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Month: August 2019

Thailand’s Helplessness and Anger in Traveling with a Group

Thailand is a tourist destination familiar to most Chinese, Because of its political turmoil, not many tourists have visited it in the past two years. The travel routes to Thailand are much cheaper than those in other Southeast Asian countries. This is also why I chose to go to Thailand for my National Day holiday. But I didn’t expect this trip to be the worst and most unforgettable experience in my life. I couldn’t help thinking about writing down this experience. Under the warm reception and deception of the sales staff of CITS, I signed contracts with several friends to go to Bangkok and Pattaya. Seven days and six nights. One of the issues we were most concerned about at that time was the self-funded project. We all said that we would not participate in any self-funded projects. The saleswoman also repeatedly explained that tourists would never be forced to take part in any self-funded program. This decided to take part in the team tour. On the first day, I started from the company and took the airport line 3. I saw a black and thin man at the station. Very characteristic, So I wrote down this face. Because the airport bus was late, I took the subway and went to the airport to meet the group members. After checking in, the leader of the National Travel Service said that one person was still missing. So everyone waited. Soon a man came up to talk to me. I saw the man I saw at the airport bus stop. It turned out that we were in a regiment. The whole regiment honored him as “alien”. As soon as we got on the plane, “alien” told us that he had a list of all of us and so on to show his different identities. At that time, we had a strange eye on him. After flying for three and a half hours, we finally arrived in Bangkok. It was already two o’clock in the morning, One o’clock local time. We met the local tour guide at the airport. He is short and looks very honest. He introduced himself by his surname Yun. Let him P cloud, It means Mr. Yun. P Yun asked us if we wanted to change the money soon after getting on the bus. Its exchange rate is 1: 4.4. I am very glad that I have changed my money in the Bank of China. The exchange rate is 1: 4.95 At that time, many members of the delegation were not satisfied with the exchange rate, But there is no way, Only change. We stayed in a good four-star hotel donated by the Thai government. It feels good. The first day passed like this. The second day was to go to several palaces in Bangkok. The schedule is very full, Everyone enjoyed themselves and returned. The tour guide said that he would go to shopping spots in several countries and Pattaya during the day tomorrow. So everyone went back to their rooms early and had a rest. On the third morning, I visited shopping spots in two countries. One is the leather center, One is the gem center. An uncle in our regiment bought a sapphire ring. equivalent to RMB 13, 700. I couldn’t help feeling very expensive. After lunch, He started on his way to Pattaya, The journey takes about four hours. As soon as you get on the bus, the local tour guide will send out a list of self-funded items for everyone to choose set A or set B. A is 1800 yuan, B is 2100 yuan. To be honest, when I look at the watch, There is only one seafood dinner in it. I am a little interested in it. Besides, most of these self-funded projects are similar to the activities of the national tour. At this time, “aliens” and “wake up”, Shout at the back: We all have B sets here, It was decided. Everyone looked at the back with strange eyes. After that, the tour guide said that you must choose one of the two sets. The word “must” really displeased us girls, So I told the leader of the National Travel Service that none of us would attend. Everyone closed their eyes and slept. Unfortunately, Our regiment seems to be rich except for a few of our girls, They all paid quickly, And it was set B. After that, the tour guide came to see the three of us. Our answers were the same. No. The tour guide began to say some noisy words in the car. So the three of us quarreled with him, Finally, under the guidance of the team leader, everyone returned to their original positions and rested. The next stop is the crocodile performance. A self-funded project. Everyone went in to watch the show, The three of us amused ourselves at the door and took photos. The leader joined us later. An hour later they came out. So I got on the bus and went to the next stop, Fruit Garden. Soon I arrived at the Fruit Garden, but unfortunately there were not many fruits on display. I took some fruits and sat on the side texting with my family. The tour guide P Yun came up. He said, “Are you really not attending?” The answer is yes, After that, he said something very uncomfortable. I gave it back with no money. At last he threaten me and said, “you have no money, Then you will have your family send money to redeem you. “I immediately called the leader and said he threatened me. He denied that he had threatened me, But it also said that it was impossible for you not to participate. The leader took him away. Began to talk with me. I saw that the diameter of the P cloud went to the other two girls. I forgot that the leader specifically mentioned what. In short, it means to give him some face or something, Let me think about it, Just take part in a few projects, So I offered to participate in three of the self-funded projects. Add up to 3, 400 pigs, About 700 yuan. The other two girls took part in four self-funded projects. The tour leader said he would communicate with the tour guide. That’s it. In the evening, Everyone in the group went to see “Asia’s Best” (self-funded project), A few of us girls took a walk outside by ourselves. I didn’t expect the tour guide to say to the three of us. If you don’t attend, You have no room to sleep tonight, Find the CITS to complain. The three of us were very angry at that time. Fortunately, the leader came along immediately. He heard what the guide said. The leader said it was impossible to sleep without a room. Let’s rest assured. But he also immediately collected the money for our own project. The next step is to watch the transvestite show. It is also a self-funded project, This SHO** is good, It is also the one of the three items I bought that is worth it. According to the schedule, The next day I went out to sea to play with the water. But the tour guide said the weather was bad and he could not go to sea. The itinerary needs to be changed. Let’s go back to the hotel first. When we get to the hotel, It’s also a sea view room, Although the hotel is almost the same as the first one, But I didn’t care. I got up for breakfast on the fourth morning, We heard a few people in the group saying that our hotel had been changed. That’s because we only took part in a few projects. The tour guide confiscated all the money, So we changed the hotel. We should have lived in the high-rise hotel next door. The source of this sentence is “alien”. But we all think that the tour leader and tour guide are very afraid of this alien. It seems that his identity is somewhat unusual. He said he would come here several times a month. He knows all the people here very well. We often see him calling our leader aside to talk. After breakfast, In the morning we went to ride an elephant, Watching shows and fishing crocodiles, I’m still happy. After lunch, The tour guide asked us to go back to the hotel and rest for two hours. After that, I went to do a SPA (self-funded project). In these two hours, I ran out with the two women in the group, took a car and went out for a stroll. We gathered for the SPA at 3 pm. This shop looks like a family workshop. It’s relatively simple. But I’m in a good mood this day, I didn’t care too much. But it was supposed to be a two-hour SPA, It’s over in an hour, It also includes time for bathing and sauna. Coming out, I heard that an uncle in the group had a big fight with the tour guide. Because we each had to tip 50 pigs. In the end, uncle won. We didn’t even pay. The spa is over, It’s just over four o’clock, The tour guide asked us to go back to the hotel for dinner. This made everyone very dissatisfied. But finally returned to the hotel. The food that day was especially poor. Everyone is not in a good mood either, He can’t eat much. That “alien” there are picking things up again. He said that what won’t give tips for massage. He also said a lot of disgusting things, This has angered everyone, Everyone quarreled with him together. In the end, we said clearly that he was a teacher. In order to prove that he was not a trustee, He called the tour guide over and lambasted him for his poor service. As if to stand up for us. We are too lazy to watch them play. The evening is their own project again. I sat outside chatting with the team leader and waited. Only then did I begin to observe the night view of Pattaya. Pattaya’s bars are everywhere. Western men enrich the world. Suddenly I found that the men and women in this place, None of them look good, Especially the white people. The team leader said that these men were eliminated from the West. Living here is half a year. It makes sense, In such a mixed place, Those who have some status will not think of coming here to waste their lives. Finally, when their self-funded projects are over, Everyone asked whether to go to sea tomorrow. The tour guide still said he was not sure, He said he would not know until tomorrow morning. But what makes people angry is that all the other regiments are sure to go to sea. There was another quarrel with it at night. On the fifth day, We finally went out to sea. The weather was especially fine that day. Maybe God pity us. At the seaside, The mood is always so good, All the unhappiness was swept away. It was only an hour and a half of free activities at the seaside. It’s too short. In the afternoon, the tour guide took us to the Thai massage shop again. This hand is good. More authentic, It is already on the trip of the National Travel Service. The two-hour massage makes you feel relaxed. The next stop is the Oriental Princess. I saw on the merit that the Orient Princess was very good. So I was looking forward to it. But when I went, It’s the transvestite show. It’s just that the transvestite here will take the initiative to come up and let the man touch it. Of course, we still have to pay after the event. After watching the festival, it was only 7 o’clock. Everyone clamored for shopping. The tour guide could not help it, so he took us to a local SHOPPING MALL. The famous brand of real estate there is very cheap. If you have enough money, you will definitely miss it. After that, we went to eat bird’s nest and shark’s fin, which I bought back from 800 pigs. After eating, Not worth it. Sixth, Back to Bangkok. There were very few trips that day, Just go to shopping spots in two countries, So everyone clamored to go to duty-free shops, “that guide was kind enough to promise to take us there. On the bus, The tour guide took out a form of opinions for everyone to fill in. Personally, I think this is only a form. But it’s not nice not to write, I wrote a lot of English in the table. Anyway, the tour guide can’t understand it either. At noon, I ate in a Chinese restaurant. The tour guide took out a piece of paper and said that he had to register for duty-free shops. Let everyone sign, In this way, he can help us change shopping cards. People still believe him, They all brushed and signed their names on that piece of paper. I signed it, too. But when it was the turn of a little girl on our team, She pushed me and said, You see, it says what will sign it later. So I began to read the above passage. The general meaning is: Visitors volunteer to participate in the self-funded items on this trip, There is no compulsion. The tour guide is also too dishonest. As the trip was coming to an end, No more noise, Forget it. At the duty-free shop, It was full of Chinese tours, That should have been on the itinerary. Hey, After the tour guide has finished shopping, Everyone went to see the transvestite performance again, The difference is that, The performance was arranged in the itinerary of the National Travel Service, The content is similar to the transvestite performance we paid for at our own expense. Because we watched too much, I have no interest at all, I just want to leave early. Arrived at the airport late at night, An uncle from the regiment came to ask me about the tax refund. Before, I bought a sapphire ring. At that time, the tour guide agreed to refund the tax. But now the tour guide ignored him. I went to ask the airport staff. People looked at the ring and asked how much it was, I said more than 10,000, They immediately opened their eyes wide, I added that it was RMB, As a result, people’s mouths opened, And put his thumb up, “expensively”. At this time, uncle’s face was very ugly, I dare not say more. Of course, taxes cannot be refunded, Apart from duty-free shops, “and on the seventh day, At 2 a.m. local time, I set foot on the plane back home, I arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport at 7: 00 a.m. China time. It feels good to go home. At the same time, I also warned myself never to take part in group tours in developing countries again. Finally, I added two words angrily and gloomily. During my few days in Thailand, I didn’t eat any Thai food. It was all Chinese food. And the alien, the people in the regiment also said that he was a gangster. If the National Travel Service gave him all our information, what would I do if he sent someone to trouble me one day? Because I am the one who buys the least items and also the one who resists the most. I feel flustered when I think about it.

Travel to Thailand Day9

Day 9 got up in the morning, I have no way to endure my pig head face, d skin is sweet, good meat sour! ! ! The cost of applying sun oil is too high, I decided to go to the hotel’s SPA SHOP to do FACIAL, I know a young lady’s words: you are too serious. You have to go to the * * who specializes in making FACIAL fruit d machine first, so I rushed to the left to ROYAL GARDEN PLAZA. There are really three or four professional * * in this shopping mall. I went to one on the third floor of the left. Because it is lunch time, there is no one. My sister suggested me to make 1500THB (333RMB) set meal when she saw my pig head noodles. For the left, I threw caution to the wind! ! ! ! ! ! The process was very comfortable. She first used D to help me bask in D’s dead skin, then used D’s cold GEL to help me apply noodles, repeated the left many times, and constantly massaged me to absorb it. After living, she used a machine to help me suck it. There was heavy steam. Fifth, she talked and laughed. It was really comfortable to die. Ha ha ha ha. If she could afford it, it was really cool to turn it over every day. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! ! ! Unfortunately, I bear five, one is enough! ! ! ! After finishing FACIAL, I will go to crazy SHOPPING in the afternoon, PATTAYA OUTLET MALL! ! ! Listening to the lecture is Thailand’s largest OUTLET. There are really many brands and many commodities. However, it is better than everyone knows. In fact, the fifth is the imaginary level. Many people say that Thailand’s purchase of Diane Finn is a good level. The problem is that the level is not necessarily suitable for itself. Underwear D can also be bought indiscriminately. The fruit D suitable for oneself is five levels, so all five are absolutely flat. However, having D foreign trade garment stores is really a few benefits, which is in line with my consumption level. In about 3 minutes, my place has already had large bags and small bags. Finally, I went to TESCO LOTUS, a giant supermarket on the left, to buy a left suitcase. Ha ha, only 250THB (55.5 RMB) is sold until it is rotten! ! ! Put in the sun d also go in, into a box full of sun! ! ! Turn to the city, I go to the left room should be the Chinese open food stall “Feitian spinach”, ha ha, the name is d strange, good taste, good feeling of cantonese cuisine, but also add left d Thai taste, rich meal, satisfaction, ha ha, the price is heavy and affordable! ! ! Tonight, I will go to WALKING STREET again to see and see, a place with colorful lights, a place that I can’t imagine to be so open, a place that seems to be far away from the left world and allows everyone to sink. The three parallelism sentences are my feelings. As the process involves indecent elements, I will introduce them five times! ! ! Let everyone fantasize! ! ! At the end of the day’s trip, it’s time to rest again! ! !

An E-mail to Australian Traveler Andrew

Andrew is an Australian and a friend I met on Khao Payan Island when I was traveling in Thailand. He is about 30 years old, tall, beard, big eyes and always has a friendly smile on his face. The common trip and short time together made us friends. At that time, we left e-mails to each other. Today, I sent him an e-mail, recalling the island trip and asking about his recent situation.

Dear Andrew:

I wonder if you are back in Australia now. It has been near a month since we parked at the small island on Andaman Sea. I miss you, especially your friendly smile. To be frank, I have forgot the extract name and location of your home, Would you mind telling it again?

Dear Andrew

Have you returned to Australia? It’s been almost a month since we parted on that small island in the Andaman Sea. I miss your smile.

In China, we have a saying, “by which we mean that it is by God’s will and his array that friends get accessed with each other after coming a long way. Indeed, We both like Thailand, and we both expected to roam Ko Payan the paradise_like island, Lucky we look at the same ferry boat on the same day.

In our China, there is a saying that “it is predestined friends to meet thousands of miles away”. What we mean is that although we travel thousands of miles, under the arrangement of God, our friends will get together. Indeed, we all like Thailand, are all interested in that paradise island, and we took the same ferry on the same day.

If you hadn’t offered to take a photo for me on the boat or not taken me by motorbike to the bunglow hotel, we may not have got to know each other.

If you hadn’t taken the initiative to take photos for me and didn’t have to take me to the cabin hotel on your motorcycle, maybe we wouldn’t have known each other. Thank you for your kindness.

The most amazing experience we share on the island is, of course, the jungle party. Thanks to your invitation, I got to know so many Thai friends. They are generated and open_minded just like you. Beer, fruits, talking and laughing, we had a wonderful time at the party, didn’t we?

Our most unforgettable experience on the island was the night jungle party. Thank you for your kind appointment. I met generous Thai friends, beer, fruit, talk and laugh. We had a good time at that party, didn’t we?

I remember telling you two Chinese folk stories at the jungle party, one was about Wu Song the Hero Subdued the Tiger in the jungle, the other about Monks of the Shaolin Temple Saved Li Shimin the Prince of the Tang Kingdom. I was sorry I didn’t tell the story well then because of my poor English. To smooth over my fault, I put a good translation here:

I remember I told you all two Chinese folk stories at that time, one is the story of Wu Song fighting tigers and the other is the story of Shaolin monks saving Tang Wang Li Shimin. At that time, due to the rush of time, I did not speak well. Now I will tell you again:

On his way to visit his brother, Wu Song was at a place calledMount Jingyang. Though a bit drink, he began to climb the mountain. Before long he saw a sign posted on a tree: “Travelers are advised to group together to climb over the mountain since tigers have killed some single travelers of late. Please do not risk your life.” Wu Song reasoned that the sign must have been written

I remember you showing me photos of your grandmother, She looks so impressive! Do remember me to her and your other family members. I once owned a kind loving grandmother, but now she has passed away.

I remember you showed me the picture of your grandmother at that time. She was very impressive. Please be sure to convey my greetings to her and your family.

Enclosed are some photos I look of landscapes in Thailand. I hope you can enjoy them.

Here are some photos I took in Thailand. I hope you like them.

Sincerely Yours XXX

Your sincere friend XXX

Love Letter to Chiang Mai: But for the sake of your monarch, I have pondered until now.

Chiang Mai gives many people the impression of being “cold”, mostly because of Teresa Teng.

Visiting Chiang Mai Meiping Hotel, the last place where Teresa Teng bid farewell to the world, seems to be a must for every Chinese who comes to Chiang Mai, and even one of the important reasons for coming to Chiang Mai.

In the past, Ye Mengde evaluated Liu Yong’s influence: wherever there is well water, Liu Ci can be sung. At present, we can also say that where there are Chinese people, there are Teresa Teng’s songs. On the mouth, somewhere in memory.

Deng Lijun’s songs Doudou did not listen much on her own initiative. When she was the most brilliant, the “decadent music” lacked resonance for Doudou who had not yet begun to understand. Then she began to turn around and her feelings fluctuated. After listening to Deng Lijun again, she also lacked resonance and felt a little bored with the style.

However, there is no denying that even though the Iraqis have passed away for many years, Su Dalv’s “I Only Care about You”, Faye Wong’s “Nanhai Girl” and Xu Ruyun’s “On the Water Side” have all stayed there firmly. I like them to cover Teresa Teng’s songs. They are still affectionate and charming. They are sticky and stubborn. They have an extra emotional rationality and even external coldness that this era needs.

My favorite singing is “I only care about you”. Basically, I am a very contradictory person. On the plateau, when I can hear Tibetan boys sing “Eagle” boldly, I can ask others to sing again and again, or I can immediately sing “I only care about you” to the vast world in earnest and affectionately.

However, for the people I care about, I never seem to sing this song. Maybe I am embarrassed, maybe I dare not, maybe I don’t want to show my love card. How to do it is the most important thing.

Back to Chiang Mai and Teresa Teng.

Chiang Mai is Teresa Teng’s favorite small town. In the last four months before her death, she went to Chiang Mai three times and lived in Room 1502 of the Imperial Maeping Hotel. Teresa Teng suffered from asthma and Chiang Mai was picturesque, which was good for her health. She often came here to recuperate, ranging from a few days to a few months. In the last few years of her life, she basically lived in this quiet and watery town… This is a routine analysis of why Teresa Teng likes Chiang Mai…….

Meiping Hotel is not far from the ancient city. It takes five minutes to walk by bicycle from the ancient city of Tapeimen. When you have seen some special hotels, Meiping Hotel can only be said to be a very low-key four-star hotel with regular buildings and patchy gardens. What is commendable is that this lovely hotel will not hype the theme of Teresa Teng with great fanfare or even in a low profile. If it weren’t for reading the information and Pujin Hotel, you wouldn’t have made any association about Teresa Teng. This low profile is a respect for every distinguished guest of the present, but also for the deceased.

Doug did not take any photos at Meiping Hotel, nor did she find a way to visit the room where she stayed.

To me, these are not important, what is important is, it seems that I suddenly understand why the Iraqi heart and last time are entrusted here.

A friend said that the strategy said that there was a small Coke chicken soup noodle restaurant nearby, which was Teresa Teng’s favorite during her lifetime, so everyone rode all the way to find it in the summer heat, but finally they couldn’t find it.

Think about it, the Iraqis have been dead for 17 years.

At that moment rash into my mind was:

Ten years, dead and living dim and draw apart. I don’t try to remember, but forgetting is hard;

Why should the zither sad have fifty strings? Each string, each strain evokes but vanished springs;

However, the Iraqi Jinse was less than 50 years old and looked back in an instant. He had left the vast expanse for more than ten years.

Seventeen years of light and shadow, in Chiang Mai, Room 1502 has remained the same, and the small noodle shop has disappeared. This small town has been known to many people. Dense air routes have continuously brought backpackers from all over the world. Tranquility is no longer available everywhere and at any time. However, the rice wind and Lin Tao here are still the same, people are at ease as before, and hundreds of temples are quiet in the past.

Perhaps, on a certain day in a certain year and month, the Iraqis were also hit by this small town because of the comfort brought to people by a smile, a dog, a moment of meditation, dissolution in the market and luxury super five-star hotels.

Although she and I both grew up in the tropical and subtropical regions, the scenery of Chiang Mai is not very surprising, but perhaps we have passed the age of judging people by their appearance when we first saw this city.

The inner part of people is important, and the inner part of cities is sometimes very touching.

Chiang Mai produces beautiful women. Chiang Mai has no dazzling beauty, but it is not too difficult to fall in love with it, even today.

A few days later, the 17th anniversary of Teresa Teng’s death was a sacrifice.

You said that you would definitely come back here to see me. Can you know that I am looking forward to you every day? Don’t forget that you once said that you have deep feelings for me. I ask you not to forget me cruelly. Please stay and don’t stay away, listen to me to say a sincere word, how much I love you in my heart, I hope, I am already in your heart…….

Knock out these lyrics and find that they are very dangerous lyrics. When ordinary people sing them, they are easy to be vulgar and melodramatic and moan without illness.

But Teresa Teng won’t.

Although I prefer Faye Wong’s version.

Practical Strategy for Self-help Tour to Phuket-Phi Phi Island in Thailand (1)

This trip to Thailand’s seaside is a pure rest, a complete relaxation and forgetfulness of body and mind. Before leaving, I browsed many strategies of my predecessors. Now I’d like to share some personal and practical information with you.

I. Preliminary Preparation

1. Issue passports. It must be done well in advance. Passport information must be provided for booking international flights. However, if you see a discounted ticket, you can also fill in a number at will, call the airline customer service 24 hours before the flight takes off, and change it to the correct passport number and passport validity period, which will only be a little troublesome.

2. Book air tickets. AirAsia’s red-eye flight air ticket is the cheapest, the departure time is often late at night, and it is not cheap to add money to buy luggage, seats, meals and insurance. The seat space is still relatively narrow (we didn’t choose to buy the extra money item, Bangkok-Phuket round-trip air ticket is 700RMB per person). The domestic China Southern Airlines is expensive (1950RMB per person from Guangzhou to Bangkok), but the convenient service is also excellent.

3. Exchange Thai baht. The Bank of China can exchange it. Other banks seldom have the Thai baht as a small currency. They make an appointment two working days in advance and need to provide their ID card, name, telephone number and exchange quantity when exchanging it. However, when I arrived in Thailand, I found that UnionPay ATM machines are everywhere. Withdrawal is very, very convenient. It will be automatically converted into Thai baht. It is recommended to use debit cards (savings cards) as much as possible for ATM withdrawal.

4. Book a stay hotel. AGODA website (http: //www.agoda.com.cn), There are also many hotels to choose from, There are both high and low grades. You must first know where you want to play and then determine the hotel accommodation nearby. Each hotel has a detailed picture and text introduction (the key depends on the hotel’s check-in evaluation) and a hotel location map (you must print it out before departure, the language communication is not clear, and you can fully understand which one is when you take out the map).

5. Pack luggage

Certificates: Passports, visas, round-trip air tickets and hotel orders should be made in two copies for standby. Please separate them from the original. If the original is lost, these will come in handy.

Cash: valid credit card, savings card, small amount of Thai baht;

Information: Phuket-Phi Phi Island Travel Service, a practical English book for travel, a pen and a small notebook that you can take with you (remember the phone number, travel notes, and the price when bargaining);

Drugs: Band-Aid, anti-mosquito water, cooling oil, cold medicine, Huoxiang Zhengqi Oral Liquid (bring your own for stomach trouble), carsickness medicine;

Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush (the first two are not really available in Thai hotels), towels, facial cleanser, facial cream, 50 times waterproof and sweat-proof sunscreen, post-sun repair, facial mask, shampoo, conditioner, shaver, comb, cosmetics (preferably travel clothes do not take up space);

Clothing strap: Clothing should be light, thin and quick-drying. Thailand will not be very cold. It does not need long-sleeved trousers, bikini (don’t join them, otherwise you will be the weirdest there), sun hat, sunglasses (essential), flip-flops, and it is best to carry a long-sleeved coat in your bag. Air-conditioned places (such as airports and cabins) are extremely cold.

Second, play with PHIPHI

There are two ways to get to Phuket from Bangkok. One is to take a bus, which takes nearly 900 kilometers and takes about 14 hours. The ticket is about 600-999b/person (the price of each long-distance bus company is different, and the most expensive 999b/person for 24 seats). The destination is the bus station of Phang Nga Rd in Phuket City, and the return journey is the same. At Bangkok’s South Line Bus Terminal (located on Pinkao-Nakhon Chaisri Road), there are more than a dozen buses to Phuket every day. It is recommended to take the bus at night and get there after a sleep. The second is to fly and arrive in an hour and a half (fast! We choose this one without delaying the time to play). Phuket Airport is a relatively crude airport, and there is a free puket map at the exit (be sure to take it, it is very useful). It takes about 45 minutes from the airport to Patong Beach. Take a minibus of about 150b/person (you need a full bus to drive, sometimes you have to wait) and a taxi of 600b/car. Both the minibus and the taxi will be delivered directly to the hotel you booked.

DAY 1: Tour Phuket’s three major beaches by motorcycle-Patong, Karon and Kata

The PL Guesthouse Hotel, which lives on Patong Beach, is located in a very good position. It is quiet in the midst of the noise. It is very close to the beach and Patong Street (also called Bar Street). It takes more than ten minutes to walk, and it is closer to JUNGCEYLON (Jiangxi Leng) shopping mall. It takes three minutes to walk right from the door.

JUNGCEYLON (Jiangxi Leng) shopping mall in the food, first buy a card at the front desk to charge money, order dishes directly swipe the card, can use up can refund money, very convenient. Seafood Dongyingong Soup is scattered with some coriander, which contains squid, shrimp, crab, fungus, etc. Mango glutinous rice is very sweet with coconut juice, and Thai glutinous rice tastes excellent. Banana coconut dessert, banana is not as soft as fresh fruit, a little chewy, like pickled; Seafood pineapple rice is not as good as the one we ate behind, with a lot of cashew nuts. Fried spring rolls are crisp, fragrant and thin in skin, and tastes great when stained with flavor juice.

This is the restaurant where we ate two dinners in Phuket. It is full of color, aroma and taste. The price is not expensive, about 700B, and there is also a free cold coke. Pineapple rice is super straight, bread is sweet and crisp, and seafood coconut milk winter yin gong soup is delicious and excellent!


Kata Beach.

The three of us rented two motorcycles (200B/set, need to detain passports, one car for each car, and return it when returning the car). The price of each car rental shop is the same, and the price varies according to the model (similar to the kind of car parked on the street in the photo). It is not difficult to drive, and it is not very different from driving electric motorcycle in China. You must pay attention to driving on the left (it is on the right in China). When picking up the car, the car oil is full, and when returning the car, it must also be filled with oil. The car oil is packed in glass bottles (50b/bottle of oil), one box at a time like buying beer in China.

Sunset at Karon Beach.

Couples walking on Patong Beach.

Phuket is quite lively at night, with many nightlife programs. SIMON’s transvestite show VIP and ordinary seats cost one price, 19:30 and 21:30, including the hotel shuttle fee in Patong, 650b for adults and 600b for children. No hotel pick-up is 550b. Karon and Kata pick up 750B adults and 700B children.

Tip 40b per person for taking a photo with Ladyboy.

The street in Patong is the busiest. You can walk along the street and watch or participate in dancing your body. You can also watch the show with a bottle of beer (we are girls who only need juice to watch a ladyshow, 300B/person, and the refill is the same price). You don’t have the courage to watch the ladyboyshow go. In fact, as long as you haven’t finished your drinks, it’s no problem how long you want to watch it. The overall feeling has no aesthetic feeling at all. It is purely an alternative experience of life and an eye-opener.

Phuket’s nightlife is crowded during the day and at night.

DAY 2: Take a cruise ship to peel the skin, contact the roundabout tour and deep sea diving.

At 7: 20 a.m., we waited for the bus to pick up the dock in the hotel lobby. We were on the 8: 30 boat. The boat schedule was: Phuket-Phi Phi 08:30. 11: 00; 14:30; Phi Phi-Phuket 09:00; At 13: 30: 14: 30, there are no flights at 11: 00 and 13: 30 in the off season. Tickets are 600b for adults and 550b for children. If you get seasick, you must take carsickness medicine before the ship sets sail. The sea to Phi Phi Island is stormy and the voyage takes about 2 hours. The staff will stick a ticket on you and give you a return ticket (be sure to put it away, you can return any day and show the ticket). On the return trip, a car will be sent directly back to the original hotel.

The cruise ship is about to dock.

Ton Sai Bay on Phi Phi Island.

The view of Phi Phi Island.

Go to the island at 12 noon, find a place to stay first, and finalize the Twin Palms cabin (1000b/night). Next to it is the carnival beach, which often hits until 2 a.m. Have a casual lunch at an Indonesian restaurant and start a round-the-island tour of the Long Tail Boat tomorrow (2800B includes all the fees for boarding the island). The comparison found that the deep diving price on the island is the same for each family, which is said to have been unanimously determined by everyone at the meeting (I feel that there is no malicious price increase in Thailand’s tourism market, which is still very standard). We accidentally met Aaron, a Chinese diving coach. Because we had no diving experience, we chose one deep dive (one deep dive 1600b/person, two deep dives 3200b/person) and underwater camera video (500b/person) according to his suggestion. During the chat, Aaron learned that we were going to travel around the island tomorrow and offered to go with us to teach us snorkeling free of charge and take us to places few people know to play. (to be continued)

Thai Crusoe Experience Siam 1


In a muddle-headed way, he won a grand prize-the organizers should not have expected that some of the winners of the micro-travel notes would travel to Thailand from overseas-and finally made the trip after many difficulties. From the soaring international air tickets at any time, we can get a discount ticket that happens to be able to catch up with the time. In Spain, where the language was not clear, it took a lot of time to find out that the consulate in Barcelona had been withdrawn. From Barcelona to Shanghai via Qatar, I was worried that I could not sign a Thai visa and had to sign a Cambodian visa in case of landing visa. Finally, I got a Thai visa on the day before taking off by chance… I haven’t started yet, and there are too many stories.

And why do I have to go to Thailand, fly back to Thailand, and carry all my wealth-23 kg suitcase, a double shoulder and a computer bag-to Thailand? I believe the following words will give the answer. If you want me to make a program forecast here, I can only say one word: value!

Initial impression

This is not the first time to go to the tropics in winter, but the temperature difference from Shanghai to Bangkok is more severe than that from Chengdu to Karachi last time. The last time was at night, everything was all right when I took off my cotton-padded jacket. This time it was in the afternoon, changing into shirts and sandals, but I was sweating like a pig as soon as I got out of the airport. Thailandissohot, literally.

There is a college classmate of Hong Kong nationality who often walks in Southeast Asia. Thailand has been there more than a dozen times. This is also a magical person. I can’t say for sure. I’ll remember it another day. The way he talked about Thailand was about to be so happy that people and gods were angry, which made me itch and hate. But I really want to write it down. What didn’t seem to be able to convey the cheap tone in his tone. Every time I think of his contacts in Southeast Asia, I always feel resentful and push myself to others, so that when I come back, I dare not be too ostentatious and still keep a low profile.

There is also a netizen who has been living recently and is determined to live in his daily life. Small foods, small markets and small street corners set each other off.

Thailand, in the impression given to me by these two people, on the one hand, it is the legend of all kinds of amorous feelings, and on the other hand, it is the cultivation place of introverted, gentle and small feelings and small tastes. After I have seen it myself, I don’t know how to sort the adjectives full of stomach. It is noisy and quiet, it is romantic and elegant, it is busy and relaxed. It is Pattaya with colorful lights, and it is also the Jade Buddha Temple with pure heart and few desires. It is Koh Samet Island with clear water and white sand. It is also Bangkok’s Chinatown, which is full of voices.

It is said that when the Five Mountains return, they do not look at the mountains, and when the Huangshan Mountains return, they do not look at If you want to ask me if Thailand returns without looking at what or women, it should not be possible, but there should still be some without eating fruits or looking at the sea. If you want to choose Thailand’s business card, transvestites, beaches and tropical fruits are definitely the top three. Just let me recount one by one.

Thai Fun (4) Memories of Blue

February 2008 Kho Phi Phi, Thailand
Because left too long, the memory slowly turned into a color. It was a piece of thick or light blue, my favorite color — the clothes and skirts that once loved this color persistently; now it also brought in the most beautiful coastline of the country, and the concrete gradually faded out, and the abstract gradually highlighted. So there is no longer only sunshine, beach, bikini and Fruit Shake in this memory, but the boundless blue tone, waving and surging, dragging the splashing white waves, chasing the naughty gulls, teasing the wild flowers on the bank, accompanied by the sound of the ship’s departure whistle, hanging in the deep eyes of the woman’s smile. Yes, the blue is a woman’s eyes, deep affection, light frivolity, surging at the beginning of the tide, lazy at the end of the tide, sparkling, also illusory and true, if you leave, erratic. It’s also the wings of angels, the clothes of the sky, with flowing clouds, stars and white sails. It’s also the song of the loafer, the sadness of the dancer, and the endless yearning, love and infatuation. This vast blue contains the sky and the sea. All the colorful ecology blooms on top of it. She is a kind of freedom of exile, a kind of tolerance of sea and rivers, a spirit of vast and long days, a pure white sail. Write the beautiful blue sea of Thai in my memory. Once I was full of thoughts, and let my pen go farther and farther. Go to every place in the past and leave a blue mark. The sky is unlimited for birds to fly at ease, as the ocean is boundless for fish to leap at will. The blue cliff of the sky and the blue corner of the sea are exactly what the fish and birds are eager to go to. But my heart, like the fish and birds, is still fluttering.

July’s Enthusiastic Thailand and Pattaya

Where do you start? Is it because of all kinds of boredom with real life that one yearns for an unknown country, or is it because one is infatuated with the sunshine and coastline on beautiful islands? Or was it moved by the beautiful story of Siamese Love? The decision to travel was very quick. Although the choice was made by a very uncreative tour group, which left many regrets on the trip afterwards, there was indeed an unforgettable word. The enthusiastic Thailand and Pattaya in July:) It is necessary to do homework before traveling. Thailand is divided into three seasons in a year. Summer from March to June is the hottest time, which is basically above 40 degrees. June to October is the rainy season, humid and sultry, and November to February is the dry season. It is more suitable for traveling, but the perennial temperature is between 20 and 35 degrees, so it is inevitable to wear cool clothes. Sandals, suspenders, hot pants, etc. are definitely the first choice, but because the air conditioning is very strong in large air conditioning bars and airports, it is recommended to bring a long coat, otherwise it is really shameful to feel frozen in tropical countries… Hotels generally do not provide slippers and toiletries, and naturally toothbrushes, bathing products, etc. are also prepared. Then there are some necessary drugs, Fengyoujing, cold medicine, pain-relieving tablets, Although most of them are not needed, However, it is better than not:) I can also bring some snacks. The leader said before that I could not bring them. As a result, I just brought some small fish and lollipops and checked them in the past… Facts have proved that I have RP me again. The bad group meal makes us all feel how delicious the local food is… Of course, the more important thing is the issue of currency exchange. It is very big. Although many people have said in their travel notes and strategies that it is more cost-effective to exchange in China, they have searched all major banks in Changsha, including the headquarters of BOC, and have not exchanged Thai pearls. Finally, Xiao W, who went with me, found a money dealer near the bank and exchanged 6,000 pearls per person at the exchange rate of 1: 4.4. And this is indeed a more reasonable price for us to exchange. The 4,300 beads sent by the tour guide over there are at the exchange rate of 1: 4.3, and the airport and other exchange points are at 1: 3.9. So it is the least cost-effective to take RMB there. Both US dollars and Hong Kong dollars are good, The dollar is 1: More than 32, Hong Kong dollars also reached 1: 4.18, I also exchanged the remaining Hong Kong dollars from my last visit to Hong Kong for more than 800 beads. I feel very cheap, UnionPay card withdrawal and credit card consumption also seem to be more cost-effective, It may not be available everywhere, So it is more reasonable to bring another international credit card. Then there is the search for local characteristics and delicacies. There are a lot of records, but it’s a pity that following the tour really restricts freedom, and many local streets with special characteristics have not been completed ~ ~ ~ which has become the biggest regret this time: (OK, follow the photos and set out. It is more convenient to choose transportation, direct flights from Changsha to Thailand, charter flights from travel agencies; The more painful thing is to take off in the middle of the night. And it was surprisingly empty, About 1/2 of the people who took the seat… It was really the most empty plane in their lives… It was a very bad air meal… It seemed that they had no appetite… They started from Changsha at 11: 30 and arrived at Bangkok Airport at about 3: 00. Bangkok time was one hour slower than China’s. It felt that they stole an hour ~ ~ After handling landing visa and so on, they arrived at the hotel at about 4: 00 local time. The hotel photo on the first day… very RP’s two beds are put together… fortunately, the time to get up is 7: 30. The hotel breakfast is self-service, Only later did it find out that almost all of them were self-service group meals… it seemed that only breakfast was better, Every day is eggs, sausages, bread, porridge, fried rice noodles, salad fruits, etc. This hotel even has chili fried meat, and the taste is not bad… milk is iced, I am not used to drinking it, and the coffee tastes very good. I hardly liked to drink coffee before. In the next few days, I had a large cup of > _ < almost every morning. The first scenic spot was the fifth emperor teak palace, which did not allow photos to be taken, and those with substandard clothes had to wear its sarong. In fact, there is nothing to take. Most of them are treasures given to the Thai royal family by other countries. There are also some photos and luxurious furnishings. Under the little nostalgia… I am a selfie madman… lunch is the 43rd floor space international buffet of rainbow building with a very good background and name of cow b… really only the background and name of cow b… then the taste will not be mentioned… then the buffet will not be filmed, I did it all in 10 minutes… stealing time to stroll around and take photos-Bangkok Panorama…… continuing madman behavior, My vulgar hobby is to take the beautiful scenery as the background-the grand palace of the Rama imperial dynasty, which is bound to be visited by self-help sightseeing or group. It is indeed resplendent and dazzling. The only depressing thing is that my 7-point trousers are not up to standard, not put on an ugly sarong, and I am forced to spend 30 beads. Poor little W can’t even wear a shawl, With a big flowery shirt on, Therefore, friends who go to the Grand Palace in the future should pay attention to it. Be sure to wear trousers, Not even 9 points: But it’s really beautiful, Put more photos: ) and little W beautiful woman’s photo, By this time I had secretly taken off the sarong, And then, of course. On a hot day, It’s really messing with T-T. I like all these gods very much, After taking a lot of photos, little W actually became a wing god. She definitely wanted to eat chicken wings and smoke, poor child. Hum, I boast of another one ~ the next trip is to take a long tail boat and swim in the Chao Phraya river… the water is really dirty and cannot bear to see, but it seems that this is also the real Thailand. It is not hypocritical or artificial. If there is what, it will be taken out to what and there is no need to cover it up. The following is the name of Zheng Wangmiao… and the brigade I like now… Live PS, From the grand palace to the boat, there are many roadside stalls with many fruits and small foods. More than N foreigners eat here. They are greedy and have not eaten them. However, I still took the time to buy red peony and coconut. Red peony is only 30 pearls per kilogram, equivalent to RMB only 7 yuan. Coconut is only 15 pearls per one. It is really cheap for HLL: P Chao Phraya River and Zheng Wang Temple.

Make up a soldier GG from the grand palace… and then go to the river kwai bridge. In the evening, it was dark to eat a rafting house meal on the river kwai + sing k disco dancing with a group of friends who were not familiar with it for the time being… little w and I were both short of interest… finally, like refugees, we took a bus to the place claimed to be the Thai-Myanmar border in the countryside to see the ridiculous nun floating water… because it was too vulgar, Even the photos were deleted, If you also have friends on this trip, It is suggested that you strongly ask the tour guide to drop you on the way to the Kwai River. It must be enough to visit the local market and shopping malls for so many hours ~ ~ The photo is on the way from Bangkok to Kwai River. It was so thick that there seemed to be a torrential rain in an instant, but it didn’t fall for a day… because the dinner was very bad, I went to 7-11 with little w to buy cakes, one box was only 28 beads, and the taste was good ~ the first day’s trip ended in a mess… the first day’s trip was bird’s nest shop… the fruit trees outside the shop I only photographed didn’t look like coconuts? There are also words on it ~ ~ ha ha ~

Although I don’t buy Yan Wan Wo, It is still necessary to eat a bowl… taste, Sweet, similar to the taste of tremella cooked by my mother: P (a bowl of 200 beads, about RMB 50, the top 2 are ginkgo) the next trip is to ride an elephant, Take a carriage and then go fishing for crocodiles ~ ~ The picture of riding an elephant is not good. Alas 5555 What a beautiful crocodile… Sitting on a boat surrounded by iron bars, the following are full of crocodiles:) If you want to catch something, go to the bow and feed it with fishing rods and meat. At first everyone was very afraid, then everyone went up to fight for fishing, because although it was terrible, it was fun, and crocodiles were very smart and would eat the meat when you didn’t expect it. It’s a bit scary to catch it, because you can’t pull it up, and the staff will help break the rope. I was disappointed when I didn’t catch it. On one occasion, the meat I hung on the hook fell off, Cheap crocodiles… After visiting ethnic villages, Golden Triangle Tour and so on, Another purely nonsense scenic spot… watching performances and eating in the art city at night, This is the outside decoration, What a lovely little doll stone carving, I really want to dig one back ~ well, SAWADIKA, don’t ask me this pile of things is what… the cold dishes over there are famous Thai cold papaya shreds… the taste is also SOSO… the program is very good-looking, the costume props and lights are perfectly combined with song and dance and stage play, but unfortunately we can’t take photos. T t this is some outdoor songs and dances after the program is performed. PS, before that, The tour guide has forced us to pay for the show and the massage. He also said that Pattaya would definitely come for nothing if she didn’t watch the performance. Although the price was cut, However, most of the people in the group paid 1100 to watch 3 shows and have a massage. Xiao W and I watched a show and had a massage at 800 (it was really expensive, it was really a living slaughtered TT)… Later it proved that we were a great RP again, It’s a pity not to watch that show, It’s a bit disgusting to watch too much… I don’t even know where to start… we didn’t watch the first show, It’s what Bath Show… It’s evil to listen to the name, Then W and I went outside, As a result, he accidentally walked to Chicken Street, This is the street. At first, The streets were lined with pubs, The bar girl was waiting for the guest in suspenders and shorts… frightened little w, Hold on to me, I said stop, People knew we were tourists and wouldn’t pull us in, If you catch them again, they think we are a pair… and then they go to buy mangosteen and lotus mist, They are all very cheap, It’s only 50 beads a kilo, As a result, I went to see the second show of macho men… also can’t take photos, But the performance was really, really, really vigorous… How do you say, Well, SM, Wax drops and table tennis are everywhere. There are also more than 20 macho men who come out to show XX… and then use XX to beat drums and pull carts (with a transvestite sitting on it), Finally, there was a male OOXX performance… I can only say that it really shocked me… in my life, it is estimated that this time I watched the most vigorous… PS, There was an ultraviolet lamp in it. As a result, I didn’t know whether it was water baby sunscreen or facial mask with fluorescent powder in TB. My skin was white pieces. I was shocked by myself. I went to 7-11 at night and bought a new sunscreen (a local brand, SPF50 + + +). Therefore, everyone should be careful when choosing things in TB in the future ~ Anyway, I will basically not buy cosmetics in TB. PS2. When I went to buy sunscreen at night, foreigners and locals I met often mistook us for Koreans or Japanese and kept asking ANIAXIYOU… TT. Later, when I went to the local area, people also kept asking Koreans? Japanese? …… It can be seen that it seems to be a common phenomenon for Chinese to follow groups and foreigners to travel freely: (the third day is to go to the seaside, exciting ah… small photos on the bus, Pattaya streets:) both Bangkok and Pattaya are cities that can use colors, and even taxis are colorful and beautiful. PATTAYA, a city street surrounded by the sea, took a boat to Jinsha Island. After playing with this sea parachute, 700 beads and 2 rounds were given one round. In fact, the time was very short, but it was very fun. People were put into the sky like kites. It was very free. Then they were put into the water to let you ignore the sea water. Ha ha, it was a pity that you couldn’t take photos:) the blue sky, and the bird people in the sky… Ha ha, En, continue to take RP selfies and make boats to go to the bottom of the sea:) Dangdang, the most fun project, walking on the bottom of the sea. Bring you an oxygen mask, Then a professional will take you down, About 5-6 meters of sea floor, Touching things around you as you walk, Many, many beautiful small fish, coral, conch and big shells, Then someone gives you bread to feed the fish. You can also use small bags to catch it. The lifeguard who took me on foot caught it twice. The first time he caught it was very big, the second time he caught three small ones. He took it to the boat and played before putting it back to the sea:) Four people in our group played this, 1600 beads, and four people took photos and 700 beads. It was not cheap, but it was worth it. Watching so many fish and birds flying around like dreamland. It’s a pity that the photos don’t look good-where have you all been, little fish… next, go swimming by the sea… sunscreen, sunscreen, But in such a sea, who still remembers sunscreen… leaving my HLL shadow and feet on the beach: PPS Sands souvenirs are cheap, You can also make a counter-offer, Both Chinese and English are fine, Not really. And computers, It’s a pity that we spend too much time playing with water and don’t have time to stroll around. Go back and be depressed to death, How also should buy a sarong back… sigh sigh afternoon went to the hotel to wash, Went to the spa, Do essential oil massage, Little Thai sister’s technique is not bad, Almost all fell asleep… Unfortunately, I didn’t make a face, So when I came back, my little face turned black… Little W and I bought two more kinds of fruits that we had not eaten before getting on the bus, Yellow like longan, But it tastes sweet and sour, The red one seems to be called snakeskin fruit. It tastes a bit like loquat… I went to the famous Oriental Princess at night, Well, I took a picture on the bridge before, Dig ha ha:] transvestites are very beautiful… no matter their figure or appearance… the performance is also very hard to take a picture of 20 beads, I took three… Well, Because a comparison is really a beautiful woman and a village girl, so I won’t appear in the mirror… my hand is on my chest… don’t blame me for being lecherous, everyone is touching, don’t touch white, don’t touch… anyway, it used to be a man… see how people touch… I’m CJ… at night, I gave us an hour to stroll around the busiest bar street in the area… alas, the time is too short and there is COSPLAY… in order to cater to the Japanese?

There was another show we didn’t watch, Run to the restaurant to eat, As a result, after half a day of gesticulating, Because my younger brother can’t speak English or Chinese, Finally, I ordered curry crab and Thai fried rice. It’s much better than the group meal… It’s full of materials, For this reason, I bought a bag of curry powder with a kilo in the dried fruit market after that… God knows I started learning this dish when I was in what >-< happy end of the third day: ) The first trip on the fourth day was Qizhen Foshan. The beautiful coconut trees on the roadside:) The blue sky and big trees:) The inside could not be filmed, so we had to shoot outside ~ Bye down:) Then we went to Dongba Paradise to watch the national performance and elephant performance ~ Enkangkang, I was learning bird people with national characteristics, and the clothing was also HLL.

泰拳录了视频N段^^然后去看大象表演,很可爱的大象篮球 足球 做画等等,小象一直在摇晃脑袋,哈哈~大象按摩:P你是个勇敢的人吗?和大象合照……50珠,结果连脸都没照清楚5555出门来个椰子:)好甜啊啊啊啊~~终于到了价值400块的泰式按摩,感觉不出400块的价值-_-,虽然做完还是满舒服的晚餐终于不是自助了,比平日丰富不少,而且居然每人一碗燕窝,一碗鱼翅……可惜之前喝了一碗萝卜汤,一碗冬阴功汤……已经饱了- -|||美丽的夕阳晚上给我们2小时逛商场,因为小W实在是个慢性子,我一个人狂奔而去……所用的英语无非是how much?any discount? OK非常顺利,买到一件LEE的T恤,几个送父母的钱包和水果若干……这边的民族服装都很贵了,而且没有价还,唉~最后一天的第一个行程是四面佛,有点后悔没请一个回来……这花长在树干上……好神奇……之后是珠宝、皮具等购物行程,忽略……毒蛇表演……自然是买蛇药的地方摸一下……冰凉的~蛇是冷血动物:)差一点动心买了蛇药,后来还是控制住自己了:)出门买杯咖啡,35珠,冰块好多……晚上的泰式火锅……比不上中国火锅的一半,还好我不挑食,全吃丸子去了……–晚上还有个人妖表演,我和小W又放弃了,决定还是去当地街道看看,结果转了很9才找到地方,去便利店买水的时候,店员居然是个长头发高瘦的人妖……和我比划了半天水的价格,最后拿计算机告诉我才8珠,付钱给他后还双手合十,真是好人妖啊……曼谷街道边的漫画书店……真是好地方啊……最后晚上带我们去机场免税店逛……一群人买了一大堆的欧莱雅,真是郁闷……过年才在香港买了一堆,现在又是一堆,女人果然是冲动的动物其实没什么是我真正需要的……半夜3点的飞机……早上回到长沙:P曼谷和芭堤雅的天空虽然很美,但遗憾还是不少,没有品尝到当地小吃,没有买到当地特色手信,也没有去到暹罗广场走走……真是懊恼不已,当下次向往自由天空的时候,一定要自由行才不枉旅程了:)

Thailand Travels from South to North-Backpack Self-help Tour to Bangkok

1) departure from airport: self-help tour to Bangkok “& gt; After Bangkok Airport, there are four options to go to the city: Taxi, airport bus, train and city bus, but for a new traveler carrying luggage, the latter two options are basically unnecessary to consider. Thailand’s Taxi logo is obvious. It is basically a Japanese Toyota car. Although there are taximeters on the car, it is basically necessary to negotiate the price with the driver in advance in Thailand. This is a headache for all foreign travelers. Taxi’s price from the airport to the city center is basically around 300 baht. I hereby advise travelers to take the Airport Bus. Airport buses have four routes to the urban area, namely Route AB-1, Route AB-2, Route AB-3 and Route AB-4. The departure station is just at the gate of the airport, which is similar to the Bus location of Beijing Capital Airport and is very easy to find. Fares for all routes are 100 baht per person. The departure interval is 15-20 minutes. Details of the stops along the above four routes can be found in the airport section of www.into-asia.com. Here are just a few routes that are most useful to travelers:-If you need to go directly from the airport to Bangkok’s Hualamphong Train Station, you should take Route AB-4, which is the terminal of the route. The travel time is about an hour. -If you need to go from the airport to Khao San Road (a street of famous foreign backpackers’ cheap hotels, the situation is detailed below), you should take Route AB-2, which takes about 45 minutes. Just inform the driver when getting on the bus (don’t worry about missing the stop, I bet a lot of foreigners will get off with you when they arrive). -If you need to travel from the airport to World Trade Center or Siam Square (Bangkok’s most famous high-end shopping area, business center and high-end hotel area, which is equivalent to Wangfujing or International Trade Area in Beijing), you should take Route AB-1, which takes about 45 minutes to travel. Just inform the driver when getting on the bus and arrive in about an hour. In fact, the above three areas are all must-see places for travelers in Bangkok, just depending on where you want to go first. 2) There is a wide choice of accommodation in Bangkok, but Khao San Road should be the only choice for backpackers. It is not only because there are many guesthouse in this street and the price is cheap. I thought I came here to stay mainly to feel the atmosphere of the big gathering of backpack travelers from all over the world. In this street, facing the streets of blonde foreigners, you must think you are in a western city. Hotel prices in Khao San Road range from 400 to 1200 baht, with large differences in off-season and peak seasons. Take Sawasdee Bangkok Inn, which I stayed in in July, as an example. A room with a double bed of 400 Thai baht a day has a toilet and a color TV set, but the room is small and has ordinary facilities and does not include breakfast. However, it has an open-air courtyard, which is equivalent to a bar. It can eat, have a computer to surf the Internet, and check luggage at the front desk, but it charges 20 Thai baht each time. If you want to know more about the amorous feelings of Khao San Road and the numerous hotels there, you can visit www.khaosanroad.com3) to visit Bangkok’s tourist attractions, mainly temples. For backpackers, I don’t think it is necessary to visit all the important temples, because they are mostly the same. The most important thing in Bangkok is The Grand Palace. From Khao San Road to the Grand Palace, I think it is completely within walking distance. It takes about 20 minutes. If you take a Tuk-Tuk, the fare should not exceed 30 baht. The reason for walking is that I will pass by the Thai Art Museum and the National Museum. Among them, the National Museum is worth visiting, with tickets of 30 Thai baht per person. Walk about 500 meters from the National Museum to the Grand Palace. Tickets are 200 baht per person. If you are wearing vest and shorts on that day, there is a special change room at the entrance to provide long clothes to tourists free of charge. As for other scenic spots, backpackers can refer to various travel guides and choose for themselves, which will not be mentioned here. 4) Shopping Bangkok is truly a shopping paradise in Asia, with abundant commodities and low prices. I think it is no less than Hong Kong. I highly recommend the following shopping places: a) WEEKEND MARKET AT CHATUCHAK PARK WEEKEND MARKET AT CHATUCHAK PARK WEEKEND MARKET AT CHATUCHAK PARK WEEKEND MARKET AT CHATUCHAK PARK WEEKEND MARKET AT Open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday only). It is the largest and most popular market in Southeast Asia. There are more than 9,000 shops lined up in the market. It takes almost a whole day to go through the whole market. There are so many kinds of commodities that they can only be summed up in one sentence: there are everything you can think of or can’t think of. Because it is a comprehensive market with local people as the main target, the price is also very reasonable. In recent years, foreign tourists have also come in large numbers. The transportation method to the weekend market is: from Khao San Road, take a doodle bus to Siam Center for 15 minutes, the fare is about 60 Thai baht, and then take a light rail train (Sky train) to get off Mo Chit Station, the fare is 30 Thai baht for 10 minutes. But before you go, you’d better make sure it’s Saturday and Sunday. B) MBK Center According to my observation, MBK Center should be the most popular shopping center in Bangkok, mainly selling clothing and daily necessities, but mainly selling specialty shops and stalls, which can bargain and mainly target young people. There are also Tokyu Department Store, two cinemas and many catering and entertainment facilities inside. MBK Center is diagonally opposite Siam Center. In a word, foreign tourists account for about 30% of shoppers in large shopping malls like MBK, while in China, even in Beijing, the proportion will not exceed 1% (except Xiushui Street). C) Central Central is a well-known chain of department stores in Thailand, with several in Bangkok. The grade and scale are similar to those of China’s Pacific Department Store. They are operated in a unified way and cannot bargain. Commodities are of medium grade, more suitable for Chinese tourists, and cheaper than those in China. For example, Pierre Cardin’s men’s shirt does not exceed 200 yuan RMB. There are also many large shopping centers in Bangkok, such as Siam Discovery Center, World Trade Center, Sogo, Isetan, etc. For details, please visit www.taiguoyou.com. 5) Hualamphong Train Station) Hualamphong Train Station is worth introducing alone. It is Bangkok and Thailand’s central railway station. However, it is hard for you to believe that its scale is only equivalent to that of stations at the provincial and municipal levels in China. It can even be described as crude. Compared with railway stations in major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, it is quite different. But as far as service is concerned, this station is still good. As a backpacker, To get to Chiang Mai and Su Mei, one must start from South China Peng Railway Station. Of course, one can also choose to take a long-distance bus or a plane. However, I think the train is the most comfortable, punctual and safe. What’s more, the train to Chiang Mai and Su Mei has an overnight train. Sleeping on a sleeper can save one day’s hotel expenses and is the cheapest in cost. Khao San Road or Siam Center is not far from South China Peng Railway Station. Take Tuk-Tuk and the fare should not exceed 50 Thai baht. South China Peng Railway Station has a luggage storage office, which charges 20 Thai baht per piece per day. The railway station computer pre-sells round-trip tickets within 60 days, which is very convenient. The conductor is enthusiastic about foreign tourists and can speak English.

Free Travel Thailand (2): Yellow Curry Rice and Girls’ High School

Back to Bangkok from Ayuthaya, it was four o’clock in the afternoon. Out of the south China peng (Bangkok) railway station, looking for a hotel to stay.

Under normal circumstances, there are always many hotels near the railway station in China. However, it is quite difficult to find a hotel near Bangkok Railway Station. I relaxed, not impatient, leisurely stroll in the street.

Finally, I found a hostel called loftel (youth hostel), with four people, 280 baht, or RMB 55 yuan, which can turn on air conditioning and is very cost-effective. There is also a golden Buddha temple nearby.

Walking in the street, I saw a food stall offering curry rice. That’s great! I have long heard of curry rice in Southeast Asia. Curry is yellow curry with spicy taste. At this time, I am tired and hungry, and I have a full meal.

There are many diners and the female vendor is busy. There is rice, all kinds of vegetables and meat, and yellow curry has been made into porridge. Walking over, he bravely opened his mouth and asked the price in his learned Thai language, “Ani-Goraka-Taolaika?” How much is this? , got the answer is “carefully bar”. I understand! The first “fine” refers to “four”, the second “fine” refers to “ten”, and the last “ba” pronunciation refers to “Thai baht”.

After studying Thai at home for more than a month, I use it at this time.

40 baht, big plate, rice, chicken nuggets, white gourd sticks, curry on top, enjoy.

On the Thai table, besides staple food, you will see condiment dishes. In the small dish is sour soup, floating on it are small green peppers cut into pieces. Although the peppers are small, they are full of spicy taste! In addition, the weather in Thailand is hot, and there is always a large glass of clear water. Under normal circumstances, ice cubes will be provided to customers.

Sitting among the Thai people, listening to the whisper of Thai is as happy as listening to accompaniment music! After eating one portion, people are basically full. I decided to be “greedy” and eat another portion.

It is not entirely the reason for greed. It is mainly because I want to sit for a while, extend my time and try my best to become one with the Thai people. Observe their eyes and look at their behavior. . .

The next morning, I came out of the inn to visit the Golden Buddha Temple. I saw several female high school students in school uniforms crossing the road. I had a brainwave and followed them.

In a foreign country, I don’t want to be a sex maniac at ease. The main purpose of following them is to observe the mental outlook of Thai high school students and to bump into luck to see if I can “mix” into their schools.

Who said that traveling is only about scenic spots? !

The school uniforms of Thai female high school students are really good-looking: white shirts, blue skirts, pure and generous, and the most finishing touch is the white cloth strips on the hair, light and naughty. Their faces were written with purity and vigor.

Came to the school gate, found this is a girls’ middle school. This thought to arrive here if want to go in must encounter the treatment that often happens in the country: guard, stare at you, check, block, scold, drive away… But I was wrong: no one did that to me. Instead, a few girls on duty smiled and waved at me.

At the thought of this moment, I am still deeply touched.

I saw foreign teachers coming to the school, and the headmaster called groups of students who came to school to visit the new teacher. I talked to the girls who were on duty for weeks. I first introduced my identity to them. I heard that I came to travel from China, and they were also very interested and learned a few words of Chinese from me.

While chatting, I watched the school badge on their uniforms. Seeing that I was very interested, the girl walked away. In a short time, she came back, holding a school badge. The school badge is golden and beautiful. Unexpectedly, it was bought for me, an exotic visitor, at my own expense.

Discovery, touching, thinking and freedom I firmly believe that these things are the true meaning of travel and the realm of travel!

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