When I didn’t come to Thailand, I fell in love with Thai food. It was sour and spicy, and my appetite increased before I entered my mouth. This time I stepped on the land of Thailand, I must have a good taste of their most authentic snacks.

If you like tropical fruits, you will definitely have a sweet mouth and a full belly here. Cheap and delicious, mango, mangosteen, rambutan, pineapple, jackfruit, durian, watermelon, pitaya, grapefruit, longan, longan… Fruit stalls are often seen on the streets, and fruits are cut into pieces and sold in plastic bags. Green mangoes are very popular, sour and sweet, and taste better when dipped in a kind of material.

The best is coconut. You can drink coconut juice and eat coconut paste. A coconut can relieve summer thirst and fill the stomach. There are two kinds on the street: ordinary and baked. The roasted taste will be more fragrant, and the coconut paste can be planed off directly by hand, which is more convenient to eat. It is fresher if it has not been baked.

Coconut makes too many things, and coconut juice is also added to Thai curry. There is also coconut cake baked, which is made of coconut paste and flour, and then baked over the fire. If you look at it with a steep eye, you thought it was a barbecue. Put it in your mouth, it is very fragrant.

Guess this is what? Dried mango. It is not directly dried by mango, but it is made into sauce and then made into such pieces one by one.

All kinds of vegetables are put in small balloons made of plastic bags, which look like handicrafts. These red, green and green peppers are quite spicy.

This color looks like meat, but it is actually pickled with lentils.

There is also ice cream, which is very beautiful in color.

There are also all kinds of snacks, so rich that I don’t know which one to buy. Then just buy some.