Surathani, English, is located in the southern peninsula of Thailand and is the hub to Sumi Island, Jiami Island or Phuket Island.

Freedom My trip to Thailand was nearly halfway through and I got a lot of results. Beautiful scenery, beautiful food and more beautiful people! Thailand, I met you late!

On summer nights, my train is bound for Sulatani.

At 7: 30 p.m. On July 11, the second phase of my Thailand tour started. Starting point: Bangkok’s South China Peng Railway Station, and ending point: Sulatani Prefecture 600 kilometers away from Thailand’s Southern Peninsula.

Who would have thought that later stories proved that this was a journey that touched the soul and tested the will.

At first glance, there were groups of foreigners in the waiting hall of Peng Railway Station in South China. It has almost become the world of foreigners! Of course, I am also a “foreigner”. A large portrait of King Bhumibol hangs at the entrance. His Majesty the King has a grand appearance, which is my impression. What is even greater is that his Thailand has chosen democracy over dictatorship.

There is still no staff to check in, and it is time to walk to the train. The train body is still purple. It was still an open train window. When the train started, Xia Feng slowly blew into the window. The sweltering heat disappeared and it was so comfortable! It is more comfortable than the air-conditioned carriages in our country. The difference is that people’s car seats are tilted and can be half lying down, with two seats side by side. Behind the front seat, a small flat plate can be stretched and laid flat. It is very humanized. Just rushing at this point is enough to make our railway look dwarfed!

At midnight, the train was far away from the crowd area. The Yuan Ye outside the window was dark. In addition to the sonorous sound of the railway tracks, the wind outside the window gradually grew louder. The wind grew tighter and tighter, and later it overwhelmed the rumble of the train and woke people from their sleep. When the wind is strong, the car body not only bumps but also shakes. At one time, it felt that the train was like a boat on the sea surface, which could be blown down and overturned at any time. People began to become uneasy, a little uneasy up and down. The wind, how can it be so strong?

Thailand’s southern peninsula faces the sea on both sides, with the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Andaman Sea to the southwest. Is the wildness of the sea breeze what I, a guest from inland, could expect?

At six, dawn broke. Surprise came: the train was traveling in a palm forest corridor! The attic-style farmhouse wooden house is faint and full of green. The rich subtropical amorous feelings make people drunk. The warm climate here is a paradise for life.