng” and only accepted every visa from 20 yuan. And the credit is quite good, many people handle it. Decided to give it a try. I bought 4 * * visas from the Internet. On July 26, my wife went to Guangzhou to get her passport and handed it in together with my father’s and mine for a visa. It is expected that the visa will come out on July 30, just when I go to Guangzhou for training, and I can get my passport at the * * point.

On July 28, I went to Guangzhou to attend the training, and at noon on July 30, I went to Liwan * * Center to get my wife and son’s Hong Kong pass. In the afternoon, I called the passport visa * * point, and the feedback from * * point will not be brought back from the consulate until 6 pm. So after the training at 4: 00 p.m., I walked to the book purchasing center to kill time. It was almost time to arrive at * * o’clock. After waiting for half an hour, I finally got my passport at 6: 30 p.m. So far, the passports of the four people and Thai visas have been completed.


Strictly speaking, Thai cuisine should include soup, curry plates filled with condiments, sauce used to dip in fish and vegetables, sometimes spiced salads can be used instead of curry plates, or you can freely combine various sauces and spices to bring up meals suitable for your taste. Andaman Sea Fresh in Patong Beach: Phuket’s seafood is famous for its large number of fish, crabs and squid, especially the fresh and delicious prawns and lobsters rich in Andaman Sea. In Phuket, seafood, whether Thai, Chinese or Western, can keep the original taste and delicacy of seafood. SavoeySeafood: A famous seafood restaurant on Patong Beach. There are three halls to choose from, one is an indoor air-conditioned hall, one is an ocean view hall near the beach, and the other is like a stall. The price is the same and the consumption is about 400-500 Thai plants per person. Curry crab and Dongyingong soup are the special dishes here. Address: 136 ThawewongRoadPatong. PatongSeafoodRestaurant: Facing the sea directly, the geographical location is excellent. You can enjoy the beautiful sea view while eating. Many tourists are attracted to it. Yellow and green curry and water spinach are the characteristics here, and the varieties of water spinach are different from those in China. Seafood tastes authentic and the price will be slightly higher. Usually, a dinner for four people costs about 2500-3000 Thai baht. 99 seafood stall: a street in seafood stall near Th bang_La, of which restaurant 99 is a restaurant opened by Fujian Chinese. What it has done is more in line with the taste of the Chinese people and has been affirmed by many netizens. Fried rice with oysters and pineapples is very worthwhile. The fat taste of raw oysters, the ripe pineapple and various seafood mixed with the taste of Thailand’s top fragrant rice, is not found in China. Classic old shops in Phuket Town: Classic old shops are basically concentrated in Phuket Town and mainly deal in food with traditional Phuket characteristics. Natural Restaurant: As its name implies, the restaurant environment is surrounded by green plants and goes up the wooden ladder built by the store itself. The semi-open seat is like eating in the forest. All the dining tables in the store are modified with sewing machines. The specialty here is Sweet and Sour Spicy Phuket BeanSalad, which is a kind of long beans with crab feet cut up and mixed with pork, dried chili, shrimp and squid feet. It is a spicy dish. Located in 62/5 L Soi Phutorn Bangkok Rd, open 12:00-24:00 hours. Lin Laixiang Bird’s Nest: Southern Thailand is the main bird’s nest producing area in Southeast Asia. Mr. Deng Hanxiang, owner of Linlaixiang Bird’s Nest, started to trade bird’s nest in Bangkok 20 years ago. Now the store not only sells bird’s nest products, but also has stewed rock sugar bird’s nest, coconut bird’s nest and other bird’s nest of various flavors, which cost 200 Thai plants per bowl. Bird’s Nest Store is located in Phun Phon Rd, south of Phuket Town, and is open from 9: 00 to 18: 00.

Local Features: Phuket also has some unique local dishes, such as Nam Prik Goong Siab, Khanom Chin, Phuket’s kaeng luang and Tao So, which are completely different from the Thai dishes you taste in other parts of Thailand and are definitely worth a try. Vegetarian Festival: Every year from the first day of the ninth lunar month to the ninth day of the ninth lunar month is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival (also known as the Nine Imperial Lent Festival), which is a grand gathering of delicious food together with the Seafood Festival in May. At that time, the festive atmosphere will turn into the digestion power of your intestines and stomach, urging you to enjoy special festive food with the local people. Ice cream shops: Some famous ice cream shops such as Haagen-Dazs and DQ often cost half of the domestic price in Phuket Island. Those who like ice cream can have a good time here.


Phuket specialties mainly include batik products, tin wares and cashew nuts. It is mainly concentrated in large department stores and supermarkets in Phuket Town, which are located on several major roads such as Ratsada, Yaowarat Road and Tilok-Uthit. In addition, Patong Beach is also a very important shopping place. Other beaches such as Kata, Caron and Lavey can also buy some souvenirs. Phuket Town Shopping Super Shopping Center: In recent years, some internationally renowned super shopping centers have successively settled in Phuket Town, such as Tesco Lotus and BigC. In these two large supermarkets, you can buy a variety of things such as food, clothing and daily use at relatively low prices, including the local local specialties brought back. Tesco Lotus and BigC are both located in the western suburbs of Phuket Town. On Chaofawest Road leading to Patong Beach, the two supermarkets are 10 minutes’ walk adjacent and open from 9:30 to 22:00. Central Festival: It is the largest department store in Phuket Town. Whether shopping or watching movies, it can bring brand-new shopping and entertainment experiences to tourists coming to Phuket. The first floor has NARAYA’s monopoly, which is cheaper than that in China. The top floor is a cinema. The Body Shop, Boots, Watsons, Levi’s, NaRaYa and other specialty stores can be found here. The mall is also located on Chaofawest Road leading to Patong Beach, close to BigC Supermarket. Business hours 11: 00-22: 00.

Robinson Department Store: This Thai chain department store is located on Tilok-Uthit Road. Its size and variety are similar to those of department stores in the first-tier major cities in China. There are also some boutiques in the store. Business hours 10:00-22:00.

Street Market: Although the weekend market in Phuket Town is far smaller than that in Bangkok, there are also many food, clothing and use. The whole market can be divided into indoor, outdoor and catering. Hand-woven necklace ornaments are much cheaper than other places. The food area is dominated by snacks, steamed clams, fried fish balls, glutinous rice coconuts, etc., and 100 Thai baht can be eaten to full. The weekend fair is located between Luang Pho Watchalong Road and Phang Nga Road, with stalls set up every Saturday and Sunday from 15: 00 to 20: 00. Patong Beach Shopping Super Shopping Center: There is a Carrefour near Bang-La Road, where you can buy all kinds of materials and food at relatively low prices. There is Nivea’s 50-fold sunscreen suit (including post-sun repair), which is enough to resist the sun exposure of the island. Large Department Store: JuncceylonShoppingMall is the most fashionable and largest shopping place newly built on Patong Beach. It consists of two buildings, with free performances and band performances between the two buildings. Many sports brands and Levi’s jeans here are cheaper than those in China. Junceylon is not far from Carrefour and is open from 11: 00 to 22: 00. Street market: The beach is dominated by small shops and street markets. Among them, the most popular street market is Patong Night Market, which walks along Thaweewong Road beside the beach to Bang-La Road. The streets and lanes are full of shops, from handmade necklaces to styled candles, from all kinds of swimsuits to slippers and sandals. When shopping here, one must remember to compare goods with three, and the counter-offer can be reduced by 60%, so that one can buy favorite souvenirs and gifts at a psychological price. Most businesses can communicate in English, and evening is the busiest time here. Business hours: noon-23:00.

Tax refund: all shops that can refund tax have the obvious sign of VATRefond at the cash register. A single store can fill in the form if it buys enough 2,000 baht, and can get a 7% tax refund if it accumulates 5,000 baht. Take the tax refund form to the airport to find the customs to check and stamp it. After leaving the DutyRefundOffice near the duty-free shop, you can directly return the cash. Each person will charge a handling fee of 100 Thai baht. It is suggested that peers should handle it together.

Delicious Thai snacks

When I didn’t come to Thailand, I fell in love with Thai food. It was sour and spicy, and my appetite increased before I entered my mouth. This time I stepped on the land of Thailand, I must have a good taste of their most authentic snacks.

If you like tropical fruits, you will definitely have a sweet mouth and a full belly here. Cheap and delicious, mango, mangosteen, rambutan, pineapple, jackfruit, durian, watermelon, pitaya, grapefruit, longan, longan… Fruit stalls are often seen on the streets, and fruits are cut into pieces and sold in plastic bags. Green mangoes are very popular, sour and sweet, and taste better when dipped in a kind of material.

The best is coconut. You can drink coconut juice and eat coconut paste. A coconut can relieve summer thirst and fill the stomach. There are two kinds on the street: ordinary and baked. The roasted taste will be more fragrant, and the coconut paste can be planed off directly by hand, which is more convenient to eat. It is fresher if it has not been baked.

Coconut makes too many things, and coconut juice is also added to Thai curry. There is also coconut cake baked, which is made of coconut paste and flour, and then baked over the fire. If you look at it with a steep eye, you thought it was a barbecue. Put it in your mouth, it is very fragrant.

Guess this is what? Dried mango. It is not directly dried by mango, but it is made into sauce and then made into such pieces one by one.

All kinds of vegetables are put in small balloons made of plastic bags, which look like handicrafts. These red, green and green peppers are quite spicy.

This color looks like meat, but it is actually pickled with lentils.

There is also ice cream, which is very beautiful in color.

There are also all kinds of snacks, so rich that I don’t know which one to buy. Then just buy some.

Bangkok Water Market

There are many water markets in Bangkok. The first two are well-known: Dannenshado Water Market, Dalingcan Water Market and Gojie Island Water Market. The latter is a “water market” that is only popular with backpackers. Dannanshado is 104 kilometers south of Bangkok. You can enjoy Thailand’s watery buildings and the life of people on the river. After arriving at the water market, tourists can go ashore and walk along the market, bargain with the vendors in the river, or rent a human boat to shuttle between the vendors. All ships entering the market are driven by manpower, and motor ships are not allowed to enter, thus maintaining the primitive atmosphere of the water market. The water market starts from about 6: 00 a.m. to 10: 00 a.m. and consists of many boats full of fruits, vegetables, cooked food and other commodities. The traffickers are mainly women, wearing wide-brimmed hats and blue cloth and cotton clothing, which are the favorite of Thai rural people. There are many restaurants on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. (1) Take TAXI to the South Passenger Station first. There are very few backpackers in Dannen Water Market. Route 78 runs every 30 minutes and starts at 06:30. The ticket price is about 90B, and it will be 6B (about 1.5 kilometers) for another Song Tiao car. Generally, there is a boat hired at the parking place on No.78 Road, and only those who have sat on it know that it is meaningless. Fortunately, most people take cars from travel agencies and will go directly to the center of the water market. (2) The price of hiring a boat: the public price is 300 baht, which can take 6 to 8 people and the whole journey is about 1 hour. Note: No matter how many people you take, you only need to pay 300B for a boat. In fact, the most brilliant place is the place with a sea of tourists, because only the fruit boats and snack boats there are POSE, while there are few fruit boats in other places, so the color friends who want to take photos should come to the bridge. (3) It is recommended not to buy shopping, and the goods in Zadouzha and Yebazaar are cheaper. However, Xiao Dongdong is trying to be happy and follow one’s inclinations. Anyway, it is definitely expensive. (4) The package itinerary suggests participating in the multinational force regiment on the mountain road, with a transparent price of 500B and no mess. Good tourists and comrades, please don’t be fooled by the so-called Thai Overseas Chinese Travel Agency. Just like in China, the price is so low that there is no tour fee. It’s nothing more than arranging a car and a shopping guide.

The trip is usually accompanied by what Rose Garden, Crocodile Garden, Nun Floating Water and other strange things. Note that it is to charter boats at one’s own expense, but there are many TMD when shopping in the store! Dannen Water Market: Half-day tour, English tour guide, usually can form a group every day. When there are many people, there are big cars, otherwise there are small cars. About 500B. I won’t go to a mess. The car is very old. Depart at 7: 00 a.m. and return to the mountain road at 12: 00 p.m. Dalingcan Water Market is located on the Da’ao Cannon Canal west of Krung Thep Bridge in Tun Li Wu District. In the past, local residents often patronized here, which was very lively. Because Bangkok’s market and lifestyle have changed a lot from the 1960s, it is only available on weekends at present. If there is one at ordinary times, it is only for travel agencies to make reservations and show off. This is relatively close to Dannenshado Water Market, so it is necessary to find out which “Water Market” the travel agency arranged to go to the bus stop in front of BIG-C near Watergate and take Bus 79 to Dalingcan Water Market. Gejie Island Water Market is still not well known compared with its predecessors, Dalingcan Water Market and Dannenshado Water Market, but the most lovely thing about such a place is the real beauty and quiet atmosphere. Boat: Take a boat bus directly from the N13 dock on the mountain road to the northernmost station N30 warm Li Wu dock to disembark, and then there will be a local delegation to participate in the price list. The price list is clearly marked on the billboard. At that time, it was a boat that looked like a dragon boat. It only had to gather together the number of people to sail. It is easier to gather together on weekends, and it is better to charter boats at other times It is recommended to take the bus from Monday to Friday. Bus: The best way is to take the light rail BTS to Shengli Square, and then transfer the fare of air-conditioned buses 166 and 20B from the west of the square. It takes only 20 minutes to get there because of the high speed. It is faster and less expensive than taking a boat. Goje Island is truly a “foreign island” (Myanmar).

It turns out that most of them are not indigenous Thai inhabitants, but descendants of Myanmar’s Mon. Making ceramics is a traditional skill of ethnic groups. After some ethnic groups migrated to Thailand, they made a living by making ceramics. It happens that soft red clay, which is easy to shape, is produced near Bangkok. The soft red clay, coupled with the skillful craftsmanship of the busy people, has produced Gojie pottery, which is well-known all over Thailand. Thailand’s tourism industry is mature. However, most of the villages are family pottery workshops. Some only sell their own products in small shops. Villagers wearing T-shirts and shorts sit on the roadside to carve ceramics. As long as you greet them with a smile, most of them are willing to let you see the production process. There are many Burmese-style temples on the island. The flag of the temple is patterned with phoenix, and the direction of the flag is consistent with the motherland Myanmar. The most famous building on the island is the Leaning Tower. (Deliberately tilting towards Myanmar is intended to express the feelings of the islanders towards their motherland, rather than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was the result of an accident.) Aromatherapy tower fragrance, cloth bag backpack, gardening decoration, Thai egg roll and string burning… strongly recommend a “fried petal”. When shopping here, one will definitely not enjoy the satisfaction of sweeping the goods, nor will the goods be of any elaborate design or quality. On the contrary, one will chat with the stall owner and learn about the local life, which is even more interesting. However, many Buddhist temples have been built on the banks of the river, as well as high-footed wooden houses on the water. The river is clear and quiet, which is different from the bustling water market and its emotional appeal is natural and leisurely.

Introduction + Experience

The mosquito bag was covered, the skin was exposed to the sun, but the face was satisfied and happy. On the fast boat from Koh Tao to Koh Samui, there are not a few such people. I am one of them. The days in Tao Island were dull but not boring. It makes me think back. Strategy + Experience Visa Thailand Visa Can Landing Visa. You can also find a travel agency * *. But now Thailand exempts Chinese citizens from visa fees. Why do I have to pay that money and naturally choose to handle it myself?

Thai Embassy Website


Beijing Thailand Visa Office Address: 15th Floor, West Tower, Gemini Building, Yonganli Required Materials: 1. Passports valid for more than half a year 2. Two white background color photos 3. Two application forms (which can be obtained and filled in again at the Visa Office) 4. Round-trip air ticket orders (only orders can be made, no tickets need to be issued). Print e-mail is also acceptable. 5. The on-the-job certificate issued by the unit. The official seal of the unit shall be affixed. If the family goes together, you can only need a certificate. However, a copy of the registered permanent residence or marriage certificate is required to prove it. 6. Copy of bank deposit certificate or passbook. Personally, I think it is more convenient to have a copy of the passbook. I don’t need to go to the bank to issue it, nor will I freeze your deposit. It should be noted that the visa office will rest at 11: 45 a.m. Instead of the 12: 00 we are used to. And it’s closed in the afternoon. The last time I arrived at the visa office was 11: 47, and the visa office refused to accept my materials. It was really a bureaucrat, causing me to run again. Also, the Thai guarantor on the application form can fill in any one. I filled in the address of the hotel. But don’t leave it empty, or you will be teased by the visa office. After being fooled by Air China on the last trip to Chiang Mai, Ben said he would not buy Air China’s air tickets again. This time I wanted to book Sri Lanka Airlines, but I was fooled by ICBC’s credit card. There were countless reservations on the Sri Lankan Airlines website and the payment failed. At first, I thought it was a problem with the website. I couldn’t book tickets on Sri Lanka Airlines’ website in China and was forced to finally buy Air China’s Beijing-Bangkok round-trip flight. Later, when I booked Bangkok-Sumi round trip on Manhang’s website, I realized it was ICBC’s credit card problem. After two days of negotiations with ICBC, the person answering the phone in ICBC’s credit card department was extremely irresponsible, either what did not understand, or suggested that I try to change a website or a card. Later, I paid with my colleague’s CMB credit card and it was done immediately. So I immediately issued a Zhaoxing credit card. ICBC’s broken credit card cost me more than 200 yuan per air ticket. For me, the worst state-owned enterprises in China are PetroChina, Sinopec, Air China and ICBC! Beijing-Bangkok air ticket, I personally suggest Sri Lanka Airlines http://www.srilankan.lk/. Of course, if you live in a suitable city, ADB is naturally the most cost-effective. Http://www.airasia.com. It would be great to start from Hong Kong. There are many choices, and there are also very cheap machines + wine packages. Bangkok-The only air ticket for Sumi seems to be Manhang. Http://www.bangkokair.com/. Air tickets are not cheap. There is a discount for online advance booking. However, discount tickets run the risk of not being able to * *. It is suggested to buy a car + boat ticket directly from Bangkok to Tao Island or Su Mei. You can book it directly from http://www.lomprayah.com. It will be cheaper to book in advance. Of course, you can also buy a train + boat ticket in Bangkok. However, my experience is that the train ticket from Bangkok is not very easy to buy, so I have to go a few days in advance. If you don’t want to delay in Bangkok, you’d better have a car + boat. It seems that http://www.traveller2000.com/train/trains.asp can also book train + car + boat tickets. I haven’t tried. There are many shipping companies to choose from for Sumi-Tao Island tickets. But Lomprayah is said to be faster. If Lomprayah is identified and the itinerary has been decided, it is recommended to book round-trip tickets online in advance with discount. I feel that in Sumi and Tao Island, it is very difficult to bargain for tickets to docks, hotels or travel agencies Lomprayah-other shipping companies may be able to-anyway, I didn’t say it. Anyone who said it, please tell me, I can try it next time. Before the transfer, the concept was that only those from the same airline could have direct luggage service. Not really. In theory, it is not an airline, but it is also possible to have an agreement between the two airlines. My Beijing-Bangkok round trip is Air China, and Bangkok-Sumi round trip is Manhang. In fact, luggage can be hung directly. This time I was forced to buy an air ticket from Air China, which made me experience Air China’s shabby service once again. When Beijing flew to Bangkok to check in, I asked the counter staff that I had to transfer to Sumei in Bangkok. I needed my luggage to be hung up directly and transported directly to Sumei. As a result, the lady at the Air China counter said impatiently, “Su Mei? Where is Su Mei? No! “I reminded her that Air China and Manhang had an agreement, and her face was even worse:” No! ! ! “As a result, we got the clearance at Bangkok airport and got the luggage before we could check in. Damn it. On the return trip to Bangkok from Sumei, the staff of Manhang at Sumei Airport were much more dedicated. When I heard that I was going to change planes in Bangkok, I took the initiative to say that I could hang my luggage straight. I also printed out the documents, telling us where to find the Air China counter to change planes at Bangkok Airport. However, I would like to say two more words about the connecting flight at Bangkok Airport. After the luggage is hung directly at Sumi Airport, the counter staff will ask you to put a “C.I.Q” sign on your chest, and let you go to the boarding gate of the international route, pass through the security check and the entry and exit counter, which shows that you have already gone through the customs. In principle, after arriving at Bangkok airport, there should be no security check. However, the transit security check at Bangkok Airport is indeed abnormal. I went through security three times! I almost delayed the check in at the Air China connecting counter. Based on my experience, my suggestion is that after arriving at Bangkok Airport, passengers will be divided into two routes, the domestic route and the C.I.Q. At this time, take the C.I.Q line. In this way, it will enter the scope of customs clearance. After that, it is best to tear off the C.I.Q sign on your chest, and when there is a staff member holding the C.I.Q sign with a smiling face to guide you, don’t pay attention to him. The first task is to find the connecting window on the 2nd floor of the airport and change your boarding pass. Otherwise, if you stick the logo of C.I.Q, you will only be rushed to the security check place by the airport staff to go to the security check! God knows why there are so many security check places at Bangkok Airport C.I.Q. It’s really a corner that you can meet the security check place! Moreover, the security check staff lied to cheat you on the security check. When I was checked for the second time, I already had doubts. Because after that security check, I went directly to the third floor and there was no other route. I asked the security personnel, I haven’t changed my boarding pass yet, what should I do when I go to the third floor? As a result, he lied to me that he could change his boarding pass on the third floor after security check. As a result, I went to the third floor and asked again. I was told that the change of boarding pass was on the second floor. As a result, I ran on the second floor, looking for the connecting counter everywhere! Finally, I changed my registration card and was ready to board the plane on the 4th floor, but I was once again rushed to the security check office on the second floor. This is pervert! I couldn’t help but get angry. The staff had a good attitude and smiled: security checks were necessary. There is no way out. The official website of Bangkok Suwannabe International Airport is http://www.bangkokairportonline.com/. If the transit time is tight, it is recommended to look at the airport map first. There are many hotels in Su Mei and Tao Island. As long as it is not the peak period, you can find and bargain now. However, I think it is too hard to find a big bag on my back. I have something I like, the price is moderate, and it is not impossible to make a reservation. My experience is that the prices on the official hotel websites are on the high side. In addition to inquiring about the prices on the reservation websites, you can also send emails to inquire about the prices and bargain, which may be cheaper. The reservation website is more mainstream: Sawadee: The email reply is quick and responsible. Moreover, electronic maps are very useful, especially when you are going to a place for the first time and are not familiar with the geographical location. I booked my hotel in Tao Island through his home. Asiarooms: It is said that the price is relatively low. But when I was booking a hotel, I found that the price of the one I wanted to book was more expensive than Sawadee. Perhaps it is an exception. Hoteltravel: I don’t think it’s very useful. Less. There are also several websites that you can look at when you are free at www.kohsamui.com/www.on-koh-tao.com/. . . I live in King’s Garden Resort in Sumi. Independent Bungalow. Air-conditioned room, hot water. 1300B. The interior decoration is very simple, I don’t think the cost performance is particularly high. But in Chaweng Beach, hotel prices are not cheap, this is not bad. Especially getting up early and sitting under the Bungalow corridor is still very pleasant. However, I personally don’t like Chaweng very much. The beach is good, but it is too noisy. In Tao Island, I live in Charm Churee Villa. This hotel seems to be hot among Chinese tourists. When I checked in, I found that besides the Chinese, there were many Russians. Of course, the hotel is also good, especially Janson Bay, a private beach, which is very suitable for people who like snorkeling. I booked the hotel in Sawadee. Superior room 2150B for one night in the off season, including tax and morning. One night will be given for staying for more than 5 nights, which is 1720B for one night. Besides, one hour massage, one dinner and one cocktail will be given to each person. If you can have the opportunity to be upgraded to Panromaro room free of charge, the cost performance will be extremely high. However, if there is no upgrade, the Superior room may feel a little small. However, I don’t like the front desk staff at his house. Especially a woman who wears glasses and looks Chinese. Later, when we wanted to stay for another night, she even tried to raise the room fee. It makes people feel very bad. Of course, most of the staff in this hotel are still very cute. Later, when traveling around the island, I found a very good family named Dusit Bancha Resort. Just opposite Nanyuan Island, the scenery is good, the staff are enthusiastic, the price is reasonable, and the environment and facilities look good. Moreover, 4 or 5 of the staff speak Chinese and are very kind. I may live there next time. That one will also be mentioned in the travel notes later. If you are interested, you can see: http://www.dusitbuncharesort.com/Weather: November is the rainy season in Sumei. According to statistics, the rainy season in Sumei is also November. But when I was in Tao Island, it was sunny every day. However, to be on the safe side, those who must go to Sumei on sunny days should not choose November. Weather Forecast: www.tmd.go.th/EN/province.phpSunscreen is so important. If you like snorkeling, it is important. Sunscreen is a must. Be careful to wipe every corner, especially the parts that are easy to ignore, such as the back of the leg. Because I didn’t wipe my ears this time, the back of my ears was peeled off in the sun. (I didn’t know until I came back to consult senior people that if I wanted to go into the water, I couldn’t buy the kind of cream I applied for sun protection. The kind of cream that fell off quickly when I went into the water. To sell the kind of spray! Bitter lesson!!) Products after sun exposure are also necessary. No matter how you apply sunscreen, the sun exposure is still too strong. After coming back from snorkeling, wiping some sun gel will make you feel better. Moreover, it is said that the skin can return to normal faster after sun exposure. Boots are on sale. There are many varieties. I bought Banana Boat. Buy a bigger bottle, this thing will be used faster than you think. If you like snorkeling, you’d better bring a sunscreen. Don’t let your back get sunburned on the first day. MM had better bring a bottle of whitening and moisturizing water and cosmetic cotton, and make a cosmetic mask to apply to the face every day after applying the sun-dried gel. This time I took a bottle of Bai Run to apply it every day, and the effect was still obvious. Mosquito control

Update: This time I went to Dog Bone Island and found that the mosquito repellent dew, which does not bite, is extremely useful. The anti-mosquito effect is excellent, and it is very refreshing and does not feel sticky at all. It is recommended.

The mosquitoes in Tao Island are much more severe than those in Bangkok’s Sumi. Anti-mosquito water is necessary. I used Burt’s Bees mosquito water. The effect is not bad. (Don’t want to take photos, borrow Taobao pictures) In addition, Tiger Label Cool Oil is also very useful. I bought it specially in Hong Kong. When I arrived at Sumei and Tao Island, I found that they were sold everywhere. When eating in a restaurant, if there are mosquitoes, remember to ask the store owner to light mosquito-repellent incense for you. After several days of mosquito bites and insect bites, it was found that Tao Island still had this thing. I think it is quite necessary to insure. I bought “Leyou” at the mill. Like 100? It’s very convenient. Other aspects have been mentioned in previous travel notes. Refer to http://www.yododo.com/trip/011D94DE58400E6CFF8080811D92663A

Honeymoon-Phuket, Bangkok

In May 2007, I embarked on a honeymoon trip. The schedule is Ctrip’s journey, which requires a connecting flight to Hong Kong. By the time we arrived in Phuket, it was already the evening of the first day.

I was very satisfied with the hotel. It was built on the mid-level mountain and arrived at PATONG Beach after going down the mountain. It was also located on the side of the beach with fewer people and was very quiet. The next day, after a rich breakfast buffet, I set out for a one-day tour to PP Island.

The setting sun in PATONG is still beautiful although there are many clouds.

The evening seafood dinner, let me still in the aftertaste.

The bear’s personal experience tells the story of being cheated during the 2008 Olympics in Thailand.

No matter how much preparation you have made and how many precautions you have taken, you can’t escape the experience of being cheated when you go to a place you are not familiar with. Thanks to these experiences, I will be more defensive when traveling in the future. I will not be cheated again, but I will inevitably encounter other novel tricks. Well, let’s talk about the latest Thai swindler or bear’s own mistake and take the wrong road. 1. Beware of doodle car swindlers along Kaoshan Road. Features: 1) Can speak English. 2) Take you to several scenic spots for 10B and give you enough time to take photos. 3) Lobby you to take a cruise ship to visit the Chao Phraya River in broad daylight and also to visit the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple, Dawn Temple and other scenic spots. The price is 1500B per boat. On the first day in Thailand, when preparing to play, Welcome Sawadee Inn on Kaoshan Road came out to visit the swindler met at the intersection of the Grand Palace. The original plan was to walk there, because the receptionist said it would take five minutes to walk. Therefore, when a swindler said that he would visit several scenic spots on 10B, he thought that Thailand’s consumption was lower than China’s and the scenic spots were closer, so he did not think carefully and was cheated. Therefore, when going out, pay more attention and the idea of “treating a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a small person” should exist at any time, especially when traveling to developed countries. However, the bear still has some experience in going out to play and is more intelligent. When the swindler and we agreed a good price for the thief TUK TUK to visit the first so-called temple praying for good luck, the bear felt cheated. The temple he went to was not popular at all and did not need to charge tickets. After entering, I want to walk into the temple to have a look. After all, Thailand’s temples are still very distinctive. The first time I got close contact with us, I also filmed DV. As a result, when I wanted to walk in, I found that the people inside were all dressed in black or white. When I was filming with DV, the people at the door had a little strange eyes. Later, LG and I estimated that we should hold a memorial service, Shit! I actually tricked us into coming to such a place and said it was a place to pray for good luck. After a round trip, I told the driver of Tuk Tuk to go directly to the Grand Palace. He excused me on the grounds that he did not have enough time. Then I was not easy to bully and told him that I would not give money if I did not go. Fortunately, he is not a big evil person. Maybe he cheated us and this guy that he did not know English at all, so he had to drive away angrily. Later, when we wanted to take a taxi, the driver refused to take us, but it took 80B (short for Thai baht) to go to the Grand Palace by tuk tuk. However, the temple was also quite far away from the Grand Palace at this time. I believe the tuk tuk driver didn’t earn much D.2. Don’t order the Leisure Corner Thai Massage in the Metropole Hotel of Ctrip. After comparing the airport pick-up prices between Uncle V and Trip (Ctrip’s English trademark), I think Trip’s free trip to Phuket Island, Pass160 yuan, is cheaper than Uncle V’s 1200B (equivalent to more than 200 yuan), so I set Trip’s pass and added 240 yuan’s two-hour massage and a 39 yuan Thai phone card. Trip’s Phuket Island Free Travel Pass has two clearly marked massages. Besides mine, there is also Lee La Massage. Before, people in Trip said not to go to this one, so I ordered the Massage of The Metropole Hotel without considering it. This hotel is located in Phuket Town. It used to take more than 30 minutes to get to Patong Beach. It feels very old and old. It is no different from the massage room I visited in Zhanjiang many years ago. The worst thing is that the technique is not good at all, which makes people feel very painful and tortured. At that time, I thought it was the strength of Thai massage, because I read a lot of strategies on the Internet. Later, I went to Let’s Relax to finish one package after another before I realized how bad their tactics were. The most angry thing was that they secretly took my cell phone while we were doing massage. In fact, I never dared to sleep, especially after LG was too tired to sleep to death, but they told me to sleep like a nice person. They slept for more than ten minutes in two hours. It is estimated that I put away my cell phone at that time. Before I was ready to leave, I used to look through if I had missed anything. At this time, the massage woman took a look outside and immediately said what to another guy who helped me LG. At that time, I didn’t realize that my cell phone was gone. After going to the toilet, the guy took out my cell phone and asked me for tips. Only then did I know that they had the cell phone. They were also surprised that I didn’t know about it, and seemed a little regretful that I didn’t hide my mobile phone. Fortunately, I left to look through things, or my mobile phone would die. I routinely gave a tip of 20B, but the two of them were too few and asked for 50B. Said what called us Taxi, and I thought Trip was a package pick-up. Finally, the driver of Trip also confirmed this point. We must pay attention not to order Trip massage. The price of Let’s Relax is similar. When I went, I ordered a package: feet, hands and shoulders for a total of one and a half hours, a total of 700B, converted into RMB 140 yuan/person. The most important method is really excellent, very relax, which is in line with the name of its store. The environment inside is also well arranged, with delicious cookies and tea, visual and taste enjoyment. Most importantly, it is near Jungcylon, a large shopping mall on Patong Beach. Its appearance is a white triangular pointed house, just like the roof of a Thai temple, but it is pure white. Because let’s relax was already over eleven o’clock that night, I was rushing back to the hotel that had to take 300B to get there, so I didn’t take any photos. 3. Don’t order SIM card of Phuket Island Free Travel Pass on Trip. Reason: Pass says it is a 1-2-call card, and the most important thing is that there is 105B in it. Results: It is a true card, which doesn’t matter, it is good to use it. There is only 99B in it. It is not a matter of one or two RMB, but a matter of integrity. Moreover, it is not convenient. When picking up the plane, a driver who cannot speak English or Chinese will understand the card. It is better to go to 7-11 to buy it by himself and the clerk will help you open it. Don’t believe the words that the Grand Palace is not open. The tuk tuk driver outside the grand palace or the tuktuk driver you are going to meet at the grand palace always said that the grand palace is not open and take you to other places. Don’t be fooled in this situation. Because I did my homework and checked the opening hours and ticket prices of the Grand Palace before, I was not cheated on this issue. The Grand Palace is open from 8: 30 to 11: 30 and from 13: 00 to 15: 30, except for royal ceremonies. Tickets: 250 Thai baht. (But when I went there, it was stipulated that 300B was required to be alone, and I must be connected to the Cloud Palace. I can’t help it, so I met a Greek penis) 5. Take TAXI as much as possible in Bangkok, and don’t take yellow-green ones. Before getting on the bus, be sure to ask: By metre? These are the scams encountered by Bear during his trip to Thailand. We must be careful to guard against them and learn from them. I hope you can point out criticism for what you said is not good or what you did not say.

Fun (1)-Romantic Lover Flowers

The day I arrived at Phi-Phi Island was the day before Valentine’s Day. At 5: 30 p.m., when I boarded Sunset ViewPoint, the sea breeze swept up with humid air, sweeping away the exhaustion of reaching the top. There is also a small wooden house on the top, selling coffee and various Fruit Shakes. When you come to Thailand, you fall in love with Fruit Shake crazily. No matter what kind of fruit, it will be sweet to your heart. The stone facing the west is already full of couples with their fingers clasped. Clusters of flowers were in full bloom beside them, colorful, reflecting the orange sunset, and soft light melted into the tranquil sea in front of them. At the top, I saw two crescent-shaped beaches from a distance. The soft arc made me forget to move. The waves in the Indian Ocean, carrying little white sails, gently rocked blue and green long-tailed boats, sweeping shells onto the beach. There are still many people on the beach who can see the beautiful colors of bikinis worn by girls. In front of a white and purple triangle plum plant, there are two Swedish girls who smile as brightly as flowers. I like their healthy skin color. Against the backdrop of flower skirts, they are really beautiful.

The setting sun fell on the top of the opposite mountain island. The sky is still blue, the flowing clouds are now diffusing soft light in the orange sky light, and the transparent sea water is gradually stained with light purple. The dusk seems to make up the sky and the earth. Let’s quietly enjoy the beautiful sunset at this moment.

The sunset gradually lowered and finally disappeared behind the mountain island. Twilight completely enveloped us, and the endless orange in the sky fell on the lavender waves, which was hopelessly romantic. At this beautiful moment, the girl put her head on the boy’s shoulder. I think there are many “to-do” with lovers in one’s life, and watching such sunset must be one of them.

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