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[Recommendation by Small Editors] Thailand’s Freedom, Thailand’s Beauty-Outbreak in Bangkok

Yesterday was just a warm-up, starting today!

The night before, I made an appointment with the front desk to return to Sovannabe Airport at 9 o’clock the next morning. Once I got off the bus, I went straight to Gate 8 on the first floor for food and freshness. The reason was that there was another must try in Bangkok, Magic Food, a famous store mentioned in almost all Bangkok raiders.

MF’s name is appetizing, but in fact it is not as exaggerated and delicious as the legend has it. It is really a blessing for the vast number of poor travelers to have such a staff restaurant with extremely high cost performance and open to the outside world in a place like the airport where people are killed with their eyes closed.

MF is similar to the big era in China. It feels like a food court. It has all kinds of noodles, meals, fruits, drinks, desserts and snacks. It is suggested to make a turn to calculate the money before buying tickets, so as to avoid the trouble of refunding more and making up less.

Xiao Qingxin ordered pig powder and sugar water, and the big food ordered fish ball powder and strawberry shake, each costing about 100B. Except for the failure of small fresh feedback sugar water, everything else is good. Later, I saw something similar to roast meat and rice ordered by MS locals. It looked very attractive, but I couldn’t stand such sincere things when I ate it early in the morning. I didn’t feel lucky. Interested friends can try it later ~

Put a picture that conforms to the theme of big food ~

Because the hotel booked can’t check in until 2 pm, in order to make effective use of the time to visit more and eat more, it didn’t take less effort to check the strategy. Finally, the emperor did not give up his heart. SIAM PARAGON’s underground supermarket can send bags free of charge to start with the information, finally avoiding the hardship of traveling.

The plan was to take taxi to SIAM SQUARE, but after asking several taxis parked on the first floor of the airport, they were not willing to By meter, and the price was very high at about 500B, so forget it. When giving a chance to experience neon technology (Thailand’s subway and light rail are said to have been built with neon investment).

If you don’t do your homework well, you can only cram for it. Big food and small freshness immediately thought of the handsome boy at the information desk last night and wanted to take this opportunity to take a picture. However, the handsome boy has already left work and replaced him with a capable MM with good English. He marked the route on the map three or two times and circled the transfer stations and terminals. The high efficiency is worth praising! With MM’s route reaching SP smoothly, it is recommended that you make good use of the information desk at Bangkok Airport, which is very reliable.

Bangkok subway, elevator is very long. . . . . . . . .

Street View of Bangkok from Overpass

After sending the bag, it was still early. Big food and small freshness rushed to the railway station to buy the train ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on the 8th. In fact, train tickets could have been bought online, and some travelers had done very detailed tutorials. However, in actual operation, they must enter Thailand’s own ID number, so they could not decide on it and had to give up. However, if the budget for the return trip is a bit high, we can only take a chance.

If you go to Chiang Mai, please identify this railway station, HUA LUMPONG. There are several railway stations on the map obtained from the airport information desk. If you are not sure, you must ask the local people more. In most cases, you can get patient and friendly answers.

However, unfortunately, we arrived here excitedly, and the uncle who sold the tickets said that they had been sold out, which was also expected to me. Who made Chiang Mai’s weekend night market influential? However, he quietly told us that if we went to buy the tickets around 9 o’clock the next day, there was a 99% chance of buying the tickets. (It turns out that like us, Thais are also popular in snatching tickets.) We finally chose to take a night bus to Chiang Mai. Friends who have the chance can verify the truth of this statement.

If you don’t have a chance to take the train, take a photo as a souvenir.

On the return trip, I wanted to save money on the one hand, and on the other hand, I wanted to try different means of transportation. In fact, the railway station was not far away from SIAM SQUARE, so I tried to eat a lot of food and a little freshness-buses.

Bus ticket, 8B, good feel, little fresh to collect ~

All the way through the scenery of Bangkok’s old city, we finally saw the modern wind buildings in our view. We knew that the destination was bird ~ outbreak S.T.A.R.T


The snack stand in MBK tried Orange Shake on the left. It has a faint bitter taste of oranges. It is really made of real materials.

Japanese grocery LOFT is very suitable for small fresh and adorable places.


Big food also come to adorable ~

MBK, SIAM Centre and SIAM PARAGON are basically adjacent, but their styles are much worse. Personally, I feel that MBK is a variety of boutique shops, SC is mainly engaged in grocery chain, while SP is mainly engaged in high-grade clothing.

BOOTS in SP is similar to Watsons. I don’t know if it is because this store is in SP and there is no discount.

This brand of hand cream lotion seems to sell well ~ ~

Hand cream suit, bought on behalf of Liu, is much more cost-effective than buying 3 pieces alone, and the fragrance is very good ~

The negative floor of SP is a gourmet paradise. Thailand has a lot of Japanese food, such as large houses, sushi, mos burger, Beardpapa puffs and what’s. I tasted the DQ of Must try 3 here. The snowstorm was about 40B. It was really cheap to death ~ ~ It was a little less than that in China.

Favorite for big food ~ ~

Gorgeous and retro color cake, do you have the heart to say it?

After visiting SP, there is Central World. There is an overpass that can be passed directly. While studying the map, I suddenly found that the building opposite is not the four-sided Buddha that Xiao Qingxin said from the beginning that he wanted to worship. Since the strategy of big food didn’t do this scenic spot at the beginning, so let’s say it’s fate. This can be met, really predestined friends!

I don’t know if it was a coincidence to go to the temple. There were almost no people in the temple and it was very quiet. When making a wish, it happened that a gust of wind was blowing and the bells under the eaves made a series of clear and crisp noises. Our wish will surely come true ~ ~

Coming out of the temple, a few steps away is CW. I came here for NARAYA flagship store. There are many styles of bags in the store, but there are also many people. They are packed and everyone’s basket is full. Big food bought several shoulder bags that can be used for work, while small fresh picked out a bunch of small bags and a small elephant as hand letters ~ walked out of the store and turned several corners. From time to time, I met people who saw our bright yellow NARAYA bag coming up to ask the way.

Dinner time went up to the 7th floor. I wanted to try MANGO TANGO, but I couldn’t find it. . . I also wanted to find a cheesecake opened by Uncle Neon of FARM Design. As a result, I stared at the floor guide one by one and found nothing. Finally, I gave up. . . . It’s still Japanese. . .

This Lamian Noodles is small and expensive, and the small and fresh non-flavored Lamian Noodles is more delicious than the large-scale flavored soup Lamian Noodles.

At night, after retrieving my luggage, I am going to the hotel check kin. The car near CW is very difficult to fight. Listen to us saying that Taxi refused to take the bus when I went to Kaoshan Road. The reason is that it is too far away? ! TUTU generally offered 300B, and finally 200B was sold, but there was still a feeling of being slaughtered.

TUTU, speeding all the way through the streets of Bangkok at night.

TUTU driver put us down at the junction of Kaoshan Road and left. The dark man could not see the map clearly, so he had to ask the person with the address. With the help of a bar waiter MM, big food and small freshness crossed the whole Kaoshan Road and finally arrived at the hotel ~ ~

Kaoshan Road Night Market, bustling crowd

Just across the alley from the hotel is a McDonald’s

We live in Bangkok in this Buddy Boutique Inn, which is located in a small alley near the end of Kaoshan Road near the Grand Palace. The location is very convenient and it is quiet at night. About 200RMB per night, it was later recommended to my brother with heavy taste who met in Pattaya.

There are very top-grade murals on the wall, with strong artistic flavor.

MM at the front desk was very kind. We were going to go to the railway station the next day. She told us that we could book a bus to Chiang Mai through a nearby travel agency, which was cheaper than the train and saved time. This is a little fresh and exciting, so you don’t have to get up early the next day to go to the railway station ~ ~ So you went back to your room to take a rest and went out to find a travel agency ~

At this travel agency located on the second floor of the 7th-11th near the hotel, we were lucky to book 2 VIP night bus tickets to Chiang Mai, 700B one. Although we later met the cheaper 500B one ordered by calm eldest brother, we were already very satisfied ~ ~ After all, we didn’t have to do much physical or psychological trouble, so we should spend more money to buy peace of mind ~

This is the pet of the travel agency owner, very, very cute little BABY, is a shy little boy, little fresh and big food can’t hold ~ ~ ~ ~

Little guys like big food bags,

The fried powder bought at Kaoshan Road Night Market is delicious after adding fish sauce and chili powder.

Ho. . .

Visit Thailand Again-Yefengsong

The name “Ode to Yefeng” gives people a very mysterious feeling, which makes people yearn for this place all the time-“the name is indeed better than Pai District”. It is also this feeling that prompts me to leave Pai District as soon as possible and rush over to find out. The next morning when I was on the outskirts of Pai District, I came to the station in the small town and was ready to go there.

After nearly three hours of turbulence on the winding cloud-shrouded mountain road, he finally arrived.

From Chiang Mai to Yefengsong, Pai District is actually the midpoint. However, the first impression brought by Yefengsong was not very good. The road was too wide and there were too many cars. Apart from a few old local farmers who built canopies and sold colorful mushrooms on the roadside, what did not remember the rest. It seemed mediocre and had no characteristics. At this time, I suddenly regretted leaving PAI too early, and suddenly realized why booking tickets from Pai can be as far away as Bangkok, even Laos, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Hanoi in Vietnam, Yangon in Myanmar and Kathmandu in Nepal. However, when it comes to Yefengsong, I always say so coldly, “Go to the station and buy it yourself.”

The station was at the foot of a hill on the outskirts. As soon as our “land flight” arrived and it was still raining heavily, several people came in. I said I wanted to go to “Jim Guesthouse” on the central lake. They took out a table from their arms, which listed the price of going to every inn in the city, “50B”. One of them said, I also saw that it was on the price list and you could not make a counter-offer.

The inn you stayed in is on the Qiongkun Lake in the “Central District”. The family hotels here are all concentrated on the lake, and the price is generally 200-400B,

It is a small town surrounded by mountains. It is very clean and peaceful. Only occasional flights to Chiang Mai will break the peace of this small town. Although the atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie here is indeed not the same as that of Pai District, and there are obviously fewer tourists, it is also a good choice to stay here for two days and breathe fresh air.

There is a Buddhist temple with strong incense by the lake. The majestic pagoda in the temple is like the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. It is Burmese-style.

The setting sun is setting, and the pagoda in the center of the Buddhist temple surrounded by the lakeside mountains is especially charming with its golden spire shining brightly under the sunshine.

Many tourists who come here come for the name of “Changjing Village”, There are many travel agencies in Yefengsong Street. Outside, there are large posters of long-necked beauties, Only after running in did I know that there are a total of three Changjing villages nearby. It seems that I can only join a local travel agency to go there. The nearest Changjing village is called “HuiLeTao”. If I go there by charter, I will have to go 1000B, and there is another one further away. If I go there, I will take a bus first and then take a boat. Of course, the price is higher-1500B one-day tour. The one recommended on LP has been abandoned. However, if you can find a companion, the price for going to “HuiLeTao” is 700B (all above include 250B tickets), so you ask the boss to find more tourists to carpool together. However, the boss shook his head with a wry smile and said that it is the off season and there are few tourists. Besides, only tourists from China, Japan and South Korea are interested in it, and western tourists are not very interested in it. But thankfully, the boss finally found a Japanese tourist who wanted to go there, thus the cost of going there was finally reduced a lot.

So the next morning, with some excitement, we embarked on the journey to the nearest Changjing village “HuiLeTao”.

Elephant Tribe Along the Way:

Finally came to the famous “Changjing Village”:

The driver, that is, the owner of the travel agency, told us that he was only waiting outside for one hour. I felt unwilling. After all, the main purpose of coming here was to see this. Why did he only stay for such a short time? ! !


Some people may ask why these girls wear collars at a young age. There are many versions of the explanation for this phenomenon. The more credible one is because they are afraid that they will be taken away by tigers in the nearby mountain forests and wear collars, so that tigers will not be able to bite their necks… and these collars are gradually added with age.

Perhaps others will ask, Why is it that the face is painted with powder, piece by piece, which is quite ugly-perhaps you think so, but this is Burmese custom. The Long Neck people originally lived in Myanmar, but later they came to Thailand due to the turmoil in northern Myanmar. After all, there is only one river (Salween-Nujiang River in China) between here and Myanmar, and the Thai government regards them as refugees.


I saw many tourists coming, and I was extremely busy watching the beautiful long-necked women here, playing guitar, dancing and soliciting guests with smiles…….


After leaving the village, Looking at it, it happened to be inside for an hour. I really don’t want to stay any longer, I thought the boss’s time was really accurate, At this moment, the boss said it was still early, He asked us if we would go to more places. He also listed many, many places, what Falls, Yuweng Cave and a Buddhist temple on the top of the surrounding mountain. Later, we promised to go to all three places. The boss offered him another 700B per person. However, the Japanese tourist felt that it was expensive. After some bargaining, the boss finally promised 500B per person, just 1000B for two people.

It took about half an hour to get to the “Yuweng Cave”:

It’s just a hole with many big fish in it, but we don’t want to catch them. We just want to watch from the side. Tickets 100B, Thai King and Prime Minister Yingluck have also been here. We can see her beautiful image of being close to the people in the photo all the way. It is also a popular science education base for Thai teenagers. However, we didn’t have much interest and didn’t stay in it for an hour. After getting on the bus, the car drove for nearly half an hour to reach the largest and most beautiful waterfall nearby:

When watching the waterfall, it happened to be drizzling, and the cold wind mixed with raindrops was blowing, and the chill was unforgettable.

After seeing this scenic spot, The rain stopped again, So I went to the last scenic spot of our trip-“Great Buddha Pagoda Temple”, There are two most famous temples in Yefengsong. One is on the lake and the other is on the top of a small hill around. In fact, standing in the temple by the lake, one can see the Buddhist temple on the top of the mountain. There is a Burmese pagoda standing high on the top of the mountain. When our car returned to the city that day, it went to the top of the mountain along Panshan Road.

However, when we went, the pagoda in the temple was just under repair. Standing on the platform in the temple, it was indeed a good choice to look out at the beautiful scenery of Yefengsong surrounded by mountains.

“Ode to the Fengsong of the Night” finally came this time, which was the end of a wish. When I thought of leaving here tomorrow, I felt a little reluctant to give up…….

After going down the mountain, he said goodbye to the Japanese tourists. The Japanese folded his hands and prayed for a safe journey. In fact, the Japanese are still friendly. The Japanese tourist said that he would travel to China next year (2013) and expected him to have a more wonderful journey in China…….

Introduction: 1. You can take a “land flight” from Chiang Mai or Pai District bus station to come to Yefengsong. There are more cars in Chiang Mai, basically every hour. The same is true for Yefengsong returning to Chiang Mai. The latest car is 21:30 p.m. and the night train happens to return to Chiang Mai at dawn. Chiang Mai also has real flights to Yefengsong, but civil aviation does not seem to be able to compete for “land flights”.

2. When you come to Fengsong at night, tourists eat, live and travel on the central (Qiongkun) lake. There are many family hotels on the lake, usually 200-400B.. The environment is not bad, basically there are courtyards full of exotic flowers and grasses. There are also many restaurants by the lake…….

3. To go to Changjing Village, you may as well go to another remote Changjing Village that requires a boat trip. You can consult with the local travel agency. The nearby one is too small and commercialized. The tickets are 250B B.

4. If you want to explore karst caves in northern Thailand or hike in northern Thailand, you can start from here or from Pai District. In fact, it is better to start from Pai District, because you must first reach a small town called “sponing” in the middle of Pai and Yefengsong, go to karst caves or ethnic villages in northern Thailand, and then travel to the remote mountains to the north from there. The one-day tour from Yefengsong to there is priced at about 2000B per person.

Phuket, love. Do you hear me?

All right! After saying goodbye to Chiang Mai, I also came to Phuket at the end of my birthday trip with the vision of the Thai movie “I Love You in Grade 3 and Grade 4”.

Just to visit Phuket’s dim sum shop and Prom Thep Cape in the movie, the famous PHI PHI Island is also in the bag of this trip.

Postscript: Originally this video should have been shared with you earlier-our Thai journey micro MV “One Person’s Departure, Two Person’s Travel” http: **/zWd0ce0, the tripod was lost during the trip shortly after the departure. With 2 more fearless childlike innocence, the application of support cameras in the on-the-spot environment is barely completed. I will fly to Sri Lanka this evening. I’d like to share with you that there is a familiar picture (taken by Canon 5D Mark II)

We have always loved this movie and the long-cherished innocence in the play. Since we first saw it in 2010, we have been looking forward to planning to take a walk in these shooting scenes. Phuket in the movie gives people a warm feeling, a small town where friends and neighbors live in harmony and do not dispute with the world. We also felt this way after the trip. Perhaps it was June or the off-season. We lived near Thalang Street in Phuket Town and only saw a few scattered European and American tourists in a few days. As for traveling, we seem to enjoy an attitude of living with local people more and more. As a result, we will feel deja vu once we stay. Of course, when we leave, we always feel the loss of leaving a familiar place.

Untitled _ Panorama 1

We arrived at Phuket at night. The sun was trying to penetrate the curtains in the early morning. We were also very lucky. June was supposed to be the unstable weather season in Southeast Asia. We can’t help but go out and look for “Phuket Snack Shop”.

We live in Thalang Road, Old Street, Phuket Town. As far as I know, “Phuket Dim Sum Shop” is on this road. Both roads are lined with buildings similar to Malacca’s Nanyang style. A circle diverging along this center is a one-way street. In the past few days, we have been driving motorcycles around here for many times.

The Bell Tower is a landmark building in Phuket Town. I took it above, the following is a screenshot of the movie, or the director’s shooting angle is intriguing!

(Screenshot of Movie)

Finally, I walked several roads and then took the loop to find the movie “Phuket Snack Shop”.

The Chaoshan descendants who are full of snacks every morning in the movie have become a book bar teahouse.

The signboard at the door was gone, and the wooden tables and chairs in the store were gone. The only unforgettable thing was the mottled wall. We motioned to the waiter to have a look. The depth of the store was deeper than expected. It was no different from the layout of the movie if there was no decoration inside. Although there were sundries piled up in the attic and the bamboo room across the patio, my mind was like playing back the movie “Chun” standing there and stirring the things in the pan lost. However, “Jane” is naively in the attic and “Na” MSN.

(The following is a screenshot of the movie)


Phuket Island-Prom Thep Cape, protruding from the southernmost tip of Phuket Island and 18 kilometers away from the city, means “the headland of God” in Thai. It is also called “Prom Thep Cape” by local people because a four-sided Buddha is enshrined on the viewing platform. The history of the fairy peninsula can be derived from the fact that navigators accidentally discovered the peninsula while driving from the mainland network Malaysia peninsula, thus opening the history of the fairy peninsula and becoming a well-known place for navigators and sailors.

People came to Phuket Island in Thailand, Turn right from Laxie Beach and walk about 2 kilometers to Shenxian Peninsula. Spectacular rock wall landscape is the main scenic feature of the fairy peninsula. The crisscross of boulders and palm trees under the rock wall is a unique coastal style in Southeast Asia. The magnificent momentum of current whirlpools and waves is a famous tourist attraction on Phuket Island. Koh Gaew can be seen from the fairy peninsula, and the most charming sunset on Phuket Island can be seen at dusk on the fairy peninsula. People can also travel northwest from Shenxian Peninsula to Naihan Beach to experience different surfing customs.

We started from Phuket TOWN according to the map, took several wrong roads, asked the way several times and finally arrived before sunset. In fact, the distance between the two is not far, and it will soon arrive along several main roads. This is a good place to watch the sunset. At dusk, the platform is full of vehicles and tourists come in droves. They all pay homage to the Buddha on all sides before waiting to watch the magnificent sunset.

(Screenshot of Movie)



The lights in Phuket Town are very beautiful, and this white building has a high occurrence rate in the movie (the following is a screenshot of the movie)

I went to Kata Beach. According to the strategy, it is the most decent beach on Phuket Island, but the reality is a narrow beach. Foreigners are basking in the sun on the shore. The lively scenery is not recommended here for those who want peace.

It was school time and there was not enough time to go to Khao Rang Hill to watch the sunset. We walked into the school that passed several times a day. We had a strange and seemingly established habit. We saw everyone eating a box of lunch or a box of flour noodles as soon as school was over. We could also see that it was spicy. The sky was already so hot. It was not simple to taste Thailand’s spicy. We really admired them.

Khao Rang Hill is located in the center of Phuket Town. It is an excellent sightseeing spot. It can enjoy the scenery of Phuket when reaching the top. The advantage is that it cannot walk and can drive a motorcycle directly to the top. Before I left, I had already made this one of my places to go, and the landlord who stayed in Phuket also recommended us to go here for fun.

Just as we were sitting watching the sunset, we heard several tourists who spoke Cantonese very fluently. They should not know that there were two Chinese nearby. Just as they were discussing how to take a photo, we offered to help them. They were surprised and delighted, He said that he knew that there were many locals in this place, Fewer tourists will come, They are from Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Phuket also have houses, I have been living in Phuket for more than 6 years. Pointing to the seaside in the distance, he said that the houses were their own. Although I don’t know which one he is actually referring to, But I don’t think this is showing off. “These days my parents came from Hong Kong and took them around for fun. This place (Khao Rang Hill) is good. We often come here. It is quite quiet and comfortable. There is also a restaurant recommended below. The environment is OK and the price is not expensive. Let’s go together later. We have made a reservation. You have had good luck in coming for a few days. The weather in Thailand is generally unstable in June. It rained the previous Sunday. . . . “I envy and yearn for their living conditions, at least like taking a rest, but I will not bury people’s efforts behind the harvest.

In the evening, when we wandered around, we actually had longan water and other drinks here. We couldn’t contain ourselves and couldn’t understand Thai. We asked bottle by bottle that this was what and this was what. The peddler had a good smile and could taste it for free. He got a bottle of dark green. He said in English-like Mandarin: “Medicinal materials!” When he got a bottle of orange drink, he described it as “Super Mario”. . . (Hercules Arms), I don’t understand, little T said it was mushroom juice, I don’t quite agree. At noon the next day, I finally realized that what the peddler described was not mushroom juice, but a drink added with vitamin C. The peddler described it as full of energy after drinking.

As for PP Island, everyone should be very familiar with it. Do you want to go to PP Island? After a few days in Phuket, we all hesitated and finally booked tickets to see this paradise recommended by all.

We booked tickets at a small agent in an open restaurant and walked past several of the cheapest here. After the bargain, we bought 1000B tickets for two people to and from PP Island.

As we approached PP Island, the tourists on board screamed and were pleasantly surprised like us. Seeing the blue and glowing sea water in the Far Mayan Bay, everyone praised and felt that they did not regret coming.

We started snorkeling. I couldn’t swim. Little T went into the water first. Later, after several water explorations, I put on a life jacket and stripped off a life buoy. Finally, I dared to put down the railing I was holding. Later, I was not the only one to do double-layer protection.

Wearing frog shoes, I swam very far in a few strokes. Little T said that I was hurriedly looking for me with telephoto. I, who did not know how to swim, calmly waved to the boat beside me. In fact, I didn’t feel dangerous at that time. The ship was still far from me.

When the sun is shining on the sea in the afternoon, the sea water is the bluest at this time, which makes people heartache. From shallow to deep, the portrait is rendered. For travelers, heaven is a dream, tourists are tourists, life is life, but anyone can be a tourist here or live freely here.

Love, do you hear me?

Pattaya-Elephant Island Journey Strategy 4 of Thailand’s Beautiful Honeymoon Tour

On the morning of June 3, we slept until we woke up naturally. I didn’t have a good schedule for today! I plan to spend this day on my trip to Elephant Island. When everything is ready, it is about 11: 00. Go downstairs and check-out and ask the receptionist how to get to Xiangdao. She is a very warm and open Thai woman. So she took us to the agency travel agency next door.

Let’s look at the appearance of our hotel in Pattaya first. The hardware is good, but the software is not.

Look at the Travel Service next door! As soon as we went to the wife of shop-owner, we said that there was no bus today. There was only one mini bus to Elephant Island every day, and it was at 7: 00 in the morning. Other times are gone, and tickets cannot be booked anywhere. Mini bus tickets include 700B tickets for one person and 1400B tickets for two people. We will definitely not be able to go today, or we will stay in the hotel for another night and wait until tomorrow morning. If you really want to go today, then take a taxi, but the journey to Xiangdao is really very, very far away, so the taxi will be very expensive and need 4000B B. She can help us contact the taxi. We asked if it could be cheaper. She said there was no way out.

Therefore, it is really not possible to believe in strategy. According to the strategy, Pattaya does not have a taxi and it only takes one hour to walk the whole city. Do you believe it? In short, I can’t finish walking. And Pattaya is so prosperous, how can you not get a taxi? The street was full of it, we saw it as soon as we walked out, but we were not going to sit on it. There are also strategies that say it is most convenient to find an agent travel agency for everything. They will drive the car directly to the gate of the hotel to pick it up. I think convenience is convenient, but it is not ideal either. If you are really lazy and afraid of trouble, this method is still feasible.

All right! We can’t find a way out here either. Let’s go out and find a way out.

Out of the travel agency, bid farewell to the hotel we stayed in. Take Dudu 40B to the station from Bangkok and have a look! There may be a chance.

Arriving at the station, I looked around and saw a very just and dark staff member. I went up and asked! The staff member was very good and extremely considerate. He ordered two motorcycles for us. The price was agreed to take us to Mini Bus Station. He also said that we would definitely be able to take the bus to Elephant Island today. I am really touched. The Thai people are so cute!

He looked at his watch and said it was getting late. Go now! Not very far. So we set out.

Pattaya’s roads are full of fast-moving motorcycles, and they all take motorways. Therefore, be careful. I don’t know what the safety factor is!

Look at my hair swinging wildly with the wind!

Look, the following kind of motorcycle is a bit like the three-wheeled motorcycle of China long ago, but in fact they assembled it by themselves and built such a large shed. There is really no concept of safety factor. There are still so many people sitting.

Look again, my husband is already like this! It’s almost there, bear it.

They all looked at us with strange expressions!

The journey is not short. The motorcycle is driving very fast. We will arrive soon.

This is the mini bus station! 35 GROUP PATTAYA, the same picture of the car I took at Bangkok Station. How happy!

What a cool motorcycle driver, like Armor Superman, let’s take a picture!

At 12: 30, we bought the ticket at 1: 00, mini bus + boat is only 400B, and two people are 800B, which is very cheap! It is true to find it yourself.

After buying the tickets, we told the ticket lady that we should go to have breakfast and lunch first. What will be back before 1: 00. The ticket lady left my number and we came out!

Walking to a alley, there was a row of snack stalls in the street and came to a sausage baking stall. The business was very good and many foreigners were buying it.

10B, we bought two. My husband seems to be drooling.

Next to the roasted banana 5 20B, it seems that there is no appetite, so we didn’t buy it.

Take it and pay for it. It’s 20B in total.

The taste is really strange, sour, and there is rice in it. People who don’t know think it is bad. The taste of Thais is really strange. I can’t get used to it!

Look at my husband’s eating style again. The vendors were all smiling.

Walking a little further, I saw a big bigC not far away. Shopping mall, go in and see if there is anything delicious in it!

There are also some lazy dogs sleeping, and the dogs here are really similar in appearance.

Entering the shopping mall, I saw KFC at a glance. All right, I’ll choose you! Simple and convenient, we don’t have much time!

This is the simplest, directly refers to the picture point! We ordered these.

This is our dish!

I’m starving. Look at my food!

My husband said that the chicken wings here are too spiced and not delicious, and they are also good in China. But I think it’s okay!

What a warm family of three! Native Thai.

This bill is 158B, which is cheap. I’m full and back. It’s almost 1: 00.

Look at all the what under the car? There are so many cats and dogs enjoying the cool air that I am afraid! Thailand is hot, and dogs are especially lazy, either sleeping or enjoying the cool air.

Let’s go, back to the ticket booth!

The car hasn’t arrived yet. The staff have to eat. Let’s sit down and wait.

I need to take off my shoes here. The inside is very clean. There is also a naughty dog who always “molests” me! I’m afraid of dogs. During this period, they also played dogs! Very cute.

Waiting for boredom, let’s boast again!

After a while, the mini bus arrived, put on the luggage, and we could go.

This kind of car has large space and is clean. It is still relatively comfortable and has a free journey. From time to time, you can get off for a walk and buy things in what.

We started and drove a lot of roads. The driver stopped at a gas station to refuel and told us to go to the toilet and do some shopping in what.

We bought three bottles of drinks at this Family Mart, totaling 35.75 B.

The car is parked here!

There was a little boy in the car, sitting in front of us. I thought it was Indian and dark. I also caught cats with me from time to time!

Our car stopped at a dock first. The dock was very close. I thought we were coming soon, but I didn’t think we were far apart. A foreign couple got off here, and my husband went down for a stroll, almost leaving him there. Ha ha!

The driver let us both sit in the front. This is the sign posted on the car.

Then we continued our journey, with cars driving and cars driving, and colorful houses along the way.

We didn’t go at high speed, the driver went all the way, 120 yards, 130 yards. . Open it casually. There are not many cars along the road, and they all follow the rules and regulations. They drive their own roads and never rob them. It is really easier to drive in this way, and there will be no unexpected events that will catch you off guard!

In the middle of the bright houses, there will also be some dilapidated houses, many of which have been abandoned there. We have seen many in the old city.

After driving long long away again, the driver turned to another gas station and ran out of gas again. Thailand’s cars are all filled with natural gas, so the environmental pollution is less and the air is better! This is a small gas station, relatively remote, see the driver is quite familiar with the people here.

Another tall and thin dog followed him to take out the garbage.

I bought an ice cream at a small supermarket, 30B, which is more expensive than downtown. Every time I choose a different taste, the taste is not bad.

At the gate of the supermarket, there was a weight-weighing person who put in 1B coins. My husband and I both weighed it and the result was satisfactory.

There were three people in this place, namely, the child who just played with me, his mother and aunt. All three were very dark and seemed to grow up in a relatively remote country. However, his aunt spoke English very well when she called, and the assembled three-wheeled motorcycle opposite came to pick them up.

Continue our journey, open, open, open for a long time. The total journey was definitely more than 4 hours. It was almost 6 o’clock and finally arrived. PP is numb.

Arriving at the dock, the driver had each of us given a ticket. Go in, check in and board the ship.

We are facing the sea breeze.

Seeing the weather on the opposite island is not good!

More than ten minutes, soon, arrived at the shore, elephant island did not rain, not bad!

We got off the boat and saw a big sign: Welcome To Koh Chang!

Then hit Taxi on Elephant Island, or the legendary Dudu car, two 100B! We showed the address to the driver and did not know which way to go. The bus was not full.

As a result, the driver took us to another dock to continue picking up passengers.

The weather in Xiangdao is just like this. It was fine one minute ago and rained one minute later. However, the rain came and went quickly and disappeared in less than one minute. We also encountered two such rains in Elephant Island. The rest were sunny and lucky.

Soon, a boat came ashore and a group of backpackers from all over the world came along. They talked nonsense and wanted to go to Lonely Ireland, the legendary backpacker’s paradise. Then they got on the bus and were packed with people. We could set off. While waiting for them, I saw a super-large and super-fat earthworm on the ground, which frightened me. I hated this kind of soft and lying thing most, and began to fear the island. Fortunately, it was not as bad as expected. The hotel I booked was very clean and tidy, and I was very satisfied!

It is strange that those backpackers did not prepare the Thai baht and all they were carrying were US dollars, but the drivers here did not charge US dollars. Later, the drivers took them to the currency exchange center to exchange them. It’s right next to our hotel, very close. However, our money has been ready for a long time, so there is no need to bother!

The driver quickly took us to the gate of the hotel. We were the closest to the exit. The Lonely Island that foreigners want to go to is the innermost and the least developed island. People who like to explore and approach nature can go there. It is very good and the consumption is much cheaper than that outside.

By this time it was getting dark, almost 6: 30!

There is also a wooden cow in the lobby of our hotel. I saw a child playing, as if I could play with a coin. There is a small Trojan horse beside it.

There is a billiard table on the second floor.

There are many lovely small stairs in the hotel.

We don’t have many hotel rooms, only a dozen in total, so it is much more convenient to take care of them. No wonder they are so clean and beautiful!

This is the front desk. Because our hotel environment is relatively good, we can also drink here as an open-air bar, and there are not so many kinds of wine on the bar.

This is our room!

Guest Room Interior

Beautiful! Clean and comfortable, I personally like it very much! This is the hotel’s free WiFi password!

As soon as my husband came in, he took a bath and slept. He was tired. I plan to let him sleep until he wakes up naturally to eat, so I will be busy around. Until he wakes up! At 9: 00, I went downstairs and went out to have a look at the delicious food in what.

This is the cow just mentioned! Beautiful.

And Trojan horses.

This is the bar opposite our hotel. Many foreign friends mentioned it before booking a hotel in Agoda, and they did see it.

Before going downstairs, she asked the front desk where she could book a one-day snorkeling tour on the four islands. She pointed to the opposite side! We went to the opposite side and looked at it. It was this independent pavilion. He has all the sightseeing projects in what. Standing at the door in a vague big font was the owner of the small shop, posing me funny.

Let’s look at the price, which is about the same as that said by the travelers who traveled in April, and they said that the prices of tourism items like Island are very transparent, almost every one is the same, so late, in order to save time, we didn’t go to other places to see!

We booked a one-day snorkeling tour to the four islands at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning and a two-hour elephant ride at 9 o’clock the day after tomorrow morning. 600B and 900B respectively! Both have two prices, and we have chosen expensive ones, because we have all kinds of things to say. I don’t think there will be what regrets when there is time. The shuttle will pick us up at the gate of the hotel on time.

Do a good job in business, you can feel at ease to fill your stomach! Here, I saw a flying cake stall. The young man acted quickly and the business was good. There were still many people watching. I took a video!

The picture is fresh, mango is chosen, and the taste is not very good. It’s too sweet. I put a lot of granulated sugar, 40B, which is too expensive.

Our street is prosperous in Xiangdao, but it is not like in the urban area in Xiangdao. The nights in the urban area are very noisy. There are relatively few people here and they may be scattered.

This roadside stall is very beautiful, but few people eat it!

Walking along, we saw a car selling rambutan on the roadside. We wanted to eat it for a long time, only a few dollars a kilo. However, my husband was afraid of being heavy, so he bought it again, and the result was gone! It is a pity that I have never met or eaten it since then.

Because of the short time, our schedule is very full and we are very busy every day!

When I came to this hotel, my business was quite prosperous and I almost had no place to sit. We like to join in the fun!

It seems that there are Chinese, but I haven’t heard the voice of the Chinese!

Find a place to sit down and start ordering! My husband ordered a bottle of wine.

Light vermicelli noodles also need seasoning sauce.

Authentic pineapple fried rice, see, this is authentic!

This is really delicious, my favorite!

Strange sour and hot soup, with small corn strips in it, looks immature and has never been eaten before!

This is the egg bag I ate in Pattaya. The bread in it doesn’t know what sauce. It tastes very heavy. I didn’t eat it. My husband ate it all. However, the color is definitely better than Pattaya’s. No wonder this business is so good that people have an appetite.

This what, which I didn’t know was put in the coconut, was bought just for a fresh one. It was at sixes and sevens. It tasted very strange. To be honest, it was not delicious. See others ordered another kind, also this shell, eat with relish!

No matter what cuisine, there are always shrimps.

Another bowl of fried vermicelli, this is a dry pan. We can eat very well!

Looking at nothing, turn it over, it is quite rich!

Wow, our masterpiece, know how delicious it is! Have some more of it next time.

Sweep the table! We can really eat. Pay the bill, 740B in total, this meal is really plump!

After paying the bill, a small fruit plate will be given. This is very thoughtful, the fruit is very fresh. It’s just a restaurant like a food stall. It’s very considerate to be able to do this! Business should be good.

After eating, go out and have a look. There are delicious fresh seafood in what at the door. You can order it tomorrow!

I don’t like this bloody thing, green pepper + onion + pineapple + chicken and so on, which looks strange! Later, it was discovered that BBQ eaten on snorkeling ships was this thing! This is a roadside snack. Bangkok has a lot of snacks.

All kinds of fish and shrimp platters.

We don’t order fish. All the fish we eat in Thailand don’t smell fishy. It’s strange to eat it!

We are optimistic about shrimps. We have seen many people order them! With such a big size, the price is not bandit.

After reading it, I accidentally found that the opposite is Fruit Corner, who is a little famous in legend. I don’t know if it is really famous. We really have nothing to order at this time. They are already Finish. Well, next time you have a chance, you must try.

On the way back to the hotel, I saw my beloved 7-11. Go and buy some and put it in the hotel refrigerator.


Black toothpaste, two sets, broadband, ha ha!

There are also magazines here. I wanted to buy one, but I really can’t understand Thai!

The cigarettes sold in the supermarket said in Bangkok that they could not be photographed. They were secretly photographed here and could not be seen clearly. Anyway, they were printed with disgusting human organs! I wanted to buy one back, but it’s really not very nice to give it away in China!

Supermarket consumption, 120B in total!

After passing through this pineapple stall, a big uncle was selling it and bought the oversized one! This uncle helped me cut pineapples leisurely and leisurely, so he took the video very slowly. The pineapple in Elephant Island is delicious and sweet. Our snorkeling ship also provided oh!

Go back to the hotel and see our trophies! This is a snack bought on 7-11.

One big pineapple, 30B.

This coconut is not delicious. My husband wants to buy it. There are only the last two left. It looks stale and it is 25B.

This is the messy appearance after we checked into the hotel!

Good night, Elephant Island! Thinking of another day’s trouble tomorrow, go to bed early! To recuperate.

(To be continued…)

Love Letter to Chiang Mai: Seems to Be an Old Friend

The temples in Chiang Mai are not the remains of ancient forests hidden in remote mountains.

Chiang Mai’s faith is not above the secular level.

Coming down from Puping Palace, the cloudy sky suddenly became clear, and the resplendent Shuanglong Temple glistened in the sun.

Shuanglong Temple is the only temple in Chiang Mai that burns incense. Perhaps, this is another temple that is legendary and effective.

The memory of Shuanglong Temple is a golden color, scorching temperature on the soles of the feet and devout eyes.

This is also the temple with the most tourists in Chiang Mai.

It was in Songde Temple that I was really moved by the temples in Chiang Mai.

I have seen too many temples with prosperous incense and crowded wishes. I went up the steps barefoot and walked into the temples. My heart was instantly soft and serene.

This is the power of the temple in the ancient city. Believe it or not.

Sorghum is picked up, and the windows around embrace the open light, broad and bright.

Barefoot into the temple, there is no kneeling table, everyone can casually sit on the floor, at a comfortable distance to the gods and Buddhas to pour out their inner hopes or just meditate.

For Doudou, who does not understand Buddha, the moment is more like sitting quietly in front of another oneself.

Now I am even embarrassed to make a wish in front of Buddha.

Buddha will be very busy, listening to the wishes of so many people every day. Birth, aging, illness and death, love, hate, love and hatred, promotion and wealth……

I’m afraid Buddha will smile at my wish now.

-I will try my best to eat well, live regularly and exercise sometimes. I hope Buddha can give me health.

-I will…….., hope………

I think, I already understand everything in the world, probably can’t escape personal efforts to add a little divine favor and coincidence. I pray that some chance can happen to me.

Perhaps I wish I could remember the moment of relaxation, magnanimity and refreshment.

Sometimes these things are luxury goods. I hope to bring this inner each back to Beijing and to the future.

At that moment, the words that came out of my mind were: balance, power. I hope I can be more calm, comfortable and clear in thinking and behavior. I hope I can have positive power on myself and the people and things around me.

Then I went to Pasin Temple, which was more popular, but there was still a kind of peace flowing in time and space, both during the day and at night. It seems that only some temples in Tibet give me the power to go twice a year, but it is really natural to implement them in Chiang Mai, because there will be no tickets at all, because it is always open to everyone.

The real power, without deliberate words and shaping, naturally radiates this invisible power of confidence and tolerance:

Even if children from afar are playing here, even if dogs are staring blankly outside the temple, their glory will still be damaged.

In the famous Chiang Mai Sunday night market, shops of various colors even set up in temples.

Leading out the power of kindness, smoothness, tolerance and happiness in human nature is the best power of faith.

The shapes of Buddhas are probably colors and lines for layman Doudou, which cannot arouse devout eyes at once.

However, when entering every temple, the monk said welcome and smiled with indifference and joy, as if to come here. Here, it is a very happy thing. As for the absence of tickets, whether you donate or not is not a matter of concern at all.

I listened to the breeze blowing the bell outside the temple and watched them fold every white lotus carefully. I saw a monk tidying up two long bundles of grass.

I tied it up with him and asked, “This grass is called what?” Does it mean what?

He said: The weather is hot, put it in the temple, see green, everyone will feel cool……

Perhaps no one in the domestic toll-free scenic spots will consider the feelings of the newcomers.

There will be some sign boxes in some temples in Chiang Mai. Doug feels that some things need to be handed over to the sky, so he shakes one when he is idle. Well, it’s free. He can find the sign paper himself. It doesn’t matter if he can’t understand Thai. The answer is Chinese, English and Thai.

Outside the temple, you may see this strange combination of Chiang Mai people, Western tourists and monks. When you were watching the war, they asked in English with various accents: Where are you coming from?

In fact, it doesn’t matter where we come from. What matters is that we are here and the years are quiet.

The most vicissitudes of life are the Great Buddha Pagoda Temple. From glory to decline to decline, the dynasty remembered the vicissitudes of life brick by brick, only the Bodhi beside it grew round by round.

Faith has been well inherited in this land. This inheritance is between attentive kowtowing and every smile and friendly greeting that can be seen everywhere.

Doudou sat and rested in front of the historic site of the Great Buddha Temple while several migrant workers were having lunch.

Compared with our migrant workers, they are much happier, with grilled fish and meat skewers. Of course, happiness lies not only in the content of food, but also in the happiness that can be felt.

They asked me if I had eaten and if I would like to try Thai food.

I smiled and said thank you.

I was dumbfounded to see them take a fresh chili and send it directly to their mouth.

They said do you want to try it? Doug picked up one and took a bite carefully. Mama Mi, she knew that Mexican chili was famous in the world, but she did not know that Thai chili was also duty-bound.

Doug’s super-poor fighting capacity caused everyone to laugh.

Here, happiness seems really simple.

It is a good thing to believe without superstition.

Compared with Bangkok’s famous temples, Chiang Mai’s temples are low-key and gorgeous.

Even the king is not a high-ranking posture.

Even the king seemed to shine with Buddha’s pity. (The admiration and worship of King Bhumibol in Thailand is a big and complicated topic, which I cannot understand.)

It is difficult to say that there is a temple at the corner of that street. They are in the secular world, but they have the power to pull people out of the secular world a little.

Even if it cannot be detached from the world, it can at least give you some experience of peace and introspection in your life.

That kind of feeling: it seems that an old friend has come. The old friend can be a better self in his ideal or those who also inspire you in his life.

Chiang Mai Temple Tourism Tips:

1. Shuanglong Temple, except Sutie Mountain, basically does not burn incense and does not charge tickets. Tickets to Shuanglong Temple are 6 yuan? Some people sell tickets, but no one checks them. It’s all up to them.

2. Temples can be seen everywhere in the ancient city. There will not be too many people in what, so it is a good choice to choose a slow morning and evening that is not too hot. Doudou even wants to read books and listen to music in the cool and ventilated temple hall at noon, which seems to be a good idea, and it seems that people will not care at all. Anyway, the spiritual home is good for peace and comfort.

3. Chiang Mai’s temples don’t have so many rules and regulations, but temples have to take off their shoes when entering the temples, and suspenders and shorts are not suitable. Therefore, shoes are convenient to wear and take off, and proper clothes are to do as the Romans do, which will also make their temple trip smooth.

4. Many small temples in Chiang Mai will have all kinds of dogs lazily scattered everywhere, which is the kind of very standard dogs, the dogs Doudou feared most before. However, the dogs here also seem to have Buddha nature. They do not show evil eyes and seldom bark. I think no one has ever hurt them. Naturally, they will not fear. Naturally, they will not be ferocious without fear.

5. For temples and even street sweeping trips in the ancient city, renting a bicycle is a good choice, which costs more than 10 yuan a day. The whole ancient city is flat. It is very energy-saving not to go up and down the slope. Just pay attention: drive on the left…

Upper reaches of Thai water

Upper reaches of Thai water

In mid-February, our party of 24 started a six-day tour of Thailand on a Thai Airlines flight. During this trip to Thailand, what impressed me was not the resplendent and magnificent Thai Imperial Palace, nor the beautiful Pattaya, nor the beautiful and romantic transvestite performance, but the pleasant upper reaches of the water.

On the second day of our arrival in Bangkok, we took a long tail boat with Thai national characteristics to visit the Chao Phraya River under the guidance of the Royal Tour Guide. Chao Phraya River is Thailand’s most famous river and Thailand’s mother river. The scenery on both sides of the Chao Phraya River is very distinctive. There are not only magnificent famous scenic spots such as Zheng Wang Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple and Royal Dragon Boat, but also various water families. This is also a famous water market. Boatmen paddle boats to sell fruits and other commodities to tourists, but now the market has shrunk, so it is rare.

Overlooking Zheng Wang Temple

On the Chao Phraya River

Water Family on Chao Phraya River


Scenery on both sides of Chao Phraya River

When the boat swam to the vicinity of the Sleeping Buddha Temple, we suddenly saw many, many big gray-black fish in the river competing for bread thrown by tourists. It is said that the fish here are very spiritual. They only swim around in front of the temple and cannot be seen once they pass the temple. Therefore, the local people never catch the fish here. We were also lucky enough to see a big white fish that was different from others. According to the tour guide, it was the “King of Fish” and was rarely seen. This is also a wonder of the Chao Phraya River.

Cruise Ships and Fish Schools in Chao Phraya River

White “King of Fish”

In the evening, we came to the moat of the ancient capital big city and took the ancient palace teak boat “Big City Princess” to visit the moat of the ancient capital big city. We went down the river, enjoying the scenic spots and historic sites on both sides of the river and the beautiful moat when the sun was setting. At the same time, we enjoyed a dinner with Thai cuisine as the main food on the boat. In this situation, some of the tourists could not contain their excitement and sang karaoke aloud…….

Scenic Spots and Monuments on Both Sides of Moat in Ancient Capital City

The beautiful scenery of the moat in the sunset.

After visiting other scenic spots in Bangkok, we arrived in Pattaya, which is famous for its beautiful bay and blue sea and sky, and started the third upstream water. Under the guidance of the tour guide, we all dressed up in short clothes, wore slippers on our feet, and took a speedboat to Jinsha Island. The speedboat split the wind and cut the waves, moving forward quickly, stirring up strings of high waves behind it. Looking around, the sea water here is really beautiful and relaxing. Taking a speedboat is also very exciting. A fast sprint or a sideways shake will cause a scream.

Take a speedboat at the Pattaya Sea.

When we were about to arrive at Jinsha Island, we changed to an ancient wooden glass boat. The boatman lifted the boards of the bilge. Coral, aquatic plants and various small fish in the sea appeared in front of our eyes. We are very excited to see beautiful sea creatures without diving. After arriving at Jinsha Island, we roamed on the beautiful and romantic beach, enjoying and enjoying the gifts given by nature.


Sands Island Beach

After lunch, I left Jinsha Island for the Four Seasons Water Market, which mainly sells all kinds of small commodities, local products and food and beverages. Most of the visitors to the market are tourists from all over the world. Its characteristic is that all shops are built on water and connected by various small bridges paved with wooden boards. The styles of each shop are very distinctive and look very harmonious. There are also boats parked by the river selling fruits and special foods to tourists. This water market is very large and bustling with tourists. After entering, it feels like a maze. We can only follow the signs on the ground. Red arrows represent entering and green arrows represent entering. Otherwise, we will really get lost. Businessmen here all use Chinese to solicit business, and many tourists have bought local specialties in large bags and returned home with full loads. The cold drink shop is doing very well. I bought a durian ice cream, which tastes very good and only costs 10 Thai baht. Although this time the upper reaches of the water are not by boat, they are also very distinctive and unforgettable.

Four Seasons Water Market

That night we came to the Gulf of Siam again. The Gulf of Siam at night was charming. Large cruise ships were parked on the sea. The lights were brilliant and looked like palaces from a distance. First, we boarded the ferry to swim in the Gulf of Siam at night, then we boarded the cruise ship “Oriental Princess” moored at sea and began the carnival night.


The “Oriental Princess” is actually like a bar. Its feature is that transvestites can get in close contact with tourists. Tourists can take photos with them (20 baht per person), watch their passionate performances, and join the group dance team to enjoy themselves at their warm invitation. All transvestites are graceful, fair-skinned, and can sing and dance well. They are really more women than women. But when he opened his mouth, he still had a coarse voice from a man. I asked the waiter to send a pot of fruit, and a transvestite ran politely and said, “OK, no problem.” I was still startled to hear his loud voice, because it was too out of proportion to her appearance. Because the transvestite is too flirtatious, some men are scared to hide in. The carnival ended with deafening music and group dancing. This last time, the upper reaches of the water were romantic and full of passion.

The transvestite kisses the tourists.

Go to Thailand-Bring Back Unique Ornaments

Travel to Thailand-bring back unique ornaments-

When traveling in Thailand, you can see many unique small ornaments-

Lively, very interesting! It’s basically a smile—-

Thais skillfully process, novel and unique design, thick frame workmanship-

With the development of social economy and culture, Thai ceramics have gradually formed their own nation.

The unique style of-

Ceramic Crafts-Decoration in Thai Parks-

Bangkok Phuket Self-help Poor Tour


Get up at 4: 50, Beijing customs clearance is faster in the morning, so there is no need to arrive two hours in advance. An hour and a half is enough. The flight from Beijing to Hong Kong may be too early, half of the seats are empty. When I arrived in Hong Kong, I found that it was very convenient to transfer flights. I didn’t need to take out my luggage. Moreover, the boarding gate of the next flight was not far away. It took only 15 minutes to get to the boarding gate and waited another hour later.

On the plane from Hong Kong to Bangkok, next to me was a Japanese boy working in Shenzhen, the same age as me. Both of them used English, Japanese and Chinese. We had a good chat.

At Bangkok Airport, on the second floor, after picking up the luggage and arriving at the lobby, there is a place selling calling cards near Exit 7, which can be bought for 99 or 300 yuan. Then go down to the first floor, come out and go to the place with a pile of chairs on the left and wait for the white shuttle bus (free). It is about 15 minutes’ drive to the bus terminal, where there are cars to all parts of Bangkok. (around Taxi 400B) At the same time, there is also an airport express line that can transfer to BTS in the urban area.

After staying in the hotel at night, I went to a famous civilian restaurant nearby to eat seafood. Most of them are sour and spicy. On the first day, I caught up with a rainy day. It was not very convenient to walk ~ ~ Interestingly, the door of the bus was usually not closed to facilitate passengers to get on and off the bus. However, I think it is still more dangerous, but their buses are usually pulled over, and even if they are thrown out, there will not be too much danger. Their long-distance buses are plastered with advertisements outside. When sitting inside, they feel dark inside during the day and cannot see clearly the situation outside.


I woke up at 6 o’clock and suddenly decided not to go to Chiang Mai, because I felt too tired to take 14 hours to travel. Moreover, it is mainly temples and mountains. Of course, mountains are not as good as China’s. Later, I learned from the travelers I met on the road that AirAsia was more cost-effective and suggested that AirAsia should fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or Phuket.

I went to the city, ate pig’s hoof rice and pig’s hoof noodles on the roadside, and then took the subway from the Central Railway Station (a bit like the Chinese Railway Station in the 1970s) to Chatuchak Park, because it was a weekend and there was also a weekend market. After a casual stroll, I felt nothing special, hot and crowded. Then I took bus no 3 (asked from the service station, but when I got on the bus, I found it was free) to arrive at northern bus terminal, bought a long-distance ticket to leave at 6: 45 p.m., then returned to mo chit subway station, took the subway to arrive at the four-sided Buddha station, stroll around, and looked at it. The people who worshipped in the rain were surrounded by shopping malls, only a little bit in the middle was a Buddha statue. Along Tianjie, I stroll to the legendary MBK (Fair Price Shopping Mall). I feel like a great beauty, but the stalls are not classified.

Then I began to put the bag I had put on my classmates’ back and started to set out.

I feel that Thailand’s long-distance buses are still quite luxurious. I also give water, bread, coffee and blankets. On the way to the rest stop, you can also enjoy fruit juice and snacks with tickets. (This is what the enthusiastic salesman Xiaoge told me)


I arrived in Phuket Town at 6 o’clock in the morning. As soon as I got off the bus, I was pushed up by the driver of the doodle car and insisted on pulling me away. I had no plan to realize it. I just wanted to find a place where I could surf the Internet and book a hotel. As a result, he said that he would take me one by one and live whichever was suitable. . . Then uncle is so persistent, I will help him. The uniform price is 450 to Petong, which is more expensive than Bangkok. (In fact, the bus goes back and forth between Phuket and Patong, 20B, every half hour, and stops on call.)

When I got to the first one, I saw it well. The 1000B room was quite large and clean, with floor-to-ceiling windows. OK, that’s it. Pay, wash. I started to book a residence on PP Island, but I encountered a problem. WIFI was not stable and I didn’t make a reservation for half a day. I was very angry. Then I found that there was not enough money. I went out to find an ATM to withdraw money. As soon as I went out, I saw transvestites soliciting customers on the left and right sides. . . I took the money back and met a Shanghai couple at the front desk. They were talking to the hotel owner about the price of a one-day tour. I might as well take a one-day tour with them, and I will not live on PP Island. Anyway, I will live there as well as live in Big PP. We will pay the money first and see the weather tomorrow. If it is good, we can go to sea. If the weather is bad, the boss will refund the money.

Pray for good weather tomorrow.

At noon, the three of them looked for a place to eat together. Since they had not visited before, we didn’t know where to eat well and had a McDonald’s nearby. Then as soon as I got to the beach, there were strong winds and waves, followed by rain. . . . . I cry. . . . They decided to take a bus to Phuket Town to find durian. . I decided to go back to the hotel and rest.

As a result, I returned to the hotel and found that WIFI was stable. . . However, since it has been decided, forget it.

One-day tour of Phi Phi Island tomorrow and one-day tour of 007 Island the day after tomorrow. Then they left, and I planned to move to Kata when I came back the day after tomorrow (this plan was under good weather)

The weather is fine outside, pack up and go to the seaside! It was quite a long time to go to the seaside and stroll around the beach. Then find a suitable place to spread things and lie down. Blowing the sea breeze and listening to the sound of the waves, this feeling is also a long time ago ~ ~

In the evening, I returned to the hotel, checked the hotel on KATA Beach, and found a–KATA Beach Center Hotel with swimming pool and high cost performance. Prepare to move to KATA after returning from 007 Island.

When I get to eat, I go to the streets to look for food myself. Walking along the north, there will be many alleys, which have many traditional massage and thai food. According to your preferences. I chose a more traditional restaurant, a coconut, a pineapple paella, and ate well (200B)

After eating, I went to the seaside to play with the water, which happened to be the time of high tide. After playing enough, go back to take a bath and continue to stroll around the legendary colorful street, just a five-minute walk. Enough shopping, enough watching, go back to sleep ~ ~


At 7:45 on time, The car drove into the hotel yard, Pick us up, Then to the dock south of Phuket Town, Take a speedboat for an hour and a half to Maya Bay. Before departure, the staff will take a picture of you. When you come back, they will make a picture frame without your consent. If you don’t buy it then, you may feel uncomfortable (200B). Therefore, if you don’t think you need it, you can say you don’t take a picture when taking the picture. There were similar situations during the play.

Note: If you feel afraid of sun or seasickness, you’d better sit in the middle and rear of the boat.

After that, I went to Bird’s Nest Cave, Monkey Island, Small PP, Egg Island and other places. Egg Island can snorkel or enjoy lying on a chair.

Among them, there is a small bay before going to Egg Island, which will give you half an hour to snorkel here. It is very good! ! ! All kinds of fish are surrounded around you, even within easy reach.

The ship has water, fruit and snorkeling equipment. Including lunch, is usually a buffet.

Patong has few fruit stalls. . . At present, I have found one, behind the big shopping mall. Also, I went to the big supermarket.

At the end of the trip, the Thai tour guide will come to ask for tips. You can choose not to give them. If you give them, 20B will be fine, because the smallest note is 20.

(Thai tour guides have also found the rule, knowing that East Asian people do not have the habit of tipping, so they will not put small pots in front of you.)


At about ten o’clock, the car came to pick us up and started phang Nga bey’s journey. Generally speaking, in general, especially for the Chinese, there are many mountains and floods. These strange stones and stalactite caves are not unusual. At first, I looked at a temple, then I took a long tail boat to 007 Island for about 30 minutes, and then I turned to phang Nga bey. Originally, there were mountains above, but due to the corrosion of the sea water, there were only those passages below, which could be attached to the body or put my feet in the water to play. After that, I will go to a village for lunch (in fact, it is already 3 o’clock in the afternoon…) After eating, we will return home. It is suggested that if you must take part in this trip, you can choose to take part on the last day of your trip, because it is very close to the airport. . . After that, go directly to the airport.

I told the tour guide that I was going to Phuket Town to buy my ticket to Bangkok. Then she told the driver to put me down at Tesco at the junction of Phuket and Patong. I found a motorcycle and agreed on the price (100B) to go to the station. I bought the ticket and agreed on the price. First, I was sent to Patong to pick up my luggage and then to Kata beach center hotel (400B), which was booked in advance.

Kata Beach looks more like a small European town, with few Asian faces except for the local businessmen. This hotel is located at a quiet corner in a noisy situation. There is a swimming pool in the courtyard. The room is very suitable for honeymoon. It is a bit wasteful to give me a master to live in. The boss is a European (sounds like a German accent). He is very enthusiastic and sits in a formal restaurant downstairs to chat (hotel restaurant). Chicken fried noodles for dinner at roadside food stalls.

Note: If you come to Kata, recommend this store, with stable network, warm room and reasonable price (180RMB)

If the formation has been booked, it is better to buy the tickets when I arrive in Phuket Town, and then I will do more trouble at the back of the province. My schedule is always changing, so I didn’t buy them at the beginning.


Have breakfast in the morning, put your luggage at the front desk, then go out to the beach and buy a beach blanket (150B) first. The price here is 400 for the other party, and you have to stick to about 150 or even lower. I went to the beach, found a suitable place, rented a pair of chairs, 100B a day, and I put things in one of the chairs.

The relatively shallow sea area here is very wide. Students who like swimming can enjoy it here. There are also waves and surfing.

I can’t surf, just swam for a while, then put on sunscreen and began to enjoy the sunshine.

Rest until evening, take your luggage and go to Karon, which is not far from Karon. I walked for half an hour to the Little Mermaid Hotel. The one I ordered was the cheapest, 100RMB a day, but it was OK. For single tourists, it was also a good choice. It was only more than 100 meters away from Karon Beach, and the door was a restaurant and bar. In the evening, I went to have a Thai massage, found a quiet bar for a drink and chatted with my boss.


After getting up, I took a blanket to the beach for more than an hour, then took a bath, packed up and started my return trip. After lunch, I can wait for bus on the street and go to Phuket Town every 15 minutes (30B). When you get to the bus station on the west side of the town, there is still some distance from the bus station. You can choose to continue to find bus or take doodle and choose freely. You can also go to the nearby shopping mall for shopping. Find a cafe for coffee.

I still feel good about kata and karon, There was no noise, The beaches are full of people lying in the sun (almost all of them are Europeans and Americans, and Asians hardly bask in the sun, so there are few Asian faces on these two beaches). There are many bikini beauties with great bodies (mostly in Eastern Europe and Russia). Friends who like to enjoy them can lie on chairs, look at the sea, blow the wind and look at the beauties, and also enjoy them very much.


After arriving at the Northeast Passenger Station, put your things in your residence, take BTS to Saphan Central Wharf, and choose the orange boat (30B) to N9 Station. After landing, turn right about 200 meters and you will see a lot of people on the left. That is the Grand Palace. Girls can wear long skirts while boys must wear trousers. 400B tickets, after buying, enter the tour.

It will take about an hour to finish the visit. There is a City God Temple about 200 meters to the right of the door. Its main entrance has to go around to the north. There are city pillars and ancient drama performances.

After that, go south. There will be an entrance on the right hand side about 400 meters. This is the Sleeping Buddha Temple. The buildings inside are very beautiful. I like them very much. The colorful towers look out of order at first sight, but in fact the overall feeling is great.

After reading it all, I walked east along the road and went all the way down to Chinatown, which is basically a long-term store and has no meaning. Go further until you reach the railway station, and you can take the subway back to your residence.


Fly to Hong Kong early in the morning, then go shopping downtown, and when you have enough, return to the airport and continue to fly to Beijing.


  • Thais are hospitable and warm and always smile at you. Love is clean. Although some places look very old and the ground is very dark, it is not mud or soil. Monks usually walk barefoot.
  • Thais are relatively inefficient in doing things, and some things are slow to confirm. In addition, the distance from Phuket to Sumi Island is only 450KM, which actually takes 9 hours! ! ! And it was a daytime car, which is why I didn’t go to Sumi Island. I wasted all day here.
  • Almost all the household appliances and cars here are Japanese. They are also right-hand vehicles. It is very convenient for Japanese manufacturers to export them directly here. Moreover, the Japanese government has sponsorship for Thailand’s expressways and subways, so Thailand encourages the purchase of Japanese goods.
  • The three beaches still like KATA best. In fact, Karon is also good. Patong is only suitable for staying for one night when he first went there, or when he took part in a one-day tour a few days ago. If you just go to enjoy the beach, Patong is not suitable.
  • Shopping in Bangkok can go to the four-sided Buddha area, but MBK there is not recommended. Although it is very famous, the cost performance of things is not as good as that of even Yaxiu. If you want to buy some common people’s things, it is suggested to go to Chatuchak Weekend Fair on the weekend, which is the size of 6 football fields in what. If you are tired of buying, you can rest in the park behind. You can take the subway or BTS to (mo chit)
  • Southbound Red Star over China 4

    After getting on the car, I found the car spacious with air conditioning. There were not many passengers, and soon several passengers were boarded one after another, including my friendly smiling neighbor. Several vendors also took papaya salad and other snacks in plastic bags to get on the bus to peddle them. Soon the driver got on the bus, so he quickly told him my destination, Banqing. The driver said enthusiastically that there was no problem and he would call me off.

    After leaving the station, I was driving on the busy roads in the city. Only then did I realize that Urontani was a bigger city than expected and had a railway station. Soon the car pulled out of the city and drove very fast on the highway. Halfway through, I stopped in two small towns. About an hour later, the bus came to an intersection where several tuk-tuk were parked. The driver and friendly neighbors asked me to get off here. After getting off the bus, after telling the tuk-tuk driver there about the destination, a driver offered 100B, and after some bargaining, he promised 80B to take me there. In the back seat of tuk-tuk, the pastoral scenery along the way:

    After passing through two villages, I finally arrived in Banqing Town. This is a very quiet town with few tourists. There are many lovely small shops in the town that deal in all kinds of pottery. When I got to the small town, I turned around and didn’t find the hotel. I was a little worried-after all, I wanted to stay here at night. I was in a hurry when I suddenly saw an old woman who made pottery. She went up to her and asked her where she lived. She was fine and understood what I meant. She called a motorcycle and took me to a family hotel.

    The family hotel is run by a local old man who knows English. One night in his house is not expensive, 160B B. Although the room is shabby and shabby, the basic facilities such as fan mat are also accompanied by a small courtyard full of exotic flowers and plants, and the old man is very hospitable, so this family hotel makes people feel warm. After paying the room fee, he asked him the way to Banqing Museum. The old man said it was diagonally opposite his house. I was relieved.

    So I decided to take a look around the town before visiting the Banqing Museum. The town is full of lovely small shops, dealing in all kinds of food and a wide variety of pottery. These small pottery are not very expensive to sell, but they are not very convenient to carry.

    Banqing turned out to be just an unknown small village in northeastern Thailand. The local people have lived peacefully for generations in this small village surrounded by picturesque pastoral scenery and Xanadu. The calm atmosphere was broken until 1966. That year, Smith Young, a history student from Harvard University, came here on a trip and stumbled over a branch while hiking through a nearby forest. He accidentally found some pottery fragments scattered under the dead branches and leaves on the ground. When he got up, he found more pottery fragments around, so he decided that there might be a large group of ancient tombs here. Facts have proved that his judgment is correct. Soon archaeological teams from Thailand, the United States, Britain, Japan, France and other countries came here one after another and unearthed a large number of ancient pottery, as well as bronze ware, small bronze parts and the remains of ancient people. Archaeologists conclude that these artifacts have a history of about 6,000 years-the ancient Banqing was one of the world’s earliest bronze smelting centers, just like Anyang in Henan. The Harvard University history student unexpectedly discovered such a historical relic-the four most important archaeological discoveries in Southeast Asia recognized internationally. Banqing Site, Site Site Site Site has now entered the World Cultural Heritage List-most of the cultural relics excavated are now preserved in Banqing Museum, while a few are preserved in Bangkok and other places.


    Pottery on display in the exhibition hall at the gate:

    Restoration of Cultural Relics in Museums:

    Entering the gate and walking straight inside is the first part of the museum exhibition hall, which mainly displays some pottery excavated from the Banqing site.


    Go further ahead and enter the underground part of the exhibition hall, where the remains of some ancient people are mainly displayed, as well as more ancient ornaments than the front exhibition hall, including jade bracelets, bone necklaces, etc. In addition, daily necessities made of bronze and various labor tools are also on display.

    Bronze labor tools have a history of 6,000 years:

    The underground exhibition hall also restored to every visitor the slash-and-burn life of the ancient Banqing people and various tools made of beast horns.

    After the visit, I walked to the ground and was about to reach the exit of the museum. The museum’s facilities are very good, including the quality of the building and the various attached facilities.

    Out of the museum exhibition hall, the environment here is very elegant and the layout is also very exquisite.

    After leaving the museum, it was still early, so I walked around Banqing Town. This is a leisurely and quiet town, full of unique small shops and residents’ courtyards, and there are not many foreign tourists.

    There is also the ubiquitous image of the king of Thailand.

    Go to the market again:

    When it was time for dinner, I found that the hotel near the place where I stayed closed early. Following the advice of the innkeeper, I had to go to a farther place for dinner. Finally, I finally found a place with elegant outdoor environment. It happens to be a family gathering here. Jackfruit trees are planted in the courtyard where you eat, and large pictures of welcome pine are pasted on the back wall. Sitting in a chair, graceful guitar music came into my ears, making me relaxed and happy.

    After dinner, when I came to the hotel, the boss seemed very interested in the green tea I made, so I made him a cup and he poured some for the wife of shop-owner. After drinking, his spirit came up and he said it was a little bitter, but he didn’t seem to like the taste of tea very much. I asked him about his previous job. He said that when he was young, he used to be a guard in Bangkok’s Imperial Palace. His wife was a waiter in a hotel near the Imperial Palace. They fell in love and got married. They worked as guards in Bangkok for decades. When they got old and returned home, they opened this family hotel. Now his children are all working in other places. The old man recalled his youth very much, and his eyes seemed to reveal endless vicissitudes of life. At this time, I looked around and found many photos of the old people when they were young and the Thai king in the hall.

    That night, it began to drizzle. I enjoyed the cool in the cool yard and sat for a long time.

    The next morning, I said I would leave. The boss first invited me to breakfast and then said that he was going to take me to the intersection by bike. I was very happy.

    Share breakfast with the host-this is near the Mekong River and there are many big fish.

    As I was about to leave, the boss took me around the town on a motorcycle, which took me out of Banqing. On this day, I planned to return to Wuluntani and transfer from there to Chiang Mai. Soon, the car arrived at the intersection, and at this time I felt a little reluctant to part with Ban Halal-unfortunately I only stayed there for one day.

    Finally say goodbye to the boss!

    Practical Strategy for Self-help Tour to Phuket-Phi Phi Island in Thailand (3)

    The third stop, Maya Bay, takes 200B to land: the bay is not large, surrounded by cliffs as high as 100 meters on three sides, and has only a narrow outlet to the sea. It is like an isolated fairyland on earth. The movie “Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here. The bay looks very beautiful from a distance. The sand is white and the water is green. The feet feel that the sand is as fine as flour when stepping on it. It is super comfortable. We cheered happily on the beach, ran, jumped, soaked in the sea and played in the sand. Careful Aaron recorded all this for us with our camera, and also left the secret of his lover’s beach in the camera. Only when he came back did he be pleasantly surprised to see it.

    Lover’s secret on the beach, why is it called lover? A wise man can see at a glance.

    The fourth stop at sea to watch the sunset: leaving Maya Bay at nearly 6 o’clock, we sat on a gently swaying boat and quietly watched the sun slowly fall into the sea. What a happy enjoyment it was. What a happy enjoyment it is to sit on a gently swaying boat and quietly watch the sun slowly fall into the sea. Sitting on a gently swaying boat, I quietly watched the sun slowly fall into the sea. Not far from the sea, there were scattered boats sharing the sunset. There were long-tailed boats, yachts and sailing boats. As a result, people watching the scenery also became a scenery in each other’s eyes.

    The sky is changing different colors all the time. Have you been shocked?

    In order to thank Aaron for his one-day company, In the evening, I asked him to have a seafood dinner at the beach together (a total of 2000b for four people is not expensive and can eat well). After listening to his introduction of the local conditions and customs of Thailand, he also learned that the hotels and facilities on the island were almost rebuilt after the tsunami in 2004. I also silently prayed for the victims of that time. Now everything is back to prosperity. People cherish the life in front of them even more and live a real, natural, enthusiastic and unrestrained life without regrets.

    DAY 4: Deep dive offshore in the morning and sail to outlying islands in the afternoon.

    The place where the yellow ship berths is the deep dive point near the sea.

    The offshore deep diving site is in the shallow sea outside the Ton Sai Bay. Standing on the shore, you can see that the diving depth is about 10-16 meters. Coach Aaron taught some major diving items and gestures (about 15 minutes), Most of them are a coach who takes two guests to the sea. The diving time is about 45 minutes (depending on everyone’s physical adaptability). The next step is to change into diving suit, tie more than 10 kg of lead around his waist, carry 20 kg of oxygen cylinder on his back, wear flippers, sit in the stern to adapt to this heavy dress and be pulled down by the coach.

    The sea water is very clear, visibility is very high, don’t think it is very shallow, listen to Aaron said it is 15 meters deep below. We are going to dive from here, fish and fish, I’ll come ~ (≥ ≤)/~ La La La.

    As soon as you enter the sea, the mask will enter the water (it is not a big problem to drain the water according to the drainage method taught by the coach). Then the tinnitus is very severe and the ears are very painful (if you feel uncomfortable, pinch your nose and use your ears to relieve pressure. Never go up and down again and again, which makes it more difficult to learn to dive deeply). Aaron will ask us whether it is OK or not every time he dives to a depth, so that we can slowly adapt to the underwater pressure. After diving for a long time, the throat will be dry and sore and hot (get used to it after overcoming it). Diving into the sea is another scene. All kinds of fish swim around leisurely and carefree. There are also all kinds of corals. The soft corals in full bloom like flowers are swinging with the contraction of the waves. It is very beautiful! ! Aaron took us to swim into a seabed cave with thousands of small transparent silver fish. It felt like it would shine and be spectacular. ! I was dazzled and couldn’t help reaching out to touch it. The fish and fish dodged. When I took back my hand, the fish and fish swam close again. The underwater world was so novel and mysterious to me.

    When he left, he left Aaron’s contact information: Travel Agency-Haima Diving Club (the only diving company on the island with 4 Chinese coaches). The service includes airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel reservation, Phuket play, big and small Phi Phi, round-the-island tour, deep diving and many other items. According to your specific requirements, there will be local escort. It is suggested to find Long, whose Chinese name is Mu Zhiming. Warm and cheerful Chinese are very good at playing.

    Three, return to Bangkok Airport shopping

    When playing in Phuket-Phi Phi, I don’t do much shopping, mainly because I don’t like to carry a lot of things like aunts and aunts, and I don’t have much fun. I stayed at the airport for shopping. I originally planned to check in early to enter the duty-free shop in the International Hall so as to have enough time to shop. As it turns out, We take off at 11:50, The queue didn’t start until 9 o’clock (why is it 3 hours in advance, if it can be 6, 7, 8 hours in advance), After queuing up to pass the long security check, there is not much time left for you to watch and choose slowly, so you must know that you need to buy what things before, quickly look for quick credit cards and quickly run to the boarding gate. When you get on the plane at 11: 40, you will only have a pile of Thai baht and big steel. It is advisable to leave some time for shopping in Phuket.

    Back in Guilin, Sitting at his desk the next day, It feels like a body, The heart is still there. Phuket Phi Phi, For a long time, I couldn’t get back to my mind. Close your eyes or PP’s blue sea, warm sand beaches, beautiful fish schools, carnival beaches and lively streets, The mood once fell to a low ebb, Just like the feeling of falling from heaven to earth, the dream seems to have never happened before. It is like waking up from a dream. In retrospect, everything is so unreal. Only those photos and those people and events that can be recalled can constantly remind me that it is true. There are really such beautiful places in the world that I have really been to. I also said to myself, “PHIPHI, I will go back! “.

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