As Sister Gang said, the first sight of Thailand’s Grand Palace was not very important at all. Its entrance was narrow. I was used to the style of China’s imperial palace and did not think much of it.

In fact, one cannot be fooled by superficial phenomena. When we walked in with * *, The glittering glittering light hits your eyes in a moment, I saw the sharp spire soaring into the sky. However, all kinds of houses are covered with golden coats. Under the sunshine, they are so dazzling that the whole building of the Grand Palace is strewn at random. Although there are different buildings, they do not look crowded. Some buildings are rectangular roofs made of a piece of golden yellow and green fish scale glazed tiles, which has Thailand’s unique architectural style. We Chinese are also proud of this grand palace. It also has many buildings with Chinese characteristics, which enrich the magnificence of the grand palace with Chinese materials.

Many parts of the Grand Palace are lifted by gods of different shapes, and various gods guard the luxurious Grand Palace in different positions.

According to our tour guide Peter, the largest in this grand palace is the Jade Buddha Hall. The hall of the Jade Buddha Hall is tall. On the 11-meter-high decorative box stage in the hall, a jade Buddha carved from a piece of emerald jade is enshrined. It sits cross-legged and has a solemn statue. Its exquisite sculpture can be called one of the world’s best. Jade Buddha is covered with priceless gold wisp clothing, which is divided into three sets: hot season, rainy season and cool season. When the season changes, the king holds a grand ceremony to change clothes for Jade Buddha with his own hands to protect the safety of the country and the people. This jade Buddha is regarded by Thais as “the treasure of the town”. When we enter the Jade Buddha Hall, we have to take off our shoes and enter. If we bow down, we need to put our feet behind to show respect. No photos are allowed in the hall. The management inside is strict. Entering the hall, I involuntarily lowered my voice, while craftsmen were constantly trimming various patterns on the edge, and many people around me knelt down devoutly to pray for their families.

Outside the Jade Buddha Hall, you will see the piety of good men and women from time to time. You will silently pray for peace and happiness to the idol. Some foreigners are also constantly joining in. I think they may not understand the real meaning inside, but their blessings to their families are the most true.

In the Grand Palace, There are Chinese civil and military generals, Despite the wind and rain, But their manner is still lifelike, When we saw these statues, Also don’t avoid customs and take a few photos with them, According to reports, this was transported by Chinese merchant ships a long time ago. Similarly, there are myths and legends similar to Journey to the West in the Grand Palace. However, the monkeys in their myths have become more humane than Sun Wukong in China. He will fight for women. All this shows that the cultures of China and Thailand have a long history and close relationship.

Although the grand palace is glittering with gold, it is also approachable. You can see flocks of pigeons wandering freely on the grass. Children can climb freely on the grass like these pigeons. No one will stop you. When you are tired and sit on the side steps to rest and chat, no one will gather them. At the same time, the king of Thailand will come to this palace from time to time. The king is not out of reach in Thailand.

When we walked out of the grand palace, There were peddlers selling various souvenirs around us. The police patrolling the street saw them and criticized not only the peddlers but also our tour guide Peter. He said that when guests did not need them, they should not follow the sales promotion. This would make tourists who like Thailand have a bad impression. The tour guide’s failure to prevent the peddlers from selling was also a dereliction of duty. All this reminds me of tourist attractions in some parts of China. Vendors carry out mandatory sales and will have unhappiness with tourists. Managers saw or complained and did not deal with them in time. In this regard, Thais’ love for tourism deserves our consideration and study.

The glittering Thai Grand Palace leaves me a golden memory.