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Month: February 2020

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach

The endless western Pacific Gulf of Siam is dotted with flower-like islets. In the center of the islets is a thick green tropical rain forest surrounded by pure white sand beaches. The color of the surrounding sea water progresses layer by layer from deep blue lake, blue sky, blue blue and light blue. The beautiful scenery like a dream makes people intoxicated…….

Among these many islands, there is such an island with charming scenery like a graceful fairy. It is quiet, elegant and does not lose its light. Its fresh and romantic temperament and unpolished original style are fascinating. It is Pattaya that once intoxicated me. I had the privilege of being here just a few days ago.

Pattaya is located in Chonburi Prefecture 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. In the 1960s, Pattaya was only a small fishing village on the east coast of Siam Bay. It was discovered by Americans during the Vietnam War. Since April 1961, US military base personnel stationed in Uwen, northeastern Thailand, have flocked to Pattaya, a beautiful beach, whenever they take a vacation.

Since then, Pattaya, which is unknown, has started its rapid development. Various commercial categories and trades have emerged and become a world-famous seaside resort in just 30 years. It quickly became Thailand’s most famous beach resort and a bright pearl on the east coast, known as “Oriental Hawaii”.

Take a bus to the seaside. The road gradually widened. When the beach could be seen, the road was already a flat and spacious asphalt road, winding along the coast. On both sides of the road are coconut trees, neat and tall. The triangle plum flowers on the roadside are blooming brilliantly. Pieces of pink petals like butterfly fairies are dancing among the green leaves, lively and lovely like elves under the sunshine.

On the beach, the delicate and soft white sand stroked my bare soles, one by one, to keep my footsteps. With a little force, the young sand came up from the toes of the feet without making any noise, but when the foot was lifted, it hurried down again-a shy expression. I wanted to take a handful of fine sand with me, but when I scooped it up, it had already raised a gentle flag between my fingers. As a result, I no longer want to seize it, open my fingers and stretch out my hands as if I already own the whole beach.

Above me is the sky. It was a stretch of blue that could not be seen or worn, and a deep dazzle of tranquility that could not be grasped. I put bundles into my sight, but they gradually rose and rose and rose and fell away in the blue until they melted and hung high into a distant sky. On the horizon, white clouds are like sails. In front of me is the sea. It was inexhaustible clear and clear, and irresistible exultation. I sent my eyes one after another, but they swam deeper and deeper and became more transparent in the ups and downs until they seeped together and became a sea of blue water. Cape, island like moss.

Pattaya’s sky is blue, Pattaya’s sea is also blue, as pure and as touching. The difference is that the blue of the sky is quiet and the blue of the sea is lively. If Pattaya is a classic romance, that day is its poem, the sea is its prose, and I am like a symbol between the lines.

On the speedboat, I seemed moved into a blue spirit in Pattaya’s blue sea and sky. After speeding for about 30 minutes, the front Sands Island came into view. Sands Island has snow-like fine sand Long Beach, blue sky and crescent-like bay. This is Pattaya’s most beautiful and primitive island.

The speedboat stopped at the flat and wide beach on the south coast of the island, and a silver beach five or six kilometers long was displayed in front of us in the north of the island. This is an open public bath beach. The sea water is light blue and light blue, glittering and translucent, sparkling, smooth and secluded green, tender, graceful and affectionate… The natural scenery on the beach and the beautiful girls and beauties from all over the world really make people heartache.

The beach is lined with beach chairs and sun umbrellas. There are many restaurants along the beach, usually mainly seafood, and there are also many tourist shops with ethnic characteristics. Vendors sell silk fabrics, swimsuits, casual pants, ethnic costumes, leather * * leather, handicrafts to tourists, and there are also women who tie braids.

There are all kinds of water sports on the beach, such as motorboats, skateboarding, banana boats, etc. This is also a world-famous diving holy place, so I first took part in this diving activity called Walking in the Sea. . The beautiful coral reefs on the seabed are surrounded by clear sea water and can clearly see all kinds of colorful tropical fish, devil fish, sea cucumbers, dolphins and other marine organisms.

When I realized that I had reached the deep sea, Suddenly I felt a tinnitus, a swollen head and shortness of breath. Groups of small oval fish with various colors and patterns swam past me. There was also a big turtle with beautiful spots chasing and catching the fish in dancing. Only at the moment I had no intention of watching these marine creatures and the beautiful scenery of the seabed.

In a few seconds, my head arched out of the water. I breathed a sigh of relief and the depression in my chest was released at once. After a false alarm, I finally got a new life and saw the light of day again, but the back of the barge and the eardrum were still swollen and painful for a long time. One by one, people excitedly exchanged what they saw and heard under the water, telling the happiness of diving. They all thought the diving time was too short to come up. Ha ha, I was the only one who told the story of underwater distress.

Then, I experienced the feeling of “parachuting”. Put on a special life jacket, littered with a strong tie. “One, two, three, put! “Ooh, I suddenly was a huge sudden force fiercely pulled out of the floating platform. The strong inertia made my head suddenly lean back, leaving people in the air and my heart in the air. Therefore, I couldn’t help shouting, “Ah-! “

Ear, whirring is the wind. The unbalanced vertigo soon disappeared. Already in the high sky. Like ants is pulling my speedboat on the sea, like matchboxes is floating platform, I fly very high. I couldn’t feel the pull of the cable in front of my abdomen. I really felt that I was flying. Flying on the sea of Pattaya, flying in the blue sky of Pattaya!

What a high blue sky! What a vast sea! For the first time, I looked at the sky and the sea from such an angle and so clearly. The wind passed clearly by my side, like silk. The parachute, very large, bright orange and bright indigo stripes surrounded me obliquely above. Hi! Parachutes! I take you with me. Between the sea and sky in Pattaya, you are a blueprint for my life. And I am the most romantic and wonderful record on your blueprint.

The speedboat pulled me. Slowly, the floating platform approached. Looking at the shadow of my own and parachute, it gradually became clear on the sea surface. I bid farewell to Feitian’s emotion. When people applauded for my graceful landing, and when my companions kept my last flying posture, I silently pressed my chest with my palm and told myself: I have experienced a journey of love-love heaven, love sea, love myself, love the people I love.

The sun set slowly. The setting sun shone its last golden light on the white clouds, dyeing the sky red with rosy clouds. The sea seems to have solidified at Pattaya Beach in the sunset. The ribbon-shaped clouds, as if painted with color by the painter, have become colorful clouds. Under the background of sunset glow, what appears is the beautiful and unforgettable silhouette.

On the beach, there was a wonderful melody of guitar. A group of teenagers set up grills on the beach, playing and singing while eating barbecue. I really want to join them and sing with the brisk rhythm. The setting sun slowly sank into the sea level. When the last glow of the setting sun was reflected on everyone’s face, smiling faces were as beautiful and gorgeous as triangle plum in full bloom…….

Thailand’s Tourism Achievements Talk to PP

Husband’s whim, With the “kindness” of her husband’s unit, Arranged his impossible vacation, This is killing me, Looking at strategies, searching information, looking for air tickets, checking hotels, I knew I had prepared several months in advance, so I was in a hurry now. My husband’s “free trip” was really easy. First of all, I saw Ctrip’s free trip. I planned to go to Phuket alone, but my husband wanted to go to Bangkok’s Grand Palace (alas, it was my suggestion, Thailand’s characteristic), so I had to stay in Bangkok. Later, I saw that the charming RACHA wanted to live, but Ctrip had only one day, which was not enough, so I gave up Ctrip and decided to take care of it myself. Preparations: 1. Visa: The last thing I found was BB on Group Q. 20 yuan/person-the visa was completed and valid for 3 months. BB’s movements are quite fast and can be completed within a week (there are also * * ones on TB, 30 yuan/person, and the express fee is borne by themselves. As long as the passport and photos are available within 3 working days after delivery, they are valid for 30 days) 2. Air tickets: Ctrip/AirAsia/Thai Airways have seen them all, and they don’t want to do too much trouble. Compared with the Fenglan holiday of Thai Airways, they are more affordable. -8/7 is paid, Get the printed air ticket confirmation form 3. Accommodation: Phuket Patong Beach-Novotel Phuket Resort (Novotel Phuket Resort) Ctrip Reservation-8/17 Payment Completed, Get VOUCHER, Mark the reservation number and order number, Phuket THE RACHA-Visit the official website, Already contacted the reservation department, Prepare to participate in the promotion of LAST MINUTE SEPCIALS, Stay for 2 nights-later changed to HONEYMOON PACKAGE-8/18 deposit paid, Brush the VISA card of Zhaoxing Bank, Confirm all the details such as pick-up and drop-off, No VOUCHER, Then mark the reservation number. (Wednesday) Wednesday night BBQ flyer Bangkok CENTARA GRAND-CENTRAL WORLD HOTEL-Fenglan Holiday Send One Night Event-8/7 Payment Complete, Get the printed accommodation confirmation form 4. Play: VIRACH TOUR (UNCLE V)-The latest quotation is attached, TX people download and watch Ha 5. MONEY: Exchange THB, BOC 8/14 Selling Price: THB100=RMB20.15== > RMB1=THB4.9636. US Asia Insurance is insured online at http: // the “Leisurely Tour” Scheme II for 7 days, RMB70/person-8/21 paid, Print insurance confirmation form Final itinerary: D1 8/23 SUN Shanghai-Bangkok (Thai Airlines Fenglan Holiday) Flight Delayed, Missed the transfer flight to Phuket, Stay in Bangkok, Thai Airlines Arranges Accommodation: NOVOTEL AIRPORT HOTELDAY 1 Travels D2 8/24 MON Morning: Bangkok-Phuket Stay Afternoon: Rest, eat casually, Visit the beach, swim at night: Carrefour purchase, Walking down the bar street, Seafood dinners: NOVOTEL PHUKET RESORTDAY 2 Travels D3 8/25 TUE Morning: Hotel strolling CHECK-OUT Afternoon: Take a special bus to CHALONG BAY, Take the Clippers to THE RACHA, Visit the beach, swim at night: Booking snorkeling, SPA, Dinner to RAYA FATHER: THE RACHADAY 3 Travels D4 8/26 WED Morning: Snorkeling afternoon: Spa, Swimming evening: Four-wheel drive tour around the island at night: Romantic dinner: THE RACHADAY 4 Travel Notes D5 8/27 THU Morning: CHECK OUT Noon: Take the SPEED BOAT back to Phuket, Hotel shuttle to airport Afternoon: Phuket-Bangkok Evening: Take AIRPORT EXPRESS AE3 to CHECK IN CENTARA GRAND Night: Jianxing Hotel Eats Curry Crab, Four-sided Buddha lodge: Bangkok CENTARA GRAND-CENTRAL WORLD HOTEL DAY 5 Travels D6 8/28 FRI Morning: The Grand Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple, Zheng Wang Temple Afternoon: Shopping-centralworld, Kingpower Duty Free Shop Evening: Shopping-big C, MK Seafood Hotpot: CENTARA GRAND-CENTRAL WORLD HOTELDAY 6 Travels D7 8/29 SAT9: 00 CHECK OUT take TAXI to the airport 11: 00 Bangkok-Shanghai 18: 00 Return to Warm Home DAY 7 Travel Fee List: √ Air ticket: 2x (RMB 1090 + tax 1240) = RMB 4, 660.00 √ Bangkok CENTARA GRAND: 2x (390 + breakfast 200) = 1, 180.00 √ Visa Fee: 2x 20 = 40.00 √ Phuket NOVOTEL: 2x £ ¤ 502 = £ ¤ 1, 004.00 √ US Asia Insurance: 2x $70= $140.00 √ THE RACHA: THB27,352.00/credit card exchange rate 4.83 = $5,670.00/cash exchange rate 5.00 = $7,000.00 Subtotal: $19,700.00 Preparations: a Phuket Airport-Hotel Find JOYLEE156 Carpooling b Phuket Activity c Bangkok Attempts to Take Subway/Light Rail from Hotel to Grand Palace d Body Sunscreen, Repair After Sunburn to Bangkok/Phuket Airport to Buy, Change by the Way e Beach Shoes Purchased f Husband Beach Pants to Phuket Island

Phuket’s daredevil

Two nights in Phuket Patong, The bikini beauties by the sea are dazzling, What is even more surprising is that the old foreign men and women, with large stomachs, wrinkled skin and drooping meat, tanned dark, barefoot, and no one beside them, marched straight along the beach with flat waves. Patong Beach is several kilometers long. They walked from one end to the other. Judging from their tanned skin, they walked for at least three or four days! This has renewed people’s health concept. They come here to pursue the hot sunshine and the benefits of sports in life. It is too outdated for me to lie on the beach chair in the sun.

On the morning of the third day, I went to PP. I arranged to pick up the bus (similar to a minibus) at 7: 00 a.m. from the roadside tourist spot. The ferry to PP Island started at 8: 00 a.m. and the hotel was half an hour’s drive to the ferry station. I waited and waited in the lobby of the hotel. I didn’t see the minibus coming until 7: 20. The minibus picked up guests from hotel to hotel and was not on time. Eager and hurried to get on the bus, there were already several Europeans on the bus, and they were afraid that they would not catch the ferry! The car company suddenly felt that what was missing for ten minutes! ? Ah! I left my camera bag on the leather chair in the lobby! Everyone in the lobby goes, and anyone can go without delay. Immediately like falling into the ice. Immediately inform the driver, the driver said nothing, only indicated that it was a one-way street and had to circle back to the hotel. This Phuket bird’s road is narrow and full of red lights, and his head is sweating with anxiety!

Phuket Island Patong Beach

The camera bag was left on the bench in the lower left corner.

This minibus is Phuket’s main means of transportation

Very not easy to drive back to the hotel, before waiting for the car to stop, I opened the car door and ran into the lobby. Fortunately, the lobby of the hotel in the hot area is covered and open, without revolving doors. At first glance, the black camera bag was safely placed in the Batai, and the hanging heart immediately fell down. His hands folded and thanked him repeatedly. He ran back to the car. The driver sped all the way and finally arrived at the ferry at 8:05. He gave the driver a tip of 200 Thai baht. His heart was filled with gratitude. After the event, I felt that the tip was too little. This rash was me. Nikon 700 lens accessories in the camera bag were worth about 25,000 RMB, and there was also 40,000 Thai baht of pocket money.

Fortunately, it is still early to find the packet loss. If you get on the ferry, you can’t let the ferry go back. Although the packet can still be found, is there still a good mood on PP Island? ?

Phuket Island Navigation Center

On the ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi Island, Europeans and Americans accounted for the vast majority.

Arriving at PP Island smoothly, I was invited to the seaside restaurant that night. Lobster, prawn and crab were all asked for. This was a rash price.

What disturbed me was that I was in a hurry and could not thank the hotel attendants for putting away and keeping my camera bag for me. Today, I would like to express my thanks and tribute to Burasari Hotel on Phuket Island by visiting many precious places. Thailand’s tourism service is well-known all over the world for its quality.

The gate to the Burasari Hotel

The path in front of the hotel

Imagine Thailand

Imagine a scene: two months later, at midnight on a summer day, the sky was full of stars. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, in the dim light of night, an “Airbus” roared from the runway, which was an Asian Airlines flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Guangzhou, a metropolis under the wing, is brightly lit. The Thai stewardess on the plane is beautiful and lovely. She gives a charming smile to all the passengers. There is a passenger beside the window of the plane porch, staring at the stars outside the window. He is the traveler-free qq.

After traveling for so many years, it is all train travel in China. This time, it was the first time to take a plane.

Thailand is a country that must be visited by life travel. I have been admiring this beautiful country for a long time.

This is a Buddhist country and a democratic country. This country has a beautiful coastline, a magnificent palace and a kind and honest folkway. Add one more: Chiang Mai in this country is a land that Teresa Teng loved during her lifetime after a generation of songs.

I know that this country once had a beautiful and graceful Prime Minister, Yingluck.

I also know that women in this country, like the Dai people in Yunnan, wear tube skirts and have a slim figure. They also celebrate the Water Splashing Festival.

I also know that there is an auspicious and lovely animal in the forest of this country-elephant.

There is also a unique cultural phenomenon in Thailand: “transvestite”. I really don’t know which Chinese defamed “him/them” as “demon”? In contrast, the English word “ladyboy”, which means “boy with ladies’ characteristics”, is much more tolerant! All we have to do is call them “transsexuals”. Many Chinese people do not understand them and think that they are completely forced by life and willing to be destroyed physically. Some people come into contact with them for pornographic purposes. The purpose of this trip to Thailand is not to rush to see the performance of this transsexual person, but to explore the origin of this feminine culture.

When a man decides to incarnate himself as a woman, what proportion are the forced and voluntary components? Just like sex workers, is it purely to make a living or is it because of vanity to make more money?

Thais believe in Buddhism and worship Buddha, which they do much better than us! Buddhism spread to China and was gradually alienated. In Thailand, Buddha is used to respect and purify life, while here, Buddha is used to bless material benefits (euphemistically called blessing). Respect for Buddha has become a practical philosophy. At ordinary times, they don’t burn incense or do good deeds, so they rush to cram for it.

Thailand, Japan, Britain and the three countries have some similarities. There are not only democratic and free politics, but also the respect and prestige of the king’s royal family. And here, the emperor came out a lot, and in the end he was always overthrown by the people and spurned by the Chinese. Why is this?

Strangely, Thailand seems to have experienced few wars in its history compared with Vietnam, our other neighbor. Apart from the short history of British colonization, China, Japan and the United States, which are international powers, seem to be very friendly to Thailand.

I also know very little about Bangkok, only that there is a floating market there, full of foreign sentiment.

Generally speaking, one should always know something about choosing one’s favorite destination. However, for Thailand, one finds that one knows very little about it. When asked about Thailand’s history and geography, one cannot say. Ask if Thai has ever produced what heroes or heroes, I can’t say! Ashamed, on second thought, perhaps this is not a bad thing for what, its mystery and beauty may increase the charm of this trip!

Having said that, I began to catch up on everything about Thailand: history, geography, climate, Buddhism, royal family, customs, taboos, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Lion Air, diet, transportation. . . The so-called “body is not moving, heart is far away.”

Data collection:
Buddhism: Theravada Buddhism
Rice: Thailand is the world’s largest rice exporter.

Water Market: The most commercialized water market is Danenshado, 100 kilometers west of Bangkok.

Convenience Store: Most Common Convenience Store Name: 7-Eleven

Thailand time: one hour slower than Beijing time.

Landing visa: Bring enough 4,000 yuan = 20,000 Thai baht to show the return air ticket, 4*6cm white background color photo (about 2 inches))

Thai Baht Withdrawal: Thai Bank has a Chinese interface for withdrawal,

Food: Dongyingong Soup-Sour and Spicy Shrimp Soup Mango Glutinous Rice Rice Thai Fried Noodles Green Papaya Salad

Embassy in Thailand: Bangkok Rachaapisek Road 57 (662) 2457032 Consular Department Alarm 191

Luggage: Don’t take luggage casually.

500 Thai baht for airport tax?

Thai currency Thai Baht Airport has a low exchange rate, so do not exchange it. University of bangkok: downtown guilantai campus address: rama 4 road, klong-toey, bangkok10110, thailand

Bargaining: 10% to 40% below the offer. Smile

Traffic Walk: Left

KhaoSanRd., Bangkok (If you go from Langman Airport Airport, take bus No 59 across the road from the airport gate and get off at Kaoshan Road. Bus No 59 operates 24 hours a day.)

Amphawa Floating Market, Bangkok

Located about 2 hours west of Bangkok, it is a water market that combines tradition and creativity. It is suggested that everyone stay overnight to experience the life in the water market. There is a special water market and home stay here. You can also watch fireflies by boat at night. Monks can also be seen on the river in the early morning to beg for alms by boat.

Travel Tips: Usually, people will make the trip of Amphawa Water Market and Maeklong Railway Market on the same day a one-day tour.


There is a bus to Amphawa at the South Bus Station on Minivan:

Take the BTS to Victory Monument (N3) Exit 4) and you can see the ticket booth of the Mini-Van to Ampava under the overpass.

Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3:00pm-late at night

Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market

This is a more traditional Thai market and the largest water market in Thailand. The whole water market is antique and has many Thai buildings. It is divided into 22 districts, including handicrafts, furniture, clothing, food, etc. In addition, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can also enjoy the most traditional Thai singing and dancing performances here. Also don’t forget to taste a special snack here, pancake rolls and sugar shreds!

Opening hours: 10:00am-9:00pm

The first attraction wasAyutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market and Water Theater [MAP]. In Thai it is called. This is found just north of the old city not too far from Wat Na Phra Men. It is not your traditional kind of floating market. The name is a bit misleading. It is more of a “Dinner Theatre” experience that you somethings get in Bangkok

Despite it being the week, there weren’t that many people here. When you arrive you have two choices. First choice is to buy a ticket just to watch the Water Theatre. Adults are 50 baht and children 30 baht. The second choice is Dinner Theatre and the buffet. Regular price is 199/119 Baht or 119/99 Baht if you turn up after 2:30 p.m.. This is excellent value for money as you are allowed

The floating market is only open at the week and on public holdings. It is open from 10 a.m. To 5: 30 p.m. There are five scheduled shows in one day. What I didn’t realize at first is that each show is different. The first one is at 11 a.m. And this is followed by four more shows at 12 p.m., 1:30 p.m., 3 p.m. And 4: 30 p.m.

Pickpockets: on buses, in public places

Deceptive Trick: 1: “The Grand Palace Closes Today” Deception

2 Doodle Car Fraud

3 Patpong Night Market Fraud the Patpong Night Market Fraud is still working very well, because it is too good for curious tourists. When you walk through Papon District and try to go to GoGo Bar to find out, there will always be some people approaching you with menus. All the fun acrobatics on the menu are quite attractive,

Four: Taxi Fraud

Remember to choose the kind of taxi that passes by the road instead of stopping at the side of the road.

The cruise ship scam is similar to the Grand Palace scam. Friends who come to Thailand to travel will not miss the trip to the Chao Phraya River by boat.

When you are having a good chat, he will provide you with cruise ship service at a ridiculously low price. He will explain that he specially provides you with such service because he is very speculative with you. The man was so friendly that he could not give up his hospitality and followed his boat to swim in the river. This visit is real, but it is actually very good. He may even stop at a bar by the river to provide you with cold drinks. So far, everything has been fine. Seeing that the tour is coming to an end, you will think how lucky you are today! However, when the ship approaches the dock, your good luck will disappear instantly at this time, the ship will stop about 200 meters away from the dock, and then the “kind man” will ask you for 1,000 Thai baht or more for service fees. No matter how much you say what, you think it should be, the ship will not approach the dock. Of course, you must also pay the money, otherwise you will not be able to get ashore. The most speechless thing is that you must also give double the price, because they are two people, and both the sailor and the person responsible for introducing the scenic spots to you have to pay.

Don’t trust any stranger who approaches you, although it seems that he is kind, you just smile and refuse. If you want to swim the Chao Phraya River, just go directly to the ticket office on the dock to buy tickets. Don’t be cheated for petty gain.

Accommodation: 1TH Khaosan Kaoshan Road, Yaohuali Road (Chinatown), the gathering place of famous backpacking hotels in Asia)

2M. R > ken Homestay, No.105, Sukunyi Road, No.14, Lasan Lane (500 meters walk from Light Rail Station E14 to the store)

Soi Lasalle BTS Bearing Station

3 check_inn Hotel

Address: 63-65-67 Charoen Krung Road Soi 44 Bang Rak, BangRak District $8 Hotel: Soi Charoenkrung 22 (Yaowharaj 10), Loftel 22 Hostel, Charoenkrung Road, Talard Noi, Sampantawong, Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand 10100

Bank of Chao Phraya River

The Golden Mount (Wat Saket) artificial high point in Bangkok overlooks the scenery of Bangkok, and the ticket price is very cheap, only 10 Thai baht. It is very close to the Monument to Democracy and is within ten minutes of walking. Climbing to the top of the temple has infinite scenery.

Th Sukhumvit Sukunyi Street, Bangkok Business District

Amusement Park: Santorini Park HUA hin Santorini Park on the main traffic route from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Metro and Light Rail: Metro MRT Light Rail BTS

Light Rail: Get off at Siam for the shopping center, Mo Chit for the weekend market, and Saphan Taskin for the boat.

Bangkok’s light rail transit system has two light rail lines-the dark green “Shilong” line. Light Green Pigment Kun Yi Line

At each light rail station, there is a ticket vending machine, which only accepts coins of 1 baht, 5 baht and 10 baht, and can also change at the service desk. In addition, light rail transportation network maps can be obtained free of charge at all light rail ticketing booths.

The self-service ticket vending machine is very easy to operate. There is a ticket price chart beside the machine, which will indicate the price from the current station to the destination station. Press the corresponding price, then put in coins, and the machine will vomit tickets. If you catch up with an insensitive machine, you don’t have to worry if you don’t recognize the swallowed coin. It will come out of the change hole below.

7. You can also consider buying One Day Pass, 130B, with unlimited rides on that day.

Shopping: Bangkok’s large shopping malls and shopping centers are mostly concentrated in the area near Siam Station of Tiantie.

Bangkok Choose Accommodation Attention: 1. Close to BTS (Tiantie), walk for no more than 10 minutes. Because the traffic jam in Bangkok is very severe, sometimes taking a taxi to some places is the rhythm of sucking to death, so it is true to choose BTS to travel! Moreover, Bangkok’s fun is basically along the BTS, so be sure to choose hotels close to BTS. 2. Choose hotels in the middle of BTS, because Bangkok’s rail transit is priced in sections, and living in the middle can save you a lot of ticket money. If I were to choose next time, I would choose to stay in a hotel near BTS Saladeang Station. What exactly is the middle zone? I will talk about it in the traffic at the back.

Night Market: Asiatique Riverside Night Market: Open from 5 to 24 pm,

Elephant Island is located in the southeast of Bangkok, Trat)

Bus Station 1 East Bus Station (Ekkamaibusstation) North Bus Station (Mochit). Both bus stations have buses to Elephant Island and can also buy joint tickets. You can also go to the VictoryMonument to make a Minibus to Elephant Island, which is also a bus ticket. All the above stations can be reached by air rail (BTS), except for the North Central Station (Mochit), which takes 5 minutes to get off. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach Elephant Island by car. Elephant Island can also be flown, but it is not recommended. After going to the island, there will be taxis waiting at the dock to pick up passengers and tell them the beach you are going to. He will give you a price ranging from 80 beads to 200 beads.

The “EasternBusTerminal” next to BTS’s E7 station (Ekkamai) is the only way to get to the islands in southern Bangkok: TRAT, a dock town. From here, you can take a boat to Elephant Island, Dog Bone Island, Mak Island and other small islands. Basically, there is one flight every hour, and the condition of the bus is very good. Even if we only add 7 or 8 guests, the large air-conditioned bus will leave and arrive on time. It’s a 5.5-hour drive. The ticket is 241 baht per person. The road conditions along the way are good. We set out in the evening and the sunset glow accompanied us to the south of Bangkok. Gradually, the salty and wet smell in the air became more and more obvious, and the sky became more and more transparent. We all felt the aura of the sea. Arrived at TRAT at 11: 00 p.m. The main streets of the town were sparsely populated and food stalls were closed. Only 7-11 was still brightly lit.

White Beach is the busiest beach in Xiangdao. The beach is the most prosperous area. White Beach is also the best quality beach. The beach is of high quality, beautiful and has everything to eat, drink and play. The second beach (Klongpraeach) is also a good beach. The third (Kaibaebeach) is relatively cold and cheerless beach. The fourth beach is Lonelybeach, which has few people, sometimes the wind and waves are relatively strong, and the room fee is relatively cheap for backpackers.

Ekkamai station (Thai:) is a BTS skytrain station, on the Sukhumvit line in Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand.

The station is located on Sukhumvit Road at Soi Ekkamai or Ekamai (Sukhumvit Soi 63) next to the eastern bus terminal to eastern provinces.

There are two types of shuttle buses: standard 1 standard 2

The first type is direct and costly. The second type of middle stop does not use expressways.

The first type, 2.5 hours to Pattaya, 113 Thai baht

To Elephant Island: First to Trat City, 241 Thai Baht for 7 hours

2. Direct to Elephant Island Wharf 300 Thai Baht

It leaves every two hours from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Rayong (Koh Samet) Luo Yong Fu Sha Mei Island

The direct bus to Rayong takes about 3, 30 hours and costs 146 baht. The standard 2 option takes about 4, 30 hours and costs 127 baht.

Luo Yong Fu (Thai:, English: Rayong) is a government in East Thailand, all of which are Luo Yong City. She is adjacent to Chonburi Prefecture in the west, Jianzhuwen Prefecture in the north and east, and the Gulf of Thailand in the south. Today the population of this house exceeds 530,000,

, Phonlawat Chayanuwat).

Rambutan, rambutan, mangosteen, mangosteen, durian

Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park The last piece of virgin forest in Rayong, the park is located in Klaeng District, 71 kilometers from the city. Declared as a National Park in December31, 1975, Khao Chamao-Khao Wong covers an area of 83.6 square meters, which is home to tigers, wild elephants and bears. The park is family for its limestone mountains, caves, high cliffs, verdant forests and waterfalls

Namtok Khao Chamao Namtok Khao Chamao is situated approximately 17 kilometers off of the main highway at Km. Marker 274. The main attraction and landmark of the 8-tiered waterfall is “Wang Mutcha” a large pond on the second level which is the habitat of Pluang fish. Reaching the top is easy and visitors can enjoy the refreshing scene all the way up to the highway level of the waterfall.

Namtok Klong Pla Kang Located some 3 kilometers from the National Park Office is this 7-tiered waterfall. Reaching the top of the waterfall is not quite an easy task as visitors have to walk through the mountains. Plant lovers should not miss this opportunity to see severe kinds of plants such as ferns, orchids, mushrooms, etc., while walking along the trails.

Pha Sawan (Heaven Cliff) Pha Sawan is situated about 1,500 meters from the Park’s Office. The cliff is family for its scientific lookout point which offers an intriguing panoramic view of the pristine forests. Variable types of plants can be found along the way up to the cliff and are ideal for nature studies.

Camping sites are available at the price of 10 baht to pitch personal agents. Bungalows are available (8 all together), at the cost of 800 baht/bungalow and have to be reserved well in advance, call 038 894378. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon Herbal Garden The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon Herbal Garden is located within the grounds of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, about 25 kilometres

• Pattaya

    Temple of Truth Paradise Art Museum, Temple of Heaven Giant Buddha Tiffany Transvestite Show Pattaya Marble Park and Crocodile Farm Koh Lan (Coral Island) Mini Siam and Mini Europe Pattaya Pedestrian Street (Viharnra Sien) Beach Road Pattaya Beach Pattaya Park Tower Gallery PattayaLanpho Nakluea Market Sifang Water Market Tawaen BeachTeddy Bear Museum Huang Ahmad’s Jiami Prefecture in southern Thailand has the laudatory name of “Andaman Sea Emerald”, There are more than 130 large and small islands in the whole government, of which Phi Phi Island, Bamboo Island and Maya Island are especially famous. The sea water here is green, the beaches are white and the sand is fine, and the beautiful landscape can be seen everywhere. It is deeply loved by tourists from all over the world. Koh Phi Phi belongs to Jiami Prefecture, and the movie “The Beach” was filmed in Maya Bay on the small island. Soi Cowboyis a short (150 meter long) street with some 40, mostly go-go, bars, similar to Nana PlazaandPatpong. It caters Mainly to tourists and expatriates. [1] It is near Sukhumvit Road, between Sukhumvit Soi Asoke and Soi 23, within walking distance from the BTS Skytrain’s Asok Station and the Bangkok Metro’s Sukhumvit Station. Lumphini Park On the surface of the pale green bay, limestone peaks and rocks are scattered all over the water, some rising hundreds of meters from the water. Many rock islands look like hump, while others look like turnips planted upside down. Panya Bay is one of the scenes used in James Bond’s 1974 movie Man with a Golden Gun. Today, tourists take narrow boats and follow Bond’s route to Pingan Island (two islands back to back), an island that was broken in the middle by the earthquake a long time ago. Phang-Nga is located 75 kilometers northeast of Phuket Island and is known as Thailand’s “Little Guilin”. There are many large and small islands here, with jagged rocks and changeable scenery, which can be called “wonders of the world”. Among them, James Bond Island, Iron Nail Island and Bell Rock Island Cave are famous for their natural wonders. Especially James Bond Island, because 007 movies were filmed here, everyone no longer paid attention to the island’s real name Tapu Island, but called 007 Island, or James Bond Island. The number of kilometers between different parts of Thailand is 150 kilometers from Bangkok Pattaya, 2 hours from Bangkok Dacheng, 90 kilometers from Bangkok, 1.5 hours from Bangkok Huaxin, 240 kilometers from Bangkok, 3 hours from Bangkok Bobe-Siem Reap, 450 kilometers from Chiang Rai, 250 kilometers from Chiang Mai, 3 hours from Chiang Rai, 50 kilometers from Suwannah Plangman, 50 minutes from Pattaya Beach-Jinsha Island, 7.5 kilometers from speedboat, 45 minutes from Bangkok Pattaya Pattaya is served by frequent bus service from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) and the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai), connecting to Pattaya’s main bus terminal on Pattaya Nuea near Sukhumvit Road. Elephant Village Non Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardenabout 15 kilometres south of Pattaya, Bangkok Airport: Don Muang Airport.

    A total of 6 bus lines connect the airport with different areas in Bangkok. Ordinary bus: No.29 Airport-Bangkok Railway Station ((HuaLamphong Huanan Peng Railway Station)) No.59 Airport-SanamLuang) No.95 Airport-RamIndraRd.-RamkhamhaengRd. Air-conditioned bus: No.4: Airport-Xilong No.29: Victory Monument-Bangkok Railway Station (HuaLamphong) No.10: Victory Monument-Students who are worried about traffic jams in the urban area can consider taking the above bus to ChatuchakWeekend (Zhaduzha Weekend Market Station), which is about two or three stops. Then transfer to rail transit (Tiantie MoChit Station; Or the subway Chatuchak station), you can quickly reach any place that Tiantie subway and Airport Express can reach. B Langman Airport, you can also enter downtown Bangkok by train. The advantage of trains is that they are extremely cheap. They can reach the city in less than 10 baht, which is the cheapest airport transportation in Thailand. At the gate of Langman Airport is the railway station. Its name is Langman Railway Station, DonMueangTrainStation, and downtown Bangkok is HuaLamphong, South China Peng Railway Station. Its official name is Bangkok Railway Station, BangkokTrainStation. Train Ticket Inquiry (official website of Thailand’s Ministry of Railways) On this website, the railway station name of Langman Airport is DonMuang, the name of South China Peng Railway Station is Bangkok, and South China Peng = Langman Airport Station has two lines in operation, namely Northern and Northern, which have many flights every day, with operation time ranging from 40 to 50 minutes. 1-3 shifts per hour, South China Peng-Langman direction the earliest shift 5: 45, latest shift 23: 40. The earliest flight from Langman to South China Peng was over 2: 00 a.m., Other accommodation areas around 22 o’clock at the latest shift: Siam) It’s Long/Satun ( Silom/Sathorn) Su Kun Yat ( Sukhumvit) Wireless/Zilong ( (Khaosan) Langman Airport/Don Muang Airport/Impact Accommodation Key Words Grand Palace Chao Phraya River Siam Square Business District River View Ferry Victory Monument Red Light District Royal Duty Free Shop Bar Street Watergate Chinatown Watergate Market Sleeping Buddha Temple Spa Old Town International Airport Seafood Air Train Backpacker Palace Bangkok and Chiang Mai are two well-known tourist destinations in Thailand. The transportation is still very convenient. You can use the following ways: 1. Trains: There are about 6 trains a day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, which are divided into ordinary trains, express trains and express trains. It takes about 15 hours for ordinary cars and 12 hours for express and express trains. Carriages are divided into 123 classes, ranging from no seats to soft sleepers, with prices ranging from 500 Thai baht to more than 1,000 Thai baht. 2. Aircraft: It is the fastest and most convenient way to make a plane. It takes about an hour to arrive, but the price is also the most expensive. Bangkok’s Langman Airport and Suwannabe Airport have many flights to Chiang Mai every day. If you take cheap airlines (such as AirAsia and Bird Airlines), the air tickets are less than 1,000. 3. Bus: There is VIP BUS to Chiang Mai at the bus station north of Bangkok’s mo chit. About 500, it took about 9 hours to arrive, and the seats were relatively comfortable. There was also free water and food on the bus from Guangzhou Station to Baiyun Airport: Guangzhou Railway Station Exit A took Metro Line 2 (take Station 8) to Metro Jiahe Wanggang Station and then took Metro Line 3 (Sports West-Airport South) (take Station 3) to the entrance of Metro Airport South Station. Take about 60 meters to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (New Airport) to exchange Thai baht (5 methods) 1) Direct exchange of Thai baht at the Bank of China in China can directly purchase Thai baht, but not all business halls or at any time. You need to make an appointment in advance and bring your ID card and passport with a good visa. ICBC seems to be more cost-effective than BOC. 2) Take RMB to Thailand’s Exchange Counter for Bangkok. There are Exchange exchange counters everywhere, so there is no need to worry about not using Thai baht in Thailand. 3) Take US dollars to Bangkok’s Exchange cabinet for exchange. As the exchange rate for US dollars to Thai baht is good, In addition, Bangkok has Exchange everywhere, which is quite a convenient way to exchange money, and you can exchange as much as you can while playing. Anyway, it is no difference to take back US dollars when they are not used up. Compared with RMB, US dollars do not occupy much space in your wallet, and there is no ATM handling fee. It is also a very popular way. But unless you have dollar cash, Otherwise, you will inevitably be charged two handling fees (RMB USD, USD Thai Baht). If you plan to exchange RMB for US dollars, you will be stripped of three layers of skin (RMB USD, USD Thai Baht, and USD RMB that cannot be used up). As for the handling fees exchanged in this way, is it not cost-effective? Applicable object: I have US dollar cash, and I want to exchange as much as I want. 4) The exchange rate of “RMB for Thai baht” of Super RichSuper Rich, which brought RMB to Thailand, can be said to be the best of all money exchange institutions at present, but the disadvantage is that there are not many strongholds (compared with Exchange, the more widely known strongholds are BigC, Chit Lom MRT Station, Kaoshan, Silom and Phrom Phong MRT Station). Students who are going to change money should bring photocopies of their passports. The two that went more: in the alley across the street from Centerworld, the alley that went left after the overpass of Centerworld in the afternoon. See the orange sign ~ You can also see the green sign Super Rich from the alley of this Li Haiquan seafood store diagonally opposite Central World. In addition, there is an orange sign Super Rich on Chit Lom MRT station, but the exchange rate is not very good. Bangkok’s best exchange rate store-Green SUPER RICH Store is located at BTS Chit Lom Station, opposite Central World. It will not be hard to find. There are also many foreigners who will come here to exchange Thai baht. Remember to bring their passports for the store manager to check. Chiang Mai’s Best Exchange Rate Store-SUPER RICH Address: 34/4 Loi Kroh Road, A. Muang Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand. Friends who bring RMB or US dollars can change here! On Loi Khor Rd, the ancient city is 1/3 of Changkang Road. This road is a one-way street, so if you drive a motorcycle, the exchange rate is good on the right hand side of the road. 3. Thai Baht Exchange Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 1. Where should I exchange Thai Baht before departure? Do you need to exchange small bank notes? A: Bank of China and ICBC can directly purchase Thai baht without exchanging small banknotes, because most banks in China only have large Thai baht, and small banknotes are not easy to settle and small in quantity. 2. After arriving in Thailand, how to turn large banknotes into small banknotes? A: Find a convenience store at the airport, buy something casually, or buy a local mobile phone card as soon as you get off the plane, and open it. 3. Can I withdraw cash directly with UnionPay card in Thailand? Cash withdrawal exchange rate and handling fee. A: Cash can be withdrawn directly. The exchange rate is currently the highest among all exchange methods. The handling fee is charged according to the overseas cash withdrawal of the card issuing bank. For example, the overseas cash withdrawal amount of the Agricultural Bank is 1% + 12 yuan. Since September last year, all Thai banks have charged a handling fee for the cash withdrawal of UnionPay cards, each of which is 50B. 4. Is there a handling fee for swiping UnionPay cards in Thailand? Can I swipe UnionPay cards anywhere? A: There is no handling fee. Major shopping malls such as Central World and Siam Square can swipe UnionPay cards. The exchange rate is the same as that of taking Thai baht directly. (If the card you want to swipe has both UnionPay and MasterCard or VISA and other what dual-channel cards on it, the card reader will give priority to the identification of Visa or MasterCard channels) 5. Is there a private exchange point in Thailand to exchange Hong Kong dollars? What is the exchange rate? A: Yes, for example, Exchange Cabinet and Super Rich are quite good exchange points. Some exchange rates are even higher than those in China.

“Romantic Journey, Aftertaste Life”-Thailand’s Collective Wedding

In the experience parade, the last day is a Thai style collective wedding jointly organized by Thailand National Tourism Administration and Chinese portrait photography society. This is the most expected day after I know the whole trip, because I heard that it will be a grand royal wedding, and the wedding site preparation cost more than 1 million yuan, which can be expected to be grand! And I’m particularly curious about the traditional Thai wedding, and then I can look forward to my wedding in the future…

The venue for the group wedding is Pattaya-Nongnooch Tropical Garden, a Thai rural leisure resort not far from downtown Pattaya. It is said that there will be some Thai folk performances and elephant performances at ordinary times, as well as traditional wedding ceremonies and shaving ceremonies. It can be regarded as a leisure place where Thai national culture is displayed regularly. However, as the highlight of the day was the group wedding, we regret not to see these performances, hehe. . The wedding ceremony started in the afternoon and we were required to attend in formal attire. Before that, the large army had shorts and slippers every day. Today, all of them were dressed like changed individuals, and some of them were not used to it. A total of 46 couples, all from China, took part in this collective wedding. Joining hands with their partners to meet in such an exotic traditional Thai wedding is really quite in line with the theme of this activity-“a romantic journey, a lifetime of aftertaste!” “

Like all weddings, the bride and groom will always be the most eye-catching wedding protagonists on the wedding day, especially the bride! After some elaborate dressing, changing into traditional Thai hairstyles and clothes, and wearing exquisite jewelry, she is the most beautiful Thai bride today. There is also the host of the wedding (the beautiful woman of the Thai Travel Bureau who is our colleague this time) who is also the object of everyone’s competition for photos. This dress, this headdress and this makeup are all too beautiful! It is really enviable, jealous and hateful!

Thailand’s traditional wedding is full of strong Buddhist flavor. The wedding is a Buddhist ceremony at the beginning. Eminent monks chant sutras and pray for the new couple. The whole process is solemn but lively. Although I didn’t understand what they said about what, everyone on the scene folded their hands and the pious expression really made people feel the same way! With such blessings, we silently make a promise of love, and we will be happy forever in our life! After the chanting, the eminent monk sprinkled water on the new couple and baptized them, wishing them a long life together!

The end of the Buddhist ceremony is the beginning of the formal wedding ceremony. According to Thai customs at that time, monks or elders of both sides must wear “double happiness gauze circles” for the groom and bride. Shuangxi yarn circle is also called auspicious yarn circle. It is made up of a white yarn head and tail tied into a yarn circle and tied with a water bell, which is worn on the head of the new couple. These yarn circles must not be cut with scissors and will not be untied by the elders until the watering ceremony is over.

According to Thai wedding customs, the groom and bride will hold duck eggs and glutinous rice with their hands folded, of which duck eggs represent the early birth of a baby and glutinous rice symbolizes prosperity. There is also a flowerpot for connecting water under the palm of the two men’s hands. After wearing the double happiness gauze ring, the guests attending the wedding will also sprinkle water and bless the new couple in sequence. At the end of the ceremony, the elders will take off the double happiness gauze circle for the groom and bride, end the watering ceremony, and the wedding will come to an end.

In order to show sincerity, the groom must impress the bride with lithe and graceful music, dance and exquisite gifts when marrying the bride. However, we didn’t see this paragraph on that day either. Write it down here for everyone to imagine. Ha ha, I think the traditional Thai wedding should be several times more lively than what we saw on that day.

Thailand is rich in tourism resources, The weddings of the post-80s and 90s prefer romance and innovation, Come to Thailand to take wedding photos, spend honeymoons, Pattaya must be the first choice, This should also be the reason why the organizers held this collective wedding. From the resplendent grand palace to the clear blue seascape resort, Appreciate the scenery of Thailand, enjoy romantic holidays, take foreign wedding photos… From now on, you can have one more memory-hold a unique Thai wedding, or invite relatives and friends to witness this wonderful moment together, and come to a family wedding tour by the way. Ha ha, leave laughter and promise!

[Recommendation] Entering Thailand Begins with Suwannabe

Entering Thailand Begins with Suwannabe

Apart from the humidity and heat, the turmoil and religion, and all kinds of legends about the airport, I can say that I know nothing about Thailand, although it is so close to me. Until the departure, there are still many, many unknowns. As a result, with those question marks, I almost hurried on my trip to Thailand.

The plane took off from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport and soared into the sky. Just after the climbing period, the sea was already underneath. The trees and houses on both sides of the river can be seen faintly, and the sea in the middle is not as endless as imagined. It is quiet and has a deep blue color. From time to time, irregular white lines pass over it and meander forward. As the height of the plane became higher and higher, I saw the rolling white clouds, jogging among the white clouds like clouds of waves.

When the wings of the plane spread out, I suddenly came to my senses. The plane has arrived over Bangkok and began to slide down. He streaked across the numerous buildings of different heights and landed at Suwannabe International Airport. In fact, the plane only completed a short flight mission, and I, as for myself, said goodbye to one city and threw myself into the arms of another strange city so easily.

When you enter the airport, you will see the buildings and decorations with Thai characteristics. Splendent pagodas and statues, murals, sculptures and pictures reflecting Thailand’s history, religion and culture can be seen everywhere, making people feel the royal style and Buddhist atmosphere of the country as soon as they enter Thailand. Indeed, Suwannabe International Airport is truly one of the largest, most distinctive and busiest airports in Asia.

In the spacious and elegant airport hall, each area has different airlines and flights to all parts of the world. The whole airport hall is equipped with complete facilities, beautifying and greening, and there are many tropical flowers. I think Thai culture should be deeply influenced by India. In the hall, you can see many Asura in Hindu mythology and a sculpture with a sea of milk churning, which is also one of the epics of Indian mythology.

Before coming out of the airport to take the tour bus, a Thai beauty presented each of us with a string of golden lotus flowers, the national flower of Thailand, strung together with red ropes, and took a photo with us. This scene, let us temporarily forget the fatigue of the journey.

Each of us accepted the special welcome of Thai customs and etiquette. We also learned to fold our hands on our chests and worship devoutly. We also said: Savarika (homophonic) means hello in Chinese. Now think about it, think this etiquette is quite good.

Along the way, with the tour guide explaining the local conditions, customs and traditional culture of Thailand, as well as the construction history of Suwannabe Airport, the mysterious veil of various legends of this world-famous tourist resort and Suwannabe Airport was lifted layer by layer.

According to the tour guide, Suwannabe Airport is the new airport built on September 28, 2006, also known as the new Bangkok International Airport. Locals call it the “Cobra” airport because there are many cobras in the surrounding trees. Cracks appeared on the runway and taxiway of the airport just after it was put into operation and needed to be repaired. Later, the “100-year-old” Langman Airport was opened.

Until December 2008, Suwannabe Airport was reopened. Suwannabe Airport took 45 years from planning, design to completion and cost 30 billion US dollars. Legend has it that the airport was built on an ancient temple and graveyard. After its completion, there were many “haunted” incidents. The management department had to build temples nearby. It also invited 99 eminent monks from Bangkok’s Jade Buddha Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple and Golden Buddha Temple, which lasted for 7 days and 7 nights to chant sutras and rest the souls of all parties.

Suwannabe means “golden land” in Thai. Now Langman’s old airport has completely ceased operation, and some buildings have been converted into commodity display and shopping centers. Judging from the map, Suwannabe Airport is located south-east of the Grand Palace in downtown Bangkok, with a straight distance of about 29 kilometers. The airport covers an area of 32 square kilometers, of which the terminal is one of the largest in the world.

Suwannabe International Airport has an apron and two runways that can park 120 planes at the same time, and can handle 45 million people entering and leaving the country every year. It also has the world’s highest airport control tower, which is 132 meters high, in order to better control air traffic. The glass roof design of the airport is also the most in the world, which can help the building shield the strong tropical sunlight outside and reduce the operating cost of indoor air conditioning.

After getting on the tour bus, you can still hear the radio in the airport hall. The pearls were round and jade-embellished, and the voice of the female announcer reported the flight information over and over again. It was a Thai-English bilingual broadcast: “Attention, passengers, the first flight from Bangkok is about to take off.” Or: “The first flight from Bangkok will arrive in Bangkok soon.”

Ha ha, just between this and this, we welcomed and sent off more or less tourists from all over the world. Every day, every hour, even every minute is so busy, but full of hope and excitement. This is Thailand’s Suwannabe International Airport.

Suwannabe International Airport is like a fashion palace and a Buddhist museum. Although we all came and went in a hurry, I believe everyone who passed by can feel the exotic customs. Also, the mystery that cannot be explained clearly. . .

A beautiful stewardess is always a beautiful scenery line.

The Thai government allows tourists from 55 countries to enter the country.

Suwannabe International Airport is like a “cornucopia” to absorb foreign capital.

Architecture and Decoration with Thai Characteristics

There are many Asuras in Hindu mythology in the hall.

The sculpture of the milk sea churning is one of the Indian mythological epics.

Each region has different airlines and flights to all parts of the world.

Suwannabe Airport ranks 18th among the major airports in the world in terms of passenger flow.

Free map of Bangkok

There are many big brand shops in the airport lobby.

You can exchange RMB here

Suwannabe Airport is both a shopping mall and a museum.

The golden pagoda stands among the flowers in the airport hall.

Doraemon Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

1. Sanpashiu Temple is located in Supan Li Wu County, 2 hours north of Bangkok. Although this temple has existed for more than 700 years, the murals are keeping up with the times. Careful tourists find that cartoon images such as Doraemon are hidden in the murals during the viewing process. Therefore, it is also called the most fashionable temple in history by the media.

2. The four doraemon statues in front of the temple convey the Confucian idea of “seeing no evil, hearing no evil, speaking no evil and moving no evil”. But is the power really off in the front

3 or 9 years ago, the temple was renovated to create murals of Buddha’s reincarnation, so a painter named Rajian was invited to paint in the temple for 6 years. Because the painter likes cats very much, he secretly painted his favorite cartoon character Doraemon in an inconspicuous place. In the end, even the painter himself could not remember how much he painted and where he hid it.

4. Perhaps it is because the contents of the murals are immoral. Monks cover their eyes and dare not look at them more when they pass by. For so many years, no one has discovered the secrets hidden in the paintings.






11. There must be tinker bell in the picture, but now I can’t find it out

10, scribbling on the door was kicked out by the daughter-in-law


13. Found a Tinker Bell in the vast number of murals. When excited, poking it with your hand is actually an unconscious action, but it will really cause damage to the murals.

14. Civilized visit starts with me. If Tinker Bell gets angry, the consequences will be very serious.

15. This tourist is filming what. I was delighted when I looked closely.

16, kung fu panda waves to me

17. Angry Birds

18. With IPAD, who still plays glass balls now? I didn’t expect to play glass balls on the ground with my new friends a few days later, and then an adventure happened. These are all later words for the time being.

20, a lot of people in the temple to burn incense, look at the robotic cat is only three of us. Because christians are forbidden to worship Buddha and burn incense in temples. But I wonder how the ladies would feel when they saw the picture below

21, the Buddha sitting in the church, on the roof lying on the salvation hero ultraman

22. Did you consider the feelings of Buddha and God when you drew these things? However, the temple did not blame the painter and even said magnanimously: The Doraemons in the murals attract children to visit the temple. All interested tourists are welcome to find them.

23. Uncle, the enthusiastic tour guide in the temple, without his advice, I would definitely not have found a Doraemon.


24. The temple not only does not charge tickets, but also provides free ice water.

25. Unplugged freezer

26. The temple not only does not charge tickets for free drinking water, but also provides a sumptuous free buffet. As soon as I entered the temple gate, the enthusiastic monks pushed me to the table without hesitation. As for those looking for what, the Doraemon, they had a full meal first.

27, see I only filled a little rice noodles and Fried fish, the staff to bring fruit bowl and jelly. When the domestic temple can also be so good

Address of the temple: Shangbaxiu Temple is located in Suphaburi, Supan Li Wu County, 150 kilometers from Bangkok. The way of arrival is: 1. Chartered bus to 2. Take the light rail BTSN3VICTOR station, transfer the van to the local long-distance bus station and take two buses. I suggest that it is best to charter a bus, because the temple is located in a remote area and there are no living double strips and motorcycle at the gate. When I returned, I stood on the country road for half an hour before getting a motorcycle. Also, because the temple staff are warm and friendly and take care of food, if everyone can bring some small toys such as Doraemon key chains in return, they will be very happy.