Day 9

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. I missed it last time I came to Bangkok. I’d better go and have a look this time. Citin came out to take a taxi. The driver did not type the watch, but the quotation was only 40B. I was a little surprised: it was so cheap. . . Only half a minute later, the driver was exposed: Let’s go to a gem store first so that he can get the gas ticket returned to him by the store-that’s why the fare is so cheap. Look at the watch, it was less than 9 o’clock at that time, it was still early anyway, so go and have a look.

A magnificently decorated gem shop is mostly full of tourists brought by drivers. Gem shops are also very thoughtful, with salespeople who speak various languages introducing their products to visitors. Naturally, those who came to receive us also spoke Mandarin. We took a polite stroll, but to be honest, we have no research on rubies and no purchase plans, which is really unworthy of the enthusiasm of the salespeople. After shopping, continue on the road to Chatuchak.

Chatuchak is really a big MAC in the market. It is really big enough. Let’s look at the map before we go in. Otherwise, it is really easy to get lost. I don’t know whether it is the wrong area I visited or other what reasons. I feel that the quality of most of the goods in Chatuchak is average, which makes my plan to buy Thai cotton clothes fall through (there are many Thai cotton clothes sold, but the quality is average). If I like to find small things with special features, it seems that this place is not as good as Chiang Mai’s Sunday Market. However, there is everything in it. It is not afraid of the hot weather or the large number of people. It is also good to have a look.

# Map of Chatuchak

# The map of Chatuchak I collected when I was doing my work. I forgot whose original post was. Thank you here!

# chatuchak Market

# Selling food

# Shoe seller

# Delicious coconut ice cream, 35B

# Twin sisters selling coconut ice cream

&……% ¥ ×

After visiting Chatuchak, go to Som Tam Nua Restaurant in Siam Square for dinner immediately. This restaurant is dominated by green papaya salad with the characteristics of northeastern Thailand. Bangkok locals also like it very much. Business is booming and there are definitely long lines for meals. This restaurant is recommended by Lake Uncle Lakewarder. Details can be found at People’s comments on Zhu Yu came first, and I was too lazy to praise them like parrots.

Som Tam Nua Restaurant is also quite easy to find. It is just opposite the famous Siam Centre, the Siam Station of the light rail Sukhumvit line. Exit from Exit 4 and you can see the small street marked No.4. It is not far from the entrance. When I arrived, it was only after 2 p.m. and I was in line.

# The menu will be given to you first when the seats are arranged.

# Pickled crab green papaya salad. People who don’t like pickled crabs may feel crocodile. Anyway, there are many kinds of green papaya salad in this store, so you can choose something else. Empty stuttering is too sour, with glutinous rice-very refreshing!

# Green papaya salad perfect match-glutinous rice rice

# Sour and spicy pig cartilage soup. Long-lost local pork smells good!


# Grilled fish. Compared with other dishes, this is normal. His family is also famous for its barbecue. I gave up the barbecue because I ordered the grilled fish, which is a little regrettable.

Som Tam Nua Restaurant出来,去对面的Siam Centre,Siam Discovery Centre,然后去Central World买Naraya包包。说真的,我很困惑啊,大家真的觉得Naraya包包好吗?我觉得很一般啊。感觉他家的东西有点做作哦,象穿公主裙的大妈~~~为什么这么多中国人在这里买呢?我象征性地买了几个,估计以后不会再去了。

晚餐继续我的曼谷路边摊。Big C对面路边摊的烤鲈鱼也是味美之极。新鲜的鲈鱼,塞上香茅菜,外面抹盐炭烤,140B一条。