When I arrived at Chiang Mai Airport by AirAsia plane from Macao, it was already 23:30 Beijing time and 22:30 Thailand time. At the Thai airport, I could make three international long-distance calls with * * Kaka Li. I only took two tickets. The airport also had on-site renewal fees. There were all kinds of prices. The communication fees were much cheaper than those in China. (Free cards can be used at the 7eleven Supermarket to recharge the airport) The airport has an obvious taxi sign, which can be used for taxi-hailing business. Register the place, number of people and luggage to arrange the appropriate vehicle type, and take the good slip to wait for the bus at the door. It only took us 150B to get to the hotel we booked. The driver could speak Chinese and was especially enthusiastic. He kept introducing us to the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Chiang Mai all the way and took us to the hotel in a short time.

The hotel I stayed in on the first night felt very comfortable and had free WIFI (I later learned that there was free WIFI in any Thai store, which can be said to be free Internet access anytime and anywhere. This was not realized in what.) ,

Fruit plus milk (the packages in the hotel are divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G and other packages)

Package (Breakfast in Hotel)

(Breakfast in Hotel)

Breakfast in the hotel

Morning tea, juice and coffee are free

The hotel environment and conditions are very good.

The Mandela Hotel we stayed in was very close to the east wall of the ancient city and only a few minutes away from the Tapeimen.

The Beautiful Moat of Chiang Mai Ancient City

The streets are full of portraits of the Thai princess. It is said that August 15 is the birthday of the Thai princess, and then the whole country will celebrate it.

People at the moat feed pigeons. These pigeons are not afraid of people either. They will approach them voluntarily when someone walks past.

There are a lot of fish in the river, and those who live are free. They don’t see any fishing, only those who feed fish.

Children feeding fish

The sky in Chiang Mai is very blue. There is no heavy industry in what, and the environment is relatively good. Except when it rains on cloudy days, the sky is always blue with a few white clouds floating.

This is a coffee shop by the roadside. It may be the owner.

The ancient city of Chiang Mai was built in 1296. It is a square about two meters high surrounded by maroon bricks. Unfortunately, most of the buildings have disappeared with the change of time. The most complete gate left now is the Tapeh Gate on the eastern wall. The road facing TapaeRoad is called ThapaeRoad. Most tourists who arrive in Chiang Mai by train enter the ancient city from Tapaemen via ThaPea Road. Tourists who have been to Chiang Mai must have been to Tapeimen on the eastern city wall. There are many pigeons in the moat of Tapeimen Square, attracting the attention of tourists.

Han Chiang Mai Travel Service is very close to Tapeimen. This sign can be seen about 20 meters north from the entrance of Tapeh Gate. Then look west and you can find it. Han Chiang Mai Travel Agency can provide free Chinese maps of Chiang Mai to Chinese tourists. I also found this place by looking at other people’s travel notes. There is also an Uncle Billy Travel Agency at the entrance of this alley. The owner of this travel agency can also speak good Chinese and can also provide free Chinese maps.

The shops of Chiang Mai Travel Agency in Han Dynasty are not large, and the decorations inside are very distinctive.

When we arrived, there were many Chinese tourists inside. They all came for Han Chiang Mai Travel Agency, The waiters here can speak fluent Chinese, We waited for a while, but we didn’t think there were more and more people. It could be said that the whole house was packed, We heard that the prices of some one-day tours they were going to take part in were basically quoted according to the posters in the store. There was no what discount, but the tour guides were all Chinese tour guides, and there was no free Chinese map here. In order not to delay the time, we chose to go to Uncle Billy’s travel agency at the door to ask.

The gadgets placed on the small table of Han Chiang Mai Travel Agency are very interesting. This sign shows that it is also quite cheap to fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, which is only 1800B or more than 320 yuan.

Uncle Billy’s travel agency also had many guests, but there were not many Chinese. The wife of shop-owner warmly received us. We set our itinerary for the next day here. We got 600B per person from 900B per person in the jungle, and 1200B cheaper for four people.

Uncle Billy Travel Agency Quotation

After we have set our schedule for the next day, we want to take a turn around Chiang Mai City on the first day and look at some famous temples in Chiang Mai City. We walk slowly along the street and shoot slowly. This is a small temple on the street that we caught casually. We don’t know the name of what.

There are more than 300 large and small temples in Chiang Mai City, which can be said to be a temple with an eye up and a temple with a few steps up. It is really a temple world.

We walked aimlessly, Pat it inadvertently, From time to time, doodle drivers come to ask us if we want to take their car around. Later, a shrewd doodle driver took out the brochure of Chiang Mai Zoo and showed it to my son. In Thai, which we don’t understand, mixed with a few simple Chinese characters and less proficient English, we constantly enthusiastically and repeatedly introduced the good of Chiang Mai Zoo. Finally, we got into his car for 300B of any number of scenic spots a day. In his car, his mouth has not been idle. He keeps communicating with us in his substandard English. He is not tired of saying a word ten times. He will be very happy after understanding a word with difficulty. In this way, we chatted and walked to the zoo in the suburbs in a short time.

We went to the Tiger Park first. If we only looked at the tiger outside the cage, we didn’t need to buy tickets. We chose to touch the little tiger at close range, that is, the one with the most expensive tickets. This is the tiger just two months old. Before entering the tiger cage, we must wash our hands and enter the tiger cage barefoot, even bringing germs in.

I don’t know why there is still a sleeping lion in this tiger garden.

The little tiger is very cute. The little tiger feels very comfortable, but the staff told us that the tiger can be touched in what but not its head. Of course, we dare not try, hehe.

The little tiger didn’t know he was thinking about what.

I didn’t dare to lie down. Ha ha

Who said that the tiger’s buttocks cannot be touched by beautiful women dare to touch the tiger’s buttocks, ha ha.

Then we went to Monkey Park, There’s a monkey show, When we went, the show had been on for a while, As soon as I sat down, the performance was finished. We walked around the garden and were about to go out. At this moment, the service personnel here called us back and said that they would perform another performance for us from the beginning. We were very kind but sat down. They immediately arranged to perform a performance for us alone. In the middle of the performance, many tourists came one after another. Perhaps they would have to sit and perform another performance for them later.

This looks like a charmingly naive monkey. It’s not the same as the monkeys I’ve seen before.

Climbing to the tree will make you king, hehe.

Not shy at all, ha ha.

This is very cute, hehe.

Monkeys take photos with tourists. These are all free. They should not be free in China.

Like a gentleman? Ha ha.

The driver of the doodle car took us to the Crocodile Pavilion, but the management of the Crocodile Pavilion said that there was no performance in the morning. Come back in the afternoon, and we diverted to the Insect Pavilion. These pavilions are not too far away, but it still takes some time to walk.

Here we have seen many insects that we have never seen before, or only in books. Here we have seen specimens and even living insects.

A wide variety of butterflies

A wide variety of butterflies

A wide variety of butterflies

The service personnel here have been with us all the time. Introduce to us the insects here. There are many insects here. She shows us some insects with her hands. Let’s touch them. Let’s take them. Watch these insects closely and patiently introduce their habits to us (her English is very good, our English level is very poor, and she takes pains to explain them to us in the simplest English).

Can you see worms?

The service personnel showed us millipedes.

Butterflies in the Insect Garden

Butterflies in the Insect Garden

Butterflies in the Insect Garden

Butterflies in the Insect Garden

My younger son bravely picked up such worms.

Dare to play like a majestic scorpion.

There are also big poisonous spiders.

These bugs can all become beautiful butterflies.

The commentator of the crocodile performance used Thai and English, together with funny dubbing and humorous commentary, which caused the audience to laugh from time to time.

At the beginning of the performance, the performers thanked the audience and murmured about what.

Have courage and strength.

This requires more courage.

It was thrilling.

The first time I saw a beautiful woman crawling on the crocodile’s back.

This is too bullying crocodiles, crocodiles don’t show their power, you regard it as a sick fish, hehe.

This is no joke.

Small crocodiles are relatively cute.

The audience can take photos with crocodiles, as long as they give some tips.

Crocodile eggs are bigger than goose eggs.

Tourists fishing for crocodiles spent 200B to buy 5 kg of meat to catch crocodiles. This crocodile, which looks like a sleeping crocodile, can jump out of the water and take the meat away at an extremely fast speed when they see the meat on it. It almost pulled the foreigner fishing for crocodiles into the pit. It was really a false alarm.

When entering the orchid garden, the service staff at the door folded their hands to say hello to each tourist and sent each tourist an orchid pin. The small pin felt very warm.

There are orchids from all kinds of schools in the orchid garden.

I can’t name many orchids.

What has everything in white, red, blue, yellow and pink.

All kinds of orchids in the orchid garden

Sell hundreds of orchid seeds in the world

This is a bit like plastic tweed.

The environment in the orchid garden is also very good.

Like this kind of forest, this is also in the orchid garden.

Out of the orchid garden, I tasted some roadside snacks and various kebabs on the roadside.

Roasted chicken on the roadside, this one has not been eaten, but I still have to keep my stomach for a big meal.

At roadside fruit stalls, these fruits are cheaper than those in China and taste very fresh.

Coconuts are not expensive either. 15B a

I like such trees, perhaps because I live in the north.

Chiang Mai Temple is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand. It was built in the early 15th century. The pagodas are strewn at random and carved with complicated carvings. The base is made of several elephant statues. It is said that the construction of Chiang Mai ancient city is closely related to elephants. The temple honors a 1800-year-old crystal Buddha and a 2500-year-old marble Buddha, which can be called rare treasures.

The puppy watches in front of the temple gate.

You must take off your shoes before you can enter the temple, and you cannot enter even if you are too naked.

Entering the hall, I could not bear to make any noise, for fear of breaking the peace.

Wall murals and windows

A mural on the wall

The environment inside the temple is very quiet.

Elegant Buddha


You also need to take off your shoes when you enter the partial hall.

The mural on the wall shows God rescuing the fishing boat that was killed.

The window in the side hall looked out.

There is no need to lower the sound of breathing here.

The floor in the main hall is so clean that it can be said to be spotless.

The puppy has been lying at ease here.

Most dragons in front of Thai temples look like this.

This should be the stupa in the temple.

The buildings in the temple are very beautiful and exquisite.

The environment inside the temple is very beautiful.

It was another partial hall. This one did not open. We just looked outside.

This should be the place where monks live.

Out of the temple roadside dwellings.

In a few steps, this is another temple, which is much smaller in scale.

There is an old pagoda in this small temple that has fallen into disrepair.

Family temples can be seen everywhere.

Another small temple.

Small temples also need to be visited.

Monks are playing chess with people. Ha ha, this is rare.

After leaving this temple, we will look for a place to stay tomorrow night in the alley in front of us.

Many houses have their own small temples in front of their doors.

Green walls

A juice shop

Mango juice

Strawberry juice

Hami melon juice

Banana Tree on Roadside

A puppy encountered on the road.

The wife of shop-owner of this family speaks Chinese well, and the price is also very favorable. We decided on two of the one-day tours in the next few days here. The boss and the wife of shop-owner were quite enthusiastic and helped us a lot during the few days in Chiang Mai.

Seafood 25 baht a bag.

40 baht a kilo

Durian is also very cheap.

We bought one and they cut it up.

I don’t know it’s what fruit.

Most of them are known vegetables.

Most of them are known vegetables.

I don’t know if this is what cuisine

Horses can be seen everywhere killing chickens.

The price is not expensive, but it is comfortable.

On the street







Spread eggs on pancakes like ours, cut fresh bananas or other fruits, roll them up, cut them into pieces, and sprinkle with ingredients and salad. It’s delicious.

Night view of moat