Learn Vacation from Westerners

There is a popular question called “Why are you unhappy Chinese?”

We love labor, we believe in worldly wisdom, we like to jump the queue and enter through the back door, we like to complain, we like to save money, we do everything for our children, we like to go to cultural relics more than natural scenery, we get on the bus, sleep, get off the bus, urinate, take photos, throw garbage and leave.

The Chinese are indeed an ethnic group with worrying quality. It is not that we have always been like this, but that we have been sleeping for a long time and suddenly found ourselves Granny Liu entering Grand View Garden.

The impression given to Europe by the Chinese was originally local, but now I’m afraid it is nouveau riche. At the end of last year, there was also an article in the American Economist magazine that Chinese how traveled around Europe to become the newly rich in the market, but between the lines there was still a sour, mean, very sophisticated and very wise. The Chinese travel to several countries every time, and they hardly touch Western food when they go to Europe. They are careful in their accommodation and all the money saved is swept away from luxury goods in Paris.

At the World Expo, everyone queued up to collect the seals of the pavilions, but showed little interest in visiting the interior. We are not just rushing to catch up, nor do we know we are rushing up with what. Europeans laugh at us for being strange, and we laugh at Europeans for being short-sighted. Although the point of view is not indisputable, shouldn’t we seriously reflect on why we are not happy with the alarm bell ringing?

I should be regarded as a person with rich travel experience. After graduating from college, I took up my luggage and traveled all over the world. At the age of 2045, I traveled to 16 countries on three continents in the world. It was rare in China, but in Europe, I was only in the middle and upper classes. It was by no means rare. I know countless Europeans who travel everywhere, China, India, Africa and so on. Of course, on the one hand, it is related to economic factors; On the other hand, it is due to their mentality-not in a hurry to get married, not in a hurry to get employed, not in a hurry to be reliable, not in a hurry to have children. In short, there is no hurry. Some people go to Zambia to take care of wild animals, some go to Asia to hunt for novelty, and more people choose to enjoy their youth in Eastern Europe economically. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Tanzania, Philippines and Argentina may all be their destinations. Many foreigners will make friends with men and women during the trip and break up at the end of the trip. Many foreigners choose to spend a year traveling around the world in the middle of their career, burning money and bleeding. Many foreigners will choose to go out when they earn enough money to travel and find a job after squandering it. Life is so brazenly tossed and turned by them. There are many romantic stories, which have made the American chicks in “Wishing Pool”, the American chicks in “Sparrow to Phoenix” and the American chicks in “Food Prayer and Love”. There are too many love movies originated from travel, and it is not just American chicks. If I have to give an example, it is Roman Holiday.

I know a Dutch uncle who should belong to the middle class. He is a typical person who will travel on suspension. Months in Mozambique, months in Australia, months in Cambodia and months in China. Everywhere I go is a beautiful scene that goes deep into the front line. Sometimes I look for a guide and sometimes I find a boyfriend (oh, yes, he is gay). Live quietly, pretend to be a local, embrace the warmth in every sunshine and record the affection in every smile. When I went to the beach, what didn’t do it either. I lay quietly, the sun and the moon rotated, the stars changed, and the clouds and clouds rolled up. I almost lay on the beach with the feeling that I could grow old in the wasteland. I didn’t care. It had nothing to do with anyone.

I also know a Dutch eldest brother, heterosexual. Doctor of Engineering, however, saw human suffering during his trip to Africa and was determined to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Now he is studying for a doctor of medicine.

I have also met French high school students, Canadian college students, British white-collar workers and so on, all of whom have rich travel experiences, and all of them are slow-paced without exception. Just like the Nordic people on Koh Samet Island.

Koh Samet Island is really occupied by them. There is a program “Looking for Clown COCO” performed in Nordic language, which attracted many children. I chatted with a Swedish father and asked that the program was in what language. I only heard Swedish or Danish but I was not sure. He replied that it was Danish, but Swedish and Norwegian children could understand it. Then he asked me where I came from. I said China. He said how much you traveled here. I replied, this market is just beginning to rise. He said they come almost every year, especially in winter. The whole of Europe was too cold, so I came to the beaches of Asia and chose Thailand as one choice.

I have been to Sweden, two feelings, beauty and boredom. Of course, Northern Europe also has beautiful beaches, where the sea is blue and blue, somewhat Leng Yan. It is naturally impossible to enter the water in winter. Even Spain and Greece are only warm winters, which cannot be compared with tropical Thai beaches. The European family came on vacation, warm and romantic.

The difference between Pattaya and Sammy Island is that Pattaya is gorgeous, while Sammy Island is elegant. Vacationers can be separated. Pattaya is mostly retired uncles and men looking for excitement, while Koh Samet Island is dominated by couples and small families.

Chinese traveling in Thailand may also take a three-to-five-day hurried trip to scenic spots in Malaysia and Singapore. I went to the second-and third-rate vulgar transvestite performance venue to attack my chest, and then stepped on the spot everywhere to worship Buddha. I bought a bunch of bird’s nest and shark’s fin Bangkok bags to pat my ass and leave. It is true that few people travel deeply, few slow down, and few plan to stay.

More and more families have freed themselves from economic shackles and become new forces in tourism. But then again, Westerners also owe it. When we don’t have famous brands, we laugh at our poverty; When we are covered with famous brands, we laugh at our local tycoons. When we have no pollution, we bully us and have no industry. When we have industry, we scold us for loving pollution. In fact, it is still an era behind the West, and it still hasn’t caught up with the pace to this day. Only when the people who got rich first have the ability to explore the ends of the earth in depth, can we plan a spiritual journey without hurry and rashness and sleep safely on the waves? Why must we lose ourselves in the consumption of luxury goods?

Travelers, are you looking for what?