At the request of BF, I decided to start sorting out and compiling the travel notes of our trip to Bangkok and Phuket. BF is wiser and has booked hotels and air tickets in Thailand online in advance. It is recommended to go to Reservations are relatively cheap and respond quickly. Basically, you can receive the confirmation letter the next day and print out the voucher. This website requires 100% room charge for the international credit card number Charge as deposit. If you book hotels on Popular or PP Island, you can also go to This website only charges 20% deposit, and the remaining 80% can be paid at check out. Afterwards, it proved that this was a good DD, and it was very convenient to check in at the hotel. In addition, there is another advantage. The domestic exchange rate is relatively high. The rate of swiping cards in China is about 1: 5.03, but it is not so high when I arrive in Bangkok and Phuket. The best rate in Phuket is 1: 4.55, and the exchange rate at Bangkok Airport is as low as 1: 4.09. We run round-trip air tickets and visas to Beijing and Bangkok through travel agencies, which are basically not much different from the price difference with the group, but later we all thought it was wisest not to follow the group. Air Asia is the choice for Bangkok’s round-trip air ticket to Phuket. The double round-trip air ticket includes tax 5900B (we booked the ticket at the end of October, and a friend from Shanghai booked the ticket several months in advance, with more than 600 B one-way air ticket). Thai Airways will charge 1000-1200 for a single round-trip air ticket, excluding tax. Not only is it cheap, check in is also convenient, there is no need to change boarding passes, and stewardesses are also very PP. The following is our specific itinerary for the past few days:

Day 1: 6: 00 p.m. Thai Airlines TG615 747 to Bangkok

Thai Airlines’ service is very good, the stewardess is gentle and PP, and the dinner is delicious. Five hours later, I arrived in Bangkok at more than 10 o’clock local time for a self-help tour “> Bangkok. (Time difference from Beijing is one hour). Since CNY’s exchange rate is relatively low, we only exchanged US $20, or more than 800 B. Line up for the taxi. I would like to remind you here that the starting price of Taxi 2km in Thailand is 35B, followed by about 2B/500m.

About 45 minutes, it took 200B to get to Grand Diamond. This includes service charge 50B, which is required to be paid to driver by the airport. The room is very beautiful, it is a small suite, and there are stereos and cupboards. More than 1700 B per night (this is the off-season price, and after October, the price will double.) As we had to get up early tomorrow and asked for a free map, we went to bed soon. (Thailand’s tourism industry is really developed. People don’t have to spend money on maps and can get them free everywhere.)

The next day: get up at 7: 30 in the morning

The breakfast buffet was great. There are many kinds of western food, Thai food, Chinese food and sushi. Outside the floor-to-ceiling window is the swimming pool. BF and I had a full meal with the warm sunshine. The trip in the next few days proved that breakfast was too important. You must eat more. You have no time to eat hamburger at noon.

Outside the hotel, Grand Dinmond is a great location, close to the famous Big C and World Center. Sky train is only a few minutes away, and the legendary four-sided Buddha (ERAWAN) is very close to World Cener.

It was really an unexpected harvest, because the posters always said that its position was not very easy to find, and I didn’t expect it to take no effort. It is said that this four-sided Buddha is extremely effective, and many local people specially come here to offer incense. Of course, we are no exception.

After some Kobai, we came to BTS-Ratchadamri Station not far away and bought one-day pass under Saphan Taksin, the terminal at the southern end of Siam Line. Next to BTS is Pier who swims on the Meinan River. As there was a boat just about to leave, we bought a 75B/per one-day pass without much thought. Fortunately, it was a government boat, which could disembark at 13 stations along the way, including the Grand Palace, China Town, National Museum and many famous temples. But personally, I don’t think I need to buy this package, because one day is really not enough to go to many scenic spots. You can buy a ticket for one trip, as long as a few B, which is much more cost-effective.

When we arrived at the Grand Palace, we changed another $20 and $300, and the ticket was 200B per person. Don’t trust Stranger, they will cheat you that the Grand Palace is not open now, and then they will take you to such and such places. We met this kind of person again in the next few days. It’s really strange why they are so cheating that they don’t know how to change. You can wear T-shirt when you enter the palace. As long as you have sleeves and don’t show your umbilicus, remember to wear socks. The socks provided are ugly. I have rented Audio Guidance, 100B/2hours, but personally I don’t think it’s useful, because the scenery is so beautiful that I patronize taking photos.

After more than 100 photos exploded, we went out of the grand palace and at the station no 8, ThaTien, there was a famous S&P (later found that Bangkok was full of S&P). We tasted the legendary garlic prawn rice. The taste was really good (BF thought it was too ordinary), but the quantity was too small. (Thai meals are very small)

Once again on the cruise ship, we went to China Town, (Station No 5). It felt like a little messy and full of gold shops.

Take the same boat and BTS back to the hotel, take a short rest, go out for dinner and shopping. At World Center, BF and I bought a Lee, which was really cheap (it only added up to 80RMB). There is also NaRaYa (one of Thailand’s top ten export brands), which must be visited. The price of handbags there is only 1/4 of that in China. We bought a lot of handbags there and sent them back to our friends. By the way, I changed $100 again. I can’t help it. There are many good things and the price is cheaper than that in China.

Outside the World Center, there is an open-air music square and dining. But the two of us spent 350B and didn’t eat what’s good DD. Later, I went to the roadside stall, where many local people ate. The Thai seafood salad there is delicious and affordable. It is only 80B and has a lot of seafood, so I have been thinking about it for the next few days. There is also a kind of grilled fish, 120B, which tastes delicious and is worth a try. Full of wine and food, go back to sleep.

Get up at 8:00 on the third day

As it was the weekend, we decided to go to the weekly market. It took us 67B to take a taxi in the past. If we take BTS (the northern end of Silom line, it seems to be what Mont, I can’t remember clearly), we also need 60B. The market is especially large, what has it, and there are also some second hand. If you have patience, you can get a lot of good DD. The price was later found to be much cheaper than Phuket and PHI PHI. In short, it is very worth visiting.

Coming out of the weekly market, I followed the crowd all the way to BTS. It took 60B and we arrived at SIAM Station. I entered SIAM Center directly and found that there were many flagship stores of international brands, and there was also a simple KTV bag of coin-operated type, which only sat for two people. This is the first time we have met. If it weren’t for catching the plane in the afternoon, we would really like to try it in.

After taking two buses at Grand Diamond, the 200B + 40B express way (which is actually a very detour) got to the airport. Since we booked air tickets for Air Asia online in advance, we can check in directly with the Reference No on the confirmation. It is also convenient without boarding passes. Because it is a cheap air ticket, no drinks are provided on the plane. Fortunately, it only takes more than an hour for us to arrive at Phuket, which we have been longing for for for a long time.

Our hotel, Thara Patong Resort, takes a 500B taxi from the airport to Patong. It is suggested that everyone take the mini bus at the airport, 150B/person, every ten minutes, and be responsible for delivering it to the hotel. In addition, if you book a hotel in Phuket, you’d better stay in Patong, where the hotel, shopping market and catering are all concentrated, and you can reach Patong beach in a minute or two, which is very convenient. About 45 minutes later, we arrived in Patong, just in time for rain. Rain is very common in Phuket, sometimes it rains several times a day, and the sun shines again soon after the rain.

Put down our luggage and we couldn’t wait to reach the seaside. Walking along Beach Road, there were many small shops along the way. There were many small shops for mass. Exchage also had many different exchange rates. The exchange rate of a Thai bank exchange (I can’t remember clearly) beside KFC was good. We changed to 1: 4.55. Starbucks and Watson were also nearby. If you continue to walk, you will see Ocean Plaza and Big One, where the Nivea sunscreen index is higher than that in China and the price is much cheaper. I bought its after sun lotion and later found it very useful. There are also many Agents along the way. It usually takes 500-600B/person to go to PHI PHI Island, and the return ticket is open. Fantasea is generally 1300B/person, with pick-up and drop-off. Simon Carbanet (transvestite show) VIP600B/person, Thai boxing, etc. It is recommended to have an Agent (nice tour) beside KFC. BF has a good impression on the boss. After BF had a good talk in Xiushui Street, the boss gave us a concession price of PHIPHI 400B/person (including pick-up and drop-off) and SimonVIP500/person.

Patong seafood

We also recommend two great places to eat seafood, Patong seafood and savoey (which can be easily found without recommendation). We chose Patong seafood and ate lobster, authentic open hearth fish and seafood salad, which tastes more authentic than those made in China. This meal cost us 2360B, although it was a bit extravagant, but looking at the sea, blowing the sea breeze, surrounded by ghosts and old backgrounds, it was really pleasant.

Out of the hotel, I was stopped by my mother-in-law on the roadside to sell sand cages to me. The price was 500B and 200B, but later I found it was expensive (BF said 150B was won). There are many kinds of colors, styles and methods of tying sand cages. My mother-in-law will teach you how to tie them.

Today was very full. After returning to the hotel to enjoy a private swimming pool, I went back to my room to sleep.

6: 30 on the fourth day of the machine tool

At 8: 00, the car took us to Ratsada Harbour, where there were many cruise ships about to sail to PHIPHI. Here, we must remind friends who plan to enjoy sunbathing that they must apply sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays at sea are too strong, and SPF50 can almost resist them. It took about two hours to reach PHIPHI Island.

After getting off the boat, most hotels will send people to the dock to pick up tourists. PP Princes is a good hotel, covering a very large area of Bungalow, but the price is a little high in the peak season, standard room costs 2000-3000B. BF and I chose Charlie, next to PP Princes, which is also good and has local characteristics.

The rest of the day is swimming, basking in the sun and wandering. Recommend some delicious local food, PP Princes and Charli have buffet at night, the price is 250B-300B, I seem to see lobster, just beside the beach; Fruit Shake is the most distinctive beverage in the region. It is made of fresh fruits. It is very pure with a little ice and a little milk. Mango, banana, lemon, pinapple,. All cost only 20B-30B. This is my favorite with BF. Shake places usually make DD’s such as sandwich and hamburg, and Roti (Thai pancakes), which are really cheap and delicious. The key is to eat many tastes that are not available in China.

On the fifth day, I slept until I woke up naturally.

Today, we plan to charter a boat to go out to visit several small islands beside PHIPHI. We chose bamboo beach and monkey beach. After bargaining, 700B is closed. Monkey beach is very close, bamboo beach is an hour away. Many people say Bamboo beach is fun. Personally, I think it is very ordinary. The water quality and beach are not as good as Monkey beach. It may be due to the fact that it just rained. Bamboo’s water is a little mixed, but when BF was shallow, I still saw fish schools.

Monkey Beach

There are many monkeys running on the beach. It is suggested to take some fruit. It is very interesting to tease the throat. Monkey’s white sand is very fine and the water is very clear, which is suitable for floating. Why do you rent a double boat to row by yourself (100B/hour)?

Origination inn

At 3 pm, we boarded the cruise ship back to Phuket. A heavy rain has been with us, but fortunately when we arrived in Phuket, the rain stopped.

The driver who picked us up took us to the gate of the hotel, to be exact, the Inn. Because in November, in the peak season of Phuket, the house price has doubled, and the price of this house is reasonable, 900B a night. In fact, the conditions are not bad. All mahogany furniture is absolutely Thai. Wife of shop-owner is hospitable, but there is no breakfast.

Simon Carbaret

After a short rest, I had a meal and waited to pick us up to see Simon Carbaret (I bought tickets before I went to PHIPHI). It is estimated that many people are familiar with the transvestite show. Simon is the best transvestite show place in Phuket. Before and after the performance, transvestites will take photos with tourists outside the stadium. However, for those who charge a minimum of 20B/person/time, it is recommended to prepare some small change. Photography is not allowed during the performance, but you can take the camera and take any photos. We spent 500B to get VIP in the second row, the position is very good. This shows the superiority of self-help tours. A group of Shanghai tour friends, entrusted with the tour guide to buy tickets, spent 600B, almost sat outside.

On the sixth day, I slept until I woke up naturally.

Ocean Plaza opened at 11 o’clock, and Big One next to it was earlier. We arrived at the seaside first. There are some water games, sea motorcycles, banana boats and parachutes. Considering the high difficulty coefficients of the other two, BF and I chose the sea motorcycle. 400B/15 minutes, 700B/30 minutes for single, 700B/15 minutes, 1000B/30 minutes for double. It’s fun. It’s different from the feeling on the lake.

At noon, we went to KFC and spent 260B. We both feel that it is not as delicious as Beijing, spicy and dry. The northeast sister and young man, who were surrounded by water, “what’s the matter? Oh, my God!” Listen, that’s called a kindness!

Next to Ocean Plaza in Patong, there is Bus station. It took us a total of 30B (200B one way by TUK TUK) to get to Phuket Town.. I plan to buy some souvenirs for my friends. The price here is cheaper than Patong. The two of us got on the Taxi and the driver said 40B would take us to the shopping area. As a result, he found out that he was cheated. He took us to several handicraft shops first, which are expensive and not good and specialize in killing tourists. In fact, the driver can only get some free gas tickets. Finally, we bought some souvenirs in Ocean Plaza at a reasonable price, which was cheaper than Patong’s small traders.

Back at the hotel, we chartered a car to the airport, the brand-new Corolla, 500B. Finally, it was already over 12 o’clock in Bangkok. I stayed at the last hotel on our trip-comfort suit, just beside the airport, which is very suitable for catching a plane the next day. The room is also spacious and tidy, that is, the roar of planes can be heard from time to time. We also prepared a large plate of fruit in the room. It turned out that we wanted to book a big bed and said it was Honeymoon. I didn’t expect the hotel to send fruit specially for this. We can learn from this.

Get up at 8:00 on the seventh day

At 9: 00, the hotel bus left on time to send us to the airport. Another reminder is that Bangkok Airport is far away from domestic and international. You must watch and get off when you go to Phuket and return home.

Everything went well. We finished our trip and returned to our warm home.