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Walking on Thailand’s Sumi Island 5-Alone from Sumi Photo Continues

Thailand has an imperial system, with cars on the left, drivers on the right and getting on and off on the left.

The driver grasped the gap between traffic jams to read the newspaper.

The conductor stood by the door, holding the ticket box.

Inside the ticket box. However, knowing that I didn’t shoot it clearly, I was embarrassed to “Again” (again)

Thailand’s bus tickets are really economical, compared with Shenzhen’s bus tickets.

Bangkok’s trains are also part of the city’s public transportation, so the waiting room is very simple, just a waiting booth.

The train pulled into the station. Trip every half hour is convenient and economical.

People crowded on and off the bus.

The fire scene left the station.

Perfect Combination of Urban Transportation, Interchange and Rail Transportation

I wonder if this sign is a terminal sign

On the elevator, it was the check-in counter.

Walking on one of Thailand’s Sumi Island to Sumi alone

In late October 2012, a person went to Sumei.

The plan was made in February. Xiao Huang, a young man from Hubei who met on the flight from Thailand to Shenzhen and studied for a master’s degree in hotel management at a university in Phuket, Thailand, stopped at me when he passed Shenzhen on his way to Thailand and agreed to accompany me to Sumi Island for vacation when he had a holiday in October. AirAsia tickets booked in advance are very cheap, with less than 1,000 round trips. Since Sumi is not a popular route, the domestic air ticket from Bangkok to Sumi is quite expensive. Xiao Huang suggested to take a long-distance bus at that time. Anyway, it is not in a hurry to take a vacation.

In September, I booked a hotel on Agoda. It was not expensive either, less than 12 US dollars per room per day. Visa 320 yuan; Let Xiao Huang send me the Thai text of looking for the station and buying a bus and boat connection ticket to print it out. Everything is ready, just waiting for departure.

AirAsia is a cheap flight, which comes and goes night after night. Two and a half hours of voyage, take a nap to arrive. It is possible that mainland passengers will mainly take this flight. When broadcasting reminders during the voyage, they often do so in Chinese.

Starting from October 1, AirAsia will stop at Bangkok Longman Airport. This airport was responsible for all Bangkok international flights before the construction of Suwannabe International Airport. After the opening of Suwannabe International Airport, it became a special airport for domestic flights. With the continuous increase of international shipping, Suwannabe International Airport is overwhelmed, so international flights from Southeast Asia are arranged here again.

At 0.50 Thai time, the flight landed at Longman Airport. Since it turned out to be an international airport, Longman Airport is not small either. It feels like it will take 500 to 600 meters to get to the Immigration Department after coming out of the covered bridge. However, when I entered the arrival hall after going through the entry formalities, I felt that Suwannabe International Airport was of a large scale, which other airports in Asia could only match. There are few rows of chairs in the arrival hall of Longman Airport, which cannot be used for stopping at all. It seems that there is no shuttle bus like that inside Suwannabe International Airport that can take passengers to the airport bus hub. Seeing that it was already 1: 30, I thought I might as well take a taxi to the southern station to wait for the bus.

In fact, Xiao Huang has been talking about calling him all the time, but now in the middle of the night, I really don’t want to wake him up from his sleep, so I grope for it myself.

At the TAXI information desk, I asked about 350 Thai baht to get to the southern station, and drove the ticket on the road. The strict management of taxis at the Thai airport is evident. Moreover, all the way to the meter pricing, completely unlike Shenzhen Airport taxis, long-distance meter only, short-distance refused to take or raise the price; The airport also does not manage taxis at all, let alone issue tickets uniformly.

The driver is a typical Thai with a dark face, and he looks fat and honest. He took the piece of paper I printed and pointed to the watch on his wrist and gesticulated. I understood that he was telling me that the bus to Sumi left at 5 o’clock. I would only smile and nod and say the two words “OK” and “Sank you”. Who knows, when he arrived at the southern station more than half a minute later, the meter showed 570 Thai baht, and I don’t know if he took a long detour (after seeing Xiao Huang, he said it was a detour, and it should not take 300 Thai baht). I gave the driver a ticket with a face value of 1,000, but gave me 340, so I quit. Originally, the fare had greatly exceeded the amount said by the airport, and I was given 90? A staff member at the station came to help the driver jabber and did not know what what was. At this time, he could not disturb Xiao Huang any more. I found out the mobile phone * * Xiao Huang’s phone number, but it was not easy to dial around the roaming in China. Using my quick wits, I asked for the ticket and the ticket from the airport. In fact, I couldn’t say a word, but only looked for it with my eyes. After finding the ticket and ticket, the driver may see that I have the intention of complaining and has to give me another 100 ticket. This little round declared victory with my persistence!

The station staff helped me carry my luggage to buy my ticket. Thankfully, I met a young man who could speak Chinese at the ticket office (later he told me that he was of Thai Chinese origin). Although his attitude and help were impeccable, he helped me buy a mobile phone card, told me that there was no water on the bus, and he would stop for dinner on the road, etc., he still seemed to lie in ambush me because he could not understand my language. What I wanted was a bus and boat ticket, and what he promised was 950 Thai baht, but when I got to my destination, I still paid another 150 Thai baht for the ticket.

The Thai Chinese guy told me to leave at 4 o’clock and arrive at Sumi at 2 pm. At this time, it was only over 2 o’clock. I took out my mobile phone and repeatedly fiddled with it while waiting for the bus, but I still couldn’t call it out. It seems that I still need to buy a Thai mobile phone card. The Thai Chinese guy helped me buy a mobile phone card, which is only 49 Thai baht, less than RMB 10 yuan. There is 15 Thai baht in it and you can make a 7-minute phone call. From the small matter of buying a mobile phone card with such a little money, we can see that the humanization of Thailand’s service industry is not aimed at the so-called social benefits and profits, but at the needs of the people. Moreover, the bottom line for recharging is very low, 60 Thai baht is enough, which is only 12 yuan. Not only that, there is no monthly fee for mobile phone calls, so you can make as many calls as you charge. However, I was sad to find that if I didn’t get through, as long as there was a tone, I would deduct the fee according to the normal tariff, which was depressing!

Not long after the Thai Chinese helped me toss up my mobile phone card, the driver called the waiting passengers to get on the bus. It was only 3 o’clock in the morning. A small CMB was full of 15 people, apparently because there were enough passengers, waiting was just a waste of everyone’s time, and sitting there waiting for the bus to doze off and couldn’t fight. From this, I can’t help but lament the flexibility and people-oriented nature of other people’s service industry.

The bus was on the way, and the sleeping gods also patronized it. It was really time to sleep, bumping and bumping just to sleep.

Along the way, I stopped to refuel, went to the bathroom and had breakfast. I arrived at Suratani, the ferry terminal leading to Sumi Island, at just 12 o’clock. The driver helped me carry my luggage to buy the ticket, pointing to the departure time. Bibi rowed to tell me to catch the 12 o’clock flight, but obviously there was no 12 o’clock flight and I didn’t board the ship until 13 o’clock.

The ship leaves at 1: 30 p.m. And arrives at Sumi Island at 3: 00 p.m. As soon as I got off the boat, Thai women selling hotel taxis came up. Seeing that the local people boarded a pickup truck-like car one after another, it was estimated that it was a bus on the island. However, due to the lack of language, they did not dare to try and could only find a taxi with the printed hotel address. A black Thai woman was holding a printed taxi price list and map in her hand, gesticulating the direction and pointing to the price column of 600. I understood that the hotel wanted 600 Thai baht, which seemed to be the highest price, because the hotel was on the other side of the island and had to go around the island for half a week. She nodded but did not agree to take it, because I still wanted to walk on the dock. As I was about to walk out of the dock, a uniformed taxi stopped in front of me and also took out the price list and map. The driver of the motorcycle pointed to the 300 column. I saw that it was half cheaper than the taxi, and I could watch the scenery along the way in all directions, nod “OK” and make a deal.

Find out the scarf, tie yourself up into Arabs, hit the road, let’s go!

Sumi Island is very small on the map, but it is not small when walking. It took 40 minutes for the fast-moving motorcycle to reach the hotel. In fact, it cannot be called a hotel. At best, it is just a warm inn.

I called Xiao Huang and asked him when he would arrive. Only then did I know that he had brought a female classmate who was a volunteer teacher in Phuket. Since I didn’t know that the fast ferry only had three trips during the day and the latest was 4 o’clock, I might not be able to catch it. I had to catch the slow ferry at night and could not arrive until 6 o’clock the next morning.

Well, I thought there would be no language barrier when I arrived in Sumi, but I had to wait until tomorrow morning! I have to be self-reliant tonight!

Ro-Ro ships between Sumi Island and Surat Thani

Blue sky, white clouds, blue sea, green mountains

Bind myself up as an Arab

Such a transparent oil price

A kind of billboard that can be seen everywhere on the roundabout highway.

A kind of billboard that can be seen everywhere on the roundabout highway.

A kind of billboard that can be seen everywhere on the roundabout highway.

(to be continued)

There is no danger-the experience of renting in Thailand

On New Year’s Day, I went to Thailand alone and took off in the middle of the night.

On the plane, she chatted with the Chinese Thai white woman next door. When she learned that no one came to pick me up at the airport and that I could not speak Thai and only knew a few words in English, she anxiously told me not to go out for a taxi. She must take a taxi at the airport, but it was probably more expensive and needed 800 to 900 Thai dollars. Before I left, I once consulted that from the airport to Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaohuali Road, the taxi price was 400 Thai dollars. In order to be safe, no matter how expensive it is, you have to take a taxi I said to her.

Arrive at Bangkok Suwannabe International Airport at 1: 30 p.m. Bangkok time.

Perhaps this time is the most sleepy, perhaps it is the customs officials who went slow. A team of more than a dozen people actually took an hour to cross the border and finally completed the entry formalities at nearly 3 o’clock. Dragging my luggage, I walked with a smile to the policeman whose face was almost as black as the uniform color: Excuse me, Taxi, Taxi. A smile is the best polite expression. The policeman also smiled and pointed forward, muttering about what. I don’t understand what, I understand gestures, Thanks you walked back and forward, and an old man with a smiling face greeted me, probably asking me if I have what to help me, I am still Excuse me, Taxi, Taxi. Okay! The old man pointed to the counter beside him. The smiling faces of the ladies behind the counter were very different from the cold faces of the customs officials. It seems that I have found the right place.

Money. The old man said. I understand this, How much? I asked. The old man held out his four fingers and murmured about what.

I pulled out a Thai coin with a face value of 1,000 yuan, OK? Because I don’t know if he wants 400 or 4000. Okay! The old man handed the money to the counter and exchanged it for a Thai coin with a face value of 500 and five Thai coins with a face value of 100. He left four Thai coins with a face value of 100 and handed me the rest.

Huh? It’s still 400. The woman in white doesn’t seem to know the market, but I still don’t know whether the counter is a currency exchange point or a taxi introduction office.

The old man took me out with four tickets and said as he walked, “Tomorrow, Tomorrow.” I remember this is the word “tomorrow”, but does he mean tomorrow after daybreak or tomorrow 24 hours later? I had to shrug: I d’not know.

Out of the arrival hall, I saw a long line of brightly colored taxis and came to the first one. The old man handed four tickets to a man sitting on a bench. It seemed that he was the driver.

I thought there was no car in the middle of the night and it should be smooth all the way, because one evening before the Spring Festival in 2007, when Zhu Jie picked me up from the airport to Chinatown, the car was really jammed to make people dizzy. However, there was another traffic jam on the side of Bangkok today. When the taxi snailed past a brightly lit place, I really doubted that I had mistaken the time. I saw a greenhouse full of tables and chairs. Diners and chefs were all very busy. I think it should not be the early risers who were eating breakfast, because it was early morning on Sunday, December 30, and it was a day when they did not go to work, that is, these people had not slept. It is not only these diners who do not sleep. At every intersection, there will be a motorcycle and all kinds of cars and taxis parked under the red light. Are they all travelers like me in the middle of the night? Bangkok is really a city that never sleeps.

Along the way, the driver always wanted to talk to me, but I didn’t understand a word and could only respond with a smile, a spread of hands and a shrug of shoulders. After more than 40 minutes, he arrived at the hotel safely. Zhu Jie was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. She thought something was wrong with me in Lu Yu and regretted not driving to pick me up. Don’t you know that the time delay is in handling the entry formalities, and it is smooth and safe to take a taxi.

Three days later, I took a long-distance minibus back to Bangkok alone and took a taxi to another friend who forgot his age. This time it took even more trouble.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, in a small town called “Sha Wu Sha Kong”, Zhu Jie took me to a long-distance minibus to Bangkok. As she had to go back to work in a factory in the other direction, she really had no time to take me back to Bangkok. I knew the place where I was going to get off was called “Mosey” and the cell phone number of my friend who forgot the year. All the others were covered.

The next seat is a Thai woman in black. I don’t understand anything but smile when I want to talk to me. After arriving at an overpass more than an hour later, the driver said to me, “Mosey, Mosey”. Oh, that’s it?

“Mosey? “I asked the woman in black, she nodded.

When she got off the bus, she motioned me to follow her. Do you have to change buses? I want to ask, but I can’t understand the language and have to worry. After crossing a footbridge and a shopping mall, she pointed to a station-style building ahead: “Moshe”. Does she think I’m looking for the “Mosey” station? I said “No, No,” and then found out the phone number of my friend who forgot his age. I pointed to the phone number while making a phone gesture and said, “My friend.” The woman in black understood what I meant and took out her own cell phone * * the phone of her friend who forgot her year.

I watched her dial the number and prayed in my heart: Don’t turn it off. Because if my friend’s cell phone number cannot be reached, I will have to take a taxi to the airport and wait for boarding in the evening. It will definitely be more expensive and I can’t save money, because I can’t find out which bus to take to the airport. Thankfully, the phone went through, my friend forgot to tell her the address in detail, and the woman in black happily took me on to the station. I didn’t understand and couldn’t ask, so I had to continue to follow her.

At the station information desk, she chattered with a expressionless young lady at the counter. It is estimated that she may be asking if there is a bus to that place. The indifference of * * is quite different from the enthusiasm of the woman in black.

I basically understood, and said to the woman in black: Taxi, Taxi, drag her outside to take a taxi. I need her to tell the driver where I am going.

Strangely, after stopping several taxis in a row, the driver refused to take the taxi. I used my quick wits and dragged her to find the police. I was still a police officer with almost the same black face as the uniform color.

Hello! Help me! I greeted the policeman. The woman in black told the police what I needed, and the police reached out and stopped a pink taxi. Perhaps it was afraid of the police, perhaps it was possible to go to that place. The driver agreed happily. The woman in black and I were relieved. I quickly took out 100 yuan Thai coins to thank her, but she resolutely refused. I had to wave to her with gratitude and thank her in only one Thai sentence: Kokumaka, Kokumaka (thank you)!

When the car started, the driver kept asking me what, I can only I d’not know. Later, at a highway toll station, he asked me for Money. First, I took out a 1,000 baht denomination. He shook his head and gave him a 100 baht denomination. He took it to the toll gate and returned it to me with 60 baht. Only then did I understand that he had been asking me whether to take the highway or the ordinary road.

More than 40 minutes later, I arrived at my friend’s residence. The fly in the odometer showed more than 130 baht. The driver stretched out two fingers to me. I knew it was 200 baht and didn’t want to argue. After all, people sent a “deaf and dumb” foreigner to his destination safely. So he took out a 1,000 baht par value. He shook his head and could see that he could not find it. I had to take out all the change of 180 baht. The driver had to shrug his shoulders: OK!

When he entered his friend’s room, he condemned the friend who did not take me to the airport. At the same time, he admired my courage. Then he took out a piece of paper and said, “The woman who helped you call called again and told me the number and color of the taxi you took. She was afraid that you were not safe.” A surge of gratitude poured out of my heart: there are really good people everywhere. It’s a pity that my friend who forgot the year could not operate his newly bought mobile phone because he was over 70 years old. He could not dial the woman’s incoming number and could not call back to express his thanks. It was not until the afternoon that people called again to ask, expressing our thanks.

The experience of renting twice made me truly feel the thoughtful, meticulous, safe and reliable service industry in Thailand, as well as the friendly enthusiasm of the Thai people. For a country with tourism as the mainstay of national income, the quality of service industry is very important. However, the quality of the service industry is realized through individual individuals, and every little thing can reflect the overall quality of the citizens and the rigour of the service organization. Of course, I also feel that Thailand’s bureaucracy is quite serious.

Taida’s Dream-Walking on the Seabed



After living in Supalai for two days, we finally have to leave this place where birds do not defecate. Such a biased accommodation almost made our evening activities come to naught. Leave another read before you leave. You should not come again in your life. When I got on the bus, I found that I didn’t leave tips in the room. Hi, I really didn’t mean it. Chinese people don’t have the habit of tipping. Sorry!

(Supalai Hotel Swimming Pool)

Today’s destination is “Coral Island”. It took another hour to drive to it. One phenomenon was found along the way, that is, traffic police were rarely seen on Phuket Island. I do not know why. There are almost all Toyota cars on the roads. I think this should be related to Japan’s investment before the Asian financial crisis. After so many years, Wall Street’s plot has made the prosperity of investment no longer exist…….

(The seashore of Coral Island)

Today is the first day of the sea. Everyone took off their clothes and put on their swimming trunks and entered the sea one after another. The green sea water clearly penetrated through the bottom. At the same time, there were also a large number of rocks hidden on the bottom of the sea, some of which were pointed upward. Unfortunately, my foot was injured here, with two obvious scratches and dull pain soaked in the sea water. I can’t control so much. The banana boats arranged for everyone during the trip are divided into “turning over” and “not turning over”. The meaning should be guessed from the name. After looking at the left and right, there are almost not many people standing in the ranks that do not turn over. Forget it or follow the mainstream. Turn over once…….

The banana boat itself has no power. It is pulled by the speedboat in front of it. When turning, it depends on its own inclination to control its center of gravity. At the end of the circle, we were smug about reaching the starting point smoothly when the sailor turned sideways and the whole ship fell into the water. It turns out that this boat is such a way to turn over! Gollum ~ ~ Gollum ~ ~ salty sea water! Somebody pull me! No! Help me ~ ~ ~ ^ _ ^

(Banana Boat on Phuket Island)

The next undersea walk is a self-funded project, 1600 baht. The waiter puts on a large hood for you, which is continuously filled with oxygen. Since the head is not soaked in water, it can breathe as normally as on land, and even the hairstyle will not change! Ha ha ~ ~ then we were brought to the bottom of the sea one by one. Wow ~ ~ oh! ! ! The world at the bottom of the sea is different. Many small fish surround you and swim around. When you hold a piece of bread in your hand, all the small fish will surround you to grab food. What a spectacular sight!

Tired of playing, I went to Phuket Island in the afternoon to watch “Four Sides Buddha”. As the name implies, each side in the southeast and northwest is said to be very effective, and all four sides should be worshipped.

(Thailand-Four-Sided Buddha, Brahma)

(The endless “Andaman Sea” ~ ~)

(Go down here for afternoon tea)

(There are coconuts on the trees)

Afternoon tea in the sun, for the first time. I found a place where I couldn’t get the sun, ordered a cup of iced coffee and tasted it slowly. Perhaps this is the biggest mistake in itself. It is easy to suffer heatstroke when it is hot and cold. Only after returning to the hotel did I really realize this.

(Sculptures Everywhere)

(The cat who came out to look for food ~ ~ lowered its head uncooperatively)

After drinking tea, we set out to watch the animal show. Elephants and monkeys were also very lively.

(Thai cow, we call it “foreign girl” cow “)

(The elephant we have ridden before is really unstable.)

(Elephant Performs Darts)

(Elephant Performs Massage)

(Elephant Performance Picks JJ ~ ~ Ha, ha, ha)

Today’s activity was very full. I didn’t have the strength to go back to the hotel. My body began to be abnormal. I became hot ~ ~ ~ cold ~ ~ finished ~ ~ I fell asleep with a thick quilt.

(To be continued…)

“Kissing Cobra” on Thailand Tour

Kissing a cobra, do you dare to watch? (Tour to Thailand)

Travel to Thailand can be said to be a “hot” tour! In addition to the hot temperature of the climate, various tourism projects are also “hot”

One of Thailand’s most popular tourism events, watching a kissing show with a cobra.

The reason why Thailand’s tourism is developed is that Thais have fully packaged their tourism products. Will bring

You visit the Snake Venom Research Center and show you a snake training show. Snake artists are betting their lives because

Those snakes are poisonous snakes, especially cobras. If bitten by them, they will lose their lives within three minutes. But they

With courage and experience, the snake trainer with high skills can kiss the cobra and watch the guest sweat.

The hair is straight! (Of course, let you finish reading-I hope you can pay for snake medicine)

The king cobra is captured and killed by human beings, and is used by human beings as delicious food on the dining table, handicraft (snakeskin) and medicine.

(snake gall and venom). All those who were discovered by human beings in the wild were killed and few were spared.

Seven, Phuket look at the sea blue sky, green mountains undulating horsepower (I)

There are many company windows selling tickets at the ticket office. I am not sure. I asked the local tourists and bought 626B tickets to Puji Town at 7 o’clock the next day. Apart from delivering water and snacks, I went to the rest station to manage meals on the road. The vehicles were also quite comfortable. The seats could be placed very low and there were feet. Behind me sat a big monk who did not stop talking and laughing. He was a little bored. In Thailand, monks were superior. In my eyes, he is a page.

One thing happened when I got on the bus. A * * in the first car actually greeted me in vibrato Chinese, claiming: Tian Tian, leave a phone call to each other and say Phuket can play together. I thought it was just a group of ordinary travelers. I was very happy. As a result, the next day she connected her two phone calls and asked me where I was. Only when I went to KTV for a drink did we realize that I might be a sex worker. So when she called me the third time, she clearly told me that she was playing with the scenery and the others had no energy to play.

On the morning of the 26th, I arrived in Puji Town. There were good asphalt roads and road signs. I went to the supermarket to buy water and ingredients, and then went to the pharmacy to buy alcohol. . . It seems that the Chinese in the town have a great influence and see many Chinese buildings. I rode all the way on the east road and saw the mud sea when I arrived at Sapam Bay. There were almost no tourists and many boats ran aground, which seemed to indicate that it was also a scenic spot. On the coast, I saw a line of people coming out of the sea to collect net cages. I had some fish and crab harvest. A colorful flag fluttering, is rushing into the sea, very strange feeling. Is that the position of the ancestors, facing the east end difference is not too much.

On the morning of the 29th, I will take AirAsia to Bali Island. For three nights in Phuket, she is a long peninsula in the north and south and narrow in the east and west of the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. According to the plan, I will ride my bike from the eastern beach to the southernmost Promthep Cape (a famous sunset attraction) and turn to the western beach to look at it. I will pass through many beaches and bays, and the riding distance should be less than 200km. There are still many places to play freely. In the early days of the east, there were no sea or tourists. There were only a few motorcycles on the road. Apart from the ferocious sun, it makes sense that many Chinese shops make you feel that they are somewhere on Hainan Island.

At nearly 11 o’clock, I turned to Chalong Bay on my way. What a Chinese name: Changlong Bay. The sea water is milky blue (ha ha, no appropriate word). There is a long bridge extending into the sea. Many branches can stop large and small ships. Although it is not a bathing place, it is also very beautiful. The sea water really wants to jump off the bridge and merge into her arms. There are minibuses dragging tourists to take boats here. They should go to Phi Phi Island. Boats of all sizes are still quite attractive!

The following is to push along the coast to Rawai Beach, which is very beautiful. It goes deep into the coast where fishermen inhabit. Fishermen repair boats and clear nets, smile at each other and nod in greeting. A young mother with 4 or 5 children is practicing fruit and eating under a tree. I find a secluded place to put down my luggage, change swimming trunks and jump into the clear water to cool down. A little child stretched out his hand to eat, gave him a key chain with a lamp, and later brought a big child to do the same. There was nothing to give, but it was still a key chain. The big child said thank you. I tidied up my clothes and considered where to cook in the pan. I didn’t see tap water. The child appeared again, stretched out his hand again, and his mood was ruined! Raise your voice and stare at the child, scaring the ghost boy away. Sichen is not convenient here, so I went on. I saw desks, chairs and faucets on the side of the road in front of a seemingly bar. I wanted to hit the tip here, but I didn’t see the owner. The store should be open at night. I was thinking about a middle-aged woman going out. I was busy telling me that I wanted to use water and could pay some money if I took a rest here. She is very polite, let me help myself, Free!

It is good to simply burn broth with vegetables and rice noodles. In the middle of the trip, I went to a small pavilion selling tourist souvenirs. The husband and wife divided their work. One went to the beach to peddle, and the other set photos of tourists into photo frames embedded with small shells in the pavilion. The shopkeeper pointed to the set photos of lovers and told me: Japanese and Korean. . .

These are things that you can’t understand when traveling with a group, and these scenic spots are not well known to all, but let you have more contact with the local people. . . After eating, clean up and continue to run to Proshan Corner. The road gradually entered the mountain area. The shade blocked out the sun and it was cool. It did not dare to rush downhill and could not ride uphill. Push it, it is easier than walking in a backpack. Since I first rode in Qaidam last year, I have fallen in love with bicycles, but I haven’t learned how to shake uphill. When I go downhill, the road here is narrow and curved, and I dare not take brakes. Let’s endure pushing uphill. There is more time! When I pushed too much, I thought about the skill of shaking uphill told me by the boss of this big bank. I rode it from time to time, but it was still to no avail and I was exhausted. I saw the front and rear two devils slowly shaking up. I was not in a hurry to get angry. Twenty years ago, my friends were the same! After 20 years of riding, your body shape is estimated to be the ball, and it will take a lot of effort to roll up! This is convenient to take photos. When tired, I stopped drinking water to take photos. I also met a chained elephant. A devil came with Mao Wa on a bird and fed it long root sweet poop. When the elephant faces you, you have to retreat. It’s too big! There is also the Thai Boxing Hall, which attracts young white people. These babies are curious. They are the consumers that the local people like. In the temple, you can see them tackling the elders and watching the elders carefully and chanting to him. I don’t envy the Great Bodhisattva and the Great Immortal anymore. I will walk around and play with free people!

Under the foolish thinking, I have encountered many tour buses. I must have arrived at Proshan Corner, which is also a higher point. I sold a delicious freezing point (20B) and walked to the top. There was a square and memorial hall full of elephant statues. Looking at the sea again, it was as quiet as Ru Ci.

Today, when I will spend the night in Kata Beach and linger on another mountain top, the sky curtain has closed, the bays surrounded by peninsulas below are already flashing lights, and some Chinese are pointing to the second bend: Kata Beach. Fortunately, I went downhill all the way and slipped past. I had to find a guesthouse recommended online.

Five, the origin of Thai civilization: Sukhothai ancient capital, elegant and quiet makes people think of the past.

The long-distance buses in these countries are all in charge of meals. The environment and food at the rest station are basically satisfactory. Some even put some stone carvings and famous trees, which feel like a big hotel garden. The impression is that the long distance in China is much more shivering. Drivers can eat and drink free of charge at rest stations. Passengers are thrown down. Facing the dirty eating environment and the harsh toilets (it seems that only the high-speed rest stations are clean), there is quite a prison wind. In addition, the vehicle grade is not as good as that of other countries. Even if the car grade is raised, the car fare will definitely rise. The oil price is higher than that of people. The road maintenance fee is already included in the oil price, which is one of many contradictions.) With the interest groups dividing up, the common people already feel that long-distance buses are cheaper than bullet trains, and they feel that there is still a way out. Sadly, is it useful for the NDRC to interview this monopoly meat bully every day? ! He is the big boss who controls prices behind him.

Make some complaints. Before 5: 00 a.m., I arrived at the station in Sukhothai New Town. I was ready to wait for daybreak and ask the way to ride my bike. Then there was another bus from Bangkok. The local people left and the remaining student sister took luggage case. The first exchange was between Koreans. The driver of the Tutu car lobbied many times and felt that it was unsafe for him to be alone. He decided to take a ride with him. The place where he got off was just one road with shops on one side and the ancient temple surrounded by water waves on the other side. The two guesthouse are close to each other and have a rest at the top. Later, more contacts revealed that Thailand’s folk customs are simple and there are very few adulterers. It is safe for you to buy tickets or wash your hands when waiting for the bus luggage to be put down at the station.

The ancient city was built in the 13th century. It is surrounded by several city walls (which have become earth piles) and rivers. Its core is not large. The so-called history park is enough to turn in two or three hours in the afternoon. It is all temples (WAT is the same as Cambodia’s title). Did the government at that time also work in temples? The largest is wat MAHATHAI. The broken columns of the remnant tower and the Buddha’s shadow are like buildings. They are mainly set off between giant trees, green grass, sky and water waves in red, white and black, like mottled and vigorous oil paintings. Being in it is crossing in the painting.

The next day (January 21) you can cycle outside the city to visit the ruins outside the ancient city. There are all four outside the city gate, some of which are still on the hill. It mainly looks like temples, and the shaping of several Buddha statues is still very characteristic. (When you get there, you have to get the first picture of this article, which is the tourist map of the ancient city) It is different and unexpected. There are few fees, and some are the same as those in RMB 10 yuan and 20 yuan. If the fees are expensive, you must find out whether they are multiple tickets. Imagine that China is a world heritage and must set the price above 100 yuan. Who benefits? How to introduce ancient civilization? People’s coins, do you really have them? Forever?

That night was New Year’s Eve, and a small group of Anhui, Hangzhou’s two sisters and South Korea’s Han (her surname is already a primary school teacher) gathered in Guesthouse’s pavilion like an ancient caravan to offer my alcoholic Kitchen God. The shopkeeper sent tableware and made fun of it. . . Full of food, a pair of ghosts walked through the sound of amazing amazing admiring.

After eating, they were still not satisfied. They went to see the ancient city in the middle of the night and set off again the next day.

North Thai Rose-Chiang Mai (4) Hot Pot Plaza for 1,000 People

Because I saw the hotpot square with 1,000 people on the Internet before, but I didn’t do my homework, so I went to the reception desk and said that we were going to the place where there were many people eating hotpot. The little girl wrote us the Thai address directly with a clear expression, and we beat the chug and killed him. So until now, I don’t know whether the place we went to was a thousand-person hotpot square or not, and there is still no concept about it. May go earlier, there are not many people inside, the whole greenhouse is divided into two, one is roasted with carbon, the other is used with electricity. Hot pot is self-service, it seems to be 130B or 140B. I can’t remember it clearly. I will be fined 30B if I can’t eat it all. It is estimated that this is what is written on the red cloth strip in the figure below.

Find a seat and start immediately. However, it is really strange to take a camera to get food like me, so I took a tray, put the camera under the tray, pretended to look everywhere, but in fact I was shooting everywhere. Fruit and vegetable salad, as well as all kinds of fruits, many of which have never been seen before, are very sweet and juicy.

This is the first round of my fight.

The hot pot here is a little different from that in China. There was also a small plate of big fat on the table. I don’t know why, Look at the table next to the table, full of a pot of vegetables also can’t see what tricks, we have studied to study, still can’t start, finally with the help of others to understand that the upper part is used for baking, the lower part is used for cooking, and the big fat meat is smeared on the baking tray to replace the role of oil, OMG, finally understand, start

After one round, I found that there were still many cooked food.

In the second round, since there are mature ones, I am too lazy to do it myself. There are lamb chops and pig elbow soup, of course I will not let go.

This fat is always slipping down. Try to fix them with toothpicks. Things often slide down and become boiled when roasted.

There are seafood, but there are not many kinds.

Seafood can be taken back to their seats and cooked or roasted on the hot pot, or they can take it back to eat after cooking in the big pot or on the stove.

I don’t know this is what sausage. It is a bit like rice sausage, but it is not. Glutinous and glutinous is very delicious. I ate several in a row.

Of course, I ate far more than the picture. The variety was really rich. The key was to be affordable. Until now, I still miss that meal very much. I went back to see that there was no one by the swimming pool. It was really rare. I quickly went back to my room and changed my clothes. I came out and lay down. This quiet courtyard, which could not be basked in the sun, stars and moon, was followed by a sauna room.

Colorful Thai Enjoyment (Free Travel to Thailand’s Sumi and Tao Island)

Extended Reading: Super Detailed Bangkok-Sumi-Tao Island Food, Housing and Travel Raiders-Sumi Island Travel Raiders Yododo Travel Raiders http://www.yododo.com/area/guide/012DCC14610E2621FF8080812DCA7590 # ixzz1NLrfeEW8

The homework has basically been done well and the order can be placed.

Shanghai Bangkok air ticket: It is quite convenient for Shanghai to leave for Bangkok. Considering the price, we can pay attention to direct flights from China Eastern Airlines, connecting flights from Asia Airlines and China Eastern Airlines to Kunming, and connecting flights from Guangzhou to China Southern Airlines, depending on the flexibility of travel.

Bangkok Sumei Transportation: The strategy is very detailed. This time we chose Lomprayah (http://lomprayah.com) for combined transportation and took Bangkok Airways flight from Sumei Airport to Bangkok Airport. I feel that the price and time are reasonable.

Bangkok to Tao Island: Lomprayah (http://lomprayah.com) has a schedule of shipping trips on its website. The schedule on the Internet is as follows. The trip is made at night. The return trip feels a bit time-consuming. Moreover, the trip is often full of interest and hopes to arrive quickly on the return trip, so I took a plane instead.

    BKKKoh Tao 21:00 08:45 950-(It seems that there is a 6: 00 departure on the trip, which is not seen online) BKKPhangan 21:00 10:45 1,250-BKKKoh Samui 21:00 11:20 1,350-Return Koh Tao 06:00 14:45 1,050-(Return has another trip that is more than 12: 00 departure, which feels all by boat) Return Phangan 06:00 16:101 1,300-Return Koh Samui 06:00 16:40 1,400-

From Bangkok to Taodao, I chose the flight leaving at 9: 00 p.m. (9:00 pm.-8:45 am+1). The ticket was booked on the Internet at 950 Thai baht per person. It was said on the Internet that there was a discount for the Agent, but the time and patience to go out were precious, so I was relieved. Take intermodal transportation at 7: 30 p.m. To report to Bangkok’s office, take the printed online order to confirm the change of tickets, get on the bus at 9: 00 a.m., get off at Chunpeng dock at 4: 00 a.m., wait at the dock until 6: 00 p.m. to board the ship, and arrive at Tao Island at 8: 45 after more than two hours at sea. Such a trip seems to have been experienced in my student days. It is more delicate to suggest flying.

Sumi to Bangkok: Bangkok Airways is very convenient to book online. The airport is very cute like a small garden in a resort. It takes an hour to reach Bangkok International Airport from Sumi Airport.

Hotels: Thai hotels suggest that BOOKING (www.booking.com) and SAWADEE (www.sawadee.com) should be combined. BOOKING is an international website. Reservations basically do not require payment and cancellation of orders is free. SAWADEE is a local website in Thailand. The information is clear at a glance and the price is cheaper. However, attention should be paid to the payment terms. The cheaper the conditions, the harsher.

Insurance: American and Asian Insurance, Travel to All Nations

Visa: Taiqu Visa (http://www.taiquvisa.com/)

Foreign currency: Bank of China makes an appointment one day in advance, and the exchange rate for RMB to buy Thai baht is about 1: 4.7.

Take the printed order with you and finally get ready to set off.

Bangkok (2D1N)

Nouvo city hotel (440RMB), strongly recommended (http://www.sawadee.cn/hotel/620551/Nouvo-City-Hotel), newly renovated in 2011, has a swimming pool on the roof, and the SPA on the top floor was also renovated and opened in June 2011. The hotel is located in an excellent location, 8 minutes walk from KHAO SAN Rd. And less than 20 minutes walk to the Grand Palace. The key point is that the hotel is located on a small bypass road, not only with Seven-even for convenient shopping, but also with many small restaurants owned by local people.

It was dark when we arrived, It began to drizzle again, I borrowed an umbrella from the front desk and tiptoed to a small restaurant across the road. There was no exquisite decoration. The 60-year-old man took what looked like two daughters and a daughter-in-law. There was a chimney above the eaves at the door. The selection of ingredients and cooking were completed at the door. The taste and cost performance of the dishes added color to our memories of Bangkok.

Bangkok’s water bus is very convenient. There is a list of routes on the free map of the airport. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the hotel to the No.13 station of the water bus. The ticket is 15 Thai baht. The whole journey is priced at a uniform price. Every 15 minutes, it is completely the enjoyment of cruise ships and the price of public transportation. Each station is numbered with numbers and there is no need to worry about getting off the wrong station.

It seems that due to inertia, the impulse to take a vacation on the island cannot be restrained at the end of summer every year. This year’s destination was Samui Island in Thailand. Bangkok sees the Grand Palace, Phuket visits the small PP, Chiang Mai sees the customs of northern Thailand, and Su Mei has what. Perhaps she takes a fancy to her quiet, which is not well known to the public.

If you like to travel freely, you can go to “You Duoduo (www.yododo.com)” and those who prefer islands also have “Island Duoduo (www.daododo.com)” for reference. The detailed explanation and selfless sharing of the travelers made the process of making the tour interesting and full of expectation.

Koh Tao (3D2N)

Simple Life Resort (370 RMB), booked a room of more than 50 square meters, sat on the balcony facing coconut trees and surfed the Internet with free WIFI, very relaxed and comfortable.

Suggested accommodation SAIREE beach area, All kinds of restaurants and bars all over the beach are not difficult to find at any time. Simple Life Resort is very popular on booking websites, The word of mouth is also good, When I got to see that the position was not near the sea, The facilities are similar to family hotels, But the service does not lose to star hotels, Simple life offers free shuttle service from the pier to the hotel, When staying, I can receive a warm and energetic welcome letter from the hotel manager. The hotel also has free WIFI coverage. Any request will be made by the front desk. Perhaps it is the kind of business philosophy that feels at home and the simple and friendly service team, which makes the room full every day during the off season. Most of the check-in will have to wait until noon.

It is said that Tao Island is the cheapest place on earth to learn and obtain a diving license, so it has gathered diving enthusiasts from all over the world. The diving schools and students everywhere force you to start to understand PADI, OW, Dry Dive, and accidentally “Out”.

I came to Tao Island to “swim around the island”, 650 baht per person, At 8: 30 from the hotel to the dock after boarding the ship counterclockwise along the periphery of the island to stay in 4 shallow ground, The underwater scenery is getting richer and richer, The underwater world at the last stop “Koh Nan Yuan” can be called gorgeous and colorful. Sitting on the herringbone beach with sunrise and sunset is lovers’ favorite in pursuit of romance. A large number of tourists on the island set out from Sumi Island to take part in the “shallow one-day tour”. Apart from the high price, the five-hour round trip between the two islands makes the one-day trip less pleasant.

Tao Island to Su Mei: Pick up Lomprayah, There is a ticket window at the dock. 8:45-11: 20 am, 600 baht per person, A 100-baht TAXI can reach any destination on the island. When buying tickets, she told Su Mei the name of the hotel, and when she got off the ship, she coordinated with * *. After reporting the name of the hotel, she quickly found my information from the dense list on her hand and told the number of cars on board. The driver did not ask the guests either. He left immediately after the bus was full and sent the guests to the hotel in turn. We were the last group, and the whole journey was correct.

Koh Samui (5D4N)

Kandaburi Resort and Spa (620 RMB), “CHAWENG Beach” is recommended for accommodation in Sumi. Kandaburi is in the northern section of CHAWENG Beach, which is relatively quiet, but it is within walking distance of the central area and very close to the airport.

Not far south from the hotel’s beach is the “Tango” hotel. It looks very inconspicuous, When I passed by on the first day, I chose the nearby hotel. I felt good. I even said I had a change after eating for two days before I went. The price was 30% higher and I had to charge 10% service fee. However, the dishes were very attractive. The rice was shaped into a “heart” shape. When I came back to Bangkok Airlines Magazine, I listed this hotel and the four most luxurious hotels on the island as the most recommended places.

There are all kinds of round-the-island tours on the island, and there is always one suitable for you.

Diving Tour in Thailand-Journal (2)

Day 2 (Thursday, September 29)

It was already 5 o’clock when I fell asleep. As a result, I was woken up by the sound of knocking on the railing outside the door at 8 o’clock in the morning. The hostel did not book tickets for the bus and boat (the language was also a bit difficult), so I went out to book tickets to Tao Island first. Find a travel agency, two choices: 1. Train sleeper + feeder bus + boat 1090 Thai baht; 2. Long-distance bus + boat 900 Thai baht. Because the long-distance bus could not lie flat, I finally chose the train sleeper. (There are still two trains to choose from. I followed the recommendation and booked the one at 7: 30 p.m. And the other half at more than 10: 00 p.m.) (Later, I found out that we were too impatient to reach Kaoshan Road, and the price I booked seemed to be slightly higher than that of other travel agencies.)

Scheduled the itinerary, centering. Wandering around Kaoshan Road, the streets are full of small shops selling clothes, and most of the restaurants are western pizza. At a restaurant on a nearby road that seemed to be run by local people, they had lunch with curry fried shrimps and mixed vegetables, totaling 380 Thai baht.

In the afternoon, I went to the Jade Buddha Temple behind the Imperial Palace. I didn’t invite a tour guide or do my homework, so I basically took a cursory look and sighed at the resplendent and magnificent scenery and ended. There is a Buddhist temple in which monks chant sutras. Many locals sit and pray together. There is also a hall in which the king’s throne or coronation is not allowed to be photographed.

The palace ticket also includes a place called Cloud Palace (valid for 7 days). The people in the consultation office said it was beautiful, but it was already over 3 o’clock when we came out and the place was closed. Because our later schedule has been decided, we will not return to Bangkok until the last day, so we have to leave regrets.

I went back to Kaoshan Road to continue my stroll. I found a very pink, tender, bright and Q Thai fast food restaurant at the corner of XXXX and XXXX. The two dishes I ordered tasted very good and the price was very cheap, but the quantity was slightly less.

I went back to the hotel to take my luggage and took a taxi to the railway station. The road was very blocked, 80 baht.

Thai trains, especially sleepers, are really “adventures” to me. I didn’t know where to go with my ticket. I was scared silly when I finally found our carriage after asking N station staff. It is clearly a non-air-conditioned hard-seat car 10 years ago in China. Where is the sleeper? Below is a face-to-face single seat, above is a similar storage box opened by how. By the way, we bought the “upper berth” to save 50 Thai baht. Beibei said that your luggage was placed on the luggage rack, so it was called “Upper”. My heart said no, it was clearly “sleeping”. But do you sleep with the two straps hanging above? Isn’t that the kung fu of Yang Guo and Little Dragon Lady? ! Listening to the conductor’s promise of “yes, yes, it will be done for you within an hour”, he sat nervously and waited silly. As a result, after the train left, Iraq really turned the hard seat into a soft sleeper one by one from one end of the carriage to the other! Its magical degree can only be compared with the “cool Kaka” Transformers’ large deformation. I can’t describe it. Watch the video.

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