Phuket Kata


When you don’t know where to go for your vacation, go to Thailand.

When this sentence came out of my mind, I suddenly felt as if I were advertising Thailand or using any slogan. In fact, when I think back to this just-concluded Thai holiday, I feel that everything is light, as if I were just returning from one familiar place to another, unlike a trip away. Probably because it combines many Southeast Asian characteristics that have been passed through, and it is also a Chinese tourist. If it is not for good greening, many temples, short houses, numerous flowers and trees, and a large number of Europeans and Americans, it feels like it is somewhere in China.

When planning the holiday for half a month after the Spring Festival, we repeatedly considered whether to go to Sri Lanka or Myanmar, and finally decided on Thailand. Most of the ten ASEAN countries have been there, and some of them have been there again, but they have been dragging their feet and have not considered going to Thailand. As the preferred destination for Chinese to leave the country, we have thus dragged it to this time. This is because February in Sri Lanka is the rainy season. I covet a little comfort and worry that the simple Myanmar will not be able to supply guest rooms during the peak tourist season. Finally, I really don’t know where to go and chose Thailand, which is also in the warm region.

Not to see the magnificent scenery of what, not to see many foreign customs, but to bask in the sun and breathe air different from Beijing’s smog.

Phuket Kata

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Tess

Chiang Mai, Buddhist Kingdom Pai District

February 8 Phuket: Patong’s Nightlife

From my hometown Yulin to Guangzhou by bus, from Guangzhou to Bangkok to Phuket, and then to Patong, it took 26 hours to finally reach the beach in Thailand. Despite the ordeal on the road, both AirAsia and Thailand have arranged “support” in advance. Before you could think about what to do next, someone came up to take you to the next step. Everything was natural and appropriate.

There is another advertisement. It is really the attentive and thoughtful service in Southeast Asia that makes people sigh with emotion and can be enjoyed by civilians.

Thailand is the usual first stop for Chinese to travel abroad, and we only thought of coming to Thailand after almost traveling all over Southeast Asia. Perhaps it is because it is so famous and popular that we have all kinds of prejudices. This time I am new here, I feel that Thailand is indeed very suitable as the first stop for outbound travel. However, when we arrive at this time, we have a familiar and familiar feeling, because it combines all kinds of things that we have been to Vietnam, Laos, Malay, Philippines and Indonesia before. Therefore, when we come here, we have no surprises and no impulse to play, but as if we had gone to the ordinary life and daily life in a foreign country several times later.

Arrived at noon, before it was time to check in, I went to have lunch first. The lunch restaurant is on the main street, and its storefront is not large. Compared with the restaurants with Western style in the surrounding area, it is just like a restaurant opened by a mother. It is very homely. However, we only took a seat for a while. Outside, there is a long line waiting for seats, basically Chinese-speaking compatriots. How does the food taste in Phuket, which is full of delicious food, and a restaurant that can make people wait so patiently? In fact, I don’t think there seems to be much difference and the price is not much difference. Perhaps, there are recommendations on LP, perhaps it is also the mentality of gathering people, the more.

After the meal, I bought two pairs of slippers at the roadside hypermarket and immediately changed the shoes and socks I wore from the cold area, which immediately made me feel much more comfortable. I went to 711 and bought 100-degree sunscreen and drinking water. The daily necessities are complete. Allah’s hair grew, so he asked all the way. He had his hair cut in a luxurious hairdressing room in Phuket Island’s most famous shopping mall at a cost of 500B, close to RMB 100 yuan. It seems that here, the price of the shopping mall will not be too high than that of the small shops and stalls outside. Small stalls and shops often offer a price of two or three times, and then you have to cut the price, and finally you can cut the price lower than the price after the store clearly discount. Another example is eating. At home, we usually dare not walk into a five-star hotel to eat casually. The added value is too high, while abroad, you can usually go in gracefully because the price is not too outrageous.

The hotel was run by a Belgian and there was a coffee shop on the first floor. When we arrived, he was busy with the two men for the breakfast and lunch of the guests and had little time to talk to us. The room is upstairs with large bay windows, quiet and comfortable. Bathing and shampooing, lying on the big bed, took a heavy nap in the bright sunshine. Wake up at five or six and go to the beach. Patong Beach is indeed very popular, and countless reclining chairs used for rent during the day have been folded one after another. Tourists play on the beach, swimming, flying umbrellas, motorboats, taking photos, digging sand and piling sand… I decided to play flying umbrellas tomorrow.

Patong’s nightlife is indeed exciting. In the evening, half curious and half confused, I entered a Ladyshow place. Lady is a sexy baby on the flyer page held by the soliciting people outside. However, when they enter there, there are almost no good-looking ones showing on the stage and accompanying off the stage. Especially on the stage, an individual is obese with uneven posture. Although he is bare in the lower body, exposed in breast enlargement and tries his best to make various provocations, he has no aesthetic feeling at all. The audience in circles did not see any confusion, but heckled like teasing. Perhaps, such a show is not allowed to stir up desire. Everything is just a joke with tourists. Everyone is performing together in the clear emperor’s new clothes. Pretend to be sexy on stage and energetic off stage.

In the show, a bartender who frequently flirted with my next table was very sexy. Although she is of average stature, Wearing the bartender’s T-shirt and tooling, However, half selling wine and half selling laughter, the woman was in high spirits, all kinds of Jiaochen and all kinds of intimate and intimate tricks. She picked the European and American man at my next table almost in the warm spring. She not only ordered many times of wine, but also put aside one of the accompanying women who had accompanied him. Finally, the Jiaochen bartender woman took over the magpie nest and sat beside him and kissed me.

This is the first time I have entered such an occasion. I want to see a certain side of Thailand. See people enjoy entertaining sex pretending or tipsy. Perhaps, this is the sleepless side here. Perhaps, these people, these men, will gallop on the beach during the day and go to different trades after returning home. Here, they are just deserting and just a little adjustment of life. Thinking of “The Road to Revolution” starring Leonardo and Kate, although she lived a comfortable middle-class life, Kate was almost suffocated by the same atmosphere. She planned to sell her house and travel with her family, but because Leonardo was promoted, she had to give up her plan to change her life. Finally, Kate was so depressed that she chose to commit suicide. Travel is not necessarily to see the magnificent scenery, not always to rush about on the road, but perhaps just to change the environment, to live an ordinary life elsewhere, just to temporarily forget the original identity, to live another identity. This is a kind of schizophrenia beneficial to health and a kind of compensatory behavior.

Patong City.

Patong’s Nightlife

February 9 Phuket: Experience Patong in a Different Way

This day is still in Patong, the sun is very hot, feel from 9: 00 a.m., 10: 00 p.m. to 4: 00 p.m. are not suitable for activities outside. Therefore, we just got up in the morning and ran along the long coastline.

Although the scenery of Patong Beach is ordinary, the people are spectacular. On the beach stretching for several kilometers, when running in the morning, I saw my little friends in Thailand filling up the reclining chairs and parasols. When I came out at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I saw that the chairs were really full of seats, and countless red-hot bodies were lying or lying on them, almost all European and American. Most of them are the elderly. Most of these old people, whose bodies are out of shape and whose cortex is loose, are still grasping the tail of time to make them black. Some elderly men even found young Southeast Asian “wives” here to accompany them all the way.

It is said that Chinese people only play and take photos when traveling, but this time in Patong, they met countless compatriots, but it was rare to hang and hold cameras to take pictures everywhere. Although it is still rare for them to lie leisurely on the beach chair to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze, or to play with the sea, they often stroll on the beach, pile sand with children, or shop in shopping malls … … Everyone may be slowly learning to experience traveling with their senses. Sometimes I think that my idea is biased. There are many ways to travel, and different people have different personalities and different ways to enjoy traveling. I should not blindly think that the ways of many Europeans and Americans are “senior” and “high”. Perhaps, the Japanese like to visit in groups and the Chinese like to take photos, all of which are one way. Moreover, every nation and everyone has a process of growth.

In the evening at the beach, as I wished yesterday, I experienced flying umbrellas at sea. I have interviewed a group of paragliders before and wrote a text of empathy. They said that flying umbrellas has two kinds of irresistible experiences. One is the stimulation of adventure sports, and people have a kind of insane experience in that state. One is to look at the planet at your feet from a high altitude. The other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky. Are very lonely and quiet. Today, with the help of yacht towing and coaches, I flew once. I was worried that I would fear heights, so I floated on a few ropes in the high air. However, from the moment I flew out, the little worry in my heart disappeared. Looking down from the sky at the noisy world just now, it has become so quiet, just like in the movie, the soul rises up, leaves the body, and looks at the original world from another world. It seems to be separated from the original world by a layer of sound insulation glass, with only slow images. It turns out that the kind of loneliness and tranquility they like to experience is like this.

We are always obsessed with some things and worry about them. Even if we understand them, it is difficult to fly out and float to reflect on these people and things. We worry because we still live in it. Travel, however, may be a short jump from the original life, and after returning, it will continue to struggle. Therefore, there is no need to be ashamed of why we still cannot let go, because we live in it. Therefore, forgive your entanglements and self-trouble.

In the evening, before night fell, Patong’s “Big Vulgar Night” is ready to be staged, The bar block leading to the beach, The music is loud, the shops and streets are full of people, the hot pole dance in every shop is in urgent need of performance, and the night has just begun… However, we have had enough. We hid in a foreign wine restaurant on the seaside, ordered white wine, salad, baked shrimp, seafood and pasta, listened to the soothing jazz against the sunset glow falling far away from the skyline, and passed a Patong night unlike Patong.

Sea towing umbrella

tutu bus.


February 10 Phuket: Kata’s Beach

From the noisy Patong to the supposedly quiet Kata. However, Kata is not very quiet either, just without Patong’s colorful lights, the beach is like Patong lined with reclining chairs.

In the face of such a lively beach, I usually can’t find a place to play and feel, but I always like the private bay like Mandarin Oriental in Sanya or the coral reef cliff bay on Lanmeng Island. My favorite seems to be the sea that can’t play but can only sit quietly. Because I don’t know how to play and don’t want to join in the fun, I am interested in Xuansi.

Allah’s requirements can be easily met, as long as he can swim. He ran into the same popular Kata beach for a swim, while I hid under a big tree separated from the beach by rows of reclining chairs to enjoy the cool air, flipped over a book, and kept picking up my cold and endless runny nose. There were also two fat European and American uncles and aunts under the tree, none of whom went to the beach chairs. One dozed off against the root of the big tree and the other lay on the towel to dry his back.

When Ala came back from swimming, we had iced coffee and juice in a restaurant near the beach. Iced coffee in Southeast Asia has always been the favorite. In such hot weather, it is better to have a simple environment like Laos and Vietnam. Drinking iced coffee is the most beautiful enjoyment in the afternoon and deserted streets. The music of this restaurant is rock and roll, and the layout is also Western-style. Patong and Kata have been assimilated by the leisure travel culture of Western young people, forming a Southeast Asian style that conforms to the entertainment and leisure of modern European and American young people. There is a surfing driving range in the middle of the restaurant, where a group of Europeans and Americans are having a great time studying, which also increases the interest of those who drink coffee and beer nearby.

Kata is obviously much more comfortable than Patong. The streets are clean, the houses are fresh, and the restaurants are more stylish but not expensive. Here, in addition to the lively beaches, many places are small towns that can make people spend their holidays quietly.

February 11 Phuket: Kata Visits House

Brian, the real estate agent who had an appointment yesterday, came to pick us up at 10 a.m.

Brian drove us around five houses near Rawai Beach. The first is a Balinese-style villa, which Brian recommended most. He has been saying that it is his favorite house. The car drove there and saw the European owner watering the plants outside the yard. It seems that the owner said that he would not be able to see the house until tomorrow, but Brian rashly took us there. A sincere smile worked and the owner changed his mind and invited us in. At the end of the day, the owner said that if you want to buy it, you will be given all those what and what, except the gold-plated Buddha brought from Laos, because it is his favorite wherever he moves. Europeans and Americans seem to have a free and easy way to the house. They have a house in their favorite place, which is elaborately decorated as a place for fixed vacation and relaxation. After moving with work or interest for a few years, although I only lived for a few years, I also built the house very livable and personalized. When I left, I sold it and gave many items that left behind my life memory to the next owner, as if it were a kind of inheritance. Moreover, in Southeast Asia, the houses where Europeans and Americans lived generally pay more attention to gardening than the houses of their neighbors and locals. Similarly, the plants are luxuriant, but the gardens of Europeans and Americans have different levels, with scattered heights, corresponding flowers and trees, and the atmosphere of pools, leisure tables and chairs, etc. The plants are well maintained due to timely watering and loosening of soil, and the garden basically does not have the spoiling details of “private construction and disorderly hanging”. We came suddenly, but everything in the house was in perfect order, with traces of life but not chaos. Later, because we needed to improve and consult many details, Brian took us to one of his Chinese friends. In the same Chinese mansion near the sea, we saw a variety of casually placed indoor scenes… This is also the characteristic of many luxury houses in China. The model room is very luxurious but has no flavor of life. Once there is flavor of life, we will go to sloppiness.

Next, I saw three more villas, all of which are modern Western-style villas. Not only China, but also Phuket Island likes Westernized things. Almost all the newly-built houses and apartments are of modern Western style. They think it is more fashionable and perhaps easier to sell. Indeed, in one of the Western-style villa properties, Brian just sold a 400-square-meter house to a Chinese last week. After seeing these three Western-style properties, we are all a little tired. I said Brian, can we go back to Kata? Brian, unwilling to give up, took a book for me to see and let me talk about what kind of house we really like. Simply, Brian dialed the telephone of his Chinese friend and asked me to describe it directly in Chinese with his friend. I gave a detailed description of the house I wanted. The friend soon understood, he said, such a house “met”. So, the phone was transferred to Brian. Then Brian let us get on the bus and said he would take us to see an old house.

It is indeed a good house! In the garden of more than 1,000 square meters, there is a large colonial-style house with a small two-room house beside the gate. There is a wooded swimming pool on the inside of the park. There are some old furniture of Southeast Asian style in the house, and the decoration shows the retro and elegant style of the colonial era… The owner is German and has been returning to China for many years. The house has not been taken care of, just someone has a look. If you buy it, you need to reorganize it. But the foundation of the house is still close to intact…

Brian said, in fact, there are not many Chinese who buy houses in Thailand, mainly Europeans and Americans. Chinese people buy houses to consider investment and long-term self-occupation. Thai houses are only consumer goods, and in fact there is no return from what. What about self-occupation? For Chinese who do not regularly go to a place for vacation every year, it doesn’t matter if they don’t work here, or if they have money, or if they see something they like very much, it is also very difficult to buy a house in Thailand, although Thailand’s cost performance, policy and political environment are already the best in Southeast Asia for Chinese. The Chinese prefer to spend more money on domestic real estate, or buy real estate in developed countries in Europe and the United States for immigration and old-age care.

I like that old house very much and still remember it for a moment. However, for us ordinary people, the house is a big deal and must be carefully considered. Moreover, Phuket Island is not an ideal place for vacation or long-term residence.

February 12 Phuket: Thailand’s Chinatown

Rent a motorcycle to go for a drive.

Phuket Island’s roads go up and down, the roads are not wide, and the cars are very fast. However, people seem to be very friendly, racing is courteous, and they almost never honk their horns.

We were going to Phuket Town and asked for directions at the roadside near Zhalong Bay. Although the girl at the barbecue stall was not very well versed in English, she pointed out the way patiently. Seeing that our car had not started to strike a fire several times, we turned it out of the booth and helped us with a long barb. Finally, the problem that it was difficult to strike a fire on motorcycles all the way just now was solved.

All the way to Phuket Town at a tight and slow pace. In the streets and lanes before entering the town, I suddenly saw many pictures of Baba Niang at the entrance of a lane and turned in decisively. A very exquisite old Portuguese house appeared in the luxuriant garden deep in the alley. It was so beautiful! The name of the house is “Meilian”, which has a history of more than 100 years and is owned by a Chinese family surnamed Chen. At this time, around eleven o’clock in the morning, there was no one else in the quiet. There were some props like sedan chairs in front of the house, and a large lawn behind the garden was beginning to decorate the table for the open-air wedding. I thought this was just the venue for taking wedding photos and holding the wedding. The photos of Baba Niang were taken by the local Chinese. After a while, a girl came up to talk to us and showed us a report in a Thai fashion magazine. She could not understand Thai, but from the picture, she could see some internal scenes of this Portuguese house-it turned out to be an old house that could be visited. After buying tickets, the girl opened the door for me and asked me to take some photos on the sedan chair.

A very beautiful mansion. Similar to the taste of Malacca’s famous Baba house. However, this house is the same as the old house I visited yesterday. There is a pool in the house. There are rockeries, green plants, potted plants and swimming fish in the pool, which add a lot of natural spirit and aura to the whole house. In addition, there are many items collected by the host family in the house, ranging from precious jewelry and antique furniture to small ceramic ornaments, family photos, academic certificates, etc. This is what our Suzhou gardens lack. Although the master’s family no longer lives here, Although museums have been set up for people to visit, However, many things in the original owner’s life are still kept as they were, not just empty pictures. You can feel the living habits of those people, their gratitude and grudges, and their hopes or disappointments from these living things… In this way, it is the museum of a house, not the museum of architectural structure.

Phuket Town is actually Phuket’s Chinatown, with a strong flavor of Nanyang Chinese. It is said that 60% of the people here are Chinese. Entering here is very much like entering Malacca. The people in the shops on both sides are also the feeling of Southeast Asian Chinese. Of course, many of them can no longer speak Chinese. It is strange that in Phuket, an island so westernized, There is still such an isolated island-like Chinatown, which feels like many Chinatowns in Southeast Asia. There are various Chinese shops, Chinese guild halls and Chinese eating and living habits… There always seem to be some isolated islands, Chinatowns and Indian streets in every corner of the world. They continue their own way of life and do not blend with the local area.