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Thai Beauty Chiang Mai-Different Cities, Same Beauty

If Bangkok is a prosperous city, then Chiang Mai is a quiet town. If Bangkok is a fashionable girl, enchanting and beautiful, then Chiang Mai is a girl next door, kind and gentle. I like Bangkok perhaps because there are too many relatives here and I like Chiang Mai just like it very simply. I like it because it is a city that has no blood relationship with me, but it is just like it for no reason. I like its antiquity, its leisure, its temples, its tranquility, its air, its sunshine, its taste, its everything… Different cities have the same beauty and difference. But the city of the same like

Pattaya’s Travels

Take the ship Princess Orient

The pattaya princess of the east is far from the coast and needs to go by boat. Looking at Pattaya’s sea night view in the sea under the dim light of night,

The Princess of the Orient

Pattaya, with its rich and colorful life, is indeed a city that never sleeps, Large areas of neon lights are shining at the junction of Tianshui. The drunk tourists on board stepped into the explosive disco floor, waving their arms and twisting their bodies to their heart’s content, Dozens of “demon” waiters with gorgeous clothes, breast augmentation and buttocks enlargement, graceful and graceful appearance, clear and white skin and beautiful flowers shuttled back and forth in the crowd, holding tips from tourists in their hands. 5 yuan RMB could take photos with them in various postures and touch their feet from head to foot. The only thing that could not be changed was that they were still men’s voices. . The transvestite performance watched was indeed very different from the feeling in the theater. The whole atmosphere was well driven by them. The whole audience danced and enjoyed themselves. This is true year after year, month after month, night after night, forgetting the etiquette and communism of various schools of thought. There should be no melancholy here to flaunt the “freedom” of capitalism. No wonder tour guides ask tourists to forget their status in the country, with colorful lights and colors. Everyone followed the explosive music and carnival together, hoping to stir up the primitive madness of human beings. Demons like men, like to hit men’s heads with their chests, like men to put their hands on their chests… The feeling is to tell everyone that they are more perfect than women. Several young boys in our regiment were kissed and touched by the transvestites. They did not know who was taking advantage of whom.^_^

Take the ship Princess Orient

This was written before: I was deeply touched by this visit to THAILAND. I don ‘t know how to describe that mood in what’ s word, I also don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s the first time to feel the politics of other countries, Maybe it’s too long and heavy work to go out to play. Before boarding the plane last night, we were on the Kwai River cruise ship 4 hours away from BANGKOK, one by one, with dinner on board, Chinese karaoke specially prepared for Chinese tourists, & amp; The explosive DISCO M, The decoration on the ship is very ordinary, but everyone can accommodate the atmosphere very well. We sang and danced. Take photos and chat. at night, I saw the lights on the boats of other teams on the river, It’s all very lively, Hearing his teammates singing old songs, The sound of the river is returning home. I am very depressed and lost. After landing on the shore, we will go directly to the airport to return home. A few days of vacation is just over. I just started to know a little about it, and I had to leave when I wanted to touch it closely. Next time I have the chance, I will definitely take part in the free man. I am very tired and dizzy when I get home this morning. I am sleepy first. There are a lot of things in my head and I have a full schedule. I only think of what saying what ~ It is said that the life span of transvestites is very short. At most, they are over 40 years old and old. The night scene is miserable. They have no children on their knees and are alone. Looking at them who are trying their best to squander their youth, I feel a little pity and admiration. Make such a big determination to change your life and use your life to write the most frivolous beauty in your life. More charming than charming, more enchanting than enchanting, more coquettish than coquettish, only the most perfect combination of men and women can create such a stunner. The night in Pattaya is getting deeper, but the prosperity of the city that never sleeps is twinkling mysteriously and unfathomably in the lights, which has just begun to begin. In Pattaya, every night and every moment is performing the glitz and extravagance of the world. Business hours are PM7: 00 ~ AM7: 00, the city that never sleeps ~ men should come!

In the middle of the above picture, you can see tall European and American elders and skinny Thai sisters everywhere in Pattaya. The most fashionable rented wife here is gay on the left. White people also like skinny Thai boys. Before I started taking photos, they were holding hands. On the right were normal Chinese couples and our group friends.

In short, foreign handsome men should never go to the island with a group to relax. Naturally, it is time to take a vacation. The business hours here are from 7 pm to 7.8 am. No matter whether you are walking in the streets and alleys here in the middle of the night or in what, you can see that under the neon lights of red and purple, rows of women in sexy clothes and posing are sitting on the bar counter, soliciting foreigners. He/she has become accustomed to it and is laughing. The environment makes people beaches and the sex industry are the reasons why Pattaya is famous. There are black Thai sisters, There are blondes dancing in the window. There is a demon demon with a figure of 80. It is popular to rent a wife here, especially western foreigners like the kind of black and thin Thai younger sister. They usually come here for at least one month to rent a wife, that is, a companion and a tour guide. The longer the rent, the cheaper the price. Therefore, Thai ladies are very good at English.

And those men from all over the world, there is no sneaky, blatant, openly, swaggering. In these places, there are very few people who come out from the east to shake. They are all afraid of AIDS. they will not be eager to try casually. However, who in my heart can hardly guarantee that the sexy MM who can perform on the stage can still sit still? If so, it must be gay… Speaking of this problem. The tour guide told me in the car that there are 4 famous streets here: Pedestrian Street (Show Us) * * Women’s Street Men’s Street Other Streets I asked him not to tell me, Probably afraid that we might go out to play at night and get out of what. But I just want to be free, Even if we lived on the mountain, I took three girls to the city to bargain with the master. I took them to find their way, In one night, I have basically learned about the streets and alleys here. I am studying maps every day. Every walk is facing the English names on the streets and maps. Although English is not very good, There is still no problem here. Besides, women are safe here. What foreigners like is that Miss Tai Mei likes men, so even if we four girls walk on the street at 2 o’clock in the morning, I rush to say that women are safer than men. The two girls want to see the men’s street. I asked the bar waiter MAN STREET, but people all said they didn’t know. As a result, when we were wandering around at night, we saw the famous street that we had seen on the Internet before, and there was no lack of what we called “pornographic” places-a fork in the road and turned to boy’s town. I didn’t want to see it. so everyone rejected it. Because it’s only for visitors, isn’t it good to play? No, I don’t have the courage. It is said that this is a place for gay men to enter and leave. (Of course, women are not rejected) Thailand is a Buddhist country, but its freedom is very high, where the sex industry is a kind of business. All relevant performances and transactions are legal and only a monetary act, but it is one of the characteristics. On the way to Pattaya, tour guides will charge more than 1K for watching SHOW. Although it is a little expensive, it is impossible not to go, You can’t drive without going to the driver. As for the performance, it’s amazing. What has seen all of it this time. It’s more exaggerated than imagined and not gorgeous as imagined. It’s just like the small ballroom in the early 1990s. but it’s still quite comedy. And the content…Let’s not talk about this, Anyway, you have to hand in your cell phone before you go in, Camera, etc. If you want to know, go in person (Chinese tour guide told us, When she led a team to Thailand for the first time after graduation, her colleagues told her that she would no longer be a little girl after coming back from this trip.) In short, it is a man’s favorite. It is really a pity that a man does not go for life. Next time, I will definitely come by myself. Anyway, this time it is a thorough investigation, and I can be a tour guide for everyone in the future.

The 6th Day of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai’s Seven-Day Tour-Two People Meet

On the morning of the sixth day, I got up early and went climbing the mountain. It was still dark outside, but people were already coming to the morning market under the New Life Hotel. At first, the mountain was somewhat steep and took a lot of effort. I made a mistake at the beginning. During the 4KM journey, I had to climb 700 steps to see the road behind the White Tower. But I didn’t see the White Pagoda, so I came back from another road. It was nearly 6 o’clock when I came back, and I was wondering if I would like to take another hike. Later, I decided to go and see the White Pagoda and the scenery over there. The 700 steps are not long, but there are also some distances. When I reached the end, I looked at the stars and lights surrounded by the mountains from afar. When the wind blew, I felt that what’s troubles and worries could also be eliminated under the shadow of the newborn sunshine. On the top of the mountain, I met a couple who came to Bangkok for vacation. Looking at the world in such sunshine is how’s romance. The journey around the White Pagoda is steeper, but the scenery in the mountains is more windy. During the stop-and-go hike, the Bangkok couple drove up and gave me a ride. In the sea of people, we are in a hurry, but we met at a certain point. This is the so-called fate. After breakfast, I went riding with a Dutch girl. I always thought that the horses were tall and powerful, but when the horses came, I was happy: because they were really mini. A local man drove the two horses and set off. On the way, you can see Aka, Lahu and Chinese villages. Later, I heard that many mountain tribes do not have Thai nationality, so they cannot leave the tribe. The trip took about 4 hours (500 baht), and it was similar on foot. It was already over 12 o’clock when I returned to the hotel. The boss said that he had already helped us contact the bus down the mountain and left at 1: 30. Xinsheng Hotel provides food, which is more to the appetite of the Chinese people. When I went down the mountain, I met the first person, a young man from Taiwan. When chatting, he said that he graduated from the graduate school this year and came to Mesler on a graduation trip to find a story. Mesler’s story is a small spray under the long river of history and a small story that has been neglected. However, what ordinary people care about is these as tiny stories as themselves. In the torrent of time, we are doomed to be unable to leave our shadow. He said that ordinary Taiwanese have a concept in their hearts: if they become independent, the mainland will attack. I definitely told him that I would fight if Taiwan dared to declare independence. He also said that the relationship between Taiwan and Japan is not bad, and many young Taiwanese like to travel to Japan. Some old people may hate the Japanese, but most young people do not, because young people do not understand that period of history. Will history be forgotten like this? Taiwanese are more tolerant of the Ah Bian scandal, especially in Tainan. Today, some Taiwanese are aborigines, some are native Taiwanese like Ah Bian, and some are mainlanders who followed the Kuomintang in the past. But now many have merged. Ah Bian has always been regarded as a flag-like figure of the people of this province. Because he is not like Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang, he has really grown up step by step from civilians. Through his own struggle from a poor family, he became a famous lawyer and Taiwan’s top leader, so his body reposes the dream of success of the native people. Taiwanese can see the power of dreams in the original him, which is why green camp always makes an issue of provincial nationality when campaigning, and why he still has so many supporters even if there are cheating cases. Moreover, Taiwan did not dare to declare independence, even when Ah Bian was there. Because if a real war breaks out, no one can bear such consequences. He also said that he also wanted to travel to the mainland because there were so many scenery. I said that many young people in mainland China also want to travel to Taiwan. Only understanding can lead to dialogue. There are so many misunderstandings between us because we don’t know each other’s real life. The second person I met was a young Thai tour guide. I just graduated this year. I used to work in Chiang Mai and now I am in Chiang Rai. Her father is Chinese, her mother is Thai, and she has a twin sister. Because her grandparents didn’t like girls, she and her mother stayed in Thailand and her father and sister returned to China. She was only over one year old when she separated from her father and sister and had never seen her father before. But from the photos left by my mother, I saw my father. Now I sometimes contact my sister through the Internet. Now the mother remarries and the stepfather takes a boy, her brother. Her brother is now working in Bangkok. They dare not get married because they do not have enough money to support their parents. She also said that she would like to save some money to visit her biological father in China and also want to marry a Chinese. It was she who told me that the “Changjing Village” projects in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai tour groups are actually in one area. There are many long necks in that area, and many foreigners want to see them. Some also call them “human soul”. She said she also knew four reasons for the “long neck”, but many tour guides did not know. Her story is really like a story. The two people I met during the trip, as well as the couple in front of me, gave me a feeling of “not one step earlier or one step later, I happened to meet”. The pleasure of traveling is generally the same.

Thai Fun (2)–Buddha and Demon

2008-02-09 Ayutthaya

The Burmese burned down the imperial city 600 years ago, and the prosperity of the Ayutaya dynasty fell. The broken red brick wall reflected the gray twilight, and the sunset was askew on the pagoda, a desolation that could not be said. We walked carefully in the meantime. The Burmese not only ransacked the imperial city, but also cut off the Buddha head in WAT MAHATHAT. However, this unforgivable evil deed has made Ayutthaya’s unique “tree embracing Buddha”-in those days, the Buddha’s head tumbled under the Bodhi tree and was tightly entangled by the root of the tree. More than a hundred years later, this magical scenery was formed. The Thai people’s reverence for Buddhism and Buddhism makes people respect it. Under the Bodhi tree, I knelt quietly in front of the Buddha and felt very calm. Although I can’t understand the desolation after Ayutaya’s downfall, I can see from Buddha’s face the calm and calm ability to detach myself from pain and sorrow. I don’t understand Buddha; However, I suspect that such a spirit is undoubtedly strong and vigorous. It can transcend all material forces, influence evil, protect the good and give the living endless strength. This is faith. In Myanmar, there is the Buddhist city of Ganpu, a holy place that claims to have 4,000 pagodas. Judging from the documentary, the golden light spread on thousands of pagodas in the morning, and the scene was very magnificent. However, they are also Buddhist countries in Southeast Asia, and they are neighbors to each other. Why do you take the head of another country and destroy the Buddhist temple of another country when respecting gods and praising Buddhas in this country? Is it true that if one crosses the national border, Buddha will not be my Buddha and all will enter into different numbers? I don’t understand. If there is only such a mind, Buddha is not Buddha either. In any case, one day we must search for Gampu, Myanmar. It is also because of this thirst for concrete cognition that we walk again and again. 2008-02-11 The name of Simon Show on Phuket Island has long been heard. Seeing it with one’s own eyes, it is true that their Lady boy is called a beautiful girl! Don’t talk nonsense, let’s get on the photos first.

Looking at Lady Boy’s enchanting eyes and provocative posture, I can’t help but wonder: Why are there these goblin-like wonderful creatures in this Buddhist country? What we can see is the flashy costumes in front of those people. Who knows the distorted life behind them? When watching the performance, I felt pity for them. However, this pity vanished at the moment when they forced the guests to charge for photos and looked up with a fake smile and bowed their heads to count the money. Perhaps they have become accustomed to the curious and lecherous eyes of the guests and to hugging the hand holding the bank notes. Perhaps their hearts no longer have human feelings-neither men nor women, why talk about marriage? Or from the day when I was sensible, I knew that life was no longer in my own hands and it was useless to regret. Therefore, I’d better take it easy. Therefore, they, who have experienced great joy and sorrow, are perhaps the group that can pick up and put down and see through the world of mortals. I always feel that compared with the ordinary life of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss all day long and being mediocre and plain, they are really simple in mind and have nothing to fear. If these poor monsters convert to Buddhism, they may be the most devout believers.

Travel to Thailand

Finally, I finished my ten-day tour to Thailand… when I celebrate the new year, I will slowly say hey hey, sorry! Originally, I said that I had written travel notes after the end of the year. Where do I know that after the year, I was encouraged to be inert. Now I am not in the mood to write them. Ha ha! ! If you have any questions, ask me directly. I know I will tell you, ha ha, forgive me!

Free Travel in Thailand (Preface): Travel on the Wings of AirAsia

The first flight trip in my life was Asian Airlines. AirAsia is like my first love in flight.

AirAsia is a real cheap airline. Unlike some so-called cheap airlines in China, air tickets seem to be cheap, and taxes and fees are not cheap. I like it and thank it for its sincerity and kindness.

When boarding Flight FD531 at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, it was already dark. Through the large glass window, under the light, I saw its red fuselage, giving people a jubilant feeling. The Thai female flight attendant, dressed in a red uniform, looked like a bride at a Chinese wedding banquet and greeted everyone cheerfully at the cabin door. Of course, people are very beautiful. Like other Thai women I saw later, they are dignified and beautiful. Her smile made people less uneasy. She was wearing hairpins, while the other two stewardesses were shawl waves. In addition, there are male flight attendants on AirAsia.

The space in the cabin is a little narrower than expected. A Thai female passenger sat down beside me. I was very happy and asked her for the Thai pronunciation I learned.

I have never been on a plane before. I was frightened by the American blockbuster “Snake Disaster in the Air” and then by Malaysia Airlines MH370 air crash, so that when the plane took off, I thought of unlucky things.

It is no wonder that he flew off the ground for the first time and left the world. The surroundings were dark, only the city lights at the foot were bright. When the plane climbed, the lights went out, the cabin was dark, and clouds wrapped the wings outside the window. The plane climbed and descended. The feeling of weightlessness is like stepping on a deep valley. God bless me to escape this “robbery”. In order to save this life, I will never fly again!

This kind of overreaction is a bit like a woman giving birth to a child at home. When giving birth, I couldn’t stand the pain and vowed never to give birth again. After several years, I looked at the lovely face of the child and thought of another one. At that time, I had forgotten all my vows.

At the end of the climb, the cabin lights came on. I breathed a sigh of relief and everyone returned to normal.

I couldn’t help being interested in the job of flight attendants. Is it dangerous to work in the air? Of course not, if so, becoming a stewardess has not become a high-risk occupation? In modern society, aircraft’s superb manufacturing technology, radar technology and satellite navigation are all guarantees of flight safety.

Information on AirAsia:

AirAsia Airline is Malaysia’s low-cost airline, the first low-cost airline in Asia and Malaysia’s second international airline. Its parent company is AirAsia Berhad. Asian Airlines was established in 2001 with 192 domestic and international routes covering more than 20 countries. On November 22, 2004, AirAsia successfully issued shares on Malaysia’s Malaysia Stock Exchange and became a listed company. AirAsia has been committed to bringing low-cost flights to new heights, making the belief that “everyone can fly now” a reality, and has won the title of “the world’s best low-cost aviation” for six consecutive years.

In April 2005, Asian Airlines was allowed to open the Bangkok-Xiamen route, becoming the first foreign low-cost airline to enter the mainland aviation market.

On March 23, 2006, AirAsia adopted the world’s first new low-cost airline terminal (LCCT), which is specially operated by a low-cost airline.

In 2009, AirAsia was named “the world’s best low-cost aviation” by SkyTrax, and won this honor for 6 consecutive years from 2006 to 2014.

In just over a decade, AirAsia has grown from its initial 2 planes to more than 160. The vast and frequent shipping network covers the Asia-Pacific region and some countries in the Middle East and Australia.

As of January 2014, Asian Airlines Group has carried more than 210 million passengers, providing employment opportunities for 11,500 employees worldwide.

Business philosophy

The slogan of Asian Airlines AirAsia is “Everyone can fly now” and its “cheap” concept aims to make air tickets affordable to everyone. AirAsia is also committed to making travel simpler, more convenient and more interesting.


AirAsia’s operation is based on the following strategies: low cost and no unnecessary services.

AirAsia’s costs are extremely low compared with those of other airlines. Many passengers do not need on-board meals, frequent flyers reward mileage or airport leisure. AirAsia’s aviation services are specifically aimed at this group and do not provide unnecessary services, saving up to 80% of the cost compared with peers.

AirAsia does not provide free drinks and meals. Passengers can choose to buy food and drinks on the plane through the “fast food” service.

High frequency frequency

AirAsia’s efficient service ensures more convenience for passengers. Shorten the return time of flights. Aircraft utilization is more efficient, the cost is lower, and the route and service personnel are more efficient.

Convenience for passengers

AirAsia can make the journey easier and the ticket price lower by providing convenient services.

Safety First

AirAsia’s concept of “optimal cost” is premised on flight safety. The fleet is fully compliant with international aviation safety standards and is managed by Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Department.

Cost optimization

AirAsia is committed to maximizing profits and providing high quality and low price services. Through faster return time, improving the utilization rate of aircraft and the efficiency of service personnel, providing only necessary services, using the same type of aircraft to save training costs, etc., cost optimization is realized.

Bright White Temple in Chiang Lai-Ghost of Black House

Bright White Temple in Chiang Lai-Ghost of Black House

The heart drifts with dreams-say go and travel.

In the ancient city of Chiang Mai, I reported a group to go to the White Temple and Black House in Chiang Rai. Because renting a motorcycle can only take one person, while we are three people, so we are relieved with the group. A person 700 Taizhu (140 yuan RMB) is in charge of a lunch, and the price is also cut down. Tell them the hotel address and the station wagon will pick you up directly at the hotel the next morning.

Starting at 7: 00 a.m. on February 5, it is about 3 hours’ drive from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. Drive for more than an hour to visit a hot spring first. The small car in the figure below is our station wagon.

I saw two hot spring eyes in this place, and the others were all houses selling souvenirs. They are all newly built and not very old. There was no forced consumption, the tour guide only told everyone to move freely after returning to the bus.

In fact, the water from the hot spring passes through the cement tank, and no one cares how long you soak it. Figure below



In fact, these eggs are cooked in advance and sold by a small seller of 20 Thai pearls and a small blue. Thailand’s consumption is really inexpensive.

The following figure shows the elder sister selling eggs.

Continue to set out and turn off the road in about an hour. Everyone saw the White Temple at once. First, let’s talk about my first feeling when I saw the White Temple. Vision is strongly impacted. When I saw such a silver-clad, glittering and translucent temple like a palace, I felt beautiful! Look at the following photo I took, does it feel too beautiful? I didn’t say photography.

Look at a closer photo


Briefly talk about the White Temple, and then look at the photos I took. The White Temple was designed and built by CharlermchaiKositpipat, a well-known Thai artist (he is a painter). The exterior of this modern Buddhist temple is decorated with fragments of mirrors, reflecting dazzling silver light in the sun. Most temples in Thailand are resplendent and glittering. The White Temple is unique and unique for its pure white.

It has been 19 years since the White Temple, but it has never charged tourists a penny. Don’t say to continue construction in 19 years, that is, the cost of maintenance and sanitation is a big expense. It can be seen that Mr. Chalinchai is not a person that can be described by big local tyrants.

This has long been charged in our China. In our China, a beach or a natural stone can be used to encircle the cash register!

Keep looking at the photos. The following picture shows the bridge entering the White Temple.

Beside the bridge are sculptures of many hands, representing people who go to hell. This should be the explanation. Figure below


The following image is saying: You drop, have sin drop, can’t enter drop.

The following figure seems to be saying: OK, let’s be merciful and you drop into hell.

Have you heard Taiwanese singer Zheng Zhihua’s “Sailor”? There is a sentence in it: “Saying insincere words and wearing a mask of hypocrisy”. The reality of society is like lyrics. Many people say heaven is beautiful. But when you go to pay New Year’s greetings to those who say heaven is beautiful, if you really say: I wish anyone a happy New Year and the whole family to go to heaven, the best place as soon as possible. I think you will be beaten. What do you mean by saying that it is very beautiful and you don’t want to go?

My real idea is: the last place I want to go is a beautiful paradise that many people say! My favorite thing is money that many people regard as dirt! I know I am a poor smoker.

No more gossip. Before entering the main hall, the following figure

Photographs are not allowed in the main hall. In fact, there is a huge Buddha mural hand-painted by Khositphiphat. There were also painters on the scene who continued to process the auxiliary paintings beside the murals. No photos, so there are no photos.

The following picture shows coming out of another door.





The following figure shows a part of the corridor in the courtyard.



The lawn in front of the toilet in the following figure

The following picture of White Temple taken from another angle after coming out,


After dinner, continue to set off for the dark room. Turn off the highway in about an hour. Enter an alley. I saw the black house. There are no tickets and no charges here. Figure below


The exterior of this black house is built of teak. They are all in black and dark brown tone. The tour guide told us that the house was painted with colored oil instead of black paint. There are many specimens of animals in the house. There is no entrance guard and you can enter or leave at will. It’s where he keeps his antiques. It is also his private museum.

Follow my camera. The following figure shows the main house.

The following figure enters the main hall of the black house.


The following figure shows the statue of the black owner in the main hall.

Below is the building in the courtyard behind the main hall.

Next to these buildings is a thatched shed building with several rooms. Figure below

There are complete elephant bones, air-dried snake specimens, a large number of cow skulls and shells, and it is said that some items are even cultural relics collected for thousands of years. These collectibles are not simply placed, but are recreated and re-expressed with the eyes and techniques of artists’ creation. Figure below

Of course, there are also a large number of killing tools used by human beings. Figure below


Another one was taken by the writer of this article beside the black house. Travel is very casual, so wear slippers.

Thank you for enjoying your travel notes. You can also add my WeChat: Ceska4938 if you like to travel. Have a chance to start together. I have traveled to 18 countries, and my wish is to travel around the world for a week as long as I don’t die! !

Please correct me if there are typos and sick sentences, and I will revise them. Thank you


From: Christchurch NZ

“Thailand” Pattaya, No Transvestite

The bus from Bangkok to Pattaya was at 2: 00 p.m., which was quite punctual. It started at 2: 10 p.m. and arrived at Pattaya at 4: 30 p.m. On the way, because the driver said that the car seemed to have what problems, he made a special trip to the company and made a turn. After watching the driver toss and turn, he left again without any result, which was delayed for more than half an hour. Fortunately, in Thailand, there are only two Chinese in the car. If it is a tour group, will there be another uproar?

On the long-distance bus, the whole person relaxed. In the previous stage, it was absolutely appropriate to describe it as “cultural journey”. Apart from the taboos in wearing clothes, kneeling really made my knees purple. Every temple has such a big aura and every visitor is so devout. In such an environment, you can’t do it without kneeling. After leaving Bangkok, the trip behind was purely leisure.

Pattaya long-distance bus station is still some distance from the city. You must take a taxi from the station to the city. The taxi at the station did not dispatch what. It seemed that there was a common hidden rule between the drivers. We saw the first car telling the driver that he was going to what Hotel, and he immediately let us get on another car. The price is negotiated with the driver. A person 80B is completely different from that on Sumi Island and Phuket Island. Perhaps Sumi Island and Phuket Island have improved on the basis of Pattaya.

The car was full in a short time.

Pattaya’s Tuk-Tuk is different from Bangkok’s. It is larger than Bangkok’s, with two rows of seats facing each other. There are two steel frames at the rear of the car for luggage. When there is no luggage, people stand. Although the seats are not very comfortable, everyone can accept them very peacefully. Perhaps everyone thinks that this is a typical Thailand. If not, it would not be Thailand. Perhaps at home, passengers and drivers quarreled. The most comfortable thing to feel when I go to Thailand is that my ears are clean, especially when we travel freely. There are no complaints from the Chinese and the noise of calling friends who have not played.

We were the last passengers to get off the bus. This bus was really nice. It really took us to the gate of the hotel. After completing the formalities and entering the room, I was shocked. I thought the conditions were very ordinary, but I didn’t think it was really good. The bed was very delicate and emotional. Even the floor of the toilet was beautifully mosaic. This is the hotel with the lowest accommodation cost in Thailand. It is very close to the beach. Opposite it is Hyatt, a five-star hotel, or Pattaya, a hot tourist city. It is really a bit overjoyed.

Since we only planned to stay in Pattaya for one night, we put down our luggage and immediately left the door. At that time, it was considered that although Pattaya was a tourist attraction, there must be a large number of people, and we were not interested in its special transvestite performance, so we only arranged for one day.

This is my third visit to Pattaya. I feel good about myself and am duty-bound to be a guide. When I arrived at the beach, I found that it was not the same as before. The streets and environment were so strange. After I took the map and asked people, I realized that I had never been to the place where I was now.

Pattaya is a city with several beaches open to the public alone. I lived in different places when I came here the first two times, but this time I really arrived in downtown Pattaya, so I felt completely unable to find the north.

Chinese New Year greetings.

At high tide, the beach in this section is very narrow.

It was less than six o’clock and the stall was closed.

When I arrived in Pattaya, I began to feel on vacation. Without history and culture to see, I began to pay attention to the people around me. We found that there are many such matches on Pattaya’s seaside. There must be a young Thai woman beside a very old Western man, and those Thai women are really not good-looking. It is estimated that such matching is temporary. Later, it was very common to come to Sumi Island and Phuket Island.

A little alarmist, think Thai girls are very poor. Not all what people can accompany foreigners either. They must be girls who are very good at English. Is that why they study English hard? Too bad. My husband is different from what I think. He thinks foreigners are quite compensated. These Thai beauties look uncomfortable.

Hilton Hotel is quite unique. We decided to follow the escalator to take a panoramic view of Pattaya Beach.

There is a show in the front square of Hilton Hotel. A closer look shows Chinese martial arts.

If you don’t become a four-sided Buddha in Bangkok, you can replace it here. These are two cartoons at the gate of Pattaya Police Station, which are quite humane.

I found this open-air barbecue stall on the north side of Hilton Hotel. I was overjoyed at the price. There were at least 12 roasted shrimps on a plate of 200B. 150B of roasted fish weighing 2 kg and 150B of roasted pork ribs with at least 6 ribs; Dongyang Gongtang 120B, Thai Cold Cuisine 80B. The barbecue here tastes very good and the price is also cheap. There are a lot of people, but we still have to wait.

After dinner, we went to the beach again. There are few people on the beach, the tide has receded, and the beach is much wider. Walking barefoot on the beach, the sea breeze blows across my face, which is very pleasant. This is a little man made up of Thai boys. It was already midnight, and the streets of Pattaya were still busy and bustling. This is the charm of tourist resorts.

[Thailand] New Year’s Eve in Bangkok’s Chinatown

I was looking forward to taking a boat trip to the Chao Phraya River at night, but I was moved by the suggestion of Chinese-American Thai in the Lucky Buddha Temple in the morning. Twelve years of New Year’s Eve were spent in Angkor’s night market. Last year’s New Year’s Eve was spent in Chiwang, Nepal, and never in a foreign Chinatown. Therefore, we decided to go to Bangkok’s Chinatown to see the excitement.

After returning to the hotel from the Grand Palace and the Sleeping Buddha Temple, I rested until 6: 30 p.m. And ate a bowl of Thai rice noodles at a roadside stall. This Thai rice flour is different from the Thai soup flour and fried flour that I used to eat. It uses hot hairtail balls and beef juice to pour directly on the cold rice flour. Diners can accompany the pickled cabbage and fresh vegetables prepared on the table according to their own preferences. The taste is especially good. There are cowpeas in fresh vegetables. It is my first time to eat cowpeas raw. It is very delicious. There are mint leaves, and I don’t know the others.

Speaking of this street snack, I would also like to praise the Thai people. No one worries about food safety in seemingly crude street food stalls, including tour operators. It is so hot in Thailand that I don’t know that they rely on what to keep them fresh. The quality of the ingredients is even more impossible to say. The fish balls are real and taste really good. The price is especially reasonable, 40B. After eating something at the bottom, we took a TU-TU car to Chinatown and agreed on a price of 200B.

Bangkok’s Chinatown is really not small, with several streets. It was really lively. Businessmen put stalls and tables and chairs on the street.

If I want to compare Kaoshan Road with Chinatown, I prefer Kaoshan Road, mainly because there are cars coming and going in Chinatown, which is especially inconvenient and always afraid of being hit. There is no such worry in Kaoshan Road. In the end, we returned to Kaoshan Road.

Soak in bars, do horses and kill chickens, another beautiful overseas New Year’s Eve.

Tomorrow, the World Cultural Heritage-Big City.

Back to Kaoshan Road.

The Sleeping Buddha Temple, the Temple of Thousand Pagodas in Thailand

Coming out of the Grand Palace, we immediately ran to the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

Walking along the high wall of the Grand Palace, completely exposed in the strong sunshine, the heat is very test of will.

The street separated from the high wall street is full of stalls along the border. In order to hide from the sun, it took a lot of effort to cross the traffic to the opposite side. Look at the stalls, which are multifarious and sell what. What seduces me most is Thai snacks. To be honest, what has not eaten anything except drinking water since I went out in the morning. Not to save money, mainly in the grand palace except for drinks, there is no food. Of course, our limited time is also a problem. After watching the Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace, it is almost 4 pm. If we eat something, we may not have time to have a good look at the Sleeping Buddha Temple. I had to endure it. My husband made a wish to invite me to a Thai meal in Chinatown at night.

If it is not a matter of time, it is also fun to visit these stalls.

Walking on the bare concrete floor, which was scorched by the scorching sun, the head was scorching sun, flanked by both directions, and it was impossible to become an iron man without wanting to become an iron man.

Finally came to the intersection of the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

When I was still in China, I saw a blog about the Sleeping Buddha Temple. Only from this did I know about the Sleeping Buddha Temple. It is said that the groups of domestic travel agencies usually do not go to the Sleeping Buddha Temple, but only to the Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace. At that time, what impressed me most was that the Sleeping Buddha Temple was a relatively old temple, covering a large area of more than 80,000 square meters. It has the largest reclining Buddha in the world. The reclining Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. Fritillaria is inlaid in eyes and toes. However, there is not much attention to it, which is still the temple with the largest number of pagodas in the world. Although there are more than 1,000 pagodas, because I just visited Tallinn of Shaolin Temple on the 11th of last year, I think the styles of Buddhism are similar, except for a larger number. But after seeing the Sleeping Buddha Temple, it was not only the huge Sleeping Buddha that made people stare, but also the delicacy and uniqueness of the countless pagodas completely overturned my impression. This is really different from Tallinn in Shaolin Temple, not of an order of magnitude. These towers make people feel no depression, only that they are all works of art.

The ticket for the Sleeping Buddha Temple is 100B B. Originally, I thought the Sleeping Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace were together, but in fact they were not.

There are many tourists in the Sleeping Buddha Temple. There is a regular program in the Sleeping Buddha Temple. Each tourist can take a alms bowl with small change and then put the coins in the alms bowl one by one into the copper alms bowl against the wall. It is said that after this process, there will be good luck. I am no exception, earnestly put the coins in the alms bowl one by one into the alms bowl. It was really pleasant to hear the crisp tinkling sound of coins in the alms bowl.

Speaking of which, I can’t help praising the Thais again. It is completely free for every visitor to take a alms bowl, and there is no so-called merit box in what. Such religion has an invisible appeal and makes people instinctively feel awe, much like temples in Tibet.

Coming out of the main hall of the Sleeping Buddha Temple, I began to visit the more than 1,000 towers. As soon as I saw the tower, I knew that the tower here was completely different from the tower in the Tallinn of Shaolin Temple. The surfaces of these towers are pasted with porcelain tiles in different shapes. Two words: beautiful!


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