01-24-04 Starting from Shanghai Pudong Airport, airport construction fee is 90 yuan, free under 12 years old.

When you arrive in Bangkok at 10 pm from 01-24-04, you must exchange Thai baht at the airport and get a free map of Bangkok at the service desk. If you arrive during the day, you must go to the first floor. Bongkok Airways has a travel service desk and can book hotels. Not only is the price cheaper than online, but also hotels can be arranged to pick up and drop off to the airport free of charge except Bangkok. Of course, you have to be a passenger at Bongkok Airways. Bongkok Airways only charges a reservation fee, and you pay the balance at the hotel. Take a taxi to Suk11 and the fare is 380. Because it is at night, the taxi fare is more expensive than during the day, and it is estimated that 250-300 Thai baht will be won during the day. You can also take the airport bus, 100 Thai baht per person, free for children.

01-25-04 suk11 is a Thai hotel full of characteristics. It is very clean, with poor sound insulation, air conditioner ringing and no TV. In the morning, there are free simple Western breakfast, coffee and black tea. 600 baht per night, which is worth it in Bangkok.

At breakfast, I chatted with an iceland foreigner and learned that the man had been in Thailand for more than a month and had visited northern Thailand and neighboring Cambodia. I was not happy.

After breakfast, take a taxi to Royal Grand Palace, 75 Thai baht. The driver serves well, stops at the safety place at the door and gives directions. Tickets to the Grand Palace are 200 Thai baht and 100 for children. At the edge of the ticket office, there is a rental explanation machine, which is very necessary. The Grand Palace of Nuo Da must listen carefully before it can be understood. The explanation machine can be rented for 2 hours at 200 Thai baht. The Thai people are hospitable and the time is not too long. Generally, you will not be allowed to pay money, which is completely different from the tourist spots in our country.

There are many restaurants and stalls near the river outside the Grand Palace. We take our children with us and dare not eat casually. Find one that looks clean. It costs 575 Thai baht for three people to eat, which is a bit expensive.

It takes 5 minutes to walk from the Grand Palace to Wat Po, the Sleeping Buddha Temple. Don’t pay attention to Tu-tu and kill people. This road is between the Grand Palace and the riverside. It is good. There are many snack stalls. It is very cheap. A bowl of rice flour and beef chop suey is 20 Thai baht. While eating, we chatted with the two policemen sitting opposite. Unfortunately, they did not understand English and relied on gestures. Tickets to the Sleeping Buddha Temple are 20 Thai baht, free for children. The great reclining Buddha was transported from Suketai and made of copper. It was very imposing. It’s just hard to take pictures.

Out of the Sleeping Buddha Temple, across the road is a ferry, 2 Thai baht to the other side is the Dawn Temple Wat Arun Ratchwararam, tickets 20 Thai baht. The tower body of Liming Temple is full of patterns made of broken Chinese porcelain, which is very dazzling in the sun. The Dawn Temple in the sunset is very beautiful. Sitting on the ferry and looking back, the broken light of the sunset on the river and the tower body fused in the sunset are dignified and serene.

Back to Suk11, go to travel agent immediately. Although it is all over the street, we still need to compare and the price is up and down. After comparison, we found one beside Ambassador Hotel, which was better at a larger price. I booked a one-day cruise to the big city the next day, with 1300 Thai baht and half of the children. This is a good price. We learned from the cruise that most of them paid 1500 Thai baht, some even 1600 Thai baht. The name of the ship is Grand Pearl. I must find the right ship. The other one is not as good as this one. You can also book a plane ticket at a reasonable price, but it takes one hour to issue the ticket. It is suggested that you can go shopping on the street first. Thailand’s ticket agency cannot issue tickets, but the airline’s office must issue tickets.

01-26-04 Get up at 6:30 and check out. Suk11 is usually served after 8: 00 a.m. It is recommended to check out the night before. I bought some hamburgers at 7to11 at the door, took van from the travel agency, and changed bus at 7:45.

From Bangkok, go to Bang Pa-in Palace first. It was built in the 17th century, when the king was educated in England, so its architectural style combined the essence of Western and Thai style and was used by the king and the royal family for summer vacation. The whole palace is divided into inner and outer palaces, bounded by rivers. There is a double wooden palace in the river, Phra Thinang Aisawan Thiphta-Art, built in 1876. It was built by King Chulalongkorn after his father, King Mongkut, Phra Thinang Aphonphimok Prasat in the Grand Palace. In the middle stood a bronze statue of King Chulalongkorn in a royal suit. There is a traditional Chinese building in the inner palace, with painted beams and carved buildings, stories of the Three Kingdoms, Fu Lu Shou Xi and other patterns. The color of the whole building is the big red that Thais like. There is a dragon boat carved with camel bones in the collection, with exquisite workmanship. The building and all its treasures were donated by Thai Chinese.

When the car arrived at the big city, the entrance was the ruins of the ancient city of Ayutthaya, full of the ruins of temples that had been burned down that year. Among the sites is Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, built during Ayutthaya I in the 14th century. The huge Buddha statue can still be seen from a distance even today.

The Wat Mahathat Pagoda is surrounded by Buddha sitting slightly larger than real people. The huge pagoda is nearly 30 meters high and is made of red bricks. I really lament the incomparable piety of the builders to Buddha. The tour guide is very dedicated. He mentioned handicrafts only once and has been doing his duty all the time.

Bus to the dock, board the cruise ship, lunch is included in the one-day tour, and drinks are paid separately. The buffet on board is very rich and can be compared with the 5-star hotel. The boat went up the river and the scenery on both sides was boundless. Our tour guide worked very hard and kept introducing the customs on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. If you are not afraid of the sun, you can go to by going up one flight of stairs on the upper deck. The warm wind, river water, sunshine and trees and grass are very pleasant. This is very worth visiting, definitely worth it. If there is any deficiency, it can only be that the tour guide is English, and if he has no basic skills, he is a deaf tour. If you read well, you can also solve the problem. A readily available English introduction may make you suddenly enlightened.

When you arrive in Bangkok at 15: 30, the boat will walk in the river course of the city. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple and Dawn Temple again with leisurely satisfaction. It is definitely a good angle to take photos.

When I landed, I went back to Suk11 to pick up my luggage. When the taxi arrived at the railway station, the driver worked very hard and did not change 100 Thai baht. When I entered the railway station, I found that there were no sleepers. I gritted my teeth and bought three third-class seats at 547 Thai baht. The fast food in the station is cheap and good, three Thai fried rice + three drinks 135 Thai baht. When I got on the bus, the fan buzzed on the roof, like a wooden train carried by a child. It was nostalgic but uncomfortable. All around are Thai citizens except the 3322 European tourists and our family of three. At first, we were a little nervous and did not understand the language. We did not know that what would happen. In fact, Thais are very nice, clean, hospitable and honest. After my son fell asleep, my wife and I crowded together. My son fell asleep horizontally and comfortably. We both suffered. The young Thai beside me, who was studying in Bangkok, probably went to another seat. My wife and children fell asleep and I stayed up all night. In the morning, I found out that the train had been driving in the jungle all night, watching the sunrise and the morning light sprinkling on the mountains and jungles. It was also worthwhile to suffer all night for such scenery. Long trains snake in the mountains and stop at some small stations with lonely names from time to time. People get on and off, making people forget the time. At noon, I arrived in Chiang Mai.

01-27-04 Taxi, 50 Thai baht, headed straight to Sheraton. After washing, he was not sleepy. Decided to eat good food. The hotel introduced the most famous Chinese restaurant in the area, Tu-Tu 30 Thai baht and 5 minutes away. We ate shark fin and fish maw comfortably, but only 846 Thai baht. Shark’s fin can be sold in three portions in Shanghai, and the belly is full of fish. It’s a pity that I forgot the name of the hotel, but just ask the hotel where you stayed and you will definitely find it.

Sukhothai Ancient City

According to the free map of Chiang Mai provided by the hotel, we decided to walk to see the historic sites in the city center. It is a temple relic from the Sukhtai Dynasty, some of which have been renovated and rebuilt in the last century. On the way, I saw a travel agent, went in and booked air tickets to Sukotai and Sumi Island and Sukotai’s hotel, and bought a one-day tour the next day and a traditional Thai dinner performance in the evening. Since we didn’t sleep well last night, we will enjoy Sheraton’s big room today.

After leaving the travel agent, turn left and you will reach the downtown area with one ancient temple after another, marked by ancient city walls and gates. With their devotion to Buddha, the craftsmen, even the newly-made teak carvings, are meticulous and hard-working. Compared with the few wood carvings that have been preserved to this day, they are very lifelike. The Thai people’s sincerity to Buddhism makes them peaceful, honest, clean and tidy. Generally speaking, Thai youth will go to temples to study Buddhism for a year or two before reaching adulthood. Most of the monks we saw in various temples were young and there were volunteers.

Dinner is steak in a western restaurant in the ancient city, which is my son’s favorite. Mixture fruit juice there is really cheap and fine. It’s just that the steak is a little old, but it doesn’t affect our good mood. Strangely enough, after we took our seats in the original empty restaurant, several European couples, speaking languages from all over the world, came here for a common purpose-good mood. Ha ha.

01-28-04 Wake up early in the morning, probably the air. Well, the fatigue is swept away. After enjoying Sheraton’s continuous breakfast, the three came to the lobby at 9: 00. All the tourists were sitting on all kinds of one-day tours. The tour guides asked one by one to find their own tourists. The three of us just formed a team with a family from Israel, and a van carrying seven people started a one-day trip. The service of Thai travel agencies is very good. The cars are equipped with water and cups, and the tour guides are also dedicated to their duties. After introducing myself, I learned that my friends from Israel are my parents-in-law, son and daughter-in-law. They run farms and grow fruits in Israel and have natural kindness and love for nature. The two waterfalls in the morning were very beautiful. The son and his Israeli father-in-law sat on the ground like the devout Thai monk. Then there is a 15-minute tour of the jungle, walking through the primitive jungle in the mist of mountain haze. Those who like photography should go. Lunch is to enjoy Thai farmhouse food on the mountainside, which is simple and full. In the afternoon, I visited a village. The peasant woman was weaving earth cloth in the farmhouse with large teak leaves on the roof. On the side of the farmhouse are durian trees and banana trees, as well as chickens and dogs.

01-29-04 I woke up in the morning and found that there was not much Thai baht in my pocket and there was no money exchange beside Sheraton, so I had to reluctantly exchange money at a low price in the hotel. It was too late. Master Tu-Tu drove hard and finally caught the plane.

At noon, when we arrived in Sukotai, the mini bus at the airport was delivered to the Pailyn Hotel at 300 baht. The hotel was deserted, so it seemed that we had to have lunch in the hotel. I ordered fish, vegetables, seafood Pizza, etc. 680 Thai baht, which seems to be quite cheap.

Sukhothai Historical Park

After dinner, I took a bus to Suketai Historical Park. The ruins were built in the park from the 13th century to the 15th century. K-shop is located at the entrance of the park. It is a shop that specializes in renting bicycles and motorcycles. The phone number is 01-7072441 Kae. The boss is very good at English. His daughter is 10 days younger than my son. She is very cute. Motorcycle rent 200 Thai baht, oil is the boss’s. Having ridden bicycles and cars in China, I have no experience of driving motorcycles. The store owner pointed out the brakes, throttle and gears. I took a lap in his yard and started our “motorcycle adventure” with my wife and children. At the beginning, not only the technology was not good, but also the road was unknown. Slowly we found the north. The style of the monument of Sukotai Temple is very different from that of the big city. Due to historical reasons, the buildings here are greatly influenced by Khmer, especially Wat Srl Sawat in the park. The largest relic is Wat Sra Sri (meaning a temple facing water on all sides), which is located in the center of the lake and is a wooden bridge. It is very quiet. The most precious thing is a bronze Buddha statue, elegant dress, rising in the wind, as if the Buddha is in the world, just descended from heaven, graceful posture.

When I returned to K-shop, it was already sunset, and the boss enthusiastically implemented tomorrow’s “one-day tour” for us. One of his friends drove us to two other historical parks the next day, Si Satchana Lai-Chaliang Historical Park and Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat. The two places are 70 kilometers away from Sukotai, and the whole day’s service, including oil money, is only 1500 Thai baht. I don’t know what you think, I think it is very fair. It takes a whole day to go back and forth!

01-30-04 When we arrived at the lobby, the driver was already waiting. The driver is a 28-year-old boy who can’t speak English. His wife can speak a little and has been married for 5 years, so she brought her along as an interpreter. The young man’s driving skills are first-class and fast and steady (I am very picky about driving and don’t boast easily, hehe).

Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat

Wat Phrasrirattana Mahathat is an important local temple. There are three main Buddha statues in the temple, some said they were built in the 10th century and some said they were built in the 14th century. Three Buddha statues cast more than gold and a small Buddha statue Phralua. Another Buddha, Phra Attaros, is 9 meters high and is called the 9 halls temple. Outside the temple is a bustling market, which is much cheaper than Chiang Mai’s. In our future trips, we have never encountered anything cheaper than this.

Sisa Chanarai-Charing Historical Park

In the afternoon, go to Si Satchana Lai Historical Park, which is a place you cannot but go. Si Satchana Lai was built in the 13th-15th century. Standing on the top of the mountain and looking down at the whole area, you will sigh with emotion that the world is desolate and the sea has changed.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

The four-sided Buddha and the bronze Buddha are the same as the nine-fold lotus seat driver and his wife and us.

Wat Chang Lom

Thailand’s only remaining pagoda surrounded by elephants overlooks Si Satchana Lai.

Wat Chang Chuen also dug up many human remains in those days. It is said that those people are taller than the Thai people today. Who are they? Scientists are studying them. There is a museum beside the temple, which is introduced.

01-31-04 We paid the same amount of money as Mini Bus and asked the driver boy to take us to Sukotai Airport. They were very punctual and brought his wife’s fourth sister, the same age as my son, but a full head taller. Very lovely girl, there are photos to prove it.

The airport fee at Suketai Airport is relatively expensive, 200 Thai baht, the same price for children, because it is a private airport. However, the airport is very distinctive and beautiful. Beverages, fruit juice and coffee are free. Those with big stomachs can drink back their capital. The waiting hall is not large, with no walls on all sides. Water flows down from the roof to cool down. It is unique. Transparent visual effect, full of fresh flowers and lotus leaves, let you have the enjoyment of being in the garden.

It was already noon when connecting flights in Bangkok. We found the travel service desk of Bangkok Airways, which specializes in providing travel services to their passengers. The service personnel are all from airlines. We booked the Palm Beach Hotel on Sumi Island and the Baiyok Sky Hotel in Bangkok.

Palm Beach Hotel (Sumi Island)

Palm Beach is in the north of Sumi. It is quiet and not as noisy as Chaweng. The hotel has a club, a two-story building and the rest are villas. We hope to have a leisurely time on the island.

In the afternoon, we will arrive at Sumei. The hotel has a car to pick up at the airport. It is free. You can ask for it when booking a hotel.

Sumi, 27 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide, is Thailand’s second largest island and the second largest tourist island developed. Phuket was first developed and has long been known to all. Koh Chang, the largest island, is also under development and can be included in the travel plan. There are too many introductions from Samui on the Internet, so I won’t bother.

That night, I went to Chaweng Beach and the commercial street, which have been famous for a long time. I thought it was famous, but that was all. Oh, there is more excitement. There are more foreigners than locals, like in Europe. I went to Drop In to eat lobster and pizza, 1680 Thai baht. Lobster is ordinary, pizza is good, toping is all seafood. Taxis back and forth are 100 baht each. However, after 9: 00 p.m., taxis usually need 150.

02-01-04 The carefree life on the island began. Eat breakfast (including breakfast) in the hotel restaurant in the morning. The restaurant is on the private beach of the hotel. Sea breeze, coconut trees, sand beach, sunshine, bird singing and abundant food will make your appetite open. I took the photo while sitting in the restaurant. Breakfast is self-service, and the food is absolutely richer than that of 5 stars in China. I ate foie gras sauce, sashimi and fish fillet BBQ. The swimming pool is on the inside of the restaurant. After 9: 00, the old ladies in the United States and Europe began to grab the good position beside the swimming pool. Just kidding. My son started swimming. I went to travel agent across the road from the hotel to rent a motorcycle and book a trip to Jungle Safari and National Marine Park. It is very necessary to rent a motorcycle in Sumi, 150 Thai baht/day. I rented it for 4 days and the boss gave me a good price. Fortunately, I had driving experience in Suketai. I got started quickly, filled up 54 Thai baht with oil, and the wind galloped back to the hotel. Having a car is like having freedom. We decided to find a restaurant near the sea to eat seafood after taking a break at noon. In fact, the restaurants in Su Mei depend on the sea, but they are not pleasing to the eye.

The sun is too poisonous in the afternoon, so it is recommended to sleep or go to Lotus, go to Shanghai in the afternoon, and then go shopping after dinner.

02-02-04 Jungle Safari. Early in the morning, a really rough SUV came to pick us up, and my son shouted, “How cool!” . We had eight people in a car, all sitting in the car body, and went to two view points to see the sea first. Then, riding an elephant. Knowing that elephants urinate is called waterfall and defecate is called coconut. Look at the waterfall again. There is a pool under it. You can swim. The water is very cold, but it is really cool. The fast-flowing water hits your face and you really want to shout a few times. Walk to the car, the tour guide has prepared ice Coke waiting for you.

The car began to go up the mountain. My son and two foreigners had already sat on the roof of the car. Branches and leaves attacked them from time to time and screamed. The hillside is potholed, and off-road vehicles are leaning forward and backward and staggering. It is really rare for them to sit on it. A simple lunch on the top of the mountain, a good view, overlooking the whole island.

On the way to Lotus to buy things, I saw a restaurant, just by the side of the road, with a large open hall and tables and chairs in a glance. We stopped and ordered, and found it was much cheaper than the seaside. We ordered fish, raw materials, squid, etc. 710 Thai baht. Things are very fresh, just like those by the sea. Decided to eat here in the future.

02-03-04 My son has already got into a hot fight with foreigners from all over the world in the hotel. He is a well known person. Even when playing outside, he will meet his “acquaintances”, hi said.

Motorcycles are of great use, watching crocodile performances, eating, watching sunset and shopping in supermarkets. My pride was that I bought 3 fruit plates and 1 large bowl for 1,000 Thai baht, which were made of coconut trees. After returning home, immediately put fruit and salad on.

Angthong National Marine Park

02-04-04 Angthong National Marine Park is worth visiting. The sea water is extremely clear. I have dived in Hawaii. Samui’s sea water is even more clear. Colorful fish, big and small, also came to watch us. They reached out and were bitten by the fish. They probably took my fingers as bread for tourists to feed them. My wife, who could not swim, went into the sea under the guidance of my life-saving vest and me, pointing out the fish.

Mae Koh

The next stop is Mae Koh (Mother Island). There is an inner lake in the island, with a tunnel and Dahaitong under it. Climbing to the top overlooking the nearby islands is picturesque.

02-05-04 The son went swimming. After coming back, I rode a motorcycle and found a restaurant near the sea. My son was playing with sand on the beach. I took the opportunity to do a massage, Thai Traditional, 200 Thai baht, very fair, last time my mother-in-law and their mother-in-law spent 400 Thai baht in Bangkok, and the tour guide of the domestic tour group was black.

Van of the hotel was sent to the airport. The airport in Sumi was also private. The airport fee was very expensive, 500 Thai baht per person, old and young. The sky-high price, no wonder foreigners all went to take the bus.

When I returned to Bangkok, I felt really dirty, messy and suffocated in the air. This time I learned my lesson. The airport bus went downtown, just across the road from Baiyok Sky. The airport bus has a detailed road map, or you can ask the ticket seller. 100 baht per person, free for children. In fact, no matter where you go to the city, it is also cheap to take the airport bus and take a taxi. Taxis at the airport are very dark, and there are 600 Thai baht black cars.

Baiyok is a 78-storey hotel with a lobby on more than 40 floors. Forget it. Breakfast is buffet, included in the room charge, very rich, children plus 150 Thai baht. We live on the 69th floor, overlooking most of Bangkok. The night view is really beautiful.

Looking at the night view of Bangkok from the room on the 69th floor is cool!

Shopping on 02-06-04. His wife was not satisfied and said there were not many things to buy. We bought clothes, sneakers, bathing suits and slippers. Dinner was eaten at roadside stalls near Istan, Bangkok, mostly Thai and many European tourists. Coincidentally, I met a German foreigner in Xiamen. His wife was from Xiamen and chatted while eating, mixed with Chinese and English.

02-07-04 Return to Shanghai.


1. Book a hotel and find Bangkok Airways Airport Service Desk. The service is good, the price is good, and you can rest assured. You can arrange the airport to pick up without any fare increase. The disadvantage is that flying is expensive.

2. Taxi at Bangkok Airport is not allowed to take. It is safe and cheap to take the airport bus. The disadvantage is that the waiting time is long.

3. Learn to drive a motorcycle, or it is difficult to travel to the historical park on the island. Taxis are too expensive and inconvenient.

4. Bangkok train tickets should be bought early, or sit overnight.

5. Domestic air tickets in Thailand can be bought at Bangkok Airport’s airline office, which is not expensive.

6. The difference between the restaurants on the island, the seaside and the island has widened.

7. Many airports in Thailand are private and do not include airport fees when buying air tickets. Don’t trust travel agent. Some of them know or don’t know at all. Most of these private airports are in the tourist spots you plan to visit. Airport fees are relatively expensive. You must be prepared and have a good budget. The three of us have 15 days, each with 10,000 yuan.

8. The above photos were all taken by myself. Copyright, I’m joking.

9. Send a picture of War Sra Sri of Sukotai Historical Park in the sunset. Thank you, I wish you a good time too!