After returning from Jiami, the blue sky and sea there have been engraved in my heart. There are many forgotten beaches around Jiami. The peace has been missed for a long time.

Jiami, a paradise-like tropical peninsula in southern Thailand, is about 80 kilometers from Phuket Island, a famous resort. If Phuket is like a flashy lady in gold and silver, Jiami is like a pure village girl who does not apply any powder. There are almost no tourist teams and noisy tourists here. The streets and beaches are very quiet and beautiful, and the eyes are full of original tropical island customs. For those who like quiet, this “non-mainstream” tourist destination is definitely one of Thailand’s most ideal vacation choices. Jiami Land is located at the mouth of Jiami River in the northern Malay Peninsula, facing the Andaman Sea in the west, facing Phuket Island from afar, and close to Panya Bay. Around it, there are more than 30 outlying islands, just like emeralds scattered on the blue sea. Compared with Phuket Island, Jiami’s beautiful highlights lie in the contrast of mountains and rivers, the dependence of mountains and seas, and the contrast of mountains and water, making Jiami’s island landscape more vivid and amorous feelings. Jiami is the most beautiful province along the Andaman Sea, with beautiful scenery everywhere, infinite scenery and infinite comfort. There are mainly three streets in Jiami City, which are built according to Jiami River. Walking on the streets, the two horn-shaped peaks in the east are very eye-catching. The small town is connected by mountains and seas, quiet and elegant, just like a secluded place in a distant world. Jiami has a small population, simple folk customs, rich products and low prices. Hotels of the same grade are at least one third cheaper than Phuket Island. Food and beverage is of good quality and low price. Whether it is a street restaurant or a street stall, I can taste a variety of special delicacies. The endless temptation on the tip of my tongue makes me unable to refuse my love here. The last stop of the first trip to Thailand was Jiami. Before that, I didn’t know much about it. I just wanted to change to an AirAsia plane here to return to China. It was also because of this short encounter that I deeply liked it here. Therefore, I revisited my old place on my third trip to Thailand and came to Jiami again. I stayed at Ao Nang Beach for one night. The surrounding scenery was the same as a few years ago. Everything was so familiar and I felt very comfortable. The next day, I stayed in Nakamanda Spa & Resort, a member hotel of the world’s top luxury hotel group (SLH), villa suites, private beaches, considerate services, top food, and enjoyed a luxurious and quiet time in Jiami. Although it was still rainy season, my mood was not affected at all. In order to meet a beloved hotel, it is an unforgettable thought to go to Jiami again.

I stayed in Jiami for 4 days. The route for these 3 days is: Day 1: Beach Tour. Onan Beach, Nam Mao Beach and Railay Beach Beach. The next day: a trip to the tropical rain forest. Takamoto National Park (waterfalls, caves, stalactites). Day 3: Drifting Journey. Continue to sweep the beach. Those who have physical strength can climb rocks.

Transportation Airport Transportation: Jiami Airport-Jiami Town/Aonan Beach 1. Airport Bus from Airport to Aonan Beach, 150B one person airport to Jiami town, 90-plant airport to TALADKAO (bus stop) 80B/person airport to Lanta Island dock 90B/person airport to Phi Phi Island dock 90B/person airport to Riley dock 150B/person airport to AO TON SAI dock 150B/person 2. Taxis are about 1000B, depending on one’s bargaining ability. TuTu cars are about 40 Thai baht/person and two cars are about 20 Thai baht/person-PP Island peak season 11-9: 00 in April the following year. 10:30; 14:30 Big PP Island 1.5 hours 300 Thai baht off season May-October around 9: 00; 14:30 Grand PP Island 1.5 hours 300 Thai Baht Jiami-Lanta Island Ferry 2 hours, 2 shifts per day. There are many long-tailed boats ferrying to Railay on the beach in southern Australia. Price lists are all over the beach! Krabi-Phi Ph 10: 00-11: 30 15: 00-16: 30 a day on the Jiamibao long tail boat for 6 hours is 2400B, which can accommodate 6 people.

The main tourists can choose to live in AO NANG BEACH, RAILAY BAY and Jiami Town. There are many hotels in AO NANG area. The beaches here are relatively wide and the sea waves are relatively large, which is not suitable for swimming. Accommodation in Jiami Town is cheaper, and it is more convenient to go to the nearby tropical rain forest. If you don’t care about money, the first choice is RAILAY BAY’s residence, which is almost isolated from the world, like a paradise, mostly with its own private beach. I live in RAILAY BAY BEACH and can see a beautiful sunset. The waves here are relatively large and there are many shells on the beach. It is best to wear shoes to the beach. Distribution Map of Jiami Hotel:

The trip will fly from Bangkok to Jiami and then from Phuket Island to Chiang Mai. It will not go back and will be the whole Asian Airlines. Travel experience: 1. Bangkok is especially convenient to fly Jiami. AirAsia has more than 10 flights a day, which is the cheapest by comparison. 2. Guangzhou has just opened direct flights to Jiami. TX people in the south can go from Guangzhou, and the one-way price can be won within 500 yuan during the promotion. (Special Envy) 3. AirAsia’s service is still good, but the air conditioner on the Thai plane is extremely large. It is recommended to bring a coat or blanket on the plane, otherwise it will be a little cold. 4. Because it is a cheap airline, the water and food on the plane are charged. It takes 70 minutes from Bangkok to Jiami. If you have enough food and drink before boarding the plane, you won’t have to spend more on the plane.

Day 1: Beach Tour Jiami mainly has four beaches: Klong Muang Beach, Ao Nang Beach, Railway Beach, Long BeachRailway. Long Beach has good scenery, but inconvenient transportation and high consumption. It is quieter, with fewer people going and better water quality. Ao Nang Beach is very convenient to eat, live and travel, with high cost performance and more tourists. Most of the tourists who come to Jiami live here. It takes about half an hour to get to Nam Mao Beach and Railay Beach Sea by boat from Ao Nang Beach. These two beaches are famous for sunrise and sunset respectively. Railay Bay is a small peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides with few tourists, with many cliffs. To the east is Railay Wharf, and there is a long tail boat to Jiami Town. To the west is a beach with excellent vision. There are many hotels and restaurants. Tourists are flocking and there are long-tailed boats destined for Ao Nang, the beach in southern Australia. To the south is Phranang Beach. There is a huge reef on the beach. Tourists have a different taste in sunbathing here. It is also an excellent place to watch the sunset. KOH LANTA Lanta Island is the most prosperous in the northern section and quieter in the south, but the more beautiful the beach is. Of course, there are some inconveniences. KHLONG DAO is the most crowded beach, while the main tourist center is in HAT PHRA AE (Long Beach). Don’t miss the sunset in Phranang beach. It’s so beautiful. Phra Nang Beach can climb, swim and boulder. Its unique geographical environment has made it a paradise for climbers.

It is cloudy today and there are not many people on the beach.

Jiami is really a magical place. It will clear up in the afternoon. The sea is blue! ! Jiami has more than 30 outlying islands and is the most beautiful province on the Andaman Sea. White and soft spun yarn, warm and clear sea water, palm trees swaying in the wind, waterfalls flowing endlessly, wild animals shuttling everywhere, poetic and picturesque, beautiful. Jiami has many beautiful islands and national parks, the most famous of which is PP Island, which is the place where the famous movie “Beach” was filmed. Kofanbencha National Park and Danbugoyun National Park are also famous for their rich vegetation and animal populations. Quiet Riley, Rock Climbing Resort and Reproductive Worship If you want to live in seclusion, it is absolutely right to come to Railay Peninsula in Jiami. White and soft fine sand, warm and clear sea water, palm trees swaying in the wind, waterfalls flowing endlessly, wild animals shuttling everywhere, Riley Peninsula is full of poetic and beautiful scenery. It takes only 20 minutes to get to this secluded paradise from Onan Beach by long tail boat. In Riley Peninsula, in addition to enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunset, the unique karst landform here allows tourists who like rock climbing to show their skills. The peaks are steep and the rocks are steep. The peninsula is concentrated on the most challenging rock walls for all Thai sports to climb, attracting countless rock climbers from Europe and the United States to challenge every day. This group of adventurous and positive young people also make the quiet Riley Peninsula permeated with infinite vitality full of youth hormones.

It is worth mentioning that there is a small natural cave under the mountains at the starting point of the quiet and private beach in Riley Peninsula, called “Saint Cave”, which is a reproductive worship resort for Jiami civilization far and near. Looking at the cave from the outside and far away, its shape is very similar to that of women * *, which makes people marvel at the magic power of nature. Entering the cave, the scene was even more shocking. Wooden simulated men of different sizes and colors were piled up all over the floor. These “giant pillars” are props placed here by residents from far and near to beg for childbirth or prosperity of their families. The image of the wooden penis is lifelike and shocking, but I have to admire the straightforward and frank of the Thais. This is definitely a “shocking” wonder in the eyes of other Eastern countries.

On the second day of the four-island tour of Jiami, I took part in the four-island tour of Jiami and chartered my own boat. A half-day tour of the four islands is quite cheap, about 500B. The tour time of 4 islands is very short, basically half a day is over. Many people will take part in the one-day tour of the four islands with the group. If conditions permit, they can pack a long tail boat by themselves. It is 2400B to swim 6 hours a day on the Jiamibao long tail boat, which can accommodate 6 people. Long tail boat group price: off-season price as low as 300B, peak season price 600-650B. It includes lunch box, English tour guide service, snorkeling supplies, drinking water, island fees and travel accident insurance. The price of a one-day tour of Jiami Four Island speedboats is higher. The price range in light and busy seasons is around 700B-1200B. Of course, the more expensive ones are richer for lunch. The four islands of Jiami refer to Tub Island (Ta Island and Mao Island), Chicken Island Chicken Island and Poda Island Jiami Tub Island (Chi Island). The color of the sea water here has three levels, from deep to light and from light to deep. Jiami Tub Island (Chi Island) consists of two islands: Ta Island and Mao Island. When the tide ebbs in the middle of each month, a beach road will be exposed between the two islands to reach the opposite Mao Island. This is the Thai Wonder on the Andaman Sea, which was rated by Thailand’s National Tourism Administration. . very exciting! However, I would like to remind my friends that those who do not know water or are not good at water should be cautious, because when they walk to the middle, because the waves in both bays are surging towards the middle, the impact force is still a little big, and when they walk, they feel a little unstable! Usually stay here for one hour a day. The scenery is excellent. Chicken Island, Jiamiji Island: The one-day tour of Jiami4 Island will be arranged to snorkel here for half an hour. Generally, it will not go ashore, but will go directly down from the ship to snorkel. The sea around the island is warm and clear, with many fish and trenches, which is very suitable for snorkeling. Chicken Island, Jiamiji Island, is the largest island in the sea area near Onan. Nature’s uncanny workmanship has turned the island into the shape of a chicken. Poda Island, Jiamiboda Island: Chinese transliteration is Poda Island, free translation is Platypus Island. The island has beautiful white sand beaches, deep blue sea water and shallow coral reefs. The shape of the island is like an axe or chicken head. You can go ashore here. Generally, a one-day tour to the four islands of Jiami will be arranged on it for lunch. There are also some vendors selling snacks on the island. There are toilets on the island. At the end of the beach, monkeys from the island occasionally patronize, and the local people often feed them food. Poda Island, Jiamiboda Island, usually stays for one hour. Finally, there is Jami Phra Nang Beach, where there is a princess cave, in which many wooden * * are enshrined. This is the place where the local people ask for children. There are also many climbers here, which is very spectacular… stay here for half an hour. I prefer long-tailed boats like this:

Half a day is enough to finish wrapping long-tailed boats on Onan Beach. I have a better time chartering my own boat. I can stay on any island I want to stay on for a while. However, it does not include the island-going fee (200B/person for the four islands of Jiami), snorkeling equipment, etc.

In Jiami, I live in a luxury hotel. It is a garden hotel that creates a local flavor in downtown, or a luxury club full of modern fashion, or even a delicate and luxurious SPA store, which is comfortable and elegant. Here, stunned all afternoon

Compared with other islands in Thailand, Jiami enjoys the quiet romance here.

Here, I saw the most beautiful sunset in the Andaman Sea.

Jiami Rock Climbing: This is a famous rock climbing holy place in Asia. Jiami has 54 rock climbing areas and their routes. The rock climbing areas are mainly in Railay Peninsula and Tonsai Peninsula. Accommodation on Tonsai Peninsula is much cheaper than that in Railay, and the night is very lively. Railay is quiet, suitable for vacation, and the accommodation environment and conditions will be better. If you bring your own equipment and rock climbing here is free, buy another rock climbing route book at a price of about 200 RMB. It not only tells you the difficulty of the route, but also how to find it. Moreover, it introduces when the line will open and when to replace the vertex. It uses the smiling face icon to suggest which route you should climb, and uses the crying face icon to warn you which route is not safe and it is best not to climb. Even it reminds you where there are more mosquitoes and make preparations in advance. If you don’t have any equipment, you can go to the outdoor shop or rock climbing school on the island to invite a rock climbing guide. The guide will take you to different rock climbing areas according to your requirements, and the price of hiring a guide varies. Attending rock climbing courses at Railay Beach is generally 1,000 Thai plants per day.

There are not many tourists in Jiami Town, Jiami Town, and it has the flavor of local life in Thailand.

Dream Island Tour, Exploring Pearl on the Sea There are many beautiful islands and national parks in the Andaman Sea opposite the south of Jiami. Tourists can reach these tropical islands with various forms and customs by speedboat or long tail boat from Onan Beach. One of the most famous is Phi Phi Island, known as “Shangri-La of Thailand”. This island group located in southern Thailand is a green pearl on the Andaman Sea in the Pacific Ocean and was once the shooting place of the famous Hollywood movie Beach. On Phi Phi Island, which is like a “paradise on earth”, he was immediately loved by the sunshine as soon as possible, accompanied by warm sunlight and gentle sea breeze. Although it is far away from the city, it is a corner of its own and attracts countless tourists from all over the world every day. It is a “paradise for backpackers”. The island is full of tourists, with different skin colors and languages, gathering here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the charming sunshine island and competing to experience this pure land given by nature.

Finally, the consumption of Jiami is lower than that of other southern islands, where the food is delicious and cheap. I’ve seen people fly to Thailand for food.

Finally, I’d like to share with you the maps of Jiami and so on, which can be downloaded if necessary.

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