Eat a good dinner and go to the opposite beach to watch the sunset, which can make you fall in love with Phuket’s sunset instantly.

As early as February, I wanted to find a vacation place for the wedding anniversary in May. I screened the islands one by one. Finally, I chose Phuket Island, because too many friends have been there and heard their description of the beauty there. It is better to have a chance and experience it personally. Since it is still in the visa-free fee period, the visa will be completed in March, then the air ticket and hotel will be booked, and the one-day tour will be arranged by the wife. Because the wife has consulted too many strategies, the whole trip can be said to be perfect, but there are always some minor accidents, which will be described later.

5.25 9: 10 take Shanghai Airlines flight FM831 to Phuket directly, The cabin was not full. My wife and I were sitting in the seat of three people, which was very spacious. However, the sound of the plane engine was too loud to sleep. We watched quietly with the newly bought books, but we were counting the time in our hearts. The five-hour voyage was so long that our hearts could not wait and landed on Phuket Island first.

At 2:05 Beijing time, the plane landed smoothly. Not far from the cabin door, we heard the call for “Shadug Drop Card”. A little Thai girl guided us to the counter of the Immigration Department with her hand. Due to the late night, there were not many people. We went through the customs smoothly, took the free map and went to Ctrip’s pick-up staff. Ctrip’s personnel waited at the exit of the airport early on. Due to the Chinese signboard, it was easy to find them. Only there is a Chinese couple nearby who want to go to Patong with us. We have ordered a special bus. Why do we still come to carpool? Is Ctrip tightening its spending and taking us with it? Only later did I know that the couple from Beijing arrived in Phuket on the work plane, but because the suitcase was taken by mistake by others and they had to stay at the customs for registration, they missed the last bus and had to go to Patong with us. Since it is understandable, let’s go together. We can only pray in our hearts that they can find their luggage as soon as possible and have a happy journey in Phuket.

As Phuket’s time was one hour earlier than Beijing time, I slowed down the time by one hour when I got off the plane. At 2 o’clock local time in Phuket, we checked into Amari Coral Beach Hotel, the first hotel on the trip. After a long flight, we felt very tired, so we neglected to enjoy the hotel, took a bath and fell asleep immediately accompanied by the sound of the waves.

5.26 Wake up by his wife at 8: 00 a.m., “Come and see the beautiful sea”-struggling to get up from the bed and walk onto the balcony, what greets me is a blue sea, there are still people fishing in the shallow water, the sky is covered with clouds, a beautiful picture makes me sleepy, just make a cup of tea and blow the sea breeze on the balcony, and a pleasant life will begin from now on.

I’m going to have breakfast at 9: 00. I walked through the garden-like path and came to the restaurant. The buffet breakfast is no different from other restaurants, but it is accompanied by an invincible sea view, which really makes people have a big appetite.

Today, there was no one-day tour scheduled. I spent all day in the hotel, so after breakfast, I started the hotel’s exploration tour.

Flowers at the door of the room.

The lobby of the hotel has a sea view.

Overlooking the famous long bridge.

The swimming pool of hotel


ICE BAR beside the long bridge has a strong Greek flavor, pure white color, simple design, ice-filled drinks, WESTLIFE songs, and dark blue sea. I only feel that all the pressure is drifting far away with the sea breeze.

There was a shallow place under the long bridge, but because there was no shallow tool, I had to give up.

The hotel’s private beach is not noisy in Patong.

After playing until more than 1 pm, I felt a little hungry and went out to look for food. At this moment, the shortcomings of this hotel came out. As it was far away from downtown Patong, we walked for more than 20 minutes to reach the famous PATONG SEAFOOD RESTAURANT. It was at this time that my skin was sunburned.

Dongyangong, coconut crab, pineapple rice and two cups of watermelon juice, totaling 750B, was actually the cheapest meal we had in Phuket.

After the meal, I went to the beach and my wife bought some banana cakes, mangoes and rambutan to eat at night. All the way back to the hotel.

Such a big swimming pool can’t be missed. I swam in it all afternoon because it was deep enough and there were still people practicing depth in it.

It’s getting dark, and my stomach is protesting again. There are so many delicious food in Thailand, you can’t just swim. Well, continue to go out and look for food.

Began to stroll along a street behind Beach Street, There are plenty of places to eat, But the seafood is dead, He didn’t go in to eat, For about half an hour, Finally saw a shop selling live lobsters, It was still opened by the Chinese, The words “Patong Seafood Restaurant” were written in large characters. The boss asked us to sit down affectionately. Fujian people, introduce lobster 300B/100g, It feels expensive, But the boss said that everyone was Chinese, We’re not going to be chopped, Plus, I’m tired of walking, I ate well here, but facts have proved that it is better not to go to Chinese shops abroad. The same language is better. The next day we saw the same live lobster in PATONG SEAFOOD RESTAURANT only 215B/100g, and the scale is accurate. We don’t have to tell the boss here to adjust the scale correctly. Students who saw this travel note hope that you will never visit this restaurant again.

Even if the expensive things are delicious, Raw oysters, we want BBQ, It came up with a thorn, Curry crab tastes less delicious than coconut crab at noon. Lobster said to eat garlic and shrimp in two, As a result, because there is no porridge, Lobster head can’t make porridge, The so-called garlic shrimp did not have garlic in it. After the complaint, we poured some garlic on it. This service is really not flattering. The only delicious thing is this spinach. My wife said that this is the best spinach she has ever eaten. However, it is really wrong to eat more than 2500 B this meal. She reminded us once again not to go to this store again.

After a full meal, go to Let’s Relax for a massage. Phuket’s famous chain massage shop is very formal and comfortable.

It is already 11 o’clock in the evening when I returned to the hotel. There will be another day’s tour tomorrow. After eating fruit, I will have a rest as soon as possible.

5.27 The arrangement is a one-day tour, so at 8 o’clock in the morning, we went to the lobby and other travel agents to take us to the dock. The tour guide was a Thai girl JJ, who was very cheerful and enthusiastically introduced to us today’s trip and matters needing attention. At 9 o’clock on time, we got on the speedboat bound for PP Island.

The island seen on the road

The first scenic spot is Maya Bay, which is the most visited scenic spot. The blue sea and white sand are really beautiful. Unfortunately, they can only stay for half an hour and can only take photos as a souvenir.

The second scenic spot is the shooting place of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I didn’t get off the boat, but I just visited here, but the scenery was also very shocking.

The third scenic spot is Monkey Island. These monkeys are very daring and will ask people for food. A girl in the group was scratched because she was too close.

The fourth scenic spot is superficial. Due to my panic, I can’t see the underwater photos taken at all, so I won’t put them up here.

Then I went to have lunch. The lunch for a one-day tour can only be said to be edible, and because I drank two mouthfuls of seawater when I was shallow just now, I had no appetite at all, so I took two mouthfuls hastily and went shopping.

The ice cream my wife bought tastes good.

In the afternoon, I went to Egg Island to dive deeply. I really wanted to give up the deep dive after the painful experience of floating in the morning. However, the coach said it didn’t matter. He would accompany me all the way. We just need to master breathing and enjoy it slowly. Indeed as expected, under the guidance of the coach, I did not feel uncomfortable and saw the wonderful underwater world.

Eat a good dinner and go to the opposite beach to watch the sunset, which can make you fall in love with Phuket’s sunset instantly.

After stepping on the afterglow of the setting sun, we returned to the hotel and had a rest after a little tidying up. Tomorrow we are going to Emperor Island, Neverland, which my wife is longing for.

5.28 Today, I arranged a travel agency to pick us up to Emperor Island at 8 o’clock in the morning. I didn’t expect some minor problems, My alarm clock was supposed to be 6: 30 rings, But since I usually set the alarm on weekdays, And today is Saturday, So the alarm didn’t ring, and I slept until 7:40, so I hurried to wash and CHECKOUT finally got on the bus to the dock at 8 o’clock. Of course, we were not the only one who happened. When we went to pick up the guests from another hotel, we actually waited for 20 minutes. I think this is also the reason, so we should remember to set the alarm clock when traveling.

The clippers bumped all the way to Emperor Island. Because the front dock was under construction, we docked at the rear dock. We did not have the beautiful scene we saw in the previous work and were slightly disappointed.

The hotel staff took our luggage to the shuttle bus and took us along the path for about 10 minutes. The scenery before us suddenly enlightened. This is the RACHA hotel we are looking forward to.

The front desk staff kindly delivered ice towels and fruit juice, and quickly completed the CHECK IN formalities, so we could check in.

I looked around the facilities of the residence and was very satisfied.

The IPOD borrowed free of charge can be inserted into BOSE stereo to enjoy music. I will also buy one after returning to Shanghai.

Frogs specially made by the hotel can be placed outside the door to indicate that please do not disturb.

Spacious bathroom.

After washing, we went to visit the whole hotel. Although we have seen it on the strategy, we still felt so dreamy when we were there.

A walkway of coconut trees.

The endless swimming pool is in line with the sea.

Hotel library.

Plumeria everywhere.


Entering the beach, clean, clear and empty, I feel that I have integrated into it.

Lunch was settled at Cliff Restaurant. Prawns in tomato juice tasted good.

The oversized lizard beside the restaurant startled his wife.

You can see the whole sea from here.

The landscape design of the walkway is very good.

The hut we live in.

The foot washer at the door.

Pool photo.

The view taken on the rooftop of the library.

Sitting by the beach watching the sunset is not as red as the sun in Patong, but it also has a different taste.

A gluttonous bird.

Love cloud.

Dinner was still settled in Cliff Restaurant. I ordered a lemon juice fish. I didn’t expect it to be so big that I couldn’t eat it at all.

When I returned to the room, I found that the room had been cleaned.

Accompanied by aroma, he entered his dream.

5.29 After getting up in the morning for breakfast, I just wander around and lie on the shaking table to look at the blue sky.

The hotel lighthouse.

Lazy cat.

The bird that broke into the camera at breakfast.

Watching the sea at ICE BAR in a daze. I remember a Frenchman said well that time is squandered.

After drinking this cup of mango sand ice, we will say goodbye to RACHA and hope to come again next time.

In the evening, I bought some souvenirs at Carrefour and had a meal at a nearby Thai hotpot.

At 22: 30 p.m. Ctrip’s people came to pick us up to the airport on time and looked at Phuket’s night scene. We still had to leave after all.

At 7 o’clock Beijing time on 3.30, we returned to Pudong Airport with the memory of the blue sea.