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Month: April 2019

Thailand Today Campaign II

On July 12, a large-scale publicity campaign on Thailand Today was held in Bangkok, Thailand, bringing together 500 media from all over the world.

Traditional Thai dances were performed at the meeting.

Famous Thai singers sing songs.

A flute play.

Bangkok Kaoshan Road “Encounters” Spanish Mixed Thieves! The photo of the thief is now released!

It’s time to go to Thailand again. There’s no time to finish the previous 18 day diving trip in Thailand. I’ve stopped blogging for the time being, but I still want to post this very important article before I’m ready to leave to warn people who like to travel to Thailand in the future! We must help to publish the photo of the thief after reading it, so that the sisters who go to Bangkok in Thailand will survive! Met a thief @ Khao-San Road, Bangkok! Day16 (Preface: YQ is not my BF, and he will contract to travel in Bangkok, because the iron buddies who plan to travel with him are caught drunk driving in Shanghai, just the night before they buy the ticket and they are going to travel, they will be detained for 15 days… So he went from Shanghai to Bangkok in a dejected way for not wasting the ticket, with the anxiety of not speaking English. Just in time, I ended my diving trip in guidao from Sumei island to Bangkok on the same night as he arrived in Bangkok from Shanghai, so we discussed on the phone. We met at Kaoshan road the next morning after arriving.) In the morning, I was dragging my suitcase to meet my friend QY who was not far away. The Spanish thief came up to talk to me because I was in a hurry. He said he helped me to guide the way and said that it was his birthday party at night. I wanted to leave a phone to attend. I thought I would see my friend soon anyway. If I went, I would go to his party with my friend, so I left the electricity in a hurry Give it to him, and then I will meet up with my friend YQ from Tianjin who flies to Shanghai in 15 minutes. I ran into another brother XJ, a Beijing donkey friend, together with YQ. They bought tickets to go to the city the next day at Kaoshan road travel agency. Then they went to Bangkok’s largest shopping center for shopping together. Two brothers went for shopping together. I came back empty handed. After dinner, I came back to the hotel, and I knew that there was only one in my wallet There’s 800 baht in cash, thinking that I’ll go to the bank to get money later – at night, the three of us were invited by the thief’s phone together, and then he asked us to meet him at the door of McDonald’s on Kaoshan road and went to a bar in a remote alley nearby. On the way to the bar, the alley caught my attention. I pulled my old friend brother QY to stop and said, “don’t go. Why go to the bar so deep in the alley?”? Will it be robbed? Brother QY said: what are XJ and I afraid of? It should be OK. Later, I caught up with brother XJ, who was chatting with the thief in front of me in English, and said, “do we still want to go to such a remote place?”? Brother XJ said: I’m not afraid. This is the historic old bar alley mentioned by LP! When I got to the bar, I saw more than 10 other ghost tourists drinking there, and my heart began to let go…. when I got to the bar and sat down, I found that the thief’s so-called birthday party was actually drinking cheap beer, waiting to come and wait, the thief said that other friends who would come to the party would arrive very late, so he In fact, only three of us participated in the birthday party! (I didn’t know he was a thief at that time) (in fact, I was still muttering in my heart, but my two big men said: what are you afraid of if we protect you Day17 three of us (I, brother YQ and brother XJ) traveled to Bangkok city together. When we had to pay for drinks for lunch, we found that my wallet was only 100 baht. At this time, we knew that the Spanish chef who drank with us last night was actually a thief, and the bank cards in my wallet were all scattered… It was not my usual place

Photographs of Spanish thieves on Kao Shan Road are now released. Attached are two photos of the thieves.

If a single woman is accosted on Kaoshan Road in Bangkok, don’t believe it. Ha ha, I was stolen 700 Thai baht myself! (Fortunately, my wallet was only 800 pigs at that time), and I was preparing to withdraw money the next day… fortunately, I didn’t have time to withdraw money from the bank before being stolen!

Attached is a photo of the thief, who claimed to be from Barcelona, Spain, and worked as a cook in the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok. The reason for chatting up was to invite you to attend his birthday PARTY at night. In fact, it was not what PARTY, but just drank cheap beer and stole your wallet! ! !

On December 21, 2009, three of us (I, brother YQ and brother XJ) traveled to Bangkok city together. When we had to pay for drinks for lunch, we found that my wallet was only 100 baht. At this time, we knew that the Spanish chef who drank with us last night was actually a thief. The bank cards in my wallet were all scattered

It was about 7: 00 p.m. when I came back from the big city. At about 00PM, we went to another street parallel to the mountain road for dinner. We actually met the thief who accosted another Asian single girl tourist in the same way. The thief accosted the little single MM closely… In the noisy crowd, Brother QY and I passed them one meter apart. At that time, the thief saw us and pretended not to know us… after walking for almost 10 meters, the hiker brother QY wanted to go back and catch up with the girl and warned her, saying: this person has a birthday PARTY every day, and he accosted single women around kaoshan road every day… but I stopped brother QY for fear of many things! ! !

“” “” “Ps: It’s not that I don’t want justice, Because there was such a thing before: when we asked brother QY of kaoshan road about the price of a cap, the vendor said 500 baht a cap, and then another brother XJ inserted a sentence and said, “do you know, this can be bought for only 2-3 dollars in LA (XJ works in LA of the United States), and then the vendor said in English bored: get out of here!” Then you buy it and sell it to me. … Brother XJ said a few words when he saw his bad attitude, Then the vulgar vendor said: F *U*CK YOU, Brother XJ does not show weakness, There was a quarrel… then the vendor told him to go to the middle of the road to prepare for the opening stop… fortunately QY and I tried our best to pull it apart… with what we had experienced before, I really don’t want these two guys to have more things… after all, we are in a foreign country. At that time, we still had to think: more is better than less… now it is a bit just to write and publish the photos of the thieves… I hope that the girl was not stolen! ! ! On his birthday PARTY, he kept telling my friends that he fell in love with my sister and me at first sight, and also said that he hoped to return to Hong Kong with me to visit my parents. Those words were warm and frightened my aunt’s heart. At the same time, he felt that he was too hypocritical and funny. Fortunately, I had two friends together…….

At that time, I was like a lady. I tried to choose from the corners of my mouth, smiled and said thank you all the time, but I kept scolding in my heart: your grandma’s, you are really a fool to be an aunt??? I believe in your it sweet words only when I am incompetent! I look at you left, right, horizontal and vertical. I am a gangster!!! … but brother XJ, who knows a lot, comforted me and said, “it’s OK, you think more! Spanish man is such a passionate character! “Fainting! (later, it turns out that our girls have a strong intuitive ability. Brother XJ, who has a lot of knowledge about foreign water, changed his foreign knowledge into “amniotic fluid” in his judgment.) When brother XJ left the table and picked up a 30 minute long-distance sweet phone call from her girlfriend… When another brother QY went to buy cigarettes on July 11, the so-called chef of the Spanish Embassy sat down opposite me, so I took pictures for him to have fun (I didn’t know he was a thief at that time)… Fortunately, I took two pictures for fun, so now it can be released to show the world Hey, hey! Please allow me to be proud of the stolen!

After taking the photo, he pulled a chair beside the side and moved the chair close to our table top. Then he put his bag on the chair and motioned me to put my shoulder bag and his bag together….

My usual bag is always in front of me, Because there is a passport in the bag, But I saw him put his bag on the chair himself, So I don’t have any vigilance at all… (I’m still too stupid to think about it now), I remember that I put my bag down for less than 2 minutes, and he got up and said he was in a hurry to go to the bathroom, but he came back soon (note: when he went to the bathroom, his bag was left on the chair, and I still thought this person trusted me, so I how didn’t think he stole my wallet)……

When my friend XJ brother returned to his seat after the phone call, we naturally carried our bags back to our bodies and gave the chair where the bags were placed to friend XJ.

It’s over 2 o’clock in the evening, so we don’t want to drink because we are going to * big city * the next morning. When we got up and left, the thief was very depressed and didn’t want us to leave. He also said that he wanted to drink with us all night and didn’t want us to leave… (in retrospect, he didn’t have time to leave my friend’s bag because he stole too little money My friend’s bags are all in front of his waist, so it’s not easy to steal them)… I used to read the strategy that he was stolen hundreds of dollars by bus in Thailand. Strangely, the thief still left ten dollars. The thief also left 100 baht for me this time. I don’t know if it’s a little bit of stolen German quality, or if it’s because he wants to confuse the thinking of the stolen to see if there’s any chance. At 3 o’clock that night, my phone rang several times. I hung up when the thief called, and finally shut down. Brother QY and I think the thief is trying to explain something and then ask us out… In retrospect, I was careless about the thief’s party. In any case, I should not let my bag go. I will write the details later when I have time!

This is a picture of the thief

If a single woman meets this person on a mountain road, she must be careful.

The full photo of the thief in Kaoshan Road was posted on the Internet to remind other single girls!

The man, who calls himself Philip, is from Spain and works as a cook at the Spanish Embassy in Thailand.

At that time, when I took a picture of him, I felt that this person looked a little dirty and ugly. What kind of chef did what work in the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok?

the pics of that thief we met


Bangkok. Big City.

Memories of Southeast Asia-Visit to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia

The trip was planned more than two months ago. Air tickets from Taiyuan to Kunming, Phuket to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Macao were booked in advance. The air tickets from Guangzhou to Taiyuan were bought in Guangzhou at a little higher price. The hotel was only booked in Kuala Lumpur. At that time, the situation in Thailand was in chaos, and I did not know how many days I could stay in Thailand. There was no reservation. The hotels in Laos and Cambodia had poor credibility and no reservation. They were all found later. In terms of visas, only Thailand and Malaysia’s visas were processed in advance. Laos and Cambodia’s visas were all processed in landing visa, and when they returned to Thailand from Cambodia, they were processed back. As the trip was well prepared and planned, the trip went smoothly and no day was delayed. A total of three people took part in the activity. Apart from me, one was from Changsha and the other was from Zhuhai. We gathered in Kunming and broke up in Macao. We walked together through an unforgettable journey of nearly 20 days. Specific route: Starting on December 23, the journey will last for nearly 20 days. Taiyuan-Kunming-Shilin-Kunming (via Mohan Port in Yunnan)-Luang Prabang-Vientiane (via Laotai Friendship Bridge)-Langkai-Bangkok-Yalan (via Bobei)-Siem Reap (Angkor)-Bangkok-Phuket (Patong Beach, PP Island, Panya Bay)-Kuala Lumpur-Macao (via Zhuhai)-Guangzhou-Taiyuan. (to be continued)

Chiang Mai. Roses in Northern Thailand

After passing through the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, coming to Chiang Mai makes people like the city at once.

As if the rhythm has slowed down a lot, come and enjoy the beauty of the city quietly!

We arrived at Chiang Mai Railway Station on the morning of September 3. The small station was very fresh.

Clean platform


In public areas, many places that provide rest, mobile phones do not take particularly clear pictures.

It is worthy of being full of flowers, and flowers can be seen in details.

After checking in, I began to visit the ancient city.

At the first stop, we went to Chedillon Temple with 40 tickets.

There are very few visitors to the temples in Chiang Mai. When we went there, it seemed that the monks were having an early class and did not understand Thai. We only thought their atmosphere was very good.

The statues of several elephants on the great pagoda have also become incomplete with time.

The glittering reclining Buddha


After leaving the temple, wandering around the ancient city.

The alleys in the ancient city are quiet and fresh.

Petamen Plaza

Our lunch choice was cooking love, which was searched casually on the Internet. It was not bad. It was in the ancient city not far from Peta Gate.

After lunch, we returned to the inn to rest and prepare to go directly to the Saturday night market in the evening.

In Thailand during the rainy season, there will always be some showers in the evening, about 5 o’clock, and the duration is generally not more than half an hour.

The Saturday night market was at Chiang Mai Gate. When we arrived, it just started to shower. Seeing many roadside stalls outside Chiang Mai Gate, we went to buy some food. Later, we found out that the Saturday night market was in the long street diagonally opposite the road, and the whole street was full.

Fortunately, the shower passed and a rainbow appeared in the sky.

The first time I saw the double rainbow, the picture was very chaotic and still very beautiful.


Wooden lamp, essential oil soap, elephant, fruit juice

At six o’clock, the night market suddenly thought of music. All the people stood up and stood in awe. Later, they knew that the National Anthem would be played at eight o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in the evening in public places in Thailand, so they had to stand up and be quiet. Good faith, good strange as a foreigner.

After wandering in the night market for two hours, more and more people left. Fortunately, we went early. The evening sky.

Before I went, I thought it was a road. When I arrived, I found many branch paths and many points I wanted to shoot were to be found.


Girl, you sing so happily


Lucky Cat

Do you want to be so cute

The following one is very famous in Ningman Road, but I don’t know it is a what species either.

It’s fun to take a photo like this. Oh, it’s in the same place as the one above.

The street environment is also very good, and the flowers on the trees

Mango Tango, Thailand’s famous Bangkok dessert shop

Free Travel Thailand (5): Lumbini Park Beautiful Scenery

On a hot summer day, if you are tired from traveling in Bangkok, you may as well take a quiet time and take a walk in Luphini Park. This park is easy to find. It is located at the entrance of the subway station and is also the intersection of Tiantie (Light Rail) and subway. At the gate of the park stands a statue of King Rama V in history.

Although it is located in the downtown area, the park is much bigger than I expected! Bangkok’s government officials are not stingy about the park’s occupation! A park in Nuoda is full of green. Modern buildings are reflected in the lake. Modern civilization and nature are perfectly integrated. It can be called “urban garden”. The towering palm trees and pigeons on the lake either flew around or landed on the green. Tropical flowers bloom on the lake, orange and white. Carp is very big. In large numbers. What’s more, walking along the bank of the lake, a monitor lizard climbed up from the water shaking its head and tail! It didn’t scare you! In the meantime, it is necessary to

The most appreciative thing about Lapini Park is the lake water: the lake water is very clear and green, integrated with the surrounding green trees. I really don’t know whether the lake is like this or whether there are surrounding plants as the background color. In short, it is very pleasing to the eye.

Sukhothai’s Travels

November 12, 2012

We set out from the big city in the morning, After six and a half hours of turbulence, In the afternoon, I arrived at Bus Ternimal in Sukhothai. While waiting for the bus to go to the city, I met a small couple from Malaysia. They said they had booked their residence in Xincheng TR Guest House in advance. We only booked a hotel in Bangkok in advance for this trip. So we took a two-car bus (40TB/person) with them to visit their hotel. If it is appropriate, it is just right to stay. TR Guest House is really good, the location is very good, it is very convenient to go to the old city, and it is very clean and comfortable. All the people entering and leaving are international backpackers. The atmosphere is good, so I like to stay down very much. The three-person room is 550TB/night, and I paid for three nights at a time.

November 13, 2012

After breakfast, I left for Sukhothai Historical Park in the old city 12 kilometers away, and took a doodle car with a European couple, which was 50TB per person per head. Outside the gate of the park, each person rented a bicycle for 30TB per car per day. Then I bought tickets to enter the park. The ticket price was (100 +10) TB per person, of which 10TB should be counted as the entry fee for bicycles.

Sukhothai is the capital of Siam’s First Kingdom in the 13th and 14th centuries. There are many striking memorial buildings standing here, which reflect the artistic style of Thai architecture in its early days. In particular, Buddhist architecture combines the cultural essence of neighboring countries, such as Myanmar and Khmer (Cambodia). It is a valuable witness to Thailand’s long, splendid and unique history and culture. It is worthy of the reputation of “cradle of Thai culture and art”. At its peak, the kingdom reached its power and its population reached 300,000. The ancient city of Sukhothai is rectangular with an area of 116.5 square kilometers. It is surrounded by three layers of earth walls, moats and city walls. There are four pools in the city. There are 193 Buddhist monuments inside and outside the city, including a royal palace, 35 Buddhist temples and a large number of ancient pagodas, Buddha statues, stone tablets, ponds, dams and ancient porcelain kilns. Among them, the inscriptions written by King Lankanxiang and the graceful bronze Buddha statues are unparalleled treasures in the world.

The ancient city of Sukhothai was abandoned in 1584. Thailand listed it as a national key protected cultural site in the early 1930s and began gradual restoration work in 1953. After more than 30 years of restoration, at the end of 1987, the ancient city of Sukhothai regained its luster and became Sukhothai Park.

The ruins of Sukhothai ancient city were listed on the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO in 1991.

The famous Sukhothai Historical Park in the Mahthai Temple Wat Mahathat Sitting Buddha-is Sukhothai’s Ming film

Wat Mahathat Buddha at Mahathat Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Mahathat is located in the center of the ancient city of Sukhothai, Thailand’s oldest capital city. It is surrounded by ditches. It was built from King Inladi until it was completed in 1345 during the reign of King Li Tai. It belongs to the royal ancestral temple. There were 209 towers and 10 monasteries in the temple, but most of them were only foundations. There is a central tower in the temple, surrounded by small pagodas with four niches and temple-style pagodas. The central pagoda was built of red clay and whitewashed with plaster. The lotus bud-shaped top pagoda is called Sukhothai, which is different from the pagodas in other countries.

Wat Mahathat, Mahthat Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park

Photo taken at Wat Mahathat, Mahthat Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Mahathat, Mahthat Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park

Coming out of Mahatai Temple, we went south to the nearby Wat Si Sawai Temple. The two temples are about 300 meters apart.

Wat Si Sawai Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Si Sawai, located to the south of Mahatai Temple, was first built by Khmer people from the 12th to 13th centuries as a Hindu temple and later became a Buddhist temple. There are not many pedestals in the pagoda, but they can bear the weight of the thick tower body. Each tower has an inner chamber, and the middle pagoda is connected to the temple through a tunnel. There are also some Hindu relics in the temple. There is a large green lawn in front and a moat beside it. It is picturesque.

The three towers of Wat Si Sawai in the Sishawar Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park represent Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, the three main Hindu gods respectively.

Green moss on a small lake in Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Tra Phang Ngoen next to Zhuonan Temple (also known as Yinchi Temple) in Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Tra Phang Ngoen is located about 300 meters west of Mahatai Temple. She also has a beautiful name called Yinchi Temple. This ancient temple has no walls. There is a huge sitting Buddha and a Sri Lankan-style pagoda. Not far from it is a red brick wall with a intact walking Buddha statue. It is full and round, with elegant skirts and natural and graceful manners.

Standing and Walking Buddha of Wat Tra Phang Ngoen in Zhuopangnan Temple

After visiting Zhuobangnan Temple, I found that one of our bicycles was short of gas. It was not far from the gate. I talked to the ticket inspector at the gate post and came back from the car rental office with enough gas. Then I went on a tour from Wat Mai to the north of the gate.

Wat Mai in Sukhothai Historical Park

Statue of King Ramkhamhaeng Monument in Sukhothai Historical Park

King Ramkhamhaeng, the third king of the Sukhothai dynasty, was an accomplished monarch. During his reign, he created Thai script by improving Khmer script and created the famous Songkhalok porcelain Sangkhalok Crockery.

The lotus lanterns in Sukhothai Historical Park are very local in style.

The famous Shaxi Temple Wat Sa Si Walking Bronze Buddha

Wat Sa Si of Shaxi Temple is built on an island in the middle of the lake. There are long reflections of coconut trees, large green lawns and sitting Buddha in the temple with only stone pillars left. However, the most touching one should be the bronze statue of walking Buddha. Buddha’s body is full, his lines are smooth and soft, his right hand is drooping, his fingertips are slightly tilted, and his left hand is raised, posing as a gesture of saying and printing. The image of Buddha has changed from the seriousness of the past to the variety of Arrow, free from vulgarity and vivid. It is one of the best in the historical park.

Wat Sa Si Sitting Buddha at Shaxi Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park

After seeing the main scenic spots in the old city center, We visited a series of sites from the west gate to the west of the city. Tickets are also (100 +10) TB/person. At this time it is noon, the scorching sun is in the sky, which is a hot word. Although I know that these scenic spots in the west of the city are not as beautiful as those in the upper old city that I have just seen, I am really unwilling not to look at them in person. Fortunately, these main sites in the west of the city are distributed on both sides of a main road, and although there are many scenic spots, I can continue to visit them.

Wat Si Thon located in the west of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Tuk located in the west of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park

Cycling in Sukhothai Historical Park in the west of Gucheng City

Wat Mangkorn in the west of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park

After resting in the dense shade of Wat Mangkorn for more than 20 minutes, I went back to a shabby canteen not far away and bought two bottles of water, a banana and a bag of banana slices, which cost only 55TB in total, which is not at all like the price in the scenic spot.

Beautiful cockscomb-like plants along the roadside of Wat Mangkorn

Wat Thup Kao located in the west of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park

At the entrance to Wat Chedi Ngam, he didn’t have the courage to climb up

Wat Chang Rop in the west of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historic Park

Wat Chang Rop was built in the 14th to 16th centuries. It has a sand and stone structure. The center of the temple is a relic. The 24 elephant statues on the tower foundation are now incomplete. The whole temple is even more a broken image.

The mountain road to the top of the mountain, Mat Phra Bat Nai

Mat Phra Bat Nai was built on a high slope on the top of the mountain. Climbing up the top of the mountain, he looked up at the relatively well-preserved pagoda in the temple from under the slope. The black and red colors were very magnificent and magnificent.

The imposing Mat Phra Bat Nai on the top of the mountain.

Looking up at Wat Saphan Hin on the hillside from the main road below the mountain.

Shapanxin Temple was built on a hill 200 meters high. “Sha Panxin” means “Stone Bridge” and refers to the flagstone step road leading to the mountain-it is still there. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can have a good view of Sukhothai Ruins Park and the nearby peaks. The remains of the temple also include some pagodas and stone pillars, as well as a 12.5-meter-high standing Buddha. Having just come down from Mat Phra Bat Nai on the top of the mountain, I really don’t want to climb the mountain again. I have to look up at the majestic Buddha of Wat Saphan Hin on the mountain from a distance.

The uphill junction to Wat Saphan Hin

It was noon when I came out of the old city and headed west of the city. At that time, we thought there would be a restaurant ahead. But there was no place to have lunch all the way down. Fortunately, a canteen on the road sold us a banana and banana slices to appease our hunger. In this way, we strolled down the U-shaped route in the west of the city and returned to the north gate of the old city to visit the scenic spots in the north of the city.

Wat Mae Chon located in the north of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Mae Chon is located on the roadside outside the north gate of the ancient city of Sukhothai, south of WatPhraPhaiLuang. According to records, the temple originally had a temple built on a 7.50 m * 11.45 m base. After the temple stood three pagodas, and in the northwest there was an ancient well with a diameter of about 1 m and an embedded stone slab. However, these former buildings are now only dilapidated ruins and can no longer see their original appearance. Only one sitting Buddha is well preserved.

位于素可泰历史公园古城北的Wat Phra Phai Luang里的牛群

Wat Phra Phai Luang, located 500 meters north of the city wall, is the second most important temple after Mahattai Temple. It is a typical Khmer-style temple complex. It is generally believed that it was built in the middle of the 13th century. The pagoda on the east side of the temple is surrounded by the sitting Buddha on its base. The original three Khmer pagodas in the temple are larger than the same type pagodas in the Xisha site, but now there is only one on the north side. The surface of the pagoda is decorated with exquisite reliefs, depicting various Buddha postures, and now only a small part remains. The remains of WatPhra Phai Luang are on an island, which is actually the layout of a city. Outside is a moat, and the water is full of duckweed, but the area is very small like an island. A little isolated. The entrance is to the west, and it takes half a circle to get there. However, there is a wooden bridge in the east that can be passed through. Although it is written that no traffic is allowed, there is a dilapidated entrance. Obviously, many people enter and leave from here. We are even more lazy to turn around and go in directly. We actually save running roads and tickets. Although a little embarrassed, at this time also can’t take care of so much.

Wat Phra Phai Luang, located in the north of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park

Wat Phra Phai Luang, located in the north of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park

It was already 4: 30 p.m. When we returned to the old city from the north of the city. After running under the scorching sun for a day, we had not even eaten lunch. We decided to end today’s trip and return the car to the hotel to rest.

Our car rental company is located not far from the gate of Sukhothai Historical Park (opposite)

Gate of Sukhothai Historical Park

When we returned to the hotel, a large group of local students who had just finished school arrived on our two cars. All looked sunny.

Take a two-car back to the hotel, 30TB/person. Then a group of students got on the bus just after school. Although the bus was immediately crowded, the laughter and noise all the way made people feel happy. What I feel with them is sunshine!

After returning to the hotel to wash, I immediately came down to eat in the internal restaurant. When the ordered food was served and filled the table, I attracted amazing eyes one by one. Where did they know that this was also our lunch?

November 14, 2012

In order to catch the 8: 00 a.m. bus to Si Satchanalai Historical Park West Satchanalai Historical Park, we got up at 6: 00 a.m. and bought some things at 7-even next to the downstairs for breakfast. After eating, we left for the bus station. There is no through bus from Sukhothai to West Satchanalai Historical Park. There are many passing buses. We bought the 8: 00 bus to Chiang Rai, and the fare is 50TB/person.

The train leaves at 8:00 on time. When getting on the bus, tell the conductor where we are going. And asked him to tell us then. There were many people getting off the bus along the way. It was 9: 30. The kind conductor reminded us to get off. Next to the exit point is a bicycle rental office. This is also the only place in Sisachanale Historical Park that offers car rental. Go straight ahead and the entrance to the park is. Each of us rented a bicycle at a price of 30TB per person. The boss was very enthusiastic and reminded us that the latest bus back to Sukhothai in the afternoon was at about 4 o’clock. Don’t delay, and gave us a map of the historical park in Sisachanalai.

Suspension bridge on the Yom River to the entrance to Si Satchanalai Historical Park West Satchanalai Historical Park

On the other side of the river, at the end of the suspension bridge, is the first ticket booth of Si Satchanalai Historical Park. The ticket price is 30TB per person. This ticket is mainly aimed at several ruins between here and the ancient city of the Historical Park.

Sisachanalai Historical Park is located on the Yong River, 55 kilometers north of Sukhothai Historical Park, covering an area of 45 square kilometers. It is the site of the sister ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park and has also been designated as a world cultural site by UNESCO. Its basic style is the same as that of the ruins in Sukhothai Historical Park, but the environment is more peaceful and undamaged.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahatath in Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahatath, built in 1448-1488, is close to the entrance. It contains a large brick pagoda located in the middle of the two main halls. In one of the main halls, there is a bas-relief work of a large sitting Buddha, a slightly smaller standing Buddha and a famous walking Buddha, which can be called a model of Sukhothai style with streamlined and boneless lines.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahatath in Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahatath in Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Chao Chan in Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Chao Chan is located about 500 meters west of Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahatath. The most eye-catching thing here is a Khmer-style pagoda that may have been built in the 11th to 12th centuries. To the right of the pagoda is a huge well-preserved standing Buddha.

Wat Chao Chan’s Tall Buddha in Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Chao Chan Pagoda in Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Chao Chan in Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Khok Singkaram in Sisachanalai Historical Park

Not far west from Wat Khok Singkaram is the ruins of the ancient city of Sisachanalai Historical Park. Many of the park’s major scenic spots are in the ancient city. To enter the ancient city, you need to buy a separate ticket with a fare of 100TB/person.

Wat Suan Keao Utthayan Noi in the Ancient City of Sisachanale Historical Park

The Remnant Statue of Wat Chang Lom in the Ancient City of Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Chang Lom (Ring Elephant Temple) is the center of the old city of Sisachanalai. There is a bell-shaped pagoda surrounded by elephant reliefs. Pagodas are better preserved than similar pagodas in Sukhothai. Some documents say that the temple was built by King Lankanheng between 1285 and 1291.

Wat Chang Lom Pagoda in the Ancient City of Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Chang Lom in the Ancient City of Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Wat Chedi Ched Thaeo and Its Original Appearance in the Ancient City of West Sachanalai Historical Park

Wat Chedi Ched Thaeo has seven rows of pagodas, and the main tower has a typical Sukhothai-style rooftop with flowers.

Wat Chedi Ched Thaeo in the Ancient City of Sisa Chanalai Historical Park

Four-Leaf Grass-Lucky Grass Beside Wat Chedi Ched Thaeo in the Ancient City of Chanalai Historical Park in West Sasa

Local students visiting the ancient city of Sisachanalai Historical Park

The well-preserved walls of Wat Nang Phraya in the ancient city of Sisachanalai Historical Park.

Wat Nang Phraya was built in the 15th century. The Sinhalese-style pagoda is small and well-preserved. The main attraction here is the only well-preserved lashed stucco relief wall left in the whole park above, which can give people a chance to understand the style of the original temple building. The wall is now protected by tin ceilings.

Wat Nang Phraya in the Ancient City of Sisachanale Historical Park

The Ancient City Wall in the Historical Park of Sisachanalai

Wat Khao Suwankhiri, built on the top of the mountain in the ancient city of Sisachanalai Historical Park.

We pushed our bike up the main road and climbed a big slope to reach the foot of the mountain where Wat Khao Suwankhiri was located. We laid the bike down the road and went up the steps to visit Wat Khao Suwankhiri on the top of the mountain.

Wat Khao Suwankhiri Entrance in the Ancient City of Sisachanalai Historical Park

Mao Mao Grass on the Roadside at the Bottom of Wat Khao Suwankhiri Mountain in the Ancient City of West Sachanalai Historical Park

Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng, built on the top of the mountain in the ancient city of Sisachanalai Historical Park, sits on the Buddha.

Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng and Wat Khao Suwankhiri are located on two tops of the same mountain, but each has its own way up the mountain.

Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng, built on the top of the mountain in the ancient city of Sisachanale Historical Park.

The entrance steps of Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng built on the top of the mountain in the ancient city of Sisachanale Historical Park.

So far, we have basically visited the entire Sisachanalai Historical Park and cycled back the same way.

Ticket Office of Main Attractions in the Ancient City of West Sachanalai Historical Park

Signs in the Historical Park of Sisachanalai

Bird’s Nest in front of Residents’ Home near the Entrance of West Sachanale Historical Park on the North Shore of Yom River

It takes about 4 hours to visit the entire Sisachanalai Historical Park. At 2: As we were about to ride our bike to the rental office, Seeing the owner of the garage waving to us repeatedly, He made another gesture to the west of the road. It happened that a bus to Sukhothai was passing by. The boss was helping us to stop the bus. When we got to the door of the garage, we casually put the bus on the spot and ran to the bus that had stopped by the side of the road. At the same time, we turned back and waved goodbye to the kind owner of the garage.

Only after getting on the bus did we find that this is a luxurious long-distance bus, clean, spacious and comfortable, and the fare is not expensive, 50TB/person as when we came. Originally, it was an hour and a half when we arrived, but it only took us an hour to reach Sukhothai.

After getting off the bus, we bought a bus ticket to Chiang Mai at 9:30 the next morning at 239TB/person, and then spent 30TB to take a doodle bus back to the hotel.

November 15, 2012

I went to Chiang Mai today. I went to bed early last night. I woke up early this morning and walked around the streets of Sukhothai New Town in the morning.

Street View of Sukhotai New Town in the Early Morning

Yom River Crossing Sukhothai New Town

Street View of Sukhotai New Town

We stayed three nights in a very stylish Hotel.


The hotel owner recommended us a Chinese copy, It was a Shanghai girl who stayed here not long ago who stayed in the hotel specially before leaving. The book left a journey speech and microblog address, We got a reply soon after leaving a message on her microblog. We were all very excited by the common experience. In order to let this interesting relay continue, Check-out also left our comments on this book before leaving, hoping to give blessings to those who saw this book or even a little accident and surprise!

I stayed here for three nights and got familiar with my boss. After saying goodbye, I took a doodle bus to the bus station. At 9: 30 our bus left on time for Chiang Mai.


1. That average person visit Sukhothai only to visit the ruins of Sukhothai historical park, Located about 55 kilometres north of Sukhothai, As a world cultural heritage, the Sisachanalai Historical Park is of primitive simplicity, grandeur and splendor. Moreover, the transportation is very convenient. Compared with the numerous tourists in Sukhothai Historical Park, it is very quiet here. Most of the time, one scenic spot is visited by one’s own people. Therefore, it is recommended that if you go to Sukhothai, you must arrange an extra day to visit it. Almost everyone who has been here has a lucky feeling of being lucky.

2. Before visiting Sukhothai Historical Park, everyone will generally get a Map of Sukhothai Historical Park through different channels. It must be noted that the proportion of the ancient city and the outside of the city on this map is inconsistent (especially in the west part of the city, the distance is very short from the map, but the actual distance will be several times that on the map), so as to reasonably arrange the tour time.

3. It will be very tight to visit the main relics inside and outside the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park in one day. If possible, it is best to take lunch and rest on the road to eat. This will save time. Recommended itinerary sequence: Sukhothai Historical Park Ancient City Site Group-Ancient City South (Wat Chetuphon et al.) Site Group-Ancient City West (Ancient City West) Site Group-Ancient City North (Wat Si Chom and then WatPhra Phai Luang)-Ancient City East (Wat Chang Lom et al.). Of course, it can be adjusted according to your own plan.

4. The status of Sukhothai’s history and culture in Thailand cannot be described too much. From this perspective, one cannot say that one has really understood Thailand’s history without Sukhothai. One cannot say that one has really been to Thailand without Sukhothai.

2011 Bangkok + Sumi Island Tour, Thailand

After several weeks of preparation, the Thai tour will finally take place. The Thai flight from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport will fly directly to Bangkok at 3: 00 p.m. and arrive in Bangkok in 2 hours. A foreigner entry and exit registration card will be issued on the flight. It is all in English. It is a wise choice to fill it in on the flight, so it is the fastest way to get off the plane and cross the customs. It is worth noting that one of them is required. It is the place of residence in Bangkok. Just write the name of Hotel. Get off the plane and queue up at the customs clearance, otherwise it will take a long time. Then the staff will take the entry couplet and book the exit couplet on your passport. Don’t lose it, otherwise there will be trouble when you leave the country. You will also be asked to fill in the Foreigner Entry and Exit Registration Card on the plane back, but you don’t have to fill in it again when you return home.

Bangkok has three airports, and all international arrivals are at Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are many duty-free shops at the airport, so those who like shopping should pay attention. Many raiders have written before that maps and calling cards should be taken. After on-the-spot investigation, I felt that I didn’t need to take the map in the airport. If I had a free map at TAXI stop, I would like to take one. This map is not particularly useful. As for calling cards, they can be sold at 7-11 convenience stores all over the street when they are not busy. There is no need to worry.

Meihe River Market

Day 1 Bangkok Water Market + Grand Palace

Early in the morning the next day, I rushed to the market on the Meihe River and took a boat to ripple along the suburban waterways, shuttling between villages or fields. It was fun. After turning several corners, I arrived at the water market, which was already full of “boats”, not traffic jams, but boat jams! It can be seen that it is still quite popular here. On both sides of the waterway are residential buildings, where villagers live. There are no other economic activities in what. It seems that they mainly make a living from the “water market” here, selling things or doing some sightseeing, such as sailing (like driving a taxi). One is on board the ship and the other is on the shore. There are a wide variety of goods, which are more expensive than buying them in city shops. After all, this is a characteristic market, so bargaining is necessary. The grandmothers and aunts are busy making Thai snacks on board the ship. They also open small restaurants on the shore. If they are hungry and tired after shopping, it is not bad to order some side dishes and taste Thai food. If you don’t want to go ashore, you can also choose some restaurants directly on the ship and various small handicrafts with strong Thai flavor.

In the afternoon, I set out to go to the Grand Palace. I won’t introduce much of such a famous place. There are too many people and all of them are travel agencies. There is a Chinese tour guide map, which stipulates that you cannot enter in vests and underpants. The murals inside are very interesting. I didn’t know it was narrative until I came back. If there is a team tour guide explaining there, I might as well listen to it. Ha ha

The next day Bangkok shopping + transvestite performance

Bangkok’s famous four-sided Buddha is home to Bangkok’s most upscale department stores, ranging from top famous brands to Bangkok’s specialty products, and the prices are much cheaper than those in Hong Kong and the mainland. Bangkok’s shopping malls include Siam Square, World Trade Center, Riverside City Shopping Center, etc.

Siam Paragon, an oversized shopping mall, is located in the city center, surrounded by many large shopping malls such as Siam Discovery and Siam Square. On the first floor of the ground are all kinds of restaurants, big food agents and a big supermarket. It is recommended to buy food, mosquito repellent dew and other daily necessities in this supermarket, as well as snacks such as pork strips from Lin Zhenxiang. On the first-fourth floor of the ground are department stores. The overall feeling is that Thailand’s clothes and cosmetics are not much cheaper than China’s before. What needs to be reminded is that Thailand’s shoes are too large, LP doesn’t even have shoes of size 34, and size 35 is also larger than that in China.

Among Bangkok’s most famous souvenirs, Tess is the most popular, of which Jim Thompson brand is the most popular, but the selling price is relatively high. There is also a cheap cloth specialty store “NaRaYa”, which sells all the most popular satin cloth home ornaments that Japanese girls like best, namely “Bangkok bags”. NaRaYa’s products include backpacks, cosmetic bags, tissue paper covers, indoor slippers, wine bottle cloth covers, etc. The price is also very cheap.

Regarding Thailand’s shopping tax refund, large shopping malls generally have tax refund registration counters (with tax refund signs), where they fill in and print out tax refund application forms. After going through customs at the airport with the application forms and invoices, they can find the tax refund counter to handle tax refund. They can choose to refund to credit cards or directly refund cash. A handling fee of 100 baht is required for cash refund. Since Thailand has a minimum purchase amount for tax refund (it seems that one person has more than 5,000 baht), it is suggested that one person should apply for tax refund when shopping.

Zhawen Beach

Day 3 Samui & Turtle Island

The busiest beach in Sumi Island is Zhawen Beach. You can choose your favorite bar to drink and bask in the sun on the beach. The seat is very comfortable, and most of them can lie down directly. You can also do Thai massage or play water entertainment, and you can also have people draw tattoos for you, which can last for about 2 weeks. But there are too many people

If you want to dive quietly, it is recommended to save time for Turtle Island and Nanyuan Island. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes to get to Turtle Island by boat from Sumi Island. If it happens that there are many people and seats are full, you can go to the VIP room on the second floor, and you can pay an extra 50 Thai baht. After arriving at Turtle Island, I reported snorkeling around the island at the hotel. Enjoy snorkeling on this beautiful island.

The sand on Guidao Beach is yellow and white, with coconut trees and shadows. The beach is very large and comfortable. Nanyuan Beach, ten minutes away from the boat ride, is tender white sand. The sea water is clear and transparent. Snorkeling is very good and looks freehand.

You need to prepare before going out.

1. Passport visa, passport has nothing to say, go to the local public security bureau to handle it yourself, visa can find a travel agency * *. Prices range from 280 to 380 yuan.

2. Ticket: (Starting from Guangzhou) There are three airlines to choose from, namely China Southern Airlines, Thai Airlines and Asian Airlines. China Southern Airlines has morning flights, which are the most expensive and serve well. AirAsia is a low-cost airline. Its advantage is that it is cheap. It is definitely AirAsia that wants to save money. Thai Airlines almost arrived in the afternoon and at night. We are looking for a travel agency to handle the free trip. The prices of the air tickets and hotels booked during the US-Asia holiday are cheaper than those of the ones we have found. It is suggested that everyone should check where Ctrip goes first and then compare the prices before making a decision.

3. Exchange of foreign exchange; Thailand is full of places to exchange foreign exchange, but most of them do not accept RMB. Even if RMB is exchanged, the exchange rate for buying is extremely low. It is suggested that everyone change the Thai baht at home. The Bank of China can change, only on Monday, 2 days later. You can also withdraw money from ATM in Thailand. UnionPay can be used in many parts of Thailand. When I withdraw money from the bank, ATM will automatically convert the balance in your account into Thai baht at today’s international exchange rate, with a handling fee of 0.5% for each transaction. If I find a place with UnionPay logo, I will swipe my card and do not charge a handling fee.

Write some words and take some photos to commemorate my slow life in Chiang Mai for one month (3. Black and White Temple)

Backpack for 8 years, Except for the first few trips, I basically hit the road alone. Many people ask a person if you are not afraid, don’t you feel bored? Of course, many people have different fun with each other, but I think traveling is a very personal thing. On the road, I only watch the scenery I like and only eat the delicious food I like. Moreover, my travel is also very casual. In recent years, I seldom watch strategies when traveling. I just set up big traffic, which is basically WALK IN GUESTHOUSE. If you like this place for a few more days, you can leave immediately if you don’t like it. It has always been believed that girls who can laugh will not have too bad luck, so they will never forget to bring a heartfelt smile when traveling.

On Christmas Eve, I suddenly wanted to see the Black and White Temple. In fact, what I want to see is the Black Temple. I have visited the White Temple several times before because of my work. The first tour group to the Black and White Temple is ONE TOUR. There is also carpooling with others, However, it is not possible to fill up a car every day. Basically, ONE TOUR of the travel agency does not go to the Black Temple and the Golden Triangle of the White Temple goes together. It takes seven or eight hours to be on the bus a day, so I decided to go to the station and take GREEN BUS to the Black and White Temple, and I also wanted to explore this route to provide some information for my friends who will walk alone in the future.

One day in advance, I went to ARCADE BUS STATION to buy a round-trip GREEN BUS ticket to Chiang Rai. One way, 185B, of course, there are VIP. The car is in good condition. There are flight attendants on the car who also send water and snacks. Why did I buy it one day in advance because I want to take the earlier bus in the morning? I bought the 7 o’clock flight and the return trip was 5: 30. If I bought it on the same day, it basically started at 9: 00.

Going out at six in the morning, In Chiang Mai, it was opaque. It was foggy for a long time when the bus drove from the station. After two hours of mountain road, the fog still did not disperse. I have been complaining about why I didn’t look at the weather before booking tickets. However, a miracle occurred when I climbed over the mountain top and cleared thousands of miles. I can get off the bus in advance. Just tell the flight attendants that you are under the White Temple before getting on the bus.

WHITE TEMPLE is actually just a common name. Its real English name is WAT RONG KHUN and its Chinese name is Longkun Temple. This shocking building was built in 1998. The famous Thai architect MR CHALERMCHAI exhausted his body and mind to create the greatest work in his life. This building is a gift from this builder to Queen Shijili. It has not yet been completed, but she is already one of the most beautiful temples in many people’s hearts.

But there are two things that make me feel particularly uncomfortable in the White Temple. The first is that before I got on the bridge, I heard the staff holding the horn and saying in Chinese, “Go ahead quickly.” Go ahead quickly. I looked forward. There was an English sign on the bridge that no one was allowed to stay on the bridge. However, our Chinese aunt was stuck on the bridge regardless of the guests behind. The staff shouted several times and did not leave. As a result, the staff got up and drove them down. The second thing is that the White Temple is still under construction, and many things are not allowed to be touched. When I came out after visiting the White Temple, I heard the staff shouting in Chinese not to touch or touch on the horn. I don’t want to evaluate what for these events, but I think we need to at least respect others and their beliefs and habits when we go to a strange country. Travel is not that I have money and I have been to that place, but whether there is anything that can subtly become something that you can warm up your strength to move forward after you have been to these places. Just like now, my camera lens is rarely aimed at strangers, and I will ask others if they want to take pictures before taking pictures.

I can’t find MINI BUS to go to Chiang Rai Central Station from Baimiao. However, the popularity of English in Chiang Rai seems not so high. I asked a lot of people to ask me to charter a car or take a taxi. Finally, a Chinese tour guide drew me a picture of BUS SATAION. I thought it would take 20B to arrive smoothly, but I didn’t think this was the beginning of cheating. First of all, he drew me OUT CIT BUS STATION instead of CENTER BUS STATION with MINI BUS. According to this picture, I walked for 30 minutes on the main road that did not depend on the village in front and the shop behind. I asked the way and asked none of the three gas stations to understand English. What was even sadder was that the Chiang Rai Station written in Thai by the little girl who knew a little English in the coffee shop opposite the White Temple was actually Longkun Temple. Finally, I asked an uncle who could understand simple words and knew that it would take me at least an hour to walk to the station. Before I collapsed, the uncle decided to take me to the station by motorcycle.

Uncle took me all the way to the station but refused to charge me a penny, so I asked Uncle and I to take a photo together as a souvenir. However, I didn’t know until I asked at the platform that I had to go to CENTER BUS STATION to take MINI BUS, so I had to find a TUTU to go to that station again. This little brother who drives TUTU is the best English I have encountered on this trip. He sold me a chartered car all the way, saying that he would take me to the Black Temple and then take me back to 400B after I visited. However, I wanted to find a chartered car as early as Chiang Mai. Why did I bother to come here to charter a car? There was no obvious information on the Internet, so I just wanted to grope for it. Xiao Ge didn’t stop all the way, and at last I didn’t care about him, but when I finally arrived at the station, MINI BUS, who went to the black temple, had just left, so Xiao Ge drove at full power to help me catch the car, and also instructed the conductor to get off at the black temple and take care of my fare as long as 20B. In fact, the green one is not the bus to the Black Temple. The destination is to Mercer. It will pass the Black Temple halfway through. It takes a few minutes to enter one intersection and reach the Black Temple much closer than the other. And the blue bus is not the bus to the White Temple either. It only passes through the White Temple and can be under the White Temple. The bus stops are blue MINI BUS (White Temple) on platform 8 and blue-green MINI BUS (Black Temple) on platform 5 of Chiang Rai CENTER BUS STATION respectively. According to my one-day walk down the black and white temple, there is plenty of time, so if the lone friend tries to sit at Chiang Rai central station and then take MINI BUS to the white temple, then you will know the exact place to get on and off, because this is a passing bus and there is no unified bus stop.

Almost half an hour later, the conductor told me to get off the bus and said that the black house had arrived. In fact, it was called BLACK HOUSE in the local black temple in Chiang Rai. The conductor personally took me to the intersection and told me that if I stopped the bus across the road on the return trip, I smiled and said thank you to her and told her that you were very much like my aunt. She was very happy and took out her cell phone and took a photo with me.

Compared with the White Temple, the Black Temple is unknown to many people. The Black Temple is actually a Black House Museum designed and built by a local artist THAWAN DUCHANEE. It is located at the junction of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. It contains many precious antiques collected by him, as well as many specimens such as horns, skulls and python skins. The atmosphere is rather depressing, but the smell of death fascinates me.

I came out of the Black Temple at about 3: 30 and had to mention that the durian ice cream in the Black Temple canteen was the best I had ever eaten in Thailand. I walked across the road and waited for MINI BUS back to the city. But forty minutes passed, One car after another did not see the car returning to the city. Finally, the kind people of Chiang Rai drove me back to the station. In fact, there are very few MINI BUS that return to the city after 3: 30, but in fact there are many double roads and TUTU. If the double roads are on the way, the fare is 20B, which was told to me by my sister who drove me back to the station later. In addition, GREEN BUS you can get on the bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai OUT CIT BUS STATION and CENTER BUS STATION, and it is good to have a seat on the ticket.

During my journey, There are countless people who have helped me like this. Remember to go to the water market in Bangkok, The uncle who bought vegetables drove me to my destination in a tricycle. In India, I came out of Qianzhu Temple and missed the last bus because I filmed the divine cow. The last luxury trip VAN took me to Udaipur. Thank you, lovely people, and let me learn to help people in need within my power on the trip. Do you know that when I hear others say thank you to me, I think this is the most beautiful and sincere language in the world.

My trip was not too “embarrassing”-Happy Thailand trip (middle)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Accustomed to the sunny and rainy weather in northern Thailand, the sun showed a little face in the morning. I don’t know when the rain will patronize again.

Today’s one-day tour of Chiang Mai Elephant Camp is also booked in advance. It is only an hour’s drive from the ancient city of Chiang Mai to Maetang Elephant Park. The popularity of the Elephant Camp is so high that all items have to be reserved. We have to spend time in souvenir shops. The lifelike elephant products are really exciting, but the price is really not flattering. Finally, it was our turn to take a bamboo raft. The drifting without any characteristics was disappointing. The rafters also asked us for tips from time to time and ignored them.

The elephant show was very interesting. When Mr. Xiang and Miss Xiang saluted the audience, their front legs bent, their noses swung and Thai dubbing “Savadhika” was so cute.

It is said that Thailand has a history of training elephants for more than 1,000 years, and these behemoths have become especially clever under the command of elephant trainers. He is proficient in marching in line, transporting wood and dunking. Especially in football, the shooting is accurate, and the stout elephant legs can also play with flowers. The Chinese Football Association might as well hire a Thai elephant trainer to coach the national football team. It should not be a problem to train elephants like this and teach those international players.

The even more amazing performance is the elephant painting, with the elephant’s nose holding a paintbrush, which is very good. The painting also has the signature of each elephant. Collecting such “masterpieces” requires unique vision.

At the end of the performance, the elephant began to get close to the audience, touching and taking photos. The reward was bananas and sugar cane. If Thai baht was given, the smart elephant would never eat it, “treating money like dirt” and giving it all to the elephant trainer.

There was a pouring rain, and the taste of riding an elephant in the rain was not pleasant. Originally, the potholed roads were more muddy. When the elephant climbed the mountain and waded in the water, the chair swung from side to side and bumped up and down due to the movement of the spine bone. In a short period of half an hour, my back was aching. I finally understand that riding an elephant is not enjoyment but endurance. Fortunately, I took a ox cart on my return trip and watched the two bony cows walking slowly in the mud. I couldn’t bear it!

God seemed to be playing tricks on us. It happened that the rain was raining hard during the half hour of riding the elephant. At lunch time, the rain stopped. Yesterday I had a good lunch, but today I refused to be tempted. Enough is enough.

In the afternoon, I went to Taibei Orchid Garden. The tour guide said that many rare orchid varieties were planted in the garden. I didn’t study the plants, but I just thought they were beautiful. The girls were excited and competed with the flowers among the flowers.

I returned to the ancient city of Chiang Mai early in the afternoon and had a lot of time to squander. Everyone unanimously decided to experience an authentic Thai massage. Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage Parlor is the most famous in the local area. It was founded by the former warden to provide employment opportunities for newly released women prisoners. Masseurs are all prisoners in women’s prisons. The LILA THAI MASSAGE we chose is a massage parlor with a certain public welfare nature. The masseurs serving the guests are all female prisoners released from prison. During their sentences, they received massage training provided by Chiang Mai Women’s Prison and skill development, and passed the examination of Chiang Mai Public Health Bureau. Their basic skills are quite solid.

I have tried Thai massage in Thailand before, and the general range of movements is relatively large. We were at the mercy of people like chickens on the chopping board when we were twisted, twisted and torn down. During this period, the girls kept shouting. After howling, I felt relaxed and cool all over!

We found a small restaurant named Lert Ros in an obscure alley. The ugly store was even recommended by LP. There is a kind of salt roasted fish that does not remove fish scales. It is crisp outside and tender inside. It is indeed worthy of its reputation. We still have not finished after ordering two. It’s too pleasant to wander in the streets and lanes of Chiang Mai’s ancient city under the moonlight with a cup of Shake or Juice per person.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sleep until you wake up naturally. When you arrive at the “country of thousands of Buddhas”, how can you not go to temples? Moreover, Chiang Mai is the capital of the Lanna Thai dynasty, with many Buddhist temples, so today’s trip is to explore Chiang Mai ancient temples.

As soon as I hit the road, I fainted. Looking at the “earthworm words” on the road sign, I was confused and stumbled into Wat Phan Tao by mistake. This small temple built of teak is quite exquisite, and I accidentally caught one of my most proud photos.

Separated from Pandao Temple by a wall is Wat Chedi Luang, also known as the Great Buddha Pagoda Temple. The tall pagoda in the temple was built in 1441 and destroyed by an earthquake in the 16th century, but it is still the most magnificent building in Chiang Mai. There are six brick elephant heads on the south side of the tower, only the rightmost one is a legacy.

What impressed me was the golden reclining Buddha and the wax figure of the eminent monk sitting in the glass cover inside the temple, just like a real person.

Out of the temple, there was no direction again, and I continued to stroll along the street, look at the street view and stroll around the small shop. Passing Chiang Mai Police Station, a statue in the courtyard was somewhat conspicuous. Suddenly, I remembered an old song, “Golden Shield, Cast with Blood, Show Your Skills in Distress”.

After pondering the east and inquiring the west, I finally found Wat Phra Singh. The whole temple is a classic of Lanatai’s architectural style. Exquisite wood carvings and colorful murals are recognized as the highest standard of traditional art in northern Thailand. In Chiang Mai, Pasin Temple is the highest-ranking temple and the most revered holy place.

Lunch is still a sour, spicy Thai meal, and everyone seems to never tire of it. On a lazy afternoon, the hiking was changed to a chartered bus. The driver was familiar with it and took a two-car tour, which saved time and effort and was much easier.

Chiang Mai Women’s Prison arrived. There were no high walls or guards. There were only two ancient cannons and a bronze statue of a woman in front of the prison. This has become a scenic spot in Chiang Mai. People have forgotten the majesty of the prison, but they have remembered a loving female warden.

Along the same street to the east, you soon saw Chiang Mai’s famous Monument to the Three Kings. The monument was built directly in front of Chiang Mai’s cultural center in memory of three people who made great contributions to Chiang Mai: Emperor Langan Heng, King Meng Lai and King Nan Meng. We saw several monks burning incense and offering flowers in front of the statue to show their admiration.

The two cars made several turns and soon arrived at Wat Chiang Man. This is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. It was built in 1296 and was once the bedroom of King Meng Lai, who built Chiang Mai City. The Sakyamuni Buddha statue in the main hall is full of precious stones and is very precious. The crystal Buddha statue is even more powerful and can call the wind and rain.

In the backyard, there is also a square pagoda surrounded by 15 elephants at the bottom, with golden spire and extraordinary momentum.

Compared with Shuanglong Temple on Sutie Mountain, the temples in Chiang Mai’s ancient city are extremely peaceful, leaving only peace and peace for tourists.

I will leave Chiang Mai tonight, and my nostalgia and perseverance are beyond words.

Pack up and rush to the bus station in advance. It is a 12-hour drive from Chiang Mai to Pattaya. We chose NCA Bus Company, Thailand’s best-known bus company, known as Land Airlines. The carriage was clean and spacious, the seats were safe and comfortable, and dinner and snacks were also provided on the way. In particular, the considerate service of the bus attendants was comparable to that of stewardesses. Sweet smiles and soft voices accompanied me to sleep.

To be continued.

The post-90s MM traveled to Chiang Mai alone, a journey to find himself!

With the anger of my boyfriend, I came to Thailand, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. I still remember that a month ago I promised to come to Thailand with my boyfriend for the winter because of his travel plan. But before he left, his sentence “I won’t go to thiland.” Made me at a loss. No one did it for me, the hotel could not be returned, and even the air tickets went in with him. I didn’t know what to do if I were someone else, but for me, I replied with him, “up to you! “On January 29, AirAsia’s special fare from Macao to Chiang Mai arrived at Chiang Mai Airport smoothly although it was almost an hour late. When I got off the plane and got out of the airport, I was hit by a heat wave. It was really hot and the air was very humid. It must have just rained. Out of the airport, an aunt, similar to the person in charge of the airport taxi, directed the tourists to get on the bus at the door. The fare is to be bought in it. 180B is one person. I think this is very cheating, so I didn’t take a taxi and chose tuktuk. 120B sent us to the youth tour we are going to, Kiki’s House 17/1 Rachapakinai Rd. Soi 1, Sipoom, Muang. The mixed room has a good environment but you will be happier if you meet good roommates.

House is in the alley in the northeast corner of the ancient city. When you first come to Chiang Mai, you will feel that such an alley is a headache, but after a long time, you will feel that the winding alley and the dazzling array of cafes will make you fall in love with it. Day1: In such a leisurely city, it is necessary to sleep until you wake up naturally in the morning. Don’t set goals and plans for yourself during the trip. If the time is framed by scenic spots, I suggest joining the group, at least it is much cheaper! The place where I live is very close to 7-11 (Chiang Mai is full of 7-11). I went there and bought truemove’s calling card (49B). The available balance is 5B. It seems that the monthly unlimited traffic on the Internet is 100B. At the same time, I also recommend happy card, but the price of this card is 299B, including 299 telephone charges and one week’s free Internet traffic. After buying the card, I walked all the way in the alley. When I was tired, I ate at a restaurant casually. I forgot that I ate what, but the total was 55B plus vanilla milkshake, which was not cheap in Chiang Mai, but it was very cheap in RMB. After the meal, I took my backpack and changed to a hotel, because there was a Polish boy in Kiki’s house who slept and snored at night. Because of this, I changed to a local family hotel. I lived alone in a large room with a balcony and an independent toilet, which was only 350B a night.

Since a lonely person has come, Now that I have changed to a separate room, I can’t even close myself up. Put down my luggage and I went to the night market at night. Just hang out there, hang out, When I met a gourmet street, I went in and had dinner. Outside the gourmet street were some seafood from what. Personally, I didn’t think it was cheap. The cheapest dish was 150B. As a student, I couldn’t bear to walk in so luxuriously. I walked to the end. There was a corner where the local food was very cheap and the most expensive was only 40B. During the meal, I met four Chinese, two women and one man from Xiamen. We chatted together and talked that today they met a Guangzhou girl who had an accident at the foot of Sutie Mountain. Her friend went up the mountain to play for some reason. She was left alone at the foot of the mountain and saw her crying alone. They took her to the local hospital before they came back. It’s getting late after eating, and I went back to the hotel after parting. Today is the past.

Day2, I got up early today, If you want to go to the bookstore to buy books, In the process of walking, I saw a temple (there are many temples in Chiang Mai, all of which are similar). When I entered, a boy asked me in English if I was Korean. I smiled and told him that I came from China, and then there were all kinds of words he loved China. We went to the temple together, and later learned that I wanted to buy books and went to find a place to sell books together. In this way, I played with this Korean boy for a day and felt that this was the meaning of traveling. There would always be unexpected gains. On this day, we didn’t go to what’s scenic spots. We just drank coffee in cafes and talked about the cultures of the two countries. In other people’s eyes, we should come from the same country with the same skin color, but we spoke English, which was really interesting. Day3, today is Friday, and it is also the Flower Festival. The strategy said that the first Sunday in February is the Flower Festival, but the fact is that there are flower shows from Friday to July. When I came here, I had a good relationship with the landlord’s daughter, a lovely high school student. After talking with her, she promised to take me shopping at night, so I met her at the gate of her school at about 4: 30 when she finished school. There was still some time before she finished school, so I went shopping at noon. I didn’t expect to be hit by a good thing, that is, there was a parade of flowers in Tapeimen. Chiang Mai was indeed a place where beautiful women were produced. One by one, it was really beautiful and tourists didn’t listen to the photos.

In the evening, I came to Donut’s school and met one of her classmates, whose Chinese name was Feifei, majoring in English and Chinese. But when it comes to Chinese, I told her in Chinese why I chose this major, but she couldn’t understand.

Here we are, A night market here at the Southwest Gate, There is a lot of food in it, All sorts of things, By the way, it’s also a restaurant float and flowers. Day5, Today, I don’t have any plans and I just go out for a stroll. Walking along, I saw four little girls sitting in a courtyard doing manual labor classes. I took the initiative to go up and chat with them. They turned out to be local Senior Three students. At noon, the girls also invited me to eat Pizza. It was really nice for me. I met them and all of them left their mailboxes. I still keep in touch. Today I came to Chedilong Temple (the oldest temple), On my way back to the hotel, I saw a market where fruits were very cheap, ranging from 20 to 50B. Many people ate there. Sitting next to me was an elderly couple from France. We talked for a while and also talked about my boyfriend. The old lady always told me not to worry. I would meet many friends. It was really sweet. Soon a boy sitting next to me, Seemingly Chinese, When he was chatting with his friends, he said that he was from Foshan. I feel very kind, When I met a man from Guangdong, I chatted with him. Knowing that he and two friends from the same trade came here by themselves, When I was in Vietnam, I had a car accident. The two men were sent back to Beijing for rescue. He narrowly escaped a bullet. The 24th was better. Up to now, his arms have not been straight. Speaking of the car accident, his BMW X6 seemed to have lost 1.4 million cars to the side of the road, and his notebook and mobile phone were all broken. In this way, he continued to come to Chiang Mai alone. He was really a magical person. Indeed, he could meet many magical people and magical things during the trip. To be kind is to get the well-known little bird out of the market. The environment is very close and good. It seems that I also want to stay in this little bird youth tour next time I come. It is said that the boss is from Hong Kong and his name is Mike. He can also be found on Weibo. Today is Saturday and there is a Saturday night market. In the evening, we came to the market with empty stomachs, ready to look for all kinds of delicious food. Day5, today is Sunday and the last day of the Flower Festival. I chatted with Donut at my place of residence in the morning. She was applying nail polish and helped me apply it by the way. The two were naughty and happy.

A fraction of it is enough. Only China will kill people like this.

Day6, On the last day in Chiang Mai, I came to Chiang Mai University with my fellow Chinese, a very big university, really very big, but I don’t know if this is the largest compared with Hua Nong. There are free battery cars on campus. Considering that the battery cars in my school still charge 1.5 yuan, it is really a bit cheating! I met two sisters here. The lunch together at Chiang Mai University was very cheap and good. In the afternoon, we came to Mangotango recommended by many strategies to eat mango salad. When I arrived, I found that all of them were Chinese. None of them are foreigners, It seems that I have been fooled by the strategy again and have to say goodbye at night. Because I bought the bus to Bangkok, the afternoon plane on the 5th, Although he did not give up later, But I still want to be here, I like it very much here. On my way back, I received an offer from Groningen University. I wept with joy. At the same time, I was sad that my IELTS had not yet come out, but I was not afraid at all. I don’t know why I wanted to write a mail to the school to tell them that I wanted to enter the school again in March next year. The reason was that I wanted to travel and to be an English or Chinese teacher in Chiang Mai. After this trip, I found that life is just like this. The ups and downs in front of me are only temporary. Just like meeting a foreigner on the way, he said, just like what I said, IELTS is nothing, and breaking up with my boyfriend is nothing! “That’s not the end of the world! “Studying abroad can make me harvest in the trip I can still, then I still have what to worry about? The full name is 1660 round-trip air tickets for AirAsia, and then the total cost for a week, including air tickets and gifts from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, is 1,000. So this time it cost a total of 2600 yuan. I think the place where I live is 75 yuan a night. If I had known earlier that there was little bird, more than 20 yuan a night, I would have saved a lot of money a week! Finally, I would like to say that girls must go out of town alone. Raiders are a reference and their own personal experience is the truth! If you still have some questions after reading my post and want to ask me, I will answer them at any time like you.

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