There are many water markets in Bangkok. The first two are well-known: Dannenshado Water Market, Dalingcan Water Market and Gojie Island Water Market. The latter is a “water market” that is only popular with backpackers. Dannanshado is 104 kilometers south of Bangkok. You can enjoy Thailand’s watery buildings and the life of people on the river. After arriving at the water market, tourists can go ashore and walk along the market, bargain with the vendors in the river, or rent a human boat to shuttle between the vendors. All ships entering the market are driven by manpower, and motor ships are not allowed to enter, thus maintaining the primitive atmosphere of the water market. The water market starts from about 6: 00 a.m. to 10: 00 a.m. and consists of many boats full of fruits, vegetables, cooked food and other commodities. The traffickers are mainly women, wearing wide-brimmed hats and blue cloth and cotton clothing, which are the favorite of Thai rural people. There are many restaurants on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. (1) Take TAXI to the South Passenger Station first. There are very few backpackers in Dannen Water Market. Route 78 runs every 30 minutes and starts at 06:30. The ticket price is about 90B, and it will be 6B (about 1.5 kilometers) for another Song Tiao car. Generally, there is a boat hired at the parking place on No.78 Road, and only those who have sat on it know that it is meaningless. Fortunately, most people take cars from travel agencies and will go directly to the center of the water market. (2) The price of hiring a boat: the public price is 300 baht, which can take 6 to 8 people and the whole journey is about 1 hour. Note: No matter how many people you take, you only need to pay 300B for a boat. In fact, the most brilliant place is the place with a sea of tourists, because only the fruit boats and snack boats there are POSE, while there are few fruit boats in other places, so the color friends who want to take photos should come to the bridge. (3) It is recommended not to buy shopping, and the goods in Zadouzha and Yebazaar are cheaper. However, Xiao Dongdong is trying to be happy and follow one’s inclinations. Anyway, it is definitely expensive. (4) The package itinerary suggests participating in the multinational force regiment on the mountain road, with a transparent price of 500B and no mess. Good tourists and comrades, please don’t be fooled by the so-called Thai Overseas Chinese Travel Agency. Just like in China, the price is so low that there is no tour fee. It’s nothing more than arranging a car and a shopping guide.

The trip is usually accompanied by what Rose Garden, Crocodile Garden, Nun Floating Water and other strange things. Note that it is to charter boats at one’s own expense, but there are many TMD when shopping in the store! Dannen Water Market: Half-day tour, English tour guide, usually can form a group every day. When there are many people, there are big cars, otherwise there are small cars. About 500B. I won’t go to a mess. The car is very old. Depart at 7: 00 a.m. and return to the mountain road at 12: 00 p.m. Dalingcan Water Market is located on the Da’ao Cannon Canal west of Krung Thep Bridge in Tun Li Wu District. In the past, local residents often patronized here, which was very lively. Because Bangkok’s market and lifestyle have changed a lot from the 1960s, it is only available on weekends at present. If there is one at ordinary times, it is only for travel agencies to make reservations and show off. This is relatively close to Dannenshado Water Market, so it is necessary to find out which “Water Market” the travel agency arranged to go to the bus stop in front of BIG-C near Watergate and take Bus 79 to Dalingcan Water Market. Gejie Island Water Market is still not well known compared with its predecessors, Dalingcan Water Market and Dannenshado Water Market, but the most lovely thing about such a place is the real beauty and quiet atmosphere. Boat: Take a boat bus directly from the N13 dock on the mountain road to the northernmost station N30 warm Li Wu dock to disembark, and then there will be a local delegation to participate in the price list. The price list is clearly marked on the billboard. At that time, it was a boat that looked like a dragon boat. It only had to gather together the number of people to sail. It is easier to gather together on weekends, and it is better to charter boats at other times It is recommended to take the bus from Monday to Friday. Bus: The best way is to take the light rail BTS to Shengli Square, and then transfer the fare of air-conditioned buses 166 and 20B from the west of the square. It takes only 20 minutes to get there because of the high speed. It is faster and less expensive than taking a boat. Goje Island is truly a “foreign island” (Myanmar).

It turns out that most of them are not indigenous Thai inhabitants, but descendants of Myanmar’s Mon. Making ceramics is a traditional skill of ethnic groups. After some ethnic groups migrated to Thailand, they made a living by making ceramics. It happens that soft red clay, which is easy to shape, is produced near Bangkok. The soft red clay, coupled with the skillful craftsmanship of the busy people, has produced Gojie pottery, which is well-known all over Thailand. Thailand’s tourism industry is mature. However, most of the villages are family pottery workshops. Some only sell their own products in small shops. Villagers wearing T-shirts and shorts sit on the roadside to carve ceramics. As long as you greet them with a smile, most of them are willing to let you see the production process. There are many Burmese-style temples on the island. The flag of the temple is patterned with phoenix, and the direction of the flag is consistent with the motherland Myanmar. The most famous building on the island is the Leaning Tower. (Deliberately tilting towards Myanmar is intended to express the feelings of the islanders towards their motherland, rather than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was the result of an accident.) Aromatherapy tower fragrance, cloth bag backpack, gardening decoration, Thai egg roll and string burning… strongly recommend a “fried petal”. When shopping here, one will definitely not enjoy the satisfaction of sweeping the goods, nor will the goods be of any elaborate design or quality. On the contrary, one will chat with the stall owner and learn about the local life, which is even more interesting. However, many Buddhist temples have been built on the banks of the river, as well as high-footed wooden houses on the water. The river is clear and quiet, which is different from the bustling water market and its emotional appeal is natural and leisurely.