On the flight from shanghai to bangkok, the beautiful stewardess folded her hands and said “Savatika” (meaning hello in Thai) to welcome and say hello to you. She served you attentively and made people feel kind and respectful. At that moment, you realize that you are going to a magical country-Thailand.

The first stop of Thailand’s trip is Bangkok. The huge Bangkok airport and the tropical trees planted indoors make me imagine that Bangkok, as the capital of Thailand, will be as prosperous as Shanghai. After putting away my luggage and getting on the bus, I can’t wait to turn on the camera and don’t want to miss every scenery on the road through the window. However, Bangkok’s first impression on me was not the prosperity I imagined, but somewhat like the domestic city Nanjing. However, the following findings can only be described as “surprise after surprise”. On the streets of Bangkok, Basically, I can see the portrait of the king every few crossroads, which makes me truly appreciate the supremacy of the king and religion in Thailand. Perhaps it was this order and the power of respect that made Thailand the only country in Southeast Asia free from the scourge of war during World War II. I can’t help but respect such a nation!


Whether Bangkok is called “Venice of the East” or “City of Angels”, it always has its unique charm. Bangkok at night shows us its enthusiasm and dazzling without reservation.

Walking in the noisy Chinatown, I felt the unique atmosphere of the night market. Bird’s nest, shark’s fin, beer, foreigners, and a family of three who ate fried noodles around the table were immersed in all kinds of joy. The picture was fixed. I was in Bangkok at the moment!