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Month: September 2019

Phuket Patong Night Charm…

I remember there was a phrase describing New York as the city that never sleeps. Believe that the “city that never sleeps” this title to Patong( phuket ), there will not be any objection. Back in the second world war, phuket was an ordinary fishing port town; Today, she attracts countless tourists from all over the world to worship her every day. Night, she suddenly change, put on colorful dance clothes, incarnate as a deep understanding of the world, mature sexy wild **. Tonight, we go into her heart and embrace her night charm — Patong night market, located in the west of phuket, is the busiest night life gathering place in phuket.

Here, whether it is a large shopping mall, 5 star restaurant, small vendors, CLUB… All available, let the tourists high night over ~ large shopping mall, shopping mall not only all kinds of famous products, but also quite atmosphere of restaurants, very suitable for shopping tired tourists!

If you don’t want to eat in these restaurants, you can choose the food stalls. Seafood is the brand name.

Tired of seafood, go to the night market vendors, eat authentic snacks.

When you are full, you can go to the beach under the stars, go to the night market for Shopping, go to the CLUB.

At the Patong night market, everything you want is on sale, whether it’s salons, bags, clothes, accessories… Wait, you can buy any souvenir!

While we were wandering in the night market, we suddenly found a vendor, bags of dim sum sold not ordinary Thai snacks, turned out to be the terror of worms, a total of six flavors, including: grasshopper, insect pupa… There are all kinds of bugs, just fat and thick meat, 20 baht for a small bag of each flavor, or 40 baht if you want a “bug mix”, about 50 meters from the entrance to Patong night market. Be bold enough you, might as well also come to try personally next time! In a bar, tiger bar’s singers sing and sway on the stage, while visitors sit and order drinks or meals to enjoy the experience.

zebra bar

Good luck, more than satisfied with food, eyes are also blessed oh good a group of beauty ~

Mouth-watering beauty oh, I am a boy’s words, head over heels, ha ha


You can also experience Thai massage, essential oil SPA, Thai boxing show, ladyboy show in phuket. Don’t forget the club with strong Thai flavor, and thoroughly immerse yourself in the charming culture of Thailand! There are Massage shops of different sizes on every street and lane. Generally, 200 to 300 baht is enough for a transaction. I try a Thai massage whole body (one hour) one word “cool”, it’s a pity that the aunt to pique massage while stomach, a little worried, but her skill is pretty comfortable, is fall asleep I was her awake for posture, it is worth mentioning, massage they use a kind of call “superscript cream” as essential oils, not only can relieve muscle soreness, more multiple functions, low price and good, you might as well go to Thailand’s time be included in the hand letter, one of the gifts, but also a great for private use.

Simon Show, when you think of “ladyboy”, you are naturally associated with the words “transsexual”, “pornographic” and “vulgar”. Simon Show is not a vulgar Show in a pub. It is a large-scale international singing and dancing Show with beautiful stage effect. “Ladyboys are one of Thailand’s national treasures, like our Peking Opera.” “Wang shang” talks about the origin of the ladyboys, as early as world war ii, much of Thailand was under the control of the United States. In the political atmosphere of the time, the American army in Thailand, such as the backwater, lonely unbearable, playing with women tired of playing, not to let go of men. At that time, the children of poor families in Thailand also began to cross-dress to make people happy and earn money to support their families. True or false, I don’t want to discuss it, but ladyboys are really bitter. Is it worth advocating? I can’t think of that. I think as long as we love you I wish.

Indeed as expected is a group of singing and dancing, transvestite sexy, stage background, but in no camera and take pictures, mobile phone also not line, candid was found to be fined $5000, I have the evil intentions but without the thief bravery, sorry ah, no stage photos, ha ha, it was all over the transvestite lined up outside the corridor for visitors to take photos as a souvenir, each photo 20 baht, also someone says to 40 baht. Originally, I also wanted to take a photo together, but S BABY was not well, so I took some photos of her, so I hurried back to the hotel. The most beautiful lady, I want to faint, how “her” eyes than I also lovely ah, this.. Learn.. Shame, even magic eye beauty “S BABY said” lofty “.

The sexiest lady in the room, oh oh… Squeeze a handful of tuns

Beautiful lady monster (hehe, use “long” should suit), tourists get money to line up and “she” photo, otherwise, no one pays attention, this is also a reality…

The nightclubs at Patong’s night market (**, green light and rainbow) are full of rhythmic music, with Thai girls dancing on stage while tourists chat happily with friends over beer at small tables. In order to drum up business, many nightclubs have invited Thai ladyboys dressed in colorful costumes to attract tourists in front of their shops. If you want to take a photo with them as a souvenir, please remember to pay a 20 baht tip. * *

The ladyboy in front of the club

Pole Dance

Red light for man, green light for woman, rainbow for Gay) this brother in uniform is so cooperative that when he sees me shooting around, he specially poses a “gankawaii” pose for me to shoot!! But he and his buddies might have choked off a lot of my friends…

Every time he stopped, he was told by the king that he was going to leave because it made him very uncomfortable. Originally he is opposite ladyboy and GAY all abnormal reject, say oneself absolutely normal, very antipathy to those. He is too sensitive, right? Here, I want to compare the ** in the daytime and ** in the evening, because the difference is too big!! S BABY as a tour guide.

Patong, the city that never sleeps, we bring the night charm to the end…

Thai Fun (3)-Watch Bangkok

I am really very happy to hear that the Olympic torch will pass through Bangkok on April 19. On this day, the country I once referred to as “cultural loss” greeted the Olympic torch on its return from the continent with a tolerant, friendly and ebullient gesture. In contrast to France, Germany and Britain, who flaunted themselves as “cultural powers” but behaved in an indecent manner, and India, which pretended to “defend the flame” and drive out ordinary people, the acceptance and support shown by the Thai people in Bangkok is a touching example of the rare good-neighbourliness.

The reason why I thought Thailand was suffering from “cultural loss” is that I have seen Thailand suffer from too much western culture shock. As a country with no other pillar industries, it can only rely on tourism to develop its economy. Under the premise set life, in order to attract tourists, nature have doors open, without reservation to accept western culture, to adapt to the European and American tourists a full range of requirements, from food, accommodation, transportation, health care to education system, municipal planning, in absorbing the essence of modern civilization at the same time, also inevitable fall into a vulgar, heavy make-up. The porn industry and the not-so-genteel tourist industry around it are so well developed that they are simply trying to win over more western tourists. On the streets of Bangkok, it is not unusual for foreigners to bring a young Thai woman, sometimes two or three; Many hotels even post openly gay ads; Resort “**”, “green area” and even “rainbow area” in the fall of darkness in the endless stream of visitors, a variety of “show” is the scene is hot… In a country where behaviour and belief run counter to each other, it would be unconvincing to say that she can still hold on to traditional culture.
However, you can always find many with rich Thai culture construction, the marvel at the beauty of the them at the same time, with my limited understanding, they are the product of a kind of “cultural formalism”, that is, in its cultural serious erosion of the moment, not through the way of people to popularize education or culture protection, but in appearance is that of a form of evidence, to foreigners. I think superficially that Thailand, a country that reveres Buddhism but promotes tourism “so”, is undergoing a subversive social and cultural transformation, and if it cannot find an outlet for the culture in this transformation, the result will be disastrous. As I think, culture is something that maldives can do without, Las Vegas can do without, Thailand can’t do without.

To be sure, “total westernization” can give foreign tourists a relaxed tourist environment, but the consequences are terrible, as if heavy cultural programs become witty circus performances. I can’t say that China has done a very good job in this, but look at Malaysia and see how the malays are trying to find their own way of development, a perfect combination of traditional culture and modern civilization. For our people themselves, more have a considerable reference significance. Coming back from such a big turn, I still want to say that some countries that are highly developed in spirit and material tend to be arrogant and arrogant, and always adhere to the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity. In particular, they have played an unseemly role in “politicizing the Olympics”, even less than low-profile countries. We have long attached great importance to the friendly diplomatic relations between China and France and between China and Germany. However, the news over the past two weeks has been truly astonishing and beyond our comprehension.

I don’t want to argue with my German colleagues, and I’m not a political person, but there’s no reason to be patriotic. Those born in the 1980s who grew up in the hinterland still have their own principles and standpoints — as I said to my macau friends. But I won’t be irrational about boycotting certain foreign companies, just keeping an eye on what’s going on as the Olympics count down. In the news of the torch relay in Bangkok, I read a familiar place names, looking at the picture of a smiling face, the heart moved beyond words. Withdraw all previous criticism of Thai culture, although the idea of “cultural loss” will remain. But for a nation that embraces you so warmly, those warm, strong hands must melt the ice in your heart. Dig up the film you made in Bangkok and recall it. The erawan shrine in Siam square is lined with shopping malls. In front of the magnificent grand palace and jade Buddha temple, the guards standing guard are different in height, height and weight. Can always buy fresh tropical fruit in the street stalls at the end of the street, sprinkle some plum powder with bamboo stick inserted while eating; Night market, weekend market is a favorite of foreign tourists, where a variety of handicrafts are sold – wooden home, incense, Thai woven Thai silk, t-shirts… Food to play with the gift of a variety of people; In this buddhist country, white lotus blossoms and devout believers can be seen everywhere; The pungent smell of curry and spices fills the air, tempting your nose to your stomach; The downtown area is full of European food shops and large supermarket chains.

Bizarre, colorful colors make up the impression of Bangkok, where people are always smiling, warm and friendly, girls graceful figure, fat makeup, flowers in full bloom in the four seasons, the sun. This is Bangkok in my eyes.

Thailand Travels from South to North-Backpack Self-help Tour to Sumi Island

Sumi Island is located in Suratthani, the largest province in southern Thailand. She is the third largest island in Thailand. In terms of popularity, she is not as good as Phuket Island. However, judging from the scenery and travel comfort, I think Sumi is better than Phuket. Because she does not have the tourists on Phuket Island and the price is relatively cheap, and because Sumi is farther away from the mainland than Phuket, her sea water and sand beaches are better than Phuket. 1) There are three modes of transportation to Sumi: plane, long-distance bus and train plus bus. The second and third modes above must be crossed by ship, while the plane can go directly to the island. As a backpacker, I still recommend the way of train plus car. The reason why trains add cars is that trains only reach Surat Thani, and then you have to take a car to the island. The car also needs to take a ship to cross the sea for 2 hours. After arriving in Dasulatani, tickets for cars and ships can be purchased on the same day in the local area, and basically there will be no time when tickets for cars and ships are sold out. Of course, you can buy “train + car + ship” intermodal tickets at Bangkok’s South China Peng Railway Station, but during peak seasons, you must be prepared not to buy intermodal tickets. If you can’t buy a through ticket, it doesn’t matter, I’ll teach you how to arrive “by yourself”. Step 1: Take the night train from Bangkok to Dasurat Thani and arrive the next morning. The air-conditioned sleeper is about 600 Thai baht. Step 2: The railway station reached is 14 kilometers away from the downtown area of Surat Thani. After getting off the train, take the only bus there. After getting on the train, just tell the driver or conductor to go to Sumi Island, and the driver will put down your long-distance Bus station in the downtown area to Na Thon on Sumi Island. The bus costs 20 baht. Step 3: The bus takes about 20 minutes to reach Bus Station to Sumi. You can buy tickets immediately after getting off the bus. The bus fare is 100 Thai baht per person. This bus runs every hour. Step 4: Bus arrives at Don Sak after driving for one hour. Passengers need to get off the bus to buy a ship ticket, 75 Thai baht, and then people and cars get on the ship together. The ship took 2 hours to reach Thong Yang on Sumi Island, the people and the car disembarked together, and the car took another 20 minutes to reach the terminal of Na Thon. This route is a transportation route developed by myself and is not introduced in all kinds of Chinese and foreign travel guides. It is nearly 300 Thai baht cheaper and saves more time than a passenger ship (i.e. Not a passenger and cargo barge) that tourists take to Sumi Island directly after getting off the train. 2) There are many beaches on Sumi Island, of which Chaweng Beach is the most famous. The bars and shops there are also very busy one by one. If you plan to stay in Sumi for more than two nights, you must stay at Chawen Beach on one night and choose Bo Phut Beach or Big Buddha Beach, which is much quieter, on the other night. From Na Thon, the bus terminal, you can take mini-bus (i.e. Pickup truck modification) to Chawen Beach at a fare of 50 Thai baht per person and a 40-minute drive. The hotels on Chawen Beach are of all grades. As backpackers, I suggest to choose bungalow. Bungalow is actually a bungalow with a corridor in front of the door, but some are independent houses, some are row bungalows, some are simple and some are luxurious. Many resorts on Sumi Island have Bungalow. I stayed in the bungalow of Silver Sand Resort in Sumi. It is an independent house with no air conditioner but electric fan and toilet. It is very clean, excluding breakfast, and the house price is 500 Thai baht. The front door of Silver Sand Resort is close to the main commercial street, and the back door is the beach. It is very convenient to go to the sea and bask in the sun within a few steps. According to my observation, this is probably the cheapest resort on Chawen Beach (I chose this place after asking for prices from Chawen hotel to hotel). On the second day of my stay in Sumi, I changed to World Resort on Pupu Beach. This resort is also bungalow, but the environment is much better than Silver Sand Resort. It looks like a big garden with beautiful swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms and new facilities, including 1100 Thai baht for breakfast. The beach is on the back door and down the steps, but there are many fewer people than Chawen Beach, which is very suitable for people who like to live in peace. 3) Sightseeing to bask in the sun on the beach or swim in the sea needless to say. There is no need to make a fuss when you see a topless Western beauty sunbathing on your back on the beach. Travel agencies on the island offer many package tours, and backpackers can choose for themselves. I just want to mention the Full Moon Party on Pha Ngan. Panya Island is a small island not far from Sumi Island. On a full moon night, thousands of people revel all night on the beach, which is very spectacular. I arrived in Sumi Island on July 18, and the hotel attendant said that the Full Moon Party had just passed 2 days, which was extremely regrettable! Even so, when the moon jumped out of the dark sea level in the distance at about 10 pm that day, it looked huge and bright, making people feel “horrible”. In addition, according to Tao, which is further away from Sumi Island, it is worth visiting if you have time. The island is the largest and most famous diving training center in Southeast Asia, with many international diving organizations resident here, and is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Take part in a 5-day course with an international diving license, with 5000 Thai baht full package of food and housing equipment.

Amy’s Phuket PP Tour Notes on Phuket’s Return Thank you, Ayong, for answering all questions.

Thailand is no stranger to me after swimming and diving for too long. Every time Thailand gives me a different feeling. The purpose of this trip is to play with water. This was in April because Amy’s writing is not good. I haven’t written these all the time. I am not good at writing travel notes, but I feel a little sorry. Duoduo are swimming in Duoduo. I really didn’t take many photos. Because this time it is not convenient to play with water, but there are still some travel notes. The next air ticket was booked six months in advance by AirAsia. The direct flight from Hong Kong to Phuket was about 1200RMB per person back and forth. This trip was a super cost-effective visa for 4 people. Taobao picked up the flight ticket. All of them were looking for Ayong. Ayong was really a good person. After updating, I will say that my friends had been to Phuket before and said Ayong was good. Therefore, this time I went to Phuket at 11 o’clock in the evening. These are all simple. Just skip because I really don’t know how to write down what’s questions. I can write them down casually. I will answer them. I will be happy to answer them. Let’s briefly say 1: I recommend Jiangxi Cold Food Market in Phuket Island, buy lobster and crabs from my transvestite brother, and go to your kitchen on the second floor for processing. They can use a little Chinese. Oh, the cost performance is the highest. It is better to get there early.

Many of the pictures are too large, so simply put a few personal ones and do not recommend NO.6 and Thank you. Shabushi is generally cost-effective, cheap and full, and different people have different opinions. Jiangxi Leng Night Market is also very wrong. It is placed at the gate of the market. All kinds of snacks still look hygienic. PP Island recommends Tongsai seafood seafood stall and 4season at Tongsai Bay Wharf. Xilai Restaurant tastes more Chinese and quite delicious.

2. As for scenic spots, PP is the most important. Friends who have been to Magic all say that there are meals and performances, but it doesn’t mean much. However, if you take children, it will be more suitable for Jiangxi Leng Night Market. SIMON Transvestite Show Weekend Market is a must. Smilan. PP Island. Emperor Island. Each has its own characteristics, but I still like PP Island best. Suitable for vacation and leisure, So I lived in PP Island for 4 days. Smilan was really beautiful and snorkeling was amazing. However, I swam far in one day and got seasick. I almost fell down in order to take this photo. It was really beautiful. When snorkeling, I also saw a big turtle. It was really big. Unfortunately, I was too excited to take a picture. My friend said before that Smilan’s water was like jelly. It was the real Emperor Island. Recently, it saved the most time. I think one-day tour is worth it. How do you say it? Each scenic spot has different characteristics? In fact, each island is almost the same. The fish on Emperor Island will be less, but the visibility is really excellent. Before, I heard a friend say that one-day tour on Emperor Island is enough. Because my friend stayed on Emperor Island for one night before, she was so stuffy that she cut her nails in the hotel, so Emperor Island I don’t recommend living because it’s really quiet… I went snorkeling on Emperor Island in the morning and then walked casually. It’s really quiet… It’s not suitable for me. I still like the excitement of PP Island, but I think it’s quite suitable for lovers. Friends they dived deep in Emperor Island.

The photos taken are really beautiful, and the water quality is also very beautiful, but my friend said that there were not as many things to see as PP Island’s deep dive. Because I was uncomfortable that day, I did not choose to dive deep in Emperor Island.

Briefly introduce Amy’s trip to Phuket. Come to Phuket to ride elephants. Emperor show. Transvestite performance. They are all booked by Ayong. Because Taobao is unreliable and very troublesome, I think the walk-on trip should not be all arranged. Before I went to Thailand to enjoy the slow life in Thailand, some friends always recommended him, so I looked for him. I didn’t think it was really too good. Travel notes I will slowly write that… Patong Bar is indispensable. In fact, I think it is also necessary to ride an elephant, because I have to feel the feeling of Thailand occasionally when I come to Thailand. However, there are more people who follow the group when I come to Thailand, but I think it is still good to come to Thailand to perform the transvestite. It is worth seeing. In Thailand, the transvestite is the most famous friend who said that the transvestite is Thailand. The symbol of the country, the transvestite, has both beautiful and ugly feelings. The transvestite in the bar street is even more female than the woman… body… friends all said that they wanted to watch the emperor show. The price was very expensive, so they called Ayong. They didn’t expect the result to be too cheap. Many people who might follow the group came here to watch it. So… summing up the emperor show, they finally understood that in the island, Duoduo has always said The emperor of the show… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

The bar in Bar Street is not like the lowest consumption in China. You can sit there for a long time if you want a bottle of beer. There will also be a transvestite coming to date you. Ha, ha, ha, my friend was kissed by a transvestite beauty… nightlife in Patong is really wonderful! In Phuket, I also went to the fairy peninsula. If the weather was fine, I felt very beautiful, but I went there that day. The weather was not very good. There were many people who took wedding photos there and felt very comfortable there. I rented a motorcycle to swim around the island and also went to the mountain top Buddha. Thailand is a Buddhist country to go to the mountain top Buddha. Thais who are not allowed to wear shorts are very The friendly beach in Patong is not so good… so I sat on the beach with my friends and chatted for a while and left the next day, but it was still very comfortable blowing the sea breeze… it was really wonderful to go through everything in Phuket. Shoppers chose BIG, C I want what to have what fruit, which is very cheap and super sweet. My favorite mango durian is the price of apples in China… It’s really cheap. I bought all kinds of snacks with my hand letter… DQ cabbage price really doesn’t understand why it is so expensive in China… Finally, my friend also found in Phuket that the name of the place where bird’s nest was eaten was forgotten, as if 200 Thai baht and a small bowl forgot to take photos. My friend said that he felt I feel the same as drinking snow ear sweet soup… I feel particularly disappointed when I have been to Guangzhou for morning tea from Phuket.

Because I lived in Phuket for 3 days, I simply wrote down the itinerary in Phuket… all the one-day tours were arranged by Ayong for us… we had 4 people on this itinerary, so everyone agreed. This time I received a lot of help from Ayong… because Amy herself was already Phuket for the second time, I had a hard time writing down this lazy person. Travel notes. The first time I was with a group, I would play less things. And the places I went were more. But I fell in love with Phuket… their kindness was really good! … PP Island-Detailed Travel Notes First of all, of course, the ticket was booked by Ayong… Contact Ayong one day in advance… The round-trip ticket arranged for us… We booked the morning ticket and the bus will pick us up at 7 o’clock. Patong is an hour’s drive from the dock. It takes more than two hours from the dock to Tongsai Bay. The boat has just entered Tongsai, and you have been completely attracted by PP’s clear sea water and white sand beaches. This is doomed to stop loneliness in the next half hour. Sitting in the bow of the boat, watching the hotels along the PP coast while enjoying the pleasant scenery of the sea, you will feel that your two eyes are out of use, which is exactly the same as the extreme scenery picture imagined in your dream. There are many Chinese who went to PP to live in the line. It is estimated that they all came from reading travel notes. The water beside the dock is very clear. There are also many fish.

其实前几年也来过PP岛.但是因为是跟团的 坐快艇的 虽然也很兴奋但是两次的感觉都不一样这次兴奋多了.哈哈哈哈哈哈哈这次住的是P.P.Villa酒店大堂门口就是沙滩以及一个休闲式的酒吧,有游泳池,所有的房间都是独立小木屋,床也蛮漂亮,环境和风景都很好。这次来到PP岛已经是中午了大家都说休息一下 今天在PP随便走走感觉早上在PP如果不出海的话 还是挺无聊的 在PP的人一般都是出海….因为我们要住4天呢 所以时间很充足呢吃完午饭在附近拍拍照呢

This photo was taken by a friend’s SLR. Oh, it definitely didn’t add any effect. In fact, it was quite enjoyable to eat in the restaurant in the afternoon and blow the sea breeze. It was really comfortable… I just like this feeling! ! ! The next day we went around the island to find coach Ayong to help us pack a long tail boat… went to lover’s beach. Monkey Island. Big PP. Small PP. Mosquito Island. Bamboo Island… One of the big gains of this pp was to get to know a Shanghai couple who chartered the boat with us and spent 5 days and 4 nights together on the island. We boarded a boat together and went out to sea. Personally, I feel Mosquito Island is more suitable for floating, while Bamboo Island is the most beautiful beach on PP’s trip. Mosquito Island has almost no sand beaches. The boat is parked about 20 meters away from the island. Wearing life jackets, you can go down to the shallow area. Here, I would like to thank Jie Jie and his wife for providing silicone shoes. At the same time, it is also suggested that shallow friends should be equipped with silicone shoes and skateboards to avoid being scraped by coral. The superficial beauty of Mosquito Island lies in the fact that while you are marching deep into the sea, you will suddenly find deep-sea cliffs and browse the beautiful scenery deeper into the sea. However, the sea area near Bamboo Island is very shallow and has a lot of coral. If you don’t wear silicone shoes, it is likely to be riddled with holes. The beach on Bamboo Island is unique and the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. However, my colleague Jie Jie and his wife have been to Sun Island in Maldives, saying that Bamboo Island is only infinitely close to Maldives, and there is a gap in water visibility and fish species. Small sharks and small devil fish can be seen in Maldives. However, pp contains bamboo island and is more likely to see clown fish. Of course, coral, sea cucumber, sea urchin and sea snake are not included in the statistics… at the end of the day, everyone was exhausted… passing bird’s nest island recalled the “yin xueer sweet soup” we ate in Phuket… on the third day, we went to PP island with a deep dive… coach he came to PP island today. We chose a deep dive in the open sea, along with Jie Jie and his wife. A Yong is a very good Chinese coach, Communication is also more convenient, very talkative and funny, and I also said a lot of interesting things to us…. If you are interested, please find me for his contact information. It’s my first time to dive deep near the small PP. One of my friends can’t swim. Fortunately, Ayong thought only Malaysia could see storms. I didn’t expect to see small storms in the deep dive of PP. Nemo is a little cute……………………………

This is the second deep dive near Maya Bay. The water seems to be turbid than the place where the first water was launched. It may be that the swimming goggles are not very clean and not very easy to say. However, there are many more creatures than the first dive. There are turtles, Nemo, live corals and sea anemones. They are very beautiful. Ha, ha, ha, ha, dive for about 45 minutes. Corals, sea urchins, water snakes, strange little fish. Sharks. All the turtles come out and the blue starfish is the most beautiful.

还见到两条鲨鱼好兴奋啊……阿勇很专业,在水下给我们表演了很多特技,拿掉了蛙镜和氧气瓶,在海底摆了各种POSS,还把尼莫放到蛙镜里面,还在水里给我们吐泡泡,真的好好玩。在海里的东西有好多看看就好了,不要乱碰。海胆特别多……..两潜上来大家特别的累..在船上吃吃水果 看看日落 聊聊天.多写意啊…….在船上 听洁洁夫妇说PP岛有很导游,骑着自行车到处乱转看到单身女的就问要不要导游什么之类的,洁洁说还亲眼看到一个导游拉到一个欧美的单身女人,看到那个导游都是搂着客人的腰走路的,真恶心。所以千万不要在岛上找导游,如果实在想出去玩,又怕被宰,就找阿勇之类的中文教练陪同一下…..在此我真的不是在做广告.. 只是想提醒去PP游玩的同学们,深海潜水是PP岛最棒最推荐的活动,而潜水本身是个技术含量很高的运动,也有一定的危险性,并不是随便谁都能来教的,本着对自己对家人负责的态度,别让本来应该很愉快的活动破坏了整个旅游的心情。

After the dive, Jie Jie and his wife went back to the hotel respectively. We made an appointment to go to the restaurant to find Ayong to take photos.. When we got back to the hotel, everyone took a good bath and had a rest, suddenly my friend and I said that we forgot to take our passport and a small amount of money and left them on the boat. Suddenly, it was petrified. We were all worried to death and my good friend was going to cry and then immediately Call Ayong and explain the situation to him. At that time, it was already dark. The boatman should also go home to what. Then Ayong made many phone calls and said many things that he could not understand at all. For almost an hour, Ayong found our passport. But also brought it back to us. Thank him very much… for coming to the restaurant at night. After dinner, I met Jie Jie and his wife again. Ayong saw us and his heart did not return to absolute being. He said that he would take us to watch the bonfire party, the beach bar and drink. PP Island is really lively at night.

I still know a lot of friends this night.. the bar music on the beach is amazing. My best friends and I went dancing. Crazy night… tired… the alarm clock woke up early in the morning on the fourth day. Today we are going to PP viewing platform… the sun is very poisonous… we have to climb mountains without liking sports… there are many cats along the way. We have a cat lover touching all the way. I laughed to death while walking and taking photos… after a long walk, I finally arrived and forgot to say that it seems to cost 50 Thai baht or how much it is. Anyway, it is not expensive… the scenery in front of me is beautiful.

What I saw here was really beautiful. It was really worth the hard work of climbing the mountain… the air was fresh… and it was very comfortable… it was really helpless that the bathroom above had to charge… we sat on it for a long time, chatted and took photos, and came down… we didn’t come down until almost 2 o’clock. These days, the trip on PP island was very leisurely. Friends said that we should feel Thailand’s slowness. Life… took a nap on PP Island in the afternoon and came out for a walk in the afternoon… it felt so good… it continued to be crazy in the evening… on the fifth day, I took the morning boat back to Phuket and was reluctant to say goodbye to PP, In fact, I don’t want to leave. In fact, I want to stay. It is said that on the 7th day of the vacation, I will feel tired and have the idea of going home. In the past, the three European countries felt the strongest when traveling with the group. However, this Phuket PP tour has been fully involved in it. Even for a month, I will be happy. On the return passenger ship. PP Island, I will definitely come again………………..

I reluctantly said goodbye to PP and also said goodbye to Jie Jie and his wife. They flew back to Phuket in the afternoon and flew back to Phuket in the evening… Phi Phi Island returned to Phuket’s big ship, Big, big ships, The seats are comfortable, Complimentary cola, drink, fruit, The disadvantage of large ships is that they are slow. We fell asleep together again, For about two hours, Finally arrived at Phuket Island, The Mini Bus, which was ordered for us alone, has also been waiting. After about 40 minutes of opening, we arrived at the quiet Laguna Hotel area. As soon as we opened the door of the room, we couldn’t help exclaiming that the room was too comfortable. We entered a large restaurant, close to a kitchen with complete kitchen utensils, large and small dishes, large and small bowls, forks, spoons, chopsticks, knives, glasses, teacups, beer cups, frying pans and steamers. Refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, oven, chopping board, even detergent and dishwashing cloth are all ready ~ ~ In other words, we are going to the hotel kitchen and the wool elephant! ~ Ha ha, look at the room again, Wow ~ ~ satisfied, I’m so satisfied, Under the dining room is a large sunken living room, The sofa can be pulled apart as a bed, The view outside the balcony is also first-class. Although it is not a sea view, But the golf course and the scenery of Xiehu Lake are also very good. Two rooms, There are separate bathrooms, closets, televisions, On the last day, I booked a suite for a nap. After taking a nap, I went to kill pheasant SPA together. I took my time and leisurely. Phuket was really awesome. One of the major programs in this hotel was cooking. Although the hotel has prepared a full set of kitchen utensils and tableware, But the ingredients are not dripping, Need the hotel’s free car to the supermarket at the gate of the hotel area to buy, This supermarket is not big, Not everything, But it’s okay to fix our dinner, Bought a small bag of rice, Dongyingong decoction seasoning, Chicken sausage, instant noodles, Vegetables, fruits, Drinking water, snacks, Although the prices are small and expensive, It took about 3,000 pigs, But there’s no way out, It was too late to go to Yichu Lotus to purchase further away. They said they would enjoy the last day… after dinner, all kinds of nightlife came again. This is the ugliest “beautiful woman” we have ever seen… after madness, everyone is tired… the last period of good night… it’s really hard to bid farewell to such a beautiful Phuket, Loathe to give up Jie Jie couple loathe to give up PP loathe to give up Ayong… all kinds of loathe to give up. It takes about 40 minutes to drive from the hotel to the airport, This is also one of the reasons why we put Laguna on the last stop of our trip to Phuket. We don’t have to get up very early. The 1: 30 plane can leave at 10: 30… I love Phuket, do you hear me? I will definitely come again. Wait for my air ticket. Phuket has been waiting for me in April 15 of AirAsia Airlines.

October 24-30, 2013 “Thai Beauty” and “Thai Love” Legendary Tour of Thailand

I worked very hard to write travel notes, which can be said to be painstaking. Ha ha, it’s a pity that there are not many people who pay attention to it. I just hope I can help you a little and live up to my efforts ~

Traffic tips:

Air ticket: direct round trip to Thailand

Accommodation tips:

Bangkok Sentara Jiayou Central Plaza Hotel (formerly Sofitel Sentara Hotel Bangkok))


Pattaya Doustani Hotel


Sheraton Royal Orchid Hotel Building

Http://www.booking.com/hotel/th/royal-orchid-sheraton-and-towers. Zh-cn.html


Attraction tips:

Grand Palace, Jade Buddha Temple, Ananda Shamakong Royal Guild Hall, Dongba Paradise, Three Wonders (Seven Treasures Foshan, Sarira Pagoda, Wax Museum), Royal Temple (Four Sides Buddha), Chao Phraya River Water Family, Koh Samet Island

Entertainment tips:

Princess Zhaopaya Oil Tanker, Thai Folk Dance Performance, Elephant Performance, Elephant Riding, SPA Thai Ancient Massage, Jintony Transvestite Performance

Gourmet shopping tips:

Bangkok Xintiandi ASIATIQUE Riverside Sightseeing Night Market, Supada Fruit Park, Blue Sky Bar, Pattaya Local Night Market, Bangkok Central Plaza Shopping Mall, Frerea Bangkok Bag Store

Travel gear tips:

If women want to visit the Grand Palace, the Royal Temple, the Royal Guild Hall and other places, it is best for women to wear long skirts, try not to wear shorts, and do not expose their arms (men and women). Sunglasses, sunscreen, cameras and hats are necessary. It is better to change some Thai baht (of course, the exchange rate can be changed at the front desk of 5-star hotels is not bad, and there are also places to repay the money on the street, but you have to touch it). UnionPay is not available everywhere with Visa or Master credit cards. Bring toiletries and slippers, not all hotels are ready.

Visa tips:

Apply for a visa in advance

Insurance tips:

Overseas travel insurance

Commonly used Thai tips: (similar pronunciation)

Hello: Savadhika

Thank you: Kou Kunka

Beauty: Shui Jingjing

Handsome boy: old mother

Massage (gently) wrap milk

Massage (Key): That Milk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Opening paragraph

Because there is no professional photographic equipment, it is only a simple SLR with low matching, the photos cannot be compared with professionals, and can only be sent out for memory ~

On October 24, 2013, “Thai Beauty” and “Thai Love” embarked on the journey of “Thai Legend”……

Purple, ha ha, is my favorite color when entering Thai Airlines. The greeting of “Savadhika” (meaning hello in Thai) reverberated in my ears. The food on board is really better than that of some domestic airlines. It is really not worshipping foreign things and fawning on foreign countries, but a true portrayal. Gaga ~

On the night of the 24th, we stayed at Bangkok’s Sentara Jiayou Central Plaza Hotel. It happened to be in time for the Thai Young Miss draft at that time. Countless flashlights and countless beautiful women drifted across the hotel’s lobby bar ~ We only took a few photos secretly with our mobile phones because they were blurred. Ha ha.

The next day we started our real “Thai Legend Tour”.

There are mascots of auspicious elephants everywhere ~

The pendant in the car ~

The girls were asked to wear long skirts to travel. Early in the morning, we went to the resplendent Rama Palace and Jade Buddha Temple. Although the palaces here are not as magnificent as the Forbidden City, they are full of gold and noble spirit.

The famous Jade Buddha, Buddha bless ~ a total of 3 gold costumes ~

Just in time for the soldiers to change their posts, ha

The embroidery in Ananda Shamakong Royal Guild Hall is really beautiful, and there are all kinds of handmade royal articles and works of art. Unfortunately, photos cannot be taken.

Thailand’s taxis are very colorful ~

The next step is to take the tanker Princess Zhaopaya, Gaga ~

When waiting for the boat, I grabbed it, ha ha, Da Ai ~

(The mobile phone is a bit empty)

Because one of the scenic spots visited on that day had to require women to wear long skirts and long sleeves, the cover was extremely strict, ha ha.

It’s really not advertising, but MAMA brand winter yin gong cup noodles are too delicious. Even if I eat very well every day, I will have another bowl almost every day when I return to the hotel. Maybe this taste is to my appetite. I really regret bringing only three back….

The next day, we set off for Pattaya, a famous seaside resort known as Hawaii in the east of Thailand. The road was full of various races and exotic customs.

I went to Longhu Garden and ate crocodile meat for the first time. It was really bad and I will never forget it!

After that, I went to Dongba Paradise and visited the three wonders.

I like a big tree very much. Do you feel it?

After playing for a day, I felt a little tired and took a Thai massage. I really wanted to praise it. It was very comfortable. Because I am relatively thin, I am not very stressed. Even if I had done the best SPA massage in the world in Maldives before, I felt very ordinary and even felt suffering. I cried in pain, just like being beaten, with a deep memory of 5555. However, Thailand’s massage hand strength is just right, which relieves fatigue, relaxes meridians and promotes blood circulation. Therefore, I run to massage and enjoy it almost every night in Thailand these days. Ha ha.

On the 4th day in Thailand, we took a speedboat to Sammy Island in Luoyong Prefecture. Change into swimsuits and begin to enjoy this leisurely island time ~

After that, we went to Supada Fruit Park in Luo Yongfu, where dozens of tropical fruits were planted on more than 1700 mu of fertile land. Taking the battery sightseeing bus, he walked slowly through the lush and luxuriant gardens, breathing the fragrance of fruits in the air. Here, we can eat different kinds of seasonal fresh fruits indefinitely. Unfortunately, there is no mangosteen in the season, but durian makes us eat well. Ha ha. Rambutan, lotus mist, carambola, pitaya, guava, mango, papaya, pomelo varieties are OK.

The swing in the garden ~

I have drunk a lot of coconut juice these days ~

The sour horns and dried mangoes bought in the supermarket are delicious ~

Thailand’s taxis are very colorful ~

Pattaya’s hotel environment is not bad ~


I came back to give it away ~ Ha ha

Pattaya’s nightlife is very rich. The empty streets gradually become lively after 7.8 pm during the day. When passing by * *, the streets are filled with pole dancing girls. The heat’s figure attracts foreign tourists to stop. Red neon lights are flashing, and the air is filled with the ambiguous smell ~

Pattaya does not have a regular taxi, or very few, it is the kind of scooter that we become a three-hop scooter, because we have to charter a car as soon as we get on the bus, and we feel that our language is not good, there are often rumors of deceiving customers, and we drive too hard, so we didn’t dare to try and took Route 11 ~

Next is the delicious food in the night market ~ a dazzling array of fruit stalls ~

Mango glutinous rice is so delicious that I asked for 2 portions ~

Authentic Thai Dongyingong Soup, but it’s a bit spicy for me ~

In my impression, this prawn is very cheap and tastes very good, attracting countless foreigners to queue up. The boss seems to be able to speak many languages.

Of course, after eating and drinking, we haven’t forgotten to continue to enjoy our Thai massage. Gaga ~ comfortable

On the 5th day, we went to the famous Royal Temple and worshipped the four-sided Buddha according to the rules. It is worth mentioning that I invited a four-sided Buddha, hoping to protect the well-being of the whole family ~

After that, we went to ride an elephant. Before riding an elephant, I also flattered and bought two bananas specially for it. Although I experienced the exotic atmosphere of riding a auspicious elephant, I still felt sorry for it. The indecent photos held up by 2 elephants and rolled up by one elephant’s nose will not be uploaded, hehe. By the way, when I fed bananas to the baby elephant, it gave me a naughty kiss, which was interesting ~

I watched the traditional performance in Thailand, but the most wonderful one was the elephant’s performance. Apart from turning around, cycling, drawing (the red heart pattern painted on the scene was bought by a foreign tourist for 400 Thai baht), shooting (basketball), shooting (football), massaging people, and finally performing the dance of Jiangnan style. Praise it, it is really human nature ~

This tiger is too poor. On such a hot day, it was tied to a chain and forced to take photos with people. It was supposed to have a rest and lie down. It was also dragged by its tail and forced to get up and perform arts. It was touching its head and buttocks without dignity. Looking at its plaintive eyes, it really hurt ~

After that, we took a boat to Asiatique Bangkok Xintiandi, the so-called largest night market in Asia, on the Chao Phraya River. We didn’t think what was special, but we started our special trip. Ha ha

On the last day, we visited the water family (that is, the family that used to sell fruits by boat). Unfortunately, this is the old site. I heard that we had moved and did not see the scene of the boat selling fruits next to each other ~

No one will send this wreath with Thai style when boarding the ship, but it will cost 20 Thai baht ~

Colorful boats ~

Through Zheng Wang Temple ~

Is this a Thai warship?

On the last night in Thailand, we went to see the Jintony transvestite performance. Although it was not as wonderful as Tiffany’s, it was not a trip for nothing ~

I think this transvestite is the best one here, ha ha ~

I went to the duty-free shop to buy some cosmetics (some kinds of L ‘Or é al are really cheap), and I also bought some jeans with good version. I searched for seasonings of Dongyingong. My favorite is the cup noodles mentioned earlier, durian candy and coconut candy. Thailand has a kind of snack with meat floss, which is very good, but I forgot to buy some back ~ Finally, we flew back to the embrace of our motherland safely by Thai Airlines ~

At this point, the “Thai Legend” tour has come to a perfect end. At that time, it caught up with Thailand’s “winter vacation”, The children are all on holiday, But it was still warm, It can be said that it is very comfortable, not too hot or too sunny. These daily public services are really beautiful, which makes this trip feel good. I think it is a good time to go to Thailand at the end of October. It just passed the plum rains season ~ The public security in Thailand is still OK. It is not as terrible as the tour guide said. The local people are also quite friendly. It is wonderful to hear the praise of Shui Jingjing. Ha ha ~

The last, the last. Let’s finish the photo of “Thai Beauty” and “Thai Love” and look forward to the next wonderful trip ~ Thank “Thai Love” again for acting as bodyguard and cameraman….

Detailed Travel Notes of PP Self-help Tour in Phuket, Bangkok at the End of October

At the request of BF, I decided to start sorting out and compiling the travel notes of our trip to Bangkok and Phuket. BF is wiser and has booked hotels and air tickets in Thailand online in advance. It is recommended to go to www.ThailandHotel.voyage.com. Reservations are relatively cheap and respond quickly. Basically, you can receive the confirmation letter the next day and print out the voucher. This website requires 100% room charge for the international credit card number Charge as deposit. If you book hotels on Popular or PP Island, you can also go to www.puket.com. This website only charges 20% deposit, and the remaining 80% can be paid at check out. Afterwards, it proved that this was a good DD, and it was very convenient to check in at the hotel. In addition, there is another advantage. The domestic exchange rate is relatively high. The rate of swiping cards in China is about 1: 5.03, but it is not so high when I arrive in Bangkok and Phuket. The best rate in Phuket is 1: 4.55, and the exchange rate at Bangkok Airport is as low as 1: 4.09. We run round-trip air tickets and visas to Beijing and Bangkok through travel agencies, which are basically not much different from the price difference with the group, but later we all thought it was wisest not to follow the group. Air Asia is the choice for Bangkok’s round-trip air ticket to Phuket. The double round-trip air ticket includes tax 5900B (we booked the ticket at the end of October, and a friend from Shanghai booked the ticket several months in advance, with more than 600 B one-way air ticket). Thai Airways will charge 1000-1200 for a single round-trip air ticket, excluding tax. Not only is it cheap, check in is also convenient, there is no need to change boarding passes, and stewardesses are also very PP. The following is our specific itinerary for the past few days:

Day 1: 6: 00 p.m. Thai Airlines TG615 747 to Bangkok

Thai Airlines’ service is very good, the stewardess is gentle and PP, and the dinner is delicious. Five hours later, I arrived in Bangkok at more than 10 o’clock local time for a self-help tour “> Bangkok. (Time difference from Beijing is one hour). Since CNY’s exchange rate is relatively low, we only exchanged US $20, or more than 800 B. Line up for the taxi. I would like to remind you here that the starting price of Taxi 2km in Thailand is 35B, followed by about 2B/500m.

About 45 minutes, it took 200B to get to Grand Diamond. This includes service charge 50B, which is required to be paid to driver by the airport. The room is very beautiful, it is a small suite, and there are stereos and cupboards. More than 1700 B per night (this is the off-season price, and after October, the price will double.) As we had to get up early tomorrow and asked for a free map, we went to bed soon. (Thailand’s tourism industry is really developed. People don’t have to spend money on maps and can get them free everywhere.)

The next day: get up at 7: 30 in the morning

The breakfast buffet was great. There are many kinds of western food, Thai food, Chinese food and sushi. Outside the floor-to-ceiling window is the swimming pool. BF and I had a full meal with the warm sunshine. The trip in the next few days proved that breakfast was too important. You must eat more. You have no time to eat hamburger at noon.

Outside the hotel, Grand Dinmond is a great location, close to the famous Big C and World Center. Sky train is only a few minutes away, and the legendary four-sided Buddha (ERAWAN) is very close to World Cener.

It was really an unexpected harvest, because the posters always said that its position was not very easy to find, and I didn’t expect it to take no effort. It is said that this four-sided Buddha is extremely effective, and many local people specially come here to offer incense. Of course, we are no exception.

After some Kobai, we came to BTS-Ratchadamri Station not far away and bought one-day pass under Saphan Taksin, the terminal at the southern end of Siam Line. Next to BTS is Pier who swims on the Meinan River. As there was a boat just about to leave, we bought a 75B/per one-day pass without much thought. Fortunately, it was a government boat, which could disembark at 13 stations along the way, including the Grand Palace, China Town, National Museum and many famous temples. But personally, I don’t think I need to buy this package, because one day is really not enough to go to many scenic spots. You can buy a ticket for one trip, as long as a few B, which is much more cost-effective.

When we arrived at the Grand Palace, we changed another $20 and $300, and the ticket was 200B per person. Don’t trust Stranger, they will cheat you that the Grand Palace is not open now, and then they will take you to such and such places. We met this kind of person again in the next few days. It’s really strange why they are so cheating that they don’t know how to change. You can wear T-shirt when you enter the palace. As long as you have sleeves and don’t show your umbilicus, remember to wear socks. The socks provided are ugly. I have rented Audio Guidance, 100B/2hours, but personally I don’t think it’s useful, because the scenery is so beautiful that I patronize taking photos.

After more than 100 photos exploded, we went out of the grand palace and at the station no 8, ThaTien, there was a famous S&P (later found that Bangkok was full of S&P). We tasted the legendary garlic prawn rice. The taste was really good (BF thought it was too ordinary), but the quantity was too small. (Thai meals are very small)

Once again on the cruise ship, we went to China Town, (Station No 5). It felt like a little messy and full of gold shops.

Take the same boat and BTS back to the hotel, take a short rest, go out for dinner and shopping. At World Center, BF and I bought a Lee, which was really cheap (it only added up to 80RMB). There is also NaRaYa (one of Thailand’s top ten export brands), which must be visited. The price of handbags there is only 1/4 of that in China. We bought a lot of handbags there and sent them back to our friends. By the way, I changed $100 again. I can’t help it. There are many good things and the price is cheaper than that in China.

Outside the World Center, there is an open-air music square and dining. But the two of us spent 350B and didn’t eat what’s good DD. Later, I went to the roadside stall, where many local people ate. The Thai seafood salad there is delicious and affordable. It is only 80B and has a lot of seafood, so I have been thinking about it for the next few days. There is also a kind of grilled fish, 120B, which tastes delicious and is worth a try. Full of wine and food, go back to sleep.

Get up at 8:00 on the third day

As it was the weekend, we decided to go to the weekly market. It took us 67B to take a taxi in the past. If we take BTS (the northern end of Silom line, it seems to be what Mont, I can’t remember clearly), we also need 60B. The market is especially large, what has it, and there are also some second hand. If you have patience, you can get a lot of good DD. The price was later found to be much cheaper than Phuket and PHI PHI. In short, it is very worth visiting.

Coming out of the weekly market, I followed the crowd all the way to BTS. It took 60B and we arrived at SIAM Station. I entered SIAM Center directly and found that there were many flagship stores of international brands, and there was also a simple KTV bag of coin-operated type, which only sat for two people. This is the first time we have met. If it weren’t for catching the plane in the afternoon, we would really like to try it in.

After taking two buses at Grand Diamond, the 200B + 40B express way (which is actually a very detour) got to the airport. Since we booked air tickets for Air Asia online in advance, we can check in directly with the Reference No on the confirmation. It is also convenient without boarding passes. Because it is a cheap air ticket, no drinks are provided on the plane. Fortunately, it only takes more than an hour for us to arrive at Phuket, which we have been longing for for for a long time.

Our hotel, Thara Patong Resort, takes a 500B taxi from the airport to Patong. It is suggested that everyone take the mini bus at the airport, 150B/person, every ten minutes, and be responsible for delivering it to the hotel. In addition, if you book a hotel in Phuket, you’d better stay in Patong, where the hotel, shopping market and catering are all concentrated, and you can reach Patong beach in a minute or two, which is very convenient. About 45 minutes later, we arrived in Patong, just in time for rain. Rain is very common in Phuket, sometimes it rains several times a day, and the sun shines again soon after the rain.

Put down our luggage and we couldn’t wait to reach the seaside. Walking along Beach Road, there were many small shops along the way. There were many small shops for mass. Exchage also had many different exchange rates. The exchange rate of a Thai bank exchange (I can’t remember clearly) beside KFC was good. We changed to 1: 4.55. Starbucks and Watson were also nearby. If you continue to walk, you will see Ocean Plaza and Big One, where the Nivea sunscreen index is higher than that in China and the price is much cheaper. I bought its after sun lotion and later found it very useful. There are also many Agents along the way. It usually takes 500-600B/person to go to PHI PHI Island, and the return ticket is open. Fantasea is generally 1300B/person, with pick-up and drop-off. Simon Carbanet (transvestite show) VIP600B/person, Thai boxing, etc. It is recommended to have an Agent (nice tour) beside KFC. BF has a good impression on the boss. After BF had a good talk in Xiushui Street, the boss gave us a concession price of PHIPHI 400B/person (including pick-up and drop-off) and SimonVIP500/person.

Patong seafood

We also recommend two great places to eat seafood, Patong seafood and savoey (which can be easily found without recommendation). We chose Patong seafood and ate lobster, authentic open hearth fish and seafood salad, which tastes more authentic than those made in China. This meal cost us 2360B, although it was a bit extravagant, but looking at the sea, blowing the sea breeze, surrounded by ghosts and old backgrounds, it was really pleasant.

Out of the hotel, I was stopped by my mother-in-law on the roadside to sell sand cages to me. The price was 500B and 200B, but later I found it was expensive (BF said 150B was won). There are many kinds of colors, styles and methods of tying sand cages. My mother-in-law will teach you how to tie them.

Today was very full. After returning to the hotel to enjoy a private swimming pool, I went back to my room to sleep.

6: 30 on the fourth day of the machine tool

At 8: 00, the car took us to Ratsada Harbour, where there were many cruise ships about to sail to PHIPHI. Here, we must remind friends who plan to enjoy sunbathing that they must apply sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays at sea are too strong, and SPF50 can almost resist them. It took about two hours to reach PHIPHI Island.

After getting off the boat, most hotels will send people to the dock to pick up tourists. PP Princes is a good hotel, covering a very large area of Bungalow, but the price is a little high in the peak season, standard room costs 2000-3000B. BF and I chose Charlie, next to PP Princes, which is also good and has local characteristics.

The rest of the day is swimming, basking in the sun and wandering. Recommend some delicious local food, PP Princes and Charli have buffet at night, the price is 250B-300B, I seem to see lobster, just beside the beach; Fruit Shake is the most distinctive beverage in the region. It is made of fresh fruits. It is very pure with a little ice and a little milk. Mango, banana, lemon, pinapple,. All cost only 20B-30B. This is my favorite with BF. Shake places usually make DD’s such as sandwich and hamburg, and Roti (Thai pancakes), which are really cheap and delicious. The key is to eat many tastes that are not available in China.

On the fifth day, I slept until I woke up naturally.

Today, we plan to charter a boat to go out to visit several small islands beside PHIPHI. We chose bamboo beach and monkey beach. After bargaining, 700B is closed. Monkey beach is very close, bamboo beach is an hour away. Many people say Bamboo beach is fun. Personally, I think it is very ordinary. The water quality and beach are not as good as Monkey beach. It may be due to the fact that it just rained. Bamboo’s water is a little mixed, but when BF was shallow, I still saw fish schools.

Monkey Beach

There are many monkeys running on the beach. It is suggested to take some fruit. It is very interesting to tease the throat. Monkey’s white sand is very fine and the water is very clear, which is suitable for floating. Why do you rent a double boat to row by yourself (100B/hour)?

Origination inn

At 3 pm, we boarded the cruise ship back to Phuket. A heavy rain has been with us, but fortunately when we arrived in Phuket, the rain stopped.

The driver who picked us up took us to the gate of the hotel, to be exact, the Inn. Because in November, in the peak season of Phuket, the house price has doubled, and the price of this house is reasonable, 900B a night. In fact, the conditions are not bad. All mahogany furniture is absolutely Thai. Wife of shop-owner is hospitable, but there is no breakfast.

Simon Carbaret

After a short rest, I had a meal and waited to pick us up to see Simon Carbaret (I bought tickets before I went to PHIPHI). It is estimated that many people are familiar with the transvestite show. Simon is the best transvestite show place in Phuket. Before and after the performance, transvestites will take photos with tourists outside the stadium. However, for those who charge a minimum of 20B/person/time, it is recommended to prepare some small change. Photography is not allowed during the performance, but you can take the camera and take any photos. We spent 500B to get VIP in the second row, the position is very good. This shows the superiority of self-help tours. A group of Shanghai tour friends, entrusted with the tour guide to buy tickets, spent 600B, almost sat outside.

On the sixth day, I slept until I woke up naturally.

Ocean Plaza opened at 11 o’clock, and Big One next to it was earlier. We arrived at the seaside first. There are some water games, sea motorcycles, banana boats and parachutes. Considering the high difficulty coefficients of the other two, BF and I chose the sea motorcycle. 400B/15 minutes, 700B/30 minutes for single, 700B/15 minutes, 1000B/30 minutes for double. It’s fun. It’s different from the feeling on the lake.

At noon, we went to KFC and spent 260B. We both feel that it is not as delicious as Beijing, spicy and dry. The northeast sister and young man, who were surrounded by water, “what’s the matter? Oh, my God!” Listen, that’s called a kindness!

Next to Ocean Plaza in Patong, there is Bus station. It took us a total of 30B (200B one way by TUK TUK) to get to Phuket Town.. I plan to buy some souvenirs for my friends. The price here is cheaper than Patong. The two of us got on the Taxi and the driver said 40B would take us to the shopping area. As a result, he found out that he was cheated. He took us to several handicraft shops first, which are expensive and not good and specialize in killing tourists. In fact, the driver can only get some free gas tickets. Finally, we bought some souvenirs in Ocean Plaza at a reasonable price, which was cheaper than Patong’s small traders.

Back at the hotel, we chartered a car to the airport, the brand-new Corolla, 500B. Finally, it was already over 12 o’clock in Bangkok. I stayed at the last hotel on our trip-comfort suit, just beside the airport, which is very suitable for catching a plane the next day. The room is also spacious and tidy, that is, the roar of planes can be heard from time to time. We also prepared a large plate of fruit in the room. It turned out that we wanted to book a big bed and said it was Honeymoon. I didn’t expect the hotel to send fruit specially for this. We can learn from this.

Get up at 8:00 on the seventh day

At 9: 00, the hotel bus left on time to send us to the airport. Another reminder is that Bangkok Airport is far away from domestic and international. You must watch and get off when you go to Phuket and return home.

Everything went well. We finished our trip and returned to our warm home.

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai.

Usually I use such reduplicated words to call a place, which means that my feelings for it are very complicated, love and hate.

Chiang Mai was my first yearning for Thailand. I knew I was a little late, but I didn’t expect to be so late.

Of course, it still has a good side.

Here I drank the most delicious Dongyingong soup, the cheapest mango shake and the best exchange rate.

Walking in the street, the streets were full of temples, flowers everywhere, and the Buddhas sat in the bushes and laughed.

Encountered schools, these lovely children, are they playing Thai boxing?

The Oasis spa arranged by the organizer has a beautiful environment and comprehensive service. The technician’s technique is like flowing clouds and flowing water. He can’t help calling her to take a photo as a souvenir.

Early in the morning, monks walked from street to street to receive alms.

They are elegant in posture and serene in manner, and really look like people from outside the world.

If there were not so many tourists, this would be the small town full of joy and joy that Teresa Teng praised and lingered on.

Unfortunately, there were too many guests, and most of the hosts lost their simplicity and patience.

The car was much faster than I thought. It was very fast. Because the road was narrow, the howling sound of speeding past challenged my nerves. Houses are under construction or shops are being renovated everywhere in the ancient city.

I am obsessed with going to Chiang Mai University. Several two cars did not want to go, so they had to find a tutu.

The price is 120b, but it is still 100b. According to Kankan, we are still kind. Generally, 80 is enough.

But even so, the driver threw us to Ningman Road, pointed to a path and said, “This is it.”

We walked along the path he pointed out, and the more we walked, the more we felt wrong. Asking people everywhere, an old man held out two fingers and made a walking gesture on the table. He was surprised and asked, “Are you going to Chiang Mai University?”

Nani? What else? Didn’t you say it was nearby?

You have been cheated. Alas, it is far away. It takes nearly an hour to walk.

Xiaohong and I were immediately at a loss.

This kind of thing of leaving guests halfway has only happened once in India, and I never expected that the second time was actually in Chiang Mai.

What shall I do? At 5: 30, I also made an appointment to go to the hot pot for thousands of people.

After walking for a while, it was getting late, so we had to give up bitterly.

Found a thousand people hot pot, the notice at the door instantly made the depressed mood even more depressed.

Every time I see all kinds of “please don’t” in Chinese abroad, I don’t know what kind of emotion I should have. I am not only angry with their contempt hidden behind civilized words, but also angry with the disappointing of the Chinese.

The venue for one thousand people hot pot is very simple, but the scale is very large.

As for the taste and dishes, there is not much outstanding place. The most distinctive feature is that its oven is in the middle of hot pot, so the roasted meat is tender.

Beer is extra, a large can, 280b.

Singers sang Teresa Teng’s songs at the scene, and the crowd was immediately excited. This 1,000-person hot pot has probably become a Chinese hot pot city.

After eating the whole match, what impressed me most was not any food, but the girl in the photo with braided hair wearing a long skirt and white shirt. She was as quiet and beautiful as a lily in the noisy environment, even though her hands were holding Sprite and Coke respectively.

Her appearance is Chiang Mai in my imagination.

Little Fresh in Chiang Mai

There is a very handsome joke circulating on the Internet, saying that people who go to Gulangyu Island are all pretending to be literary and artistic and pretending to be small and fresh. As Gulangyu Island has been getting hotter and hotter by the online pretending to be literary and artistic in recent years, an originally quiet island has almost been trampled and collapsed by the people on holidays. I do suggest that if you want to pretend to be a literary artist next time, you might as well choose Chiang Mai, Teresa Teng’s favorite small city. Only when you go to that city can you understand why you always feel a little inappropriate when you hear her songs in old Hong Kong movies. It turns out that there is no way to find the right place. Deng Lijun’s songs can often be heard on Chiang Mai Street, but with the 7 or 8 heavy rains on that day, the remaining old city walls and people’s slow and quiet life, how there is no sense of disobedience ~ ~

Chiang Mai, the few remaining broken walls, constantly reminds us that this is a city with a long history, but why do I think of the princess riding an elephant played by Liu Tao in Princess Huanzhu 3 every time I see these remaining city walls back and forth? Is she playing the princess of Thailand? Chiang Mai City is not big, Standing above Shuanglong Temple, you can see the whole city of Chiang Mai. Including the small and exquisite airport, I especially like NOK Airlines’ planes. All of them are Angry Birds, Ha, ha, ha ~ ~ ~ a blue angry bird flew into the blue sky ~ ~ the ancient city is usually very quiet. Almost at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, the shops on the street will be closed. People talk quietly and walk quietly. Apart from the sound of motorcycles coming and going, this is really a very quiet small city, except for the Weekend Market every Sunday. We were lucky, On a Sunday, All the streets of the quiet ancient city were filled with all kinds of vendors in an instant. The feeling of people crowded inside reminds me of the Forbidden City on National Day. But it is still much looser ~ ~ what has food and clothing, I really want to say that Chiang Mai’s consumption is super and super low ~ this box of durian in my hand is only 80BHT, which is only 16 yuan and 16 yuan. It is estimated that because of the low price, the price cut is very, very small. Many stalls even directly write you down how much it costs to buy one and what kind of discount to buy several. Other bargaining prices are not accepted at all.

I really like the works created by artists of various styles. They are really not expensive. For a medium and small price of 250BHT, there will be a discount for more than two. It is true that everyone’s display style is different. If I hadn’t thought about coming back and didn’t know where to hang, I would have carried them back. The weather in Chiang Mai is very good. It is located in northern Thailand. The water content in the climate is obviously less than that in Bangkok and even less than that in Phuket Island. The temperature difference between morning and evening is obvious, and you can feel cool. In addition, Chiang Mai is the most famous and in fact the most famous in Thailand is SPA. However, Chiang Mai’s price is absolutely not competitive in other places. The following is the most famous Lila Thai Massage in Chiang Mai City, Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage. It is said that it was founded to give the prisoners in Chiang Mai Women’s Prison a chance to re-enter the society, but now there are five branches in the ancient city, each with a large number of staff. With the Chinese people’s skeptical attitude in everything, my immoral guess is that many people are not prisoners now?

我们一开始只是抱着试试的心态,想着来泰国了,咋都要试一把泰式全身按摩,可是都害怕给扳扯了,所以只选了1个小时。人家的技术确实好,点到为止,不会很痛,可是很爽,有瑜伽的动作加入其中,用劲巧妙,小小女子可以把你整个人都举起来,呼啦一抡就听身体里的骨头想的那叫一个克拉拉,完后浑身舒坦。给我服务的那位结束的时候说,建议下一回选择长一点的时间,1个小时实在太短了,不能很好感受。我们几个一商量,直接出去给前台说再来一个2个半小时的C套餐。我们那几个服务的技师原本都去后面洗手准备下一个了,结果被赶快叫了出来重新准备物件他家的精油不错,一共6款供你选择,都是味道很淡很清新的,而且味道特别,完全没有寻常玫瑰,椰子之类的,闻上去就不是那种添加了很多芳香剂的玩意儿,最后是吓死人的价格,一个全身草本去角质+全身精油按摩+面部维护+1小时全身泰式按摩,全部下来一人合人民币才花了240,240元哦~~~国内号称昂贵的会所全部都弱爆了! 很走运的这次预定的酒店旁边每天晚上6点后就有大排档,完全是针对当地人的说,摊子上面除了那个每天都好多人排长队的卖卤煮猪腿饭的有中文标示以外,其他摊子全部都是拧来拧去的泰文,想吃就靠指。一不留神指错了,我就只能吃到一碗连粉丝都没有的蛋花汤,所以保存第一次吃对的食物照片是多么重要的一个事情啊~~最重要的一点就是便宜,特别便宜,你在清迈呆久了,根本就没法看曼谷那物价,吃什么都是30-50BHT,味道还非常的巴适~

去大象营的路上,BIG停在一个市场帮我们买午饭的材料,让我们随便转转,于是乎我们就有找到了好吃的,这个泰文发音LONG GUO的东西,构造有点像是山竹的感脚,口感像红毛丹,外形又像桂圆,完全不知道英文怎么说,但是很好吃。还有这个摊子里面的烤串,我靠,再一次价格震撼了我们。这么一大块实在的鸡肉,人民币10块钱,哪些串串才4块钱一个。可是市场只早上,下午回去的时候还专门停靠,可是木有了

Shuanglong Temple, estimated to be the largest temple near Chiang Mai City, is located on the top of the mountain and overlooks the whole Chiang Mai City. It takes more than an hour to drive both cars back and forth, but the price is not expensive. The round trip is 200BHT (but I always remember it is 100BHT/person), which is probably the price anyway. In Thailand, one must follow a little when entering temples. One must never show one’s shoulders or knees, otherwise one must rent an apron to wrap it up. The whole temple is glittering with gold and blue sky and white clouds, which blinds your eyes.

Chiang Mai is the cheapest, happiest and simplest place for our trip. One reminder is that if you want to book that kind of one-day tour, there are many small Tour Information places in the ancient city. If it is ONE DAY TREKKING about 750BHT and ELEPHANTS TRAINING1800-1900BHT, don’t be embarrassed to make a price. If you say two more good words, there will be a discount. If you don’t give a discount, you will change one. One-day tours in Thailand are very regular. It must be the case when, where and when you go back. There will be no commercial consumption. Don’t worry too much, but you have to make an appointment in a qualified place.

Another Tour to Thailand-Phi Phi’s One-Day Tour

The next morning, I was not in a hurry to go to Patong, because the hotel had already been found the day before, and it was found the afternoon before when I was wandering in Patong-a family hotel “Longbeach Guesthouse”, which was not easy to find and was in the innermost part of a compound. Accommodation conditions are OK, the price is the cheapest, 500B, 1000B for two days. I have already paid the female boss in advance. It is not too far from the sea. Patong is in this position. Other hotels usually need 600B in dark rooms without windows and air-conditioned bathrooms, which is still off season. But that day I was going to Phi Phi Island. It turned out that the trip to Phi Phi Island was booked at the travel agency in Phuket the night before. Phi Phi’s one-day tour there is priced at 1000B, which is cheaper than Patong’s. Patong’s one-day tour is priced at 1200B, including a lunch on Phi Phi Island, round-trip fares, etc. And told me to pick me up at Lek Guesthouse around 8:00. So I decided to go to Phi Phi first and then go to Patong to stay after coming back at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. When the time came, the minibus arrived at the hotel on time, and several passengers who stayed here got on the bus with large bags on their backs. They all went to Phi Phi Island, and soon the car started and headed for the dock.

When I arrived at the dock, I found it was bustling and very lively. It turns out that Phuket Wharf has several ships to Phi Phi Island every morning, and there are also ships to Jiami. There is a row of small buses parked in the square, all of which pick up and drop off tourists. Many tourists queued up to board the boat one after the other. At this moment, we also got off the bus. Immediately, someone took us to one side and gave each person a yellow ticket. A closer look at the “name” of each tourist printed on it. At this time, another person put a label on each of our tourists’ shoulders, including yellow, red, blue, etc. Those with yellow labels are tourists who take part in Phi Phi’s one-day tour, so that they can be easily identified on board so as not to get on the wrong boat.

Before departure:

At nine o’clock, the ship left on time. On that day, the weather was very good and the sky was clear. The cruise ship was sailing on the endless blue sea. The white spray was churning happily behind the ship. The sea breeze was blowing gently, breathing the fresh and humid air and feeling more comfortable. Looking at this beautiful sea view, I can’t help feeling relaxed and happy.

About an hour after leaving Phuket Wharf, a hill loomed in front of the sea level, which was an island in the sea. Dream of

Travel Snippet:

From time to time, speedboats and cruise ships pass by quickly:

Finally, the mountain is getting closer and closer, and the scenery is getting more and more


After more than two hours of sailing in the sea, I finally arrived at Phi Phi Island:

However, I feel that Phi Phi Island is very common, but those small islands passing along the way are more beautiful, perhaps because “I don’t know the true face of Mount Lushan, only because I am in this mountain”. At this time, we did not rush ashore, but drove aside. The captain told us that there was also a self-funded diving program. Those who took part in the diving were divided into one group and the other group stayed on board to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The most interesting thing is to feed the fish in the sea with bread. Soon, I don’t know where many colorful small fish came from. They scrambled for bread crumbs and swam around. However, they were very clever and couldn’t slip. They jumped up and down and couldn’t catch them.

After everyone enjoyed diving, they must be hungry at this time, so they boarded the ship and landed for lunch!

Lunch was quite sumptuous in a luxurious hotel:

After this lunch, the captain told everyone that there was still one hour of free movement and they must return to the ship at 2: 30.

So he hurried on Phi Phi Island, interspersed with the bustling crowd, walked for a while, and finally saw the blue sea.

Although it is only a quick glance at the beautiful scenery here, I am still shocked and intoxicated by the incomparable seascape here.


About two hours after the return trip, I sat on the deck seat, basking in the sun, drinking Thai black tea drinks, enjoying the blue sea, and feeling the gentle blowing of the sea breeze, as if I had come to fairyland…….

The drink was bought on the boat, Each bottle of 40B, in Bangkok’s 7-11 supermarket, the price of such black tea is relatively appropriate. Thailand’s tourism service is very standard-after returning to Phuket, a row of minibuses will be parked on the dock to pick up tourists for the return trip. Therefore, at the exit of the dock, each passenger will show the round-trip ticket with his name printed on it and then be led to the corresponding minibus. In this way, I was taken from the dock to the fountain in the city center. It was not yet five o’clock. The last bus back to Patong was at 7: 00 p.m. and it was there for dinner. There were many snack bars, Fujian noodles, seafood noodles and special covered rice…….

Finally, don’t forget to give Phuket two close-ups at sunset:

Return to Patong and end the pleasant one-day tour of Phi Phi.

Reading the Great City: Gorgeous Adventures

It will take about 5 minutes to decide to leave Thailand alone for the last four days. Thais are friendly and English is barely enough, which can probably offset the fear of being alone when going abroad for the first time. The remaining question is where to go. Bangkok, the capital city, must be the last stop, but it is a metropolis with nearly 1/6 of the country’s population. It may be boring to stay for four days. After all, I didn’t come all the way to count people and go shopping.

Then go to the big city. This is a completely impulsive descent. The previously set itinerary did not have this stop, so there was no strategy.

But who said-a good trip never requires preparation?

If the big city is called big city, then lazy beans may really set off without checking their backpacks. However, 33 kings of the Great City Dynasty will not agree to such a name, and 400 years of glory will not nod.

Therefore, I used my mobile phone WiFi for ten minutes at Phuket Hotel to check several strategies, wrote them on a post-it note, and took the night bus back to Bangkok from Phuket alone.


There are few high-speed buses in Thailand. Phuket’s night bus back to Bangkok is more than 800 kilometers long and takes 12 hours. The double-decker VIP bus is clean and spacious. The night bus is not too difficult. It is cold and angry on the top of the head and cannot be turned off. There are clean blankets. However, it is still used to covering the head by oneself. Therefore, it takes out the coat from the backpack in the dark. This one takes out the problem.

Early in the morning, I got off the bus at the southern bus station and decided to pass Bangkok instead of entering. I changed directly to Dacheng.

Tell the conductor: I want to go-ah, there is a tower.

The answer made people speechless: there is no bus to the big city at this station (it seems that the online strategy is not entirely reliable).



It is also normal for bus stations in big cities to be slaughtered. Motorcycles and taxis both said 250 plants were delivered. They replied, too much, when people gave a discount, 200 plants decided to get on the bus and leave. They were full of luggage, alone, or to get to their destination as soon as possible.

Doug’s adventure factors ferment again, take a motorcycle! No taxi.

Although it is not so comfortable and messy in the wind, it is estimated that there are not many people who can travel freely in the capital of a country by motorcycle, right? I have to try, go, go, go!

Skirts fluttered in the wind and crossed Bangkok’s elevated bridge in the morning breeze. The driver took me to the front of the minibus to the big city responsibly and called for help to buy the ticket before leaving. Bangkok is less than 100 kilometers away from the big city and has a direct stop.

Although he was holding a piece of paper-sized “strategy” in his hand, he was still a little nervous about a strange city in a foreign country. What will a big city look like?

An hour or so later, I vaguely saw the golden temple and pagoda, as well as the broad moat. The abandoned pagodas on the roadside are still silent, while the vicissitudes of life on the riverside are silent.

Well, these are all my favorite elements, so I don’t waste my adventure and impulse to find them alone!

After getting off the bus, all kinds of entanglements, is this a city station? There are only 10 people in sight. No one came up to solicit guests, nor did they see any hotels or guest houses along the way.

Can only ask roadside stalls, is there a guest house nearby? The somebody else’s face is blank, deadly, English is not good.

But good Thais will not leave you alone. This is not, the somebody else moved reinforcements. There is an aunt. I said I want to live here. Is there a better guest house nearby? How can I get there? I said it several times. Auntie understood. After saying a few words to the motorcycle driver nearby, he went directly with him.

After two blocks, when I arrived, I looked up and saw: Baan Suan Gues thouse, there was a garden yard and three lovely wooden houses and villas. I was too lazy to drag boxes to look for them, so he was the only one!

Go in alone and ask if there is WiFi. (Do you still have to continue to do some homework) Hot water 24 hours a day? (Thailand is so hot that people wish to take three baths a day) Air conditioning? , this boss is not as warm and friendly as the average Thai, cold and tall like the underworld boss (later learned to be Chinese…), showed me the beds on the second floor, 150 plants; I asked if there were any wooden villas. He said there were, like, 500. He asked which one do you want to live in? Of course it is a wooden house, a 100rmb wooden house villa wow!

It’s really cool to have a wooden house with complete facilities and birds and flowers. After taking a bath, blowing the air conditioner and lying on the bed, I was too lazy to move. I had the courage to go abroad for the first time to walk alone to a completely strange place. Suddenly, my confidence burst into flames and I imagined that everyone was standing at the front line of work…….

Happiness usually leads to sadness. This is not true. I packed my bags and found an important bag missing……

There are ID cards, domestic sim cards and U disks inside……..

I was in a cold sweat with fear, but fortunately my passport was not put in it.


I have to fly from Guangzhou to Beijing when I return home. So I quickly called China Southern Airlines to change the type of certificate. After some ordeal, I can finally board the plane with my passport. Passports are the lifeblood. It’s not your fault to make sure that people are in the passport. It’s not your fault to take annual leave to play, but it’s your fault to delay returning to work because I lost my passport, Comrade Doudou!

Since then, for the rest of the day in Thailand, Doug has been looking at things tightly. His wallet, cell phone and passport are eager to check every hour.

In this way, things will not be lost, but the situation will always come one after another, otherwise it will not be called gorgeous adventure.

Beauty is sometimes lethal: this is not true. Doudou was moved by the pagoda in the dusk and stopped in a hurry to take photos. As a result, the car did not stop and fell directly from the car. That hurts, but the first thing is whether the camera broke or not. Thankfully, the naked camera once again underwent the drop test, but the naked knee was doomed and scratched. Alone, injured can only pat the dust on the body to continue on the road. Fortunately, the wound healed quickly!

With these lessons, if you look carefully and ride carefully, there will be no more problems, will there?

But… it was hot, I bought a big bottle of ice water at noon, killed half of the bottle in one bite, and threw the remaining half bottle into the bag and threw it into the front basket of the bicycle. I went back to guest house and turned over the bag, OMG! The bottle cap is not tightened and leaks. The mobile phone……

Although HTC mobile phones are not popular and consume a lot of electricity, they can still be used after falling many times and soaking in water twice, and are still very suitable for Doudou.

However, we can’t expect to survive the third soak in water. This is not true. Turn on the flower screen…..


Fortunately, the hair dryer and fan took turns to play, and the mobile phone was magically usable.

A false alarm, a false alarm……

This is all kinds of embarrassing things about Doudou in the big city, but it does not hinder Doudou’s good mood in the big city. Good mood to what level? Originally, when I was going back to Bangkok, I went to the southern bus station to ask if I had found my bag (mainly because I loathe to give up my ID card, and it is rare for me to take a good picture of my ID card). Later, I thought that the travel time was precious, so I didn’t have to toss it around. I lost it when I lost it. Thailand was not bad, so I left my most beautiful certificate on this land.

After returning home, I reissued my ID card and still thought about the good look of the lost ID card in Thailand.

So he asked the police: Can you use the photos taken before? The one used to look good, but now it is fat…….


2007 (five years passed quickly……)

It’s been too long… but the police still pulled out the system photos, glanced at the photos and the statue, and said, “there has been little change.”

Doug Ecstasy: Then use the old one? !

The police smiled: Yes. As soon as the words fell, they immediately changed their tune: I have to take another picture. This one has earrings. I can’t wear earrings now.

Doug: Er……

After getting a new ID card in Doudou, I looked at my fat round face and remembered my melon-shaped face ID card in Thailand. I suddenly missed my time in the big city.

Travel and life are often caught off guard. I hope I can always remember your smile and have the courage to take risks!

I hope to “walk through many places in my life and stay by one person”.

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