The day I arrived at Phi-Phi Island was the day before Valentine’s Day. At 5: 30 p.m., when I boarded Sunset ViewPoint, the sea breeze swept up with humid air, sweeping away the exhaustion of reaching the top. There is also a small wooden house on the top, selling coffee and various Fruit Shakes. When you come to Thailand, you fall in love with Fruit Shake crazily. No matter what kind of fruit, it will be sweet to your heart. The stone facing the west is already full of couples with their fingers clasped. Clusters of flowers were in full bloom beside them, colorful, reflecting the orange sunset, and soft light melted into the tranquil sea in front of them. At the top, I saw two crescent-shaped beaches from a distance. The soft arc made me forget to move. The waves in the Indian Ocean, carrying little white sails, gently rocked blue and green long-tailed boats, sweeping shells onto the beach. There are still many people on the beach who can see the beautiful colors of bikinis worn by girls. In front of a white and purple triangle plum plant, there are two Swedish girls who smile as brightly as flowers. I like their healthy skin color. Against the backdrop of flower skirts, they are really beautiful.

The setting sun fell on the top of the opposite mountain island. The sky is still blue, the flowing clouds are now diffusing soft light in the orange sky light, and the transparent sea water is gradually stained with light purple. The dusk seems to make up the sky and the earth. Let’s quietly enjoy the beautiful sunset at this moment.

The sunset gradually lowered and finally disappeared behind the mountain island. Twilight completely enveloped us, and the endless orange in the sky fell on the lavender waves, which was hopelessly romantic. At this beautiful moment, the girl put her head on the boy’s shoulder. I think there are many “to-do” with lovers in one’s life, and watching such sunset must be one of them.