There is a very handsome joke circulating on the Internet, saying that people who go to Gulangyu Island are all pretending to be literary and artistic and pretending to be small and fresh. As Gulangyu Island has been getting hotter and hotter by the online pretending to be literary and artistic in recent years, an originally quiet island has almost been trampled and collapsed by the people on holidays. I do suggest that if you want to pretend to be a literary artist next time, you might as well choose Chiang Mai, Teresa Teng’s favorite small city. Only when you go to that city can you understand why you always feel a little inappropriate when you hear her songs in old Hong Kong movies. It turns out that there is no way to find the right place. Deng Lijun’s songs can often be heard on Chiang Mai Street, but with the 7 or 8 heavy rains on that day, the remaining old city walls and people’s slow and quiet life, how there is no sense of disobedience ~ ~

Chiang Mai, the few remaining broken walls, constantly reminds us that this is a city with a long history, but why do I think of the princess riding an elephant played by Liu Tao in Princess Huanzhu 3 every time I see these remaining city walls back and forth? Is she playing the princess of Thailand? Chiang Mai City is not big, Standing above Shuanglong Temple, you can see the whole city of Chiang Mai. Including the small and exquisite airport, I especially like NOK Airlines’ planes. All of them are Angry Birds, Ha, ha, ha ~ ~ ~ a blue angry bird flew into the blue sky ~ ~ the ancient city is usually very quiet. Almost at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, the shops on the street will be closed. People talk quietly and walk quietly. Apart from the sound of motorcycles coming and going, this is really a very quiet small city, except for the Weekend Market every Sunday. We were lucky, On a Sunday, All the streets of the quiet ancient city were filled with all kinds of vendors in an instant. The feeling of people crowded inside reminds me of the Forbidden City on National Day. But it is still much looser ~ ~ what has food and clothing, I really want to say that Chiang Mai’s consumption is super and super low ~ this box of durian in my hand is only 80BHT, which is only 16 yuan and 16 yuan. It is estimated that because of the low price, the price cut is very, very small. Many stalls even directly write you down how much it costs to buy one and what kind of discount to buy several. Other bargaining prices are not accepted at all.

I really like the works created by artists of various styles. They are really not expensive. For a medium and small price of 250BHT, there will be a discount for more than two. It is true that everyone’s display style is different. If I hadn’t thought about coming back and didn’t know where to hang, I would have carried them back. The weather in Chiang Mai is very good. It is located in northern Thailand. The water content in the climate is obviously less than that in Bangkok and even less than that in Phuket Island. The temperature difference between morning and evening is obvious, and you can feel cool. In addition, Chiang Mai is the most famous and in fact the most famous in Thailand is SPA. However, Chiang Mai’s price is absolutely not competitive in other places. The following is the most famous Lila Thai Massage in Chiang Mai City, Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage. It is said that it was founded to give the prisoners in Chiang Mai Women’s Prison a chance to re-enter the society, but now there are five branches in the ancient city, each with a large number of staff. With the Chinese people’s skeptical attitude in everything, my immoral guess is that many people are not prisoners now?

我们一开始只是抱着试试的心态,想着来泰国了,咋都要试一把泰式全身按摩,可是都害怕给扳扯了,所以只选了1个小时。人家的技术确实好,点到为止,不会很痛,可是很爽,有瑜伽的动作加入其中,用劲巧妙,小小女子可以把你整个人都举起来,呼啦一抡就听身体里的骨头想的那叫一个克拉拉,完后浑身舒坦。给我服务的那位结束的时候说,建议下一回选择长一点的时间,1个小时实在太短了,不能很好感受。我们几个一商量,直接出去给前台说再来一个2个半小时的C套餐。我们那几个服务的技师原本都去后面洗手准备下一个了,结果被赶快叫了出来重新准备物件他家的精油不错,一共6款供你选择,都是味道很淡很清新的,而且味道特别,完全没有寻常玫瑰,椰子之类的,闻上去就不是那种添加了很多芳香剂的玩意儿,最后是吓死人的价格,一个全身草本去角质+全身精油按摩+面部维护+1小时全身泰式按摩,全部下来一人合人民币才花了240,240元哦~~~国内号称昂贵的会所全部都弱爆了! 很走运的这次预定的酒店旁边每天晚上6点后就有大排档,完全是针对当地人的说,摊子上面除了那个每天都好多人排长队的卖卤煮猪腿饭的有中文标示以外,其他摊子全部都是拧来拧去的泰文,想吃就靠指。一不留神指错了,我就只能吃到一碗连粉丝都没有的蛋花汤,所以保存第一次吃对的食物照片是多么重要的一个事情啊~~最重要的一点就是便宜,特别便宜,你在清迈呆久了,根本就没法看曼谷那物价,吃什么都是30-50BHT,味道还非常的巴适~

去大象营的路上,BIG停在一个市场帮我们买午饭的材料,让我们随便转转,于是乎我们就有找到了好吃的,这个泰文发音LONG GUO的东西,构造有点像是山竹的感脚,口感像红毛丹,外形又像桂圆,完全不知道英文怎么说,但是很好吃。还有这个摊子里面的烤串,我靠,再一次价格震撼了我们。这么一大块实在的鸡肉,人民币10块钱,哪些串串才4块钱一个。可是市场只早上,下午回去的时候还专门停靠,可是木有了

Shuanglong Temple, estimated to be the largest temple near Chiang Mai City, is located on the top of the mountain and overlooks the whole Chiang Mai City. It takes more than an hour to drive both cars back and forth, but the price is not expensive. The round trip is 200BHT (but I always remember it is 100BHT/person), which is probably the price anyway. In Thailand, one must follow a little when entering temples. One must never show one’s shoulders or knees, otherwise one must rent an apron to wrap it up. The whole temple is glittering with gold and blue sky and white clouds, which blinds your eyes.

Chiang Mai is the cheapest, happiest and simplest place for our trip. One reminder is that if you want to book that kind of one-day tour, there are many small Tour Information places in the ancient city. If it is ONE DAY TREKKING about 750BHT and ELEPHANTS TRAINING1800-1900BHT, don’t be embarrassed to make a price. If you say two more good words, there will be a discount. If you don’t give a discount, you will change one. One-day tours in Thailand are very regular. It must be the case when, where and when you go back. There will be no commercial consumption. Don’t worry too much, but you have to make an appointment in a qualified place.