“You have seen many beautiful scenes, you have seen many beautiful women, and you have lost every short time on the map.” In the past year, I took you with me and you took me with me, starting our global plan. The previous trip to the Northeast-revisiting Sabah, because I was lazy, I didn’t write down important memories. Lord Xia KK kept on saying, OK, start the battle mode! There is no plan or arrangement for this trip. I will follow my inclinations and be content with the situation. By chance, there was a discount for visa application, so I decided to go to Thailand for a refreshing tour. The 5-day vacation was not much, but Chiang Mai was enough. Guangzhou CAN-Chiang Mai CNX’s plane was resolutely abandoned by us because there was only a red-eye flight at 23:55 p.m. (in fact, the key point was the low price/performance ratio). Therefore, we chose Hong Kong HKG-Chiang Mai CNX at 10:35 a.m. and could recover one hour after arriving in Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai’s time was one hour slower than Guangzhou’s). The return trip was directly Chiang Mai CNX-Guangzhou CAN. The total price of the air ticket was about 1300 per person, which was expensive. In order to travel as poorly as possible, I felt that I stayed in Shenzhen for one night the night before. The Harmony train from Guangzhou East to Shenzhen, with a price of 79.5, runs every 20 minutes. You can choose. After searching on the Internet, the Luohu Pass opened at 6: 30 a.m. And we set off for Hong Kong in a magnificent way in the morning. There were few people in the morning, and it only took 30 minutes to cross the border. It was a scene that had never appeared before. It was dark and cool. We should pay attention here, because we pass the customs by Passport. Before we pass the Hong Kong customs, we should remember to collect and fill in the Entry and Exit Application Form, or we will have to queue up again. After crossing the border, board the East Rail Line directly and take a stop to Sheung Shui to get off. The one-way ticket costs 22.5 Hong Kong dollars, and if there is Octopus, it costs 21.6 Hong Kong dollars. After leaving the subway station, go left and see a station 100 meters away. Take A43 Airport Express and you can reach the airport in 45 minutes. Here, everyone should pay attention to the fact that Hong Kong Airport has LCCT1 & LCCT2. It is necessary to see which stop your air ticket is getting off. Although LCCT1 & 2 are interlinked, it will take a lot of time to walk past.

Three hours later, I finally arrived in Chiang Mai. I heard that each person needs to carry 20,000 Thai baht in cash or equivalent foreign currency to go to Thailand now. The exchange rate was about 5.03 in advance at the Bank of China, but the two only brought about $9,000 Thai baht and no one checked it. I heard that the spot check was mainly for landing visa. As we had completed the visa early in the morning, we swaggered through. There are a lot of visas on Taobao. If you search for the one with high credit, just choose him. Generally, you can do it. When we arrived in Chiang Mai, our trip was to PAI Pai District first and then back to Chiang Mai, so we booked the mini bus from Chiang Mai to Pai Pai District online early. There were mainly three choices: 1. Kan Air: a small plane with 12 seats, which could arrive in less than 30 minutes, but there were not many flights, so we must book early, and the price was high, requiring more than 400 yuan one way, so the cost performance was ~ ~ ~ resolutely abandoned ~ ~ ~

2. Mini Busaya Service: This is the first choice for most Chinese. It only costs $150 Thai baht per person. If you need to pick up and drop off from the airport, you will charge an extra $50 Thai baht per person. You can place an order directly from the website. From Chiang Mai to Pai from 7: 30am to 17: 30pm, there is a bus at every half hour, from Pai to Chiang Mai from 7: 00am to 17: 30pm, the specific timetable can be found on the website of ayaservice.

As is known to all, The mini bus takes three hours to get to Pai, There is no legendary danger in the mountain road along the way. But 762 curves are really extraordinary, I ask myself that I am a man who can ride the wind and break the waves. Even the previous Tongmai natural barrier didn’t scare me so much, However, so many detours are really too much for us. Although we have already found the top-class seats, Xia Tong’s shoes are still defeated. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ayaservice’s mini bus is still good. It can take 12 tourists, and the luggage is put in the car. There is no need to be afraid to put it on the roof. It is said that if the car starts from Chiang Mai Bus Station, it is put on the roof. After taking a 15-minute break, I can finally bask in the sun ~ ~ ~ ~

3. In addition to Ayaservice’s Mini Bus, you can also choose Chiang Mai Long-distance Bus Station, which is also Mini Bus4. In addition to the above, of course, there are the craziest motorcycles, which many young Chinese and foreigners like. After the break, it was another dirty road. Finally, I passed a police checkpoint. Soon I saw World War II Bridge, Strawberry Garden, MariMari… Our mini bus was parked in the center of Paibai County. The location was very easy to find. I quickly booked the return ticket and ran to the hotel. However, when I first came to report for duty, although I was holding a map, I just didn’t know where the hotel was. I was blamed for not doing my homework well in advance. Fortunately, my fellow travelers told us that because Pai was not large, most hotels had pick-up and drop-off services, so I quickly bought a phone card on July 11 to let the hotel come and pick us up. We chose True Move for only $49 Thai baht. I also want to tell you something here. Before, I read other people’s strategy and said that Chiang Mai Airport had Truemove’s calling card. I walked around but couldn’t find it, It turned out that this special offer was gone early in the morning, A bolt from the blue, come on, I didn’t intend to buy a phone card, so I didn’t have much research. In fact, Thailand’s tourism has been developed very mature, so most hotels and restaurants are equipped with WiFi. Poor friends just use WiFi like us. Download an Internet phone (Yixin) in advance and can also call home.

In Pai, we booked a quarterly resort hotel. I used to look for hotels on Agoda, read comments, look at pictures, and then order on Taobao. The price is really cheaper than that from Agoda, Booking.com, etc. It also includes breakfast. Of course, you can compare goods with three first. The Quarter Hotel’s rooms are all independent villas, 24-hour swimming pools and free bicycle use. I booked a luxurious room at a price of 310, which is quite cost-effective. After studying the map, I found that the hotel was located very early. Ayaservice just walked straight out. The hotel is next door to the largest hospital in the county. The following is a map of Pai: Pai at night, petty bourgeoisie, tranquility and a little romance. We went out on our bicycles to find food. We saw the recommended Na’s kitchen on the * * App and looked for it with joy. Although Pai is not big, there are many streets and paths, just like Beijing’s hutongs, extending in all directions. Soon I probably found out the structure of Pai. It’s a pity that Na’s Kitchen took a rest that day and found No.9 restrarant. The taste is quite suitable for Chinese, but it is a little salty. After filling my stomach, I was full of thoughts about killing chickens with horses. I recommended a “traditional Thai Massage” after reading the strategy before, but I couldn’t find it even though I could find it. I had to go back to the hotel to rest despondently.

After a great satisfying beauty sleep, the skin is good! Enjoy our hearty breakfast. Although the hotel does not offer many choices, it is delicious and I especially like it. After breakfast, we will set out to explore! Of course, we need to prepare our photographing artifact. This time we have prepared a timing photographer in addition to a tripod. It is really recommended that couples who go out to play prepare a set, because it is really convenient, and of course it is due to our boyfriend photographer. We decided to rent a motorcycle in Ayaservice so that we could travel around Pai. Before you start, get excited first. Look at the anthomaniac and the one who pretends to be B ~ ~ ~

小插一下广告, ayaservice出租摩托车的价格$100泰铢到$400泰铢都有, 看你选择什么车型, ayathai的公众微信上面有详细的车型介绍。我们选择的是$140 (24小时)的雅马哈,自动档,115cc排气量,需要抵押个人护照,建议大家加买$40泰铢的车体损失险和$40泰铢的盗窃损失险,车子划花了, 被偷了,都不需要赔偿。免费使用摩托车头盔(在泰国骑摩托车是一定要带的, 要不的话就会被罚钱), 只需要押金$100泰铢/人。出租费不包括求, 所以需要自行到汽油站加油, 通常车子自带一点油,能挺到汽油站的,我们一整天只加了$50泰铢汽油。租车是一天24小时计算的,逾期每小时费用$20泰铢,超级划算。

Pai does not have what scenic spots, because her scenery is full of streets, so you have to discover it yourself! Pai is a colorful country. You can’t imagine that you can be surrounded by so many colors and have all kinds of lovely, funny and energetic patterns. It really makes people love to spare no effort!

Okay, above, our dazzling little sheep, pink super cute, super pull boom! ! !

Under the sun, under the high temperature of more than 30 degrees, our enthusiasm will not be diminished, and it is good to be free. Our first stop was Yunlai View Point, which is easy to find from the hotel. Yunlai can overlook the whole Pai with a very wide view. On the way, we will also pass through Chinese Village Mountain Village. However, the weather was not beautiful at that time and we could not capture our favorite blue and white.

Yunlai came down and wanted to go straight to the small yellow house, but the pink and pink houses, pink pavilions, pink jeeps and pink bicycles I found on the way made me fall in love with the pink control madly. Can I take them all away? !

After a lot of hard work, Finally came to MariMari (not because the journey was difficult, but also because I was crazy to miss every place, and Xia Tong’s shoes often took me away), This is actually a hotel, and the rooms inside are all independent cabins or cars. The most romantic thing is to count their big trees. There is no charge for taking photos inside, nor can MariMari’s residents take photos. Everyone is free to go in and out. Of course, a little consumption is also the best. Here, quiet, free, comfortable, without any annoyance ~ ~ ~

The little yellow house is next to Coffee in love. The house is brightly colored and can be easily found. It is famous for a movie “LOVE IN PAI”. I think every tourist to Pai should be because of that warm little yellow house.


In fact, there are still a lot of scenery along the way, such as Pam Bok Waterfall Panbu Falls (I heard that foreigners are diving wildly), To Muang Paeng Hotspring Dream Hot Spring, Tree House, etc., but it was still tough after a whole day, so we stopped at the World War II Bridge to return. We didn’t return along the road because we wanted to go around another path through Elephant Camp to explore the wind and see if we would go tomorrow. Indeed, there were several Karen Elephant Camp, Noi’s Elephant Camp, Thom’s Elephant Camp, The first two are cheaper, $400 Thai baht per person will be traded, Usually there is a shuttle service, The whole journey took more than an hour, Jungle + Xiahe, but because I saw the recommendation of Thom’s on the Internet before, I stubbornly searched for it. The result was $1500 Thai baht/person. We didn’t expect it to be as expensive as the previous elephant camp. Thom’s staff explained to us that they were all qualified and certified. They had land and water routes throughout the process. Their elephants were professionally trained to ensure the personal safety of tourists. Of course, it is up to everyone to consider which one to choose.

回程的路,树荫比较多,很舒服,还会经过Mae Yen Temple,在山上,听说这里的日落是Pai最美的地方。幸亏抄小路回老城, 竟然让我碰到了昨晚一直寻找的Pai Traditional Thai Massage & Thai Massage School, 虽然环境不是很豪华,但旨在手法正、力度足,完完全全爱上了泰式按摩,一个小时才$180泰铢/人,但晚上9:00就关门, 大家可是要尽早去囖。 当天真的超级好心情, 竟然让我偶遇到Na’s kitchen,这里的菜式真不是一般的赞,而且价格便宜喔!这里的水果shake有很多种,我们试了西瓜和芒果味,都超级棒,还有这里的招牌菜烤鸡,酸酸甜甜的,很开胃。

The night is a famous Saturday night market, which is not large in scale, but aims at peace and leisure. We swept through a lot of handmade bags and also met a small stall that can print our own photos as postcards. There are 3 pieces of $100 Thai baht, and of course there are other styles. We can search slowly.

Because we booked the mini bus at 2: 30 p.m. On the third day to return to Chiang Mai, we slept in and slowly enjoyed all kinds of services provided by the hotel, packed our luggage and left without giving up. When I left, I never forgot to patronize my beloved 7-11 again, with all kinds of dairy products, all kinds of cool drinks and all kinds of Thai laver. Oh, my God, how can I not miss you?

After another 3 hours of dianzang road, I finally returned to Chiang Mai at 6: 00 p.m. Ayaservice was sent to Tapeimen, long-distance bus station and railway station free of charge. The 99 Gallery Hotel in the old city has been booked in advance. The luxury room is 290 yuan, which also includes breakfast every day. Because there are many divergent roads in the old city, it took a long time to find it on the first day. It is suggested that if the children’s shoes staying in this hotel are Chukchuk, the 99Gallery is not luxurious, petty, and the room is relatively small, but it is exquisite. It happened that we returned to Chiang Mai on Sunday and met the Sunday night market schemingly. I felt sorry for us for dragging our luggage for such a long way after we arrived at Tapeimen. What was important was that there were so many ornaments and delicious food, but I was dragged by the hateful luggage. I arrived at the hotel as soon as possible so that I could enjoy shopping. It must also be mentioned here that the Thai Prime Minister stepped down two weeks before the trip to Chiang Mai, and then a curfew will be imposed. We were both worried before we went to Chiang Mai, but when we went to Chiang Mai, we felt good. The armed police on the streets were nice and gave me directions. As for the night, it was not as lively as before, so we were relieved. After a short rest at the hotel, we went to the Sunday night market without stopping. I don’t think I need to explain, everyone should know how famous the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai is. A boss I met in Pai the night before told us that there were no Chinese in Pai on Sunday. Why? All of them went back to Chiang Mai to visit the Sunday night market. Sure enough, Chiang Mai’s Sunday night market was packed with people and was full of the whole old city. All kinds of small stalls were full of food, drink and use, which made people love to spare no effort. Basically that night we ate snacks, unknown balls, pig’s foot rice, fish maw soup and so on, as well as mango juice, orange juice, eight-flavor juice, coconut juice and so on. I vowed to taste all the fruit juice with this taste. Oh, my God, how can I save the fat in my stomach? !

In addition to eating, of course, there are also our hand-written tasks. All kinds of Bangkok bags are my first choice. Although the price is more expensive than Pai’s, they are better than Pai’s in color, style and rhythm. It must be mentioned that Herb Basics, a very famous local essential oil skin care brand, does not accept UnionPay, but children’s shoes that plan to buy crazily should pay attention. Eat, buy, of course, there is the most important thing, is what? Lila Massage, Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage Hall! ! ! There are many branches and great fame. I have met two in the old city. I decided to book a one-hour traditional massage. Compared with Pai, of course Lila has a better environment, and there are many new Massage & Spa. The price is still relatively popular. The traditional massage is $200 Thai baht/hour, which is only open from 10:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. every day. The business is extremely hot. It is recommended that you must book it in advance.

In fact, neither of us had any plans for the fourth day’s trip, but we met a couple from Guangzhou at breakfast. Their trip was just the opposite of ours. They had already played all over Chiang Mai and were planning to go to Pai. They just introduced us to some good places. It was really nice to go out and meet noble people. After discussing with Lord Xia, our itinerary for the day was decided immediately. First, we went to Chiang Mai University to feel purple romance. Then we went to Sutie Mountain to visit Sutie Temple and Puping Palace. Of course, all this also requires our important car, Little Sheep. The hotel directly provides the service of renting motorcycles, which is $250 Thai baht/24 hours. We need to mortgage our passport and also need to refuel ourselves. This time we added $100 Thai baht of petrol, which is enough for one day.

First of all, let’s take a photo of Xia Tong’s shoes. In fact, before coming to Chiang Mai, Xia Tong’s shoes had no experience in riding motorcycles. Although I tried it, I was too nervous and liked the rhythm of rushing to the guardrail, so I gave up early. Fortunately, Xia Tong’s shoes still had a little talent and got started soon. A few days later, I also claimed to be the God of Sutie Mountain Cars. ?

Today’s first stop is Chiang Mai University, After leaving the old city, I have been walking in the direction of Sutie Mountain and will soon find it. As rumored, Chiang Mai is now open to the outside world from 9: 00 to 20: 00. Only sightseeing bus arranged by the school is allowed. All tourists are not allowed to drive around by themselves or even walk, so buy sightseeing bus for $50 Thai baht per person. Fortunately, the cars are all slow-moving, so that we can enjoy the quiet campus carefully. Basically, every teaching building has purple tone, and those young students, which reminds us how carefree and free college time was. Ah, time and tide wait for no man! Finally, sightseeing bus will stay in “Jingxin Lake” for 15 minutes, feeling similar to Lover Lake, where the water quality is clear and the lake light is the same color.

Leaving Chiang Mai University, we continued to head for Sutie Mountain. Chiang Mai University went out to turn left and drove along the main road. Soon it found the gate of Sutie Mountain. The road up the mountain was actually similar to Baiyun Mountain, except that there were more detours and there was no turning mirror at the corner. Everyone must pay attention when driving. The mountain is covered with trees. Although the sun is fierce, I feel a little cool and refreshing.

I just love your tail ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our chariot! On the way, I passed a viewing platform and took some small photos. I could also overlook Chiang Mai. This view is simply first-class. The most important thing is that I saw the ice cream truck. How can my eyes leave you?

After passing the viewing platform, we soon arrived at Sutie Temple. We couldn’t wait X to enter the fruit pile, one after another, coconut green, cool and quenching thirst. After drinking coconut water, the focus was on some tender coconut meat, just like rice rolls, slippery and sweet, which really made people unable to stop!

When entering Suthep Temple, one must abide by the dress code, that is, pants or skirts must be longer than knees. There is a small shop outside the temple that rents long skirts. As for me, I slipped into Suthep Temple directly around my scarf. The temple was very quiet. Sometimes I heard the devout prayers of the people. The buildings in the temple were very brilliant. Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about it and could only continue to keep company with the scenery.

On the way back to the city, I actually found TESCO, a large supermarket on the map. We drove the car towards another purpose. TESCO in Chiang Mai is not generally large. It has everything for daily necessities, snacks and fruits, and the price is cheap. However, we have spent all our money on the cutting edge.

In fact, it is not recommended that you buy fruits here. Because fruit shops can be found on the streets of Thailand at any time, mangosteen, watermelon, durian and pineapple ~ ~ ~ at night we have been looking for the legendary orthodox northern Thai snack Huen Phen, which is in the old city, but we can’t find it when we ride around. It started raining around 8: 00 p.m. and we can only find a similar Thai shop to eat and wear. The rain soon stopped, driving our motorcycle and wandering around the old city, I found Huen Phen and we’s restaurant at once. Well, you want me to come back to realize my dream next time! During the stroll, we found a road outside the old city with many food stalls and many tourists. Of course, we did not suffer and enjoyed our last night in Chiang Mai.

We booked a grey machine for Chiang Mai to return to Guangzhou in the afternoon, so we still had time to go out for a stroll after breakfast in the morning. We went to look for the most delicious mango Mango Tango in legend. After looking for Niman Road for a long time, we found that we had moved, but it was not far away. There was an indication in front of the old site where the new store was. Mango Tango didn’t open until 11: 00 a.m. and we naturally became the number one guest of the day. The clerk introduced Mango Tango and Mango Sticky Rice, which are the favorite of most tourists, with a total of $280 Thai baht. Glutinous rice is sticky, a little sweet, not too greasy, or the delicious mango flavor, which makes * * forget to return!

Free country, free and unrestrained! In this period when there is no fetter of what, why not follow one’s inclinations? Xia Tong’s shoes, my travel notes are finished! When are you taking me to the next stop in what?