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Month: May 2020

The Unique Scenery of Koh Samet Island

The Unique Scenery of Koh Samet Island

Headline: If Pattaya is compared to a charming * * with various amorous feelings and full of temptations, then Sammy Island is seed of love’s charming and shy first-time bride.

After leaving Pattaya by speedboat, we went to Sammy Island, Thailand’s long-cherished third largest island. The moist sea breeze has blown away the intense heat of these days and the hustle and bustle of the city. Watching the speedboat cut open ten thousand pear flowers and set off thousands of snow waves, my heart became calm. Having been at the seaside all the year round, I seem to have returned to my familiar living environment and really felt relaxed and comfortable at home.

Koh Samet Island is located in Provence Rayong, southeast of Bangkok, and is 30 minutes away from Pattaya. With the bumpy speedboat, gradually, a silvery white ribbon appeared, which was gently wrapped in the clear sea water, just like the white gauze on the bride’s head. Looking around, coconut trees and palm trees all over the island seem to have entered the tropical jungle. The suffocating snow-white sand beaches and clear green sea water make Koh Samet Island worthy of the name.

Drinking freshly squeezed iced juice, a wisp of cool and refreshing water seeped into my heart. Stay in the comfortable SAI KAEW seaside hotel, thoughtful and meticulous arrangements let me wash away my exhaustion.

Koh Samet Island covers an area of 9 square kilometers and is surrounded by fine silvery sand. One afternoon, we took a speedboat to three beaches. Each section of the beach has its own characteristics. The seaside hotel is quiet and comfortable, picturesque and like a fairyland. Take a cup of bright red papaya juice, lean against the exquisite wooden chair, listen to the waves, look at the thick clouds in the sky, the looming sunset, spend a leisurely and wonderful afternoon time. “It feels good to have money! “The partners of the same trade smiled at each other and expressed such feelings at the same time.

The night fell lightly, and Koh Samet Island was covered with gorgeous clothes by bright lights. Eating a sumptuous dinner and enjoying a funny comedy performance. A group of children from European and American countries were excited around the small stage. Screams and cheers joined the waves to form a touching symphony. When the actor swung the two fireballs into gorgeous rings of fire, I seemed to be in a happy wedding. Warm but touching, luxurious with elegance. What kind of cultural accumulation can create such strong national characteristics? At this moment, I seem to know why Thailand has become a major tourist country. The rise and fall of the Thai people in one thousand years, the prosperity of the Sukhothai dynasty, and the achievements of Emperor Langanxing… Thailand occupies a seat in the United Nations in the world of powerful hands. The tropical scenery of banana wind, coconut rain, blue sky and blue sea is certainly attractive, while the resplendent and magnificent palaces and temples are certainly attractive. However, Thailand’s long history and culture, its national spirit of self-improvement and self-reliance, and the hospitality of the Thai people make people willing to stop here. This is more like the habitat of wanderers’ hearts. It is a place where you don’t want to leave when you come!

After a night’s sleep on the waves, we returned to the seaside in the early morning. The sky is low and the clouds are dark, and the sea and sky are grey. A small boat in the vast ocean rose and fell with the breath of the sea, as if to break free from the shackles of the cable and drift far away. Ha Mei’s white flower dress lit the cold and cheerless beach, stepping on the waves, she was like the daughter of an elf sea of the sea.

Leaves and a lovely puppy are talking, looking so soft and gentle. (The leaf hung up the photo by itself, so I had to choose “the wind falls with the leaf and looks far away”)

A piece of incomplete fishing net was so striking in the sea breeze that I asked Xiao Shuai to open the fishing net and take photos. I want to tell this young man that life is like an endless network. Neither can we be trapped by life nor be unconstrained.

It rained cats and dogs and we ran back to the restaurant. The heavy rain, like falling from the sky, spread a thick curtain at the window. The sea is choppy and the dark clouds in the sky roll over. I am worried about the weather on my return trip. The tour guide told us that it was not terrible to have such heavy rain in Thailand and usually stopped in a short time. I am most afraid of the continuous light rain, which will never end. Sure enough, before breakfast was finished, the heavy rain stopped and the sky was faintly shining. Instead of taking a speedboat, we took a colorful cruise ship. The Thai flag fluttered in the wind at the bow and thousands of white chains were thrown out at the stern. We were getting farther and farther away from Koh Samet Island.

[Alternative Travel] Interesting Experience of Learning to Make Thai Food in Thailand

Henry Miller said: “The destination we travel to has never been a geographical term, but to acquire a new perspective on things. “-” Travel, Rebuild Yourself “We learn to read maps, recognize directions, be independent and adapt to changes through travel. Learn how to plan your trip, how to ask people directions and things in foreign countries, and how to overcome your fears. Even more senior travelers find that to go to the local area is not only to travel, but also to learn to live and learn a local craft. Therefore, @Xuan Jian’s “Learning to Make Thai Food” travel notes, hoping that everyone will have a deeper understanding of travel.

Asia Scenic Thai Cuisine School is a famous Thai Cuisine School in Chiang Mai, which is different from other cuisine schools. There are 6 kinds of dishes to choose from at Asia Scent Thai Cuisine School: 1. Stir-fry 2. Appetizers 3. Soups 4. Desserts 5. Sauces 6. Sauces. Participating in Asia Scenic Thai Cuisine School, we not only have a special bus to pick you up from the hotel, but also we will teach you the basic understanding of cuisine with innovative spirit, from the understanding of raw materials, purchase to cooking, you will personally participate. You will be able to learn about the fun of cooking and the local conditions and customs of the Thai people.

The day before, we decided to study here. I enrolled in a half-day course. We lived very close to here and did not let them pick us up. If my family wants to watch me cook here, they need to pay some more fees and can eat my cooking together.

Teach us all kinds of spices in the vegetable garden.

Take us to that loosen market for purchase

Take us to that loosen market for purchase

One red egg 5B sold in the loose-skimming market

The loose-skimming market is very fresh and cheap.

The fruit in the loose skimming market is very fresh.

The vegetable garden teaches us all kinds of spices.

The vegetable garden lets us know all kinds of spices in Thailand.

Learn to cook Thai dishes and choose the dishes we want to cook today according to the principle that the minority is subordinate to the majority. Because there are too many Westerners and there are too many differences between what I want to learn, I have not been able to choose the dishes I want to learn.

Show us around the market to buy food.

Show us around the market to know the unique vegetables in Thailand.

These are all students who go to the vegetable market to purchase.

The snacks given to each person before cooking are wrapped with this leaf in fragrant rice, chopped flowers, onions, chili peppers and then drenched with honey. After wrapping, they are put into the mouth at once. The taste is still good.

The snacks given to each person before cooking are wrapped with this leaf in fragrant rice, chopped flowers, onions, chili peppers and then drenched with honey. After wrapping, they are put into the mouth at once. The taste is still good.

The snacks given to each person before cooking are wrapped with this leaf in fragrant rice, chopped flowers, onions, chili peppers and then drenched with honey. After wrapping, they are put into the mouth at once. The taste is still good.

We started cooking our first course.

My son took it while I was cooking.

I forgot the name of the first dish I made. There are cashew nuts, agaric, corn, chicken, leeks, onions, chili and so on.

My second dish, fried rice

This is the fried spring roll learned by foreigners, but I didn’t learn this.

The ingredient of the third dish I learned to cook is fried flour.

The ingredients for the fourth course I learned to cook

My third course

The third dish I made was a little small,

Fried spring rings, what Westerners learned to make and gave us food, I didn’t learn to make this. Ha ha

Most of them came alone or studied together. They were full when they fried the first dish together. Ha ha, seeing that there were many of us, they brought all the dishes to us. Ha ha, we eat very well.

He began to learn to cook the next dish again.

This is the stone mortar used to make curry.

This is the red curry that has been rammed

Sugar should be added to the curry soup

This is green curry soup

I made red curry soup

The soup I made came out of the pot.

It looks good, huh

This is the green curry soup that others sit on. It tastes hard to drink and is not as easy to swallow as the red curry soup.

This cooking experience really didn’t learn much, but it was quite meaningful to experience the Thai cooking process.

One day food (country food price 900 baht/person) (urban food price 1000 baht/person) 9.00 a.m.-15.00 p.m. Car pick-up time 8.20 am.-8.50 am. P.s. You can choose 6 dishes from 6 major categories. Half day food (700 baht/person) 9.00 am.-01.00 pm. Car pick-up time 8.20 am.-8.50 am. 04.30 pm.-08.30 am. Car pick-up time 04.00 pm.-04.20 pm.

You can choose to cook 4 dishes from 4 major categories.

Start your new journey ~ ~ not only walking on the road, but also experiencing more cultures!

Fruit Fragrance-Visit Fruit Garden

Peter said that the afternoon trip would go to Visit Fruit Garden, when the sun had already begun to show its power and had not shown much interest in visiting the orchard.

When the van drove to the gate of the orchard, cups of clear coconut juice came to us, giving us a boost to our thirst. We changed into a special car for the orchard. Along the road, we heard Peter introduce that the orchard was private and contained more than 20 kinds of fruits. Thailand had suitable weather and fertile land. Mangoes and lotus plums went on sale in April and durian, the “King of Fruits” ripe in May. “After Fruit” Mangosteen; Rambutan, litchi, longan, etc. listed in the rainy season can be enjoyed in this orchard. You can pick and taste them at will in this orchard, but you cannot take the fruits out of the orchard.

As sightseeing bus traveled in twists and turns, we suddenly realized for the trees that we had eaten or seen but had not seen. It turned out that lotus plums grew on this kind of trees, mangosteen trees looked like this, and jackfruit turned out to be such a big one.

The driver driving our convertible sightseeing bus is a humorous person. He should have come into contact with many Chinese guests and will pop up one or two Chinese words to say hello. He will stop at any time and jump down to pick some fruit for us to taste. I remember that the first fruit he picked was pitaya. Its red and fiery appearance attracted me very much, but I didn’t like it all the time. I didn’t think its taste was suitable for me. I didn’t think the fresh pitaya was different from what we bought at the fruit stall. It was more fragrant, sweet and tender, making you feel that it slipped down without chewing in your mouth. When carambola is bought at the fruit stall, it always feels extremely sour. It can only be put in some sugar water or I don’t know how to eat it. Therefore, it seldom comes to my house. Fresh carambola does not have the sour strength when tasting it. It is a little sweet in sour. After eating it, I feel thirsty.

The driver jumped up and down to pick fruits along the road for us. He picked unknown little things on the road, put water on them, and suddenly exploded in front of the leader. When he saw that we were frightened, his face would show a smile that had done bad things. When he saw the honeycomb, he would threaten to poke open the honeycomb. When he performed cutting rubber trees, he took one finger and lit it, then put it into his mouth. The unknown driver also picked up his finger and touched it. Ha ha, now he was overjoyed. It turned out that he put the other finger into his mouth, making people who did not understand think it was edible food.

When we frolicked all the way through the orchard, I saw a group of female workers picking fruits in the woods and repeatedly calling for a stop. The female workers in the orchard seemed to understand what we meant and took pictures of them in different postures in life. The smiles on their faces were very bright. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of them due to angle problems. As he said “goodbye” and left them and turned to another fruit tree, Suddenly I got a pat on the back, A pair of lotus plums flashing red light and a smiling face appeared in front of me. The smile told me that this was a gift for me. At that moment, I was really touched. Whether she understood it or not, she kept saying thank you and folded her hands to thank her. She just looked at me with a smile and turned away. Their clear laughter rang out from the orchard.

As the car drove forward, we came to the durian area. The driver still did not change his funny nature and picked up a knife to open the durian. At the moment of opening, he suddenly showed a painful expression, causing us to ask in unison if we had cut it. The words just fell and he cut the durian intact.

I never knew there were so many varieties of durian, Durian is divided into “long handle”, “chani” and “golden pillow”. The most popular is the “golden pillow”, which is rich and sweet in meat. The flesh is golden yellow, After listening to Peter’s introduction, When you were buying durian, People who can peddle durian make a small incision. You can press it with your hand and choose the hardness and softness according to your taste. Fresh durian does not have a particularly heavy taste. However, it is actually wrong for us to choose cracked durian in China. Cracked durian may be going to break down, so it gives off a strong taste. Once bought durian, When opened, the room smelled of durian, When tasting it, The smell made me spit it out, Since then, durian has been my least favorite fruit. However, I am a delicious person who did not taste durian in Thailand. I took a few pieces and tasted them. I didn’t think the durian here did not have the original taste. It has long handle, light fruit color and white shape. The taste is not particularly sweet. After tasting several varieties, it is indeed the pure and sweet taste of “golden pillow” with endless aftertaste.

When we left durian area, several of us really couldn’t eat it. At this moment, we wanted our stomachs to be bigger, but there were still sweet longan that we hadn’t tasted. How could we leave willingly? I never thought that on the day when longan was picked directly under the tree and sent to my mouth, longan hung heavily on the tree, attracting us. We all marveled at the sweet longan here. Longan is sweet but its stomach is limited, ha ha.

Although we are not going to the fruit-rich season, we have also felt the fruit garden with fragrant fruit aroma. This orchard makes each of us reap a lot in our stomachs, and also makes me forget the group of happy and enthusiastic women workers in the fruit garden. The fruit garden is reaping both taste and happiness.

Thailand in My Eyes

Thailand is the first time I have stepped out of the country. It always leaves me wanting to write down some what. There are always friends going abroad, Thailand is often their first stop, When they came back to mention Thailand, they showed me more photos of them with Thai transvestites and bird’s nest, but they seldom mentioned other impressions with me. As a result, Thailand gave me the impression of transvestites for a long time. Later, they saw more photos of Thailand on Duoduo, which were the combination of tree tendrils and Buddha. This made me sigh with wonder of nature.

This trip to Thailand is also a pleasant surprise. What I saw and heard in Thailand also gave me a preliminary understanding of it. Although we are playing like sunny water, we have already made me have this desire. Thailand will still choose a tourist country again. At first sight, Bangkok felt that its urban construction was not as good as our second-class city. It may not be disappointing. There are many motorcyclists on the road. In Thailand, they can not buy a house but they can buy a car if they have money. Therefore, the road is blocked. Portraits of their king and queen are hung along the way. You can also know from this that in Thailand, the king has a high position in their hearts and is not allowed to talk about members of the royal family casually.

The sharp corners let you see an upward country. In Thailand, many buildings have sharp corners rushing straight at the clouds. You will be amazed at how exquisite these sharp corners are, and you will be amazed at the glittering golden monasteries in front of you. There will be various flowers in front of you, and more yellow and white flowers dotted in them are especially eye-catching. At the same time, their exquisite carvings in every corner of these monasteries are amazing. From these, we can also feel that Thailand is a country that attaches great importance to details. As the car drives forward, the disappointment gradually disappears, and you unconsciously put into great interest.

Thailand is an extremely contradictory country. On the one hand, it “laughs at poverty but does not laugh at prostitution”. On the other hand, it strictly abides by Buddhist regulations. It can use its lower body to give itself the greatest indulgence, and on the other hand, it uses its upper body to abide by the piety in its heart. Here you can see the normal life of the “transvestite” who discriminates against other countries and contacts with the people around them normally. You can also see many “black pearls” clearly mark their prices. They can relax and be short-term couples with “white swans”. Their conjugal love is no less than that of normal couples. You can see the later and more lively “* *” all kinds of women and men indulge here.

On the other hand, they have great respect for gods. No matter in what, you will see the statues enshrined. They also have great respect for monks. Women are not allowed to touch their bodies. They can build their own museums or monasteries of gods for their religious beliefs, and worship the relics of eminent monks. Their devotion to their beliefs amazed onlookers. The two are extremely contradictory things, but they exist and grow together in Thailand.

Similarly, you can find extremely quiet white and snowy beaches in this country. You can give yourself the most luxurious vacation enjoyment with good money. You can have good privacy and enjoy the sunshine, sand, blue sky and sea. There is no dispute with the world. The world belongs to you. You can also have fun with everyone in a simple way and enjoy the beautiful scenery under the gorgeous sun umbrella. Although it is noisy, happiness like your heart is also a kind of enjoyment.

Thailand has a noisy side and an elegant and quiet side. It has the simplicity of “Bangkok Bag” and the luxury of “Bangkok Bag”. It will make you feel at first sight that it is just a cloth bag. However, if you look at the exaggerated bow carefully, you will find that the inside is exquisite in workmanship and perfect in details. It is really the “LV” in the cloth bag.

The Second Impression of Thailand-Thai Transvestite

When it comes to Thailand, almost everyone will mention the Thai transvestite. I have seen many photos of the transvestite on the Internet. There are always indecent photos. The excited expressions of the men still make me remember deeply. Therefore, the word transvestite is equivalent to pornography and perversion.

However, this trip to Thailand changed my narrow thinking. When night fell, we followed the tour guide to Pattaya’s “Tiffany Transvestite Show”. As soon as we got off the bus, we saw dazzling neon lights. The door was full of a group of people who were in turmoil. From time to time, we saw and heard transvestites with money in their hands greeting us to take photos together. The tour guide told us that we would come out to take photos later, so we followed the manager to the first row of the theater, where you could clearly see the eyelashes of the people on the stage. When the stage music sounded, The magnificent stage is constantly updated with the change of plot, The costumes of the transvestites on the stage also change with the plot changes, Their clothes look very gorgeous at first sight, and at the same time they also pay attention to the perfection of details. The clothing will be displayed according to the characteristics of each country. It makes you feel like this is a visual event, Although they are known to perform on the oral cavity, But their accuracy still makes me think that this song is from them. They performed the latest songs from various countries all night. In the performance, they showed the traditional Thai ethnic costume show in the form of large-scale song and dance epics. Imitation of mainstream Broadway large-scale songs and dances and the most classic songs in various countries, in time, You were,,, All, let you be in time so that the viewer can enjoy the beauty with the music. Watching them perform in high heels for an hour makes me feel that the artist’s name can also be suitable for them. I am moved by their best efforts and meticulousness. Their charming and noble, soft and graceful movements make me ashamed as a woman. They are really more women than women.

The transvestite is a unique culture in Thailand, They turned themselves into transvestites for various reasons. After listening to their manager’s introduction, They will take photos with viewers in the program space. The photos taken will be divided into the transvestites who did not come out to take photos, Anyone who wants to join them in the show, And the theatre will carry out the necessary training, They will spare an hour to rehearse. If there are new plays, they will spend more time. The theater will take them to other countries to perform from time to time. They will also use high fees to maintain their appearance. Maybe you will come here 10 years later and find that the years seem to have stagnated on them. Tiffany Song and Dance Troupe Held “Miss Tiffany World” Contest. The competition is held in March every year and the “Miss Tiffany World” competition is held in March every year. It attracts transvestites from different countries to participate. They use their more noble manners than women to welcome some aspects of respect.

At the end of the show, We still can’t contain our feelings, One after another took out 40 plants to take photos with them. Ha ha, but most of the photos were taken out because of too much excitement. During the photo taking, I was moved by a special person we called “Barbie Doll”. When we were looking for change around, he (she) warmly greeted us “No money, come here”. At this moment, I really forgot that they were different from us.

In Thailand, transvestites are not discriminated against, In Thailand, you will inadvertently find that transvestites actually live among us. They also live an ordinary life and make a living on their own hands. I have seen them warmly receive tourists in the water market and greet us on board and off the ship last week. Here I prefer to call them human beings rather than transvestites. They are just a group of people who have the same worldly desires as us and live on their own efforts.