No matter how much preparation you have made and how many precautions you have taken, you can’t escape the experience of being cheated when you go to a place you are not familiar with. Thanks to these experiences, I will be more defensive when traveling in the future. I will not be cheated again, but I will inevitably encounter other novel tricks. Well, let’s talk about the latest Thai swindler or bear’s own mistake and take the wrong road. 1. Beware of doodle car swindlers along Kaoshan Road. Features: 1) Can speak English. 2) Take you to several scenic spots for 10B and give you enough time to take photos. 3) Lobby you to take a cruise ship to visit the Chao Phraya River in broad daylight and also to visit the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple, Dawn Temple and other scenic spots. The price is 1500B per boat. On the first day in Thailand, when preparing to play, Welcome Sawadee Inn on Kaoshan Road came out to visit the swindler met at the intersection of the Grand Palace. The original plan was to walk there, because the receptionist said it would take five minutes to walk. Therefore, when a swindler said that he would visit several scenic spots on 10B, he thought that Thailand’s consumption was lower than China’s and the scenic spots were closer, so he did not think carefully and was cheated. Therefore, when going out, pay more attention and the idea of “treating a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a small person” should exist at any time, especially when traveling to developed countries. However, the bear still has some experience in going out to play and is more intelligent. When the swindler and we agreed a good price for the thief TUK TUK to visit the first so-called temple praying for good luck, the bear felt cheated. The temple he went to was not popular at all and did not need to charge tickets. After entering, I want to walk into the temple to have a look. After all, Thailand’s temples are still very distinctive. The first time I got close contact with us, I also filmed DV. As a result, when I wanted to walk in, I found that the people inside were all dressed in black or white. When I was filming with DV, the people at the door had a little strange eyes. Later, LG and I estimated that we should hold a memorial service, Shit! I actually tricked us into coming to such a place and said it was a place to pray for good luck. After a round trip, I told the driver of Tuk Tuk to go directly to the Grand Palace. He excused me on the grounds that he did not have enough time. Then I was not easy to bully and told him that I would not give money if I did not go. Fortunately, he is not a big evil person. Maybe he cheated us and this guy that he did not know English at all, so he had to drive away angrily. Later, when we wanted to take a taxi, the driver refused to take us, but it took 80B (short for Thai baht) to go to the Grand Palace by tuk tuk. However, the temple was also quite far away from the Grand Palace at this time. I believe the tuk tuk driver didn’t earn much D.2. Don’t order the Leisure Corner Thai Massage in the Metropole Hotel of Ctrip. After comparing the airport pick-up prices between Uncle V and Trip (Ctrip’s English trademark), I think Trip’s free trip to Phuket Island, Pass160 yuan, is cheaper than Uncle V’s 1200B (equivalent to more than 200 yuan), so I set Trip’s pass and added 240 yuan’s two-hour massage and a 39 yuan Thai phone card. Trip’s Phuket Island Free Travel Pass has two clearly marked massages. Besides mine, there is also Lee La Massage. Before, people in Trip said not to go to this one, so I ordered the Massage of The Metropole Hotel without considering it. This hotel is located in Phuket Town. It used to take more than 30 minutes to get to Patong Beach. It feels very old and old. It is no different from the massage room I visited in Zhanjiang many years ago. The worst thing is that the technique is not good at all, which makes people feel very painful and tortured. At that time, I thought it was the strength of Thai massage, because I read a lot of strategies on the Internet. Later, I went to Let’s Relax to finish one package after another before I realized how bad their tactics were. The most angry thing was that they secretly took my cell phone while we were doing massage. In fact, I never dared to sleep, especially after LG was too tired to sleep to death, but they told me to sleep like a nice person. They slept for more than ten minutes in two hours. It is estimated that I put away my cell phone at that time. Before I was ready to leave, I used to look through if I had missed anything. At this time, the massage woman took a look outside and immediately said what to another guy who helped me LG. At that time, I didn’t realize that my cell phone was gone. After going to the toilet, the guy took out my cell phone and asked me for tips. Only then did I know that they had the cell phone. They were also surprised that I didn’t know about it, and seemed a little regretful that I didn’t hide my mobile phone. Fortunately, I left to look through things, or my mobile phone would die. I routinely gave a tip of 20B, but the two of them were too few and asked for 50B. Said what called us Taxi, and I thought Trip was a package pick-up. Finally, the driver of Trip also confirmed this point. We must pay attention not to order Trip massage. The price of Let’s Relax is similar. When I went, I ordered a package: feet, hands and shoulders for a total of one and a half hours, a total of 700B, converted into RMB 140 yuan/person. The most important method is really excellent, very relax, which is in line with the name of its store. The environment inside is also well arranged, with delicious cookies and tea, visual and taste enjoyment. Most importantly, it is near Jungcylon, a large shopping mall on Patong Beach. Its appearance is a white triangular pointed house, just like the roof of a Thai temple, but it is pure white. Because let’s relax was already over eleven o’clock that night, I was rushing back to the hotel that had to take 300B to get there, so I didn’t take any photos. 3. Don’t order SIM card of Phuket Island Free Travel Pass on Trip. Reason: Pass says it is a 1-2-call card, and the most important thing is that there is 105B in it. Results: It is a true card, which doesn’t matter, it is good to use it. There is only 99B in it. It is not a matter of one or two RMB, but a matter of integrity. Moreover, it is not convenient. When picking up the plane, a driver who cannot speak English or Chinese will understand the card. It is better to go to 7-11 to buy it by himself and the clerk will help you open it. Don’t believe the words that the Grand Palace is not open. The tuk tuk driver outside the grand palace or the tuktuk driver you are going to meet at the grand palace always said that the grand palace is not open and take you to other places. Don’t be fooled in this situation. Because I did my homework and checked the opening hours and ticket prices of the Grand Palace before, I was not cheated on this issue. The Grand Palace is open from 8: 30 to 11: 30 and from 13: 00 to 15: 30, except for royal ceremonies. Tickets: 250 Thai baht. (But when I went there, it was stipulated that 300B was required to be alone, and I must be connected to the Cloud Palace. I can’t help it, so I met a Greek penis) 5. Take TAXI as much as possible in Bangkok, and don’t take yellow-green ones. Before getting on the bus, be sure to ask: By metre? These are the scams encountered by Bear during his trip to Thailand. We must be careful to guard against them and learn from them. I hope you can point out criticism for what you said is not good or what you did not say.