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Month: November 2019

Another Visit to “Canjun” (-)-Golden Triangle


After speeding along the Mekong River in a speedboat from Laos’ Lambla State for more than 6 hours, I finally crossed the border between Laos and Thailand and entered Chiang Rai, an important city in northern Thailand. The remnants of the 93rd Division of the “National Army”, which had made Thailand, Laos and Myanmar uncomfortable, unable to fight or send away, were stationed here. In 2007, I visited the 93rd Division. In order to survive, they faced the exile of foreign countries and fought bravely. In order to live, cultivate and plant, hardships and hardships; For the sake of the Chinese root and national soul, the establishment of Chinese schools is deeply attached to the motherland. All this has left a deep impression on me. In 2010, in order to learn more about this “disabled army”, I once again went to Thailand’s Golden Triangle, Mesla and other places to make field visits.

The Origin of “Disabled Army”

It was March 9, 1950. Under the pursuit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, more than 800 members of the Kuomintang’s last army on the mainland crossed the Yunnan border with its head Li Guohui and broke into Myanmar. They joined another remnant army led by Tan Zhong to form a “revival army”. And recruit soldiers, the team expanded from 1,400 to more than 3,000, becoming a mighty armed force in the Golden Triangle.

This is the road map for the disabled army to march out of the mainland and into Myanmar and Thailand (the picture was taken at the Memorial Hall of the Righteous People in North Mesla Thailand)

In order to safeguard its sovereignty, the Burmese government asked them to withdraw from Myanmar. Many negotiations between the two sides failed and Burmese government troops launched attacks on the remnant Kuomintang troops. The battle lasted for more than two months and ended in the defeat of the Burmese army.

The activities of the disabled army attracted the attention of Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan. In order to establish a base for “counterattacking the mainland”, in 1951 Chiang sent Lieutenant General Li Mi, who was the commander of the 8th Kuomintang Army, to lead the remnant army. Li changed “Revival Army” to “Yunnan Anti-Communist National Salvation Army”. From April to July 1951, Li Mi led his troops to counterattack Yunnan and captured four counties along the border. By 1953, Li had expanded his troops to more than 18,500. It occupies an area of 150,000 square kilometers in Myanmar and Thailand.

This is a photo of the founding of the army to raise the flag (the photo was taken at the Yimin Loyalty Memorial Hall in the north of Meslotai)

The military conflict with the Burmese government has been condemned by the international community. On April 23, 1953, the United Nations made a resolution demanding that they disarm and withdraw to Taiwan. Under the supervision of the United Nations, Li Mi led 6,000 people to withdraw from Taiwan from November 1953 to March 1954. But some remained.

From 1954 to 1955, the Burmese army launched another offensive against the remnant army. Once again ended in the defeat of the government forces. It was not until January 1961 that the elite troops of the Burmese army, with the cooperation of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, defeated the remnant troops. Under renewed pressure from the Burmese government and international public opinion, the United Nations demanded the withdrawal of the remnants of the “national army”. The Taiwan authorities had to demand the withdrawal of the remnants of the “national army”. And withdrew to Taiwan for the second time from Myanmar in May 1961. In this way, only Li Wenhuan and Duan Xiwen’s Third and Fifth Armies were left with a total of more than 2,000 people. However, Li Wenhuan, who started the great cause of the Golden Triangle, handed over military power to Li Mi and flew to Taipei in 51.

(To be continued) (Some text materials are selected from Baidu)

Extraordinary Experience, Thailand Bangkok-Dacheng-Chiang Mai-Sumi Island Self-help Tour on 15th

01-24-04 Starting from Shanghai Pudong Airport, airport construction fee is 90 yuan, free under 12 years old.

When you arrive in Bangkok at 10 pm from 01-24-04, you must exchange Thai baht at the airport and get a free map of Bangkok at the service desk. If you arrive during the day, you must go to the first floor. Bongkok Airways has a travel service desk and can book hotels. Not only is the price cheaper than online, but also hotels can be arranged to pick up and drop off to the airport free of charge except Bangkok. Of course, you have to be a passenger at Bongkok Airways. Bongkok Airways only charges a reservation fee, and you pay the balance at the hotel. Take a taxi to Suk11 and the fare is 380. Because it is at night, the taxi fare is more expensive than during the day, and it is estimated that 250-300 Thai baht will be won during the day. You can also take the airport bus, 100 Thai baht per person, free for children.

01-25-04 suk11 is a Thai hotel full of characteristics. It is very clean, with poor sound insulation, air conditioner ringing and no TV. In the morning, there are free simple Western breakfast, coffee and black tea. 600 baht per night, which is worth it in Bangkok.

At breakfast, I chatted with an iceland foreigner and learned that the man had been in Thailand for more than a month and had visited northern Thailand and neighboring Cambodia. I was not happy.

After breakfast, take a taxi to Royal Grand Palace, 75 Thai baht. The driver serves well, stops at the safety place at the door and gives directions. Tickets to the Grand Palace are 200 Thai baht and 100 for children. At the edge of the ticket office, there is a rental explanation machine, which is very necessary. The Grand Palace of Nuo Da must listen carefully before it can be understood. The explanation machine can be rented for 2 hours at 200 Thai baht. The Thai people are hospitable and the time is not too long. Generally, you will not be allowed to pay money, which is completely different from the tourist spots in our country.

There are many restaurants and stalls near the river outside the Grand Palace. We take our children with us and dare not eat casually. Find one that looks clean. It costs 575 Thai baht for three people to eat, which is a bit expensive.

It takes 5 minutes to walk from the Grand Palace to Wat Po, the Sleeping Buddha Temple. Don’t pay attention to Tu-tu and kill people. This road is between the Grand Palace and the riverside. It is good. There are many snack stalls. It is very cheap. A bowl of rice flour and beef chop suey is 20 Thai baht. While eating, we chatted with the two policemen sitting opposite. Unfortunately, they did not understand English and relied on gestures. Tickets to the Sleeping Buddha Temple are 20 Thai baht, free for children. The great reclining Buddha was transported from Suketai and made of copper. It was very imposing. It’s just hard to take pictures.

Out of the Sleeping Buddha Temple, across the road is a ferry, 2 Thai baht to the other side is the Dawn Temple Wat Arun Ratchwararam, tickets 20 Thai baht. The tower body of Liming Temple is full of patterns made of broken Chinese porcelain, which is very dazzling in the sun. The Dawn Temple in the sunset is very beautiful. Sitting on the ferry and looking back, the broken light of the sunset on the river and the tower body fused in the sunset are dignified and serene.

Back to Suk11, go to travel agent immediately. Although it is all over the street, we still need to compare and the price is up and down. After comparison, we found one beside Ambassador Hotel, which was better at a larger price. I booked a one-day cruise to the big city the next day, with 1300 Thai baht and half of the children. This is a good price. We learned from the cruise that most of them paid 1500 Thai baht, some even 1600 Thai baht. The name of the ship is Grand Pearl. I must find the right ship. The other one is not as good as this one. You can also book a plane ticket at a reasonable price, but it takes one hour to issue the ticket. It is suggested that you can go shopping on the street first. Thailand’s ticket agency cannot issue tickets, but the airline’s office must issue tickets.

01-26-04 Get up at 6:30 and check out. Suk11 is usually served after 8: 00 a.m. It is recommended to check out the night before. I bought some hamburgers at 7to11 at the door, took van from the travel agency, and changed bus at 7:45.

From Bangkok, go to Bang Pa-in Palace first. It was built in the 17th century, when the king was educated in England, so its architectural style combined the essence of Western and Thai style and was used by the king and the royal family for summer vacation. The whole palace is divided into inner and outer palaces, bounded by rivers. There is a double wooden palace in the river, Phra Thinang Aisawan Thiphta-Art, built in 1876. It was built by King Chulalongkorn after his father, King Mongkut, Phra Thinang Aphonphimok Prasat in the Grand Palace. In the middle stood a bronze statue of King Chulalongkorn in a royal suit. There is a traditional Chinese building in the inner palace, with painted beams and carved buildings, stories of the Three Kingdoms, Fu Lu Shou Xi and other patterns. The color of the whole building is the big red that Thais like. There is a dragon boat carved with camel bones in the collection, with exquisite workmanship. The building and all its treasures were donated by Thai Chinese.

When the car arrived at the big city, the entrance was the ruins of the ancient city of Ayutthaya, full of the ruins of temples that had been burned down that year. Among the sites is Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, built during Ayutthaya I in the 14th century. The huge Buddha statue can still be seen from a distance even today.

The Wat Mahathat Pagoda is surrounded by Buddha sitting slightly larger than real people. The huge pagoda is nearly 30 meters high and is made of red bricks. I really lament the incomparable piety of the builders to Buddha. The tour guide is very dedicated. He mentioned handicrafts only once and has been doing his duty all the time.

Bus to the dock, board the cruise ship, lunch is included in the one-day tour, and drinks are paid separately. The buffet on board is very rich and can be compared with the 5-star hotel. The boat went up the river and the scenery on both sides was boundless. Our tour guide worked very hard and kept introducing the customs on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. If you are not afraid of the sun, you can go to by going up one flight of stairs on the upper deck. The warm wind, river water, sunshine and trees and grass are very pleasant. This is very worth visiting, definitely worth it. If there is any deficiency, it can only be that the tour guide is English, and if he has no basic skills, he is a deaf tour. If you read well, you can also solve the problem. A readily available English introduction may make you suddenly enlightened.

When you arrive in Bangkok at 15: 30, the boat will walk in the river course of the city. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple and Dawn Temple again with leisurely satisfaction. It is definitely a good angle to take photos.

When I landed, I went back to Suk11 to pick up my luggage. When the taxi arrived at the railway station, the driver worked very hard and did not change 100 Thai baht. When I entered the railway station, I found that there were no sleepers. I gritted my teeth and bought three third-class seats at 547 Thai baht. The fast food in the station is cheap and good, three Thai fried rice + three drinks 135 Thai baht. When I got on the bus, the fan buzzed on the roof, like a wooden train carried by a child. It was nostalgic but uncomfortable. All around are Thai citizens except the 3322 European tourists and our family of three. At first, we were a little nervous and did not understand the language. We did not know that what would happen. In fact, Thais are very nice, clean, hospitable and honest. After my son fell asleep, my wife and I crowded together. My son fell asleep horizontally and comfortably. We both suffered. The young Thai beside me, who was studying in Bangkok, probably went to another seat. My wife and children fell asleep and I stayed up all night. In the morning, I found out that the train had been driving in the jungle all night, watching the sunrise and the morning light sprinkling on the mountains and jungles. It was also worthwhile to suffer all night for such scenery. Long trains snake in the mountains and stop at some small stations with lonely names from time to time. People get on and off, making people forget the time. At noon, I arrived in Chiang Mai.

01-27-04 Taxi, 50 Thai baht, headed straight to Sheraton. After washing, he was not sleepy. Decided to eat good food. The hotel introduced the most famous Chinese restaurant in the area, Tu-Tu 30 Thai baht and 5 minutes away. We ate shark fin and fish maw comfortably, but only 846 Thai baht. Shark’s fin can be sold in three portions in Shanghai, and the belly is full of fish. It’s a pity that I forgot the name of the hotel, but just ask the hotel where you stayed and you will definitely find it.

Sukhothai Ancient City

According to the free map of Chiang Mai provided by the hotel, we decided to walk to see the historic sites in the city center. It is a temple relic from the Sukhtai Dynasty, some of which have been renovated and rebuilt in the last century. On the way, I saw a travel agent, went in and booked air tickets to Sukotai and Sumi Island and Sukotai’s hotel, and bought a one-day tour the next day and a traditional Thai dinner performance in the evening. Since we didn’t sleep well last night, we will enjoy Sheraton’s big room today.

After leaving the travel agent, turn left and you will reach the downtown area with one ancient temple after another, marked by ancient city walls and gates. With their devotion to Buddha, the craftsmen, even the newly-made teak carvings, are meticulous and hard-working. Compared with the few wood carvings that have been preserved to this day, they are very lifelike. The Thai people’s sincerity to Buddhism makes them peaceful, honest, clean and tidy. Generally speaking, Thai youth will go to temples to study Buddhism for a year or two before reaching adulthood. Most of the monks we saw in various temples were young and there were volunteers.

Dinner is steak in a western restaurant in the ancient city, which is my son’s favorite. Mixture fruit juice there is really cheap and fine. It’s just that the steak is a little old, but it doesn’t affect our good mood. Strangely enough, after we took our seats in the original empty restaurant, several European couples, speaking languages from all over the world, came here for a common purpose-good mood. Ha ha.

01-28-04 Wake up early in the morning, probably the air. Well, the fatigue is swept away. After enjoying Sheraton’s continuous breakfast, the three came to the lobby at 9: 00. All the tourists were sitting on all kinds of one-day tours. The tour guides asked one by one to find their own tourists. The three of us just formed a team with a family from Israel, and a van carrying seven people started a one-day trip. The service of Thai travel agencies is very good. The cars are equipped with water and cups, and the tour guides are also dedicated to their duties. After introducing myself, I learned that my friends from Israel are my parents-in-law, son and daughter-in-law. They run farms and grow fruits in Israel and have natural kindness and love for nature. The two waterfalls in the morning were very beautiful. The son and his Israeli father-in-law sat on the ground like the devout Thai monk. Then there is a 15-minute tour of the jungle, walking through the primitive jungle in the mist of mountain haze. Those who like photography should go. Lunch is to enjoy Thai farmhouse food on the mountainside, which is simple and full. In the afternoon, I visited a village. The peasant woman was weaving earth cloth in the farmhouse with large teak leaves on the roof. On the side of the farmhouse are durian trees and banana trees, as well as chickens and dogs.

01-29-04 I woke up in the morning and found that there was not much Thai baht in my pocket and there was no money exchange beside Sheraton, so I had to reluctantly exchange money at a low price in the hotel. It was too late. Master Tu-Tu drove hard and finally caught the plane.

At noon, when we arrived in Sukotai, the mini bus at the airport was delivered to the Pailyn Hotel at 300 baht. The hotel was deserted, so it seemed that we had to have lunch in the hotel. I ordered fish, vegetables, seafood Pizza, etc. 680 Thai baht, which seems to be quite cheap.

Sukhothai Historical Park

After dinner, I took a bus to Suketai Historical Park. The ruins were built in the park from the 13th century to the 15th century. K-shop is located at the entrance of the park. It is a shop that specializes in renting bicycles and motorcycles. The phone number is 01-7072441 Kae. The boss is very good at English. His daughter is 10 days younger than my son. She is very cute. Motorcycle rent 200 Thai baht, oil is the boss’s. Having ridden bicycles and cars in China, I have no experience of driving motorcycles. The store owner pointed out the brakes, throttle and gears. I took a lap in his yard and started our “motorcycle adventure” with my wife and children. At the beginning, not only the technology was not good, but also the road was unknown. Slowly we found the north. The style of the monument of Sukotai Temple is very different from that of the big city. Due to historical reasons, the buildings here are greatly influenced by Khmer, especially Wat Srl Sawat in the park. The largest relic is Wat Sra Sri (meaning a temple facing water on all sides), which is located in the center of the lake and is a wooden bridge. It is very quiet. The most precious thing is a bronze Buddha statue, elegant dress, rising in the wind, as if the Buddha is in the world, just descended from heaven, graceful posture.

When I returned to K-shop, it was already sunset, and the boss enthusiastically implemented tomorrow’s “one-day tour” for us. One of his friends drove us to two other historical parks the next day, Si Satchana Lai-Chaliang Historical Park and Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat. The two places are 70 kilometers away from Sukotai, and the whole day’s service, including oil money, is only 1500 Thai baht. I don’t know what you think, I think it is very fair. It takes a whole day to go back and forth!

01-30-04 When we arrived at the lobby, the driver was already waiting. The driver is a 28-year-old boy who can’t speak English. His wife can speak a little and has been married for 5 years, so she brought her along as an interpreter. The young man’s driving skills are first-class and fast and steady (I am very picky about driving and don’t boast easily, hehe).

Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat

Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat is an important local temple. There are three main Buddha statues in the temple, some said they were built in the 10th century and some said they were built in the 14th century. Three Buddha statues cast more than gold and a small Buddha statue Phralua. Another Buddha, Phra Attaros, is 9 meters high and is called the 9 halls temple. Outside the temple is a bustling market, which is much cheaper than Chiang Mai’s. In our future trips, we have never encountered anything cheaper than this.

Sisa Chanarai-Charing Historical Park

In the afternoon, go to Si Satchana Lai Historical Park, which is a place you cannot but go. Si Satchana Lai was built in the 13th-15th century. Standing on the top of the mountain and looking down at the whole area, you will sigh with emotion that the world is desolate and the sea has changed.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

The four-sided Buddha and the bronze Buddha are the same as the nine-fold lotus seat driver and his wife and us.

Wat Chang Lom

Thailand’s only remaining pagoda surrounded by elephants overlooks Si Satchana Lai.

Wat Chang Chuen also dug up many human remains in those days. It is said that those people are taller than the Thai people today. Who are they? Scientists are studying them. There is a museum beside the temple, which is introduced.

01-31-04 We paid the same amount of money as Mini Bus and asked the driver boy to take us to Sukotai Airport. They were very punctual and brought his wife’s fourth sister, the same age as my son, but a full head taller. Very lovely girl, there are photos to prove it.

The airport fee at Suketai Airport is relatively expensive, 200 Thai baht, the same price for children, because it is a private airport. However, the airport is very distinctive and beautiful. Beverages, fruit juice and coffee are free. Those with big stomachs can drink back their capital. The waiting hall is not large, with no walls on all sides. Water flows down from the roof to cool down. It is unique. Transparent visual effect, full of fresh flowers and lotus leaves, let you have the enjoyment of being in the garden.

It was already noon when connecting flights in Bangkok. We found the travel service desk of Bangkok Airways, which specializes in providing travel services to their passengers. The service personnel are all from airlines. We booked the Palm Beach Hotel on Sumi Island and the Baiyok Sky Hotel in Bangkok.

Palm Beach Hotel (Sumi Island)

Palm Beach is in the north of Sumi. It is quiet and not as noisy as Chaweng. The hotel has a club, a two-story building and the rest are villas. We hope to have a leisurely time on the island.

In the afternoon, we will arrive at Sumei. The hotel has a car to pick up at the airport. It is free. You can ask for it when booking a hotel.

Sumi, 27 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide, is Thailand’s second largest island and the second largest tourist island developed. Phuket was first developed and has long been known to all. Koh Chang, the largest island, is also under development and can be included in the travel plan. There are too many introductions from Samui on the Internet, so I won’t bother.

That night, I went to Chaweng Beach and the commercial street, which have been famous for a long time. I thought it was famous, but that was all. Oh, there is more excitement. There are more foreigners than locals, like in Europe. I went to Drop In to eat lobster and pizza, 1680 Thai baht. Lobster is ordinary, pizza is good, toping is all seafood. Taxis back and forth are 100 baht each. However, after 9: 00 p.m., taxis usually need 150.

02-01-04 The carefree life on the island began. Eat breakfast (including breakfast) in the hotel restaurant in the morning. The restaurant is on the private beach of the hotel. Sea breeze, coconut trees, sand beach, sunshine, bird singing and abundant food will make your appetite open. I took the photo while sitting in the restaurant. Breakfast is self-service, and the food is absolutely richer than that of 5 stars in China. I ate foie gras sauce, sashimi and fish fillet BBQ. The swimming pool is on the inside of the restaurant. After 9: 00, the old ladies in the United States and Europe began to grab the good position beside the swimming pool. Just kidding. My son started swimming. I went to travel agent across the road from the hotel to rent a motorcycle and book a trip to Jungle Safari and National Marine Park. It is very necessary to rent a motorcycle in Sumi, 150 Thai baht/day. I rented it for 4 days and the boss gave me a good price. Fortunately, I had driving experience in Suketai. I got started quickly, filled up 54 Thai baht with oil, and the wind galloped back to the hotel. Having a car is like having freedom. We decided to find a restaurant near the sea to eat seafood after taking a break at noon. In fact, the restaurants in Su Mei depend on the sea, but they are not pleasing to the eye.

The sun is too poisonous in the afternoon, so it is recommended to sleep or go to Lotus, go to Shanghai in the afternoon, and then go shopping after dinner.

02-02-04 Jungle Safari. Early in the morning, a really rough SUV came to pick us up, and my son shouted, “How cool!” . We had eight people in a car, all sitting in the car body, and went to two view points to see the sea first. Then, riding an elephant. Knowing that elephants urinate is called waterfall and defecate is called coconut. Look at the waterfall again. There is a pool under it. You can swim. The water is very cold, but it is really cool. The fast-flowing water hits your face and you really want to shout a few times. Walk to the car, the tour guide has prepared ice Coke waiting for you.

The car began to go up the mountain. My son and two foreigners had already sat on the roof of the car. Branches and leaves attacked them from time to time and screamed. The hillside is potholed, and off-road vehicles are leaning forward and backward and staggering. It is really rare for them to sit on it. A simple lunch on the top of the mountain, a good view, overlooking the whole island.

On the way to Lotus to buy things, I saw a restaurant, just by the side of the road, with a large open hall and tables and chairs in a glance. We stopped and ordered, and found it was much cheaper than the seaside. We ordered fish, raw materials, squid, etc. 710 Thai baht. Things are very fresh, just like those by the sea. Decided to eat here in the future.

02-03-04 My son has already got into a hot fight with foreigners from all over the world in the hotel. He is a well known person. Even when playing outside, he will meet his “acquaintances”, hi said.

Motorcycles are of great use, watching crocodile performances, eating, watching sunset and shopping in supermarkets. My pride was that I bought 3 fruit plates and 1 large bowl for 1,000 Thai baht, which were made of coconut trees. After returning home, immediately put fruit and salad on.

Angthong National Marine Park

02-04-04 Angthong National Marine Park is worth visiting. The sea water is extremely clear. I have dived in Hawaii. Samui’s sea water is even more clear. Colorful fish, big and small, also came to watch us. They reached out and were bitten by the fish. They probably took my fingers as bread for tourists to feed them. My wife, who could not swim, went into the sea under the guidance of my life-saving vest and me, pointing out the fish.

Mae Koh

The next stop is Mae Koh (Mother Island). There is an inner lake in the island, with a tunnel and Dahaitong under it. Climbing to the top overlooking the nearby islands is picturesque.

02-05-04 The son went swimming. After coming back, I rode a motorcycle and found a restaurant near the sea. My son was playing with sand on the beach. I took the opportunity to do a massage, Thai Traditional, 200 Thai baht, very fair, last time my mother-in-law and their mother-in-law spent 400 Thai baht in Bangkok, and the tour guide of the domestic tour group was black.

Van of the hotel was sent to the airport. The airport in Sumi was also private. The airport fee was very expensive, 500 Thai baht per person, old and young. The sky-high price, no wonder foreigners all went to take the bus.

When I returned to Bangkok, I felt really dirty, messy and suffocated in the air. This time I learned my lesson. The airport bus went downtown, just across the road from Baiyok Sky. The airport bus has a detailed road map, or you can ask the ticket seller. 100 baht per person, free for children. In fact, no matter where you go to the city, it is also cheap to take the airport bus and take a taxi. Taxis at the airport are very dark, and there are 600 Thai baht black cars.

Baiyok is a 78-storey hotel with a lobby on more than 40 floors. Forget it. Breakfast is buffet, included in the room charge, very rich, children plus 150 Thai baht. We live on the 69th floor, overlooking most of Bangkok. The night view is really beautiful.

Looking at the night view of Bangkok from the room on the 69th floor is cool!

Shopping on 02-06-04. His wife was not satisfied and said there were not many things to buy. We bought clothes, sneakers, bathing suits and slippers. Dinner was eaten at roadside stalls near Istan, Bangkok, mostly Thai and many European tourists. Coincidentally, I met a German foreigner in Xiamen. His wife was from Xiamen and chatted while eating, mixed with Chinese and English.

02-07-04 Return to Shanghai.


1. Book a hotel and find Bangkok Airways Airport Service Desk. The service is good, the price is good, and you can rest assured. You can arrange the airport to pick up without any fare increase. The disadvantage is that flying is expensive.

2. Taxi at Bangkok Airport is not allowed to take. It is safe and cheap to take the airport bus. The disadvantage is that the waiting time is long.

3. Learn to drive a motorcycle, or it is difficult to travel to the historical park on the island. Taxis are too expensive and inconvenient.

4. Bangkok train tickets should be bought early, or sit overnight.

5. Domestic air tickets in Thailand can be bought at Bangkok Airport’s airline office, which is not expensive.

6. The difference between the restaurants on the island, the seaside and the island has widened.

7. Many airports in Thailand are private and do not include airport fees when buying air tickets. Don’t trust travel agent. Some of them know or don’t know at all. Most of these private airports are in the tourist spots you plan to visit. Airport fees are relatively expensive. You must be prepared and have a good budget. The three of us have 15 days, each with 10,000 yuan.

8. The above photos were all taken by myself. Copyright, I’m joking.

9. Send a picture of War Sra Sri of Sukotai Historical Park in the sunset. Thank you, I wish you a good time too!

Eight and a half days backpack trip to Thailand

On August 1, 2012, my college classmates and I started a 8-day tour of Thailand. This is our first trip abroad, and we are extremely excited. Let’s share our strategy. Our route: Macau-Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Macau


Before traveling, we signed a visa to Thailand online, which was much cheaper than in reality, less than 300 yuan. The students also bought a calling card in Thailand by the way. The results proved that there was no need to buy any calling cards in advance, because there was a SIM card at Bangkok Airport and it could be recharged on 7-11 after getting it. And my little global phone can also be used in Thailand.

We bought AirAsia’s air ticket from Macao to Bangkok in June, with a total of 1500RMB for round-trip tickets. However, some students bought it earlier and only needed 1000RMB. And we also bought a round-trip air ticket from Bangkok to Phuket, totaling 775RMB. (But this was the biggest failure of our trip, causing us to travel back and forth before various places and Bangkok.) AirAsia is a low-cost airline, so there is an extra charge for luggage check-in and catering. Although it is not as good as China Southern Airlines, it is also a good choice. The Thai stewardesses on the flight can almost speak Chinese. When they enter the cabin, they feel that it is a complete trip in China. Chinese are everywhere. Since her classmates have never been to Macao, this route is more suitable for her. Because you can pass the customs directly with your passport, you no longer need to use your Hong Kong and Macao pass, and you can stay in Macao for 7 days.

In addition to air tickets, due to the convenience of AGODA, we will also complete our accommodation in Thailand.

August 1

Starting from Foshan to Macao, I met so many people for the first time. The queue is already 200 meters long outside the customs hall. After waiting for 2 hours, I finally passed the test. We went straight to the Venetians, checked our luggage and went to the Grand Canal Shopping Center. Since the Venetians and Macao International Airport are both on outlying islands, the hotel has a direct bus to the airport, which takes only 7 minutes. At 8 p.m., our plane took off, listening to the excited discussion of the Chinese around us. Soon, 2.5 hours later, the plane landed at Bangkok’s Suwannabe Airport. After getting off the plane, I felt that Thailand was cooler than Macao in August. The time in Thailand is one hour slower than that in China, so when we arrived at the airport, it was more than 10 pm in Thailand.

Skytrain is on the lowest floor of the airport. And a map of bangkok is also available at currency exchange. Since our destination was to go straight to khao san road, after studying the route, we decided to take skytrain to pai tai and then take a taxi to the mountain road. The total fare from the airport to Phai Tai is 45baht. From there, I took a taxi to the mountain road. After bargaining with the driver, I charged us 100baht without typing the watch. The driver’s eldest brother was a very good person and his English was not very good, but he sent us directly to Nap Park, a youth hotel booked in advance.

Upon entering the hotel, many foreign young people gathered in the lobby. Looking at the way they chatted, I felt really good. My classmates and I simply packed up our things. Although many people lived in a big room, we still thought this youth hotel was really good. If you travel by yourself and feel young, you must have such an experience anyway.

August 2 Bangkok Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple

早上,我们在考山路吃了早餐,西式的早餐,煎蛋,烤肠,吐司,70baht,虽然不错,但是还是想吃咱们的豆浆油条。我的胃口应该就是从那时起就被破坏了吧。吃过早餐,买了去清迈的车票,考山路上很多travel agency,去清迈有专供为外国旅客的长途汽车,这是私人的,比政府的车要舒服很多,500baht,从下午6点到第二天早上6点,干净舒适。搞定了车票,我们出发去大皇宫啦。

From Kaoshan Road to the Grand Palace, a doodle car of 60baht is enough, and it takes more than ten minutes to get there. Tickets are 400baht, which should be about the same as the price of domestic scenic spots. All the major strategies mentioned pants that should be worn through the knees. Although I was wearing knee-length jumpsuits, I was stopped. The kind-hearted Thai aunt helped me untie my belt and kept pulling down my pants. What a “sorry” word. Entering the palace, it was resplendent and magnificent everywhere. I don’t know why, as long as it is a holy place of Buddhism, it is so resplendent and magnificent. Think of the Potala Palace in our country and this grand palace, which are all golden. When we went, we coincided with an important Thai festival in what. Many people paid their respects in the palace. There are people everywhere ~ ~

When the Grand Palace opened, it seemed that it was 3 pm. We went out after a stroll. After lunch, I asked the way and soon came to the Chao Phraya River. Some people said that they must take a boat on the Chao Phraya River, but due to time problems, I gave up. On one side of the river is the Sleeping Buddha Temple, and on the other side is the Zheng Wang Temple.

Tickets to the Sleeping Buddha Temple are 100baht, which is cheap. There is a super-large Buddha statue inside. You have to take off your shoes when you enter. You can also change a box of coins and put them into prayer containers one by one.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we returned to Kaoshan Road, the real Kaoshan Road, Bikini on the streets, and foreigners on Slow Street.

I got on the bus to Chiang Mai, and the first day was almost over. Almost all the cars were Europeans, only four Chinese. But is the meaning of traveling not to covet comfort, but to know more about this strange place? I took a double-decker bus and talked with the British nearby. I didn’t expect to wake up again in Chiang Mai.

Arriving at Chiang Mai, people from guest house will send a car to the station to receive the old city, each with 40baht. The boss pulled us to his guest, lana guesthouse. If I remember correctly, the double room is 200baht, and it is next to Chiang Mai’s largest temple. It is only 3 minutes’ walk. However, we have booked the Deepjar backpacker in advance, and the RMB is only 30 per night, which is really cost-effective and very close. When we arrived at the hotel, we put down our luggage. As it was too early, the booked room was not available yet. We had to borrow the bathroom to take a shower and then carry our bags to visit Chiang Mai in the morning. The morning in Chiang Mai is really beautiful and quiet. Each family is a small house and a small courtyard. Green everywhere, flowers everywhere. The sky is blue and people cannot help looking up again and again.

There are also travel agency everywhere in Chiang Mai. You can ride elephants with a group, traveling 700 ~ 1000baht a day, which is very cost-effective. You can pack a good buffet at noon. Or choose to see the long neck clan, trekking is also good. Even if what doesn’t do it, living in Chiang Mai for a few days is very good to lead a slow-paced life. No wonder Teresa Teng likes this small town so much, and I love it so much. In Chiang Mai, people open the door very late but close the door very early. Many shops are closed at more than 8 pm. It is also good to have a chat with friends I met on the trip and have a fruitshake in guest house. Ps: On the road opposite Wat Phra Singh, there is an old woman’s fruit shake shop, which is cheap and delicious.

As we happened to catch the festival in Thailand, we didn’t buy a ticket back to Bangkok, we had to take the government bus. It looked beautiful, but it was really cheating. Not only is the price 150baht higher, but it often stops for inspection in the middle of the night. On the morning of the 5th, we returned to Bangkok, and our feet were swollen from the ordeal that night. And the car was parked in a place we had no idea.

However, it really took no time to get it. My classmates and I wanted to find siam square, where Mario people went shopping in “Siam Love”. I didn’t think the place where the car stopped was quite close to there. It probably stopped at the subway station of Piyang Asia Pacific. However, shopping here is no different from that in China. It’s just that you can deposit your luggage in the supermarket. We waited until 10 o’clock, checked our luggage and took skytrain to the Chaducha weekend market. It was too hot that day to go back without much serious shopping. If you like to visit small markets, you can try it. If you are not interested, you will not be able to do so. It was crowded and hot. Moreover, we even found the legendary four-sided Buddha, which Hong Kong stars often worship, in the center of Bangkok. The Buddha on all sides is really small, but the incense is very popular. And many Hong Kong people worship Buddha here. Buy a handful of incense and flowers, but 25baht, bye. If you don’t believe in Buddhism and dare not be interested, there is no need to look for the place, because when you ask Bangkok people, most of them don’t know what you are talking about what.

I really felt bored shopping, so I took a doodle car to Kaoshan Road again. I found the shop that bought Chiang Mai tickets before, and the clerk was very enthusiastic.

It is 130baht to go to the airport from Kaoshan Road. After buying the tickets, I really couldn’t bear the heat wave and stayed with the shop assistants to chat. I also met a Korean boy who has lived in China for 9 years. Through him, I know that Westerners play in bars, many of which are full of flowers and intestines, so girls in the East must be careful ~

On the evening of August 5,

Our plane took off to Phuket Island ~ arrived at Phuket. It was already over 10 o’clock in the evening. We could only take a shuttle bus, 150 per person, and it took less than half an hour to reach the hotel. The hotel we booked is just by the beach, White Sand White Sand Hotel. There is a small swimming pool on the fourth floor of the hotel. After a good night’s rest and a late sleep the next day, my classmates and I went shopping. In Phuket, the price of everything has increased a lot, and there is no more 40baht of rice. It took 300baht to visit and eat in India opposite. The sun is really strong at noon. It is recommended not to go out for a stroll. It is better to go shopping in Jiangxi. Girls can buy skin care products, which is really much cheaper than that in China. PS: If you have no money, you can go to a shop on the street of Bar Street to exchange money, where the exchange rate is the highest, 4.8.

The noisiest things on the street are those Thai boxing advertising cars, and boxing gloves are bouncing. We booked a ticket to Phi Phi Island for the next day, 1000baht for one person, with pick-up and lunch. In the evening, the bar street was very, very lively, but my classmates and two girls really did not dare to mix there, so we chose to go shopping and kill chickens. It was good to shout ~

On August 7, we set off for Phi Phi Island and met Mary, a super cute tour guide. He delivered water and fruit all the way. The service was quite considerate, but we could not swim and could not snorkel in the water. We are still regretting that we did not buy a beautiful Bikini, and we are even more regretful.


Phi Phi Island is so beautiful that Hainan and other things are weak. Back in Phuket, we spent another 100baht borrowing a hotel room to take a bath, because we were leaving this beautiful place for the last night at the airport. After 6 o’clock, there was no bus to go to the airport. It took 600baht to take a taxi. I felt that I was going to leave. 600baht was nothing.

The worst part of our trip to Bangkok was actually here. As we arrived at the airport in the early morning and had to fly back the next morning, we slept at the airport like real backpackers! ! ! ! ! It was a difficult night, not to repeat. I just saw foreign tourists sleeping on the ground everywhere and felt very fresh.

My semi-backpacking trip finally ended on August 8. I took all the transportation in what. I slept in the car, on the stools at the airport and in the youth hotel. Real travel does not care how comfortable it is, but how much it reaps. It depends on how much one has broadened one’s horizon, and one’s understanding of life is different from that of what. I love traveling, and I love this semi-backpack trip to Thailand.

PS: Finally, it was found that Chiang Mai was close to Myanmar and Phuket was close to Malaysia. It turned out that our route was so tortuous. It is suggested to enter Thailand from Qing Dynasty and leave Thailand from Bangkok or Phuket Island. Such a trip is reasonable.

Final expenses: travelling expenses 1500 + Phuket Island air ticket 775 + Chiang Mai fare 500baht + 650baht

Accommodation totaled 300 RMB

Exchange 1400 RMB before going abroad

Exchange 500 RMB at Phuket Island

Final cost (including visa) 5000

Think about it ~ backpackers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The First Impression of Thailand-Bangkok

On the flight from shanghai to bangkok, the beautiful stewardess folded her hands and said “Savatika” (meaning hello in Thai) to welcome and say hello to you. She served you attentively and made people feel kind and respectful. At that moment, you realize that you are going to a magical country-Thailand.

The first stop of Thailand’s trip is Bangkok. The huge Bangkok airport and the tropical trees planted indoors make me imagine that Bangkok, as the capital of Thailand, will be as prosperous as Shanghai. After putting away my luggage and getting on the bus, I can’t wait to turn on the camera and don’t want to miss every scenery on the road through the window. However, Bangkok’s first impression on me was not the prosperity I imagined, but somewhat like the domestic city Nanjing. However, the following findings can only be described as “surprise after surprise”. On the streets of Bangkok, Basically, I can see the portrait of the king every few crossroads, which makes me truly appreciate the supremacy of the king and religion in Thailand. Perhaps it was this order and the power of respect that made Thailand the only country in Southeast Asia free from the scourge of war during World War II. I can’t help but respect such a nation!


Whether Bangkok is called “Venice of the East” or “City of Angels”, it always has its unique charm. Bangkok at night shows us its enthusiasm and dazzling without reservation.

Walking in the noisy Chinatown, I felt the unique atmosphere of the night market. Bird’s nest, shark’s fin, beer, foreigners, and a family of three who ate fried noodles around the table were immersed in all kinds of joy. The picture was fixed. I was in Bangkok at the moment!

Freedom in Thailand (3): Buddha Shines in Bangkok

Why is Buddha so big? Because he is so great.

Why is Buddha so tall? Because he is so high.

On the second day in Thailand, I visited three Buddhist temples in Bangkok and visited the Chao Phraya River by the way.

The three Buddhist temples are the Golden Buddha Temple, the Sleeping Buddha Temple and the Golden Mountain Temple in turn. The Golden Buddha Temple is near South China Peng Station (Bangkok Railway Station), the Sleeping Buddha Temple is on the Chao Phraya River, and the Golden Mountain Temple is northeast of the Grand Palace.

Thailand’s Buddhist culture is both familiar and unfamiliar to Chinese tourists who belong to the same Eastern culture.

Of course, we are very familiar with Buddha statues, Buddha halls, incense fills the air and monks chant sutras. What is strange is the unique spire of the pagoda, the spire that goes straight into the sky, and the devotion of Thai citizens to Buddha.

In China, converting to Buddhism is often a helpless act, and incense is only given to Buddha to “pray for the blessing of Buddha”. In those days, Tang Xuan dressed up to learn from the scriptures and took the scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism. In Thailand, there is no doubt about Buddha, and everyone is proud of being kind and generous. What prevails in Thailand is Mahayana Buddhism.

Unfortunately, the first impression of Buddha in my youth turned out to be negative: you may have seen the movie and ballet “White-Haired Girl”. There is a classic scene in it: Huang Shiren’s old mother, a bully landlord, persecuted maids while twisting beads. She is a real “bad guy”. How many years later did she realize how abominable brainwashing this is! The catastrophe of the Cultural Revolution destroyed the Chinese Buddhist culture completely! When the real Buddha was driven away, the fake Buddha naturally came on stage.

Also, I read the classical novel “Water Margin”, which contains some dignified images of monks who are thieves and prostitutes.

Also, Taiwan TV series “New White Lady”. The monk Fahai, who was wearing a cassock and beads, was criticized for his actions, and even the cassock and Buddhism were hated together.

There is a saying in China: Sutra is good, but it is misread by crooked mouth monks.

It was not until I came to Thailand that I woke up like a dream to witness the solemnity of the Buddhist temple and the people’s belief in Buddha.


In the Sleeping Buddha Temple, the size of the Sleeping Buddha is huge, with specific figures: 46 meters long and 15 meters high. Entering this grand Buddhist temple, besides marveling at its grandeur, one should ask oneself a question: Buddha, why do you lie down?

In my impression, Buddha is sitting upright. Buddha, how can you lie down like a tramp?

The reclining Buddha, translated into English as “Reclining Buddha”, is actually “passing away”. In other words, the Buddha’s lie is different from that of ordinary people. It is the Buddha’s body that emerges into Buddha. After returning home, I checked some information as follows:

  • “The Records of the Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty” said that Sakyamuni, after keeping his last disciple, Shan Xian, in the state of Konajieluo, “entered the music of silence and died, and lay down at the head of the two trees in the north”. All the disciples were sad and lamented that the Great Sleep Buddha would die out and all living beings would be blessed. Sakyamuni comforted everyone by “lying on the lion’s bed on the right side”. This scene is the later image of the reclining Buddha.

In Jinshan Temple, with reverence, I climbed up the coiled steps and finally climbed to the highest Buddha Hall. In this quiet Buddhist land, you can overlook the whole city of Bangkok. Looking around, a Zhaopaye River (Chao Phraya River) runs through downtown Bangkok. Modern high-rise buildings and Buddhist temples set each other off brightly. Modern civilization and millennium religion coexist harmoniously in Bangkok, an eastern city.

  • In the Buddhist temple of Jinshan Temple, I witnessed with my own eyes the reverence of the younger generation in Thailand for Buddhism. The fashionable-dressed girl, her best friend and a young couple bowed down devoutly and prayed silently in front of the Buddha. A group of students were listening devoutly to the monk’s lecture and chanting.

As I came down the high steps of Jinshan Temple, I crashed into a group of Admiralty on the roadside. The loud bell startled several European foreigners in the same trade. One of them gave me a look as if to blame. I know foreigners are used to keeping quiet in public. So I told them in English: in the Buddhist tradition (by BuddhismDoctrine), believers strike the bell to show their reverence for Buddha and to carry forward the Buddhism. The more so, the more blessings they will get from Buddha. Hearing this, several foreigners’ eyes brightened and as I struck more Admiralty…….

  • The bell rang melodiously and reverberated in the air of Bangkok.

Go, go to Paizhen and recover your long-lost childlike innocence.

Paizhen is the most imaginable place on this trip.

It is said that it is literary and artistic, but I think it is a fairy tale world.

Only in fairy tales can there be such strange light, such blue sky and such gorgeous colors.

Only in fairy tales, cows will kiss your hands, dogs will not deceive, cats will eat vegetables;

Only in fairy tales do people always love each other so much. The word happiness is clearly written on their faces…

After coming back, when I think of Pai, the smile on my mouth is soft.

This is probably why this small town can attract backpackers from all over the world to come here for thousands of miles.

It is really a happy thing to have such a bright memory in the monotonous and repeated real life day after day.

D1, December 17.

Sleep until you wake up naturally, and when you come out of the wooden house and see the clear sky, your mood brightens up instantly.

In Paizhen, such cabins abound. 300B is relatively common, and 500B is already quite good. Kankan and Apple completed the trip to Paizhen earlier than us. She actually lived in RMB 300 yuan, that is, 1500B. I confirm once again that she is a local tyrant.

Nowadays, more and more people are taking EVA to travel. For example, in the wooden house opposite, there lived a family of foreigners. The children laughed and ran, suddenly appearing in the diamond-shaped aperture, really like Smurfs. I patted and patted him, and suddenly I heard a low cough in the shadow. Ouch, mama ah, there should not be Gargamel… … …

Going out to look for food, Xiaohong ordered a strange noodle and tasted it to show that he could not accept it. Well, even pineapple with mustard is a food that children with such heavy taste cannot accept. I suggest you don’t try it.

Walking down the main street for five minutes, you can see a bridge. After crossing the bridge, there is a courtyard full of flowers. The wooden house here is 400b a night, which is equivalent to RMB 80 yuan. Alone.

Xiaohong and I immediately asked for a reservation for tomorrow night’s accommodation, but the boss refused domineering: “booking? No! Do you want to stay? Please be early tomorrow.”

There was no telephone at the door, only a big sign was written, “Please be quiet!”

It is said that some guests were still drinking and driving patty very late and were mercilessly driven away. I expressed horror, and Xiao hong said, “it is light to drive patty here. If I carry a knife and cut it directly!” I feel more and more thrilling… … …

The boss, who always walks around the garden with great personality, reminds me of Qiu Gong, who loves flowers and becomes crazy in the wonders of today and ancient times.

We went to rent two bicycles, and the car rental shop was so lovingly decorated.

If you rent a car in Paizhen, you don’t need a deposit, you can ride it away as long as you give the rent for the day. 50b a day.

And there is no need to lock it anywhere.

We wanted to ride to the World War II Bridge, but after pushing several uphill roads, we had to admit that the World War II Bridge could not be reached by this small bicycle.

Then just stroll around. Anyway, in Paizhen, time is wasted.

If you turn into a path at will, you can meet some lovely scenes.

Riding outside the town is a pastoral scene. Walking on such a road, Xiaohong’s iceberg face, which has remained unchanged for ten thousand years, finally melted…

There is a small forest by the side of the road, and a calf is gnawing grass beside the Buddha statue. Seeing us, it leisurely approached. I’m a little nervous. I’m dying. I’m wearing red!

It first smelled Xiaohong’s camera bag and then smelled my camera. I felt interesting and put my hand under its mouth. It licked it gently. The rough tongue rubbed against the palm and made me laugh.

About the taste of my palm is not good, it licked for a while and then bowed their heads to eat grass. I squatted down and pulled out the grass and handed it. It ate it all with great respect.

Farewell to the calf, back to the town, suddenly saw a golden light, the temple in the sun is magnificent.

Under the eaves of the temple are honeycombs, some even built on top of the Buddha statues.

Buddha once said: All things are ordinary and all living beings are equal.

On the side of Pai River, the light is just right. A handsome boy who paints pictures; A beautiful woman with a fascinating posture; The retro red bicycle shines brightly. Above the swing, the setting sun bursts with stars … so sweet and quiet, really let a person like it.

The sun went down and it was time to look for food again. The small shops in Paizhen are very cute. Just walk into one and have a set meal for two, including Dongyanggong soup, green vegetables, fried meat slices, rice and a large bottle of water. A total of 220b, less than 50 yuan.

When leaving, the aunt smiled and said, “Water can be taken away.”

As for the night market, of course, it is a daily must. All kinds of strange shops and stalls.

The weirdest thing is the scarecrow at the intersection. Many people ran over to take photos with him. He patted people on the shoulder and often frightened the people who asked for the photos: Oh, my God, this product is real! !

There was a box in front of him. Some people who took photos would put some money into it. He bent down happily to greet him. Some people don’t give it, and he won’t be unhappy.

Xiaohong said: Hey, I can also dress up like this to make money in the future. It is no problem to have some living expenses.

D2, 18 December.

Getting up early in the morning, there was a big fog and the sky was overcast.

My mood suddenly deteriorated.

At about 9: 30, the clouds opened and the fog dispersed, and the sun came out.

It turns out that even if the weather is fine, it is often shrouded in clouds before 9 o’clock, so it is easy to see the sea of clouds at the sunrise point of Yunlai Mountain.

Unfortunately, we woke up too late to arrange to watch the sunrise.

Xiaohong said that she likes it more and more. How nice it is. She doesn’t need to find any reason to sleep in.

Today we have to take a regular line. Paizhen-Inverted House-Windmill Garden-Strawberry Garden-World War II Bridge-Paizhen.

Xiaohong and I can’t ride a motorcycle, and just a few days ago, a novice broke his leg. We lost our heart to learn to ride a bicycle in an instant. We can’t do it without it. The owner of the car rental shop refused to rent it.

I happened to see several newly arrived girls asking about the charter. We immediately leaned in and told the market that six people, a total of 800B, each shared less than 160B. Hearing this, the girls were so happy that they resolutely gave up the taxi and went with us to find Ibo, who drove two cars.

Facts have proved that this line is really suitable for little girls. I can even imagine how happy little apple will be.

All kinds of lovely shapes, strawberries, angels and toy cars.

I asked Xiaohong to show his face behind the car with bad taste. He was very reluctant and the iceberg broke out in an instant.

My favorite coffee in love. Ah, it’s really beautiful.

It is my ultimate dream to have such a hut in such a beautiful place.

The last World War II bridge, can I say that the main purpose of my coming to this bridge is to see the small hole Apple fell into? It is next to the beautifully dressed bicycle and has been booked with boards, but there are still holes in other places.

Children, this bridge is dangerous, you need to be careful when running and jumping.

The sister who came with her loved taking photos very much. She died decisively for the sake of art.

After returning home, we returned to the yard full of flowers. Write postcards, shake hammocks, wait for the sunset.

The thought of leaving tomorrow is extremely hard to give up. I don’t know when what will have such a happy time again.

This kind of mentality seems to have not passed for a long time. More and more places to go, and more and more accustomed to meeting and parting, the heart will become harder and harder.

As for Paizhen, I don’t think there is any need for strategy. It is a place where you can stare blankly, dream, soften your heart again and become a child.

Its innocence and warmth, just like the flower in the sunset, quietly radiates brilliance.

Thai golf, let you enjoy the natural and unrestrained swing

Thailand-Thailand-literally means “free land”. Since the 19th century, she has been the only country in Southeast Asia that has not been dominated by European colonies. Places full of friendly people, colorful traditions and natural beauty are often associated with Buddhist temples, temples, elephants, water markets, beautiful transvestites and beautiful beaches. However, this trip to Thailand made me experience that Thailand is also a real golf paradise.

Thailand’s tourism advocates 3S: sun, sea, service (sunshine, ocean and service) and playing ball games, which is roughly one of the S’s. Before I came to Thailand, golf was a “noble sport” in my concept, which was a little far away from my life. However, golf was a “civilian sport” in Thailand. Why do you say that? The main reason is that its price is very cheap and people can afford it! Take eating as an example. The food consumption experience in Thailand Golf Club is beyond imagination compared with that in China. Our first formal lunch was enjoyed at a golf course. The cost of a sumptuous Thai lunch is estimated to be only enough for two or three cold drinks in Beijing and Shanghai Golf Club. Moreover, the cold coconut, herbal tea, iced coffee and other summer-heat-relieving beverages sold here are almost the same as the market prices. It is far from the gap between domestic clubs and the market.

The Laem Chabang International Country Club, one of the three clubs we experienced, is located in Sri Racha, about 2 hours from Bangkok. The championship stadium designed by designer Jack Nicklaus is picturesque. The undulating hills are skillfully used as obstacles to be experienced before large green areas are covered. The stadium has not only a large number of sand pits and pool obstacles, but also many natural obstacles such as bare rocks, lakes and streams. These natural obstacles are all artificially built, which shows the intention. Perfect club facilities and accommodation also add to the icing on the cake, which is called one of the best golf courses in Thailand. Apart from the picturesque scenery, the stadium gives people another feeling of size. The whole stadium has 27 holes. The staff showed us about 3 or 4 holes in the morning. He told me that we have already driven 256 kilometers in this circle, which shows the size of the stadium. On such a vast green lawn, the natural and unrestrained swing, enjoying the blue sky and white clouds, breathing with nature, and what’s troubles cannot be put down!

In addition to its low price and beautiful scenery, it can also enjoy the service of the World Championship. According to the staff, a golf course needs 24-hour professional maintenance, and it needs to be very proficient in lawn maintenance and management. Then, I have to mention the caddies who know the course like the palm of their hand. They wear lovely uniforms and straw hats, and their faces are always filled with smiles, which makes people feel more comfortable. They can also read the number of putts farther away than you-one of the secret weapons of Thai golf. When you need it, you can ask a caddy to follow you. They will help you pick up the ball you hit or help you carry the bag. If you want to enjoy the fun alone, you can not ask a caddy. You can use the car of Gore Stadium instead of walking, or you can walk alone to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We were accompanied by a golfer who arrived in Thailand later than us. When I first saw him, I saw him carrying heavy equipment. I couldn’t help wondering, isn’t it troublesome to play golf in a foreign country? However, one that can make you willing to find time in your busy career schedule to overcome the fatigue of your journey and play golf in a foreign country must have her unique irresistible charm. Ha ha, so it is!

Come to Thailand and play golf! The natural and unrestrained swing, the supreme enjoyment!

Tips for Golf Tour:

Golf equipment and articles: Thailand’s golf courses all have golf equipment rental, which is very cheap. If it is also possible to carry your favorite equipment, they will generally know how to properly handle your equipment. Sunscreen articles: Thailand has strong sunshine. It is recommended to wear light-colored clothes and prepare sunscreen, golf cap and parasol. The best season for Thailand’s golf tour: November to March of the following year is the cool season, with sunny weather and suitable temperature. It is the best season to play golf and the highest price. Especially from February to February, a large number of Europeans flocked to Thailand to play golf in order to avoid the cold and snowy days at home. April to October is hot, humid and rainy. However, it usually only rains in the afternoon, so you may as well choose to play in the morning. Stadium facilities: dressing room, restaurant, small shopping center and spa are all available.

Charges: caddy fee and massage fee are about 300-500 Thai baht. Golf carts will be provided in most courses and will be charged separately according to the actual situation. If you take the caddy through, the caddy will drive for you. Cash and credit cards: Most golf course stores in Thailand accept credit cards. However, it is still recommended that players bring sufficient cash to pay all kinds of miscellaneous fees, tips and use them in shops that cannot use credit cards.

A Legendary Journey from LOW to HIGH in Thailand

As the first and last stop of the whole Thai trip, all of us did not have a good impression of Bangkok in what. If it weren’t for T&K and the coconut ice cream, which was really delicious, I might have really given up writing it. Since we came out of the airport, TAXI SERVICE will bid for 500BHT for 800BHT, we have started a strange journey that is different from Dangdang every day.

Kaoshan Road, known as a paradise for backpackers, was not originally ordered for what Bar, but for the reason that it is only 1 kilometer away from the Grand Palace.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was already 3: 00 a.m. and Kaoshan Road was full of all kinds of foreigners’ monsters, men and women, and it was difficult to distinguish between male and female. I was dragging my suitcase and just turned into the intersection when two foreigners rushed at me head-on with beer in their hands, frightening me to wave “No, thanks” hurriedly. The first floor of the hotel is also a bar. When Check-in, a group of foreigners came at you. Shit, am I going to say that this is too crazy, or am I not living in the right place?

The room was not fooled. The room has Southeast Asian characteristics. It has wooden floors, wooden shutters like folding balcony doors, a small balcony, and this towel, which is so cute that I forget its actual use.

The next day I woke up, ate breakfast three times the price of the outside, and began to go to the Grand Palace. Many of the “enthusiastic” Thais mentioned on the Internet really caught us. They all claim to be volunteers of a hotel and will be “enthusiastic” to show you the way, but they will tell you that the Grand Palace is not open and will go at 1: 30 p.m. His “kind” suggestion is that you can take a ride to a market near the Grand Palace first. And then go over there, When you meet the first one, The fat man hesitated, but I didn’t believe it, but at that time I didn’t respond that this was a liar. When I met the second one, the fat man firmly believed that what people said was true. As a result, I suddenly had a flash of light and suddenly remembered the online saying “Thailand pays special attention” and pulled them away directly. The fat man also plausibly said what to do if the Grand Palace didn’t open. As a result ~ ~ at the gate of the grand palace, the huge signboard of OPEN ALL DAY made the fat man indignantly say, “damn, it’s also a volunteer, it’s also a Bodhisattva day, and I met a liar when I first arrived.”

The Grand Palace is very beautiful at first sight. The blue sky, green grass and houses of various colors are like houses piled up with gold, silver and jewelry. However, after seeing too many kinds of houses, especially when seeing their throne made of gold, I still have to sigh with emotion. In terms of domineering, there is no palace in the world that can match our Imperial Palace in China. What is called art, what is called aura, and what is called grandeur. It depends on our own Chinese. But then again, the Grand Palace is indeed the most beautiful temple I have ever seen in Thailand. Opposite the Grand Palace is the teak palace where Chow Yun-fat filmed Anna and the King. The dark yellow theme tone is too hot to go in if you just want to take off your clothes as soon as possible. The weather in Bangkok is just like that in Xishuangbanna, humid and hot. However, when I entered the Grand Palace, I could not show my shoulders or knees. I wore a long skirt and a sweater. When I returned to the hotel, I could not strip off my sweaty clothes. I have to mention Thailand’s air conditioner here. I dare to swear that although it is a brand, Thailand’s air conditioner must not be a system with China’s refrigeration in essence. No matter where what is, from cars to shopping malls, Thailand is a little sorry for people who do not catch a cold with sufficient air conditioning.

特别是我们在普吉岛的酒店,房间调到18度的时候,房间的玻璃全部结雾,从外面拉开门的感觉就好像是拉开了一个冰箱。要多爽有多爽,我们决定以后买空调从泰国进口。 在曼谷,出租车根本就不给外国人打表,本地人不拉,TUK-TUK车也是一样,不管去哪是200BHT起价,我们也确实心软,基本上打车都就还价到150BHT,但是一定要备足零钱,因为他们很不要脸的就不给你找钱,没有零钱那你怎么砍价都是白搭。

I went to Bangkok’s beautiful downtown, SIME CENTER area, just to find this CENTRAL WORLD and took N streets, just for NARAYA inside. Who asked my mother to give me a task and let me help her classmates buy some gifts back, then all I can think of in my head is NARAYA. I now think that this brand is not specially sold to the Chinese now. It is full of Chinese who do not want money to buy things. I think it is already very cheap things, and there are imitations on the night market. Thai locals seem to take very little, except stewardesses and flight attendants, who really see this bag. No wonder the previous nickname was “stewardess bag”.

慕名在Central world上面找到这家泰餐,名字忘记了。就这么几个东西还有一个我不好意思上照片的可怜兮兮的所谓特级铁板牛肉,居然花了1000多BHT,要多难吃有多难吃,豆芽都只是焯了下水的生豆芽,就是外面的大排档也不是这个味道啊。截止到当时,2天了,我们居然没有吃饱过一顿,最后一天我们决心去唐人街碰碰运气,中国人多的地方再不济总能吃上一顿合口的饭吧。于是我们暴走N条街,做出各种决定都未果,忽然一扭头无意间发现一家大排档T&K,人很多,真的饿爆了,不管了就这家了。于是我们转运的时刻开始了


In Bangkok, we booked a one-day tour of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Dannenshado Water Market. We have to say that people’s travel market is really regular. We will do whatever we say. We will never add additional shopping places to you. We will take you to the market and tell you to gather in an hour and a half. Then you can play by yourself. If you want to take a boat seat, no one will keep advising you. However, this boat can really be used or not. Those people selling decorations along the coast will directly hook you up and won’t let you go for half a day. However, can I say that all the things sold are in Hui Street ~ ~ Why should I buy products from Hui Street in Thailand? The market is about 80km away from downtown Bangkok. Reservation at the hotel is 300BHT per person. The water markets in Bangkok are all weekend markets, so if you can’t meet the time to go, you can trouble the delegation to participate in this water market. Mango glutinous rice, very delicious! Originally, I was thinking how these two things could be delicious together. However, super sweet mango and super fragrance can be used as a dish of glutinous rice mixed together. It is indescribably sweet. The asking price is 50BHT and the counter price is 20BHT.

I didn’t know it was what. Some kind of slices made of rice, fried shrimp meat, pork and soup made by what are not known. The first bite is normal, but when mixed, the more you eat, the more fragrant it is. The more you eat, the more fragrant it is. The soup is thick. A bowl is only 5 yuan.

Super, super, super love, It is recommended that coconut ice cream, which must be eaten when going to this market, A whole coconut is cut open directly, the water is released, the coconut meat is scraped out for you, the ice cream is put on it, the coconut meat and the ice cream are eaten together, and the ice cream slowly melts to form thick coconut juice, which is matched with nuts. I depend ~ please forgive me for using these two words to express my great love at this moment. 30BHT is really too cheap.

Leaving the bustling market and entering their villages, I suddenly felt like driving in Amazon. The narrow river course and turbid river water make me constantly imagine that if there were piranhas in the river, it would not be very lively. People living here have become accustomed to tourists from all over the world looking at their lives with curious eyes every day. No matter how they are photographed, it will not affect what they are doing. Bangkok, as Thailand’s political and economic center, gives people the feeling that it is very complicated. The polarization of urban construction is serious, and the polarization of housing is also serious. The quality of most people is still very simple. However, economic opening has also affected the mood of many people. On the whole, it is not as mellow as Chiang Mai people. The phenomenon of random asking prices for tourists is serious, and the price cuts start from one-third. However, the tourism market is not chaotic, and as long as it is a regular local delegation, there is no need to worry about being slaughtered. According to a friend, one of his friends and our itinerary were just the opposite. After going through Phuket Island and Chiang Mai, he went to Bangkok and was cheated three times a day. He was fooled by the Grand Palace that did not open the door. He was pulled down by the market and cheated from one end to the other. His depression reached the limit. If you want to go to Thailand, you really don’t have to leave too much time for Bangkok. After watching the Grand Palace and sweeping the things you want to buy, you should go to a fresh and simple place for vacation. So at 4: 30 a.m., we packed our luggage, got on the plane and fled to Chiang Mai.

There is a very handsome joke circulating on the Internet, saying that people who go to Gulangyu Island are all pretending to be literary and artistic and pretending to be small and fresh. As Gulangyu Island has been getting hotter and hotter by the online pretending to be literary and artistic in recent years, an originally quiet island has almost been trampled and collapsed by the people on holidays. I do suggest that if you want to pretend to be a literary artist next time, you might as well choose Chiang Mai, Teresa Teng’s favorite small city. Only when you go to that city can you understand why you always feel a little inappropriate when you hear her songs in old Hong Kong movies. It turns out that there is no way to find the right place. Deng Lijun’s songs can often be heard on Chiang Mai Street, but with the 7 or 8 heavy rains on that day, the remaining old city walls and people’s slow and quiet life, how there is no sense of disobedience ~ ~

Chiang Mai, the few remaining broken walls, constantly reminds us that this is a city with a long history, but why do I think of the princess riding an elephant played by Liu Tao in Princess Huanzhu 3 every time I see these remaining city walls back and forth? Is she playing the princess of Thailand? Chiang Mai City is not big, Standing above Shuanglong Temple, you can see the whole city of Chiang Mai. Including the small and exquisite airport, I especially like NOK Airlines’ planes. All of them are Angry Birds, Ha, ha, ha ~ ~ ~ a blue angry bird flew into the blue sky ~ ~ the ancient city is usually very quiet. Almost at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, the shops on the street will be closed. People talk quietly and walk quietly. Apart from the sound of motorcycles coming and going, this is really a very quiet small city, except for the Weekend Market every Sunday. We were lucky, On a Sunday, All the streets of the quiet ancient city were filled with all kinds of vendors in an instant. The feeling of people crowded inside reminds me of the Forbidden City on National Day. But it is still much looser ~ ~ what has food and clothing, I really want to say that Chiang Mai’s consumption is super and super low ~ this box of durian in my hand is only 80BHT, which is only 16 yuan and 16 yuan. It is estimated that because of the low price, the price cut is very, very small. Many stalls even directly write you down how much it costs to buy one and what kind of discount to buy several. Other bargaining prices are not accepted at all.

I really like the works created by artists of various styles. They are really not expensive. For a medium and small price of 250BHT, there will be a discount for more than two. It is true that everyone’s display style is different. If I hadn’t thought about coming back and didn’t know where to hang, I would have carried them back. The weather in Chiang Mai is very good. It is located in northern Thailand. The water content in the climate is obviously less than that in Bangkok and even less than that in Phuket Island. The temperature difference between morning and evening is obvious, and you can feel cool. In addition, Chiang Mai is the most famous and in fact the most famous in Thailand is SPA. However, Chiang Mai’s price is absolutely not competitive in other places. The following is the most famous Lila Thai Massage in Chiang Mai City, Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage. It is said that it was founded to give the prisoners in Chiang Mai Women’s Prison a chance to re-enter the society, but now there are five branches in the ancient city, each with a large number of staff. With the Chinese people’s skeptical attitude in everything, my immoral guess is that many people are not prisoners now?

我们一开始只是抱着试试的心态,想着来泰国了,咋都要试一把泰式全身按摩,可是都害怕给扳扯了,所以只选了1个小时。人家的技术确实好,点到为止,不会很痛,可是很爽,有瑜伽的动作加入其中,用劲巧妙,小小女子可以把你整个人都举起来,呼啦一抡就听身体里的骨头想的那叫一个克拉拉,完后浑身舒坦。给我服务的那位结束的时候说,建议下一回选择长一点的时间,1个小时实在太短了,不能很好感受。我们几个一商量,直接出去给前台说再来一个2个半小时的C套餐。我们那几个服务的技师原本都去后面洗手准备下一个了,结果被赶快叫了出来重新准备物件他家的精油不错,一共6款供你选择,都是味道很淡很清新的,而且味道特别,完全没有寻常玫瑰,椰子之类的,闻上去就不是那种添加了很多芳香剂的玩意儿,最后是吓死人的价格,一个全身草本去角质+全身精油按摩+面部维护+1小时全身泰式按摩,全部下来一人合人民币才花了240,240元哦~~~国内号称昂贵的会所全部都弱爆了! 很走运的这次预定的酒店旁边每天晚上6点后就有大排档,完全是针对当地人的说,摊子上面除了那个每天都好多人排长队的卖卤煮猪腿饭的有中文标示以外,其他摊子全部都是拧来拧去的泰文,想吃就靠指。一不留神指错了,我就只能吃到一碗连粉丝都没有的蛋花汤,所以保存第一次吃对的食物照片是多么重要的一个事情啊~~最重要的一点就是便宜,特别便宜,你在清迈呆久了,根本就没法看曼谷那物价,吃什么都是30-50BHT,味道还非常的巴适~

去大象营的路上,BIG停在一个市场帮我们买午饭的材料,让我们随便转转,于是乎我们就有找到了好吃的,这个泰文发音LONG GUO的东西,构造有点像是山竹的感脚,口感像红毛丹,外形又像桂圆,完全不知道英文怎么说,但是很好吃。还有这个摊子里面的烤串,我靠,再一次价格震撼了我们。这么一大块实在的鸡肉,人民币10块钱,哪些串串才4块钱一个。可是市场只早上,下午回去的时候还专门停靠,可是木有了

Shuanglong Temple, estimated to be the largest temple near Chiang Mai City, is located on the top of the mountain and overlooks the whole Chiang Mai City. It takes more than an hour to drive both cars back and forth, but the price is not expensive. The round trip is 200BHT (but I always remember it is 100BHT/person), which is probably the price anyway. In Thailand, one must follow a little when entering temples. One must never show one’s shoulders or knees, otherwise one must rent an apron to wrap it up. The whole temple is glittering with gold and blue sky and white clouds, which blinds your eyes.

Chiang Mai is the cheapest, happiest and simplest place for our trip. One reminder is that if you want to book that kind of one-day tour, there are many small Tour Information places in the ancient city. If it is ONE DAY TREKKING about 750BHT and ELEPHANTS TRAINING1800-1900BHT, don’t be embarrassed to make a price. If you say two more good words, there will be a discount. If you don’t give a discount, you will change one. One-day tours in Thailand are very regular. It must be the case when, where and when you go back. There will be no commercial consumption. Don’t worry too much, but you have to make an appointment in a qualified place.

Next came my favorite day of the trip, One Day Elephants Training.



Elephants defecating and urinating ~

超近身,全方位无死角,多重感受体验大象就在泰国清迈的ONE DAY ELEPHANTS TRAINING。中国人真的是被国内这种不靠谱的一日游都给整怕了,出去报这种一日团的时候,我们都提心吊胆的,想着要是在中国出事儿了,好歹还是说中文,这边要是给拉到山里,周边人说的话都是”卡卡卡”各种卡的,回头不死都得掉层皮啊。可是清迈人民的淳朴和友善又一次让我们对这个城市增添了无数的好感,也给俺们这些城里面长大的屁都不知道孩子增添了一次人生的体验。 早上8点半,Mr Big 来接我们,他不喜欢照相,只不过我这张上面那位就是他在这里不得不先说下Mr Big,人超级,非常,特别的NICE,特别是当王胖子把眼镜给冲到河里后,他不计时间的帮忙在市场耽误1个多小时帮忙配眼镜,还给店家留下自己的电话,害怕万一回头联系不好的时候,他可以帮忙。特别特别的赞,一路上不停的帮我们拍照,我们在大象上的90%的照片都是BIG帮忙拍的,最最重要的,还刻成光盘免费送给我们。并且他的CAMP里面的所有吃的都是免费对参加的人提供,唯一需要花钱的就是长炮筒子拍摄的照片,4张以上,一张才50BHT,拍的真的太好了,一点完全没有让我们的旅行留下遗憾,当我们躺在普吉岛的大房子里面看着光盘里的照片,我们几个人都还能感受到当时的欢乐和刺激。

In the past, it was really enough to learn how to control the elephant’s language first. After giving us a general oral statement, we were directly put on the elephant for practical experience. This should be put on other countries. You are not allowed to move a small bench, sit for half a day’s class, and take half a day’s test to ensure that there is no danger before you can take the elephant’s practical experience. Elephants are super edible, As soon as we went, we carried two baskets of millet bananas. The family three and two were solved in a few minutes. When they took us for a stroll in the mountains, they also climbed high and low to find food. To say that elephants were indeed chicken thieves. They specially picked the deep trees for food, or the high buds that no one could reach were pointed to eat. It seems that the big guy is very picky about food.

The most comfortable driving part of the elephant is its soft neck, with its legs between its neck and its big ears flickering incessantly. Although it hurts a little, it is very effective to repel mosquito bites. You can control the direction by hitting its neck with your leg. The only place where your hand can help it is its big head, which is like Mao Taizha. Moreover, if you suddenly bow your head when you meet it, it can really scare away half of your soul.

One of my favorite photos, if the angle is lower, it will feel better. Our trip is to learn the basic knowledge of elephants in the morning, feed elephants, learn to ride elephants, and then sit in a chair and let elephants take us to the tropical mountain forests in Chiang Mai for a big circle that does not take the usual road. After lunch, we rode elephants naked into the river to bathe elephants. Speaking of this bath, In fact, elephants play very high on their own. Our elephant saw that it was on its way to the river. It was called one rubbing and throwing the other away. I had to stop it all the way to wait for my friend. However, after coming out of the river, the speed of the other elephant was not as fast as that of my companion in an instant. It seems that the big guy has no water to play with and is very unhappy. As soon as the somebody else stepped into the river, when we slipped down, we crashed down and lay on our side in the river. You know, the river is in a hurry. If we don’t pull each other one by one, it is definitely a rush. There is no discussion. The somebody else lies on their side with great pleasure. We are frantically fighting the water battle beside us. The last time we fought the water battle was what? Primary school? Or even smaller, the last accident happened. Wang Pangzi’s glasses could not bear to leave and chose to stay there for a long time.

There is also a baby elephant in Camp. Especially cute kept running around in my mother’s legs. The little fellow was very naughty. When drinking water, he deliberately put his nose in the water and then put his nose at us to spray. When we were all scared and yelling, people took back his nose and opened his mouth. It felt like he was very HAPPY because he scared us. Elephant Camp is about an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai City, There are still many people who go back to choose ONE DAY TREKKING. The content of this trip is only to ride an elephant for a while, then go to bamboo raft rafting, hovercraft rafting and a hiking jungle. Although it is much cheaper, I still strongly suggest that everyone choose ONE DAY ELEPHANTS TRAINING to give their cement heart, which has lived in the city for a long time, a release close to nature and animals.

从清迈飞普吉岛,其实最最开始定行程的时候我实在没打算去普吉岛,可是其他几位都觉得都去了,不去普吉岛好像有点太亏,其实最重要的是想去的沙巴岛价位太高。因为在网上看过很多照片,我实在不觉得普吉岛好看,但是去了之后我不得不说这个大海漂不漂亮真的是完全取决于天的颜色,之前见过很多游记上面说普吉岛多好玩,多好玩,可是灰灰的天和灰灰的海真没让我看出这个海和国内的海有啥子不一样的地方。要不怎么说,和我出去玩就是走运呢,除了湖南那个败运的地方,我从来出去都几乎碰不到下雨,于是,这次我们好好享受了一把普吉岛的碧海蓝天,虽然代价就是我们所有人肩头都在爆皮,先来说说我们这次的酒店。 超超超级赞的酒店,名字我就是不说,哈哈哈哈哈~~我们到的时候都已经是半夜了,服务生帮我们提着行李弯弯曲曲光下楼都下了半天,后来停在一个黑洞洞的楼门口,我们几个都在寻思,这咋还是个黑单元房,结果当灯一打开的时候,我们几个真的,真的,真的,不夸张,丢人了~~~跟没见过房子一样的兴奋了。一个80平方左右的一卧室套房,房间里面一应俱全,比家里还准备的充分,甚至为了防止某些红酒是直接扭开的瓶盖没有塞子,特色的酒瓶塞子都有准备。跟家一样的开放式厨房,从微波炉到土司机,锅碗瓢盆想啥有啥。还有开到18度房间里直接可以结霜的空调,直接让我们这一次的旅行完全升华。

The most important thing is the house price. Such a wonderful house is only over 500 a night, and over 500 ~ ~ Wow, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga Either it is foreigners who make people comfortable to do things. The swimming pool of the hotel is under repair. The hotel directly provides free dinner rolls and free SPA rolls as compensation. The hotel is halfway up the mountain. Just because of this house, several of us cancelled our diving plan to Phi Phi Island and decided that the 4-day trip to Phuket Island would be a leisurely sleep until we wake up naturally. Buy a pile of wine, lie outside on the couch every day, play UNO, drink small wine, until hungry climbed down the mountain to eat lobster, wow, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.


This is what we eat every day on Phuket Island. Is it still good to say that the cost in Phuket Island is high, Before we went, we were all ready to eat a cup of noodles every day. But after a few days, we summarized it a few times. It is estimated that the first is related to the location. There are not many people in Kata, where we live, during the National Day Golden Week, but Patong is different. It is called a sea of people and tour groups. Moreover, judging from the enthusiastic response of seafood barbecue shops to the Chinese, the more Chinese, the higher the price. Second, we will not bargain. Our lobster, which weighs more than 2 kg, is all with shrimp seeds. We asked us for 1900BHT. We ground it back and forth with the store for more than half an hour. Finally, we clinched a deal with 1200BHT, and only all of them are with shrimp seeds, which is 240 yuan. There is also this plate of prawns, 10 500BHT, that is, 100 RMB, hey hey ~ ~ it is with fat man’s invincible bargaining skills that we have been eating all kinds of prawns from the first day to the last day. However, other prices such as pineapple rice and hamburger, which are between 150 and 200BHT, are completely incomparable to Chiang Mai, but they are also completely acceptable. The processing of their lobster is very good. It tastes like black pepper. The lobster meat is smeared with sauce and sprayed directly with muskets, so each piece of lobster meat can be kept crisp outside and tender inside. There are pineapple rice and all kinds of seafood among them, plus Thai fragrant rice. In fact, the Thai people are really simple in nature. At least the biggest difference with China is that the pictures are consistent with the real objects. Before leaving, someone shouted to see the transvestite, and must also say that he should put his hand on the transvestite chest to take photos. As a result, I coaxed all the way from Bangkok to Phuket Island, which didn’t make anyone look at it. In order not to be called a liar, go to Phuket Island and watch it. The result was as I expected, It was just that a bunch of beautiful transvestites twisted and twisted on the stage. The performance was really not as interesting as what’s. However, the final photo session was very happy. The two brothers went up and did not dare to get started. As a result, the self-appointed transvestite queen put their hands directly on her chest, and a transvestite who was neither male nor female took a photo by force. In the money collection phase, the transvestite queen shouted “touch milk 100, touch milk 100”, and a local tyrant other than someone gave the money. Another neither male nor female also said that she wanted money. One was 40. A local tyrant said, “I don’t want to take a picture with you.” The transvestite said, “I have already taken a picture.” A local tyrant said, “Here you are 40.” The transvestite said, “Not enough. You two still have 40.” A local tyrant said, “Here you are 100. Find” the transvestite: “Thank you” and left directly. A local tyrant shouted depressively, “Your sister’s”


玩的太欢乐的,根本没有想起来去拍纯景色照片,头一次玩冲浪板,我废了半天力气都没有爬上去,这倒算了,结果我好好的站在海里感受一波一波的浪潮,突然感到后方有一个板状物体向我拍来,我就直接被拍进了海里,爬起来一回头,某人无辜的站在那,手里还拽着一根冲浪板的线,操~~ 从刚到曼谷天天上当,当当不一样,到从T&K开始转运,清迈骑大象的最欢乐再到普吉岛的完全升华,我们这次的旅行非常圆满的结束了,回程的时候直飞到了澳门,又一次去感受那个纸醉金迷的世界,这一次去**的去**,去购物的去购物,等去购物的去**的时候,某人已经输光了所以说,还是购物最划算~~~哈哈哈哈哈哈~~~~

Thai Raiders

The Complete Article of Thai Love

An accident other than an accident, only three months later I hurried to Thailand. A friend made fun of me on WeChat that I took Thailand as my back garden. The back garden did not dare. If you can please let it be my lover, because I really love Thailand!

Sometimes when I am in bed, I will see some fragments of Thailand in my mind, like movies and memories, and sometimes when I walk somewhere in Thailand, I will confuse whether I have seen images here or where, like real and dreamy.

This is a country of faith. To me, it is a country of magical significance. It is touched or lost, happy or sad. It has also been at a loss in Thailand. In detail, why do I have so deep feelings for Thailand alone in the entire Southeast Asian countries, why do I go to Thailand again and again, and why do I never seem to eat enough Thai street snacks or drink enough Mangoshake on the juice beach? Why do you always leave some memories that cannot be erased when you go to Thailand?

Smile, kindness, peace and willingness to help others are the good impression left to me by Thais.

Hot, sweet and sour, cool and memorable. This is the enjoyment that Thai cuisine gives me on the tip of my tongue.

The beautiful southern beaches, the dazzling array of Bangkok colors and the fresh and unique artistic flavor of northern Thailand are the diversified tourism resources in Thailand that make people forget to return, or the sincere and gentle heart of the Thai people that touched me! If these are not tempting enough for you, then with perfect tourism services, rich tourism information and frugal expenses, Thailand is enough to become your first choice for self-help outbound tours. For small partners who are afraid of not having enough English, self-help tours to Thailand can actually be so easy.

At the end of August 2004, I went backpacking to Thailand for the first time. Nine years have passed and I still remember it vividly, just like yesterday.

That year in Thailand, I was robbed of my big wallet for the first time (basically the only time) during my trip, which almost stopped my backpack journey. However, to this day, I still lament that there was a good way to steal it in Thailand.

That year I almost stayed in Phuket Island to be a Chinese teacher, and finally I was really embarrassed to miss the children in Thailand with my substandard Putonghua.

That year’s Thailand kept me thinking about the hostess on Phuket Island and her lovely children.

In May 2005, I wandered to northern Thailand again. Along Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, I explored the possibility of returning to China from northern Thailand. In order to explore this route, I abandoned my air ticket to Bangkok to fly to China, which was enough luxury and waste for a backpacker. Finally, I was allowed to board a cargo ship in Chiang Rai and arrived in Guanlei, Yunnan, China, from the Golden Triangle for three days and two nights.

That year I fell in love with Mangorice; in Chiang Mai.

In Chiang Mai that year, I knew how many debts foreign tourists left behind in Chiang Mai.

That year I saw that there were many Thai people in northern Thailand who were still very poor but so kind.

That year, I ate at random at the end of the street in Chiang Mai, but I ate the pork mixed rice that I have never forgotten.

Then another year I took my parents to Thailand again, because I thought it was a very suitable destination to take my parents abroad.

That year I fell in love with Tao Island, and so far I think Tao Island is the most beautiful of the many islands I have been to. There, I sat on the rocks on the beach and looked at the sea without knowing the color. With the waves, I felt sad and thought of people in the distance. The sea inconceivably conveyed my sudden thoughts.

In August 2013, for the first time, I took my APPLE chick on a self-help trip abroad alone. I wanted to go to Phuket to find my former hostess’s family. I wonder if they were all right during the tsunami that year! This time it is still in Phuket, still in that small town, still touching.

In December 2013, because of YODODO, I once again set foot on northern Thailand, because I always wanted to visit Chiang Mai again and think about Mangorice there. So I had a very Thai trip to Thailand. Over the years, Thailand has also developed and changed. The economy of many Thais has improved, prices have risen, many roads have changed, but cars have become more blocked, roads have become more crowded, there are more Chinese, and there are more Thais who can speak Chinese. However, no matter these changes, what remains unchanged is that I can still be moved. The deacon of the airport, the police officer, my motorcycle driver in Pai County, and the son of Captain Jake, I am once again moved by their simplicity and kindness. Even if it rains heavily and drizzly all the way, my heart is warm in Yangyang. This trip to Thailand has proved that as long as society develops and changes again, as long as there is faith, the heart is still warm.

Talking about the traffic in Thailand, it still extends in all directions. Many backpackers take Thailand as the starting point or end point of backpacking. I think it is nothing more than Thailand has many links to international routes. Thailand also has a visa-free policy for many old Western countries. Even if it is not visa-free, the visa policy is easy to get. I look forward to the early implementation of Thailand’s visa-free policy towards China.

In addition, Thailand’s tourism services are really in place. Basically, you can find services on Bangkok’s Kaoshan Road, and the fees are often not high.


At present, many domestic airlines have direct flights or transfer flights to Bangkok, and Thai Airways also has promotional activities from time to time. As long as you are willing, you can always buy satisfactory tickets. For me, most of my trips are used to booking AirAsia. This red bird not only awakens people’s eyes and ears, but also saves me a lot of flight expenses and flies more.

Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan all have direct flights to Bangkok, Macao can fly directly to Chiang Mai, and the latest news is that Hangzhou can also fly directly to Chiang Mai from February next year. Wait for the special ticket.

Tips on AirAsia:

1. Reservation: As long as the name and date of birth can be booked, You can book an air ticket before issuing a passport. In fact, you can book it as long as you have a name. The date of birth can be modified after the reservation is successful. It is very important that the pinyin of the name must be correct. This cannot be modified. If you are wrong, you should be prepared to sacrifice this ticket. Therefore, students who help others book tickets should pay special attention.

2. When booking, except for randomly arranging a seat, all other services require money, such as seat selection, such as insurance, such as luggage check-in, such as food on board, even water, even blankets and cushions. In short, you can have everything, but you need to pay extra for everything.

3. AirAsia’s refund * *: AirAsia has not said that it has refunded the ticket. It can change it, provided that the departure time is 48 hours ahead of schedule, and the change handling fee of 1,000 plants is equivalent to RMB 200. In addition, if the revised time fare is higher than what you bought, you will have to pay the difference. Therefore, in general, except for international routes, the average person can buy another ticket without changing the ticket order.

4. As for luggage, 7kg of free hand luggage is allowed. There are size regulations for hand luggage, and the length and width are basically 56*35. In addition, a 40-litre bag behind your back, a small backpack in front or a small bag in your hand are basically allowed. Beyond this standard, you’d better buy luggage check-in service. It is cheaper to buy online than on-site. There are detailed descriptions on the specific website.

5. If you have any questions, you can also call or click Asiaask on AirAsia. However, it will take a long time to wait, but you will wait.

6. On the punctuality of AirAsia: The early AirAsia was famous for its delays, and sometimes it was outrageous. However, according to experience, it has rarely been delayed in the past two years, and it is basically within half an hour at most, and usually it can arrive at its destination on time. In spite of this, if it is an international route connecting flights with AirAsia, it is better to reserve more time. After all, you have nothing to do with the current delay of any airline.

7. After booking tickets, please read the instructions for booking tickets in detail. Pay special attention to the fact that there is also a fee for registering at the Asian Airlines counter in some terminals, but you can print the boarding pass at the airport after CHECKIN on the Internet in advance. Some terminals have self-service boarding pass machines, which can be seen with a little attention.

Land: Thailand has land borders with Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos, so many backpackers take four countries in Southeast Asia as a travel route.

Similarly, land transit is also very simple, much easier than you think. From Angkor Wat in Cambodia, you can buy tickets to Bangkok or the Bangkok border. You can’t make any mistakes as long as you follow the people in the same car. It is still very easy and easy. It takes a little time, but the cost is cheap and it is also an experience. What’s more, people who can walk like this basically do not lack time.

Shipping: There is a ship connection from Qingkong in northern Thailand to Laos. In addition, it is easy to reach Penang in Malaysia from the south of Thailand, but you must have a Malay visa and you can also handle it in Bangkok, because Malaysia has already cancelled the policy of issuing visas to Chinese at the waterway border. This is a report I have experienced.

In addition, it is also possible to reach Yunnan in China by boat along the Mekong River from the north. In the past, there were fast passenger ships, but the shipping schedule was less and the price was relatively high. However, if there were any changes in the near future, students who need to go should check carefully again. Another method is to find a cargo ship that can reach Guanlei in Yunnan in 3 days and 2 nights. However, this is completely of backpack experience level and is generally not recommended.

Domestic Transport in Thailand:

If it is not for experience, if there is a promotion price, you can choose to fly wherever AirAsia flies. After all, it is still time-saving and labor-saving. In addition to AirAsia, Thailand also has bird flights Nokiaair and Smilethai to choose from. Usually, the promotion price is not expensive, and the promotion of these airlines is very common. In addition, AirAsia now also provides many islands in Thailand with flights. It is very convenient to connect ships and fix them at one price.

Long-distance bus: Thailand’s transportation is very humane in some ways. Usually there are many different companies operating in Thailand, For example, Bangkok has different companies providing passenger services to Chiang Mai, Phuket Island, Chiang Rai, etc. Perhaps because of competition, Thailand’s long-distance buses are much more comfortable than China’s, and the service on the road is also good. Usually you can still sleep a few nights on the bus, which basically does not affect your travel the next day. There are many agencies on Kaoshan Road, You can book a long-distance overnight bus to the north or south anywhere. The price is also very attractive, usually about 500 plants. However, I personally don’t suggest that everyone book that kind of private bus on Kaoshan Road, because the first time my Thai wallet was stolen was on the bus from Bangkok to Phuket Island, which was booked on Kaoshan Road. Later, according to reports, there were many such incidents. Therefore, if you are not a particularly cautious person, I still suggest to go to the long-distance station and choose a reliable bus company’s bus, which is more comfortable, safer and better in service than the bus on Kaoshan Road, although the price may be two-thirds higher.

On this trip to northern Thailand, I specially experienced the bus from XiaChiang Rai to Bangkok, Sanbartour. Personally, I think it is also very good, although NCA Bus Company is highly respected in China.

It should be noted that many companies can book tickets by phone in advance, such as NCA. You can ask the hotel staff to help you make reservations because only Thai is spoken on the phone, and then you can go to 7-11 to pick up the tickets, but only one day in advance.

Trains: This year I experienced Thailand’s long-distance trains for the first time. In the past, Thai trains have never been tried because of their famous slow speed. This time I happened to take a long-distance train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Facts have proved that if you don’t care so much about the delay of 1-2 hours, the train is also worth trying, especially if you have several friends together, you can chat face to face on the train, or practice spoken English with foreigners sitting apart to exchange experiences, and the train berths are still very clean and comfortable.

Short distance: There are many 1, 2 and 3-day tours on Bangkok’s Kaoshan Road, which are very worth choosing. They are time-saving and worry-free, inexpensive, and have good credit. There will be basically no black-hearted groups similar to those in China. The consumption items are clearly written, and the final results are basically the same, so there are few disputes.

How many days is it more appropriate to go to Thailand?

This question cannot be answered. I have met many backpackers from Australia, Europe and America on the way. They can often stay in Thailand for several months or even years. I have met several girls from Europe and the United States. They even learn good Thai, rent a house and buy vegetables in the vegetable market like Thai locals. In addition to envy, I can only according to the truth with Chinese characteristics, and I am quite satisfied to be able to go for ten days and a half months at a time.

Of course, there are many small partners like me who cannot expect to stay in Thailand for a long time. Maybe you only have half a month’s vacation, maybe only 10 days, maybe only 5 days, so although the time is short, Thailand can still choose.

According to the recommendations I have been to and have left a deep impression on my mind, I would like to recommend them to you:

Bangkok: This is a place that any small partner who goes to Thailand should not miss.

Reason 1: The city with the richest variety of food in Thailand, From all kinds of street snacks on Kaoshan Road to super-five-star luxury dinners, from traditional Thai food in the north to island tastes in the south, as long as some Thai food can be found in Bangkok, but many people will especially listen to the recommendation to eat in such and such restaurants. In fact, many small shops in Bangkok taste very good.

Second, Bangkok was the city with the largest number of Buddhist temples in the world. This faith-based country can be seen everywhere in Bangkok with Buddha statues. If you pay a little attention on the overpass, you will see the Thai people facing the luggage of the Buddha statues at a distance. This shows the faith from the bottom of your heart. Bangkok has more than 400 Buddhist temples from the Grand Palace to the Jade Buddha Temple to the Sleeping Buddha Temple, the Golden Buddha Temple. Pick a few and worship them slowly.

Reason 3: The city in Thailand that can best satisfy your shopping desire is full of goods from weekend markets to Bangkok’s top ten night markets, from various shopping squares in Gaodashang to small shops on the street. From special souvenirs with full local characteristics to international luxury brands, everything is available. This city with a population of 7 million running through the Chao Phraya River is definitely worth leaving more time to savor slowly.

Reason 4: Bangkok’s transportation also extends in all directions.

Taxi: Bangkok has two kinds of taxis, one with a watch and the other without a watch. The starting price of 35 taxis with a watch is relatively cheap. However, I personally prefer light rail, because Bangkok is also a famous big blocking city, and many sections will test your patience very much.

Elevated Light Rail BTS: Bangkok has two light rail lines with prices ranging from 10 to 45 plants. The price is higher than that of domestic subways, but the victory is really convenient and fast, which can save you a lot of time to travel. In addition, the light rail lines pass through major shopping centers and entertainment places. This is the city traffic I choose most often. The operation time is 6: 00 a.m. to 12: 00 p.m.

Metro MRT: Bangkok Metro has only one line from Mochit in the north of Jingbei to Peng Railway Station in South China. The operation time and price are similar to BTS.

Tuktuk: Southeast Asian vehicles are more suitable for short distances, but drivers of doodle cars usually offer higher prices and must make counter-offers. I personally don’t like bargaining, so I seldom take advantage of it during my trip to Thailand.

Motorcycle: This is actually quite easy to use, and the price is not high. It is suitable for those fragmentary places or people who are in a hurry. The price is affordable, but the only problem is that many motorcycle drivers do not know English, so it is relatively difficult.

Water bus: Thailand’s reputation as a water Venice is inseparable from this means of transportation, so it should take it at least once when you get to Bangkok. The fare is quite cheap, and you can also enjoy the scenery on both sides of the lower Chao Phraya River. It is recommended first class.

Public bus: The bus in Bangkok is actually very developed, Moreover, it is very cheap, but most of them do not have English, and most conductor do not know English, so they can try it occasionally when they know their own station, but leave it more to the bus experts, otherwise you will take the wrong station if you are not careful. It is better to let the conductor remind you of the station where you want to get off after getting on the bus, and the warm and kind Thais will be happy to remind you.

Big city

Ampawa Aquatic Market

Tao Dao

North Thailand (Chiang Mai-Pai-Chiang Rai)

Phuket Island (PP Island, Emperor Island)

Traffic Map of Bangkok Urban Light Rail, Subway and Chao Phraya River Wharf (Revised/Added on January 24, 2013)

Read the travel notes, please comment. A response, a favorable comment or criticism, even if it is just a smiling face. Some criticisms will be corrected and some favorable comments will be shared by more friends.

Bangkok’s traffic (traffic jam) was once “among the best” in the world. Oil prices have soared in the past few years, so people will stop driving when they have nothing to do. In addition, the accelerated development of transportation facilities over the years led to a temporary improvement in transportation at that time. In recent years, due to the maturity of gas and natural gas technology for vehicles, the cost of fuel has dropped to one-third (gas) or less than one-fifth (natural gas) of gasoline. In addition to Bangkok people’s values: “cars” are “appearances”. It is more normal to have cars to drive but no houses to live in Bangkok. The streets of Bangkok have returned to the “glory” of the old “auto show”.

Therefore, light rail, subway and transportation boats on the Chao Phraya River have become better choices. Although we cannot reach any part of the city like taxis, the light rail and subway can enable us to better calculate and arrange the journey on that day, and the transportation boats on the Chao Phraya River are extremely cheap viewing tools besides the meaning of “transportation”.

The pictures I collected are 2376×1836 pixels, but the pixels after uploading are obviously reduced. If you want to get clearer pictures, please go to the following link:


The service hours of light rail and subway are roughly 6: 00-24: 00 Bangkok time.

I don’t have the schedule of the transportation boat yet, so I’ll check it and make it up when I have time.

In addition, because sometimes the Thai name of some stations or docks has a long pronunciation (difficult), it is recommended to remember its code, such as: E1; E5; N10

Better way is to use camera or mobile phone to “shoot” the place name (station name), and it is convenient + accurate to ask the way.

Thai is a semi-“pinyin” character, which is different from the thinking of people in China. Sometimes we think the pronunciation is very similar, but it may have completely different meanings in Thai.

(Revised on January 24, 2013)

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Read the travel notes, please comment. A response, a favorable comment or criticism, even if it is just a smiling face. Some criticisms will be corrected and some favorable comments will be shared by more friends.