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Month: June 2018

“Thailand” Poor Backpackers’ Night Paradise-Bangkok Kaoshan Road

I used to visit the Chao Phraya River by boat when I went to Bangkok. The night view on both sides of the river and the seafood buffet on the cruise ship are still unforgettable. Therefore, I would like to visit the Chao Phraya River with my husband at night again. At the dock, I didn’t find out about the cruise ship for the night tour of the Chao Phraya River, so I had to go back to the hotel and ask the boss. The boss said that the tour of the Chao Phraya River needed to be booked in advance. He could find a company to consult and then help us make a reservation. It was definitely not possible on that day. Can’t swim the Chao Phraya River, the time suddenly appeared blank at night, remembered that when I arrived at the hotel from the airport during the day, I once asked the taxi driver Kaoshan Road in what. At that time, our car happened to be at the junction of Kaoshan Road, as if it were very close to our hotel. After asking the hotel owner about the good road, we decided to go around Kaoshan Road.

Kaoshan Road is called a night paradise for poor young people. It has never been heard of before, probably because there are more and more backpackers in China and more and more contacts with foreign countries in recent years, so I know this place where international backpackers gather. When wandering around at night, I happened to meet a domestic college student who was traveling to Thailand by himself. He lived in Kaoshan Road. Asked if Kaoshan Road was unique in what and attracted so many people, he said it was cheap. It is said that the rent here only needs 150 Thai baht, but the room needs at least 6 people. Sometimes with good luck, there are few guests, and there may be a room of six people with only one person living in it, which becomes a single room. However, this is a very small probability event.

From the hotel to the left, go straight to a T-junction, which is only ten minutes away. It is very easy. At the roadside stall at the gate of the hotel, I ate a bowl of genuine Thai rice noodles, 40 Thai baht, and only two people spent 80 Thai baht, which was really cheap. Then I walked to Kaoshan Road. Later, it was discovered that the cheapest time to eat in Thailand was in Bangkok.


This brightly lit temple is just facing the street of our hotel and has become a reference for us to judge the direction. This is the intersection of the road to democracy, full of large-scale campaign advertisements. To tell the truth, these candidates are all quite beautiful. This is Xie Ailing, who has a fight with Yingluck and is still of Chinese descent. If I had the right to vote, I would definitely give it to her. The road sign at the junction of Kaoshan Road. As soon as I entered Kaoshan Road Pedestrian Street, I was a little excited. I don’t know why. In fact, many cities in China have such night markets. If they are better than the hardware conditions, China’s should be much better than this. However, they just feel good here and have special taste. Is it because there are many foreigners? Or? I really can’t say for sure. The road was crowded with tourists. There are many snacks sold along the street and they taste very good. There are also many people who sell Scorpion what. They are not allowed to take photos. They have to pay for taking photos. It’s disgusting to look at it, so I’m not interested in taking photos. I am making fried noodles for us. It is very delicious and I bought two portions in succession. This service is quite special. It helps to braid hair. Guests can make various requests. Don’t say, it’s really not bad!

Thailand’s bars must be praised. Beer will never be increased indiscriminately. Like China’s bars, they wish to increase their prices dozens of times. The good beer here is 130 Thai baht, and if it is local beer, it is less than 100 Thai baht. We ordered the local beer specially, and the taste was very ordinary. Later, we stopped trying it. During my stay in Thailand, it may be the period when I drink beer most frequently. I drink it every day and every meal. It may be caused by the environment. It seems that if I don’t drink it, I won’t be in Thailand.

It is estimated that there must be no urban management here. The advertisements printed with business cards are multifarious. It is very interesting to see the contents. If you like, you can also print the CIA or FBI, which is quite funny. Coming out of Kaoshan Road, we walked along Democracy Avenue like Democracy Square. The streets were deserted, but the signs of barricades set up by the yellow shirts had not been completely removed.

The back of this fence is full of tires and sandbags. Originally, it was two-way roads, one of which was sealed. All vehicles only used one road. Fortunately, it is in Bangkok. If it is in Beijing, it will not be a mess. The Thai people are still very orderly. Everyone takes their own side and gives way to the opposite car. Everything is in good order. I admire the consciousness of the Thai people. This is the well-known Democracy Square. Seeing the extremely cold appearance in front of us, it is difficult to connect it with the tense road closure demonstration a few days ago.

Thailand’s democracy is very regrettable, The opposition, represented by Thailand’s elite, is too small to win a free election of one person, one vote. However, they insist that their ideas are more in line with Thailand’s national interests, and the Thai people just don’t buy their accounts. They got to Taiwan with the help of the military coup last time and lost the election again due to the red shirt protests. This time, their demand has changed to reform, that is, to reform Thailand’s existing electoral system, but which is so easy to reform the electoral system? This requires amending the Constitution. To put it bluntly, there is no one person, one vote. Otherwise, the opposition party will not have so many votes. This has become a deadlock: a political party that claims to best represent the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Thai people must deprive the majority of the working people of their voting rights to be elected. How can it be said that it can represent the people? Therefore, opposition demonstrations and road closures are all in a dilemma. Those who took part in the demonstration all paid for it. After all, the opposition party’s funds were limited and could not afford it. Similarly, as the road closure has affected Thailand’s international image and given the international community an impact of political instability in Thailand, the number of tourists to Thailand has declined, affecting the income of the general public, who cannot support the opposition. The road closure has even affected the lives of Bangkok people. Over time, they have not supported the opposition. Yingluck’s move to use Roukegang is also a masterful move. It is lukewarm. The reactionaries cannot find a pretext to attack the government. At most, the forcible containment of some polling stations on the day of voting prevents the voting from proceeding smoothly, but it cannot change the current political structure in Thailand.

During his stay in Thailand, all the people he came into contact with supported Yingluck. I sympathize with the plight of the elite, but oppose this endless entanglement. Thailand belongs to the Thai people. The nearly ten years of political struggle have left the Asian dragon, which has embarked on a fast track of economic development, behind a lot. I was a little excited to see this restaurant. This is a very famous Thai restaurant in Bangkok. I ate in it several times before. It’s already very late, and there are still people in the same position. The public praise should be very good. Walking through Democracy Square, a large-scale temple complex appeared in front of us. There was a lighting project, a small garden in front of us, and a statue in the small garden. It should be very well-connected. At that time, it was too late, and it seemed that the surrounding area was not small. I wanted to come back during the day. Unfortunately, there was no spare time. This was the only regret of this trip to Thailand. On the color sign beside the temple, I saw that the temple was called Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara. When I came back, I checked it on Baidu. The Chinese translation here is Wang Sun Temple, which is located in Rachatannon Street and was built during the reign of Thai Emperor Rama III. The temple retains a pyramid-shaped pink Loha Prasat (metal-topped pagoda) built in Sri Lankan style. It is a magnificent building surrounded by 37 spire. There are only three cases of this minaret pagoda in the history of Buddhism, and it is the only minaret temple preserved in the world at present. In front of the temple are the monument to Rama III and Maha Chetsadabodin, which serves as the official reception desk for the head of state. Opposite the temple is Mahakan Fortress, which is part of the ancient city wall. Known as the metal castel, 37 towers are all made of iron. This is the only one in Thailand, and it is said that only here in the world, India and Sri Lanka have well-preserved iron tower temples. When I went to the temple, it was an exhibition on the architectural design of the temple. It is very different from other temples and looks like a castle from a distance. Personally, I think it is worth visiting ~

When I returned to the hotel, it was still lively here. Go in and see what was going on. It is very much like a temple fair in China. There are all those selling what.

Thailand Tourism

Thailand has been traveling for nearly two months. If you don’t make up for it, you may give up.

In December, the anti-government gathering in Thailand became more and more intense, and the tour fee to Thailand fell to a low point. Looking at such a cheap price, Mr. Wang strongly supported me to go to Thailand. He said that there was definitely no problem with public security and he was relieved to go.

December is the coolest time in Thailand, and it is also the most comfortable time to travel. It starts from Chongqing on December 5 and returns to Chongqing on December 10.

Thailand is a country where all people believe in religion and thousands of Buddhas are found in temples.

The exquisite buildings of the Grand Palace and Jade Buddha Temple made me forget the time and I lingered here.

Because I was fascinated, I called the gathering before I worshipped the Jade Buddha.

The rare treasures and European architecture in Ananda (Thailand’s old parliament building) are magnificent.

In Thailand, after visiting the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple and seeing such exquisite buildings, what was unable to enter. The beautiful picture always came to mind, and the camera could not be raised even if I had been looking forward to visiting the Chao Phraya River. Therefore, I only have photos of the Grand Palace when traveling in Thailand.

There were no photos left at the Du Lala Water Market. The princess watched the transvestite performance at close range and watched the world-renowned “transvestite song and dance performance” in Bangkok without taking photos. One is that I can’t take photos of portraits at all. The most important thing is that the transvestite, who is more charming than women, although they have infinite scenery, I think they are still miserable, so I don’t want to take photos of the “beautiful” face.

In Pattaya Sands Island, I only took a few pp photos of water sports.

I haven’t traveled with a group for many years. During the six-day trip to Thailand, the whole itinerary was much better than expected. In the future, I would like to go to Thailand and see those buildings and the Jade Buddha that I haven’t had time to worship.

Bangkok, a lively encounter.

The day before I left Thailand, I was sitting in a cabin in Pai and heard Eldest Brother Cheng from Malaysia say that he had had four adventures in Thailand. He said that Thailand is a country that makes people believe in the law of fate. Every time he comes, he can inexplicably meet friends scattered all over the world who have not contacted for a long time, and there are many inexplicable encounters.

I think so.

This trip to Thailand is not a kind of fate. Knowing about the activities of swimming a lot at the right time; He wrote an appropriate travel note and was lucky to win the prize. Xiao Hong, a small partner who happened to walk through Pakistan and India together, also slowly moved from Vietnam and Cambodia to Thailand, so he had the right companion.

It is only natural that everything will follow suit.

Late at night on December 10, I flew to Bangkok with Kankan and Princess Apple. At that time, I did not know that this city, which I once wanted to give up, had already prepared for me a lively encounter in how.

Today’s Tips:

About how to get to Bangkok. Thanks to kankan for recommending the route from wuhan to bangkok. According to observation, the price of this route is relatively stable and it is really an excellent choice to go to Bangkok. As for the journey from the airport to Kaoshan Road, because it was too late to arrive, we could only take a taxi. The driver was kind and the price was reasonable, 300B..

About where to live. If you are like me, it is your first time to go to Bangkok. I suggest living on Kaoshan Road. First of all, it is very close to everywhere, especially the famous Grand Palace, and it is only a walk. Secondly, Kaoshan Road’s tourism industry is extremely perfect. No matter where you want to go, you will have a suitable price and take over the delivery. Last but not least, the backpack atmosphere here is so strong that when you walk into the street and see all kinds of people from all over the world, you can’t help sighing: Oh, I am really, really traveling! !

11 December:

Sleep until you wake up naturally, wearing a T-shirt and flip-flops, you throw yourself into the vast flow of people on Kaoshan Road.

As food, of course, first find food.

The second is naturally to go to the famous Grand Palace. I followed Xiaohong to walk and look east and west, looking to see a trace of the conflict between the red and yellow shirts. However, pedestrians are leisurely and comfortable, cars are orderly and calm disappointingly. Xiaohong laughed at me with the attitude of a Bangkok boss: “silly, who will accompany you so early!!”

It was already 12 noon, and it was still so early… so early… what kind of rhythm was this…

Suddenly, an uncle jumped out of the roadside and asked, “Where are U from?”


Oh, Chinese, I am an overseas Chinese from Thailand.

Nani? What a coincidence?

Are you going to the grand palace? Do you know that there are ten Buddhas besides four Buddhas, so beautiful!! And it is only opened once a year, today!!!

Nani? What a coincidence?

Uncle immediately took out a pen and paper and drew a detailed map to teach us how to reach the beautiful ten-sided Buddha.

Xiaohong and I instantly felt the warmth of our compatriots.

Farewell to the enthusiastic uncle, Xiaohong and I continued to move forward according to the map he gave us. Unexpectedly, another uncle jumped out of the roadside, mentioned the ten-sided Buddha again, and taught us how to tutu and how to go by boat. He even taught us a few Thai words, such as “how much is it?” It’s too expensive. “Saying so, we won’t be cheated.

Just as it happened, a tutu came to us. Uncle enthusiastically offered for us and 20B went to the ferry.

What a nice person.

Xiaohong and I instantly felt the warmth of the Thai people.

Arriving at the ferry, an aunt was greeted. The bait was still the beautiful ten-sided Buddha, one hour, 1200B. Nani? Do you think we are pure local tyrants?

Xiaohong and I finally realized that along the way, the two uncles and one tutu were actually supporting each other. The ultimate goal was to lead us to the aunt and place us deeply together.

What they didn’t expect was that Xiaohong and I were veteran wanderers for many years. We quickly recognized the situation and found the ferry. It took us 3B to cross the Chao Phraya River and grope for the high Zheng Wang Temple.

Along the way, we spoke sympathetically of these painstaking supporters, believing that their designs were closely linked and their performances were just right. Unfortunately, we finally escaped. Because of this, we are not unhappy at all, but find it extremely interesting.

Looking at the very close temple of Zheng Wang, it was looking at the mountain and running dead horses. We walked through countless alleys, entered two temples, molested a group of young novices who were taking exams, and finally praised the aunt who sold fragrant pears in Korla, Xinjiang…

Zheng Wang Temple finally stands high in front of us.

Zheng Wang Temple, also known as Liming Temple, is called the Eiffel Tower in Bangkok. The slope of the upper and lower steps is extremely high and very narrow. Common blondes and blue-eyed beauties are shaking and standing in the middle, making loud and loud screams, leading countless handsome men with the same blondes and blue-eyed to bow down.

Heroes must be saved. Beauty.

Look, look, how brave Dodo birds are.

Standing on the tower, you can overlook the whole of Bangkok, including the Grand Palace.

The tower body was surrounded by a circle of yellow cloth for tourists to leave messages and sign.

No matter where it is, the scene of writing messages seriously always looks very beautiful.

What is better is a couple at the gate of Zheng Wang Temple. He held tweezers in his hand and gently pulled out her white hair. He looked focused and she closed her eyes gently.

The moment I quietly pressed the shutter, I wet my eyes.

After traveling for a long time, the scenery is completely second, and what you encounter, smell and feel on the road is the most fascinating.

Therefore, when we arrived at the gate of the Grand Palace, we learned that the Grand Palace was closed early today without any regret.

I strongly urged Xiao Hong to take me to the Democracy Monument, which is said to be the gathering place of demonstrators.

I thought I could see the infuriating scene. Facts have proved that I was wrong…

There are many people. Everyone walked and sat on the big square in front of the monument, with sheds built everywhere. There were special personnel to provide food, free medicine distribution, and even stalls to kill chickens. Everyone ate, drank, listened to the speech, watched the performance, talked and laughed, it was just a happy patty.

Alas, only beautiful Yingluck is disappointed.

Tip of the Day: Don’t trust anyone’s recommended trip on the way to the Grand Palace, even if he looks warm and kind. After seeing the Grand Palace, you can find the nearest Meinan Ferry and cross the river to Zheng Wang Temple for 3B. Ticket 50B, worth it.

12 December:

Personally, I like public transportation very much. The bus is like a microcosm of society. If you can take the bus freely, it will give you a strong sense of integration.

Before I went to Thailand, I heard that the bus in Bangkok was very terrible. The station was completely Thai and I didn’t know where it was. However, Xiao Hong, a small partner, is a bus expert. He can often turn corruption into magic and make full use of bus traffic in Thailand.

For example, our itinerary today. Kaoshan Road-511bus-Bus Station-78bus-Dannenshado Water Market-minibus-Ampawa-tutu-Train Market-minibus-Bangkok Shengli Monument-509bus-Kaoshan Road.

After a circle, the transportation fee was RMB 49 yuan, giving away a lot of interesting things free of charge.

The bus in Thailand is very interesting. There is a red button beside the bus exit door. If there is no one waiting on some platforms, the driver will probably not stop. If you want to get off, you can hit the red button and the driver will stop naturally.

Speaking of Bangkok’s water market, of course, it is best to go to Ampava, where “Du Lala’s Promotion” was filmed, to be simple and peaceful. Unfortunately, it is only available on weekends, so we had to go to Dennenshado.

It is said that Dennenshado is very commercial. However, the overall feeling was very good except for a little unhappiness at the alighting point.

We paid 300B to hire a boat for 2 hours. The boat swung on the water and sold all kinds of goods around. If you take a fancy to it, you can let the boatman lean over. I didn’t eat breakfast. I was so hungry that I saw the powder seller’s eyes flashing immediately. The boatman motioned me to calm down. He shouted at the aunt, who rowed the boat and swung along. Filled with a bowl of powder, the boatman went on without hesitation. I was anxious: “I haven’t finished eating yet. Where is the bowl? What about the bowl!!”

Boyle waved her hand: “Put you on board!!”

The price of food was not far from that of Kaoshan Road. The boatman was not angry when he saw that we didn’t buy any goods. He cheerfully looked for lizards along the road and called us to see.

Because of his due diligence, even the stingy ones could not help tipping us at last.

After landing, we walked to the alighting point and did not see the bus. An uncle said, “bus station, it’s far away.”

He got on a bun and called us, Go, bus station.

But, we were scared by yesterday’s uncle, unknown so, did not dare to get on the bus.

He was furious and gave a loud roar: free! Free! !

He took us to the station and instructed us where to buy tickets.

We finally met a living Lei Feng…

The minibus driver to Ampava was an interesting guy, teasing the beautiful woman in the back seat all the way. And asked me to take a picture of him. When I really aimed the camera at him, he flashed aside at a speed that was very inconsistent with his fat body and laughed heartily at each other.

Ampawa, which is not a weekend, is indeed extremely cold and cheerless. Xiaohong, who witnessed the weekend feast with his own eyes, said: Thailand is such a magical place. After sleeping, what and what are gone, and it is different everywhere…

Well, let’s go to the famous train market.

Live experience and watching videos are really two different things, otherwise, there would be no need for everyone to travel far and wide.

Seeing the train coming from a distance, the old monk walked leisurely on the railway tracks, and the stall owners were still collecting the stalls slowly. I really caught them in a hurry. The train crashed with a clash among the apples, bananas, potatoes and even above them. The tourists were excited. The vendors calmly talked and laughed. When the train was over, they slowly set up canopies, set up stalls and started buying and selling.

The most important thing is that this train is not a decoration, it really plays a traffic role. This is Meigong Station. There are a group of girls beside the train who are preparing to take the train to school.

If you want to go to Bangkok, you can transfer to bus after two stops by train. The ticket is 10B, which is less than RMB in 2 yuan. It is really cheap.

It’s a pity that we have to catch the bus to Chiang Mai at night and have no time to experience it.

At 7 p.m., we followed the sister of Chiang Mai’s ticket agency through numerous alleys on Kaoshan Road and finally arrived at the place where we got on the bus.

The buddy standing in front is Bangkok’s last impression on me. How long is he going to walk and how much he loves this shoe? It doesn’t count to carry two pairs on his back, and one pair on his feet is exactly the same. Xiao Hong and I kept discussing whether he could tell which pair was which pair until we got on the bus.

When the car starts, it is time to bid farewell to Bangkok. This vivid and fragrant city has given me countless encounters and surprises. I think I will definitely come again.

Maybe soon, maybe very far away, who knows?

Today’s Tips:

If you have time, you may as well try Bangkok Bus. The price is much higher than that of light rail subway. Don’t be afraid of the bug in Thai announcing the station. You can say hello to the conductor in advance and call you when you arrive.

After Route 78 arrives at Dannenshado, it will directly alight at the first cruise point. It is very expensive and has a bad attitude. It takes 1000b for two hours. You can continue to walk forward, and someone will greet you not far away. 300b.

Return to Bangkok from the train market, near Victory Monument. Walk towards Shengli Monument and cross the overpass to see the bus hub station with countless buses. Both Route 509 and Route 12 can reach Kaoshan Road.

I think, I just did what I wanted to do.

From 26 north latitude to 13 north latitude, from 120 east longitude to 98 east longitude, I think I just did what I wanted to do. When you are still rubbing your eyes and your eyes are hazy, you can’t see that the sunrise in Kenting has dyed the horizon red. When you are still covering your ears and not waking up, you cannot hear Big Ben ticking in Greenwich. While you’re still on your way to work, You don’t realize the vast expanse of the Sahara. I think I just did what I wanted to do-to my first Thai trip. This trip is still a temporary one, because it is my first time abroad. I am afraid that in case something happens to what, my family will know where I am, so I decided to tell them. Arrive in Guangzhou on August 13, 2013, Chiang Mai on August 14, 2013, Pai District on August 15, 2013, Huaxin on August 19, 2013, Bangkok on August 21, 2013.

I was very uncomfortable on the train to Guangzhou, Because I wanted to save some money and took the bus to Kunming with a large number of people, As a result, the car was very crowded. But the first time I heard the car full of people speaking Cantonese, I felt good. After half a day’s drive to the airport, The early morning flight took two hours to Bangkok, (This is my first time on a plane, and my reaction is very severe. I feel bleeding in my ears.) After staying at the airport for one night, There were a lot of people and a lot of Chinese. I also saw a man disguised as a local tyrant using a super invincible and poor English diaocafe waiter. As a Chinese, I was ashamed enough at that moment and wanted to rush up and say sorry to the waiter. The Thai baht was changed at the airport because it could not be changed in Fuzhou and the exchange rate was lower than that in China. The next day, when I changed planes to Chiang Mai, I sat next to a very gentlemen uncle. I was called “Lady” for the first time and was very happy. They often go out to play with their whole family. Their wife is Japanese. Now the whole family lives in Germany and can speak Thai. I also showed us their photos in Beijing. We also took a picture together. What a lovely uncle. Oh, his eldest son is quite good. (appreciate that little English is enough for basic communication) Chiang Mai’s first impression when he arrived in Chiang Mai was very good, That kind of good is warm heart good, because the people there will be very friendly smile at you, the car will always give way to you, you will always have kind people to answer your questions, walking on the road is comfortable, what you see will make your mouth smile slightly, this feeling is especially obvious in Bangkok. I don’t know how many cups of fruit milk shake I have drunk, because I can’t eat any other Thai food. I feel nauseous when I smell the spice! However, I still have to score 99 points for Chiang Mai, because this city really gives me many, many surprises, and the shortage of 1 point is due to food. After visiting Shuanglong Temple, I went to Chiang Mai University. At the open day, Many departments and colleges are doing publicity, I like it very much, I had the opportunity to release the recorded video. When the students were going to leave, a teacher caught me and chatted with me. He could see that he liked China very much. As soon as he saw me from a distance, he asked me if I was from China. Then he praised Shanghai as a big city. Then he casually said a few words and I left. On the last day in Chiang Mai, Lili and I want to visit a museum near the ancient city. In fact, we didn’t want to waste this half-day’s time, but we stumbled into an old people’s home by mistake. We really crustily skin of head went in, thinking there would be a museum in it. The old people all looked at us in surprise. Later, when we came out, we met a grandmother with inconvenient legs and feet. She asked us in English, “Where are you from?” At that time, we were all surprised that she could speak English. Grandma was so enthusiastic that she told us to go out for a ride and help us stop Tuktuk. Her legs were not convenient and she still insisted on helping us. At that time, tears almost fell from her eyes when her heart was warm. Is there any reason why what will not go to such cities?

PAI Pai District is a fairy tale and a place suitable for taking photos, but I am willing to go there after I learn to ride a bicycle. It must be wonderful to go out on a bicycle in the morning and come back on a bicycle in the evening. Chiang Mai is a 3-hour drive from Pai District. It is half the way up the mountain and half the way down the mountain. I vomited to death. It is all because I drank a large cup of yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning! On the last day in Pai District, I reported to a travel agency. One-day tour of Pai District is regarded as, Riding an elephant, I went to the Grand Canyon over there… (I met a Swiss girl who came alone and said she was a student, Emma, how many brain cells had to die) while driving on the road, The driver taught us three sentences of Thai. Boys and girls talked about the difference between hello. Boys are Sawadhika (keep your mouth closed), girls are Sawadhika, and thank you, buckle the shed card, I love you, follow buy buy. There were relaxed Thai songs in the car. We were doing all kinds of little tricks behind the car. I opened the window in the car and shouted ‘PAI, follow buy buy’. Although I was a little embarrassed for a moment, I was very happy. On the return trip, because it was the last bus and there would be a border check on the way, To check the driver’s ID card, when we got off the bus to get some air, the soldiers on the roadside had a conversation. He praised me as “cute” in unskilled Chinese. I had to praise him as “handsome in hello” (really handsome, you know I love Brother Flathead) in English. He was a very friendly person. Why didn’t I ask email? The way back was very foggy at night, dense fog, occasionally the lights of the cars flickered bit by bit, are there goats on the roadside? It’s still a herd of cattle. I can’t remember it clearly. It’s really like a fairy tale fog Wizard of Oz.

HUAXIN went to Hua Xin by taxi. At one time, he was worried that the companion of the other car would be abducted because the driver could not speak English and did not know the hotel address. The drivers of the two cars did not communicate well in advance, but fortunately, they both arrived safely in the end. The place where we live is at sea. When we sleep, we will shake a little and hear the sound of the sea beating against wooden stakes. When I first arrived, I was sitting in my room watching the sea. I just got the recording of San Mao on my microblog. At that time, I listened, sat, watched and listened to her when Jose died. I listened to her saying the word in “This World”, wiping your blood and wiping my tears. I heard tears fall, sometimes sensational is really understandable. Although Hua Xin is a place where the sea is not beautiful, there are few Chinese. In the evening, many restaurants on the roadside will have LIVE BAND. This is great. We went out to eat seascape rice that day. The restaurant is also great. The night view is very good! Give her 60 points. I didn’t like it or get bored. There was an episode in the middle. It was when I was shopping with Mi at night, I accidentally went to a street in the chicken shop. Nima, my little heart was frightened.

BANGKOK, the drivers at the Bangkok railway station should have known us all by now, Because they recognized us when we arrived at the railway station this time, It is estimated that the last time I went to Hua Xin to cut prices and kill too hard, I remember us, This time I didn’t pay much attention to them, Run directly to take the bus to Kaoshan Road, The bus in Bangkok is charged by some people. The conductor will take a long iron cylinder-like thing with coins jingling inside. It takes some time to find a hotel in the middle of the night. When asking for directions, he was warmly treated by a boy and told me that I love you. Later, he found out that they regard I love you as hello’s greeting. There is an episode here, that is, we have 8 people, but I only booked a room for 7 people, and I still thought that I could squeeze it. I thought that the hotel would not have how. As a result, people were all nodding their heads, so I paid another 200B. However, the room I lived in had no hot water, which was cheating. At that time, I didn’t look at the reservation carefully. Then the famous Kaoshan Road feels a bit like Student Street. Even if there are many foreigners, there will be people drinking on the roadside in broad daylight, and many people on the roadside are doing mass. Some vendors here will enthusiastically say “hello, I love you” in Chinese, but some do not like doing Chinese business. I met a vendor who muttered “white wear” (looking at bracelets at that time)

I met a very warm-hearted man on the way. Tell us that the grand palace is full of monks praying before 12 o’clock. If we don’t let in, we are recommended to take a boat tour. Who knows he will be the boatman’s partner, cheating father, what bullshit broken boat, there is no water market at all, it is a dirty river, and there is a disgusting super invincible lizard. Who wants to see it? Please, what’s more abominable is that he is grateful to him and has taken a photo with him now! ! ! Later, because of the large number of people in the Grand Palace, Tickets are also very expensive, Me, Mi and Mocha didn’t go in, I went to the Sleeping Buddha Temple instead. On the way back, there was a heavy rain. The three of us got lost again, Trapped by heavy rain, Later, I walked to a mini roadside coffee shop. After a little hot coffee, I asked WiFi (we forgot the hotel address because we didn’t understand the language, and our mobile phone didn’t open a foreign package, so we could only check the reservation order online) or WiFi of a shelved unit next door. Later, when the rain was less, we stopped a TU TU, showed him the address, and after agreeing on the price, he nodded and drove. Later, he found that the driver uncle could not speak English, and Bangkok was very crowded and blocked in the evening! At the end of the day, he said Thai let us out of the car, this time! Mochi seems to be able to understand the word “get off the bus”, because getting off the bus in Zhuang language is the same pronunciation, and then they have an irrelevant communication. I really convinced them how they did it! The reason why we didn’t get off the bus was that we had no idea where the hotel was or where it was coming. Later, when I was stuck at the intersection, The driver raised the price of 50B to 100B, We all have to play dumb and say i dont know, But he insisted, I’m in a hurry, Sitting in the car, he shouted to the driver of a motorcycle passing by and told him the situation. He talked enthusiastically for a while, The driver agreed to maintain the original price, Later, I generally thought we were “too powerful” and gave us thumbs up. However, I still think the impact of Zhuang and Thai is too amusing.) When I returned to the hotel, I was completely drenched. @-@ The next day, I went to visit BIG C and the famous Bangkok bag to buy some souvenirs. Moreover, I went to the four-sided Buddha to say goodbye. This is an incredible Buddha. If it is effective, I will fulfill my promise. I hope my hope will come true. Although I don’t understand the language of Buddhism, I think Buddhism does. Every time I feel like I want to leave in Bangkok, there are always kind people who make me not want to leave. To me, this is the charm of a city. I will also go to Bangkok. It seems that I can enjoy these places in Thailand, because there will be boys talking to me in every place. Is this even an affair? But why is the age either too old or too young? The little boy who asked me about my email immediately panicked when he heard that I was a university. The high school student was indeed a little young. Although Hua Xin’s uncle enthusiastically hoped to see u next time, today today, I didn’t catch a cold with you, uncle. It was the boy who hated and enthusiastically showed me the way on 7-11. Why did you bring a girl with you? About how I survived these 10 days, It’s all due to 7-11. For the whole 10 days, I felt that we were almost through 7-11. And then there’s one thing I have to confess, When I was in a family in Hua Xin on July 11, I was so thirsty that I took a large cup of Sprite. Then because I was so thirsty that I couldn’t wait to check out at the counter, I took a big drink. Then, I planned to pay the bill, but I saw that he was much empty, so I took another full cup, and then I went to the front desk to pay the bill contentedly.

Thailand, which gives alms in the early morning, has a beautiful beginning (3) Ampawa’s “Picture and Text”

In the evening, we set out from the Tiger Temple and drove back to Bangkok for about two hours before arriving at Amphawa, a small town located in Samut Songkhram in western Bangkok. There is Bangkok’s famous weekend water market, with many wooden buildings and residential inns lined on both sides of the river bank. Different from the water market brought by travel agencies on a one-day tour, there are fewer foreign tourists here and it is a place for Bangkok people to relax on weekends. The day we came was not a weekend, so the town presented us with its quiet and serene beauty. Walking slowly by the riverside at night, the shops have been closed. I can’t imagine the scene of the crowds here on weekends and the endless flow of long-tailed boats selling various snacks.

The inn near the river is a must for Amphava’s trip. We stayed in a very Thai-style inn called Thanicha Healthy Resort. The inn was all made of wooden floors and was very clean. The guests were required to enter barefoot and it was very comfortable to step on the cool floor.

Because it was not a weekend, the whole town felt resting, the shops were closed, and no food stalls could be seen in the street. Turning east and west, it finally found two roadside stalls in an obscure alley.

I asked for Thailand’s traditional rice noodle soup, seafood fried rice and seafood soup similar to Dongyin Palace, but the taste was surprisingly delicious! In particular, the rice noodle soup looks clear and light, but it is sour and spicy, which makes me feel good.

Seafood soup is full and fresh. This is Thailand. Any snack stall can arouse all your taste buds.

When we go to Ampawa on weekends, our aim is to take part in the early morning water alms. As long as we tell the innkeeper in advance, we will prepare alms for the guests. In order not to miss the alms, everyone went to bed early.

Facing the morning light, we got up early. Ampawa is quiet and beautiful in the early morning. We stand by the river and wait quietly for the monks who beg for alms in the temple.

More than 95% of Thailand’s people believe in Mahayana Buddhism. The religious council requires temple monks not to eat after noon, so it has become a tradition for believers to give alms every morning.

Amphawa’s special feature is that there are temples near the river around the town. In the morning, monks row boats and come leisurely along the river. Believers wait quietly on the bank of the river. When the believers present alms, they will kneel down with their hands folded and listen to a prayer scripture from the monk. Note that women cannot have any physical contact with monks, so the charity items are packed in trays, just handed to the monks, and they will pick them up and put them on the boat in the same categories.

We also did as the Romans did. We presented a young monk with Buddha flowers, some rice, drinks and snacks. We listened to him recite the scripture. Although we did not understand it, I was still very devout. This is where the beautiful day begins!

Su Mei-Talk about Some Experiences and Feelings (Some Price Reference)

Brief Introduction: Except for a short rain on the day of arrival, it was good weather at other times. May is an excessive season. However, there were obviously fewer people going there. There were very few people on the beach, and there were almost no reclining chairs or swimming pools. The price of the agent is obviously lower than what I have seen in other strategies. The air tickets are not so tight. The only regret is that mangosteen is not produced this season. But there are mangoes to make up for it. It is indeed the origin of mangoes. Mangoes have no sour taste, honey is sweet and sweet. There are two kinds of pineapples, one is big green yellow, which is full of water and sweet and sour. The other is golden yellow and small, very sweet. I took Singapore Airlines to Sumi. Give one more choice to friends who are struggling with where to change planes. To sum up, it is a good choice to go to Sumei in May.


Weekend $66.33, one night * 3 rooms * 3 nights is about 420*3*3=3780.00

Chaweng Buri Resort


Food near Lamay Beach is cheap. Near my hotel, there is a night market with fried rice 60B and mango SHAKE35B. BBQ. I chose 2390B set meal for three people, each with 1 lobster, 2 tiger shrimps, 1 crab and 1 squid. The lady gave me a cup of mango SHAKE. This is the most expensive part per capita in Thailand, but to be honest, it is the worst meal. Lamay has a night market on Sunday with many stalls and partners eating on a cross road. There is also an Indian restaurant near the hotel. I think one of the curry soup mixed with coconut juice tastes good.

WILL WAIT at Chavin Beach is next to the hotel, so he had two meals. Fried rice can only cost 150B, SHAKE 80B. With the comparison of Lamay, the cost performance is not high. The name of my hotel has been announced before. What I want to say is that the road in front of the hotel is at this place on the lakeside. I saw a night market partner on Friday. However, there is a distance to walk in the hotel. If you borrow a motorcycle, it used to be very fast, and there were similar carnival activities on Friday on May 17, but I don’t know if this is the case every Friday.

On the way from Raman Beach to Pope Beach, there is a thatched shed hotel near the sea. Very good. The sea view is invincible, the food is delicious and the price is perfect. I found this one myself, not those often mentioned in the strategy. I ordered a fried shrimp rice with 8 prawns. It’s only 150B. My husband ordered fish steak rice, which is also good. He also brought salad. 250B. There are colorful signboards outside the hotel. I see if I can find any photos. Found it, as shown in the following figure:

On the way from Chawen Beach to Raman Beach, there are two roadside stalls, one for SHAKE and the other for malatang. The taste is also very good. There are three bamboo pavilions behind the stall. Everyone can look for it when they have a chance.


The hotel rooms on Lamay Beach are very large, but they are relatively empty and have little furniture. There is also a small window between the room and the balcony that specializes in killing chickens and horses. If necessary, one can make do with one person by mistake. The hotel is easy to get in and out, and the street is bustling. The overall layout of the hotel is very simple. The endless swimming pool is very beautiful.

The hotel on Chavin Beach is a small villa with luxuriant greenery, just like being in a botanical garden. Therefore, everyone can understand that centipedes, geckos, ants and other small things can be seen in the room. Mosquitoes are not mentioned. There are countless more. I bought a mosquito-repellent incense 19B in TOPS in the alley near the hotel. The effect was good. The interior of the room is pure Thai. Girls prefer wooden beds. There is also a small bed for killing chickens and horses in the room. If the family takes an old man, they can make do with it. But the big bed is not as big as the Lamy one. The family of three is a little crowded. Although it is 4 stars, don’t hold too high a requirement. The toilet flushes out the yellow water. I think this cost performance is not bad.

May is the season for mangoes and lotus plums. Thai lotus plums are refreshing and sweet. There is also a kind of fruit that seems to be called snakeskin fruit. I haven’t eaten, everyone can give it a try. Friends who like durian and mangosteen can go to Thailand around February, when it was extremely cheap.


Our day tours are all booked on Sumi Island. Riding an elephant for 30 minutes +4 SHOW This was booked at the gate of the Elephant Park, 1500B, including lunch, but then I came to the agency to ask and reported directly to 1400B. Personally, I don’t think the one-day tour of the South Park of this agency is expensive. 1500B, too. I am looking at the price that other tour guides get, which is basically around 1700B B. My agency is Chinese but does not speak Chinese. It is located directly opposite my first hotel, Weekend & Spa Resort.

Our South Garden 1500B is a small boat, which will be picked up at the hotel from 7 to 8 early. The voyage takes one and a half hours. The cabin has a roof, but it is not fully sealed, and occasionally water splashes in when it opens fast. About 30-40 people can sit, and it is estimated that about 10 people will sit in the bow and stern of the boat in the open air. The boat was not bumpy and no one vomited all the way, but personally I felt a little dizzy.

I remember when we were driving in the car, Dad’s hat blew away. A Thai guy on the road. Immediately turned the car around and helped Dad pick it up. I still remember that we just asked briefly about the direction of the purpose. The local people are very serious in helping us to guide the way in the hot sun. Of course, there was also an Indian guy. When we asked him if the oil could be cheap, he insisted that he could not, then told us the approximate distance of the nearest gas station, and enthusiastically helped us look at the oil meter and said that it was completely accessible. When we asked him why he couldn’t pay 40B as much as others, he said because my bottle was big. . The people here, sincere, too simple. Bye. Koh Samei. If I have the chance, I will come again. Come to Natong Bubble again and stay in Koh Tao for a while.

There are always times when dreams wake up. Love you, Samei.

Bangkok Water Strategy

Soon after the New Year holiday, Thailand’s New Year will begin. Every year, on April 13, Thailand’s New Year-Water, in most parts of Thailand, including Bangkok, wishes the New Year from April 13 to 15, Pattaya from 17 to 19, and some places even more!

Take Bangkok as an example. This period of time is a public holiday and many shops will rest. The 13th and 14th of this year happen to be Saturdays and Sundays. If you go to JJ Weekend Market, many shops may close because shop owners will go home for the New Year. The same is true of the Asiatique night market. Large shopping malls such as MBK, Siam Paragon and Central World will open as usual. If you want to shop, it will not be a big problem. During this period, should we pay attention to some what when choosing hotels? First of all, the 13th-15th is Thailand’s Water Splashing Festival. Traffic in Bangkok will be very smooth and there will be few traffic jams. However, it will not be easy to intercept taxis, because everyone will take taxis to splash water, especially Khao San and Silom Road. BTS can be said to be the most important means of transportation, so the most important thing in choosing a hotel is to stay close to the hotel at BTS Station, otherwise you may waste a lot of time! Secondly, do not choose hotels in Silom District and Khao San District, because then these two districts will be closed and have trouble getting in and out, and these two districts are serious battlefields. If you pass through the battlefields with luggage, you will become drowned in water in minutes. Of course, if you really want to play splashing water and can splash it as soon as you get out of the hotel, they are in the battlefield:

With my mother, I traveled to Thailand in ten days and three places (3. Phuket Island: Patong)

Day 4 (continued): From Chiang Mai to Phuket Island, Transvestite Show

Unlike other airlines, AirAsia only cares about the total weight of checked baggage, regardless of the number of pieces. When I booked the ticket, I bought a 20 kg check-in quota, which just settled the two heavy baggage and the three boarded the plane light.

It takes less than two hours to fly from Chiang Mai to Phuket Island. As we approached, we could see the sea water and ships below from the plane. Some islands are just like Guilin’s mountains and rivers. I doubt whether they are the legendary 007 Island.

When carrying my luggage, I noticed that a large table was set up in the middle of the conveyor belt, listing the taxi prices to major hotels all over the island, which cost 600 Thai baht to Padong. As soon as I got out of the luggage hall, many taxi drivers came up. I asked one, he wanted 650, so I followed him. As soon as he approached, he found that his car was parked on the other side of the isolation belt. There was no sign on the car. It turned out to be a black taxi (the hometown people called the black taxi “wild boar”, and Sichuan people ZH and Z were not divided). Asked him to spare the price, he refused, so he turned back to the exit. Like Chiang Mai, the legal taxi here is also assigned by a special person. After registration, you will be given a list with the taxi number and complaint telephone number on it. The fare is 650 Thai baht.

More than 40 minutes later, the mountain loop turned and the crescent-shaped Patong Beach appeared in front of our eyes. The beach is yellow in color and is not as fine as the sand grains on Cuba’s Lago Island. The advantage is that she is pillow in a mountain nest, and the cliffs at the north and south ends extend into the sea water, holding the beach in the middle like two arms. In this way, not only the blue sea and sky can be seen on the beach, but also the green mountains and trees can be seen, thus enriching the scenery.

The hotel booked in Patong is called “The Bliss”, a very elegant name. Compared with the hotel we stayed in Chiang Mai, the hotel was much smaller and the rooms were very narrow. The simple decoration style looks clean and comfortable, but many details are relatively crude. The biggest advantage is that the location is very good, just beside the beach. Our room faces the sea. If it weren’t for those ugly wires, we could see tourists splashing on the beach from the balcony.

Pack up properly and go to the lobby to inquire about the one-day tour of Phi Phi Island. The bid price is 1500B (ordinary) and 2100B (high grade). A few steps out of the hotel gate is the booth of a travel agency. Like the one in Chiang Mai, the shopkeeper is also a generous middle-aged woman. Phi Phi Island is far away and it takes an hour to take a speedboat. What worries me is that my mother may get seasick in a speedboat. However, if you change to a big boat, it will not only be slow, but also you will not be able to enter Mayan Bay. The female shopkeeper said skillfully that my mother was still very young and assured me that as long as she sat in the stern, there would be no problem. Finally, the deal was made at 1350B/digit.

After eating in a hurry, we walked to the theater of Simon’s transvestite show. The venue is very small from the outside, and the audience in the hall is bustling and very lively. Almost all the people in the queue bought them online and then changed their tickets. Our tickets were bought online the night before, 600B/person, and the seats chosen were the best, in the middle of the third row.

The performance itself is similar to what I expected. In order to cater to the Chinese audience, three programs are all Chinese. To be exact, it belongs to two Taiwanese and one mainland. ) One of the programs is a foreign language song sung by three “beauties” (of course, they are all lip-synching). The one on the left impressed me most, with a graceful and fresh smile. Compared with 99% of the real women in the world.

The dance level of the supporting actors is obviously much lower, which greatly reduces the standard of the whole performance. In particular, those supporting actors, either five short-bodied or thieves and rats, are in sharp contrast to the tall and beautiful female actors.

Although the audience was repeatedly reminded not to take photos and videos, there was still a South Asian woman who tried to take photos secretly and was warned by the staff. At this time, I noticed a South Asian man not far from me staring at the woman with very sharp eyes, obviously dissatisfied with her public humiliation of their ethnic group.

My mother’s evaluation of the performance was good, saying that it was not as vulgar as she had heard others say in advance. I guess those people must have gone to pornographic performances, which is not the same as this, but it is not easy to tell their mother clearly.

After the performance, the audience went out through the side door, while the actors lined up in the brightly lit aisle outside the door to take photos with the audience and earn tips. However, there are not many spectators who really spend money on taking photos. Most of them just hold up their cameras and mobile phones and shoot at these “acquired beauties” indiscriminately, causing a lot of noise. It happened that today was the King’s birthday. All the actors lit candles and sang together to celebrate the King’s birthday.

On the way back to the hotel, there were many painting shops, some of which were good at painting. One of the main themes of these paintings is various interpretations of Buddha statues. It’s a pity that it’s too big, otherwise it would be nice to buy one to hang in the living room.

The restaurants along the street all put their menus at the entrance. We noticed that both English and Russian were used, and only then did we realize that most of the white people here were Russians. Not surprisingly, Russia (especially the Far East), like China, is close to Thailand and naturally regards it as a “sunshine destination” to avoid the cold. This relationship is the same as that of the United States/Canada and Mexico/Caribbean.

Day 5: Phi Phi Island Day Tour

Early in the morning, the van came to the hotel to pick us up. Half an hour later, we arrived at the dock. Later, 70 or 80 tourists came one after another. Runs a company called Anurak Seacanoe. Organizers gave each tourist a colored piece of paper to stick to his chest. Different colors represent different speedboats. It was said to be a dock, but there was no trestle bridge. Everyone was wading on the water boat. There are about 20 people on our speedboat. Except for the three of us and two Indian couples, the others are all white. Before I asked, the tour guide (a dark and capable young man) arranged my mother and I to sit down at the stern and face the bow. Indeed, the stern bump is the smallest, and it is up and down, so I don’t feel dizzy. However, due to its close proximity to the engine, the noise is very loud and the petrol smell is very heavy at low speed. Moreover, the back of the seat at the stern is very short, and the back of the seat will be punctured with a jerk. Fortunately, my mother did not feel too unwell.

In addition to the tour guide and the helm, there were two young men of seventeen or eighteen with the ship. One is responsible for recording tourists and the other is responsible for maintaining the engine. During the rapid driving of the speedboat, one of the two men was suspended from the side of the ship and the other was crouching on the stern edge to sleep without any protection measures. Let me worry and admire.

After bouncing in the sea breeze and droplets for an hour, he finally came to the famous Mayan Bay. At this time, it was the rush hour, and dozens of speedboats crowded on the shore. On the shore, the beach was as crowded and noisy as a market, and the tour guide gave us half an hour, so we were neither in the mood nor in the atmosphere to savor the paradise-like beauty in front of us. We had to stroll around in a hurry and take photos of our mother at the same time. At this time, I regretted not booking the hotel on Phi Phi Island (due to price and transportation reasons at that time). If we live on the island, we can rent a boat to come here when there are few people, which will definitely be a completely different feeling.

After that, they passed through Monkey Island, Bird’s Nest Cave and other scenic spots, but they all passed by. Then we stopped in a calm water area and began to prepare for snorkeling. I tried to put a breathing mask on my mother’s head. But she was very unaccustomed and had to give up.

Because I was wearing a life jacket this time, it was much easier to go into the water than when I first snorkeled in Cuba. The sea is only about ten meters deep. Most of the fish in the water is a yellow fish with dark markings. It swims in groups. It is very beautiful and sometimes within easy reach. But really stretched out his hand to catch, but always can’t catch. The main reason is that fish are too flexible, and the refractive index of water is different from that of air, so people’s judgment of distance and angle in water is not accurate.

I swam for a while and returned to the boat. I didn’t expect that after the boat stopped, it was shaking very hard from side to side. I immediately fainted and quickly returned to the water. I lay on the water and closed my eyes. I didn’t come up from the water until everyone got on the boat. What surprised me was that my mother did not get seasick after shaking on it for so long. It seems that carsickness medicine is still very effective.

After lunch in a large canteen, we came to another island: Khai island. The beach here is much better than Patong. Unfortunately, like Maya Bay, it is also crowded with beach chairs. Well, the tour guide gave us an hour and a half to rest, bask in the sun and swim here. We also cut watermelons and pineapples and sent them to all tourists for us to enjoy.

My mother can’t swim. I took her hand and came to the water carefully. This piece of water is very shallow and clear. A group of beautiful tropical fish shuttled between tourists, which surprised my mother and made up for the regret of not snorkeling just now. The Indian on the same boat didn’t bring swimming trunks, but he was wearing white triangle underwear, blue mirror and big belly fluttering in the water. He was also charmingly naive.

Returning to the shore, the tour guide told us that the video shot by the young man would be made into DVD, 1100B. After much hesitation, I finally decided to buy it. When I got home, the quality of the film was very poor. Thirty percent are our fragments and the other 70 percent are those of the four Indians. It seems that no white man has been fooled. Compared with Laoyin, I am a bigger sucker.

After returning to the hotel, I found that I had no change of clothes. I went out to the booth where I bought a one-day tour yesterday and asked. Only then did I know that they also took the laundry job. 50B/kg and 70B/kg for urgent cases. So he left them a bag of dirty clothes.

Although she didn’t walk during the day, her mother was very tired. After asking, I realized that my mother could only keep her balance by holding the backrest with one hand sideways because her feet could not reach the ground when riding in the speedboat. Of course, she was very tired after such a long time. My mother fell asleep, but my friends and I wanted to enjoy Patong’s famous nightlife. Go out along the seaside street to the north, the right side is full of high-end hotels and restaurants, there are many small shops, selling handicrafts, fake handbags and so on, a dazzling array of beautiful things in eyes. We stopped at the door of a shop and the owner asked, “Just looking? “I asked curiously,” How do you know? “The shopkeeper’s wife curled her pie mouth:” Because you are Chinese! “The implication is: Chinese people only watch but not buy. This is the first time I feel unfriendly in Thailand.

Walking, you came to the notorious Soi Bangla Street. At this time, this street has been closed to traffic and has become a pedestrian street. On both sides of the street are bars and nightclubs, with colorful lights and loud music. There are also girls dancing pole dances in windows or balconies to solicit guests. The streets were crowded with people. Almost every step, some people asked if they wanted to watch the ping pong show (a pornographic performance) or find a girl to recruit. Compared with the “* *” I imagined, this is really even worse.

Tomorrow we will leave Patong for Caron Beach, only to realize that we have never had a chance to walk on Patong Beach, let alone go into the water. Unwilling to waste the hotel’s biggest selling point in vain, we decided to walk back from the beach. Accidentally, the tide wet trouser legs. Alas, the loss outweights the gain.

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Koh Samet Island

Rayong, which is only a hundred companies away from Bangkok in southern Thailand, has a little-known island called SAMET, which belongs to Thailand’s third largest island. However, when I first came to Thailand, I didn’t know it. I just went to the famous Phuket Island, so I decided to go to this island this time. It is said that because the island is too small to receive team passengers, there are only self-help tourists on the island. Rayong is like a town in China. It is a bit shabby. It seems to be just a main road. You can’t see buses standing on the street. Can you only take taxis extravagantly? Later, I watched pickup trucks like those transporting pigs in rural China drive past. Some people get on the bus and others get off the bus. Later, I heard people say that this is a two-car bus, which is a Thai bus. So I also got on this kind of pig truck. The back of the truck is completely open and there is no door. I don’t know if a person who brakes sharply will turn out.

When I found the dock, the fishy smell of seafood and the bright sunshine made me have to put on sunglasses. I boarded the ship before I could put on sunscreen. Innocent blue, thin pieces of clouds are floating in the air, obviously the ability to block ultraviolet rays is not enough, even the mobile phone screen has to be covered. Although the sea breeze is blowing, there is still a salty and bitter smell of sweat on the corners of the mouth.

The island approached little by little, and the buildings on the island slowly became clear. The docks were full of yachts and fishing boats, as well as ships carrying goods. I jumped onto the ground from the still shaking board and went to the island. The unobstructed sunlight took a few seconds to make the back of the neck ache. I took a few steps forward and was somewhat at a loss. Everywhere, a passenger center station is being built at the entrance. Improving the hardware facilities is the absolute principle. The road surface is basically unpaved, but it is still sand, even if it is original ecology. After a short stop at saikaew beach, the island’s largest beach, nearest to the dock, most tourists just stay here. On the beach, foreign little girls are piling sand castles. The little boy’s father is not afraid that they will be flooded and throws them into the water. He is not at all like Chinese parents to protect their children. Walking along the beach, foreigners are lying on their backs, and some beautiful women are posing in bikinis. Won’t they shed their skin? I have faded two layers this year. I wanted to come back this winter. Now it is still summer here. If I fade another layer this time, it is estimated that my skin repair ability at this age will be difficult to return.

Still think this beach people gathered too many people, back to the entrance to rent a motobike, 300B a day, to live in Shenli. I have never ridden a motorcycle before, but I still ride it on it. People dare to rent it. Why don’t I dare to ride it? The road was really rotten, rugged and bumpy. The uphill was stuck by stones, the downhill slipped into the ditch, and the wheels were still buried by sand. The car went out after turning the accelerator. The people still did not follow it, so they clung to the front of the car that the tendons of their left arm were smoking for several days. After being confused by the fork road in the woods of AO PUDSA BEACH, I got stuck on a stone step. I was in a dilemma. When I was almost unable to carry the car, a foreigner came out of nowhere. He helped me carry the car to the flat ground together and then showed me the way. Thank you very much. Finally, I realized that it would be much easier for me to walk than to ride a bicycle. However, without this car, I might not have been able to reach so many beaches and let me walk through them one by one.

There are obviously fewer people going deep. AO PHRAO BEACH is my favorite beach and the only beach facing the west. The sea surface is especially calm. The sun shines on the water surface like fish scales, the sand is as soft as pepper, and many small whitebait fish swim in the crevices of the reef. There are also a few foreigners wearing a little cloth enjoying the sunshine, only envious share, I can only hide under the shade of the tree and enjoy the sound of the waves, looking at the distant sea and sky line, hoping that I can out of my body and fly to the sea to understand and see the whole island.

Two hours later, he stepped onto motobike and changed to another beach, AO WONGDUEN BEACH. The afternoon sun made me short of water and hungry. I sat down in the sehouse restaurant here. The tables and chairs were on the beach, shaded by big trees, with Christmas bells hanging on the trees. I lit SEAFOOD NOODLE and BEER and enjoyed them slowly. There are many people surfing and parachuting at sea, but all of them are foreigners and no other Chinese. Is it foreigners who have more holidays or are there no pressure in their lives? Behind the restaurant is a resort, one after another independent huts, each 3500B, which is beyond my spending power.

The sun is setting, the sky is slowly turning red, and the clouds are still very thin. I have to find a place to stay and continue to go deep south. On the other side of AO SANG TIAN BEACH, there is a high point. It should be the best place to watch the sunset here. There were few people passing through the road behind him. It was a bit desolate. The place without the tour team was really quiet and unbelievable. There is not even a boat on the sea surface, not even the sound of the waves can be heard, only the wind blowing in my ear. In the distance, there was a line between the sea and the sky. It was empty all around. The sky was falling down. I was a little desperate and even began to be afraid. While there is still some light, I found a place to live in VILLAGE here in SANG TIAN, which is also an independent vacation hut, 900B, which is a bit luxurious for a person. Just wait for dark at the seaside here. Tomorrow is December 21. Just wait for the end of the world on this small island. I don’t know when what had an extra dog lying around him. The dogs here are very happy. They sleep in the sun and have fun at the seaside every day. No one drives them to hurt them, and they are too lazy to pay attention to human beings.

After listening to the sound of the waves all night, the curtain was pulled open to the beach. The sun was about to rise and a new day was coming. I heard a few birds barking and a few dogs roaring. In addition, I only heard my own breathing. I don’t know how to sleep again. When I opened my eyes again, strong light came in from the curtain seam and pushed open the door. The sun was already hanging in mid-air. It was still quiet all around. Although it was the morning sun, it was enough to make me feel stinging pain. Foreigners, foreigners again, were already reading in hammocks outside the wooden house in their underpants early in the morning. However, I still continue to touch the dogs around me and look at the ships in the distance in a daze.

I really want to sink down in this sea, what will tomorrow be like after the end, and where will I be tomorrow?

“2 Beautiful Girls Play with Phuket-Love Siam”-Bangkok, Phuket’s 10 Days and 8 Nights of Best Friend Tour (Super Many Pictures, Bikini)

Every life should bloom like lotus petals, warm, tranquil, pure and holy. Noisy or complicated, if you have a peaceful heart, you can have wide eyes and a joyful soul, and everything can be beautiful. -Inscription

[Siam] Thailand is the full name of Thailand and is located in Southeast Asia. Laos and Cambodia are bounded to the east, Siam Bay and Malaysia are bounded to the south, and Myanmar and Andaman Sea are bounded to the west. Formerly known as Siam, on May 11, 1949, Thais changed “Siam” to “Thailand” after their own national name, mainly meaning “freedom”, because Thailand was the only country in Southeast Asia at that time.

On the first day when I came back to work, I looked at the photos in Thailand in the afternoon, so the small universe in my heart began to churn again, unable to bear the surging in my heart, so I went home at night and began to record the whole trip experience and mood.

This trip is the first best friend trip that GC and I have been looking forward to for more than five months. I cherish it very much. After all, there are not many such opportunities. Until we were waiting for the flight on our return trip, we asked me, do you still remember that it was what that made us choose Thailand? I said there was no reason, you want to come, I’ll do whatever you want. She said maybe it was because we had been to the “Thai Temple” before. In fact, many things do not need to have very complicated reasons. It is good to be simple, like and casual. I remember when I was in college, I saw a movie called “Kid return”. There was a saying in it that if I didn’t do many things now, I would never do them.

In fact, this is really the case. Many things need timing, opportunity and impulse. What you persisted in two years ago may not matter now, and the mood of chasing will fade. Work is endless, money is endless, there are always various reasons and excuses, but you only have so much time, time will not give you the chance to go backwards. If you have to wait until you have enough money, time, company and…… to do another thing, then by that time, it is estimated that you will probably not fulfill your wish.

Therefore, I would like to say that if you want to be a what, then you should practice it as soon as possible, because life is not long and youth is shorter. You can try more different experiences. You may feel that life is more colorful and worth it. Only when you are old can you feel that life was once so rich and have more memorable memories.

Do it, you are experiencing wealth that others cannot take away.

In the past five months, I have completed the 8-leg round-trip air tickets and 8-night hotel reservations by myself. We have learned some senior strategy travel notes in advance on the hornet’s nest. Before leaving, I have completed the purchase and reservation of pick-up, equipment, telephone cards, other ticketing, etc. Without annual leave, I patched up 10 days of vacation. On October 25, after finishing surprisingly busy work, the two of us started our 10-day 8-day trip to Thailand.

We have no group, no SLR, and no proficiency in foreign languages, but this does not delay us from looking at the world with passion, card players, maps, mobile phone positioning, and the English of three-legged cats.

I have to say that our itinerary is still in a hurry, and we can’t completely follow our inclinations because of the hotel booked in advance and reluctant to change back. Time is short and we can’t feel the subtleties of a city carefully. Therefore, it seems that the whole journey is not so easy and meticulous. This will also serve as experience and draw on improvements in the future. There are also things that have not been experienced, such as killing chickens by horses and riding elephants. Later, who told me in Patong that they would come again only if they had regrets. Such a beautiful place, I hope I can go again.

I think travel is like this, not to say that the local reality is used to confirm the stereotype in your mind, but that after your body arrives at that environment, your heart should also blend into it and feel the freshness and difference of that city. Because only being personally present is the most real, no matter where poor and rich, good and evil, beautiful and bad, there are different landscapes and cultures.

The big ash outside the window came to pick us up. After eating my mother’s dumplings on the bus in the morning, we set off with the heart of flying and put aside our work and troubles.

Wow, a lot of marshmallows ~

October 25, 2012 21:00 Shenzhen Baoan Airport

Let’s take a picture of our passport and AirAsia air ticket ~ but during the security check, the staff confiscated the big sunscreen picked for me. It was very painful. The main pain was the heart of others ~

We didn’t sit on the legendary “classical Cocacola”, but we sat on the low-sugar Cocacola. Ha ha, let’s have one too ~

October 26, 2012: 1:30 Bangkok Langman International Airport

Since October 1, AirAsia’s Bangkok route has stopped at Langman Airport. The major airports in Southeast Asia in the past are now slightly depressed.

There is enough air conditioning in the airport. I still wonder if this is a city with a temperature of over 30 degrees. Then I went out the door and tried it. I felt the heat wave and changed my clothes in the airport toilet. The first photo taken by Thailand is from Savadhika ~


October 26, 2012, 10:00 Victory Monument.

This relic, a symbol of militarism, was built in June 1941 to commemorate Siam’s defeat of France in the invasion of Indian Zhina, thus annexing the territories of northwestern Khmer and southern Laos. The obelisk in the center is not only a military sword, but also a masculine image. The five bronze statues around represent the army, navy, air force, police and civilian personnel.

In this photo, colorful taxis are also a feature of Thailand. I want to do a “color article”, but I lack materials in my hurry. Let’s do this first.

October 26, 2012 14:00 The Grand Palace

On our way to the Grand Palace, unfortunately it began to rain. We were in this rainy and cold season. Fortunately, however, the rain in Thailand came and went quickly. After arriving at the Grand Palace to buy tickets, the rain gradually cleared up. This is the sky with dark clouds at first.

Because we don’t have a tour guide, nor have we touched a Mandarin Chinese tour guide, I have to use Baidu to popularize science for the basic situation.

The Grand Palace is close to the Chao Phraya River and is a large-scale ancient building complex (28 buildings) in the center of Bangkok with a total area of 218,400 square meters. The Grand Palace was built in imitation of the old palace in the old capital city. After continuous expansion by generations of kings, the grand grand palace complex has finally been built. The Grand Palace is one of many royal palaces in Thailand. It is the most perfectly preserved, largest and most ethnic palace in all dynasties. The Bangkok Dynasty lived in the Grand Palace from Rama I to Rama VIII. The Grand Palace is a collection of Thai architecture, painting, sculpture and decoration arts. Its style has distinct Siamese architectural art characteristics and is deeply appreciated by tourists from all over the world. It is called the “Thai Art Encyclopedia”.

There are four magnificent buildings in the Grand Palace, namely Hakri Maha Prasad, Dusit Maha Prasad, Amarin Winitchai Hall and Wat Phra Kaeo. The Grand Palace is now the Ministry of State. There is an oval square in front of the Grand Palace. It is flanked by luxuriant trees. It is surrounded by major universities, government offices, Thailand’s National Museum, National Theatre, National Art Museum and Bangkok’s Guardian Temple.

Corridor painting

There are 178 pictures and rhymes in the corridor around the whole Jade Buddha Temple, which were painted by Rama I and tell a fairy tale. Green monsters are bad and like to rob other people’s wives. White monkeys are good and have divine power to help the king save the queen. Once they even used divine power to wrap up the whole city to avoid the invasion of bad people. The painting technique is quite lively and three-dimensional.

Sutra Depository

The legendary small Angkor Wat oh ~ this sutra cabinet honors a classic made of gold pieces, with square spires, eaves with special huge teeth, and hag queues at the four gates. In front of the Sutra Depository, there are some small pavilions displaying white elephants and national emblem representing each emperor. Angkor Wat Model: This model is located to the north of the Sutra Depository. It was ordered by Rama IV to be built according to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It is small and lifelike.

Immortal statue

There are a total of 7 pairs of immortal statues on the high platform, including the “lion fairy” with the upper body as a daughter’s body and the lower half as a lion’s body, the “Kinnaro” with the upper half as a man’s body and the lower half as a bird’s body, backed by one hand and held to the chest in one hand, and the bird god with a pair of bird wings holding a dagger in one hand and holding to the chest in the other.

This is blurred by me, 555 ~

Jade Buddha Temple Wat Phra Keo

It is the most famous Buddhist temple in Thailand and one of Thailand’s three national treasures. It is the golden relic pagoda of Thailand’s Jade Buddha Temple. The Jade Buddha Temple, built in 1784, is part of Thailand’s Grand Palace, accounting for about 1/4 of the area of the Grand Palace. The Jade Buddha Temple is a place where Thai royal families worship jade Buddha statues and hold religious ceremonies. It is named after the jade Buddha enshrined in the temple. There are Jade Buddha Hall, First King Hall, Buddha Bone Hall, Sutra Depository, Bell Tower and Urn Pagoda in the temple. The Jade Buddha Hall is the main building of the Jade Buddha Temple. The shrine in the middle of the hall honors the Jade Buddha, which Thailand regards as a national treasure. Jade Buddha is 66 cm high and 48 cm wide. It is carved from a whole piece of jasper. Every time the season changes, the Thai king personally changes clothes for the Jade Buddha to protect the peace of the country and the people. Whenever Thailand’s cabinet changes, all cabinet members of the new government will be sworn in to the king at the Jade Buddha Temple. Every May, during the Farming Festival, the king also holds religious ceremonies here to pray for a good harvest.

I like this kind of shooting with strong depth and atmosphere very much.

The baptism of holy water outside the main hall ~ I like that lotus very much. Later, I saw that some foreigners took it away. Can it be swollen like sauce?

Prasart Phra Debidorn

It is in the shape of a cross. There is a Khmer Tower on the top of the temple. The temple is surrounded by 12-corner pillars, all of which are decorated with lotus flowers. It is regarded as a royal ancestral temple. The memorial images of Fang Chen Rama I to V are only opened on April 6 each year. There are two golden pagodas in front of the temple, which were built by Rama I in memory of his parents. There are 20 monkeys in the tower foundation.

Kiss, you always cut off part of the main background without permission. Is this incomplete beauty what Kiss wants?

Wangjiatian Square outside the Grand Palace was once used as a royal square. Today, every Spring Ploughing Festival and Thai New Year, the king presides over the celebration ceremony here. Forgot to use the panoramic function to shoot, 55555……

Colleagues said how I took this picture so obscene. . People just want to get close to nature ~

Take a photo with the soldiers on guard ~

Thirsty, finally bought water, mango juice, you are still wearing my brother’s clothes. Everyone should pay attention to the fact that you can’t wear exposed clothes when you go to the grand palace. Someone was almost cut off outside. You can’t wear cassock or something. Ha, ha, ha ~

I was still shocked by the magnificent beauty of the Grand Palace. I was not dragged to the next scenic spot by my relatives, but I still refused to leave.

2012.10.26 16:00 Sleeping Buddha Temple

The reclining Buddha in the reclining Buddha temple is the largest reclining Buddha in the world, 46 meters long and 15 meters high. The sole of each foot is 5 meters long and engraved with 108 Buddha patterns. The posture of Buddha lying down expresses the posture of Buddha in his pursuit of nirvana. His right hand holds his head and his whole body lies on his side, leisurely on the Buddhist altar. The four walls of the temple are accompanied by giant murals depicting the life of Buddha. In the Sleeping Buddha Temple, there are many pagodas, with a total of nearly 100 pagodas, large and small. These pagodas are either plastered with gold foil or inlaid with colored porcelain, and the four large pagodas are especially spectacular. On the other hand, the stone tablets written on the corridor pillars, walls and card halls in the Sleeping Buddha Temple on the temple history, Buddhist history, prescriptions, literature and other aspects form another unique landscape in the Sleeping Buddha Temple, where many knowledge that has been difficult to find among the people can be found. Therefore, the Sleeping Buddha Temple has the name of “Thailand’s first university”.

Barefoot, because I can’t find a kiss, a foreign girl took it for me. Many places here need slippers to enter and visit, including the Jade Buddha Temple.

108 Buddha statues with different forms ~

It was nearly 18 o’clock local time, and the sky was basically completely clear, but it was getting dark soon.

Pond of Sleeping Buddha Temple

Get off the boat and walk to Zheng Wangdian, soon. The sky was gradually over, and when we came down from Zheng Wang Dian, we became the second of the last four tourists.

Zheng Wang Temple Wat Arun

Also known as Temple of the Dawn, it is a temple commemorating Zheng Zhao, the 41st generation king and national hero of Thailand. Founded in the Dacheng Dynasty, it was named Crown Temple at that time and later renamed Chang Temple. Dawn Temple is located in Tun Li Wu City, a twin city on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. It is a famous temple in Thailand and one of the royal temples in Thailand. The temple is related to Zheng Zhao, a Chinese national hero who led his army to expel Burmese enemies, save rivers and mountains, and founded the Tun Li Wu Dynasty.

Zheng Wang Temple was an ancient temple in the Dacheng Dynasty, called “Makha Temple”. It is said that when Zheng Wang expelled the Burmese army, he went down the Chao Phraya River and passed through the temple of Zheng Wang Temple at dawn, so he ordered him to go ashore to worship in the temple. After Zheng Wang ascended to the throne, he ordered the temple to be rebuilt and renamed “Dawn Temple”. Another way to say that this temple is called “Dawn Temple” is because the highest spire in the temple is 79 meters high, which makes people think that it is the first place to contact with sunshine every day, so it is given the name “Dawn Temple”. The 79-meter-high “Paipan” pagoda in Zheng Wang Temple, Founded in 1842, Belonging to the Mahayana stupa style, The spire was decorated with complex carvings, Inlaid with various colored ceramic pieces, glass and shells, it is the largest Mahayana Tower in Thailand, surrounded by four accompanying towers, forming a group of huge and beautiful towers. Its scale is second only to that of the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple in Bangkok, and it has the laudatory name of “Thailand’s Eiffel Tower”, which is amazing.

The effect of this one was chosen by me. I only showed my head but not my body. Wow, Kaka ~ ~

Looking at Bangkok from afar ~ ~ ~


October 28, 2012 Patong Beach

We have never seen Patong Beach during the day, but we have been there twice at night. After visiting Emperor, Bamboo and Kata later, I knew that the sea here would not give us more surprises.

The second time you go, there are big waves. Lying on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves will also make you feel empty and quiet.

This is a small inn opened by Chinese. If there are no special requirements for travel and accommodation, it is strongly recommended to stay in this inn. It is of great help to people like us who are not good at English and cannot speak Thai. Accommodation + one-day tour can be done, and the price is really cheap, and the location of this inn is also excellent. Later, the accommodation article will be recommended in detail. He Da’s microblog will be recommended to everyone:

It is very lively here. Patong, a small city, has more than 200 hotels and inns. On both sides of the road are food and beverage stalls, small shops, travel agencies and tattoo shops. It is very rich and lively. The low wires are permeated with the remarkable features of Southeast Asian cities.

October 29, 2012 Racha Island, Emperor Island

At the transfer station, the tour guide will introduce the itinerary and matters needing attention in skillful English. Each of us has a small label on our body and a colored wool rope on our hands. It’s fun ~ The tour guides here are also very good and can speak fluent English ~

When I first left, it was not so dark. Now, the contrast is too great! Ha ha

We have a car and make the bow together. The Beijing sister and brother who stayed in a hotel in the emperor are matched. The sister takes good care of the younger brother. Now it is quite fashionable.

Sitting in the bow is simply too cool, with sunshine, waves, turbulence and super excitement, so that several speedboats and boats later took this position ~ tanned, tanned, came out to relax and be happy!

Thank you for taking a bikini photo with such a good angle ~

Behind me is the Cliff Restaurant where I will eat that night.

On the way back, I swam in a five-star hotel for a while. Thailand’s boundless swimming pool was really well repaired.

What I want to say here is sharing and freedom. If I go back to China, such hotels must be heavily guarded and outsiders are not allowed to enter. However, here, you can come if you like. No one will check your identity and set restrictions. This is really a friendly country.

Two days passed quickly, and when it was time to leave Emperor Island, I was extremely reluctant to give up. I always hoped to come again ~

2012.10.30/31 Kata

There are not too many photos of Kata. We felt Kata and Karen on the evening of the 30th and during the day of the 31st respectively. The overall environment is much cleaner than Patong. The buildings are also of some grade. The streets are spacious and bright. No taxis can be found. Only scattered TukTuk cars are available. A Zi said that because it is quieter here, there are more rich people living there.

Kata and Karen’s coastlines are connected and separated by a cliff. Karen’s coast is relatively long. The sea here should be very good, but it rained that morning and we didn’t get a beautiful beach when we went at noon.

One-day tour to Phi Phi Island on November 1, 2012

Mahya Bay-Viking Cave-Monkey Beach-Ko Phae-Koh Young-AO TON SAI)

As my relatives thought that each island was the same and the time was a little short, she stubbornly went to Emperor Island for the second time while I stubbornly chose PP for a one-day tour.

Monkey Island

Bamboo Island is still very beautiful and worth visiting. Unfortunately, it rained again on the road, which still affected the overall effect.

This is a young man who made a video for us. He looks very simple ~

Gourmet article

In order to save time, I tasted all kinds of pellets from Bangkok, which were painted with “Bangfen Island” garlic chili sauce. Ha, ha, ha ~

My relatives and I have the highest ordering rate on this trip, but curry crab and pineapple rice. Jianxing’s curry crab tastes the best! Highly recommended!

We ordered five dishes, but only three were served in the end. Why? We really dare not compliment the taste of Dongyingong Soup, and we have not dared to eat lime as auxiliary food since then.

On October 27, 2012, the weekend market stalls

I have to catch a plane to Phuket later, and the dinner will be done at the food stalls in the market. A Thai fried noodles, a shrimp and egg fried rice, and mineral water will be given away when I check out. The Thai people are really bright ~ Savadhika ~

October 28, 2012 Burger King

When we came to Jiangxi cold, we didn’t open the door yet. We wanted to eat Burger King. While she and Chen Xiansen were on the phone, I took all kinds of selfies. .

Swensen’s ice cream.

October 28, 2012 Mr.good

It was already very late after Simon’s show. He chose Mr.good dinner, pineapple rice, skin shrimp and BBQ prawn. The taste was average and it was not recommended. At this time, I made a summary, and sometimes I couldn’t believe all the strategies.

October 29, 2012 Emperor Island Cliff Restaurant

Let’s have a picture of our family

It’s good to watch the sea when eating here. When eating, I was itchy when I was bitten by mosquitoes. She brought me mosquito water, which was very considerate.

There are other foods that have not been recorded, 555 ~


Amari Don Muang Bangkok Hotel

From the corridor of Langman Airport, check directly into the Langman Hotel in Bangkok, Amari. This one is too der and grinning ~

Here, I would like to praise the seamless links experienced during this trip, from Pudong Airport to Maglev, Subway and Bus. Link between Langman Airport and Hotel; During Phuket’s one-day trip, the seamless connection of cars, boats, hotels and scenic spots provides tourists with great convenience, quickness and peace of mind.

The room is simple and tidy.

Before getting up early and checking out, I can’t put all kinds of boast in the hotel garden, ha ha ~

Suneta Hostel Khaosan

Since our luggage is stored at the airport, the contents of the bag are very heavy. Is it domineering for the smart parent to ask me to pack a shoulder bag and a backpack? Ha ha, but it is really much lighter ~ how can I grow so strong?

Patong Ours Guest House, a crowded inn on Phuket Island

After arriving in Phuket at 23:30 on October 27, 2012, I saw a sign with our name and hotel name written on it at the pick-up place. I was worried about whether I could receive us before, and finally someone picked us up! The driver’s eldest brother was very enthusiastic. He helped us carry our luggage and gave him a 20B tip.

Thailand’s service attitude really has to be praised.

After arriving at the hotel, the owner of the store received him warmly and communicated all in Chinese. It was really great. After so many days in Bangkok, he didn’t speak as much Chinese here for half an hour. Ha ha,.

Many people’s inn microblogs on Phuket Island:

Ban Raya Resort and Spa

There are three hotels on Emperor Island, each with a beach. We live relatively far away and cheaper, but we are already satisfied. Here are rows of cabins, each of which is a separate room. Going out is a large area of forest, as if in the primitive environment, relaxed and happy.

To be continued