Paizhen is the most imaginable place on this trip.

It is said that it is literary and artistic, but I think it is a fairy tale world.

Only in fairy tales can there be such strange light, such blue sky and such gorgeous colors.

Only in fairy tales, cows will kiss your hands, dogs will not deceive, cats will eat vegetables;

Only in fairy tales do people always love each other so much. The word happiness is clearly written on their faces…

After coming back, when I think of Pai, the smile on my mouth is soft.

This is probably why this small town can attract backpackers from all over the world to come here for thousands of miles.

It is really a happy thing to have such a bright memory in the monotonous and repeated real life day after day.

D1, December 17.

Sleep until you wake up naturally, and when you come out of the wooden house and see the clear sky, your mood brightens up instantly.

In Paizhen, such cabins abound. 300B is relatively common, and 500B is already quite good. Kankan and Apple completed the trip to Paizhen earlier than us. She actually lived in RMB 300 yuan, that is, 1500B. I confirm once again that she is a local tyrant.

Nowadays, more and more people are taking EVA to travel. For example, in the wooden house opposite, there lived a family of foreigners. The children laughed and ran, suddenly appearing in the diamond-shaped aperture, really like Smurfs. I patted and patted him, and suddenly I heard a low cough in the shadow. Ouch, mama ah, there should not be Gargamel… … …

Going out to look for food, Xiaohong ordered a strange noodle and tasted it to show that he could not accept it. Well, even pineapple with mustard is a food that children with such heavy taste cannot accept. I suggest you don’t try it.

Walking down the main street for five minutes, you can see a bridge. After crossing the bridge, there is a courtyard full of flowers. The wooden house here is 400b a night, which is equivalent to RMB 80 yuan. Alone.

Xiaohong and I immediately asked for a reservation for tomorrow night’s accommodation, but the boss refused domineering: “booking? No! Do you want to stay? Please be early tomorrow.”

There was no telephone at the door, only a big sign was written, “Please be quiet!”

It is said that some guests were still drinking and driving patty very late and were mercilessly driven away. I expressed horror, and Xiao hong said, “it is light to drive patty here. If I carry a knife and cut it directly!” I feel more and more thrilling… … …

The boss, who always walks around the garden with great personality, reminds me of Qiu Gong, who loves flowers and becomes crazy in the wonders of today and ancient times.

We went to rent two bicycles, and the car rental shop was so lovingly decorated.

If you rent a car in Paizhen, you don’t need a deposit, you can ride it away as long as you give the rent for the day. 50b a day.

And there is no need to lock it anywhere.

We wanted to ride to the World War II Bridge, but after pushing several uphill roads, we had to admit that the World War II Bridge could not be reached by this small bicycle.

Then just stroll around. Anyway, in Paizhen, time is wasted.

If you turn into a path at will, you can meet some lovely scenes.

Riding outside the town is a pastoral scene. Walking on such a road, Xiaohong’s iceberg face, which has remained unchanged for ten thousand years, finally melted…

There is a small forest by the side of the road, and a calf is gnawing grass beside the Buddha statue. Seeing us, it leisurely approached. I’m a little nervous. I’m dying. I’m wearing red!

It first smelled Xiaohong’s camera bag and then smelled my camera. I felt interesting and put my hand under its mouth. It licked it gently. The rough tongue rubbed against the palm and made me laugh.

About the taste of my palm is not good, it licked for a while and then bowed their heads to eat grass. I squatted down and pulled out the grass and handed it. It ate it all with great respect.

Farewell to the calf, back to the town, suddenly saw a golden light, the temple in the sun is magnificent.

Under the eaves of the temple are honeycombs, some even built on top of the Buddha statues.

Buddha once said: All things are ordinary and all living beings are equal.

On the side of Pai River, the light is just right. A handsome boy who paints pictures; A beautiful woman with a fascinating posture; The retro red bicycle shines brightly. Above the swing, the setting sun bursts with stars … so sweet and quiet, really let a person like it.

The sun went down and it was time to look for food again. The small shops in Paizhen are very cute. Just walk into one and have a set meal for two, including Dongyanggong soup, green vegetables, fried meat slices, rice and a large bottle of water. A total of 220b, less than 50 yuan.

When leaving, the aunt smiled and said, “Water can be taken away.”

As for the night market, of course, it is a daily must. All kinds of strange shops and stalls.

The weirdest thing is the scarecrow at the intersection. Many people ran over to take photos with him. He patted people on the shoulder and often frightened the people who asked for the photos: Oh, my God, this product is real! !

There was a box in front of him. Some people who took photos would put some money into it. He bent down happily to greet him. Some people don’t give it, and he won’t be unhappy.

Xiaohong said: Hey, I can also dress up like this to make money in the future. It is no problem to have some living expenses.

D2, 18 December.

Getting up early in the morning, there was a big fog and the sky was overcast.

My mood suddenly deteriorated.

At about 9: 30, the clouds opened and the fog dispersed, and the sun came out.

It turns out that even if the weather is fine, it is often shrouded in clouds before 9 o’clock, so it is easy to see the sea of clouds at the sunrise point of Yunlai Mountain.

Unfortunately, we woke up too late to arrange to watch the sunrise.

Xiaohong said that she likes it more and more. How nice it is. She doesn’t need to find any reason to sleep in.

Today we have to take a regular line. Paizhen-Inverted House-Windmill Garden-Strawberry Garden-World War II Bridge-Paizhen.

Xiaohong and I can’t ride a motorcycle, and just a few days ago, a novice broke his leg. We lost our heart to learn to ride a bicycle in an instant. We can’t do it without it. The owner of the car rental shop refused to rent it.

I happened to see several newly arrived girls asking about the charter. We immediately leaned in and told the market that six people, a total of 800B, each shared less than 160B. Hearing this, the girls were so happy that they resolutely gave up the taxi and went with us to find Ibo, who drove two cars.

Facts have proved that this line is really suitable for little girls. I can even imagine how happy little apple will be.

All kinds of lovely shapes, strawberries, angels and toy cars.

I asked Xiaohong to show his face behind the car with bad taste. He was very reluctant and the iceberg broke out in an instant.

My favorite coffee in love. Ah, it’s really beautiful.

It is my ultimate dream to have such a hut in such a beautiful place.

The last World War II bridge, can I say that the main purpose of my coming to this bridge is to see the small hole Apple fell into? It is next to the beautifully dressed bicycle and has been booked with boards, but there are still holes in other places.

Children, this bridge is dangerous, you need to be careful when running and jumping.

The sister who came with her loved taking photos very much. She died decisively for the sake of art.

After returning home, we returned to the yard full of flowers. Write postcards, shake hammocks, wait for the sunset.

The thought of leaving tomorrow is extremely hard to give up. I don’t know when what will have such a happy time again.

This kind of mentality seems to have not passed for a long time. More and more places to go, and more and more accustomed to meeting and parting, the heart will become harder and harder.

As for Paizhen, I don’t think there is any need for strategy. It is a place where you can stare blankly, dream, soften your heart again and become a child.

Its innocence and warmth, just like the flower in the sunset, quietly radiates brilliance.