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Month: September 2018

Travel to Thailand Again-Travel Notes to Thailand (Ⅱ)

Perhaps it was too excited, perhaps it was because the hotel was in the noisy downtown with heavy traffic and did not sleep well that night in Lokun. Only at 8 o’clock the next morning did I wipe my sleepy and sore eyes and get up. Suddenly I remembered that I was going to go to Jiami today. I planned to stay there for one night before, so I took a bus to Bangkok the next night and stayed there for two days, but suddenly I thought that I still had a very important place to go. That place was too important to me, and for me in southern Thailand, it was too remote and there was still a long way to go. So I decided to go to Jiami, but I did not live there and returned to Bangkok that night. This can save one day’s time, in addition, it can also create a reason for coming to Thailand next time. Moreover, I don’t want to carry heavy luggage to play after checking out… However, later, it proved that this was the biggest mistake in this trip, which directly led to the second regret of the trip to Thailand… This is another story.

To get back to the point, After leaving the hotel, Looking for a car to go to the long-distance station is very far away from the city, about 5 kilometers away. Only after that did I find that the cars there are relatively broken. It takes more than three hours to get to Jiami, and it takes two hours to get a car. It was very late to get there, which did not meet the requirements of my one-day tour. So I turned back to the city and told the coachman to park the car at the place where the city specializes in Luokun-Jiami passenger dedicated line. From Luokun to Jiami, if you want to take the fast bus, there is a special place in the city to wait for the bus. The fast buses here are all Toyota minibuses. There is an hourly bus to Jiami. There are also the same fast buses to Heai and Dongli, but they are taken at other locations.

Although there were many passengers getting on and off all the way, our car ran very fast. After more than two hours of travel, we finally arrived at Jiami and saw the chartered buses of tour groups by the sea and the hills rising abruptly in the sea on the flat ground…….

Just wanted to walk around the street, suddenly someone came over on a motorcycle and asked me where I was going. I said I would go to the station, but it would take a while… the man was always pestering me and had to take me to the station. He said it would only be 50B, I said it would be 40B, but he actually agreed… so he went all the way to the station. Jiami Station is very far away, about 10km away from the city. It took a while to arrive. The 40B fare was really worth the fare. After arriving at the station, I bought a ticket to Bangkok. The ordinary bus 700B (the price varies slightly with the train number, and the senior bus 950B) was at 5 pm. After buying the tickets, I found that it was still a long time, so I decided to go somewhere and finally decided to go to the famous temple near Jiami, Tiger Cave Temple. However, I don’t know the specific location. What should I do? The man who sent me here just now had been riding a motorcycle for a long time and did not know where to go. Suddenly he found that there was a travel agency in the station, so he went to consult. Wow, the boss of the travel agency was very enthusiastic and offered me a small piece of watermelon. When I heard that I was going there, my face changed immediately. He said that the Tiger Cave Temple was located on a steep mountain and how far the journey was… I hit the nail on the head and asked him how much it cost. He said 500B, I thought it was expensive, so I talked about 400B.. Soon a “Mercedes Taxi” arrived. The boss was the driver. Let me leave my luggage there and only take my backpack to the Tiger Cave Temple. However, I didn’t expect the Tiger Cave Temple to be too close to the long-distance station. The road back to the city turned to the left fork in the road, which was only 5 kilometers at most. Ah……

After that, the boss told me that he would come back to pick me up to the station in three hours and walk inside to the Tiger Cave Temple.

So all the way forward, I saw the main entrance of Tiger Cave Temple:

This Tiger Cave Temple has one in Bhutan and one in Jiami in Thailand. I am going to the one in the back. Why are they all called this name? I think the possible reason is that the two temples are both located in remote mountains.

There are many monkeys in the woods at the foot of the mountain. They are not afraid of people and jump around…….

Up the steps, the scenery is getting more and more beautiful.

The Tiger Cave Temple is on the top of this steep summit. All the way up, I was so tired that I was panting and stopped several times to rest…….

After climbing for more than half an hour, he finally reached the top. The glittering pagoda of Tiger Cave Temple shines brightly in the sun. It is really resplendent and magnificent.

Standing on the summit, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Jiami Mountain and Sea:

Unconsciously, it was getting late, so I went down the mountain. The taxi had already stopped at the gate of the temple, so I took the bus to the station and finished my one-day tour of Jiami. At five o’clock in the afternoon, the bus to Bangkok left the station on time-the tall and steep karst peaks on both sides of the road extended to the horizon. Under the sunset, the boundless dusk looked particularly strange, making people have endless reverie. Goodbye, Jiami, come again next time-Jiami and I really met and hated each other late, Jiami really made me feel unsatisfied……

This time I have been in Thailand for half a month, and my trip to Thailand has come to an end. I am running towards the last and most important destination of this trip to Thailand…….

Walking in Thailand’s Sumi Island IV-Full Moon Carnival Party

Originally, there were no what activities in the trip, but I just wanted to look at the blue sky, blue sea and white clouds on the small island far away from the mainland and relax. A few days before leaving, I learned from CCTV News that coconut farmers on this island, which accounts for 70% of Thailand’s coconut production, began to try to train monkeys to pick coconuts in order to save labor costs and better management: “Monkeys are more obedient to management and will not have any wage increase requirements.” So I was secretly pleased: I can watch monkeys pick coconuts! However, there was no “Full Moon Party” program, and I didn’t find this project when I did my homework in advance. It was only when Xiao Huang arrived at Suratani Dock that morning that he found the publicity poster that he learned that our time was just right to participate in this “Party”. This “Party” is held on the full moon day of each lunar month in “Pangan” (also known as Moonlight Island) to the north of Sumi Island. We are really lucky to meet, because this is a carnival for young people in the West, and there is no tourism promotion for our country. Xiao Huang studied in Phuket, which is so close to Sumi Island, for more than two years. He only knew about this activity through watching Thai movies, but he has never participated in it. Therefore, when he saw the publicity poster, he was ecstatic and even shouted “lucky”! “Hit red-handed”! Unfortunately, Mr. Xiao Luan left the island that morning because he received his classmates.

Transport tickets for the party were booked through hotel owner Louis, with a round trip of 700 Thai baht. On the 31st, it was the Buddha’s Birthday Festival. Huang was very worried about the rescheduling of the full moon carnival. On the first day, Louis was repeatedly asked to implement it. Only when it was confirmed that it was correct did he feel relieved.

At 4 o’clock this afternoon, a minibus came to the hotel to pick us up. When I got into the car, I found that except we were yellow-skinned and short-nosed Asians, the rest were all white-skinned and high-nosed Western young people.

At an irregular dock, we waded into the speedboat. There are about 40 people in a ship. I observed that there are about 6 or 7 Asian faces and the rest are Westerners.

The speedboat took the wind and waves to the north and reached Pan’an Island in 15 minutes. It seems that it is not easy to take part in this carnival either. You have to cut off your time or get seasick, because the means of transportation in Pangan Island must be speedboats, and seasick people can only look at the island and sigh!

On board the island, Thais in uniform greeted them to buy tickets. Xiao Huang said that those people were sent by the tourism department. Tickets are not expensive: 100 Thai baht, or RMB 20 yuan. What is commendable is that the ticket design is very humanized: it is a soft plastic bracelet, which has both collection value and practical value. On my trip back to Bangkok the next day, I found many tourists wearing it on their wrists. A Singapore tourist saw the sign on my wrist and asked me happily: Did you go to the full moon carnival yesterday?

If it is paper tickets, it will not have this effect.

Pangan Island is a slightly smaller island than Sumi Island, and its connection with the mainland is entirely by boat. Although the transportation is very inconvenient, the commercial atmosphere on the island is very strong because the carnival activities have been held for many years. As soon as they entered the “island gate”, Thais kept shouting “TAXI” and “TAXI”! It looks like the carnival venue is far away. Xiao Huang pretended to be a Thai and asked a policeman. Only then did he know that it was only more than ten minutes away from the beach of the main venue. The unknown “foreigners” climbed onto the small convertible called “TAXI” one after another, while we walked slowly while watching the scene. To say “look at the scenery” is actually to look at shops. There are only three categories of things sold in the shops: clothes and clothes with fluorescence; Alcoholic beverages in small plastic barrels; The barbecue grill smells delicious and roasts food.

Eat, drink, look and walk. It was only a little more than 6 o’clock when we arrived at the beach. Night had just fallen. Upon enquiry, the carnival party didn’t officially start until 9 o’clock. At this time, there are only a few tourists on the beach, only a line of stalls along the coast are brightly lit.

Growing up by the sea, as soon as I set foot on the beach, I immediately judged that the beach used for carnival was exposed, moist and hard after the tide ebbed. I seriously suspected that the carnival in the middle of the night was probably carried out in the water.

There are still more than two minutes left, and I can only sit on the wet beach and wait foolishly.

The moon sneaked out of the dark sea at 6: 20.

At the full moon party, of course, there must be a moon. I tried my best to look for the moon with a pair of useless myopia. Huang pointed to the distance and suddenly said, “It should be the moon.” I squinted and looked carefully. I saw a little apricot red arch up bit by bit in the middle of the dark opposite side. The color became lighter and lighter, and the light spots became rounder and rounder. Finally, it turned into a silver CD and hung sparkling on the opposite side. Because of the reflection of the moon, I can tell which is the sky and which is the sea (my eyes are not strong, I can see it from the camera lens, ha ha).

I have read the poem “The Moon Born on the Sea” many times, but it is the first time that I really face “The Moon Born on the Sea”. This is a feeling that can only be understood but not expressed in words.

As the full moon gradually rises, the sea water is also quietly rising and more people are gradually increasing. Looking closely at the tourists walking up and down the beach, we found that at least 90% of them were Westerners. It is puzzling whether all the Westerners in Thailand were concentrated on this beach this night. Or just came to some beach in the west? In addition, contrary to the age composition of Western tourists who are mainly white-haired elderly in all tourist attractions, the young participants here are the absolute main force! Also, carnival is a matter for young people. However, as the night darkened and the number increased, groups of Thai sisters began to appear on the beach. By-products of the full moon party are beginning to emerge: some Westerners who plan to stay in Thailand for a short period of time or for a long time hope to use this ambiguous night to find a Thai sister who does “special work” here to have an affair or form a short-term family. Maybe that’s how the ugly and black Thai sister beside Louis came from?

The hour hand slowly moved to 9 o’clock. JD music began to ring here and there. Fireworks also jumped into the night sky from time to time. More heckling was heard one after another. It turned out that merchants were sparing no effort to sell the things on their stalls to every tourist or group of tourists. There were also more stalls with lights on the beach.

We patted our wet buttocks and walked towards the brightest places with the loudest cries.

It turns out that these are all stalls selling drinks, screaming for tourists. The vendor is a Thai who is in one water. When he sees different tourists, he shouts in different languages. Without exception, as we approached, several vendors rushed to shout “hello”! “Hello”!

Xiao Huang, who was blackened by the scorching sun near the equator, accosted them in Thai, which can be used in real terms, and successfully bought a bottle of beer at Louis’ price of 50 Thai baht. He said that if it weren’t for the fake, they would have asked for at least 80 Thai baht. He said that Thais are very good at this, at least not killing their own people. However, in China, even one of its own people is killed, which is too unkind. Alas! Sad!

Some of the bright stalls on the beach sell fluorescent ornaments and some paint fluorescent patterns on tourists.

The full moon like a silver plate rose to the middle of the sky. At 9 o’clock sharp, as a green laser hit the mountain on the right side of the beach with the words “Thailand” and “Welcome to Pangan Welcome to Pan’an Island”, the carnival began and the beach was boiling.

A huge scallop shell set off a crazy drummer on the shelf. On the next stage, a group of young people were writhing wildly with music in the changing lights. There are several such stages on the beach.

Crowds of people formed circles, the center of which was highly skilled and bold people playing with fire.

More and more people waved their bare arms, red arms and big faces painted with fluorescent patterns, holding small plastic buckets with several straws, talking and laughing while drinking. It seems that the theme of carnival is to release once and relax once, bringing convenience to those in need.

Xiao Huang and I were just bystanders, walking past one table after another, one circle after another, appreciating their madness and feeling their joy. Walking to the left side of the beach, I found it was relatively quiet. A dozen pairs of young men and women were sitting on the beach. A candle was burning in a bunker in front of them, either whispering or quietly. Are they praying for the future?

At 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, we left the beach to return to the hotel, because Xiao Huang will return at 6 o’clock the next morning. However, I didn’t know until I got to the dock that the promise to have a return speedboat at any time is only for team tourists. Our individual rule is to start the return at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, and if only a few people will also send the boat. However, if a ship of individual passengers is assembled before 1 o’clock, the ship can also be dispatched.

After waiting for more than a minute, at 12: 30 we finally got enough people.

In the waiting time, tourists who went to the island to take part in the carnival still arrived one after another, with Thai faces accounting for a certain number. Xiao Huang said that many Thais came to join the fun after work because of the national holiday for Buddha’s Birthday the next day. Anyway, they will not go to work tomorrow. As the island is far away from the mainland, it is very late to get here by bus and boat.

When the returning speedboat soared at sea, there were also speedboats heading for the island passing by. I really admire the energy of those people!

We were the first individual speedboat on outlying islands. One of the passengers was a Western girl who was taking intravenous drip. Several of the accompanying people took turns to help her hold the infusion bottle. I don’t know whether she was drunk or jumped too much. When disembarking, she was found to have an ambulance parked on the shore and several people escorted her to the ambulance. However, judging from the fact that she landed on her own, there should be no big deal. However, Thailand’s considerate tourism service is evident.

A minibus took us from hotel to hotel to deliver. We were sitting in the cab and it was not convenient to check the situation in the back seat. However, as we got off the bus late, we saw some “foreigners” who got off the bus in front of us. Three of them each got off with a Thai sister who had no beauty. It was estimated that this was the “harvest” of the carnival.

Almost all the people who took part in the full moon carnival were foreigners with high noses.

Almost all the people who took part in the carnival were foreigners with high noses. Is it strange for me to be caught in it?

Beautiful Resort Hotel on Pangan Island

Not far away, foreigners with high noses were fooled into “TAXI”.

Bracelet Luminous Ticket

There is only one main commercial street less than 100 meters long on Pangan Island.

All wear accessories are fluorescent

Clothes are also fluorescent.

This small plastic barrel beverage combination is the main “additive” of the full moon carnival.

All beverage combinations are basically a can of Coke, a Red Bull and a small bottle of white wine.


Sweets are also Thailand’s main food.

The young people are ready for the carnival.

A pattern made by a laser on the ground.

This cloak is really stylish

PHUKET Travel Essay (1)

The original plan to go to Phuket Island was in March last year. March and April were the off-season for tourism. You can get many special air tickets and discount tickets, and even hotel accommodation can be bargained (unfortunately, I did not try abroad). I didn’t know that I immediately changed my job in March and took office. The travel issue was stranded for the time being. It was not until June this year that the old story began to be brought up again. As long as you want to go to the place and fail to go, you will be betted for a while, but there will always be a time when it will jump out again. When the idea of going to Phuket jumped out again, He started to check the air tickets for AirAsia, If we can grab the tickets for AirAsia ahead of time, It’s still a good deal, At that time, there were air tickets from Chongqing to Bangkok (AirAsia tickets from Chongqing to Bangkok have always been cheaper than Chengdu), There are more than 1,700 round-trip fuel and tax increases, about 600 round-trip between Bangkok and Phuket, less than 200 round-trip between Chengdu and Chongqing, and a total of 2,500 extra travelling expenses. Accommodation can be booked online in booking.com. Hotel No.9 in Phuket Town costs about 100 (RMB), and more than 100 hotels are everywhere with good conditions. AirAsia’s ticket did not start because of the hesitation of friends in the same trade, thus missing the opportunity. Facts have proved that it is necessary to make a quick decision when it comes to starting. As soon as the time passed, it was postponed directly to October. When the National Day trip to Dunhuang was declared bankrupt due to waiting for fellow travelers on the premise that the room had been booked in advance, I completely went wild. This time I made up my mind to go to Phuket regardless of whether there were fellow travelers or not! ! ! It was true that when I was determined to carry out this travel wish, the other two girlfriends went with it. Look at the tickets for AirAsia again, In November, the round-trip price between Chongqing and Bangkok soared to about 2,500, Bangkok to and from Phuket about 1000, Add the bullet train to Chongqing, The travelling expenses alone will be around 3,700, I was depressed… I had to start to inquire about the prices of other travel websites, and finally locked in the semi-self-service (air ticket + accommodation) of touniu net for more than 3,500 4-night, 6-day Phuket 3-night + PP island 1-night trip. The accommodation was not bad. It was the TROPICAL GARDEN RESORT (I still remember the hotel name with the driver everywhere in those days) superior room sea view room, and PP island was a separate villa of PHI PHI VILLA RESORT. After the air tickets and accommodation are properly settled, all that remains is to search the web page for local tourist attractions and prepare before departure.

There is no need to exchange Thai baht in advance, just take it at the ATM at the airport after arrival, and the exchange rate will not change much. Select the card of Huaxia Bank, The first overseas withdrawal every day is free of handling fees, Other local banks also offer such services free of charge, For example, there is no limit on the number of overseas withdrawals of Chengdu Bank’s gold card. Before leaving, I specially asked Huaxia Bank and handled one. Later, I found that UnionPay is very powerful. Phuket Island is full of ATM machines. Anyone with UnionPay logo can withdraw money. However, all withdrawals in Thailand are charged a handling fee of 50 Thai baht (12 yuan), which is charged by Thailand.

When we rushed to the airport, Chengdu was already very cold in November, and everyone was wearing a lot of clothes, but the weather over there was spinning up and down at 32 degrees this month, and the clothes we brought were very light. Chengdu travel company charter flights (several companies jointly contracted a), It’s basically a night flight, It is usually after 11 o’clock when going, and the arrival time is 2:30 local time. The time in Thailand is one hour slower. When the plane is about to land, the stewardess will first send the entry card to everyone to fill in in advance (all in English, there are no too difficult words). In addition, it is better to let the travel company * * visa when going for the first time, because the arrival time is in the middle of the night and there is no effort to disturb landing visa. After spending most of the night on the plane, When I arrived, I even found the ATM with high interest and took 2,000 Thai baht (the exchange rate with RMB was about 1: 4.5, about 445). I couldn’t help it. I was thinking about whether to tip the driver. After landing, I felt very uneasy with RMB all over my body. We booked the airport-hotel car pick-up in advance at the travel agency. The total is 350 RMB, If you are in good spirits, In the middle of the night, there is still leisure to bargain, You can also shout at the airport now, but the English level of the local residents is not very good. Simply put, if it is a little more difficult, it is basically impossible to communicate. In addition, unless you do your homework well, you don’t even know where the hotel is and it is difficult to tell the price. Our hotel is about 40 minutes’ drive from the airport, and the price is reasonable. It’s better to order it in advance. When I went out, I saw the driver waiting with the sign of my name…….. On the way, I changed my mobile phone card, and I couldn’t afford to pay for roaming abroad. The 50 RMB Thai SIM card ordered by my colleague’s girlfriend on the Internet also included 80M of Internet traffic. It was very practical. If I didn’t buy it in advance, I would have sold it on July 11!

On the night we arrived, we saw the poor English of the local people. The uncle on duty (let’s just call him 40 or so), I have to show my Reservation No. Although I have been traveling for several years, But I really forgot about it, Hastily communicate with him and ask if you can check the name of the passenger and book the registration. In general, People who book hotels will be asked to name a person who stays in, After all, I finally found out, My God, When he turned to his name and asked if my name was XIAOYANG, I’m petrified, After a long time and spelling my name wrong, After talking to this uncle for half a day, Said it was just the three of us, Tonight’s check-in with extra beds, It must be our room, But others didn’t respond directly and ignored us, After half a day’s work, he didn’t know that we were talking about what (the English and service of the service personnel at night are still to be discussed, and the service during the day is not bad and reliable). Finally, he called the emergency contact person in China to finish the matter. It was 3:40 in the middle of the night when he looked at his watch. Well, go back to your room and sleep quickly for tomorrow’s sunshine beach. . .

(PS:写点游记也不容易啊,动笔才发现那么多写的东西……慢慢来嘛,后面的逐步更新)机场的等待TROPICAL GARDEN RESORT

TROPICAL GARDEN RESORT从阳台看出去的景阳台自拍路过泳池TROPICAL GARDEN 住宿的那栋楼全景PP岛的酒店 外带的阳台

Thai Meimeng (Chiang Mai-Phuket-Bangkok, July 2012) Pre-trip Preparation + Post-trip

(July 16, 2012-8.1 Chiang Mai-Phuket-Bangkok)

Pre-trip preparation + post-trip + strategy

-Give a summary of your journey and hope to help friends who are going to Thailand.

I. General Preparation

(1) Preparations:

1. Print hotel orders and mini-maps. Passports, visas, round-trip air tickets and hotel orders must be made in two copies for standby. Please separate them from the original. Then use your mobile phone or camera to take photos. In case you lose them, it will be easy to reissue them. The air ticket reservation form shall be placed according to the date, and the place where the boarding pass is changed together with the passport at the airport shall be OK.

2. Credit card, savings card (UnionPay, Master and Visa all bring one) and a small amount of Thai baht;

3, travel skills, travel English, small notebook (remember telephone, remember travel notes, price can also be written when bargaining), calculator;

4. Digital cameras, mobile phones, related chargers, paper and pens, small locks, patch boards,

5, change underwear, underwear, sunglasses, umbrellas, paper, bath towel;

6. Drugs: Baijiahei, Huoxiang Zhengqi, Jinhua Qinggan, Baifuning, Niuhuang Jiedu, Qingyan Dropping Pills, Daxi, Zhenglu Pills, Eye Drops, Band-Aid, Fengyoujing, Carsickness Ning, Danshen Dropping Pills, Vitamin Men and Women, Brown Sugar;

7. When you arrive, you must buy sandals, mosquito repellent, bathing suit, sun hat, shampoo, facial cleanser and sunscreen.

(2) Reservation of air tickets:

Asian Airlines Website: http://www.airasia.com/cn/zh/home.html

Thai Trains: http://www.thairailticket.com/esrt/Default.aspx? Language=1

Teach you to buy tickets online: http://bbs.**.com/viewthread.php? Tid=473071 & highlight=% E5% 8F% B6% E6% B3% A2

(3) Reservation of hotels

(1) Booking: http://www.booking.com/No prepaid room charge is required, and no charge is charged for cancellation before the specified time. Best!

(2) Agoda: http://www.agoda.com/needs to deduct the full amount, and some reservations will be cancelled at the stipulated time and the full amount will be returned to you;

(3) AirAisago: https://www.airasiago.com/travel/arc.cfm? Nav=zhCHINA AirAsia Holiday, Full Branch, No Return;

(4) Recommended comparative price website: http://www.hotelscombined.cn/

(4) Emergency contact information

Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in Thailand: Tel: +66 2245 0088; Fax: +66 2246 8247 Address: 57 Rachaphisek Road, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Thailand: Address: 57 Rachaphisek Road, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand Tel: 02-2450088

Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Chiang Mai: Tel: (6653) 280380; 111 Changluo Road

111 Changloh Road, Haiya District, Chiangmai 50100

Thailand Tourism Service Center: Pick up the phone in Thailand and dial 1672 directly, service hours: 08: 00-20: 00

Thai Tourism Police: Pick up the phone in Thailand and dial 1155 directly, 24-hour service

Thailand Youth Tourism Service Center Tel: +66 2694 1222 to 1781-90

Thailand National Tourism Administration Bangkok Office: Tel: +66 2250 5500

Address: 1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi

(5) Communications:

I bought one-2-call card at the counter on the second floor of the airport (70m + 200b of Internet traffic):

** China Long Distance (Overseas): 007 (008 and 009) +86 +010 + telephone number; 007 (008 and 009) +86 + Chinese mobile phone number;

Query Balance: Direct ***121 #

Recharge method: Press “*120*Enter the Recharge Password, Press #” and then press Dial Out to complete the formalities (there will be a successful prompt message); Or go to 7-11 to find the clerk and say “top up top up”.

It is said that a small booth can be seen at the place where luggage is picked up to receive a free SIM card. If 60BH is paid, there will be a SIM card containing 70BH telephone charges. Can try, anyway, I didn’t find such a good thing;

(6) Withdrawing money for foreign exchange

1. Withdrawal: Debit cards can withdraw money from ATM machines that support China UnionPay, including:

Bangkok Bank (Bangkok Bank, Orange); Kasikornbank (Taihua Farmers Bank, Green K);

TMB (Thai Military Bank, blue and red); Siam City Bank (City Bank of Thailand, red);

Siam Commercial Bank (Purple);

Huaxia Bank: Debit cards are free of handling fees for the first time every day on purple ATM machines, and 150B for plum and blue trademarks.

UnionPay inquiry telephone 95516, manual service, direct exchange rate check. Change after 11 o’clock every day; Don’t use UnionPay card to inquire, inquire a sum of money for several dollars; It is better to raise more at a time, and it is better to raise it according to the upper limit of 10,000 baht, which is also cost-effective plus handling fees. UnionPay cards are limited to 10,000 Thai baht per transaction and 50,000 Thai baht per day. Remember not to exchange cash at the airport, the exchange rate is frightening!

2. Exchange of foreign exchange: The exchange rate for foreign exchange in US dollars is higher than that for direct exchange in RMB.

(7) Card swiping

(1) There is no handling fee for swiping the debit card overseas at China UnionPay; The debit card goes through Visa or Master, and the settlement is US dollars. The bank will charge 1%-2% for currency conversion. Priority is given to debit card consumption. If the cashier asks you whether to brush Visa or UnionPay, you must say UnionPay! Thailand’s airport brushes Visa’s list with small elephant patterns, while those brushes UnionPay do not.

(2) There is no handling fee for overseas credit card swiping to China UnionPay;

(3) No matter you hold a what card in consumption abroad, please ask merchants to brush the local currency of their country;

(4) If the merchant asks you if you want to brush your HOME CURRENCY TRANSACTION, there is only one answer, NO;

(5) But the fact is, when you pay the money, you’d better show the card with only one logo of UnionPay. Otherwise, as long as UnionPay exists together with one of Visa or master, the clerk will say, Sorry, you can’t brush UnionPay, you can only Visa. I don’t know why, people say it is a regulation, but I think it will be eccentric or Visa monopolizes what.

(8) Tax refund

(1) Tax refund shops have VAT Refond clearly marked at the cash register. A single store can fill in a form if it buys enough 2,000 baht, and a total of 5,000 baht can get a 7% tax refund. Take the tax refund form to the airport to find the customs to check and stamp it. After leaving the Duty Refund Office near the duty-free shop, you can directly return the cash. Each person will charge a handling fee of 100 Thai baht. It is suggested that the same trade should handle it together.

Siam Paragon requires that tax rebates can be applied for when buying 5,000 baht or more on the same day, while Central requires that tax rebates can be applied for when buying 2,000 baht or more on the same day. No matter what the regulations of each store are, the final unified tax refund requires a total amount of 5,000 baht and a single store’s daily consumption of not less than 2,000 baht. The tax refund procedure is very simple. Take the shopping invoice to the VAT refund counter of the shopping mall, show your passport, and the young lady will give you the accumulated amount, then print the documents and sign. Some shops indicate that there is no tax refund at the cashier.

(2) After arriving at the airport, first find the customer service office and go there to verify the documents and stamp them, then check in, passenger service charge to check their passports, go through customs, and go to the duty-free shop area to find duty refund office to apply for tax refund. No matter how many bills you have, you will charge a handling fee of 100 baht), with a tax amount of 7%;

(3) There are usually many coupons or VIP cards for foreign tourists in large shopping malls. If you need to show your travel documents, the young lady will actively and enthusiastically handle them for you. Siam Paragon can give you a 5% discount, and the discount card is valid the day before you leave the country. There are many places that have already been folded in half or 30%, so they can no longer be used cumulatively. There are also many activities such as buying as much as giving as much points for gifts, so pay attention to the posters of various shopping malls. Anyway, Bangkok is offering discounts all day long.

(4) Tax refund procedures: ① After shopping on the same day, go to the customer service department of the store to fill in the VAT refund form (passport is required for tax refund application form). (2) Before the airport check in, check the VAT refund office outside the security check on the fourth floor of the airport and stamp the documents. (3) Check in after security check, go to duty refund office for tax refund. The tax refund office basically passes through the duty-free shop at the airport and goes to the boarding entrance. (4) Put everyone’s documents under a passport to make a refund. Only a handling fee of 100B will be charged for the tax refund under the same person’s name, and cash will be refunded. (5) The tax refund for valuables is 7%, while that for others is 6.5%. ⑥ ZEN’s tax refund office is on the 5th floor; SIAM’s tax refund office is located on a small staircase in the middle of the 4th floor, and the food court on the lowest floor of SIAM can also receive tax refund for food. For more information, please refer to the official website: www.rd.go.th/vrt;

(In fact, you only need to fill in the first three lines and sign, and the others are filled in for you, so as to feel that the customer is God.)

(9) Thailand Entry and Exit Card:

The hotel must fill in, even if it writes one blindly, otherwise it will not allow you to pass the customs. He will help you book the exit card in your passport. Even if it is not booked properly, you must keep it well and take it back when you go through the customs. If not, you will be in trouble.

Entry Card

Outbound Card

(10) Bangkok Airport Structure: Suwannabe International Airport Website: http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/index_ch. Php

(1) Thailand’s floor signs are different from our country’s:

The first floor is called ground floor, marked with a big “G”;

The second floor is called the first floor, which is what we often call the first floor. Upward is second floor and so on. Many strategies in the forum mentioned taking a taxi on the first floor, which is actually going to G floor. Please pay attention to this and don’t make a mistake.

(Some Thai shopping malls add a middle floor between ground floor and first floor, such as Paragon in Bangkok).

(2) The airport can get travel instructions for Thailand and maps of Bangkok in many languages.

(3) The International Flight Entry Hall is on the second floor. There is a foreign currency exchange window on the right hand side of Exit C. The ATM nearby can directly use UnionPay card to withdraw Thai baht.

(4) There are many restaurants on the third floor of the airport, which are slightly more expensive than those in the urban area. Magic Food near Gate 8 on the first floor is cheap. A fast food is about 35-50 baht and is open 24 hours a day with good quality and low price.

(5) There is free Wi-Fi, the signal is good, you need to ask for the password at the service desk;

(6) The terminal building is divided into 7 floors and 2 floors underground to provide domestic and international passenger services:

First floor: railway station and checked baggage management area.

Express Line 30-40 minutes, 90B, Slow City Line 15-20 minutes, 15-45B. First floor: bus lobby; Second floor: domestic and international passengers arrive at the service area; Boots, there are two convenience stores, namely “7-11” and “Family”.

The third floor: shops, restaurants and public reception halls;

The fourth floor: Departure Passenger Reception Hall, including Thai Airlines first class and business class service areas, border inspection kiosks, customs kiosks, registration desks and information consultation desks;

The fifth floor: the offices of Bangkok International Aviation Volkswagen Co., Ltd. And Star Alliance; The sixth floor: Suwannabe International Airport Unified Service Center;

The seventh floor: viewing platform;

Second, the preliminary schedule before the trip

Three, before the trip strategy

Chiang mai

1. How to get from the airport to the city

(1) Taxi: 120 baht, stop only once. Write the address on the hotel order to the taxi counter service staff, who will help you write it in Thai.

(2) Tuk-Tuk car: exorbitant price, cut to death. 150 ~ 200 baht/car to Tapeimen and 120 ~ 100 baht/car to airport from Tapeimen;

(3) Two cars: 40 baht/person, 3 people, 25B baht/person; It is cheaper to travel from the airport to the city by 20 ~ 30 baht per person.

(4) AYA service opposite Chiang Mai Railway Station; Book a minbus ticket to Pai

2. Mode of transportation:

(1) Rental motorcycle, counter-offer to 100 ~ 150 baht/day;

(2) Take two cars and make a counter-offer to 20 baht/time, no matter how far or near;

(3) Bicycle rental, 50 baht/day;

3. Live:

(1) Saithong Guest House: http://www.saithongguesthouse.com/

Email: [email protected] can book a room via E-mail, and use VISA card to pay the room fee after arrival. It provides you with the arrival and departure time. You need to book a few nights of accommodation.

(2) Bow Chiangmai House: Opposite SK House, this beautiful new hotel offers well-appointed rooms. At this price, it must be beyond your expectation. From the roof balcony, you can have a bird’s eye view of Chiang Mai. Tel: 0 532 1 170 7; E-mail: [email protected];

15 Soi 9. Th Moon Muang; Price: Room 300 ~ 400B

(3) Golden Fern Guest House: Thoughtful service and consistent commitment to cleanliness have made Golden Fern a well-known and often full house. The converted apartment building has 30 rooms. TEL: 0 5327 8423; Home page: www.goldenfern.com:

Address: 20 Soi 8. Th Phra Pokklao; Price: Room 250 ~ 450B

(4) Eagle House 2: the better of the two hotels; The lush gardens here make people feel quiet and the rooms are ordinary, but there is a reputable hiking service here. TEL: 0 534 1 849 4; Address: 26 Soi 2. Th Ratwithi; Room 180 ~ 360B;

(5) chiang mia thai house: Location: 5/1 Tapae Road Soi 5 T. Chang Klan A. Muang Chiangmai

Price: 400TB (fan), 600 ~ 800TB (air conditioner), 1200TB (first floor suite), equivalent to RMB divided by 5; Advantages: There is a swimming pool, a small courtyard and breakfast is very comfortable. The whole environment is good. Breakfast and fruit shake in his house are better than those in the ancient city. Disadvantages: Compared with the same road, small expensive, family hotels, waiters are not many, two nights to live in the top floor of the fan room, high scenery is very good, Chiang Mai night is very cool, fan is completely enough

(6) LUX Hotel: Early check-in, Big Bed Room Price: 140 yuan/Night This hotel also has a free underground garage, and the scooter we rented is parked below.

(7) The hotel I booked in Phuket is 7Q Hotel. This hotel is relatively new and not many Chinese have booked it. The senior big bed room I booked costs 156 yuan, which is quite valuable.

(Note) Hotels in Chiang Mai are mainly concentrated on both sides of the East Moat. If you come to Chiang Mai during the peak season, December to March and July to August, it will be difficult to find a house. You can go to the TAT office to get a free “Accom in Chiang Mai”.

The most ambitious hotels are often hidden in narrow alleys, where there are more pedestrians than vehicles. Some hotels will arrange buses to pick up at bus stops free of charge after receiving advance notice from guests.

4. Eat: You can ask the hotel staff for help and translate the address into Thai with you, which will be much more convenient. Red two-car waving to stop, 20B/person

(1) ShabuShi Japanese Hotpot Restaurant

At the end of Chang Klan Night Market on Chang Kang Road, near the south entrance; 290B/person, 75 minutes; If business is crazy, you have to wait. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, kanto boiled, ice cream, drinks, crab foot sashimi delicious, no, you can also ask the waiter to order for you alone. Fish, shrimp, meat, seafood and vegetables are all complete, cut into very thin and very thin fat cattle and pork belly, the taste is really too good, Bangkok four sides Buddha side branch

(2) Hot pot for 1,000 people (buffet):

The meal chose a cafeteria strongly recommended in other netizen posts! I have to say ~ this restaurant is quite good! There are many kinds of food, and the fresh price will definitely make you fall below your glasses! 195BH! ! It is equivalent to almost 39RMB per person! ! I really ate to help the wall out! Strongly recommended! Just tell TUTU driver BANMORE ~ Address: First go to Hui Kaew Road, after seeing Central Shopping Mall, walk forward (towards Chiang Mai University) for about 15 minutes until there is an alley opposite UOB on the left. It is a very biased path, but there is a poster outside with a yellow sign on it, Thai, and the number 1000 on it. It opens at 5 p.m. until after midnight.

(3) Heuan Phen (recommended by LP)

Address: 277103 112 Th Ratchamankha Business hours: 8:30-15, 17-22; Price of vegetables: 40_100 baht/portion; It is a street restaurant with green spire, obviously a large restaurant. It depends on the water during the day and has a big meal at night. The decoration is quite Thai and the food looks good. Taiwan magazines also specifically introduce its Imperial Package. Shopkeepers are pushing Chiang Mai-style sausages.

(4) Riverside Restaurant in Chiang Mai-Personal Recommendation “GOOD VIEW”,

The price is affordable, the taste is very authentic and delicious. It’s easy to find on the map. One side of the restaurant is a lake with indoor and outdoor seats. There is Liveband at night. People who don’t like the excitement can choose outdoor seats. At night, eating delicious food by the river is very emotional.

(5) Grandview Hotel Buffet Lunch

Chiangmai Grandview Hotel, 24 Chiangmai-Lampang Road Changpuek Muang, about RMB 30 yuan, a four-star hotel, civilian price, we still have the courage to swagger in! After asking about the food, it was still very attractive. There were all kinds of cold dishes, hot dishes, desserts, fruits, etc. What was surprising was that he also had many local Thai delicacies. Service is five stars!

(6) Iberry, a famous sweet shop in Chiang Mai, has huge cartoon characters near the university.

(7) Chiangmai’s special dish is called “Khan Toke” and the full name of the restaurant is “KHANTOKE OLD CHIANGMAI CULTURAL CENTER”. If you want to book a seat in advance, you can book a position near the stage ~ 400BH/person, including watching the performance. After depositing shoes, enter barefoot. The scene is very much like a wedding scene, with golden and red eyes. There are 7 dishes in total-roasted chicken legs, fried vegetables, minced meat, sour and spicy fish, fried shrimp crisp, salad and fried pig skin. After eating, they can be added indefinitely. The taste is homely and the eating is a warm atmosphere! During the performance, girls dressed in national costumes will take photos with the audience. At the end of the performance, they will take photos that have been developed and printed with beautiful photo frames to sell, 100BH/piece. As a special meal, although the price is slightly higher, the characteristics are also very strong!

Play: Han Chiang Mai (Chinese, travel consultation, can help translate Thai for convenient directions)

(1) stroll through the ancient city and temples; (2) to participate in the huge Sunday market; (3) jungle cableway flight; (4) riding elephants across fields; ⑦ Drifting;

(5) Hiking in the primitive jungle and swimming by the waterfall ⑥ Local delicacies are eaten to support s; ⑧ Learn to cook Thai food in Thai food school; Pet-name ruby stripping to make essential oil SPA

(1) Wat Phra Singh (Beautiful One)

There are four Buddha halls in the east, west, north and south, with the golden body Buddha in them. The main hall, Laigan Hall, houses three Buddha statues that are regarded as the most spiritual in northern Thailand. Transportation: West of Chiang Mai Ancient City, at the end of Ratchadamnoen Road, 5 kilometers from the east moat where hotel catering is concentrated, 10 minutes’ drive. Package TuTu car 50t.

(2) Tickets to Wat Chedi Luang of Chedilong Temple are free of charge.

Destroyed by an earthquake in the 16th century, only the rightmost brick is the real one. Walking around the square pagoda, there are two halls behind the square pagoda. In the glass cabinet in the middle of each hall sat a wax figure with bright eyes in its robes. In 1545, a major earthquake and wind disaster occurred in Chiang Mai, revealing the golden Buddha statue in the tower. Opening hours: 6:00-18:00.

(3) Riding Elephants through Fields

Take part in the local one-day tour group, which usually includes riding elephants, drifting and Changjing Village.

The most famous is MaetangElephantPark (Elephant Park), which has elephant performances, and the most amazing is elephant painting performances. Join the local tour, because the local tour includes not only riding elephants, but also rafting or other things. It takes you to play all day at a price of about 1,000 Thai baht. Website of Thailand Elephant Conservation Center: http://www.chiangmaielephants.asia/html/about_us. Html

(4) Drifting in the river and fighting with the local people to celebrate the Water Splashing Festival,

Drifting is a canoe for 4 people and a guide. The guide sat at the stern and directed the direction. The greatest pleasure of drifting lies in walking down the river, sometimes gentle and sometimes fast. Everyone put on life jackets and poured water at us one after another.

Sian river adventures www.siamrivers.com Security 08 951 5 191 7;

(5) Jungle Flight

Pick up people at 9: 00 a.m. and return them to the hotel at 3: 00 p.m. However, play this suggestion and arrange a day’s time, because you are too tired to go anywhere when you come back from play. Go to a massage or something at night, and the day’s trip is over. Very exciting and safe. For 5 hours, soaring at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour between tree tops 50 meters above the ground, sliding from one tree to another, overlooking the exotic tropical jungle at an altitude of 1200 meters. At present, there are three companies operating jungle in Chiang Mai, flying on different routes.

First: Official Website http://www.jungleflightchiangmai.com/

The travel agency can cut the price to 2,000-2,200 Thai baht. Package B includes: 34Platforms, 22Ziplines, 4Abseils, 3Sky-Bridges, 1SpiralStaircase, 570mCanopyNatureWalk, including a Chinese meal.

Second: www.eagletrackchiangmai.com

The price can be cut to 1800 Thai baht. 35Platforms, 22Ziplines, 4Abseiling, 2 Sky-Bridges, 1Bamboobridge, 1Kungfuwalk, 1Monkeybridge, 1SpiralStaircase

(6) Massage Hall of Chiang Mai Women’s Prison:

180 baht, Tel: +66 53 216 655 08 170 6 104 1; 18/1 Ratvithi Road, Chiang Mai

(7) Nimmachaemin Road near Chiang Mai University: A famous fashion gathering area is also a favorite place for young people in Chiang Mai. On both sides of this small street are full of bars, restaurants and fashion shops with various emotional appeal. Even if you just walk and have a look, you will enjoy it very comfortably.

(8) Thai boxing: lana muay thai boxing camp; Www.lannamuaythai.com; 053892102; 80b/day to learn Thai boxing;


(1) Chiang Mai Night Market Night Bazaar

This night market is available every day and is located on the west side of the junction of Chang Klan Road and Loi Khro Road. Every day from sunset to 23 o’clock in the evening. There are many delicious foods that can be tasted. Handicrafts specialize in tourist business and are generally more expensive. There are some shopping malls and outdoor performances around.

(2) Saturday Walking Street

On Saturday’s market, outside Chiangmai Gate, Wau Lai Rd., behind the 7-11 supermarket, runs an oblique long street to the southwest, about 2 kilometers long. The people who come here are basically tourists from other places. There are many handicrafts and food available in Saturday night markets, but not in Sunday night markets. Of course, the price is higher than that in Sunday markets.

(3) Sunday Walking Street

It is strongly recommended that this is the real fair in Chiang Mai. People in dozens of miles around are selling their own belongings and handicrafts at a price that may be only 1/3 of that of Night Bazaar. Even Chiang Mai locals were dispatched, with half of the tourists and half of the locals patronizing. From THA PAE gate to several blocks in the ancient city, there are a sea of people and the scale is huge.

(4) Shopping Mall

Chiang Mai Airport Plaza is the largest shopping center in northern Thailand, such as LEE’s jeans, CAMEL’s T-shirts, HUSH PUPPY’s shoes, etc. It is of excellent quality and much cheaper than that in China. Those who like these brands can have a good stroll. There is a food court on the ground floor of PLAZA, where you can eat all kinds of snacks from northern Thailand, which are cheap and delicious. There is also a cinema on the top floor.

Pai District

Be sure to take carsickness medicine, 762 turns! There are many cars to PAI, you can find the GH where you live to book tickets. Mini bus charges are generally between 150 and 200BH. It is convenient to pick you up at 8: 30 in the morning at the GH where you live! Stored in GH, travel light! Don’t eat too much in the morning, and try to control the water. The bend along the way makes the stomach turn over rivers and seas. Toilets are not easy to find. Endure!

1. How to get to PAI County

The bus ticket to PAI is very easy to buy. Many travel agencies buy it on their behalf. The price is 150-170. When you stop at aya service, you can buy back the ticket to Chiang Mai. 150B, the last bus is at 4 pm. Aya’s boss can speak Chinese and can rent motorcycles or deposit backpacks. AYA SERVICE (Tel: 053-699888), 150B one way. Thirteen Toyota bullies, the car itself is comfortable, the problem mountain road 18 bends, let you vomit is not negotiable. If you want to take a bus in the morning, you’d better book the PAI bus two days in advance. This route is very hot, and the bus will soon be full in the morning. If you don’t want the trip to be blocked, book it in advance. AYA’s PAI runs from 8: 00 a.m. to 4: 00 p.m. to Chiang Mai, with an hourly bus. Tickets can be bought in the agency, and those who buy AYA are good. They will send a car to take you from the hotel to their company free of charge. But your hotel must be within the range designated by them for free transportation. AYA, the hotel I stayed in Chiang Mai, is free to pick up and drop off. Heavy PAI returned to Chiang Mai and also sent us to our hotel free of charge. The traffic inside PAI is basically motorcycles, because the distance between the scenic spots will be longer. If you can’t ride motorcycles, it is not recommended to go there.

2. Tourist Attractions

(1) Tickets to Tha pai hot spring 400B (2) Pom bok waterfall

(3) China Village (Nanhu Village, Nanhu Village) (4) the big cayon, pai cayon in the Grand Canyon

(5) Sunrise and Sunset in Meiyin Temple (6) Coffee in Love on Highway 1095

(7) World War II Bridge (9) Swimming Ring Drifting Tubing (8) Stalactite Cave Lode cave Tour Guide 150B Ship 400B

3. Eat: It makes people happy to find food in PAI ~ There are only three ways to find food in the small town. Thailand’s unified blue, green and small fat people logo is hung at the gate. It is recognized as a hygienic, delicious and affordable restaurant. The restaurant with this logo is better than others in taste, appearance, quantity and price. Duang is worth recommending. In addition, Mr. Lin, a Taiwanese from opposite the county government, opened the Compassion Zhai, which is very delicious and is a must for Pai District.

4. Line:

(1) After getting off the bus, you can buy a return ticket, 150BH/person, and send it back to Peta Gate, which is very convenient. You can also buy it when you leave. Not many people return to Chiang Mai from PAI. At least when we return, our car is only the two of us ~ it is completely equivalent to a chartered car.

(2) Recommended AYA, 450cc horsepower scooter 24H rent is 100BH, add oil yourself. You can use a copy of your passport as collateral, but you don’t need

Pay a deposit. The deposit for renting helmets is 100BH/, and the original silver will be returned when the helmets are returned. Rent a motorcycle and the store will provide a simple map with some restaurants, gas stations, waterfalls, hot springs and temples marked on it. This map is enough for a simple PAI! Fill it up when you refuel for the first time, 70BH should be enough to run all day!

5. Play:

(1) PAI night markets are available every night. Although they are not as crazy as Chiang Mai’s Sunday market, they are better able to shop for a wide variety of creative products. Different from traditional handicrafts and PAI products in other parts of Thailand, many of them are novel in design and full of artistic feeling!

(2) On the way to the hot spring, I passed through many elephant villages and organized a one-day tour of elephants. I can consider it next time I go to Chiang Mai! However, summer should be found to be more suitable ~ ha ha; The hot spring indicated on the map was actually a national forest park, and then it was found that the forest park was basically developed here! Tourists used to buy 200BH tickets, including money for soaking in hot springs. Remember to bring towels and bathing suits, which is very natural. It says that you should not soak in hot springs for more than 15 minutes ~ It is recommended that anyone who goes to hot springs can bring some eggs to try cooking to eat! Buy at the entrance of forest park ~

(4) It is much easier to watch the sunset in Meiyin Temple than in Angkor ~ I remember when watching the sunset in Angkor, I can’t always see the salty egg yolk sun falling behind the mountain. There will always be thick clouds below. In Meiyin Temple, we can see it!

(5) Leave half a day to enjoy and squander freely ~ write cards and send them to friends everywhere. Fortunately, all my friends received it ~

6. Live:

(1) The value-added guesthouse 150 baht a night’s cottage is called light house, tel. 053-699859 086-1804443

E-mail [email protected];

(2) Baan Pai Village, which was recommended to me before finding a friend… is very close to AYA service. Follow the main street and walk to the end. There is no bridge across the river. 1000B, which is in 200 yuan. Each room has a cabin with toilet and 24-hour hot water supply.


Bangkok Transportation

(1) There are two kinds of subway at the airport:

Red is Express) 150B; Blue is 15 ~ 45B of the ordinary City Line

The operation time is the same: 06: 00 ~ 24: 00; 45B/person, take the blue city line subway to the city center.


(2) Airport Express Bus, the bus station outside GATE 8. There are four airport buses:

Business hours: 5:00AM-12:00PM, fee: 150B

AE1 to: Silom Road, Longlu, will pass BTS Saladang Station, Bangkok’s most prosperous downtown business district.

AE2 to: Kao-Sam Road, Kao-Sam Road, a residential area where backpackers gather all over the world;

AE3 to: Sukhumvit Road, Sukhumvit Road, the urban area east of Bangkok;

AE4 to: Bangkok Central Railway Station “Hualumpong Station”. It is very convenient to transfer trains from the airport.

(3) Taxi

(1) There is a public taxi on the second floor. When you come out, you see the counter and tell the people at the counter where you are going. They will give you one.

The list of “for passenger” must be kept by oneself. The complaint certificate must not be given to the driver.

(2) Take the elevator from the second floor to the fourth floor is the departure hall, with repeat customers, bidding, regardless of where to go, is a full package, 300B,

No high speed, no watch. It’s all the driver’s.

(3) The starting price is 35 baht, which is between 35 and 250 baht in Bangkok. TaxiMeter jumps 2 baht for 24 hours at a time. There is no extra charge at night, and the expressway fee is borne by passengers. (Please take the map and hotel card with you to indicate the driver’s location), only the word taxi, negotiate the price;

(4) Rail transit (1) takes Siam Station (Siam) as the center, with eight stations to the north, numbered N1-N8, and nine stations to the east, numbered E1-E9, to the north and east.

For the same line, make a 90-degree turn beside Siam Station, and there is no need to change trains directly from E9 to N8.

(2) Taking Siam Station (Siam) as the center, there are 6 stations in the south, numbered S1-S6, and only one station in the west, W1 National Gymnasium Station, in the south.

The west is the same line, making a 90-degree turn next to Siam Station and not changing trains directly from S6 to * * 1.

(3) Ticket selling adopts coin-operated type. Service staff can change small change. First, according to the diagram on the ticket vending machine, see how much the station to go to is, and first, according to the code number (office

In order to remember the above code name is very important), coin, ticket, card insertion, people through, get back the card, to the destination, card insertion, people through;

④ BTS: Sky Train. Two lines, Sukhumvit line (light green) and Silom line (dark green).

Ticket offices only sell 1-day tickets (120 baht) and stored-value cards for value-added or coin exchange. All the loose tickets were bought at the ticket vending machine. Step 1: Each station is divided into Zone1-7. First, find out which Zone the destination belongs to on the road map (Z1=10B, Z2=15B, Z3=20B, Z4=25B, Z5=30B, Z6=35B, Z7=40B) Step 2: Press the destination number to know the fare. Adults and children are the same price. Step 3: Input the required coins, only 5 baht and 10 baht, which can be exchanged at the ticketing office. Step 4: Take the ticket (magnetic card). If you have any change, remember to change it.

Sukhumvit line: from Phaholyothin Road-Chatuchak Market to On Nut at Sukhumvit Soi 77

Silom line: from Saphan Taksins Station on Sathon Road near River to National Stadium on Rama I Road

Station. The two routes meet at Central Station (Siam Square); There are two platforms in the station for passengers to change.

Car. Every elevated railway station is equipped with stairs, elevators or elevators. ⑤ MRT: The starting point is (Hua Lamphong Huanan Peng Railway Station), in which Sliom Station can transfer to Silom Line of BTS, and the terminal is Bang

Sue. One-day ticket (TH120) or three-day ticket (TH300) can be purchased from the service office, and half-day ticket can be purchased in the afternoon.

MRT subway has only one line and one-way tickets are in the form of tokens. Step 1: Select English or Thai on the screen Step 2: Press the destination to know the fare, divided into people, children and long tickets. Step 3: Choose the number and type of tickets. 1B, 2B, 5B, 10B coins or banknotes can be changed. Step 4: Take out tokens and change.

(5) Water Bus

Water bus, which sails along the Chao Phraya River, has a total of 17 stops, which can not only enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river, but also easily reach the scenic spots of Grand Palace, Zheng Wang Temple and Chinatown. Most of the stops in water bus are located on the east bank of the river, which is also a densely populated area in Bangkok.

Fare: Ordinary water bus one-way ticket is up to 10 Thai baht, which is an important daily travel tool for Bangkok locals and is very crowded during morning and evening rush hours. The cruise ship has a ticket of 75 Thai baht per day and has unlimited seats on that day.

Main Ferry: Central Pier (starting station, located next to the light rail Saphan Taksin station) ① Oriental ② Wat Muang Kae ③ Si Phraya ④ Harbour Dept ⑤ Rachawongse (nearby scenic spots include Chinatown) ⑥ Memorial Bridge ⑦ Rajinee ⑧ Tha Tien (nearby scenic spots include Sleeping Buddha Temple and Dawn Temple) ⑨ Tha Chang (nearby scenic spots include Grand Palace and Jade Buddha Temple) (10) Wang Lang (west bank of the river) (11) Thonburi Railway (west bank of the river) Tun Li Wu Railway Station, where the slow train for southern Thailand stops) (12) Phra Pin Klao Bridge (Hexi) (13) Phra Athit (National Museum, etc., 15 minutes walk from Kaoshan Road) (14) Rama 8 Bridge (15) Thenet (16) Krung Thon Bridge (West)

Ferry: Cross Mekong River by ferry, the fare is 4 Thai baht.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Play: Airports and agents can obtain free maps and travel guide.

(1) Grand Palace (8: 30-16: 30) 400 baht, including Jade Buddha Temple and Teak Palace (valid on the 7th)

(1) Be sure to pay attention: Even if the security guard of the Grand Palace said it was not open today, he told you to go to other temples free of charge. Don’t believe him;

(2) You cannot wear exposed clothes when entering the temple (you can rent clothes and trousers free of charge at the entrance, with a deposit of 200 Thai baht, but you must leave your passport or credit card).

(2) Sleeping Buddha Temple WatPo (8: 00-17: 00) 100 Baht

(1) The origin of traditional Thai massage is close to the south of the Grand Palace and can be visited together with the Grand Palace and Jade Buddha Temple.

(2) The massage fee is 250 baht/hour in line, 500 baht/1.5 hour in line, and 300 baht/hour in herbal medicine.

(3) Liming Temple (Zheng Wang Temple) (8: 00-17: 00) 50 baht

After visiting the Grand Palace, I boarded the boat at ThaTieh Wharf near the Sleeping Buddha Temple and ferried the past 3 baht. After getting off the N8 dock, Dawn Temple is actually on the other side of the river, so it is necessary to take a boat crossing the Chao Phraya River on the dock. The place of taking the boat is only a few meters away from the place of getting off the boat, which is very easy to find. Its sign is that a lot of foreigners are queuing up there.

(4) Erawan Shrine (7:00-23:00)

(1) From Siam Square, located diagonally opposite the World Trade Center, Siam Business District.

(2) Believers of God are asked to buy a set of sacrifices (20 plants), including 12 sticks of incense, 1 candle and 4 strings of flowers. Worship God from the front

At first, candle worship, turn left, then turn from right to back, turn a circle, present a string of flowers on each side, incense 3 wick (the first wick is worship

Buddha, the second wick is to worship Buddha sutra, the third wick is to worship monks).

(5) Golden Buddha Temple (9: 00-17: 00) 20 Thai Baht

At the end of Yaowarat Road in Chinatown, you can walk to HuaLamphongStation.

(6) Chinatown

Take MRT to Hua Lamphong Station, take Exit 1, walk for a few minutes or take a doodle car to China Town, which is formed by the two main roads of Yawarat Road and Charoen Krung Road. All kinds of Chinese signboards in Chinatown are identification signs.

Shopping: 10:00-21:00.

Department stores do not open until 10am or 10:30 am in the morning. It is impossible to visit what Department Store from 8am to 11am. As soon as I arrived at Bangkok Airport, I immediately took a map. There was no Chinese version, but English. The map is very easy to use, color printing, hotels, shops and scenic spots are all painted into lovely three-dimensional models, and famous scenic spots are also painted with cartoon patterns. The best thing is that all place names are marked in English and Thai at the same time. It is very convenient to ask the way and take a taxi. Taxi drivers are not good at English, so it is more convenient to show them Thai place names.

(1) Discount cards and tax rebates for tourists:

When you get a passport to get a discount card for tourists, you must get into the habit of asking “Any discount” when you enter the store. “In Siam Square’s Siam Center and Siam Discovery, you can basically get a 95% discount after handling the card, while the most famous Boots get a 10% discount. Don’t be too troublesome, you must refund the tax. If you spend 2,000 baht in the same store on the same day, fill in the tax refund application form in the store you bought with your passport. The minimum tax refund amount stipulated by BKK Airport is 5,000 baht. First, you should find the customs to stamp and fill in the form, and then you will take the money after entering the customs. Customs inspection is very important. If they don’t stamp, there will be no chance of tax refund.

(2) It is the Chit Lom business district–Central World Plaza, BIG C, Light Rail (BTS) Chit Lom Station;

(1) Central World Plaza: eight-storey commercial building, composed of zen, isetan and central, similar to Oriental World.

Recommendation: 1) NARAYA bag shop, first floor, very cheap, super full range;

2) The underwear counter on the second floor, Wagel, Diane Finn, MORGAN, ELLE; 3) LACOSTE on the third floor is basically made in Thailand, authentic good things, but only half the price in Beijing; 4) LEVI ‘S on the fourth floor, with the most complete style. It is best to enter the dressing room with a lot of jeans and try them slowly one by one. Even the latest ones will not exceed 2,000 baht. 5) The gourmet street is on the sixth floor.

(2) BIG C: In Bangkok’s eyes, it is a supermarket, but for us, there are treasures in the supermarket. There is a shop called Fashion Outlet on the ground floor. Levi’s and Lee in the shop are both broken codes. Adda flip-flops must be bought, while Hong Kong MM will buy several pairs of flip-flops. The supermarket is on the second floor. If you want to bring local snacks to your friends and family, this is a good choice, such as pork floss cakes, crisp dried meat, crisp squid, and small packages of dried mango, durian candy, etc.

(3) Siam Business District

Traffic Light Rail (BTS) Siam Station, various popular shops and restaurants, large shopping malls, surrounded by four Buddhas.

(1) Siam Discovery Center: It is a theme department store that flaunts luxurious daily necessities; A total of six floors, creative design of household goods attracts people, including plush toys with strange shapes. Many novel and interesting things can often be found here. All the brands mentioned above are available, and there are many more boutique shops selling clothes. They are all some trendy second-tier brands of designers. They are especially unique, beautiful, not cheap, rich and like special designs. Recommend the household goods on the fourth floor of Discovery. When you get there, you will want to move the whole store back to Beijing.

(2) Siam Paragon: It takes 15 billion Thai baht to build the largest shopping center in Southeast Asia with 250 shops. It takes a whole day to visit the whole shopping center. Siam Ocean World, Asia’s largest aquarium, has a capacity of 20,000 people and a gourmet street on the ground floor, which includes Japanese, Chinese and other national delicacies.

(3) Siam Center: It has four floors and is mainly aimed at young people, mainly including Swatch, Soda, Adidas and Morgon brands. The local design counter on the third floor is quite special and is the product of some local Thai designers.

(4) MBK: It is the most popular and localized comprehensive shopping plaza in Bangkok, more like a super large indoor night market. There are three categories. One is the general affordable stores, which are mainly individual stores with a wide variety of commodities, including high-profile chain brands and unknown popular goods. Moreover, many stores have “VAT Refund For Tourists” tax refund service. The other is a float booth without a storefront. The walkway is in the middle and the goods are more affordable. Many float shops specialize in makeup and care products, ranging from international famous products to local brands, with low prices and high popularity. The last is to completely move all the goods in the flea market here, and the price is low, but there is still room for bargaining. It is highly recommended that the Thai silk products here are very cheap and of good quality. It is recommended to buy some T-shirts with funny patterns, 99 baht, which are super cute and worth collecting.

(4) Canada-Canada Weekend Market: WEEKEND MARKET AT CHATUCHAK PARK

BTS Light Rail Mo chit (N8) Station, Subway Kamphaeng Phet Station (Exits 1 and 2) or Chatuchak Park Station (Exit 1) 6: 00-18: 00 (sporadic opening in the middle of the week and full opening on weekends), the price reduction starts from 30% to 50%.

First, ask for a Chinese market plan. There is also a Chinese-speaking Mr. Huang Baozhong in the service center, who can provide necessary assistance and even travel consultation to other parts of Bangkok. The world’s largest small commodity market, with more than 15,000 shops. It used to be a local market, but now foreigners come here. You can buy antiques, souvenirs, flowers, food, clothing, ornaments, pets and other small commodities that you can almost think of. The environment is harsh. If you plan to go, it is recommended to go early so as not to be too hot. Pay attention to thieves and prevent summer heat.

(5) Terminal 21—-Traffic BTS Asok Station Exit 1, MRT Sukhumvit Station Exit 3

In October 2011, TERMINAL 21, a new department store with the design concept of “airport terminal”, was opened. Each floor was decorated with different cities around the world, such as Rome, Tokyo, London, Istanbul and San Francisco, making shopping like traveling around the world. The toilets here are full of surprises, Each floor has two theme toilets with different customs, one is the brick-red bakery, the other is the bright London subway station, or the Hollywood Avenue of Stars, which makes people here have the interesting phenomenon of not shopping for toilets but shooting everywhere. When they have the opportunity to come to Bangkok, don’t forget to visit TERMINAL 21, which is full of characteristics.

(6) King Power Duty Free Shop

King Power has set up four strongholds in downtown Bangkok, the airport, Phuket Island and Chiang Mai respectively. Bangkok is stationed near the Victory Monument MRT BTS Station. Transportation: You can take the Bangkok Metro to Victory Monument Station and get off. It takes about 5 minutes to walk along Rangnam Road from the Metro Station.

There are two floors. The round glass building is the Crown Atrium of the duty-free shop, which is the place where tourists register for shopping. Before entering the market for consumption, they must go through the formalities at the registration counter before starting shopping with duty-free discount coupons. The second floor of the shopping mall is full of international famous shops, including Cartier, Burburry, dr. Brandt, The Organic Pharmacy, SK 2

Attention should be paid to the color of the price tag. For the convenience of passengers, international brand goods are consumed in shops in urban areas and picked up at airports, while Thai goods on the first floor are mostly green and can be taken away on the spot after payment. You must show your passport and tax-free voucher from the check-in counter when paying. If you go to the duty-free shop in the urban area to shop before leaving the country, remember to calculate the time. The duty-free shop will deliver the goods to the counter at the airport to collect the duty-free goods 4 hours after the customer checks out. The flight time is relatively short, so it is recommended to purchase directly at the airport.

(7) The platinum Fashion Mall

Pratunam Market is Bangkok’s largest export ready-to-wear market, with low prices and still negotiable prices. There are many ready-to-wear shops hidden in the winding roadways of the market. Most of them are ready-to-wear shops of simple styles. There are some roadside vendors selling souvenirs on the periphery, which can also bargain. Due to its long history, although it attracts many people to visit, the open shops are quite hot. Therefore, a brand-new shopping mall Pratunam Center opened in 2004 to attract manufacturers to enter, mainly wholesale, and many merchandise tourists can also buy them at a cheaper price. At the beginning of 2006, another Pratunam Fashion Mall was opened opposite Pratunam Market, which specializes in wholesale of popular clothing and accessories. It is somewhat similar to moving Taipei’s Wufen Po into a building. It is easy to buy the latest fashion clothing in a shopping mall with cool air conditioning.

(8) Dannen Water Market

From 6: 00 a.m. to 10: 00 a.m., there is a busy and vivid scene composed of many boats full of fruits, vegetables, cooked food and other commodities. Transportation: Take TAXI to the South Passenger Station first. Be sure to leave early and ask TAXI drivers to help you find bus No.78 in the water market. At the Sai Tai long-distance bus stop (Tun Li Wu), Route 78 runs every 30 minutes, starting at 6: 30 and changing Song Tiao buses. It’s the same as the return trip. Or simply report a one-day tour bus to pick up the bus and deliver it.

(9) Tattoos all over Thailand are world-famous, and foreigners are here as souvenirs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gorgeous dividing line

So many preparations have been made in front of us, but they are all floating clouds. Let’s see how we actually play. Ha, ha, ha

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My Travel Notes

July 17, July 20-23 Chiang Mai

(1) Overnight at the airport

Arriving at Suwannabe Airport at 2: 00 a.m., I decided to work hard and plain at the airport for one night because I had to take the Asian Airlines to Chiang Mai at 6: 00 a.m. Here I would like to emphasize solemnly! ! ! ! ! The airport at night is really too ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, I put on all the clothes I can wear ~ ~ ~ I still feel cold and will have a fever soon. It turns out that spending the night at the airport is by no means a simple thing. If you have this plan, you must bring thick velvet clothes. ! ! The airport has a total of four floors, and there are 7-11 supermarkets on the first floor. It is also the warmest place suitable for staying overnight. Many foreigners lie on the floor. The coldest one was the exit hall on the 4th floor, where we stayed for only 3 hours and felt that we were about to freeze to death and leave the world.

(2) First-time AirAsia

Boarding the AirAsia plane at 6 o’clock, Since it is a cheap plane, So the noise of the plane is very loud, It feels like a second-hand plane I bought is in use. Blankets, water and food are not provided on board, When awake, AirAsia will turn on the air conditioner very cold so that blankets can be sold. When everyone is asleep, he will turn on the air conditioner very hot so that everyone will wake up thirsty, so that drinking water can be sold to generate income… Of course, they also have strict requirements on the weight and size of random luggage, so that luggage fees can be charged. Our countermeasure is to take down blankets from the previous plane + bring your own empty water bottle to fetch water at the airport + check in and disperse the large bags into several plastic bags, and then put them back after crossing the border:)

(3) English problems

Arrived safely in Chiang Mai at 7:45, As the strategy says, There is a free service desk at the left door to help you take a taxi after leaving the customs. The young lady can help you translate the address you want to go to into Thai, and earnestly tell the driver that 120B is very convenient to send to Tapeimen, which is cheaper than what Tutu and two cars. It is recommended to take a taxi directly and will definitely send it to the hotel gate. The only thing we can be sure about along the way is that the Thai service is very accurate and in place.

I forgot which strategy I read before. Thais all went to worship Buddha and what and did not attach great importance to education. Therefore, Thais are clumsy in speaking English. Everyone is at ease in what. Xiao Lu and I are still full of confidence and have never worried about language problems. Before we went out, we did not read English at all. However, we were stupid when we got on the bus. . . . Thai English is excellent. . . . . The fluent English pronunciation of the female driver immediately dumbfounded us. . . . Therefore, if you think of friends who travel by themselves, there is nothing wrong with listening to me. If you catch up with practical English or travel English, you really don’t have much hope for education in our country. Otherwise, you will have to spend more money and suffer more and you won’t be able to play well. For example, I am excellent in CET-4 and qualified in CET-6. I have not used English for 6 years. When I arrive in Thailand, I can only understand and communicate simply, and there is no chance of chatting. However, people with a foundation in English will gain too much practical daily spoken English along the way, which is also very good.

At 9 o’clock, we arrived at the special room booked in agoda, and when we found that it was cheaper instead of booking… everyone should consider this problem well… the English pronunciation of Thai flavor, the owner of the hotel, once again gave Xiao Lu and I a run for our money. In a daze, she tricked us into staying in a dark and unventilated small room. If we knew the language, how would we suffer this loss?

(4) Play Kongming Lantern

At night, I saw many Kongming lanterns in the sky. Drive all the way, It was found that there was an activity in the square of the Monument to the Three Kings. More than 200 people were putting on lights. We stopped the car to take a picture of the life of the Thai people. We didn’t expect to be invited by the enthusiastic Thai handsome boy to put on Kongming lanterns together. We also asked us to make wishes and take photos together. It was really touching. Can you imagine the feeling of watching the lights floating far away around us?…

Hint: After living here for 6 days, I met 3 large-scale activities. It seems that there are often large-scale activities in front of the Monument to the Three Kings. You can pass by and have a look. There will be surprises.

(5) A must-go place

Since we just arrived in Thailand and did not adapt to the language, we all went to Chiang Mai, Han, to sign up. The price of his family can only be said to be moderate, not cheap, nor sky-high. There are many people in it, all of whom are Chinese. I think it is very good to sign up for a one-day tour there, because there will definitely be Chinese in the group the next day, and it will be very happy to play together. There are also Trinidad and Tobago travel agents on the roadside. If your English is good, you can bargain there. It must be cheaper than Chiang Mai in Han Dynasty, and the introduction is also very detailed. Don’t be afraid. Thailand’s travel is very formal.

(1) Walking in Chiang Mai Old City

A motorcycle 200b/day, or a bicycle 50b/day, very convenient; You must not walk! ! According to the map, you will find those famous ancient temples: Pashin Temple, Chedilong Temple, Monument to the Three Kings, Chiang Mai Temple, They are all on the main road, and the buildings are magnificent and very easy to find. For foreigners who have no faith, everyone just goes in to have a look and take photos. They also don’t know that these resplendent and magnificent temples are different from what. They are all in charge of what’s affairs. Some wax figures of eminent monks are very lifelike and will be shocked when they go in.

(2) jungle flying rope

Chiang Mai now has three flying cables. The first one is run by Americans. The quality is the best and the price is the most expensive. The agents basically do not recommend it voluntarily unless you have to go, about 2900B/person. The second is Jungleflight, which is run by Thais. It is said that there is the largest one in Asia… flying all the way, 1990b/person; Many of the third ones are another Thais, imitating the new eagletrack opened by their predecessors. The agent will recommend your family, It is said that what does not fly all the way, There are also walking and climbing projects, That sounds interesting, And the special price is only 1800b/person, Those who do not know the inside story will gladly choose, In fact, the biggest difference between him and the first two is whether he is in the tropical rain forest, and the flying rope facilities are few… Do you understand what’s meaning? J, we are the last one to be reported, but the average Chinese reported this. Our whole group is Chinese. Everyone joked with each other and had a good time. I think it is also quite good. Moreover, the coaches inside can order Chinese, which is very interesting!

③ 10km drifting + riding elephant

The children we know on the Internet are not fish. We are strongly recommended to take part in the 10km drift, instead of the ordinary level of 3 or 5km often reported by the Chinese. We took part in the drift with the attitude of giving it a try. A car of foreigners, chattering, were depressed when we suddenly found that the three Asians behind could speak Chinese. I quickly leaned in to say hello. It turned out that they were Hong Kong people who came to Chiang Mai to worship Buddha and a mainland actor. Ha ha, we got to know each other and became a small team. Before boarding the ship, the coach will teach everyone a lot of English passwords. We thought it was just a common sense of safety, I didn’t expect that during the 2-hour drift, All the dangerous situations and commands explained before have been used ~ ~ ~ super exciting ~ ~ ~ ~ suggest that if you have time, you must come to Chiang Mai to try the 10-kilometer drifting and imagine the tropical rain forests on both sides of you for many years. You and your team have worked together to overcome the dangerous beaches and torrents one by one in the fast-flowing river water, which will be unforgettable for life.

As for riding elephants, Not at all like what the strategy said, How smelly and dirty the elephant is, How hard the hair is… I sprayed a lot of mosquito repellent specially, As a result, it was found that the elephant was very clean ~ ~ ~ it would fan the insects around it with its two big ears, Mao Mao, it’s fun for me to step on my feet. It’s not particularly hard. Even if I sit on my neck, it’s not so intolerable… So there is really a gap between the strategy and the real feeling… Be sure to remember to buy some delicious food for your elephants. They are not easy either. They walk in circles without rest. If you have to write about what’s precautions, then choose a seat with iron bars, so that it will be safer than a seat with wooden bars or ropes whether it goes up the mountain or down the river.

④ Sutai Mountain + Chiang Mai University

The introduction was very famous and became the place where we had to go on our trip. We specially reserved one day’s time, but it only took half a day to turn it over. On the way, I met two girls in Guangzhou who were taken by a Thai who wanted to learn Chinese. We rode the car and left together. I learned from Hong Kong people yesterday that All the Buddhas in Thailand belong to Mahayana Buddhism, The categories are very detailed, including those who are in charge of wealth, health, and even immortals who are in charge of protecting their popularity. Ha ha, he said that there are many eminent monks around Chiang Mai who are especially good at doing things. Unlike some places in China, he will talk to you more about Buddhism and bless you more if you give more money. If you give less money, he will just pull down his face. The eminent monks here will not only give you free Buddha statues, but also give you many Buddha statues to bless you around… He will spend more than 20 days a month in Chiang Mai to worship Buddha, Note that he will come for more than 20 days every month… He said that he has learned to do more good deeds, and people’s luck will get better, and they will really give everything they want. I believe that sincere expression will give birth to good roots from the bottom of your heart at the moment you see it.

Thais told us that Suthep Temple is the patron saint of sheep people. The gold Buddha statues under the surrounding eaves, like the 60 Jiazi in our country, are the patron saint of people with different times and eight characters. I also don’t know which one is my patron saint. I went around the Buddha clockwise three times with the flow of people. I heard that three times meant I was very devout. Ha ha. Sutie Temple is very small and not as magnificent as imagined…….

Chiang Mai University is well afforested. There is a statue surrounded by many elephants at the main entrance. It is quite spectacular. There is also a red auditorium. The others really have no what. Raiders say there is a fashion street next to Chiang Mai University, I have to talk about this, It only opens at night… why didn’t everyone emphasize it before… there were no stores opening in the morning, You see, if you want to go to Suthep Temple early in the morning, you can stop by Chiang Mai University, so you can’t go to Fashion Street… So you can arrange to leave in the afternoon, but I feel that Suthep Temple and Chiang Mai University don’t need to go, and people don’t go to tutu. It’s a long way to go back and forth by two cars 400b. If there is no tour guide’s detailed introduction, it’s really not worth the bumpy journey.

(5) Night bazzar, a night market outside the city at ordinary times

There are too many stalls selling rags, The price is also quite outrageous. It is said that one-third of the price will be cut and one-half will be sold. However, I have not cut it down before. Basically, I bought it with nothing. There is an indoor one with air conditioning, good shopping environment and good quality. You can go and have a look. However, if you can catch up with the weekend night market, you don’t need to go to the night market.

⑥ Saturday Night Market

Outside Chiangmai Gate, those who don’t know walk along the edge of the city. You can hear the noise far away and find it along the sound. It’s too chaotic and lively. It’s full of small handicrafts, Gadgets, people who do not have the determination to buy whatever they see are in the majority, Money in his trouser pocket can’t hold it. For example, we found a handicraft made of cola cans and couldn’t walk at once. It cost 1500b to buy it. As a result, we carried this big guy on and off the plane all the way… However, it is specially suggested that if we meet something we like, we must buy it. First, Chiang Mai is much cheaper than handicrafts in Phuket, Bangkok and other places. Second: Even Chatucha in Bangkok, which claims to be the largest wholesale market in Asia, we have not found many things we saw in Chiang Mai, such as this big guy I bought, Wahahaha ~ ~ ~ ~

⑦ Sunday Night Market

From the main street starting from Tapeimen to the surrounding alleys, the scene was very lively. The most awesome thing was the outdoor mass of 1,000 people. In a simple word, the night markets on Saturday and Sunday were: the same peddlers set up stalls in different locations, and the “goods” were not too bad. The temple on the main road is a snack stall. In Thailand, you can look for a blue and green background. In front of it is a small fat person’s sign to eat. It reads: Good taste, clean food, issued by the Thai government, with unique taste and quality assurance.

⑧ Lila Massage

There is mass everywhere in Thailand, and Lila is unique to Chiang Mai. It is said in the strategy that women prisoners are massaged in Chiang Mai Women’s Prison. I didn’t go to the prison. I always felt that going to prison should not be to enjoy it, and I was afraid of encountering some what that had not been reformed. Lila, on the other hand, provides a re-employment opportunity for those released from prison. I think everyone should support it. It is not only quiet and hygienic, but also at a reasonable price. Moreover, they are all trained in prison and have strong skills. My masseur is Wang Dali and Vulcan Palm, and he also lifted me up to let me release ‘… really super good, don’t miss it when you come to Chiang Mai;

Pet-name Ruby Xiao Lu Summary

Xiao Lu said that the deepest feeling is to ride a bicycle around the ancient city of Chiang Mai, and it is the most beautiful to wander around the crooked alleys. Isn’t it a very pleasant and casual thing to eat when you eat, enter when you meet a shop, and shoot when you meet a scene?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

July 18 and 19 Pai County

(1) Traffic problems

Find a roadside agent and buy a ticket from AYA Company to PAI County, 150-160B/person. You can pick you up from the hotel to their company’s station. If you call tutu yourself, it is not appropriate to go to about 100B. The bus is a 13-seat medium-sized van, which is basically full and runs every hour. Just like what the strategy said, the mountain road is rugged, with a total of 3 hours one way. You can buy some supplies by stopping at one stop after the first hour, and then you will have to stick to it for 2 hours. Some people vomit on the way to and back, which is very uncomfortable. A man on Weibo wrote: I don’t want to come back after going to pai, not because of the beautiful scenery, but because I really dare not make a car again…..

Pai and its surroundings are too small. I think it is enough for Pai to play for two days, so you can get off the bus and buy the return ticket. The earlier you buy, the more suitable time you can choose. Then rent a motorcycle directly at AYA for 100-150b/24h, and choose a good-looking car to rent, so that it can be used as an ornament for photographing at the back.

(2) Plan your travel route

After getting off the bus, the company will send you a map of PAI. That’s enough. I plan the route according to the map. Let me introduce the one-day tour route of the self-driving scooter:) As shown in the figure, the route starts at 8: 00 a.m. on the 1st and can be back before 12: 00 noon. In fact, we did not come back at 11: 00 a.m. in the hot spring. After lunch, Line 2 will come back at 3 pm. You can go to Line 3 to watch the sunset and visit the night market on the main street at night. This day is very full. I think Coffe in love and the surrounding small villages are a must. Other places are very common. Let’s drive for a ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

July 24-28 Phuket Island

(1) Recommend two accommodation

On this trip, I stayed on two beaches. One was Cliff of Karon Beach. It was quiet, few people, natural and had a beautiful sea view. If you came to Phuket to relax and relax, it would be good to stay in this hotel. The boss also kept a rhubarb dog and a slow monkey, which became something we didn’t watch every day. The hotel staff are enthusiastic and conscientious, with a full breakfast. The special price of 500B/night ordered in AGODA is affordable, and there is no supermarket around.

Then we moved to Patong. First, we like to be very noisy. Second, for people without cars, Patong is especially convenient besides being noisy. I saw 7Q on the strategy. The hotel is at the end of the beach. Its location is a little off the mark from Jiangxi Leng and so on. It takes 30 minutes for its feet. However, there are two supermarkets downstairs that are quite convenient. Moreover, the hotel has a special name. Everyone knows that it is very convenient to take a taxi here. A 3-minute walk out of the house is a quiet beach, which is a quiet place in the middle of the noise. The hotel is more formal and has everything it should have, but I dare not compliment the legendary endless swimming pool on the top floor. If anyone sees a pool of yellow water the size of a bathtub and wants to go down, he still admires him. The price of 800B/night without breakfast is good.

(2) Recommend a family to eat seafood,

I went to find the No.6 restaurant mentioned in the strategy. It was full of people. For a meal, why delay my precious travel time? ~ ~ ~ ~ We went to the seafood stall street. Now we have to ceremoniously recommend No.9 in the stall! ! The boss is honest, Speaking Chinese is his advantage, And all seafood is cheaper than restaurants outside, For example, live lobster is 160b/100g, This price cannot be found anywhere on the street. Moreover, after weighing, he can wipe out zero or cut down the price. He will cheerfully say yes or no, and he will also tell you how to stir-fry this kind of seafood to be more delicious. In fact, the taste of seafood is similar. The key is that you can eat it open here ~ ~ ~ ~ We have been there several times and ate everything we haven’t eaten once without much money. The next day, we really went to the No.6 restaurant on the street as everyone said. We didn’t have to wait for a place. The price was so expensive… The clerk couldn’t speak Chinese yet, and the service attitude was still average. After looking at the menu, we decided to go back to No.9 and have another meal.

(3) Recommend a travel agent

Auntie is in her forties and always smiles. She is very easy to find opposite a toilet on the main roadside. The most important thing is to serve carefully. No matter how difficult communication is, she always answers carefully, and the price is the cheapest among all we have asked! Strongly recommended! This is aunt’s contact information.

(4) Strongly condemn a Taobao travel agency that cheated the Chinese of their money! ! !

This is his business card. We must stop the unreliable agents in China from booking tours in advance. First, the service is not serious, many questions are not answered seriously, and the tone is impatient and despises people. Second, the price is much more expensive than any local agent! ! For example, when we went to the Simon show, he gave us a price of 600B/person, but he did not bargain, saying it was VIP seats. As a result, he found that all the people around him were 350B/person, and our seats were very partial! ! ! ! Particularly disappointed: (; I also booked a one-day tour of Emperor Island with him. He told us that there were three prices, and the best food was 1200B/person. As a result, it was found that everyone was only 900B/person and the food was exactly the same. You said that he only cheated people with poor English for money. He was not dirty! ! ! And the attitude is still so bad, many questions are not answered or sniffing is even the answer? ! !

(5) Tell me where to play

(1) Emperor Island:

After choosing between Emperor Island and PP Island for half a day, It is said that Emperor Island is newly developed, not too commercial, and it takes half an hour to take a speedboat. We chose Emperor Island for fear of seasickness. In fact, it is almost the same. The beach is so beautiful, and the boundless swimming pool is quite large and good. There are very beautiful coconut trees on the island, which can be used to live on the island, but only two hotels are not cheap. I heard the beautiful girls who have been to PP say that the beaches on Emperor Island are more beautiful.

(2) 007 Island

Delayed the whole day’s trip, too commercial tourist attractions, stalactite is not as good as Guilin, very boring, I suggest you don’t go to see it; It is better to take out the one-day tour of PP Island on this day. However, there are also many bright spots on this day. First, it is the first time to enter the cave by making a rubber boat, which is quite fresh. Second, lying on the deck of a large ship, enjoying the sea breeze and sunbathing, it is quite comfortable to sleep and feel like a private cruise ship going out to sea for vacation. Third, there were two transvestites on the company’s ship. They made all the food we ate… Tragic ah, they did not perform well for everyone on the return trip, but the extremely thrilling performance was to sit on each man’s thigh, ha, ha, ha, so Xiao Lu didn’t see the excitement and ran to the bow to hide ahead of time.

③ Patong Beach

If you have been to the surrounding islands… Patong’s beaches are like… Beidaihe? No, it is better to have a fine beach. It is like the Silver Beach in Weihai. First you choose your position, Rent an umbrella, 150b/day, You can lie down and listen to the sea when you are tired of swimming. Hungry and thirsty, small traders come to sell to you at any time. There is a rhubarb dog under my reclining chair. I slept with me all day and felt as proud as a private dog. Then due to the strong wind and waves, we rented a surfboard. As the back waves pushed the front waves, we were photographed on the beach again and again, feeling quite cool. Patong has a lot of offshore projects. For example, he can fly umbrellas at sea and cut them to 1,000 per person. In large circles, there will be no such price in China.

(4) Simon show)

Although it is a song and dance performance, it is also worth watching. The small stage is compact, beautiful and spectacular. The representative songs of China, the United States, Japan and South Korea will be sung by the most beautiful demons. China has sung three songs: it is best to listen to a natural and unrestrained walk, then a Miao song and a plum blossom singer. The actor is very serious and even his expression is in place. I believe everyone who has seen him is deeply impressed by a male actor. He is really very eager to play ~ ~ ~ There are two ugly transvestites in the middle to interact with the audience. They will sit on the legs of the people in the first row or the aisle to frighten him, making the whole audience very happy. After the performance, all the demons will line up at the exit to take photos with the audience. The tip is 100b/demon. If you gather up five or six transvestites when you take photos, you will be miserable ~ ~ Waiting for them to call you for tips in a low and hoarse voice ~ ~ ~

⑤ Adult Show (sex show)

Don’t look at the bars in the bar street. If you don’t meet their expected consumption, you won’t be allowed to swagger out. On the contrary, you can book tickets at the travel agency on the street. The price is quite cheap. Many tour groups have this item in their own expense, 2500B/person. I can only say that the price of the two of us is cheaper than this. We saw it on a street behind Leng in Jiangxi Province. It was full of Chinese pulled by carts of tour groups. It was held once an hour. There were too many people and it was very safe. A bottle of water was given free of charge. I felt sick and didn’t drink it after watching it. The program was similar to Pattaya’s. The men performed what’s with JJ drums, while the women performed what’s with flowers, blades and frogs pulled out of XX. They also threw them into the audience, scaring everyone to get down and scream. It was audience interaction. There were two male spectators in the middle, which said airily that they were cooperating with the performance. Then the audience will be stripped off layer by layer on the stage, Even his underwear will not be left behind, and a group of women will surround him. However, the actors are very good at picking people. Generally, the people picked up are very colorful and enjoy themselves on the stage. The whole audience cheered, gloated and booed ~ ~ ~ If I come to prompt, I must not sit in the front row and the aisle. It is too dangerous. It will pull you on the stage, dump you with unknown liquid and ask for tips.

⑥ Fantasea show

I will pick you up at the hotel at 5 pm. First, I will have a buffet (the food is very ordinary). Then I can wander and take photos in various shops that are not too big but have been built beautifully, and buy some souvenirs that you find interesting. Be sure to go to Tiger Kingdom to see white tigers and peacocks. The large-scale performance started at 9 o’clock. This time we were sitting in Golden Seat. The program introduced the legend of the occurrence and development of the thai nation. It was cross-introduced in English and Thai. I estimate that even if the British did not understand this period of history, they were half confused and half understood. There were magic, fireworks, elephants, folk dances, air acrobatics, etc. It was OK to arrange a performance form for each scene.

⑦ Jungceylon (Jiangxi Cold Shopping Center)

At first glance, the shopping mall was very large, In fact, it contains a large sailing hotel. Mainly sports, Nike, what’s are all purely athletic, The price is similar to that of Beijing, The first time we went there was at night. At that time, I felt very large, this was fresh and that was fresh. I also commented that this was Dongdan + Xidan + moving batch. Later, I went there during the day for the second time. I found that there were only a few floors to stroll around. If you would still go to Bangkok, you don’t have to dwell too much here, because there are few kinds of things, the styles are ordinary, and the prices are not cheap. It is enough to go and have a look. There are a lot of Sabushi people inside. There are long lines. Fortunately, I ate in Chiang Mai. I don’t have to waste time here and gloat.

⑧ Fish Therapy

Tired of doing it in the mall, Two people 250b/20 minutes, It’s very interesting. There are a lot of fish. I’m so hungry that I chew on my feet. At first I was scared and my feet couldn’t get off at all. The service personnel asked us to release. I choked back for a minute and then got used to it. I could also open my toes and hold it when the fish ate seriously. Later, I simply put my hand into it to catch it. After the fish was treated, my feet were unusually clean and smooth and felt good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

29 July-1 August Bangkok

(1) The most satisfactory hotel on this trip,

From Vista that Phuket found on 7Q’s computer before he left, The location is good, Chinese people live in many places, The cost-performance ratio is appropriate. I booked one night on the booking with the attitude of giving it a try. I want to say that as a result, it became the most satisfactory hotel we stayed in during our trip to Thailand. The breakfast was full and the hotel front desk was warm, which helped us a lot. The room was quiet and clean. All the necessary facilities were available. The most important thing was that it took 3 minutes to walk to Tiantie and passed a 7-11 convenience store. We stayed for 3 nights with a total discount of 4000B b. For such services and geographical locations, the cost performance is extremely high.

(2) Chatucha Weekend Market

I arrived in Bangkok specially on Sunday, 29th, in order to catch up with the weekend market. The fame is too big. If the area is too large, there are both good and bad quality. The shopping environment is really super hot. Moreover, there is no what chair to rest. People who go shopping make unremitting preparations.

(3) Grand Palace + Sleeping Buddha Temple + Zheng Wang Temple

These three places are very close and need to be played together. The Grand Palace is full of Chinese groups. If you are free, you will listen to them one by one. The tour guide said something different. You can know a lot about Thailand’s history. When you are free, I will add what I have heard. It is still very interesting to take a ferry boat 3B/person to Zheng Wang Temple, and it is also the best of the three. There is no team tour and there are not many tourists. Everyone who climbs to the tower will marvel at the beautiful scenery and novelty.

(4) Chinatown + Water Bus

From Zheng Wang Temple, you can take water bus to the vicinity of Chinatown, with a total of 3 stops and 15B, which is more interesting than taking a taxi. How do you describe this street in Chinatown… dirty, messy and poor? The whole streets, sidewalks and alleys are full of small vendors who set up stalls. Small commodities should be mainly wholesale. There are also some dried fruits, gold and silver ornaments, Chinese herbal medicine wine and so on, as well as large restaurants that mainly eat shark’s fin and bird’s nest. At first, they felt dazzling and tired when walking, but it was worth visiting.

(5) siam ocean world

According to the strategy, it is the largest indoor aquarium in Asia. I think it is OK. There are many kinds of marine organisms. There is a package of tickets, including drinks, popcorn, glass-bottomed boats, sea cucumbers touching starfish and 4d movies, 1100b/person. The whole journey takes 2 hours. If you have time, you can take your children to have a look.

(6) Four-sided Buddha

There are two opinions about the four-sided Buddha: one is that the four-sided Buddha represents career, love, health and wealth respectively. The front asks for a prosperous business, the left asks for a happy marriage, the right asks for peace and health, and the back asks for money and treasure. The other is to say that it represents kindness, sadness, happiness and abandonment.

The method of worship was checked by me on Baidu: Buy a set of incense and flowers in the four Buddha flowers 20B, including 12 pillars of incense, 1 candle and 4 strings of flowers. Begin to worship from the Buddha’s face at the entrance, leave the candle at the first Buddha’s face, make a wish, then insert three sticks of incense and a wreath, worship the other three sides clockwise in turn, repeat the wish made in front of each Buddha, insert three sticks of incense and a wreath. After all the worship, go back to the first Buddha’s face and worship again. Finally, go to a nearby water tank, scoop a cup of divine water and pat it on your forehead, face and arms.

(7) Shopping Tour

Of several famous shopping centers in Bangkok, I personally think that the three shopping malls in Central World should be the most suitable for shopping. First, there are often discount activities. Second, the shopping malls are very square, unlike Siam, which is easy to turn around. Levls is priced cheaper than Beijing, so it is good even if there is no discount. Crocodiles basically do not have discounts and participate in activities… I don’t know which strategy says more than 100 pieces… It seems that zara is the most valuable, and the whole audience is on special offer. Anyway, if you look at it carefully, the harvest is not small. Xiao Lu calculated for me that I bought a total of 12 pieces of clothing and trousers this time, which is still a very happy thing. It is said that there is a newly-built, oversized, two-story shopping center in a remote part of Bangkok, with a complete variety and frequent discounts. I hope anyone who has been there can communicate with the post in time.

Let’s write down the travel notes here first. It’s almost time to go to work. Time is limited.

I don’t have such beautiful photos of people to show. I also hope that this strategy is not just to put photos to win the applause of others. I have posted a picture of each mentioned place. It is good for everyone to see that it is not too strange.

When you are free, please enrich and update it. I hope it can be used as an accurate reference and provide some meager help to those who want to go to Thailand.

Unique “Beautiful”-Thai Song and Dance

Thailand is regarded as a beautiful tourist paradise. Blue sky, green sea, golden sand beach, pleasant

The climate is relaxing and pleasant. However, it is not only these wonderful nature that make tourists forget to return.

Scenery, there is also a unique “beautiful” scenery-Thai folk songs and dances.

When traveling in Thailand, you can see exotic gorgeous dances and Thai customs-refreshing to the Chinese. Those who participate in group tours,

Generally, it will be arranged. The performance level varies. This is a high one.

Thailand Travel to Watch Interesting Elephant Show!

Thailand is a country of thousands of Buddhas with numerous temples and a country of smiles with faith. With islands, delicious food and unique culture,

This is a natural tourist country-

Best Travel Season:

Thailand is more suitable for traveling from March to June. The rainy season is from September every year to January next year, with more rain. Actually, what time

Everything is good, but just one word “hot”!

Elephant Show is a project of Thai tourism. Elephants’ status in Thailand is respected, as I was there.

Take a look at the interesting elephant performance!

If you can’t open it, look below

6. Angels live in towers, mortals climb underground, China town Jiaoyang welcomes the Spring Festival, Chao Phraya River rises and dreams can be sold-Bangkok Impression 1,

Bangkok is the short name for this city by Westerners. Thailand’s name is said to be 150 words long, also known as the City of Angels. When the coach stopped to eat, the heat wave I had already felt reminded me that I had entered the tropics. This is not very perceptible in Sukhothai. When I arrived in Bangkok, I was going to ask people to go to Kaoshan Road, a well-known backpacker distribution center. I actually asked a young Chinese couple, so I took a bus together. Thailand’s bus was not as good as her long-distance bus. The size is very large, but the hardware can only be compared with the third-rate villages and towns in the country. The stop sign is empty and there is no stop name. Of course, if there is, I don’t want to understand it.

This is the largest city since leaving the country for a week. The area is very large, the facilities are relatively old, there are not many high-rise buildings, and there are quite a few vehicles and motorcycles. Although the number is not as large as Hanoi, it is also flowing. It can be seen that everyone likes to go to the capital. After arriving at the station, cycling was soon shocked by huge street flags and noisy music. It turned out that this was Kaoshan Road. The streets soon after the afternoon were occupied by all kinds of vendors. Selling clothing, shoes and hats, snacks, horses and chickens, and even identification stalls. . . Where is the chengguan? ? It is very difficult to move forward by occupying the road. Most of the storefronts on the 3rd and 4th floors on the street also live around eating, drinking and having fun. Alleys continue to lead everywhere. Like Laos, there are no youth hostels for several people in what. They are all cheap guesthouse, with double beds and bathrooms. After 2 or 3 hours of searching, I found a 300B room. I met 2 Guangdong female youth again, so I could have dinner on the first day of the year. I contacted the young couple by text message. Five people found a street food stall to deal with casually. After eating, get some snacks or freezing points and stroll around. At this time, donkeys from all over the world seem to pour out from all over the world, occupying all the food stalls, bars, massage chairs, clothing stalls and ornaments counters in this area. . . Noisy and relaxed, very strange feeling, isn’t it?

The next morning, the sun stood in the sky like a show, indicating that Bangkok’s days would be painful. Sure enough, the physical exertion has been great these days, and my heart is in sugar water and ice cream. There are many kinds of these here, and they are infinitely attractive. I was dizzy by the sun every day. I always groped for half a day to find the alley where I stayed when I returned to Kaoshan Road (then I found a cheaper home, 200B). In fact, not far from the vicinity of Kaoshan Road are scenic spots: the Grand Palace, the Grand Buddhist Temple, the Museum and the Zheng Wang Temple on both sides of the Chao Phraya River. . . There are also the Independence Monument, Chinatown, and the golden temples everywhere.

Ah, how many sins will people suffer when they burn incense and salute outside? When they enter the temple, they worship under the cassock. Looking at casual monks or Buddha statues with gold foil in their eyes, they are as devout as Tibetans far away. The temples are majestic and both inside and outside are covered with gold. The comparison between the best temples in the country and Bangkok also shows the soil.

Thailand’s Beautiful Honeymoon Tour Elephant Island Fun “Four Islands Snorkeling One Day Tour” Raiders 5

On June 4, we got up early in the morning and made an appointment to wait for the bus downstairs at 8: 00. At this time, there are few people in the streets, which is too early in Thailand. Not long after we went downstairs, it suddenly began to rain. The rain said it would fall without any sign. However, fortunately, it was only scattered and stopped in less than 1 minute, and those who came and went quickly. The scene in the drizzle. .

If it rains heavily, today’s plan will fall through. I don’t want it! Because our schedule is full, if we don’t follow the plan one day, we will suffer later. Fortunately, God is still a gift to me, giving me a sunny cloudy day! In the process of snorkeling, there was not a drop of rain and there was no fierce sun. God really helped me! (If it rains, the sea will be stormy and inconvenient to sail. If it is also sunny, the skin will burn when snorkeling.) We are fine. We are not close to each other. It is not easy to have fun all day.

Look at the streets in front of the hotel after the rain!

The shape of the hotel always makes me want to shoot, but also want to shoot! There is no door here at night, because there is no door, ha ha! Look at Thailand is full of conscious people!

Looking at the time is still early, my husband went to 7-11 to buy me the fast seafood rice I liked last night.

Shrimps in all Thai food are so fresh and large, can they be seen in China? It is estimated that you have earned all the small shrimps! In China, fast food is almost always packed in processed powder bags.

This seafood rice is 48B a bowl, which is not cheap. Spicy and spicy, there is no lack of the taste of vanilla spices, when eating is special meal, but hiccups are uncomfortable. If I had known earlier that it would be stormy to take a boat in rainy days, I would not have eaten this meal, which led me to hate this kind of meal and dare not try it again! Advice: Seasick friends must not eat before leaving, or you will suffer!

It seems that my husband got up too early and still didn’t wake up. He didn’t have any appetite!

Silly me, eat too full!

I saw a bus stop in front of the hotel, but I haven’t seen a what bus here. It’s strange!

It’s more than 8: 00, waiting to worry. I thought to myself, do we have no idea of time, or did we miss the car? Take out the snorkeling ticket and call the above contact number with the Thai number. A woman answered it. She said there was no hurry and she would definitely arrive at 8:40 at the latest. Dizzy, then the car came.

(It should be explained here that there is no need to buy a Thai card to go to Thailand. We have only made two phone calls so far, which is useless. My husband who has just arrived in Thailand still wants to charge the phone bill. Fortunately, I didn’t charge it. This is unnecessary. There is also a global phone that has been filled with 500 yuan for standby before I came. It is expected that China’s contact number will call this number. We cannot tell them Thailand’s number one by one. Therefore, I don’t think there will be too many people harassing you when you are on vacation. It will be enough for you to charge enough for the Chinese number, and it won’t be much unless your business is really busy. We have no sense of saving money at all. We dial numbers directly. If we open foreign services in mobile, it will be cheaper to dial numbers in front. Anyway, I am useless in Thailand, nor can I use it in China. Let me give you a reference. Ha ha ~)

Dudu’s car is coming, let’s get in the car! There were already four guests before us. At first I thought they were Japanese, but later I knew they were Thai friends. Next, I will go to the next stop to pick up the guests. The driver arrived at a hotel, which is also a very interesting hotel and has a more pastoral style. He sat at the front desk for n long times, but he never saw anyone. Later, he did not care and went directly to pick up the guests at the next stop. (So, next time you want to play, you must remember that you would rather arrive early than be late. It is not natural that the pick-up bus must wait until you. Not only did you miss your activities today, but it will also affect other people’s itinerary!)

This stop has been going on for a long time. It is on the mountain. The mountain road is very steep! Our polite pick-up car still drove up and only left after receiving guests at the gate of the hotel. This couple is a Korean couple.

The independent huts here are not expensive. After looking at them, the appearance of 350B-400B may be somewhat biased. Personally, I think the environment is not as good as the photos, there are too many grass and wood, and there will be more small things.

Look at the weather. It’s not bad!

Open, open, open, open, open that time is long enough! It seems that we are driven from the outermost part of the island to the innermost part. There are fewer and fewer things and the environment is becoming more and more desolate. Until we came to the dock, we saw restaurants and vendors. Dudu’s car put us down and each of us was given a badge so that we could recognize the boat. All right, follow the Korean couple in the same car.

See, pretending to be dead elephant: I will ignore you! I will ignore you! Ha, ha, ha

Is this the so-called “sea-watching hut” seaside family? Looking shabby, it seems that few people live there!

These are the snorkeling boats! Do you see the white one? Oh no, that’s not ours, the blue one is! !

Of course, the big one is not ours either, but ours is the short and exquisite one beside us. Because when we bought tickets, we all bought more expensive ones. The ticketing boy said: white 500B no; Green 600B yes. He said that white boats are cheap and not good. Blue boats are more expensive, okay. What’s the good news? We can’t see it, just heard that there are more projects on board. However, how did we find out later that other people’s boats still had small boats, but ours did not. Moreover, our boat is small and unstable. When we go, we are very swaying. I don’t know why. I also wonder if it was because there were too few people on this trip that we were given such a boat. In fact, I went to the BBQ on our ship. Personally, I think the 500B ticket for the candidate who is not greedy is OK. Anyway, the islands I play on are all the same. Maybe the food will be worse. We don’t know, but BBQ certainly doesn’t have it. However, this BBQ also has nothing to say, but later I became hungry and ate very delicious!

Look at my foolishness. I am pretending to be calm. In fact, I am very excited. Ha, ha, ha! Today’s weather is very good, not hot or cold, and the sea breeze is comfortable!

What is the husband doing back there?

It is very easy to recognize the boat, as long as you hang up the dog tag. The young man standing by the boat will recognize and stop you. Speaking, boarding the ship is also a very thrilling step! You see, first of all, I have to cross this small wooden bridge to get to the big ship. Because my cerebellum is not developed by nature, my balance ability on the path is not very good. I still need the little boy on the shore to help me go!

Then there is the big boat passing the small boat! This looks simple, I think it is also very scary. Human beings have always been able to overcome all kinds of difficulties, but they are always powerless when confronted with water. Me too! Looking at the gap between the ship and the ship so big, and the ship swaying, the gap is the sea water, not time scalp a little pins and needles. Let my husband go first and then take me over!

Yeah! Finally passed the border and came to our lovely blue boat!

Look, this boy is cool! When I see people wearing sunglasses or helmets in Thailand, I always feel like armor warriors. Ah, there is no help! Speaking of him, I can only use the ancient and strange Thai guy to describe him!

Not long after boarding the ship, a girl ran up carelessly and said she would take a picture of me. The action was very exaggerated. I said not to take a picture. Later, when she saw my husband coming over, she said she wanted to shoot together. I also said no. She explained to me in nonstandard English, and this was finally “returned” to you. I still say NO. She thought I didn’t understand, but in fact I knew: there is no free lunch in the world, I don’t want to shoot, let’s give the chance to everyone! (Later, everyone also knew that when they came back, they set up a stall at the dock and set up the photos for us to claim. Most people would definitely want them. To say “return” is actually to sell it. Two people are 100B, and the shooting is still very ugly. Making this money is boring, and the photo frame is also very ugly. It has no commemorative significance. If you really want to commemorate it, it is better to take your own photos! Ha ha)

I’m not sure if the man below is the captain, but I always feel that he is like the captain in the cab upstairs! Everybody help me see if it’s the same person. At that time, I didn’t pay special attention either. Is it what’s miscellaneous soup? One pot, will this taste good? It won’t be the food for us later!

All right, let’s not talk too much, let’s sail. Let’s go upstairs first!

Come on, boast in the wind!

See the other boats are very beautiful!

There are not many people on board, just a dozen. It seems that the ship is not very lively!

These are Thais who came by bus together in the morning.

The crew on the ship are very young except the captain! Is this the man who was just cooking? I think so. Cool don’t laugh!

The waves, the sky at this time-cool! No rain, ha ha!

Fix your hair first, and it’s time to show your talents later!

Upstairs, from the beginning of the excitement and excitement alive and kicking, to the end like a dead fish motionless. Let’s go downstairs! The shaking upstairs was so severe that I couldn’t stand it.

After some crazy vomiting, the two of us vomited all the seafood and rice we had in the morning, which made us much more comfortable. I began to hate the vanilla smell, which has been aftertaste in my mouth, uncomfortable. The boat has reached the first island. It is far away. It will take about two hours. Because it rained in the morning, the sea was really not calm after the rain. It was so severe that few people could control it. Seeing that the foreigners were still talking, laughing and drinking coffee at first, they soon asked the crew to take plastic bags and vomit for them. I vomit while I am in the toilet, which is the so-called vomiting and diarrhea. The cold and hot drinks on board are free, but who has the mind to drink them? What doesn’t want to eat them! Arrived, the heart is finally jolted down. The crew sent each person a breathing mask, which had to be recorded. Then everyone put on life jackets and breathing masks!

The people who saw the other boats were already floating in the water. Of course, there are also many people on their boats who cannot swim and stay on board. There are many people on those boats. However, almost all our boats swam, leaving only one Thai girl who vomited in a sparse way and the two of us alone. We really can’t swim, what should we do? Although I can’t swim, I still need to do enough and be professional in the preparation work. Look at what we look like when we are armed! Husband ~

Then how to get into the water? We looked at the free figures in the water, and the panic in our hearts! If you want to go down, you can’t swim. What can you do? I saw our crew, a group of people gathered in the nearby water, and I couldn’t tell who was who. Look at their water quality, some what don’t wear it. When they saw us, they told us to go down. Our crew floated a life jacket on the water and told us to hold it and swim. However, we really can’t help it at all. I’m afraid I can’t help it. I don’t want to drink seawater. Looking at the cunning of the crew, I still don’t feel at ease. However, just before I was ready to finish, I only heard a “splash”. I turned my head and my husband disappeared. Later, I found out that he had already gone into the water. I didn’t know how to swim and jumped directly. He really made me laugh and cry. Looking at her husband tossing and turning in the water, the crew did not pull him either. They only asked him to pull his life jacket. Her husband drank a lot of water and his balance was not good. He was a little unstable. This scene makes me even more reluctant to go into the water!

All of a sudden, I saw a face among them waving to me from a distance and saying, Come down, I’ll pull you, don’t worry, this is nothing. You come down with me, I can pull you! (At that time, I didn’t care or think about who he was. I thought he was also our crew!) I want to go down, but I dare not. I have been shaking my head and saying NO. I am struggling in my heart and have been in contradiction for a long time. He added, Believe me, I will make you safe. It’s really great here. Come on, really! Then I was moved and wanted to go to the sea to see what the sea floor looked like. Is it beautiful? For a long time. . Finally, my courage overcame my fear. Come on, sea, I’m coming! I believe this man, he doesn’t look bad, and he is just, really good, from the heart! Facts have also proved that he is a careful and thoughtful man. He showed me the magical side of the sea and swam for the first time. It was he who made me feel at ease and steadfast lying on the sea surface, sticking to the sea surface and seeing all the beautiful scenery I had never seen before. Perhaps, without him, I would not have seen all this. With him, there is no worry or fear, only excitement, excitement and gratitude! (At that time, I thought, I don’t know if he is married or not. If not, I really want to introduce him to a beautiful MM who has settled in Thailand. He is definitely a good man!) However, to tell the truth, Thailand still has many good people and is always so warm-hearted, unlike the Chinese, who are indifferent to each other. This is really incomparable. I also want to thank God, there are always people who appear from time to time to help me finish every impossible task!

True story of words and regulations! Well, then he swam over, and then I went into the water safely and kept my balance. At first I was a little scared, but the idea was soon dispelled. I was in the sea, so excited that I took my camera wrapped in a waterproof bag and took a crazy shot. What can’t see it clearly, just shoot it. Dear, if you want to see more photos, go to my photo album! If you accidentally see half or only a shadow, don’t ask me, maybe I don’t know it’s what, ha ha!

Here are a few key shows. I accidentally took a picture of his leg, and the sweat dripped down!

At first I seemed to have been dragged away!

A blurred shot!

Photographed, handsome face, girls see will bang bang heart! I think it’s really a little bit now, but I was too excited to think about it at that time!

Strong and powerful arms, also don’t know when what took it!

Look, I started tossing and turning. It seems that I have adapted to it. I started to show off in an ostentatious manner when I knew Ha ha ~ kindly, he took the initiative to take photos for me. Ah, he can’t even show off in an ostentatious manner! However, even if he took my camera, when he returned it to me, he was very considerate to wrap the hanging rope around my hand one by one! I am a person who is easily moved! Please don’t touch me with details, ha, ha, ha!

It is estimated that this is our ship’s strange crew! Always playing tricks on me. Later, it seemed that I didn’t remember it was what’s time either. I took something similar to JJ and swung red in front of me, which frightened me. The kind-hearted good man did not disturb me and quickly helped me avoid it. I was moved again. When I got back to the ship, I told my husband that it should also be a seabed creature. My husband said it might be sand. That guy, I hate him!

Beautiful sea floor! There are many people in the sea, and their water quality is very good.

The good-hearted man pulled me to the place with the most fish, showed me a beautiful corner of the sea floor, and let me take photos. He took pains to show me that this is what and that is what. I saw many beautiful fish very close to me and swam in front of my eyes. I wanted to touch them, but I did not dare to move too much for fear of disturbing them. As a result, they are all slow and leisurely, swimming over and over, regardless of our existence. When I snorkeled, I occasionally swung my feet and touched them, but I was not afraid. They knew I wouldn’t hurt them, hey hey!

After a long time, he told me, can you put your hands down? You should be able to swim now. Come on, give it a try! But I dare not. Without my consent, he would not let me go at once, but told me slowly. (If those sailors are hard to say, they may abandon me directly. Ha ha, it’s not that bad either. It’s just that I don’t rest assured that I love to be strange, but I also believe that I’m definitely not as careful as he is.) After waiting for a while, he saw that I was swimming steadily and said, “Please put it down and try it. I believe you can swim. Yes, you can swim, right?” This is very good of you! Try it! He gave me courage, and I really wanted to try. Sure enough, if I let go of his hand, I can be very stable myself. Occasionally I swing my feet, but I just can’t grasp the direction. His hand is only not far from me. I don’t have to worry at all. I can watch the sea on my stomach, occasionally pedal the sea a few times, and then swim a little way! I am very happy and excited! Is there really such a careful man? It’s like a dream. .

Me, bottom of the sea, my legs, beautiful! That’s fine!

Strong arms! Can be trusted!

Well, whose duck feet are these? ! This guy dived to the bottom of the sea.

I really don’t know what he is going to do. Only later did he know that he was blowing bubbles, which he had seen on TV before. The blowing circles slowly rose up and looked like steel rings at the bottom of the sea. Is there?

This is it! There was no time to take a panoramic view, it was very nice! When I first came up, I almost wanted to run away at a fast speed. However, I can’t run either! I thought it was an obstacle like steel bar! At that time, I was stunned. It was impossible to think about it carefully. How could such a heavy thing float? Fortunately, the man with a good heart calmed me and said it was okay!

One more! Because I was too excited, I didn’t understand the crazy shooting on the first island! After that, I came to the third most beautiful island and the camera ran out of electricity. What a pity! It is really beautiful there. The sea water is much clearer than this island, and the creatures on the seabed are very strange. What a pity!

Here, we are going to end the perfect journey of this island. The good-hearted man pulled me back to our boat. At this time, I didn’t even know he was not from our ship! Until I went up, he didn’t come up.

Here, he said goodbye to me and said that his boat was behind. I was surprised. It turned out that we were not in the same boat. He said he would go to the second island later, and I’ll see you on that island then. I said yes.

On board, we drenched our bodies with fresh water. It’s time for dinner. We can have lunch! Because I vomited that time in the morning, I had no appetite and did not dare to eat. I was afraid to vomit later! The crew is helping me with the meal. I said no! Here, I lost a lot. .

Look at our food! I really have no appetite. I know it tastes like vanilla. I dare not eat it.

You see, one by one, they are so edible! Robbed.

I just took pictures of the scenery, and the young man also motioned heartily for me to take pictures of him! Well, for the sake that you are a little handsome, let you leave some in my memory. It seems that you are also Thai and feel like a middle school student!

This foreign MM also vomited after drinking coffee, but she can still eat two plates here. Maybe she is really hungry! Foreigners’ physique is better than that of Chinese!

The crew began to untie the rope, we are going to the second island!

Husband also has no appetite, this thing is the same flavor-that is the flavor of Thailand!

Come on! I’ll show you my whole body!

Does it match? Black and white, boys and girls! Ha, ha, ha

As the camera did not have much power, we went directly to the second island! Snorkeling can be done here, but there is no scenery at the bottom of the sea. The island is mainly used to go ashore and bask in the sun because it is a soft beach. My husband and I have no one to take, so we don’t plan to go down, so we’ll play on the boat. At this time, my husband said to me: It’s really a very uncomfortable thing to come here to play and not be able to swim! Not happy! So we made up our minds to learn swimming together when we went home! Hmm

After landing, look at how cool they are all swimming!

My heart tickles!

What a beautiful sea, like emerald!

There are some refreshing dishes on board, so you have to do it yourself. No one eats it. I ate it at the weekend market. It’s not my taste and I don’t want to eat it!

Can be added-interesting garlic!

Asked the crew, this is Sugar. I don’t know how to use it!

This is a Thai friend who came with the car and jumped directly from the upstairs. It’s awesome! Because of his heavy weight, he sank for almost half a day before floating. However, water is still very good! I envy them.

The whole body was wet. The others are also armed and ready to go down!

The accident appeared again. I saw a familiar figure greeting me not far away. It was him. A good-hearted man waved to me not far from the shore and asked me if I wanted to go over. I can’t help it. Yes, I heard people say that this island is an island playing on the shore in the strategy. Why not go? The heart itches, mainly because our ship’s equipment is not perfect, otherwise there are small boats, and people who cannot swim can take small boats to pass by. They are really irresponsible to think of this! Angry.

I wanted to go, so I waved to him and asked him to take me there. He swam over with a rope and didn’t even wear what on him. He was awesome! I asked my husband if he would go, and he said no! Otherwise, he can be delayed for a while! Go into the sea!

We swam for a while, and then we could step on the soft beach. At first I got a fright and thought I had touched coral. Not bad! He let me stand firm and walk slowly. As I said, my cerebellum is not very developed and all of them are always unstable. Also, this beach is not so good. Sometimes it hurts to step on rubble, which makes me afraid to walk! Look at these blondes in the sun, they are all golden! This scene is very beautiful!

See? There is a white boat ahead, why is white better than green’s facilities? I’m struggling!

Let’s have an all-person show! Handsome, just, yes, it’s you! He is very handsome. In Thailand, for the people I see, he is more than ordinary handsome! As we all know, Thais are relatively short, but he is not oh, exactly the opposite! Ha ha, then he asked me where I came from and my name was what. I’m from China, My name is Tao Xixi, or you can call me Daisy. Then I asked him his name was what? He said Vat, I thought it was what, and he spelled it separately for me! But the pronunciation is the same, hehe! Now that there is a name, you don’t have to say what happened to that good-hearted man.

He also took a picture of me! I don’t know. What’s good. After filming, he said “beautiful” in nonstandard Chinese, which surprised me, but people here all say this word, ha ha!

Let’s take two more photos! We don’t have many opportunities, and we may never meet them again! Ha ha

Turning his back to the sea, he took another picture of me! I’m happy!

After that, we will board the ship again and go to the third island! He sent me back, and there was a boat between his boat and ours! He swam back on his own. Here, he told me that the third island will be very beautiful and you will see many different things. I asked him if he would go, and he said he would. However, the third island was very busy all the way. My husband and I were led by our crew. I only saw his shadow in the process of swimming back to the ship. I motioned with him and did not meet him.

Get aboard! I was flushing water, and the strange crew motioned me to come over. It was so strange! He showed me this is what? (Hands are moving and I can’t take a clear picture all the time) It’s actually Xianbei, a living Xianbei! They probably just caught it!

He rammed the dirty basin filled with water, then washed and dug it up, leaving the last white grain. He handed it to me and said, This is delicious! Sweat, I’m sick. . How to be like primitive people! You don’t have to cook anything. A small crew member motioned to me that there was sauce and asked me to dip it in. I am sweating, so call my husband to have a look. How do they all like to do this in front of me, know I am timid, right?

More crew members, when I was unprepared, threw something in front of my heel and frightened me. Don’t you know I’m timid? Cut ~ it’s just an octopus! At that time, I thought it was our BBQ food. It was really rich! Only later did I know that it was probably their own dinner, because BBQ was very simple!

It was a little cold at this time, so I was wrapped in a bath towel! Husband said, can be called “water lotus”! Ha ha

My husband has collapsed and sat down, chubby!

Is this the third island? A pile of rocks can’t go ashore.

When we arrived, we had already seen people from other boats swimming in the water, some of whom were dragged away. The people on our ship were also finished soon. Mainly, they could swim and did not need anyone to take them. However, my husband and I were at a loss, so we just put on our life jackets first. At this time, suddenly there was a crew member of our ship who floated on the water and told us to go down. He said that we could not swim. Here he took us through a lap, and the “armor warrior” beside him was also explaining to us! The two of us look at each other. There is no other way. Look at their sincerity this time. Believe them once and go into the water!

Not bad! This time it was very stable and appropriate. We grabbed the crew’s life jackets. I hope my husband will not shake them indiscriminately, so that we can “combine the two swords”!

The bottom of the sea is very beautiful. I only took four pictures. Before I could take the most beautiful place, the camera ran out of electricity. It’s really a pity! I feel very sorry for this!

The crew dragged us around the island for a full swim, and it went smoothly! When we came back, we saw that many people could not swim! They were all dragged out, some dragged out for two, some dragged out for three, and what’s more, they dragged out for four! Let me very gratified, it turns out that we are not the worst. Perhaps this island is to advocate everyone to come down and have a look, so they all came down one by one! However, there was no place to stop, and we did not dare to stop. We grabbed the crew and swam a lap at one go. In the meantime, I will secretly loosen my hands and swim by myself, or I will use my pedals a few times to watch the crew drag us with great difficulty. Ha ha, I hope I can make him relaxed and help him with one foot!

As I was approaching the side of the boat, I vaguely saw Vat over there. He was greeting me. I motioned to him. Due to the bad breathing mask, the water was entering the boat. At that time, I didn’t dare to make too many moves. Later, I boarded the boat. After that, I have never seen him again. What a pity!

After tossing and turning for half a day, everyone was tired! Take a rest!

After snorkeling, the crew are all sitting in the stern.

Wobbly, we came to the last island, that is, the fourth island, there is no project here! The crewman told me that you can buy things here, like 7-11. I thought it was our BBQ place and asked him if it was BBQ. He said no BBQ, just buy something to eat. We must remember this island when we dock! There is no need to buy things. They are all from cheat people. It is estimated that they also colluded to coax us up. However, I don’t blame them either. It is understandable. After all, it is a tourist resort. Who will you kill if you don’t kill tourists? You deserve it! If you go, you can not buy it if you feel expensive and unacceptable. No one forced you to buy it, it was all voluntary! Of course, if you buy more, the captain will naturally earn more!

I bought an ice cream in the only canteen on the island, mainly to promote the more effective and rapid development of Thailand’s economy! Where is it like 7-11, the ice cream here is double the price, I don’t care with them, 40B! Then I saw a boy sitting at the door of the toilet on the side. He was lazy and seemed to have no business. The sign said 10B once. Oh, my God, two dollars, I think those who want to go to the toilet would rather hold back and go back to the toilet.

At first I didn’t know the inside story, but then it happened that I was sitting in the nearest position to the counter, and the position was relatively low. As a coincidence, I accidentally saw our captain coming (this canteen is the only small shop on the island). The captain chatted with the shopkeeper and then took an envelope from the other party. It was mysterious. It happened that I saw a 100B note under his envelope. In my opinion, it is not what either. There is not much money, but why is it that I saw it? Sneaky, a little dirty to think of, I began to doubt their character. Fortunately, I didn’t see Vat’s boat and himself here. I can also soothe my injured heart and won’t confuse him with them. I think there are still good people here!

Look, the sea is clear, the shore is full of small fish swimming, black!

After sitting for a while, he boarded the boat. All right! ! Look, this is our BBQ, you white do not, we green do, ha ha!

What a simple BBQ, but looking clean, I like it! Corn, fresh, big; Pineapple, sweet, material; The roast chicken skewers also taste quite good! It seems that I am already hungry and faint at this time. I like it very much. I ate two bunches of barbecue, corn and pineapple! In fact, I didn’t eat a lot either. I still lost money. I didn’t eat lunch, but this is clean and easy to eat! Just don’t vomit on the way back.

On the way back, I was lying on the bench all the time. I was fine and didn’t vomit. Later, it rained without wind. Later, the big sun came out. It was warm and made us very comfortable. My husband enjoyed the sunshine to his heart’s content. At the end of the day, the strange crew withdrew their breathing masks from us, and he had to cross off the records one by one. When I received this sudden stretch out my hand and said 100B, I was scared. My eyes were staring at the eldest brother and his face was full of question marks. Then he made a funny expression. . Sweat, I said you give me 100B, I will give you the mask again, ha ha, in this way, we made a scene in laughter!

Before long, we will reach the shore! Leaving the dock, I saw the girl who said she would take a picture of me early in the morning and distributed the photos to the guests in front of the booth. I probed to see the situation in what, and when she saw me, she said, blame yourself. Oh, you said you didn’t shoot! In fact, it’s not strange, I dare not be interested in this, ha ha!

Here, I would like to thank the crew and Vat. It’s really nice to meet you-Vat! You let me remember deeply, I will not forget you, the first time I swim in my life, you taught me!

At 5: 50, Dudu took us back to the hotel. My husband was very tired and fell asleep. Me too, but I have to wash my clothes and then take a bath, because my whole body smells of sea water! This is me who washed my hair. I curled my hair and planned to go out at night. It won’t be available until tomorrow!

When my husband woke up naturally, we set off again to have dinner! All the way over, I saw the second flying cake stall. I had already looked for it. Although there were fewer people here, I saw that the young man’s movements were quite stable. Try his craft.

This time we want two flavors together, mango + banana, 50B.

This taste is very good, the weight is sufficient, also won’t be so sweet! We all agree that it is delicious!

All right! In the evening, I still went to the restaurant I visited yesterday. The prawns I have already chosen can be tasted. By the way, I forgot to say that another feature of this hotel is that there is still a transvestite brother hidden here. I can’t say much, only those who have been there know. There is no complete transformation, but it can be seen at a glance! (My husband said that my appearance is too unique and attracts people’s attention! In fact, I also feel a mental derangement, but I can’t help it, for the sake of a good image tomorrow! (Anyway, it can be seen in what, Thailand, and it’s not unusual!)

Prawns, the most luxurious meal! It’s very expensive, 600B! In Thailand, this is expensive! In fact, the taste is just like that!

This coconut ice cream is the same as what we ate at the Bangkok weekend market. Yes, we also ordered one today. It’s really not expensive. For the hotel, it’s only 30B, and the quantity is sufficient. However, the taste is still as good as that of the weekend market. Coconut meat tastes smoother!

I ordered my favorite pineapple fried rice, 150B. Because today suffered a lot of turbulence, want to eat lighter, save nausea!

I didn’t like it, but I ordered this hot pot full of vanilla and coriander, 180B! Oh, my God, if you don’t like it, you have to eat it. It’s still a big one!

The roasted prawns turned out to be roasted. We thought they could be cooked directly and eaten fresh. A little disappointed! Shrimp is super big, considering that you can’t eat such fresh shrimp in China, you are willing to try it. But a little disappointment!

So many dishes were finally swept away by us. This meal totaled 960B! Ha ha, luxury!


Come to our lovely hotel, have a good rest and nourish your spirit. I have to ride an elephant tomorrow!

Good night, Elephant Island! Good night, Vat! Good night, dear earth!

(To be continued…)

Preparations for Thai Beauty’s Honeymoon Tour

Before I went to Thailand, I had already seen a lot of strategies. After all, it was a self-help trip and a two-person trip abroad alone. It was necessary to make sufficient preparations. However, I have to say that some strategies have not only failed to help us, but also misled us. I don’t know whether it is due to the changes of the times or the devaluation of the Thai baht. No matter how hard we cut and cut, those Thais still firmly said NO! (Of course, there is still a good heart) Oh, so our weak hearts were conquered by them. However, most of the strategies have benefited us greatly, relying on these materials and common sense, plus our own intelligence. We finally survived in rich Thailand and lived well! Ha ha, ample food and clothing, happy, I won’t come back! (Thailand’s prices are relatively low and it is more suitable for vacation tourism!)

Next, I will compile my daily life experience into a strategy and make a sequel to the strategy. Because there are many contents, I have to write many articles, which can be more detailed, hoping to be helpful to friends who will or will soon travel to Thailand. .

Note: Many people think that Thais can speak Chinese, Oh no, really few people can speak it, even if some can speak it, they can only say “beautiful” and “thank you” are gone! To put it a little bit, we only met a beautiful female college student studying Chinese in the prosperous area of downtown Bangkok, as well as the conductor of Ocean World (also from downtown). However, I also met very beautiful Thai beauties (also in the city) who did not even understand any English. Ah, but I still remind those friends who can’t speak English at all that they can learn some basic words hard. Even if they can’t speak them then, just make up a word and a half and add your rich body language. These are not difficult, because Thais are still smart. I also defeated them by learning a solid foundation in English, that is, superficial English words. Even some people say my English is very good! Sweat, but if you really can’t do it at all, then I’d better advise you not to go. It’s not easy! You can’t even convince yourself, how can you understand others? Therefore, I remember that before going abroad for self-help travel, I must read more strategies and learn some basic English words. I must plan the itinerary in advance and make full preparations. None of this can be ignored. Everything is ready to make it easier for you to travel. After all, it is foreign, unless you are a person with strong survival ability, otherwise, it is better not to be so confident! Of course, there is no need to bother with the group. Save money and labor, but I don’t like it. Like primary school students, I always queue up to listen to instructions and have no freedom. Self-help tours can go wherever they want, time and space are free, and they can make them more knowledgeable. Understand the city’s geographical environment and transportation operation (transportation varies from place to place in Thailand).


I booked a return air ticket at AirAsia at:

    May 31 CANBKK, FD3649, 23:55 01: 456 May 07 BKKCAN, FD3648, 19:10 23:10

(Note here that Thailand’s time is one hour slower than China’s! So the trip is almost 3 hours!)

The total air ticket price is 3058 yuan! However, we also bought a round-trip meal on the plane (no free meal is provided on international flights) + luggage ticket + basic insurance = 409.05 yuan! So the total is 3467.05 yuan! This should be the cheapest flight price in the near future!

I am on Taobao * * visa, plus a Thai phone card 570 yuan!

Because our international flight is booked in Guangzhou, we have to go to Guangzhou first. It is cheap to take a bus, but the time is uncertain. So I booked a domestic flight on Taobao. Seeing that the time to go was only the cheapest on May 30, which was much different from other flights in 100 yuan, I booked that day. Look at the time:

    May 30 Luqiao Guangzhou, Shenzhen Airlines ZH9648, 19:25 21:206 May 08 Guangzhou Luqiao, Eastern Airlines MU5224, 12:4514:40

Plus flight delay insurance, the total return price is 2196 yuan!

If you go in advance, you have to book a hotel in Guangzhou. The following hotels are all booked in Agoda at a reasonable price.

    Guangzhou booked the airport Liwan Hotel, mainly because it has free airport pick-up and free WiFi, hairdryer, reasonable price and general environment! One night of May 30, double queen bed room, including tax and service charge of 148 yuan, recommended index! Korbua House on Bangkok’s Kaoshan Road has free WiFi, refrigerator, two bottles of mineral water and safe deposit box. The environment is good, clean and close to the Grand Palace. One night on June 1, double queen bed room, including tax and service charge of 190.63 yuan, recommended index! Pattaya GardenApartments in Pattaya Patanak Mountain has free WiFi, refrigerator and two bottles of mineral water free of charge. The environment is good and the room is average. It is only 0.3 kilometers away from the city. On the night of June 2, the luxurious room was equipped with a pool view, with the eaves blocked. I didn’t see the pool view, including tax and service fee of 190.63 yuan. The recommended index! Buffalo Bill Hotel on Baisha Beach in Xiangdao has free WiFi, refrigerator, two bottles of mineral water, hairdryer and safe. The environment is very good and the transportation is convenient. In the most prosperous area of Xiangdao, there is a bar opposite. Shopping is very convenient. The room is clean and comfortable and very good! Two nights from June 3 to 4, double queen bed room, including tax and service fee 250.68 yuan * 2=501.36 yuan, highly recommended index! White Sand BeachResort at Elephant Island’s White Sand Beach, There is free WiFi, Refrigerator, two free bottles of mineral water, The sea view is very good, The transportation is not convenient, The soft beach ahead, The sand is very fine, There was a swing at the door, Stone benches, wooden chairs, Coconut trees, Walk a long way along the beach to see many beach bars where you can eat. There is no supermarket, You have to walk through the path to the town. The sea view is not bad, There will be a lot of sand on the bed for one night, and the basic room is full of ants. I think it is an independent hut located on the beach (I don’t know why the strategy says that the hotel’s house is in great demand. Maybe it is the off season when we go. There are few people, only a few foreigners live, and the location is very biased. It will be horrible to go back too late!) On the night of June 5, Beach Fornt Seaside Room, including tax and service charge 263, 21 yuan, the most expensive one booked, recommended index! A One Inn of Saim, Bangkok, There is free WiFi, Refrigerator, two free bottles of mineral water, Hair dryer, complimentary breakfast, The environment is not good, Convenient transportation, In the busiest part of Saim, Across from the alley is MBT, Then cross the overpass, diagonally opposite Saim Center, Some of the rooms are old, The toilet is small (it is said that it was an old house opened in 1988 and has not been redecorated. It is no wonder, but the hall looks good. The price may be due to the urban area. There is breakfast and wool on sheep. In short, it is not recommended. Although the transportation is very convenient, if you want to stay in the urban area, you can look at other hotels). One night of June 6, double queen bed room, including tax and service charge of 219.18 yuan, recommended index!

The total reservation price is 1513.01 yuan!

Daily necessities: 26.1 yuan

Other supplies: 2890.61 yuan

Clothing preparation: 935.95 yuan

    Total Total: 570 Yuan +2196 Yuan +1513.01 Yuan +26.1 Yuan +2890.61 Yuan +935.95 Yuan = 8131.67 Yuan Total Money: 10000 Yuan-(Remaining 610 USD +3250 Thai Baht) = 5470 Yuan

Minus the price of an iPad, the total cost is more than 10,000, which is still more cost-effective!

Love Letter to Chiang Mai: When I Passed by Your Bloom

I thought I would fall in love with you at first sight, but I didn’t.

At first sight, there was no continuous mottled city wall and quiet and lazy sunshine beside the moat I imagined, while motorcycles, two cars and cars roared past. This was a small town, but at that moment I could not think of the story of the small town.

Perhaps I was really embarrassed when I saw you: the body pain that was hard to hide, and Lawton who flew for half a day and a night. In front of you, the usual smile is missing.

Even so, on the first morning with you, I still washed and dressed quickly and changed into a dress that I felt could complement your temperament. I think there must be a wonderful place I haven’t noticed yet. I want to start immediately!

The first stop: Pupin Palace, the back garden of Thailand’s royal palace, is on Suthep Mountain on the outskirts of the city.

Chiang Mai University set out and took a two-car ride on the mountain. The driver drove like the wind (Thai drivers were very passionate in driving, but they were courteous to pedestrians). The mountain road turned and turned, making me dizzy, nauseous and nauseous, which was as soft as cotton wool…….

At last, the car stopped at the gate of the palace. It was suddenly cloudy, but it was still hard to hide the flowers in the garden.

Someone must have cast magic to make the flowers here never bloom to the desolation and solemn and stirring.

Even if one branch, it must be unique.

Are you and I in pairs, enjoying the sunshine together, afraid of wind and frost?

Time is a twin flower, happiness is with you.

The flowers in the garden are within easy reach, and the light and plain fragrance lingers on the fingertips, fragrant the whole difficult journey.

Tell me, how can I be like you?

Fallen flowers are intentional (plumeria is a very common flower in the tropics, which is very beautiful, simple, elegant and light, and is very suitable for being pinned on the sideburns)

There is always some careful joy, as low as dust, which blooms numerous and complicated flowers.

The flowers are surrounded by vines, and the leaves are on the mind.


This is Doudou’s favorite one. Thank you for PS novice Tong Tong’s little try. Continue to cheer!

Tong Tong said that he liked this one best, so he not only adjusted the color and beautified the skin, but also enlarged his eyes by one and applied lipstick. Doug said, “Why not whiten his teeth?”

He said that his chest and waist were also slightly treated, liquefied and contracted, do you understand?

I understand, the feeling is to go to Barbie’s direction P Wow, but it is not much different from the original movie (I can still recognize myself);

I don’t even know where this picture of him is.

Well, let’s use light and shadow to adjust the original version of the reverse film.

In short, Doudou gave full play to his ability to sit but not stand.

Flowers, do you want to sit and watch calmly?

It’s really boring. Just pull a sister to watch it together.

Life is as brilliant as summer flowers.


Remember the gentle and leisurely moment……

And the fragrance of that moment lingers, and joy enters the spleen.

Although friends said that the traces of artificial carving in Puping Palace were a little heavy and small in scale, the photos came out and turned out to be so beautiful in retrospect.

Because, there is no crowd here;

As a palace back garden, it lacks beauty and brilliance, but it is full of vitality, and the tickets are so close to the people (I don’t remember whether it is 50 or 30 Thai baht, less than 10RMB)

Spring in Beijing is always short as the wind. All kinds of flowers are crowded and open and then go away. There, flowers and people are so calm and calm…….

Urgent what, anyway, has a whole year to open up to the heart’s content.

Looking at the photos full of flowers, I suddenly felt that perhaps there were many flowers and trees hidden there, and in the few hours there, I felt really like ALICE.

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