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Month: December 2020

Riding to Chiang Mai University to Feel the Tranquility

After eating and drinking from the chef’s school, we found a small bicycle rental shop. One person rented a bicycle and was going to ride to Chiang Mai University and Sutie Mountain. Before that, we learned that Chiang Mai University was not too far away in the northwest suburb of Chiang Mai City. We also wanted to experience the feeling of riding a bicycle in a foreign country. Ha ha, so we set off.

Along the way, I stopped riding and filmed while walking. I saw several temples one after another. I didn’t know the name of what. I looked at the map for a while, looked at the road signs for a while, and asked the next way after walking for a while. I was also afraid that there would be problems in the exchange meeting. I found a passer-by who spoke English very well and could speak some Chinese. It seems that the quality of Thais is very high.

The direction of cycling in Thailand is different from that in China. We need to drive on the left. We have not been used to it all the way. We ran to the right after riding. It seems that it is not easy to change a habit. Sometimes I don’t want to stop to take photos, I take the camera in one hand and hold the handle in the other. I ride while taking photos, but most of the films I take are paste. Ha ha

A temple passed by was photographed on a car.

A corner of the ancient city wall riding on a car.

Another temple photographed on a car,

This one was taken by stopping the car.

The ancient city wall photographed on the car still feels quite tasty. If the repair is too new, it will not feel good.

The ancient city wall and moat photographed on the car.

Ride on the car and take photos.

This should be the Buddhist Institute of Chiang Mai University.

It should be the stone table for playing chess on campus.

The environment in the campus is very quiet.

Chiang Mai University is so big that it belongs to an open campus.

Chiang Mai Royal University is a public university in northern Thailand. It was established in 1924 and was initially an agricultural teacher training college.

Chiang Mai Royal University has four campuses. The Royal Chiang Mai University has a Teachers College, a Science and Technology College, a Humanities College, a Science Management College, an Agricultural Science and Technology College, a Continuing Education College, an Asian Population Economy and Technology Research Center and an International College.

A small library at Chiang Mai University

Chiang Mai University offers more than 100 undergraduate, master, doctor and international majors, such as agriculture, chemistry, art, English, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, computer information science, environmental protection, management, marketing, normal disciplines, accounting, architecture and local management.

A heart made of copper and rotten iron.

This is not seen as what Dongdong.

This should be a big ant.

These students should be doing their homework. I didn’t disturb them in the past.

This should be from the art department.

Chiang Mai Lake in Chiang Mai University is a place with a very beautiful environment.

We sat by the lake and had a rest for a long time. I also took many pictures. Unfortunately, the weather was not very good. I heard that it would be beautiful to watch the sunset here if the weather was good.

The campus of Chiang Mai University is towering with ancient trees and lawns like blankets.

The water in Chiang Mai Lake is clear and bottomed out, splashing layers of ripples from time to time.

Chiang Mai University in Thailand is located in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It is the first institution of higher learning in northern Thailand and the first provincial capital university in Thailand. It was established with the approval of His Royal Highness King Bhumibol in January 1964.

There are many college students sitting on the lake bank.

It feels good to sit by the lake and look at the lake bank.

There are several students playing football on the football field.

I feel very good sitting by the lake.

For a long time, I didn’t want to leave.

[Thailand] Flower Seller on Chao Phraya River

Flower Seller on Chao Phraya River

After visiting the Great Emperor, we came to the “Zhaopaiye” dock and took a long tail boat to visit the Chao Phraya River. Chao Phraya River, now no one knows how many spring and autumn years you have flowed through. In the ups and downs of the tide, how many sorrows and how many joys has history performed? However, all this will not sink to the bottom of the river with the passage of time. All this will not leap to the surface with the changes of the times.

In my feeling, the Chao Phraya River is like the Yunhan Milky Way that poured down from nine days in an ancient Chinese poem. This beautiful mother river, dragging Yiyi’s long skirt, crosses through the middle of Bangkok and nurtures Bangkok, a beautiful city, with its sweet milk sweat.

I have seen Thai rice in China. It has long grains, sharp ends and white color. It is cooked into rice and is fragrant, soft, smooth and tender. It enjoys a high reputation in the world market. The Chao Phraya River is the basic guarantee of Thailand’s granary. It is no exaggeration to say that without Chao Phraya River, there would be no world-famous rice in Thailand. How important is the Chao Phraya River in the minds of the Thai people?

The Chao Phraya River is not clear and has deposits from ancient history. Yes, spring breeze and autumn rain, love is not easy, hate is not easy. For many years, the love and hate here have only turned into waves one after another. After a moment of surging and jumping, they finally flow into the sea and return to peace.

The boat had just started when a girl selling flowers came up with dark skin, deep eye sockets, thin and small. She held strings of wreaths of fresh jasmine buds and orchids, symbolizing happiness and good luck. In a flash, the fragrance of flowers on the boat added a romantic exotic flavor.

The tour guide told us that the flower seller was a resident of the “water family” on the Chao Phraya River. Their ancestors sailed deck ships, went through many hardships, crossed the sea, brought Chinese ceramics, silk and so on to Bangkok, and then stayed in Thailand.

The tour guide also said that buying her flowers, like supporting Project Hope in China, would enable her and her younger brothers and sisters to go to school. At this point, everyone naturally bought small wreaths one after another.

With so many people buying her flowers, the girl who sells them looks very happy. However, I saw a bunch of shining things in her eyes. Somehow, my mind suddenly rang out a song “Flower Girl”, which I liked very much when I was a child. I also think of those flower girls I have seen before.

They are like immature flowers, losing the gardener’s care too early, wetted by bitter wind and rain, and blooming on the winding journey of life. In the streets without local accents and outside the entertainment venues frequented by couples, they live in crowded and gloomy huts during the day and are dyed with city lights at night. The voice of pleading for flowers is often muted by cold eyes. Hopefully, this flower girl is not one of them.

I can’t ignore those real plots. The hand of the flower girl, like Qian Qian’s tentacles, touched my eyes. I turned my head, on the long water waves, canoes shuttled back and forth, leaving couples with romantic silhouettes that passed before my eyes, leaving me with eternal yearning.

Looking at the scenery on the Chao Phraya River is really like shuttling back and forth in the deep just visiting, where modern and ancient collide and merge. Bangkok has many rivers and waterways crisscrossing, but order is maintained in disorder and vitality is revealed in stability. Bangkok feels like a living city, real and attractive.

There are many towering office buildings, public houses, international luxury hotels, giant department stores and large shopping malls on both sides of the Chao Phraya River, but these modern buildings have not obliterated the glorious traditions and numerous places of interest with commemorative value. Thailand, known as the “Yellow Robe Buddhist Country”, is still full of magnificent temples with pointed towers soaring into the sky.

I also saw rows of wooden houses built on the Chao Phraya River and its tributaries everywhere. This should be “water houses”. It is indeed a pleasure to see the tradition that is still very active in the life of people on the water. Many small sampans are piled up with flowers, fruits, handicrafts, etc. The women and peddlers in the middle politely peddle them to the tourists in the boats, which is very lively.

Just, the river full of embankments, will it be gentle * *, quietly overflowing the threshold of people on the water, suddenly devouring a beautiful home? Perhaps, nature is naturally nurtured by nature, and aquatic water is nurtured by nature. It is alarmist? Seeing the triangle plum blooming on the eaves, it is full of fragrance. Ha ha, my hanging heart seems to be relieved.

When she got off the boat, the girl selling flowers folded her hands and said Shawadi Ka, leaving behind a faint scent that floated far in the wind amid the joy and laughter of the tourists on board. Looking at her slowly disappearing in the crowd, if the tour guide is telling the truth, I hope she and her younger brothers and sisters can carry their schoolbags and fly back to the warm nest of the school early like those birds. . .

On the bank of Chao Phraya River

There are many tall buildings on both sides of the Chao Phraya River.

Scenery of Chao Phraya River

Magnificent temples can be seen everywhere.

“Water Family” in Chao Phraya River

Residents of “Water Families” in Chao Phraya River

Zheng Wang Temple in the Sunset

The Chao Phraya River shines with golden light as the sun sets.

“Red Boat” on Chao Phraya River

On the banks of Chao Phraya River at night

A pious prayer

The Flying God-Truth Temple

Have you ever seen the Flying Buddha in Dunhuang? You will be amazed by the exquisite image above, which also appeared in our trip to Thailand-Truth Temple.

Our party changed into their carriages and came to the empty place. At first glance, this place is really inconspicuous. When we looked up, we were still shocked one by one. The buildings in the distance stood like sailing boats on the seaside. The gods on the roof were very strange and felt like flying one by one. The women’s gods had elegant skirts, while the men’s gods were majestic and straight, and their appearance had attracted us deeply.

When we wanted to go in, Hand in a helmet, The construction team that swam a lot was born, We also saw a lot of scaffolding around, There are still many workers working on the construction site. The Truth Temple is made of wood. It is very old and prevents corroded wood from falling down and hitting people. Therefore, we have become construction personnel. We filed in. The lens in our hands is constantly raised and lowered to photograph various gods. We only feel that one lens is far from enough to take in this beautiful idol. Peter kept urging us to visit the temple.

A commentator from the temple came to help us explain, Peter translates, Only then did we know that, The Temple of Truth was built at the expense of Thai businessman Varyapan, He started work in 1981, It has been built for 30 years now, Although others have passed away, his next generation is still continuing to complete the project. It is said that it will take another 20 years to complete. Because the whole building is made of wood, it will be catalyzed by years. Some old buildings need to be repaired continuously and new buildings need to be completed continuously. So I wonder if the project will be completed one day.

All the idols here don’t use a nail, It was all built by wedges, tongues and bolts. There are gods of various countries in the temple. They have melted in all kinds of Buddhist essences, and the temple was also designed by the investors themselves. They have invited skillful craftsmen to complete this task. There are exquisite and complicated wood carvings in all corners of the temple. They will not let go of any gap, even on the steps. You will be attracted by the prosperity of the world. The most precious thing in this temple is the relics dedicated to the masters. These relics were piously placed at the highest place to accompany the completion of the temple.

I am very curious to ask: Why would anyone pay for this prosperous and complicated project? Peter answered and said, Because Thaksin believes in Buddhism. No one knows what the investor really thinks, but I think this should be the best reason. I believe in Buddhism and love God, and because of love God, I built this temple without complaint or regret and managed it.

Under the setting sun, the gods on all sides put on a golden coat and looked at everything around them quietly. The smile on his face knew everything in the world, and the gods around him seemed to be resurrected under the light golden sun. At that moment, everything was quiet and detailed. When you walked inside, your heart seemed to calm down.

Look at the picture and talk about a food market in Thailand.

Coming out of Koh Samet Island, we temporarily arranged a visit to the most common food market on the roadside during our trip. Let me also change my writing method and let everyone know about the most common food market in Thailand by looking at pictures. Let’s listen to me one by one.

We were greeted by a row of various seafood with various prices marked on it. I am not sure if I can make a counter-offer for vegetables here. It is 1 RMB yuan = 4.4 Thai baht in terms of RMB and Thai currency. Please calculate how much it is by yourself. It should be sold by kg.

Entering the market, there are many varieties in it. From here, I can feel that Thai materials are still very rich. All kinds of vegetables are different from our Chinese. I wonder if I have gone to too few markets and basically can’t name what.

Apart from seafood, only two kinds of meat dishes are seen. I wonder if Thais do not eat other meat dishes.

The food in the market doesn’t make me particularly surprised. What makes me feel different from that in China is that each booth is always decorated with flowers more or less. They even made the booth look like a small flower shop. And there were items in the booth, The boss couldn’t find it, Nobody here seems to be afraid of throwing things away, The larger stalls will have TV sets. The stall owners are very comfortable watching TV while doing business. When they see me holding the camera, some will pose for my camera, even take out what they sell, and tell me how big the item is with gestures. Although they do not meet the camera, they will look at me with a smile and take care of their own work.

Vendors happily watch TV while working.