The mosquito bag was covered, the skin was exposed to the sun, but the face was satisfied and happy. On the fast boat from Koh Tao to Koh Samui, there are not a few such people. I am one of them. The days in Tao Island were dull but not boring. It makes me think back. Strategy + Experience Visa Thailand Visa Can Landing Visa. You can also find a travel agency * *. But now Thailand exempts Chinese citizens from visa fees. Why do I have to pay that money and naturally choose to handle it myself?

Thai Embassy Website


Beijing Thailand Visa Office Address: 15th Floor, West Tower, Gemini Building, Yonganli Required Materials: 1. Passports valid for more than half a year 2. Two white background color photos 3. Two application forms (which can be obtained and filled in again at the Visa Office) 4. Round-trip air ticket orders (only orders can be made, no tickets need to be issued). Print e-mail is also acceptable. 5. The on-the-job certificate issued by the unit. The official seal of the unit shall be affixed. If the family goes together, you can only need a certificate. However, a copy of the registered permanent residence or marriage certificate is required to prove it. 6. Copy of bank deposit certificate or passbook. Personally, I think it is more convenient to have a copy of the passbook. I don’t need to go to the bank to issue it, nor will I freeze your deposit. It should be noted that the visa office will rest at 11: 45 a.m. Instead of the 12: 00 we are used to. And it’s closed in the afternoon. The last time I arrived at the visa office was 11: 47, and the visa office refused to accept my materials. It was really a bureaucrat, causing me to run again. Also, the Thai guarantor on the application form can fill in any one. I filled in the address of the hotel. But don’t leave it empty, or you will be teased by the visa office. After being fooled by Air China on the last trip to Chiang Mai, Ben said he would not buy Air China’s air tickets again. This time I wanted to book Sri Lanka Airlines, but I was fooled by ICBC’s credit card. There were countless reservations on the Sri Lankan Airlines website and the payment failed. At first, I thought it was a problem with the website. I couldn’t book tickets on Sri Lanka Airlines’ website in China and was forced to finally buy Air China’s Beijing-Bangkok round-trip flight. Later, when I booked Bangkok-Sumi round trip on Manhang’s website, I realized it was ICBC’s credit card problem. After two days of negotiations with ICBC, the person answering the phone in ICBC’s credit card department was extremely irresponsible, either what did not understand, or suggested that I try to change a website or a card. Later, I paid with my colleague’s CMB credit card and it was done immediately. So I immediately issued a Zhaoxing credit card. ICBC’s broken credit card cost me more than 200 yuan per air ticket. For me, the worst state-owned enterprises in China are PetroChina, Sinopec, Air China and ICBC! Beijing-Bangkok air ticket, I personally suggest Sri Lanka Airlines Of course, if you live in a suitable city, ADB is naturally the most cost-effective. Http:// It would be great to start from Hong Kong. There are many choices, and there are also very cheap machines + wine packages. Bangkok-The only air ticket for Sumi seems to be Manhang. Http:// Air tickets are not cheap. There is a discount for online advance booking. However, discount tickets run the risk of not being able to * *. It is suggested to buy a car + boat ticket directly from Bangkok to Tao Island or Su Mei. You can book it directly from It will be cheaper to book in advance. Of course, you can also buy a train + boat ticket in Bangkok. However, my experience is that the train ticket from Bangkok is not very easy to buy, so I have to go a few days in advance. If you don’t want to delay in Bangkok, you’d better have a car + boat. It seems that can also book train + car + boat tickets. I haven’t tried. There are many shipping companies to choose from for Sumi-Tao Island tickets. But Lomprayah is said to be faster. If Lomprayah is identified and the itinerary has been decided, it is recommended to book round-trip tickets online in advance with discount. I feel that in Sumi and Tao Island, it is very difficult to bargain for tickets to docks, hotels or travel agencies Lomprayah-other shipping companies may be able to-anyway, I didn’t say it. Anyone who said it, please tell me, I can try it next time. Before the transfer, the concept was that only those from the same airline could have direct luggage service. Not really. In theory, it is not an airline, but it is also possible to have an agreement between the two airlines. My Beijing-Bangkok round trip is Air China, and Bangkok-Sumi round trip is Manhang. In fact, luggage can be hung directly. This time I was forced to buy an air ticket from Air China, which made me experience Air China’s shabby service once again. When Beijing flew to Bangkok to check in, I asked the counter staff that I had to transfer to Sumei in Bangkok. I needed my luggage to be hung up directly and transported directly to Sumei. As a result, the lady at the Air China counter said impatiently, “Su Mei? Where is Su Mei? No! “I reminded her that Air China and Manhang had an agreement, and her face was even worse:” No! ! ! “As a result, we got the clearance at Bangkok airport and got the luggage before we could check in. Damn it. On the return trip to Bangkok from Sumei, the staff of Manhang at Sumei Airport were much more dedicated. When I heard that I was going to change planes in Bangkok, I took the initiative to say that I could hang my luggage straight. I also printed out the documents, telling us where to find the Air China counter to change planes at Bangkok Airport. However, I would like to say two more words about the connecting flight at Bangkok Airport. After the luggage is hung directly at Sumi Airport, the counter staff will ask you to put a “C.I.Q” sign on your chest, and let you go to the boarding gate of the international route, pass through the security check and the entry and exit counter, which shows that you have already gone through the customs. In principle, after arriving at Bangkok airport, there should be no security check. However, the transit security check at Bangkok Airport is indeed abnormal. I went through security three times! I almost delayed the check in at the Air China connecting counter. Based on my experience, my suggestion is that after arriving at Bangkok Airport, passengers will be divided into two routes, the domestic route and the C.I.Q. At this time, take the C.I.Q line. In this way, it will enter the scope of customs clearance. After that, it is best to tear off the C.I.Q sign on your chest, and when there is a staff member holding the C.I.Q sign with a smiling face to guide you, don’t pay attention to him. The first task is to find the connecting window on the 2nd floor of the airport and change your boarding pass. Otherwise, if you stick the logo of C.I.Q, you will only be rushed to the security check place by the airport staff to go to the security check! God knows why there are so many security check places at Bangkok Airport C.I.Q. It’s really a corner that you can meet the security check place! Moreover, the security check staff lied to cheat you on the security check. When I was checked for the second time, I already had doubts. Because after that security check, I went directly to the third floor and there was no other route. I asked the security personnel, I haven’t changed my boarding pass yet, what should I do when I go to the third floor? As a result, he lied to me that he could change his boarding pass on the third floor after security check. As a result, I went to the third floor and asked again. I was told that the change of boarding pass was on the second floor. As a result, I ran on the second floor, looking for the connecting counter everywhere! Finally, I changed my registration card and was ready to board the plane on the 4th floor, but I was once again rushed to the security check office on the second floor. This is pervert! I couldn’t help but get angry. The staff had a good attitude and smiled: security checks were necessary. There is no way out. The official website of Bangkok Suwannabe International Airport is If the transit time is tight, it is recommended to look at the airport map first. There are many hotels in Su Mei and Tao Island. As long as it is not the peak period, you can find and bargain now. However, I think it is too hard to find a big bag on my back. I have something I like, the price is moderate, and it is not impossible to make a reservation. My experience is that the prices on the official hotel websites are on the high side. In addition to inquiring about the prices on the reservation websites, you can also send emails to inquire about the prices and bargain, which may be cheaper. The reservation website is more mainstream: Sawadee: The email reply is quick and responsible. Moreover, electronic maps are very useful, especially when you are going to a place for the first time and are not familiar with the geographical location. I booked my hotel in Tao Island through his home. Asiarooms: It is said that the price is relatively low. But when I was booking a hotel, I found that the price of the one I wanted to book was more expensive than Sawadee. Perhaps it is an exception. Hoteltravel: I don’t think it’s very useful. Less. There are also several websites that you can look at when you are free at . . I live in King’s Garden Resort in Sumi. Independent Bungalow. Air-conditioned room, hot water. 1300B. The interior decoration is very simple, I don’t think the cost performance is particularly high. But in Chaweng Beach, hotel prices are not cheap, this is not bad. Especially getting up early and sitting under the Bungalow corridor is still very pleasant. However, I personally don’t like Chaweng very much. The beach is good, but it is too noisy. In Tao Island, I live in Charm Churee Villa. This hotel seems to be hot among Chinese tourists. When I checked in, I found that besides the Chinese, there were many Russians. Of course, the hotel is also good, especially Janson Bay, a private beach, which is very suitable for people who like snorkeling. I booked the hotel in Sawadee. Superior room 2150B for one night in the off season, including tax and morning. One night will be given for staying for more than 5 nights, which is 1720B for one night. Besides, one hour massage, one dinner and one cocktail will be given to each person. If you can have the opportunity to be upgraded to Panromaro room free of charge, the cost performance will be extremely high. However, if there is no upgrade, the Superior room may feel a little small. However, I don’t like the front desk staff at his house. Especially a woman who wears glasses and looks Chinese. Later, when we wanted to stay for another night, she even tried to raise the room fee. It makes people feel very bad. Of course, most of the staff in this hotel are still very cute. Later, when traveling around the island, I found a very good family named Dusit Bancha Resort. Just opposite Nanyuan Island, the scenery is good, the staff are enthusiastic, the price is reasonable, and the environment and facilities look good. Moreover, 4 or 5 of the staff speak Chinese and are very kind. I may live there next time. That one will also be mentioned in the travel notes later. If you are interested, you can see: November is the rainy season in Sumei. According to statistics, the rainy season in Sumei is also November. But when I was in Tao Island, it was sunny every day. However, to be on the safe side, those who must go to Sumei on sunny days should not choose November. Weather Forecast: is so important. If you like snorkeling, it is important. Sunscreen is a must. Be careful to wipe every corner, especially the parts that are easy to ignore, such as the back of the leg. Because I didn’t wipe my ears this time, the back of my ears was peeled off in the sun. (I didn’t know until I came back to consult senior people that if I wanted to go into the water, I couldn’t buy the kind of cream I applied for sun protection. The kind of cream that fell off quickly when I went into the water. To sell the kind of spray! Bitter lesson!!) Products after sun exposure are also necessary. No matter how you apply sunscreen, the sun exposure is still too strong. After coming back from snorkeling, wiping some sun gel will make you feel better. Moreover, it is said that the skin can return to normal faster after sun exposure. Boots are on sale. There are many varieties. I bought Banana Boat. Buy a bigger bottle, this thing will be used faster than you think. If you like snorkeling, you’d better bring a sunscreen. Don’t let your back get sunburned on the first day. MM had better bring a bottle of whitening and moisturizing water and cosmetic cotton, and make a cosmetic mask to apply to the face every day after applying the sun-dried gel. This time I took a bottle of Bai Run to apply it every day, and the effect was still obvious. Mosquito control

Update: This time I went to Dog Bone Island and found that the mosquito repellent dew, which does not bite, is extremely useful. The anti-mosquito effect is excellent, and it is very refreshing and does not feel sticky at all. It is recommended.

The mosquitoes in Tao Island are much more severe than those in Bangkok’s Sumi. Anti-mosquito water is necessary. I used Burt’s Bees mosquito water. The effect is not bad. (Don’t want to take photos, borrow Taobao pictures) In addition, Tiger Label Cool Oil is also very useful. I bought it specially in Hong Kong. When I arrived at Sumei and Tao Island, I found that they were sold everywhere. When eating in a restaurant, if there are mosquitoes, remember to ask the store owner to light mosquito-repellent incense for you. After several days of mosquito bites and insect bites, it was found that Tao Island still had this thing. I think it is quite necessary to insure. I bought “Leyou” at the mill. Like 100? It’s very convenient. Other aspects have been mentioned in previous travel notes. Refer to