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Month: January 2020

Super Detailed Bangkok-Su Mei-Tao Island Food, Housing and Travel Strategy

First of all, it should be explained that this is an absolutely powerful process strategy from Bangkok to Koh Samui and Koh Tao! Yes, just like the process strategy of video games. Yes, it is easy for you to pass the test after watching it, but I am not sure whether you can experience the true meaning of the game and the fun in it. Don’t blame me for writing everything completely, so you don’t have to feel at risk. Again, this is a strategy only suitable for budget travelers who are not afraid of hardships on the road and only have intimate contact with sunny beaches. Please make sure you need to read it. . . . . . Are you sure, do you still want to continue watching? All right, here we go!

First, let’s know where you are going. Koh Samui Sumi Island has the same pronunciation as “Guo Shimei” in Cantonese. This is a large island in the southern part of the gulf of thailand, which is, of course, surrounded by the sea on all sides. To the northwest of the island is a na thon pier, which is mainly connected to the surat thani on the mainland of thailand. Famous beaches here include Chaweng beach and Lamai beach. The former has wider and noisy beaches, while the latter has better sandy and quiet and comfortable beaches, each taking its own needs. Most of the hotels are seaside apartments, with relatively few beach bungalows. Most of the same hotels provide garden view rooms or sea view rooms, and few hotels provide free Internet service, except for senior hotels. The island’s transportation is mainly based on privately operated pickup trucks or so-called meter taxis, but never meters. There are no large entertainment and shopping facilities on the island.

Then there is Koh Tao Tao Dao, Dao Dao and Gui Dao, which are all his translated names. The pronunciation is “Guo (Cantonese) to (Mandarin)”, ha ha. This is a small island to the north of Sumi. There is also a koh phangan among them, which has a very famous full/half moon party. Koh Tao is also one of the top 10 diving sites in the world. The only pier connecting the mainland here is at the end of the small town of mae haad. There is only one famous beach here, Sairee beach, which feels not much different from Chaweng in Sumi. Most hotels are based on bungalow, which is also a coexistence of garden view and sea view. The price is relatively low and the choice is relatively diverse. The traffic on the island is recommended to drive a motorcycle by oneself. The roads there are not wide and the space is not large enough. All right, all right, we really have to go!

Now that your flight has landed at Bangkok International Airport, how do you get to Koh Samui and Koh Tao? Here are several ways for you to choose from, and both return trips are applicable:

1. Take a direct flight from Thai Airlines or Bangkok Airlines to Sumi in Bangkok, which takes one hour, and the airport is on the island. The disadvantage is that the price is too high. This article also does not focus on this method.

2. Choose a plane from other airlines to surat thani, and then take a boat to Sumei. The ticket price is favorable. The disadvantage is that all the air, sea and land are used, and the journey takes 7-8 hours. The method of connecting travel by car and boat is the same as that in point 3 below. There are not many flights, please calculate the connection time of each point by yourself.

3. Take the Southern Railway to Chumporn at Bangkok Railway Station, and then find a connecting ticket to Koh Tao at the railway station. It is best to explain to him that you want to take the Lomprayah ship. The meaning of a connecting ticket is to take you directly to the island from your location, and any transfer will be arranged for you. Another way is to take the same southern railway to surat thani and then buy a connecting ticket to koh samui. There is also a ship to lomprayah, which recently opened. Both methods can be used, mainly depending on whether you want to play from Koh Samui or Koh Tao. Look at Google Earth and study it yourself. It is really not much different. It is estimated that the total time per journey will take 12-14 hours. The train can choose sleeper. For train prices, please refer to; The price of the connecting ticket is about 600-700 baht. Http://’s boat schedule can be found here.

4. Find the ticket office of lomprayah directly at khao san Rd in Bangkok to buy a connecting ticket. Tell him about koh samui or koh tao. He will arrange the route for you. This is the way of vip bus + boat. The time is also between 12 and 14 hours. The advantage is that you don’t have to run to each transfer point by yourself. The middle is seamless and will be arranged for you. The bus is relatively spacious and can lie down. There is a bathroom. This is my favorite way. It is convenient, worry-free and can save time. I basically arrive when I wake up at night. Although the process seems to take the longest time, it is actually the most time-saving route, because you have used the original sleeping time to travel, and you can really sleep, but children’s shoes that have no confidence in their own physique are still carefully considered! Please also refer to the departure time, and you can measure each method yourself.

5. Recently, surfing discovered a new way to go to Koh Tao in Bangkok… ultra-small plane! It was only opened on Valentine’s Day in 2011. The operating company is called Solar Air. His family’s plane is very mini, with only 18 seats! I don’t know what the flying height is, and I don’t know whether the flying is stable or not. I hope there will be feedback after sitting on children’s shoes. However, in Bangkok, I have to go to the old airport to take this plane, which is Don Muang Airport. His route is as follows: a direct flight from Bangkok to Chumporn airport, and then a lomprayah bus and boat will land on to Koh Tao. The whole price is 3250 baht per person, and the price includes all the expenses of air, sea and land. It is not cheap but it saves a lot of time! Interested children’s shoes log on to his website. Http:// Aspx

So how can I get to the railway station or khao san Rd at Bangkok airport? There are many ways. It is recommended to take taxi directly. It is more cost-effective for two people than to take public transportation. As for the way to take taxi, please see I wrote earlier. In addition, starting from August 2010, Bangkok Airport has opened a railway service to the urban area. The whole journey takes 45 baht and takes 30 minutes. The terminal is Phaya Thai Station of BTS (Light Rail), making it more convenient to enter the urban area. If you want to go to the railway station or Khao San Rd’s shoes, take the airport railway from B1 on the negative floor of the airport to the terminal, and then walk from the overpass to Phaya Thai Station. Here, you want to go to Khao San’s exit 1 or 3, and you want to go to the railway station from exit 2 or 4. Just take taxi directly. The price of the meter is 60-80 baht. For the location of lomprayah at the ticket office of khao san Rd, please refer to wp-content/uploads/2079. Gif and the location of Bangkok Railway Station is called Hua Lamphong. Turning back to the Airport Railway, there is a station called Makkasan, which temporarily provides check in and luggage check-in services for Thai Airlines and Bangkok Airlines, but it must be handled within 3-13 hours before the plane takes off. If necessary, you can refer to the same shoes.

After the above introduction, it is estimated that you have successfully landed in Koh Samui or Koh Tao. Let’s briefly introduce some matters on the island. Let’s talk about koh samui first. No matter which road you take, you will eventually board the boat at na thon pier in koh samui. As soon as you arrive here, many people will ask you whether you want to go to Chaweng beach or Lamai beach. In fact, the whole Koh Samui generally has only two kinds of cars for you to choose from. One is called pickup truck in China, which is to set up an iron cage at the back of the car with people sitting on both sides. They are called big tuk. It is usually 100 baht to go to Chaweng Beach from the dock, but it is recommended to wrap it in 300 baht to go to Lamai Beach’s shoes, because it is difficult to get together people to go to Lamai. The other is the so-called meter taxi, but never uses a meter. Well, I admit this is emphasized again! Those who are not short of money will find those who hold price tags, mostly those who are meter taxi. Generally, he can accept a price cut of 150-200 baht. No matter what kind of car you take, you should be able to take you directly to the front of the hotel. You should communicate with him well. The distance between Chaweng and Lamai is about 10km. It is recommended to take big tuk or drive by oneself for the same shoes to experience everywhere. It is not recommended to ride motorcycles, because there are many narrow roads, many uphill and downhill sections and sharp bends.

Speaking of hotels, by the way, I would like to talk about the reservation method. If you go to Koh Samui in the peak season, you’d better make a reservation first, because there are really many people, so it is not necessary in the off season. I recommend a website for reservation,, a good local hotel reservation network in Thailand, with fast speed, detailed pictures and descriptions and accuracy. Hotels on the beach usually provide free beach chairs for hotel guests, so enjoy them. However, practice has proved that even if it is not your hotel, you can use other people’s beach chairs. However, someone may immediately hand you a drink menu and ask you to buy a drink. You can order one casually. It is not expensive anyway. Ordinary hotels do not have many free Internet service. Generally, they need to buy wireless Internet authorization from the front desk. The price should be consulted with the front desk. At the end of this article, I will introduce you to the situation of mobile phone surfing the Internet. It is enough to chat about QQ, microblog or simple email.

The following is an introduction to the situation of taking part in a one-day tour and half-day tour in Koh Samui. Those who have been to the same shoe may notice that the travel service in Thailand is relatively comprehensive. There are many travel agencies all over the street. You can buy various types of air tickets, boat tickets, train tickets and sign up for a one-day tour. The one-day tour that Koh Samui can take part in is mainly a tour around the island (including riding elephants). Angthong national marine park; There is also a game called cable rides, which is a game of shuttling through the woods by using overhead sliding ropes. It is quite exciting. Of course, there is also a one-day snorkeling tour for koh tao + koh nangyuan, but it is not recommended. They all went to koh samui and did not go to koh tao to stay for a few days. It is too wasteful. I won’t say these prices, because this kind of small shop goes one by one. As long as you ask the price once, it is basically the same nearby. If you are not at ease, ask more. Then you can buy tickets from Koh Samui to Koh Tao from these small shops, so look for Lomprayah’s ship. I forgot to tell you before, in fact, this company’s ship is a catamaran high-speed ship, which saves time and is stable (when the wind and waves are not big). The price is basically the same. However, you will find that the quotation from the small shop will be slightly higher than that from Lomprayah’s official website, which is normal, because the tickets booked from the small shop include hotel pick up service, that is, he will send a car to the hotel to pick you up to the dock. This is where I think Thai tourism services are good. All these one-day tours or connecting trips do not need to find their own way to go to what, but all include pick-up and drop-off services. Therefore, when buying tickets, you should leave the hotel name and room number and wait for the driver in the lobby at the appointed time. Generally, it is good to sign up or buy tickets one day in advance. After signing up, the shop will give you a small envelope with a voucher in it, and then you will have to give it to the driver who picked you up.

I’m going to Koh Tao soon. Excite! According to the appointed time, the driver will come to pick you up in the lobby, and may pick up several fellow passers-by along the way. It will take about 40 minutes to arrive at the Lomprayah Company dock in Koh Samui. First, check in at the corresponding destination window to get the ticket, and then you can sit and wait for the boat. Of course, if you want to board the ship early, you’d better stand at the entrance first. There will be a stop in the middle of the ship’s journey. This is the koh phangan mentioned earlier in the middle of koh samui and koh tao. Listen to the radio on the ship and don’t get off wrong.

When you arrive at Koh Tao, you will see some people on the dock who are specially receiving tourists holding cards with the name of the client or the name of his hotel. Please contact him directly. If you haven’t found a hotel yet, or if the hotel doesn’t have a pick-up service, then don’t go too far. Just find a small shop that rents motorcycles on the way out of the dock on a big slope, rent them and start taking risks. Although the area on the island is not very large, you will be very depressed if you do not have a motorcycle to walk on everything. There are two situations in renting motorcycles, which I have encountered before, and I must use my passport as collateral.

In the first case, the car condition is very new and beautiful, earning 200 baht a day. And before giving it to you, the boss will introduce you to the car body. If there were scratches, he will mark them on a piece of paper with motorcycle graphics. At this time, you must pay more attention to the situation on each part than the exam to make sure there are any scars. Then the boss will ask you to sign the car rental contract to prove that you have confirmed the condition of the car. At this moment, you should pay attention to the fact that the compensation price of each component will be listed on the back of the general contract, and even if there are only scratches and no damages, you will also have to compensate the price of the component in full. When he returns the car, he will take it seriously with you, so he will use a magnifying glass to give you trouble.

The second situation is that motorcycles already have many scratches and look older. This kind of motorcycle costs 150 baht a day. It is also to sign the same contract, but at this moment the boss is much more casual. He doesn’t confirm with you where there are scratches and damages. Just sign and confirm. Of course, you can’t be careless. Scratches can be ignored, but the damaged places must be paid attention to. Well, this time he didn’t mark out on the paper where there was a problem, so you can rest assured to use it. There is no big problem. When he returned the car, he returned your passport without even looking at it. Let’s see which shoes are more suitable for you.

Koh Tao is mostly a small bungalow on the beach. Generally speaking, it is not a full/half moon party in Koh phangan that has no room to live in. You just walk around on a motorcycle and find a place you like to settle down. Since Koh Tao’s things are separated by many hills on both sides, the road is not very easy to walk, but the general living facilities are relatively perfect in the west, and those who want to visit the east will have to take risks. From west to east, many roads are silt and stone, and they are especially steep. No matter how skilled the same shoe is, you must be careful. Motorcycle accidents are very common. If the car falls to the ground, you have to pay a lot of money. More importantly, if people are injured and go to soak in seawater, will you? Therefore, if you encounter steep mountain roads, please do what you can, don’t try to be brave, safety comes first. Then why go east? It is because there are few people there that they can have a close contact with nature. Ha ha.

There is nothing to say on this island. During the day, everyone basks in the sand beach in front of the room, swims, or takes part in snorkeling around the island (there will be a brief introduction below). At night, they go to the seaside bar of Sairee Beach, eating and drinking, listening to heavy metal music and watching the flame show. At the end of the day, people are completely relaxed. Those who like to visit small shops can also find some small shops with souvenirs or special clothes in mae haad village at the dock or sairee village to the north.

There are not many special travel agency on the island. If you want to sign up for a snorkeling tour around the island or a boat ticket, you can book it through your hotel front desk. The price is also very consistent, including shuttle service. Usually, I will take you to 3 or 4 snorkeling points in the morning, then have lunch on the boat, and then I will take you to Koh Nangyuan, where I will stay for about two hours. The island fee of 100 baht must be paid, and plastic bottles cannot be brought up, which supports vexation and protection. If there are four or more people, When you sign up, the other party may suggest that you use 2500 baht to pack the next long tail boat, that is, the long tail boat, and then the place and time to go are relatively free, that is, the boat looks dangerous and unreliable, but it is OK without big waves. I have tried to be dragged, tossed and tossed by it under big waves.

And what… Well, let’s introduce the food again. Whether you are in what Beach or Village, there will be various restaurants, large and small, to choose from on both sides of the main road, as well as roadside stalls. Restaurants usually offer western food (French, Italian, ordinary western food) and Thai food at the same time, and the taste is actually very close, so the only choice you can choose is the environment and price. It is recommended to have a cup of fresh juice or juice shake per meal, which is cheap and tastes good. In fact, it is quite necessary to know the English words of various foods before going out, so that you can at least see what it is and what it is. The authentic Thai dishes should not be introduced too much. Let’s briefly say that tom Yum Goong (Winter Yin Gong) means Thai sour and spicy shrimp soup, and Goong means Thai shrimp, so you will sometimes see that tom yum shrimp/seafood/chicken what has different meat materials in Thai sour and spicy soup. Then there is Thai fried powder, which is also good. It is called Pad thai what what and has different meat materials. Then there is the Thai salad that must be tasted, the Thai transliteration is som dam, so you will see that some menus will say som dam… + papaya is Thai green papaya salad, some are mango, and shrimp can be added. On this trip, I found that the menus of many restaurants also translated pad thai into fried noodle, som dam into thai salad, and goong into shrimp or prawn, which was more intuitive and clear than before.

Well, the above has basically written about the food, housing and transportation of Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Below, at the end, let’s talk about some suggestions for Bangkok to find accommodation. Recently, I also met several friends who have asked questions. If you like the same shoes in the youth dormitory or inn, please make a detour. Here, you will not talk about this aspect. First of all, find out your main itinerary when staying in Bangkok. Most foreign backpackers suggest to live in Khao San Rd. We Chinese backpackers don’t need to follow them all. After all, it is a gathering place for Europeans and Americans. I didn’t feel the local characteristics of what when I went there. It was just a bunch of local small businessmen surrounded by a lot of European and American ghosts. However, if you like to see scenic spots, such as what Palace, Buddhist Temple, Museum, etc., it is still recommended that you live in Khao San Rd, which is convenient and can be walked to some places. If you like shopping, looking at the city and using rail transit, Silom is your only choice. This is the junction of BtS and subway. BtS station is called Sala Daeng and subway station is called Silom. It is close to siam, the most prosperous commercial center. This is a city that never sleeps at night. There are night markets, bar, massage shops and daily necessities shops that are open all night. Of course, there are all kinds of food shops. There are many paths to the south of Silom Rd. There are many newly opened private hotels in it. The price is a little higher, ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 baht, but it is convenient and comfortable to live in. I strongly recommend this area. Well… it’s almost the same. The place names of my whole strategy are basically written in English, which you must understand. If you don’t believe you look at the Chinese name in the Chinese map to find a place, I promise you will die of depression! No one plans to translate place names with electronic dictionaries……

It’s really the last thing, about mobile phones. Most tourists use two mobile phone network providers, truemove and dtac’s happy sim, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Http:// and are introduced. Just look at prepaid card. Both can be found at the exit of the airport’s entry floor. Let me introduce Truemove’s. His service shop is at the exit. As you can see at a glance, tourists basically buy inter sim prepaid cards, which are valid for one year after activation. The first purchase fee is 49 baht. You can choose to recharge 50, 150, 300 or more immediately, depending on your own needs. Using 006 + country code + telephone number to call back to China is 3 baht per minute, using 00600 + country code + telephone number is 1 baht per minute, depending on your own needs. As for the mobile phone surfing the Internet, it is recommended to use his traffic package. For 50MB traffic within 30 days, only 50 baht is needed. QQ, microblog and email are all fine! See Htm for details

Are you tired? I’m tired of writing! Ha ha, you readers, if you think there is something wrong with my younger brother’s writing, please discuss and correct it together! If you want to reprint it, please feel free and do not indicate the source. This is free to share the content! Thank you

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Bamboo Raft Drifting in Chiang Mai Jungle

The book went back. After riding the elephant, we got on the car and walked for about ten minutes to our second project of the day, bamboo raft rafting. The tour guide told us to change into bathing suits and put valuables on the car (cameras, video cameras, etc.). If we were damaged during rafting, we would not be responsible. Maybe this is a country place, The place to change clothes is very simple, We will take off our shoes and socks in our changed bathing suits. In order not to wet the camera, I put the camera in the car. Walking barefoot under the river bank, Barefoot stepping on the cobblestone road felt a little pain. Soon he came to the river and saw a bamboo raft waiting for us. Eleven people in our car sat on three bamboo rafts one after another. The boatman who supported the bamboo raft asked us to sit down separately and told us in stiff English that standing was very dangerous.

The minibus we took

This is our guide for that day

Our rafts went down the river, The trees on both sides of the river are lush and luxuriant. Thousands of birds can’t sing, The river was calm and swift, Boulders also appear in the river from time to time, Sometimes the waves are so high that they are so high. The water fell on the body and was cool. The boatmen who support bamboo rafts are highly skilled. Left and right swing around boulders, We sat on the bamboo raft and screamed from time to time. I don’t know how far it has drifted, After drifting for nearly an hour, the boatman came ashore and motioned us ashore. We thought we had reached the end point and landed unsatisfied. We saw that the tourists in front were still walking along the river. Bamboo rafts were waiting in front. They boarded the boat again. Later, we found that the river was narrow and the water was extremely fast. For the safety of the tourists, the boatmen let the tourists walk through the road before drifting forward.

After more than an hour of drifting, I found that the choice without a camera was correct, but I regretted not bringing a card player. If a large camera is inconvenient, it may get wet and the card player will be much more convenient.

Such a young child came out to make money by rowing bamboo rafts.

Isn’t the young man who supports our bamboo raft cool?

The place where we had lunch after rafting on the bamboo raft.

Most of the lunches on that day were vegetarian dishes, but they were well matched. The taste was different from that of Chinese food. The ingredients were special. Curry was a favorite of Thais.

There is chicken in this dish, but it is not very much. You can order it again after eating it.

Three dishes, as well as Dongyingong soup, are said to be the specialty of this peasant family. At first, they were not used to it, but after eating a bowl of rice, they got used to the taste of the dishes here.

There is a rice field behind the lunch shop. The scenery is very beautiful. After lunch, I stopped eating here. Ha ha

After that, we will continue our next project…….

Pattaya’s Nightlife

Pattaya is a famous seascape resort in Thailand, 150 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya was originally a small fishing village. It was during the Vietnam War in the 1960s that American soldiers built a holiday center in this land of continuous sand beaches, clear water and blue sky for fun. Only then did Pattaya, which is full of flowers and infinite charm today, become a success. There are classic sea water and sand beaches in Southeast Asia, which are called “Oriental Hawaii”. In particular, the Coral Island near Pattaya is the largest island outside Pattaya Beach. There are many sandy beaches around the island, with white sand and fine cotton and clear water bottoming out. But Pattaya’s real charm lies in cheap consumption, indulgent nightlife and special transvestites.

Johnson once said that the role of tourism is to restrict imagination with reality: not to think that things will belong to how, but to see that they are actually how’s.

Thailand was originally a Buddhist country. Can’t you see the pedestal pagodas standing everywhere in this “smiling capital” and the Thai people kneeling down, folding their hands and worshipping with their foreheads touching the ground to express their piety when they meet monks or Buddha statues like Buddha? However, Pattaya of Thailand is famous all over the world. It is said that Pattaya’s porn industry is the originator of its peers in the world. The Thai government’s policy is to “ban gambling and cannot help being yellow”, so the sex trade here is open. There is no taboo, shame or disdain at all. That’s why you can really understand what’s name is “laughing at poverty but not prostitution”.

When it comes to Pattaya’s nightlife, we can’t bypass the transvestite performance. Tiffany’s Show is the most popular transvestite performance. In the evening at the Woodlands & Resort Hotel, the boss of Tiffany’s Show came to meet and say hello. What is shocking is that her boss is actually a very beautiful woman, which makes people think: Is she a transvestite? To tell the truth, what is possible in a city where it is difficult to distinguish between men and women. Of course, now I understand: she is not a transvestite, but the daughter of the founder of Tiffany’s Show. Her father founded Tiffany’s Show in 1974 and she is now in charge.

The reservation is to watch the performance starting at 9 o’clock, and our car leaves from Woodlands & Resort Hotel at about 7: 30. Starting ahead of schedule is not that far away, but to get a glimpse of Pattaya’s nightlife along the way. The “black pearls” along the way (these women are generally small in size and dark in skin, hence the name.) While disappointing us, we couldn’t help marveling at the number. However, most of the people holding hands with these “black pearls” are “big white geese” over 60 years old (they are collectively referred to as white and fat Westerners who have the most fun in Pattaya * *), which makes us question the aesthetic view of “big white geese”. According to the tour guide, Westerners who come here have “three rents”, namely, renting a house, renting a car and renting “black pearls”. Isn’t it true that these retired “ghosts” come here to find a little sister to spend a few days in the “end” of her life. What can we do?

Here we go, Tiffany’s Show. As the previous performance had just ended, the door was full of people who took photos with these performers. We couldn’t help but want to take a few pictures of these “men more beautiful than women”, but the tour guide kept urging us to go quickly and said that we would take pictures after watching the performance. Due to previous contact with the boss, people have already made arrangements. We naturally sat in the best position in the VIP area.

When Tiffany’s was first launched in Southeast Asia in 1974, several talented singers and dancers imitated Broadway musicals in the United States, perfectly imitating the singing and elegant movements of Hollywood movie star Marilyn Monroe. Today, there are 90 actors here who can imitate the classic jokes of various countries to pay the audience.

To borrow a sentence from his performance brochure: “The one hour twenty minute family show is a breaktaking stage extra travaganza that will set your feet tapping and your heart racing and when the final curtain comes down, beginning for more.” After watching the performance, I really felt this way: Is there anything else? After the performance, come out and take a photo with the actors. For every 40 Thai baht (less than 10 yuan RMB), you can take a photo with an actor. If you want 100 Thai baht, you can take a photo with someone else’s rubber gadget. Traditionally, you have to prepare small change for tips, because you will not be given change. But the transvestites here will not take advantage of you. You don’t have any change, it’s okay-you can hear that your transvestite sister is greeting you: I can give you change, I have it!

The above three pictures are provided by Tiffany’s

The transvestite performance is indeed a must see program for traveling to Thailand. Of course, let’s put down some ethical issues here. As the brochure of Tiffany’s Show says: “Treat yourself to a mind blowing experience of unique, exotic glamour, the most beautiful showgirls and handsome boys in Thailand, extra costumes and stunning sets. An overall picture of beauty and taste. Tiffany’s has it all.” So go and see it by yourself!

After watching the transvestite performance, we will go to see Pattaya’s * *. Nowadays, all major cities have pedestrian streets, and Pattaya, Thailand’s second largest tourist city, is no exception. The difference is that the pedestrian street here is genuine * *. As mentioned earlier, Thailand is a country where sex trade is open. Speaking of which, I couldn’t help thinking of Thailand’s national motto: nationality, religion, king. Speaking of nationalities, Thailand is a multi-ethnic country. King, portraits of the king can be seen everywhere, not to mention. Even in * *, I don’t forget to write “Long Live the King”. The towering minarets and temples also reflect their religious side, but religion and life are divorced here.

The * * here, or you say sex workers or women who have fallen in love, are openly peddling themselves on various occasions, acting in small groups or alone, all soliciting their own businesses. The “pearl” here will wave to you from time to time, and once you are interested in one of them, or if you look at it for a short time, you will encounter electric eyes or provocations. If you like it, you can come forward to bargain. If you don’t like to talk and leave, the girl will blink at you and thank you for your patronage. They don’t seem to be afraid of your lens either, and they may also pose in front of your lens. I’m sorry, but it’s us tourists.

Since it is * *, it is not only the “women who have fallen in love”, but also the young men who have fallen in love are soliciting their own businesses here. It is said that the Thai government also conducts regular free inspections for these people who engage in flesh and blood business.

Pattaya’s nightlife is not only a transvestite performance or * *, but also the cultural characteristics of a country or a region behind the transvestite and * *. On the one hand, people deeply believed in Buddhism can say that everyone is devout, while on the other hand, it is a country characterized by pornography. Although Thailand does not explicitly stipulate the legality of the sex industry, the government acquiesces in the industry to promote the development of tourism and has formulated a free medical examination system for employees to control the spread of diseases. This is the progress of a country’s rulers, or……

In any case, if you arrive in Pattaya without watching the transvestite performance or walking in the pedestrian street after nightfall, then you certainly do not see Pattaya’s characteristics. Perhaps we disdain to understand this characteristic, but “the function of tourism is to restrict imagination with reality. “If you don’t use reality to restrain your imagination, then the role of your Pattaya tour is another matter.

The Third Impression of Thailand–Initial Impression of Pullman Hotel

When we got off the plane, we took a van to Bangkok and collapsed in Pullman Hotel, which is located in downtown Bangkok. When we got off, we saw its open facade. The doorman had already welcomed us to help carry the luggage. Peter had already heard on the bus that when the doorman helped carry the luggage, he had to pay 20 tips.

There is a unique cave in the hotel. It is completely decorated with large glass. The whole hall is bright. At the same time, it uses white orchids as partitions in a unique way, making the hall form independent spaces one by one. The first floor gives me a simple and atmospheric feeling. When we entered the hall, the staff had already delivered cups of thirst-quenching juice, which tasted sweet. There is another scenery in the bar waiting for the hotel manager. There are musical instruments playing in the front table and many foreign wines are displayed in the middle. As you can imagine, when night falls, this should be a good place to drink some wine, listen to music and relax yourself.

When we leave the bar and walk into the guest room, you can feel that the privacy is guaranteed here. When we get on the elevator, you have to plug in your room card to press the floor before you can enter your room.

After visiting the double rooms of this hotel, As well as single rooms, I am most impressed by the fact that this hotel pays great attention to details. It will create some romance and surprises for you inadvertently. When you walk into the edge of the bathtub, you will find a fresh bird of paradise standing in the corner. When you are taking a bath, this bird of paradise will accompany you and make you feel warm when enjoying alone.

When you put on a comfortable pajamas, you can sit at the small table and enjoy the freshest fruits, or you can sit at the desk and write down your travel story, where you will have the happiness of returning home.

When we stayed in this hotel, I had the big bed alone. The soft bed made me dream at once. When the alarm clock rang, the warm bed did not want to let me get up.

In the evening, we came to the restaurant, which has various kinds of delicious food. I want to give it a try if the color lures me.

I’m a detail-minded person, However, this hotel pays great attention to details. It will leave some flowers at the corner. You can often find different decorations in this hotel. When passing through the hall, beautiful fish will accompany you one by one, and the green color in the courtyard will also make you shine at the moment. It is a hotel worth staying in and you will enjoy warmth and romance.

The remnants of the Kuomintang army in northern Thailand

There is a small village called mesler in Chiang Rai Prefecture in northern Thailand. There are villagers who speak pure Chinese and Mandarin. They keep the traditional culture and customs of the Chinese nation. They are the remnants of the 93rd division of the Kuomintang in Yunnan and their descendants.

Kuomintang 93 division residence

This is a group photo with the guards. It can be seen clearly on the couplet in front of the gate that: every year I feel sad, I have no home and no home. Now, the remnants of the 93rd division and their descendants have laid down their weapons. Some of them have acquired Thai nationality and can live and work in the city. Those who do not have Thai nationality can only live in this small village. The “national army” brother who took photos with me has not acquired Thai nationality. He and his relatives still live here. He stands guard here and works as a part-time commentator. He takes tourists to the exhibition and the village where they live. His relatives make some handicrafts and sell them to tourists. Life is full of hardships. His ancestral home is from Shandong. He explained and showed us the whole process of tour. His tone is full of bitterness and his eyes are confused. Imagine a person who has no nationality. Can he have a firm look?

This is the ammunition depot of the 93rd division. The weapons are still quite advanced. It can be seen that the combat effectiveness at that time was quite strong. No wonder that the Thai army could not be killed for many years and could only rely on deception and security measures. How to deal with these historical problems? There is nothing wrong with their descendants. They must also be Chinese. We listen to their stories with compassion and national sentiment. They should not live a life without nationality. It seems that they can only hope for the day of reunification of the motherland!

The Nearest Place to Heaven ~ Travel Notes of Sumi Island

At the end of March 2008, I went to Koh Samui for a vacation and took more than 1K pp. This is a more beautiful place than Pattaya on Phuket Island.

Sumi Island, located in the Gulf of Thailand, consists of 80 tropical islands and is Thailand’s third largest island. In the past 10 years, it has developed from an unknown island to a well-known resort on the Thai border. One of the main reasons is that it is pure and natural. Sumi Island was originally a royal holiday beach and was opened to the public in 2002. It claims to be the closest place to heaven. Sumi Island has many beaches in Shanghai, with clear water and white sand everywhere. The scenery is charming. The busiest and longest beaches are Chawen Lamai, which are located in the eastern part of the island. Chawen Beach stretches for 6 kilometers. This crescent-shaped beach environment is very beautiful and is also the place with the largest number of hotels and various entertainment facilities on the island. Lamai Beach is located to the south of Chawen and has many recreational facilities. You can dive, dive, canoe and sail to sea on Sumi Island.

At present, there is only free travel in China. The scenery is super beautiful and the feeling is super cool. The space relationship can only post some photos, and the text is as detailed as possible, hoping to be helpful to the friends who want to go.

Day 1 (Beijing-Bangkok-Sumi):

Thai Airlines will fly to Bangkok at 8: 30. Gate 6 of Terminal 3 will enter the building. Thai Airlines check in in Area E. Cosmetics including toothpaste must be checked in. Flight TG675, Airbus 300, asked the check-in lady for a window seat (A, K by the window). Beijing-Bangkok round trip: 4,880 yuan. Thai Airlines elder sister, the service is quite good, always asking: Tea or coffee? Some more coffee? An entry card and a departure card were issued and filled in in English.

The two little dolls, not from the same family, came to know each other.

Landing at 13 o’clock Bangkok time, take car ferry to the terminal and follow the signs to the immigration office. The office received the entry card, nailed the departure card to the passport and picked up the luggage. At Tourist Police opposite Gate 3 on the 2nd floor, enter the door and borrow a SIM card for free from the desk on the left. Come out and turn right at Family Make to buy 90 prepaid cards of this TureMore card and ask the salesperson to charge them. To the 4th floor domestic departure, check in, check-security check-waiting.

Boeing717-200. While waiting for the airport, I made a phone call to my home with my newly borrowed card. More than an hour later, I can see the Golden Buddha Temple and Thousand-Handed Guanyin below.

Sumi Airport is open, like a thatched hut in the countryside, with primitive beauty. Hua car ferry took passengers to the arrival hall to pick up their luggage. The scheduled resort Arayaburi Resort is located in ChoengMon Beach, Samrong Bay/Chunmeng Beach, north of Sumei, 5km from the airport and 7km from Chaweng. General double room reservation quotation 55 US dollars. No deposit was received. Our rooms are not seview house, but very quiet. The room covers an area of 41 square meters and has 24Hr hot water bath shower/water heater/hair dryer/tea set/TV/air conditioner/telephone/refrigerator/safe/electric mosquito-repellent incense/wardrobe. There are two bottles of free water every day, but I still like to drink my own tea or free Nestle coffee on the table.

Change into a short suit and make boiling water. Go out first. Not far behind our cottage, a swimming pool suddenly appeared by the sea. Two rows of reclining chairs, sunshades and a blue water beside the swimming pool make people want to jump in immediately. The shape of the pool is also very lovely.

The next day (renting a motorcycle to go shopping):

At 9 o’clock, I went to the restaurant for breakfast, eating western food buffet and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the beach below. The weather is fine and the scenery is beautiful. Foreigners came out to bask in the sun very early.

I rented an automatic motorcycle at the door, 200B (B is Thai baht, read “ba”, at that time 1 ¥ = 4.45 B), added 50B of oil, and the person who added the oil said it was not enough and 50B was needed. I didn’t listen to her, but later it was proved that I didn’t add it right. At first, I’m not used to walking on the left. Drive slowly, up to 40 miles.

Pass the Golden Buddha Temple Wat Plai Laem and go in and have a look. The small temple is surrounded by water and has a good scenery.

Chavin Beach

Go on, go to Chaweng Beach and have a look at Chawn Beach. The sand is quite white, not as fine as Lamai Beach’s Lamai Beach, and the water is not as good as Arayaburi’s. Take a few PP photos. I accidentally took a topless picture of a beautiful girl.

On the way, I asked N people and found the Tesco Lotus Lotus Supermarket mentioned on the Internet. NIVEA SPF50 + + + had sold out of sunscreen, so I had to sell a 160B of unknown brand. I also bought two green awns 16B, which the local people like to eat, and a bag of bread slices for snorkeling to feed the fish tomorrow. There is an MK Thai hot pot at the gate of Lotus. I went in and asked for a seafood platter 353B and a vegetable platter 114B. Iced tea is free of charge. The shrimp dumplings on the left side of the plate are good. Inside are shrimps one by one. Shrimp is very fresh, and the laver roll is also full of shrimp.

Puya Temple

Come out and go north to Wat PhraYai, a 12-meter-high Buddha for Meditation, on Ko Fan, Fangdao, northeast of Borphut Beach, Pope Beach.

The Giant Buddha is a good place to photograph the sunset. It’s still early to get here. Buy a coconut to quench thirst, watch the monks chant sutras for a while, and take some silhouettes for LP. The sun is about to set and the water gradually changes from golden yellow to red.

Someone in the water is carrying a bucket and does not know how to make what. It is called returning from sunset. We went back after filming. Return the car, change bathing suits, swim, eat mangoes and sleep.

Day 3 (Koh Tao/Nangyuan Island snorkeling):

Tao Island, 1800B/person, including brunch and other expenses, booked the day before. There is a car picking up in front of Lobby at 8 o’clock in the morning. After breakfast at the dock, the speedboat set out from BoPhut Pier, Pope dock. There were 35 tourists, almost all Westerners, with freezers, free Coke, Sprite and mineral water on board. An hour and a half later, the ship arrived at Nanyuan Island. The sea is so clear that the coral reefs at the bottom can be clearly seen. The sea is dark blue in the distance. A white fine sand beach connects the three islets together, and the blue-green sea water looks like paint in a color palette.

Each person has a set of snorkeling gear-face mirror and breathing tube to dive in a repulse bay covered with white sand. I didn’t teach snorkeling methods. Fortunately, I did my homework a few days ago and watched “snorkeling techniques”. Foreign MM are quite daring. They don’t wear life jackets, and I don’t wear them either because the water is not deep. White sand, clear water and blue sky make people intoxicated.

After lunch, take a boat to Lemon Bey, Lemon Beach, snorkeling. The water here is relatively deep, 7 or 8 meters. There are many fish, but it is difficult to catch them. The fins have pricked my hands.

I have to go back and look at the scenery of Tao Island. One word: beauty! Back to Sumui at 4:30, there is a car to the hotel. After taking a bath, go to a small couple restaurant not far away: chicken fried rice 70B, salad rice noodles 60B, mango shake40B, Chang brand beer 40B.

Day 4 (Car Rental Tour around the Island):

I rented an automatic Honda CITY in Lobby the night before, 1200B/day. Don’t look at the driver’s license or deposit, only remember the room number. After breakfast, pick up the car at Lobby. Take a look at the map route, circle the place you want to go, and it will take 4, 50KM to make a turn. Because of the experience of riding a motorcycle the day before yesterday, I soon became familiar with the right rudder and the left. There were picturesque landscapes all the way.

There is also a quiet resort village, seview house, looking out of the window, the scenery is pleasant.

Come to Lamai Beach, Lamai Beach, which is quiet, sandy and fine. There is a legend that a Thai mainland girl fell in love with a young man on Sumi Island. The girl’s grandparents came to attend the wedding. The boat capsized and died, turning into rocks to witness the girl’s marriage. This is the famous grandfather and grandmother stone HinTa/HinYai. Nature’s uncanny workmanship has created this appearance of a Gong Shi (back) and a Po Shi (front).

I ate and drank at a seafood restaurant called Big John Seafood, which is said to be quite good. I drove north along Highway 4169 to Hin Lad Falls, where I turned right at the intersection with Highway 4172, and rode Elephant Trekking. This was another elephant and tourist following me. When the elephant disobeys, the elephant driver uses a slingshot to crash the elephant.

Then go straight to Chaweng nightlife. Elephant riding is in Natun Nathon on the west side of the island, while Chaweng is on the east side of the island. 500B of oil was added on the road (actually 400B was enough), and it was dark at Chawen. Seafood restaurants are everywhere.

It is said that Haagen-Dazs here is much cheaper than that in China. He is just tired and has a rest. A little girl across the street who came to eat Haagen-Dazs with Grandpa looked like a doll (originally a doll).

I went shopping and bought Nivea’s SPF50 sunscreen 265B at SaverMart. Then I watched the Caberet Show at Star Club. The transvestite show did not require tickets, but only ordered a drink, but the drink was twice as expensive as outside. After reading it, it was more than 11 o’clock, and I took several photos with the transvestite. Each person received a 20B tip. It was over 12 o’clock when I came back. On the way to ask the way, I met a young man who could speak Chinese. He taught himself Chinese for 4 years and had never been to China.

The fifth day (hotel leisure in the morning and shopping in Chawen in the afternoon):

Wake up naturally. After eating free breakfast, I returned my car keys, changed my swimsuit and put on sunscreen, took my cup to the seaside to blow the sea breeze, and lay under the coconut tree to wonder if the coconut would fall and hit me. The tree was full of piles of coconut. I wonder if I can eat it. Su Mei is also called Coconut Island. Tens of thousands of residents on the island mainly rely on coconut cultivation and now travel.

Foreigners are not afraid of the sun, we just hide in the shade of trees. Wearing traditional swimsuits in China is like a monster there, so only silhouettes are taken.

A little girl wore braids like Xinjiang girls. There are several small shops on Chavin Street that specialize in braiding. This girl probably combed it there.

Chawan Street

In the afternoon, I went out to Chawen Street to buy a pair of sandals (mine is broken) 300B, and I bought a banana coconut chocolate 35B at the Indian cake stall outside Starbucks.

Back to the hotel, I sat on the couch at the door and ate fruit. I bought mango and snakeskin fruit in the free market yesterday when I rented a car to travel around the island, both of which were 50B/kg. At that time, I didn’t know snakeskin fruit. Seeing that its skin and core are like litchi, sweet and sour, I called it Thai litchi.

Antong National Marine Park

Day 6 (Angthong National Marine Park):

Angthong’s one-day tour booked at Looby yesterday was 1700B/person, including two meals and everything else, pick-up and drop-off. Depart at 7:00 to MaeNam Pier, Meinan Pier, and have breakfast on the Pier. 8: 10 Departure leaves the dock. It takes about an hour to sail, which is closer than Tao Island. This Speed Boat is smaller than the one to Tao Island, with a total of 14 tourists. A young Russian couple sat in the stern. The speedboat left white waves on the sea.

To Anton Ocean Park, which is made up of several small islands. First, I went to Koh Wao Island for snorkeling. The water was quite deep and was 5 or 6 meters. Visibility was good and the bottom could be seen. The waves were not big. Jump directly from the ship. There were many fish. I held the bread in my hand and the fish pecked at it. My last piece of bread was snatched away by a big gray fish one foot long. I didn’t pay attention. I was afraid it would bite me, so I let go.

Tourists take photos on board and listen to the tour guide’s explanation.

On the island, after visiting the small lake on the top of the mountain called Talay Nai, I went to Sleeping Cow Island for lunch. The scenery here is more beautiful. After eating, sit on the grass for a while or lie on the grass and look up at the tall coconut trees.

In the afternoon, I rowed a double boat Kayaking. Put on sunscreen, put on life jacket, put on glasses and mineral water, and start out. I can’t bring my camera, so I don’t have any photos. Kayaking came back to move freely. There were volleyball nets and balls on the beach. We played for a while to see if LP’s posture was quite professional.

I can’t bear to leave this beautiful island.

Go to the hotel at 4 o’clock, wash and rinse, and then walk around the seaside. Then go to the mom-and-pop shop to eat Thai rice, traditional chicken rice noodles + winter yin gong + steamed rice + lemon shake + XingHa beer, totaling 235B. Look at the sunset glow again. Arayaburi is also very beautiful in the evening.

Day 7 (Hotel Leisure):

On the last day in Sumi, I plan to stay at the seaside for one day. Naturally wake up and eat breakfast, eat more, and have Seafood early in the afternoon. Then go back to the house to change swimsuits, put on sunscreen, take the cold water from the refrigerator, and let’s go to bask in the sun.

Move a reclining chair and lie in the shade of a tree. LP went to Rome a few days ago and put on a bikini as the Romans did. It was pleasant! From time to time, I will swim in the sea. It takes 500B/10 minutes to ride a motorboat, which is similar to Nandaihe and more expensive than Chawengui (500B/15 minutes). LP always thinks I am too fast and urges me to go back before the time.

Thai Massage, let’s also have one. Finger massage is 400B/1 hour, which is more expensive than Chawen. But it’s quite comfortable.

After the massage, go back to the house to take a bath and then eat in a restaurant like a greenhouse. I asked for the famous Pineapple Rice 165B and Dong Yin Gong Tang Tom Yam Ghong 165B. The rice was very good, with a lot of seafood in it, and the soup was much better than that of mom-and-pop shops. The soup was full of shrimps.

Tiger Prawns(Pan-fried Tamarind Sauce) 475B。

Fish with Lemon & Garlic Sauce 345B, pour your own garlic juice and squeeze a little lemon juice on the fish.

After eating, it is getting dark. Go to the seaside and take another look at the sea of Sumei. Our plane may be passing through the sky tomorrow morning. Go back to the room and call the front desk to tell you to check out at 4: 15 tomorrow morning. I ate all the fruits I bought before going to bed and drank all the beer I bought at 7-11 yesterday.

Day 8 (Bangkok):

Check out before dawn. There is a car to send it to Sumi Airport in more than ten minutes. The earliest flight PG100 to Bangkok takes off at 6: 00. When the young lady asked if she would transfer to Bangkok to leave the country immediately, I told her that she would not leave until tomorrow, so I pasted the luggage pick-up slip in Bangkok on the travel itinerary. Sumi Airport is a private airport. If there is an exit fee for direct exit, my Bangkok-Beijing air ticket includes all the fees. There is free breakfast at the airport, coffee, drinks and Internet access are free, while eating, waiting for boarding. This Bangkok Airlines plane is not as good as the Boeing717 when it arrived. It is an AT7 propeller plane.

The plane had another breakfast and ate too much. Landing at the garden-like Bangkok airport in 1 hour and 15 minutes. After picking up the luggage, go to Tourist Police to return the SIM card, and then go to Left Baggage not far from it to check the luggage 100B/day/piece. Go downstairs to gate 8 on the first floor, buy a ticket 150B, take the Airport Express Airport Bus AE2 to SanamLuang Sanan Rouen (RoyalGrounds Palace Square) and get off. It is not too far south to the Grand Palace. On the way, there was a Thai who was very talkative. He asked where he came from, said it was cold in beijing and hot here… Finally, he asked if he would go to what Temple. He knew this trick online and ran directly to Grand Palace. The grand palace is still very imposing.

Fare 250B includes Jade Buddha Temple Wat Phra Kaew. Can rent a voice tour guide, 200B/2 hours. There are many Chinese tourists in Bangkok. The Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple are also very famous and resplendent. They are places that tourists must go. If there are many photos on the Internet, they will not post them much.

This is a monk from the Jade Buddha Temple:

There are many greenhouses in the Palace Square opposite the Grand Palace, and many monks, some of whom are shaving their heads in the street.

The overseas Chinese newspaper De Shan Tang is distributing meals and ice water is also distributed free of charge. Might be delicious? The line is quite long.

Taxis are all crowns. You should choose those with the overhead light marked TAXI-METER. Otherwise, you will not type the watch. You will start at 35B/2KM and will not change every 440.2 meters B in the future. There is also a kind of TukTuk Taxi, similar to the motorcycle in Beijing, which is more expensive than the taxi and costs exorbitant prices. It is not recommended to take it. There are many buses to the commercial center on Rajdamnoen Street, which is parallel to the south of the famous umbrella road Khaosan Rd. It is very cheap, so I decided to take a bus around. There are 15, 47, 79, 532 routes to MBK and Siam Square; There are 15, 79 routes to Siam Paragon; 2,79,511 to Central World Plaza; There is no. 15 to Patpong Papon Night Market. There is no name of the station along the line on the stop sign. You can only ask the conductor where to get off. Small public or Mercedes. We take Route 79 to SiamSquare with a fare of 14B. The conductor does not understand English but can understand the station name.

I bought two clothes in SiamCenter, which are not expensive. Livis and Lee’s jeans are half cheaper than those in China. Siam Paragon Shopping Mall is quite large, and underwear such as Walker, Diane Finn, Morgan and Elle are more than half cheaper than those in China. Central is connected to two other major shopping malls. It is ZEN to the south and Isetan to the north. Shanghai is called Isetan. Opposite Isetan is Big C, who sells dried mangoes in durian pond in the supermarket on the second floor. These shopping malls have the sign of “Tourist VAT Refund” and can refund tax at the airport, but they need to buy 2000B in the same one and buy 5000B in total. They need to fill in the tax refund form at the shopping malls, stamp and inspect the goods at the VAT tax refund office before going to the airport for boarding passes, check in and refund 7% at the tax refund counter after leaving the country for inspection, with a handling fee of 100 baht.

BigC goes out and turns right to the interchange. There is an airport bus AE3 at the gate of Family Market opposite the road. It takes more than an hour to get to the airport 100B/person without taking the high speed. After arriving at the airport, return the SIM card to Tourist Police on the second floor, and then pay the check-in fee to Left Bagage to pick up the luggage. Then go to the International Departure on the fourth floor, find the check-in counter of TG674 as Area F and the terminal as C1A according to the digital display board, check in in Area F to change the boarding pass and check in the luggage, queue up for the immigration office to leave the country, go through security check and go to duty-free shops for shopping. There is a dragon river in the hall of duty-free shops. It seems that dragons are not unique to China.

I bought a bunch of L ‘Or é al and Clinique cosmetics. There are Olay, Lancome, etc., most of which are about half cheaper than those in China. L ‘Or é al Facial Cleanser 95B; Day Cream + Eye Cream + Night Cream 1470B; Whitening and Moisturizing Day Cream 250B; L ‘Or é al Mascara 2 + Eyebrow Pencil 630B; Two-step promotion-Super Concentrated Firmer Gel + Anti-wrinkle Cream 465B; 4 pieces of anti-wrinkle and skin tightening cloth mask 700B; Clinique Moisturizing Mask 6 pieces with 1700B; Clinique 3-Step Skin Care-Facial Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer 770B. Duty-free shops are too large and scattered to finish in three hours. It’s time to board the plane before you finish shopping. The flight at 0.35 Bangkok time also delivered a supper at 3: 30 in the middle of the night. I really can’t get used to it. Beijing time 6:10 landing. Pick up your luggage and take the airport bus home. I have experienced a lot in these 8 days, and I think it is quite a long time. The overall feeling is that it is too valuable.

“Thailand” Looking at Big Cities

Looking at the big city from afar

Leaving Bangkok, about 80 kilometers north, the hustle and bustle of Bangkok seemed to be still in my ears. In the vague dream like wine, I saw the mysterious and long-awaited Ayutthaya. In my mind, Louis XIV’s envoy suddenly sounded the description of Ayutthaya: “Although the temple is the only abrupt carving in the seamless heaven and earth, I have never seen anything more beautiful than this.”

This is the old capital of the Ayutthaya dynasty before the Bangkok dynasty, which now rules Thailand, and has a history of more than 600 years. However, we have another name for “Ayutthaya”-Dacheng. Today’s big city is almost a city made up of ruins. The broken walls and scattered rubble hidden in the green hills and waters slowly brought me back to that distant era.

In the ruins of the big city, there are records of more than 600 years of history, more than 600 years of war and more than 600 years of civilization, as well as the tragic years when the ancient capital of Thailand was captured by the Burmese army more than 600 years ago when people left their homes and were displaced from place to place. What remains, in addition to the ruins, is the cinerary tower, as if the people of that year built this magnificent city just to have a place to store ashes in the future.

Looking at the big city from afar, my eyes are full of contiguous brown and black. The brown one is the pagoda and the black one is the Buddha. In those days, the magnificent ancient palace had long disappeared, leaving only a few half-brown and half-black columns still standing there tenaciously. Time is speechless, the big city is speechless. Only the pagodas looted by the war are telling people, and only the incomplete Buddha statues are remembering the glorious history.

The Great City was built in 1351 and became the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai in the middle of the 15th century. At that time, the big city of Buddha Pagoda was like a forest and the palace was resplendent and magnificent. It was one of the richest cities in Asia and once enjoyed the reputation of paradise on earth. At that time, the big city had many rivers, many bridges and developed shipping, and once became a trade center in Asia. Businessmen come here to trade not only from China, Java, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Japan, but also many Europeans.

Slowly walked into the big city and wandered among the ruins. The incomplete beauty left over from the ancient city seems to make people live in Angkor on the Khmer land. An abandoned pagoda, pigeons made nests on it and circled back and forth. Also, several lazy dogs are taking a nap. In the big city ruins garden in the center of the city, the weeds are luxuriant and the white flowers are in full bloom, which is very desolate. The collapsed palace tells of suffering. The broken wall remains constant, revealing the vicissitudes of life. To this, I only have a sigh.

I was shocked by the corroded, stained and incomplete pagoda. What shocked me even more was a mutilated Buddha. It is said that when the Burmese army captured the big city in 1767, it brutally cut off his head. However, after many years of spring, summer, autumn, winter and severe cold and heat, the Buddha statue has not fallen down or weathered, and has remained tenaciously.

I saw a Buddha’s head wrapped by a tree root, which was still lifelike whether it was stormy or thunderous. The broken Buddha head was wrapped around the fibrous roots of the ancient tree, as if tightly embraced by the tree. The Buddha’s face smiled slightly and his expression was restrained and mysterious. Faced with such a situation, I think whether it is a natural coincidence or a mysterious Buddhist fate, it is difficult not to sigh at the miracle created by time, but also to be awed by nature.

I saw a huge bergamot lying quietly on the ground. I also saw some things with very beautiful curves that people could not understand at the moment as what’s things. I think, maybe it is some part of the Buddha. These remnants of the bombed Buddha statues and the wonders of the ruins have now been listed by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization and assessed as a first-class historic reserve.

There is a 16-meter-high Buddha in the temple of Pushishanpei in the big city. It is said that the surface was once covered with 250 kilograms of gold foil. At that time, all the pagodas in the big city were inlaid with gold foil. It took too much time to pry them down one by one. The Burmese army simply burned the city with fire. The pagodas were skewed, the Buddha statues were incomplete, and the gold foil melted and fell automatically. Of course, the Temple of Pu Ris Shanpei and the Buddha will not escape the destruction.

Pu Ris Shanpei Temple was the largest and most important temple at that time and was once used as a royal temple. There are also three remaining Sifo Pagodas built in the 15th century, which contain the ashes of three kings respectively. Their carving lines and architectural techniques are the highest representatives of the art of the big city.

The second only to the Shanpei Temple in Pu Ris is the Mahatai Temple. The main pagoda with Khmer style was built in the early days of the imperial dynasty to worship Buddha relics. Unfortunately, after the ravages of war, the foundation of the pagoda, the stucco brick walls, and the Buddha statues without their heads all made the viewers sigh. The shocking head of the Buddha entangled by tree roots is in a corner of the temple.

Rajiabrana Temple was established in 1424 and has been handed down to this day. It has quite high historical value. In 1957, it became famous because a large number of gold jewelry and precious cultural relics were found in the basement there. In addition to a pagoda, there is a temple, Nian Xing Gallery, etc. Among them, the arch-shaped temple crypt is the oldest in Thailand at present.

Palan Temple was built in 1369 by the son of the founder of the great city and destroyed in the 15th century. The main building body of Palan Temple is a commensurate round tower located on a terraced platform. Up to now, the tower still has stucco decorations for walking and standing Buddha, while the connected cloisters include snakes, golden-winged birds and Buddha statues. It can be imagined how glittering and resplendent the dome pagoda was in those days.

Bronze Buddhist Temple, which contains Thailand’s largest bronze Buddha statue. The 17-meter-high sitting Buddha moved here in 1603. The temple was also destroyed during the Burmese army invasion and is now rebuilt by Rama V. Bronze Buddha is not only a unique Buddhist artwork, but also makes the temple where the Giant Buddha is placed full of infinite energy.

Napramen Temple is located to the north of the moat, facing the palace. It is one of the few temples in the big city that have not been ravaged by war. There are Thai buildings with a very long history in the temple, especially the Buddha statues, which are different from other temples, are all dressed in magnificent royal costumes, and another Buddha statue is carved out of black wood.

Chavatanalan Temple is far away from the central scenic spot and was ordered to be built by the Thai king in the 16th century in memory of his mother. The tallest pagoda in the center and the pagoda at the four corners of the temple are all Khmer-style, just like the small Angkor Wat. Legend has it that the king built them to commemorate the defeat of the Khmer army.

Before coming to the big city from Bangkok, you will see a tall pagoda from a distance, which is the location of Yacha Mengkong Temple. Yacha Mengkong Temple was built in 1357. It was built by the creator of the Great City Dynasty. Its architecture is exquisite and its temple is magnificent. It can be said to be the oldest building in the Great City.

Panan Qiongan Temple is located in the south of the Great City and existed before the Great City was built. The main Buddha statue in the temple was built in 1325 and was poured with cement. The huge 19-meter-high Buddha statue shows the Buddha’s conquest of demons and is deeply admired by local residents. There is also a Sanbao Palace nearby, which was built by later generations in memory of Zheng He.

In 1956, the Buddha statues in the Temple of Shanpei in Pu Ris were finally restored, and other relics were restored one after another. However, in addition to the renovation of key historical sites, most of them still maintain the original appearance of the ruins of that year. The ruins of the big city still maintain the grand momentum of an ancient dynasty and the poignant beauty of a historical tragedy.

The setting sun is setting, the brown brick ruins are like a red picture, and the towering ancient three towers are like burning torches straight into the sky, reminiscent of the wreaking havoc of the invaders. In this way, the devastated big city will remain in the world, and may remain in this way forever. Just like our Yuanmingyuan in China, perhaps the broken limb is the helpless destination?

Dacheng, like Yuanmingyuan, is a long-sounding alarm bell, keeping the accusation of war all the time. Not far from the ruins of the palace is an open ruins grassland, in which lies a 28-meter-long reclining Buddha. Her palace may have been destroyed in the catastrophe of that year. I don’t know that there have been what Palace and what Hall in such a wide open space? In the face of the Buddha statue, I can only pray with both hands and devoutly-I pray for peace, pray for eternal peace!

In the mist of the sunset, a pigeon stands leisurely on the pagoda. In the big city, time seems to have stagnated at the moment when the Khmer set fire to it. Countless ruins and walls are silent, countless broken bricks and tiles are silent, countless weeds and towers are silent, countless old trees and dead branches are silent, and only a few stray dogs flash out occasionally. Yes, now we can only trace the past from the ruins of these historic sites and travel through time and space to imagine the prosperity of that year. . .

(Some sources are Baidu)

Away from the hustle and bustle of Grande Island

After breakfast on March 1, leave your luggage at the front desk of the Sea Sand Sun Hotel and get in our station wagon and head for Grant Island.

Grant Island is a small coral reef about 10 kilometers away from Pattaya Beach (according to its official website, the island is 4 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide, with nearly 1,000 residents on the island). It may be rarely threatened by seawater pollution and the environment is especially good: the island is surprisingly clean, the seawater is blue and clear to the bottom, and the beach is white and bright and delicate. It is said that Grant Island is still a well-preserved virgin land. I don’t know how much wealth has been created for Thailand by such a beautiful natural environment. Now this world environment is a potential wealth and a resource for sustainable development. Of course, I also hope that this virgin land that has not been reclaimed will always maintain its unique purity and beauty.

I have never been to famous beaches, but there is absolutely no sight of Long Island beaches in New York, no atmosphere of Boston beaches, and even less the so-called “beaches” littered with stones in Genoa. However, this beach, which is only about 10 meters wide, is naturally and delicately arranged, giving people another feeling of forgetting the noise and troubles.

I don’t know if this beach is really too beautiful, we can’t bear to trample on it. Or is the scenery too charming for us to disturb. Our entire team seems to have not walked 15 meters since stepping off the speedboat except myself. When I was wandering alone on the beach, which was sometimes immersed in the sea water, I suddenly found that only Chinese that I could understand was playing on this quiet beach, sometimes mixed with some Korean, while those Europeans and Americans were quietly or silently enjoying the world. Perhaps this is the difference between travel!

For a short hour, we didn’t even have a chance to calm down and enjoy a while. When we got on the speedboat and left, we thought to ourselves: if time permits, we can lie on the couch on the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky, or we can arrange some water activities (such as towing umbrellas, water skiing, diving, water motorcycles and exciting banana boats, etc.) to regain our childlike innocence and play with water freely. On this golden beach in Pattaya, enjoy the leisure artistic conception of sunshine, blue sky and blue sea, and then you will completely forget the hustle and bustle of the city!

Cicero said, “The world is a book, not to get enough from travel, but to get rest for the soul.” Spend some time on Grant Island, not only to see the beautiful scenery, but also to give the soul a full rest, why not?

Walk alone in Thailand and be free-hotel strategy + bill

* Aircraft * Shanghai-Bangkok Eastern Airlines MU54721:40-00:55 Including Tax 967 Bangkok-Phuket Airlines FD302510:50-12:15 Including Tax 321 Phuket-Bangkok Asian Airlines FD303221: 00-22:20 Including Tax 321 Bangkok-Shanghai Eastern Airlines MU54216:50-21:50 Including Tax 967 Total: 2576RMB* Accommodation * All converted into RMB, due to personal cleanliness problems, the rooms with independent bathrooms were also selected. -Bangkok-New World City Hotel 2 Samsen Rd., Banglamphu, Ban Pranthom, Pranakorn Stay Two Nights 370 Leave Kaoshan Road for 10 Minutes, Air Conditioning Is Good, Very Quiet, Send WELCOME DRINKAGODA Link:… rld_city_hotel. HtmlConventient ResortNo.9-11 Soi Ladkrabang 38, Airport Suvarnabhumi/Bang Na Tel: 02-327-4118-21 Stay One Night 152 There is a free shuttle bus, Remember between Gate 3 and Gate 4 on the 2nd Floor, etc. Speak clearly when booking. 10 minutes to the hotel, there is no elevator, but there will be a younger brother to help carry luggage, the room is clean and quiet, there is MORNING CALL. It is recommended to change planes in Bangkok. AGODA Link: Island-Oriental Inn 209/10. Rat U Thid 200 Rd, Patong Beach Tel: 0066 (0) 76293225 Mobile: 0066 (0) 899953909 (24 hours) Stay for two nights 300. The location is excellent. It takes 5 minutes to walk to PATONG BEACH, close to Seafood Street, next to 711 and let’s Relax, and 10 minutes to the shopping center. The room is dirty and poor, there is no front desk, and the wife of shop-owner has a bad attitude, unless she can’t speak English at all, it is not recommended. Official website address: Html–PP Island–Ivory Phi Phi Hotel 194/1 Moo 7, Phi Phi Don Village stayed for one night 210 clean, cheap, enthusiastic at the front desk, PP Island is very small, so it doesn’t matter its geographical location, and it is similar in TONGSAI BAY. The air conditioner blows directly against the bed. When it is turned on, it will freeze to death but not heat to death. The sound insulation effect is extremely poor. It is not recommended for those with poor physical quality. Official website address: Total 1032RMB* Transportation *–Shanghai–180 RMB–Bangkok–Airport shuttle: 300B Airport shuttle: SA CITY LINE: 30BBTS: 50B Taxi: 80B Ship: 13B–PP–Round-trip ticket: 600B Long Tail Ship: 300B Total: 180 + 370 (1693B) = 550 RMB* Eat * Bangkok: 1403B Phuket: 1264BPP: 330B Total: 2997B = 656RMB* Play * Bangkok: 490B Phuket: 730B Total: 1220B = 267RMB* Shopping * Shanghai: 130RMB Bangkok

Eat drink man woman of Thailand… so hungry

The master said, “men and women eat and drink. The court also advocated: “food, sex, sex!” From the north and south of the world 5 food men and women holding the “food sex also” for the purpose, will reach out to every corner of Thailand, hehe.. Renowned

Day 1: start foraging in padang street, O (studying studying) O ~ morning just step into phuket, hungry, randomly into * * a restaurant.. After looking at the menu, I felt I had chosen the wrong restaurant, but I was tired, hungry and thirsty. I share this with S BABY 2 packages (490 baht, price is not cheap oh), looks good, but taste is general, feeling is not enough that the tea garden in guangzhou (eat Thai food and the food) tunnel oh

My friends simply ordered a Fried phnom penh rice noodles (150 baht) and it was OK, they said

In the evening, we decided to have a super Thai seafood meal at our Patong Premier Resort, which is the front of the food stall. Su MM said it was the best meal of the whole trip (250 baht per person, with only one pineapple meal left, half fish, half Fried rice). This one is all male class, see their appearance looks like to come from Nepal, the boss here compares certain profiteers absolute is an honest person, praise a. In phuket, the boss will basically speak a few words of Chinese, and all can bargain, but the successful bargain don’t be happy! Seafood is cheap for you, others will secretly increase your price, or short weight, or the wrong plate, seriously, even exaggerate, you will be speechless after serving. (here to fight a profiteer, then too angry, forget to write down the name of the food stall. The boss of the nepalese brother’s stall on the left speaks fluent Chinese, with large Chinese characters hanging from the stall. The dishonest dealer is on the left hand side of the food stall with Chinese characters on it! Boss is a male a female, that female full mouth smile face, smile hidden knife, you say expensive with her, typical answer sends you fruit bowl. Still say others don’t send, give you. Profiteer logo: boss a male a female, love to send you fruit bowl. Hoisin sauce, yummy

Look how happy S BABY is eating.

After that, we moved to Tiger Bar to carry out the night charm to the end

The lead singer knew we were Chinese and sang a song for us, thanks so much! Each of us ordered Fruit shakes, only S BABY ordered cocktail, and she was a little bit tipsy.

You can see a lot of FRUIT SHAKE shops on PP island

Unfortunately, due to the group, can not enjoy the food, they left in a hurry…

Day 3: flip PATONG ate two days Thai food, need new taste, eat Japanese food in Thailand, O (studying studying) O ~ go to the local famous FUJI restaurant (350 baht per person), い ら っ し ゃ い ま せ, welcome view ~ ha ha, really sorry, forget to take pictures delicacies, is swept and empty, a mess, dereliction of duty dereliction of duty

Conclusion, it’s worth trying, but don’t be as crazy as we are, after that, ha ha night, chose a restaurant with a lot of ghost guy gathering, the original restaurant is cheaper than the food stall, remember, it’s more cost-effective to go to the restaurant ~ try it in one go, coconut sauce, red curry, green curry…


Conclusion: not too big feeling, do not know whether Thai curry taste on the same? This fish, personally, tastes terrible. the sauce is also super hot, 5A hot hot

Thai food

Mango — great! Big tree pineapple — awesome! Pass the traffic light and rainbow area

Night, all-pervasive stimulation of our visual nerve… After the human flesh market, back to the normal night market… See seafood again, see seafood again —

coming to Zebra Bar..

I ordered ginger ale, S BABY Cocktail, and both men ordered beer and Cocktail~ worth recommending S BABY’s MAGAITA (100 baht), which features a rim of salt at the top, salty and sweet, perfect for ladies ~1.5 Oz tequila 3/4 Oz cranberry 3/4 QZ lemon juice shake the rim with salt

He says it’s only available in this part of southeast Asia because you need very fresh herbs to make it. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the official name of this cocktail.

Everyone is drunk I wake up alone…

Day 4: head to emperor island and coral island for a group lunch

Although there are few choices, the fruit and vegetables are also quite good, and the Tom Tom kung taste is quite good. In the evening, I ate an unknown fish (350 baht), as if I had seen snorkeling before

Very big, half steamed, half baked, oh oh D5: sleep to wake up naturally, noon to find a small shop, eat a fan soup ~ (forget to take photos, ha ha) continue to go foraging ing… Eyeing a fruit cart…

Sweet mango eat more, try the local sour mango, the specialty is to add sugar + spicy powder, taste sour, spicy, sweet — good! There are guava, there is a processed sweet guava, you can try oh! The afternoon sun is fierce, looking for a place to hide and eat. Caught up in the AD… Ice cream.

Thai tea with milk

And to the evening oh ~ continue to look for snacks in.. Finally found the legendary mango glutinous rice ~

Discover the special Thai snacks

S BABY look so intoxicated oh..

Must-eat Thai coconut ice cream — awesome!!

Light coconut flavor, sweet ice cream, crunchy peanut kernel, soft coconut meat… Yummy ~(after all!!)/~ evening taste extends to the SIAM MALL… On the negative floor of Siam mall is the world of FOOD. There are many people waiting in line at a jipan house. We also join in the fun.

The degree of curry hot have to choose, ha ha, not bad oh oh ~

Day 7: to ayutthaya to try the Thai seafood dry wet Fried river noodles first to a seafood dry Fried river noodles.

She ate the Thai ice cream bar, which is often eaten by the local people. There are many kinds of ice cream bars

Day 8: the Food Market at Central World has a variety of options, as well as Thai steamed buns and coriander cakes, as well as authentic Thai drinks (with green vermicilli in them) that I still don’t know the name of after drinking for many times.) Fast food tastes good, too

Ha ha, just kidding ~~8 days of travel there are so many delicious food to remember… Diet men and women will continue to adhere to the spirit of “food and sex”, carry forward the essence of Confucius, mencius, and kuzi.