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Month: April 2018

7-day tour to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, Thailand

As my younger brother went to Bangkok on a business trip, I was a little overwhelmed by the fact that I had not been abroad. I quickly applied for a passport and visa with LG.

Passport: 200 yuan/person (the photo was taken when the Hong Kong and Macao pass was issued before, and the police officer said it could be used.)

Visa: 100 yuan/person (Thailand visa-free fee by the end of March, (* _ _ *) hee hee… saved!) I found a company that signed on behalf of me, Suning Universal on Guangzhou Road, and the service was good! You can also handle it through Ctrip! It is better to have my signature on the last page of the passport.

We started diving together. After collecting detailed strategies, we started to do it! Air tickets are so expensive! Finally, I saw that Thai Airlines has a package ticket from Guangzhou, which is cheaper than China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines. Guangzhou-Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Bangkok-Guangzhou has a total of 4,250/person (including all infrastructure fuel costs). If the time is sufficient, you can buy cheaper ones. I have received the lowest quotation of 3,280/person, but the time is not suitable for me! Before, I also planned to order a low-cost airline. Finally, I added up the price of each segment to be about the same. Moreover, Thai Airways is much better in both hardware and software. There is also a guarantee of time! Later, it proved that my decision was wise and SHEN WOO’s!

3.24出发:南京–广州,与LG在白云机场会合转机TO曼谷。广州出境后的机场免税店好多DD很便宜,尤其是烟草类的,曼谷那边的品种没这里多,而且那边的包装很可怕!我拿起来看了一下就赶紧扔掉了。(都是吸烟不好的宣传画,好恶心!)但不能多买,要不泰国那边不让过。下午准点14:40坐上了飞曼谷的飞机,泰航的宽体客机比国内的小飞机要平稳多了!服务也不错,食物也很丰富。由于是国际航班空姐,空哥都会些中文,沟通起来还比较方便。当地时间17:00抵达曼谷(有一个小时时差,要将手表调慢一小时)。取行李,入境只要顺着**就不会错了。(本人英文水平有限,能看懂一点,但听不太懂,哑巴英语的悲哀!LG出来是充当了挑夫和保镖的重担,一般对外交流都是我。)找到了7-11买了一张SIM卡199B叫HAPPY CARD(一点都不HAPPY,这是我最失误的地方了,扣钱那个狠啦,简直就是个无底洞!弟弟告诉我买的卡名字我忘了。)7–11对面就是机场快线和CITY LINE到市区,很方便。(后来搞清了,走的是一条线,机场快线速度快,价格高些。)我乘的是CITY LINE到Makkasan,35B/人。(机场快线要100B/人)下站后直接打车去住处,弟弟给我安排住在他附近叫SV CITY (这是单身公寓,他们单位出来的都住这,150B/晚,环境不错,虽然位置有点偏但交通还算方便吧,能看到湄南河。)在这里碰到宰客的了。一个泰国小伙问我去哪,说的是泰语,我就把弟弟给我的泰文和英文的地址给他看了,他还很热情的搬了两把椅子给我和LG。怕怕!周围的人没这待遇!他不会英文,伸了三个指头,意思我懂了是300B,我迷迷糊糊的点了点头,一会车来了,他跑到司机那里咕噜了一阵子,司机给了他些钱,多少就不清楚了。我们上车后,他让我给司机300B,我没理他,就对司机说:By meter!之前在攻略上看过有这种情况,最后司机把给他的钱要了回来,给我打了表!到了住处表上显示120B,我给了司机150B,算小费吧!加上有个50B的过路费,又省了100B哦!之后去附近吃泰式火锅,那个锅有点怪,不过口味算是这次泰国行里比较适合我的口味的了,才80B/人。超便宜!两位男士吃得也很满意。在外面逛了逛回去睡了。第二天才知道这天晚上发生地震了,清迈还有房屋倒塌。

3.25 Visit the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple and Zheng Wang Temple. The resplendent and magnificent buildings and exquisite murals of the Grand Palace are worth visiting and there are many tourists. The Sleeping Buddha Temple was under repair. I thought it was not open, but later I knew I could still enter. Zheng Wangmiao has to ferry there, 3B/person, and the ticket is about 50B. After that, I took bus No 7 to SIAM. After shopping, I was disappointed. First of all, there were DD everywhere and the price was similar. Some small bags in Bangkok’s bag store are not bad and cheap, so they can be taken back to give away. Finally, I bought LEE’s jeans in the shopping mall near my residence. They were folded in half, more than 900 B, equivalent to about RMB 200 yuan. LEVIS is more than twice as expensive.

3.26 下午两点的飞机到清迈,上午不敢跑远,就在附近的仑披尼公园溜达。很多当地人在晨练,老人们下下棋,在这里就感觉不到曼谷的乱哄哄了。曼谷的交通是出了名的,但公共交通还不错,有BRT走的是专用道。有MRT,这个票价和南京想比稍微有点高,20B起步,相当于4-5元人民币,南京地铁2元起步,4元好像能到终点了,而且距离很长。下午三点多到了清迈,120B的出租车将我们送到了通过AGODA预定的STAR HOTEL ,80$两晚。酒店一般,年代有些长了,而且服务生可能看出我们是中国人,完全没有要帮我们搬行李的意思,只好自己搬,好在自带了挑夫。在我们后面办入住的老外的行李他殷勤地搬走了。通过这件事取消了我原来准备每天放20B小费在床头的打算。清迈是个适合闲逛的地方,不要带任何的任务,随便走走就能看到好多历史悠久的寺庙,建筑。清迈的居民住宅有点偏日式风格,小巧,别致,清幽。看了都忍不住想住下了。有好多的GUEST HOUSE很有特色,哎!后悔先定好了。

3.27 Originally, I was riding an elephant today, but the weather was not beautiful and it rained. It has been raining for a long time, so I continue to wander aimlessly. I visited Qingman Temple, Dafo Pagoda Temple and some temples that could not be called. After eating some snacks, I did not dare to compliment and was not used to it. In the evening, I went across the Chiang Mai River and saw many local people go into a very small restaurant and follow them. The DD taste inside is quite good, the environment is good, and the price is really cheap. There are also local specialties to sell. I bought some dried bananas, jackfruit and meat floss (this is not clenbuterol). A meal is about 60 RMB. The boss is very enthusiastic. The key is a handsome Thai boy! Each dish is very delicate, and the local little girl just sits and eats casually with her legs folded. I visited the night market in the evening. It turned out that the night market was quite close to the hotel where I stayed. DD in the night market is really not very good, but there is a shop like Nanjing Arts and Crafts Building near the night market. There are few customers in the shop and there are no what salespeople. The handicrafts inside are very good and have a sense of design. They can also offer a 20% discount. They bought some candlesticks, elephants and so on, and four pieces of DD1280 B. LG did not think so very much. He thought DD here was definitely more expensive than outside. As a result, I was wise! The handicrafts in the night market are similar to each other, with no characteristics and no low price. When I come back, I give it to my friends. They are all very porridge.

3.28 中午去普吉。住在7Q酒店,也是通过AGODA订的,99$两晚。在酒店楼顶的游泳池能看到大海,房间就没景了,但装修的很现代,很干净,服务生也很好,他们进房间都会把鞋子脱了,这些细节让人觉得很舒心。期待啊!结果令我很失望啊!到的时候是阴天,在海边走了走就回去休息了。这段时间天天只能看英文台,自己感觉英文水平都提高了,哎!环境造就人啊!哦,提醒一下,这里打车很贵的,不论到哪里200B。我和LG吃了晚饭回来,我不知是食物的原因还是这两天总坐飞机的原因,胃有些疼,就叫了辆车,也没问价格,谁知开了有3-4分钟吧,要200B,酒店服务员说是这个价

3.29 Today, my younger brother arrived in Phuket to join us, but the rain was getting heavier and heavier, so I had no choice but to go to Carrefour and bought many DD’s. Later, I saw the DD I bought at Phuket’s airport duty-free shop, which was twice as expensive.

3.30 The plane arrived in Bangkok at 1: 00 p.m. and arrived at the seaside in the morning in the rain. The umbrellas were blown away. The hotel called a car to deliver the plane, 400-500B, I can’t remember clearly, it is cheaper than the outside (700-800B is required for the opening). It was raining so hard that I was worried about whether the plane would be affected. I hit Bangkok and soon had to transfer to Guangzhou for security check. When checking his luggage, he was told to change planes, so he didn’t have to pick up his luggage in Bangkok, but went directly to Guangzhou. Fortunately, the journey went smoothly and arrived in Guangzhou at 8 pm on time. Stay in Motai near Guangzhou Airport and there will be two routes tomorrow morning: I will return to Nanjing and LG will return to Zhuhai.

3.31 Return to my warm home at ten o’clock in the morning.

Cost: A total of about 15,000 yuan.

The wonderful end starts from the heart and starts from the new.

Sleep until you wake up naturally and open the curtains to enjoy the pleasure.

Come to the water market

After drinking the local Thai milk tea, the taste of the tea is more heavy, and there are quite a lot of ice cubes. It is not entirely filled with ice cubes. In Thailand, there is a kind of chili called Broken Soul Pepper, which is used for both dishes and sauces. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the waiter will bring you a cup of ice cubes with a lot of ice water before eating here.

On August 8, the camera was in a bad mood and didn’t shoot much. . .

Even if you don’t go to what, it’s very comfortable to look out quietly like this.

I got up very early on August 9, which is also the day to leave here.

Honey lemon yogurt and skim milk bought at 7 eleven before watching the song and dance show in the evening.

The Orient Princess is a theater with an average age of 16-20 years old. It can only be called an old demon. . . . . . Speaking of the Princess, I really don’t want to use the term transvestite to refer to TA. While keeping a professional smile when treating TA like a group of obscene people, I saw a little reluctance and even a little shyness, but when I came into contact with me alone, I could feel TA showing the most authentic kindness to me. At the end of the day, when I went downstairs with the crowd, I was so cute that I kissed and then pulled my face. I said goodbye to TA and entered the cabin. A new group of people boarded the Princess here every day. All kinds of people are just passers-by. Ha ha, you must not know that I, a little Chinese girl who has never been used to being touched by others, think this kind of contact is actually very beautiful.

At this point, my journey was all over and I have been asleep ever since I came back. Fortunately, I have not forgotten everything about it because of this. At the beginning of opening the space, I turned off QQ. It seems that I am not used to the flashing of the small sign. I don’t want to break away from my friends, but it will be filled with the memory there. I will let my thoughts belong only there and completely there. This is the first time I have separated from my family and friends.

The Izu Peninsula Tour of Mount Fuji (Error Corrected Edition)

Sorry, I opened it today and found that the itinerary for the first day was deleted. I didn’t know that Yododo had a what problem, so I made up 13.09. 05 again.

13.05.10 Shanghai-> There was an incident before Shimizu set out. In order not to let my parents know that I had gone to Japan “again and again”, I told a beautiful white lie, claiming that I had gone to Southeast Asia to bask in the sun and get rid of mildew. However, the yen plummeted. When it fell to 6.45 of my psychological price, I couldn’t sit still and exchanged 80,000 yen directly. The 80,000 yen was put in the drawer for fear of being exposed by my mother, so I folded it up one by one and hid it in the ticket book. When I was hiding, I was still thinking that I wouldn’t even be able to remember where to put it… When I think about it afterwards, I already knew the future at that time. Two weeks before my departure, when I began to prepare my luggage, I suddenly found that little Qian Qian was missing. ) One morning, the cat went through the drawer of the house and couldn’t find me. I just vaguely remembered that I had hidden the money and it was hidden in a place where my mother would never find it, but I couldn’t remember where I was hiding it when I was killed. Finally, out of the idea of a large number of people and great strength, I told my parents the truth and mobilized them to help me find it. I didn’t find it for a weekend, so I fed the money to the cat, adjusted my mind and went to the bank to exchange 100,000 yen (which fell to 6.3 at this time). Then my dear mother called me, and she actually found me this sad and happy mood. Who can understand it?

So I took 130,000 yen in cash (the remaining 50,000 yen is in the bank waiting to appreciate, although I still hope it can continue to fall in my heart) and embarked on my sixth journey to Japan without any expectation (this time the destination is very clear. Shizuoka and Yamanashi, the two rural (hello) plans that hate each other for which side of Mount Fuji is more beautiful, are plump. They fly directly from Shanghai to Shizuoka Airport, stay in Shimizu for one night, and buy Izu Dream PASS the next day to take a ferry to Izu Peninsula. If they are lucky, they can enjoy the majestic side of Mount Fuji on the ferry. Unfortunately, the reality is bony, On the day of departure, I will not say anything about it from Shanghai to Shizuoka. The plane was also hit by strong air and fell like a roller coaster. There was a burst of alarm in the cabin. The only advantage is that there are too few people on board (the fourth doctor of China Eastern Airlines, who was expressionless when checking in as if I had stolen his money, threw the air ticket to me casually and said that when he got on the plane, there were only 29 people in total), so it took only 5 minutes from gliding to opening the hatch. It attracted everyone’s chorus of admiration (^ ^) 8 (^ ^ *). Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to be happy. When I entered the country for inspection, I experienced the first time in my life that I was unpacked. The enthusiasm of the customs eldest brother asked me more than N questions and kept praising me for my good Japanese. After thinking about it, I was not left behind just because I spoke Japanese well. Those who used BODY LANGUAGE to communicate in front of me clearly cleared customs soon. So I let go, the customs eldest brother opened not my suitcase, but loneliness (o; ) o “Shizuoka Airport is also a small airport. You need to take the local Jingtie bus to get to the city. There are two buses, one goes directly to Shizuoka Station, and the other goes to Shimada and then changes to JR. Recently, the Japanese are a bit unreliable. Last year, they were completely trapped in Hokkaido and Tokyo (a night train suddenly changed carriages and the two stores suddenly changed rest time). This time, they also met. The timetable of the official website found in advance was temporarily renovated, and finally they caught the bus to Shimada under the enthusiastic guidance of INFO. After arriving at Shimada Station, I first pulled out SUICA, which can be used in most parts of Kanto. In the past, my understanding of SUICA was really superficial. I only knew to brush it when I entered and left the station. This time I realized that so many convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and even scenic spots could be used, which was much less labor-saving than collecting a lot of small change. I happened to meet the rush hour after work on Friday, which made me feel nauseous all the way. I also thought that I could not do it. When I arrived at the hotel, I quickly washed and slept. As a result, when I got off the bus and was blown by the salty and wet sea breeze, I was as energetic as FRANKY who drank Coke. Touching the riverside city opposite, which specializes in eating sea food, I casually picked a family that is open and sat down to eat. Delicious Chinese rice (although the sashimi is not as fat as imagined, the vinegar rice below is still very good) and it is clearly 5 pm that there is still a special meal for the afternoon market, plus the fried shrimp cake and delicious flavor soup at the back, which is only 1500 yen. In an instant, I was resurrected with blood and found the hotel I stayed in with my luggage. To be honest, the business hotels near Shimizu Station are really expensive. They are all over 4000 yen. It is very difficult to find the 3900 yen home, which is still a smoking room. Moreover, COMMENT on RAKUTEN said there is a karaoke on the first floor. After hesitating for half a day, I still spent an extra 300 yen to choose a non-smoking room type (this 300 yen was offset by RAKUTEN’s points) and specifically indicated that I must be given a quiet room. Finally, the 7th floor was high enough and I slept soundly. By the way, I also sent a bottle of Fuji Mountain natural water. There are also tea bags specializing in Shizuoka County in the room. Although they are not worth much money, there are always two stops in Shimizu, a happy by citizen, who has something to take. Local people may use the new Shimizu opposite the hotel more frequently. However, for sightseeing, they should be familiar with JR Shimizu Station because there are two free buses at its gate. One class leads to DREAM PLAZA (Maruko Museum is in its 3L) and the other class leads to Shimizu Port (sailing directly to Tufei Port in West Izu by boat). In the 1L exhibition hall, Hu Ge was actually photographed (now Xi Ge is on stage, ah, I will treat you with a crime of disrespect. Oh (Ji) Very funny ninja maze city. The highlight, Maruko Museum. In fact, my feelings for Maruko are the same. Among the primary school students in Japan who will never grow up, Conan Jun is the favorite, followed by Dream A. However, I may come to Shimizu once in my life, so I have to see if it is not. This is basically the scene restoration. Apart from collecting all kinds of STAMP, there is no other interaction, which is much worse than Gangchang Aoyama’s Hometown Pavilion and the Three Eagles’ Mori. If you are satisfied with playing in one place, you will not want to buy souvenirs. If you are not satisfied, you will want to bring something back. Shizuoka’s specialty tea is green and green. The fish cake bought only because it is cute, but the facts have proved that it is really just cute. (-) Qingshui-> Soil and Fertilizer-> Xiatian-> Hejin

I got up early in the morning and heard the sound of rain all over the world. I turned on the TV and even noticed that if the hotel had not been booked, I would definitely have chosen to take JR all the way to the hot sea and then change buses to enter the Izu Peninsula. But who makes me full of expectation for the hot spring hotel in Hejin? So I dragged my luggage case to the platform of the free SHUTTLE BUS in the heavy rain. As expected, I was the only one who got on the bus. Although I felt very sorry for the uncle who drove here specially, it was better than not letting him run empty. Here, let’s briefly introduce the best companion to visit Izu Peninsula: Izu DREAM PASS (hereinafter referred to as DP, is divided into three routes: Golden Road: 5890 yen, Shimizu-Tufei Ferry once, Tufei to Xiatian Outer Ring East China Sea Bus for 3 days, Izu Express for 3 days. The reason why it is called Huang Jinlu is that it takes the peripheral route through Huang Jinqi. When the weather is clear, you can see the very beautiful sunset of Xiyi Bean. Wasabi Road: 6500 yen, clear water-soil fertilizer ferry once, soil fertilizer to Xiatian’s inner ring East China Sea bus to take at will within 3 days, Izu Express to take at will within 3 days. The advantage of taking this route is that you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery of Izu. Fuji See Road: 4640 yen, Shimizu-Tufei Ferry Once, Tufei to Xiusan Temple East China Sea Bus Free to Take in 2 Days, Xiusan Temple to Mishima Izu Hakone Railway Free to Take in 2 Days. As the name implies, this route is to see Mount Fuji, and you can also soak in the famous Xiushan Temple Hot Spring. Because it is impossible to play around before arriving at the hotel in Hejin with a large box, Wasabi Road is meaningless to me (the number of buses in rural Japan is also pitifully small), so I paid 10,000 yen to buy Golden Road DP. As a result, my little sister told me by her calculator that it only costs 2,950 yen. Huh? Can’t be a mistake, isn’t it 5890 yen? My little sister and I reconfirmed, As a result, I was told that I was offering half-price concessions now, so I was in a good mood. Even if the torrential rain completely blocked my good wish to enjoy Mount Fuji at sea, even if the waves rolled and shocked me, even if I almost vomited it out, even if I was drenched like a drowned rat and didn’t go anywhere in a day, I couldn’t stop my good mood of 3,000 yen.

After that, I checked the official website again. The discount started 4 days before I arrived. It was really LUCKY. By the way, this activity will continue until March 31 next year. Those who want to go must hurry. He also sent a postcard celebrating the success of Mount Fuji’s application for World Heritage (it was finally wet by heavy rain;)

The boat is an ordinary sightseeing boat. When the weather is fine, you can go to the deck to watch the sunset. However, today, even I, a total of less than 10 guests, all nest indoors, chewing potato sticks that become more and more addictive, drinking canned coffee, and then getting seasick and lying down 30 minutes after sailing.

When I arrived at the other shore, I felt relieved to be redeemed and gave a figure to the distant ship.

However, the rain was getting heavier. Fortunately, the BUS station in Tufei Port had INFO to take shelter from the rain. After waiting for 20 minutes, the bus arrived. I rushed excitedly to the bus bound for Xiushan Temple. Fortunately, the driver’s grandfather probably met many people who got on the wrong bus. He asked me about my destination with great experience and then told me that it would be 5 minutes before the bus went to Matsuzaki. It was a close call. You know, the price to pay for getting on the wrong bus in the Japanese countryside was very heavy ∑ ()! !

After that, I changed buses all the way. If the weather is fine, the sea view along the way should be extremely beautiful, not to mention now. After 2 hours, he arrived at Xiatian smoothly, found it and ordered a sea bowl. The aunts in the store are very enthusiastic and the taste can only be said to be average, although crab flavor soup and other side dishes are delicious.

Soaked to the skin, I went out and found that I was already getting off the cat and getting off the dog. I had no choice but to give up all my plans and take Izu to Hejin’s Hot Spring Hotel Stone. It was said that the first day of accommodation in Izu was originally intended to live in Xiatian, but later it was found that the location was very partial. There are quite a few beside Hejin Station, and it is relatively cheap after the season of Hejin Sakura. The reason why this family was chosen is for their special soup. Put on hemp clothes and lie in a large room paved with hot spring heated ore to help promote blood circulation, open pores and reduce pressure. The time is within 10 minutes at a time, depending on everyone’s bearing capacity. Anyway, my endurance cannot be compared with that of those ninja turtles. I am the first to escape every time. However, as long as you buy this COURSE, you can go in and challenge several times. Generally, everyone will blow and drink water in the nearby lounge so as to carry out the next challenge. In a sense, I should thank the heavy rain, which made me unable to go anywhere in the hotel, so I went in and challenged 10 times. After coming out, the whole body was white and bright and the skin was smooth and tender. The key was that what’s waist soreness and backache were all well and he slept soundly at night. On the other side of the hotel, there is a public hot spring (separate for men and women). It is most comfortable to make soup or something after sweating all over.

There is a riverside lounge on the first floor, but there are a group of smoking uncles, so I went back to the room on the second floor to rest. This is divided into smoking/non-smoking rooms and rooms/foreign rooms. I was originally going to book non-smoking rooms and rooms, but when I looked at the picture, the non-smoking rooms did not have balconies, so I booked smoking rooms and rooms instead. As soon as the door was pushed open, I cheered. How could I pinch it so cleverly? Outside the balcony is green hills and waters.

After that, all day long, I sat by the window and drank tea gracefully, enjoying the drowned rats galloping along the road gracefully.

Forgot the price, This simple accommodation is 5,000 yen (you can soak in ordinary hot springs, but not mineral hot springs) and 6,800 yen if mineral hot springs are added. Moreover, I can continue to soak after checking out the next day (I didn’t have this heart after seeing the long-lost sunrise the next morning). There is no traditional Huaishi cuisine COURSE, only some simple snacks (curry rice is 500 yen, which tastes good), so the aunt at the front desk suggested that I simply order a take-out. Speaking of which, I haven’t introduced the aunt at the front desk yet, He looks very much like PUB’s mother Sang, At first I was a little scared, As a result, after two days of contact with her, I found out that he was really a very kind person. I took good care of myself as a crooked nut. I explained in great detail all the way how to take a bath, drink more water, even if it was hot, don’t always blow the wind and be careful of catching cold. I also ate oranges and made hot tea. Even after she changed shifts, she specially instructed the following aunt to prepare me with a replacement set of clothes. Compared with those grandfathers who met in Yidong after I checked out and bowed and watched me go away, this aunt was really just a warm aunt next door, full of human touch ((‘_’) 13.05. 12 Hejin-> Tufei-> Yidong

Early in the morning, I woke up with the cheerful singing of birds. I opened the window and saw the long-lost sunshine. Even the fragrance of flowers floated in the humid air. How can I fail to live up to such a beautiful morning? I immediately went out of the door with my camera on my back.

The hotel is very close to the sea and is only a few steps away.

Give some sunshine and it will be brilliant, which is a true portrayal of me.

It’s a pity that I am still lazy. If I got up earlier, I might have seen the sunrise in East Izu.

711 Matcha Buffy (290 yen) is the best! It’s really the best! ! ! After watching the interview with President 711 in the temple, Murakami Takashi said that under the economic downturn, everyone went straight to the cheap price, but in fact there were still a considerable number of customers who were pursuing slightly more expensive but better goods. 711 took this route. President, you are really wise. I can say responsibly that the quality of this dessert in your family far exceeds that sold in some caf é. Next to it was Gree Gao’s, who bought it only after seeing the temple. The new jelly, which claims to be scattered as soon as it is shaken, did not feel particularly brilliant.

Go back to Hejinchuan.

Crossing the vermilion bridge is Hejin Station.

I took this because I thought that the former author of Heitalia said that when she came to China, she was shocked to see that the fake HELLO KITTY had a mouth. I would like to say, your own fake goods also have mouths, ok (` ´) ~.

In front of Hejin Station in the morning.

After a walk, I checked out and took my luggage to the hotel in Yidong. I checked my luggage first. At this moment, I was still sitting in the most common Izu and could see such a beautiful sea view.

It was already lunchtime when I arrived at Xiatian again. I found Song smoothly by relying on the great GOOGLE map APP. It was also a famous store. The store was basically full. How could the Tian Ji made be so bad to eat?

Naturally, I had to take a good walk and digest the greasy food. I was going to climb the sleeping posture mountain. Later, I heard that I could not climb it because of the monopoly of the cable car, so I had to walk around aimlessly. As a result, I accidentally found an excellent scenic spot for free mountain climbing and sea view: Xiatian Park.

The advantage is that it is unknown and basically no one climbs, so the whole journey is original ecology. The disadvantage is that it is too original, All kinds of lizards are running around and my heart is about to jump out (imagine, In the mountain where there was only the sound of my own footsteps, suddenly there was the sound of Zissoso in the grass, and then a long thing jumped out … …) so at last I ran down the mountain screaming (thanks to the heavy rain yesterday, my leather shoes were wet, so I came to climb the mountain in CROCS sandals, and running was called a fast one.

If you are as daring as I am, I don’t recommend you to spend one hour hitting those viewing platforms. In fact, you can overlook the whole Xiatian Port as long as you climb for 5 minutes. Wild flowers on the roadside. After climbing for half an hour, I climbed the first viewing platform. The scenery is not as good as the previous effortless (` ´) ~. The second viewing platform (-_-), which climbed for half an hour, only the blue sky is still so pleasing to the eye.

Running down the mountain to see the long-lost main road was really a bitter tear. ) Clouds are beginning to gather again. PERRY ROAD, imagine Lijiang, the same. Remind passing car owners to be careful of cats flying out. There is a cat waiting to cross the road nearby. This tangled wire is also a major feature of neon. Because DP couldn’t take the special Izu dancer, it took 40 more minutes before knowing how worthwhile it was. The conscience train, RESORT 21, which does not need to collect more money at all, made its grand debut. Each carriage in the middle has the same structure. The front of the car is even more powerful. The palm of the car runs on the second floor, so the first floor is a large floor-to-ceiling window + stepped seats. No wonder I saw a group of Japanese rushing to the front of the car to grab seats. I have taken many trains from south to north in Japan, and RESORT 21 is currently ranked first. Imagine that I can take such trains indefinitely in 3 days for only 190 soft coins, not counting the cost of other ships and buses. Is this a business? It was NPO. I originally planned to climb Xiaoshi Mountain in Kawasaki. Thanks to the comfort of RESORT 21, I gave up this seemingly relaxed HIKING COURSE, which I didn’t know how TOUGH was, and returned directly to Yidong. This god is also too happy ( ̄  ̄). The family is called caf é. Please remember its name and never go. I have never eaten such a bad Buffy (800 yen) in my life. Apart from two POCKY and bad fruits, there is only ice cream. Help, I really want them to eat 711 matcha buffy (290 yen) and see the configuration of convenience stores, matcha rolls, cream, cheese, pudding, red beans. This is Buffy, okay? Your family sells tricolor cups, okay? Kiss (-) the sea near the hotel. A foot of sand was poured. Shan Xi’s tour was booked for two nights. The first night was Subo, only 4,000 yen, and the second night was 7,500 yen with two meals. Oversized and room with washstand, balcony, refrigerator and safe. Hot springs and toilets (for men and women) are public. The lobby on the first floor has a special banquet hall and a small room for two meals. The hotel is jointly managed by a group of grandfathers and grandmothers. The service is absolutely considerate. It is the first time I have seen my name posted there in the shoe cabinet. When I go out, someone is waiting on my shoes and bowing to watch the guests stay away. Ah, I forgot to say hot springs. May is fine. It is estimated that I will freeze to death if I go to soak in winter. Be cautious. 13.05.13 Yidong-> Chengchengqi Coast-> Xiaoshi Mountain-> Yidong Kengdad’s weather forecast for Japan has changed from day to day for three days. Last night, it was reported that it was sunny to cloudy. When I got up, it was already cloudy.

JR’s chain caf é can brush SUICA. The taste is just like that. It is convenient to make a figure. After all, it can decide how much time to eat according to the train time.

Today’s destination is Chengchengqi Coast. In fact, the fastest way is to take the East China Sea bus. I also went to INFO specially to ask DP if I could take it, but the result was not good. This point should also be criticized by DP’s official website. It is called an unclear one. It means that buses in the East China Sea can be taken at will within 3 days. In fact, only buses with soil fertilizer to Xiatian can be taken. Izu is used in areas where Izu is urgent.

However, I still recommend Izu to sit down in the city and walk by himself. All the way is covered with forests and the air is fresh. Moreover, there is absolutely no possibility of getting lost on this avenue and it will arrive unconsciously.

You can also see all kinds of caf é and handicraft workshops along the way.

Cats everywhere.

Towering old trees.

When I arrived, I found that the cloudy day was also very beautiful and had a desolate feeling.

The suspension bridge, with the sea on one side and various black boulders on the other, is very oppressive.

Because I came out wearing sandals, I also jumped up and down and climbed a long way (it is not recommended for everyone to learn, after all, this is a cliff, and accidents and deaths occur every year) and took several photos for people on the way.

The coast of Chengchengqi is very close to Izu Four Seasons Flower Park. I can walk along the forest path or along the avenue. I was scared by lizards the day before, so I followed a group of aunts across the avenue.

Clearly it was May, and somehow there was a sweet fragrance of sweet osmanthus floating in the forest.

A blooming cuckoo.

Tickets 500 (half price from 3: 30, SUICA)

Flowers themselves are actually ordinary.

The selling point is actually here, the garden by the sea.

Sitting on the swing for a long time is actually a little regrettable. If you come when the weather is fine, what a beautiful scenery you can see.

The return trip was very southern, but I was in the mood to appreciate it at first. After that, the long uphill road almost didn’t tire me down. As I was about to reach the finish line, I met a little Japanese elder brother who asked me if there was a convenience store nearby. I told him responsibly that I had been wandering around here for nearly 4 hours and had not seen any convenience store.

First of all, I would like to thank GOOGLE map. The search function is extremely powerful. The Lamian Noodles store I am looking for is called Fu 0. When I played a Fu and began to hesitate how to play the middle circle, the name Fu 0 jumped out automatically. Of course, following NAVI to the back door is not worth mentioning. When I was wandering around the back door, I also glanced at my boss. After I entered the door, the boss said that everyone with NAVI would touch the back door.

Super delicious soy sauce barbecued pork noodles 800 yen, although their family’s characteristic is sparerib noodles

After eating and drinking, I returned to Chengqi Station. I originally wanted to make foot soup in the station. As a result, the car had already arrived and I jumped up to Chuan Nai Station.

The most convenient way to go to Xiaoshi Mountain is to take the East China Sea bus and take it directly to the foot of the mountain. Of course, in order to attract hikers, the official website also lists COURSE who walked from Chennai, claiming that it only takes 40 minutes. As soon as I looked at the little case, I set off foolishly. At that time, I didn’t know that all the way was a very steep uphill road. !

Seeing that Xisong House can turn, remember that it is the turn in the opposite direction to Xisong House. The sign on their road is wrong. Thank you again for the great GOOGLE map, otherwise I didn’t know where to go around to what (# ` ‘) Convex

It is not pleasant to walk alone on the desolate road, so when I reached the foot of the mountain, I had already taken out a little money and was ready to take the cable car up the mountain. But just as I was preparing to pay, I remembered the hardships of climbing up the road. I gritted my teeth and persevered for such a long journey, but this small hillside depends on external forces. I am sure I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life. ) He gritted his teeth and continued to climb.

I will walk till the water checks my path, then sit and watch the rising clouds. After climbing exhausted, my eyes suddenly opened up, and this kind of emotion will never be forgotten. Thank you for not giving up halfway.

Of course, this kind of romance is only a matter of more than ten minutes, and then I have to return to Chennai Station on the original journey. It really hurts my knees. It happened that there were only a few buses in the countryside a day, and when I went down the mountain, I didn’t have to take it. (The following omits the pain of returning 1000 words

At the post office, I brought a special postcard from Shizuoka County. As a result, when I got into the station, there was a car coming. Grandpa kindly told me that I didn’t need to buy a ticket. He threw me a certificate of getting on the bus and asked me to rush up.

When I returned to the hotel, I was already tired. I confirmed the dinner time with my grandfather. By the way, I advanced the breakfast time the next day by 30 minutes and went to take a bath. Eight hours of hiking a day are all uphill and downhill, without even a piece of flat ground, which is a break of one’s own record.

The banquet hall on the first floor is for those group guests. Individual guests like me are invited to eat in small rooms. All right, otherwise it would be embarrassing to sit outside and eat alone.

As soon as the dish was served, I was dumbfounded. The quantity was too small, and there was not even a dessert, let alone fruit. With the comparison of last year’s Dong Ye, I sincerely ( ̄  ̄; ) At last I was comforted by the fact that each dish was very good and was really cooked with heart. However, give me another chance and I will definitely choose to have a good meal outside. )

13.05.14 Yidong-> Hot Sea-> National-> Eight Princes

This breakfast, together with last night’s dinner, is worth 3,500 yen. This is purely a joke (dish #), but for the sake of good taste and the considerate service of the grandfathers and grandmothers, forget it.

In the nearby Donghai Pavilion, people can also live here. There are foreign backpackers’ favorite lodging rooms and separate rooms to choose from (only 2 people are allowed to book, otherwise I will definitely live here)

The entrance to Shop Street.

Go straight ahead is the Tanghua Trail, and you can return to Yidong Station after wearing it.

I came to the hot sea in a slow train with a thud. I trotted along to save my suitcase and then went to find the bus. I won’t say anything about the recent unreliability of the Japanese. Anyway, I didn’t find the bus on the official website. The next bus has 30 minutes left, so I went to my family to buy some dessert and then took the Donghai bus to & when I came back. In fact, if you have time, it is recommended to take a bus to go up and then walk down by yourself. The scenery is very beautiful along the coast.

Tickets were 1,000 yen, and I only spent 800 yen on the coupon on the official website, and then I got a very cheap ticket with no collection value. It is estimated that this part of the printing cost was saved.


After leaving the off-duty bus for some time, I went to buy some hand letters. As a result, I saw a special SHUTTLE BUS parked there as soon as I went out. It really doesn’t matter whether I check it in advance or not. It’s just RP.

After that, there was a long reversal. First, I took the ordinary JR line to Odahara. This section of the line was parallel to Tokaido Shinkansen, so the fare was expensive. I was charged 400 yen for a few stops. After arriving at Odahara, change to Odahara and rush to Machida, and finally change to Yokohama to go to Eight Princes. The reason why we have to take such a tortuous route is that It is because Yamanashi and Shizuoka are blocked by Mount Fuji, there is no train communication between them, the only high-speed bus also starts from Shimizu, and the time is extremely abnormal, so if you want to complete the tour around Fuji like me, you must go around Shizuoka to Kanagawa, then return to Tokyo, and finally start from Tokyo to Yamanashi.

First go to the hotel to deposit the luggage, then go to the Oz store to eat soup curry. After eating it once in Sapporo last year, I will never forget it. I didn’t expect this taste in Tokyo to be so authentic. Although it was so hot, I still drank all the soup with sweat. 5-star recommendation

I went to Musashi Xiaojinjing and took the DVD of the white face that was kept by the baby. I finally managed to put it into my backpack, but I was in a panic. Then set off for the national * *.

Last year, I dragged my bags to the door and found the black tea shop that had temporarily changed the rest time. This year, I finally didn’t play any more games.

MILK TEA BLEND, CHAI BLEND, DIMBULA and ASSAM each received 100g. When the bill was checked out, the four doctors asked me if I liked making milk tea by myself. I said yes, so she sent me two packages of other black tea samples that could also be made milk tea, LUCKY o (≥ v ≤) o ~ ~

After that, I wandered around the country. Although there were many groceries, I was used to DAISO and Taobao. I was really not in the mood to buy those expensive ones.

For dinner bought in the supermarket, sweet shrimp is the best, forget it.

The rice flour bread of a national family tastes glutinous.

All kinds of soybean milk are really delicious.

Let’s talk about the Eight Princes Hotel. Although this is a suburb of Tokyo, it is at least a prosperous suburb. Therefore, the business hotel is expensive and expensive. Finally, it ordered 3,750 yen for the Three Princes. Here, I would like to remind you that every time RAKUTEN orders, you can choose whether to let the hotel send you all kinds of PR. This must be checked. I received the news that COUPON was robbed of 500 yen one month after the reservation. At that time, the company’s Internet speed was extremely slow, and I was afraid that I would not be able to get it late. Finally, my mobile phone was unsubscribed and my computer was re-subscribed successfully. At a price of 3,250 yen, it is really a great value. Although it is located in * * and the room is not large, it has everything. After successfully killing a mosquito, I turned on the air conditioner and fell asleep. ~ zzZ

“Eighteen Youth”-Fujiwara Beijing

I saw this painting by Hirayama Ikuo a long time ago and thought it was an artist’s fantasy. The words “Fujiwara Beijing” left a deep impression. This time I came to climb Sanlun Mountain and found that the relationship with Daiwa Sanshan was very interesting. I followed through. The Daiwa Sanshan was actually the three mountains around Fujiwara Beijing described by the painter. It turns out that “Fujiwara Beijing” was the original capital of Japan built in imitation of Tang Dou. In 694, it was moved by birds. After 16 years of splendor, the use of the national name “Japan” also started from Fujiwara.

There are only a few ruins left in the former capital city, and only natural mountains and rivers are still waiting there, like “the country is broken by mountains and rivers”. Now the “Fujiwara Beijing” area is preparing to apply for World Heritage. It is not as prosperous as it used to be, but it is somewhat pastoral and poetic.

[Original] Hokkaido’s Free and Unfettered Journey-13th 8.10 Summer Dream Tour Otaru

In fact, when visiting Otaru, it is best to choose the whole afternoon and the evening, so that you can not only have enough time to enjoy all the best scenery of Otaru, but also eat at various food shops and craft shops, linger on and enjoy Otaru’s famous night view of the canal. It can be said that the dream trip in the dream place is bound to become a rare and beautiful memory in one’s life. However, it is obvious that I have no such good luck this time. The biggest time problem lies between me and my ideal. It is grim and heartless. However, even so, I still cannot resist the charm of Otaru, which is already close at hand. Most of the people who have a complex for Hokkaido also put Otaru in this remote feeling. Looking at the long Otaru Canal, which has been like a day for many years, they feel nostalgic even though they have never met before.

From Sapporo JR Station, take Sapporo-Otaru’s one-day welcome pass and take only 32 minutes to reach Otaru by express airport number. The train was running along the coastline. I looked at the deep blue and quiet sea in the sun and felt that my heart was stirring up. My hand holding the camera could not be put down. The feeling of nostalgia and expectation cannot help it. Ogisan beside me, with a little confused and knowledgeable silence, let me be extremely active through his nerves.

A long coastline. A few men and women occasionally appear on the shore, sitting idly and watching the sea. In front of Otaru’s dock is a slightly lively place.

Otaru Station

Arriving at Otaru Station, a large wall was covered with kerosene lamps with Otaru characteristics, which suddenly flashed into my eyes. Time suddenly went backwards and strewn at random in an instant. Can’t turn your eyes straight. Although it is a hot summer day and there is no dream and romance like a Japanese drama in Xuexiang in plain white winter, the impressively existing in front of us is like who is announcing in his ear: This is Otaru-so he can’t help but spit out a sentence from the bottom of his heart: I have finally come.

The “case office” in the station took the map, asked the general route, and began to stride along the main road in front of the station. It is said that it is only about 500 meters away from Otaru Station to Otaru Canal. For all first-time travelers, the first stop is to go to the soul of the city: Otaru Canal. And those characteristic streets are basically built near the river.

Keep moving. Hokkaido is also so hot this summer ~! The blazing sun shone directly on the earth. The characteristic high and low street lamps are clever and interesting. Passed by the store booth. A closer look at the price of glass wind chimes is cheaper than what I bought on Taobao in China ~! The signboard “Welcome” impressively entered the eye ~ ~ +_ +

Otaru Canal

Finally reached the canal. This is a broad road near the river, with a faint smell of the sea seeping over. Looking ahead, I saw a magnificent white cloud cluster, like a dream moving castle in the blue sky. The high street lamps, as if stretching their wings to fly, are about to fall into the vast sky. This scene, this dream, this place, the heart suddenly became infinitely broad. If Otaru in winter is romantic, dreamy and warm, Otaru in summer is energetic, flexible and enthusiastic. But it is still poetic and picturesque. Arriving at the canal river in Otaru, I looked at this clear waterway, which bears the feelings and memories of countless people, and only looked at each other quietly. Watching the seagulls come and go, watching the canoe pass by, watching the floating reflection between the waves, watching the sky in the water. Knowing that you are stepping on the land of dreams. Linger for a long time, unwilling to leave. There are no bustling tourists. It was a calm and warm August afternoon. He strolled to the canal warehouse group across the street and has now been transformed into a craft museum, a museum and a specialty store. I met a hand-made glass shop and was attracted by the decoration beside the stairs before I officially entered the shop. It was beautiful. . . Are those little glass people making glass handicrafts with various tools? There are a wide variety of glass handicrafts in the store, which are dazzling and dazzling. A closer look shows that each is exquisite and lovely, and a closer look shows that none of them is expensive. The result is secretly mad in my heart. However, there were even more speechless and maddening shops later ~ ~ ~ The clerks probably knew of course that we were just here to feast our eyes and only stood quietly at a distance. Ha, ha. . .

Otaru Museum

Strolled forward to the Canal Museum and Otaru City Comprehensive Museum. The museum closed at 5 o’clock. It was estimated that there was not enough time. After looking at it, he skipped directly…Although the introduction is still quite magnificent: brick and stone warehouses with wooden skeletons are arranged along the river, one of which has a big fish ornament called “Tiger Tile”-the Otaru Museum, which was rebuilt from the warehouse built in 1893. In the museum, there are arrays of models of Beiqian ships that arrived in Hokkaido from Osaka and passed through the Seto Inland Sea, Shanyin Sea and the Sea of Japan, as well as information about herring fishing, as well as exhibits that kept the original size and truly reproduced the modern shops at that time.

Again, it was sucked back to the river by the magnetic force of the canal. Thirdly, I was moved by such blue sky and beautiful days. Fat seagulls often sit firmly on the gas lamp with a happy expression. The painter by the river, and the painting by the river. Sneak past and glance, cartoon full of personality. Looking at the Parthenocissus tricuspidata in full of green, my mind comes up with its red makeup in autumn and naked makeup in winter. I have seen and touched the photos before. There is a place by the river to sign up for a canal cruise ship. I asked when the next boat will leave at 18:30 and take 50 minutes. In fact, it is also a very pleasant thing to take a boat trip to the canal. If the time is not tight, it must be taken into account ~!

My Choice, My Dream-Japan’s Free Travel Visa

Japan, beautiful scenery, The environment is beautiful, the culture is peculiar, and the national quality is world-class. Its charm even surpasses that of Thailand. My desire to travel freely to this country has always been very strong, but the difficulty of obtaining a travel visa is daunting. In addition, you have to learn Japanese. As a developed country, the consumption cost there also exceeds that of Southeast Asian countries.

This is the first time to apply for a Japanese visa. The process was stumbling, with distress, depression and surprise. In the words of teasing athlete Fu Yuanhui, “Who knows I have experienced some what?”

The first stage: buy air tickets (hesitation, depression, surprise)

First of all, we have to decide whether to buy a plane ticket before applying for a visa. Or do you want to apply for a visa before buying a plane ticket? To apply for a visa, the embassy requires you to provide a round-trip air ticket reservation form, so it seems that only the first choice can be made. However, this naturally risks: “If the visa cannot be applied, the air ticket will be cancelled, and the chicken will lay the egg!” This is how I struggled with my freedom. Finally, I decided to buy a plane ticket first. I felt a little like “throwing caution to the wind by crossing the Rubicon”.

It was not easy to buy a ticket either. It was very difficult to wait until Chunqiu Airlines had a ticket promoted by the Spring Festival. However, due to insufficient money in the bank card account during the payment process, the transaction was not completed. Although Chunqiu Airlines was Lian Airlines, it was so noisy that it sealed my account for three months! It was very depressed!

“Heaven does not destroy Cao” and “Sang Yu is lost in the east corner”. Before long, E Travel on Weibo accidentally discovered that Australian Jetstar Airlines had opened a Shanghai-Tokyo route with a reasonable fare of 1,064 yuan to and from Shanghai. Therefore, he resolutely bought the air ticket, which was lacking in the United States and China, and had to fly to Shanghai Pudong Airport.

The second stage: thinking about contacting the agency visa (happy, disappointed, joyful)

After tossing and turning over the air tickets, we officially entered the visa application procedure.

Once again, it is vexing to choose a travel agency or Taobao. Don’t travel agencies only handle visas for group tours? And Taobao merchants just ask you if your annual salary is less than 100,000 yuan and refuse!

During the November holiday, I went to consult a China Travel Service office with the mood of giving it a try. The female staff told me that they could handle it without the red line of 100,000 a year. 400 yuan, the price is not bad, and I am very happy! It is against this background that buying air tickets is actually completed.

After waiting for a month to find the travel agency’s business office, she was a little dishonest and raised the price of 100 yuan and 500 yuan. At that time, she was a little unhappy. 500 yuan could afford to spend it, but she didn’t want to be slaughtered. She was stubborn and made another mistake. After thinking about it, she decided to change with her teeth and went to an online merchant to handle it. Just saw a travel agency recommended by Mahoneycomb at a cost of 259 yuan, and after consulting customer service, they were not too strict with the salary of 100,000 yuan, so they made the payment and the visa processing was officially started!

The name of this travel agency is “China Travel Global” and it is located in Beijing. Sincerely thank them! I also solemnly recommend it to you. Please find it on Mahoneycomb website: Visa China Travel Global Contact Number: 010-58419882

The third stage: prepare materials (trouble, hard work, relief, expectation)

The amount of materials required to be submitted for a Japanese visa is staggering!

Copies include: 1 ID card, 2 account book, 3 marriage certificate, 4 real estate book, 5 air ticket reservation form, 6 hotel reservation form.

The certificates include: 1 unit employment certificate 2 bank annual salary flow certificate 3 unit position leave certificate 4 organization code

To fill in the Japanese visa application form, two 4.5 cm × 4.5 cm photos must be prepared.

A few small interludes: When I arrived at the bank, I found that the gap with 100,000 yuan was not big, and I was relieved. Second, it is very depressing to issue a unit certificate and inform the office staff that the embassy may have to call to verify personal information: to go to Japan, everyone in the work unit will know about it. This is called what! Third, I have never had the habit of booking hotels in advance. This time I made an exception and ordered a hotel near Ueno Park in Tokyo from Ctrip and printed the hotel order.

The preparation of visa materials was long-winded, intermittent and patchwork for more than half a month before it was finally completed.

The moment Yunda courier took away the file bag, another hope and uneasiness began.

Japan, like an elegant and beautiful girl, submitting a visa application is like handing her a love letter. The girl will have to wait more than ten days before giving me a reply, perhaps refusing, perhaps. To give a faint smile. It depends on whether my fate with her is deep or shallow!

One of my thoughts: As a neighboring country of Japan, why is Japan so guarding against tourists from our neighboring country? On the other hand, we are also trying our best to encourage hatred against them. However, more than 30 years ago, this was not the case, not to mention Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, who urged Sino-Japanese friendship. In 1980, China had just reformed and opened up and needed Japan’s capital and technology. Japan also provided us with a large number of interest-free loans to make up for the crime of aggression. At that time, Sino-Japanese friendship from generation to generation was the theme.

Feeling 2: Should how Live Life? Is there a big pursuit, a small pursuit or no pursuit? Great pursuit requires great wisdom and even greater mind! You can afford to lose! Otherwise, how can one collapse after a setback? Without pursuit, it seems very comfortable to be happy with the situation, but without seeing the beautiful scenery of life, wouldn’t it be a trip to the world for nothing?

Silly… to Japan travel eight Su meeting! Why do you bring your notebook?

Last week, I went to Japan for a trip and was ridiculed by JMS when I came back. The reason was… the reason was… the original factor occasionally brought a notebook!

The reason for the incident is Sujie: Before leaving, it seems very expensive to think of surfing the Internet in a Japanese hotel (70 RMB per night or how much?) , so a “black sheep elder” taught me a trick: go to Weiluo City to buy the right to use Japan’s Wi2 network for 7 days, and then go to Japan to bring his notebook with him. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t stop shopping every day. There was no time to find a place where I could use WI2 to surf the Internet. Even if I find it, what else can I do besides writing a diary and sending microblogs to talk about QQ? (Stealing, you can fight against landlords…) And mobile phones can also do these things!

JMS said that I should go to Starbucks in China and use my notebook to install petty bourgeoisie? Do you still play like this when traveling to Japan? Interleukin travels and holds international conferences. Wow? ? ? ! ! !

So I realized that in the era of mobile phone Internet, I have already had a rough and rough look at JMS’s experience in traveling to Japan. I have only been able to travel abroad. Wow: equip myself to go abroad in the province! Japan’s bar code price comparison free mobile phone software scans commodity bar codes at home to see if the price is wooden or deceiving. Inquire about the current best selling goods in Japan and never buy outdated goods. If you want to check the history of shopping, you can also share it with relatives and friends!

So… So… Are these real “black sheep” swollen on the Internet? It turns out that Japan has introduced a mobile phone card called b-mobile, which can use the mobile phone to surf the Internet with unlimited flow within a certain period of time (in two stars!!) , much more convenient than WI2; With a notebook, the saved weight can be used to sweep more goods ~ and because the shortest time limit is one month, they have met many friends in the process of finding tourists who can be transferred and relayed, which is really fun! Next time, the next time I go to Japan, I will also play like this! Huh? Would you like to hear more about this kind of card? Go to Baidu to search for “B-Mobile”! The “Small Squad Going to Japan to Save Money” Douban Group and the “Japan Tourism Food Collection” Sina Weibo also have very detailed introductions!

Hokkaido Free Journey-No.7 8.9 Farm Tomita

In the fierce sunlight on the streets of Meiying, they dragged their steps to find a suitable restaurant. Because our previous shopping and the restaurant nearest to the station were almost full, we had to persuade the fart that urged us to take a seat to turn around. . . Once again came to a noodle shop, When I entered, I found only Japanese desks and chairs. Is the tatami with cloth cushions and low tables, Because of the cool and pleasant temptation in the store, I really didn’t bother to leave any more. I hesitated for a moment and decided to “take a seat”-to be on the safe side, I bent my legs to one side = _ _ = Although I was not used to it at first, I felt tired after eating, and enjoyed this Japanese food style with a little leisurely drinking hot tea, which was also a good experience.

After the lunch break, the afternoon plan is to visit Fuliano, the site of the famous Farm Tomita. Although I know that fame may outweigh reality, it is better to visit from afar. So set out again.

Arrive at Nakafu Yoshino. I took the map at the station. It was found that the station staff was a very serious young man and bowed 90 degrees for 3 seconds when the train left the station. I really admire this. Many young Japanese are doing seemingly ordinary service work, but they also show a high degree of professionalism and professional quality. It is in sharp contrast to the impetuous trend in China. Perhaps this is the inevitable and unique development characteristic of developing countries. After leaving the station, I was delighted to find myself facing a temple. If I weren’t worried about not having enough time for the next tour, I really wanted to see the secluded land.

While looking at the map, looking for road signs and finding the right direction, he stepped forward. Farm Tomita is not far from the station. It takes about 20-30 minutes to walk. Although the sun is too bright and it is really hard to take pictures with umbrellas, this road has its own walking value! When I stood on such a road, I began to get excited.

Needless to say, the road is clean and tidy enough to make your chest feel comfortable. This avenue is just above the mid-level mountain, overlooking the whole Zhongfu Liangye. It connects to the clouds at the foot of the sky forward and reaches the distant mountains backward. It slowly rises and falls with the terrain of the mountain. The field of vision is extremely wide, not only looking one kilometer away from the front and back, but also facing the opposite mountains in parallel. That is the Shishengyue Lianfeng in the master’s works and lens countless times. The pale blue mountains are endless, and the rolling sea of clouds is also endless, winding and magnificent, leaning low above the mountains, adding to the majesty. Not only is it picturesque, but it is also like a powerful and shocking symphony, which makes people feel excited. However, the open scenery is so calm that there are almost no pedestrians on the road and only occasionally cars pass by. The motorcyclist roared along, leaving behind a string of wind. Staring at the magnificent cloud posture ahead, I hope it can remain in the negative of memory forever. For local residents, perhaps this is a good day during the summer vacation. Who would have thought that a foreigner was silently moved by the scenery they were used to seeing? Only through the harmonious coexistence of nature and human beings can the beauty of the scenery be passed down from generation to generation for ten years. I hope the earth can be like here.

Along the way, I saw many road signs unique only to Hokkaido-the down arrow, which was used to indicate the edge of the road when snow was covered in winter. A beautiful red bridge and cyclists became the scenery in my camera. Not far from the bridge is Farm Tomita. Honeydew melon-like green balloon as a sign, the balloon originally seen on the train is here.

First of all, I saw honeydew melon shops and ice cream shops. If it weren’t for the trip, you should really sit down and enjoy the delicious food leisurely, although the price will more than double that in China.

Further on, it is the main entrance of Farm Tomita. Before entering the door, I saw the lavender workers working hard. In China, there is definitely a charge for places like this where tourists come in an endless stream, but only shopping can be consumed here, and sightseeing is completely free. Indeed, many tour groups’ bus handlebars and parking lots were full. This is a map of Farm Tomita.

On the Internet, there are many beautiful pictures of Farm Tomita. The best season is in mid-July when lavender is in full bloom, and only about ten days a year is the best viewing period, which is harvested as soon as time passes. There are a lot of Taiwanese friends who have taken 12 beautiful pictures and posted them on the Internet. I think I will also experience the beautiful scenery I have not experienced through their photos. If you are lucky enough to visit here in July, you must set aside enough time to enjoy and enjoy it, otherwise you will definitely regret your green intestines ~! Moreover, we must go to the official website to “step on the spot” and find out all the places before, then we will not turn around ~! The most famous lucky flower field, that is, lavender field, is already covered with ashes….

First, I began to visit the Dried Flower House. Once I entered, I was stunned by the colorful Dried Flower Paradise.

If you have money and don’t care about defeat, then defeat. The number of peripheral products is as wide as the ocean, beyond your imagination.Essential oils and soap are just the most common. I had to pass by dizzy.

Because the row of houses beside the flower field are all connected, I strolled away and did not know which room I was walking in. The Tomita Lavender Archive, which came to Farm Tomita, introduced the history of Farm Tomita. I like its staircase design very much. I have to take off my shoes before going upstairs.

Plush surroundings make * * saliva. . . However, one of the two fists is more than 1,000 yen. . . On the second floor, there are exhibition boards to introduce history, and there are also rooms specially displaying and introducing different lavender species. Specimens are also attached in detail.

Outside again. It seems that the field of flowers is shown in the figure below. At that time, I was only concerned with taking photos and limited to the limited tour time. My brain capacity reached the limit. . . Then it passed through the greenhouse, which was also a simple lavender.

At the corner of WC, I foolishly didn’t look at the map (because of the limit of brain capacity), so I passed by the forest house and colorful flower fields after WC. Everyone must remember not to learn from me. And there seems to be no impression that the poppy shed has ever been in. . . Looking back now, why don’t I really take a map? Drink a bottle of yogurt in the open-air seat in front of Little Square and sweat a little.

After that, it seems that we were attracted by the colorful fields of autumn flowers. However, once again, some tragedies have neglected the “house of incense and dried flowers”, “house of perfume” and “house of distillation”. Although maybe I went there for a cursory look. . . In fact, on the other hand, in many places, it is probably: not to regret all one’s life, but to regret all one’s life. However, in Japan, there are still many places where I feel that I do not regret for life. In order not to regret for life, I can still go to autumn colorful flower fields.

I believe Farm Tomita has a more beautiful scenery. Moreover, if I had more time to visit that day, I would have seen more.

Because my mind has been thinking about going to Caixiang after watching Farm Tomita, then driving back to Fuliano to pick up my luggage, and then going to Meimanniu’s home stay, to finish these things before dark! Considering the distance and train time, it was really not easy, I admit that the state at that time turned into “man-made death”. It is impossible to travel without regrets. I think if I am lucky enough to go to Fuliano again in summer, I will seriously take the map and revisit Farm Tomita. Moreover, to buy postcards, to do more things that I didn’t do this time!

On-the-spot Record of Japan’s Tourism (Continued)

On-the-spot Report of Japanese Tourism

The snow was getting heavier and heavier, and by 15:30 it had fallen nearly a foot thick.

I could no longer go to the mountain, so I had to go down the mountain and give up the scenic spots in Dayong Valley. Later, I made compensation with Nenye Bahai. The return trip took 2 hours, came down from the mountain and walked 20 kilometers without any snow. It was not until 17:40 that we arrived at our residence in Shihe Hot Spring, Yamanashi County, Hakone. We had the first Japanese meal and drank Japanese green wine.

This is for four, two public dishes and the rest for one.

The 80-year-old lady is still working, serving dishes. According to reports, Japan has now entered an aging society, with an average age of 69 for men and 83 for women. They are old, young or old. We can see that the youngest drivers of taxis and buses are gray-haired, mostly white-haired. They also do not have old-age care and medical insurance. They save money on their own for old-age care. Once they become seriously ill, they may spend all their savings due to the extremely high medical expenses. From the above point of view, China is better.

Japan’s labor costs are particularly high, such as nannies, which cost 1,500-2,000 yen per hour, or 112-150 yuan, and have to pay additional transportation fees.

Japan’s low-level working income is 80,000 to 120,000 yen, and the rental fee is 60,000 to 100,000 yen. Therefore, some have to share the rent or even live in Internet cafes. Vegetables are all imported. We saw in convenience stores that almost all vegetables are packaged in a single package, and one onion sells for 50-70 yen. During our few days in Japan, we ate three kinds of vegetables, onion, cabbage and lettuce.

After dinner, we went to the hot spring. Stay in this hotel is free of charge, but there is an extra fee for soaking in medicine bath.

They are very narrow, but they are very clean.

On the morning of the 30th, I still got up at 4: 30 to take photos.

Breakfast at 6:30.

At 7: 30 on time, I hit Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, with a height of more than 3200 meters. This is a self-funded project, with 3,500 yen per person, equivalent to 262 yuan. 8; At 55 minutes, I reached an altitude of 1291 meters. I didn’t climb and ski. I went higher. It was still the same. Mount Fuji was close and it was better to look at it from afar.

At 9:40, I went to the compensation project mentioned yesterday-Neno Bahai. Nanye Bahai is a Yongquan Group located between Yamanaka Lake and Hekou Lake in Yamanashi County. Because there are eight clear springs scattered at random, the “Eight Seas of Enduring the Wild” is named. It is said that Nenye Bahai existed 1200 years ago. It is the melted snow water from Mount Fuji that flows through the strata and filters into clear light spring water.

The water depth is ten meters

I can also take pictures of Mount Fuji here, and I feel the effect is better.

I left for Tokyo at 11: 05 and arrived at 12: 20. I went to Kabuki Street first.

The tour guide has repeatedly stressed that he must not act alone, otherwise he will not be able to get out.

After lunch, at 13: 40, we arrived at the “Capital Hall” and took the elevator to the 45th floor. We stood 202 meters high and had a panoramic view of Tokyo.

Arriving at Akihabara duty-free store at 14:10, I started shopping sprees. I saw on the Internet that many Chinese tourists were brought here and threw large sums of hard-earned money into puddles by tour guides. A ceramic knife is equivalent to more than 700 yuan, which is called “no taste change after cutting vegetables, no taste change after cutting meat, and no taste change after cutting fruits.” In our line of work, we have bought more than a dozen knives. At home, it takes only 10 knives to buy 100 yuan. I use one to cut a dish, and I also promise not to taste. Moreover, the electric pressure cooker can be heated at the bottom and around, with a net amount of 3,000 yuan. In our line of work, I counted and bought nine. More than two hours passed, and some people were still not satisfied and asked the tour guide if there was any shopping. The tour guide is stealing music there.

Arriving at Ginza at 17:20, every street is full of shops and all the businesses are international famous brands. It seems that I have only a chance to look around and dare not ask.

At 18:40, we had a Brazilian barbecue there at our own expense, each with 4500 yen, equivalent to 337 yuan. It is still quite distinctive. There are also 5 or 60 kinds of varieties. People eat belly gardens. Another interesting thing happened. After getting on the bus, the tour guide asked if there was any drink. Someone answered yes. The tour guide asked, Have you paid for the drink? Answer: No one. Wine is paid for separately. Some people say that no one collects money for wine, so you will earn it if you drink it. In addition, when we first took the seat, Lao Cao was very enthusiastic. He brought three bars of black drinks and said that there was no wine, so drink some cola. No one drank at our table. After we finished drinking, he brought two bars of yellow drinks and said that there was beer this time. The tour guide said that the black drinks you drank were not cola, but black beer. Arrived at our residence in Tokyo at 20: 30.

On the morning of March 31, I got up at 4: 30 again to take photos. There are rows of cherry trees along the road.

Sumo Wrestling Hall

The streets are especially clean and there is no soil in the walking isolation belt. It was found that when a person crossed the intersection, he turned into a red light. He had already crossed the parking line. At that time, not only did he not have a car, but he did not even have a pedestrian. Instead of grabbing it, he went back to wait for the signal. Some private houses also have no walls and fences. Motorcycles, battery cars, bicycles, umbrellas, etc. are placed at the door. Motorcycles, battery cars and bicycles in the public parking lot are not only left unattended, but also have no walls. Even the white lines drawn on the ground are neatly placed. Safety is still good.

At 7: 20, we went to the Cherry Blossom Valley in Shangying Park to see the cherry blossoms. When we went, we were just in time for the cherry blossoms here to be in full bloom. “Yan Ran wanted to smile and flatter the east wall, but he was graceful and finally doubted that he was better than Haitang. The color does not take care of the dirty powder, and the wind spirit is partial to the fragrance of Kirara “. The white holy, pink sea, look, the pleasant smile, how many people look up, although there is no strong aroma of Milan, but can arouse people’s imagination, flowers do not distinguish countries, beauty is shared by the world, into the embrace of nature, jumping shutter makes me feel at ease.

At 9:40, we came to the “Royal Garden”. Can only see from afar, cannot enter. To the south of the palace is the Palace Square, with large lawns and trees, which is very clean.

The palace square is covered with gravel, which is said to be anti-assassin. When people walk on it, they hear the scrape, which can arouse the vigilance of the guards.

Standing in the Palace Square, you can see the palace wall of the outer garden and the famous scenic spot of the Palace-Shuangzhong Bridge. Double bridge.

Tourists are not allowed to enter this bridge, because the other side of the bridge is the palace gate. In 1945, Emperor Hirohito of Japan announced Japan’s unconditional surrender on this double bridge. The guards “secretly filmed” from a long distance.

There were some tramps lying on the lawn of the square, and no one blew them away to show the world its other side.

This is a tramp photographed on the way to Asakusa Temple.

We asked the tour guide about the homeless. On the way, the tour guide said that Japanese homeless people do not beg. Their food problems depend on convenience stores throwing half a day of expired food and charity from others in garbage bins.

11:05, we arrived at Asakusa Temple, which is located in Taitung District of Tokyo and is an existing “Edo-style” recreational place for Japanese people. There is a five-tower in the southwest corner of the temple, second only to the five-tower of Kyoto East Temple, which is the second tallest tower in Japan. Asakusa has various festivals and celebrations all the year round. Kannonji, which has a history of more than 1770 years and is still flourishing today, has a history of more than 1770 years.

Make a wish



Originally scheduled to gather at 11: 50, because one person got lost, he waited for 50 minutes before being recovered. Before going abroad, the travel agency said that our mobile phone was useless in Japan and everyone basically didn’t bring it. The tour guide decided not to go back. If he got lost, he would not find the team. Without people, the tour guide can’t explain. It goes without saying that all plans have been disrupted. On the way to the hotel, the tour guide called the hotel and the hotel said that it had missed your appointed time and had no food. The tour guide took everyone to take a cruise to Tokyo Bay first. It was also delayed and the last boat was arranged. At this moment, the tour guide looked helpless, hi! Holding the pillar and calling the hotel,

Finally, we arrived at the Venus Hotel at 13:30 to have western food.

There, when I was taking photos, I met a girl who worked here in Tangshan. She was very happy and said that I had only met Tangshan villagers twice in the past ten years. Last time there were two people, this time there were more than 30 people. She worked as the foreman there. After we finished eating, she came downstairs and had a talk with us. She was very excited.

At 14: 15, the schedule was adjusted to go to Toyota Motor Factory and watch the auto show first.

At 15:15, take the train to the dock and swim to Tokyo Bay.

This is a self-funded event with watching the auto show and taking a driverless train to tie bundles, with 8,500 yen per person. Equivalent to 637 yuan. Tokyo Bay took a boat tour for more than 30 minutes and saw 8 bridges, each with its own characteristics. . There is also a self-funded project-Tokyo Disneyland is also 8,500 yen, and everyone did not go. After taking the cruise ship, watch Fuji TV from afar. Arrive at the hotel near Narita Airport at 18:50.

I took care of myself for dinner. I bought some beer and ham sausage. The six of us combined the remaining instant noodles and various snacks and had a break-up meal.

On April 1, after breakfast, I went to the airport and went to the duty-free shop at the airport. It was another last shopping spree.

The plane took off at 10 o’clock and left Japan.

Arrive in Beijing at 4 pm, then take a bus and return to Tangshan at 7: 30 pm.

The overall mood of this trip is not bad. Total cost: 4980 yuan (tour fee) +300 yuan (overseas tip) +637 yuan (cruise ship) +262 yuan (Mount Fuji) +337 yuan (Brazilian barbecue) = 6516 yuan. The average daily is 1086 yuan, which I feel is expensive. Except for self-funded projects, the rest of the projects are basically open and do not charge tickets. Of the 6 days, 4 days in Japan, after deducting self-funded items, only more than 9 hours of play and 26 hours of journey. There are also two shrinkage, TV sightseeing, didn’t go, just look at; Mount Fuji should reach five eyes and only one eye. 18 meals, but also bear 6 meals (including meals for self-funded items), more expensive than in Eastern Europe.

In addition, I used BOC’s dual-currency debit card. When I came back, when I went to BOC’s sales department to repay the arrears, they only told me the RMB I owed, not the US dollar. As a result, the US dollar I owed was fined a late fee. This is also a lesson. After returning to China, the overseas consumption should be converted into RMB or US dollars at the current exchange rate, repaid, and then notified to the issuing bank by telephone, who will purchase foreign exchange on behalf of them to repay, so as to prevent further fines.

Chengdu-Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, Tokyo) Six-day Tour with a Group Tour

D1: Chengdu AIR Shanghai (Pudong) AIR Osaka’s 9: 50 a.m. Flight to Pudong, Shanghai, delayed to Shanghai at about 12: 15. At Shuangliu Airport, I received an overseas tip from 300 yuan per person. After getting off the plane to listen to the leader’s greetings for a while, he turned to carry his luggage. 13:30 after all transfer formalities are completed. I bought a postcard at Pudong Airport at RMB 2. At 4: 00 p.m., the border inspection formalities will be started, which is very strict. It will take a long time to compare the photos with myself. The plane took off at 17:15 on time. Arrive at Osaka’s Kansai Airport at 20:15 p.m. (Tokyo time). On the plane, the “Foreigner Entry Record Form” will be filled in. There are many entry procedures at the airport and fingerprints will be extracted, which will take about 30 minutes. Night stay at Kansai JAL Hotel is not bad. Spending on the same day: RMB 302 TIPS: 1. According to international practice, overseas drivers and tour guides need to pay tips of RMB 50 per day for group tours. 2. Take care of yourself for dinner on the first day. There is a lot of food near the 2nd floor of Kansai JAL Hotel. If you don’t have enough on the plane, you can choose to go to the small shop to eat. There are also small supermarkets and vending machines outside the hotel, which are very convenient. Tel: 072-455-1111 Website: 3, Osaka Kansai International Airport has foreign currency exchange points and tram ticket vending points. Buy a ticket from here and you can reach any place in Japan where there is an electric bus. Take the airport express train “Haruka” to Kyoto for 75 minutes and Osaka for 51 minutes. You can also take the “Kobe Airport-Kansai Airport Harbor High Speed Boat” to Kobe Airport. In addition, there are a total of 22 lines leading directly to Kansai Airport. Japan’s public transportation is very developed and there is no need to worry about not having a car. Tel: Airport Bus 072-461-1374 Website: (Time Comprehensive Guide) D2: Osaka BUS Kyoto BUS Changhua took a bus to Osaka City after breakfast in the hotel. It was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1583. It has Tianshou Pavilion and many * * publicity materials and photos! After visiting at 10: 00, take a bus to “Xinzhai Bridge” Street, Osaka’s largest shopping area, with many boutiques and specialty stores. I bought two eye drops (498 yen). Lunch was self-care, went to the “pine house” and ate Japanese fast food. (420 yen) Get on the bus at 12: 00 noon to Osaka Station and take Shinkansen (3500 yen) to Kyoto. After visiting Kyoto Station, I visited the world cultural heritage “Qingshui Temple”. There is a street at the gate of Qingshui Temple called Bandao. On both sides are ancient and unsophisticated harmony buildings and small shops, which are great. I bought a small sumo doll, two boxes of Kyoto cards and Kyoto maps, totaling 2260 yen. Leave Qingshui Temple at 15:30 and go to Changhua City, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya. It’s about two hours’ drive. Night stay at Nagoya AU Hotel, dinner at the hotel, the hotel also provides free and style bath. After dinner, I visited the small Changhua City, which was clean, tidy and peaceful. I called my family (100 yen) and bought a room of Coke (120 yen) at the vending machine. The sound insulation effect of the hotel windows is very good. Not far from the outside is the often slippery station. You can’t hear any sound when you close the windows. Spending on the day: 6,898 yen, equivalent to RMB 503 TIPS: Osaka: 1. The surrounding area around Osaka Station of JR Railway is called Mei Tian, which is the largest and most prosperous area in western Japan. Railway transfer stations extending in all directions, hotels, department stores, large-scale commercial facilities and gathering places of entertainment streets. Four kilometers south from Meitian is centered on Nanbo, which is called the “south” of Osaka and corresponds to the north and south of Meitian. They are all representative tourist and shopping mecca in Osaka. It takes about 7 minutes from Xinzhai Bridge to Meitian by subway Yutang Tendon Line, and about 9 minutes (230 yen) to Nanbo. The transportation is convenient. 2. In Osaka City, foreign tourists are especially served. If you buy a ticket for a 2-day subway and bus tour (with a fare of 2700 yen), you can not only change it to subway and bus at will, but also enter the main sightseeing facilities, such as Meitian Space Building, Osaka City, Tongtian Pavilion and Tianwang Temple Zoo, free of charge within 2 days. Osaka Visitor Information Consultation Center: Mei Tian: Osaka North District Mei Tian 3-1 JR Osaka Station 1 Floor Yutangjin Exit Telephone 06-6345-2189 Nanbo: Osaka Central District Nanbo 5-1-60 Nanhai Waiting Building 1 Floor Telephone 06-6631-9100 3, Osaka City Sightseeing Place: A. Osaka City: Osaka City is a symbol of Osaka. Founded in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it was rebuilt in Tokugawa in Edo period and rebuilt in Tianshou Pavilion after World War II. It is now the first choice for Osaka citizens to have leisure and recreation. In the center of the inner city of Osaka stands Tianshou Pavilion, the main building of Osaka City, inlaid with copper and gold, majestic and majestic. Opening time: 9: 00AM-5: 00PM Visit fee: 600 yen for adults/free for secondary school students or below/discount for groups b. Tongtian Pavilion: It is a registered world cultural heritage in Japan. It is one of Japan’s landmark buildings and is also famous for sightseeing. The first generation of Tongtian Pavilion was built in imitation of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The tower is 103 meters high, including lightning rods. Business hours: 9:00AM-9:00PM Visit fee: 600 yen for adults/500 yen for college students/400 yen for middle and high school students/300 yen for children/group discount c. Sun Tower: Sun Tower is the symbol of the 1970 Osaka World Expo Theme Pavilion and became the World Expo Memorial Park after the World Expo. The tower is 65 meters high and has three colors representing the future, present and past. It is also called the symbol of Osaka with Osaka City and Tongtian Pavilion. D. Meitian Blue Sky Building: It is a skyscraper in Xinmeitian City, Shibei District, Osaka. The height is 173 meters. It is the first connected super high-rise building in China. The two super high-rise buildings are connected by 2-storey structures. Overlooking Osaka City from the 170-meter-high building outlook platform, it is one of the 100 choices for Japanese sunset. Business Hours: 10:00-22:30 (Final Admission: 22:00) Admission Fee to Outlook Table: Visit Fee: 700 Yen for Adults/500 Yen for Secondary and Senior Students/300 Yen for Primary School Students/100 Yen for over 3 Years Old/Group Discount 4. Matsuya: Matsuya is a fast food chain in Japan. The cheapest Japanese fast food is 400 yen and the expensive one is 700 yen, which is relatively affordable compared with Japan’s high consumption level. If you want to eat what, go directly to the ticket vending machine to buy it, and then take the ticket to the store staff. Later we also saw Matsuya Store in Tokyo. Strongly recommended! ! Kyoto: 1. Kyoto is located in the west-central part of Honshu Island, Japan, and is adjacent to Osaka Prefecture to the south. Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura are also called Japan’s three ancient capitals. Kyoto enjoys the laudatory name of “learning capital” and has more than 20 institutions of higher learning. Kyoto University is famous both at home and abroad. Most Japanese Nobel Prize winners graduated from Kyoto University. Kyoto is Japan’s “cradle of religion and culture” and is known as the “ancient capital of a thousand years”. Nearly 15% of Japan’s important cultural property can be found in Kyoto. 2. Kyoto Station.

Kyoto Railway Station is located on Shinkansen. It is the passenger flow center of Osaka-Kobe region (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe) and the starting point of Kyoto’s sightseeing. The station has a 60-meter central square without walls, a 45-meter air passage connecting the two buildings in the west and a 171-step huge sound box staircase. Chinese National Geographic once commented that Kyoto Station is “a combination of modernity and tradition”-not only a gathering center for large-scale activities, a panoramic viewing point for ancient cities, a place for city leisure friends, but also a Shopping Mall and an air city. Architect Hiroshi Hara ( E5% 8E% 9F% E5% BB% A3% E5% 8F% B8) uses square as the basic unit and is a long rectangular building in space. The interior of the station is unique and looks like a just visiting through a hole like a canyon. The surroundings of the roof garden had to be closed due to safety needs. The designer treated it into a glass wall. Through the glass, the busy scene of the station Shinkansen could be seen to the south and the peaceful scene of the ancient city could be seen to the north. The above-mentioned Osaka Meitian Blue Sky Building is also his design work.

3. Qingshui Temple

  清水寺是京都最古老的寺院,它与金阁寺(鹿苑寺),岚山等是京都最为著名的名胜古迹,被列为日本国宝建筑之一。主要供奉千手观音,千手观音每隔33年才开放参观,最近开放的一次是2000年。寺内最有名的清水舞台,离地五十公尺高却只靠139根木柱支撑,而且未用一根钉子。参观清水寺时,一路拾阶而上,除了参拜诸神,凭栏远望,更可将京都市景尽收眼底。   交通:京都车站下车,乘坐206路汽车在五条坂下车,然后徒步约10分钟或者在河原町乘坐207路汽车在清水道下车,然后徒步约10分钟。   参观时间:6:00AM—6:00PM(夏季延时到6:30PM)   票价成人:300日元儿童:200日元   网站:  4、京都其他观光地:鹿苑寺金阁、秋大原三千院、仁和寺五重塔、平安神功、二条城、岚山公园、京都御所等   长滑:   1、日本的都、道、府、县是平行的一级行政区,日本全国分为1都(东京都)、1道(北海道)、2府(大阪府、京都府) 和43个县(省),每个都、道、府、县下设若干个市、町(相当于中国的镇)、村。县比市大一级,这和中国不一样。第二天我们夜宿的宾馆在长滑市,隶属于爱知县。   2、HotelAU MATSUSAKA  地址:爱知县常滑市新开町3丁目174-1  电话:0596-36-1600  网址:     D3:长滑BUS箱根   早上7:40出发,前往箱根,车程4小时。午餐是日式的,做得挺美。在饭馆外买了一盒桔子(300日元)。12:00上车前往箱根的大涌谷,在这里可以眺望富士山。下山在大涌谷小店购买了箱根地图和两盒富士山糖果,共计1230日元。随后下山参观了芦之湖。因下雪,没有能上到富士山,通往富士山的公路在一禾木便封闭了。遗憾!听说要上到五禾木,就可以看到火山石了。之后自费参加忍野八海(3500日元)夜宿山梨县石和甲斐温泉酒店。酒店房间是日式榻榻米,酒店内还有原汁原味的温泉。晚餐吃了生鱼片3000日元,打电话给家人70日元。   当日花费:4600日元,折合人民币¥336

TIPS: 1. Tai Chung Valley:

Taichung Valley is a volcanic relic hundreds of thousands of years ago in Hakone, at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. It is the most famous tourist attraction in Hakone, Fuji. Up to now, there are still many places where thick white smoke is rising and gray and turbid hot spring water is emitted. The whole valley is also filled with pungent sulfur smell. There is a special product in Dayong Valley-black eggs. Black eggs are cooked in hot springs, and the yolk is more delicious than other eggs. Shops that buy black eggs can be seen everywhere in Dayong Valley. 500 yen a bag, a bag of 5. Locals call this egg “black jade son”. The most wonderful thing is the saying that “every time you eat it, you can prolong your life by seven years”. This “black jade son” is now on sale. The hot black eggs for longevity are as fresh as the eggs just laid by chickens. Don’t heat it, eat it now. In the first-line shops near the foot of the mountain, there are rich and exquisite displays of the “Dayong Valley” theme commodities, mainly real estate specialty foods and souvenirs, many of which are black or have long-lived product introductions. Old people or salespeople wearing traditional clothes are carefully packaging the sold commodities. Website:, Luzhi Lake: Luzhi Lake is the core area of Hakone tourism and is located in the west of Hakone Town. The lake covers an area of 690 hectares, is 723 meters deep and has a length of 17.5 kilometers around it. It was a volcanic lake formed by volcanic activity more than 4,000 years ago. On the north bank of the lake, there are two quiet and beautiful towns-Hujiri and Taoyuantai, where tourists can take a sightseeing boat to visit the lake and the mountains. Tourists can choose pirate ships, foreign ships and catamaran passenger ships of Izu Hakone Railway (Izu Hakone Ship) of “Hakone Sightseeing Ship”. 3. Nenye Bahai: Located between Shanzhong Lake and Hekou Lake. Because there are eight clear springs scattered at random, the “Eight Seas of Enduring the Wild” is named and famous everywhere. Eight seas mean eight ponds, which are designated national natural scenic spots in Nanye region. Snow water from Mount Fuji flows through the strata and filters into clear light spring water, which is then poured out from eight places in Nenye. The average water temperature is about 13 degrees Celsius, and the water quality is clear and sweet. In 1985, it was selected as “Japan’s Famous Water Selection”. Neno Bahai Photo: Aid=404058 4, Mount Fuji: Mount Fuji has 4 mountaineering routes, namely Yoshida Mouth, Xuzoukou, Yudianchang Mouth and Fuji Palace Mouth. Mountain huts are built along each road and are open to the public during the mountaineering season. Each road is divided into an upper mountain road and a lower mountain road. Among them, Yoshida Mouth and Xuzoukou are the same above Octamu, so it is necessary to pay attention to the road signs when descending from Yoshida Mouth and Octamu. Yoshida has the longest history, so the number of mountaineers is the largest, and the number of roadside mountain huts and commercial facilities is also the largest. Shinjuku took the central line to Dayue and changed to Fuji Express. After getting off at Hekou Lake, Shinjuku changed to a mountaineering bus. Shinjuku Xikou directly takes the mountaineering bus to Hekou Lake. There is a large forest between Wuhe and Liuhe. Take the Donghai Road Line and change to the Yudianchang Line in Guofu Tianjin. Get off at Yudianchang and change to the mountaineering bus in the direction of the entrance. Take Oda to get off at Xinsongtian and change to the mountaineering bus in the direction of the entrance. The entrance of Yudianchang is the most difficult route. When you go down the mountain, you can run along the big sand and gravel slope and observe Baoyong Mountain from the side. Take Donghai Road Line and change to Yudianchang Line in Guofu Tianjin. Get off at Yudianchang and change to the mountaineering bus in the direction of Yudianchang entrance. Fuji Palace is full of rocks, mainly tourists from Kansai and Nagoya. Take the Tokaido Line to get off at New Fuji and change to the mountaineering bus in the direction of Fuji Miyagi, or take the Tokaido Line to get off at Mishima and change to the mountaineering bus in the direction of Fuji Miyagi. To reach Jianfeng, the highest peak of Mount Fuji at an altitude of 3,776 meters, one must pass on horseback. The slope here is very high and both sides are sandy slopes with cliffs. Due to the changeable weather on the top of the mountain, not everyone has a chance to reach it. Therefore, reaching the top of each mountain entrance is considered a success. It takes about 40 minutes to walk around the mountain top fire mouth. Fuji City website:, Shihe Jiafei Hot Spring Tel: 055-263-7911 Address: 391-2 Hirai, Shihe Town, Diqi City, Yamanashi County Website: D4: Hakone BUS Tokyo After breakfast at the hotel, take a bus to Tokyo at 8: 00, about two hours’ drive. Arrive at Shinjuku, Tokyo, at 10:00 a.m. First, I visited the Palace Square and the Double Bridge. The Palace Square is very beautiful. It is recommended! Then I went to a duty-free shop. I didn’t buy anything from what, so I went to the street to make a movie alone. I ate Japanese hot pot at 12 o’clock, generally. Then the tour guide showed us around a street in Shinjuku’s famous Kabukicho. I opened my eyes! Recommended! ! Then take a bus and then go to the 202-meter-high Metropolitan Hall Building, overlooking the panoramic view of Tokyo. This international metropolis has finally completely appeared in front of my eyes. Recommend! At 16: 00, I took a bus to Akihabara Tokyo Yongshan Electric Appliance, a world-famous electric appliance street. I took care of my own dinner, went to a fast food restaurant similar to Matsuya, and ordered Lamian Noodles for 530 yen. Evening night in Tokyo, Shoot Zhang APA. I went to Harmony Hot Spring again, which was comfortable! I drank two bottles of milk for 440 yen. Spending on the day: 970 yen, equivalent to RMB 71

D5: Tokyo took a bus to Asakusa Temple at 8: 00 and passed the Asahi Beer Building, a gourd sign. I bought many small souvenirs at Asakusa Temple, 700 yen. Then the soldiers divided into two routes, one went to Disney and the other went to Ginza. I went to Ginza at my own expense, 3000 yen. After visiting Ginza and the surrounding streets for nearly 5 hours, it was enjoyable! Lunch at a fast food restaurant like a pine house was 420 yen for Lamian Noodles. I bought 735 yen for postcards and 390 yen for oranges in the shop. At 17: 30, I took a bus to a hotel near Haneda Airport and passed Rainbow Bridge on my way. Two radiation-proof electronic stickers were ordered through home delivery for 2,000 yen. Dinner is at the hotel. Spending on the same day: 7,525 yen, equivalent to RMB 550 TIPS: 1, Huangju and Erzhong Bridge: located in Chiyoda District, Tokyo. Edo City, the 265-year-old residence city of the Edo Tokugawa family, was established by the Meiji Restoration and later renamed the Imperial Residence. Part of the territory is open to the public as a park. The double bridge in front of Huangju is quite famous. Transportation: Exit 2 of “Double Bridge Front” Station (G10) on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line and Exit B6 of “Hibiya” on Duying Metro Mita Line take about 5 minutes to walk. Or exit 3 of “Sakurada Gate” station (Y17) on Tokyo subway Yurakucho line is about 8 minutes’ walk. Tel: 03-3213-0095 2, Kabukicho: This is also the leading world of flowers in Shinjuku, which is called “the city that never sleeps”. Transportation: Xiwu Shinjuku Station on Xiwu Shinjuku Line takes about 3 minutes to walk/Exit B10-13 of Shinjuku Station (M08) on Marunouchi Line of Tokyo Metro takes about 5 minutes to walk/JR Shinjuku Station takes about 8 minutes to walk/Shinjuku Station on Oda Express Line of Jingwang Line takes about 10 minutes to walk 3. Tokyo Metropolitan Hall: This is a landmark building in Tokyo. There is a Tokyo Sightseeing Information Center on the first floor of the first hall, led by sightseeing volunteers. Transportation: Exit A4 of “Dutingqian” Station (E28) on the Edo Line of Duying Metro is about 10 minutes’ walk to the west entrance of/JR “Shinjuku” Station. Tel: 03-5321-1111 Website: Tokyo Metropolitan Hall Outlook Room Business Hours: 9:30-23:00 (30 minutes before entering the hall) Tel: 03-5320-78904, Asakusa Temple: It is said that this is the oldest temple in Tokyo built in 628. Now it has become a symbol of ordinary citizen culture. The “Leimen” with huge lanterns is the logo of Asakusa Temple. Transportation: It takes about 5 minutes to walk at the gate of “Asakusa” Station on Dongwu Isaki Line/8 minutes to walk at Exit 1 of “Asakusa” Station (G19) on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/10 minutes to walk at Exits A4 and A5 of “Asakusa” Station (A18) on Duying Metro Asakusa Line. Business hours: 6:00-17:00 (open at 6:30 from October to March) Tel: 03-3842-01815, Asahi Beer Corporation: It consists of a 22-storey corporation building that embodies large beer cups and Super Dry Hall marked by huge gold artistic shapes. Transportation: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Asakusa” Station (G19) takes about 8 minutes to walk/Duying Metro Asakusa Line “Asakusa” Station (A18) and “My Wife Bridge” Station (A19) takes about 5 minutes to walk. Website: 6, Akihabara Electric Game Animation Street: Large electric appliance shops selling computer supplies, office automation appliances, household appliances and game-related commodities, as well as shops selling small accessories and parts, are lined up with electric appliance streets with the richest variety and intelligence in Japan. Transportation: JR “Akihabara” Station Electric Appliance Street is within walking distance to Exit 3 of “Akihabara” Station (H15) on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, and Exits 1 and 2 of “Moguangding” Station (G14) on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line are about 5 minutes’ walking distance. 7. Ginza 4 Dingmu Intersection: It is the intersection of Central Road and Qinghai Road. There are bell towers and optoelectronics with Ginza logo, Japan’s leading time-honored Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store, etc. Famous shops are the most attractive features here and the first choice for wandering. Transportation: Exit A1-10 of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Ginza” Station (G09) is about 1 minute walk to Exit B1 of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Ginza” Station (H08)/Exit C3 and 4 of Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line “Ginza” Station (M16) about 3 minutes walk/JR “Yurakucho” Station or Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line or Asakusa Line “East Ginza” Station (H09), A11) A1 and 2 about 8 minutes walk. Tel: 03-3546-6525 Website: (Telephone Number and Website of Central District Tourism Association) 8. SONY Building: The building has a display hall where you can try out the latest products of Sony, a world-famous Japanese electrical appliance manufacturer, as well as grocery stores, restaurants and squares for various activities. It is a landmark building in Ginza. Transportation: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line “Ginza” Station (G9), (H08), (M16) Exit B9 is within walking distance. Telephone: 03-3573-2371 Website: D6: Haneda Airport AIR Beijing AIR Chengdu spent the whole day at the airport and on the plane today. It takes 3.5 hours to return to Beijing from Haneda, Tokyo, and 2.5 hours to return to Chengdu from Beijing. After a whole day’s ordeal, it was already 12: 30 a.m. When I finally got home. I bought a bottle of water at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport for 130 yen (my mother lost the red outdoor kettle that accompanied me for more than two years, crying!) , and then in the duty-free shop tooth bar (rarity! 800 yen) and magnet bracelet (1500 yen). Spending on the day: 2,340 yen, equivalent to 170 yen. TIPS: 1. Haneda Airport: Haneda Airport is located in Daejeon District, Japan. Its terminal building is called “BIG BIRD”. The airport has three terminals. From May this year, all international flights from China and South Korea will enter and leave Hong Kong from here and will no longer fly to Narita Airport. There is a commemorative postmark at the entrance of the international terminal, and there are many pamphlets introducing Tokyo, which are freely available. Transportation: Tokyo Monorail Station “Haneda Airport Building 1” or “Haneda Airport Building 2” and Beijing-Binhai Express Airport Line “Haneda Airport” can get off. Tel: Haneda Airport Terminal Building Comprehensive Guide 03-5757-8111 Website: Total Cost: RMB 1932 (Another Tour Fee: RMB 4760) My overall feeling is that although Japan is small, the society is harmonious and peaceful, with little ideological preaching, clean, polite and green. Finish!