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Travels to Phuket Island 4

The fourth day of the trip should be the most fun, exciting and tense day.

However, the most regrettable thing about this trip is that the swimming pool of the hotel was not well utilized, leaving early and returning late, and the time was too rich. Fortunately, soaking in the sea made up for it.

There are so many tourists going to the sea, but this time it is good. It is said that during the Spring Festival, there are the largest number of tourists, all of whom are Chinese tourists.

Maya Bay, located on Little Phi Phi Island, also has a name called Lover Beach http://www.yododo.com/area/detail/1-06-08-16868. Why is it also called Love from Beach? The tour guide took us to this angle. He didn’t say anything but pointed to the top for us to see for ourselves.

There are quite a few lovers one on one.

The black horns in the sea swam around freely.

This is a swallow cave. There is bird’s nest in the cave. Some people hold the guard at the entrance of the cave. If anyone wants to steal bird’s nest, the guard will shoot, because the price of bird’s nest exceeds gold.

Big Phi Phi Island is just around the corner, but the beaches here are somewhat polluted, because there are many people living on the island and there are many hotels and restaurants.

In the natural swimming pool, Laolu was the first to jump off the boat and lie on the water.

The sea water here is salty and buoyant. It is very comfortable to float on it!

Take a piece of bread and the fish will gather around without snorkeling. They will eat up a few secret kinds of kung fu. If they can’t eat it, they will bite your thigh as bread. If they meet a big fish, they will bite your leg!

Of course, the main character on the monkey beach is the monkey. This is the Monkey King. The monkeys here do not eat bananas, which surprises us mainlanders. Their favorite food is rambutan and they despise bananas.

The sea water here is another color.

After playing with monkeys enough, just play on the beach and look at this pair of castles under construction.

After a turn, he came to Emperor Island to bask in the sun.

When we left in the speedboat, this large flock of gulls came to see us off and flew far away with the speedboat. Looking at them reminded me of the experience of feeding gulls in the Russian Far East. Unfortunately, I had no food in my hand.

In the evening, we came to the Magic Paradise for dinner and then watched a large-scale performance.

This Magic Paradise was built before the financial crisis in 1998, with a total of 3.6 billion Thai plants. It is Thailand’s “Disneyland”. It is an entertainment city that never sleeps with Thai national culture as its conception, with numerous entertainment facilities in the park. The Elephant King Palace Theater, laser lighting, water dance performance, and a theater with 3,000 seats provide tourists with elephant herd performances. It is also a shopping paradise.

The International Cafeteria, which can accommodate 2,000 people, is divided into three major areas. This silver hall is the place where we eat. Each tourist’s seat and the seat for watching the performance are marked on the tickets. This 19th table is our table.

I heard it was an international buffet. I wanted to eat some Japanese and Korean food, but several people couldn’t find it. It seems that this international food is a bit exaggerated.

Gold and silver restaurants are not casually entered, unlike the middle hall, you can walk casually. However, the food in the three areas is exactly the same.

The restroom in the restaurant is also very luxurious, full of hand-painted imitation court paintings.

The more than a dozen elephants in front of the square are all very beautiful. It is said that they are the best of the best and are very good at performing. They are taking pictures with tourists. I will take a picture of them first.

From here, you can go to the theater. You can’t take photos when you go in. If you want to know about the performance, please click the link below http://abroad.cncn.com/sight-19268.

The rare tiger has also settled down here.

Magic Paradise is truly the most popular tourist spot on Phuket Island.

Take the slow train to Chiang Mai 12.01. 19 Chiang Mai

I woke up in the rumbling sound of the train and looked at my watch. It was only 7: 00 a.m. and I said I arrived in Chiang Mai at 1: 00 p.m. However, according to the characteristic that Thai trains were generally 2 hours late, I estimated that I would not arrive until 3: 00 p.m., so I stayed out of bed until I heard the flight attendants begin to tidy up the seats next door. Because when I got on the bus yesterday, I was directly in bed and did not see the legendary moment when the seat changed to bed, so I leaned out and looked around. In fact, it’s nothing, that is, the upper berth pushes in and the lower berth pushes on both sides, that is, the two seats face to face. Thailand also has no hard and fast rules to get up, and some foreigners in the lower bunk have been waiting to sit on the bed and watch the scenery anyway. However, when I was probing, the flight attendant saw me. He asked me with a full face of smile if I would like to come down and sit down, and I readily agreed.

Perhaps many people got off the bus halfway from Bangkok, so when I got up in the morning, there were all empty seats. I picked a seat casually and began to look at the scenery outside in a daze. In the cool season of Thailand, the sky has always been clear, with a slightly cool wind passing through the hall. I have a book on my knee, but I haven’t turned it over very much. I just looked out of the window and stayed all the way. On the contrary, I can feel that I am traveling more than ever. I don’t know what kind of scenery will appear in the next second, full of uneasiness, expectation and surprise.

Thai trains do not report stops, which should be criticized. They can only pay attention to the names of the platforms outside or ask the flight attendants. Although I vaguely remember Chiang Mai as the terminal, I began to fidget at about 2: 30 and wondered if I had missed the stop. It was very hot at this time, and all the flight attendants hid in the air-conditioned carriages for the summer. I had to touch the air-conditioned carriage all the way to ask him how much time he still had to get to Chiang Mai. He said that he would arrive in 10 minutes. Finally, this time he was not greened by the lake. At 2: 40 p.m., our slow train finally stopped at the platform in the small town of Chiang Mai.

The first thing the starving ghost did when getting off the bus was to find food. 40B ordered a bowl of sweet noodles and added a lot of chili powder to it. It was very delicious. When eating, the flight attendants who strolled off the train smiled and waved to me, and I naturally responded with a smile. What a beautiful country.

Probably because I came out late after eating noodles, there were no two cars outside, only one TUTU car was parked at the door, asking for 100B. It is said that the counter-offer can reach about 70B, but think about 30B. I wanted to say I was going to Chiang Mai Gate or Tapeh Gate, but the driver took out a map and let me show it to him. As soon as I saw that my inn was quite famous and there was a mark on it, I directly asked him to pull me to ALL IN 1 GUESTHOUSE.

Let’s talk about the inn in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai and Lijiang are a bit like each other. Lijiang has a very mature inn search network, but Chiang Mai does not. There is only one inn recommendation website (http://www.chiang-mai.org) compiled by foreigners according to their own experience. At first, I went in one by one and then put my favorite in EXCEL. Later, I found that I should first determine where I want to live in what. Chiang Mai has two most important gates. One is the Tapei Gate in the east. From here, many famous monasteries, various CAFE, MASSAGE and a small post office can be seen on the main road into the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The most famous Sunday night market also started here. If you want to go to RIVER SIDE, Chinatown, NIGHT BAZZAD, which is available every night, and WAROROT MARKET, a civilian night market, you can walk outside the city through Tapeimen. It takes 20 minutes to get along the main road. There are many temples on the road to visit. The other is the Chiang Mai Gate in the south. In fact, there are two gates in the south, but the most lively one is the Chiang Mai Gate in the southeast. All the yellow double cars go back to Chiang Mai Gate, and there will be many roadside stalls around 5 pm. They are cheap and of good quality, comparable to Bangkok’s Kaoshan Road. In addition, the Saturday night market also extends from outside Chiang Mai. Therefore, measuring these two points, it is not difficult to find that living between Tapeimen and Chiang Mai is the most convenient. As for the price, the cheapest single room starts at 150B and 700B is almost capped. After all, it is an inn, not a hotel. At first, I also wanted to find a 150B family to blow back (with a bad mentality). Later, I took a fancy to the beautiful room on ALL IN 1 and threw away the inns run by Thai locals who were cheap but looked very simple and crude. Chiang Mai’s cool season is very cold in the morning and a little sultry at night, but after calm down, I can sleep well in the fan room, so I finally booked the fan big bed room, 595B a night, please refer to their official website (http://allin1gh.com/en/index.html). The reservation is very simple, just send an email directly, and there is no need to pay a deposit. The shopkeeper was a very warm and lovely old Western man (I’m sorry I didn’t ask him where he came from, because he was always busy greeting groups of people) and gave me a pile of printed paper as soon as he came up, including the name card of the inn (with Thai address on it), TV channel list, various precautions, WIFI CODE, and map of Chiang Mai City. Of course, his printed map was not very clear, so I later asked him for a beautiful color map, which was quite detailed. When he knew that I was from Shanghai, he said, a small village near the river, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

The only disadvantage is that there is no elevator (of course I dare not use it) and the luggage needs to be carried up by myself (it is not necessarily necessary for the old man to help you carry it. When I was CHECK OUT later, there was a foreign old man who wanted to help, but compared with the western LADY FIRST’s concept, I still have a stronger concept of respecting the old, and when the old man helped to work as a coolie, I always felt that RP would drop) it was very HIGH to enter the door. As expected, it was as clean and spacious as the picture showed, so I took a good bath and went out.

When I went down the stairs, I met two Xiao Mao, which meant that Thailand’s meow was so thin, unlike my cat, which had a big face and a pool of fat meat.

The ancient city of Chiang Mai is full of twists and turns, but fortunately I have already found the inn. When I go out, I am not afraid to get lost as long as I remember some iconic storefronts. It’s about 10 minutes’ walk to Tapemen. Because I didn’t expect to arrive so late, the wandering in the city pushed back and took the map to go to WAROROT MARKET.

Chiang Mai, like Bangkok, is full of temples, but most of them are free of charge and there are many nondescript things, such as eating Lamian Noodles (?) Donald Duck, and Pleasant (because it was turned over by thunder)

Walking to RIVER SIDE, the picture looks very good, isn’t it? It is actually a small dirty river

Moreover, I didn’t find the sign of WAROROT MARKET either. Although I saw many small textile markets where local people set up stalls, I also bought fried pigskin recommended by everyone (100B pack, then 40B pack at Saturday night market, but obviously 100B is much more delicious)

Anyway, there is still a Saturday night market to look forward to. I made two turns and went directly to GOOD VIEW for dinner.

GOOD VIEW is RIVER SIDE’s most famous restaurant, because it is very cheap and the food tastes good, I ordered a winter yin gong soup 160B, a pineapple rice 120B, a fruit salad 95B, not a drink. As mentioned in the previous travel note, the winter yin skill of this family is much spicy than what CW eats, so the soup is basically not allowed to be imported, but the shrimps used are very fresh, large and many in size, and the duckweed mushroom is also very tasty, so I am still willing to give it 80 points and recommend it to everyone. Pineapple rice tastes ordinary at first. When you eat it halfway through, scrape the juice on the pineapple with a spoon, and then eat it together with the rice. It is the best. The sour and sweet taste still leaves saliva when you think about it. Fruit salad is very common, but fortunately pineapple is tasty enough and has a special flavor with mayonnaise.

When the sun is setting, someone will light candles, which is very romantic.

Although there are geckos crawling around in front of us, I have to say that it is really small and fresh to sit by the river and eat and watch the sunset.

When I went back, it was more painful, because it was completely dark and I was not in the mood to see the scenery of what again. I just walked and walked until I reached Tapeimen. I went in and bought sunscreen and mosquito repellent for my colleagues, and then entered a TRUE MOVE SIM card.

The HAPPY CARD used in Thailand last time is very convenient to make phone calls. But it seems to have been abandoned by everyone, This time I bought a TRUE MOVE for 50B, But I have to say, This card is really… Because I don’t have any phone calls to make, Just in case, I did not intend to recharge my money because I had wireless Internet access in the inn (the SIM card brought by Shanghai in the past could not be connected). Then he sent me crazy spam, sending 102 messages within 3 minutes. Fortunately, I am using SMART PHONE now, which can be directly blackmailed with 360. If the same ordinary mobile phone as last time, it would not be harassed to death. And I called home according to the above instructions and couldn’t get through at all. However, the problem of surfing the Internet in the inn was finally solved, although there was no successful T-T after connecting WIFI outside.

The last episode was that the door to the inn could not be opened. He also went down specially to find the front desk. The Thai GN at the front desk was puzzled, but the old man knew what was going on as soon as he heard it. He went upstairs to teach me how to drive it. He said that the movements should be gentle, like coaxing it, and turned slowly. He turned away ORZ. However, after two nights of ordeal, I was finally able to lie comfortably on the big bed and sleep in a beauty sleep. Good night, Chiang Mai.

Southbound Red Star over China 13

I arrived at Mae Soe Station early the next morning, where there were several trains to Peng Shiluo every day via Sukhothai.

I chose the earliest 7 o’clock shift, and the road from there to Sukhothai was well built-although the front section was a mountain road, the asphalt road was spacious and smooth. After more than two hours of speeding through Dafu, some sections of the road reached a speed of almost 130km/h, and finally arrived at Sukhothai Station.

Sukhothai Station was very cold and cheerless, with only a few passengers getting on and off the large platform. However, as soon as I got off the bus, the station immediately became noisy. In the station, it seemed as if I had emerged from the ground. Suddenly, many local people holding signs or a box full of business cards appeared. When you walk over and have a look, it turns out that the name of the local hotel is printed on these brand cards, and the local people will introduce the situation of each hotel to the tourists in detail. I chose GardenGeusthouse among them, and they immediately called a tuk-tuk for 50B to go to GardenGeusthouse.

After arriving at the destination, I found that it was not too far away. GardenGeusthouse is a unique and elegant inn-the most distinctive feature is that there is a row of wooden guest rooms in the back standing in the quiet garden. The check-in price is 150B per day for the front dormitory and 350B per day for the guest rooms in the back garden.

Rooms in GardenGeusthouse Garden:

After settling down, he came to the street. The Sukhothai site was about 12km away from the new city, so he quickly inquired about the car to the site. After being instructed by several passers-by, I finally saw the convertible going there at the bridge head of the new city.

Sukhothai New Town:

It is about half an hour’s drive from the new town to the ruins park.

Sukhothai Historical Park:

Sukhothai is the first capital of Thailand. The time when Sukhothai was the capital was historically called Sukhothai period or Sukhothai dynasty, which was roughly from the middle of the 13th century to the end of the 14th century. The rise of Sukhothai Dynasty was mainly due to the sandwiched between the Mongolian and Yuan regimes in the north and Angkor regimes in the south. Neither regime had time to take care of this middle zone, which provided an excellent historical opportunity for the rise of Sukhothai Dynasty. The Sukhothai Dynasty, which lasted for 200 years, was a golden period for the development of Thai culture. The religious art and architectural style of this era are considered to be the most outstanding in Thai history. The most elegant buildings of this era are now preserved in Sukhothai Historical Park. Sukhothai Historical Park is divided into five parts: Central District and Southeast Northwest. Among them, the Central District is the most concentrated.

Entering Sukhothai Historical Park:

Here are all classic lotus pagodas. The top of the pagoda is a conical spiral tower with a square tower body in the middle and a unique base under the square tower body. There are also some bell-shaped pagodas of Ceylon style in South Asia.

The buildings in the site are beautiful in shape. In some places, the Buddha statues in the pagoda are as finely carved as Angkor’s. Pool is often beside the Buddha statues in the pagoda. Water lilies and lotus flowers are in bud in it, which is especially beautiful. The whole historical park is shrouded in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere.

In the distance, up the steps is the statue of Langanxing, the wisest and greatest king of Sukhothai Dynasty. During his reign, he repelled Angkor and expanded the territory of Sukhothai Kingdom to all areas of present-day Thai territory. At the same time, he also created Thai script, Thailand’s first literary work, and was the founder of Thai culture.

Although the environment in the historical park is beautiful and some pagodas and statues are as finely carved as Angkor, there are not many tourists here and tickets are much cheaper than Angkor.

Walking in the peaceful and peaceful historical park, watching the reflection of the solemn and kind ancient Buddha statues and the Buddha statues in the pond when the sun is setting, the cool breeze blows and makes me feel relaxed and happy, as if walking in the western blissful world.

Lotus, and smile–one more day, in the city of roses

The morning sunshine seems to have been washed in clean water. Spread out your five fingers and your palm is full of sunshine and air from Chiang Mai.

Sunlight filters through fingers, just like it filters through railings and leaves. Shadows will surely be left on the ground. However, who will feel shadows in the sunshine at seven or eight o’clock will always automatically cast their eyes on bright things in the morning.

Air exists, not wind, air is invisible. I feel it is not because I am breathing, but when I am walking, my steps are light, and I can still feel the special fragrance of plumeria gently brushing over with the grass leaf fragrance soaked in dew. The fragrance is tactile and has soft tentacles similar to climbing vines. Plumeria is on high, inside and outside the wall, white, orange and red, the color distribution is just right, elegant and warm. Whether it’s white or orange flowers, dark hair will be more beautiful. Tropical islands, women with chocolate skin color wearing flowers, black hair and waist, look back and smile, black and white eyes, smile like to overflow from the picture, flowing out. Where did you get a card when you were a child? There was such a beautiful woman wearing flowers on the picture. After collecting for a long time, when I saw plumeria, I remembered my beauty card again. Southeast Asia is popular and can run all over the streets wearing flowers. It has not been regarded as the danger of “anthomaniac”.

The sun shines and the plumeria is refreshed. There are also other flowers, some of which cannot be named, lotus and morning glory. The colors here are bluer and purple, and pink clusters do not know whether they are called Eight Immortals. East-west alleys, walls, courtyards and corners have flowers, trees and luxuriant winding vines. Without these flower trees, the streets of Chiang Mai would have been more lonely. There are various ancient towns in the water villages in the south of the Yangtze River in China. There are more tourists than in Dali and Lijiang in the west. The ink and wash alleys are still quiet. It is only because the people there do not like to grow flowers in front of their homes.

On the last day of Chiang Mai, I didn’t go anywhere. I spent an ordinary day in the ancient city, starting with watching flowers.

Early in the morning, I was awakened by the strange rooster crowing. I still remember wondering, “Why is the rooster crowing here so strange?” It was not a clear long sound, but a short one, like being grabbed by the neck and leaking gas. Although the rooster’s name is different, dawn also keeps its promise.

Dawn and sunshine come together. Put on your favorite white blouse, mint green skirt and tie a braided hair, feeling like half a local. Since others said I had lost weight, I also found myself losing weight, so I had more fun traveling: I used to go out with TEE and jeans, but now I can wear them in different styles. Walking on the road in a skirt feels very different, as if the world has become lighter. Walking alone into the alley, I got up late and did not encounter the scene of giving alms. I only saw the free and easy back of a few monks, who were walking back to their temples. The students in school uniforms just set out to go to school. I followed several monks into an alley. In an instant, the monks disappeared and there was another temple in front.

There are various temples in Chiang Mai. Golden walls, white columns, white towers; High spires, complicated and exquisite patterns, colorful inlays, gorgeous and unreasonable, like paintings. Not only that, the new and old traces are woven together. The old is like a fire, the statue turns to smoke gray and ochre red, and the new is like gold and silver coins polished many times, sparkling. Chiang Mai’s temples prefer purity in color, but you cannot deny its dignity. The statues of the young monks meditating on the path have nothing to do with this solemnity, but rather look joyful, just as joyful as those small statues outside the houses and in the inns.

In every corner of the ancient city, there are small clay statues sitting on the ground. The little monk smiled, the little girl smiled, the old woman wearing flowers smiled, the elephant smiled, and the pig smiled. If I stand in the street and laugh, I will not be regarded as a fool, because I am not laughing alone.

In a strange place, just take an ordinary walk and eat an ordinary breakfast. Last year on BALI Island, tourists from the hotel came and went with the group. They did not even know that a few steps away was a beautiful beach surrounded by huge cliffs. They leave early and return late every day to watch different beaches and seascapes. If they stay one more day, if they can walk a few more steps along the road in front of the door, they will not miss the beach. On the contrary, the latest ones are easy to miss, and it is still the case in the distance.

It is best to arrange “one more day” for one’s own travel. For one more day, there is no schedule and no plan. Staring blankly, walking, walking at will.

Hungry, just find a small restaurant on the street and go in and have a bowl of soup and rice. There may be people at the next table to greet you. They are also not Thais but Burmese. He thinks you are more like a foreigner than he is, so he enthusiastically takes the initiative to act as an interpreter for you and the owner. Such a bowl of soup and rice has a different taste. At noon, the sun is poisonous, and you can hide in the SPA hall to enjoy essential oil and skin care. The traffic on the street seems to be very far away. The melodious music sends you back to the jungle. The fragrance lingers and you can take the opportunity to take a good nap.

In the evening, as refreshed as the early morning plumeria, I walked to my favorite temple. Sit on the green wooden chair and watch the sunshine fade away. . . Summer was originally long, running south, and summer came back.

Four-sided Buddha + Thai Food Banana Leaf

Day 10

I didn’t go to Thailand to worship the four-sided Buddha twice before. This time we can’t miss it again.

When the hotel comes out, thinking that the Buddha on all sides is not far from the hotel, just make a Tuk Tuk. As a result, the first Tuk Tuk came over, another old trick I encountered yesterday, saying that I would take us to the what store in what. Today’s time is rather short, so I refused. It takes 50B to go to the four-sided Buddha. It’s not cheap, it’s about the same as Taxi. It seems that in Bangkok, it is better to take a taxi by Tuk Tuk.

When I got off the bus, someone immediately came to sell incense and flowers to what. I didn’t understand the situation at that time, so I asked. Later, it was discovered that the price of the place where incense was invited inside the four-sided Buddha wall was more reasonable. It is suggested to go to the point inside the four-sided Buddha wall to invite incense.

* Four-sided Buddha

* Those who come to fulfill their vows can be invited to sing. In addition, there are also people who invite what to dance lions. I don’t quite understand.

* The incense place inside the wall. You can see the marked price.

The four-sided Buddha is said to be very spiritual. The method of worship is also very exquisite. I don’t quite understand and dare not say anything. Those who are interested can go to Niang Du to search for a lot of information.

After worshipping the Buddha on all sides, I came out because I didn’t eat breakfast and was a little hungry. I decided to go to Silom for dinner. I took the light rail. Silom Line, S2 sala daeng

Station, Exit 4. Go find Samai Sek Chicken Rice. This chicken rice has no Chinese signboard and is next door to the Chinese signboard “Shengyingfa”. By the way, “Sheng Ying Fa” is also very famous. There are recommendations on Taiyou Camp.

* Shop signs

Chicken rice tastes good. Compared with Watergate chicken rice, it has its own advantages. The chicken is not as tender as the chicken in Watergate chicken rice, but the rice is steamed with chicken soup and chicken oil and has a very strong fragrance. This chicken rice is made by Chinese. Although the wife of shop-owner is old, she is well maintained and has good demeanor. Later, when I met my boss, he came to talk to us in Chinese.

* Samai Sek Chicken Rice’s wife of shop

* chicken rice. 40B. According to Uncle Hu, the seasoning I used was wrong, but when I went that day, I didn’t see the seasoning in the “coarse porcelain bowl” he mentioned. However, it tastes good with this seasoning.

Eating chicken rice comes out and Banana Leaf on the ground floor of Silom Complex next to it eats dinner. Compared with the fake “banana leaves” that bloom everywhere in China, Banana Leaf is a noble and authentic family. It tastes good and has high cost performance. Many Thai locals also come here to eat.

+ Signs

* Fried crab curry is a must. The price on the menu seems to be 450B, but it is actually much cheaper when settling accounts later. Probably because we are two people, we have a small portion. Crab powder removed from fresh sea crabs has no shell at all. The taste, I don’t like it very much, I think it is a little sweet. It may be more suitable for the taste of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

* Shrimp salad, this one tastes good, cooked shrimp, with onion and citronella, tastes spicy and delicious.

* It seems to be called Gansong Soup? According to Uncle Hu, it is spicy soup with citrus flavor, but I think it is not spicy at all, but sweet. In contrast, I prefer Dongyingong and Dongkagai.

* Yellow rice

The meal totaled 625B.

Then I went to Silom Complex for a stroll. After the stroll, I felt hungry again. It was humiliating to go to Banana Leaf again.

* Fried shrimp balls. Originally, I didn’t like fried food, but this shrimp ball is very helpful. Not only is it not as hot and dry as fried food, but it also tastes very elastic and doesn’t add any other messy things. Very delicious.

* My great love, raw shrimp salad. Shrimp is very fresh and seasoning is also very good. It is very delicious with a lot of mint and fresh chili.

This meal, 257B.

After shopping, take a taxi back to the hotel to pick up your luggage and then go to the airport. What is more, after taking out the luggage, our Taxi broke down on the highway to the airport. At that time, we were in a hurry! Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to meet an empty taxi on the highway, so I stopped the car and went to the airport.

* After coming up and intercepting the taxi, I took it. Outside is the broken taxi we used to take.

Arrive at the airport, check in luggage, refund tax, and then fly home.

Chaducha + Bangkok Food Som Tam Nua

Day 9

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. I missed it last time I came to Bangkok. I’d better go and have a look this time. Citin came out to take a taxi. The driver did not type the watch, but the quotation was only 40B. I was a little surprised: it was so cheap. . . Only half a minute later, the driver was exposed: Let’s go to a gem store first so that he can get the gas ticket returned to him by the store-that’s why the fare is so cheap. Look at the watch, it was less than 9 o’clock at that time, it was still early anyway, so go and have a look.

A magnificently decorated gem shop is mostly full of tourists brought by drivers. Gem shops are also very thoughtful, with salespeople who speak various languages introducing their products to visitors. Naturally, those who came to receive us also spoke Mandarin. We took a polite stroll, but to be honest, we have no research on rubies and no purchase plans, which is really unworthy of the enthusiasm of the salespeople. After shopping, continue on the road to Chatuchak.

Chatuchak is really a big MAC in the market. It is really big enough. Let’s look at the map before we go in. Otherwise, it is really easy to get lost. I don’t know whether it is the wrong area I visited or other what reasons. I feel that the quality of most of the goods in Chatuchak is average, which makes my plan to buy Thai cotton clothes fall through (there are many Thai cotton clothes sold, but the quality is average). If I like to find small things with special features, it seems that this place is not as good as Chiang Mai’s Sunday Market. However, there is everything in it. It is not afraid of the hot weather or the large number of people. It is also good to have a look.

# Map of Chatuchak

# The map of Chatuchak I collected when I was doing my work. I forgot whose original post was. Thank you here!

# chatuchak Market

# Selling food

# Shoe seller

# Delicious coconut ice cream, 35B

# Twin sisters selling coconut ice cream

&……% ¥ ×

After visiting Chatuchak, go to Som Tam Nua Restaurant in Siam Square for dinner immediately. This restaurant is dominated by green papaya salad with the characteristics of northeastern Thailand. Bangkok locals also like it very much. Business is booming and there are definitely long lines for meals. This restaurant is recommended by Lake Uncle Lakewarder. Details can be found at http://www.dianping.com/shop/4070611. People’s comments on Zhu Yu came first, and I was too lazy to praise them like parrots.

Som Tam Nua Restaurant is also quite easy to find. It is just opposite the famous Siam Centre, the Siam Station of the light rail Sukhumvit line. Exit from Exit 4 and you can see the small street marked No.4. It is not far from the entrance. When I arrived, it was only after 2 p.m. and I was in line.

# The menu will be given to you first when the seats are arranged.

# Pickled crab green papaya salad. People who don’t like pickled crabs may feel crocodile. Anyway, there are many kinds of green papaya salad in this store, so you can choose something else. Empty stuttering is too sour, with glutinous rice-very refreshing!

# Green papaya salad perfect match-glutinous rice rice

# Sour and spicy pig cartilage soup. Long-lost local pork smells good!


# Grilled fish. Compared with other dishes, this is normal. His family is also famous for its barbecue. I gave up the barbecue because I ordered the grilled fish, which is a little regrettable.

Som Tam Nua Restaurant出来,去对面的Siam Centre,Siam Discovery Centre,然后去Central World买Naraya包包。说真的,我很困惑啊,大家真的觉得Naraya包包好吗?我觉得很一般啊。感觉他家的东西有点做作哦,象穿公主裙的大妈~~~为什么这么多中国人在这里买呢?我象征性地买了几个,估计以后不会再去了。

晚餐继续我的曼谷路边摊。Big C对面路边摊的烤鲈鱼也是味美之极。新鲜的鲈鱼,塞上香茅菜,外面抹盐炭烤,140B一条。

Dog Bone Island Roundabout + Hotel Investigation

Day 2

Bann Makok’s room rate includes breakfast. There are 5 breakfast choices, American, European, Thai, vegetarian and sweet breakfast.

# American

# Thai rice soup with fish. In fact, it is soup and rice.

# Bann Makok’s Flower Cat. And a black one.

I want to visit the island and see other hotels by the way. The motorcycle rent is 400B a day, because it is full of oil, and you have to pay 150B more for oil. It’s much more expensive than Tao Island. It’s still cheap to eat, live and travel on Tao Island!

I rode my motorcycle onto the road and headed south. First, we went to the famous Shantaa Hotel. The beach near the hotel is really good, but it is a little close to the dock. I went to ask about the price, Villa 4500B, Sweet 5500B, of course, I can still have some discount if I stay for a long time. His home website: http://www.shantaakohkood.com

# Shantaa Beach

# Shantaa Beach

# Pier near Shantaa

# The garden of Shantaa hotel

Shantaa goes further south, after a big downhill to Hat Khlongchao. Away Resort is right here. Away prices (excluding tax) are 2280B for Island Canvas Retreat, 4680B for Deluxe Ocean Facing Bunglow and 6000B for Deluxe Oceanfront Bunglow.

I feel that Away’s beaches and environment are not as good as Shantaa’s. However, it is quite lively here. People who like it can come here.

# Away Resort

When I was at the Thai airport, I didn’t go to Boots to buy sunscreen because I was in a hurry. I thought it would be very convenient to buy it on Dog Bone Island. As a result, all shops on Dog Bone Island sell only one sunscreen-Nivea Blue Bottle, which is not waterproof. Fortunately, Bann Makok’s staff kindly helped me find a bottle of waterproof sunscreen left over from previous guests. I couldn’t help it, so I used it. It is suggested that if you come directly to the island, you should buy sunscreen at the airport first. It is not worth buying in China. The same Nivea Blue Bottle Sunscreen sells 159B on Dog Bone Island and more than 60 RMB on Watsons in China. Why are things in China so expensive? ! ! !

All the way south to the southernmost Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort. I feel that there are many Russians at the southern end of the island. The signs in many places are in English + Russian.

# Signs in English + Russian at the southern tip of the island

Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort is also inhabited by Russians. The beach here is also ok. Rates are slightly cheaper (including morning and tax, Sea Breeze Hut 3300B, Sea View Hut 4950B, Garden View 3850B, Garden Villa 4290B).

When I arrived at Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort, it was noon and I stopped by the restaurant here to have a meal and rest. There are a lot of dishes on the menu here, but they are very ordinary. Stir-fry is very oily, unlike Thai food, it seems to be Chinese food. Lunch for two, three courses, 390B.

# Stir-fry

After lunch came out, I walked to Ao Yai for a while. Since I didn’t plan to go to the fishing village to eat seafood, I looked out into the distance.

# Overlooking Ao Yai Fishing Village

On the way back, I passed Klong Hin Beach Resort and thought the publicity pictures were very beautiful, so I went in on my motorcycle to have a look. The journey from the highway to the hotel is not close, and the road is also very bad, but after arriving, I feel suddenly enlightened and Xanadu! The beach is very beautiful, the water is clear and the sand is young. Ask the price, only 1600B includes tax! Surprise me. Unfortunately, there are no vacancies. Later we went again, but there was still no vacancy. His family has no website, no email, only phone calls. Tel: 089-0463005. In such a place with high cost performance, I hardly know how others ordered it! If I go to Dog Bone Island again, I will definitely find a way to book his house in advance.

# Klong Hin Beach Resort beach (unfortunately the sky is not blue enough!)

# Klong Hin Beach Resort beach (unfortunately the sky is not blue enough!)

# Klong Hin Beach Resort beach (unfortunately the sky is not blue enough!)

When I passed Hin Dad Resort, I went to see it specially. The hotel is on the seaside, but there is no beach and it is surrounded by rocks, which should be more suitable for snorkeling. The overall environment is not bad, the room is a little simple, but in terms of the overall price level of Dog Bone Island, it is still a very good place.

# Rocks beside Hin Dad Resort

# Rocks beside Hin Dad Resort

# Hin Dad Resort

Back at Bann Makok, it’s 6:00. As soon as I got back, it began to rain heavily, which made me very lucky.

Bann Makok happened to have buffet, 800B, from Seafood BBQ this night. The food was very rich. The waiter kept cooking. We ate and ate, but we didn’t finish the food at last. I feel a little wasted food. Shame.

# seafood BBQ buffet

# seafood BBQ buffet

# Beverages are paid for at one’s own expense. Ha ha.

Evening sand

It’s almost six o’clock, and the sun has already set. It’s time to go out and shake. Because I live on the east bank of the island and cannot see the beautiful scenery of the sunset, I will go to the beach and shake casually. Besides, there is a beautiful swimming pool here. Although I can’t swim, it seems impossible not to go down to bubble water. So I changed into swimming trunks, took my camera and walked behind lobby alone. In fact, no matter the beach. There are many tourists everywhere by the swimming pool. I also took off my shoes and walked on the beach to enjoy the coolness of the sea.

After shaking on the beach for a while, I also felt bored. The sea breeze made me feel comfortable. However, after a day in the sun, I was more eager to soak in cold water, so I went to the swimming pool, took off my clothes and enjoyed a cool and refreshing time in the water. In fact, the time to soak in water was not long. Now it is more than 6 o’clock and the swimming pool is closed at 7 o’clock.

After soaking in cold water, it is time to go out and look for food. So I dried myself and rode my motorcycle to town.

Learn Vacation from Westerners-Generation Experience Siam 5

Learn Vacation from Westerners

There is a popular question called “Why are you unhappy Chinese?”

We love labor, we believe in worldly wisdom, we like to jump the queue and enter through the back door, we like to complain, we like to save money, we do everything for our children, we like to go to cultural relics more than natural scenery, we get on the bus, sleep, get off the bus, urinate, take photos, throw garbage and leave.

The Chinese are indeed an ethnic group with worrying quality. It is not that we have always been like this, but that we have been sleeping for a long time and suddenly found ourselves Granny Liu entering Grand View Garden.

The impression given to Europe by the Chinese was originally local, but now I’m afraid it is nouveau riche. At the end of last year, there was also an article in the American Economist magazine that Chinese how traveled around Europe to become the newly rich in the market, but between the lines there was still a sour, mean, very sophisticated and very wise. The Chinese travel to several countries every time, and they hardly touch Western food when they go to Europe. They are careful in their accommodation and all the money saved is swept away from luxury goods in Paris.

At the World Expo, everyone queued up to collect the seals of the pavilions, but showed little interest in visiting the interior. We are not just rushing to catch up, nor do we know we are rushing up with what. Europeans laugh at us for being strange, and we laugh at Europeans for being short-sighted. Although the point of view is not indisputable, shouldn’t we seriously reflect on why we are not happy with the alarm bell ringing?

I should be regarded as a person with rich travel experience. After graduating from college, I took up my luggage and traveled all over the world. At the age of 2045, I traveled to 16 countries on three continents in the world. It was rare in China, but in Europe, I was only in the middle and upper classes. It was by no means rare. I know countless Europeans who travel everywhere, China, India, Africa and so on. Of course, on the one hand, it is related to economic factors; On the other hand, it is due to their mentality-not in a hurry to get married, not in a hurry to get employed, not in a hurry to be reliable, not in a hurry to have children. In short, there is no hurry. Some people go to Zambia to take care of wild animals, some go to Asia to hunt for novelty, and more people choose to enjoy their youth in Eastern Europe economically. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Tanzania, Philippines and Argentina may all be their destinations. Many foreigners will make friends with men and women during the trip and break up at the end of the trip. Many foreigners choose to spend a year traveling around the world in the middle of their career, burning money and bleeding. Many foreigners will choose to go out when they earn enough money to travel and find a job after squandering it. Life is so brazenly tossed and turned by them. There are many romantic stories, which have made the American chicks in “Wishing Pool”, the American chicks in “Sparrow to Phoenix” and the American chicks in “Food Prayer and Love”. There are too many love movies originated from travel, and it is not just American chicks. If I have to give an example, it is Roman Holiday.

I know a Dutch uncle who should belong to the middle class. He is a typical person who will travel on suspension. Months in Mozambique, months in Australia, months in Cambodia and months in China. Everywhere I go is a beautiful scene that goes deep into the front line. Sometimes I look for a guide and sometimes I find a boyfriend (oh, yes, he is gay). Live quietly, pretend to be a local, embrace the warmth in every sunshine and record the affection in every smile. When I went to the beach, what didn’t do it either. I lay quietly, the sun and the moon rotated, the stars changed, and the clouds and clouds rolled up. I almost lay on the beach with the feeling that I could grow old in the wasteland. I didn’t care. It had nothing to do with anyone.

I also know a Dutch eldest brother, heterosexual. Doctor of Engineering, however, saw human suffering during his trip to Africa and was determined to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Now he is studying for a doctor of medicine.

I have also met French high school students, Canadian college students, British white-collar workers and so on, all of whom have rich travel experiences, and all of them are slow-paced without exception. Just like the Nordic people on Koh Samet Island.

Koh Samet Island is really occupied by them. There is a program “Looking for Clown COCO” performed in Nordic language, which attracted many children. I chatted with a Swedish father and asked that the program was in what language. I only heard Swedish or Danish but I was not sure. He replied that it was Danish, but Swedish and Norwegian children could understand it. Then he asked me where I came from. I said China. He said how much you traveled here. I replied, this market is just beginning to rise. He said they come almost every year, especially in winter. The whole of Europe was too cold, so I came to the beaches of Asia and chose Thailand as one choice.

I have been to Sweden, two feelings, beauty and boredom. Of course, Northern Europe also has beautiful beaches, where the sea is blue and blue, somewhat Leng Yan. It is naturally impossible to enter the water in winter. Even Spain and Greece are only warm winters, which cannot be compared with tropical Thai beaches. The European family came on vacation, warm and romantic.

The difference between Pattaya and Sammy Island is that Pattaya is gorgeous, while Sammy Island is elegant. Vacationers can be separated. Pattaya is mostly retired uncles and men looking for excitement, while Koh Samet Island is dominated by couples and small families.

Chinese traveling in Thailand may also take a three-to-five-day hurried trip to scenic spots in Malaysia and Singapore. I went to the second-and third-rate vulgar transvestite performance venue to attack my chest, and then stepped on the spot everywhere to worship Buddha. I bought a bunch of bird’s nest and shark’s fin Bangkok bags to pat my ass and leave. It is true that few people travel deeply, few slow down, and few plan to stay.

More and more families have freed themselves from economic shackles and become new forces in tourism. But then again, Westerners also owe it. When we don’t have famous brands, we laugh at our poverty; When we are covered with famous brands, we laugh at our local tycoons. When we have no pollution, we bully us and have no industry. When we have industry, we scold us for loving pollution. In fact, it is still an era behind the West, and it still hasn’t caught up with the pace to this day. Only when the people who got rich first have the ability to explore the ends of the earth in depth, can we plan a spiritual journey without hurry and rashness and sleep safely on the waves? Why must we lose ourselves in the consumption of luxury goods?

Travelers, are you looking for what?

One-day tour around Phi Phi Island

Today can be said to be the most worthwhile day. Phi Phi Island’s one-day tour around the island, 500 baht per person, started at 9: 00 a.m. until he came back from watching the sunset at sea. The ship served a lunch, water and some fruit.

Route: Starting from Tongsai Bay, first make a circle around Little Phi Phi Island.

Visit Viking Cave, then turn to Loh Samah Bay, the southernmost part, to enter Maya Bay. Our cruise ship is a big ship and cannot dock directly. We have to swim by ourselves and then climb up the cliff along the ladder. This still takes a lot of effort. Because the shore is a rocky cliff with great waves. However, it seems that you don’t have to pay the island fee (200 baht) for landing from this side. Then through a jungle, we came to the famous Mayan Bay.

Maya Bay, Lover’s Beach, what a romantic name, Leonardo’s “Beach” location, but the bad thing is that it is too famous. The dense crowd on the beach and the cruise ships that follow on the shore are similar to some famous scenic spots in China. We looked around and headed home.

After leaving Maya Bay, our boat turned to a snorkeling point on the west side of Phi Phi Island. This place is good and there are many fish schools. Everyone is very excited.

The next stop is Bamboo Island. The scenery here is very charming. If I really understand what as blue sea and blue sky in my whole life, it is here. There is also the white and soft sand beach, which leaves a very deep impression. Whether it is swimming, sunbathing or staring blankly, it is a kind of enjoyment.

通塞湾里的shark point是另外一个浮潜点,非常不错,景色非常丰富。而且离long beach不远。如果下次再来,我们不需要到处走动,就住在long beach的酒店的海景房,然后租一个kayak,划到shark point进行浮潜,也很不错的。

On the other side of long beach is Monkey Beach. The crew brought some watermelons ashore to amuse the monkeys, and everyone was almost laughing.

Finally, the most beautiful moment is the sunset at sea.

At dusk in Tongsai Bay, all the ships going out are rushing back.

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