Sumi Island is located in Suratthani, the largest province in southern Thailand. She is the third largest island in Thailand. In terms of popularity, she is not as good as Phuket Island. However, judging from the scenery and travel comfort, I think Sumi is better than Phuket. Because she does not have the tourists on Phuket Island and the price is relatively cheap, and because Sumi is farther away from the mainland than Phuket, her sea water and sand beaches are better than Phuket. 1) There are three modes of transportation to Sumi: plane, long-distance bus and train plus bus. The second and third modes above must be crossed by ship, while the plane can go directly to the island. As a backpacker, I still recommend the way of train plus car. The reason why trains add cars is that trains only reach Surat Thani, and then you have to take a car to the island. The car also needs to take a ship to cross the sea for 2 hours. After arriving in Dasulatani, tickets for cars and ships can be purchased on the same day in the local area, and basically there will be no time when tickets for cars and ships are sold out. Of course, you can buy “train + car + ship” intermodal tickets at Bangkok’s South China Peng Railway Station, but during peak seasons, you must be prepared not to buy intermodal tickets. If you can’t buy a through ticket, it doesn’t matter, I’ll teach you how to arrive “by yourself”. Step 1: Take the night train from Bangkok to Dasurat Thani and arrive the next morning. The air-conditioned sleeper is about 600 Thai baht. Step 2: The railway station reached is 14 kilometers away from the downtown area of Surat Thani. After getting off the train, take the only bus there. After getting on the train, just tell the driver or conductor to go to Sumi Island, and the driver will put down your long-distance Bus station in the downtown area to Na Thon on Sumi Island. The bus costs 20 baht. Step 3: The bus takes about 20 minutes to reach Bus Station to Sumi. You can buy tickets immediately after getting off the bus. The bus fare is 100 Thai baht per person. This bus runs every hour. Step 4: Bus arrives at Don Sak after driving for one hour. Passengers need to get off the bus to buy a ship ticket, 75 Thai baht, and then people and cars get on the ship together. The ship took 2 hours to reach Thong Yang on Sumi Island, the people and the car disembarked together, and the car took another 20 minutes to reach the terminal of Na Thon. This route is a transportation route developed by myself and is not introduced in all kinds of Chinese and foreign travel guides. It is nearly 300 Thai baht cheaper and saves more time than a passenger ship (i.e. Not a passenger and cargo barge) that tourists take to Sumi Island directly after getting off the train. 2) There are many beaches on Sumi Island, of which Chaweng Beach is the most famous. The bars and shops there are also very busy one by one. If you plan to stay in Sumi for more than two nights, you must stay at Chawen Beach on one night and choose Bo Phut Beach or Big Buddha Beach, which is much quieter, on the other night. From Na Thon, the bus terminal, you can take mini-bus (i.e. Pickup truck modification) to Chawen Beach at a fare of 50 Thai baht per person and a 40-minute drive. The hotels on Chawen Beach are of all grades. As backpackers, I suggest to choose bungalow. Bungalow is actually a bungalow with a corridor in front of the door, but some are independent houses, some are row bungalows, some are simple and some are luxurious. Many resorts on Sumi Island have Bungalow. I stayed in the bungalow of Silver Sand Resort in Sumi. It is an independent house with no air conditioner but electric fan and toilet. It is very clean, excluding breakfast, and the house price is 500 Thai baht. The front door of Silver Sand Resort is close to the main commercial street, and the back door is the beach. It is very convenient to go to the sea and bask in the sun within a few steps. According to my observation, this is probably the cheapest resort on Chawen Beach (I chose this place after asking for prices from Chawen hotel to hotel). On the second day of my stay in Sumi, I changed to World Resort on Pupu Beach. This resort is also bungalow, but the environment is much better than Silver Sand Resort. It looks like a big garden with beautiful swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms and new facilities, including 1100 Thai baht for breakfast. The beach is on the back door and down the steps, but there are many fewer people than Chawen Beach, which is very suitable for people who like to live in peace. 3) Sightseeing to bask in the sun on the beach or swim in the sea needless to say. There is no need to make a fuss when you see a topless Western beauty sunbathing on your back on the beach. Travel agencies on the island offer many package tours, and backpackers can choose for themselves. I just want to mention the Full Moon Party on Pha Ngan. Panya Island is a small island not far from Sumi Island. On a full moon night, thousands of people revel all night on the beach, which is very spectacular. I arrived in Sumi Island on July 18, and the hotel attendant said that the Full Moon Party had just passed 2 days, which was extremely regrettable! Even so, when the moon jumped out of the dark sea level in the distance at about 10 pm that day, it looked huge and bright, making people feel “horrible”. In addition, according to Tao, which is further away from Sumi Island, it is worth visiting if you have time. The island is the largest and most famous diving training center in Southeast Asia, with many international diving organizations resident here, and is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Take part in a 5-day course with an international diving license, with 5000 Thai baht full package of food and housing equipment.