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Month: June 2019

Travel Notes to Phuket Island 2

After breakfast, The first thing we want to go to is Panya Bay, which is comparable to Guilin’s landscape. First, I took a bus from the hotel to leave Panya Prefecture, which is north of Phuket Island, and changed to a large mixed-loading boat at the dock. Then I took this long-tailed boat to watch the mountains, large and small, on the sea. It is really similar to Guilin. It is said that it is also very similar to Xialong Bay in Vietnam. Therefore, the tour guide said: “Guilin has the best landscape in the world, and Panya Bay has the best (fake) landscape in Guilin. “There is also a name called” Guilin at Sea “.

After swimming through Panya Bay, the next scenic spot is a boating trip to Cutting Throat Island. The tour guide said 007 had taken exterior scenes here. Therefore, there is an island over there called 007 Island, which has become a popular tourist attraction.

This place is a landmark landscape here. The island in the middle is a bit like a jade cabbage, which is the one existing in Taipei’s Palace Museum. Like it!

There are hundreds of exotic limestone islets here. The names of the islets are very consistent with their shapes. There are also wonderful stalactite caves and countless strange stones and sea caves. Later, the two of us rented a canoe. Each boat had to pay a tip of 100 Thai baht and rowed for 45 minutes. We could shuttle between karst caves of various sizes.

The bay is full of precious viviparous plant mangroves. There is a river between mangroves and small fishing villages. Sitting on a boat, we watch mangroves and small fishing villages. We can also see small giant salamanders at the root of the forest. We came here from the cold north and drifted on the sea on this boat. Of course, we felt very happy.

At noon, we went to the island where Hui people gathered for dinner.

The houses here are all at sea. It is said that these Muslims have all immigrated from Malaysia. Now they have to make a living from tourism.

Every day, tourists from all over the world are received, and now most of them are from China.

The original travel itinerary of the travel agency was marked with one lobster per person, but in fact it was half a lobster per person, and it was not big.

In the afternoon, I went to the beach to ride an elephant. Two people took a tip of 20 Thai plants. This is our first time to ride an elephant. It is also very interesting to sit on it wobbly. There are special photographers on the beach and in the jungle to take photos. If you feel good about paying 100 Thai plants to take away the installed photos, you can also take the negatives.

In the afternoon, I came to Gakao Island Beach Swimming Pool Resort Hotel at 4: 00 local time. It is very beautiful here.

The triangle plum on the island has many colors,

Our room is by the swimming pool opposite the restaurant. After playing all day, it is hot and tiring. It is very good to go down and swim for a while to get rid of the heat and dryness.

In Thailand, images of King IX can be seen everywhere. It is said that this elderly king is very popular with the people.

The lights in the restaurant came on, and it was time to have dinner. After dinner, the restaurant became a recreation hall. It could sing KO, of course, all Chinese songs, and also play table tennis and billiards. The Yulin group members in the same group were always in a state of excitement. They sang one song after another and couldn’t stand the noise. We went for a walk at the seaside.

This hotel is actually made up of villas. Most of the houses by the sea are occupied by foreigners. They usually stay for a period of time, at least a few weeks, many months, which is really a vacation.

Coconut trees can be seen everywhere.

The image of the big image can also be seen everywhere.

Every house is surrounded by coconut trees and flowers.

In the evening, the heat and hustle and bustle of the sea receded, and only the sound of the sea beating the shore was heard.

Sketches full of love like this are placed at will to make you smile.

Thailand-KOH PHANGAN-Record of Obtaining Diving License

The floods in Thailand have been raging in recent months. When I was in Thailand, the floods had already threatened Bangkok. In fact, the northern and western parts of Bangkok had been hit by the floods. Famous scenic spots such as the National Museum and WAT ARUN have been flooded, and scenic spots near Bangkok such as AYUTHAYA have been severely affected. Therefore, I have to say that this trip to Thailand is somewhat regrettable.

Fortunately, I am good at exploring entertainment resources. Upon the recommendation of a German bald head from a travel agency (it proved that it was neither a bluff nor a bluff, which will be explained later), I chose KOH PHANGAN, north of Sumi Island, as a paradise to avoid floods. In fact, I haven’t heard of this island before I came here, but I just heard that it retains more original ecology than Sumi Island and Phuket Island.

Starting from Bangkok, after a night of bus turbulence, I arrived at SURATTHANI’s transfer station at 6 a.m. and then transferred to the ferry. The second stop was KOH PHANGAN.

After turning around the dock alone with my bag on my back for two times, I found that I was fooled by the German bald head: there was not a Chinese here; Asked there is no Chinese restaurant on the island. The only public transportation is TUK-TUK, which is transformed from convertible Mazda, and the price is very expensive, killing foreigners. There is no shopping mall on the island, and the only one who can buy something is 7-even.

When I get back to Bangkok, I will definitely pick up the German.

After putting things away at the hotel, go out for a stroll and buy some mosquito repellent water by the way. Fortunately, the scenery on the island is good. This is an evening walk.

The hotel is on the seaside and is called WEANGTHAI. It is difficult to understand the meaning of what. Anyway, the price is cheap and the location is also in from the port, making it convenient to rush back to Bangkok at any time. In the evening, I chatted with other tenants and got a certain understanding of KOH PHANGAN. In fact, the island is very famous in Europe and America. The most famous ones are 2 points:

One is the full moon party, which is one of the world’s three major outdoor carnival dances. Every full moon night, guests from the surrounding islands will go to the island to attend the monthly beach outdoor party. The world’s top DJs will also perform on the stage, and handsome men and women will revel all night.

The second is diving. KOH PHANGAN and KOH TAO to the north are famous diving resorts in Thailand. The sea water temperature is very high and the transparency is good. The key is that the price of learning diving is much cheaper than that in other places.

I was not interested in the party, but my heart moved when I heard diving. My swimming level is average, but diving does not require too advanced swimming skills, and for me, an office worker, I usually have too little exercise time, so it is also very interesting to challenge myself, not to mention getting a diving license. I signed up without hesitation.

As the hotel’s underwater camera battery has a problem and cannot be rented, I only recorded the whole process from a novice to a diving beginner and obtained a license in an oral way, so as to give some experience to students who are interested in diving on the island in the future.

Diving is a sport that is easy to learn but difficult to master, so it is easy to get a primary diving license. All you need to do is pass the course examination and complete 4 diving practices according to the guidance of the coach.

The first day: Learning theoretical courses in the morning is the basic knowledge of diving, mainly self-help skills. In fact, most of the contents learned in practice and class later are self-help skills, which shows that safety is the first. For this kind of courses, the theoretical difficulty is very low. The only difficulty is the language, which uses English all the way. As for the teaching materials, there are German and French, not Chinese. Facing many proper nouns of chemistry and diving skills, one should be psychologically prepared when learning, and it is best to preview them in advance.

The afternoon is the first practical training, which is located in the hotel swimming pool, as follows:

Coach Danny is a retired US soldier. Note that this is not diving training and is not included in the 4 dives, because the English dive refers to the exercise of diving more than 5 meters under the natural environment, and the swimming pool obviously cannot meet this standard.

First of all, the coach checked the basic swimming level, such as swimming back and forth in the swimming pool for several times and keeping floating on the water for 5-10 minutes. For a person with average swimming level like me, it barely reached the standard. Americans actually communicate very well, and it is OK to reach the standard. This process requires students to be prepared to wait for rescue on the sea when oxygen tanks cannot be used. Then there is the operation with a steel cylinder. The steel cylinder is Tank, which stores compressed air. I thought it was pure oxygen and sweat. Later, in the process of theoretical study, I finally knew why it could not be pure oxygen. The content of this study is mainly how to use steel cylinders, air pipes, diving suits, inflatable jackets and other equipment, as well as some gestures and movements in the water. Although it is not difficult, it takes a lot of physical strength to learn in 3 hours.

The next day:

In the morning, I went to another special swimming pool to continue to learn more sign language, and at the same time I learned how to rescue myself and my companions in the water. After that, learn to replace regular in water, i.e. Replace between the main gas transmission pipe and the standby gas transmission pipe; As well as wearing masks in the water and re-wearing equipment on the water surface.

In the afternoon, I will continue my theoretical study. It will be better if I previewed it the day before. This study is mainly about the use of RDP tables and the judgment of sea situations. In short, the theory is not difficult and the language is a little troublesome. Fortunately, I am a consumer and the coach doesn’t mind doing some repeated guidance occasionally. Ha ha.

Day 3:

There is a beach to the north of KOH PHANGAN Island-KOH MA, with an average water depth of 9 meters and a maximum depth of 30 meters. It is very suitable for beginners like me, where I will finish diving twice. Starting from today, another coach Jeffrey will guide him. This gentleman is a British aborigine, but I don’t see any British temperament at all. There are photos behind him to prove it. Of course, he is very friendly, very accommodating, and good communication is king.

First of all, the coach inspected all kinds of water movements learned in the swimming pool before, such as gestures, taking off and changing equipment, peer rescue, etc. After diving to a depth of 12 meters, the control of diving speed, eardrum protection, water suspension, etc. were investigated during the process. I didn’t expect that the first time I dived, I was caught in a fishing net placed by fishermen in the sea. The coach quickly stopped the diving. It was still a little dangerous if I was entangled. The speed of ocean currents in the sea is relatively fast, and the difficulty lies in controlling the body when suspended in the water. Beginners are often washed out of balance by the current. Of course, even so, it is still interesting. For the first time, I saw coral and sea urchin of various colors in the water, as well as Nemo fish. I couldn’t express my excitement.

The first dive depth is 12.8 meters and the bottom time is 32 minutes, which is recorded in the dive log. After that, I went ashore to replace the oxygen cylinder, and took a second diving after taking a rest according to the RDP form time. As the contents were roughly the same, I stopped wording.

Day 4:

This is the most memorable day in the whole learning process, because today’s destination is Sail Rock highly recommended by KOH PHANGAN North Diving enthusiasts. The ship I was on was full of divers from Europe, and there were no Asians except sailors and me. Arriving about an hour after taking a boat from the island, Sail Rock is actually a rock protruding from the sea surface in the Gulf of Thailand. While the coach launched to fix the buoy, I made a visual inspection. It is about 10 meters in diameter and no more than 20 meters in height. There are no islands around it, and the average water depth around it is 22 meters and the deepest is 34 meters. It is very suitable for diving. More importantly, if you are lucky, you can see whale sharks. Imagine swimming with whale sharks is what’s feeling! However, I was lucky. On that day, the sea was a little stormy and the visibility in the water was slightly lower. This kind of situation is unlikely to happen to whale sharks, or it may not be found when it swims more than 10 meters from the diver’s side, because the stormy waves will roll up the sediment on the seabed and the visibility will decrease. Let’s look at coral.

I vowed to buy a diving camera in the future, stay in the coral bushes, and watch groups of fish of various colors parade in line up, down, left and right. It is a great pity that such unforgettable scenery cannot be recorded.

Due to the strong wind and waves, our ship temporarily decided to change its plan and return to KOH MA for the second dive, which was yesterday’s site. The visibility of KOH MA today is better than yesterday, which is a good opportunity to see the scenery. The last dive did not have any examination content. It was purely entertainment. Sometimes the fish schools around me were less than half a meter away from me and did not have any fear of people. However, as soon as I reached out, I immediately disappeared into the coral bushes.

In the afternoon, I went back to the hotel and finished the final theoretical examination after a short rest. The examination questions were not difficult and passed without surprise or danger. After that, I went through the process, filled out the form and obtained the license: PADI Temporary Card

Finally, take a photo with the two coaches.

Jeffrey and I

Danny and I

The following are some photos of the hotel taken later. This is one of the hotel rooms, closest to the beach, where a couple lived in Quebec.

The sea in front of the hotel

There are many hotels on the island, which are close together.

The beach and the sea.

I have to thank the German bald head for recommending KOH PHANGAN to me.

Thai Crusoe Experience Siam 4

Koh Samet Island

This is really a fascinating place. If you have read McDull’s story, you will know the Maldives with clear water and white sand in McDull’s mouth. But if you come to Koh Samet Island, you will know that McDull does not have to go to Maldives to experience the wonders of the world.

We went to many star hotels on the island, which were different everywhere but had one thing in common: romance.

I have been to many beaches, Qingdao, Helsingh, Holland, Scheveningen and Barcelona, Spain, but none of them can match Thailand. This is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If there are rivals, it is also Maldives, Philippines and Hawaii.

The island is dominated by Nordic people. Most of the hotels we stay in come from Scandinavian countries, namely Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Many hotel staff are also Nordic. Dinner lit a candle, blowing the sea breeze, eating Western-style Thai food, with a little tipsy wine, interest is dim.

On such a night, it is most suitable for three cups and five cups to go down and say several soft and soft love words choking on your throat. It is also suitable for caring for each other without saying anything. Just drag your hands and walk on the beach, leaving the warm waves to kiss your instep gently.

I don’t want to describe this picture any more. I think everyone has a dream of an island coconut forest in his heart. I can only recommend Koh Samet Island as follows: there are the most beautiful beaches in the world and the first-class services in the world. It is for this reason that it attracts a large number of Nordic tourists.

As a blind spot for Chinese tourists, Koh Samet Island is innocent. I can foresee that many Chinese will appear here in the near future. The problem is not that Koh Samet Island has not been discovered, but what kind of mood you are traveling with.

See my photo album Experience Siam 0-5 for pictures. There are six albums in total.

Thai Crusoe Experience Siam 3


Pattaya’s other business card is * *. I have lived in Holland for a year, and Amsterdam’s * * has naturally been there. Comparing the two, I can only say that things are different and each has its own advantages.

Amsterdam’s * * is built along the canal and can be visited by boat. Pattaya is along the street. Amsterdam’s * * are all dressed in luminous inner clothes posing in red windows. Pattaya’s is more complicated, with noisy dance halls and roaring banquets. Amsterdam talks about the price in the street and draws the curtain after the deal is concluded. Pattaya does not see such a sight very much. Speaking of Pattaya’s * *, it is more comprehensive, not only in meat markets, but also in casinos, business districts and night markets, while Amsterdam is linked to sex in everything. * * Only prostitutes, reality shows and Cheng @ people @ use @ shops are left. Therefore, the West is direct and the East is implicit. The West is single and the East is intricate.

Pattaya’s Chinese tourists are not very many either. In Amsterdam, Chinese tour groups with uniform signs are often seen visiting in droves. The scene is very funny. * * Knowing that there is no business, the female members of the tour group flirt with the men and should talk about the price. Then they burst out laughing and enjoyed themselves.

It may be a pity that the wine pool and meat forest will not come, but it is only a pity that they have come. Meat @ wants to cross-flow a street, sewers give off the smell of broken stars, walking just want to speed up the pace. Probably so.

See my photo album Experience Siam 0-5 for pictures. There are six albums in total.

My Third Trip to Bangkok * 2011

Wednesday 2011/01/19

This is the third time I have arrived in Thailand. This is also the country that has come the most. I feel different every time. This time I was unprepared. I didn’t receive the visa until the afternoon of the day I went out. What is more painful is that I didn’t know the working time was advanced until I went out. Laos can’t go but the air ticket to Bangkok has been bought. Where can I go in 5 days? I won’t go to the south. It’s not good to go to work like a Cinderella. Then I’ll go to northern Thailand and decided to buy a return air ticket on the afternoon of the day I went out. Fortunately, it’s not too expensive. . .

Although I don’t know the destination, I only know that there are many temples and it is a very elegant place, but the more I go out, the more I will let nature take its course. Let’s talk about it when I go ~

Because it was 11 o’clock in the evening, I thought there was still time. I didn’t want Hualian to take the airport bus. Try the 310-315 bus, which has the largest number of stops in the legend. It was indeed worthy of its reputation. It cost 5 yuan for a full hour and a half. There were fewer and fewer people on the bus. Looking at the wrong time, I felt that the airport was near here. The conductor seemed to fall asleep and hurriedly asked if he had arrived at the airport. “Pass”! ! ! His eyes are black and he is only 50 minutes away from takeoff. Where is this? There is no shop in front of the village or behind it. It is still black. Where can I find a taxi? I can’t cross the road first. I may still wait until the bus turns back. I suddenly passed a bicycle in the rush. I didn’t even want to grab the rear of his car and ask if I could take me to the airport. It was ten dollars. I made a deal. I don’t know if he was a professional or just stopped by to go home. I was sure all the way. I finally saw the lovely airport in 10 minutes. . Why do you have to torture yourself to death every time you go out? In my heart, I severely criticized myself one after another, and at the same time I was secretly glad that I was so lucky every time I went out. . .

Thursday 2011/01/20

Arriving in Bangkok is already 1: 30 in the middle of the night. Bangkok Airport is as cold as usual regardless of seasons. In order to be light, I only brought a thin suit. Alas, I regret it at this moment. I plan to spend the night at the airport and wait for the morning before taking the airport bus to the mountain road to find a bus to Chiang Mai. But it is not easy to stay in this “ice bank” for one night. Fortunately, I know something about this airport. Go down to the second floor and find a bench in the hallway with restaurants. It’s relatively warm here and there are many people who spend the night here. Fortunately, I can still find my place to live. At first, I was fine. After midnight, I often woke up from the cold. I had to go out of the airport to shake off the “ice” on my body and go in to continue sleeping. I don’t know how to get through it. Finally, it was dawn, touching my face. Fortunately, my facial features were still there. . .

The airport bus in Bangkok is the most expensive one I have ever taken, 150B/almost 40 RMB, which is actually about 40 minutes. I found several travel agencies on the mountain road to buy tickets to Chiang Mai. The lowest ticket is 350B, which opens at 6: 30 p.m. Put down your luggage and go shopping easily ~ only after passing through N places where you can exchange money did you know that the RMB has depreciated here, and it has also depreciated a lot. I didn’t see one room that is more than 1: 4. A year ago, 100 RMB could have been exchanged for 500 Thai baht. Now it can only be exchanged for 400 baht. Fortunately, it was exchanged more last year, and this time it was enough or it would have lost a lot. Seeing that the exchange rate of some stores is higher than that of RMB in Hong Kong dollars, what is the truth in what?

The sun is poisonous and hot outside, At the moment, how many regrets I didn’t bring out my short skirt, I just want to find a cool place to stay, Before I knew it, I walked to Saranrom park next to the palace. A quiet little park, Only the natives in twos and threes sat under the pavilion under the tree to enjoy the cool air. Well, I found the right place ~ lying on the bench by the river under the big tree and looking up at the picture of the blue sky and the white pigeons, A little lower is the squirrels looking for food head and tail in the tree. The lower point is the holy plumeria, the lower point is the unknown dancing flowers along the river. Ha ha, the lower point is the fish and fish playing in the river. With the beloved Thai song “I still love you tomorrow” playing on my mobile phone, my heart is drunk and everything is so perfect. . .

Later, I was so hungry that I had to leave to look for food. Later, I stopped by the Daikin Sleeping Buddhist Temple (WATPO) next to the palace.

If you don’t enter the room of Golden Buddha, you don’t need tickets (ticket 50B). If you had known earlier, I wouldn’t have bought tickets. . . . If you give tickets, you can see the following golden Buddha:


There are also three larger ones with the same style and different colors. The small flowers on their bodies are very delicate. It is worth looking closely.

There are also rows of golden Buddhas. . .


I also saw some Chinese and Western statues:

I like this road accompanied by the palace very much. At the end of the road, through the traffic lights, backpackers are concentrated on the mountain road.


Cars in Southeast Asia are very “flowery”. . .

The Freedom of Returning from Thailand’s Travel

Sometimes, I really can’t think of which time is happier to start or return from the trip: the former is full of longing, but a little uneasy; The latter is full of harvest, but there are always some regrets.

From July 10 to July 18, 2016, I am free to travel in Thailand.

My Travel Footprints: Bangkok Langman Airport-Big City-Bangkok-Chew Lan Lake in Suladani, Southern Peninsula-Kosso National Park in Panya Prefecture-Mangrove Bay in Panya Bay-Cabayan Island in Lalang Prefecture-Bangkok

Travel Expenses: Visa 210 yuan

Shijiazhuang to Guangzhou Roundtrip Train Ticket 460 yuan

Roundtrip air ticket from Guangzhou to Bangkok by AirAsia: 1100 yuan.

Thailand spends 5,000 Thai baht (about RMB 1000 yuan)

US $20, or RMB 130 yuan, was actually converted into Thai baht 680 baht.

Total RMB 2,900 Yuan

How is it? It is enough to save money. This is the superiority of Buddhism and modern civilized social system. Buses in Bangkok are free. Prices are cheap. Beside Chunpengfu Railway Station, a piece of roasted chicken sprayed with fragrance is only 10Bhat, or RMB 2 yuan. Chewing freely, I feel that I have taken great advantage of the Thai people!

When I was planning this trip, Leaving aside the popular routes for Chinese tourists, Neither went to Chiang Mai, Nor did they go to Phuket Island or Pattaya, where the Chinese are crowded, Instead, facing the map, I turned my eyes to the central part of the southern peninsula, a triangular area located in Suladani Prefecture, Panya Prefecture and Lalang Prefecture. There are two sides of the sea, with dense forests, wind and wind, rain and rain. I am free to wander and explore in that area, achieving a perfect integration of travelers and beautiful Thailand. During the five days there, I did not meet a Chinese compatriot! I can only speak English and Thai.

Walking on the land of Thailand, people are not only intoxicated, but also changing: Buddha has such great charisma to people’s hearts! People, unexpectedly can be so kind! Women can be so beautiful! Life can be so simple! The island can be so charming!

It must be mentioned that it is not enough to rely solely on one’s courage and intelligence to travel in such a region where one is not familiar with language and journey. It is the kind and enthusiastic ordinary Thai people who have extended a helping hand to me, either guiding the way or hitchhiking. Their trust and friendly eyes on me are the driving force behind my journey!

The plane, the station, the pagoda, the Buddha, the curry rice, the river, the lake, the mountain, the jungle, the bay, the island and the cabin are all deep in the memory. When people return home, their hearts and souls remain in Thailand. A thousand words turn into one sentence: I love you, Thailand! Silver Diti is as bad as Zha! (Thai: Nice to meet you)

Chiang Mai Free Travel Raiders

8 November

People got up at 4 o’clock in the morning, and people always came and went outside the curtain. I’m still in bed-I didn’t sleep well last night. The sleeper car did not turn off the lights at night. I was not used to it and woke up almost once an hour or so. Later, I talked to Leo about the car not turning off the lights. He asked: Why do you have to turn off the lights? And reminded me to wear blindfolds when going out. Say: This is experience!

I remember, I will wear blindfolds when I go out in the future.

Leo is an Australian from England. I have fallen in love with Chiang Mai since I first came to Chiang Mai 23 years ago. I came to Chiang Mai to provide for my old age after retiring 2 years ago. Love Chiang Mai is a mess, is a real Chiang Mai “fan”. He told me again and again that the longer he stayed in Chiang Mai, the more he would love this place.

The train was supposed to arrive in Chiang Mai at 6: 00, but it was one and a half hours late. However, being late has the advantage of being late, giving me the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful morning in the suburbs of Chiang Mai on the bus.

* Scenery along the way There are two main modes of public transportation in Chiang Mai City. One is to take a pickup truck. 20B per person in the urban area. The disadvantage is that you may have to wait. If there are few people on the bus, the driver always has to wait for a few more guests before leaving. And the driver may detour to take each passenger to the place he wants to go. The second is TUK-TUK. We need to bargain. From the railway station to the old city of Chiang Mai 60B. Generally, it is about 40B in Chiang Mai. It will be more expensive at night or on holidays.

Chiang Mai Railway Station

× Chiang Mai Railway Station

We took a pickup truck with Leo to get off at Pratu Chiang Mai in the old city of Chiang Mai and walked to Julie’s guest house recommended by him. However, it was full and the hotel looked crowded, so we decided to go to Phai Thai Guest House, which we had seen online before.

According to the map found on the Internet, we went the wrong way and walked into a winding alley. The alley is beautiful in the morning, but our backpack is too heavy. It is better to find guest house as the positive solution first. However, it is difficult to find people to ask the way in the street in the morning. When I saw a man, I ran all the way to ask, “Where is Phai Thai?”

Finally, through a worse muddy road, I reached Phai Thai. His courtyard is indeed very tasty!

The courtyard of × Phai Tai received us exactly the Thai MM with a high bun mentioned on the Internet, but I think why is she so Japanese? (Later, I finally asked her gossip: Are you Thai? She said yes. Also asked me if I think she looks like a hybrid? I am very embarrassed.)

There are 500B and 300B fan rooms for two people. I ordered the 500B. It’s very clean. I like it very much. After taking a bath, I went out to look for food.

Chiang Mai Gate Market

Before departure, I was busy with my work. Chiang Mai didn’t do a good job in strategy and couldn’t find the north when I went out. Dangling to the Chiang Mai Gate Market, a comprehensive market near Pratu Chiang Mai. It’s so lively. What has everything to eat and use. Hungry, I jumped up like a hungry tiger.

I ate Chiang Mai’s famous spicy pork sausage (which is said to be the food that Chiang Mai people miss most when they move to other areas. It is delicious, not only spicy but also full of fragrant thatched flavor), delicious roasted pork liver and a bowl of rice flour. Finally, there was a cup of Thai milk tea. Finally Yuan Shen returned to his experience. Finally, I can enjoy seeing the street view.

Wandering around the streets. Pan Soi, an advanced temple. A monk is watching Thai historical plays on DVD. He introduced that he was telling the story of someone (forgetting his name, sweat ~ ~ ~) and warmly invited us to watch it together. Well, Thai historical drama, I. . . Worried that I can’t understand it. . . Thank him politely and go to the hall to worship. Come out.

X Monks Watching DVD TV Series

I went to another temple and later learned that it was the famous Wat Chedi Luang. French activities are taking place inside. I didn’t dare to enter the main hall and looked around. When I came out, I saw a banner that said (to the effect): “We will feel disappointed when you come here, visit and leave. I hope you can communicate with us, 1. About Buddhism 2. About Thai culture 3. About monk life 4. Anything… every afternoon, x ~ x (I can’t remember, but I didn’t take it)” a little moved and curious. But when I think about my “bulk” English, I suddenly have some stage fright. Finally left. In retrospect, there are some regrets.

Slowly, it was noon and it became hot. Moreover, the symptoms of not sleeping well last night also began to be obvious, with dizziness and brain swelling. Fortunately, the old city was not large, so I hurried back to Phai Thai, threw myself into bed and went to bed. . .

This sleep is very sweet. . .

Wake up, two o’clock in the afternoon. Before going out, I made a plan: the first priority is to rent a “car”. The original plan was to rent bicycles, because Thailand drives on the left, and we are not very good at driving motorcycles, so we feel that bicycles are safer. Second, we need to make a map that works better. Many places in Chiang Mai provide free maps, Phai Thai does, but after reading a few of them, they are not useful (maybe I didn’t find them? If you see any useful free maps, please tell me…) , so-decided to spend money on bleeding-buy one!

As a result, as soon as I went out, I changed my plan and decided to rent a motorcycle. The kind of motorcycle that does not shift gears here looks good to ride and is not expensive. . . For convenience, I rented a motorcycle in the small shop near the north of Phai Thai. It is best to rent a car with insurance for 150B/day (including insurance)! However, this family has few cars, old ones and broken helmets. If you want to rent a better one, don’t come to this house. I am a little lazy, hee hee. . . But the car is still in good condition.

It was much more convenient to rent a motorcycle, so I went to the Book zone outside the old city mentioned on LP to buy a map!

Before I came to Chiang Mai, I thought the prosperous area of Chiang Mai was in the old city. I found out only after I left the city-otherwise! I’m afraid the busiest area in Chiang Mai is the area west of Meiping River outside the east gate of the old city. High-end hotels gather here, bars line up, and shops that buy clothes and silver ornaments are even more numerous. And they all look good! Of course, consumption is also slightly higher. However, for me, I still prefer to live in the old city and be quiet.

I bought two maps in Book Zone. Later, it proved that Nancy Chandler’s version of the map recommended by LP was the best. Recommendation. It’s a little expensive. Sell 190B in Book Zone.

I went back to the city for a stroll and ate a delicious “sausage” (I didn’t know it should be called what) 1B in the alley. Seeing that it was getting late, I decided to go to dinner first and then catch Saturday Street.

Lemon Leaf

I want to drink Tom Yam for dinner, but I don’t know where to eat. I happened to meet a gentleman from Taiwan in Si Phen Restaurant (he is said to have been traveling in Thailand for 8 months) and he recommended us to go to Lemon Leaf. Lemon Leaf is opposite a large shopping mall outside the northeast corner of the old city. Looking at the map seems a little far away, but riding a motorcycle in the past is still not a matter. I ordered Tom Yam and a curry steamed fish, which felt mediocre and a little light. Maybe it’s not to my taste.

× Steamed Fish with Curry

Saturday Walking Street

One of the reasons why you must come to Chiang Mai on the 7th is also because of Saturday Street. It is said that the public praise is good, only on Saturday. Outside the city, the south gate of the old city (Phatu Chiang Mai) goes out and is not far south along Th Wualai.

What a long street! They were all surrounded and changed to walking. Although it was still early, the vendors had already set up stalls and started shouting. Eat, use, play, everything. I looked at such a long street and said “good pervert” with duplicity while rushing in!

X night market stalls, shopping. . .

Go, go. . .

Go, go. . .

. . .

. . .

Finally, the things here are really cheaper, and there are many silver shops on both sides. And some foods may not be seen in other night markets. Such as that kind of test-tube sorbet. However, the quality of the clothes is inferior to that of Sunday Market.

X test-tube sorbet

First Free Travel Abroad: 14 Days of Outbreak of “Dream Thailand Tour” (Phuket Island, Chiang Mai, Pai District, Chiang Rai, Bangkok)

First Free Travel Abroad: 14 Days of Outbreak “Dream Thailand Tour”

Phuket Island, Chiang Mai, Pai District, Chiang Rai, Bangkok


We have just returned from a trip to Thailand. While my memory is still clear, we quickly wrote down travel notes and strategies to share with you. At the same time, we also help travelers who are preparing to travel to Thailand. My writing level is limited, I hope you will forgive me!

I want to tell you, this is my first time abroad, why did I choose Thailand? Why did you choose to travel freely? Because I like Thailand since I was a child, Thailand is famous for its “smiling country” and has always been one of the top ten tourist countries in the world. At the same time, Thailand also has numerous praises such as “shopping paradise” and “transvestite country”. Yes, Thailand is indeed the best tourist country. However, I haven’t found a suitable opportunity to travel to Thailand. Now, the release of the movie “Lost in Thailand after Another Lost Journey” has set off an upsurge of free travel in Thailand. As a result, I am also eager to try. I have decided to go to Thailand this year! ! ! I started to study Thailand’s free travel strategy online, joined QQ Group to discuss the strategy, and gained a lot of knowledge, making me understand that traveling abroad is not as difficult as imagined. After careful consideration, I began to discuss with my family. Indeed, I was strongly opposed by my family. Well, I can understand my family’s worries, but I am firmly unwilling to travel to Thailand with a group. Because I am not very satisfied with the route arrangement and price of the group, most of them are animal performances and compulsory shopping, which is meaningless. It is better not to go abroad! In fact, I am most inclined to go to Phuket Island, Chiang Mai, Pai District and Chiang Rai in Thailand. I communicated with my family again and patiently introduced it. Ha ha, my mother was finally persuaded by me and chose the great free trip! So I began to plan a free trip to Thailand.

Of course, I would like to thank Sister Hulu, Australian Chinese Sister M and other netizens, because I encountered many problems in planning my trip to Thailand at that time. They enthusiastically gave me many useful and good suggestions, which led to our mother and son’s very smooth trip to Thailand. It was great! I am very grateful!


First of all, Thailand’s rainy season (off season) may-October, dry season (peak season) November-April, peak season hotel prices will generally rise, I think at the end of October, the rainfall may be small, depending on luck. So I chose to go to Thailand at the end of October.

I arranged Phuket Island, Chiang Mai and Bangkok to be ranked as routes and put Phuket Island at the first stop. The reason is that Phuket Island is very expensive, not a shopping paradise, so you can play without buying. Chiang Mai and Bangkok are definitely shopping paradise, with low consumption, more handicrafts and more luggage.

First think about the itinerary, about 15 days, decided, started to book air tickets to Asia Airlines, of course, this is a famous low-cost airline in Southeast Asia, safety is absolutely guaranteed, Asia Airlines has a lot of time to do promotional activities, always pay attention to discounts! I am very lucky that July coincided with the big promotion. After the price comparison, Wuhan flew to Bangkok and transferred to Phuket Island. The air ticket was cheaper. Shanghai flies directly to Phuket Island, and the air ticket is expensive. Therefore, I decided to choose Wuhan and make sure that I traveled for 14 days (October 26-November 8). When I officially booked the air ticket, I had to quit because of my father’s working relationship, leaving our mother and son to travel to Thailand. What a disappointment! Booking air ticket: Wuhan to Bangkok, double air ticket 1296 yuan; Bangkok to Phuket Island, double air ticket 612.09 yuan; Phuket Island to Chiang Mai, double air ticket 456.67 yuan; Chiang Mai to Bangkok, double air ticket 337.86 yuan; Wuhan to Bangkok, double air ticket: 1054.61 yuan. The above includes taxes, insurance premiums and seat fees, totaling 3,757.23 yuan (note: excluding shipping fees), five flights per person, 1,878.615 yuan, OMG, which is too cheap. In fact, there is really no need to buy insurance premiums and seat fees, and travel experts generally do not buy them!

AirAsia Official Website:

[About Accommodation]

Agoda and booking are the official websites of hotel reservations around the world. In addition, Yilong and Taobao actually have a price difference of tens to 120 yuan. There are no discounts. Which hotel do you like, don’t forget to compare the prices. However, what I recommend is the reservation on AGODA and Taobao again. Personally, I completed the reservation of air tickets first. AGODA’s official website chose which city to search and showed that there were many hotels. The key is to see how far away the scenic spot is from the hotel and to consider whether it is convenient to travel. It is important not to delay going to the airport. Reminder: AGODA’s official website hotel has two prices for the same room: expensive, which can be cancelled; Offer, non-cancellable. Be careful when booking a room! ! By the way, the name of the hotel is listed, the specific details and evaluation are in the text, and there is also Google Maps showing the location of the hotel.

The hotels booked throughout the journey are as follows:

Phuket: Pimnara Boutique Hotel

Hotel Address: Jungceylon Shopping Destination 181 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road, Phuket, Thailand

Price: 398RMB/night, including tax, service charge, no breakfast, recommended

This hotel is located in Jiangxi Cold Shopping Center, the busiest on Phuket Island. It is definitely the golden location in Patong District. It is very, very close to shopping and hotels, but it is two roads from the beach. Remind attention, also want a deposit of 2,000 Thai baht, is the cost performance is poor! ! !

Phuket: Poppa Palace Hotel

Hotel Address: 14, 16 Rat U Thit 200 Pee Soi 1, Phuket, Thailand

Price: 202RMB/night, including tax, service charge, breakfast available, recommended

This hotel is 15 minutes’ walk from Jiangxi Cold Shopping Center and 5 minutes to the beach. The environment is good, there is also a swimming pool, and there is the best breakfast (buffet). It is delicious and cost-effective. I will stay at his house next time I have the chance!

Chiang Mai: Anoma Bed & Breakfast

Hotel Address: 7 Prapokklao Rd Soi 6 Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Price: 197.28 RMB/night, including tax, service charge, breakfast available, recommended

This hotel is located in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, with convenient transportation, but the accommodation conditions are average and the price is a little expensive.

Pai District: Mari Pai Resort

Hotel Address: 97 Moo 11, Pai, Thailand

Price: 355.89 RMB/night, including tax, service charge, breakfast available, recommended

The famous swing under the big tree is in Mari Pai Resort Hotel. There are also mini villas and lovely saloon cars with beautiful scenery. It is my favorite hotel! However, at night you will find a lot of flying insects on the light at the gate of the mini villa. Be sure to buy mosquito repellent water made in Thailand!

Pai District: Baan Pai Village

Hotel Address: 88 Moo 3, Vieng Tai, Pai, Thailand

Price: 217.49 RMB/night, including tax, service charge, breakfast available, recommended

This hotel has the style of northern Thailand, with many plants and leisure areas. The atmosphere is quite good and the geographical location is good. It is less than 5 minutes away from AYA Station, which is very convenient.

Chiang Mai: La Pillow Hotel (formerly known as Another Sis Hotel)

Hotel Address: 6/3 Soi 8, Prapokklao Road, T Pharasing, A. Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Price: 296RMB/night, including tax, service charge, no breakfast, recommended

This hotel is located opposite Chiang Mai’s most famous Chedilong Temple and is also the golden location of the ancient city. I can see it by opening the window in the hotel room. The room is fully equipped, clean, bright, spacious and quiet, and very suitable for living. There is no breakfast, fortunately there are 7-11 supermarkets near the hotel that can buy breakfast! By the way, the front desk boy can speak Chinese and is very enthusiastic.

Bangkok: The Warehouse Bangkok

Hotel Address: 120, Bunsiri Road, San Chao por sua, Pranakorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 317.81 RMB/night, including tax, service charge, breakfast available, recommended

This hotel is the only hotel closer to the Grand Palace than Kaoshan Road Hotel. The hotel looks like a warehouse style and has a lot of personality. It is very suitable for young people to stay. The room facilities are complete and breakfast is also available. Most importantly, it is only 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from the Grand Palace. It’s very convenient. It’s the first choice hotel for you to go to the Grand Palace.

Bangkok: Amari Don Muang AirportBangkok Hotel

Hotel Address: 333 Moo 10, Chert Wudthakas Road, Srikan, Don Muang/Impact, Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 388RMB/night, including tax, service charge, breakfast available, recommended

Take off at 7 o’clock in the morning and return home. There is a hotel opposite the airport. It is very convenient and will not miss the flight! After 06:30 breakfast time, there was no way out. Breakfast was solved by myself! ! ! In fact, you can sleep at the airport, which is very safe. However, for the sake of my family’s health, I am not suitable to sleep at the airport.

Reservations for the above hotels totaled 3,882.93 yuan, with 13 nights for two, with an average price of 298.69 yuan/night.

Global Hotel Reservation Website, Recommend!

Agoda website:

Booking website:

Yilong Official Website:

[About Visas]

Thai signing is still relatively convenient. We chose this travel agency in Shanghai and found the lowest price on Taobao. The evaluation is also very reliable. 245 yuan per person can also be used for returning to Shunfeng Express. The speed is also very fast. It takes 7 days, but it actually takes about half a month to get it. The reason is related to the National Day. There is no need to provide what property certificates or the like, only the original passport and 2 2-inch photos are required to be sent by Shun Feng Express. Generally, there will be no what errors.

Note: The new policy will exempt Thailand from visa in the future. I am looking forward to it!

[About Insurance]

Safety is very important when traveling in a foreign country. In order to explain to his family, and at the same time to travel more secure. Insurance items include accidental injuries, diseases, property losses, checked baggage or flight delays, loss of travel documents, etc. Short-term insurance plans also include recreational items such as diving. My personal recommendation: Allianz and Meiya, my personality is good, and I hit Allianz insurance promotion activities, the price is very low, obviously I choose Allianz!

China National Insurance Official Website:

About Banks

Thailand supports UnionPay cards, but some stores do not necessarily support UnionPay cards. You need to prepare Thai baht cash, or you can use your bank card to withdraw money from Thailand’s ATM machine. Reminder: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications and other first-class banks have to charge a handling fee of more than ten dollars to withdraw money from ATM machines in foreign countries. ! ! Personally, I suggest that I go to Huaxia Bank, Chengdu Bank, Guangfa Bank and other second-and third-rate banks to handle bank cards. The first sum of money taken every day in any country in the world is free of handling fees. What I do is Jining Bank Card. There is no charge for withdrawing money from other places. No matter how many times you withdraw money a day, there is no charge, but 50 Thai baht is deducted for each sum (this is the charge collected locally in Thailand). Jining bank card is very convenient. In fact, Thailand has several ATM machines of different colors, representing different banks. Personally, I recommend: purple and green ATM machines. The exchange rate is very high. Kiss, you must remember purple and green. It is very easy to find!

In addition, some people want to exchange Thai baht at home before going abroad. Personally, I recommend: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which has a higher exchange rate than Bank of China. Note that there are many exchang stores in Thailand. Don’t go to exchang stores and exchange RMB directly for Thai baht. The exchange rate is only 4.7, which is not worth it! ! !

[About Calling Cards]

In Thailand, there are several kinds of cards: HAPPY, true move, etc., but as tourists, it is recommended to use HAPPY card, 299 Thai baht, with 7-day unlimited Internet access card. I can go to QQ, WeChat, and upload pictures. The network speed is more powerful than China Unicom 3G! In fact, my mobile phone is Xiaomi 2, which supports HAPPY card 3G, Samsung, HTC, Apple and so on. The only telecom mobile phone cannot be supported!

Thailand’s 7-11 supermarkets generally sell HAPPY at a price of 299 Thai baht, including 100 Thai baht telephone charges. However, I bought 2 HAPPY cards on Taobao at 53 RMB/card, which is cheaper than Thailand’s 299 Thai baht (equivalent to 59.80 RMB).

How to use the HAPPY card:

** Domestic mobile phone: 00400 +86 + mobile phone number, telephone charge 1.07 baht per minute

* * Domestic landline: 00400 +86 + city area code (excluding the first 0) + landline number, the telephone fee is 1.07 Thai baht per minute (must not use the method of 00486 + telephone number * * yo, the resulting telephone fee is several times more expensive) * * Thai local telephone: directly * * (generally Thailand’s mobile phone number is 10 digits beginning with 0, landline number is 9 digits beginning with 0) send short messages: 00486 + mobile phone number, Thailand local: 3 Thai baht/article; International SMS: 5 Thai baht/article. Answering the phone is free! From China * * Thailand phone, * * method: 0066 + Thailand mobile phone number (remove the first 0), make sure your Chinese mobile phone has * * international long-distance function.

In addition: True Move card, when we got off the plane and entered the airport, we could also see the True Move counter. We could go directly to collect the free True Move card, which contained 10 Thai baht, and we could call our families to report safety. If the Thai baht is used up, you can also go to the 7-11 supermarket to recharge. As for traffic, it is true that there is limited traffic, which is not as good as HAPPY card’s unlimited traffic on the Internet. It is quite suitable for friends who like to play on the Internet.

Remember: HAPPY=00400 +86, true move = 00600 +86!

The HAPPY card is a large card set and a small card supports the iPhone4, but the nano card of the iPhone5 needs to be cut by itself.

[On Entry and Exit]

When you fly off to yearn for Thailand, the stewardess will issue your entry and exit to Thailand. You bring your own water pen and fill in the entry and exit, as follows:

[On Tax Refund]

Tax refund conditions: a single store purchases more than 2,000 Thai baht or several stores accumulate more than 5,000 Thai baht (all stores must have VAT Refund for Tourists logo)

(Tax Refund Mark)

Tax refund process:

1. After buying a fixed amount of goods, the clerk will give you a P.P.10 form to fill in.

(If you don’t, remember to ask, unless you don’t care about the money)

2. Fill in the name, passport number and date in Thailand on the form. The rest will be filled in by the clerk, who will give you a copy.

3. Take a copy to the airport to stamp. Remember to check the luggage before, because some goods have to be shown to Thai officials for inspection.

4. After checking the luggage, take a copy to refund the tax. There is a handling fee of 100B each time for tax refund. The tax rebate rate is 7% of the total.

The official website of Thailand’s VAT Refund:, which contains a lot of tax refund information and tells you how to refund the tax. The steps are just like the following figure.

Remember to cover the customs seal before tax refund, otherwise P.P.10 will not refund the tax to you.

After the seal is affixed, you can go to the tax refund.

Attention to Thailand’s Shopping Tax Refund:

1. A handling fee of 100 Thai baht will be charged for tax refund. If you just buy 2,000 Thai baht, you will refund the tax of 2,000 x 7% = 140 Thai baht, leaving only 40 Thai baht after deducting the handling fee. Therefore, tax refund is a science, so everyone should take advantage of the time to refund tax so as not to delay the flight due to small money. 2. The seal of VAT reference information should be affixed on the day of boarding and leaving the country. If the plane stays overnight at the airport early in the morning, never affix the seal one day in advance. The seal is only valid on the same day. The sealed office is on duty 24 hours a day. 3. Only businesses with the words VAT Refund on the counter of the shopping mall can enjoy the tax refund (Lee, Levi’s and Topshop can directly refund the tax at the counter), while the counter with not VAT Refund cannot refund the tax (neither NaRaYa nor Bata can refund the tax)

In Thailand, the basic consumption tax for shopping, accommodation, department stores or SAP is 7%, which is collected by shops, but tourists holding tourist visas can apply for tax refund within 60 days after shopping.

However, you need to meet all the following conditions: 1. Stay in Thailand for no more than 180 days 2. Not an airline employee

Specific requirements: 1. Choose to shop at the store marked “VAT Refund For Tour-ists”. The total value of the goods you purchase, including * *, cannot be less than 5000 Thai baht. If you choose to shop in different stores, you are required to shop in each store at least 2,000 Thai baht-including * *. Generally, the tax refund is 7% of the price of the commodity, and the preferential tax refund policy is only applicable to the purchased commodity to be carried out of the country within 60 days after purchase.

2. Prohibited goods, inflammable and explosive goods, precious stones, etc. set by the Thai government are not allowed to be refunded.

[About Mobile Phone Software]

Mobile phones can download maps, photos of Thai scenic spots, Chinese-English Thai translation software, WeChat, * * travel strategies and * * travel translation palace.

Photos of scenic spots in Thailand are quite useful. I couldn’t find the scenic spots I wanted to go to at that time. I gave the photos of scenic spots in my mobile phone to passers-by, who immediately told me and showed me the way when they saw the pictures.

WeChat is used by people all over the world. When we travel in Thailand, we use WeChat to reserve AYA tickets for the next day and take a bus to Pai District. The same is true of the one-day tour to Chiang Rai.

Booking AYA ticket for Pai District, Chinese, Micro Signal: Ayaservice, Chiang Mai-Pai District, ticket 150 Thai baht/person.

Make an appointment for a one-day tour of Chiang Rai (Baimiao + Golden Triangle + Changjing Village), Chinese, micro signal: chinese_taxi_cm, 1100 Thai baht/person.

By the way, regarding one-day tours: Emperor Island and Phi Phi Island each have one-day tours, and tickets for Simon Transvestite Show are all booked on Taobao, which is very convenient.

If you are good at English, you can also go to Phuket Island to find a local travel agency to book a day tour, charter a boat and other different projects.

* * The travel translator is very useful. When the Thai people do not understand the English you speak, you take out your mobile phone and point out the Chinese meaning you want to say. The mobile phone will help you translate Thai and read it out. The disadvantage is that the Thai voice is a little lower and can hardly be heard in noisy places. However, there is Thai in it, and the Thais can understand it!

The Chinese-English Thai translation software is also very convenient, without explanation!

Book air tickets, hotels, passports (scans), information documents, etc. and copy them to the mobile phone to prevent the passports and documents from being lost. There are documents in the mobile phone and you can go to the hotel front desk to print them. To apply for a new passport at the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, you can use your mobile phone to provide your passport as proof. Remember to bring 2 2-inch photos with you!

If you do the above conditions well, then you can boldly board the plane.

In a few hours, you will leave China and set foot on Thai soil!

Pay Attention to Thai Etiquette

Although China claims to be a nation of etiquette, the Chinese seem too impolite after going abroad.

First: Say hello. Thailand is called the “Kingdom of Smile”. When you stare at a person for 2 seconds, the other person will definitely smile at you. We should also smile back, otherwise it would be impolite. Also, Thais regard the head as a sacred place, so don’t touch other people’s heads casually, especially children’s heads. Don’t point your feet at people or things, especially at the soles of your feet. Don’t open or close the door with your feet. Use your right hand instead of your left hand when handing things over.

Second: by car and boat. In Thailand, no matter whether you say you take a bus or charter a bus to go out to play, you must pay attention to sitting up from the last row. They gave up the good position in front to the people who got on the bus in the back. The Chinese generally don’t know this, and I realized it myself after I made an embarrassment.

Third: Flying. On the plane, you must turn off your mobile phone and electronic products when taking off and landing. It is not possible for your mobile phone to be in “flight mode”. This time to Thailand, many Chinese people turned on their cell phones, but the stewardess actually said in Chinese: “turn off your cell phone!” The stewardess can only speak this Chinese sentence, which makes me feel very humiliated.

Fourth: Line up. We all know not to jump the queue when queuing, but one thing we should pay attention to is not to rush others when queuing! Thais are very leisurely, cashiers are very slow, and Chinese must be patient when queuing up!

Fifth: Crossing the road. Pay attention to the traffic lights when crossing the road. I don’t need to remind everyone. Tell me about my personal experience: One day I was driving a motorcycle on Phuket Island. The road was originally a one-way street. I didn’t know it, so I went up against the traffic flow all the time. Suddenly I found that someone on the side of the road seemed to call me. I ignored it, but someone was greeting me all the time along the road and told me that it was a one-way street. Suddenly, I understood and blushed again. Also, there are no traffic lights at the intersection. I usually cross the road and find that all the cars at the intersection are lined up neatly, waiting for me to cross the road. I was frightened and hurriedly crossed the road and nodded and folded, sorry! As we all know, foreign countries let people use cars. As long as pedestrians stand at the intersection, the car will definitely stop and wait for you to cross the road before driving.

Sixth: Take the elevator. This time I went to Thailand and just got out of the airport. I dragged my luggage and waited for the elevator to go upstairs. When the elevator arrived, everyone came out. Only one Thai young man could not get out of the elevator by pressing the door key of the elevator, so I thought that he must have gone upstairs and entered the elevator. When our family just got into the elevator, he smiled at us and got out of the elevator. Only then did I know that he was helping us press the elevator. I was so touched that my hands immediately put down the suitcase and folded the ten gifts to express my thanks to him! We should also pay attention to the fact that when waiting for the elevator, we must wait on one side and give the other side to the person who gave the elevator.

Seven: Stay in a hotel. When staying in a hotel, be careful to speak in a low voice in the lobby. Many Chinese people sit in the lobby and make loud noises and even smoke, causing dissatisfaction among many foreigners. It is very shameful. Every morning before going out, put 20 yuan’s Thai baht (put paper money, never put coins) on the pillow, just a tip to the cleaner!

Eighth: Meet a monk. When meeting a monk, be careful not to stop the monk’s way, but to flash aside. Monks should not put coins when begging for alms, which is disrespect for monks. In addition, women are absolutely not allowed to touch monks. If there is something for monks, men must hand it over. Remember!

Ninth: Grand Palace and other key Buddhist temples. When entering key Buddhist temples, women cannot wear vests, suspenders and short skirts. Men can’t wear shorts! Teak Palace, in particular, is very strict. Let’s take off our shoes and deposit all our belongings in another hut.

The above strategy is written here, it’s my turn to travel notes, let’s start!

Our free travel time and itinerary form

26 October-8 November 2013

Day 1

26 October




Day 2

27 October


Phuket Island

Day 3

28 October


Phuket Island (Emperor Island)

A one-day tour

Day 4

29 October


Phuket (Phi Phi)

A one-day tour

Day 5

30 October


Phuket-Chiang Mai


Day 6

October 31


Chiang Mai-Pai District

AYA car

Day 7

November 01


Pai District

Day 8

November 02


Pai District-Chiang Mai

AYA car

Day 9

November 03


Chiang Mai (Chiang Rai)

A one-day tour

Day 10

November 04


Chiang Mai

Day 11

5 November


Chiang Mai-Bangkok


Day 12

November 06



Day 13

November 07



Day 14

November 08




Day 1

Wuhan Tianhe Airport can arrive at the airport one and a half hours in advance. When you arrive at the airport, you can directly check in and give your passport to the stewardess. If there is luggage check-in, it is best to book it online. If you book the check-in on the spot, it is very expensive. Attention, everyone, AirAsia does not have paper air tickets, only show electronic air tickets and passports to board the plane! Let’s take a look at AirAsia’s planes. AirAsia’s plane is like a Coke can, hehe! Some stewardesses are transvestites, which is very interesting!

After completing all the entry and exit documents issued by the stewardess, enjoy the beautiful blue sky and clouds … sleepy and asleep!

Arrived in Bangkok in 3 hours! The relationship between time difference, instantly young 1 hour! Yo, I finally set foot on foreign land, ha, ha, ha!

That night, we made a direct transfer to Phuket Island at Bangkok’s Langman Airport.

Arrive at Phuket International Airport in an hour. At that time, I got off the plane and took to the aisle. I saw that there were free maps and true move calling cards. I can get them directly. Hee hee!

Walking out of the airport, I found it was raining heavily outside. We looked for Ctrip staff to pick us up among the people who picked up the plane. We searched for it first and couldn’t find it. I searched again and finally found it. However, we didn’t get on the bus directly and told us that we still needed to wait for 5 minutes. I think maybe the people who carpooled with us haven’t arrived yet. Well, we’ll wait. However, after 3 minutes, the staff member informed us to get on the bus. After getting on the bus, we found that there were only the two of us and no other carpoolers. Wow, it was incredible. In this way, the two of us took a special bus to the hotel where we stayed. Enjoy the special bus treatment, but pay the car sharing money, two people only 70 RMB oh, how about? Is it worth it? RMB 35 per person.

In fact, Phuket Island has many beaches, suburbs and outlying islands. There are mainly three famous beaches and a town: Patong Beach, Kalon Shipwreck, Kata Beach and Phuket Town. Patonghai Beach District is the most prosperous, commercial and convenient Phuket Island. Caron and Kata are not far from Patong and take 20-30 minutes by car. Caron and Kata have the advantages of many high-end hotels, sea view rooms and detached villas. The price is moderate. The sea water there is very beautiful and you can surf! Phuket Town is a home for native people with fewer tourists, but every weekend night there will be the most famous “weekend night market”, making Phuket Town more exciting.

The hotel we stayed in the beach area of Patonghai was called Pimnara boutique hotel. A very chic hotel, our standard room was preempted by others, the manager upgraded the big bed room for us, indeed as expected, the big bed room was very beautiful, there were Trojan horses, very like fairy tales, I personally liked it, but my mother rated it as the hotel with the worst cost performance on the trip, the windows could not be opened, ventilation could not be allowed, the price was too high, sweat! The location of the hotel is very good. It is a pedestrian street to go out. It takes 3 minutes to walk to the entrance of the supermarket and the entrance of the shopping mall. Shopping can be said to be very convenient. The hotel goes out to McDonald’s and crosses the road to the famous Banzaan Seafood Market and Thai Boxing Hall.

We live in another building and have to pass through a covered bridge. The room with the window on the left side of the covered bridge was very large and European. We took a look through the window.

Although our traffic is a bit too much trouble, I saw the beautiful scenery of Phuket Island and felt it was worth it. Good night!

The next day

Phuket Island, good morning, our trip has begun! ! We are going to Patong Beach to shoot! !

This is JUNGCEYLON Jiangxi Cold Shopping Center, which is located in the golden location of Patonghai Beach District. There are many famous Robinson Robinson shopping malls, including Thai and international brands. There are also DQ ice cream, Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sha Bu Shi and other restaurants, as well as my favorite Big-C supermarket, where many foods and beverages are produced in Southeast Asia and the price is not expensive. By the way, Jiangxi Lengli Shopping can enjoy tax refund, but Big-C Supermarket and some monopoly cabinets cannot enjoy tax refund. In fact, I personally think Phuket Island has a higher consumption level than Chiang Mai and Bangkok, so we will not buy it for the time being. We plan to go to Chiang Mai and Bangkok shops to buy it, and we can also enjoy a 7% tax rebate.


We are in the north of Jiangxi Cold Shopping Center. Ha, we found it, which is BAZAAN Seafood Market recommended to me by many netizens!

We went straight to BAZAAN Seafood Market. On the first floor, we not only sold seafood, but also fruits, vegetables and seasonings. On the second floor, we processed incoming materials.

I ran directly to the lobster stall and saw the big lobster I saw for the first time in my life. It was really big. I must eat lobster when I came to Thailand. So I bargained with the wife of shop-owner, weighed a one-kilogram Australian dragon at a price of 1500 Thai baht per kilogram, and then picked out four tiger shrimps.

In the end, it cost 2200 Thai baht to make a deal. I suddenly feel something is wrong, the wife of shop-owner seems to be… transvestite ah ah ah! ! !

We went to the “Your Kitchen” store on the second floor and saw the nearly 60-year-old wife of shop-owner. Her smile was so friendly that I was relieved and bargained with the wife of shop-owner with her hands folded. The wife of shop-owner promised me that the seafood processing fee was 400B and could not be cheaper. In addition, we will be given a plate of fried spinach. Well, I giggled and folded and said, “Three grams of oil! Three grams of oil!” . The total price of this meal: 2600 Thai baht. Although it is very expensive, it is really worth it. It is very satisfying, above!

In the afternoon, we went to rent a motorcycle for 200 Thai baht per day, including helmets, and at the same time we had to keep our passports in the rental office. After all the formalities have been completed, We got on the bike and went straight to Phuket, Because I don’t know the way to Phuket Town, I have been asking passers-by along the road. Although I can’t speak English or Thai, I have to show passers-by the map. Thais are really very enthusiastic. I asked nearly 15 times along the way. All the people took pains to show me the way. After more than an hour of setbacks, we finally reached our destination, the “Weekend Night Market” in Phuket Town.


After visiting the popular night market, we should return to Patong Hotel, so let’s return according to the route. But how do you see the roadside market so familiar after riding out for most of the day? Huh? It turns out that we went back to the weekend night market after a round trip. Ha, ha, ha, let’s stop and ask the way. Therefore, under the guidance of warm-hearted people, we finally found a closer road than when we came, and it took us half an hour to return to Patong Beach smoothly. Good night!

Day 3

Today’s trip is a one-day tour of Emperor Island. The driver arrived at the hotel at 07:30 in the morning to pick us up on time. When he got on the bus, he saw that the bus was already full of tourists. We were the last to get on the bus. After getting on the bus, he headed straight for the dock. I started a one-day tour of Emperor Island.

This was taken by the waterproof camera I rented. Is the effect OK? Make do with it!

Back at the dock, take our luggage and the car will take us directly to Poppa Palace Hotel, which is the most cost-effective hotel on this trip.

It’s time for dinner. Put down your luggage, change your clothes and go straight to JUNGCEYLON Jiangxi Cold Shopping Center.

This is the sha bus hi Japanese cuisine buffet in JUNGCEYLON Jiangxi Cold Shopping Center, which is very popular online, 355 Thai baht/person, with a time limit of one hour! OK, that’s it for today.

After full of wine and food, go directly to see Simon show Simon Transvestite Show ~ ~ ~

After watching this transvestite show, I completely overturned all kinds of misunderstandings about transvestites in the past. Their performance was so focused, serious and devoted that they did not exceed the standard or deceive the audience at all. What I saw in the whole performance was beauty. They were not easy. I wish them well here.

Day 4

Today, our schedule is a one-day tour to Phi Phi Island. The driver who came to pick us up today was 30 minutes late. He didn’t pick us up at the hotel until 08:00. Then he went to two hotels to pick up people and then sent them directly to the dock. This company is very formal, with special reception points and complete facilities, and free biscuits, bread, purified water, seasickness medicine, etc. We were assigned to the yellow mark group and started a pleasant one-day tour of Phi Phi Island.

This is Phi Phi Island’s most famous Mayan Bay, where Hollywood filmed “Beach”. The hero is Leonardo ~!

Phi Phi Island’s one-day tour is over. Personally, I think Phi Phi Island is very beautiful. This trip is worth it and worth seeing!

Day 5

I started packing in the morning and went downstairs to check out, because it was a little earlier and the breakfast time had not yet arrived, so I quickly took some photos of the hotel garden. Breakfast was started at 07:00. After 15 minutes, Ctrip personnel who picked up the plane and delivered the plane came to pick us up, because we were flying to Chiang Mai today.

Phuket Island, goodbye!

Arrive in Chiang Mai at 12:30 on time. I took a taxi out of the airport, 150 Thai baht, and went straight to Anoma B&B Inn.

Chiang Mai, here we come!

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city, the bride’s family of Thai female Prime Minister Yingluck, and the place where the movie Lost in Thailand was filmed. At the same time, there are many very exquisite ancient temples with beautiful scenery and flowers and plants everywhere, especially roses, which are the most famous and have the elegant name of “North Rose”.

Pai District and Chiang Rai are located near Chiang Mai respectively. China Travel Service Thailand generally does not have Chiang Mai, Pai District and Chiang Rai on its tour routes. This is one of the reasons why we choose to travel freely!

塔佩门 Tha Phae Gate

Warorot market, Chiang Mai

There are many Thai specialties here: dried durian, dried mango, coconut pulp, snacks, etc. The price is much cheaper than Bangkok and Phuket Island!

In the evening, we went to the Huen Phen Hotel recommended online to eat authentic northern Thai cuisine. The location was not very easy to find and the store was very inconspicuous. Although it was very close to the hotel where we stayed, it still took us a lot of trouble to find it. Stepping into the store, there was a narrow corridor, in which customers were already waiting in line for seats. We were no exception. If we wanted to eat, we had to wait patiently.

Regardless of the food, you really didn’t expect this decoration style alone, did you? The dazzling array of decorations in the room is full, almost leaving no place for the food and beverage. Restaurants can also look like this. How personalized, ha. Of course, the food is not to mention, otherwise it would not attract so many customers.

Tomorrow morning we will leave for Pai District again. It is a problem to bring so much luggage. We decided to travel light and go back to the hotel to tidy up our luggage at night. Each person brought two sets of clothes and washing supplies. The rest was deposited in the next Other Sis Hotel. Finally, we had a rest!

Day 6

We got up at 05:30 in the morning, washed and washed early and went downstairs to go out for food. However, when we arrived at the hotel lobby, we saw that the waiter was preparing breakfast. Only then did I suddenly realize that the hotel included breakfast, and my heart was overjoyed. Breakfast was quite rich and the food was more comfortable.

After breakfast, we sat in the restaurant waiting for the bus to Pai District to pick us up. We were supposed to pick us up at 07:00, but there was no sign of the bus at 7:30. We were very anxious, but we couldn’t get in touch with them, so we had to wait patiently. At that time, I remembered that I should take carsickness medicine. It was said that the road to Pai District was a winding mountain road with ups and downs and had to go through the severe test of 700 corners. The average person would flinch and leave Chiang Mai with this regret. We don’t want to have what’s regret. Since we are here, we must find out. I have searched all my bags and found no medicine for carsickness. It turns out that I have put all the medicine I brought into my luggage and put it in another hotel. This is broken. Ask if this hotel has any medicine for carsickness at present. Answer: NO. I want to go out and find 711 to buy, but I’m afraid the car will come at this time. What should I do? At that time, I saw two foreign women having breakfast nearby. I suddenly had an idea and dared to ask them. I lost Chinese on my mobile phone, then translated it into English and showed it to one of the old ladies. She understood and asked me who wanted to take carsickness medicine. When I told her that it was my mother, she immediately took out a medicine box in her bag and picked out two blue tablets from it and handed them to my mother. My mother said one was enough. She said NO, she must take two tablets. In this way, my mother got the help of two white people she had never known before. We thank her very much. Soon the bus to pick us up also arrived, and we began our journey to Pai District.

After a three-hour drive, we finally arrived at the most beautiful town, Pai District, at 11: 00. The English name is Pai. After getting off at AYA Station in Pai Town, we rented a motorcycle. We ride motorcycles to the Mari Pai Resort!

This is our Mari Pai Resort hotel.

Mari Pai Resort Hotel is so beautiful that I was shocked by her beauty from the moment I entered this hotel and fell in love with it completely. The scenery like oil painting fascinates us and intoxicates us. This hotel is highly recommended.

This is our independent mini villa, and the door of the mini villa also has a long history! My mother likes it!

Ha, my candid camera was discovered by the foreign sister!

Finally, we went back to the hotel to rest. In fact, I rode a motorcycle all afternoon to visit the scenic spots on the northern route of Pai District. I had a great time. Good night!

Day 7

This morning we slept a little more. The rush all the way over the past few days really made us a little tired. We were a little lazy and slowed down a little bit. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hotel. Look: Did you have a good breakfast?

Go back to your room to pack, check out and change hotels. When we arrived at Baan Pai Village, it was too early to check in. We checked our luggage and rode the motorcycle straight to Romance Another Story Hotel. This position is not very easy to find, need to rely on mobile phone Google Maps!

We had a hard time getting to the Romance Another Story Hotel, which was a real rural village! ! !

The noon sun in northern Thailand is really too baking. Let’s go back to Baan Pai Village Hotel for a rest.

This is Baan Pai Village Hotel. The rooms are all detached villas, which are very Thai style! Let’s have a good experience of life in northern Thailand!

After a nap, at 15: 30 p.m., I cycled again to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pai District.

There is a Chinese village in Pai District. It is said that there are a few Chinese here… It looks like the legendary Peach Blossom Spring!

Let’s watch the sunset! ! ! It’s beautiful! ! !

The most wonderful trip to Pai District is coming to an end here. Tomorrow morning we will leave Pai District and return to Chiang Mai. Our hearts will immediately pour out with great emotion ~ ~ ~

Day 8

At 05:30 this morning, we got up, packed up, carried our mother and luggage on a motorcycle, and arrived at the motorcycle rental point in 5 minutes. The business hour is 07:00, it’s still early, and it hasn’t started yet, so buy some food and fill your stomach. The business officially started as soon as 7 o’clock arrived. We quickly returned the motorcycle and then boarded the AYA car returning to Chiang Mai. After a three-hour trek, we arrived in Chiang Mai at 10 o’clock. It was so fast. The journey went smoothly and there was no discomfort. Get off the bus and wait at AYA Station, because someone will be responsible for delivering us to the hotel one by one.

This is Another Sis Hotel. It is very clean and comfortable. Opposite the hotel is Fandilong Temple. The famous Chiang Mai Night Market also runs through this street.

The geographical location is very advantageous. I tell you that almost all the guests living in this hotel are Chinese. The receptionist can speak Chinese and communicate conveniently. It is a hotel worth recommending.

Put down your luggage, picked up your camera and went out. I found a restaurant on the roadside and ordered some dishes. I didn’t expect it to be so delicious. This is the best lunch to eat in Chiang Mai. Facts have proved that you should not blindly believe in what is recommended online. It is really not necessarily suitable for your taste. After eating, I want to relax completely. Not far from the hotel, there is a Thai Lila Thai Massage Spa massage. It turned out to be a famous women’s prison in Chiang Mai, attracting many tourists. I don’t know why what is now more named Lila Thai Massage Spa. It is specially set up to enable women prisoners to have a job after they get out of prison. Technicians are basically women prisoners serving sentences in the former prison. They began to learn in the prison and their skills are quite good. The price is abundant and frugal. The two of us choose Thai massage package and consume 1100 Thai baht. My mother, Thai massage is too heavy. Two hours have passed. After finally finishing it, I really feel much more relaxed all over my body. The feeling of fatigue suddenly vanished. It’s amazing! ! !

Hey hey, then I took a taxi to Airport Plaza Shopping Mall and started shopping.

Because today is Saturday, the location of the famous Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market is not too far away from the Airport Plaza Shopping Mall. At night, we can’t miss the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market, get out of the shopping mall, take a two-car bus, and go directly to the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market. We find that there are already a sea of people, so lively! Food night market, here we come!

Chiang Mai Saturday night market has snacks, desserts, fruit juice, handicrafts, clothes, music and so on, which are quite rich in content and overwhelm you. Eat some of this and taste that, and what, who will be propped up for a while, will not be able to eat any more. There will be Sunday night market tomorrow, which is bigger than Saturday night market. I’m looking forward to it!

Day 9

Today our schedule is a one-day tour to Chiang Rai, a travel company I contacted temporarily with WeChat yesterday, and I don’t know how the service is. It was still 07:00 a.m. to pick up people from hotels one after another. This time we were the first to pick up people. By the time we officially hit the road, it was already over 8 o’clock, with a total of 12 tourists. We all chose the Chiang Rai route in a unified way: Baimiao, Golden Triangle and Changjing Village. Consumption is 1100 Thai baht per person.

First stop: Hot Spring Fountain. This scenic spot has only one fountain and a warm pool, which is very boring!

The second stop: Baimiao. It definitely makes people shine at the moment. The designer is very good. There are broken mirrors in every small corner. The effect in the sun is refreshing. Also, the murals in the White Temple are very Kawaii. There are Doraemon, Angry Birds, Science and Technology Spacecraft and so on. What a lovely thing! It is worth mentioning that Chiang Rai is much cheaper than the things in Chiang Mai night market.

The third stop: Golden Triangle. The road is a little far, about 3 hours away. After arriving in the Golden Triangle, one of the projects is to visit the Mekong River and cross the river by boat to the border between Laos and Myanmar. In fact, it is also shopping. Each person needs to pay another 330 Thai baht. We are not interested in this, so we stay in the town and wait for them.

Also, Myanmar is across the bridge. If you want to go to Myanmar, you can also use your Chinese passport to go to that place to handle landing visa before entering Myanmar.

It was already 13: 00 p.m. and the tourists who crossed the river also came back. Everyone was already hungry. It was time to have lunch now. Lunch is a buffet, a combination of Western style and Thai style, which is very suitable for our taste. Unfortunately, it was not photographed by camera. It’s too bad. This buffet is the most recommended for this trip to Thailand. If you go to Chiang Rai, choose this one for his buffet. After lunch, the car began to drive to the Long Neck clan, which took about 2 hours by car.

The fourth stop: Changjing Village.

Seeing these poor women, the in the mind is really not the taste, the bottom of my heart is not happy. After staying in the Changjing village for about half an hour, we embarked on the journey back to Chiang Mai, with a 4-hour drive test. Everyone was already very hard and started to sleep when getting on the bus.

At 20: 30 p.m., we returned to Chiang Mai smoothly. All of us got off and headed for Chiang Mai’s largest Sunday night market.

The night markets in Chiang Mai on Saturday and Sunday are definitely worth visiting and you can find many things you like. In particular, the Sunday night market is more lively and covers a larger area. Tourists who come here will not miss this day and try their best to come to Chiang Mai on this day. Needless to say, it is even more crowded. Stalls are set up one by one in all directions for a long time. You cannot go to the end. We found handmade soap, Thai clothes, jewelry, small oil paintings and Thai puppets. It was great! Anyway, friends who come to visit can choose what they like, and generally no one comes back empty-handed. Good night!

Day 10

In the morning, I simply ate two convenient meals at 711 Supermarket and went directly to visit Chidilong Temple. Although I live opposite, I really didn’t have time to find out what was going on in the temple. Today, I will have a leisurely stroll around Chiang Mai City.

Coming out of Chedillon Temple, we took a taxi and headed straight for Chiang Mai University. Chiang Mai University is the alma mater of Thai female Prime Minister Yingluck and the only national university in the city.

Chiang Mai University is like a huge botanical garden with green trees, fresh and natural, pleasant scenery and great comfort. I really envy these college students for studying in such an environment.

There are two stations on the campus of Chiang Mai University. We have agreed on the bus price to Shuanglong Temple and Puping Palace here. Of course, thanks to the elder sister and her mother from Shanghai who came across here. Her mother is 70 years old. I admire her so much! We carpooled together to visit these two scenic spots. Consumption is 140 Thai baht per person.

This is the Imperial Palace of Yuping and the summer palace of the Thai royal family. It cannot be opened to tourists from January to March every year! Remember! !

After visiting Puping Palace, we directly asked the car to take us to Nimmanhaemin Road, and then separated from Shanghai mother and daughter to find the next stop we were going to. After inquiring with passers-by, we finally found Mango Tango sweet shop. After we entered the store, we found that all the customers were Chinese, and the Chinese conversation kept popping up one after another. The store was completely occupied by Chinese tourists. Ha ha!

Looking at my watch, it was almost 5 o’clock. I planned to visit Chiang Mai Night Zoo tonight, but I haven’t made a reservation yet. I took a taxi to find Han Chiang Mai Travel Agency. As a result, the head of Han Chiang Mai Travel Agency said that we couldn’t go because we had to make a reservation one day in advance. We left Han Chiang Mai with great regret. We were walking listlessly and aimlessly in the street when we suddenly saw a travel agency across the road. I went to this one to ask. When the wife of shop-owner heard about our purpose, she promised to say yes. We were overjoyed and never thought that we could turn around. The price is 750 Thai baht per person, 50 Thai baht more expensive than Han Chiang Mai. All right, it’s acceptable. After waiting for less than 10 minutes, the car arrived. It was still a black car with a driver and a tour guide inside. After getting on the bus, it headed straight for the zoo at night. What about what? Bibihan, Chiang Mai, think about it yourself.

This is Chiang Mai Night Safari

Finally, the driver sent us back to the hotel to rest! Tired of playing, see you tomorrow!

Day 11

We packed our bags early this morning, Go downstairs and check out, Leave your luggage in the hotel first, He went out to rent a bicycle and took his mother to Warorot market. Because tonight’s plane is going to Bangkok to buy some Thai specialties and bring them back to my relatives and friends. Seeing these dazzling variety of food, I really want to take more back, but I have enough luggage, and Bangkok still has a lot of things to buy. Give up some, and finally I bought a full backpack and took it back to the hotel.

We stroll around the old city and feel the rhythm of life in northern Thailand. We really feel that the environment is very harmonious!

Then, we will go to see Pasin Temple.

At noon, we rode to Songde Temple, which houses the largest bronze Buddha statue in Thailand. The rest of the buildings are also very magnificent and there is a monk school. The point is that there is a Pun Pun vegetarian restaurant in the backyard of Songde Temple. Come and taste the Pun Pun vegetarian restaurant recommended by TV programs. Monks and vegetarians often come to eat. Therefore, let’s taste it. I can’t imagine that such vegetarian dishes are better than meat. Very recommended!

Finally, we returned the bicycle, then went back to the hotel to pack up our luggage, and it was time to go to the airport. At this time, I saw a couple packing their luggage, like going to the airport, so I took the initiative to say hello to confirm that they were also going to the airport, and we carpooled 40 Thai baht/person together. We took off for Bangkok at 21:30 p.m. Chiang Mai, goodbye!

An hour later, The plane arrived at Bangkok’s Langman International Airport smoothly. We left the airport and waited in line for the taxi drivers to pick up the numbers one by one. Very orderly, the airport is not far from downtown Bangkok, watch, a total of 220 Thai baht, I have no change, I only have 300 Thai baht banknotes to give him, as a result, he gave me change 40 Thai baht, on his own initiative to collect 40 Thai baht as a tip, he said there was no change, I had to give up, with contemptuous eyes to look at him. Later, I learned that Bangkok people have different qualities than Chiang Mai people, especially most Bangkok taxi drivers don’t want to play watches, so it is difficult to take taxis, so cheat people, alas!

Reminder: Before you take a taxi, you should prepare a lot of small change. You should also make a watch when taking a taxi. You can’t let the driver make an offer. Remember!

This is the Bangkok Warehouse Hotel where we stayed. The warehouse style is the theme and has a lot of personality. It is quite suitable for young people to stay.

Day 12

This morning we are going to visit the Grand Palace. We will go downstairs for breakfast first. We have to mention that the breakfast in this hotel is really excellent. We can say that we have everything. We want to eat what now, and it is very exquisite and tastes very good.

After breakfast, I put on my camera and headed straight for the Grand Palace. This is the place that makes me dream. I came out of the hotel and crossed the alley. The Grand Palace suddenly came into view. Ah, so close? It took only 10 minutes to walk to the main entrance of the Grand Palace. I have to say here that Bangkok Warehouse Hotel is the first choice for you to visit the Grand Palace when you come to Bangkok. It is a hotel with very high cost performance.

The two of us spend 500 Thai baht per person, package tickets (Jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple, Fifth Emperor Teak Palace).

First stop: Jade Buddha Temple! ! !

The second stop: Grand Palace! ! !

Always listen to people say how good the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple are. Once I was personally present, I was really shocked by her magnificent and magnificent beauty. Every structure of him was so clever, every part was so wonderful, exquisite and colorful. In such a great building complex, the feeling could not be described in words.

Note: I would also like to tell you here. First, there is an ATM machine at the place where tickets are sold in the Grand Palace, which is very convenient. Don’t go to the ATM outside the Grand Palace, my bank card was almost engulfed by the ATM! Second, 500 baht tickets (including the Jade Buddha Temple, the Grand Palace, the Sleeping Buddha Temple and the Teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor), right? After we went to the Sleeping Buddha Temple and the Teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor, It is found that these two scenic spots are relatively sparsely staffed. Most tourists may only visit the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple, which is a waste of the 500 Thai baht tickets we paid for. In fact, the other two scenic spots are also worth visiting. If you have plenty of time, try not to waste such expensive tickets. This is only personal advice and is for reference only.

The third stop: Sleeping Buddha Temple! ! !

We went to another scenic spot on the other side of the Grand Palace: the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

We were lucky enough to run into the contestants of the 2013 Miss International Beauty Pageant outside the Sleeping Buddha Temple. They were all so temperament and beautiful. It is said that the 2013 International Miss Congeniality Finals will be held in Bangkok. They are coming to the Grand Palace and Sleeping Buddha Temple to participate in location activities. I took advantage of the rare opportunity to take photos of Miss Congeniality! ! !

This is Miss China. In fact, she has more aura than some contestants!

This is the Sleeping Buddha Temple. The Buddha statue is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. It almost occupies the space of the whole hall. It is too scary!

After visiting the Sleeping Buddha Temple, we took a taxi to SIAM Siam Square to shop! ! !

In fact, Bangkok’s large shopping malls and shopping centers are basically gathered in the area near SIAM Siam Square. There are overpasses connecting the shopping malls and the shopping malls. You can enter any of the shopping malls at will through the overpasses. Moreover, the shopping environment is very good, the price is not particularly expensive, and you can also enjoy a tax refund of 7%.

We originally wanted to see Thailand’s famous four-sided Buddha, but passers-by told me that it was very far away and we needed to take the light rail for two stops. It’s too much trouble. We decided not to go to the Buddha on all sides and took the light rail directly to Terminal 21 Shopping Mall!

There is an automatic ticket vending machine at the light rail station. I took out 100 Thai baht banknotes and put them into it. They will soon be spit out. The banknotes are too old to work, but I don’t have many coins on me. I don’t know what to do. At this moment, the handsome foreigner behind me offered to exchange coins for me. I was very grateful. Then, I put the coins in and the operation was not quite right. The handsome foreigner helped me to operate again. His operation was so skilled that I knew that the man was definitely not a tourist and the ticket finally came out. I immediately folded my thanks to him. He smiled and folded!

Terminal 21 is the best large-scale comprehensive shopping mall I have ever seen. The whole shopping mall is inspired by the layout of the airport terminal. Each floor is equipped with famous streets, landmark buildings and so on in different countries and cities. Even the large and small toilets on each floor are very distinctive. LG is characteristic of Caribbean countries, GF is Rome, MF is Paris, 1 floor is Tokyo, 2 floors are London, 3 floors are Istanbul, 4-5 floors are San Francisco, 6 floors are Los Angeles. That’s awesome!

Terminal 21 has finished shopping and bought a lot of things. I am too tired! Siam Square and Terminal 21 are really good! In particular, L ‘Or é al is half or more cheaper than the Chinese counter, and the price of T-shirts is generally 20-50 RMB. The fabric is very good and can cope with the hot flashes in Southeast Asia. It is worth it!

Let’s take a taxi back to the hotel, rest, good night!

Day 13

This morning we still went to the hotel lobby for breakfast and ordered a different style of breakfast from yesterday. The breakfast here is really great.

Today, we have to go to the Teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor free of charge with the package of tickets from yesterday’s Grand Palace. We can’t go without it.

We took a tug bus to the Teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor. After driving for about 15 minutes, we found that there was a traffic jam in front of us. The driver changed direction and headed for another road. Unexpectedly, as soon as we reached the corner, we found that there were many policemen and many people had gathered, huh? Did this bring me to the Bangkok demonstration? The road ahead has been blocked by demonstrators, Suddenly felt a little bad, The police directed all the vehicles passing by to return, We are no exception, The driver turned back to the road he had just taken, After some setbacks, we finally arrived at the junction leading to the Teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor. The driver motioned that we could only send you here, because the police had already blocked the junction. No vehicles were allowed to enter, and tourists were still free to enter and leave. Anyway, since we came, we went. In fact, we were always nervous.

Fortunately, the Teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor was very quiet, everything was in good order, and tourists were very few. All the way in, only a few tourists were encountered.

When we were about to enter the Teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor, we found that visitors were required to dress neatly and must wear long skirts or trousers just like the Grand Palace. I didn’t bring trousers. Fortunately, my mother has a big scarf. I use the big scarf to make a long skirt. Besides, our carry-on bags, cell phones, cameras and shoes are all stored in the cupboard. What is not allowed to bring anything. I think it is stricter than the Grand Palace. I sigh! We walked barefoot into the fifth emperor teak palace to visit…

I was deeply impressed by the Fifth Emperor’s Teak Palace. Although the Fifth Emperor’s Teak Palace is not large, the Fifth Emperor’s Teak Palace itself is a golden teak building. It has a very retro and cordial feeling when stepping on it. At the same time, all kinds of ornaments inside are mainly small, but they are expensive in delicacy. It is suggested to take a look.

It was built in 1900 AD as the palace of the fifth king. There is also a legend about this palace, that is, when the Fifth Emperor had a beloved prince, but the prince was weak and sickly. After being instructed by experts, the Fifth Emperor specially built a teak palace on Shichang Island to let the prince recover from illness. As the elegant environment of Shichang Island made the prince’s illness heal without medicine, Emperor V was overjoyed and took the prince back to Bangkok for reunion. I didn’t expect the prince to die suddenly shortly after returning to Bangkok. When the fifth emperor was sad, he ordered people to move the teak palace on Shichang Island to Bangkok.

My mother suddenly wanted to eat mango glutinous rice. We decided to go to the TV program and recommend the best mango glutinous rice in Bangkok. Although I don’t know the address of this house, I know where it is located.

Let’s take a taxi to the Light Rail Mo Chit Station first, and take the Light Rail from Mo Chit Station to Thong Lo Station to get off without what transfer.

Let’s get off at Thong Lo Station, get off the overpass, go 50 meters east, that is the intersection, and go 5 meters north, that is this one!

If you can’t find it, you can show passers-by the photos I took of this house.

120 Thai baht/portion, but it is thicker than the taste eaten before, especially the taste of glutinous rice is very good, mango meat is very thick, very high quality, worthy of being the best mango glutinous rice in Bangkok, the more we eat, the happier we are! At the same time, there is durian glutinous rice here, but unfortunately I forgot to take photos of durian glutinous rice!

After we finish eating, we will take the light rail from Thong Lo Station to Chit Lom Station. In fact, Chit Lom Station is not far from Siam Station (Siam Square), and at least one stop is enough! The four-sided Buddha is near the light rail Chit Lom station. We would like to visit the four-sided Buddha by the way. However, I didn’t expect that when we stepped onto the overpass, we found a lot of people with loud voices. I saw that the demonstrators below were all concentrated in the four-sided Buddha. It seemed that the opposition leaders were playing what. No matter the Thai citizens above or below the overpass, they were very excited and kept cheering. I couldn’t help taking out a SLR to capture many moments of demonstrations…

In the end, we got rid of the sea of people. The four-sided Buddha has been surrounded by demonstrators, We had to go to Big C Supermarket to buy Thai curry seasonings, Thai instant noodles, dried fruits, etc. Then, we went to another central world shopping mall and went to Bangkok’s most popular NARAYA Bangkok bag. We walked into NARAYA store at that time. I was dumbfounded. All the female customers in the store came from China, and they even bought 10, 20, 30 Bangkok bags… Is NARAYA Bangkok bags really so good? ! I took out a SLR photo and was told by the waiter that it was forbidden to take photos. All right!

This is outside the central world mall. It was already dark, so we took a taxi back to the hotel, took our luggage and headed straight for Amari Hotel opposite Bangkok’s Langman Airport.

Arriving at Amari Hotel is already 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. First, rearrange and pack the luggage. After packing, it is already 2 o’clock in the morning. Go to bed quickly.

Day 14

At 5 a.m., we got up, washed our faces and brushed our teeth, didn’t even eat breakfast, and dragged our suitcases straight to Bangkok’s Langman Airport…

Before we walked into the security check, we took out the shopping tax refund form and showed it to the staff. We asked where was the stamp of the shopping tax refund form? In a short time, we found it. Several people were queuing up. Soon, we finished handling it.

After going through security check, I can only see the counter of VAT Refund for Tourists tax refund sign. I handed the stamped shopping tax refund form and passport to the other party. Five minutes later, the other party gave me 580 Thai baht in cash! There are duty-free shops in the airport, BOOTS Supermarket, 711 Supermarket, NARAYA Bangkok Bag Store, McDonald’s, KFC and so on, which support UnionPay card swiping and Thai baht cash. The service is too considerate. We took out 580 Thai baht that has just been refunded to duty-free shops and McDonald’s and spent it. We also swiped UnionPay cards and bought some cosmetics!

It’s time to take off, When we were preparing to board the plane, our hearts immediately poured out extremely. During the 14-day trip, Thailand left me too much beauty. The simplicity, polite smile, kind help and considerate service of the people made me, a traveler in a foreign country, feel the friendship and warmth of the Thai people everywhere, making me have the impulse to come to Thailand again.

Thailand: See you soon!

Follow Lost in Thailand into Chiang Mai (27P)

Shuanglong Temple is one of the most famous temples in Chiang Mai. The golden pagoda in the temple was built with 242.2 kilograms of gold. Buddha relic is enshrined in the pagoda. As long as you recite Buddhist scriptures silently and make three rounds around the pagoda, you can turn around. Because it is effective, it has attracted a large number of good men and women to come around.

Not every temple’s patron saint is as powerful as the golden dragon in front of Shuanglong Temple. The patron saint of Bupalan Temple in the movie Lost in Thailand is very cute.

The temple structure on Sutie Mountain is a large courtyard and a small courtyard. It is said that the temple in this temple is the real Shuanglong Temple, which should be the smallest temple in Chiang Mai.

The monks in the temple practice devoutly.

5 ↑ outside the temple, good men and women prayed sincerely. The sandalwood lingering in the air and the melodious chanting of sutras made people feel peaceful. It’s said that people who like cubs are kind-hearted. You will be rewarded with good fortune, little girl

It is said that those who like bear children will be blessed? The old monk certainly doesn’t believe in these feudal superstitions

The Buddha was also angry when he couldn’t bear it. He bludgeoned Xiong Haizi to make it quieter.

In the eyes of Westerners, Eastern religion is to burn incense and send money to every immortal and Bodhisattva, and then expect one or more of them to manifest and bring good luck to themselves.

The COSPLAY of the 9 young monks imitated it very well and wore a hat for the sake of lifelike life, but the Bodhisattva was wearing a bun, okay?

The atmosphere in the hall was solemn. The leftmost senior brother also put on his cassock. The most precious jade Buddha in the temple enjoyed the sacrifices of the believers with a smile on his face. Only the jade Buddha who slept rough on the right looked bitterly and sighed with emotion that he had different lives with jade.

The dogs in the temple live a happy life without food and clothing. The monks go out before dawn to beg for food for them.

The stray dog begging at the gate of the 12th temple looked bitterly and sighed with emotion that the same dog had different lives.

13 More adorable than children, only the most adorable temple in Thailand, Bupalan Temple, mentioned later.

In broad daylight, the Indian divine religion openly went to Shuanglong Temple to engage in sacrificial activities. Judging from the sacrificial offerings, it was much higher than the high-end atmosphere of Buddhism. At first, it was thought that the bell-ringing priest was a priest, but later it was discovered that he was just a bell.

For on the other side of the altar there was a snail that was blowing

After worshipping so many immortals, there will always be some people who will manifest themselves.

On the way to Shuanglong Temple, I will pass Chiang Mai University, which happens to be in time for summer vacation. There are fewer students on campus than bears.

The warm picture is actually that the girl is checking her boyfriend’s cell phone. The boy has long thought clearly in his heart. If he doesn’t recruit WeChat password, the big deal is to break up. If he says it, he will die even worse.

19 The onlookers comforted the girls one after another. There were no handsome men in the world. If the old dream was lost, there would be new couples to accompany them. Foreign people have certainly never heard of this idiom, “it is difficult not to tear down people.”

20 Wat Buppharam Temple is located near the ancient city of Tapeimen in Chiang Mai. Baldheaded Liu and Lao Zhou used to resell cultural relics here in the movie Lost in Thailand. Because the temple is too embarrassing, few people come to worship Buddha and few tourists come.

Donald Duck Eating Noodles is a landmark sculpture of Bupalan Temple.

It is said that this is the only teak temple in the world, and the MengMeng guarding toad at the gate of the temple has no momentum at all. Because it was getting dark, they did not go to the temple to take photos. Thais believed that flash lamps would affect the spirituality of God.

There are both white pagodas and statues of Buddha in the temple.

There are also beautifully dressed faucet Bodhisattvas

The atmosphere was relaxed. Elder Martial Brother took off his cassock, too.

Elder Martial Brother 272, why is he hiding

28 ↑ you can’t guess how hard it took me to bring the three brothers together

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Feel the Youth and Vitality of Sports City

1. In Chiang Mai, ancient temples and modern buildings stand side by side and stroll through the ancient city. Inadvertently, they meet temples with white walls and red tiles. The golden cornices add radiance to each other in the sun. The unique northern Thai pagoda is majestic and unique. Many female students will strike up a conversation with tourists under the pagoda of Chedillon Temple in the above picture to practice English. Over time, this has become the English corner of the temple. But I didn’t see a girl in the English corner today.

2. Chedilong Temple is located at the southern end of Chiang Mai’s Old City Street and was founded in 1411 A.D. Later, due to a major earthquake and wind disaster, the spire of the pagoda collapsed overnight, revealing the golden Buddha inside the pagoda.

3. Now it has become a tourist landmark in the city. After turning around the pagoda, I didn’t see any tourists. Where did everyone go?

4, 原来大家都去跑步了

5. The moment the first player crosses the line,

6. The prizes from the second place to the N place are all exquisite medals, ranking in no particular order.

7. The exhausted players did not think much of the medal, which was smaller than the matchbox, and their disappointment was beyond words.

8. The calm female athletes expressed their happiness that they could easily win the prize without sweating.

9. There are also a large number of players who focus on participating in the competition on the road. .

10. At the same time, the temple was having a boring morning class. When I heard the bursts of laughter outside the window, the little fat monk was absent-minded.



13. Couples can be seen walking hand in hand everywhere in temples.

14, or pray in front of Buddha



17. The two girls made a decisive detour across the road.

18. Girls’ school uniforms are quite good-looking. As for the boys’ version, I didn’t see any boys wearing it to go shopping anyway.

19. There is only one school in the city, but the styles of school uniforms are colorful, and even they are matched with the standard waist chain of non-mainstream school uniforms in “Blood University”

20. The old monk has been worried that his disciples’ picking up girls will delay their spiritual practice. Today, he saw someone picking fruit, and then he came up with a clever plan.


22, but this does not look like the rhythm of climbing trees.



25. It can be eaten except bark. Its fiber content is 60 times that of beef. It tastes like sugar cane and is crunchy.


27. In the atmosphere of hot training in the whole city in full swing, there are actually a small group of people who are too lazy to move even when walking. Look at those people who sweat like rain, run, pull out trees, play flute and keep fit in the scorching sun. Are you ashamed? I just want to say one thing to you lazy people: where did you get the car?

28. Temples in the afterglow of the sunset, looking at Buddha statues with calm faces and slightly raised corners of the mouth, unconsciously become steadfast. Most temples here go in and out at night without closing their doors, just like public facilities in community streets. In Chiang Mai, temples are a part of life and religion is a way of life.

29. Chiang Mai is also full of vitality in the evening. Locomotive riders gather at the gate of the city to show off their skills.

30, the competition site low hands like a cloud, a trip around the pile turn back run down and knocked down countless piles


32. A fruit vendor couldn’t watch it any more. He personally went on stage to demonstrate the imperfect piling. The drivers and onlookers were shocked again. This time I lived on the top floor next door to IMMHOTEL opposite the ancient city. Who knew the reason for the low house price. He slept in the roar of the motorcycle every night and woke up in the morning with shouts and cheers.