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Tokyo Bazhong State and Ginza

Japan is the country with the largest number of underground streets, with a total of nearly 80 and nearly 900,000 square meters. The largest underground street is the Bazhongzhou underground street in Tokyo, with a length of about 6 kilometers and an area of nearly 70,000 square meters. It is designed in a three-dimensional form and is a three-story caisson-type reinforced concrete structure. The first floor is a commercial street, including food and entertainment. The second floor is a large parking lot, and the third floor is a mechanical equipment room with power supply and ventilation. It can be called a small underground city. The central part is the transfer hall. After coming down from the mountain hand line, we made a big turn inside and saw the ticket gate of Bazhong State Underground Street. We thought it was another entrance. We were afraid of losing our way. We asked several people before we found out that it was the entrance to the Underground Commercial Street. There were 27 underground entrances and exits to the ground roads and shopping malls. There is no wind or rain in the underground street. Warm winter and cool summer are indeed a good place to change. Bazhong State Underground Street starts from Tokyo Railway Station in the west and connects with the center of the main street in the east. There are three squares in the underground street: Water Square, Stone Square and Flower Square, which have not been carefully examined due to the expansion. Underground streets are very useful in Japan, which has a small territory and a large population. Bazhongzhou Underground Street is connected to 51 buildings, with more than 3 million people moving every day. Not far from here, it is the most prosperous Ginza in Tokyo. Ginza is a road with a length of more than two miles. It runs from Beijing Bridge in the north to Xinqiao in the south and is divided into eight sections. It is called Badingmu in Japanese. Also known as Ginza Badin. There are both modern trends and Japanese traditional culture here. Traffic is a good place for tourists to wander. The two money in my pocket is useless here, only to fill my eyes.

Tokyo is on its way

On the first day of Tokyo’s journey, I made some digressions. This four-day tour to Tokyo starts on June 4 and comes back on the evening of June 7. I wanted to start blogging when I came back, but I really lost my courage when I looked at more than 1,000 photos in the computer. . . In the past, when I came back from a tour of Beijing Zoo, it took me several days to post a photo and write a travel note, and it took me two or three blogs. In the four days in Tokyo, I was not allowed to write two weeks. . . However, it is a good thing to be able to start. I hope I can stick to it until the end and haven’t forgotten all the details. Hey hey. I. Three hours of helpless sleep. According to the notice of departure, we need to gather at the Capital Airport at 11: 30 a.m. On Monday. I began to imagine getting up at 8: 30 a.m. And going out at 9: 30 a.m. Because it is easy to catch up with the traffic jam at work on Monday. . . But I came to bed at 3 o’clock and didn’t fall asleep until more than 6 o’clock! I watched helplessly as it was dawn. . . I just can’t meet with changes. On the eve of the what examination or even the eve of the meeting, I couldn’t sleep well, either I couldn’t sleep or I was full of dreams. Even if I know in my heart that it is not just going out to play, I can’t stop some excitement by closing my eyes and trying hard to sleep. As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, it was already past 9 o’clock. I jumped out of bed to wash and dress quickly, then packed the last toiletries and set off. Basically, it was not blocked all the way, but at 11: 20 at the airport, it was fine. No one was found at the gathering place, so I called the team leader. The team leader said that he would gather at 11: 30 (I thought it was really a bit pinch). He went out for a cigarette when he had some time, and when he came in again, he found a lot of people! There are several old men and women, and there are also some middle-aged men and women. The younger ones are only 4 or 5. Someone is late, keep waiting. I was so sleepy that I went to the coffee shop and bought a 29-dollar iced coffee. Everyone has arrived at the team leader * * and the customs declaration form, and the customs declaration form has been filled out for everyone, that is, zero declaration.

I read the regulations and said that I should declare both my notebook and SLR camera. The team leader said that I would fill in another one myself. I found out that I was really a foreigner’s thinking in this matter. People all asked the team leader if he didn’t declare it, but I think since he did, why didn’t he declare it? Except for a little trouble. Facts have proved that declaration has another advantage. Zero declaration takes the green channel, some declaration takes the red channel, the whole group has 34 people plus the team leader, only I go to the red channel myself, the tour guide said we take the green channel, wait for you after entering. But in fact, there was a long line in the green passage and there was no one in the red passage. I handed in the list and the family threw it into the box in front of me at a glance. I didn’t check what at all. Finally, I stood inside and waited for a large number of other people. Two. Security check. Boarding.

However, some people in the group are really good at it. Perhaps there are relatives in Japan who want to bring things and have moved a large carton of luggage carts. I also think this is a tour or a move. . Now the security check has a very troublesome procedure is the liquid check. Fortunately, before I left, I checked the relevant matters needing attention on the Internet to go abroad. I specially put all these bits and pieces in a plastic bag, and when I got to the airport, I took the standard bag and poured it down.

Beijing was 34 degrees on the day of departure, and the temperature continued to soar in the following days, approaching 40 degrees. Tokyo has always been around 25 degrees, and this trip is also an escape from the intense heat in Beijing for a few days.

Smooth boarding. This is the duty-free catalogue on the plane.

Take off at 2:30. When the plane taxied and took off at the airport, the scene outside the plane was shown on the screen.

After liftoff, you can use the small screen in front of your seat! There are many movies, music and games. Movies include the latest “Hannibal Rise,” “The Eavesdropping Storm,” Nicholas Cage’s “The Evil Knight,” what’s, It’s a pity that I have seen it all, so I chose a Japanese movie, Ryoko Hirosue and Abu Kuan starring in “Bubble Girl Beyond Time and Space”, which means Ryoko Hirosue and her mother are sitting on a time machine to save Japan before Japan’s economic bubble. At least it is also a time and space shuttle.

I didn’t eat until almost 3 o’clock all day. Beef and broccoli with rice, smoked salmon + gypsy ham + smoked pork fillet + vegetable leaves, Japanese udon noodles, Japanese dessert. Did you see that piece of salmon? In Japan, I only ate a total of 2 slices of sashimi on the round-trip plane for 4 days! Ao ~ wronged to death, when I came back, I wanted to go to Japan to cook and have a self-help meal.

The plane flew across the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the blue-gray sea water, there were vast rolling clouds. We even saw snow-capped mountains in the clouds, but we just didn’t know where we were and couldn’t identify them.

Finally, we saw the coastline again. Japan is already under our feet.

The plane skimmed over large dense forest hills, green wheat fields and faintly lit streets. Japan, I’m coming.

When we finished the formalities and walked out of the airport, it was already over 7 pm in Japan. The local tour guide joined us, a fat Japanese Beijing girl who had lived in Japan for more than 10 years. Along the way, she introduced a lot of the current situation in Japan, which is also an opening statement. Three. Check in. Foraging. We were pulled directly into the hotel near the airport, and what could not see clearly on the way. I think everyone had no idea about Japan at this time. The hotel is in Narita City, that is to say, we haven’t arrived in Tokyo yet. Narita City is located in the northern part of Chiba Prefecture, Japan, with Narita International Airport in its territory. The Shinsei Temple in Narita Mountain in front of the town is the earliest developed area in Narita City, and the city has prospered as a result. The population is about 100,000.

The room was very small, except for a long table under the window, there were only enough beds in the room, but the bathrobe prepared was very “Japanese style” and immediately felt like Japan.

The toilet is also small, but at least toothpaste, toothbrush and towel are prepared. I thought there were no consumables in what.

The bathtub is also very Japanese in style. It is short and more than 1 meter long, but it is relatively deep. Sitting in it can also soak your whole body. I always wanted to buy such a bathtub and put it into my small bathroom, because no matter how short the bathtub in China is, its height is almost the same. If the length is good enough, you can lie flat. If it is not long enough, you have to bend your legs when you soak your upper body, and you have to hang your upper body when you soak your legs.

It was found that an unseen device beside the nozzle was used to dry wet things. The white head was pulled out with a thread inside. There was also a metal bayonet on the opposite wall. The white plastic head could be fixed to dry things on the line. When not in use, the plastic head could be taken off and the thread could be retracted by turning the metal screw. There are many such small devices and things in Japan, which will only surprise you, but they are really convenient to use. This is also one of the reasons why I like life in Japan. They manage the living environment too carefully, allowing you to have small surprises that are considerate from time to time.

Of course, Japan’s porn industry is also very famous.

The pay TV program list in the hotel is put on the TV together with * * oh ~ ~ clearly marked, 100 yen for 10 minutes and 500 yen for an hour. I estimate that the old people in the group will frown when they see it, while the men will have a little heart when they see it… I will not be able to take a clear close-up.

After opening the window, Tokyo is only 16 or 7 degrees at night, which is very cool. Unfortunately, due to the high greening rate, there are many mosquitoes. . . After killing the big mosquito, he quickly closed the window. . . On the first day of the trip, I didn’t care about the meal at night! The tour guide said that everyone could eat at Yoshino’s house opposite, without saying what to take everyone to eat. There were so many old people in the group who could not understand the language. How could they eat? And I don’t like Yoshino when I hear it. I don’t even eat Yoshino when I go to Japan. I was already very sleepy. I only slept for three hours in two days. I wanted not to eat, so I changed my bathrobe and lay in bed for a while. I couldn’t sleep. My eyes were sore and I went out to buy cigarettes at the vending machine downstairs and then went around.

The place where I live is not very prosperous either. Apart from a steak house, a Chinese cuisine and a Yoshino family at the junction of the hotel, I only saw some noodle shops when I went out a long way. After walking for four blocks, I couldn’t find anything to eat, so I had to come back to eat steak.

Originally, I wanted to order the whole steak, but the quantity was too sufficient, and it was already 11 o’clock at that time, because my heart was jumping due to lack of sleep, so I couldn’t eat it. Ow. I had to order minced meat and fried shrimps. After eating, I went back to sleep. . . It is also quite strange to say that Japan is not prosperous and there are few people on the road. It is still late at night, but people still come in one after another in the restaurant. And it seems that everyone orders 2,300 grams of big steak and big beer, so why aren’t they fat? There are 4 or 5 middle-aged Japanese men eating meat and drinking at the opposite table, which makes me unable to take photos as I please. . . Before eating, I drank a bottle of nutritious drinks similar to Red Bull bought by vending machines on the street. I felt a little strange and drank nutritious drinks in the middle of the night. . . The hotel I stayed in was also a bit strange. I was so tired, but I woke up at 2 o’clock at night and couldn’t sleep. It seemed that I didn’t sleep until 3 or 4 o’clock. Later, when chatting with others, a woman said that she had always been used to going out to play, but she couldn’t sleep that night. A boy also said that she suffered from insomnia. From this conclusion, it seems that there is something wrong with the feng shui of the hotel. . . . I’m promoting feudal superstition again! Gaga ~ originally brought a notebook and planned to write a blog every day, but there was a wireless network in the room! Before departure, I checked the hotel’s instructions on the Internet. It seems that only the lobby has wireless network, but the notebook is running out of electricity and I am too lazy to borrow the power switch plug. . . Note that Japan’s power plugs are two-phase. If they are three-phase plugs, a three-to-two converter must be prepared! There is also a voltage of 110V. Fortunately, my notebook power supply and Canon camera charger are both 100-240V, saving a lot of trouble.

My “100 Famous Mountains”-Harvest 2016

Some of my peers in the circle of friends are beginning to feel nostalgic, but I haven’t felt it myself. I am a hard-working person. At the age of half a century, I have set up a plan of “100 famous mountains” and am still on the way. In winter, although the weather is fine on weekends, I will still climb the nearby low mountains. As relaxation and fitness, the big mountaineering activities are over, so I have time to make a summary and give an explanation to myself and my friends who care about our mountaineering. Counting the famous mountains I have been to this year, I have gained a lot. There are 14, and ten fingers are not enough.

This year’s commemoration of the founding of the mountain is the four-nation mountain climbing during the May Day holiday: No.45. Jianshan (1955 meters); No. 46. Jiro Gupta (1930 meters); No47. Shihammer Mountain (1982 meters); No.48. Bottle Sen (1897 meters).

Among them, Jianshan Mountain and Shihammer Mountain belong to Japan’s “100 Famous Mountains”, while Jiro Gupta and Pingsen are the beautiful girls and beautiful women of the mountains, and they are good viewing platforms for looking at famous mountains. In the sunny days when spring is warm and flowers bloom, the comfort of walking on the mountain road can be used to slowly nostalgic when one cannot walk in the future.

No49. Mingshen Mountain (1016 meters);

Aichi, a neighboring county, is a famous mountain for rock climbing. I have been there twice in spring, and I am familiar with some skills of climbing with iron ropes or ladders, which laid the foundation for climbing to the summit of Gun Mountain physically and mentally. Climbing this mountain is due to the introduction of a mountaineering enthusiast. He is 72 years old, but he is a famous “fast leg” among frequent visitors to Lianfeng in the west of the lake. Perhaps he “ignored” his current age and had two fatigue fractures, but I don’t care at all. Once I walked with him through Lianfeng in the west of the lake and found many secrets and pleasures in the mountains that we had never noticed before.

No.50. Miaoyi Mountain (1104 meters);

No. 51. Hazel Mountain (1449m); No. 52. Chicheng Mountain (1828 meters);

During the rainy season in June, I went to the “Three Mountains of Shangmao” in Qunma County (Shangmao is an ancient place name here), including one Japanese “100 Famous Mountains” and two “200 Famous Mountains”. The famous temples and hot springs around are also famous, and even in rainy days they will not be too depressed. As a result, God took special care of us. The weather was sunny and rainy, realizing a double harvest of mountain climbing and sightseeing.

No. 53. Nena Mountain (2190 meters); No. 54. Ruiqiang Mountain (2230 meters); No. 55. Jin Fengshan (2599 meters); Summer is a good time to climb mountains. On the weekends of July and August, we climbed three “100 famous mountains” in Japan at every opportunity.

No. 56. Gun Yue (3180 meters);

This is a famous mountain that climbers yearn for, with difficulty and height. Gun Yue can be said to be as famous as Mount Fuji. The former is called Mt.Yari and the latter is called Mt.Fuji. The spear of Gun Yue, which means javelin and spear, has its peak as characteristic as spear tip, which can be recognized from the mountains from a distance in all directions when one looks up from a height. It was an exciting moment. We have experienced it many times and can be said to have “heard a lot”.

We reached the top on September 9, when the weather was excellent, sunny and calm, making the climbing process very smooth. However, we both feel that the success of climbing to the top is certainly a memorial. Compared with the breathtaking rock climbing, the feeling during the climbing process is better: the vigorous and magnificent beauty of nature, the white clouds under our feet, and occasionally even you will be hidden in the clouds. . . Don’t say the feeling of walking in the air, that is, what’s wrong with treating yourself as a fairy in fairyland?

No. 57. Lishan (3003 meters);

Located in Toyama Prefecture, it is the general name of Xiongshan (3003 meters), Dalu (3015 meters) and Fuji Foli (2999 meters). It is also one of Japan’s three famous mountains (Fuji, Baishan and Lishan). Since I visited Baishan in 2012, I thought I would go to Lishan sooner or later. On October 10, we went to Lishan, which is about to enter winter, taking advantage of the lingering pleasure of Gun Yue.

Originally, in order to enjoy more the process of setting up several hills and climbing mountains, The whole mountain road wants to walk slowly in two days, However, many mountain cabins (inns) that provide accommodation have closed down in winter. We had to draw up a new plan, cut off the branches, circle the north and south peaks of Lishan, Zhensha Mountain and Bieshan, walk up and down for more than 8 hours in the mountain around 3,000 meters, and finally arrive at the inn at an altitude of 2400 meters before sunset in the season of short days and long nights. There is also Japan’s highest hot spring, called “Yunshang Hot Spring”. The steaming hot springs quickly relieved our extreme fatigue and small altitude sickness. I would like to add a little for friends’ reference, that is, this height would not have been high in what, but we sweated on the way and did not keep warm in time. We suffered a little cold and suffered a high reaction.

On this day, we do not know how many times we sigh for the sight before us.

One of the great gains is to know the Great Riyue and the Great Riyue opposite Lishan. We have decided to find opportunities to climb these two mountains and have prepared relevant mountaineering maps. It is best to hike down the mountain from Mituo Plateau in the red leaf season.

No58. Yue (2999 meters);

This should be the most risky mountain among Japan’s “100 famous mountains” and is called the “Palace of Rock Climbing”. As for the mountain, we all agree that climbing the mountain (the best viewing platform of the mountain) and replacing climbing with watching is also to broaden our pleasure in climbing the mountain. Such mountains are listed in “My 100 Famous Mountains” and have special commemorative significance.

Finally, I put on two scenery during the mountaineering journey to tell you that mountain climbing is not monotonous. The scenery, delicious food, hot springs and so on on the way, even if not for mountain climbing, are worth going to a tour. In addition, the sports and experience of mountain climbing itself kill two birds with one stone.

Japanese Plants 6-Daphne odora, Cabbage and Orchid [Original-Photography]

Japanese Plants 6-Daphne odora, Cabbage and Orchid [Original-Photography]

During the cherry blossom appreciation trip in Japan, besides cherry blossom appreciation, I also photographed many plants I have seen or never seen before and shared them with my friends. Among them, the first ones that have been seen and the first ones that have not been seen are published one by one, and explanations are attached as far as possible for reference.

In Nara’s Wanye Botanical Garden, we saw a plant with pink flowers, emitting strange fragrance. When we came back to the Flower Stepping Forum, we confirmed that it was Daphne odora.

Daphne odora Thumb, also known as: Sleeping Fragrance, Penglai Purple, Fengliu Tree, Dew Armour, Daphne Blanc, Daphne hairy, Senecio, Ruilan, Snowflake Skin, Mountain Cotton Skin, Mountain Dream Flower, Evergreen Erect Shrub of Daphne family of Mallow. Branches stout, usually dichotomous, branchlets subterete, purplish red or purplish brown, glabrous. Leaves alternate, papery, oblong or obovate-oval, flowers lavender on the outside, fleshy red on the inside, glabrous, several to 12 flowers form terminal flower heads. Daphne odora originated from China and Japan and is a famous traditional Chinese flower. It is distributed in provinces and autonomous regions south of the Yangtze River Basin and also in Japan. Ganzhou City in Jiangxi Province listed it as a “city flower”. Root, bark, leaves and flowers are used as medicine, and the nature is pungent, sweet and warm. It is mainly used for treating sore throat, toothache and rheumatalgia. -Net Picking

In many places in Kyoto, one kind of flower border plant can be seen, which should be kale. However, in China, it is mostly low-rise, while here it is upward-growing. It was confirmed on the forum of stepping on flowers that it is kale.

In the virgin forest of Chunri Mountain, a parasitic plant attached to a big tree was seen. It was fleshy, with small leaves and thin stems. It was found to be orchid.

Hoya carnosa (L.f.) R. Br, also known as Malixie, Dog Tongue, Iron Foot, etc., belongs to the climbing shrub of the genus Hoya Carnosa (Asclepiadaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asclepiadaceae, and is epiphytic on trees or stones. Vicious roots on stem nodes. Leaves opposite, fleshy, ovoid to ovoid-oblong. Indications: Clearing heat, eliminating phlegm, reducing swelling and relieving pain. It can be used for treating cough, carbuncle and swelling, scrofula, milk deficiency, joint pain and orchitis due to lung heat. -Net Picking

How’s it going? Is it worth seeing?

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Japanese Plants 6-Daphne odora, Cabbage and Orchid [Original-Photography]

Japanese Bird Strike 3-Heron and Yellow-billed Egret [Original-Photography]

Japanese Bird Strike 3-Heron and Yellow-billed Egret [Original-Photography]

During my cherry blossom tour in Japan, I hit a lot of birds, about 17 species. Apart from the common birds in our country, there are also some unusual ones, which are published one after another. Please enjoy them.

In Nara and Kobe, we both photographed herons. Looking for food in the temple pond, sometimes flying to the roof, sometimes perching on stones, it is quite elegant.

The yellow-billed egret was also photographed in the pond of a temple. Standing under a pine tree, it meant that the pine crane could prolong its life, so it quickly caught the scene.

Since there is no telephoto, the effect is not good. Sorry.

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Japanese Bird Strike 3-Heron and Yellow-billed Egret [Original-Photography]

“Fresh Season” Sakura Appreciation Tour D13

Sakura Tour D13/13 [Original-Photography]

Osaka-Beijing Sunny Thursday,

I am going back to Beijing today. I am a little excited. I got up at 5: 30 a.m. And took a picture of Osaka’s morning at the window of my room again.

Morning in Osaka

Judging from the overhead picture, there were still many cars and few people in Osaka on Thursday morning, so it was in good order. I would like to say one thing here, that is, the way pedestrians cross the intersection. In our country, crosswalks that seem to be intersections are all surrounded by a square, that is, from east to west, from west to south, from south to north, and from north to east, pedestrians simply walk through a street. If you want to go from the northeast corner to the southwest corner, you must go at a right angle, that is, the hook edge. And Japan’s big crossroads, There is a big fork, In addition to the square crosswalks, And diagonal sidewalks, That is, the string of a right triangle, pedestrians can walk directly from the northeast corner to the southwest corner, which is very convenient and safe. It improves the traffic rate of pedestrians and is equivalent to improving the traffic rate. This is really worth learning. I don’t know when such humanized, scientific and reasonable sidewalks will appear at our big intersections.

Go out for breakfast at 7: 00, or go to the restaurant yesterday (305 yen/person). Return to the hotel at 7:50, simply pack up and check out at 8:10. Arrive at JR Fukushima Station at 8: 15, take JR at 8: 36 and arrive at Kansai Airlines at 10: 30 (fare 1190 yen/person). There are a lot of people going through the airport, especially the check-in offices of Air China are lined up in long lines, with the inner three floors and the outer three floors queuing up in circles. After handling the boarding pass at 11: 30, go through the customs and rest at gate 30. In the waiting hall, there are some computers that can surf the Internet free of charge. My son went to surf the Internet, and we took pictures of the airport.

Kansai Airport

The official boarding at 12: 20 is Air China flight CA928 (also JAL flight NH5723). It took off at 12:50 on time and landed at Terminal 3 of Capital International Airport at 16:00. At 17:00, my niece drove to pick it up, picked up my luggage at 17:10 and got home at 18:30. So far, the 13-day cherry blossom tour has come to a successful end!

Along the way, his son played an important role. He was not only a planner, but also a tour guide, as well as an interpreter and tour leader. Let’s enjoy the charm of the cherry blossom country and enjoy it well.

Looking back on this free trip, we visited 43 scenic spots successively, spending 14,797 yuan per capita, including 1,800 yuan for food, accounting for 12.2% of the total expenditure, 4,493 yuan for residence, accounting for 30.4% of the total expenditure, 7,335 yuan for travel, accounting for 49.6% of the total expenditure, and 1,169 yuan for tickets, accounting for 7.9% of the total expenditure. This is impossible to participate in the tour. The key is that there is no forced shopping, one’s own itinerary is arranged, and one can adjust the scenic spots to be visited at any time. It has great freedom and is very different from the domestic tour groups that one has participated in before.

During this 13-day trip, my wife and I both took full photos of the memory cards we were carrying, so we had to take a look back and delete some before continuing to take photos. Moreover, our shooting habit is to shoot 2-3 pictures in continuous shooting at a time (continuous shooting keeps shooting when encountering birds), and we have to change to single shooting in the later period. Even so, I used 3 16G CF cards and took more than 4500 photos. My wife used 5 8G SD cards and took more than 4500 photos. From this, I feel that I will bring more memory cards or computers with me next time I go out, and transfer the movies in the cards to the computers at any time so as not to be unhappy.

This is the end of my travel strategy. Maybe I can’t remember some places accurately, but it should be close to each other.

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Sakura Tour D13/13 [Original-Photography]

“Fresh Season” Sakura Appreciation Tour D12

Sakura Tour D12/13 [Original-Photography]

Last Appreciation of Izu Peninsula-Osaka Turned Cloudy and Sunny on Wednesday

I’m going back to Osaka today, so I got up earlier and wanted to take a look at the sea before leaving. Get up at 4:30 a.m. and start shooting at 4:40 a.m. First, I went to the river from the back door of the hotel to photograph, because my wife had already scouted the scenic spots the afternoon before, so I moved the sliding door to the river and could photograph cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms reflected by sunrise are very beautiful. We took pictures by the river for a long time.

Beautiful scenery outside Yidong Hot Spring Hotel

After filming the river, I went to the seaside. There is a sculpture park there, and we took a big picture from several angles. Due to cloudy days, the sea view is not very good, foggy and gloomy.

Yidong Sculpture Park

I returned to the hotel at 6: 00, checked out at 7: 30, went straight to Yidong Station, ate noodles (477.5 yen/person) in front of the station, and bought various tickets to Osaka, including JR Donghai Line Yidong-Rehai 320 yen/person, Shinkansen Rehai-Kyoto 11,340 yen/person, JR Electric Train Kyoto-Osaka 560 yen/person. JR starts from Yidong at 8:39JR, arrives at Rehai at 9:15, starts at Shinkansen from Platform 6 to Okayama at 9:43, arrives at Kyoto at 11:40, changes to JR at 12:09, and arrives at Osaka at 13:00. According to GPS, we thought we could find the hotel we booked soon. As a result, GPS suddenly failed, the signal was unstable, and sometimes it disappeared. Moreover, the directions were often opposite, causing us to circle in situ. Finally, after asking questions and navigating, I finally found the Hanshin Hotel with one stop and many places, which was delayed for 50 minutes.

At 14:30, after settling down, go out to a roadside restaurant to have a regular meal (a self-service restaurant, choose the food you want on the machine, pay and wait, the back kitchen will make it according to your choice, and the waiter will deliver it to you). I still mainly eat noodles (615 yen per person). I feel that I have eaten well and decided to eat here for breakfast before leaving.

Depart at 15:00, look for Osaka JR East-West Line, to Osaka Tianman Palace (fare 120 yen/person). When I got to the Mint, it was already closed, and when I saw that the cherry blossoms were out of season, I still didn’t see the Mint full of cherry blossoms. So he went to the Dachuan River. On the Tianman Bridge, I saw the cherry blossoms on both sides of the Dachuan River like snow. It was very beautiful. I took more than an hour on the bridge and included the last scene of cherry blossoms in our lens.

Cherry Blossoms on Both Sides of Dachuan River

Go north along the Dachuan River to Sakura Palace JR Station in Sakura Palace Park, and keep shooting at different angles until we think the shooting is satisfactory. During this period, many tourists, including the elderly, can be seen at any time, and they also enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms in the sunset.

Dusk in Sakura Palace Park

After that, we went to Meitian and went shopping in the shops in the subway station. Our son bought some food for our colleagues, but we didn’t go shopping again because we had already bought enough gifts. At ordinary times, it seems that there are not many people in the streets of Japan, while the subway stations at work are very busy.

Mei Tin MTR Station

Then I went to Heqiao Fengyue Japanese Fried Noodles Restaurant and ate authentic Osaka roast (1652.5 yen/person). The price was not low but I ate very well.

Osaka Burning in the Wind and Moon of Crane Bridge

At 19:50, take the JR circular line from Mei Tian to Fukushima (the fare is 120 yen/person), and return to Hanshin Hotel to rest at 20:00.

The cherry blossom tour was basically over. On the last day, I saw the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms all over the sky in Osaka and enjoyed it very much.

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Sakura Tour D12/13 [Original-Photography]

Late summer and early autumn Hokkaido strategy + expense list


Visa: 624 yuan

Last year, when talking about travel agencies that can sign without a deposit, they did not write the name of the travel agency in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising. As a result, many people asked which one it was. Let’s talk about finding a more affordable one this year. Tmall searched “Wuxi China National Travel Monopoly” and I happened to encounter a summer special offer at that time, so I added 624 soft coins to Shunfeng back and forth. As long as I showed the 10W annual salary tax form, I could be exempted from the deposit and assets freeze, and there was no mandatory binding of air tickets and hotels. Finally, I also sent a lovely cat passport set of 0 (≤ 0) 0

By the way, I took another look at it just now. The price was reduced to 550. If you want to grab it, hurry up = = ((((o > <) o

-Mobile phone network card-

B-MOBILE: 277 yuan

NTT DOCOMO’s unlimited network card, commonly known as the daily tour artifact, is recommended to look at this super detailed explanation post on Douban (http://www.douban.com/group/topic/21213181/). I bought it from the seller recommended by this post. After buying, the seller will send a document of the installation tutorial, which is more detailed than Douban’s. Basically, all kinds of APP can be used, except for the slag wave WB, which cannot be connected anyway. Finally, it was only with the kind help of Douban, the owner of the post, that a YIBO was downloaded to connect smoothly. As for the relay, it was originally successful, but it finally failed due to some poor communication. However, it happened to be a special offer. The last person spent 277 soft coins, contacted the small otaku in private letters all the way, and was able to send WB and CHECK weather conditions at any time. It was much more cost-effective than borrowing mobile phones at 7K. It was strongly recommended.


Air ticket: 2588 yuan

During the Spring and Autumn Period, Shanghai paid a total of 2,468 yuan in tax and fuel charges to and from Ibaraki. On the return trip, I paid 3,000 yen more for luggage overweight at the airport. However, because some of them brought back special heavy magazines, this GN was allowed to bear half of the overweight charges, which was equivalent to 1,500 yen more (120 yuan) myself.

When China Eastern Airlines or All Nippon Airways make special offers, Spring and Autumn did not have any advantages, but I happened to hit the National Day holiday at that time, so the price was still very attractive (if I knew DYD would make trouble later, I wouldn’t start so quickly, and then the air ticket fell miserably). However, considering its disgusting “check-in + hand-held” luggage with a weight limit of 15KG, I would never sit on it again.

Ibaraki is a rural area and it is extremely slow to enter the customs, but one advantage is that the bus from Ibaraki Airport to Tokyo Station costs only 500 yen, which is cheaper than going to Tokyo from Narita Airport. One more word about the bus, No matter on the way or back, I saw many people who did not make reservations or made wrong reservations. The Shanghai aunt who served on the bus had an extremely bad attitude, Speak a mouthful of broken Japanese, and also ferociously scold those GN who can’t speak Japanese. Compared with the attitude of the four doctors at the airport, there is a Chinese aunt and a Japanese uncle who speaks fluent Chinese. However, because they are not responsible for the bus, it is unlikely to get help locally. It is recommended that you reserve a round-trip bus (http://www.kantetsu.co.jp/reserve/reserve.cgi? Lang=ja&route_sel=1 & route_cd=001) It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that it is Ibaraki Airport to Tokyo Station by default. If you want to choose to return, remember to change the drop-down box of Ibaraki Airport beside “stop” to “Beijing”, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. On the last day of the return trip, many people suffered from this loss, and as a result, they were scolded by the Shanghai aunt.

JR PASS: 28300 yen

There is no need to introduce the function of this thing. I have introduced it twice. The original price has always been 28,300 yen, but the window of Japan is not HD. When the exchange rate is only 8, it is 8.3, so it finally paid 2350 soft coins. But only their family can buy it in China. Endure it…

In the end, the actual route taken by JR PASS cost 82,730 yen, which is exactly 3 times, and it was still earned (≥ L)

Other transportation: 14360 yen

Let’s talk about all kinds of one-day coupons first:

Hakodate: The bus ticket is 800 yen per day. The main scenic spots passing through include: Wuling Guo, Tangzhichuan Hot Spring, Hakodate Station, Dickinson Warehouse Group, various sakaguchi and Hakodate Mountain Top. Many people only know how to take the cable car when they go to Hakodate Mountain to watch the night scene. It is really a typical silly speed. One round trip costs 1300 yen. The night bus started at 6: 00 p.m. I remember queuing up before I went to the correspondence station at 5: 50 p.m. The buses I went to in the off season were full of people. Another lesson of blood and tears is that this ticket cannot take the tram on the road. As for the mistake between the tram and the bus, I must have been a ghost at that time. )! !

Sapporo: The limit for weekends and holidays (= Turkish Day = Saturday and Sunday, = Subway) is 500 yen. You can take the three subways in Sapporo: North-South Line, East-West Line and Dongfeng Line, which basically cover all the scenic spots I want to visit, including Sapporo Station, Datong, Boye, Hokkaido Temple, White Lover Factory, Sapporo Beer Museum and Jiong Mountain Park.

Jiang Zhidao: Jiang Zhidao’s one-day coupon is 580 yen. In fact, if you only go to Jiang Zhidao from Kamakura or see Kamakura Giant Buddha, you don’t have to buy it. It is lower than 580 yen once back and forth. If you want to see SD’s sea like me, you don’t have to buy it either, because Kamakura University is unmanned and can leave the station without checking in. If you want to see Kamakura Giant Buddha + River Island, buy it.

Tokyo: JR’s one-day coupon (the normal name is Metropolitan District) is 730 yen. Please refer to the above figure for the scope of use. Its scope of use is actually disgusting. For example, from the west to Xidi, it will cost extra money to go to the Three Eagles State of Auspicious Temple. South to Gexi Linhai Park, Just one stop away from the world-famous Disney Dance Shore Station, You have to pay extra for a round trip (the journey is very long and you don’t want to walk by yourself), but it is definitely enough for people who go to Tokyo for the first time. Whether you are a house going to Akihabara Ikebukuro Nakano, or a shopaholic who likes to rush to Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, or Ueno Huangju Tokyo Tower, who likes to take the conventional road, you sincerely recommend it. The price is reasonable and the old and the young are not deceitful. All JR ticket sellers can buy it. In addition, I would like to add how to buy tickets for places outside the free area. If you get on the bus in the free area, brush it directly in. When you get out, don’t go through the automatic ticket checking channel. Prepare the extra money to be paid and show it to JR staff together with this metropolitan area. If the person who got on the bus is outside the free area, buy a ticket to enter the station first (calculate how much fare it takes to get from your area to the station at the edge of the free area, and each JR has a fare table outside for reference). When getting off the bus, just show the ticket to JR staff together with the metropolitan area.

Tokyo: Tokyo METRO’s one-day ticket is 710 yen, which is faster than JR and has more routes than JR, but the transfer is a bit annoying. It basically covers all the major scenic spots in Tokyo and extends to Chiba’s West Shipbuilding Bridge in a very HD way. It is only one stop away from the Shipbuilding Bridge. If you want to go to other places outside the scope of use, remember to plug this one-day ticket into the automatic ticket checking machine before brushing the watermelon card.

High-speed bus: I booked it on this exclusive website (https://www.kousokubus.net). I can choose whether to register as a member or not. It is very convenient to use credit cards for payment, and there is also a 5% OFF online early purchase special price. Remember to print out the ticket and show it to the palm of the car before getting on the bus.

A total of 6023 yuan was paid for the transportation.


In the meantime, it is necessary to

Qingchuan 2-38-3, Kyoto Taiwan District

Beijing Ribi Valley South Thousand Residents South Mouth Disciples 7 Points JR Chang Pan South Thousand Residents South Mouth Disciples 8 Points


2500 yen * 6 = 15000 yen

Because of public security reasons, Nanqian’s accommodation is very cheap. It is really desolate at night. It is still a bit scary to walk at night. I have met people who are crazy about alcohol, pestering hostess to be taken out by T, littering cigarette butts and talking to themselves. However, the overall public security in Tokyo is very good, so I think it doesn’t matter. Moreover, Nanqianzhu has an excellent geographical location. There is a direct bus from Tokyo Station and three stops from Ueno. There are JR, METRO and Tsukuba EXPRESS nearby.

This hotel has a entrance guard at 12 o’clock in the evening and has to charge a deposit of 1,000 yen, which will be paid back when checking out. However, if the CHECK OUT time is too early the next day, you can tell the front desk one day in advance and get it back on the spot. The peace room is very, very small, and there is basically only room to sleep when the luggage is spread out. When there are many people, bathrooms may need to queue up, but the two bathrooms near the front desk are very new, with great hot water and comfortable washing. Basic toiletries have “except shampoo” and there are two computers on the ground floor. You need to ask the front desk for PW and WIFI coverage in the whole hall. Of course, for those who bought B-MOBILE, this is completely unnecessary.

Finally, the sound insulation is very poor, remember to wear earplugs and blindfolds.

In the meantime, it is necessary to

30-16, Ruosong Town, Hakoshi, Hokkaido

Letter of disciples 5 points


Yen 2780 * 2=Yen 5560 (cash only)

It is a lovely inn changed from a home stay. The little brother at the front desk is very NICE. It should be noted that there is no one at the front desk before 3 pm. If you arrive at noon like me, you can put the suitcase in the corridor and leave RAKUTEN’s reservation list. The message above says that when will you return to the hotel CHECK IN? Brother Xiao will help move luggage case to the room when he sees the note.

The tatami room is very spacious compared with Tokyo’s, and there are all kinds of makeup props, tea bags and teapots. Opposite the room is a bathroom dedicated to women, which can be locked. The door reads “Di”. Go in and have a look. It is indeed a princess’s treatment. Apart from facial cleanser, there are everything you can think of here. Even several bottles of hair wax and styling water have been prepared. The one inside was for bathing and soaking. I couldn’t help it after I put my hand into the bath basin and tried the temperature. The whole person went in and soaked for 5 minutes and then came out to soak with warm water. Then went in and soaked for 5 minutes until the whole person blushed like hairy crabs.

Strongly recommended.

Donghu Hot Spring Cave Landscape and

Hokkaido Tonghu Town Tonghu Hot Spring 78

JR hole 15 points, hole lake walk 5 points


6550 yen (the original price was 7000 yen plus 150 yen for the bath. I spent 600 RAKUTEN points, so I only paid 6550 yen)

This hot spring hotel should be the most cost-effective in Japan (once bored, the hot spring hotels in 47 prefectures in Japan were turned over at the price, with two meals enjoyed in the room, each room with its own bathroom, 7 hot springs in the hotel, plus shuttle service, there is really no one cheaper than this one) and the front desk is also good. Zhong Jusang, who came to deliver food and make the bed, and the old woman in the specialty store in the hotel were all very NICE.

The morning and evening meals are very rich and delicious. After the meal, go to take a bath, change into bathrobes and sit by the window drinking fried tea to watch the fireworks meeting on the lake. This is life.


South Jiutiao West 3, Central District, Sapporo City, Hokkaido

In the underground iron, the male and female students scored one point.


3700 yen * 2=7400 yen

One minute away from Nakajima Park subway station, with a foreign-style buffet breakfast, the room is relatively narrow, far less spacious than Fukuoka, and of course much more spacious than Osaka and the like. What is more special is that this family does not accept free luggage storage before check in. Whether it is a resident or not, it has to pay 100 yen to check luggage, but the price is actually very HD. I also used it on the last day, which is much cheaper than 700 yen at Sapporo Station.

In the meantime, it is necessary to

Caojin 23-13, Caojin Town, Qunxian County, My Wife County

Caojin Hot Spring Pupils 5 Points


3500 yen * 2=7000 yen (cash only)

As the hot spring township that has voted first in Japan for 8 consecutive years, the accommodation in Caojin is very expensive. This is only a business hotel. The price is even higher than that in Osaka, and the room is as narrow as ever. There is an independent bathroom, CHECK IN must be before 20 o’clock, but it is very close from BUS STOP, and there are supermarkets and post offices nearby, so it is not bad, except that the wife of shop-owner whom CHECK IN met looks like mother mulberry, with thick makeup and mottled purple nails. The trouble is that the four men who handled CHECK IN before me also looked like underworld, especially the last underworld man who smiled at me and said that the little girl had been waiting for a long time, which made my scalp tight.

The hotel paid a total of 3,308 yuan.



43-9, Wulingguo Town, Hanshi City

Under the letter “Five Rings Guo Gong Entrance”, there were 7 points

8: 00-19: 00

840 yen

I think it’s a bit silly to spend money on climbing mountains in other places, but the style of Wuling Guo still needs to be realized by looking down from a height.

The official website can download COUPON and send a beautiful postcard.

Land valley

Dengku City Dengku Hot Spring Town

Dao Nan’s “First Campaign for the Original”: 5 Points for Acts


You can visit it free of charge only for a round-trip fare. There are special hiking trails, but the road to Datang Marsh is muddy and is not recommended in rainy days. In addition, there are very few buses in Daonan every day, so we must cut the time. Timetable: http://donanbus.co.jp/kougai/index2.html

White Lover

Sapporo City West Sizawa 2-2-11-36

The underground Tetsuzawa made 5 exports and scored 7 points.

9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (the most paid 17: 00)

600 yen

The garden and the small concert on the hour every day are free. For an additional 600 yen, you can get a PASSPORT book plus a white lover cookie. An internal visit can learn about the making process of various chocolates and cookies. It’s still worth visiting.

Natural history

Sapporo City North 7 9 Ding Mu 1-1

The underground Tetsujin “front of the district service station” scored 10 points for the disciples.

9: 00 ~ 18: 00


The visit is free, and there is no need to pay for the personal visit. After coming out, there is a vending machine that can buy beer to drink. One cup is 200 yen. If you drink three cups at the same time, you can get a special price of 500 yen. There are stout draft beers and the like to choose from.

Wu Jia Wu Fu

Akita Ken Xianbei City, Kokucho, Akihito 26

JR Horn Mistress


In the small Kyoto in the northeast, the streets are still very antique, but I am too tired and I didn’t have a good stroll with big boxes. In fact, looking at other people’s photos, the red leaf season in November is still very beautiful.

Xihe original open air

Qunxian My Wife County, Caojin Town, Dazi Caojin 3-9

7: 00 ~ 20: 00

500 yen

Very beautiful open-air soup, worth visiting.

Caretta Shiliu

Kyoto Port New 1-8-2

JR takes advantage of Hexin’s 4 points (underground access is convenient)



Take the elevator to SKY RESTAURANT on the 46th floor. There is a free viewing platform. You can see the beautiful night view of Tokyo. Remember to choose 7 to 8 o’clock when you usually go to work. You are basically working overtime, so the lights are bright and beautiful.

The police school

Xiayan Erding Mu, Chiyoda District, Kyoto

Underground Tetsuhibiya, Maruchi, Chiyoda [Xiayan] 2 Exports and 2 Points


Reasoning fans are satisfied with the fact that they only look at it from a distance.

Police History

Kyoto Central District Beijing 3 Ding Mu 5 Fan 1

Three points for one exit

10: 00 ~ 17: 30

The rest day is the obsidian day of every month (I wish the day to be the next day)


The game unit on the 4th floor is very interesting. It can be substituted into the police (after asking the witness to catch the thief after getting the testimony) into the eyewitness (I need to remember the characteristics of the prisoner quickly to restore them, but I can’t do it at all, so I only got 45 points) into the victim (it also needs to remember the what quickly to call the police)

In the meantime, it is necessary to

Yamamoto Sends 20 Points to Tamachi

Summer period April 1-October 31 9: 00-21: 00 ※ Before the most 30 minutes

Winter November 1-March 31 10: 00-18: 00


This time may change and it will be closed when some activities are held on the stage (such as the fireworks conference), so it is suggested to check online before departure.

There are two passages in the north and south, and you can enjoy different scenery on both sides (one side is the platform and the other is the direction of Tokyo Tower)

Beijing Fire Protection Bureau

Yokogawa 4-6-6 MAP, Motian District, Kyoto

JR Michigo Michigan scored 10 points

9 ~ 17

At the end of the year, the third wooden obsidian (the next day after the day of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day


FULL COURSE, who participated in the 2-hour disaster prevention experience, personally felt very satisfied, especially the experience of the magnitude 7 earthquake was unforgettable all my life (I hope I won’t meet it all my life)

Zachary’s Natural History

Prince 1-6-1, North Kyoto

JR North Prince of Jingbang

9: 30 ~ 17: 00

Rest Day: Moon Obsidian Day (I wish the day to close and the next day to rest) Begins at the end of the year and is a rest day.


The museum of stamps and banknotes is very exquisite and can feel the weight of 100 million yen.

It didn’t cost much, only 156 yuan in total.


Hanmo Qiandian

17-12, Ruosong Town, Hakoshi

JR Letter Mistakes 4 Points

[Month ~ Golden Day] 10: 00 ~ 0: 30 the following day

10:00 ~ 1:30 the following day

350 yen

A shop with a reputation outside the country personally feels that it is not difficult to eat, but it is not delicious enough to be worth running over to eat.


7-3, Ruosong Town, Hakoshi

Letter of disciples 5 points

11: 00 ~ 20: 00

Fixed day off day obsidian

Salt 530 yen

When I went to eat at 5 o’clock, I was closed. When I went in and asked, the boss said with a big smile that although they were driving very late, they were sold out at 3: 30 every day because they were too delicious. Uncle OMG, since it’s all sold out, why do you still open the door, waiting for a rash little sheep like me to come in and ask you why, to show off and change to Su Guoyi? Lack of love

However, it can be sold out so early, which shows that the taste should be quite good.

Han Ya’s Family

8-14, Ruosong Town, Hakoshi

Letter of disciple step 3 points

11: 00 ~ 14: 30, 17: 00 ~ 24: 00

Cooked 1260 yen

The lunch order is the most cost-effective and tastes good.


23-5, Hakoshi Mako Town

JR wrote 20 points for the disciples and 3 points for the disciples in the cross street of the letter city.

7: 00 ~ 23: 00

504 yen

It is also a famous thing in the Hakodate Museum. The tram body is full of advertisements from their home. The taste is not bad. After at least one tired day, I feel very delicious.


Sapporo City Central District South 3 West 2 Ding Mu 7 2F

One point for the water disciples and three points for the Datong disciples! Cuckoo Path 2 Ding Mu

On weekdays, 11: 30 ~ 15: 30, 17: 00 ~ 23: 30

Sun Zhu 11: 30 ~ 22: 00

15 items of land 980 yen

Very delicious soup curry, just can’t afford to queue up for mulberry, remember to go early.

Liu Hua Ting Otaru River Shop

7-22, Sakai Town, Otaru City

South Otaru 615m

9: 00 ~ 18: 00

Snow 250 yen

For very HD shops, you can enjoy free self-service coffee by buying a dessert casually.

City Canteen Tastes

Otaru Mizumi 3-10-6

Otaru 2 points

Summer 7: 00 ~ 16: 00

Winter 8: 00 ~ 15: 00

1500 yen

In the triangle market, just don’t choose crabs (Japanese crab meat is loose and tasteless) and other seafood looks delicious.

Akita Akita 92-81JR Akita New Cape Akita 92-81JR Akita New Cape Akita 92-81JR Akita New Cape Akita 92-81JR Akita New Cape Akita 92-81JR

The dessert house opened by the fruit stall is cheap or cheap, but Buffy is full of cream and ice cream instead of fruit.

Takasaki Mizuki

850 yen

Because the impression is too deep, we must recommend it. It is very delicious, and the box outside can be used as a piggy bank when washed clean.

Eh house

Qunxian My Wife County Caojin Town Dazi Caojin 504-2

840 yen

The shops and streets that I will definitely pass when I go to the West River taste fairly regular and the fried rice cakes are very glutinous.

Shou Dian

Caojin 495-1, Caojin Town, Qunxian County, My Wife County

6: 00 ~ 20: 00

Hot Spring 500 yen

In a sense, it is also a famous store, with 23 bad reviews on TABELOG ( ̄- ̄; ) Famous for soliciting customers, I haven’t reacted to uncle has stuffed a steamed bread and a cup of fried tea in my hand… speed goes against the weather, okay? However, this hot steamed bread, which has just been baked, is very delicious. I chatted with the grandmother in the store and finally bought a bag to make a hand letter for the baby.

In the meantime, it is necessary to

Qunxian My Wife County, Caojin Town, Dazi Caojin 81

On the way to Sakamoto, Katsuhata

10: 00 ~ 17: 00

Fixed off day Wooden Obsidian Day

600 yen

Small fresh CAFE, milk tea is very rich, and a pot of only 600 yen is absolutely the conscience of the industry. There are many books in the store that can be read casually. It is a good place to spend the afternoon.


Kanagawa Prefecture Kamachi Komachi 1-16-15 Kamachi Komachi 3F

There are “Sickle Small Town” 3 on the left hand when Kickle goes out of the small town and enters the small town.

11: 00 ~ 14: 00, 17: 00 ~ 21: 30

The 3rd Wooden Obsidian Day of the Fixed Rest Day

Sickle 1995 yen

I don’t like it, but tempura and cheese tofu are the best delicacies.

A to Z caf é

5-8-3 equbo5F, Nanqingshan, Kyoto Port Area

Beijing’s “Omotesando” Mizumi B1 Exports 3 Points

11: 30 ~ 23: 30

1000 yen

Lunch orders are very famous and are very considerate from 11 o’clock to 16 o’clock. It looks very simple, but this should be the most delicious food to eat now, especially the mountain food. If I can choose, I would rather return the fish and eat all the mountain food.


3-57-6 2F, south of Gao Jiong Temple, Sugiyama District, Kyoto

JR Gao Jiong Temple’s south entrance leaves the house with a straight root. At first, the corner road is folded to the right and the left is the second.

Weekday 13: 30 ~ 22: 30 (L.O 22: 00)

Turi Zhu 12: 00 ~ 22: 30 (L.O 22: 00)

The moon obsidian will rest, wishing the day a close, and the next fire obsidian will rest.

550 yen

It is a fee-paying reading room selling tea and coffee. It is not allowed to talk for a long time in a low voice. It is a good place to read books, much like the bookstore next to Xiamen University.

A pot of 550 yen for the count is a good price, but is this really the count? It is too light to be fraternal with plain boiled water. So all the people who come here are paying for a quiet one.


Kyoto National City 2-2-14

JR National Pupils Score 7

[Month ~ Gold] 11: 30 ~ 14: 30 17: 30 ~ 21: 00

[Turi Zhu] 11: 30 ~ 15: 00 17: 30 ~ 21: 00

Water Obsidian Day

650 yen

It swept away my bad impression of Indian curry and was very delicious.

A total of 2,000 yuan was eaten in 15 days.


The tea shop has Nakamoto’s shop.

Kyoto Chiyoda District has Yoo Town 2-7-1 and Yoo Town B1F

JR Shanshou’s “Youshu Town” Central Mouth Disciple Scores 1 Point

11: 00 ~ 21: 00

Yamada Shizi’s lovely black tea shop, black tea control + iron box control mulberry can’t afford.

Yoshiki Yasumachi

Maruchi 3-8-3, Chiyoda District, Kyoto

Akihito 1-3F

JR Yamashita has the mouth of Mizuko

10:00 ~ 21:00

The so-called largest MUJI in the world is not bad, but it is not as big as expected.

BOOKOFF Akihara Makuhito Store

1-6-4, Kanda Sakucho, Chiyoda District, Kyoto

JR: The center is changed to the right hand of the mouth, and the right hand is suddenly folded. “” I

10: 00 ~ 23: 00

The largest BOOKOFF in Kanto is very enjoyable.

Boat shop

1-6-3 Ship Shop in Honcho, Qianji Shipbuilding City

Entrance and Exit of Beijing Chengchuan

10: 00-20: 00

The largest DAISO in Japan has a total of 7 floors. It’s great to stroll around.

The shopping cost a total of 3075 yuan.

Plus some fragmentary expenses, the trip cost 15,432 yuan. It’s quite well controlled.

2013 Hokkaido Sapporo Fuliano Meiying Dong Ye Deng Bie (III)-Toyako Fireworks

DAY3 Toyako Fireworks

8:47-10:55 Say Goodbye

No matter how nostalgic you are, the journey will continue. In the quiet night in the countryside, I had a sweet sleep. Although I have been traveling a little tired, I don’t feel tired.

Out of the hostel, I saw directly the spire of Meimaniu Primary School in the morning.

To return to Sapporo from Meimaniu, you have to change at Asahikawa Station. Asahikawa is a big station with the famous Asahikawa Zoo. If you bring children, you must go. However, the journey is to move forward in constant trade-offs. Without stopping, we will start again.

11: 00-12: 00 to visit Sapporo Station again,

Back at Sapporo Station, I took advantage of the little time I had lunch and lost again. Discount Gap items in summer are very cheap. In fact, there is no shopping time in what this time. I also said before that except for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals shops, the rest can be lost at the airport. The advantages of this are that there is no need to carry heavy and extra luggage during the trip, and that the New Chitose Airport is also a fun place, so it is recommended to leave half a day for the airport when designing the trip.

In Japan for such a long time, it is rare to encounter bad food. The ingredients are fresh and exquisite, and even without seasonings, they are delicious enough. Therefore, we prefer to follow the nature and do not deliberately pursue famous shops. There are often unexpected surprises between inadvertently.

12:10-14:50 long-distance bus to Toyako

The bus ticket was bought in advance. Even if there is no time to buy in advance, in fact there are not many people on the bus. The Japanese pay attention to work efficiency and prefer to take JR. On the other hand, we did not choose JR but took bus, because we planned to go to the airport directly after boarding from Dongye and didn’t want to return to Sapporo, so heavy luggage was a problem to consider. The long-distance bus time is about the same as JR (about half an hour), and it goes directly to the hotel. If you take JR, besides changing at Nanchitose, Toyako Scenic Area is still some distance from Toyako JR Station. If the hotel does not have shuttlebus to pick up, it can only take the bus by itself. The bus frequency is small and it is troublesome to find it. It is really inconvenient to transfer up and down due to heavy luggage.

Facts have proved that it is really wise to take the long-distance bus. Bus travels through the mountains, because it is a little cloudy and rainy. Through the window, you can see that the mountains are shrouded in mist and have a special interest. Therefore, sometimes, if you pursue speed too much, you will probably lose the leisurely enjoyment of slow time.

Clouds and mist shrouded the mountain top like a fairyland. Bus keeps climbing in such a faint mountain road, and then goes around to the other side of the mountain, occasionally meeting teenagers riding bicycles and Toyako, which appears and disappears in the shuttle.

14:50-15:10 Stay in Toyako Landscape Hotel

The biggest problem for three people to travel is that hotels are difficult to book, especially the one for single people. Toyako has many hotels with foreign-style rooms, and the number of single rooms is small and expensive. I also want my friends to fully understand the harmony tatami, so I finally had to choose the hotel, which is not high-grade. Hotels in Japan, old and new, are clean. Although Fengfeng Hotel has been in existence for some years and its rooms are slightly old, its price is moderate and its cost performance is good. It is better than its enthusiastic service.

The unique “dry landscape” in Japanese garden design embodies the spirit of meditation. The lobby also reflects the comfort of Japanese design everywhere. The room is very large and faces the lake view. Although there are other buildings to block it, it is still very comfortable.

15: 30-17: 00 Cruise Ship to Nakajima

Put down your luggage, make some adjustments, and rushed to the lake to take a tour boat. The hotel is conveniently located and is less than 10 minutes away from the boarding place. The time price of Toyako cruise ship is clear on the homepage (http://www.toyakokisen.com/price/price02.html). You can also board a ship to search for fireworks at night.

The weather was somewhat gloomy, so the photos taken were slightly gloomy. If it is sunny, it will certainly be more sparkling. Of course, imperfect perfection is another kind of beauty. Looking at the hotels on the lakeside from the cruise ship is like a painting, which is not real. Seabirds have also been following cruise ships. Are they guardians or for the food in people’s hands? Will they get tired of enjoying the beautiful scenery every day?

Nakajima, the destination of the tour boat, has natural forests. Because we have to catch the last boat back, we have no way to relax on the island and can only walk around the lake. There are several swans near the lake on the outlying island. This pair of swans in pairs really makes people “only envy” mandarin ducks and “not envy immortals”.

All kinds of flowers and plants are planted on the banks of Toyako Lake, most of which cannot be called by name. They are like summer flowers, blooming and withering, without happiness or sorrow.


18:00-19:00 roomservice dinner

Dinner can be eaten in the room or in the restaurant. Make an appointment with the front desk in advance, and an aunt will prepare dinner before coming back. Japanese cuisine is exquisite, seasonal and delicious. Rice is called “kettle”, which is similar to the practice of cooking rice in Hong Kong. The soup of meat is rich and permeates the glittering and translucent rice grains. It is luxury and satisfaction.

20:45 fireworks

At night, Dong Longjun is also lovingly guarding hand soup. The summer festival is also going on.

Although the splendid fireworks are not as grand as those on the Bund, they are set off every day (fireworks information http://www.laketoya.com/), and there is this splendid moment every day. After the fireworks, everything was calm, a little lonely and a little loving. The feeling given by Japan always touches the heart.

2013 Hokkaido Sapporo Fuliano Meiying Dong Ye Deng Bie (I)-Life Like Summer Flowers

Hokkaido is green and full of summer flowers. The mindful trip to Hokkaido began with the clear sun.

In order to make a perfect journey, I started searching for various strategies three months in advance. In the middle of the night when the child fell asleep, the hard-working Ma Ma was still clicking desperately on the computer, all for a perfect journey. Finally, the sky did not live up to me and gave me an unforgettable trip to Hokkaido summer flowers.

Hokkaido, like Kyoto, is a place to purify the mind. The purpose of this trip is to make the body and mind intoxicated in the sea of flowers and the gentle wind, so the accommodation should be as close to the nature as possible, and the food is mainly Hokkaido famous things. Don’t ask for high school, don’t ask for luxury, only pay attention to connotation. The satisfaction of travel does not lie in the high-end given by money, nor is it just a poor trip, but in unplanned surprises and meaningful luxury.


I mainly refer to two articles, which are very detailed.

Http://www.yododo.com/blog/userBlogs.ydd? Mid=01367DD91483375BFF8080813679BB4F



Most of the travel notes have travel tickets (or just search). Hokkaido JR’s homepage has a Chinese version, which can be checked by itself. With specific information on the train number, the time can be fully arranged. Of course, we still have to buy our own tickets according to our own itinerary. If you spend most of your time in Daoyang, use Fuliano Miying’s travel ticket. If you want to go to other places, it is recommended to use JR5 day coupon or 7 day coupon. It also shows the train time. Trams in Japan are generally not delayed unless there are extremely special reasons (such as earthquakes, such as suicide?:). Hokkaido, after all, is not as prosperous and convenient as Tokyo, and the number of trams is not so frequent. Fuliano basically runs every hour, so checking the time information in advance can better save the play time.


Because Hokkaido is sparsely populated, especially Fuliano Meiying’s scenic spots are not all near JR Station, Twinklebus is a good half-day tour choice. There is a tour guide, there is shuttlebus, easy to play. Some people say that some scenic spots can only be viewed by car windows, which is boring. But there is no such perfect thing. Focus on choosing what you like to watch and go to it specially. Domestic driver’s license cannot be rented in Japan, which requires special procedures and is very troublesome. And even if it is hard to find a parking place when driving in the flower season, let’s not destroy Hokkaido’s natural beauty.



All major domestic travel websites can be booked, while Japanese websites are more affordable and have Chinese versions. In fact, the official website of each hotel is the cheapest. It is suggested that Google will often have a more favorable price on the official website after looking at the hotel to be stayed on the following website (of course, it will be more convenient to book on the official website if you know Japanese).




There are a few days of non-travel arrangements in between. The one in front of Day0 is another play. Remove 2 days of departure and return and enjoy 4 days. For your reference, the cost and arrangement of a single person:

* In addition to the voucher fee:

1 Fuliano Meiying’s 4-day tour ticket: 5400yen (the red part is fully included, and red is only a reference for children’s shoes that do not buy tour tickets)

2 Airport to Sapporo: 1040yen (JR Express Airport)

3 White Lover: 600yen + 400bus (because I stayed in Sapporo for a long time, I bought Sapporo discount coupon)

Round trip air ticket: 4500CNY (Nagoya transit)

Home picked up: 300yen

6 Wind Garden: 500yen

Ready, let’s enter Hokkaido together! !

DAY0 First Eye Hokkaido

Arrive at Nagoya Central Airport from 8: 40 to 12: 05.

Nagoya Airport is the first time to visit and is as lively as a department store. The cold at the domestic airport is in sharp contrast to the laughter here. Japan is very clean. Children can sit on the floor at will. It is really pitiful to think about the children in China surrounded by smog.

Lunch starts with Nagoya Weizeng Lamian Noodles. Lamian Noodles has many characteristics all over Japan. The soup is fresh, gluten and chewy, but of course the amount is not large. And handsome Lamian Noodles is the highlight.

It is certainly not convenient to pull luggage around, but there are still 4 hours to go before the connecting flight at 16 o’clock. Looking around, I didn’t find any place to check my luggage. Seeing that there were not many passengers in front of the check-in counter, I explained the situation to the check-in waiter with the mentality of trying. I didn’t expect to check in for me very readily. I don’t know whether there is no time limit for checking in domestic flights in Japan or whether the service spirit is perfect, but it does solve my problem. It feels great to move around lightly.

The airport viewing platform, which often appears in TV plays and looks at the plane going away, is the same at Narita Airport.

Eat another piece of “Buer Family” candy, like the “White Rabbit” when I was a child, which is mellow and sweet. After the security check, an amusement park for small basin friends was set up in the waiting hall, and humanized design can be seen everywhere in Japan. Not for profit, just to make tourists feel better at home.

16:35-18:20 JL Domestic Line

From Nagoya to Sapporo, only 40% of the passengers on the plane started on time and arrived on time. In this way, the earth of Shishengchuan is under my feet. The sky is a little overcast, but it can’t block the green. How long has it been since I saw a large area of thick green trees?

After taking out your luggage and going through customs, go straight to the right and take the elevator to B1. The “Foreign Tourists Service” counter can be found in the JR Sightseeing Case of B1, with Chinese service. You can also get some Hokkaido Road Travel Information Manual (with discount) and JR timetable. Of course, if you don’t have time, you can take JR Express Airport to Sapporo Station and then take it. After dinner in the underground catering street of Sapporo Station, stay at Sapporo Poplar Hotel (www.aspen-hotel.co.jp). The hotel is 3 minutes away from the north entrance of Sapporo Station, which is especially convenient.

Every restaurant in Japan is very clean and sanitary, and the taste is almost the same, at least there will not be any particularly bad shops. Therefore, it is completely unnecessary to find famous shops with unfamiliar routes for dinner after solving fatigue, just look at the ShoppingWindow under the station.

* If you fly directly from Shanghai to Sapporo, you can put down your luggage and stroll around Sapporo. It is a good choice to go to raccoon trail or Otaru at night. In addition to cosmetics recommendation raccoon trail drug store, discount season clothing recommendation airport outlet or Sapporo department store, gifts can be solved in the airport.

Because there is a short period of time during the non-travel period, raccoon dog path, Otaru, white lover and Sapporo University all take time to go, and another detailed introduction will be given separately.

DAY1 Meets Summer Flowers for the First Time–Twinklebus Tour


I got up a little late in the morning and was in a panic. Checkout was carrying his luggage and caught Lavender Express 3http://www.jrhokkaido.co.jp/travel/furano_sum2013/train.html in a hurry (lavender express 3http://www.jrhokkaido.co.jp/travel/furano_sum2013/train.html, there is also the time for small trains). This express train to Fuliano, which only runs during the lavender season, has a lavender body and does not need to change.

However, if you want to go to Fuliano at ordinary times, you need to take super kamui to Takagawa and then change to a normal train. Therefore, being able to get on the train unique to lavender season from the beginning of the journey indicates that the journey is full of luck. Japan’s express trains all have designated seats and free seats, and there is an additional fee for the designated seats. While the free seats are queuing up to get on the bus, they can only stand without seats. Travel tickets can be reserved in advance, and there is no time in a hurry. Fortunately, in fact, in early August, I had already passed the flower appreciation boom and had seats all the way.

Fuliano is a small station, which is so crowded only in the flower season, while in this “off season” after the flower season, it is so quiet and safe.

After leaving the station, go to the right for 5 minutes and go to the Sumiren Hotel (http://www4.plala.or.jp/furano-sumire/). Put down your luggage. Homestay is a bit old and should have a long history. The dripping bamboo bowls and flowers at the door are full of life interest and vitality in Ran Ran. The owner of the hotel is a cat lover and there are cat-related items everywhere. Several cats have lived with their owners for more than 10 years, and one is the real owner here as long as he wears diapers. Homestay is certainly no better than hotel, but you can make it your home. This is Japanese life. There is also a “big” supermarket opposite the hotel. In this peaceful and quiet town, it is very rare to have such a supermarket, but of course the supermarket closes very early.

11:50-16:30 Twinklebus Lavender

There is too much time to go to Furano-marche. In fact, it is only a ten-minute walk from the hostel. So I put my luggage away and went straight back to the station to take Twinklebus. Tickets are booked in advance. Tickets can be bought at the ticketing windows of JR Hokkaido stations, Twinkle Plaza in the tourist center or travel agencies. JR tickets (including travel tickets) are required when buying tickets. If you can’t buy tickets in advance, you can only try your luck on the day of the bus to see if there are still seats left.

Below is the sign of Fuliano on the way from the station to the hotel.

11: 50-12: 20 to pick up the house

Twinklebus does not have a Chinese tour guide as mentioned in the strategy. The beautiful GuideGirl simply counts which country the tourists come from, and then introduces the whole process in Japanese.

The first stop is “The Home Picked Up”, which is the main scene of the final “Last Words” of the series “From the North” which began to be broadcast in 1981. The “From the North” describes the family growth story of Goro, the master who returned to his hometown Hokkaido from the big city Tokyo and lived in nature. The home picked up was a house built by Wulang for his lover Yukiko with the waste materials picked up, such as the bay window of the ski resort cable car and the front of the bus.

The design drawings and the rain and sunshine at the door.

12:40-Luxiang Outlook Station

From Wulang’s home to Luxiang Prospect Terrace, the car climbed all the way. Hokkaido is hilly. Between ups and downs, golden crops enjoy sunshine in luxury. From time to time, they will jump out of a straight young tree, as if watching this mysterious land.

Luxiang Prospect Terrace is the first place to see summer flowers during Hokkaido’s trip. Even a small sea of flowers on a small hillside is enough to make people excited. Here you can overlook the whole scenery of the foot area, one of the 100 scenic spots in Japan’s rural areas, and it is also an excellent place to enjoy the night sky. Only in such a place is it closest to the sky.


The roadside of the mountain path not far from Luxiang Prospect Terrace is Fuliano Jam Garden and Bread Superman Store. The jam in the jam garden can be tasted and is very delicious. There is also a short meal, Restaurant, which can solve lunch.

Bread Superman is, of course, children’s favorite. There are all kinds of bread Superman related products and toy foods.

14: 10-15: 00 Fuliano Cheese Workshop

Visit the cheese making process and taste various flavors of cheese. Japanese food has always been delicious. However, it is a pity that I was unable to experience the fun of production in person, because it took 40 minutes and Bustour tourists had no time.

I couldn’t experience the production process, so I had to satisfy my appetite with Fuliano milk and delicious ice cream.

15: 00-16: 50 Wind Garden

Twinklebus’s last stop is the garden of the wind. You can choose to move freely here. If you follow the car back, the time is a little tight.

The Garden of the Wind is the place where Satoshi Kuramoto’s Japanese drama “was filmed.” It is located next to the New Prince Hotel. Some introductions can be found on the official website of the New Prince Hotel. This area is planned in the form of a resort. There are not only hotels, but also “ningle terrace”, which can shop in the forest, “garden of wind”, which can enjoy a hundred flowers, “cable car”, “golf course” which can swing freely, and “purple soup” which can relieve fatigue. Therefore, Hokkaido is a place worth visiting several times in a lifetime. There are too many places to play and see. Foreigners’ free cable car ride with their passports has ended, and the arrangement for the departure was ruined. Finally, they only visited the fairy of the forest and the garden of the wind.

Each hut in the forest spirit is an independent handicraft workshop, selling wind chimes, wood products and other lovely items.

The last place to reach along the cork road is Mori Time Cafe. To have such a lazy life is probably a dream that I can’t realize in my life and can only look up to.

You can take shuttlebus free of charge with tickets to the wind garden, or walk for more than ten minutes to the entrance. This photo at the door is a bit retro. I don’t even know I took it in how. The garden is at the innermost end of the path.

It may be that the flowering period has passed a little and it is not amazing to be in full bloom, but the colorful flowers that bloom quietly in peace have never become brilliant and are so pitiful. No one can say for sure how many kinds of flowers there are. If you have plenty of time, you can enjoy flowers at night.

Dragonflies, butterflies and bees stop on flowers. No one can resist such beauty.

16:52-17:10 Return to Homestay

For these flowers, instead of returning with Twinklebus, I chose to take the last bus of Furano-bus Lavender (http://www.cbnet.co.jp/furanobus/lavender.html) at the gate of princehotel in New Fuliano. How extreme do the Japanese want lavender? The fare is 250 yen. If you can’t make it, the hotel lobby can be called Taxi, about 1700yen10 minutes.

18:00-20:00 BBQ

I bought tomorrow’s breakfast and some snacks at the supermarket opposite the hostel. Hokkaido’s melon and peaches are very famous and expensive. However, this melon in the supermarket only needs 1999yen, so I really don’t want to buy it. I’m sorry for it. Sweet juice refreshed the heart and lungs.

Fuliano’s life will end at 5 pm and the road will be completely quiet. Silent night is more suitable for lying on tatami in large characters, staring at the moon and night sky, and listening to the words of stars.

Hokkaido has developed animal husbandry and is the only place in Japan where mutton can be eaten. The mutton here is called Genghis Khan. As a result, I just wandered on the road where there was no crowded people. Except for a drug makeup and several small restaurants, most of the houses were closed. It seems to have entered a simple country life. Walking around, I stopped at the gate of a barbecue shop called “Mangoo”, probably attracted by its fragrance. When the curtain was uncovered, the guests were all local residents. There is no noise from the floating population.


With white rice, it is perfect. Holding a full belly, I went back to the hostel to have a good sleep and looked forward to tomorrow’s Futian Farm.

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