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Month: December 2018

Take the slow train to Chiang Mai 12.01. 23-12.01. 24 Bangkok-> Shanghai

It was said that I arrived in Bangkok at 7: 00 a.m., but I had already had an experience and knew that I had to postpone it to at least 9: 00 a.m., but watching everyone else get up actively to tidy up my bags, I had to follow. While the conductor was helping me make my bed, a blonde girl on the other side suddenly said to me in Chinese that you could sit next to me while he was making. So I met HELEN, a New Yorker who has studied Chinese for 3 years. He has a very elegant Chinese name named Yahan, who is the same age as me. HELEN also traveled alone like me, but she was much better than me. After leaving Chiang Mai, she would go to Hua Xin and Su Mei, and then take her parents to visit China in February. When it comes to travel, my chatterboxes opened and we exchanged a lot of travel information. We didn’t say goodbye until the train stopped at Bangkok Station 2 hours late. One can always encounter such encounters on one’s travel. And compare heart to heart, Every time I take it for granted, The girls who travel alone are all good girls. XD, considering that there is no place to take a bath to take the plane back to Shanghai at 3 a.m. tomorrow, So I spent 20B washing at the railway station. This was definitely a very thrilling experience. I wouldn’t say it without hot water. The bathroom was full of small flying insects and climbed a wall all over the floor. After washing, my scalp was numb.

Breakfast was settled at the porridge shop at the gate. Although the rice in Thailand is very good, the ingredients used to cook porridge in it are too bad. I miss Guangdong porridge crazily while eating… (saliva)

I made a mistake here, First, I took a large luggage case and a sleeping bag (this was originally intended for use in the air-conditioned sleeper because it was said to be very cold, and as a result…) to the newly opened TERMINAL 21 (also the junction of MRT and BTS, which is very convenient). As a result, I found that there was no luggage storage at all, so after a casual stroll, I returned to the lively SIAM without creativity. In the future, everyone with luggage should check their luggage. Don’t be foolish and store it at the airport (100B) or the railway station (70B). Just store it directly at SIAM PARAGON, next to the supermarket on the ground floor. Because the terrain of PARAGON is very complicated, it is recommended to ask INFO or the security guard. They will know what you want as soon as they see the large luggage you are carrying.

After sending the bag, he rushed to DISCOVERY for lunch. The reason why he chose this place was because the environment was so good that he had nothing to say and there was no one, unlike PARAGON, which was crowded with people.

Because I wanted to eat western food, I finally found one in 7L, which also offered 700B afternoon tea, but I forgot it by myself…….

Ordered a very cost-effective LUNCH SET, only 250B, sour, hot and spicy soup.

Chicken chops are fried with vegetables. They are a little oily and the others are very good.

The bitter chocolate Mu Si has endless aftertaste.

This is a single-point tempura 180B (don’t ask me why I suddenly want to eat tempura…). It is poured with mustard sauce and tastes subtle = =

Although I knew from the beginning that I had to pay a 10% tip, the more cheating thing is that I still need to pay another 7% consumption tax. This is the first time I have seen in Thailand that the consumption tax is not included in the price tag, and I always feel that I have been cheated. In addition, although this family provides FREE WIFI, I have not been connected to a foreigner for a long time. The foreigner still keeps looking at my cell phone, probably thinking that I have used up all his signals. I am wrong, God. The afternoon was spent in ASIA BOOKS in PARAGON. There was a large Chinese book counter in it. No one was rushing anyway. I stood there and read all the books I was interested in. This year’s plan was originally to read 100 books, but the target of 1/10 was completed in one afternoon (hello

Last meal, on the ground floor of PARAGON, the big food generation (?) I bought matcha milk and pudding, which claimed to be Hokkaido. It tasted good, but it was definitely not matcha. I cheated money… I knew the taste of bananas.

The 150B curry udon was not as delicious as Shanghai’s T-T. Later, a large spoon of chili powder was added to it, which was finally enough.

After that, I didn’t have anything to say. I went back to the airport and waited for CHECK-IN from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock. Because of the Spring Festival, all flights were full at night, so I couldn’t sleep in the waiting hall. Finally, I put in three pieces of soap, a bottle of essential oil and a pair of incense blindfold in a trance state, which cost 800B in total. When I got on the plane, I put on my blindfold and slept. I was woken up halfway and ate a bad machine meal. I continued to sleep. I slept all the way back to Shanghai at 7 o’clock in the morning. I originally wanted to go directly to the company to work overtime to earn 3 times the overtime pay. After getting on the subway, I looked at the face of my hair through the glass window and gave up.

The whole journey lasted for 6 days and 8 nights, including all the expenses. It cost 5100 yuan. I ate and drank well all the way. I bought what I wanted to buy. I didn’t choose a cheap inn to save money. The only thing that was stingy was the transportation expenses. Two red-eye flights and two night trains made me sleep at home for a day and didn’t recover. Generally speaking, I had a good time. However, I can’t run to Japan and Thailand without any trouble, although these two places are always missed as soon as I leave. This year, we must rush out of Asia and go to the world (clench fist)

February 2012 Bangkok Pattaya Elephant Island Self-help Tour Strategy

February 2012 Bangkok Pattaya Elephant Island Self-help Tour Strategy

Thailand has always been a country I want to go to. The reason is actually very simple. I want to realize my dream of traveling abroad, but the economy is not very comfortable, so I chose Thailand. I have always wanted to take my wife on a honeymoon trip abroad. I struggled hard between following the group or helping myself years ago. Finally, I chose Xiangdao Self-help Tour under the strong recommendation of my travel agency friends. Before leaving, I also made some preparations. Thank you very much for the information provided by You Duoduo. Many travelers have given me great help, who seldom travels. Therefore, although I am lazy, I still hope to share my journey with everyone (my wife can hardly believe I can really write it). Overall, I feel that this trip is very worthwhile, especially for young travelers. Self-help tour is always my only choice and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Our trip is Bangkok-Elephant Island-Pattaya-Bangkok. First of all, let’s talk about some preparatory work, some of which are already in other strategies. After my verification, I can almost believe it.

1. Exchange of Thai Baht: I checked on the Internet that Thai Baht can be exchanged in China at the Bank of China (this is a foreign exchange bank, the others do not seem to be), but it is almost difficult to exchange Thai Baht when I really exchange it. This is my first trip, and the Thai baht is still not available before I go out. I can imagine my anxious mood. I couldn’t take my family’s only $100 with me and exchanged it for another $300 (I heard that the $100 can be spent directly there). It is said that Chengdu Bank Gold Card can take Thai baht in Thailand and is free of handling fees. It happens that there is a Chengdu Bank Gold Card in my family, so I have deposited more than 10,000 yuan in this card. Just in case, I brought another credit card from China Construction Bank (isn’t it too careful, hey hey). As it turned out, In fact, as long as you bring a gold card, what can handle it, There is no handling fee, The exchange rate is very satisfactory, Most of the exchange rates I checked before were at 1: Within 4.6, some tour guides even reached 1: 4.3. I went back to Chengdu this afternoon to check my withdrawal exchange rate, which was above 1: 4.8, with an average of 1: 4.86. According to friends, sometimes it could even reach 1: 5. The most important thing is that Thailand’s ATMs are just like fly restaurants in China. They are everywhere. No matter which scenic spot you are in, withdrawal is too convenient and can be done within 5 minutes’ walk.

2. Language: At first, I was also worried about the lack of language, because it has been ten years since I graduated from college. Although I passed the English proficiency test, I am afraid there will not be more than 10 words I can remember except numbers. However, people really have potential and believe in themselves. Thailand’s degree of internationalization is quite good. Most people can say a few words. Not really, English plus body language, your meaning can be understood by the other party. In addition, Thais are really hospitable and enthusiastic, so you don’t have to worry about language and traffic.

3. Strategy Preparation: Most people who are going to travel start preparing strategies long in advance and have been hoping to check more information until they leave. But to tell the truth, my feeling is that the strategy does not need to be too detailed, as long as you know your destination and transportation route, and the rest can be adjusted at random. Most public facilities in Thailand have English names, which the Chinese can understand. In fact, they enjoy exploring all the way.

Let’s begin my pleasant journey.

On the afternoon of January and February 3, I took Thai Airlines flight TG619 at 15:00. The Internet said that I would arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance. Because I was still working in the company in the morning, I started from the office almost at 1 o’clock. I quickly asked my friends to take us to the airport and arrived at the airport almost at 2 o’clock. However, the airport formalities were handled smoothly, and there were few people at the border and security checks of the entire customs. They were on demand and arrived at the boarding gate in 10 minutes. My understanding is that the online statement that 3 hours in advance is for peak seasons such as holidays, and 1.5 hours in advance for off-season is enough.

2. Thai Airlines flights may be delayed than domestic flights. We took off at 3 pm, but we didn’t take off until 4 pm. The whole trip went smoothly. After 3 hours at Bangkok Airport, car ferry was sent to the lobby. Don’t delay too much time through the aisle, because Thailand’s customs work efficiency is very low, and there will be a long queue for each flight. It should be noted here that there are border inspection channels for Thais and foreigners respectively through the customs. We are already foreigners to Thais, so we have to be in the queue with foreign control.

3. Accommodation in Bangkok: Since it takes almost 5 hours by car from Bangkok to Elephant Island, unless it is in the morning to Bangkok, if it is in the afternoon to Bangkok, it is recommended to stay in Bangkok for one night. Bangkok’s main scenic spots are the Meilan River. The Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple, Zheng Wang Temple and other scenic spots are all beside the Meilan River, so it is best to stay on the Meilan River. When I arrived, I stayed in The Royal CityHotel, and when I came back, I stayed in The Royal River Hotel. Both of these are relatively old hotels. The latter has better conditions, especially the river view room, which is worth recommending. The prices of different rooms in this hotel vary greatly, so it should be clear when booking.

Southbound Red Star over China 19

Stay away from the main road and trek in the remote and remote Ethan area to explore–LP, a rare solar connection phenomenon in Angkor-era temples.

The next morning, just after breakfast, I was in a hurry to ask the wife of shop-owner the way there. Wife of shop-owner vaguely said that she didn’t need to take a bus to Khorrat, but went to another place (I can’t remember clearly), where she could take a bus to Panonan. As a result, when she asked at the station, the conductor suggested that I go to Khorrat first. Then I changed to Panonan, so I followed their advice.

As soon as I got out of the station, I just saw a bus leaving for Khorrat, so I stopped it quickly and broke into the bus. The seat was surrounded by strange Thais, especially a Thais sitting next to him, with tattoos on his face and looking fierce, but don’t be nervous-although he was in a foreign country, although the people around him were not of the same nationality as me, the friendly and gentle eyes of the Thais created a friendly atmosphere, and I didn’t feel stiff in it. Along the way, I enjoyed the picturesque scenery on both sides of the road. Nissan “Isuzu” trucks roared past the window. In the distance, industrious people are working in the fields under the scorching sun, a classic pastoral scenery-although the weather is hot, people are well dressed, which is actually the best way to protect themselves from the sun. More than an hour later, the car finally arrived at Khorat City, an industrial city in Thailand and a city where tourism gave way to life. There are still several distinctive buildings on both sides of the busy streets.

Soon, arrive at the station. Immediately, many people came to ask me where I was going. I said I was going to Panonan. Immediately, someone took me to the ticket window. The conductor told me that it was very troublesome to get there. There was no direct bus, only to go to a small town called “Ban-ta-ko” and then change buses from there. However, I learned very early that it was difficult to go there, which I made psychological preparations very early. After buying the tickets, I just walked around the station casually. The bustling station was quite large and lively. There were many buses sent out every day. It was 260 kilometers away from Bangkok. The buses to Bangkok were available 24 hours a day, at any time, and there were more than 100 trips a day. Small business vendors peddle all kinds of fast food everywhere.

The bus to the south of Panon left at eleven o’clock at noon. After getting on the bus, I was very sleepy, so I took a nap in a daze. When I woke up, the bus had already left Khorrat. From time to time, one or two shops dealing in various handicrafts and pottery flashed across the road. The passengers next to me changed one after another, with students and farmers. No matter which one, they were very friendly. And their occasional greetings added a little vitality to the boring journey, making people aftertaste. From time to time, passengers alighted from the bus on the way. They always walked to the driver with the map and asked if they had arrived. The driver reassured me that he would definitely call me when he arrived at the destination.

After a long journey of more than three hours, the bus finally arrived at the small town called “Ban-ta-ko”.

After getting off the bus, many people came over and asked if they would go to the Temple of Panon Blue. I said yes, the cost was 400B back and forth. But at that time, I wanted to stay there for one night, so I asked them how much money they would not get back. Perhaps due to communication problems, they were unwilling to make a counter-offer, and then I did not intend to stay there.

When I got on the motorcycle, I put my luggage on the bus, stayed away from the noisy road and turned onto the path. Rows of tall Arenga pinnata trees stood beside the paddy fields in the fields, which was a good pastoral scenery.

After more than half an hour’s motorcycle ride, I turned onto a winding mountain road and finally climbed to the top of the mountain. Only then did I reach the Temple of Panonan.

The carefully renovated Panonan Temple is located in Thailand’s Wulinan Prefecture, just above the top of an extinct volcano. This used to be the territory of the Khmer Angkor Empire. Angkor’s kings built many Khmer-style temples here. Panonan Temple is the largest and best preserved Khmer-style site in Thailand.

The driver parked his car in the parking lot and asked me to visit. He agreed to wait for me.

Up the steps, there are shops specializing in tourist souvenirs along the road.

Further inside, it is the gate, ticket 200B, entering the gate, first a piece of green full of green.

Forward, finally saw the ruins. Sanitation workers are carefully cleaning the ruins nearby.

Further forward, I finally saw a walking passage paved with red clay and granite. The grass was growing in the gap between the paved rocks. On the passage, the edges and corners of the stones had been blurred and had gone through many vicissitudes. On both sides are stone pillars with lotus flowers and buds, typical of Khmer style.

At the end of the passage is a python guardrail. Of course, there are several python guardrails along the steps. At the end of the passage is the first and largest python.

Go to the end of the passage and climb up the steps. The two sides of the steps are surrounded by 16 Khmer-style pythons with 5 heads.

Further up, it is the main temple of the temple.

The central temple of the main temple, typical of Khmer style. Its cross section is cross-shaped and there is a cross-shaped spire. There is a long corridor around it, and each corridor has an entrance. In front of the temple is an artificial stone pool, in which lotus leaves and water lilies float, which is a kind of beauty beyond the world and customs.

The stone lintel above the entrance of the temple is really beautifully carved.

As the temple was under repair and could not be entered, it went round and round around the temple. Only then did we find that the whole temple was exquisitely carved, no matter the front door or the back door, no matter the entrance or the surroundings. The stone pillars on the wall and the stone piers under the corner are all works of art. I can’t help admiring the exquisite carving skills of ancient skillful craftsmen.

The carvings are all stories of ancient Hindu Buddhism and Hinduism. For example, the Hindu God Vishnu appeared in the world as a divine cow, and the wars between the tribes of God and other stories.

There were fifteen entrances to the whole temple, It is said that at a specific time of year-the first week of March and September, there will be a unique solar connection phenomenon in the world-the sunlight will shine on the 15 entrances of the main temple at the same time, forming this rare solar connection phenomenon-of course, this rare phenomenon has no chance for most people, and I am no exception, unfortunately.

The stone cone tower at the top of the temple looks lofty and straight under the afternoon sun, especially majestic.

The great Temple of Panonan is an outstanding representative of the heyday of Angkor’s artistic achievements, like a bright pearl inlaid on the Thai-Cambodian border.

Go around to the back of the temple, where trees are shaded and the environment is elegant. The endless Great Plain at the foot of the mountain extends as far as the Thai-Cambodian border. Looking far into the distance, I feel relaxed and happy.

After a short rest in the shade, I felt that I had stayed in the temple for a long time. It was almost five o’clock, and I had stayed in the temple for a long time. So I decided to go home and walk out of the gate. I saw that the motorcycle driver was waiting patiently. I was not in a hurry. I was used to it. It seems that the tourists who come here to admire the ruins are not just taking a cursory look.

Thailand is not just a transvestite.

Thailand is the place where Chinese people are most willing to travel. Apart from its low travel cost and less restrictions on entry visas, Thailand also has its famous porn industry.

When many Chinese who have been to Thailand talk about the experience of Thailand’s tourism, they all exaggerate Thailand’s transvestites, pornographic performances and tour guide services, which greatly reduces the impression of many people who have been and have not been to Thailand. The reason for this impression is closely related to the quality and itinerary of tour guides and the demands of tourists themselves. Of course, there are also some discriminatory psychology. In a word, I think it is caused by the lack of understanding of Thailand by the Chinese.

Due to my working relationship, I went to Thailand on many business trips alone and had a very good impression of Thailand. Thais are friendly, gentle and polite. They also have delicious and cheap Thai food. Apart from the famous durian and grapefruit, there are also many rare tropical fruits in China. In addition, Ms. Jia, director of the representative office of Thailand’s Ministry of Trade in Australia, is still a good friend of mine.

Before the Asian financial crisis broke out at the end of last century, Thailand was one of the four little dragons with rapid economic development in Asia. In recent years, Thailand’s development today would have been difficult to speculate if it had not been for the political turmoil and frequent regime changes in Thailand due to the old age of the Thai king and his inability to intervene in state affairs.

Just before the Asian financial crisis, Thailand’s new rural construction has been completed. Farmers’ families have fully popularized cars and housing. The level of rural infrastructure and the living standards of farmers are precisely what the Chinese government is vigorously promoting and the vast number of farmers’ friends are longing for. It may take another ten years to reach. This is still a relatively optimistic estimate.

When I first went to Bangkok, I was very disgusted with the elevated roads running through the city, but now many big cities such as Shanghai and Wuhan have not followed suit and built elevated roads. Many five-star hotels in China now existed in Thailand 20 years ago, and the service quality of the same hotels is qualitatively different. The buffet at Bangkok Shangri-La Hotel is at least ten times cheaper than that in Beijing, and the dining environment and variety are no less than those in Beijing.

Bangkok is recognized as an international city in the world, but which city in China can be called an international city in the true sense. The world’s famous political and economic organizations have dispatched offices in Thailand, including the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union, the African Union, ASEAN, etc. Does China have any? Even if there is at best one office.

Thailand, the world’s most economically developed country, is also in the forefront. There are countless international conferences held in Thailand every year, which is a very important component of Thailand’s economic income. Shanghai, China, can only match in this respect.

The whole Thai people believe in Buddhism. If you go to any Thai home, whether in the courtyard or in the room, there are many things related to Buddhism. Because of this, Thais are more gentle in character. Most buses in Thailand do not have air conditioning, but who has seen Thais quarrelling over seats on buses? The heat in Thailand is also very uncomfortable. In contrast, in China, so-called several stove cities, quarrels on buses are common, and everyone in the country blames the hot weather.

In terms of tourism industry, Thailand is also one of the countries with the most developed tourism industry in the world. Compared with Thailand, China’s tourism industry has a huge gap. The main reason why people have great opinions on Thailand tour is that they are at home. It would be unfair to offend Thailand for all.

Completely different from the Chinese response to Thailand’s tourism, Thailand is the most willing place for Western tourists to go on vacation. There are some objective factors in this. For example, during the Vietnam War, Thailand was a rest place for U.S. Soldiers. Therefore, Americans especially like Thailand. More importantly, Thailand’s service industry is very international.

On a business trip to Bangkok, the scheduled afternoon meeting with Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology was temporarily changed to next Monday, which suddenly gave me an extra weekend in Thailand. The embassy comrades suggested that I take advantage of this weekend to visit other places. After contacting the travel agency, I decided to go to Chiang Mai. On the one hand, I have been to Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand. On the other hand, Chiang Mai has the largest number of tourists in Thailand every year, especially for long-term vacations. In addition, Teresa Teng died in Chiang Mai. I want to see if Chiang Mai is unique in what.

It only took one hour from signing the payment in the hotel lobby to boarding the bus to the airport. Including * * air tickets and hotel check-out, are all done by travel agencies. The considerate and convenient service makes me feel unreal.

After getting off the plane from Chiang Mai, a tall and handsome Chinese boy was waiting for me at the exit with a pick-up card. I instinctively greeted him in Chinese. He smiled apologetically and said that he could not speak Chinese. He asked me to call him JOHN, which was translated into John in China. He was my driver and guide that afternoon.

Travel agencies in Thailand have designed various travel packages to facilitate the different needs of tourists. For example, a few tours a day, a few tours a day, a few tours a day, a few tours a day… Tourists of scenic spots during several tours can freely choose from the menu provided by travel agencies, which is flexible and convenient. Tour guides are also changed at any time.

Taking the tourist spots I chose as an example, I chose Chiang Mai for a one-and-a-half day tour, including Miao Village (see poppy cultivation), Shuanglong Temple and Flower Garden. I flew at 1: 00 noon, and it seemed to be more than 2: 00 when I arrived in Chiang Mai. The first stop from the airport was to go to Miao Village. Because Shuanglong Temple is the most famous tourist destination in Chiang Mai and has a long stay, the tour guide suggested me to go the next morning.

On the way, JOHN said that we would pick up the other two tourists first and then go to Miao Village together.

The car that takes us on the tour needs special explanation. This car is a bit like a three-wheeled motorcycle in China. The back body is on a bench on each side of the car. It can accommodate up to 6 people, usually 4 people. The speed of this kind of car cannot exceed 50 kilometers, considering safety factors. At first, I didn’t understand why Thailand used this low-grade motorcycle as a tourist bus, but later I found it was too good. Convenient and flexible, many remote scenic spots have to rely on such cars.

After receiving the two female tourists, we went to Miao Village together. After visiting Miao Village and getting on the bus again, I found that the tourist who went to the next scenic spot with me this time was another Taiwanese. Like me, he arrived in Chiang Mai only because the meeting was rescheduled. Fortunately for me, he could stay one more day and visit Chiang Rai in the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is a government-controlled area. Travel agencies with special licenses can organize tourists to go there and have to go through some complicated procedures. It takes nearly 8 hours to drive from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai in the Golden Triangle, because I only have two days, so I can’t go.

I asked JOHN why the two tourists didn’t get on the bus just now. He said that the two tourists thought it was very interesting and wanted to wait for the next bus before leaving. Later, I learned a little that travel agencies in Thailand have tour buses of different sizes, shuttling between various scenic spots. You can catch the travel agencies’ buses at any time. It is very convenient, a bit like HOP HIP in western countries. I even think it is more convenient than that because it is small and more flexible.

I also admire the integrity of Thai travel agencies. The Taiwanese mentioned earlier, because he was the only one who applied to the Golden Triangle, the travel agency still drove him. According to Thai law, two people must go, one driving and the other being a tour guide. If this were in China, it would definitely be cancelled.

The short one-and-a-half day tour to Chiang Mai gave me a preliminary understanding of Thailand’s tourism industry. When talking about Thailand’s tourism industry with Mr. Fu Xuezhang, then China’s ambassador to Thailand, Ambassador Fu agreed with me very much. At that time, we were also preparing to organize domestic tourism management agencies to study and train in Thailand.

Many of our Chinese who have traveled to Thailand always think that Thailand seems to have only transvestites or porn industry, which is very one-sided. Perhaps the domestic organizing units have only arranged these tourist routes.

Another thing that needs everyone’s attention is that local tour guides who travel abroad are especially willing to talk nonsense, telling vulgar so-called local jokes, and doing all they can to make people laugh. These local tour guides, frankly speaking, are mostly gangsters and of extremely low quality, which also greatly reduces the quality of many outbound tours.

When people complain about the large number of travel traps, they should consider such a prerequisite. You may be taking part in outbound tours by domestic travel agencies, while overseas reception agencies are also contacted by domestic travel agencies. It turned out to be zero tour fees. How much is it now? As long as what’s affairs are done by compatriots, first of all, we should have a good mentality. Second, we should not expect too much. Third, we are still staying on the tour, not to mention the tour. Isn’t everyone very concerned about how many countries and scenic spots we have visited?

It is suggested that when you travel to Thailand, you’d better find a local travel agency, and those who speak English or Thai are the best. The Chinese language is good. Most of them go to China. There is absolutely no guarantee of this quality. This is not prejudice but a fact.

Lotus, and smile-for the night, for beauty

The morning in Chiang Mai is quiet, while the weekend night in Chiang Mai is a joyous feast.

The east-west Sunday Street has been surging since the afternoon. Snacks, clothing and handicrafts are the same as the Wu Shan night market in Hangzhou. The three of us bought some snacks and tasted them. One of the coconut rice balls was the most delicious and moderately sweet. Some of them can’t be seen as made in what. The materials should be all made of famous Thai rice, fruits and herbs.

Crafts include colored lights, folding fans, sarong and essential oil, but essential oil can be purchased in a specialty store called BASIC HERB. The shelves and countertops there are filled with essential oils and related aromatic products, such as lily, lavender, rose and plumeria. The aroma types include flower aroma, fruit aroma, aucklandia root and grass aroma. Essential oil, sachets, soap and lipstick in small round cake boxes make people fondle admiringly. The package is small and exquisite, which is very suitable for taking it back as a small gift. I think of a friend who likes lily, and another who likes rose and lavender, which is suitable for people who don’t sleep well. With such gifts, it seems to carry the fragrance of plants. People remember smells for quite a long time, longer than the memory itself.

We went to another temple at dusk. There was an open temple inside, which was located on a high stone platform. It looked very old. The stone statues and rock walls turned into gray-black as if they had been roasted by fire. Behind the temple lies a beautiful golden reclining Buddha and a huge tree as high as the sky. The round crown presents a black silhouette after sunset. The scenes here, such as the high platform, reclining Buddha and huge tree, all come from ancient times and do not belong to this modern society.

Out of the temple gate again, separated by a wall, the noise of the night market came on our faces. Colorful lanterns lit up the streets, * * became more crowded, and the sound of music began.

At night, the function of the fair changed. It sells not only all kinds of commodities, but also folk customs. Folk painters and musicians also show their skills on such nights, and at the same time, they also want to make a living.

I saw a four-or five-year-old girl sitting cross-legged in the middle of the street. The ground was covered with mattresses and stringed harps. She was dressed in a pink robe and a lovely baby-fat face. She seemed to hear but not see the noise around her. She only played the harp attentively, as if she were sitting in the wild, with only ponds and lotus flowers beside her, not the figures of passers-by, wearing different shoes. How does such a small girl settle down like an old monk? Or are Thais born to draw a piece of pure land anywhere, concentrate on it and isolate all the hubbub?

In front of it was a band of five, five men dressed in national costumes. The five men held different musical instruments in their hands and played joyful tunes. What is interesting is that they are not only sitting in the middle of the street, but also sitting in a straight line in the longitudinal direction, very much like sitting on an invisible narrow boat. It is not surprising if they are not holding musical instruments but paddles.

However, we cannot stand and admire it for a long time, because * * keeps crowding in. As we walked all the way, we had to keep looking at each other to see if we were separated.

Suddenly there was a higher noise, and five or six people came along like those on the stage. Fat, thin, wearing red and green, wearing heavy makeup. A tall fat man looked like a man, wearing a strapless sarong, a blonde woman wearing a mask on her head, and they were still holding a donation box in their hands. “Look, this is ladyboy,” the handsome boy explained nearby. What, this is the famous Thai transvestite, where is skin like coagulated fat, enchanting as flower, looks more like a performance artist imitating ladyboy.

Tourists pouring in from all over the world have also become a scene of night markets. They lie leisurely on comfortable seats on the street, doing Thai massage, some closing their eyes and taking a nap, and some watching the passing crowd with great interest. These tourists regard the streets as sand beaches. The night wind blows across their faces. Although there is no salty taste of sea breeze, it brings the aroma of food, essential oil and grass leaves, making people peaceful and intoxicated.

Night and beauty.

First Day of Thailand Experience Tour

Sadi once said: “Travel has many benefits: full of freshness; What you have seen and heard is wide open. Watch the joy of Xindu City; An encounter with a strange friend; Can learn all kinds of elegant manners. “

Sometimes what people say may not be all right, but in a sense, a considerable part is still trustworthy. This experience trip to Thailand can prove that Sadi’s words are still credible.

At about 6: 45 a.m. On February 25, “fresh and full of” and “strange friends” met at Shanghai Pudong Airport. I met Ha Mei and Blueworld who had been waiting there for a long time, the wind falling with the leaves and the colchicine Danfeng who arrived later, and of course Xiaoyan Beauty from the Shanghai office of the Thai Tourism Bureau, which officially started our experience tour in Thailand.

At 1: 00 noon Bangkok time, we got off the plane and were greeted by the inexplicable sweltering heat. Of course, this sultry heat may only be a feeling for me from the northwest. Fortunately, I soon got used to this boring heat.

As we sat up to pick up our tour bus, our guide, Peter Pan, gave each of us two packs of lunches for lunch. Due to time constraints, the station wagon did not go directly to the hotel, but to BMK, a famous supermarket in Bangkok, the first stop of our visit. After sitting firmly in the car, Pan Dao began Lao Sa’s interpretation of what elegant manners are in the benefits of travel.

Thais, who are generous, gentle and polite by nature, do not shake hands and say hello, let alone kiss and bear hug when meeting. Instead, women fold their hands and say “Shawa Drip Card” and boys fold their hands and say “Shawa Drip Card No” (the last word is just a lip collision and cannot be too explicit. Ha ha). This palm-folding greeting is called “Wai” in Thai. The practice is to raise both hands to the chest, and the palms merge but do not fit, just like holding a ball of cotton in the palm. At this time, the shape of the hands is like a lotus flower in bud. On different occasions, when facing different people or things, the approach of “Wei” will be different. For example, when greeting peers, the fingertip is not higher than the chin after folding the palm. When giving “prestige” to elders, one must lower one’s head and let one’s fingertips touch the tip of one’s nose. When showing respect for noble objects such as respected elders, raise your palms to your forehead. When Thais meet monks or Buddha statues like Buddha, they kneel down, fold their hands and worship with their foreheads touching the ground.

Generally speaking, when peers give them “power”, Thais will repay them with “power” gifts. However, if the younger generation shows “power” to the elders, the elders do not need to return to “power”. Some only respond with nods or smiles. In addition, monks and royalty nobles will not return the “power” gift to you after you “power” them. “Wei” is not only a way for Thais to say hello, but also an act of respect. Later, during our trip, we also found that the actual effect of this “Wei” is by no means comparable to that of Harrow.

Listening to Peter’s introduction to Thailand’s history and cultural customs, our car has already entered the parking lot of the supermarket. Our parking lot seems to be just a rest place for motor vehicles, but motorcycles here also have their own land of one acre and three parts. BMK is not a high-end supermarket, but a civilian supermarket in fact. The goods in it are very popular and full of beautiful things in eyes. Perhaps it is because I am not interested in shopping in what. Only when I came back did I find that there were only 3 photos of me in this shopping mall.

Walk out of BMK and drive to Pullman Hotel, our first night in Thailand. The hotel is new and modern in style, with many facilities, including spa, large outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, and many conference rooms and lounges on the executive floor. It is truly an international chain of five-star hotels. The traffic should also be good, because BTS light rail is on the side. The hotel lobby is spacious and open, the service is first-class, the room decoration is very felt, very modern and exquisite! The bed is also comfortable and the indoor alms are very complete. I can see that the hotel is very humane, such as preparing irons, iron boards, umbrellas and so on for guests. To say the deficiency, it should be the lack of some Thai characteristics. Since it is an experience, you have to give it a try. So you must call the front desk. Of course, this is also convenient enough. The card on the side of the telephone has a detailed explanation. A 5-dial what has been solved.

It is worth mentioning the hotel’s hygiene. There is a device on top of the bathtub to cool clothes and ropes. This little thing really took me some time to understand. When not in use, it is the gadget. When in use, you can pull out the rope hidden inside. There are hooks on the other side of the bathtub. Hang it on the hook and a clothesline of nearly 2 meters will be fine. There is another subtle point-mirror. When we look in the mirror, we only see the front, but we can’t see the back. Here, you don’t have to worry about it. The above two details can be seen in the above photo. As for other conveniences, let’s not talk about them, but look at the photos provided by Pullman Hotel.

I am not interested in eating, so 300 words of dinner are omitted here. Now go straight to Bangkok Chinatown, the last stop of the first day of Thailand’s experience tour. I have been to Chinatowns in many cities, such as New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, Rome, etc. However, there is really no one comparable to the excitement in Bangkok. Bangkok’s Chinatown is small but fine. The streets less than 2 kilometers long are full of bird’s nest and fruit stalls. People who eat food taken late at night or snacks here can be said to be densely packed. Looking at so many families tasting delicious food here, I was thinking: It seems that Thais have a really casual life.

The one-hour stroll in Bangkok’s Chinatown also ended our first day in Thailand. It is worth mentioning that some people began to have the desire to snap up “LV” while wandering around Chinatown, and this desire deepened day by day in the next few days. But it was not until the last day before I went to the airport that I bought these “LV in cloth bags” at Pattaya’s Central Festival after giving up the group wedding dinner at Dongba Paradise.

Take the first photo of the experience tour to end Thailand’s first day tour.

Dream Koh Samet Island

Dream Koh Samet Island

Coming from impetuous Bangkok, Koh Samet Island, a small island located between Bangkok and Pattaya, easily brought me infinitely close to the long-lost dream feeling. Green sea water, blue sky, white clouds and silver sand beach, a pure picture of dynamic and static combination, freeze the comfort and leisure of the holiday.

Barefoot walking on the beach, soft and meticulous, the waves sly brushed across the foot surface, at the same time gently stirred the softness in my heart. In front of me, it seems that there is a picture like music and poetry, and I am in the picture! I think the sunshine on Koh Samet Island is moist: the frolicking children rushed into the clear sea water and rose all the way in the shallows. The waves flickered in the sun and seemed to respond to the children’s happiness. Couples who are going to surf or swim stroll along the seaside with such consistent strides that the sunshine renders their love with shadows on the white sand beach.

I feel that the moon on Koh Samet Island is like a lady in a boudoir, hanging quietly on the blue sky that is hard to hide at night, white and beautiful. More than 10 different open-air bars were lined up, and wine tasters sat in the sand. Candlelight on the small table in front of them flashed under the glass cover, setting off the happy faces of different skin colors watching the torch performance. The difference in language did not hinder the simultaneous praise, applause, toast and scream to the performers. Everyone indulged their emotions. The harmony between the outside and the inside can make people so happy!

When I stepped back to the beach forest villa through the waves, Think of the bathroom outside the room, which is surrounded by high walls and in the open air. Thinking that the cunning moonlight will see all the people bathing naked, However, everyone can enjoy both primitive and private bathing space, thinking of sleeping soundly with the soft waves at night, thinking of waking how from his dream in the morning of such a residence, thinking of whether enjoying this feeling alone is a luxury, thinking of… thinking, suddenly feeling close to this exotic island.

Early in the morning, I woke up in the sound of water flowing like a waterfall without interruption, which I did not expect. The shadows of the trees outside the window are whirling, and lying on the bed with open eyes and reverie have almost become my hobby over the years. But at that time, the action did not leave too much time for reverie: get up, wash, put on a cover suitable for walking by the sea at will, and have already walked out of the room. The speed almost reflects militarization. Looking for the sound of water I heard, I stood in the lush forest and carefully identified the source of the sound. The result of the identification surprised me for a long time. It was caused by a large number of Zen sounds or bird songs. Inadvertently, I started a day’s life on the island amid the sound of bird songs like waterfalls.

It’s a wonderful feeling. All the scenery is more charming in the infinite spread of wonderful feeling. It is the feeling that helps me freeze the romance alone, and it is the camera that helps me freeze all the beautiful pictures. Get up too early, There was no one by the sea, Still barefoot, Walking from the beach to the sea, I felt different textures and temperatures. Quietly, quietly, quietly, only the sky, white clouds, sand beach, sea water, moored boats, distant rocks, swaying palms and shallows in the waves of Shanghai. I felt that I had been completely melted by everything around me and turned into a wisp of wind, a marine fish, or a leaf or a spray?

The sun is rising and the sea is gradually bustling. Looking at the once silent picture on the reclining chair, active factors are intermittently added, such as irregular notes jumping on the white sand beach, playing the most harmonious and beautiful song in the world, and I am the most loyal listener of this song.

I really want to leave this charming island barefoot, and I really want to store my eternal memory here at the moment of waving my arms! I really want to… however, I did not barefoot or wave my arms, because I am willing to replace all forms with affectionate greetings, “Sawatdee kaa Koh Samet Island”!

Pattaya has something to say (1)

Pattaya is a paradise in Asia. After reading enough travel notes, GN and I embarked on a journey to Pattaya. At Bangkok’s Ekamai (East Station) station, there are many cars to Pattaya. There will be a flight in about 15 minutes. There is a long line at ticket office No.1, which shows Pattaya’s charm. Take BTS (Light Rail) near MBK or Siam Square in Bangkok for about 7 stops to Ekamai. After getting off the light rail, you can see Ekamai Station after leaving the station and getting off the overpass. There are about three stations in Bangkok, of which Ekamai Station mainly goes to eastern Thailand. You should also be able to take the bus to Pattaya at other stations, but there may not be so many. I met several Chinese at Ekamai Station, which was very interesting. There are so many people going to Pattaya that we can only buy a car in an hour. So I had a meal at a nearby shop. Then go to the waiting room and wait. The waiting room is really small, but there is TV and Thai, which is not very clear. When you are in the waiting room, you will find people of different countries, regions and skin colors. These people used to go to Pattaya more. Only then did I know that the tourism income this small town brings to Thailand every year is really worthy of its reputation. We got on the bus and set off. There was also an incident. Just after leaving Bangkok, there was something wrong with the bus.) So we switched to another one. When I remembered that I was at Guangzhou Airport, there was also a problem with the car. After that, we arrived at Pattaya smoothly. When looking at the strategy, I knew that the station was the place where family mart and Information were located. When we got off the bus and looked at the map, Pattaya’s tour guide came to give us advice. Later, we learned that there was no free lunch. He took us to the place of Information, and then someone enthusiastically introduced us. Only later did we know that she wanted us to join the group. We booked a room there and later learned that this choice was not very wise because it was not very close to the city center. She booked us a PP Masion room, an apartment. However, there is also a good place here, which is quieter and inspires you to explore Pattaya. We also booked tickets for Alcazar. There are two shows in Pattaya Transvestite Show, one is Tiffany and the other is Alcazar. The former has a greater reputation because it was the earliest transvestite show, but the latter is also very good. The former’s ordinary ticket is 500 baht and VIP is 600 baht. The latter is also 500 baht for ordinary tickets and 600 baht for VIP. In addition, we also booked tickets to KOH Larn. It was only later that I realized that this was a temporary group. However, I didn’t know it very well at that time, so it was also a small mistake. They finally gave us a City Tour. We thought it was because we ordered gifts for the project and were very happy. However, we only found out on the last day that all tourists who go to Information will get this free gift. Unfortunately, time cannot go back, so we cannot know this mystery in advance. From this, we can also see Pattaya’s service consciousness is really strong. A tourist city must attract tourists, and there must be no shortage of scenic spots, features and services. Otherwise, why do you have to go to Pattaya for the same beach? After that, we went to the hotel. After a little rest, we went to Alcazar. There is also BigC nearby. You can have a stroll. We took a detour when we reached Pattaya’s famous fountain, which divided Pattaya into three streets. We went in another direction, so we missed Tiffany’s show, but fortunately the other way can go around BigC and Alcazar. In BigC, we had a little stroll and had some food at ThaiThai restaurant downstairs. It tasted good. We have set a match at 8 o’clock (three matches a day). Seeing that the time is about the same, we will touch it. In fact, it was very close and arrived as soon as it came out. There are not many people waiting for the show at the door. The first five rows here are all VIP. We are not very sidelined in the first row. After a while, the show will begin. At the beginning, a male voice said the opening words in English. The voice was really nice. Then the curtain opened. The dancers who came out were no different from what we saw in the picture, which surprised people with their exquisite show. First of all, the main character on the stage should be the number one player in this show. It is called a brilliant one, with excellent dancing and coquetry. From which angle or take photos, they are all the same beautiful, which makes people admire the delicacy of their workmanship. The rehearsal of their program was very compact, which was really a visual feast. Later, there were three dancers singing, all of which were so beautiful that people could not return to their gods. Later, a funny person came out and pulled a first-row audience up. He probably gave a gift. There was probably a Korean troupe that day. They also specially displayed Korean banners and performed Korean dances. Let’s look at the heart very uncomfortable. Later, there was a program in which one person was half a man and half a woman. I think this also indicates their special status. I think they probably have several performance plans, and different groups have different programs. They also performed Indian dances and Vietnamese dances, which are very international in short. You can also see Pattaya’s attraction to tourists from all over the world. Later, the finale program also had its own characteristics. In the dark, a dancer fell from the sky and came to a group of sculptures. Later, the dancers receded. It turned out that the sculptures were all real people and came out to sing. The design is very exquisite. Everyone thinks that it is really a prop, but it is actually a real person. I guess this is probably a passage from a famous opera, but I can’t guess my artistic accomplishment. At that time, all the dancers came out to give a curtain call, and a performance similar to Broadway gave such a magnificent curtain call. We haven’t completely stepped out of the beauty and surprise, and the performance ended like this. A beautiful dream. After coming out, we met along the street and saw a very colorful place on the road. Only then did we know that this was the legendary Tiffany. It was discovered that in this casual way.

Do not enter or leave Macao Customs with multiple valid visas from many countries at one time.

When we went to Thailand via Macao with a Thai visa and returned to mainland China, we were carefully checked by Macao Customs twice, on the grounds that our passport had a Schengen visa to Europe! However, they “have reason” to suspect that the Schengen visas of citizens holding Chinese passports are fake and are suspected of smuggling into Europe via Macao. They need to ask in detail the source of their Schengen visas. When the Macao Customs Immigration Department found the Schengen visa on our passport, the atmosphere immediately became tense. The baggy counter staff first asked us: Have you used the visa? No? Immediately call the boss urgently, after the boss came, the incident received more and more attention; After that, the Customs Department handed us over to the investigation team. Holding our passport, the intercom shouted, “North, North, have you received it?” Two, two… Let’s pull over and wait with big bags and small bags. I politely asked: Let’s stand like this and count as what? So the officer replied, “You can go in and sit and wait.” Without further ado, I walked into the room pretending to be reserved and sat directly in the corner of the sofa. Dustin also put his bag on someone’s desk. Hey, the officials inside are still watching the Emerald Terrace! We sat for a while, and two people came in, hanging work cards, without uniforms, one with glasses and the other without glasses. After handing over to the two, the customs officers are finished. Then, the little young man without glasses sat down on the swivel chair opposite us, rolled up one leg, leafed through our passports, and asked with pride how did we get our Schengen visa? How did you get a Czech visa? Where did you come from this time? Why is there a Schengen visa? Do what’s work? …… Wait a minute to solve the problem. I was angry at the sight of the man’s attitude. Although the usual style of these bureaucrats is estimated to be the same, I was very disgusted. I raised my voice and said loudly, You checked once when you entered our dock. Why should you ask the same question again? ! The man was very tugging, his voice was higher than mine, and he said maliciously that we had checked at the dock and there was no record of you! I have no weakness either. The lack of records is your internal problem and has nothing to do with us. Besides, I don’t understand, we hold a Thai visa to visit Thailand via Macau, and have what relations with Schengen visa? ! The man is estimated to be from the anti-black group, MD. After listening to my words, he was short of striking the table. Dustin, fearing that I would suffer losses, stopped me and refused to let me speak. He handled and answered the questions. I can only hold my breath and look at my emerald platform. The young man with glasses was very polite, Be patient and explain to us that the dock entry is customs. There may be a misunderstanding… the entry stamp is affixed on the back of the entry paper, and it is also a regulation in Macao to withdraw it when leaving the country… it is only necessary to affix one stamp on the passport when entering or leaving the country… they are members of the investigation team… the Macao government needs special inquiries about personnel holding Schengen visas… this is also a regulation and so on. Ha ha, the somebody else just moved the word “illegal immigration” out to frighten us. Of course, there is no flaw in our answer. Asked about our profession, of course, one is auditor and the other is consultant. It is futile for them to find fault again. Finally, the glasses let us find out the boarding pass from Bangkok to Macao and photocopy it. Dustin and I each filled in a data form, listing some information such as name, date of birth, parents’ name, domestic address, etc., which was regarded as a prepared case. The glasses said to the person without glasses, OK. So, the bitch became quite polite and said to us, now we help the two to go through the entry formalities, delay the two time. The two wanted to lift their feet and leave. I said, wait a minute, I have a question-I asked for the glasses, why did you say we didn’t have an entry record just now? What the hell is going on here? The man who was rampant just now is now a little short. He hesitated with a low eyebrow and pleasing to the eye and said that there was an entry record, saying that there was no record of the dock investigation team. Macao is a country, and then he immediately changed his mind. It should be said that the region is a transit point for smugglers to smuggle into Europe, so… I secretly scolded COW in my heart and was not relieved. Dustin added that in fact, we just came out to play. This time it happened to be AirAsia, so we crossed the border from Macao. If we had known this was so troublesome, we would not have left Macao and it would be convenient to leave Hong Kong. The man looked quite understanding, sipping a wry smile and feeling deeply in his heart. In fact… Hong Kong is the same… We were the last two people on the flight to leave the empty airport. Small broken place, nervous, really want to smuggle, I still sign many Czech so troublesome? We conclude that if we do not enter or leave Macao Customs with multiple valid visas from many countries at one time, we will definitely be detained. I should have written down the man’s name and complained to him when I had time!

Phuket’s Full Post-Tour Feeling

Introduction: Many people have talked about the topic of popularization, In order to make readers have new gains, in this article, I focus on comparing the different feelings gained in various places of popularization, hoping that those tourists who are accustomed to catching up with each other and driving slowly can experience the real leisure vacation mode, and also provide a comprehensive feeling after traveling for tourists who plan to travel by themselves. Go to different beaches, find different feelings and feel popular. You have to go to the beaches. However, different beaches, due to the different crowds, have also formed their own different styles. The middle section of Patong Beach has what is said to be the most beautiful beach in Patong. Therefore, our first stop to feel the beach was set there. As Patong is located in the popular downtown area, the beaches there are naturally especially lively. In addition to the tourists who go to the beach to enjoy sunbathing, there are also many people who swim and play water sports. Lying under the sun umbrella, people walking up and down kept passing in front of our eyes. The beach in Patong is slightly stormy, so lying on the beach and the sea breeze blowing, I can’t feel the scorching sun overhead at all, but I still have a warm and comfortable feeling. However, in order to prevent being exposed to the sun and molting, I still covered my shawl on my body. However, those European women did not care. Instead, they even took off their bikinis and walked around in the hot sun. The sand there should be beige. Although the fine and soft sand beach is very clean, there are some small stones mixed among them, and people are always uncomfortable walking on it. Especially near the road, the whole piece of big pebbles hurt the soles of the feet. Therefore, Patong Beach can be said to be a frequent place for tourists who do not want to go far, so there are more middle-aged and elderly tourists. Young people usually don’t want to go to Patong’s beach to “injustice” themselves after they have been to the beach of Phi Phi Island. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to walk from the seaside hut on Phi Phi Island to the beach. Because the roundabout is full of sand beaches, tourists are scattered in all corners and will not make people feel crowded at all. As a matter of fact, after we have chosen a beach to settle down, it usually takes most of the day before a second group of people come to join us, giving people a feeling that a large beach is unique to me. The beach there is the whitest and purest, and there is no mixture of small stones. However, there are differences in shallow water depth among the beaches everywhere. If the shallow water beach is chosen unfortunately, the water is only waist-high when walking several tens of meters away from the sea water. Therefore, for tourists who want to swim from time to time, it is best to go to the deep water beach to settle down. Phi Phi Island is the world of young people. Sometimes one can also see a young family of three having fun naked on an unmanned beach, making the viewers feel like they are in heaven. After staying in the seaside hut in Shalang Bay, you don’t need to go out to find another beach to rest, because hotels that provide seaside huts in that area often have a very beautiful beach. There are a number of the most advanced seaside hotels in Shalang Bay. It takes more than 10 minutes to walk from the gate of our hotel to the lobby, but the lobby is built on the endless seaside. Like the sea of Phi Phi Island, the sea there is quiet and quiet, which makes people reluctant to break. Therefore, guests who stay in the hotel often only play in the swimming pool of the hotel. When they arrive at the seaside, they only lie on the beach on the shore to enjoy themselves. If they find two strong coconut trees, they can also pull a hammock to repose alone, which is very freehand. When eating, we also like to move all the food to the beach and place it on the beach. Occasionally, the big dog that attracts any guest will tease it to run on the beach for a while. Most of the guests here are young people, and most of them are couples. Perhaps it is because the most beautiful sunset scenery is popular in Shalang Bay, so they all come here to find the most romantic feeling. Go to restaurants and taste classic food Thai food is a famous food in the world, so when it is popularized, we cannot miss this great opportunity to taste delicious food. In fact, over the years, due to the continuous stream of European guests among the popular tourists, many local French restaurants and Italian restaurants have also made their tastes very authentic. Only for those who occasionally travel to Thailand, I think they should take this opportunity to taste more local Thai food. The middle coast of Patong Beach is like a restaurant street. Basically, there is a wooden fishing boat model at the gate of each restaurant, in which all kinds of raw seafood are frozen for guests to choose at will. The posture is somewhat similar to the seafood stalls in Shenjiamen, except that the storefront where the guests eat is more beautiful, clean and spacious. Just like the general method of ordering seafood, after the guest selects the food to enjoy, he will explain to the chef how to cook the food. The most common way to eat Thai food is to stir-fry the food with curry or chili. Perhaps because it is located in a popular entertainment center, Patong’s restaurants are not stingy in providing entertainment to their guests. No matter how many guests there are in the restaurant, almost every restaurant has a band singing incessantly, some lyrical, some rock and roll, so that we can freely choose our favorite style. The island is full of coconut trees, so even the restaurant is swaying with the tall figure everywhere. I am deeply impressed by a restaurant that sings lyric songs. At dinner time, the swimming pool in the restaurant will also open a beautiful fountain with proper dim lights, creating a romantic atmosphere that is very unforgettable. In addition, it is suggested that tourists should not forget to have an ice cream after dinner. Some famous ice cream shops such as Haagen-Dazs and Robinson often charge half the price in China. Apart from restaurants with special emotional appeal, don’t neglect those small restaurants that look crude or even dirty. By chance, I discovered their advantages again. These restaurants are very poorly arranged: plastic white tables and chairs are placed in rows, without music or charming lights, and look like canteens. The cooking method of food is relatively simple, usually only traditional fried food with curry or chili. However, the food made there has an unusually fresh taste. Curry juice and chili juice also seem to penetrate deeply into the food. The strong fresh spicy taste makes people applaud repeatedly. I think, is it because there is no variety of eating methods, chefs have practiced traditional methods over and over again, and over time, they have also developed unique skills? Of course, these small restaurants are still the cheapest choice. Generally, each person pays 20 yuan RMB for dinner and wastes a lot of food. If you want to see the sea view at any time while eating, then go to Phi Phi Island. Most of the seaside cabins there are built along the coast, so guests can enjoy the endless sea view only by eating in the hotel restaurant. The temperature on the island is lower than that in the popular mainland. When the sea breeze blows, people who eat on the shore often cannot help putting on long-sleeved clothes. Hotels here often arrange Internet cafes next to restaurants. People who come away from the city for vacation can go to the Internet cafe, which is also near the sea, after dinner, have a cup of coffee and receive messages from friends from afar. Wearing island tropical clothes or even swimsuits to surf the Internet at the seaside, this freehand feeling is worth experiencing. Finally, I have to mention the buffets all over the island. First of all, in the hotel, I found that the local buffet was rich in content. Even the breakfast room was full of dazzling hot and cold dishes, leaving people with no choice. Then go out to play. Some activities will include dinner buffet, such as Patong’s “Terror House”. A big ostentation and extravagance, the layout is also quite luxurious, although there are few guests, the waiters still faithfully stand in their respective posts, waiting for the guests to fry eggs, stir-fry, mix soup, make ice cream, etc. When I was in Shalang, I also went to a restaurant that was said to be very high-class in the area. The resplendent and magnificent facade is indeed different from others, and the meticulous classification and variety of dishes are even more eye-popping. I remember that there were at least 5 kinds of porridge on the table of Chinese food selection. In addition to all other German dishes, Italian dishes, Japanese dishes, American dishes, Thai local dishes and so on, the scene is very amazing. What is even more incredible is that such a buffet costs only 30 yuan. Go deep into the mountains and forests to experience the feeling of heartbeat. Of course, there are all kinds of exciting sports, such as parachutes on water, scuba diving, fishing at sea, cliff climbing, etc. However, if you want to experience the heartbeat ceremoniously while relaxing, I suggest you go bungee jumping. There is only one place where bungee jumping is popular, and that is the famous jungle bungee jumping near Patong. The place where the jump took place was a quiet lake dug up from a large coconut forest, with lifting equipment standing on one side of the bank. I found that there were not many tourists who came for fame, far less than the number of staff there, and even fewer people actually jumped every day. When I was in China, I always wanted to play bungee jumping, but the crowded feeling in the city made it difficult for me to make up my mind to do such a jump, especially when there was concrete ground underneath. The water gives me a much better feeling, plus the surrounding jungle, I hardly seem to be challenging myself, but playing an ordinary sport. At that time, I happened that a tourist had just jumped down. Below, I felt that the place where I jumped (50 meters) did not look high at all and the jump time was very short. Staff at one side said that the expenses included insurance premiums and a roll of photos taken for bungee jumpers. But at the same time, he repeatedly stated that once the money reached 50 meters, he went back on his word and did not jump, and the money would not be refunded. At that time, I thought, who is so stupid that he will not jump after paying? I have never had any fear, even when I signed the “at my own risk” life and death agreement, when my feet were tied and I could only jump and walk, or when I went up to 50 meters to take photos of the staff. However, when I followed the instructions of the staff, I stood up from the elevator seat and moved to the bungee jumping entrance, I gasped. I started chatting with the staff member. He told me that there had not been an accident in the ten years since the place was opened, but I also learned that only about 20 people actually jumped every day, because many people looked down at 50 meters and regretted it. He saw me hesitate and reminded me that they charged such a high fee and did not refund the money because they guaranteed safety. I was relieved to ask him if I only paid 1600 baht for this jump. I stayed up there until the staff member was impatient. In the end, he couldn’t help it. He told me to try again for the last time: move my feet to the take-off point, look at the distant mountains, open my hands, and take a slight step with one foot-I could feel him touch me lightly behind my back. Although it was against the regulations, I knew that without this touch, I might never have jumped that day. It is said that bungee jumping safety belts are tied to the waist in some places, but they are tied to the feet there, so they fall head down. My hands were empty, my feet were tied, and my head was down and falling from the sky. I experienced a feeling of helplessness that I had never felt before. When I fell to the bottom a little calmer, people were thrown into the sky again due to inertia and pulling force. I went back and forth several times in this way, making me feel like I was going to be torn to pieces all the time, just thinking of ending quickly! Whether the staff member touched me behind has become a mystery forever, and I always regret that the jump was not made entirely by myself, but I think I may never do this “sport” again, nor will I laugh at others when they dare not jump, and even persuade everyone who wants to go bungee jumping to think twice before acting. When I left, I got a certificate, which said: Proof of Courage. When going to the night market, the popularity of Thai products is not a shopping paradise, but because the overall price level is relatively low, many Thai products can be called cheap and fine as long as they are properly selected. Popularization Island’s famous night market is located in the center of Patong. At first glance, it looks like it has arrived at Xiangyang Road Gift and Clothing Market in Shanghai. However, after several rounds of shopping, it is found that the scale and facilities there far exceed those here. Clothing shops, snack shops, massage shops, restaurants, banks, bars, dance halls, travel agencies and supermarkets have everything, making people feel that the whole Patong Bay is a market. Tourists are naturally bustling, and the streets are often crowded with taxis and pedestrians at midnight. Because it is possible to swim in the water at any time on the island, the women there simply wore bathing suits after landing and tied only a piece of brightly colored cloth to their bodies. On the first day I arrived in Patong, I bought such a small cloth skirt. A few days later, I found that this kind of dress, which can be wrapped around my body as soon as I landed, was indeed very convenient, and the photos I took were extremely beautiful because of the bright colors. Of course, the most important thing to buy when going to the tropics is sunscreen. I suggest that those who have plans to go to popularize the play, regardless of whether you can easily buy sunscreen from your place of departure, don’t rush to buy it. Because of the popularity of arrival, the famous brand sunscreen products in duty-free shops at the airport are cheaper than those in China at first, and when they arrive at supermarkets in the island, they often have to give a discount. Besides, there are many varieties, with a wide variety of sunscreen index products, and some sunscreen creams are specially used to balance skin color into beautiful bronze color. In addition, ordinary swimsuits, swimming goggles, snorkeling tools and deep diving equipment are also suitable for purchase in Patong. If you want to buy the latest European swimsuits, you can go to Kata’s bikini store, but the price is quite expensive. Attractions like 007 Island often have stalls selling souvenirs. In addition to the silver jewelry and dried seafood sold in Patong, there are also casual shirts with 007 Island characters and patterns, coral, starfish, Okumi lizard specimens, etc. Before I went, I learned that the price of underwear in Thailand was also half that in China. When I looked at the large commercial buildings in Popularization Town, I found that it was true. There are also many choices of styles, and because there are many opportunities for girls to wear suspenders, there are many beautiful strapless bras in the underwear counter. However, the color choice there is mostly white, but there are few red bras that sell well in Shanghai. The local Thais all told us that the famous silver jewelry and tin ware are actually the most real in Bangkok. So when I went to Bangkok for a connecting flight, I also went to the night market there for a quick walk. But because many pornographic places are mixed with them, Bangkok’s night markets are more crowded and chaotic. Silver jewelry, tin ware, fashion clothing, pendants, bags, footwear, of course, there are many things, but don’t think you can go alone to kill a tough price with the vendor, fierce may scold you “get out of my shop”. However, some souvenirs are still very unforgettable. For example, a photo album with cloth and tin inlaid ware has various sizes. It is not only unique and beautiful in appearance, but also especially suitable for storing memories of Thailand.

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