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Sumi Island, Thailand

Samui Island SAMUI Five Days and Four Nights Tour

Sumi Island

Day 1: Around Sumi Island

On the first day, I chose Huandao. Sumi Island is a 247-square-kilometer coconut island, which belongs to Thailand’s third largest island and is located in the Gulf of Thailand in southern Thailand. The main tour of Sumi Island is to enjoy the scenic spots on the island and swim, bathe in sunshine and stroll on the beach.

Departing from the hotel at nine in the morning, Follow the coastline to the island’s famous scenic spots: Viewing platform, Stone Shipo, Namon Falls (the largest waterfall on the island) can be used for elephant riding in the resort area of the waterfall. Watch tigers and bird fighting monkeys. For lunch, choose the seaside shop or resort at the dock. Next, there is the Giant Buddha Beach, where there is the largest golden Giant Buddha in southern Thailand-Paya Temple. Return to the hotel at about 5-6 pm. If you are interested, you can also swim and sunbathe at Chawen Beach. For dinner, you can choose the romantic and warm candlelight dinner in the open air on Chavin Beach.

The next day: Tao Island and Nanyuan Island

Tao Island is famous for diving throughout Thailand. Nanyuan Island is very close to Tao Island, and the distance between the boat is 10 minutes. Tao Island and Nanyuan Island are located near the northern part of Sumi Island, and the scenery is the essence of the whole Sumi District.

The driver will pick up at the hotel at 8 o’clock. After breakfast at the dock, take a speedboat to Tao Island, snorkeling for one hour, watching the beautiful scenery on the seabed and the free shuttle of fish schools in the sea world. After that, go to the crescent-shaped Nanyuan Island. Chinese food enjoys a buffet on Nanyuan Island. After the meal, you can visit Nanyuan Island or snorkel. You can return to Sumi Island by boat at about 3 pm and arrive at Sumi Island at 5 pm. For dinner, you can choose seafood dinner or authentic Thai food. After dinner, you can visit Chawen Night Market Street, the busiest on the island.

Antong National Forest Park

Day 3: Antong National Forest Park

Antong National Forest Park is located in the northern part of Sumi Island. It is a forest park composed of several beautiful and lively small islands, which can be used for boating, snorkeling, mountain climbing and forest swimming.

Pick up and drop off at the hotel at 7: 30, start from the dock at 8: 30 after changing tickets, arrive at Antong National Forest Park at 10: 00, snorkel for one hour, enjoy the buffet on the island, and then go boating, climbing mountains and swimming in the forest on the middle sea surrounded by several small islands with clear sea water and calm sea surface.

Return to Sumi Island at 3: 30 p.m. And arrive at Sumi Island at 5: 00 p.m. Dinner is up to you to choose. Of course, I will also recommend which one is better. The types of food are introduced. After dinner, you can experience Thai massage.

Day 4: Sea Fishing

The driver will take you to the vicinity of Giant Buddha Beach on Sumi Island at 9: 00 in the morning. Take a boat to the nearby sea area, Fishing is a relatively leisure sport. You can enjoy most of the time with your family on the boat. There are many kinds of fish in the sea. You can see beautiful spotted fish shuttling freely in the sea on the boat. In the afternoon, you can return to the shore and return to the hotel. After dinner, you can watch famous Thai boxing or go to the bustling pedestrian street in the fishing village.

Chavon Beach

Day 5: Chavon Beach

This day is mainly for leisure, Time is at your disposal, If you slow down on the island, you can walk on the beach or go to motor boats if you are interested. The morning air on Sumi Island is very fresh, The temperature is a little cool, because the arrangement is relatively leisure. After watching the sunrise, I will enjoy Thai breakfast. In the morning, I will swim, sunbathe, take photos and so on at the seaside of Chawen. In the afternoon, I will take you to the market to eat Thai lively fruits, buy souvenirs, coconut cakes, floating water lamps, latex products and so on. The time is arranged by you, and I can eat BBQ and so on for dinner.

“Thai Temptation” for Jiami that wipe the sunset…

There are two places that must be visited in this “Take You Abroad-Thailand Station” activity, one is Jiami and the other is Chiang Rai. Between Jiami and Chiang Rai, I resolutely chose Jiami because I advocate nature and am infatuated with mountains and rivers. Besides, Jiami has the most beautiful Onan beach and the most romantic PP island (PP used to belong to Phuket, but actually belongs to Jiami). Judging from the map, the sunset on the beach of Kamionan will make people intoxicated, and if you go to PP Island, the journey is closer than Phuket.

I booked a round-trip air ticket to Bangkok to Jiami on AirAsia’s official website. The cabbage-like price was surprising, and it only cost 559 yuan in total. Some people say that the Asian voyage Ricard is too dead, only 7 kilograms. I don’t think so. There is only one cheap price in the world. How can you have a cheap air ticket and check it for you free of charge? One of my SLR camera bags is not weighty when hung on my chest. A backpack behind me is not large and people have not looked at it. The booking was successful. AirAsia did not notify you by text message. It only sent five electronic tickets to your mailbox, all of which said that the first three tickets would be printed. In fact, it only looked at the first ticket to get the boarding ticket, and even only needed to remember the six-digit order number.

This time, the organizer booked us two nights of accommodation for the Holiday Inn on December 14 and 15. The night ahead of schedule, he booked BB Youth Hostel not far from the Holiday Inn in Yagas. In fact, it is the basement of the Holiday Inn in Onan Bay. It costs more than 70 yuan per night, and the conditions are more simple. One night will be enough.

On the 13th, it was more than a little bit when I returned to Swalin residence from Nendanshado Water Market. Xiaomin booked a mini bus (150B) at 2 o’clock for me. After a short rest, the car arrived as promised, carrying several backpackers from all over the world to Bangkok’s old airport, Langman Airport. Langman Airport is located just north of Bangkok. It took about an hour on the ground to reach its destination. Entering the airport, although there is not a Chinese sign at the Pixel Wannabe Airport, I saw the striking red of AirAsia from a distance. Just as I was searching carefully for my flight, a staff member took the initiative to come up and ask. I showed her the printed electronic air ticket. She raised three fingers and everything was in silence. I went straight to check-in number three. What makes me even warmer is that when I got the boarding pass, the staff specially circled the boarding gate, boarding time and seat number on the all-English sign, and told me in Chinese. My heart was warm. The plane took off on time, heading for the charming Jiami, the charming Onan…

It was already nightfall at Dejiami Airport. Some people at the exit solicited business and could not speak Thai, but if you just say “Onan”, those people could understand. I pointed to the address on the order and said “BB” in my mouth. They nodded frequently, bought 150B tickets at the airport and boarded their bus. There are also taxis that can go to Onan, 600B, which is very distinctive.

Here, I would like to greatly praise the bus at Jiami Airport. Onan Beach is several kilometers long and there are many hotels. However, no matter which hotel you go to, the driver will take the guests to the gate of the hotel you want to go one by one according to the statistics when getting on the bus. In this strange place, BB, you are the first harbor I take refuge in!

In the early hours of the morning, the sound of the waves in Onan Bay seemed to call me. I got up very early, but over 100 meters, I came to the beach. The crescent-like Onan Bay is silent, and occasionally foreigners break its silence. I sigh with emotion: if in China, such a beautiful place, at this moment, it must be full of long guns and short guns…

At noon, I couldn’t wait to check into the Holiday Inn on Onan Beach. Thanks to the thoughtful arrangement of the Thai Tourism Bureau, I specially arranged our room on the fourth floor of the highest place, with an oversized viewing balcony, where I could enjoy the sea and sunset. From BB Youth Alms to Holiday Inn, it is like from hell to heaven.

The architectural style of Holiday Inn is amazing. Its appearance is not conspicuous and it is in perfect harmony with the environment. However, the facilities inside are unique and humanized everywhere. The swimming pool water surrounds every corner of the hotel. No matter which room you are in, you can jump into the pool and chop the waves.

In order to come to Jiami for the sunset, I came to the beach early in the afternoon, for fear of missing the perfect Guang Chen every minute. This time, it was Duoduo who sent me to Jiami. People are not vegetation. How can they be ruthless? We have to let Duoduo enjoy the picturesque scenery first.

How many couples, who have traveled thousands of miles, are probably chasing that beautiful moment and reposing their feelings of not changing when the sea dries up and the rocks crumble.

Tomorrow’s sunset may be more brilliant, which is the hope of everyone on Onan Beach.

The trip to PP Island the next day totaled 1800B, which was also a value-for-money blue trip. High-speed speedboats, golden beaches, blue seas, and snorkeling, which makes people in close contact with fish, place you in a pure, beautiful and sci-fi world…

I returned to the hotel at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, took a rest, and immediately killed me on the beach. From the astronomical phenomena coming back from the sea, I had a hunch that today’s sunset might be more powerful! Everything comes to him who waits. As the sunset gradually goes down to the west, the clouds in the sky are constantly changing, just like a master of fine arts, waving a large sum of money like rafters, stirring the huge palette of the sky and wantonly spreading it, demonstrating the most beautiful picture of the sunset in the world!

Jiami, I came for your sunset, and you didn’t disappoint me in the end!

During the three days in Jiami, I got up early and took pictures of three morning lights and two sunsets. On the beach of several kilometers, I was alone in running. It was really a great experience! From the original choice to the final verification, I would like to say: the sunset on Jiami Beach is unparalleled in the world!

Chiang Mai Meets Sumi Island


It has been some time since I came back. I finally got rid of my laziness and began to record the dribs and drabs of my trip with my friends ~ ~ At the same time, I also hope it will be helpful to all my relatives.

Choose Chiang Mai to see a different Thai style. The island of Sumi is called heaven in numerous travel guides, but I prefer to call it a ferry that takes you back and forth between worldly, steadfast, fine happiness and transcendent selflessness.


1. Schedule

2. Full cost

The total cost of the two of us for 8 days and 6 nights is about 10,000 RMB.

3. Hotel Information

Chiang Mai: Le Meridien Hotel

Hotel Profile: The living environment is clean and tidy, the hotel is very quiet and the dining is convenient. Adhering to the elegant European tradition and integrating contemporary culture, Le Meridien Hotel has built an atmosphere rich in exquisite humanistic atmosphere, profound connotation and exciting atmosphere, so that everyone in it can enjoy every moment of good time and explore wonderful things in ordinary daily life.

[Su Mei: Le Sharang]

Hotel Profile: The hotel is located on the rustic Chawen Beach of Sumi Island. It is a private seaside villa resort, providing a unique relaxing and luxurious space. The name Sarann Hotel refers to a state of mind in which all worries are drifting away. Near the main dining and nightlife area of Sumi Island, the resort is only 20 minutes away from the airport. The resort absorbs beauty, quietness, convenience and comfort.

4. Flight Information

On the first day, Beijing flew directly to Chiang Mai.

Day 3 Chiang Mai-Sumi Island

The seventh day Su Mei-Beijing

5. Tips

Here is a tip to remind my relatives that the trip went smoothly.


Remind relatives to remember to buy some special covers for luggage case, otherwise the boxes will easily be broken or scratched during the check-in, and they will not be able to look directly at them once or twice.


1. Thais respect the king and members of the royal family very much and do not talk about or discuss the royal family casually. When members of the royal family attend, it is best to pay attention to the actions of others and follow suit.

2. Thais regard the head as a sacred place, so don’t touch other people’s heads casually. It is especially taboo for outsiders to touch the heads of children (especially young monks).

3. Thais think their left hands and feet are not clean. The left hand can only be used to take some unclean things. In more formal occasions, both hands should be given. The feet are humble and cannot kick the door or point things with their feet. Never flush the sole of your foot at Buddha. When seated, do not tilt your feet and face the soles of your feet at others. Women’s legs must be brought together.

4. Don’t make too intimate moves in public, such as hugging and kissing. Naked sunbathing is only allowed on some beaches.

5. Do not wear sunglasses when talking with others. Gestures should be moderate. Do not point your fingers at each other. When you pass in front of others, you must bow. This is especially true when women pass in front of others.

6. Thais hold the Water Lantern Festival on December 15 every year in the Thai calendar. When watching the water lantern, they must pay attention. No matter how delicate and beautiful the water lantern is, they must never pick it up.

7. Take off your shoes when entering the temple. Your clothes should be neat and dignified. Do not wear shorts. Women should avoid touching monks. If they offer their belongings, they can ask men to do it on their behalf or put it directly on the table.

8. Thailand forbids gambling. Even hotel rooms cannot play cards or mahjong.

9. Thais love cleaning very much. Spitting and throwing things everywhere are considered to be very uneducated. Thais also attach great importance to the tidiness of toilets.

Sumi Island Tips:

There are many small travel agencies on Sumi Island. When signing up for a tour or buying tickets to sea, you can choose a travel agency close to the hotel. The hotels or travel agencies they stay in basically have motorcycle rental service, which costs 250-300 Thai baht a day and about 50 Thai baht for oil.

Some sections of Huandao Road in Sumei have relatively large slopes and some roads are not very smooth. Helmets must be worn when driving motorcycles. Vehicles must drive on the left and the speed must be limited to 40km/h.

Photographing the English or Thai signs of the hotel and showing them to the driver will reduce many unnecessary troubles for your travel and the distress caused by the lack of language.

There are no large shopping malls in Sumi Island. They are basically small shops or medium-sized shopping centers. There are also popular 7-11 convenience stores and small Lotus in Thailand, which are open 24 hours a day. Sunscreen, switch sockets, instant noodles and other daily necessities are easy to buy. There are many small souvenir shops downtown or near the beach.

Be sure to wear sunscreen before going out to sea, otherwise those friends who don’t often bask in the sun in China will peel, especially their arms.

Diving is a must for visiting Sumi Island and its surrounding areas. Pay attention to safety during diving to avoid injury.

6 Tourism Key Words

Chiang Mai: Quiet and Living Coexist, Leisurely Emotional Appeal, Weekend Night Market Town Story, North Thailand Rose Teresa Teng Literary Tune

Slow the pace of life in ancient cities

Su Mei: Memories of Love Postcard-like Beauty Original Flavor Water Clear Sand White Honeymoon Holy Land Tourists Scarce Not Crowded Quiet Beautiful

Beyond imagination, the natural scenery of Coconut Island, the blue sea water,


Chiang Mai International Airport

Day 1-April 13, 2013, Saturday

I have been thinking about one time, I will take my camera, backpack and my best friend’s hand on a trip. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city, forget everything around you, forget the nine to five every day, forget all considerations of gain and loss, just simply go to a place we all like with our best friends, happy life! Even for a short time!

We have targeted Southeast Asia, but we all have a little shadow over Southeast Asia. The crowd is not to mention that tour guides and shops alone are dark. We really want to have a free trip, but Europe and the United States are too expensive and far away, and Maldives is also expensive. After reading a large number of strategies and road books, we finally targeted two places in Thailand, Chiang Mai and Sumi Island.

Chiang Mai is such a fresh place that I have long been fascinated. Let time flow, drink tea slowly, bid farewell to the little Buddha of Thailand and buy some flowery skirts.

As for Sumi Island, it is also recommended to us by a friend who has been there. It is an island that has not been developed by too much tourism. It is the third largest island in Thailand. The accommodation conditions are also good. You can rent a car on the island and walk around. Looking at the photos, it was really good, so I decided with my best friend.

Needless to say, let’s start to introduce our itinerary to you. There are still many beautiful pictures … In order not to seize the limelight of the scenery, we chose the photos and kept a low profile. We will not let the two female pig feet go. Let’s enjoy the scenery to our heart’s content!

We went to Chiang Mai on our first day and enjoyed breakfast on the plane. After several hours of flight to Chiang Mai, I felt that the Thai stewardess was really friendly, the service was really good, and the plane was quite comfortable. With the expectation of the journey, I don’t feel tired at all.

After getting off the plane, I entered the customs smoothly and looked at the blue sky in Chiang Mai. I was in a good mood. ! ! Go and buy a local phone card. 249 Thai baht can be used for 7 days. 3G Internet access is very fast. It is enough to send a micro blog WeChat and check a map. Chiang Mai International Airport is located about 4 kilometers southwest of Chiang Mai City and covers an area of 3.05 square kilometers. The two-storey aviation hall covers an area of 16,470 square meters. There are international and domestic passenger arrival halls on the first floor and international passenger departure halls on the second floor. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Chiang Mai City by taxi or hotel shuttle bus from the airport. There is a direct flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai every day, which takes one hour and costs about 1300 baht. Thai Airlines has flights from Bangkok to towns in northern Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Meihongsong, Nanbang, Sukhothai and Nanfu. In addition, you can also fly from Chiang Mai to the above places at a fare of about 300 baht. The airport departure tax for international flights is 250 Thai baht. The airport departure tax for domestic flights is 30 Thai baht.

The first thing is to go to the hotel to check in. The hotel in Chiang Mai is better than we thought before and is quite satisfactory. The hotel’s fresh and comfortable environment.

On-site terrace for cool swimming

Chiang Mai

Quickly complete the check-in and start the trip to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has yellow-bodied Batu, three-wheeled rickshaws, doodle cars and taxis. There are not many bus routes, and Chiang Mai City has various bus routes. Doodle car market is usually 10 baht one way, which is much more convenient than buses. Chiang Mai’s doodle car charges more than 300 baht a day, and the driver takes tourists to various scenic spots. There are relatively few taxis. There are many bicycle and motorcycle rental shops in Chiang Mai’s old city. The daily rent is 30 baht and more than 200 baht respectively. The rental procedures are very simple. Chiang Mai’s urban section is flat, and you can travel by bike on your own. You can travel all over Chiang Mai’s scenic spots in a day or two.

The streets here are clean and tidy, and the people are hospitable. Perhaps because of their religious beliefs, their pace of work and life are very slow. Their manners make you feel leisurely and relaxed. If you smile at them and say hello, they will also smile back politely.

When playing here, there are people selling freshly squeezed juice and fruits with carts everywhere in the street. Girls can drink freshly squeezed juice instead of white water. Thai mango has endless taste and is on the market in large quantities from March to June. It is different from mango varieties in Central America and the West Indies. Durian comes on the market in May and August, and the most famous variety is golden pillow.

If you can’t buy tickets to Chiang Mai’s scenic spots because of the large number of people or other reasons, you can book all kinds of tickets, air tickets, car rental, scenic spot tickets, etc. through tour office, and their prices are the same as or may be a little higher than those of the ticket outlets.

Chiang Mai City

Take a doodle bus to Chiang Mai City, which is the capital of the Lannana Dynasty. We are deeply attracted by the eyeful of Thai buildings. The four corners of the city gate, the moat flowing around the city, and the high-footed wooden buildings in northern Thailand are all vivid in our mind.

Data Temple (Chiang Mai)

Chiang Mai is a Buddhist holy place with 38 temples, large and small, and special pilgrimage routes. The temples here are very quiet and deeper than other places. My friends and I both have religious beliefs. We chose the classic Great Pagoda Temple and Shuanglong Temple to visit. First of all, let’s talk about the Great Pagoda Temple. Shuanglong Temple will be introduced later. The Great Pagoda Temple is the tallest and most important temple in northern Thailand, where major Buddhist activities are held every year. Here you can turn the tower with lotus flowers in your hand, worship, and pay for incense at will. If you also have religious beliefs, don’t miss it!

The bronze statues of the three kings of Lana were built and the memorial statues of the three kings were built. The three kings have a high position in the hearts of the people of northern Thailand. There is a altar under their sculpture, which is filled with yellow flowers and tributes. Many people worship every day.

Chiang Mai Imperial Hotel

For lunch, my friends and I enjoyed a luxurious Chinese and Western buffet at Imperial Hotel. All kinds of strongly recommended food were not only attractive in color but also delicious in taste.


It is very interesting to search for small handicrafts in Chiang Mai’s commercial district. We bought many of them very cheaply and can bargain.

Lost in Thailand: BHUP PHA RAM TEMPEL

Woodcarving Town

The wood carving town is located 25 kilometers away from the suburb of Chiang Mai. There are large and small family handicraft workshops. The whole village is engaged in wood carving and can buy exquisite wood carvings at low prices, ranging from bookmarks to furniture, doors and windows. There are restaurants, hotels and even shipping companies to the world.

Chiang Mai Night Market

There are all kinds of clothes, food and drink in the night market. It’s really a pity that you don’t come to the night market when you come to Chiang Mai. You can bargain here. It’s good and cheap. It’s necessary to find a few handicrafts. Here are three famous hopes that can help you.

1. The “night bazzar” on ChangKhan Road to the east of the ancient city every night;

Night Bazaar is located on Chang Klang Rd. Near the glacier to the east of Chiang Mai’s ancient city. There are various handicrafts, tourist souvenirs, massage shops, bars and local delicacies in the market. There are many high-end hotels such as Shangri-La and Amy around. Opening hours: around 17: 00-22: 00 daily.

2. The “Saterday Market” on WualaiRoad south of Chiang Mai Gate south of the ancient city on Saturday night; Saturday night market starts from the other side of the moat of Chiang Mai Gate at the south gate of the ancient city and extends obliquely along Wualai Road. Silverware used to be mainly sold here. Now the commodities are similar to those of Sunday night markets, but the scale is smaller than that of Sunday night markets and there are relatively few people. However, in the past two years, it has also been booming rapidly. Opening hours: approximately 16: 00-23: 00.

3. The famous “SundayMarket” around Tapeimen on Sunday night. It starts at the east gate of the ancient city (Tapeimen) and ends in front of Paxing Temple. The main Taoist length is about 1.1 kilometers. There are also stalls at several forks. Among them, there is a free singing and dancing performance at the end of the fork in front of Chedilong Temple. The night market mainly sells handicrafts in northern Thailand, which are sold at a lower price due to the market’s price limit policy. There are also various local specialties in the market, as well as * *. Opening hours: approximately 16: 00-23: 00.

Night Market: Hand-woven Key Chain, Mobile Phone Bag, etc.

Night Market: Boys who sing in the middle of the street to make money are not very old. Walking in Chiang Mai’s night market, there are vendors selling things on both sides and singers in the middle.

Night market: delicious roasted sausage,,, ha. There are also many roasted seafood here, such as oysters, round shellfish, scallops, shrimps, green mouth, etc. The chubby oyster meat and shellfish slowly overflow with delicious juice under the heat of the fire, accompanied by hissing barbecue sound.

Meisha Elephant Training Camp

Day 2-April 14, 2013, Sunday

In Meisha Elephant Training Camp, we especially experienced riding elephants, crossing the jungle and wading over mountains and rivers, which we often see on TV. We can ride here for 40 minutes and other places for only more than 10 minutes. Here, we remind you to remember to take umbrellas, otherwise it will be very sunny. If you think there is no charge for this, it is too naive, SAO Nian, ha ha! Elephant riding is probably THB 600/person

There are elephants with artistic temperament in the training camp, painting ing

It is said that the longer the neck, the higher the status of the women of the long neck race, which can only be seen in Meihongshun Town. In fact, their necks are no different from those of normal people, but their collarbones and shoulder bones sink due to the oppression of copper rings. Envy their long necks at the same time, my best friend and I are also very sigh with emotion, because they only get married, have children and die before taking off the copper ring.

This is the Shuanglong Temple mentioned earlier. It is located on the scenic Sutie Mountain near Chiang Mai City. It is the most famous Buddhist holy land in northern Thailand. The temple is full of gold and incense. It can also overlook Chiang Mai City. We took some panoramic photos here, and the effect was not bad.

You can’t go to Shuanglong Temple with short skirts and shorts. Borrow a piece of cloth at the door 10ba. Visual inspection shows that the cloth is not too clean. Girls who are obsessed with cleanliness buy one for themselves and put it in their bags. They can use it next.

The Kongming lantern we bought at the roadside store has a special emotional appeal when we put Kongming lantern on the table at night to pray for blessings. It is still different to put Kongming lantern in a foreign country. I wonder if Thailand, which has many temples, will make a wish more effective.

The restaurant’s unique singing and dancing performance

Handicraft village

Day 3-April 15, 2013, Monday

This is Thailand’s largest handicraft village. The craftsmen here continue the unique skills handed down from generation to generation and create all kinds of Thai silk, wood carving, porcelain, lacquer ware and paper umbrellas. The handicrafts are dazzling and can be bought back to send to relatives and friends. If you want to be upscale, you can also go to Treasure Garden Jewelry. Chiang Mai’s history is also a distribution center for Thai and Burmese jewelry trading. The jewelry here is genuine, of good quality and low price, and there may be some exciting styles. Ha ha

At lunch time, we had a court buffet. Girls who like to go through plays want to feel that the royal family used to eat what’s relatives. It is a good choice to come here. There are many kinds.

It is said that it is the most spiritual to worship the four-sided Buddha from 6 to 7 pm… The procedure: worship starts from the front, carries candles to worship, turns left, then turns from right to back, turns around, presents a string of flowers on each side, and carries incense on 3 wick (the first wick is to worship Buddha, the second wick is to worship Buddha sutra, and the third wick is to worship monks). Then go to the side and scoop a small cup of holy water and pat it on your forehead, face and arms. Four-sided Buddhas should make the same wish ~ ~ Our wish has not yet come true, goo!

Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hotel is very famous in the local area and must be enjoyed when conditions permit. Small bourgeoisie, relax. It is necessary to have two close-ups.


Before leaving, buy some souvenirs that cannot be bought in the night market at will. When you have time, you can go to the sweet house local product store, the juniper fragrant wood house. The juniper products sold by the exclusive agent here have health care effects. This store is well-known in the local area. Personally, I think it is most appropriate to give them to the elders. However, we didn’t have enough time, so we bought some small handicrafts casually, which was a pity. The following figure shows a soap box made of coconut shells.

In the evening, I will go to Sumei and not be willing to say goodbye to Chiang Mai, a city with faith and enthusiasm……..

This small town is quiet and elegant. The air is clean and fresh. Breathing is like kissing a lover’s cheek. Liking Chiang Mai has nothing to do with the stories of Teresa Teng and Lana Dynasties. Wandering in the ancient city feels simple and leisurely. What you enjoy when you stand in the Great Buddha Pagoda Temple in the morning or dusk is the peace and vicissitudes of life. Perhaps you may get nothing in the bustling night market, but you cannot but be moved by enthusiastic and simple merchants. If you are a child who loves animals, then in Chiang Mai you can deeply realize that what is kind and what is harmonious! Farewell to it is like farewell to an old friend, without too many words, just secretly nostalgic in my heart. This rose in northern Thailand, a good dream!

Sumei Airport

At the moment our small plane landed, all the guests in the cabin smiled and whispered. I opened my sleepy eyes and everything in front of me made me feel like I had passed away. Alighting from the coconut forest resort buildings on both sides of the plane makes people feel relaxed and happy. It seems that people forget to rush about the hardship of exhaustion. White sand. Beach. Coconut trees. Everyone’s smiling brow and canthus are cheering: Su Mei is here! In order for relatives to see clearly, it was the Sumi Airport, which was filmed later during the day, with one word: Beauty!

There are two exit signs at the airport. Pay attention to the sign and don’t make mistakes. You can ask the local people how to get to the area you want to go. This photo was also taken during the day.

There is a large golden Buddha statue built on a high platform near the tropical airport on Sumi Island. The Buddha faces the green hill and faces the boundless sea. It can be seen first from any angle near Sumi Island. In addition to the Golden Buddha, there are also sculpture groups with the theme of statues and fairy tales in Paya Temple. Tickets are free.

No matter how excited you are, don’t forget to check into the hotel. Sumi Island has more than a dozen beaches, large and small. Each beach has many hotels for tourists to choose from. The most important thing is to choose a suitable beach. The nightlife of the most popular beaches of HAT CHAWENG and HAT LAMA may be to your liking, while the northern, western and southern coasts give you a quieter beach vacation experience. In Sumi Island, where accommodation prices are increasing, it is difficult to live in cheap backpacking inns. If you want to spend luxurious holidays, Sumi Island does not lack top resorts. Compared with the expensive accommodation price at Chawen Beach, the accommodation price at Lamay Beach will be more yuan. Among the northern beaches, Choeng Mon has world-class luxury resorts, while Meinan and Bang Po beaches can find suitable accommodation for backpackers. The accommodation on the western beach is quite cheap, while the southern beach is quiet and expensive.

Sumi Island

Day 4-April 16, 2013, Tuesday

Here, one must sleep until one wakes up naturally. Without the trouble of tour groups, one must wake up naturally. Sumi Island, located in the Gulf of Thailand, is the third largest island in the country and the largest of more than 80 tropical islands. Sumi Island has many beaches, clear water and white sand everywhere, and charming scenery. When you wake up, you can enjoy sunbathing lazily, listening to birds singing and enjoying the breeze while reading and drinking cool drinks on your balcony. Sumi Island is a suitable place for vacation. If you can’t bring love, at least you must have love in your heart, so as not to waste this happy beauty.

It is also good to swim by the swimming pool, even the towels are so delicately arranged.

Pool guy. Oh,,, anthomaniac. Hey

After making a full-body spa, the largest spa store in Sumei can only accommodate 16 people, and all of them must be booked in advance. If you live in a five-star hotel, you can also ask the hotel for help, and if you are an ordinary hotel, you can also ask the local travel agency for help. These shops close at 10 o’clock in the evening. When they enter the shop, they will list the names and prices. Different from the domestic ones, they will not sell all kinds of hidden consumption. They are all one-time consumption. Su Mei Nature SPA2 hours (including fare back and forth) (full set) 2500 baht/person, Su Mei Nature SPA2.5 hours (including fare back and forth) contain 30 points of essential oil massage (full set) 2800 baht/person. In the realm of selflessness, should life be so beautiful? Smile! However, I would like to remind girls with sensitive skin that although they say essential oil is pure plant natural, I am not particularly recommended. There is also sauna, also must according to their physical condition and do better.

There are many car rental companies on Sumi Island. Apart from large international car rental companies, there are also local car rental companies, which are relatively cheap. However, local car rental companies are only allowed to travel on the island. If they take a bus ferry from Sumi Island to Surat Thani, they will be refused by the ferry companies. Therefore, it is suggested to choose large international car rental companies, such as Budget, Hertz, Avis, etc.

However, it should be noted that the local car rental company in Sumi Island needs to withhold the customer’s passport until the car is returned. Must have a valid Chinese passport + official English or Thai translation; It is better to have a Chinese driver’s license certified by the Thai Embassy and notarized in English or Thai. Duration: Within three months (stipulated by most insurance companies). The car we rent is about 2,000 Thai baht a day. It takes 40-60 minutes to take a tour of Sumi Island by taking the roundabout highway. If you are afraid of trouble, you can also hire an overseas driver.

The friendly people on both sides of the street will give you a more brilliant smile when you say hello to them and smile.

In the evening, Su Mei, a different kind of laziness

There are only three live seafood shops in Su Mei, which are delicious and pure.

Are you salivating? It’s delicious and juicy.

Day 5-April 17, 2013, Wednesday

Turtle Island, a turtle-like island, is Thailand’s most famous diving resort. Due to the clear sea water and rich underwater landscape, the markets around Tao Island are crowded with divers equipped with various professional equipment. Tao Island also has diving training classes suitable for students of different levels. Of course, diving takes a certain period of time to obtain qualification certificates. The price of obtaining PADI diving licenses at all levels is cheaper than elsewhere. If you only play casually, simple snorkeling with swimming goggles will also be quite interesting. It is worth noting that coral rocks under the sea are easy to scratch hands and feet and must be avoided. In addition, in order to maintain the ecological environment, the local government does not allow sea creatures such as starfish and shells to be caught from the sea without permission. Friends who are interested in these things must pay attention to them. Tao Dao speedboat swims about 1300 baht a day, including lunch. You can also take bread and throw it to the fish. It is very interesting to play with the tide and make fish. Crowds of fish surround us.

This is like an uncut diamond in the rough, bringing people the purest happiness. The water in Siam Bay is deep and clear, warm, low in salt, and has many kinds of fish, which seems to challenge anglers. Sharks, rays and barracuda are the most commonly caught in Siam Bay. It is also common to catch sailfish known as “aristocrats among fish”. During the period from Christmas to New Year, the probability is higher, but the sailfish here are much smaller than those in the Andaman Sea.

Whose baby is this? It’s so cute. Ha ha

You can talk to them at will and take photos of them. Everyone laughs so beautifully, so beautifully, so beautifully,

Antong National Marine Park

Day 6-April 18, 2013, Thursday

Antong National Ocean Park is made up of more than 40 small islands. You can enjoy the colorful coloured glaze sea, which is accompanied by flying fish. It is very beautiful.

There are many places to rent sailing boats, rafts and water sleds. You can experience all kinds of water sports according to your personal preferences. If there are more people in the same trade, it will be more lively. Sumi Island holds a famous international sailing competition every year, attracting sailing enthusiasts from all over the world to compete every year.

You can sit down and take a nap and say sweet words to your favorite person.

Dining at the national headquarters can climb the top to watch the wonders, which is the favorite of photography lovers! But be sure to pay attention to the ropes you need to climb to the top of the mountain.


Day 7-April 19, 2013, Friday

Early in the morning, I woke up in the sound of waves and birds. The morning dew outside the door made my heart feel cool. After grooming, I walked to the beach. To coconut trees. Blue sea and blue sky. Do the final tour, don’t forget to pick up the camera and leave eternal memories.

“At the moment, the wind is still blowing. I think of hello’s gentle days with you. I am not without a trace. I just think about how you are too strong to dream of you all the time.” Charming islands always give people too many hallucinations. When I left, I found myself deeply in love with this place that can bring people laziness, purity and happiness.

After checking out at noon, we still had some time and went to the rubber specialty store to buy some souvenirs. Happy times are always short, and the first free trip also left many regrets. For example, Chiang Mai did not have enough shopping, and Sumi Island did not have enough seafood to eat. All right ~ We promised that we would come again next time. Let’s keep the regrets until then and make up for them one by one.

Pattaya’s colorful lights, Bangkok’s bustling bustle, or Phuket’s sky and sea, music and laughter are not as elegant as it is, its carefree, and its love for Chiang Mai-because it has many small town stories. Su Mei, on the other hand, has the craziest full moon PARTY on the most amorous beach, the best Thai SPA beside the most colorful flowers, and the most beautiful sunset and sunset glow under the bluest sky. She loves Su Mei-only for the fragrance and purity.

Little T in Chiangmai


Air ticket [Macau-Chiang Mai]: http://www.airasia.com/cn/zh/home.page, return air ticket including tax RMB1800

Asia is a well-known low-cost airline. Although the price is not as low as before, it is still relatively affordable. It can be said that it is really cheap.

Bus [Guangzhou-Macau]: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm? Spm=0. 0.0. 0.tJ9P59 & id=9348471832RMB108

Taobao bought tickets for the Australia-China Travel Service and Guangzhou-Zhuhai round-trip buses, which are not limited to returning on the same day. It is very convenient to pick up the tickets at the boarding point.

Visa: [Taobao] http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm? Id=14354040734 & spm=0. 0.0. 0.chkdfR, RMB260 without postage

Taobao visa is very fast, and the information will be ready within a week.

Residence: Agoda booked, paid in advance.

D1: Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel RMB202

D2: Baan Kung Kang de Pai RMB220

D3: Baan Kung Kang de Pai

D4: Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel

D5: Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel

………….. … … … … …………… … … … … … … … … … … …

A long, long time ago, I exchanged my points for a copy of Bangkok Chiang Mai Raiders. A long, long time later, I actually set foot in this place.

It is not where you go, it is who you meet.

A little impulsive, a little crazy, a little 2, youth is like this, sometimes dream also want to start the courage. In March, I gambled on two air tickets, in May, I gambled on five nights of hotel and visa fees, so in June, I accidentally made a trip to Chiang Mai.

After experiencing the broken dream of Vietnamese millionaires on the 2012 National Day, I left a regret in my heart, An accidental opportunity, a very, very accidental opportunity, a former Vietnamese tour partner proposed a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. He remembered Gao Xiaomin’s fairy tale travel notes (below) for a long time, and there was also the temptation of an acceptable air ticket price. With 99% uncertainty, he accepted the fact that he would not refund, change or change, and had infinite longing. He paid the air ticket in March and then felt very conscious.

Rain, there has been no sign of stopping, don’t noble people go out in the wind and rain?

After joining R to cross Macao at 1: 00 p.m., there were really few people. At ordinary times, there was no sight of long lines crossing the border in Gongbei on holidays. He took him to the new road and Guanye Street to find snacks. How could Italy miss the pork chop bag? ! Because the first time I took the AirAsia flight, it was also the first time I took a self-help tour out of the country. I was afraid of going wrong. I braved the rain to sweep the streets at 19:55 p.m. and hurried to the airport early, because Macao really had no desire to visit. From Guanye Street back to Venetians take a free bus to the airport. Ha ha, shuttling back and forth in Macao can save money.

I met Xiao M and her boyfriend, R, at the airport. I accidentally reserved more than two hours at the Macao airport. I was idle and panicked. I changed 4,000 Thai baht in China before, fearing that it would not be enough to spend, so I temporarily changed another 2,000 B at the airport.

The wind was a little strong, the rain stopped, the sky was gray, and Macao airport was really small. Usually, it was reserved for at least one or two hours for domestic and international flights. Here, I changed my boarding pass, passed the security check, and checked in (I bought 20KG of check-in, but I didn’t expect it was only 10KG, which was lost! AirAsia’s plane meals, luggage check-in, seat selection fees and drinks have to be purchased separately), finally flew! We have been wondering before: the journey is very fast, but the return journey will take so long? The puzzle was finally solved by a broken voice on the plane. China and Thailand have a time difference of one hour. The departure or arrival is local time. The literal time is not all understood according to Chinese time.

Macau-Chiang Mai: FD2953 19:55-21:35

Chiang Mai-Macau: FD2952 15:35-19:15

After narrowing for two and a half hours, the plane finally began to descend. The night in Chiang Mai was extremely charming. Vast prosperity, soft lights, neat crisscross, so beautiful.

Get off the plane and buy a calling card (the airport has a free truemove card, top-up 100B can make 98 minutes of international long-distance calls, China’s M-Zone answer or * * domestic calls can be 6 yuan/minute), Taxi, the taxi driver is very kind, all the way to sell her car rental service to us (the uniform price for taxis returning to the city at the airport is 120B), asked about our itinerary and talked about the price (5000B for the return trip). Because the road is not familiar, we still decided to take mini bus (150B/person) in PAI County, which will leave tomorrow. It takes about 20 minutes by car from the airport to the hotel where we stayed. When the car stopped, we all sighed that such a luxurious hotel was equivalent to only over 200 RMB, and the cost performance was not generally high.

The kids from Beijing are waiting for us early in the hotel lobby. Hey, it is a kind of happiness to have one more companion on the trip.

Put down our luggage and we went out, because Xiao M and her BF didn’t buy plane meals, so we wanted to find food in the first place. Cheers! On the first night, I tasted the local Chang Beer and had a good trip!

The imp arrived one day earlier than us. She had already mixed up the land half cooked. She took us to the night market after full of food and wine. Although it was late and the stalls would be closed, she still saw its heyday and the consumption was really cheap.

D2: Chiang mai-Pai

The next day, the destination was PAI County, where it was expected to be placed for three days. When I woke up, I came out of the hotel and met a couple from Shenzhen. I carpooled together and got on a double bus. I went directly to the station to find breakfast. I bought a 10: 30AM bus to Pai and got on the bus after breakfast slowly.

PS: When I was having breakfast, I rummaged through the suitcase and found that the thermos cup I had with me had disappeared. It was estimated that I had left it in the hotel and brought it to drink water the night before. Call back to the hotel immediately to find out. I will come back to the hotel the day after tomorrow to check in. The front desk replied that if I find a way to help me stay, I will travel with confidence. At that time, I broke the cup one month after I bought it and took it back for repair. After that, there was a joke that I went to a restaurant and left it behind. My friends brought it back. As a result, I came back to the hotel two days later and consulted again. I couldn’t find the reply. Whoops! The 300-ocean dining master is finally over.

From Chiang Mai to Bai, it is more than 120 kilometers, nine bends and 13 bends, and it takes three hours to drive. The driver also drove steadily and stopped at two rest points. I pasted carsickness medicine and prepared U-inhalation. In the end, I didn’t get past the nine bends and thirteen bends. When I got off the bus, the yellow bile water turned out.

Arrive! It was 1: 30, dinner was served, and the problem of food and clothing was solved as soon as we arrived in Pai District. Dongyingong Soup has become a must-order food for every meal. Thai fragrant rice is indeed worthy of its reputation, so Delicious!


Originally, I planned to go out for a stroll after settling down. Later, because of a few hours of Lawton, the five unanimously decided to take a rest and then go out at night. R and the kid went swimming while I rested in the room.

In the third meal, I ate a big meal. I finally tasted Chiang Mai’s famous mango rice and the lemon juice I fell in love with when I first drank it. Then I drank lemon juice every day. Visit the night market at night. It is a very distinctive street. We are at leisure, relaxed and comfortable. We are discussing the situation of going to coffee in love and memory bridge tomorrow. The motorcycle rental here is very cheap. 140B is 24 hours long. Most tourists will rent a small cotton sheep, which is very convenient. So the five of us decided to rent the car tonight, drive back to the hotel tonight, and drive around on our mounts tomorrow. Three MM and two GG have to rent three cars. I drive by myself. When asked if I had a driver’s license, I replied that I had a Chinese driver’s license but didn’t bring it with me. As it was already 10 o’clock in the evening, the shops were ready to close. I asked many questions about which one was easier to ride. The female shopkeeper replied that if the technology was good, any car could drive well, and asked if I rented a car, I would try it out for her first. However, I haven’t driven a motorcycle for too long. At that time, I didn’t have the courage to pass. I didn’t rent it. Whoops, the plan was broken.

No way, plan A had to give up and walk back. As the saying goes, one person, one plan, everyone did everything possible and had a brainwave. We decided to let R rent a car back tonight. I practiced at night. If I could drive, I would go out and rent a car together tomorrow.

D3: coffee in love-World War II Bridge

The hotel offers a free open-air western breakfast buffet. Next door is an open-air swimming pool, watching the sun rise slowly, blowing breeze, enjoying the beautiful scenery, surrounded by green manors and villas, that feeling, perfect!

Xiao M and BF decided to rent a bicycle for safety reasons. On the third day, we divided into two routes and practiced in the garden a few more times. Finally, I decided to rent a motorcycle with a crustily skin of head. After breakfast, go to AYA server for consultation. In order to rent a motorcycle in Thailand, the local coach is required to teach it. The 150B/45-minute course can only be rented after obtaining a certificate of approval. If you can’t get it, you can only be a passenger. In this way, during the “driving school” training, we met a group of Shenzhen girls and male photographers, the five of us, and so did they. Therefore, the first time I got a “driver’s license” in a foreign country, I became a driver for a day, carrying a sister from Xi’an.

Coffee in love is just 7 kilometers from our hotel. I tasted the local vegetarian food at noon and then set out. The sun came out, wearing a skirt with suspenders, and her white and tender skin was in close contact with the sun all the way to play games. Pai District is a fairy tale world. Every place is full of scenery. You can see the world in your eyes.

夜幕降临,拍拍停停,黄昏也来趁热闹了。我们各自回酒店梳洗一翻,然后再汇合一起晚餐。今晚挑了一间外国餐厅,Witching Well,店主非常帅气,还有清新的服务员,摄影师Mr.chen前一天帮店主拍了一辑不错的店面照,所以店主特别热情地招待我们,还主动帮我们拍照。西式晚餐,我点了一份意大利面和喜欢的柠檬汁。

Everywhere I go, I always send postcards to myself and my friends, and this trip is no exception. Pirate Captain is a beautiful scenery line of PAI. He took a photo with him and printed it into postcard 40B. He wrote his best wishes and sent it to himself. Of course, we won’t miss this common job. In addition, 10 postcards were selected and sent back to China together. Dear friends, wait for the films to be received.

D4: PAI-Chiang Mai: Suto Hill-Chiang Mai University

The day after arriving in Chiang Mai, we entered PAI, so we decided to go back to Chiang Mai early on the fourth day and continue to taste hot pot for thousands of people at Sutie Mountain and Chiang Mai University in the afternoon. Last night, when I bought tickets in AYA, it was already 3: 00 p.m. and the five of us were divided into two teams, two at 3: 00pm and three at 2: 30pm. While I was accepting fate, I met a Guangzhou girl at the pirate captain. She said she bought a government car in the morning and returned to Chiang Mai. So we also pretended to be pitiful and returned to AYA to tell us that we had changed our flight and had to change the time to get back. Can we refund our tickets? The boss is an overseas Chinese. Seeing our pathetic appearance, he agreed to our request. As a matter of fact, the boss knew that we had told a big lie and only promised to refund us the money that could be sold. The remaining two tickets were beaten like this.

In order to catch up early, on this day, I set the alarm clock at 6:45 and went out with R to buy tickets. Because I strongly suggested going back to Chiang Mai early, I had to make some contributions. After buying the 10: 00am ticket, we went back to the hotel for breakfast at ease.

The Shenzhen sister she ran into the day before brought a handmade butterfly bracelet, which was very beautiful. Taking advantage of the time in the morning, when she saw the store today, she couldn’t help going in and picking out a bunch. Have you, you, you received it? .

Back in Chiang Mai, I had a very simple lunch near the station and went back to the hotel check in to rest and continue my afternoon trip. Kid and R are still very energetic. They went to the market to buy durian and brought it back secretly. One is 90B. None of the hotels in Thailand, which are really cheap, are allowed to bring durian into, so we ate very satisfactorily.

In the morning, there was an accident during the trip, so in the afternoon plan, Little M’s boyfriend had to stay in the hotel to rest. I, Kid, R and Little M acted. At nearly five o’clock, the driver started the price on the spot. 600B let us rent a double car, went to Sutie Mountain, toured Chiang Mai University and ate hot pot for 1,000 people. The world is really small. In the hot pot for thousands of people, we continue to run into the girls in Shenzhen.

D5: Ancient City Temple-Afternoon Tea-SPA-Night Market

The imp was leaving early in the morning. On the 14th, she always thought that she would leave the day after tomorrow. She enjoyed it every day. She didn’t expect to leave when she woke up. At 5: 50am, I have to get up to catch a plane back to Kuala Lumpur and then fly back to Beijing, leaving four people on the trip. Chiang Mai was very relaxed. All shops, including restaurants, were closed before 10: 00am, so a breakfast took us a long time. We didn’t find an open shop until nearly eleven o’clock in the morning. After breakfast, I went to Starbucks specially to order a cup for everyone. When we asked where there was a post office, the clerk was very enthusiastic and said to help us send it. Dear friends, I hope we will all receive it.

早上找餐馆的时候,看到了The Chedi,想到清迈有三大闻名而精致的下午茶:东方文华、四季酒店、THE CHEDI,后者性价比最高,折合人民币两百多就有交易了,难得一遇,所以决定下午做完SPA就回来品下午茶。吃完早餐,打了个车,奔往古城去,到泰国来,不去逛逛寺庙会是一大遗憾。我们只挑选了WAT JEDILUANG,对于我们这些不信佛不信教的人,代表性就够了。太阳一天比一天强烈,天空,还是迷人的蓝。

Lila Thai Massage ‘is a very famous local store with many branches. I didn’t make it the night before, but I must settle my wish today. I went to the store at noon to make booking, chose a 900B package, and arranged a two and a half hours of whole body essential oil SPA in the afternoon.

On the last night, visit the Saturday night market. The weekend night market is a scenery that Chiang Mai cannot miss. It is staged on different roads at different times. We only meet Saturday and will return home tomorrow. T-shirt, soap flower, scarf, aromatherapy… A dazzling array of beautiful things in eyes, carefully selected a unique hand letter for each person, guess which one is for u? .

In the evening, at eleven o’clock, Xiao M, R and Xiao T sang “wine” and finally did not drink. They bought several bottles of lemon tea, cola, yogurt, durian, Annona squamosa and mangosteen. They ate durian and chatted happily in the open space outside the hotel. During the journey, I will always meet some companions who coincide with each other. Everyone’s stories will be poured out until very late. It is already 4: 00 a.m. Chinese time to sleep tonight.

D6: Chiang Mai-Macau-Guangzhou: Swimming-shopping-airport

Every day the hotel has a swimming pool, which is the requirement for choosing the hotel when booking. I brought my bathing suit but never went into the water. On the last day, I didn’t arrange any trip, but decided to swim when I woke up. The sun did not show its face, one person, dominating a swimming pool, generous and comfortable!

At 3: 00 p.m., I heard that there was a big shopping mall near the airport and a snack street. I bought some breakfast on 7-11. R and I ate all the way and passed by. Xiao M and BF had other arrangements. After a round of shopping, R didn’t want to fight and went back to the airport first. Women were naturally crazy about shopping. I continued shopping. I could get a tax refund for each order of more than 2000B B. Credit cards came in handy and all the Thai baht was spent.

When I decided to return to the airport, I had only 35.5 baht left. It is said that DQ on the airport is very cheap. Only 35B bought an ice cream and passed the security check on an empty stomach waiting for the plane meal.

Thais are very amiable. When I was walking to the airport alone with a large suitcase, a car stopped in front of me three times and twice. The third time, I turned my head. The female driver kindly asked me where I was going and gave me a free ride. I responded to the airport. It was very close and I could walk by myself. Thank you. I have had the experience of stopping a car before, but for the first time I experienced that strangers took the initiative to invite me to hitch a ride. Thailand is truly a kind country.

The trip finally ended and each returned to his original life track.

Happy Chiang Mai-A Smiling Country

I waited at the dock early for Lao border personnel to go to work. After knocking on the exit seal, the ferry went to the other side of the Mekong River. This is Thailand’s clear hole. If the entry seal is sealed at the Thai customs like the temporary makeshift house, it will be regarded as stepping into Thailand’s territory. This is the third time I have come to Thailand and the first time I have entered Thailand from land. A friend asked me, “Why do you want to go to such a country poorer than China again and again, where I don’t want to repeat it?” I replied that if it is more than GDP, the United States is richer than China. As for repetition, I don’t think there is a trip that can be repeated. Each trip has a different mood. Each trip can meet different people. Each trip is a different experience. How can there be repetition? I also can’t explain why what is so attractive to me in this poorer country than China, or find a reason acceptable to the public to explain: visa is easy and consumption is cheap.

Pack up your passport and go ahead. I’m a little confused. Where am I going? I didn’t eat well in the past two days when I came from Laos to take the waterway. At the moment, I saw a 7-11 in front of me. I rushed across the road regardless of the traffic, grabbed a bag of bread, and then carried a coconut. I felt no taste and swallowed it into my stomach.

There was something in my stomach, and my mood calmed down. I saw the faces of several foreigners. In such places, devils knew the route better than the local people. When they went up to explore the road, the devils pointed to the front and said that there was a station over there to go to Chiang Mai. All right, Chiang Mai.

Half the way from Qingkong to Chiang Mai is Panshan Road. At 5: 30 p.m. Seven hours later, I got off the bus with my weak legs and my body that felt nauseous and had nothing to vomit. I continued to be shaken by the two cars to Peta Gate in the ancient city. The setting sun was just slanting on the city wall, a little dizzy. There is no time to have a preliminary understanding of this small town. When my stomach is empty, my mind will be empty. Tonight, I will treat myself well. I will not be an ascetic. I will live up to this journey.

It is said that a “Lost in Thailand” has caught fire in Chiang Mai, and the data show that the number of Chinese tourists has soared. However, walking on any street in the ancient city in the morning, I didn’t see many people, but I could hear birds chirping in the trees. Two hours is enough to circle Sifang City along the moat, which is only 2 kilometers in any case. This turned out to be Thailand’s second largest city. If it were our motherland, there would be no shortage of elevated subways. Mercedes-Benz and BMW roared past me and then passed away. Here, there are only narrow streets, three steps and one temple, five steps and one temple. There will always be a few dogs in each temple, some excited to fight and some ignoring human beings. Near noon, the old town was still not lively. Perhaps those statistics are team tourists. They must have been gathered by MORNING CALL early in the morning and dragged onto the bus. At the moment, they are being tricked by the tour guide to buy this and that.

During the week in Chiang Mai, I got up early every day, took the map and walked through every alley. When I was tired from walking in the afternoon, I found a temple, took off my shoes and sat quietly in the Buddhist temple. The whole hall was quiet, looking up, Buddha was looking down at all living beings, bowed their heads, closed their eyes, and felt the peace of their hearts at this moment.

Thais are sincere, kind and polite. Looking down at the map on the street, someone will take the initiative to ask me where I am going and show me the way instead of soliciting customers. Walking on somebody else’s heel, the man turned around and nodded desperately to me with mirth. Is he apologizing to me? The houses here are dilapidated, but no one speaks everywhere, so monks can walk barefoot on the road. The road here is not wide, but when I was blocking the car behind me because of taking photos, they did not honk the horn but waited for me to return to absolute being. These must have something to do with their beliefs. If it weren’t for the Buddha in my heart, I wouldn’t have felt at ease.

By Saturday evening, the night market outside Changmai Door began to be lively. Handicrafts, cotton and linen clothes, essential oil soap, wood products, MASSAGE and various snacks were placed two kilometers away. I am not very interested in shopping, but I was attracted by the blind band in the middle of the road. The band consists of four blind people, including lead singer, drummer, bassist and sound effect. They sang loudly and enjoyed themselves. Several times, they sang and ran for a sound, or the microphone slipped off and then laughed together. Look, they are all laughing, happy and intoxicated. We still have what to complain about?

A Re-tour of Sukhothai in Thailand

On the last night of Yefengsong, I went to the restaurant by the lake and ordered a Thai special dish “Cashew Chicken” to treat it, with a total of 160B of rice.

After all, I have to leave this small mountain town-I plan to go to Sukhothai in central Thailand the next day for a day’s travel. Tickets have been bought in the afternoon and at 10 o’clock in the morning, but the new station is quite far away from here. It is a fast-growing city. After dinner, go back to the hotel to surf the Internet and send emails. All major websites in the country can log in here. Talk to the tourists and talk about how they felt during the trip. They didn’t go to bed until very late.

The next morning, I walked around the lake to admire the beautiful pagoda. The boss asked me if I would stay here for another day and shook my head firmly. Because I stayed in Pai for such a long time. So he paid the boss 20B and came to the station in his electric car to say goodbye. At ten o’clock, the “land flight” left the station on time. The car was very empty, but it stopped and stopped all the way until the car was full. It was not until the car was full that it was on the right path.


After passing Pai, I stopped for a while and then moved on. In this way, I arrived at Chiang Mai Station at almost 5 pm. From Chiang Mai to Sukhothai, I originally hoped to take the night train to Pengshiluo, because considering that I went directly to Sukhothai, the last train was at 8 pm, and it might be too late to get there, fearing that it would be a little trouble to find a hotel. After going to Pengshiluo, I would go to Sukhothai from there. As a result, the tickets to Penshiluo have been sold out. There is only one at 9 p.m. and there is still a vacancy. Moreover, the bus to Bangkok either does not pass there or is unwilling to sell midway tickets. Moreover, the people in the station do not seem to have as good a temper as before. It is really strange. Finally decided to take the 17:40 bus to Sukhothai!

The bus left Chiang Mai, passed through the first stop, and soon night fell, passing through Chen Yi, Dafu and other places. It was the 15th of that day. Bright moonlight sprinkled on the earth. Small villages in the distance were faintly visible in the moonlight. The bus was driving at high speed on the broad expressway. This situation was unforgettable. It should be said that the service of this bus is very good. The most touching thing is that the toilet in the bus is broken. The bus was parked beside the miscellaneous grass on the roadside, making it convenient for me to get off the bus and making me feel a little “celebrity treatment”. After that, he finally arrived at Sukhothai, the Buddhist holy land, at 10 o’clock in the evening. Finally, I saw Sukhothai’s Giant Buddha again in the night.

After getting out of the car, At a loss, There is no way out, Immediately someone came up, I was asked to get on his car and tell me that there was still a vacant room in the “Garden Guesthouse”. There was the one I stayed in when I came here last time. Considering that I only stayed here for one night this time, I originally wanted to find a place to live near the station, but after looking for half a day, I didn’t find any place to live. It was so late-it was better to go there, so I paid 50B, got on the car and sped off to the city. After arriving, it was discovered that the inn was still quite empty. The waitress led me to look at the small room upstairs without bathroom, 150B, which was not satisfactory. Then he took me to the wooden guest room in the back garden with bathroom. I chose a fan room, which is still the old price, 300B.. Then I went to the street to buy a fast food, fried noodles, 30B. When I came back, I asked my boss about going to Chanalai-Charing Historical Park in Sisa. The boss said that there was a car to go there at 7: 00 and 9: 00 every morning. Of course, if it was convenient, I could take tuk-tuk, but I certainly wouldn’t do that.

Sukhothai is the first ancient capital of Thailand in the true historical sense, the birthplace of Thailand and the cradle of Thai culture. Sukhothai’s first king founded Thai writing and later, Thai art, culture and laws were also founded here. Therefore, this is also the cradle of Thai culture, but it is strange that the atmosphere of the ancient city today is very weak. Apart from the ruins in the suburbs, we can see the mottled history and the vicissitudes of life of the years. Otherwise, there is no appearance of the ancient city at all.

That night, I drank fruit juice, listened to frogs, and read candle night on the cool balcony in Xiao Mu’s guest room until very late. The next day I slept until 8 o’clock, so I quickly washed, breakfast and checked out-the boss was very helpless. I only stayed in such a good guest room for one night. Who let my schedule be too tight this time? If I come next time, I will definitely stay here! Then it took 20B to take the local characteristic convertible bus to the bus station, where at 9 o’clock every day, a long-distance bus from Pengshiluo to Chiang Rai passes through Xisachanalai-Charing Historical Park. Many tourists go there by this bus.

It took me an hour to stop all the way and get on and off the bus in the small town. When I got to a certain place, I felt a little strange. At this time, the conductor suddenly asked me to get off the bus. It turned out that when I arrived, I was the only tourist who stumbled off the bus.

Walking forward, it was a small grocery store. The boss waved enthusiastically to me by the side of the road and asked me to rent a (self-propelled) car there-oh, finally remembered, this is the place! I rented a car for 30B and gave a map free of charge, so I left my luggage there, traveled light and embarked on the journey happily.

Through this iron rope bridge, the ruins are just over there. The tall Khmer Pagoda is the symbol of the ruins park.

The whole historical park is divided into two parts, one part is called “Charing”, which is on the other side of the river, and the other part is called “Sisachanalai”. It is about 7 kilometers to the right across the river and takes half an hour to get there by bike. Tickets for the two parks totaled 200B, which is an important part of Sukhothai Historical Park, a world cultural heritage. There is a towering pagoda in the “Zhaling” Park, as well as a kind-looking, serene, kind and majestic Giant Buddha.

The kind Buddha is thinking hard:

Looking up at the pagoda:

Lunch under the pagoda:

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the towering pagoda standing on the grass is especially magnificent:

Two brothers in school uniforms under the pagoda:

The environment around the park is elegant, with green grass, green trees and birds and flowers, making * * forget to return. Unconsciously, I spent two and a half hours here, but there was only one 15:20 bus back to Sukhothai in the afternoon, and I had to go to Sisachanalai and have lunch, so the time was a little tight…

After sprinting all the way, after more than 20 minutes, I finally arrived and settled my lunch in a small restaurant beside the ruins.

“Sisachanalai”, here is the largest and most magnificent ring elephant temple in Sukhothai region. The ring elephant temple sits on the grassy grass. The tower foundation is surrounded by elephants, and the tower cone pierces into the sky, giving people a very shocking feeling.

Climbing the pagoda base of Huanxiang Temple, it was very lively that day. Just as a group of primary school students in school uniforms from Thailand also came to visit and filed among the ruins:

Opposite Huanxiang Temple is a Tallinn. In an open space between the woods, dozens of pagodas rise up and set off each other. The spire of the pagoda in the center points directly to the blue sky. It is very majestic and close to the ruins. The majestic momentum makes people hold their breath, concentrate and study carefully.

Tourists stopped in front of the vicissitudes of the pagoda to watch carefully:

Walking among the ruins of the ruins, the passing years have left deep traces on every pagoda here, which makes people feel pity from the center of the earth and sigh with emotion that time flies and time is merciless…

It’s getting late. I just glanced at this ancient site and left here again. Goodbye-the ancient and beautiful Sukhothai site will come again when I have the chance.

After leaving Sukhothai Charing-Sisachanalai Historical Park, I was in a hurry to take the 15:20 bus back to Sukhothai. This time I had only one day here. In the evening, I planned to take a long-distance bus to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to the southern coastal area of Thailand.

Introduction: 1. Arrive at Sukhothai: You can take a bus from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. There are many buses in the passenger transport center in the north of Bangkok. There are direct buses to Penshiluo and some buses to Chiang Mai Chiang Rai through Sukhothai. You can also take a small plane from Bangkok.

2. About sightseeing: Sukhothai Historical Park, you can take an open bus from Sukhothai New Town, 10B, 12km. After that, you can rent a bicycle for sightseeing, 20-30B every day. Sukhothai Historical Park is divided into five districts: Central, East, South, West and North. Each district has 100B tickets. However, I personally feel that only the North and West districts are most worth visiting. If time is short, I will only go to the North and West districts, especially the North District.

As for the Sisachanalai-Charing Historical Park, this site usually used to take the long-distance bus from Peng Shiluo to Chiang Rai from the bus station. It should be noted that there are 8 buses to Chiang Rai (Golden Triangle) via Sukhothai every day, but only the 7: 00 and 9: 00 a.m. buses pass through Sisachanalai-Charing Historical Park. Ask clearly so as not to get on the wrong bus. There are two buses returning to Sukhothai in the afternoon. They stop at the entrance of the park. One is at 14: 00 and the other is at 15: 20. Generally, they pass at 9: 00 in the morning and come back to take the bus at 15: 20 in the afternoon.

3. Regarding accommodation: Sukhothai’s “Garden Guesthouse” is strongly recommended here. The upstairs small room 150-200B without bathroom windows, the wooden fan room 300-350B and the air-conditioned room 500B in the elegant garden are all equipped with bathroom, with good environment and fresh air. In addition, there is a “TR guesthouse” nearby. The room with bathroom is generally 400-500B, and there is also a guesthouse near the bus station. The English letters are square and not easy to identify. The room is generally 300-400B, and the price rises slightly in peak season. In addition, there are high-grade hotels in the new city: “Sukhothai Resort”. After crossing the river, the starting price is 1500B on the other side of Sukhothai’s inland river. There is also Guesthouse next to the Historical Park, but there are only one or two rooms with 500-600B. If you go to Sisachanalai-Charing Historical Park, there are many rural hostels along the rural road between “Charing” and “Sisachanalai”, including a dinner check-in price of 400B B. If you don’t rush on, living there is a good choice.

4. As for eating, Sukhothai cuisine is very common. Thai cuisine does not have many characteristics. Generally, 100B-200B can be eaten well at roadside stalls.

First Self-help Tour-Thailand

By chance, I met Youduoduo.com and saw many photos and travel notes of self-help travelers, which aroused my deepest desire in my dusty heart and prompted me to make up my mind to set my first self-help tour in Thailand, a beautiful country with beautiful scenery.

First, looking for companions

To go to a strange country with no language, one cannot always use half-baked English and dumb language. One must also use the language of our Chinese nation from time to time. For me, one’s journey is lonely and it is necessary to find companions. So I used the travel notes I had seen to draw a beautiful picture for my playmates: From the grand palace built of gold, The Jade Buddha Temple carved with a whole piece of jadeite, Visit Phuket Island, PP Island’s infinite scenery and snorkeling to see colorful underwater corals and fish. Then I went to Chiang Mai, a rose in the north, to ride elephants through the jungle and the beautiful rural scenery and unique vacation houses in PAI County, as well as its world-famous SPA Thai massage, which attracted them all of a sudden and soon finalized the Thai tour of Grandma, Eiko, Xiaxia and me.

Second, book air tickets

People have decided, and the next step is to rob AirAsia’s special fares. It should be said that we are lucky. We just opened the flight from Wuhan to Bangkok in October this year, which is the nearest departure point to us. Although I didn’t catch the special fare for the first flight, I caught up with the big promotion in September. It’s also really interesting for AirAsia to snatch tickets, On September 18, the domestic route promotion was first launched. The price was really attractive. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai 68 yuan (excluding insurance) and from Phuket to Chiang Mai, it was only 109 yuan (excluding insurance). I hesitated for a long time at that time. Do I want to rob the domestic route first and then the international route? However, I was worried that if I robbed the cabbage price, what would I do if I could not rob the international special ticket at the same time? This cabbage is not a waste! If I were the only one, I might have a little try. It’s a big deal to waste these tens of dollars, but I have to be responsible to others, so I decided: I will give up not to rob on the 18th and rob the international segment on the evening of the 20th first. What happened later proved that my decision was correct. The next day, I checked the ticket snatching situation in the domestic section. The tickets were basically snatched in April, May and June next year, and they were almost snatched in July, August and September. It seems that the ticket snatching scene last night was still spectacular. On the evening of the 20th, I sat in front of the computer early and made all preparations before robbing the tickets. It is said that Firefox and IE8 grabbed tickets faster. So I downloaded Firefox. I can enter the waiting hall of AirAsia to queue up before clicking on the ticketing interface at 12 o’clock. Then I will wait and wait. When the beating number does not move, I will be able to enter the ticketing interface in a short time. The time given here is only 10 minutes. Determine the flight time, ticketing quantity, etc. If it exceeds 10 minutes, I will have to return to the waiting hall. At first, I was inexperienced. When I saw that the number did not move, I tried my best to click the key. As a result, I saw that the number flashed and queued up again. Later, I finally got in. When I looked at the tickets in April, there were no special tickets. They were all more than 1,000 one-way tickets. I was really glad that I didn’t rob the tickets for the domestic section in April. There were no special tickets for April, so I immediately turned to July, and so I chose the date and number of people and went down step by step, because I had never operated them before, and the final number actually became more than 5,000 (AirAsia had to pay for all its travel and seats, and all of them had to be removed). When I saw it wrong, I queued up again. The second time I entered, there was no ticket in July, so I chose the ticket for August. This time I was more careful about the location. In the end, I still had to pay more than 4,000. It was still wrong and I withdrew. Looking at the time, it was already 1: 30 a.m. And I decided to grab the tickets after 2: 00 p.m. as suggested by the old donkeys. I slept in bed tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep. I always felt that things had not been finished, so I got up again and sat back in front of the computer. The time was already 2: 00. When clicking on the ticket purchasing window of AirAsia again, it was easy to enter, and there were still tickets for August, so I took no time to slowly place them step by step. This time, the operation was finally successful. The four tickets included less than 4,000 yuan for insurance and 991 yuan for people. Two days later, I happened to visit AirAsia and found that there were still special tickets for the domestic section of my time, so I did not hesitate to grab two more tickets. On August 28, Bangkok to Jiami 89 yuan, on September 2, Phuket to Chiang Mai cost 126 yuan, and four flights cost 1206 yuan. As a rookie, it is not bad for me to achieve such results. This is thanks to the most valuable experience and lessons left by the predecessors, which made me avoid many detours and save a lot of expenses. Thank you sincerely!

Phuket’s Return on the 11th

I like travelling very much at ordinary times. I have seen the travel notes of many forums and gained a lot from them. Therefore, I also feel itchy. I want to send a little travel notes and summarize my new travel notes. I hope that I can help others. I hope that they can support me. The writing is not good. TX people should be merciful and light hearted.

I’ll list the specific itinerary first: Overview of the itinerary DAY’s plane was delayed on April 15. It was already over 12 o’clock when it arrived in Bangkok. Thai Airlines’ last flight was missed and Bangkok Airport stayed overnight. DAY flew to Phuket on the morning of 24-16, Move freely during the day, Visiting Patong, I bought some things I need, and I went to Panya Bay on the 17th of March. DAY took a one-day tour on the 17th of March. DAY took a tour around the island on the 18th of March (riding elephants, performing monkeys, doing spa, watching sunset, transvestite show, seafood buffet). I think Spa is the only one in these projects. It is a place near Phuket Town. There is a very beautiful outdoor spa. DAY took a casual stroll on the morning of the 19th of March and went to PP Island by boat in the afternoon. The white skirt series DAY64 originally planned to rent a long tail boat around the island on the 20th of June 64, but finally ordered a speedboat around the island. DAY74 month 21 PP free activity, stroll to the leg swollen, the seaside bask in the sun. DAY84 month 22 afternoon by boat to leave PP island, arrive at Karen beach, can experience the difference between Patong and Karen. DAY94 month 23 emperor island one-day tour, very satisfied one-day tour. DAY 104 month 24 all-day free activity. Red skirt series DAY 114 month 25 morning 7: 20 flight, return home.

Preparatory article

About air tickets. The ticket bought this time is: Thai Airways, connecting flights in Bangkok. The air ticket we booked was indeed a little expensive, but fortunately, Thai Airlines provided good service. However, there was rain around Beijing before departure, and the plane took off 3 hours late, so it could not catch the connecting plane in Bangkok. Thai Airways arranged to stay at a hotel at Bangkok Airport. Fly to Phuket the next morning. I booked Azi to pick up the plane in advance, but it was too late. When I returned home to deliver the plane, Azi returned the money to us. I would like to recommend a website for checking air tickets, http://www.skycanner.cn. Enter the origin and destination. The website will list all airlines’ flights from low to high according to the price, and it is a real-time price. After clicking on a satisfactory flight, it will directly jump to the airline’s homepage to make a reservation without any commission.

About hotels. This time we stayed together: we stayed in Patong first, and the hotel was Centra Ashlee. Banyan Villa lives in PP. We live in diamonds in Kata. I feel it is more convenient to go to Patong for the first time. See if you like what style, In fact, hotels over there are really cheap in the off season. The same price is much better than that in China. Basically, there are swimming pools, so it is OK to choose the beach and book with AGODA. Booking is not recommended to go to Thailand. Without their advantages in Europe, after comparing AGODA prices, there are plenty of rooms in Thailand, and reservations can be made on the same day. Several trips are made there, and points are returned. It is very affordable and the quality is not good. The hotel link I booked is http://www.agoda.com.cn/asia/thailand/puket.html? CID=1546519 After the air ticket is confirmed, it can be basically confirmed by the hotel. First identify several target hotels and then look at other people’s comments. It is suggested that one can be arranged to be closer to Jiangxi for a stroll.

Drugs. This time, anti-inflammatory drugs, heatstroke drugs, carsickness stickers, painkillers, antipyretics, antidiarrheal drugs, etc. are prepared. It is still necessary to prepare some drugs, but not too many. You can buy them locally. Carsickness stickers are very useful. Stick them on your navel. Ha ha.

Island supplies. Snorkeling equipment, luggage has room or bring your own, flippers are not necessary, shoes CROCS can replace. Although sunscreen clothing is despised, it is still a little cold to wear after snorkeling. The waterproof bag is not very useful. The camera waterproof bag is useful. When the boat is chartered, waves will hit the boat, but don’t take down the water! ! ! !

Change clothes. In fact, there are not too many. Bright spots are suitable for taking photos. Local laundry is very cheap 50B a kilogram, and it takes 4 hours to wash DOUBLE quickly. Bring a rope to dry your clothes.

Tips for MM people who like to take photos: Everyone’s most beautiful angle is different, take more photos to find the most suitable angle for themselves, and practice a few times to be OK. When taking photos, you lower your head slightly to make your face small. Wide angle for long legs. Of course, the beauties of the logo should ignore this point. How to shoot how to have!

On the first day, Thai Airways changed planes in Bangkok. The air ticket we booked was indeed a little expensive, but fortunately, Thai Airlines provided good service. However, there was rain around Beijing before departure, and the plane took off 3 hours late, so it could not catch the connecting plane in Bangkok. Thai Airways arranged to stay at a hotel at Bangkok Airport. Fly to Phuket the next morning. I booked Azi to pick up the plane in advance, but it was too late. When I returned home to deliver the plane, Azi returned the money to us.

There are places to exchange money everywhere. We changed it at home, but in the end it was not enough. We took it with Huaxia bank card.

The streets of Thailand

A bustling city-Bangkok-Kaoshan Road

Making * * pieces in China is a sneaky underground activity, and there are stalls on Kaoshan Road that are made openly.

Tired of walking, spend 200 baht to enjoy a very comfortable Thai massage

I don’t know why I always want to make my hair like this beautiful woman, but I can’t do it.

If you really want to escape, you can escape here… forget time, forget space, forget everything you know. You can do this.

Of course, what you don’t miss here is watching a Thai boxing match.

I have always wanted to dream of having such a tall and handsome person… seeing this photo hooks up my memories of the past…

There are many kinds of street happiness, drinking is one of them.

Look at this performer and artist

I forgot to bring some back when I left.

Roast small squid in the stove

The old man lived in Bangkok for more than 30 years, pushing his car to peddle on Kaoshan Road every night, wishing him a flaming business.

What impressed me most was a cup of authentic squeezed juice.

Eat, drink and have fun to your heart’s content. You are not afraid of cash. You are waiting for you in a cash withdrawal car on the street. What a considerate service

A sincere smile

Although the time in Bangkok is short, the beautiful impression will remain in my memory forever.

Taste Phuket’s “Lobster” and Taste Thai Food Culture

Taste the “Lobster” of Phuket Island and Taste Thai Food Culture

When you come to Phuket Island, tasting Thai food is an important part of your trip-to

Netizens recommend more restaurants to eat-feel Thai food culture,

In particular, you must drink Dongyingong Soup! This is Thailand’s representative dish! It is very common

Everywhere, restaurants and ordinary people often drink this soup.

Among them, 99 Seafood Restaurant on Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi, Karon

And Kata Beach, seafood restaurant—————————————–

Lobster, Curry Crab, Thai Bass, Fresh Fried Shrimp Cake, Stir-fried Soya Bean Pepper, Ginger and Scallion

Shrimp tastes well made and is worth eating!

Thai Lobster

Shrimp with scallion and ginger

Dongyingong Decoction is very common in Thailand. As a representative of Thai cuisine.

Fresh shrimp cake

Lobster with cheese

Steamed Flower Crab

The owner of 99 Seafood Restaurant, located on the main street of Phuket Island, is Chen, Thailand.

Overseas Chinese, this food stall, is one of the streets. Seafood is quite complete,

Lobster is 1,800 Thai pearls per kilogram (165 yuan/kg), which is not cheap either.

At the junction of Karon and Kata Beach, there are all kinds of restaurants and seafood.

Shop and Pub are very lively at night. After a round of shopping after the meal, I was also casually in the street.

On the Internet, go and taste Pancake recommended by netizens-Banana is the most popular one.

+ cholocate,

Vendors make it, like egg pancakes. Spread a flour cake and fry it with a little oil. Cut bananas.

Place slices on the dough cake, coat it with butter and sprinkle coconut shreds-bananas are steaming diligently,

Sweet but not greasy at all, with the faint scent of coconut silk, very refreshing.

Thai food-wave

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