I woke up in the rumbling sound of the train and looked at my watch. It was only 7: 00 a.m. and I said I arrived in Chiang Mai at 1: 00 p.m. However, according to the characteristic that Thai trains were generally 2 hours late, I estimated that I would not arrive until 3: 00 p.m., so I stayed out of bed until I heard the flight attendants begin to tidy up the seats next door. Because when I got on the bus yesterday, I was directly in bed and did not see the legendary moment when the seat changed to bed, so I leaned out and looked around. In fact, it’s nothing, that is, the upper berth pushes in and the lower berth pushes on both sides, that is, the two seats face to face. Thailand also has no hard and fast rules to get up, and some foreigners in the lower bunk have been waiting to sit on the bed and watch the scenery anyway. However, when I was probing, the flight attendant saw me. He asked me with a full face of smile if I would like to come down and sit down, and I readily agreed.

Perhaps many people got off the bus halfway from Bangkok, so when I got up in the morning, there were all empty seats. I picked a seat casually and began to look at the scenery outside in a daze. In the cool season of Thailand, the sky has always been clear, with a slightly cool wind passing through the hall. I have a book on my knee, but I haven’t turned it over very much. I just looked out of the window and stayed all the way. On the contrary, I can feel that I am traveling more than ever. I don’t know what kind of scenery will appear in the next second, full of uneasiness, expectation and surprise.

Thai trains do not report stops, which should be criticized. They can only pay attention to the names of the platforms outside or ask the flight attendants. Although I vaguely remember Chiang Mai as the terminal, I began to fidget at about 2: 30 and wondered if I had missed the stop. It was very hot at this time, and all the flight attendants hid in the air-conditioned carriages for the summer. I had to touch the air-conditioned carriage all the way to ask him how much time he still had to get to Chiang Mai. He said that he would arrive in 10 minutes. Finally, this time he was not greened by the lake. At 2: 40 p.m., our slow train finally stopped at the platform in the small town of Chiang Mai.

The first thing the starving ghost did when getting off the bus was to find food. 40B ordered a bowl of sweet noodles and added a lot of chili powder to it. It was very delicious. When eating, the flight attendants who strolled off the train smiled and waved to me, and I naturally responded with a smile. What a beautiful country.

Probably because I came out late after eating noodles, there were no two cars outside, only one TUTU car was parked at the door, asking for 100B. It is said that the counter-offer can reach about 70B, but think about 30B. I wanted to say I was going to Chiang Mai Gate or Tapeh Gate, but the driver took out a map and let me show it to him. As soon as I saw that my inn was quite famous and there was a mark on it, I directly asked him to pull me to ALL IN 1 GUESTHOUSE.

Let’s talk about the inn in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai and Lijiang are a bit like each other. Lijiang has a very mature inn search network, but Chiang Mai does not. There is only one inn recommendation website (http://www.chiang-mai.org) compiled by foreigners according to their own experience. At first, I went in one by one and then put my favorite in EXCEL. Later, I found that I should first determine where I want to live in what. Chiang Mai has two most important gates. One is the Tapei Gate in the east. From here, many famous monasteries, various CAFE, MASSAGE and a small post office can be seen on the main road into the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The most famous Sunday night market also started here. If you want to go to RIVER SIDE, Chinatown, NIGHT BAZZAD, which is available every night, and WAROROT MARKET, a civilian night market, you can walk outside the city through Tapeimen. It takes 20 minutes to get along the main road. There are many temples on the road to visit. The other is the Chiang Mai Gate in the south. In fact, there are two gates in the south, but the most lively one is the Chiang Mai Gate in the southeast. All the yellow double cars go back to Chiang Mai Gate, and there will be many roadside stalls around 5 pm. They are cheap and of good quality, comparable to Bangkok’s Kaoshan Road. In addition, the Saturday night market also extends from outside Chiang Mai. Therefore, measuring these two points, it is not difficult to find that living between Tapeimen and Chiang Mai is the most convenient. As for the price, the cheapest single room starts at 150B and 700B is almost capped. After all, it is an inn, not a hotel. At first, I also wanted to find a 150B family to blow back (with a bad mentality). Later, I took a fancy to the beautiful room on ALL IN 1 and threw away the inns run by Thai locals who were cheap but looked very simple and crude. Chiang Mai’s cool season is very cold in the morning and a little sultry at night, but after calm down, I can sleep well in the fan room, so I finally booked the fan big bed room, 595B a night, please refer to their official website (http://allin1gh.com/en/index.html). The reservation is very simple, just send an email directly, and there is no need to pay a deposit. The shopkeeper was a very warm and lovely old Western man (I’m sorry I didn’t ask him where he came from, because he was always busy greeting groups of people) and gave me a pile of printed paper as soon as he came up, including the name card of the inn (with Thai address on it), TV channel list, various precautions, WIFI CODE, and map of Chiang Mai City. Of course, his printed map was not very clear, so I later asked him for a beautiful color map, which was quite detailed. When he knew that I was from Shanghai, he said, a small village near the river, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

The only disadvantage is that there is no elevator (of course I dare not use it) and the luggage needs to be carried up by myself (it is not necessarily necessary for the old man to help you carry it. When I was CHECK OUT later, there was a foreign old man who wanted to help, but compared with the western LADY FIRST’s concept, I still have a stronger concept of respecting the old, and when the old man helped to work as a coolie, I always felt that RP would drop) it was very HIGH to enter the door. As expected, it was as clean and spacious as the picture showed, so I took a good bath and went out.

When I went down the stairs, I met two Xiao Mao, which meant that Thailand’s meow was so thin, unlike my cat, which had a big face and a pool of fat meat.

The ancient city of Chiang Mai is full of twists and turns, but fortunately I have already found the inn. When I go out, I am not afraid to get lost as long as I remember some iconic storefronts. It’s about 10 minutes’ walk to Tapemen. Because I didn’t expect to arrive so late, the wandering in the city pushed back and took the map to go to WAROROT MARKET.

Chiang Mai, like Bangkok, is full of temples, but most of them are free of charge and there are many nondescript things, such as eating Lamian Noodles (?) Donald Duck, and Pleasant (because it was turned over by thunder)

Walking to RIVER SIDE, the picture looks very good, isn’t it? It is actually a small dirty river

Moreover, I didn’t find the sign of WAROROT MARKET either. Although I saw many small textile markets where local people set up stalls, I also bought fried pigskin recommended by everyone (100B pack, then 40B pack at Saturday night market, but obviously 100B is much more delicious)

Anyway, there is still a Saturday night market to look forward to. I made two turns and went directly to GOOD VIEW for dinner.

GOOD VIEW is RIVER SIDE’s most famous restaurant, because it is very cheap and the food tastes good, I ordered a winter yin gong soup 160B, a pineapple rice 120B, a fruit salad 95B, not a drink. As mentioned in the previous travel note, the winter yin skill of this family is much spicy than what CW eats, so the soup is basically not allowed to be imported, but the shrimps used are very fresh, large and many in size, and the duckweed mushroom is also very tasty, so I am still willing to give it 80 points and recommend it to everyone. Pineapple rice tastes ordinary at first. When you eat it halfway through, scrape the juice on the pineapple with a spoon, and then eat it together with the rice. It is the best. The sour and sweet taste still leaves saliva when you think about it. Fruit salad is very common, but fortunately pineapple is tasty enough and has a special flavor with mayonnaise.

When the sun is setting, someone will light candles, which is very romantic.

Although there are geckos crawling around in front of us, I have to say that it is really small and fresh to sit by the river and eat and watch the sunset.

When I went back, it was more painful, because it was completely dark and I was not in the mood to see the scenery of what again. I just walked and walked until I reached Tapeimen. I went in and bought sunscreen and mosquito repellent for my colleagues, and then entered a TRUE MOVE SIM card.

The HAPPY CARD used in Thailand last time is very convenient to make phone calls. But it seems to have been abandoned by everyone, This time I bought a TRUE MOVE for 50B, But I have to say, This card is really… Because I don’t have any phone calls to make, Just in case, I did not intend to recharge my money because I had wireless Internet access in the inn (the SIM card brought by Shanghai in the past could not be connected). Then he sent me crazy spam, sending 102 messages within 3 minutes. Fortunately, I am using SMART PHONE now, which can be directly blackmailed with 360. If the same ordinary mobile phone as last time, it would not be harassed to death. And I called home according to the above instructions and couldn’t get through at all. However, the problem of surfing the Internet in the inn was finally solved, although there was no successful T-T after connecting WIFI outside.

The last episode was that the door to the inn could not be opened. He also went down specially to find the front desk. The Thai GN at the front desk was puzzled, but the old man knew what was going on as soon as he heard it. He went upstairs to teach me how to drive it. He said that the movements should be gentle, like coaxing it, and turned slowly. He turned away ORZ. However, after two nights of ordeal, I was finally able to lie comfortably on the big bed and sleep in a beauty sleep. Good night, Chiang Mai.