Day 2

Bann Makok’s room rate includes breakfast. There are 5 breakfast choices, American, European, Thai, vegetarian and sweet breakfast.

# American

# Thai rice soup with fish. In fact, it is soup and rice.

# Bann Makok’s Flower Cat. And a black one.

I want to visit the island and see other hotels by the way. The motorcycle rent is 400B a day, because it is full of oil, and you have to pay 150B more for oil. It’s much more expensive than Tao Island. It’s still cheap to eat, live and travel on Tao Island!

I rode my motorcycle onto the road and headed south. First, we went to the famous Shantaa Hotel. The beach near the hotel is really good, but it is a little close to the dock. I went to ask about the price, Villa 4500B, Sweet 5500B, of course, I can still have some discount if I stay for a long time. His home website:

# Shantaa Beach

# Shantaa Beach

# Pier near Shantaa

# The garden of Shantaa hotel

Shantaa goes further south, after a big downhill to Hat Khlongchao. Away Resort is right here. Away prices (excluding tax) are 2280B for Island Canvas Retreat, 4680B for Deluxe Ocean Facing Bunglow and 6000B for Deluxe Oceanfront Bunglow.

I feel that Away’s beaches and environment are not as good as Shantaa’s. However, it is quite lively here. People who like it can come here.

# Away Resort

When I was at the Thai airport, I didn’t go to Boots to buy sunscreen because I was in a hurry. I thought it would be very convenient to buy it on Dog Bone Island. As a result, all shops on Dog Bone Island sell only one sunscreen-Nivea Blue Bottle, which is not waterproof. Fortunately, Bann Makok’s staff kindly helped me find a bottle of waterproof sunscreen left over from previous guests. I couldn’t help it, so I used it. It is suggested that if you come directly to the island, you should buy sunscreen at the airport first. It is not worth buying in China. The same Nivea Blue Bottle Sunscreen sells 159B on Dog Bone Island and more than 60 RMB on Watsons in China. Why are things in China so expensive? ! ! !

All the way south to the southernmost Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort. I feel that there are many Russians at the southern end of the island. The signs in many places are in English + Russian.

# Signs in English + Russian at the southern tip of the island

Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort is also inhabited by Russians. The beach here is also ok. Rates are slightly cheaper (including morning and tax, Sea Breeze Hut 3300B, Sea View Hut 4950B, Garden View 3850B, Garden Villa 4290B).

When I arrived at Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort, it was noon and I stopped by the restaurant here to have a meal and rest. There are a lot of dishes on the menu here, but they are very ordinary. Stir-fry is very oily, unlike Thai food, it seems to be Chinese food. Lunch for two, three courses, 390B.

# Stir-fry

After lunch came out, I walked to Ao Yai for a while. Since I didn’t plan to go to the fishing village to eat seafood, I looked out into the distance.

# Overlooking Ao Yai Fishing Village

On the way back, I passed Klong Hin Beach Resort and thought the publicity pictures were very beautiful, so I went in on my motorcycle to have a look. The journey from the highway to the hotel is not close, and the road is also very bad, but after arriving, I feel suddenly enlightened and Xanadu! The beach is very beautiful, the water is clear and the sand is young. Ask the price, only 1600B includes tax! Surprise me. Unfortunately, there are no vacancies. Later we went again, but there was still no vacancy. His family has no website, no email, only phone calls. Tel: 089-0463005. In such a place with high cost performance, I hardly know how others ordered it! If I go to Dog Bone Island again, I will definitely find a way to book his house in advance.

# Klong Hin Beach Resort beach (unfortunately the sky is not blue enough!)

# Klong Hin Beach Resort beach (unfortunately the sky is not blue enough!)

# Klong Hin Beach Resort beach (unfortunately the sky is not blue enough!)

When I passed Hin Dad Resort, I went to see it specially. The hotel is on the seaside, but there is no beach and it is surrounded by rocks, which should be more suitable for snorkeling. The overall environment is not bad, the room is a little simple, but in terms of the overall price level of Dog Bone Island, it is still a very good place.

# Rocks beside Hin Dad Resort

# Rocks beside Hin Dad Resort

# Hin Dad Resort

Back at Bann Makok, it’s 6:00. As soon as I got back, it began to rain heavily, which made me very lucky.

Bann Makok happened to have buffet, 800B, from Seafood BBQ this night. The food was very rich. The waiter kept cooking. We ate and ate, but we didn’t finish the food at last. I feel a little wasted food. Shame.

# seafood BBQ buffet

# seafood BBQ buffet

# Beverages are paid for at one’s own expense. Ha ha.