The fourth day of the trip should be the most fun, exciting and tense day.

However, the most regrettable thing about this trip is that the swimming pool of the hotel was not well utilized, leaving early and returning late, and the time was too rich. Fortunately, soaking in the sea made up for it.

There are so many tourists going to the sea, but this time it is good. It is said that during the Spring Festival, there are the largest number of tourists, all of whom are Chinese tourists.

Maya Bay, located on Little Phi Phi Island, also has a name called Lover Beach Why is it also called Love from Beach? The tour guide took us to this angle. He didn’t say anything but pointed to the top for us to see for ourselves.

There are quite a few lovers one on one.

The black horns in the sea swam around freely.

This is a swallow cave. There is bird’s nest in the cave. Some people hold the guard at the entrance of the cave. If anyone wants to steal bird’s nest, the guard will shoot, because the price of bird’s nest exceeds gold.

Big Phi Phi Island is just around the corner, but the beaches here are somewhat polluted, because there are many people living on the island and there are many hotels and restaurants.

In the natural swimming pool, Laolu was the first to jump off the boat and lie on the water.

The sea water here is salty and buoyant. It is very comfortable to float on it!

Take a piece of bread and the fish will gather around without snorkeling. They will eat up a few secret kinds of kung fu. If they can’t eat it, they will bite your thigh as bread. If they meet a big fish, they will bite your leg!

Of course, the main character on the monkey beach is the monkey. This is the Monkey King. The monkeys here do not eat bananas, which surprises us mainlanders. Their favorite food is rambutan and they despise bananas.

The sea water here is another color.

After playing with monkeys enough, just play on the beach and look at this pair of castles under construction.

After a turn, he came to Emperor Island to bask in the sun.

When we left in the speedboat, this large flock of gulls came to see us off and flew far away with the speedboat. Looking at them reminded me of the experience of feeding gulls in the Russian Far East. Unfortunately, I had no food in my hand.

In the evening, we came to the Magic Paradise for dinner and then watched a large-scale performance.

This Magic Paradise was built before the financial crisis in 1998, with a total of 3.6 billion Thai plants. It is Thailand’s “Disneyland”. It is an entertainment city that never sleeps with Thai national culture as its conception, with numerous entertainment facilities in the park. The Elephant King Palace Theater, laser lighting, water dance performance, and a theater with 3,000 seats provide tourists with elephant herd performances. It is also a shopping paradise.

The International Cafeteria, which can accommodate 2,000 people, is divided into three major areas. This silver hall is the place where we eat. Each tourist’s seat and the seat for watching the performance are marked on the tickets. This 19th table is our table.

I heard it was an international buffet. I wanted to eat some Japanese and Korean food, but several people couldn’t find it. It seems that this international food is a bit exaggerated.

Gold and silver restaurants are not casually entered, unlike the middle hall, you can walk casually. However, the food in the three areas is exactly the same.

The restroom in the restaurant is also very luxurious, full of hand-painted imitation court paintings.

The more than a dozen elephants in front of the square are all very beautiful. It is said that they are the best of the best and are very good at performing. They are taking pictures with tourists. I will take a picture of them first.

From here, you can go to the theater. You can’t take photos when you go in. If you want to know about the performance, please click the link below

The rare tiger has also settled down here.

Magic Paradise is truly the most popular tourist spot on Phuket Island.